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ilronTer float that standard sheet
Ifhere breathes the foe but , faUe liefOreitii.,
Milli Freedom's soil beneath our feet, 1K:
~I,,And Freedom's banner streaming o'er
OUR rt4Tiptoctlif.
intgoAcmartit THE LAW.
Noxiing, 10;1840. rz
21, THE
' ' ARMY: =
-It is* fact that :officers both S the
sqvular and volunteer service,• during out coca
pistioliof Varlittia localities Inlhe rebel region,
. compelled those under
theircommauoito mi . in: the capaoity of ,negro
Oatchtettl,u Slaves' that entered our lines for: the
t ptdistsie of imparting Important information,
eaptnied"by . our soldiers on the orderAit
these officers, returned to their masters,: and in
nine oases oat of ten, the flesh scourged; fr,orrt
irlicir4, as a reward for theit allegiance to
- t i t'te l lffition, and their deign) to:aid. those who
were fighting in its defence. • 'These facia, at
-length attracte I the attention of OtingOss, and
''giA'Oistage of hill preventing `any one con-
Sided with the army or navy from retUrning
.fogitiveitdaves,ds a step in the right 'direction.
Our basin vtiunteers did not enter ;the service
to:becourti slave catchers; but to pet'dOwntle
:rebel/ion instigated by elave-holders. It is bad
, snough in civil life to be subject, (nutlet pen-.
alty,) to the humiliation "of a kgal requisition
inietiming a higitive slave. . do revolt
ing Li it-that any:man with soul enough to
predate the blessings of freedom himself, !Wild
etkottei'hotior the'law by submitting to' ts pen
-I:l4iji, than liObeying And so disgusting is
the idea of liscaping slave, that:the
doltliernioldier Who. would take to it kindly
; woiltd pr,vehinieelf So great a poltroon to
,7040,4der..0 musket.
Niugitive'slaves mast be . canght, (and we
OlglOWAtt the legal obligatiOn) let the dirty work
bq thrown upon; thane who are willing to dO4
few the•pay promised. Oar gallant army and
nitiy don't 'Want to'soll their;hands' or yiolate
.iikeif - Cptisciencas bx any each detestable work
~:§ild;we are glad that Congress has told them
Paintfituipm ,47 Titik to 88 - tend
i,ileonniairald to ,such• slave states aly content
tht•erminelpatkm pf theft 'slaves, doM
AIL(KAI* ittbkl portion of the DentoOtcy.
thai ,juopcsitiou the dear freedont
of Delaware; -Efaryitmd, 'Virginia, • EetttfickV,•
Tenneeseei iiiissouvi, and possibly North Dam ,
Muni ahwyKlisyverittpt thelipornytt slavery,
i•thkt tided . the etierltii t astruction
of that Democracy which has derived its vital
litifitflilibeliedAtiEfikliarckilthis Ake& of
killiClat the per
petuity of the-Democratic party. Every 81aVe
Mid :iliklibated: ifreedo'
*EWA rDemogracY.
Every inch of territory purged of slavery arid
olktilidttolreeistionlif soli iehlwreittiction
on the organisation of the Democratic party,
511105tit.1,441014t 40, 11 30.4 8 rhtara 'AI' had
Alilkditarggr PllPPart*NiPli
dl lrly
lug it of,spolialheirAit 9nokewezq4 the peo
ple with its 'Attest-prejudices. and imtemp i erite
tiliff4ll4LifiefalkAtaktif*Aaaitil.4 7 ol lov
- 4) ,2 S l 3 l Aurt i leA t li ee t h l el e Y i e t itirt the
yemooracy hands, and as RIM
ae theif sup a acre take their position,
pp~ position of the Presi ! ient on the! tilled
n'; 11 3 bittichttitUrly dpposed.
lxmsifataibagYidAN - iiveaif-thilt there:Weis
heavy loss of ettaurboats on the Tennessee
a/talk sloriabquence of the invasion of the
liPisiMtrlnboats. The Sam Orr, with ~I,loo'
1. )001100otier and tWatty-seven'aibniarine Aei 9.9: 01 1 :bitliedoiii.ea,e ratei,
itite&sollessbovathe Tennessee river bridge; the
Ages 3051 rd' Appleton Belle were burnt -by
Ip.Oetates lit this mi;uth of 'Duck -river-
Sam tiriman, Julius Smith andlime--the
tAatatgivrithanehundral thousand dollars worth
i labli*ailst "stotatlirere absudaded and
l ' ''it'Biaence': the Denblii. Was 'dunk , lit
le „ : 4 , t': ' • . ,
i loi€4;;ll4l4,at iiiiiiti o Ort, bibs, a gnu
,ilbolatrWas sunk. :' , , , ,
hAt qAtOyiLiTiarV4aitio;--;itiiillir'WelliOr 1
, 4 : t vjngan¢ tiouggesaionalsage" who
j illeer.alWitart;tegy, element of succsei lit
i f
, ~,teri06.„,,..,0,,.b..., Tiiil rebels lied hem
; 4 1 1 1 '64ftiefrtirling, it boasted t at it was ittLpitg.:4li).,_J'bi7 4eited our fleets
•,enidlottr,arudes to &soli it. And yetv by pure
ethifesetWi'selenee we have got Peesesehei'ef
'ATot.)doi , ii4 Yhe exPenalt4e of an ounce
cotaDwiier o t thehloswaf a able.). life. Had the
. adviiee of the oriiht-at-it'l pail:iota. 'been - fol
' lowed, it might • hayi;cadet ' us' 'five t i liOsand
I.ltrel*.hu°44/ of : i hmie .. .;? ( 4leidei ertd•fheli; - :
1.104 1 ,10,d05en gun and mortar bnabs—andlpessi-
Ably esilefeat. • .. ~.-• i ...: • .: • ,• .:
..,Lii. ttia,. ;• •
__ _ . l;.. ~ : s
1 GAP IS Ike defriiito /rut Two*:
0 , 1 1 4 thirty Win of the Tennssow
* a d ;irkgstkia railroad, the great arterial line"of
, cianindeattoii between 'Richmond and Mb.
'With a l frAt l NP* . at4aß 4 tilt; Union
Anglin East ToonsiliW 1411 soon be gluing.
44 - I '3fdfi plumb (Winn :innt other kindled
Wish 'th
itilkiinipwinitentatknedy , ttukstitheplid ear o the
anisitaioritinitleiblgildahPw -fr"-•k-ttlbal
We urge upon our farmers the necessity of
making preparations to plant end sow every
acre which they possibly can, as all the produce
which - can be raised, will be needed the present
year at remunerative prices. With three quer.
tem of a million of men from the loyal states,
substmated from the producing ranks and en
gaged infighting, tnanufseturing arms, equip
pages, munitions of -war, - etc., all of whom
have to be fed, and the greater proportion by
system which cannot be otherwise than
wasteful, the demand for food the coming year
will be greater than the supply, unless extra
ordinary exertions are made, and we are fa
• Irorri withattnitful. season. And let every-
Rai* lie.44 7 filiMiable .as it may , prim must
tertaidi • frigh, men if the foreign de
ttiAltarbitli inliddition to the faCts which
we have mentioned there are thousands and
,tens of thousands of acres of most productive
land in Miseonrl, Benticky, Tennessee and Vir
ginia, besides considerable quantities in Mary
iaPttadr,.4olP,Protat rAioN'imilig: to' the ray&
cannot ~ possibly oultivated the
coming season.
There is however a certainty of a foreign de
mand, •
although it may be small, but yet it
will trove liCinfirierree,,upon our parketkand
. &iiibrued;NiitiViio'f4l of hundreds of thous
ands of men being iranitformed from producers
to consumers, - and immense tracts of bitberto
'4,l:lltivatod'ltbfelyini',Waste eouil'ciountry,
there can. belioinciiition but that interest and
patriotism call JeWlly upon our people to put
forth' the ftnisielstrinittOta efforts 46 'produce
every bushel -of-wheat, corn, potatoes, etc.,
jitifichran'_ tbeigeotiridlaiideulfivated.
We have so far. conducted one
,of the most
glgantipan4 expensivelwars of:modern times,
without. the aspistance.of a dollar from foreign
nations. And how has it been accomplished , ?
Ply Pgc4ußct"l l '..leitrAPTP.duced 'an im
mense 814:134:14,0 riMrksicßii, and in consequence
have drawn millions of gold from England and
Our brethren of the south claim that cotton
tkingibufixeitsfitivA qt: themlf Wblockade
of northeyniqr*Augnkthe past year would
not have produced immeasurably greater die
treasje Ifoglank through, thescarcity and dear
ness of ,food, which , world_ have resulted from
such acourse, than has the blockade of southern
ports and,the cO , usequent scarcity and. earness
of tpAcony We *ink. :that - any Unprejudiced
riaind'inustricikneivledielhiWifiiiirwould, have
been the case during the past year, and It may
be ihia eamtOdutitig , :die ykte.te, ac
lpgigecifte, ,that cotton: p9weiful, but we
claim that corn is still more potent, and that
the,iommerefal and i tna Fitifacte,ri9s interests of
the world - would not 'slider ball the shock if
the southern states were to morrow blotted out
existelicie, thattliiy vionfdllfi the' iroith *WB33
to be forever lost to the remainder of the world.
Truk Soursour Massa are bravo, chivalrous and
intelliont—the .80414 of. honor and the embodiments of
patriotism. Stich werethe clamoreof those who
were in political alliancewith the , south, and
who were: dependent on the slave power for
political success.. Then the masses of the south
were incapable of being - deeeivedt They were
the onlyreal governing influence hithis nation;
and ad:snch ever claimed the' preregative and
prestige of government, nntiPtliar impression
seized the southern•mind that the Union was •
constructed for their exclusive benefit, to be pre
served while it suited their pleasure .and con
tributed to their:profit, to` be' when it
wild no' longer he 'need lor such' purposes.
Those who , once claimed all' these manly vir-
Wes: and littriodo ittribitt ea people of
the: south, , heve suddenly changed - their esti
mation of the sante massed, andnei' appear •to
be moved with-unbonniiiid 'selicitude for the
confiding, imsopideficab3d, and• resentla peo
ple who have heed so wickedly ind outrage ons-;
ly deluded. Bat .this discovery seems to have
been made When most peoPle believe that the
delusion of. the. people of the south is due . to
their own Phrensy and lufatnatidn. They were
notdelnded in their aWnimed - rescilve tci destroy
the Mani Therwerenot delnded' Whet( they
swore to usurp thenutlierttiand powers or the
federollcovernment. • The*-were needeluded
when they aimed invade and oierini4 the
free statess,. intoxicated with the idee Wei they
could despoil their temples, drenCii their . colt
munities 'blood; and rear' the blick Ass of
slavery on every mountain and in'everg Valley
of the great tree commonwealths of the fnion,
They only discover • theft delusion . 4hen they
discovered that defesifwai3 domain.'llteh the
delusioti . .bitiume the excinie cowardice
and imbeeility; and niiw ItliseiSilfimb l n by'
those who tirelemnforui only in for
traitors, and - ever' ready to' afforti ii inty excuse
that will frustrate the ends oi•justioe in its ad
ministration Spinet treason: Itlnakes ushluils
for•thivintigritY savell - intelligence of the
Jimmies's- ohimeter, do Ihiten tolheee"esonses
and:apologies ifoi traitors treason -' 4 l'hey
are:leading Anii , intO time" diffuifiltiki th* evert
the armed do: if
we are- not. careful we will be betrayed into
precedents that will 'render the escape of "com
mon criminals onedf the esilestitricks' of ; the
law. The I.' delusion" of the" sonthern masses
is one of the last cries of the northern dongh
face. It .is. es: dangerous- as it is disgraceful,
thus to afford a:benci of Imminent treitors with
arguments of-justification and ttieuses'fer
when the stern" aim of the law is about
to 414. an example that will guard the goy:
acumen', agidnst treason.
imp Wu . . are those who
opposa thw federal. authority. &naval S and
6814411118 are thcee who conduct the rebellion of
the slave *roe then wretches
were in tliaNnirgi,,thety eagagecl in plans to
get,poesetsion of thelorts, arsenals and mill
.tart' force of the country, that they could the
better succeed iii their treason.._
Whin these
540 them, they busied iheirsielves in destroy
ing private property, poisoning streamsand foun
tains, devastating lands and submitticik towns ,
and (Atka to the diiiYirt6tion of fire Yet, in
view of :thy *A& *ere ere tirose.'who, deny
the rigi k t of Aleagovernment -to cenikeitte, the
goewfatautOMlDPOlMP' "I`6l*-"-t1.41"--
pennsuitiattia Mailv tic
The women of Amefice„ from she .whe sail=
in the Mayflower, and .wou the heart of tbe
rough though hoped Miles Standish, down
through all the yeara of our wonderful devel
opment and progress to the present wicked
rebellion, and the noble efforts to brush it out,
areas much identified with the greatness and .
glory of the nation, as are those of the sterner
sex. They are identifiei, not merely by assn
dates, but by deeds of daring and acts of devo-'
Lion, such as are fit to emblazon any banner,
however proud its history, and eunohle any
t race,'. hOviever grand. its reputation.
the struggle of the Revolution, the women of
that period animated the army, urged the
encounter, and assisted in achieving the victory
in many instances where dismay and defeat
seemed inevitable. What the women of the
Revolution accomplished, history does not
gendionely record, because `the pan'hf the his
torian never wanders through the Begnestered
homes of that momentous era, where domestic
herohnii- did tiat'4iii' to that iArinittBe effect,
calculated: to intensify aiiilltlnvolie its re
cording,getilus ; and'yet itsiiatrinnong those
scenes that_the.Rivolutionleoeivedfts energy,
that its forces were recruited, its wounds Were
healed, its weariness chtv . 4, and lie, ultimate
success projected . Wheti•ths Wlfe of liiraehing
'ton shared - the dangei tuffithe,gloom Valley
Forge, through the long m , the of;ati
winter., she, was.folioWed in all her ;paths by '
women, equally emulous of Ministering to the
soldier's comfort, and yet of these, not one Is
mentioned in
As it was in the , Revolntion; So' it it in,the
rebellion of the 'present:: As the:wife and no
ther of the Revolution in humility r privicyind
modesty, cheereil on , to and. shared Via labors,
privations, and When it Was.pissibbi, pains of
the struggling soldier, so arathe women of tbti
loyal states sharing the trial of the soldier also
struggling for the semeand, the , preseryation of
bOnstitutional f Liberty„and
. the..defirace of the
American .Union.
~, And yet,how,,,litt'le notice
has ; been 'taken of their _efforts,.. asthese noble
women are to be found in every hospital, in
every camp, along every line of _operation, on
the weary march, the dreary bivouac, apd even
the desperate 'struggle of the entrenplunent and
the rampart. Bat tlie.bolletins of commanding
officers and of the Department, neither refer to
theif presence or acknowledge their curvier*.
Certainly there is an Mastice.ha all , this, the
mention 'of sThich !hong calla
. blush to . the
face of not only those guilty °tithe neglect, but
of those who have it in their power , to prevent
its continuance.
- We are prompted to these observations by
reading a speech..delivered on the 22d of Feb
ruary, In. Philadelphia, on the occasion:of the
diuner given by the authorities of that city to the
Governor and, members of the State Legislature.
That speech was Made by Hon. Henry i;•:iloore,
the able State Treasurer of Pennsylvania, and,
will be found on the first page .ofl this after
noon's Tersonaen. It embodies, a sentiment
and is o°4oo Jut In „ quertoeof language,
which `cannot a I tjelinitthi c tidiittistion of the
reader. .
Jaw. DAVE 9 ie tryinati ca i 'shirk the teeponsi-
Willi; Of the recent r disasters,. wpm: hie
lieutenants. "Thou .cant not!. it,"
exclaims the arch traitor as le sten& shivering
and cluttteribg before the gory Awes tlat rime
•to accuse him from; lleanokk and Fort Donel
son. Bee how the cowardly rascal trice to
pettifog fhe.coie in his cairn favor:
Enough is known of the surrender of Roanoke
Island tomake us feel:that it was . deeply hu
ndliadim, however. imperfect may have been
the preparations for defence. The hope is, WU
entertained that our reported losses at fort
Donelson have,been-greittlY exaggerated, inas
much as :I am not' only3mwilling,batunatde to
believe that a large army•of our have
surrendered, without a 'desperate effort to cot
their way through the investing forces, What
evn inior have been' theirL numbitoiiiii to
cleavor to make a junctionwlth other divisions
of the army.
This won'tclo I The rebel troops:at floanoke
and Fort Donelzon behaved like poltroons; but
they only, fo4otied - the example of their lead
era. Itmas the fault of the cause- Wont than
the fault of. the men. How could they have
the heart .. to fight against It flag they lug, b li a'
taught to reverence all theirlivest Ifoitcould
they tight against a government that had rte'veie
done them ill ? How could they did; with
- anything like honest zeal, a centedent i elj bot
tomed in larceni and propped in fraud!
i 3cEzz xEovs.i h.
[From the Louisville JournaL]
THAT tell us that. Gen. Sigel • was nob ednbiti
ted at West Point, brit he il,ghts like.a M4n ed
ucated at all points:
Taa 11. B. Government has hider grebrffitgei
against the Confedorabytent
Wager HAlledr... •
I' Is said that, in Aliabiktihd;!they araklie
tressed for tallow to make candles. "Itumphre7
Marshall wouldn't be tham
Burnam is shikin&lhard *kiwi it the front
of .the, Southern Confederacy; Wait •our loot
is vigorously at workat kis rear. With 'root,
the seat of attack. itA. a seat of honors
• .-!.
'TIS-Maur% t mar li n *° g - wing sayS that Rpm
phrey Marshall, when last seen, was parching
corn for ,his ,dinner.:The oleaginonarebel, Beret
took" his' ftiAtOapo .before. -
sons:of themorifetieratesareiconsoling
selves with the. thoughts-that their reverses
will do them l good.• Xes;,, a ces reverses will dd.
them good=do-good to the whole country, re
bels as well as patriots.
IF the rebels conclude that the meet :
ioent among them are to be hung, it wilLhavo
a decided tendency to make them modest and
unassuming. Each will try' to• be thought of
the least possible. importance.
Ness Bowling Green, before its evacruition,l
a c,oniederate soldier. was shot at and wounded
by an old farmer while attempting to carry off
a quarter of veal from an out-house- .The:fel
low went for weal and forind woe
Lanus' under , garments are In.great demand
in . the snutherh army, for "flu'
We wonder. if the Confederates think our brave
fellows will shrink from marching right tip to
the batteries that fire petticoatO 14 them. 'l'hey
never ran from the article in their lives.
ilplcastwirattwarity - c - fliii 18th
111:44tii:.14 1 .11,19it1ii 41.chhood Flagg, of
that city, to Sate, datightw:offildiforikr.
gber, of Jtfferson county, Vit.!lni
We always thought o ne Ad friend Flagg to
befqrP.l l , l 42B.lPing , ii May all the constable.
u2.M...1 M
111r1411111001 efg4taliabikke propitkiait
y MU
...111 °nem, Baru) 10, 1862.
From our Evening piton of Saturday.
• •
glls .11" 04),P1P 7:A,T;NWOIX
The People Dread the Destruction of the
' - City In insint Attack.
General p l aT:nsid? Reported to be
r Moving 'on the 'City:
- - •
Re -`imprisonment of Ool: Corcoran
American Flags and other Union Devices
• Fold. in thellermad - Turners' Hall.
COMN Ath) TOBAO 2TY B 15839202:
Silver frail° - to '5O Centi l lireinlam in
'Richmond- ,
A Piilladeiphia Divine 4Conse
crate4llbop or Alabama.
The General Conference of the L E. Church,
Souk' liostioned Indefinitely.
rowraiss Mozutoz, Feb 7
The steam tugs Atlantic and Pendulum from
P hiladelphia, ' came !rite the roads this morn
ing, „The Pendulum sunk while passing the
light-ship. All hands saved.
The steauterililwannee which sailed :or Hat
teras with.stores on. Thursday, returned on so
count of bid weather, but will sail again to=
night. Themind is changing to the klorth
A, flag of .trpce from Norfolk,,hrought down
theVitinmendant of the VeitCh . steanfer.. • He
represents that great excitement ezists at 'Nor
folk. The holds are swarming With officers,
mostly from the, Gulf States, the Virginia
troops tieing altsant away: The people dread
the destruction of the city in-case of an attack.
A strong force is concentrating at Suffolk to
check General - Beirtiside, who- was' reported to
have occupied Winton in force and moving on
Norfolk. • •
I We-reason given by the rebels for not return
ing Col.: Crl•rcoron,, is that maps and drawings
have been fouiid 'concealed on his ninon. No
further communication had been received as to
the releane of the federal prisooers at Blohreond.
The Rialimond . papeis - of Friday contain no
military,news,except, the arrest of Union men,
principally Gemmel. The detectives broke
into the 'room' of he German Turners, and
found two American flags, with a painting
the wall of the GoddAis. of Liberty, with the
words underneath, 'ARts off." The painting
and flags rlr** cit: o ll o l 7, l 4 ll , •
The Hotaf - lligirealaitatives ie. session at
Itichmend;lhas ` `ads eil by a vote of 71 to 11;
a resolutionalinicting the military commanders
to destroy all gin iioltan and tobacco that Min
:danger of falling faro'the hands of, the enemy.
A resolutkei WBY ti4pted, asking the Fred
dent to infoini-the-House what the foreign ves
sels of war are doing in Hampton Roads.
- The Richmond likepaich says that 'a vessel
,drawing sixteen feet of water recently, ppm'
'out ottibarleetini 'Harbor. ,
Charles Palmer, arrested for disloyalty a few
days since at Riot:mond has been discharged.
Specittilt quoted at Richmond at forty to:fifty
°anti toiSmhliii. '" -
A dispatch from Atlanta, Georgia, says that
,tbe r:4srsd troops have pectipled kturfreesbero',
tenneeisee, and that 'General A. Sidney Johns
ton haaretrented , to.Depttnr. Alabama.
nu, ReV. lateof Philadelphia,
was consecrated at Richmond on Wednesday,
as Bisnatoidiastsuiiii.l
Bishop Andrews has postponed indefinitely
;theigenetalconference of the Methodist Epis
copal church south, which was to meet at New
Ortiatite lirst.of April • ,
tligiiitairimatr'-wei'lying' 'teat the
Navy Yard yesterday morning, with her ifia •
fiyingilzwridnla crew 'loli board. She. draw,s
tzentyll rep ; feet, of water, and was described
to 'Our caitespondenti as like the Tool
of a sunken house, with a smoke stack pro,
Mishit ficiailtaa water. 1-
The ludas and Nebraska Indians telider ,
Siniets to the Giveinment.
6000 Loyal Indian Refageatiln -
,0,.z? - 1 ~ ,.,.i.,r 0 eT.R,CillikW.k i t.' , .±
, .....44110.m.
TiMal.betgost Master Runs off_ With all
,IllankikWalLAEObags, ere.!
Plel.99llntutudoetw. - ef ~Indian affairs, lir.
'Dole, has returned . frojn the weft . While in
atilt lid'Hebritskit, "the ludian chiefs called
upon him and tendered the services of their
warriora for military service, but these cannot
Jeff be.,acraipted. iffpward of 6,ooo.lriyal;ln
kOlen fefugeeit, including families the Cherol
eiWeberititry, tire the lower 'part of Banes:
ja,,their, retreat from. the -superior forces of
the enemy they threw away everything
`impeded' their stamp ede. The panic
,areamg,th.em„at that ,time v . , represented as
frightful. These Indians being in a destitute
condition, General Hunter supplied their *-
mediate necessities. 3 '
eammbisioner Dole telegraphed to the Glov
erpspegt atlthlnitles, and through his repreien
talon's, eongresit promptly passed an acti for
their relief. • • • -
The PoskOffmes_Depar,tment received a letter
to-day &in, Muth — villa , dated.' the $d inst.:, in
wbioh it is stated that on the !special agent,
Krtiderkland; taking' possession of the' Post
apstla„tha,t, city, ,he foruni,that the rebel Post
had •mister stripped it Otievery. article of prop
erty, blanks, locks, mail bags,"twilig 6 sades,
keys, &o The special agent had managed to
get the c 1 51,47.4 1 01i 0-
x amil elts 4--0 1 j.bat the United Sta* bffr
ave agreeably -disappointed
the `aecestdonialit, by reason of their good be-
haviour and gentlemanly deportment. Others
are mad because the officers and men will not
commit some act of violence, or perpetrate_ an
outrage .'Of some kind. As it 5aid,.,46 VIC
credit of ,all the offieers„atildiers, CiViW6 an I I
Camp followers, that the in Nashylllewalf,l
never better. I have: never knowir4 - hettel
The nomination of Abraham Wakeman as
Postmaster of New York city, has not Yet heed' '
Flour is dull, and there Is more disposition
realise. Small sales of superfine at $6 25 ; ex
tra at $6 60, and extra family at $6 76. Re
ceipts small. Bye is dull at $3 26, and corn
meal at $2 75. The demand for wheat lignite
limited, and only 4,000 bushels of yellow were
sold at $1 82(41 88. 1,000 bushels of rye were
sold at 74c. Corn is steady, and and 5,000
bushels of new yellow sold at 63®55c.. Oats
are very dull at 37 ® 38c . Coffee firm; with
sales of Rio at 18442tc., and Laguira at 21(4
22c. 9011 hogsheads Cuba sugar-sold at 61471.
Provisions are steady ; 600 barrels mess pork
sold at $l3 50(.414, and prime at $ll. 600
tierces hams solo at 61c. on pickle, aud:,so. In
salt. 600 tierces of lard sold at 81a8ie. Whis
ky lower ; sales of 700 barrels Ohio at 270,
At the house of the bride's parents, cm the evening of
the 6th of . March, 1862, by Rev. 8. Dasher, Mr. Thom=
Moms and Miss Isonums S. Melltrak bothtit' WM6
Fairview, Cumberland county, Pa. •
NOTlCE.—There_ was a hanlisome port
mOnia left at Mr. Mftler's picture 'riflery, Market
street, below Fifth, which the owner can hare with all
its centaurs, by calling, as above.
[York papere'pleare oopy.l
THE rooms formerly oomipied by Gross
09008:11; hieing ample accommodation hr MO' En
action of each boldness. apply to
GEO. G. Rl7l4Xlit,
Ganaretreet, between State and Waling.
OBT.-4n the borough of York, on thq
711: inst, i pone see a brown plaid patch on lt
and a yellow clasp, containing a ten dollar bill on the
York Bent[ and two dye ~ cent pleats. wee logien the
T almo between the Wenn line and Main street, or
else on Main at, eat between Water and Bower Smits.
the ender wilt be hberaly rewarded by returning IL to
the subscriber:, SLLWOOD EILSNDRIOXIikaN,
mar&dlt Coder= Peoer Mills, Tort ; Pa.
filWO TSRMS of nineteen weeks each,
commrnaing,liarch 8d and £eptembar lat.
For Catalogue and Oirantar, &dim, A.
JOKE, P.tnlCEit u ßord Protestor.
Cfambridgs, Maim, Feb. 1882 m at
• I
365 & 367 BROADWAY,
T HIS first-olass hone--the most quiet,
piti:pleamat Weer In the
Intlietter 7 Inducements to then emit leg NeW TOR; for
bettors.' or ptenurei. It la central in itt, poation, sod
Iptirts3 4 ine: -;
• -
in connection. with
where refreshments no be had at all h9ore or served
in Uttar vagi rooms. Tee chines:. arciuderate, the
iweis aallipeedanco of the first order,—baths, ea all
t4lttedertl convenience attached.
STINE attention of agriculturists is directed
1 to the following works, which will enable
them to increase the quantity and value *of
their crops by adding solaces and the experi
ments of others to theirexperience :
tailing all the Iribora of husbandry and
the teat way toperf .rm•them. Price.,B 50
Economy 4 00
- TUBE, by Johnston fop
versal handbook, with 400 engravicga —2 50
BEES, by Weeks 20
The Nature and Treatment of Diseases of
Cattle, by Dadd . 100
and the production of . milk, butter,
cheese, by Flint 160
Lynch 150
SAXTON'S HAND-BOCK, containing the
:horse, the cow, the pig, fowls Ac.; olco.. 1 00
tical Fanner, by Dr. Gardner ...1,50
American Muck Book 1 25
Jennings • • 1 00
HIND'S FARRIERY and STUD 800K....1 00
ROMENANSHIP , and the Breaking and-
Training of Horses 75
Standard Books, School Books, and every
thing in the statiooery line, at lowest prices, at
,st-books, Bankers' Cases, Ladies' Cabs Satchels,
Ladles Traveling ratchets. We are constantly receiving
additions to, our stock or the above goods, and neces
sarily 'have a tine assorrnent of the ,latest styles. = We
respectfully invite persons wanting to purehaie any of
the above articles to examine the, stock—knowing that
a greater variety or better goods_ be Druid Is . the
KELLSS'S Drux and Fancy Store,
ill-Market street, one door east of Fourth desist, south
7 BRS fixt by otj o o hn ice
5 iilt ! of
d and Wise, whole.
a-le and retail Grocer aud. Qoalecaloner, in Third street,
next door to Bradley's Barber - shop near Walnut.
, itarch 6
' ... " ANTED. . .
)4. OELILD'S NURSE,' cook and chamber
mad, white woman preferred. Apply next floor
n . Dougherty's onneeondstreet marl dec.
LI a r r.i tD.
ci 21mertismtnts.
PEUE subscribers have moved their store
1.. twzi doers above the old stand, where they ,wlll
continue to sad all klada or.,Gro4erioB, Hama, Baron,
Fish, &a , at olty prim., EBY & Kuzma
marl-d t
GARDEN SEEDS.--Fresh garden seeds
from aualu, Phitadelpbta. For side by Nichols &
BOWMAN corner of Front and Market streets. nal'
TiOAt and do:bill - I Oil "it — is' now Wlo4 *0444. Ttleanist,ioiCe4lioa th an by
er fionse hi town. elrbraodsior Fale by Mlcbols
& Bowman, corner Front sod Market streets. 'a Wl'
E X I'RA. FAMILY 'IfLOUR, Corn - `bleat
and Buckwheat Ilorir. Bor sale low by Nlcbole &
lsowrmau, corner or Wont eind Market streets. m7-y
'Cbiq; WtD r e
4*— i ' no n , xpisali;Nicasa
Bowman, coinero Wan litirtetitree uOl
Atilisagety of using
and entertaining itrticlet--cheap—at
n 2 111113 Min) BOOKSTORIC.
New 24kevtisements.
Ilia K. Under: igued Commi ssioners
• j. Dauphin County Pa., make know to theta
inhabliante within said county and those ownioE
estate within the Minty aforeol d that appeals wt
Mad on the valuation as rettfrned by the AnSeSsUrS
'teal and personal property taxable for State aud cot
purposes for the said you, said appeals commer
Mona May , March 2 4th,at the public house or Gavot
for taa rovnthip o t Z. 0111.11
East Hanover, at toe pub house of abr
Boyer, on friosoay, the 25t0 day of Marna Inst.
For West, Hanover, at the public house or John
On Wednesday, the 28th day of March loot.
For Susquehanna township, at the toutity
e dg y oe Heron loners office, on Thorsda3
Fftir Heron inst.
gaatara township, in the Court House ahrl
on Friday, the 28th day or March 'nit
For Halifax and Reed lowushi p i,°ll Tuesday, day of April, at the public house o John Byrod. lb
For Jailer:nu township, at the house of John tic
(election place,) on Wednesday, Apr.l 9th, 1592.
For Jackson township, at the thane of John Bi
Ertl ,on 'Monday, the 10th day of pril.
For Washington township,at the pulac house or,
Hoffman, on Friday, the loth day of April.
For the township of Wt- osnts..o, at the public
N. Haman, in Lykenstown, on raturdsy, tha
or lip.%
Fir Lykins township and borough of Grid, en
diy„ at Baum's Tavern, is (lists, on *ado, , the
day ordpril.
For the township of Maio, at the public becse'd
pinta Bordner, in Berrysourg, on looney, Me lit
of April.
For the tewnsklp of Upp3r Paxton Bud 11111erebut
Brealand's lavarn, on •Wednesday, the 16th di,
For the township 0 f Middle Paxton, Raab
and Dat
borough, at the pub Lc house of ----
Dintplapl, on Thursday, the 17th dayof Apra.
Fur the - township of Lower Paxton, st
'Tavern, on aaturday , the 19th day at . p:i
For the township of Lower swstaia at tn.
house of Mrs. Lehman, in 117,81/ePte. Di
21st day of .49111.
For the borough of Middletowa, (tut t
public house of Valentine Dolaoa, on
day of April.
For the township of Londonderry, at Reikr's: Cr
on Wednesday, the lid day of sp , h.
'For toe t,wiisoip of Canewago, at Snyder's laver
Thuraday, the 24th day of April.
For tOO township of Derry, at the pub is poise
little, in Ilnathiebtown, on Friday, the 5;.a
For the Sixth and Fah wards of the city.): as
at the Court Hoses, in the office of the Lauccy
alogers,,on.Tuesday . , May 6th Just
For LOB Fourth ward of acid city, atth2
Wednesday, the 7th day of Ilsy.
For ,he Taira ward of =aid sty, at tse. -A, t
Thilnd.y, the Bth day of May,
Fur the First and Second wards of tai .
day, ;he 9th day of May, 1062.
sll6. Commissioners uneroforo hop rhr
' knowing themselves IggOOVel by thelr r,,p • -
dons aalpirised, will take unit e her. of
their rasp:env. pieces or appeal fo r redes.,
wul open at 9 A. at an. close at 4 o'cloes ?.
Jst.Oß 8.0.2
060001; G t- VEKCE
i—Jossra &ma.
P.:. ABSVEISOrM are requested t) be pun
OttOadinall on the day of appeal.
100 bble. of Choice York State Ap
FOR SALE AT 108 ihrTiet
mart-d4l O
VI large bliVie• of elates Gar :ea
arrester variety of im,ior.eil ant tun,
Las ever been °gored iu this city.
desire to purchase, een depend up 1,” 1 ,
the wend, at the waoliesaie nun ran it tr f
A MANGE STORY, by Bulwer, 111 , 1,-
A. tutted, price
The Warden, by Trollope, tnieket h
Castle Wafer, by the author at ••Ea,t
Treasure Trove, by Sam. L ,ver,
Tom GlOBbie and hid friend:, by Lac: r
The Broken Engagauen', by 31r, Sot,tl
worth -
With •ll the new• bouicdes iooa as pui)lis
at BERGNER'S Cheap Rua; Sure.
N Csonuideration of the hard lit
es I sell exclusively FUR CA C,l
Price of Coal as follows :
Lykeas Valley Broken (gy $2 ee per vr,
" Large Egg .‘
cr. " Small Egg "
" Stove 2vO "
" Nut
• Lorberry 290
Aro ow delivered by tha CATZST
oan 00 weighed at the purchasers
short 10 I.OIINIM, the Goal wild he lorleit - i
All Coal of the best quility
all Impurities.
ilifiread avid la (puddles, at the ww,..r
Agent for Dupont's Ce[sprat 7,1 s
ways on blind, at Mannfsourers pr,
ier.A large lot of superior a/led d.p:o .
.1 WAH
lIAIR, TOOTH, NAIL. uLti [it,
Win= And INFANT BRUSRB . 1 zr'
FREIt Oranges, Lemons,
ooa-nut,&:., 80 , jil3E I
Corner Prow.
A SECOND LOT of Come and
tat Valentines, at .inro IL Imes.
&bib y SegliFiaS
COAL OIL, Natrona..Ntagnolta ,
and other non exploAlre brands, G.r s
NlCkbit..4 ' 8 , ) ..
fbb2 Fr nt and Si a
NAZARETH, Northampton c,nurY
/AV otisocesa from Hlrrisuurg
Easton, and thence seven miles b 6tige.
16.8 m• PVC
Bibles of different styles of biculinz st
$1 50, $2, $B, it, $5 andilo. Also
ferent styles and prises at SCHOFFER'S
rebid y
NO excuse for having Boots and
not blackened. Sleeking that mil give a P a :
wet or greatly boots. Jant the thing for .ne tirn
every one cannot afford two or three patti :r
boots. Call and examine, at
21 corner Front and IltrtLt
P. iz W. C. TAYLOR b.r•
H. It is economical and highly detersive.
taiga Rohn and will act waste. It is ernart
iktaireitbe hfuldel. It will impart an are-' bi '
and is therefore initable for every rpe;"
eale by Will. DOCK , Jr.
A NNW LOT, just received, of the,
..!-+!..quanti, .4 CATER:6 itT'.4, pest !our o 7r'
Lemons, Apples;
for sale by
corner Front
NICE" 36 htlet sir
tea Colfe Frew
urge gaPPly of this Celebra j
by WM. DOCq.
• Redoes No. 27 North Second Street.
10.111til Orauges, LEIOIOIIB, Cocoa
3: Rados, Currants, dsc.. &c.. fa sale loaf At.,
C.orner front and titer. et r
mock, coin jlOB t034.00.-worranted-41
01LEFOR 01:00fr'
Z. G. CARPr:Sr.',?,