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Friday Afternoon, November 15, 1861.
SMOKERS would do well to pay a visit to BANN
vAar's Drug Store and examine a new stock
of cigars and smoking tobacco.
INDIAN VoLuNTEERs.4 detachment „of
about a dozen recruits from the Cattaraugus tribe
of Indians, located in the Western part of New
York State, arrived here this morning, to join
one of the volunteer companies at camp Curtin.
'Cur FinsT SNOW,—This morning was ushered
hi with a cold drizzling rain mixed with quite
a brisk fall of snow, the first of the reason, ren
dering anthracite fires, shawls, overcoats and
"rubbers" being desirable companions:
GRAND CIRCULAR HUNT.-A grand circular
hunt is advertised to come off at Cold Spring,
Lebanon county, on Tuesday, the 26th inst, and
continue for two days or longer, if necessary.—
The hunters will start from TAaak's Cold Spring
- Hotel, and make that point the centre of their
field of operations. Bears, deer, pheasants and
other wild game a. e said to be unusually lihrity
this fall in that region of country, so that
there is every prospect that those engaging in
the hunt will not only enjoy a high old time
generally, but be will repaid for their tramp by
a plentiful divey ofthe "spoils" and "trophies" of
the expedition. Hunters from this city can
reach Cold Spring by the Dauphin and Susque
hanna Railroad, and will find most excellent
accommodations at the Cold Spring Hotel.
should not neglect to attend the free leclare to be
given at the Court House this evering by Dr. A:
Crane, professor of Phrenology and Physiology.
The subject of the lecture is one that interests
every person, and in the hands of the distin
guished Professor will be treated in that plain,
lucid manner that all may understand, and de
rive much valuable information. The Doctor
has travel( d extensively through Europe, and
the United States, and has everywhere won the
highest econiums from the medical faculty as
well as the press for his skill in the treatment
of diseases. A prominent feature of the lec
ture this evening will be the examination and
practical illustrations of persons selected from
the audience by a committee, in which the an
cestry, character, construction, &c., will be per.
fatly described.
Brooks of the Verbtke Rifles of this city and
neighborhood, arrived here-last night on special
military service. The captain is looking re
markable well, and represents the "Rifles" as
being in an excelhint condition—both as re
garde health and fighting trim. The - captain
brought wills him the sum of seventeen hundred
dollars, being the amount forwarded by the
soldiers of his company from their pay to their
wives and families in . this city and vicinity.
The money has been deposited with the County
Commissioners, and will be duly handed over
to those entitled to receive it. Capt. Brooks
informs us that -since the last "pay day" the
men of the regiment to which he is attached—
Knipe's gallant Forty-sixth—shave sent home
to their families the sum of eighteen thousand
seven hundred dollars. Such action as this:speaks
volumns for the honor and nobleness of heart
of our gallant volunteers.
heretofore noticed the fact that a mounted body
guard is now being formed for Gen. Anderson,
the hero of Fort Sumter. The requisition for
the corps was made by the Secretary of War on
Got , . Curtin, at the request of Gen. Anderson.
The corps comprises one hundred picked men
Every one of them was selected with special re
ference to his qualifications, and all are men of
intelligence and respectability. They are now
at Carlisle Barracks perfecting themselves in
drill. They are being fitted out in a very su-
perior manner. Their equipments and horses
A ••!- -`3m lot or piece of ground, situated in
are far above the average in point of excellence. +(3town, thereon erected a two-story log
Their uniform were made by Geo. C. Colliday,
l')artied house, frame barn; with fruit
of Philadelphia. The cloth is the best that can Fn old the lot the pr o pe r ty of Caleb
be made, the color dark blue, and each garmon 0 o '
for $345 to Richard Fox, subject
cut to measure. The corps will be a very MAO' widow's or
a widow's dower.of $250.
one. Failing to elect their officers, the company •
All that certain lot or piece of ground, situa
requested Gen. Anderson to decide for them, a
ted in the township of Susquehanna, (now - in
request that, from feelings of delicacy, he •
thought proper to decline. The "Guard" will the city of Harrisburg,) the property of Solomon
Schweitzer. Sold for $lOO to Aaron Bombaugh.
leave Carlisle in a few dais, passing through
this city en route for Kentuclq, when we,ven- A Certain piece or tract of land, situated in
tore to say that Gen. Anderson will have as fine Jefferson township, containing thirteen acres,
a body guard as any general in the army. In more or less, thereon erected a two-story log
the whole hundred men there is not one who house and log barn or stable, &c:, the'propeity of
would fail to sacrifice his life to preserve that David Goitres. Sold for $lBO to John Shott.
of his chieftain. A certain lot or piece of ground, situated in
Lykenstown, Wiconisco township, thereon erec
ted a large two-story 'weather-boarded house,
and stable, &c., on the lot is a pump with a
good . well of water, and some choice fruit trees,
as the property of Updegrove., Was up and
sale continued till Friday the 22d inst.
A Certain piece of land, situated in London
derry township, containing two acres more or
Ipss, thereon erected a two-story frame house,
&c.; the property of John Dunkel and Eliza
beth Dunkel. Sold for $255 to Edward Stover.
All the right, title and interest of Albert J.
Gillett in three certain adjoining lots of ground,
situated in the city of Harrisburg, Dauphin
county, Pa., thereon was erected a brick steam
grist mill, (which was lately destroyed by fire,)
two frame houses, with other frame buildings,
&c., the property of Albert J. Gillett. Sold
,for $l,BOO to the Girard Insurance Company.
Drprlinufa..—We learn fromthe West Chester
papers that this disease has made its appearance
in different parts of that county, and, in some
localities proves quite fatal. In West Vincent,
the families of George Emery and Aaron Hart
man have each lost an interesting child. The
family of Mr. Lewis Philips, of East Nantmeal
township, has been sadly afflicted within the
last few days. That dread disease, Diptheria,
has been in his family, and of four interesting
little children, three have been laid in the grave.
Ida died October 26th, Alfred, October 30th, and
Owen, November Ist. Horace is .the only sur
vivor. Several other families in the same
neighborhood have been afflicted with the same
disease, but the editor of the Record understands
no other cases have proved fatal or are likely to
do so. This is the season when parents should
be unusually prompt in attending to the first
symptoms of throat or chest diseases in child
ren. The old maxim which is fundamental in
business affairs, holds equally true in the mat
ter of health and life—D , fer not until to-morrow
that which should be done to-day.
Tar, BEST flavored Gum Drops can be had a
BANYVART'S Diug Store. . •
See Professor Wood's advertisementin another
SHERIFF SALES.—The following properties
were disposed of at Sheriff sale yesterday after
noon at the court house in this city :
A certain tract of land, situated in Washing
ton township, Dauphin county, Pa., containing
thirteen acres, more or less, thereon erected
two houses—one frame 'weather-boarded and
one frame and log house—a bank barn and a
log bam,a tan yard and bark mill running by
water, and a fine young orchard, and a never
failip i k spring of water., Six., the property of
David Matter. Sold for $2,310 to Jacob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, situated in
Wiconisco township, Dauphin county, Pa., con
taining thirty-five acres, more or less, thereon
erected a.log house and log stable, and a first
rate saw mill and circular saws about one-half
mile from LyVenstown, the property of David
Matter. Sold for $7OO to Jacob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, situated in
Middle Paxton township, Dauphin countp, Pa.,
containing sixty acres, more or less, thereon
erected two log houses one and a half stories
high, a stable, &c.; on the lands is a good
spring of water, &c., and the lands urik, good
fences, the property of David Matter. for
$7 to Jacob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, situated in
Wiconisco foultiii,n, Dauphin county, Pa., con
taining thrci ans tra :tad and fifty acres, more or
less, unirol t ... frox, woodland, the property of
David Matter. Sold for $lO to Jacob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, unimproved
woodland, situated in Wiconisco township, Dau
phin county, Pa., containing fifty-six acres,
more or less, covered with the best young chest
nut, white oak, rock oak and heavy yellow
pine, the property of David Matter. Sold for
$l3O to Jacob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, situated in
Jackson township, Dauphin county, Pa., con
taioing thirty-three acres, more or less, about
three acres of which are cleared, with a young
orchard, and a good spring of running water,
&c., the property of David Mater. Sold for
$142 to Jacob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, situated in
Jackson township, Dauphin county, Pa., con
taining one thousand and five acres, more or
less, thereon erected a saw mill, about ten acres
of an orchard, &c., the property of David Mat
ter. Sold for $l4O to Jacob Rife.
The undivided half part of a lot of ground,
situated in Lykenstown, Wiseonisco township,
thereon erected a new two story frame house,
and a never-failing well of water and a pump,
the property of David Matter. Sold for $270
to Jacob Rife,
A certain lot or piece of ground, situated in
Lykenstown, Wiconisco township, thereon
erected a new two-story log and frame house,
&c., the property of David Matter. Sold for
$lOO to Jacob Rife.
The ono undivided half part of lot No. 124,
situated in Lykenstown, Wiconisco township,
thereon erected a new double two-story frame
house with basements, a new double one and a
half-story frame house, a never-failing well of
water with pump, &c., the property of David
mrttor. nom 're'3avAY/
Two certain lob 3 of. ground, Nos. 44 and 46,
situated in Elmtown, adjoining Lykenstown,
the property of David Matter. sold for $43 to
' , Jacob Rife.
Three certain lots of ground, Nos. 48, 50 and
52, in Elmtown, adjoining Lykenstown, the
property of David Matter. Sold for $55 to Ja
cob Rife.
A certain piece or tract of land, situated in
South Hanover township, containing twelve
acres, the same more or less, the property of
David F. Wagner. Sold for $3OO to Henry
A certain lot or piece of ground, situated in
Main street, in the borough of Middletown,
Dauphin county, Pa., thereon erected a large
two-story brick house, with wash and smoke
house, stable, .well of good water, and a num
ber of fruit trees, &c . ., with other improvements,
as the ,property of Anna Miesse. Sold for $2,100
to Martin Nisle.y.
A certain lot or piece of ground situated in
Huromelstown, thereon erected a two-story log
weather-boarded house and back building, large
barn, hog pen, also fruit trees, iStc., the proper
ty of Levi Jones. Sold for $650 to Susan Jones,
subject to a widow's dower for $4OO.
Ix laiaq - Dnia yesterdß to the visit .of, P. B.
'Housem, of Col. Stambaugh's regiment, to this
city, we inadvertantly dubbed him Major. This
is a mistake: He holds the rank of Lieutenant
Colonel in Stambaugh's regiment, and a braver
or better officer is not to be found.
Evr La.4rimt and professional man should
procure a bottle of very excellent Mucilage at
. ;BAFJP7AAT'I3 Drug Store.
Ipeunspliocatia telegraph, ix tbap 'Afternoon, November 15, 1861.
Piave already noticed the fact that a number of
canal boats had been wrecked on the Chesa
peake bay, during the great storm of last Sat
urday a week. We have since learned that
several residents:of this city were on board the
canal boats at the time of the disaster, and nar
rowly escaped with their lives. Capt. Grafius,
of Montoursville, who was an eye-witness of
the scene, furnishes the Lycoming Gazette with
the following interesting narative, showing that
those who follow the "raging canawl" some
times experience equally as much danger as
those "who go down to the sea in ships." The
captain says f On Friday afternoon, Nov. Ist,
the steamboat Lancaster, Capt. Tomlinson, with
a convoy of nineteen canal boats, left the
wharf at Havre-de-Grace, at about five o'clock.
The wind was then brisk, but no apprehensions
of danger existed. As night came on the gale
increased in violence, and by ten o'clock a
scene presented itself which baffles all
description. 'The waves were tossing the
boats about in all directions, and ever and anon
the shouts of the boatmen announced that their
craft had broken its fastening and was at the
mercy of the waves. "The trumpet's voice
with agonizing cries" vied with the roar of the
wind ; the calls for assistance, the smashing of
timber, the imprecations, prayers and orders,
all combined to make night hideous and the
place a bedlam. By twelve o'clock, p. m., ev
ery boat except four had become detached from
the steamer, and one after another were be
coming wrecks. As the crew of each found
their vessels giving way, they sought safety by
escaping to another, and the same process again
repeated until thirty-three ship-wrecked fugi
tives had collected on the boat George W. Wat
son, Capt. Jacob Wilson, of Middletown.—
Capt. Wilson was loaded with lumber, but as
the crews of other boats reached his in safety,
he gradually cast overboard his less precious
freight to provide for the living one now sent
to-him by adverse fortune.
With daylight came hope but not relief. The
wind had yet abated none of its fury, and the
whole of Saturday was passed without food and
in a most terrible state of apprehension on board
the boat. Beside the thirty-three referred to
as having taken rendezvous with Captain Wil
son, a few others were yet upon their own ves
sels, enduring the dangers alone. One man,
David Break, on the boat C. E. Eeckert, from
Liverpool, is believed to have become insane
from the excitement about him, and perished
while in that condition. He refused to leave
his boat, fought the waves with his hands, and
at length sank exhausted on the platform of',
his boat, from which he was soon washed over
board. At about five o'clock on Saturday of
ternoon, the storm having somewhat abated,
with much danger and difficulty the whole par
ty on Captain Wilson's boat was safely landed
at North Point, Baltimore caunty, Md., where
they were received and most hospitably enter
tained and provided for by Mr. Ferdinand Ro- ,
,thter, a worthy farmer of that place. Mr.
Rothier and his estimable-lady,.although at
mu - 0u - experrso - and
fusel to receive compensation, which was ten=
dered him, and may his only return, the grati
tude and prayers for his welfare and: happiness..
of those who received his hospitality, prove ‘ his
best reward. Among the boats lost were the
'Gov. A. G. Curtin and the Mary W. Chapman,
both of Montoursville—the former belonging to.
Mr. Thos. Brass, and the latter to Mr. Chas. L.
Chapman, both worthy and industrious men.
SOUTH CAumniA.—The thunder of Union ar
tilery has awoke the guilty fears of South Caro
lina's paricidal sons. Already they cry for
help with minute guns, and retribution with
its iron hand is marching fast upon Charleston,
the Sodum of modern times; and the news gen
erally tell us that we may soon expect stirring
times in war, a may be seen every day in dry
goods at Urich & Bowmans, corner of Front
and Market streets. n0v.14.
Brick, Portable or as Fireplace Heaters. The
most powerful Healers known for warming Dwell
ings, Churches, Schools, 4c. Send to LYMAN GIL
BERT, agent at Harrisburg, for a full discription
and an unparalleled mass of testimony.
THE COSMOPOLITE parlor coal stove with radi-,
Wing ventilator and gas burning attachment, intro
duced one year ago, already ranks as the leading
stove for Parlors, Sitting Booms and all places
where a soft pleasant heat is desired; together
with a large assortment of other parlor and
cooking stoves of the best patterns to be had at
the store and tinware establishment of TAXAN
GILBERT, Market street. tf.
Funs, FITRS, Funs.—sl,ooo worth of furs re
ceived from New York auction; 100 fur capes
ane muffs, from. $3 up to $l2, worth double ' • 25
doz. hoop skirts ; for 50c., 75c. and $1 25 ; 100,
cloaks for $2, $2 50, $3 50 up to $lO, very
cheap. A large assortment of • traveling ba'gs,
baskets and satchels ; 100 pieces of splendid
dark calico at 8 and 10 cents a yard—of stock
ings we have a full assortment for ladies, men
and children, woolen and cotton, at 121, 18 and;
20 cents ; 36 large woolen blankets ; 60 pieces
canton flannel, at 121 cents ; red, yellow and
white flannel, very cheap ; GO pieces of white
curtin fringes at half price ; beautiful set flow
ers Be Laines, at 22 and 25 cents ; received •a
new lot of shirt breasts, beautiful styles, at S.
Lewy's wholesale and retail dry good store.'
Wholesale buyers we would especially invite , to
our large stock, to which we receive additions
most every day from New York auction.
Wm. A. Batchelor's Hair Bye !
The only Harmless and. Reliable Dye Known I
All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided
drat wish to escape ridicule.
GREY, RED OR RUSTY HAIR dyed instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or Black, without the least
injury to Hair or Skin.
FIFTEEN IitsLALS AND DIPLOMAS have been awarl;
ded to W. A. BATCHELOR sine 18. 9, and over 200,000,
applications have been made to the hair of the patrons
of his famous Dye. "
Wm. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a. color
not to bo distinguished from nature and is WARIONTUD
not to injure in the least, however long it may be COnttn
ued, and the ill < ffects of bad Dyes remedied. The hair
is invigorated for life by this splendid Dye, which is prop.;
arty applied at No. 18 frond Street New York.
Sold in all the cites and towns of the United Staterls
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers
The Gentine has the name "William A. Batchelor,"
and address upon a steel plate engraving, on the four
sides of each box.
Wholesale Factory, 81 Barclay Si.,
Late 233 Broadway, Now York.
-tree from ati Mineral Poisons.—ln cases of Scrofula
moors, Scurvy, or Eruptions of the Skin, the operation;
of the Life Medicines is truly astonishing, often removing.
in a few nays, every vestige of these loathsome, diseases
h their purifying eifeuts ou the blood. Billions Fevers,
Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia, Dropsy, Piles, and in' short,.
most ail diseases soon yield to their curative properties
No family should be without them, as by their tiMely.
use much suffering and expense may be saved.
Prepared by WM. B. MOTWAT, IL D., New York, and ,
for sale by all Druggists
En l '2onertiontents.
OFFICE, FRIDAY, NOY. 15, 1861.
Eldredge, H Jacobs, L
Allison, R H Jordan, E A
Aungst, A E Jackson, A
Anderson, N E Jackson, C
Baird, M A Jones, M
Barnhart, E Jones, R
Baker, M Johnson, R
Bell, M Jacobs, M
Billings, E Janetta, H
Barton, M Hempel, L A
Bohanna, S Keller M
Brown, A M Kore,
Britten, S Lee, A V
Brown, M P Lemon, J
Brown, M Loafman, A
Brattin, R Lauch, H
Bricker, M A Lemen, M
Bradley, S H 2 Lowe, N E
Burget, X McClure, X
Butturff, F J McCarter, A
Corban, A McKeely, B
McGarr. S A
Car, M
Chanelr, J McClintck, C
Chritzman, B L McClintock, H-
Carachner, E McGee, M
Canal, A Mahan, M
Colligan, B Mason, W
Conner, M Machlin, M
Coates, J Mooney, R
Crow, C Ni yens, S
Dubbs,.o OBryan, D
Ensinger, H. M phodes, J
Elliott, E Prendergast, M
Elser, M E Reichardt, M
Evans, C Rudy, S
Evecastle, M Robinson, B
Ewing, E Schmidt, M
Etter, M Sheasley, E
Flory, A M Shanabraugh, M A
Forrest, M Shude, E
Fyna, E C Shack, M
Fritchey, E E Sheeslay, A E
Garverick, R A Smith, L
Grable, M A Smith, J
Gamon, M Spoceler,
Galloway, M ' Swartz, F.
Graff, H Swarger, E D
Griffen, E Syle, A 0
Gore, L Thomas, M
Grider, Al Travers. M
Green, G Vansdall, C
Hatfield, L Warnpler, J
Harrison, A A . . Wachter, M
Harding, B Wampler, J D
Henderson, S Wagner, T E
Heater, K. Wardee, E C
Herr,,M Wenrich, J E
Heartman, M Wert, M
Riney, M C Weitzel, H T
Honselder, K Weary, M
Hibbs, S Wise, A
Holterman, M Wood, M J
Houlr, M Young, E
Jones, E Yost, M
Jhones, E Yice, E
Jackson, L
Armstrong, G . Goodrum:7s.-n-- - -
Arnold, R a-ordon,
Abbott, P Bardcastle, J
Allbright, A • Herron, D
Adams, J Hambright, G W
Adams & Buck Hart, W
Archibald, W 2 Hammer, J
Allen, J M Hatch, S
Aikens, J Hamilton, A
Barshinger, B Halm, J B
Barrett, It A Henderson, J B
Besehore,'B Heitter, A M
Bennett, A R Herold, V
Barrett, J. , Henderson, W and J
Bailey, C M Henderson, T J
Banton, J Mugs, H
Bates, J Herlinger, F
Bain, G K Heart, W
Barnet, B Henderson, F
Bell, It F Hi Ilwood, W F
Beegler, J Homer, G W
Beam, J H, Holl, G
Ilenfbrd, J H Hovis, E L
Beatty, J M Hoke, J J
Benitz, C • Hoover, J
Blanchard, B Hyers, G A-
Blair, W S Huffman, R
Bickle, H S Hyde, E
Billmeyer, H F Hughes, H ,
B , stgen, H 2 Hessler, N
Brown, W Hunter, It
Brightbill, J A - 2 "John the Baptist,"
Brown, Z Jones, S
Brownlee, J W Jordan, P
Brown, W H H Jonas, J W
Brenneman. C Joy, J
Byrnes, T H Jones, J R
Thirkey, p , Jones, W
Burk, D S & J § Jones, J
Buffington, E Kendall, S
Burns, J Keener, J
Cassel, Widow Keller J W
Campbell, T F Kendall, S F
Carlan, J Kai g, G
Campbell, J Kelling, G H
Cassell, J Kelly, C K
Carl, J Kessler, G W
Clay, J Kernery, C
Clark, It • KagY ,
Cleckner, F A Kiese, W
Cox, . Kehl, W
Conrad, L Kinsey,P
Cormman, N W , Bailer,J S
Cooper, J 'Knipple, A J
Comflies, A Bretz, H
Curren, P King, W
Cross, W S Knapp, J•••
Crawford, Capt Kirk, W
Crown, H Lehi:Lard, J
J Lamer, T
Craven, J W Lash, B
Darkes, J . Light, H
Davis, W P Leidy, J
Dermee, A Lancaster, A N
vminston, W H Lantz, C
Laurence, J K
2 Lyons, J
Lyman, ,J W
M'Dermatt, J 2
McClure, W
McCaslin, W
McCulla, R
McLain, J
McCarty, J
McCullough, J
McCroskey, A
McConnell, G W
McGau, W
McFadden, C & D
McGee, H
McCormus, J
McClaskey, J E
Martin, J V
Marks, J
Maher, U
Mackinikle, W
Maurer, U
Martin, Mr .
Major, J A
Martin, C
Marker, J
Maxwell, W C
Markes, J
Maderia. W J
Mendham, C P
Miller, D B. 2
Meriges, M
Miller, J
Davis, W M
Davis, J
Davis, E
Dickey, H
Doner, J ,
Doussay, W
Duey, F
Mubbs, C
Dorman, H
Driefus, S S
Edderts, C
Edwards J W
Emminger, W B
Elliott, J
Enterline, J
Emerson, H
Elliott, C
Ewan, G W
Ewing, W
Weirton, M.
Fleming, J
Faze, 4. M
Foust, J M"
Flanigan, C
Force, J
Faller, _ L
' Foman, J
Freedman Col
' Gill, T
Gwin, J A
Gray, J N
Goodwin, E
OarAnennOr, S
Mew rAt)riertistments
Morgan, J
Mongar, S B
Morris, C S
Morion, G
Morgan, J H
Moltz, J
Myers, S S
Mullen, Slf •
Myers, S J
Musser, J N
Nesley, S
Nathans, T
Osborn, A S
Orr, W G
Orvis. R
Perny, A
Pain, E
Patterson, G
Phillips, J
Payne, E
Painter, I
Pilkey, J
Powell, D E
Posey, M
Purnelle, J
Radle, jr., J
Raver, A
Randolph, G F
Ralbriclr, W
Rhover, W
Reynolds, A
Rockey, G A
Roberts, T A
Root, D T
Russell, R N
Robinson, P
Rotschild, W
Rogers, C •
Roberts, J
Rudy, F
sarl, L
Schaffrien, J
Schultheiss, G
Schlegel, H
Sankey, P
Sanford, T S
Sattler, G
Scully, F
&Irak, J M
Shamberger, A
Shaffer, W
Shaffer, S
Shell, W
Shuler, D
Shruber, G
Sheesley, A
Sites, R
Sinder, J V
Sides, P
Smith. G W
Sinclear, Gr
Smith, G
Snyder, T G
Smith, S H
Snyder, F
Smith, H
Slagle, T
Story, M L
Smith, D
2 Smith, G
Snively, J
Spain, M
Sturgess, H
Steele, M
Star, C
Strickey, W H
Steward, J L
Stanch, J
Stoufer, J
Stover, P D
Stevens, T C
Stibgen, J
Thomas, J W
Taylor, C
2 Tomkins, J
Thompes, J J
Thomas, W
Trabe, F
2 Tibbens, C
Vants, C
Vinkle, H
Vandine, 11
Valton, W P
Walter, J B & Smith
Wallace, D H
Warde, W F
Wareham, J
Walker, J
Warner, R
Welch, D
Whitney, N
Wenrick, J J
Weaver, J M
'eaver, D
Williams, J C
Wittel, J
Wilson, E T
Wise, E H
Wilcox, G H
Winebert, J
Winegardner & Brown
Wolf, C
Worl, S
Worley, J J
Woomer, J
Woodling, J
Woodling, J B
Wynn, A
Wright, W P
Wright, H B
Young, W H
Zigler, A
Zellers, G W
Zeigler, G H
Zellers, G
Zimmerman, G B
Ashwood, B W Loap, J
Borrborn, Lindermuth, W H
Bowen, J McDonald, J N
Brooks, D Mclntire, W
Baur, A Myers, W
Bell, D More, F
Beach, D P Miller, S
Barnes, 3 W Mertz, H
Brown, G L Nolan, M K
Cassel, D proser, D
Conroe, M Pemod, A
Calvert, H B Hodenbach, J
Dougherty, J Roche, D W
'-..nt, W Ryan, T
Deck, W Row, R
DriPP B , TResides, W
Dowing, M -- - ltiugAll. C W
Ely, C 0 Seaton, iv
Fox, W H Schimpt, J G
French, S L Steckly, W
Glasgon,J D Shonkley, G
Grum, Stout, I N
Greenswike, J Shuck, P
Gin,ier, S Thomson, G A 2
Henderson, D W Young, D
Harshbarger, S V inston, J
Henderson, D W " Wolfer, F H
Houtz, A S Ward, W J
'Jennings, A. Wykoff, D
Kinsey, C W Zokuis er, T
Keener, J W
Persons calling for any of the above letters
will please say they are advertised. One cent
due on each.
taIEENSTOWN, (Ireland.) The Liver•
pool. 13.,w or; and. Philadelphia Steamship company
Mien : spattiling their full powered Clyde-built iron
Stet gisuip o follows :
CI tY OF NEW YORE, Saturday NoVember 16 ; ERIN-
Saterday .November 23 ; CITY OF WASHING
TON, Saturday, November 30 ; awl every Saturday., at
Noon, from Pier 44, Norte ll‘ver.
EMT eniso $75 00 I STEERAGE.... $30 . 00
do to London $BO 00 I do to London ..$33 00
do to Paris $85.00 do to Paria .. $3B 00
do to liamburg..sBs 00 I do to Hamburg $35 00
Passengers also forwarded to. Havre, Bremen, Rotter
dam, Antwerp, &C., at equally law. rates.
air Nrsous knelling to -bring anittlistr friends can buy
tickets here at the following rates, to New York: From
Liverpool or Queenstown; Isfeabin, $75, $B5 and $lO5.
Steerage from Liverpool $40:00. From Qutienstown
$3O 00.
Theao Steamers 'basic auperlor accommodations for
passengers, and carry experionOod Surgeoes. .They
built in Water-tight i t &dings, and have Patera F ire
Annihilators on' board.
for further information apply in . LiverpOol to WILLIAM
INMAN, Agent, 22 Water Street.; in Glasgow to Wit.
INMAN, 5 St. Enoch Square ; Queenstown to C. &W.
' D. SKY MOUR & CO. ; in London to lEVF6 & 61
King William St. ,• in Part. to .117LIIS DECODE, 5 Place
de la Bourse ; in Philadelphia to JO IN G. DALE, 111
Walnut street ; or at the Company's offices.
' JNO. 0. DALE, Agent,
15 Broadway', New York.
Or C. 0. Zimmerman. Agent, Rarrhbural -
.03r PAS,ENGER FOR EUROPE.--By °r oar of the
Secretary of State, ail passengers leaving the United
States aregequired to procure Pa-sport's before going on
board the St. aMer. JOHN G AcEvr.
COTTON CO 54F0 a rs,
CARP . STOOLS &c., &c.,
On hand and for sale at the very lowest rates for cash.
Hair Mattresses and Sperm Bottoms made to order.
Reptired and made equal to new, very reasonable, all a
No. 109, Market street, between Fourth an! Fifth, by
oct.9.2md J. T. BARNITZ.
Harrisburg Blind 'Manufactory.
YENITIAN BLINDS made to order, and
all repairing neatly and expeditiously done. Per
sons at a distance can have their work done by addres
slog a leper to the undersigned. Thankful for past pat
ronage he hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit
a continuance of the same. rar-Satisfadtion guaranteed
both este prices and work.
rill-lEls.)st defining and pronouncing ilk•
llonary of the English language ; Also, Worcester's
School Dictionaries. Webster'a Pictorial Quarto .and
School Dictionaries for sale at ,
Assignees' Sale of Real Estate.
rrEi bUBSGRIBERS will sell by public
outcry at the Court house, at Harrisburg, on Satur•
day thel6 It day of November next, at two o'clock P
The Farm of John Wallower, Senior, consisting of 186
acres, situated in Susquell tuna township, about three
miles from Harrisburg, adjain ng lands of John H. Fox,
John Zinn and others.
There are erected on the Farm a largo Two story Stone
House, a Bank Barn, Tenant Houses, Stables, &c.
There is al.° a large orchard or apple, pear, peach and
cherry trees of choice varieties in excellent bearing or
Also, several V3illS cf grog Limo :item, which ;have
been and can be worked to advantage.
The property will be sold in a body or in parcels to
suit pur,ht-ers.
Conditions will be liberal and be announced on day of
There will also be all:red for sale at the same time and
place the undivided hail interest of 150 acres oi Coal
Lands silustat on the Short Mountain, in Lykens Valley,
Dauphin county
ncl.9 3ioawd-wts Assignees.
Lanc,ister Intelligencer and Carlisle Herald insert three
mes and send bill to this °thee immediately.
tiH: SE Weight Carts are eettified by the
Sealer of Weights and Measures. COMSLIMEI
weigh their coal at their own doom. It is of great int.
penance during these hant times for every one to know
LUKENS VALLEY all siz3s.
BALT& CO'S WILKSBArteIE, all sizes.
LORBERRY COAL, (the gamine article,)
Sold by the car load or single ton.
All coal of the best quality, delivered tree !rpm all im
puriti S AT TRACES TO SUIT THE TIMES, by the bilat Or car
load, single, hall or third of toils auil by tae bur hid.
flirrisburg, Nov. 6, IBOi.y
$3, AND $2 25 PER TON OF 2,000 LBS
()FF.ICE No, 74, Market Street, yard on
the Canal, foot of North street, Wholesale and Re
tail dealer in
TREY - 0100N,
Famlies and Dealers may rely upon obtaining a first-rale
article, and full w,ight, at the lowest rates. Orders
promptly attended to. A. liberal ~.1,3c0m: made to pur
ohasers paying for the coal when ordered.
Present price, $3 end 52 25 per ten.
Harrisburg, Oct. 25.—d3m
liver to the citiz,ns of Efarrieburg either by the
Cnr, Boat. Load or Ton, the choicest kind. 01 Willis
barre, L" kens Valley and Pini,greve Cl/111,
hauled out by the P.ient weigh Cart, and full weight
gunreateed. Orders left at my Milne, , Ith and 5.1.,
will receive ',Tomtit attention.
riILIOSE who want the real Genuine Old
Fashioned Piuegrove Coal from the Lorberry Mines
(by the car load or otherwise.) auply to
S. it S. Gailroad office.
THE undersigned ;laving opened his
1,. Manufactory of Shirts at No. 12 West Market
street, Harrisburg, Pa , mos , respectfully solicits the
patronage and attention of the Ladies, Gentlemen and
ahich are our own manufttedure
Ate. Arc.,
Also the particular attention of the Ladies to our large
Assortment of under garments Ac., (from the latestim
proved London and Paris styles,) LINEN COLLARS,
CUFFS, Shard Ac., in great varieties, all of which being
our own maunufacture we wilt sell cheaper than can be
purchased elsewhere.
Persons desirous of furnishing their own materials, C.lll
have cutting, sewing Ate., of every variety done accord
ing te order. All of the above named goods for Gents wear,
we will make to measure, guaranteeing to St, and, give
entire satisfaction to the purchaser for style durability
and m terial. All special orders will be promptly at
tended to upon the shortest notice and most reasonable
terms. Also Merchants supplied upon the most reason
able terms.
P. S. Ladies wishing skirts or under garments of any
discription, can have them made to order by sending
sample of such kinds pa may he desired.
No. 12, Market street,
au29-dOm Harrisburg, Pa.
Rooms next door to Hummel it Killinger's Grocery
view 2Dnertistments.
Lugs supply of Coal always to be found on band,
HE subscriber is cow prepared to de-
Harrisburg, Oct. 30, 1861.-6wd*
A large assortment of Gent lemens' Furnishing Goods
&c., in addition to the above can always be found cheap
for cash
FOR Sale at
Camp Writing Cases,
Needle or Sewing Cases,•
Shaving or Razor Cases,
Toilet Cases,
Match Cases
Pocket Ink Stands, .
Pockeh Mirrors, •
Pocket Knives,
Pocket Combs,
Fine Combs,
Camp Mirrors
Bryer Pipes,
Tobacco Boxes,
India Rub cer Tobacco Pouches,
Wicker. Leather & Piatina Flasks,
Leather Driukiug Cups.
Pens, Penholders, Pencils, i'aoir, andEuvelepes.
Soldiers will see at a gliince teat the place to get an
outfit in small wares at ,:so 91, Market street.
Afir See "Fort Pick.ns" in the window,
ETZTIZOO la."1"11161E.M.1 XL,
la Br
..Q TATE Street near Third stre et, a few
0 doors below )3rady's Hotel, Harrisburg. A flse
slew Hearse Ready made Coffins always on hand and
neatly finished to order. Silver plates, &c. Terms rea
sonable. Lni.3o-,13a0 0 1 C. BAKER.
Beds, Pillows, Blankets. Coats, C aps,
Leggin, . Drinking Cups, &c.,
North Side Market Square, near Buehler' s Hotel,
augtl d3m*
T.E.1.61 ENuIN r FOR 6AL6.
11.13:E undersigned offers for sale ONE
NEW 30 HORSE ENGINE, and two Second-Hand
engines of smaller size, The engines will be sold cheap , h or approved paper. Apply at the Steam En
gine Works, Sixth street, between Walnut and Mirget,
Harrisburg, Ps. J 4003 Dl _LIZ
T" good 'Horses, one suitable as a
family horse, the other as a draught horse. Elk
quire or George Zufnagte, Third street, neiwnen Market
and Walnut, ,urke'e Ro no6-dtf
OATS ! ! Cash paid for Oats
• LATHER and INFANT 131tORRE:, in great variety
nos tf