The Waynesburg messenger. (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa.) 1849-1901, July 20, 1864, Image 3

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    4, iLLIT' *
gnat ta filar /Mr nt• 1 BY 011 E
virtue of a writ of S 0 LE
Vendi tont &porno'
issued out out of the Court of Coniti o 1 Pl.-as
11 - , ... , ' of Greet e county, and to me directed, there
"A Horse 1 A Horse ! My kingdom will be exposed to public sale at the Court
i House, in Waynesburg on Saturday the 234 of
for a Horse 1" I July next, at one o'clock, P M , the following
In view of the almost impassibte conditkm t ir la7n P i r o t T . t v i l i z e
det i n i dhaentroPit n thle d , interest arid
of the public roads in !,geese County, many tract of land situate in'Cu4ibetrnlantdotpa, certain
teamsters will have occasion to quote this C
li c o u n n o t n y,
a r e a la , boundedl the
,the Roast j by the
Shakeeperian language this fell when their
IFuller, g on the r lV e e r st o ti ll y t l t a e nd e' s 'lli f 1 3 y ohnt n rag b o
warns are stuck in the mud, with es mach l on the North by the lands of Tames Crago and
acresr a s i3o c u o t nt s a e i v n e i n nf y o tt n: e n s it o n i dr:d hlca
earnestness as Richard the Third. The le t s: h re m c o le re are o d
orate road leading from Waynesburg to and has erected thereon one hewed log dwell
Wheeling, is horribly oat of repair, especial- 1 out m t o ull s d e m a gs " slap l tch a e t n en tenant heoluasebleasnadndg
ly that part of itipetween Ely's bridge and attached, apd extra apple orchard, and an shun
the ridge at Isaac Ingbrant's farm. In Hills i o dn f r c i e ve i fb c fn a t l om cm a U n le d fl t i e e l e th e o P le 'A i r-t a d rin a i ri n u a a n ni ex tlY
lane there is a ravine la the m i d dle o f th e cellent state of culmation
Taken an execptjon as the property of Wni
road so deep and wide, that perhaps, a strang- Chisier, at she sent of Presley Swan, for use,
er would conclude that travel hart nearly &c. THOS. I UC4b, Sheritl
been checked by an excipstion for railioad Seartirr's Orrirs
Waynesburg Pa ,July 13,1864.
purposes. Stich neglect of duty and flagrant
violations of larv, cannot longer be toilerated
,by the travelling community. The Sten-
Lion of the Grand Jury was called to this
subject, and process was awarded by the
-Court against the Supervisors at the last term,
and unless these timely warnings are speed
ily ,heeded, chose who are entrusted with
the repair cf the roads, may expect to suffer
the severest penalty of the law. "A word to
the wise is, or should be sufficient."
South Western Normal School, Mills
boro, Washington Co., Pa.
We have received information that a Spe
cial. Session of this School, designed to pre
pare Teachers for the approaching examina
tions, and to,more thoroughly, qualify them
for their latior,of the winter, will commence
,on Monday, July 11, 1864, and continue
eight weeks. Boarding ran be obtained in
this village fur about $2.50 per week. The
corps of instructors must certainly be effi
cient; embracing, as it dues, the Superinten
,dents of some of the counties of the 'Normal
.TYstrict, while Prof. Gilchrist will be acting
-Principal. Teachers desiring improvement
their calling should not neglect this oppor
,tunity. Address the Principal for informs-
Death of a Worthy Citizen.
Mr. Neal Zollars, ofyranklin tp., fell upon
the pavement, in Waynesburg, on Friday
last, and expired in a tew moments from dis
ease of the heart. Medical sA. was calle4 as
,soon as possible, but the blood having ceased
to circulate life could not be restored.
Mr. Zoliars was an obliging neighbor, a
kind husband, an affectinnate father, an hon
.est and reliable citizen in all his business en
gagements and pursnits, p.ntl abwie all, an
,exemplary disciple of Jesus, which fact can
only give consolation to his weeping friends
in this sad hour of bereavement. The de
ceased was a deacon in the Baptist eburCh,
of this place, and his sudden demise has cast
a gloom over the church of his adoption,
and the comm Unity at large . His distressed
family have the sympathy and condolence of
all who knew him, for he was an honpra
hie man, and by hie mild audget4le.manners
and respect for others, hat e.i deared hi m
selt to all aopaintances. Let the living be
admonished, that, "In the midst of life we
are in death."
Melanotoly Accident.
Franklin, eon of ,Tohn Syphers, of this
place, was killed on Thursday last, under
the full 'wing sad circuingtan3es. Whilst aid
ing his father in hauling wood with a yoke
of oxen and horse attached to a wagon, the
bcrrse becoming frightened the boy ten upon
the ground near the tannery of Y.r. Cotter
el, and the wagon wheels passed over him
causing death in a short time thereafter.—
His parents, brothers, and sisters are called
to weep this sudden demise of a "loved one."
And the community can only express sympa
thy for them in this affliction .
•• 14 . 9. qL,
A T a regular meeting of Richbill Lodge. No. 571
1l it was resolved that said
of the
celebrate its or
gr., awien. and the principals of the older in Jackson
“reene ()query. Pa., '
THIIRSpAii AUG 25TH, lafel,
in fall Regalia of the Order.
e ate - eiderrigned coopokte i s " ipo th m i the th e
,purpose.' fraternally rod coiflptily Invatv nur Rieder
Loops in the cop nt pod adjorplog counties to emend,
and participate with ua on the occasion. A public or
ation will be delivered. Procession (brined at lei
' waynethura Brune Bann win be in attendance to An
A tvea ibe occasion Turn out brethren and snow your
autachinent to Me order.
HONIAA N 8 0 0 11 E,
B ' , ENDER:4Iw r.
Committee of iikvitatje.o
.101 y 10, Mt
ftßil FOR SILL
H 6 oil dersigued offera fur safe upon alvintageoua
i s
. e6 lr
n e a ills eol a nt v y al . u i a ,a b . le au tr u n o ct o
lands of
u e asc pr fiL o .,:i l.u i r p d . :
Junes iturdrue and oat .re r,.n,.,itt,,,a
gad In a good state of cultivatton. 1 here rr one
, dwelling house, stable, and other outhuil -nss A
good Apple. Orchard. and well walered. The farm is
well ada.ted to grazing. and in a good neighho hood.
TERMS-11.ibarat and will be made known 00.0 Ytp•
pheation to she undersigned, living th; premise
i July 20. 111114 -St. CATO a SINE COU
Administrator's Notice.
r STrafta of Ad= .13fts4l1l111 .4 1 . elltierile 1, II" hal ,
ing bliss granted upon the estate of swops! linos ,
Seed. hos 01 Morgan tp., Notice is heist') go. eii to all
persons indebted to said 41nal will Blithe 110111MdIaLti
PnYho'nti Penton' , having Gauss will present them pro
peep autbsaticated tar settlatatent.
Jab , 28. MAC Adners
BY vir.oe of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Greene county elle undersigned will sell on
the premises o •
apiaturday, July 23d, 1564,
Ake following tract of land, viz ; shout one acre,
situated in Franklin tow'nehip, Ureene county,
l'a.. adjoining the Scale Lot of Jesse Hook,
and the Waynesburg Turnpike, and other lands
of the ea' d
TLRMS--xllte whole of the purchase money
rt; be paid at the confirmation of the sale.
Guardian of Catharine 141argaretta,
-minor child of Andrew Lantz, jr.. dec'd.
July 13, 1864.
B y ovul u e 6 B ) o f ult. w o r P ' fl f ni Ven o d u it Ple H aa t E o i rVr a e l e i Le ilw r il o e u d n o ty nt
end to me directed there will be exposed to publie sale
et the Court R e use in Waynesburg
On Saturday. July 23d,1864,
meat, at 1 O'clock, P. M. the following orator ty, viz:
all a t right, title, interest and claim of .the defendant
of in and OX a certain Tract of Land saint- in Coln
btriand tp., Greene couniy, Pa . hounded on toe Eon
by. the Monongahela River, on the South by John el.
r o ver ' on the Wort by lands of John Cr go, on the
Pinahby lands - of James Crap) and others. containing
One ilundredAmmaiooto nr less, about Steve ty Acres
of which Predated, and has erected thereon one Ilew
ed Log Dwelling Homeland Kitchen. i.og ettible and
ether nut building-. also a tenant Howe and Garden
attached, also an Extra Apple (eclat d and an alma.
dares oftatal an the pretniose. and a quantity of river
w aw a, and the whole traria is za eAsellent state of
switftwdoll .
Tannn. 1. 44 101 Sehi.ter '
I + °IS •
i A S' a g e:
*airy GYM, I •
1-a CI Cs IX. GI 17,
pk he act of of March. 18 Hawkers and
1„) rediers in Grrene county aye required to procure
a lict.l se from the county 7 reasurer immediately, or
•In-y mill be r , isivelled to liar the venallY of One
thiodr •il .1) liars. to he_trotecte I by summary proceed -
lig heooe a Justice of the Peace. T.l.e License is
Say dollar J. 43. JENNINGS, Treasnver.
June 2;1, 1864
Legal Notke.
Letters Testamentary on the Estate of LOT I,
CALE,VIAN, f Whitely toirnabip, Greene
county. havii a heyt gr oiled to the undersigned, by the
tints' er of Greene ,iity persons knowing them
selves Indebted to -aid Estate are re.qu im,.e to pay the
same, and persons haying claims against a iii Estate are
requested to present them, duly authenticated for set
June 15, 1664.
Executor's Notice.
etters test•rme wary having been emoted to the lin
dersitf nett on 'tie Vstate of Joseph Thompson,
ate of klorris boa nsh p deed. .1 persons know
ieg themselves indebted to sale Estate, are hereby
Ipotitied to pay the 40411 e illllllClii ttely, and How hay
tog claims against the Estate, are requested tr. present
them duly auttmattstntre., for pav them.
tiAtlt triom PSON.
StILAS TtiONlrtatilti. Ea're.
June 8, 1884.
SCti 004. NOTICE%
T ILE School Dire ct ots of Alleppo tawnship Rive
no ice in ell iho e hewing claim's azatoit sad LOW
prior t0z..•60 to p e , eto hefo e the lloard,
at ito nest 111 , C,1 ill 2. on the tint elniortlay of Atigu,t.
By or ler of the 'Joan!,
ADAM WtitE Bet July 13 'RC
Election Nonce.
n':44 .,
WHEREAS, a joint r.ssolution, proposing
certain amendments to the Constitution of this
Commonwealth. tias been agreed to by a me.
jority of the riVembers, elected to each house
Di the Le,gislatufe. at two successive sessions
at the same, the first session commencing on
:he first Tuestiai of January, in the year 01
our Lord.doe thousand eight hundred atid'sixty
, free, and the second session commencing' on
the first Tuesday of January, in the year,ot,our
Lord one thousand .eight hundred andsixty
four. •
And Wherv4, It issrovided in the tenth ar
tide of the Constitution, that any amen mem
so agreed upon shall be submitted to tbe 'pen•
ple,Mauch manner and such times, at leant
three months atter being so agreed by the two
houses as the Legislature shall prescribe, such
,t:ein sach manner, and form,
that the people may mote for, or against, each
amendment, seperately and distinctly : !bere
Sec - runs 1. That for the purpose cif aseertainiag the
of the perm{ of the, Cotton liwealth. 2n regard
to the adoption or r.-jel UM! of ar....1 alrif4o44/18014
either 01 them the ..;;:tvernor of Mis Comm at weal..
shall issue a writ afelcmiott, directed toearh and , very
ethetitf of this Comnimitvealtin, commanding then, to
give wince in the usual seamier tit not liian lit ritm twit
newspapers i each city and county, provided that so
maily are published therein. and by at least two p toted
mot in exult elect-on distfict of et ert city alt.
.cotney a - hetet!, no nett epapera are soliiintiett that tie
election will beheld in each cliAle tow ',slims bornigi a.
wards, iiiecitics and it:id-iris therein. on the first
Tuesday of anten.t the year of our Lord one thous
and :eget hundred and sixty tout. fur'.the perm 'se :it
decidieg upou the enmity:Liam) ratiti Thou 44r tele Lion
of the saitt amendments which =std elm tine shall
held and cloneti upon tile day last aforesaid, at
the place, and within; the hoots at arm wialin lr llich
the general electiens of this Commonwealth are threcis
.d tote opened and closed; and it snail he the duty of
the judge,:lanspeoors and lerks of each of naid town
shine, horangns, warde, precincts and districts, to re
cries, at :he said etc tit ns ti loos it-it exceeding the
number of pr-poaril ArronAlif..nlA, either Win:en of
printed or p 'sly written and partly primed fr.tni ea:
of the quo{ Vo!eri of tilt.; State wilt, may infer the
same, end to deposit them tit a b , a or bo xes lor that'
purpose.. provide.! by the proper ~tigers. Which rick
ets shalt be respectfully labeled oft the outside, - First
Amendment, ".ecouri Amen meat," god "Toile
Amendmeitt," and those wim are tavorable to said
ametutments or env lute of them, mav expreor their p
proval thereof by' satin g.sach a many seperate written
or printed, or partly written and partly primed arms
or tickets as there are amendments approved by them
contoinifig On the inside thereof, t e words, Fur the
amendment." and those who are opposed to such
amendments, or any of theist, may rime-s titter oppo
sitton b 4 voti-g each spinally seperate written or print
ed, or partly written and partly printed b tllots or Itch
et as there are amendments not approved ty them
cot twitting it the..inside thireet..the words. For the
Amen Intent " and those' Vrlm are opposed to so: in
amendments, or any of them May express their opp o s t .
tion ty voting each as many tarp Prate WrOr.teri or min
tell, or partly written and partly primed ballets o r
tickers an there are stnetichnomin :tt' approved.y them
containing on tee inside It, renf the word.. "A c,ainsi
the amendment " The mei tors voting for or
the f,rat antend,paent shall he considered as ior
ur against the proposed fliuriti s:iction to a, tide three
of she Cumnitintinn, exteeding the right of sultrage to
soldiers. Electors milling for or .against the second
anienitlment ehall be cennetered as voting for or agailos
the proposed eighth tmetimi, to article eleven of the
Constitution and electors voting tor of .the
third ameedmetit stall hero eid t d young ler ur
agttin~t the iliticiose'd ninth :CeciM4 to article eleven of
.the *Constitution
SECTION i. That tte,electino on the proposed amend
meld chef). in all respects, be condu• ted as the general
elet•tioes 'ef this Commonwe.ilth are now condivted
and it shall he the deny of the return judges of the re
spective cou••ties and di.tric•a theleof first having care
rutty asce.tained the number of votes given for or
against each or the amenenttmts, in tit manner a'ore
e aid, make -tit duplicate roil fie thereof• expressed
in words at length. and not to 11rue:01141y floe 01 which
retur..e so made shall he lodged in the Prothonotary's
orrpe of the Court oftontmon Pleas oftt . e proper coon •
ty and the other sealed and directed to the 14ecretary , of
the Commonwealth. and by one of said judges depnci
tell forthwith in the most movement post ofike, upon
which the postage elm) , be prepaid At the expense of the
proper I minty.
St.crton 3. That the several ditties required to be
prrforped by the Aheriffs Voletrelitht . .ollPre, I;oustables
Judaea Insepciore, and all °titer off: ars whatever. iu
and :about the geneial el-etions , r this Commonwealth
shall ba performed by such officers in and ato n the
election herein provided for, and an pereo.lB wheth, r
otypers or others, ph ill be liable to the same punishment
tOr neglect of ary duty Or the comm•eeion of any 0 ,
fence at, in or about ; the election. as tney would f,,r
the neglect of like du , 'y or the coirimission of ~ . ke title-At
at, in , or abbot the general elections of this• Comuldo.
Approved the twenty third day of April, An
no'Domini ono thousand eight hundred and
WHEREAS, By virtue of a writ uisued by His
Excellency, the Governor of the Commmon•
wealth of Pennsylvania, arid to me directed,
under the provisions of an Act of Assembly,
approved the iwenty.ihird day of April Anno
Domini. one thonsand eight hundred and sixty
font, it is rnatle Vs duty tagiye public notice of
a special election to be helron the Ist Tue-day
of August 1864; and in said notice, among oth
er things, to designate,
1. The purpose of holding such election.
2. The place where twit election is to be
Now, therefore,' in parsuance thereof, I,
THOMAS LUCAS, fig Sheriff of the county
of Greene do he'reby- 'make known and give
public notice to the dlsetete of the county of
Greene that on the
(being the 2nd day of the month) a special elec
tion will be held at the several election districts
established by law in the said . county. at which
time the qualified electors will note by ballot
upon certain amendments to the Constitution
or Pennsylvania hereinafter mentioned, viz;
Whenever any of the qualified electors of
this Commonwealth shall be in any actual mi.'
itary service under a requisition from the Pres
ident,or by the authority of this com monweal th,
such electors may exercise the right of suffrage
in all trlections by the eitizenit. under such reg are or shall be prescribed by few, aa
filly will they were present et , their usual
place at 4ectietut.,
- • ...
No till shall be passed by theLegislaturs con
taining more than one subject, which shall be
closets , expressed ia the title, except apptopria
;ion tottl3.
No bill shall be passed by the Legislate
granting any power or privileges in any case
where the authority in grant suet' powers or
privileges has been or may hereafter be confer
red upon the Courts of thin Commonwealth.
The said election will be held throughout this
county as follows:
The ,electo.r.s of Washington township Dis
trict. to meet at lhe *rick School house, be
tween I he:fartne of I ' eiith .loins and '1 homes
- _
The electors of Franklin township, to mott
at the house of M. S. Green, in said district.
The electors of Morgan township to meet
at the SO of house, near David Cell's, in 4,11,id
The electors of Jefferson township to meet
at the house or Kelly, in letfersoo, in
said district.
The electors of Cumbe,rland township to
me/4 at the .house of Samuel Houston, in said
Toe electors of Monongahela township.,
meet at the house cccupied by Wm. Mescrezatt,
in Mapletown, in said district.
The electors of Perry tcwnship, to meet at
the house twmerly occupied by John :vlinor, in
Mt. Morris, in said district.
The electors of Dunkard township to meet
at the dwelling house at Maple's Mill in .said
The electors ot Greene to.wnsh,i.2 to meet at
the house formerly cccupled Et. Davis in
said district.
The electors of Wayrre township to meet at
Phillips'. chop! house, in said district.
The electors of Jackson township to meet
at Johnson's School house, in said district.
The electors of Gilmore township, in meet
at the house , of Enoch klenuan o :in Jollytown,
in said district.
The electors of Springhill to„wAship to meet
nt Stephen White's Mill, in said district.
The electors of .` Ileppo township to -meet
at the house of A.e.x. Miller, on Wheeling
Creek, in said district.
The electors of Richhill township to meet at
the house formerly of Joseph Funk of Jackson
ville, in said distrct.
The electors of Centre township to meet :it
the house of •.:,zamuel Woods in Clinton, in said
The electors of Nforri, township to meet at
Edward Barker's, in said district.
he electors of Marion township to meet at
the west window of the Court House, in
aysteshurg, in said district.
The eieciors of Whitely township to meet
at the house formerly occupied . by Lewis Head•
lee, in Newiown, n said diStri2t.
The electors of the Borough of Carmichaels
to meet 4 , the mat .indow of the house ocou
pied by ,joseipli...Gor,e,jh Ciirtnichaeis;
The e lection to be opnedbetWeen the hours
of 8 and 10 o'clock in the lorenoim. by a public
proclamation. and ;a be kept open unill 7
)'clock in the evening, when the pulls shall he
"The Inspectors and Judges of the election,,
shall meet ht their rt spective places tor holding
the etectifim in the district to which they re
jspecrively belong, before nine o'clock of the
morning of the elecdon and each of said In
spectors shall . appoint one clerk who shall be
a qualified. voter of said district."
The urn Judges of the respective District:,
in this cot City are regaireddo meet at the 4 ..nrt
House in the Borough .Waynesyurg on I'm-i•
day, the sth day ,ot Au Ist. 1d64, die.) and
here to pt.r.torrn tho ,duties ,enjoined on Ahem
by law.
Where a kidge. by sirkness or unavaida; le arcidemt,
is unable to attend such meeit g ..f jodo•s, wen the
reltlticate or return snail be tak n ctt tr,, , ,e of by one of
the tespectors or :lerks of the of the distract,
w , a shalt do ar.d parform the dun, required ot.' saM •
judge uhatile to alien
make known and give notice, as in and by the 131 1 1
seet,no of eliist:on law I a.O d recied. , !ltt t.
1 evert petan , , a xeeptilr.: jins.tres of t 1:, H.,ce. Who a all
hold any of, .e or appointment of profit or !lost under
the g' v intm:it:4 the United Staifg or o' this state. or
a y city or im orm.r.:ted r a rootlets-
Miker or otherwise', subord?ti -r
4gen who ,11 tie emplo,ml wider the 1,2151 a•
live, ju icinrc or ezezittivebeinfrinient , t 7
Um ea Sm , tes, or of any eat or incorporated district,
oi 0 Iso . ttiat every member or Conercas and the siatie
Legislature slid of toe le,.t common c.docll
any city, commissioners of any Incorpoluted 11 4,1 nc t
by law toe .p .ble of ho.dititt of eXervisio . g at the same
tiowi t tlie o ffi ce or alp mil upiot or id.!ge .ilispeqtor or
clerk cif a y ehmion titis,Co:onninp:m.llll, aml that
for or wrier .'(firer at ant such sloe
Lion. all.,llbd e.igibie to alt, otbeit . tivtii to be voted f r "
Alan. ton.; i n the Ottanh nectnut of the Act of , tssentlity
entitled. “Ait act relating to ole touts, :idol for 4,111 r
putitoses." approved A pail 1,d40. it i, edaeted that
the athic.salit 11 . 10 be oonAtiw n as'tu
Atrevoto :tot, tototta thee lie Oftil, k t from noun •
as judge, inspector or cteik at tiny genetai or spe
oral eitttloto On tltts onononweanh
A Aso. that fiat sestina if said art it is enacted
hat —evert general and s; , eciale cetion a al; he ups ed
b- try , en the Ifdurs apioq:,l).l ten I:1 trio forenoon. and
sit II COI/1111U, VI(II , ,PD 4,4.11.1r111311013 or 'atijotoltinen.
anti: seven o'clock in the eve. i When the polls ::hail
"No person al. all hoe permitted to at any election
as aforesa i d Isnis g white ;Ise.onstit hf the sage if Ens tnnt -
sine }'Cars or too e, nigh have I.•SI oP,I 111 ihts cos an
at least one year, and in tsa sic. is•rsci where Ise
vote al
. I -pet tell days neloserliao. y p r i P I It g
.00h elecion. :uid ... wi hut two ),.oar- pant n stair .ir
cosnly tox ahrU elt,i have 4eell nne.,sesseil at •• ass
let d a y s before 'she esect•on, bon a Alai:Pa iiU.,s Utii•
Slates nn fill has pr Vaala 3 bs-en a gisalifisel yoiVr
'his Mate and r• intoned toot , fr to ;slt r. tisane :, mid
who shall hare nesided on the osectscn slistrwintsit paid
taxes ..5 t' lilt Ir, etititted an, vsnte of,cr sob)
di g tn tilts Si ale six months; Provided, that while
lawn in. cdaz•ass s•t he s soled Stale, bona en the zgo,
~t twenty-nine and twenty-two. and havinstr resided I
the elec oat district ten, says as aroressiel shalt h- es:-
m ea l to vote, although the% shall not have pats! taae•
'No Verson eliall he permitted to vo e whose Hattie
is not cow:tined in iitr. li-t nil taxable Spina:suntans, tar
His ed bi the councupsorners nelesp first, he, prod ices
a receipt f r the pay slate 461 atr °p a sl a ng
or c• u sty la zois-essed aperably to the coast nolo no,and
give salssfactry evid.unce en lies on his own .say;:, or of
nustanii or It tof anothe ;hal he has a ta4:„
1, on at lure to produce receipt oh oh make oath of
the payment the red. or se c ond it he c l aim a via , I, y
bean" au essctor b. tsveen the age o,f twenty one ain ai
twenty two y ear, sin tL dep .se o oath or adtdrinsis,
tt i s tlOp. lie has resided iv th State at least one year
netore n s ipptic. tiou, and make su It preen( or los
residentc'e in the dadt •ct as is ten iced by this act, nd
that tie dues V. rilv believe froth the acc hails given him
that lie is i•f age aforesannl, and give su. h other evi
deuce is is regained by this ant ; wherensp•su the name
of the persons so adulated to vote shad be inserted
in the alphabetical list by we itispe• ore; and a noir
made nposite thereto by winning the wnnt • - t z," if
he shall be ad:sorted to vote by reatins of having paid
tax, or the word • - age," if he shall be ad witt e d to pita
ley reason uf Boob age, sod shall be called out so the
cie.ks who a all make the like notes in the list of
voters kept by them.
• 'ln oh caged where the name of lie person claiming
to vote is found Ph the list furnls . .zeci by the commis
sione,s and assess••r, ur his righ t to vote, whether
thereon or mit, is object.ut to by any qualified
cnizen, it shalt he the duly of LI) inspectors to exam
ine ouch. in, bon on oath as to his (pi lifications. and if
he claims to have resided within the *ta. , e for one
year or mote. his oath shall not he soffici•uit proof
thereof, but ahalt make proof thereof by at least one
c , repetent witness. who mall be a qualified • lector,
i,bat he has rustle • within tile district for more Chao
ten days sex pre, ed
,iug sai,le..e , :tion, and sh:+ll also
hiins-lf sweau that hie Mina file residence, in imr •
Isoance of his lawfil calling, is within the din. riot,
84 , 1 that he aid nth tenlnVe. into said district for the
purpose tlmrein
••Every p erson quaitn,d,a e ;1111i wUq shall
makq due prof qulfen, orhis reildence and pay
ment of faxes af.resaid, shill he to vole in
the towlishcp, waiti ur nimriut in which he shalt reside.
“lf any person shall prevent or au erupt 11l prevent
any election, or use or threaten any violence to any
such officer, of shah interrupt or Improperly
with Luu n th e gxernajon of 14 dri v or slinflidock
up the window or avenue to any where the
same may be holdine or shall riotously disturb the
peace at such election, or shall use or practice any in_
intimidating 'Meals, force or violence, a itli ttatigii to
influence unduly or overawe any elector or xi prevent
him from voting, or to re train the fr.:ed ,, ru: of done,
such pirson on eottviption shall iv^ fitted in any' sum
not exceeding five hundred dollars and imprisoned
for any time not lean than one month nor more than
twelve !flambe, and if it shall be shown the Court
Where the trial of such °genre shalt be had, that the
person so offending was not a resident of the cite,
war,d, district. Or the to win:hip where the said offence
was committed anti not emitted to vote therein,
on r noviction he shall be sentenced to pay a fine of
not (ass than one hundredmot more than one thousanddoltara'and ite imprisoned not lead than six months nor
m ie ban two years ”
In vase the person who shall have received the se
cond highest 'lumber of votes for inspector shall not
attend on the day of election, then the persoo woo
shall have received the second highest number of
notes for julge itr tie next a ring election shall act as
Inspector in his place; and n case the pesoit who
shall have received the highest number
.0 1 vote s
for inspe• tor shall not attend rite person elected judge
shall outt au inspector in his place, au in case the
person cected judge shall not attend then the inspec
tor whit rece ved the highest numbOr of votes shall ap
point aju iuplace •• or if any vacancy shall
continue 111 tile board for ;he space cif ohe hour of et
the time Cited by law for the opening a tie election,
lie aiihtl.ti v tern of the township, ward: or Ahearn
for wit Icli such . : 1 11 , :er shall have beep elected pres
ent at 'he place of elet.tion, ah .11 select 'One lid id
their um ter to till such vacancy.
• It shall be the duty of the several assessors, re_
epee ively, to alleoll at th, place of holoinrevery een
eral. 'Teel ihor township election don ng toe time said
,inn is sept open., for the purpose of giving m f or _
illation in the iii&peetors a it judges, when ratted on.
in ichnion to 'he r.ght of any wino, assessed by then,
to vote :tt such eteetteee,ur each o .i m , =atm in rota
tine to the esseseta-nt of vote.s as the said teepee/on
or eitb-s at tb•as sbaildboar 'time require."
• "THIMAAS WAS. Sheriff.
4 elivirrei Optic& Wayasebars; taly IS, 10114.
OTWE is hereby it iVerl to the huderaigne.: Net-
chant., Olen. ¢ , that they have been ap
ditaiseil and ciaandl,d anti utertnrated as twiner and ;hit
„at ',lirt of appeal will be held at the
dike, in Wet nerhuig, oa Tuesday, the 5111 day of
Jury hell, when and yr:tern all perinilis iu ierested Can
attend it they eee proper.
SPOIIdEf. 11.4.1(
Mercantile appraiser.
• 4USPPO T 7
E B Woodrug 14
1.. - arudchamis Borough.
❑eory Jemison
.1 W Ilathaway
J lark wan
Flentwean (tartman
Frmo & Alomy er
S J Arklin
Jamb A Pennington
Wm Cuinirlyie
G, n Ludy
A P ?-4tewart
W T Will am.
Jowl IL Taylor
Jeßpe Ronk
A J Lip, ,, peott
&len Huas
911.)10ER TP
%tahlnn St;anley
Imn Taylor
Pollock & Co
Curh & Vieouvan
Jacob Ff finch
itn & Pogue
H 11 atelsey
11 Rey uuldg
Hugi;es &
s & J sesdew irk
Bayard 4- llew it
P Grimes
Milton D t
Flrtcher Allman 14 7 00
Anne 41 alum 14 7 00
Nliller lam:. 14 7 U 0
William Gray 13 10 00
r G Black* Co
Robert hood
A .4- W I:oughlter
W H !McCoy 4- co
It ,briby
C A Met trezatt
R K Campbell
.hoeolo 1 eater
Ain hew Wilson, Jr
. .
.Inlet Mu loiel 14 7 00
.10!.0 Strosnider 14 7 UU
D I,V Itraden 14 7 00
Andrew WilsOn. Sr 14 7 60
Tionnas Bradley 14 - 7 no
Lewie Day 11 7 00 Porter 14 7 00
N Clark ¢ Son 14 7 u 0
Sayers* i losk i neon II 7' 0
Wfilig. .4. Porter 13 IP 00
U , iiliain I. C.eigla II 7 OU
Ceorpi E 914:0r .9c.40 19 10 (41
I•tac Iluvoer ~ 14 7UO
A.l r 3 yWe rs 14 7 00
lamer It Lindsey .1.4 7 00
1/ .I.r. .r w Clark ;14 7 110
11 A Harvey 1 . 4 7 DO
South .4t Brother 4 14 7.60
1; 1 7 M. ells
tV G )I.rris
i) M Walton
Jahn W w-dt,pri
.I,iws GI v
,lorgan Itefl
if uglies s Klitkaid
01111 Cali & SO
Ail ah.ou brut
Kent & F
Thumpooll lloge & Pa
14' -.CS° HILL Tr
11 . 9akiason
Fted , on
It & T M Calvert
NN U Ilueson
E ijah Strocuider
Joh.. S r snicte.r
lio:pas Brock
Aimnn Mnreilock
,Dl.7.tig AIM TP
Jonc. , & Wolsry
Eolw a rtl CieTet.ger
George 'Moredock
i4anitiel Minor 0 ,}5 .03
«,I 131/) Gr,,y , 6 50 00
A lexander Mes trezatt 6 45 00
G 11 Muredock 6 95 00
P iryan
Join; I.lllton
R 111E,', 'IT
.1 p... 01,1, & C.,
June 22. 186.1-4 t
Executor's l'Olice.
IN 'he matter .f the pet;lion , •C Daniel I ..I
I. ITllom an
H. bet,. G sol-r, I:x. smr and Execstr x of the last
11, and thstaim.h , in .14,§ li. Gam,., dee'd •
Th., • ..0 I grants a xule on Ignatius Doak to route
Into Crept on 1114.{116; 41:13 04 . 11 , it term to show cense
collitoisp lon II °WA 14 t he to perpetuate
. 1114 . 1et , 1111.41.y flizlw return ter
ti l e wh,rir nig a . 1,1 , g,-41 by the petitioners was
pleilg•-11 try said Ignatius. ir,,,j; I.r iiid,rn ittv to Elijth
A,•rime aid said Jas 11. tea near in 1:1eq ire, for tile
pa,ytvent of a judgraettt given
,cien Lazear in
eirnsideratton,r .legacy •
hereuen the coon dire , ted nonce ti. he given to
e , R441 li{.lll ' llllls Honk, try outiii• ;aim. iu tie Waynes
bttrg Messenger three .y t v.-'eki nrereoing the arst Sac of
next June. F Pr4thimouirry.
And now to wit: June 13th, A I) Isig, the Uoisrt
appionts James Itighram. E-q cominia.i.mer to take
testilin,ny in the above eagle. J, F TE M Pr..ti•y
I will •tiend t • the du•les of tho ab •ee apu,intment
at the of:11,e of fins , and Ingitram. in Wayneabur„, on
Finlay, the 22d day or July next, w en MI penman
i,tereeted r. it attend. JAMES
June 2.9, 1864. Comititssioner
Take notice. that the partnership heretofore
existing in the nameof HUGHES & 01,IVER,
in the Grocery, Forwarding & Commission
Business, in Rices' Landing. Fa , is this day
•lissolved by mutual consent. They feel
thankful to their customers for the liberal shar.e
of Custotn that has been testow,:!-d upon them.
All those indebted to the above firm. either
by note or book account. it is to be hoped, will
call a,,d settle without delay.
July 13, '64. HUGHES & OLIVER.
Niw Firm,
The undersigned have associated them
selves together in the name and style of
at toe old stand of Hughes & Oliver, in Rices'
Landing, Pa , for the purpose of carrying on
the Grocery; Forwarding, and Conpru,isaion
Business in all is .1, arrkoia s .hranohes. TI key
hope, by the long experience of one of the part•
ne,rs, and strict attention to business,to receive
a Veral of the puhl,iepatr.Onage, in their
ll'irtAf business. 'they will keel? c,onstanily
on hand a good supply of groceries, such as
sugar. coffee, rice, molasses, and nails, iron,
oil and paints, and all articles usaally kept in
a grocery store, all of which they nil] sell at a
very small advance over cost and Carriage.
BY virtue of an order issuing out of the Orp
phans' Court of Greene county, Pa., the under,
signed will sell on the premises on
Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 1564,
at pntilte cave, 04 the interest and estate of
Robert and Elizabeth Kincaid, minor children
of Jetties Kincaid, dec'd,of the undivided fourth
interest in the following tract of land situated
in Jefferson tp., said county. adjoining lands of
Wm. Kiricaidentrothers.conlatutng three hun
dred acres, riii:rfe Or less.
IVerriLIZLISI of .5#36,31.e.
Ose-third of the purchase money on the con
firmation of the sale, the residue to he paid ja
Iwo ecpitil annual' payntenti with interest lio,m
'he date of confirmation of sale.
Guardian of the said miner '44l4;lren
July 11, 18&t.
4 FkIEND desires to lean) who was th•purchaser
, 1" the dela for -OWSN'e) IWPINIVIED PAT
ENT URCHIN 't for ass of ths South Western 00111111"
dos of able Owas. Mass address isformatiga to
IttkiltAlNS OvIrICI Wishisatoo, Pt.,
nil 13:
Rosemont of the Wrigbt House,
Waynesburg, Pa.
Mr. Johnson hay.iiiinineh expense, fitted up
in fine style, several the basement o
the Wright House, where ne . itivites the publtef
,to refreshments of
Sardines. Ale, Sarsaparilla, Pop, Porter, Lager
Beer, Lemonade,
14 700
14 7 lit)
14 700
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 0 •
14 7 u 0
Strawberries, Segars, &c., Sc., &c .
He is amply prepared to accommodate and
entertain all that call, in the most approved
manner. TRY HIM.
July 13, 1864.
14 I 00
.111 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 011
14 1 00
7 Od
9 ii 7 Du
13 ,7 CO
14, 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 041
14 7 00
I'4 7 00
11 7 (.0
14 7 1.0
14 7 00
1?! 700
fel I
7 00
7 410
HAVE elegantly filled up the room foriorirly rd-rn
pied Ly l Mincis Ilraahi,i, and having made heavy
purr:llo3oA in the Last, ate now prepared to offer a
la:ger and more lashirtjasM stock of
14 7 Ou
J 4 7 00
)4 7 ( 0
10 00
14 7 1)0
lk 7 00
ZN11111..4 1E14) alaitlll
14 7 00
14 7 Oo
14 7 ot)
.Clothing than they have ever done. and would kindly
invite their malty good and fait Mot co,tclmets, anti a!I
others who have it ver linen so fortunate as to give
them a call, to stop in
ud they will show you styles and qualities teat can-.
not fail to pease. "and at such reasonalfl prices you
will i, agate yourself" Urine is the good old I lye of
peace and plenty tur assortment cannot he surp ias
eu. ,liens std B. vs' wear of every grade. Vests
Gout the tissst s velvet to the. cheauest cnttonade.—
Plain awl Fancy Caaaimere pants, of French and A met
kan masufacium MP. MARSEILLES, LINEN,
:3 ATI:. Err ANU COTTON A DE pa r ts.
Fro,kg and tacks, Liu& dusters, awl Bummer Casa
mere U rercodis, aho the vett- latest. the
p.s,”rtmeni. of IIAT 4 and C.4PB, consprisiti
811 fle be,t ,s.od est Ea,ret it a y les. A greater
riev ~f an than wio:,
I,foutul m att . ) similar estap:ishment Coloreu
Neshgee Shirts, s 4 crtris awl 'ries--antonu. which the Tulittl at. ilarvatd at;tl j r.otgll,att
Sualte4M. G. , ive5,..11, ! .111..i';', Lit.Eu Collars, alld
Emil:ruttier ti', a i:rl
14 '7 GO
10 00
10 00
7 i 0
7 00
7 00
14 7 CO
A great improvement on the Lot hviond Collar.
GRA I'3 patent Eitameled DLn fed L e;lar superior in
5131 e, Mit ability an fit. i. 6..80s (ti ten and ore hun
dred. head the ti ign —make no otiatake—Two door
tA eat of tre Aalanis inn, and nearly opposite Joe Va
ter's Confectionery. May 4.. '64.—tf.
14 c 0
11 7 ou
14 7 60
14 7 CO
14 7 ou
14 Ou
7 pp
7 00
Lln VING made eatensive improvement.. in then
1.1. store Are better preptirtql than biter to ac
eiimiimilaie their costonicra They are olPritie the
largi et. hest and latest style, of Dress ' , lliac" ,
I u Lela. Alt colors , Niozatetliques, ad kinds, Nil de
Ctiev.res: Figured Wool , elaines, Solid Wool Dc
lames, Solid inilk Challies. solid,Chnilies, in a
word, we have a full line of the latest style of
0 45 00
o 15 t.O
0 It 60
0 15 CO
2. 00
:Ladies' Dress Goods I
0 15 00
=ha vls, Cloaks and Mantles, Collars wild Sleeves, Em
broidered mete Bonnet Silks, [lead Nets, fltuvesand
110.dery, best qu .lity Kid Gloves. l'rints and Gingnams
Italtnorws and skete , ons, of all pizes and pnces.—
Tromiiing6, eonsiotini: of Quilled Ribhona,
Itottolis Also, a large, aasoruueut of Linen handker
chiefs, plain and benismned. •
0 10 0.0
0 ; Ili at
Mourping Goods
larg.e and full assortment of the moat tashiona
bie urnlitg G.od, thkut could he had
NE '3O ZsT ' NAT .41L,
Tivg.eds, COMM
Shirting iann. , ar.c,'
Collea, Te t. Sugar. Molasses. Salt, Tuhaccp, &c. &c,
3-4, 44, 5-4. 10 4 bleached Sheeting.
3-4, 4 4. 5-4 unhieached Sheer ing
Cousin end When Table i
Liven Sliestings .11e.1 Ticking and Window Curtins.
our stuck is complete in every line. at.d if our friends
want g -nu b.trgaitts, all we have to say is tual this is
the place to secure them.
94/011 before the rush begins.
May,. 4. 11464.—ti
0 AYERS & lIOSKINSON have just opened an ex
enstve and rottrely nee• stock of
Fashionable Dry Goods,
liought in the /Astern market, at the very lowest cash
rates. en niprieing alleiylea nfthe most fashionable and
seriic,able teaturmi of Penf4mien and Ladies' wear
It is useless to enumerate. They bve everything in
the line, with Hoe 111111. Hata, Caps iforde At Shoes.—
Wares of all kinds, and a complete variety of the beet.
AU of which thet propose to sell at the very lowest
figures, depending on the quality and cheapness of
their goods to gain them custom.
April 2701,
'INMAN'S She eitt2etts of Greene muuty that lteht - ot
ghtm up the Daguerrean business and resumed the
same old trade the
lie is prepared now to repair Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry. in the very be. et} le, shortest notice. and on
reasonable terms. lie has on hand the very best Clocks
for sale
dllOP.—Campbell's Rowe, neat to Squire
Wayneabarg, Pa., May /8, 1864 /f.
By virtue of an ordor "nut of the Or
phans' Court of Greene county, Pa., the under
signed will expose to public sale on the prein•
ises on
Satuiday. Sept. ard, 1564,
all the right, title and estate of bevid L. Keen
er, of. in and to the following tract et land sit—
uated partly in Perry and partly in Dinkard
townships, Said connty, adjoining lands of .
Phineas Fledlee, Immo Lemly, Eadon Rout.'
heirs and ethers,' containing SEVENTY
ACRES, more or less.
One-third of the parchue money to be paid
on the confirmation of the sale, and the reaidto
in two equal anusal potentate with interest
front the confirmation et sale.
Ada's. at David k Keeton'. 4 , 0)3-
_ /sly 13, 13641.
English Walking Coat.
.fast Arr Iw ad at
iDt 161A1c4
Ity. The scrofulous
.contamination is variously caused by mereurig
..disease, low living, disordered digestion from
unhealthy food. impure air, filth and filthy
habits, the depressing vices, and, above all, by
the venereal infection. Whatever be its origin,
it is hereditary in the constitution, descending
"from parents to children unto the third and
fourth generation ;" indeed, it seems to be the
rod of Him who says, " I will visit the iniqui
ties of the fathers upon their children." The
diseases which it originates take various names,
according to the organs it attacks. In the
lungs, Scrofula
in produces tubercles , and finally
Consumption ; the glands, swellings which
suppurate and become ulcerous sores ; in the
stomach and bowels, derangements which pro
.duce indigestion, dyspepsia, and liver com
plaints ; on the skin, eruptive and cutaneous
affections. These all having the seine origin,
require the same remedy, viz. purification and
invigoration of the blood. Purify the blood,
and. these dangerous distempers leave you.
With feeble, foul, or corrupted blood, von can
not have 'health ; with that " life of the flesh"
healthy, you cannot have scrofulous disease.
is compounded from the most effectual anti
i dotes that medical science has discovered for
this afflicting distemper, and. for the cure of the
disorders it entails. That it is far superior to
any other remedy yet devised. lVknown by all
who have given it a trial. That it does com
bine virtues truly extraordinary . in their effect
upon this class of complaints, iseindisputably
proven by the great multitude of publicly
known and remarkable cures it has made ,of
the following diseases : King's Evil or
Glandular Swellings, Tumors, Erup
tions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores, M•y
sipelas, Rose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tu
berculous deposits in the lungs, White
Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia,
'Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Syphilis and
Syphilitic Wections, Mercurial Diseases . ,
Female Weak:raises, and, indeed, the whole
series of complaints that arise from impurity
of the blood. Minute reports of individual
cases may be found in AYER'S AISEXICAN
ALMANAC, which is furnished to the druggists
for gratuitous distribution, wherein may be
learned the directions for its use, and some of
the remarkable cures which it has made when
all other remedies had failed to afford relief.
Those cases are purposely taken from all see
lions of the country, in order that every reader
may have acmes to some one who can speak to
him of its benefits from personal' experience.
Scrofula depresses the vital energies. and thus
leaves its victims far more subject to disease
and its fatal results than are heslthy constitu
tions. Hence it tends to shorten, tad does
greatly shorten, the average duration of human
life. The vast importance of these considera
tions has led us to spend years in perfecting a
remedy which is adequate to its cure. This
we now offer to the public under the name of
AYER'S SARSAPARILLA, although it is COM,
posed of ingredients, some of which exceed the
best . of Sarsaparilla in alterative power. By
its aid Ton may protect yourself from the suffer
ing and danger of these disorders. Parge out
the foul corruptions that rot and fester in the
blood ; purge out the causes of disease, and
vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar
virtues this remedy stimulates the vital nine
dons, and thus expels the distempers which
lurk within the system or
.burst out on any
part of it.
We know the public have Iseen deceived by
many compounds of Sarsaparilla, that promised
much and (lid nothing; but they will neither be
deceived nor disappointed in this. Its virtues
have been proven by abundant trial, and there
remains no question of its surpassing excellence
for the cure of the afflicting diseases it is in
tended to reach. Although ander .the same
name, it is a very different medicine from any
other which has been before the people, and is
far more effectual than any other which hap
ever been available to them.
The World's Great Remedy for
Coughs, Colds, Incipient Con- •
- sumption, and for the relief
of Consumptive patients
in advanced stages
of the disease.
This has been so long used and so naives , .
sally known, that we need do no more than
assure the public that its quality is kept up to
the best it ever has been, and that it may be
relied on to do all it has ever done.
prepared by Pa. 3. C. ATER &
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all druggists everywhere.
~ r .cr .1.4,1 Vuu. Waynea.
burg, Pa May 3lm.
P 1 v 40.1.9 oix
Sperm—tore:sea l Semifinal I.7ealEneas, oa
I.lvol unitary 1% oa Daily Losses,
nowsysa 021GINALLY CAratz, OR stowavra Ao
csivima ite cnir..s.oraa wh:lo they V.ll speed::y
correctthose terri.f.a morbid oonditlonavhicli spring
from t he p-inawy d isesse, orfrom secret vice.
TUE SPL. IFIO PILL is equally applicable to
the treatment of eo ery kind of Genntaior Urinary
Irritaiion. L Llcanacity, or Impotency • Diabetes,
Lime or"Bric2:- butt , ' De omits in the 1.76174 21,711:4
Discharges; Ilflammaticn or Weakness o ft:lo EX.
nays, 11;o. Clergymen,Laryers,Sluden!a,ende:lvrb o
follow sedentary oczu:)ationa, or whets .Rain and
2V:weenie System ara over-worked, are peculiarly sub.
ect to weat neves oftOrY.Crrantrge.^T Otosas.
Thtreshouldn Aftt'atol.l3o T E pr.c. Lc PILL.
Pers.ns af.lictcd wt.h any one or more of the
above di orders, a:a sure to have several, and roam
times most, oft 210 POLLOWI2O3
Deranged Digestion; Loss of Anutits .7,oss of
Flsti; Conttipalect Dowe:J; Fitf.:l and Norroaa,
or henry alep, with clreama; Trouji
'Broat:tiag; Failure of roioot Irryular aclionqf
net Boort,' PuBtalous Eruptions on thoface and
meet; Madache;Affection a tirthe 4:08; Loss of
Itemory; d'addenfiashcsir,f eat and Blushings;
General Weakness ant/ ;ends; Aversion to
&clay; lialazocl Condition, or Diminished Biro,
of ne Genital. Organs; Involuntary Nightly or
Daily Rmieeions; frclaten t desire to pass Water,
trithpeoldiaratee' itdingeolutations; dts4nalig4y, <to,
Professional Opinions.—"l have used
your SPILCII2IO in many eases of Spormator
rhea, and with the mos pert ma Mae
Tort SA: JOWLS, M. D., LL. D., Brooklyn.
"It is as near if ‘speeMe' as any medic:nos can
be. I have cured very severe eases with from six TO
TEN DOS"E."—B. KEITU, M. D., EL Repertory of
,fed. Yew-York,
"I know of no remedy in the whole Maserio
Ned tea, equal to your Serzrno PILL in Seminal or
Weakneeeee." Amotru Berms, M. D.,
Prof. of Organic CLeynistry and Pleyet4logy, N. Y.
Personal Opinions.- O Mr. Winchester ra
wOLTICT or ALL CONFIDENCE, and devotes himself
stat.'weiaet tea:ly to these Preparations."—D. MARS
DMZ Razes, M. D., LL. D., American Nedioal
Gazette, Z - etro- Yorqz.
••11.1ave a pereonal knowledge of Mr. rramres
rsa's HONESTY AND IYTECEITT, and can assure the
Profession and the pu'Jl:o that urs rE.JVARATIONS CAN
as ratan ox."-Jes. CESILTON,Z.D.,ChamOt,N. Y.
Is not a Homeopathic remedy, nor does it cantata
Merrery,lron,Cant4rides, or any Injurious twredtent.
r:r. Price: laps? box, x boxes ( tole.ert* orjered at
ewes) forfb. Seat by Sold Wholesale aad Rete/1,,
at the Sole General Depot In the United SteUie, by
J. wurcamm• E T., 36 John ireet, N..
upon the Estate of ALLEN
' . Legal Notice.
EVEln it .nrMakard township. Greene sows.
ty tiee'd. having been granted by fife Review ...I Gteene
county to eke undersianed all nevem, knowing them
selves lonlobeed to said E.taaa aro Ratified tam e
same, and penman tterisio ediets sgaiese
an seesawed (opals' wet teem, duly ibilhe fa;
stolactaaaa. , . .
Juse IS, 1161
'KZ peculiar taint or
faction which we cell
10FU LA !tuts in
constitutions of
!abides of men. It
Aier produces or is
Iroduced by an en
'filed, vitiated state
the bj ood , wherein
flui becomes in
ipetent to suste n
. vital forces in their
trorous action, and
ves the system to
into disorder and
flyer's Sarsaparilla
' n~i Taige
- *-Z:~•"
Dr. Hoonand's
BY DR. O. M. zAcicsap, nat., rt.
Bar Room Drink
Intoxicating Beverage, but
Free from Alcoholic Stimulp .t or Inform/a
WAV-82 4
and JAIJI%
ffoofiand's German Bitters
Citronle or Nervous Debility, Dtseaso o
the tinkle)s, and Diseases ails
. ing trots a Disordered
Resulting from Disorders of the Digestive
Constipation, Inward Piles, Follw, of Blond to the
Drool. Acidity of the Stomach, !noses. Heartburn.
Disgust for Food, Fulness or Vylista in the Stoutest.
Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at the Pit of
the Stomach, Swimming of the Head. Hurried and
Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the heart,' Choking
or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying posture,
Dimness of 3:igloo, Dots or Webs before the isigbt,
Fever nod Du!, Pain in the Dead Deficiency of Per
im iratio n, Yellow,ness of the Akio anti Syes, Pain in
the Side, Back, hest, Lin be, Ate., Sudden Flu/dies of
fleet, Burning in the Pleat!, Constant Ituagininge of
Et il, and great Depression ot• Spirits.
HoolJand's German Bitterp
W!LL E you
11R Al.l Y NERVEI,
STEADY N Elth 6 4 ,
A Ofit:11111 CONATITUT/ON.
Sallow Complexion Clear.
Dull Eye - - Clear & Bright,
Will prove a bleating to
Every Family,
Can bs used by perfect safety by
There are many preparations sold under the name of
Bitters, put up in quart bottles. eumpouniteei ut
cheapest whiekey ur - apuit»ou tun., mating trout kt le
iu Louts per gulibit, the taste disguasud by Anise or VG
riatider Seed
his cle is of Bitters ban caused an.; win contiktre
C2 l / 1 .0, 11$11011 as they can be told, hundreds
death of not druilklud. .f3y their use the system in kar t
continually 1114tii the induence of Alcoholic
lents of the worst kind, the desire tor Liquor is created
nod kept up, and the resuit is sill the ho,rnra atieuilsid
upon a iirm.ka d'A l.fe and dealt.
For those who desire arid will have a Liquor Ritter*,
we publipti the following rereipt. .Gtet one bottle of
1101.diantr9 . Uerulan and ads with th re*
quarts n 1 good Itrandypr, whiskey, and the result will
by a preparation that will far excel in medical- virtu*,
and true excellence any of .the numerous Liquor Bit
ters in thy market, and will cost much. less. You will
have. all lilt virtue' ne iitiIIPL*DID'S BITTERS ill OGO: with a good article . o( Liquor, at a mooch taw
price than these itiletior iireparationswill cost you.
Those suffering from MARA:OIIIs, waiting away
with scarcely" any deals on tlietr Loma, are cured hst •
Very short, rime; one but4l4 La shill CBStAI, will kis,
most surprasaig efiect.
Resulth.g From levers of ally kind— Those alltaiht
renew your arentub iu a very 'Lori time*
The chills ailf not return if here Bitters are need.—
No person in a Fever and Ague District altund4 ie
without thew.
From Rev. J. Newton Brown, D. D., Editor 41
the Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.
Although not disposed to tavor or reconnuenii retest
Medicines 111 general. through distrust of their ingredi
rote and effects ; I yet avow of au auffictent mamma
why a wan may not testify to the benefits he Iselietrea
himself to have received trout any muiple proparatiofi,
in the hope that he way thus contribute to the oonogis
of others.
I do this the more readily in regard to Ifoogand's
Gentian timers, prepared by Dr. C. AI Jackson ut air
city, nerause I was prejudiced against tincui for many
years, under tha imression that they egve chiefly as
alcoholic mixture. lam indebted to inigiriend, Robert
elhoemaker. Esq., Cut the removal )f * this prejudice by
proper teats, and for encouragement totry thetn, - wltsh
ruttetiujt froin great and log &maimed debility. Th e
use of three bogies of these Damn, at the beginning or
the ;resent year, was followed by evident rent!, and
restoration to a degree of bodily and mental vigor
which I. had not felt for six. months berme, and bed
almost despaired of regaining I therefere tha..k Doi/
and toy friend for directing MO to the use of thaw.
Juue 22, 'Oa. J. N. DKOWN.
We call the attention of all having friends in 1110
army t.. the fret that "1100FLANytl (Inman WI,
ters ll will cure trine-tenths of the dames induced by
exposures and privations incident te camp lite. In the
puolisbed almost daily le the newspapers. en the
arrival of the sick , It will be noticed that a very bug,
proportion are au eying finui debility. Every mow at
that kind can . he readily cure.! bx Hoagland's German
Inners Diseases resulting from disorders (Vibe di. •
gestive organ. are speedly removed. ske base no
hesitation In stating that, if these Bitters were freely
.aitiong our soldiers, hundreds of lives might be
saved alai otherwise will he bast.
The proptiet.•re are daily receiving thanktW loiters •
from sniferers to the army and hospitals, who base
been reatoked to health 'y the use of these litUare,eati
to them by their tiitedti.
bee that the •ignetnre of "C. K. JAC4(4ot." Y ws
the WRAPPER of eat•h hottla
Loo gist skom rm. bunts, OS [fat, Dot D 5.00
Manlog tits 75 " • " oa lists* Dow 00
The Largo size, on account of the quantity the bot
ties hold, ate much the cheaper
Should your nearest druggist not barer" aittete, do
not be put of by any of the intometwing preparations
chat may bo offered is its place, beg send to us, and
we will forwent seeurel‘patilteri s by express.
Principal Office and Xanufactaz7f
Oue , rsenr
Fm , Slab, Dr %Vat 40,41 rtele 111** •