Wyoming democrat. (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa.) 1867-1940, May 20, 1868, Image 2

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Edwin Booth is playing in Hartford.
Texas is having a very lively cotton trade.
Chicago has six and a half millions of debt
* Ex President BucbaDan is recovering from
a severe attack of pleurisy.
Hundreds of 6heep sre dying of an un
known disease in the vicinity of Salisbury,
New Hampshire.
Five mourners were relieved of their pock
et-books at a funeral in New Tork.
Grass widowers are now termed ad-interim
A horse recently jamped over the chains I
of one of the Boston Ferry boats. The wag
on to which he was attached caught in the
chain, and he hung over the end of the boat,
his head in the water, uotil he was drowned.
The 'lasses candy wedding is when the
first baby gets old enough to lick.
BLACK STARS. —Should not the stars on i
the flag representing the incoming negro or I
mongrel States be painted black 1
Hon. Henry D. Foster, of Weatmoreland,
Will be the Democratic candidate for Con
gress in the Twenty-first Pennsylvania Dis
A whole convention of Richmond Radicals
—about seventy nigs and a dozen white
trash— were arrested, the other night, by the
police, for kicking up a row.
One hundred and fifty million dollars a
year is the sum the Northern tsxpayers are
paying for "reconstruction."
The Harrisburg (Pa ) Telegraph says that
"the extraordinary increase of Democratic
newspapers in Pennsylvania during the past
six months is certainly indicative of and in
consonance with the grand policical reaction
everywhere exhibited at the elections." It
further says that "new dailies and weeklies,
large, neat, bright, sprightly, and ably con
ducted, are springinging up everywhere, even
in regions hitherto regarded as Democratical
ly barren, and they not only "stick" with
the tenacity of a Stanton to tbo War Office,
but they talk hopefully, and prosperity looks
benignantly yet boldly out of every line of
their print"
The South Carolina Senate contains twenty
white members and twelve colored ; the
House of Representatives, four whites and
eighty colored.
The Washington Constitutional Union,
May 13th, just a week in advance of the
meeting of the Chicago Convention, makes
the following prophecy :—"ln the face of all :
the probabilities to the contrary, we make
the prediction that General Grant will not
be nominated."
By a recent law, Judges in Canada are !
empowered to order whipping instead of
imprisonment, in the case of boys under
sixteen years of age found guilty oflar
Charles McNeil, a colored barber, residing
at Eimwood, 111., was murdered on Sunday
morning, May, 10th by another negro, who
was stopping at his house, and who has since
been arrested. It is supposed that McNeil's
wife and her sister'aided in committing the
deed, and they have also been arrested.
Galusha A. Grow, a broken down Aboli
tionist, but still a rampant negro suffrage
advocate, is the Chairman of the Radical
State Committee. #
The colored Jiads of New Orleans have
elected delegates to the Crosby Opera House
pow wow.
The Virginia election so-called cannot be
held until the Rump provides the necessary
Grape growers in California are giving
great attention to the manufacture of brandy.
The quality of that already produced is said
to be excellent.
Pennsylvania Reserve Association.
Col. John H. Taggart, Corresponding
Secretary of the Pennsylvania Reserve
Association, has issued the following no
tice :
The second annual meeting of the As -,
sociation will be held at Pittsburgh, on
May 20th, on which occasion a full atten
dance of all the surviving members of the
M Old Corps " who can make it convenient
to attend is earnestly desired. All who
intend to participate will please notify
Major John C. Harvey, Recording Secre
tary of the Association, at the office of the
Pittsburgh, and Connellsville Railroad
Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. before May 15.
The Committee of Arrangements ap
pointed at the last celebration will select
the place of meeting in Pittsburgh. A
Landsome badge, to be worn by the mem
bers, will be presented for adoption. Let
every man who can come be there to spend
a few hours in social intercourse with their
old comrades in arms. It is expected a
eulogy will be delivered on the late Major
General George A. McCall
Newspapers throughout Pennsylvania,
without distinction of party, will confer a
favor by publishing this notice.
the eight hour law passed at the
late session of the Legislature:
SEC. 1. That on and after the first day
of July, iaB, eight hours of labor be
tween the rising and setting of the sun,
shall be deemed and held to be a legal
day's work in all cases of labor and ser
vice by the day, when there is no
- contract or agreement to the contrary.
SF.C, 2. This act shall not apply to, *or
in any affect, farm or agrijultural lador or
aervicc by the year, month, or week ; nor
shall any person be prevented by anything
Lerein contained, from working as many
hours overwork, or extra work as he or
she may sec fir, the compensation to be a
greed upon between the employer and the
BEC. 3. All other acts or parts of
acts relating to the hours of labor which
shall constitute a day's work in this State
are r' pealed.
Oe pmotrat
Wednesday* May 20, 1868.
jmocratic fiiM
Auditor General,
rrffA-RT/FS E. BOYLE, of Fayette.
Surveyor General,
Gen. WELLINGTON ENT, of Columbia.
IstrEAcnMANT.— After several postpone
ments, for the purpose of fixing doubtful
Senators " all right" for impeachment
through the political pressure of the Bump
ers and the radical party generally, the
High Court reached a vote on the eleventh
article on Saturday, acqnitting the Presi
dent of the high crimes and misdemeanors
therein charged. This was considered the
strong article of the series, introduced bv
Thad. Stevens, who said, in substance, if
they ceuld not convict on this it would he
useless to try the rest. After the radical
State Committee of Pennsylvania in sol
emn conclave at Philadelphia, with the
heavy influence of the member from this
county, had passed a resolution that An
drew Johnson (whether guilty, of course,
or not guilty, for it is political necessity,)
must be convicted of the high crimes and
misdemeanors charged, the high court bad
the temerity to vote bim not guilty under
the law and the evidence. So impeach
ment may be considered dead, and the
radical party floundering in the last slough
of existence.
Radical Decency (P)
" Whom the gods wish to destroy they
| first make mad," is an adage which applies
with force to the present Rump Congress,
j " When rogues fall out, honest men get
their dues," is a truthful saying, and quite
as applicable to politicians and parties as
I to individuals, and strikingly illustrated
! in the disgraceful affair which oecuired in
the House of Representatives at Washing
ton one day last week between two rncm
' bers of the " loil" stamp, representatives
; of the party of " great moral ideas," in a
discussion upon each other's merits. We
| publish the t Washburne-Donnelly debate
i upon the first page of our paper, as report
, ed for the Congressional Globe, the official
organ of Congress. If hall what they say
of each other be true they both ought to
have been serving out their time in the
penitentiaries of their respective States
1 long ago, instead of disgracing the halls of
Congress with their foul-mouthed expose of
each others crimes. This debate eclipses
any that ever occurred during the palmiest
days ofJSouthern chivalry. If this out
rage upon parliamentary decorum had oc
curred between two Democratic members
of Congress they would bare been expelled
j forthwith for nsing language unbecoming
the dignity of that agust body.
Washburne charges Donnelly with being
: a man " who is covered all over with crime
and infamy ; a man whose record is stain
ed with every fraud—whisky aud other
frauds—a man who has proved false alike
! to his friends, his constituents, his country,
| his religion, and his God."
Donnelly retorts upon Washburne in
; the following style : " What if God in a
moment of enthusiasm at one of the gentle
man's speeches were to pluck him to his
' bosom and leave this wretched nation stag
! gering on in daikness to ruin. I fancy the
gentleman haranguing the assembled hosts
of Heaven, the cherubim and the seraphim,
the angels and the arch-angels. How he
would sail into them. How he would rout
them, horse, foot, and dragoons. How he
would attack their motives and fling insin
uations at their honesty ; and how he
would declare for economy, and urge the
j wheels of the universe must be stopped
I because they consume too much grease.
And if there be in our midst one low,
sordid, vulgar soul, or barren, mediocre
intelligence—one heart callous to every
'kindly sentiment, and every generous im
pulse—one tongue leprous with slander —
one mcfflh which is like unto a den of foul
beasts, giving forth deadly odors—if there
be here one character which, while blotch
ed and spotted all over, yet raves and rants
and blackguards like a prostitute—it is the
gentleman from Illinois."
Such is the character of Washburne, of
Illinois, pictured by one of his own parti
sans. And this is the man who has in
training the Republican candidate for the
Presidency—Gen. Grant. What do hon
est men think of the trainer and the train
ed? Will he he any fitter after receiving
instructions from such a character ?
Dawes, Rep. Mass., characterizes the de
bate as " remarks of the character of which
no man could find a parallel in the de
hates of Congress, certainly not in the
time that he had been a member of the
Ilouse. lie had never heard anything that
could compare with these remarks both as
to their personal character and the degrad
ing and offensive language used on that
Upon our first page will be fouud the
whole of this very delectable debate, to
which we invite the attention of the reader.
The Negro in the Methodist Church.
All have heard of the conventional nig"
ger in the fence. The same individual in
politics is equally familiar. The irrepres
sible personage bids fair to enter the
churches and to distract the saints. At
present, if there be no method, there is
certainly Methodism in his madness The
quadrenniel conference cf this Church in
the United States is in session in
Chicago. Besides being harrassed by the
depravities and perils of that provincial
place, a dark cloud hovers over their de
liberations, and its sable rain is dropping
discord into that body. The Mission
Confluences of Washington City and the
State of Delaware have sent delegates
whose color is beyond the power of im
peachment, and they demand admission.—
Through two days has debate run high for
and against the black brcthcrn. A con
vention of more than 250 ministers has
been unable to agree or to disagree to
their admission, and the whole question
was vicariouoly saddled on the Bishops,
who are of the mythological number of
nine, with orders to report either way,
without delay. For a denomination whose
clergy in nearly every conference have
gratuitously impeached Mr. Johnson, and
indorsed Digger suffrage South, this cava
jier treatment of the blacks literally wounds
them in the houses af their friends, and is
more characteristic than the proverbial in
gratitnde of republics. It is only fair to
add that the laity of the Methodist Church
are always denied election or representa
tion in their religious official assemblies,
and that this denial leads to the ministeri
al meddling in matters political, by which
the very large and probably prepondera
ting conservative sentiment of the Church
as a body is overborne.
country is going to get rid of supporting
the dishonest scallawag, that has so long
held the position of Clerk of the Senate,
is hardly possible. The World's Wash
ington correspondent, referring to it on
Wednesday says :
Forney's resignation is a trick. The
interests of conviction are thought to re
quire a heavy fire of threat and vitupera
tion on those Republican Senators who have
shown signs of voting for acquittal, and as
Forney, however he has abused the Pres
ident, could not turn his guns upon them
in ray papers, both daily, while actually
in the Senate, he has sent in a sprcies of
bogus resignation, which will enable him
to play this role without being expelled
from the Senate fur it. In this morning's
Chronicle says that bis connection with
the Senate having ceased, he is no longer
restrained by any official embarrassment,
in commenting on the course of those who
in this critical hour have joined hatlds with
Andrew Johnson and his rebel associates
and sympathizers. He then goes on to
call Grimes, Fesscnden, and Trumball
recreant Senators, and to declare that past
loyality cannot condone a vote for acquit
tal. Now the truth is, that as this resig
nation is only to take effect when a suc
cessor is appointed. Forney is as much
the Secretary of the Senate as before, and"
will doubtless draw his pay as usual, this
patriotic resignation to the contrary not
withstanding. In the Senate this morn
ing Summer moved to lay the resignation
on the table, the effect of which would be
to continue Forney as Secretary by fail
ing to elect a successor. To this Came
ron, who hates the Dead Duck,objected and
moved the resignation be accepted. But
Summer's motion prevailed, Hendricks
then moved the resignation be accepted
and a Secretary pro tern, be appointed un
til a regular election could be had. Sum
mer objected to the coesideration of this
motion, which would have made Forney ,s
resignation a resignation in earnest, it
went over, so that no successor, eithei
permanent or ud intirim, having been
appoined, Forney is still Secretary.
Mr. Harlan's Opinion on the Bight of
The following is the copy of an official
letter addressed by Hon. James Harlan,
when Secretary of the Interior—now U. S.
Senator from lowa—to a prominent gen
tleman who remonstrated with him against
making a removal in his department:—
July 3, 186.3. j
I have deemed it to be my privilege to
make removals in this department, and I
shall do so in the future without admitting
the right of any one to call the propriety
of my course in question. When Mr.
Smith became Secretary of the Interior he
at once sought and obtained the appoint
ment of those whom he personally prefer
red for assistants and associates. I have
been doing the same and expect to contin
ue to do the same. Success 39 an execu
tive officer requires it Any other course
would be suicidal This official rule of
right should prevail from the President to
the smallest executive officer having con
trol of subordinates. The President should
not appoint or retain a Cabinet Minister
who is not his personal choice for the po
sition ; and, according to my views, a CaCi
net could not in Belf-respect remain in office
after Becoming satisfied or having reason
to believe that he was not the President's
personal choice. The same rule should
maintain between the heads of depart
ments and the heads of bureaus under his
Yours truly,
INSANE AND NCDK. —Monday afternoon
the police arrested a man, supposed to be
about forty-five years of age, on Lacka
wanua Avenue, in a perfectly nude state,
he having torn every shred of clothes from
his person. lie refused to give his name
or residence, and was therefore taken to
\ the lock-up for safe keeping.— Register.
The Extremists and the Chicago Con
Mr. Forney communicates to the Phila
delphia Press, 89 an understood thing,
" that no Republican who opposes the con
viction of Andrew Johnson will be allow
ed a seat in the Republican Convention at
Chicago." In other words, the licpubli
lican who doubts the expediency of im
peachment, or denies the sufficiency of the
testimony adduced as the groundwork of
Mr. Johnson's removal is to be read out of
the party.
We have had signs on this subject be
fore. The unblushing avowal that convic
tion is a party necessity, whether warrant
ed by law and evidence or not, and the
persistent endeavor to bully Senators into
conviction by holding up " infamy" as the
penalty of acquittal, have clearly revealed
the recklessness and tyranny which aspire
to the control of the Republican party. —
The disposition has been growing some
time. Formerly, it was enough that men
subscribed to the declared policy of the
party and worked according to the best of
their judgment for the attainment of its
ends. More recently, other tests of fealty
have been invented. Adhesion to regular
ly authorized platforms has been declared
insufficient, and a man's republicanism has
been suspected and denied unless he hur
rahed for every measure which Radical
members of the party introduced into Con
gress. It has become necessary to swear
by Stevens, and pin one's faith to the
sleeve of Boutwt-11 or Butler to escape ex
commuuicatien as a heretic aud traitor
In pursuance of the same intolerant
plan, it is intended, Mr. Forney declares,
to exalt impeachment into the party test of
orthodoxy. Before obtaining admission to
the Chicago Convention, delegates must
hold up their right hands and avow that
they favored Johnson's official decapita
tion, with evidence or without it, in con
formity with law or in spite of it. We
are not prepared to believe that 60 impu
dent a pretension will be tolerated for an
instant. But the fact that is talked of in
certain circles at Washington indicates the
readiness of extremists to employ extraor
dinary means to obtain control of the Con
They are not alone in the work. Wen
dell Phillips has given notice that the Con
vention w ill be required to engraft negro
suffrage upon the platform of the party ;
and the German Radicals make no secret
of their purpose to press their views'upon
the Convention. Both the Wendell l'hil
lips faction and the Missouri Germans pro
claim an intention not to accept the nomi
nation of Grant apart from a thoroughly
radical platform; and both will go to Chi
cago prepared to coalesce with other ex
tremists for the promotion of the common
object. The aim in all the is to re
construct the Republican party after the
Radical model, and to shapu the tactics of
the couipaigu with a view to Radical su
premacy. The work will not be easy ; it
is more likely to fail than to succeed ; but
it should not therefore be despised.—A'.
V, Times.
THE I)KAD DUCK. —The Senate Com
mittee appointed to examine into the
Forney defalcation has made report, white
washing Forney, and professing to throw
the responsibility on old Mr. Wagner
( Forney's father-in-law, we believe.) —
But the sequel is anything but flattering
to the Dead Duck. Two woids tell the
tale— Forney has resigned ! That For
ney's resignation was the penalty exacted
by the Senate Committee, tor his defalca
tion, hardly admits of a doubt. Nothing
short ofexpubion and disgrace could shake
Forney's hold of a fat office yielding him
perquisities amounting to twenty or thir
ty thousand a year, lie has resigned ! has
he? How comfortable it would be for
other good men like him, if they could
escape penitentiary walls by resignation.—
MAD DOGS. —There is quite an excite
ment on the other side of the river kcAi
cerning mad dogs. During the late snow
storm, a dog passed up the river road and
bit every dog he could reach. Since then
quite a number of dogs have gone mad,
and one man has been badly bitten on the
hand. The excitement is increasing.—
We do not know what legal slops should
be taken for the protection of the public,
other than that every man shoot every dog
found staying around his premises. Cows
have been bitten, and the mad dogs have
run up through Apalachin village, and up
the creek road into Pennsylvania. Our
advice would be there as well as in the
village, to kill the dogs:— Oicego Times.
We also learn /rom reliable sources,
that this same dog passed through the
towns of Warren, Orwell, Pike and Der
rick. He took especial pains to bite every
dog who crossed bis path. Some twenty
five are known to be bitten. He crossed
over into Susquehanna county, and was
killed at Bear Swamp, near Middletown.
Washington dispatch says a severe encoun
ter took place on Capitol 11 ill, Thursday
night, between Representative Randall, of
Pennsylvania, and ex-Governor Hamilton,
of Texas, better known among tbe car pet
baggers as Jack Hamilton. It arose from
an interchange of opprobrious epithets.—
Hamilton felled Randall to the pavement
with a heavy cane and struck him several
times, when he was hauled off by the by
standers. Mr. Randall was conveyed to
his residence in an almost insensible con
dition and is repre®nted to be seriously
injured. Hamilton has not been arrested,
grels about Washington are praying that
President Johnson will resign before
Tuesday next, and thus simplify matters.
Very likely be will. The prayers of the
righteous availeth much. But those of
the wicked ? Aye, there's the rub."
SteTcns' foreshadowed the fate of the
remaining articles of impeachment if the
eleventh should be defeated. In his speech
of March 5, he said :" if without that ar
" tide they do not acquit him, they are
" greener than ever 1 was, when I com
" menced to practise at the Court of Qunr
* ter Sessions," — World,
Has been an exciting topic for some weeks
past, but greater interest is now
manifested in the
fact that
Have received and opened their
Dry Goods
Of all descriptions, and are prepared •
to exhibit to their customers as
fine an assortment as can be
found in any inland town
in the State. We are
aware that competi
tion in our trade in
Tunkhannock is
to be unusu
ally brisk
and de
and have
selected our
stock with es
pecial care, in
order that our pat
rons may be fully
satisfied that so far as
prices, taste and elegance
are concerned, they could *
not do better than to continue
us their favors. We shall at all
times and under all circumstances
be gratified to be permitted to show
our stock whether there is a de
sire to purchase or not. The
following comprises a
part of our variety:
SHAWLS, of*ll kinds,
SACK GOODS, of all kinds,
SILKS, all color*,
all shade*.
DELAINES from 12ft to 25 eta
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
LADIES' GAITERS, $1.25 to S3 per pair
Balmoral Skirts
for summer. .
CALICO from 10 to 16 cts.
TRUNKS, of all kinds,
4r,, Ac., Ac., Ac.
We invite all to call and see us. We
know that our friends and acquaintances
will do so, and we do not hesitate to say
that we shali at all times be pleased to see
strangers, and are satisfied that they will
not go away cross or dissatisfied.
Tunkhannock, May 11, 1868,
Of Unseated Lands in Wyoming County.
°s iT" arlSKf
S "I
--:i: k t,.cu.. i ~m
lun'J for the taxes DJ cost? on them respectively.
Sale to commence at one o ciocs r. .
acres. warrastke .names. taxes.
439 Bridge Jatnes 6 •j'*
439 Buchannon John 6 58
417 Bowman Frances 6 2'!
420 Clatk Pe'er 6 30
340 Clatk tfauies 5 10
420 • Clark Thomas 6
430 Fowles Fdward 0 54
439 Fowles Samuel 0 58
439 Fi-k Wiiliatn 6 58
435 Hastings Seth 0 53
420 Lock Thomas 6 30
400 Betterton William 10 00
400 Bowman Solomon 10 23
400 Baker or Barton John 10 00
400 Bowman Joseph 10 23
340 Bradley Abraham 13 00
406 Bartolet Joseph 10 23
400 Bird or Baird Benjamin 10 23
406 Buckley Hannah 16 23
206 ByceJohn 10
439 Bridge Jonas 17 57
439 Btidge Margaret 17 5^
439 Bigelow Abraham 1" 5<
300 Bowman Tn ade us 12 00
230 Bittle Samuel 9 19
40g Bowman Joshua 10 23
199 Bradley Hannah " 01
428 Clymtr Daniel 1' 12
100 Cottinger James 4 00
300 Carman Michael 12 00
406 Carman Samuel 10 23
406 Carman Nicholas 16 23
40g Carman Jehu 10 23
410 CrOman Fr. derick 10 41
70 CJt Lurinaa 3 04
PK) Campbell Robert 4 (W
128 Crispin Jam#** 4 12
380 Crispin Wi.lim 15 20
406 D. long Peter 10 23
406 I), ii.ng Simon 10 23
407 Dtlong William 10 32
110 Dewitt M >ses 4 41
407 Del.ii g J.-!.n lg ;: "2
3iig DtWi'.t Aaron 12 25
2<is I). wilt Andrew 8 23
30g 'D- win Tictna- 10 25
440 remits. >n Thomas 17 g0
200 D .v. ner E. sha S 00
410 Davt-. J liiOian 10 39
410 Elliot i' dly 10 39
433 Ell -t R c'.ar.l B 17 29
406 Fish Tii'.ma 10 23
43g F'.wles EdwarJ 17 44
437 Fry John 17 45
430 Fih J--, ph 17 21
439 Fish William 17 53
170 F"isyth Tie.mas 0 80
150 Fowler Edmund 0 01
375 Eliiot 1, vi 15 83
439 F wles Samuel 17 52
203 Gore Diu.nl 9 10
20g (i ..u - Paul 8 23
200 GJlwan A'k-n 8 23
439 II til William 17 54
400 HaV Henry 16 00
439 Hail en Ildl Sarah 17 54
400 Hav June- 10 00
410 Hail Isabella 10 39
410 H ill J dm Jr 10 39
410 Hall J hn 10 39
150 In man Richard 0 01
406 Kiii'iail William 10 23
77 King Samuel 3 04
400 K'o x J din 16 00
400 Kn< x Samuel 10 00
490 K :tg Sun >u 10 00
410 Kit ■< Jatnes 10 09
4;io K a x Daniel 10 00
460 Knox Simon 10 ("1
410 K II v J seph 16 39
410 Keily Dan . 1 10 29
400 Kt nnstd Samuel 10 23
460 Kein! ill Samuel... 10 00
400 Linn William 10 00
4.0 Li itch or Lucb George 16 00
400 Law William 10 00
430 Lett x Sarah 17 21
214 Lanth-rs George 8 57
310 M.l shall Hetty 12 41
275 McLaughlin Jatnes 15 04
300 McLaughlin John Ig 00
400 Morris Wilhatn 16 23
430 Muzzy Atnos 17 21
439 Muzzy William 17 53
439 McC lure Janes -..17 53
300 Miller Mary 12 00
406 Mar-hall Chester 10 23
406 Marshall Sarah ..16 23
44*6 Marshall Chailes Ig 23
300 McLaughlin Alexander 12 00
410 Martin laac 16 29
40g More Wilhatn Ig 23
410 Mu-grave Israel 16 29
410 Musgrave M ses 16 29
410 McClure Samuel 16 29
410 McClure Robert 16 29
40g Marshall Benjamin 16
4UO Oker John 16 00
175 Piles Cornelia. 7 04
435 Piles John 17 44
175 Piles Jl bert 7 04
gg IaHon John 3 43
90 Patten Jauies..., 4 39
gg Pa it on William 2 g5
400 Pat ton Charles 17 00
410 Pat ton Isaac Ig 29
40g Paine George 16 23
40g Pame Mariah 11 10 23
40g Piles Small 16 23
437 Heed Collinson 17 53
201 Renshaw Richard 8 00
200 Ryan John 8 00
200 Riddle Reuben 8 00
80 Sullivan .iaines 3 20
400 S.nuh Richatd 17 00
200 Suphens Ann 8 00
439 Sup-ens Simon 17 53
90 Simpson J'dm 7 20
40g Stephens Perry 16 23
40g Stephens Jonathan 16 23
410 Staples John 16 29
428 Sanders G.- rge 17 14
410 Stewart George 16 29
299 Scuil Peter 12(H)
260 Todd Jatm s 10 40
437 Todd John jr 17 53
496 Trees Phebe 10 23
221 Scraff Henry 8 80
40g Stephens 1-aac 10 23
410 Wtioley Thomas 10 70
400 White Andrew 12 00
325 White Samuel 12 90
200 Wilson James 8 00
45 Ward John 3 59
199 Ward Jutues g 91
400 White John 16 10
304 White Robert 8 lg
400 While James lg 00
420 Yarrington John 10 80
439 Betterton Jacob 14 g7
400 Bradley Hannah 13 GO
200 Bailey Duah g 70
400 Campell Jatnes 11 40
400 Campbell Margaret 11 40
393 Dunn William 13 20
393 Dougherty Richard 13 20
40g Downing Reuben 13 g0
100 Davis Joseph 2 40
40g Davis Johathan 13 20
400 Derbyshere John 11 40
40g Delany Margaret 13 20
400 Espy George 11 40
429 Forsyth Daac 14 20
400 Gruff refer t.-W,v.v..W 40
203 Gore Daniel g 7g
400 Gallup Eunice 13 49
408 Gridley Daniel 13 g4
401 Ilarminaon Wallace 13 10
439 Hermans William 14 75
147 King William 4 95
444 King Aaron 14 86
| 20g Longhead Thomas 6 90
; 214 Landers George 8 47
400 McCoy Ephraim 13 40
381 McKnight David 12 73
410 Nash Phineas 13 75
! 434 Pierce Hannah 14 54
398 Pierce Alice 13 33
408 Pierce J..hn 13 g6
400 Palmer William 13 40
439 Renshaw Ann 14 g7
j 201* Renshaw Richard g 70
439 Renshaw I >hn 14 g7
100 Simpson Nicholas 3 35
I 27g Simpson Michael 9 24
! 388 Stewart Mary 12 38
439 Stephens Simon 14 £;7
40g Tripp John 13 g0
406 Todd John 13 c 0
j 126 Willis John 4 47
200 Rich Joseph g 70
100 Rich John 3 35
113 Ransey II & II Trumbull 1 71
north branch.
410 Barcklet George lg 40
130 Bittle Samuel 4 80
Hg2 Covil Oralia 14 44
4t>o Covil Mathew lg 00
25 Crisp.n James 1 04
| 410 Dans Huldah lg 40
300 Fi.h Jabez 12 00
400 Fish Sarah 14 00
410 Hagerman John lg 40
410 Hail James lg 35
75 Hibbard Ebenezer 3 04
110 J..hr.son Jacob 16 40
410 McCray Samuel lg 40
50 McCray Ann 2 00
410 McCray Robert ' lg 40
! 100 Morris William 4 CKj
410 J.diiison Irhnida P lg 40
410 Johnson Christiana 1 ; 40
410 Kelly J seph lC 40
410 Kelly Daniel lg 40
225 Phipps Thomas 9 03
420 Wouley Tliomas lg 80
41| Fr'jZ Christopher gg
9g Ilirv. v George 1 4A
33 II job 5"
71 Frtiz Peter . 1 08
g3 Harvey J..b 1 9g
150 Thonii'S.in William 2 25
145 Th-mpson S imuel 2 19
145 Peckbam A. K. 2 19
50 Muhlenburg Peter 1 50
90 Ilauipi' o 1 35
T reaourer.
Trca?. Office. Tuck , April I, 19^3.u34w0
1 STATES, for the U estern Di.-trk-t of Penn'a
In the Matter of A/n.-.n G Stark, Bankrupt. In
T.. vh'.m it may onc.-ern : The undersigned here
by gives notice of his appointment as Assignee of
Aluion (5. Sturk of Tunkhnnnifk, County of Wyo
ming and State of Pennsylvania, within said Dis
trict. who has been adjudge 1 a Bankrupt upon his
own petition by the Llistri t Court o' sai t District.
Dated Towanda, I'a , the oO.h day ol April A. D,
3tlw3 JOHN W. MIX, .Wgnce.
. *
CtrnATip "no P c A : f
O AU M fi X U ii tJaXJjG
r PIIE nc-tv building n- w being lifted up for a Store.
I situated near she location of the new railroad
Dept. ii* offered frale The house is two stories*
,nd eighteen by thirty six teet ..n the gmuud, with
l sple.ii li i basement suiri,l° for a saloon.
" f It 1 : sold by 1-' .! May. will be to let.
Fur particulars apply to.
Meshoppen. Apr;. 22, 1563
\" OTICE is hereby given tb .t Letters Testamen-
I.\ tary n[on the es-ale of Stephen Lott, iate ot
Lemon t. wnsbip, dte'd, have been granted to the
undersigned. All persons indebted to said estate iro
requested to make in mediate payment, and those
baaing elaimv or demands against the samewi'l pre
-•■iit them duly authenticated tor seitleuient wiihjut
leiay. VVM 11. STARK. } ...
H. 11. MITCHELL, j
Lemon, April 29. 'B(jS.- -38wg.
3TTHEREAS letter? ef Administration upon the
V V estate of Oisero Hayden, late of the Township
; of Winahau, dee'd, has been granted to the subscri
ber. All persons owing said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having de
mands against the same will present them to the
subscriber duly authenticated for settlement.
L. K. S.MITU, Adrn'r.
Mehoopany, April 6. 1965.—v7035w6.
The undersigned having becD appointed hy the
Court ot Common Pleas, fur the County of Wyoming,
i an Auditor to mako distribution of mun'es arising
from the sale of real e-tate of William Koons, will
at:end to the duties of his- appointment at the office
i of Wm M Piatt, iu Tunkbannovk Borough, on
Wednesday the S h day of July, A. D. 1363, at
i one o'clock in the alternoun, at which tiuie and
plaee all jrsons inK'rested therein are requested to
present their claims, or be debarred from receiving
any port,on thereof.
JOnX A SrTTSER, Auditor.
Tunuhannrck, May 19, ISgS—nllwd.
The undersigned having been appointed by the
Orphans' Court, for the County of Wyoming, an
Auditor, in the matter of the estate of Thomas
' Cbriswell, dec'J., to make distrihutitn of balance of
fund, in the hand? of Administrators, among ere li
ter? of said dee'd , wilt attend to the duties of his
appointment at the office of Wm M. Piatt, in Tunk
hannock Borough, on Wednesday, the Ist day of
July, A. D. 1363, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at
which time and plac% u .ll persons interested therein
are requested to present tbeit claims, or be debarred
from receiving anv portio . thereof.
JtiHX A jSITTSER, Auditor.
Tunkhannoek, May 19, 13g8—n41w4.
IX BANKRUPTCY.— In the matter of David
Smiley, Bankrupt. In the District Court of the
United States, for the Western District of Penusyl
To Whom it may Concern : The undersigned
hereby gives notice of his appointment as Assignee
| of David Smiley, of the Township ot Meshoppou, iu
the County of Wyoming, ami State of Pennsylva
nia, within said District who has been adjudge 1 a
Bankrupt, upon his uwn petition by the District
1 Court of said Distriet.
Dated at Towanda, Pa , this 20th day of May,
A. D , 13g3—n41w3.
All persons indebted to the late firm of Jf.hxixos
A Co., on book account, are requested to call and
settle the satue without delay, and save further
Mehoopany, Pa., May 9. 1369.
IX BANKRUPTCY—In the matter of William L.
Bardwell, Bankrupt. In the Distriet Court of the
j United States, for the Western District of Penn'a
To whom it may Concern . The undersigned
hereby gives notice of his appointment as assignee
of William L. Bardwell, of Tunkhannoek in the
county of Wyoming, and State of Pennsylvania witb
; in said District, who has been adjudged a Bankrupt
upon his own petition by the District Court of said
; District.
| Dated at Tunkhannoek. the Ist day of Mav, AD.
| lSfcS. n4ow3 JOHN B. RHODES, Assignee.
I All persons are cautioned against purchasing or
' negotiating a note .igned by me, in favor of Chas.
W. Jayne, dated March, 19g8, for about S7O, pay
able one year after date, as the same was stolen
from the payee and will only bo paid by me me to
Ifcsboppen, May 11, lSg£ - 40w3.