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    agptsbor.o' - offlage Stroti-
Thursday, Docemberl7,i'!'74.
PREsi s omil3lllkas' Ant."—TLePres
ident's Message is : 'rega.rded'as an Able
abate paper, moderate,. cautious, and thor
oughly conservative in tone, and the press
of 'both partiei cernineritlavombly 'upon
the sound doctrines it advances. The most
important feature of - the message is that
relating to the finances, and the recom
mendations of the Presrident on this ques
tion are thus . referred to by the Baltimore
. "In the very first paragraph of the Ines . -
sage, and with-military bluntness and di
cectuess of. purpose, be takes the bull of
"the financial question" boldly by the
horns. It is gratifying to find that upon
this nil important subject, . which is pre
eminently and above all others,-"the ues-
o e tour, taeresit ent a trumpet
gives no uncertain sound. Ire declares
in favor of resumption and of a return . to
decent money, not merely in the abstract
or in vague and general terms, but explic
itly and specifically, urging upon. Con
gress, 'at this session," the duty and ne
cessity of placing the currency of, the
country upon ti, basis common to and rec.
ognized by the Civilized world. 'ln this,
portion Of his :niessag,e4in Principle—we
do not speak of details—the President's
views are as eotiiid as a dollar—and a'gOld
dollar at that.: The pUtiliCcreditor to be
paid in .coitylaccording to the, bond when
thedebtivascontracted; gold or its equiv.'
alent," — a - e - obliwititin — ria — te — be evaded'
"without national disgrace;' the - repeal of
the legal-tender clause, to takovifect'
all contracts entered into after the dayfix
ed in the repealing act; a revenue suffi
ciently in excess of expenditure_ta
an accumniation.of .gold in the, treasury
to' sustain :resumption ; and lastly, a aye-
tem of free bankingns essential to give
proper elasticity to the curreacY, These
are the, salient recominendatlons ,urged by
the Presidentupon Congress at its' present
session as necessary to restorer/the-curren
cy to a normal and healthful - condition.''
The President reports our foreign af.
lairs as in good condition, with some ex
ceptions that May not or may, become se;
lions. Spain btu; not yet finally settled
the Virginias affair, The Cuban, revel t
continues, and raises the question of the
advisability of foreign intervention. The
MeXicans are,stili stealing Texan cattle
iagreat numbers, while the President can
only hope that the Mexieliu Goveroment
gill put a stop to the knav
ish business. - But 'Major' Makenzie, we
may stiggest, retina an effective, way of
dealing- ith the (motion without bother
ing. about the Mexican government. Per
haps•ths precedent may be worth follow
- Along wlth a great number of minor
recomincadations, the President devotes a
'considerable portion of his message to the
condition-of attsirs in the Southern States.
lie defines hiS position as to this question
' with great:frankness. In Louisiana, he
will do as he has done beretofoie, i. c., he
, will sustain the Kellogg Government, nn,
Mess otherwise directed by Congress.—
Touching Arkauses, he will do nothing,
though he lays before Congress a succinct
statement of. the tremendons muddle into,
which the politicians of that State have
managed to plunge its Government. The
President dmribes the. situation of the
South which Indy* him, just before the
election, lo order numerous prosecutions,
and to concentrate troops to support • the
officers of the law. He says plait ho un
derstands the Fifteenth Amendment and
the Luforcetuent law to guarantee the cit.
hens the right to vote, and to protect them
in its exorcise. He shall administer the
law in this sense while he remains Presi
dent. If ,Congress thinks that he has act
ed on mistaken information, perhaps it
will order an investigation. As for the
citizens of the south, the President dive
them some very plain advice in a spirit
of frankness and kiptiness. jfe deprecates
ihe obstinacy of parties in "dividing on_
the color line," nod ho gap that if the
Southern whittn will make up their minds'
to treat the oepo Yas a citizen and vo
ter as he is and 'must remain," there will
be no further occasion for trouble with
him. Ammeg, the ad ,a itag 's of such a
cousummation, oneyouid be specially a
greeable to the President., that would be
his release-from the necessity of interfer
in the affitirs of individual States. It is
pleasant to be able to believe that to some
considerable extent the whites of the South
have anticipated the excellent advice of
the President.
We Ltight in conclusion, to•remark that
the President announces his intention of
'abandoning the civil service reform unless
Congress distinctly supports it by legisla
tion. The condition will not be fulfilled,
and the reform will tfieibefora the 4th of
March. We are sorry for it. It was au
attempt that promised much, and might
have been made to yield a great deal.—
But if the President has not dune with it
whatftnight have done, be bus, a t least,
Wen ahead of Congress and et the
majority of the public, which bears with
.groat patience a civil service that, in tee
ny of its features, swindles, insults, and
degrades the,eountry.
Zer-Have you heard of the greatest
herdsman in the world ? His name is
Samuel- W. Allen.. He hue a much - eigh;
tktniles long by forty wide; lying between
the Nevada and Colas tdu rivers,"ia Tex•
as, and be has 225,000:v4We.
—*The Jersey City Presbytery publish
ed the verdict on, Ttiesday 'in the CasOsof
Rev.: Jelin S. :Glendenning, acquitting
him of theeharnesofsednetion and hreach
of omise of marraige, but find him guil
ti of u inisterial and unchristian con
duct in making Ask Mori E. Pomeroy
presents, meeting her so frequently and at
unreasOnablelienr3;`nuidliftiii3i such in.
iimate terms with her as to uccasion,pub
lie suspicions of impropriety. ' The pres
byte*, rupsed — fantutiona — als:solvingthe
pastoral relations' between Glendenning,
and Prospect Avenue Church, in view of
thodistnibiniinfluCnces ' incident to the
case. • ; .; •
• CZ - colonel Berwick, "t4o . ,uput sent
out by the Nebraska Aid Society,. has re.
turned to °Moho 'from; the••grasshopper
distriet; having, visited seven 'counties.—
His report Shows
,that 2,300 people Fill
need-daily-rations; as 'lel) as clothing,.{ill
they can raise something ,to subsist upon
in the spring, There have been no cases
of persons starving' to death. The',i)ett•/_
ple we, not inactive;; they hive bee!) and .
are yet plowingi.and gftOng ; ready , for
spring planting, hoping , that seed will be
in some way 'proVided. Rut very fe}ir peo—
ple are leaving flie l dstrict:' " '
se . ...7ndge Black is the only member of
the late Pennsylvania Poa'stitutienal Con
vention who served entirely without pay,,
The legislature fixed the salary of mem
bers of that convention, at $1090; but the
next Legislature repealed this, and voted
an nppropriation" Of 85,000 to pay „the,
expenses of the convention. Taking ad
vantage of this act, passed, we think; af
ter their election, the members - who were
glad to serve at 1,000, greedily voted
themselves /32,600 each. Judge Black
claiming that the convention had no pow
er p. make appropriations .from the State
Treasury and that ihe,original sopo act
having been repealed , there; was no , fund
out of which the'salaries could •be paid,
resolutelkrefused to receive a. cept. This
fact: should act powerfully in favor' of
sencling him to the United States Senate.
itifirThe people of: Maine have been
exercised for the past two years over a
phase of the "female progress" question.
Gov.. Chamberlain, out of his , 'sympathy
for the friends of the muse, appointed
some ladies to:the office of Justice of the
Peace. Some illiberal men with narrow
er views . of the fitness of things opened
legal proceedings to prevent them from
entering upon the duties of their positions.
The case finally reached the Supreme
Court of the State, which has rendered a
decision adverse to the female aspirants.- 7
They are, 'however, riot entirely barred
from public life, aa the Court holds that
they may occupy any office created by
the Legislature, but not such as are es
tablished by the State ponstitution.
Stir Th e mystery of the abduction of
little Charlie Rosa has been partially clear
ed up by a most tragic incident. The
two men who kidnapped him both lie"cold
in death. They were shot while iu the
act of couituitiinea burglary: in thevil
lage of Bay Bidge, Long Island, on Sun
day night. Judge Van Brunt, into whose
house they were trying to force themselves
fired a revolver with fatal effect, killing
a professional burglar named Mosier in
stantly, and mortally wounding another
named Clark. The latter lived ' long e
nough to confess that he and Mosier had
carried off' the little boy. The detectives
have been hunting for ;,hese parties since
last July. The child has not yet been
His Royal Highn s King Kaiak=
passed through Baltimore on Saturday
morning enroute for Washington. Those
who saxv higi while the train halted at the
Union Depot pronounce him a very fine
looking gentleman . . He was met at Wil
son's Station, some ten miles north of
Washington, by a deputation represent
jog the United States Government, head
ed by Beerejary )Fish, and formally wel
comed. ,At Washington he. was received
with military honors, and tscorted• to his
quarters at the Arlington. His Majesty
js suiraring from a severe cold contracted
duriqg Ns hurried railway trip across the
Five children of John Dotted*
residing near Preaknem, N. .1., on Satur.
day ventured upon the thin ice of a small
pond with 1.1 sled.
.Whe ic e me way in
the centre of the pond under their weight,
and they were all drowned in sight. of
their mother, who was watching them
play from their house. Four were girls,
aged 1G,;5, 13 and 8 years, awl as boy of
years. •
gm-Seven hundred negroes with arms
attacked• the city of Vick.shurg Miss., nq
the 7th inst., but were repulsed ,with
a loss of twenty-five killed and forty pris
oners. The demonstration was made to
reinstate 'Crosby Shea' who failed to
file a sufficient. official bond, and was
therefore asked to resign.
Mir - Charlestown, the Capital. of West
Virginia, was partially burned on Thurs
day night. A number of the principal
stores and business places were destroyed,
indicting a loss on the owners and tenants
which is estimated at
2196. The pastors of the Omaha church
es have isgted a call to the alaurAes of
the cast, suggesting a special collection
Tor the sulrereraby the grasshopper raid on
Christmas Day.
Soca! XtAis..
On all 4ceoluith
$1:0 apti. - :upwards :2 pai'd
at this office before the
Ist January, 1875, a de
duction-of ten- per cent:"
will'be made. 'Aftei.thUt
date'ebsts - *Br be - added
witliOut :iespect:to ,per.
sons. -
. . .
F0qia04 . 14w..7--00 the first of Janu
ary the new.pcotage law, passed-by Con-.
gress the Pa of - June last,- goes .into op
eiation,"Whicli will the 'pre-pay
ment of p o stage on every Copy of the B'ea•
ord. sent out of' the county, This pre-pay
ment must be made by publishers, other
wise the paper will not be'forwarded. To
avoid difficulty in regard to thiineiv reg. : "
ulation ,we make'snbscriberi thle proposi 7 .
lion: To all who oball have, on the,,first
day of January,. paid their 'subscriptions
iu ArhAtcer,, the' . paper ivill lie sent `fie
of postpqa. ThOse failing : tp make advance ,
pr.ymentelvill be charge' with the pCstage.
thite7Or !l*k
—Wii4r*mnie6oes do Tuesday next.
—The" 214 and ,the 414ys will begin to
lengthen. ,
—The Legislature will meet on tho sth
of January.
let—pistant - subscribers who lave long .
neglected 'their subscription aceounts•will
please hot forget the fact that we have
Money Order Post Office.
DiirWna.. - Feigley . of Hagerstown was
recently sentenced to the penitentiary for
the term of ftve.years: IHis offense was
Stir Unless payment: is made in .the
meantime the Record will not•be mailed
to any aubscriher outside the county in 'a
rears for two more years after January
nELIGIOLTB.—QuarterIy Meeting at the
M. E. Church on Sunday next. The Pre.
aiding, Elder, Rev. D►. Hamlin., will be
present. Services will continence on Sat
urday evening.
Lunnsr 800 . .—Mr. Charles 'Bell of
this plates One
. day lost week slaughtered
the largest hog of which - we have heard
mention made this season. /t clamed 464
REtacnoue.—The Christmas Festival
of St. Paul's Reformed Sunday School
will be held on' Christmas evening, Dec.
25, in the Chapel of St. Paul's Reformed
Church. The Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will be administered in the same
place on Sunday, Dec. 27. Preparatory
services on the day previous.
ile - Tho Washington Co. Md. Teachers
Institute will meet in Hagerstown on tl•
21st inst., and remain in session three da:
Topics relative to the Profession will
discussed during the day sessions, and
night there will be interesting entertai
Y. M. C. A.—On Monday evening ti
following persons' were elected officers
the Y. M. C. A. for the ensuing year :•
President, Jos. Price; Vice Presidents, Sl
I. Bikle, Dr. E. A. Hering, Lewis D 4
trieli, 3f. H. Jacobs.; Managers, J.
Reininger, Dr. J. B. Amberson, Geo. 134
ver, G. F. Lidy, Dan. Berlin; Treasurt
IV. S. A mberson ; Cor. Secretary, S. Dou
Jas; Recording Secretary, A. G. Blair,
S. S. P.ECTION.--On Monday evening
last the following persons wore elected
officers of the M. E. Church Sunday
School : Superintei4ant. A. E. Waynant ;
As; tent, G. B. Hawker; Secretary, D.
S. Smith ; Chorister, Mrs. Jenny Haflich ;
Librarian, Jas. P. Wolff; Assistants, Geo.
Middour, Wm. G. Smith.; Organist, Miss
Effie Stonehouse ; Treasurer, Jesse Beard ;
Sup. of infant Department, 'grs. Annie E.
DECEASED.—Mrs. Anni Hess died in
Quincy township, on the 13th last., aged
78'years, 10 months and 18 days. She
was the mother of 14 children, 100 grand
children and 40 great-grand children.—
She was a member of the German Pap
tist Much 62 . years, and always walked
upright as a consistent member. Her dia.
uasa was umbilical hernia, which proved
very distressing during the last year, cans
,ing frequent paralytic attacks.
LARGE Hoos.—Mr. Benjamin Bechtel
of the vicinity of Smithsburg desires us
to say that Mr. Hoffman is not the only
man to furnish a good stock of hews. He
recently killed two, Wteen months old,
raised by Mr. .Jacob T. Shank, weighing
respectively 418 and 421 pounds. 'Mr.
Geo. Ziglevf Smithsburg killed two which
weighed 41? and 419 pounds, and Mr. M.
Metz one weig,laing 418 lb?. There are
said to be a few feeding yet that will ex
ceed these in weight.
At an election of the Hagerstown and
Srnithsburg Turnpike company , held at
gate No, 2, on Monday, November 30th,
the following officers were eleeted,for the
ensuing year :-President, I. Q. Brown ;
Manages, Philip Beek, Henry CalliQuw•-
er, Joseph Winters, Daniel .Hoover, Jr.,
a i I Da'kl Oswald.
,LE&ITEE.-7-11ey. Dr. Guard, one of the
greateit Orators of ,tleageitas ''been en
gagel. tis deliver a lentulier in the Isietbo
diet Church of Wayilesboro', some .eve,
zi)ng in January neit._..l3ubje4—"Meutal
activities of the age and the Bible."
This lecture has been pronounced by
competent judges to be a wonderful pro-
Auction, anditl3: delivery -a grand•.display.
42c 1 ,t!1e ,ultupft, inatchlese,.powepl of„thlu
aingii- - Ofarni-oliureffean Be eenni
and.eentn_ engaged 4 bireallingerk . &Res.r.
E Minna, dr 'E. A: Hering.
Reserved seats 50 cents. Tamil* talc,
ing more than three Oasts; 40 cents—un
reserved-seats ascents. -. .
Persons' wishing to iseeure reservedeests
should engage parly,'as they are likely' to
be taken "very rapidly.
As soon as the date, of the lecture can
be definately fixed. it will be announced.
Saturday the 28th . Mr. Win. IlesS,
residing some six or eight ; miles north of
Ifaneock, in this' ..county, , was out• with
dogs and gun' on a bunting' exeursion..--,
i 6 dogs having YOGI 11,
place to find ,crouched. on the; limb of ,a
moderate sized, pine tree, au animal
. of .
such size, and.of such 15 ferocious appear
ance, that induced him to hunt fui rein
forcements before undertakiiietlie 'has=
ardous attempt of killing:it; On reach,-
Lug the nearest house . he. called to his
Mr. Peter Culler, and:both being armed
with riflog, made their -.way. back to the
spot where the animal' , still , reemined.:--
Proceeding with caution Ufa epot thdy
thought sufficiently near, they came to an
that olio, was to
_fire at its'
head, and the, other at its heart. The 37e
port of their rifles was simultaneous, and
they had thaproud satisfaction -of seeing
their game fail to the ground with -a- hea
vy thud, leaving:Uo doubt' that,their tris
ty rifles luid lone well their Work. On
examination the "animal preVed to be a
Panther that m ensured ;nine feet in length .
and weir, , hed one hundred and forty pounds.
Mr. Hess has refuseLte_a
Bra INvErrroorr.---Lloyd; the famous
map man,who made all the maps for. Gene
eral Grin. t and the Union army, ;certifi
cates of which he published, has just in
vented a way of getting a relief plate from
steel so as to print Lloyd's Map of. Ame
rican Continent—showing from ocean to
ocean—on one entire sheet of bank note
paper, 40x50 inches large, on a lightning
press, and colored, sized and varnished
for the wall so' as to stand washing, and
mgiliig anywhere in the world for 25
cents, or, unvarnished- for 10 cents. This
map shows the whole ;United States and
Territories in a group, from surveys to
1875, with a million places on it, such as
towns, cities, villages, mountains, lakes,
rivers, streams, gold mines, railway sta
tions, &c. This map should be in every
house. Send 25• centslo the Lloyd Map
Company, Philadelphia, and you will get
proprietors of the Reading Eagle were
called for sentence for libeling the father
of Charlie itoss. An appeal for mercy
was made and in reply Judge Allison
spoke at length of the gravity of the of
fense, and the responsibility of newspaper
publishers. lie pronounced the publica
tion 'as highly scandalous, and said he
had at first intended to inflict the sentence
of imprisonment. Ho then called the de
fendants and sentenced. them to pay a fine
of $l,OOO.
SeirThe rabbit forms an important ar
ticle of food in Great Britain and Ireland.
In addition to the very large number ipn•
ported from the continent, it is estimated
there are annually bred for food 27,000,-
900 rabbits. The flesh is sold at an aver•
age rate of twelve cents per pound, which
Is fully a third less than the price of beef
and considerably under that of the choi
cer portions of the sheep. The value of
the annual supply is estimated to be $7,-
Ser,4. delegation of fifteen Nevajo
diaps arrived in ,Washington on the *1
inst., from New Mexico. They want to
exchange part of their reservation. 'The
Navajo tribe numbers about 11,000 souls,
and ow;k130,000 sheep and 10,000 Ipm
ViAlathew Pabst, of tVashington, D.
L, who brought suit against the 13. & O .
Railroad Company for $25,000 damages
for causing the death of his wife in pe
camber; 1872, through negligenee,was last
week [taunted $3,568,05 damages by the
,jury before whom the ease was tried:
laJohn Baier, keeper of a lager beer
saloon in Baltiipore, conunittecl Enda- t ie
on Wolneslay of last weak by hanging
PHILDELPIIIA, December 12.—A pho
tegraph of a supposed' to be . Char-
Jig Ross has been reeehoed here front - Ches.
ter, 111 ., and, it-hears so striking a rekm
blafice that one of the Ross family Lasater
ted for that place to investigate the mat
ter. It is the impression of the family
that the real child has been recovered.—
Thetairin:the photograph appears to be
dark,. but his hair may have been stained
to disguise Ins appearance.
terThe proprietors of Johnson's Ano
dyne ,Zininzent, , Porsoits:. Purgative Pills,
and Sheridan:a Cavalry Condition Powders,
have pnbllsh - ed n rea4able and instructive
pamphlet, which • may be had - free by
mail. . •
ria'ltufus Chainnan of Liberty, Maine
had a stiff leg . beneat the knee, - Thubered
etnfntringthene'd by the. use Of
"Anodyne Lininieut.•
: ~ , , LOS! •
,Fon.SALs.-12. Shoats,_ 4.large and
small. AMY to V: B. GILBERT, Bum
Viatm• ' • • , • • decl7,ll
All the balance : of County, State,Borom
and - Sebool Taxeti remaining unpaid in tl
Bordifigh and,T.ownsbip after. January
1875, will positively be collected as, theb
directs with execution and costs added,
Call and pay as longer indulgence canny
be given. F."l-IORNER, Col,
decl7 tf •
—A choice -article of New CropN.
Molasses, jusTeceiNied. • . •
declO - Price & Hoofitch
at,Mre.iester'e. , 'The late* in felt hate.—
Call and' AS =mine her ateck. , . , dee3 3w:
Fos SALL7'.—HOr, Cor4''att4 "Apples : in .
largo and small qiuudiOs. '
dee3 tf
kfrearlorof Storm Caps.for ineu
and boys at the Town llalt,Storn.
' —A large lot of Ladies'Ywo "cheap,"
jest - received at the Torn• Hull Store. ,
for' ladles and
gontlemen at tins,Toin . Hall Stoie.
—The highest market priciv: paid for
all kinds of raw furs, at the Town. Hall
—A fine awirtment of Gents and Boy's
Hata, at tLe Town Hall,store: - dee3 2w
has arranged to have his fine boots manu
factured in Philadelphia., Persons prefer
ring this plan will be promptly furnished
by teu,ving their moaspres with him.
the Bout and Shoe Store . of Jacob Snider,
cheaper; than ever.
HATS AND Cars.—A full line and new
assortment at Snider's Store, Oellig Build
at Snider's Store, Oellig Building.
ANOTHER LOT. —Boots and Shoes best
styles and material in market, at Snider's
cheap Boot and Shoe Store. Call and see
GAITERS.—Misses Kid-button Gaiters
low as $1.40, at Snider's Store.
NOTIONS.—AnOther supply, all kinds,
!nider's Store, Oellig Building.
—Black Cashmeres, French Mennes,
lk Poplins, Double Warp Alpacas, and all
Popular Dress Fabrics of the season in
sat variety, just received at Price &
—For the next thirty days, we will
a large stock of Knit Goods at and bo
cost. Now for bargains at Price & Hoe-
—Another heavy invoice of Wool
nkets at auction figures. Call and see
in at Price . &lich's Store.
—silk Laces, Gimps, Bugle Braids,
the novelties, in Ladies' Dress Trim
mings, in full assortment at Price & Hoe-
A .11fax Ix Rums.—One of the sad
dest spectacles iu the *orld is a human
being shattered and broken down by the
use of ardent spirits. But the damage
may be repaired, the ruin restored 'to per
fect soundness, by a course of that most
powerful of all invigorants, Da. WALK,
ER . S VINEGAR BirrEns. Beware of those
"tonics" of which rum is an element.—
They aggravate disease and promote de
cay. dec3 4t
received a large lot of Ready-made Cloth
ing, consisting of Overcoats and full suits.
Overcoats also low. as stl; good heavy weight
suits as low as $B.
On band the largest stock of Cloths,
Qt4meres, Vestings and Over Coatings to
be found in this part of the county. Goods
sold to be made up at home, cut free cf
charge. Call tad see as I will not be under
31erchant Tailor,
S. E. Cor. S4uare, Waynesboro.'
dee: Ow
STLLING AT Coen—lntending to go
out of busiuess, I am now offerring a fine
Stock of Queens are, Glassware and Sun
dries, in connection with my stock of Gro
ceries, at first cost, for CASH. The public
are invited to F4ll and examine goods and
prices. W. A. Kern.
dec 3 21v
..That dry hacking cough is the herald
of approaching consumption. To check the
swift progress of the destroyer, prompt and
decisive measures must be restored to. A.
dose of Pr. Morris Syrup of Tar, Wild Cher,
ry and Horehound, waken when the cough
ing spells come on, will afford immediate
relief am/ eventually effect a thorough cure.
It will be forum! equally 'beneficial in ltll
forms of throat. and lung disoiders. In cases
of croup it is of inestimable yalue.. Call at
the drug store of F. FORTiIMAS, and inquire
about it, they furnish you with slim.-
pie bottle. S epte !211-107
Goods 'ust received
ITE subscriber offers for sale a Morn
ingg Glory Stove with oven attached, as
good as new, coal bucket, pipe, etc. Price
$lB,OO upon which a reasonable credit will
be given. It can be seen at the residence
of Wrn. Stewart in Ringgold.
decl7 flt W. 13. STEW ART.
These Bonds are issued for the purpose
of raising funds for the erection *of a build
ing in the City of Now York,to be used for a
a permanent home, where every manufac
turer can exhibit and sell his goods, and
every patentee can show his invention ; a
centre of industry which will prove a vast
benefit to the whole country.
For this purpose, the Legislature of the
State of New York has granted a charter to
a number of our most wealthy end respec
table merchants, and these gentlemen have
purchased no less than eight blocks of the
most valuable land in the City or N. York.
The building to, be erected will be seven
stories high (15Dft. in height), surmounted
by a nagnificent dome, and will cover a
space of twenty-two acres. It will be con
structed of Iron, Brick and Glass, and made
fire-proof. The bonds, which are all for
';'2o each,girn secured by a first mortgage on
the land and building, and for the purpose
of making them popular,tho directors have
decided to have quarterly drawinj,s of $150,-
000 each ; this money being the interest on
the amount of the whole loan.
Every bondholder must receive at least
gip% but he may receive
dec3 3w
Or $33,000, $lO,OOO, or $5.000, or $3,000, 4c.
These drawings takes place every three
months, and eventually every bond will
participate in them.
Address, for bonds and full information,
Agents, 23 Park Row. New York.
Post Office Drawer 29.
Remit by Draft on N. Y. City Banks,lleg;-
istered Letter or P. 0. Money Order.
Postponements linpossible under this plan.
decl7 3w
%NNE subscriber offers Lis services to the
I citizens of Waynesboro' and the public
generally as an Auctioneer. Having had
considerable experience at calling sales,
etc., Jie heroes to able to give general satis
factmn to all who may be pleased to favor
him with a trial. Residence near the Re
formed Church. H. J. WOLF.
dealt) 3m
WANTED -1000 Bush. Clover Seed, fur
which the highest cash price will be
• dec3 5w ' lAitersburg, Md.
Oct. 20th, 1874, at the parsonage, by
Rev. J. H. Flemiug;Mr. David 13. Hays
to Miss Sarah Lackeus, all of Welsh Run,
- On Thursday, Dec, 10th, 1874, at the
same pi:tee, by the same,. Mr. J. Hamil
ton Fry, to Miss Mary Belle Nedy, both
of Welsh Run, Pa.
' - At U. B. Parsonage, Alto Dale, Dec,
9th, 1874, by Rev. P. Anthony, Mr. Ad-
George and Miss Lizzie C. Ritter, all
of the vicinity of Fayetteville, Pa.
In Boston, .Nov. 17th, by the Rev. Geo.
F. Pentecost. Mr. Henry F. Swett, of
Tofu:inhere,' N. H., to Miss Mary E. Per
kins,._of Alexander, Maine.
At the residence of the bride's father,
in Wash. Ce; Md.;-on the 24tu of Novem
ber, by Rev. David Long, Mr. Scott Rei
chard to Miss Lutie 8., youngest daugh
ter of Jacob Funk, Esq.
On tho Ist inst., near Big Cove Tan
nery, by Rev. L. Chambers, Mr. W. Car-1
roll -Peck, of Fulton county, to Miss Jen-1
nie E. - Glass, of Franklin -county.
(6oll!acrlD WEEKLY.)
BACON • 11c
8UTTE1t....,.... 25
EGGS... ....... ...... 22
APPLES-'-GREEN ...... . .50
BAT.TnixonE, December 14, 1874.
VtOUß.—Western Super $4,50 ; do.
Extra at $4,75 ; choice do. at $0,37} ;
Family at $5,50®5;52}. •
WHEAT.—Choice Maryland white at
135 cents; amber at 132®135 cents; prime
red at 125@130 cents. -
CORN.—White at 84®85 cents -1 Yel
low at 84®86 cents. •
' OATS.—Southern, 66,®68 cents, bright
Western at 70 cents.
RYE.—Common at 95 cents, good. to
prime at 100@103 cents.
1 , 1.—57.25a7,75 for extra State and Wes
tern Steers ; $5,50a7 for fair to good.—
Live Hogs firm ; $10,25a10,50.
Boots! Boots!
THE subscriber haS for salo a fine lot of
Ready-made Kip Boots manuafctured
nine or teu months ago, which he will dis
pose of at reasonable prices.
decli 3w
Ringgold, Md.
SOO Musket Barrels in trade for anything
in my line of business. 7-shot Revolv
ers at from $4,50 to $9, and everything else
at reduced prices. J. H. JOHNSTON.
decl7 tf
Stove tor Sale.
- y - c_Yßac
Every bond purchased before January 4,
I 875, will participate in the
~"fJT=ONEER=~TC3 - I
PI7.IISVAI T to an order of the Orphans'
Court of Franklin county, Pa., there
will be sold at Public Sale, •
On Saturday the 26th day beeember,"l4,
in front of Stoner's Hotel, a let of ground,
with •
thereon erected, situated .on west side of
Mechanic Street, in Waynesboro'. adjoin•
ing lot of Isaac Sprenkle, being, the prop.
erty of the estate of John A. Strealy, dec'd.
The house is almost new, and with good
sized pleasant lot attached.
Terms made known on the day of sale
declo 3w " G. V. Mong, auct.
ILL be sold at Public Sale, in front of
Stoner's Hotel,
On Saturday, 26th of December, 1874,
a lot of ground, situate on west side of Let.
tersburg Street, in Wavneshoro':ndjoinin k t
lot of Joseph Elden, with a very comfort.:..
a good Basement, belonging tdassign.
estate of Noah Snider and wife. The
is well stocked choice fruit trees
the house is well built arid, arranged
;wo families. , .
rrkis made known on the day . of aaleby
• T. •L'VILBERT, Assignee.'
G. V. Mong, duet..
elo 3w
6:715 1 1 50 AIN#3I
Ixcelled by any Woelily "Literary Tubli
m, East or West.
The most liberal Premiums and Club
Rates .ever offered by any •newspaper.—
Write for a circular containing tbll
=Hon, stm — Specimen copies furnished on
application. address
declo 4w
THE undersigned will offer at Public Sale
in Waynesboro',
On Saturday, 19th day December, 1871
the following described Real Estate, viz: ,
situated near Pikesville, now in the occu
pancy of Thos. J. Cunningham, 'with good
Stabling, Slaughter House_ and other ne
cessary out-buildings. There' is a well of
good water in the yard. On the lot which
contains an acre, more or less," there are a
variety of choice fruit trees. The house is
convenient mid all in good repair.
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock on said (lay
when the terms will be made known by
deed V. Mong, mkt.
Moro titan One Hundred different etylCs
and eolorb of
to suit the old, the middle-aged and the
young—in goods better than the best and
prices cheaper than the cheapest, nrtintain
ing our reputatil at as loaders for " all kinds
of Head t3ear, The largest variety of,
v v
cuff 4. Bosoms. Shirt Studs and Sleeve But•
tons; Gents Underwear in great variety, -
and Stocking's, Umbrellas, Canes, Satchels,
Pocket-books, &e.
Ca . TA 0 V - n
our own manullieture of Buck, Sheep, Kid,
Dog Kid and Custom Gloves to at all sorts,
sizes and shapes of hands.
For the Ladies, all tho popular styles of
Furs, Collars, Boas, Muffs
and Fur Trimmings, of all descriptions.--
Our ladies $2 Dog Kul Gloves fit as neat—
look as well end will outwear a half dozen
imported Kid, while our domestic and mow
kids at $1.50 and $1,60 will outwear a half
dozen of the imported dollar kids.
UPDEGRAFF'S Hat, Glove and Fur Faet'y
Opp. Washington House, HagerstowiL
oct 21.—tf.•
%ME subscriber announces to his nanter
ig ens friends and the public' generally
that he continues the Cabinet-making bu.
sines ut the old furniture stand on East
Main Street, Waynssboro', Pa. All articles
offered in his line of business will be man.
ufactured out of the best material and ac
cording to the latest styles. Ile also an•
nounces that he haS
Ho will pay special attention to the Under
taking business, and is prepared to furnish
Collins of all grades at very moderate pri
ces. He is also provided with a Freezer. -
He hereby tenders his sincere thanks to
his friends and the public generally for
past favors and asks a share of the same
in the future. JACOB BENDER.
novl 9 tf
MITE subscriber announces to his cuts
tomers and the public that he has: re
moved to a shop erected at his residence
on the old Hagerstown road, where lie will
continue the boot and shoemaking business'.
Persons wanting boots or shoes made to or
der, or repairing done, will at al times be
accommodated at short notice- and upon
reasonable terms. His prices are : Fine
Boots, S 7 ; "d'a Cents; Haltsol
ing and Heeling, $1.00; Ladies' wear made
to order at stow° prices.
Persons wanting repairing done can leave
such work at tin shop of C. H. Frey if they
prefer doing so.
novs tf
$25,00 REWARD
THE above reward will be paid for the
arrest and conviction of the person or
persous who broke open and made an at
tempt to fire Fairview School House, on
Sunday, night, the Bth
declO St]
HEREBY notify the public that Mathew
Itletcalf holds a note against Jacob Stull
with my name on that I will not pay as it
was gotten on under false pretense*