The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, November 26, 1913, Image 3

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    Have You Protection
. xou oannot afford to lake Tour own
risk againm Ions by Bre. Remember that
u itiprtsen(
and will be glad to call on you when you
want Ore Inauranna that really proteota.
Drop ua a card and we'll do the real,
we are agenta In tola oounty for the
m i0.11. furnllh aeeurlty for County
olHolala, bank olllolalu, elo.
C B. All & SOU,
In a Clas Ily Ourselves.
The most orderly and best regulated
business training school to be found.
Students are enrolled at any time.
Warren Ruliies College,
Warren, Pa.
Levi A Co. Ad.
Lainmera. Ad.
Hogg A Buhl. Ad.
ThePrlntiCo. Ad.
Hie Klnter Co. Ad.
Rohlnson A 8on. Ad.
Oil City Trust Oo. Ad.
Pratt'a RmedlM. Ad.
Ralph (iroTB. Rnader.
F. M. Hoovler. Local.
Hmart HllberberK. Ad.
Monarch Clothing Co. Ad.
Nicholas I ken burn. Loral.
Forest Co. Nat. Rank. Ad.
Forest County. Appeal Notice.
Pittsburgh Bank for Havings. Ad.
Modern Klllolnnov School. Reader.
The Distinctive Uarment Store. Ad.
Chamber of Commerce, Oil City. Ad.
Oil market dosed at 2 60.
Ia your subscription paid?
You can get it at Hopkins' store, tf
F. R. Lanaon sells oleomargarine.
-Adv. U
SA Horse blankets and robea at S. 8.
Blgwortb'a. adv.
Shot guns and rifles, ammunition and
hunting coata at 8. S. Sigworth'e. adv.
The, Hotel Weaver will aerve a tur
key dinner at 12 o'clock to-uiorrow,
Thanksgiving day.
Tbe Kkpubi.ican can furulsh you
with the very latest In engraved calling
cards or anything else in that line, at
reasonable prices, tf.
-Tbe Ladles' Aid Society of tbe M. E.
church will hold a market in the base
ment of the church next Saturday after
noon, Nov. 29th, at three o'olock.
LIormr for Salk.-A bay mare, 8
yeara old, sound and in good condition.
Call on Nicholas Ikeoburg at his farm on
German H 111, or address TlonesU, Pa. adv
For Salk. A complete new saw
mill for aale obeap. Everything needed
in a mill. Ilaa never been set up. Call
on F. M. Hoovler, Stewart Run, Pa. adv
When in Oil City go to The Grotto,
next door to the Orpheum, Seneca atreot,
for your lunch or dinner. The best of
everything to eat, promptly and taste
fully served. adv
Oleomargarine alwaya fresh, alwaya
tbe same price and making new friends
each day, at 20c per pound In nine pound
lots, at the Salmon Creek Mercantile Co.,
Kellettvllle, Pa. adv
Remember the union Thanksgiving
services at the Presbyterian church to
morrow evening at 7:30 o'olock. Rev,
Mr. Dunlavey of the M. E. church will
deliver the aermon,
Mr. Gaston's new bouse is so well
along toward completion that be ia moving
part ot bis goods in this week. He baa
been patient and long Buffering, but there
ia a limit even to that virtue.
Dr. D. Padoll, Optometrist and Opti
cian, of Holland Street, Erie, Pa.,
will beat Kellettvllle Hotel, Kellettvllle,
Pa., Tuesday and Wednesday, December
2d and 3d. Eyes examined and glasses
fitted. adv2t
The best time to order engraved cal
ling cards is right now, before tbe holiday
rush is on. Tbe Republican Is pre
pared to take care of your orders, and can
give tbe best and promptest service at
easy prices.
Dr. D. Padoll, Optometrist and Opti
cian, of 4-6 Holland Street, Erie, Pa.,
will be at Kellettvllle Hotel, Kellettvllle,
Pa , Tuesday aud Wednesday, December
2d and 3d. Eyes examined and glasses
lilted. adv2t
A danoe and oyster supper will be
given at the German Hill Platform, Fri
day evening, Nov. 28ib, to which all are
cordially luvited. Good musio has been
secured and a good time ia assured to all
who couio.
Henry P. Sullivan, whose serious ill
ness had been noted, died at bis borne in
Erie, on tbe 18tb Inst. He was the father
of Mrs. Murray, wife ol Rev. W, P.
Murray, formerly pastor of the M. E.
church of Tiouesta. His age was 77 yeara.
Notwithstanding all that baa been
said on the subject there are still some
people left who are not aware that news
papers will not print unsigoed communi
cations. Another such finds its way into
tbe waste basket this week at this shop.
James Cantield, contractor for M.
Finnegan, bad a showing for a good oil
well in the third sand tbe last of tbe
week on tbe Praxes tract, just below
Little Hickory creek, in Hickory town
ship, but was delayed in finishing tbe
well by some bad hick. -
Tbe veteran catcher, Wilbert Robin
son, and recently the coach aud trainer
for the New York National League base
ball club, was last week appoiuted mana
ger of the Brooklyn club. This will be
of interest bere, as Mr. Robinson is a
nephew of ex-Sheriff G. W. Sawyer, of
Acknowledgment of subscription re
newals is made as follows, with thanks;
G. W. Zuber, Mayburg, Pa ; Neil Kun
selman, Ann Arbor, Mich.; G. W, Neal,
Nebraska, Pa.; C. B. Uorton, Pittsburgh,
Pa. (new); M. F. Catiin, Trueinans, Pa.;
R. K. Grove, Kellettvllle, Pa. (new;
Peter Galmish (new), Judge Morgan,
Joseph Clark, Tionesta.
Peter Galinlsb, who owns and farms
tbe old Henry Kiser faim on German
Hill, recently caught a big grey chicken
hawk whloh measured three feet eight
Inches from tip to tip. Tbe big bird was
feasting on one of Mr. Galralsb'a chick
ens when be caught him In a steel trap
set in tbe orchard. Mr. Galmish also
shot a fine red fox a abort time ago.
E. A. Yetter, of thia place, and son
Earl, of Los Angeles, Cat., who has been
visiting bere for some time, went on a
bunting trip into Forest oounty, on
Saturday, and bad unusually good luck.
They returned In the evening with two
birds, three rabbits, two large turkeys
and a obicken. Tbe latter "birds" being
won on excellent marksmanship at a
turkey shoot near Tionesta. Kane Re
publican, .
-George M. Dunkle, of Wllaon, N. C,
a former well known Forest oounty boy,
is one of the incorporators ol the Newberu
Veneer A Panel Co., of Newbern, N. C,
with a capital stock of 30,000. His fellow
Incorporators are Frank Kainp of Green
ville, N. C, and W. W. Dawaon of Grif-
ton.N.C. Mr. Dunkle has been in that
country a number of yeara and ia fully
conversant with anything pertaining to
tbe lumber business.
LshI December, when tbe Trust com
pany announced it would pay out to tbe
members of Its Christmaa Saving club
the amouut of f73,000, It waa considered
Just about the largest and junlest melon
that bad been cut iu Oil City at the holi
day senson In many years. Tbia year,
however, tbe bank comes out with tbe
statement the Christmas Savings club for
1013 waa oomposed of 4,050 members, to
whom tbe sum of $135,000 will be dis-
trlhuted.-Oil City Bllzaard.
The annual Thanksgiving treat to the
families at Endeavor will not be over
looked this year, notwithstanding tbe
high price at which turkeys are selling,
and so tbe Wheeler A Dusenbury com
pany will today present each family in its
employ with a fat turkey, all dressed
ready for tbe roaster. It will require
about 180 of the fowls to go around, and
aa tbe birds will average about 14 pounds
in weight, the total will be olose to a ton
and a half. So long aa turkeys are to be
bsd the good people ol Endeavor will en
joy their annual Tbankskiving feast.
Emory Decker, one of Wblg Hill's
prosperous farmers was in (own Monday
morning with a "grist" to he ground at
tbe Lanaon mill, and among other things
hia load contained one of the handsomest
Eugllsb fox bound puppies one oould
wish to see. He waa shipping him lo a
New Castle sportsman. Mr. Decker has
become quite noted aa a breeder of thia
nlass of dogs, having had orders from
widely divergent points of tbe Western
Hemisphere, in other words, from Nova
Scotia on tbe eastern ooast to Oregon on
the western. He has never bad a com
plaint from any of bis customers, aud if
II have ahown upaa well as tbe one we
saw there sure would be no cause for
A large and appreciative audience as
sembled in tbe M. E. Church last Friday
evening to hear tbe literary and musical
entertainment given under tbe direction
of Mlsa Olive Lanson. Each one assist
ing rendered bis or her part well, and
Tionesta peopie should be proud of tbe
talent shown by our people both in vocal
and instrumental musio. Tbe readings
ol Mrs. Abbot ol Oil City were among the
very best ever given bere. Each of her
selections were tine, but her Interpreta
tion of tbe selection from Elizabeth Stuart
Phelps was especially pleasing and we
are looking forward to tbe pleasure of
having her with us again, Mrs. Abbot is
a niece of Mrs, A. Carson, the president
of tbe local W. C. T. U. Tbe entertain
ment was given for the benefit or tbe
Local Union, and a nice sum was realized.
One of the largest timber deals or the
year in which Warren capital Is interested
baa just been consummated by J. M.
Bemlaoftbis city, and bis son. They
have disnosed of their large holdings In
Texas and other Western states, the sales
amounting to a total considerable lu ex
cess or fl, 000,000. These tracts weie
purchased by Mr. Bemis more than fifty
years ago. At that time Western timber
land could be purchased very cheaply
and the tracts Mr. Bemis bs just sold
were bought for but little more than
f 10,000, Mr, and Mrs. Bemis will leave
Warren Monday and expect to spend
tbe gieater part of tbe next few years In
travel, Tbey are among Warren'a prom I
nnnt cltizena and will be greatly missed.
They will go first lo New York and
Washington, D, C, thence to Florida and
expeot after a few months to cross tbe
continent and spend some time in the
Pacific coast states. Warren Times,
In Clarion last week the following
motion relative to tbe recent killing near
Tylersburg was presented at a session of
court: Commonwealth va. Joseph Black,
In tbe Court of Oyer and Terminer of
Clarion county. And now, November 6,
A, D. 1013, the Inquest on the body of
Jerome Weaver, filed November 3, 1013,
at No. 0, December sessions, 1013, in the
Court of Q'isrier Sessions or Clarion
oounty, I'm., showing that tbe jury did
find that Ibe said Jerome Weaver came to
bisdeitb in tbe barn of N. F, Hoover, in
Farmington township, in Bald county, on
November 1, 1013, at 25 minutes alter 10
o'clock p. in., at the bands or Joseph
Black "by striking said Jerome Weaver
with a three-tine hay fork,, indicting
wouuds upon tbe bead or said Jerome
Weaver," the district attorney moves for
leave to send up a bill of Indictment to
tbe next grand jury charging the said
Joseph Black with tbe crime of murder
at the time and place aet forth In tbe said
Inquest. November 6, 1013, presented
and filed .in open court and motion
granted by tbn court.
Strayed Away.
Tbe undersigned will be grateful and
pay necessary expense to any one wt.o
will furnish Information leading to the
recovery of a red and white bull calf, aged
about 9 months, which strayed from bis
premises tbe past summer.
Ralph Grove,
adv. 2t. Kellettvllle, Pa.
A Night of Terror.
Few nights are more terrible tlmu that
ol a mother looking on ber child choking
am) gasping for breath during an attack
of croup, aud nothing in the bouse to re
lieve It. Many mothers have passed
nights of terror In this situation. A little
forethought will enable you to avoid all
this. Cbamherlaiu's Cough Remedy is a
certain cure for croup aud baa uever been
known to fail. Keep it at band. For
sale by all druggists. adv.
M. F. Catlln of Truemans gave us a
brief call Monday,
Ralph Grove of Kellettvllle was a
business visitor In town yesterday, ! '
Ralph Martin, or Tidloute, was down
Monday looking up stock for bis bub
3. J, Amsler of Bruin, Pa., waa a
guest over Sunday of bis son, Frsnl
J. P. Grove and son James are borne
from tbe Portsmouth, Ohio, oil fields oo
a few weeks' vacation.
M. Mansfield, of Tidloute, was a
guest or John Cotter and A. J. Uallioen
at the Hotel Weaver, Tuesday.
Mrs. Chas, H. Hunter went to Shef
field, Saturday, for a week'a vlsrf at tbe
home of ber son, George S, Hunter.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Walters of Ohio
spent a few daya during the past week at
the home of Mr. aud Mrs. Daniel Walters.
Miss Kaiberlue Gallup, or Youngs
ville, waa a guest or Mrs. Robert A,
Fulton at the Central House over Sunday.
Mr. aud Mra. G, E. Gerow, or War
ren, left Friday night for St. Petersburg,
Fla,-where tbey expect lo spend tbe
Mas. James D. Davia ia fcpeudiug the
Tbanksgiviug vacatioo with ber son,
Midshipman J. Kepler Davis, at Annapo
lis, Md.
-Dr. W. G. Morrow or West Hickory
was a business visitor in town a few
hours Friday, and gave us a pleasant call
while bere,
Dr. Karl E. Wenk of Kane spent the
Sabbath at his Tionesta borne and eu-
jnyed a day's tramp in .the woods after
game Monday.
Mr. and Mra. Perry Smith, of Ridg
way, are spending the Thanksgiving sea
son with the family or their son, Harry
H. Smith, at West Hickory.
Mrs, Louis Bourquln of Tidloute,
nee Miss Csrrie Stucholl, left Friday to
join her husband at Thomas, W, Va.,
where be is profitably employed.
Mrs. Levi Billig, of Greenville, Pa.,
and Mrs. George Morneweck, of Osgood,
Pa., a sister and niece of Mrs. M. Weriz,
were guests at her borne bere last week.
--Mrs. L. A. Amsler or Marion, Va.,
was a guest at tbe borne of ber mother,
Mrs. Mary Carrlnger, over the Sabbath,
going to Clarion to be with friends for
Thanksgiving, but expecting to return to
complete ber visit with ber mother and
brother, M. A, Carrlnger.
Hon. N. P. Wheeler, or Endeavor,
was a visitor in town yesterday and gave
the Rkpublican office a pleasant call
while bere. We note with genuino pleas
ure a marked improvement lu our former
Congressman's health, which bid not
been or the most robust sort for a year or
more past.
-Mrs. A. B. Kelly and Mrs. Suie M.
Sharpe left yesterday for Chicago and
Waukegan, III., to visit relatives and
friends fur an Indefinite period. They
expeot to extend their visit to Clnoinnati
and Louisville friends, and if tbey don't
get homesick may not return to Tionesta
until spring.
F. R. Lanson very elegantly enter
tained his Sunday school bible class at
bis home Wednesday evening. Twenty
of tbe thirty male members were present
to enjoy the hospitality of their teacher,
the entertainment consisting or dominos
and other games, a royal feast and music.
Miss Frances Grove and Miss Olive Lan
son rendered a rjuinber of piano selec
tions. "Deacon" Pbillipi, the famous ex
Pirate baseball pitcher, is finishing the
bunting season this week with Charlie
Bush at Uldtowo. If the "Deacon'' la aa
accurate lo hia delivery with the fowling
piece as be was in his palmy days with
the bnrsebide there is something likely to
be doing afield up where he's camping.
He is accompanied by bis buntiug chutn,
D. L. Davia of Pittsburg.
Forest Mead Zneudet and Miss Ida
May Eddinger, bntL of Mead ville, Pa.,
were united in marriage Nov, 10, 1013,
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Weriz, in Tionesta, Rev. II. A. Bailey
officiating. Tbe newly wedded pair went
up to B. J. Weller's on German Hill for
a short visit with tbe br'degroom's lath
er, Christopher Zuondel, They will
make their home in Mead ville, where
Mr. Zuendel Is an engineer oo tbe Erie
Railroad. The Rkpitblican joins with
their many friends in wishing tbem a
happy and prosperous journey through
II. J. Ritzert, for a number of years
employed at the Hensbaw blacksmith
shop in Tionesta, aud Mis Stella Saeler,
or North Oakland, Butler county, were
united in marriage at 9: ISO o'clock Tues
day morning, Nov. 25, 1013, iu tbe Cath
olic church at North Oaklaud. After a
honeymoon trip to Toledo, Detroit and
other western cities they will return to
Tionesta next week lo make their home.
Herman haa made many friends In Tio
nesta by his quiet and gentlemanly de
meanor at all limes and all these will join
wlih us In wishing for him and bis bride
a long life of joy and prosperity.
Joaeph A. Kelly of Pittsburg spent a
portion of last week alhisOldtown Lodge
having as bis guest Charles B. Horton,
also or Pittsburg. They enjoyed every
minute of their slay and met with good
success in the game woods, takiug with
tbem enough lo prove tbecontrary should
any of their envious friends declare tbem
to be "no good"'lo the woods. Mr. Hor
ton is chief of the Boy Scouts In bis' city
and in bis rambles over the rugged hills
and through the picturesque woods
bordering on the beautiful Tionesta creek,
be louud much that was new to himself
and that will be interesting to relate to the
little men over whom he exercises a
watchful care.
Cause of Insomnia.
The most common cause of insomnia is
disorders of the stomach and oonstipation.
Chamberlain's Tablets correct these dis
orders and enable you to sleep. For sale
by all druggists, adv.
Steam Engineers Attention.
Opportunity offered aelect lew lo earn
good money easily, without loss of time
or interference with duties. Answer
quick. Modern Efficiency School, 4(18
Prudential Building, Biiffain, N. Y. adv
Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid, or
bilious and constipated, take a dose of
Chamberlain's Tablets and you will feel
nil right tomorrow. For sale by all
druggists. adv.
Recent Deaths.
Mrs, Jeannette Jones Imhoof was born
at Beaver Valley, Pa., Deo. 4, 1803, and
passed away very suddenly from apo
plexy, at her borne near Nebraska, Pa,
Wednesday evening at 0:30 o'clock, Nov.
10, 1913, In ber fiftieth year. July 1, 1880,
she was married to Samuel Wallace Im
boof at Tionesia, and was a devoted and
bappy wife to tbe end or ber days. She
leaves to mourn their loss, her husband,
a son, Albert Jones, of Oil City, ber aged
mother; Mrs. Boyd Jones, and three
brothers end one sister, as follows : War
ren F., Clarence, and Mrs. Adaline Coy,
sll of Netown Mills, Pa , James V., of
East Hickory, Pa., besides a host ol
friends. She was converted In early life
aud became a consistent, faithful member
of tbe Methodist Episcopal church, , Hei
life was an encouragement and an inspir
ation to all who came In touch wlih ber.
She also was one of Nebraska's active
members ol tbe Woman's Christian Tem
perance Union, from which society ahe
will be greatly missed, Tbe sympathy of
tbe entire community is extended to the
sorrowing relatives. Funeral services
were held st her late home Friday after
noon, ber pastor, Rev, H. L. Dunlavy, of
ficiating. Interment in Riverside cemet
ery, Tionesta.
Mrs. Jennie Shearer, wife of J. W.
Shearer, died very suddenly from heart
failure Friday morning, Nov. 14, 1913, at
the family home near Walkers Corners,
The deceased was a lady well and
widely known and was endeared to all
by ber loving and cheerful Christian
character. Her death will be mourned
by a large number of friends and rela
tives. She was tbe eldest daughter of
Joaeph and Isabella Benn Arteraand was
born near Tidloute, Pa., Aug. 13, 1816.
She moved with her parents to Venango
county lu 1865. She was married to J.
W. Shearer in 1867 and settled on tbe
turn-pike half way between Waterford
and Cambridge Springs, where she lived
all ber life, with tbe exception of a few
years spent at West Hickory, Forest
She experienced religion wben about
sixteen years of age and joined tbe Meth
odist church where she was always
a faithful member, doing work in tbe
church, Sunday school, Ladies Aid and
cboriHter of the choir and a member of tbe
Mill Village Grange. She was ever ready
to assist in sickness or sorrow, or wher
ever help or sympathy were needed, and
was always cheerful and bore her trials
and sorrows with Christian fortitude.
She will be greatly missed in the neigh
borhood aud home by a large circle of
friend and relatives.
She leaves to mourn ber death ber bus
band and five children as follows: Mrs.
Homer Burton of Youngstown, O ; Ed
ward Shearer of M IU Village, Pa,; Mrs.
Elmer Lee of Warren, O.; Body Shearer
ol Erie, Pa. and Mrs. Rolaod Smith or
Youngstown, O. Also one sister and one
brother, Mrs. Martha Wait of Edinboro,
Pa.; R. B. Arters of Mill Village, Pa., and
several grand children. Tbe funeral was
held from Monroes church on November
17 and was largely attended. Rev, Porter,
ber pastor, preached ber funeral sermon,
A quartette composed of Mr. and Mrs.
Gsle McCray, Mrs. George Welker snd
Monroe Quay sang beautiful hymns,
Tbe many aud beautiful floral offerings
attested to tbe love and high esteem in
which she was held and spoke of spring
time and tbe ressurection Irora death.
She was laid at rest in tbe Waterford
cemetery, where many of ber relatives
are buried.
W. D. Shields is borne from the Adi
rondack Mountains, where be spent
three or four weeks bunting during the
deer season aud of course brought home
a nice big buck.
Frank Royer, oneof tbe United Natural
Gas Co. 's right-band men, came borne
from Mercer county with bis orew, hav
ing laid nine miles of big line in a very
short time.
G. B. Dunkle, who was laid up for
some time, is around again,
December 0th is the date selected for
the play to be given by the High School,
Chester Callen oame home aud baa re
lieved IbeVowiuckel mail carrier.
R. D. Henderson came down from Elk
county, where be is teaching, to aee bis
friends and any others be chanced to
Geo. MoMlllen of Corsica came up for a
couple daya' gunning. Got a few rabbits
and one weasel, which netted him 2 00.
Tbe different organizations of our vil
lage are becoming quite active. It looks
to one on the outside that some good
might be derived from it and hotter tbe
conditions, which we earnestly hope will
The trappers, hunters and butchers are
rII discussing their work around ths
loafing places, and it is wonderful how
hopeful they are.
There is a great deal of talk about the
high cost of living but II don't seem lo
alarm James Royer, aud he hat taken on
another boarder. The stork visited our
town last week and left a young daugh
ter, Jim finally Bet np the tobies.
Our town was well represented out st
Sigel on Saturday night at the entertain
ment given by the Galbreath Brotheraof
Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Mechlitig drove
over toGill'oyle to a meeting of the W,
C, T. U. Mra. Brewer gave ber report of
tbe state convention, which was well re
ceived, and tbey found a very flourishing
Rev. Orlidge preached a temperance
sermon to a large audience last Sabbath
Rev. May will preach a Thanksgiving
sermon Thursday morning.
Rev. Humbert will preach on Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday eveiilnga, also
on Habbatb afternoon, at which time a
Presbyterian clasa will be organized al
this place.
How's This I
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh, that cannot
be cured by Hull's Catarrh Cure,
F. J. Chknky A Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known K.J.
Cheney lor the lasl In years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transaction and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
W kst J raui, wnoiesale druggists, To
ledo, O,, Waluino, Rinnan A Marvin,
wholesale druggists, Telcdo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally.
acting-directly upon the blood and. mu
cous surfaces of the system. Price 75o
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testi
monials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best. adv I
Dr. C, Y. Detar accompanied John
Flynn to Oil City Thursday, where be
entered the hospital for treatment. John
has been In poor health for some time
and it Is hoped that he will receive bene
fit from his stay at the hospital.
Mrs. Bingrasn of Nebraska was a guest
of Mr, and Mrs, John Blum, Saturday.
Kathleen Daubenspeok leaves this week
for Texss, where she expects to spend
the winter with ber aunt.
Mist Margaret Good fellow spent Sat
urday In Warren.
Olive Wolfe came borne from Blals
ilell, N. Y., during tbe week,
Hennie Kifer Is visiting friends in town
this week.
George Sbepard moved bis family into
tbe rooms in Mrs, Harrington's house
during the week.
Wade Simpson moved into the rooms
over Wilbur Miller's pool room and has
ented the dental rooms or Dr. H, L.
Davis to use as s jewelry store.
Mrs. O. R. Johnson Is visiting her sou
in Sheffield.
Tbe organized classes are doing good
work In securing new recruits for the
Sunday school at tbe M. E. church.
There were 226 present at last Sunday's
session. The church is not large enough
to accommodate all tbe classes snd the
ladles' class meets in tbe parsonage for
olass work.
Prof. J. C. Titterlngton spent Friday
night with friends in Nebraska.
Miss Fish of Crown, Miss Bessie Porter
or Tiouesta, and Ward snd Edward Bar
rett were guests or Mr, and Mrs. Barrett.
Tbey also visited Mr, and Mrs. Robert
The scarcity or the beautiful snow at
tbls time ol the year is making the out
side hunters lade from our landscape and
which keeps us back to tbe wearing of
the regular "louselld" without a red rag
on it.
L. R. Brennan's good dog, "Bowser,"
disappeared last week aud it is thought
he went out to die and is now "resting
with his fathers." This was a very in
tellectual dog and bad many friends who
will miss bis lovelit eyes.
Frank Slaub, who waa so badly injured
wben a tree fell on him while filing a
cross cut saw in tbe woods at Wellers, Is
improving. His mother came to make
him a visit on Thursday last.
Mr. and Mrs. R, W. Burdick, Jr., spent
Thursday with the J. T. Miller family
bere before going to Oil City, their future
borne. Tbey left Henrys Mills on Fri
day for their new home.
There was a sbootiug contest al Blue
Jay on Saturday last and all the crack
shots for miles around were present.
Some fine demonstrations of markman
ship were pulled off.
There were two oomforter-tying parties
bere last week and all concerned bad a
pleasant day. It was a reminder of the
old quilting parties of bygone days, when
the ladies got together and tore up the
reputations of those absent, digging up
all circumstances where there was a
chance to surmise and take it for the
truth. Now, at Porkey there never was
a clasa of ladies who would do gossiping
atuuts, but everything was fun and frolic,
wben tbe married ladles oould Joke and
appear like a school-girl. Thia Is the way
to do it, for we don't know how long we
can enjoy each others' company. That
old reaper, Death, la liable to get us auy
Our schools are preparing for an enter
tainment to come just before tbe Christ
mas vacation, and we hope all the chil
dren will get busy and do all they can to
make it a success, as tbe older people en
joy anything of this kind where their
children take part,
Vernita Rupert went to Sheffield Satur
day for ber musio lesson, but is now uu
der the care or Mrs, D. W. Dorn or that
place instead of Miss Grimines, who has
more pupils than she can handle at the
Some of tbe Sheffield young men were
bunting In the vicinity of Wellars last
week, and among tbem were some of R.
W. Wbitehlll's new relations, viz: the
Klinestiver brothers, including their
valuable bounds, Tbey left tbe jungles
on Saturday.
A pall of chocolate was broken into a
short time ago at a freight bouse on the
S. it T. railroad, and a resident or anoihe
place ran onto a lard pail packed to the
top with tbe sweet hlia, and al another
place it was rumored that a stomach
pump was hired to extract tbe sweets,
which csused no small amount or uneasi
ness. It Is ea.-iy to locate the trail of the
chocolate. The original shipment was
close to 34 pounds gross, and we weighed
the pail at its destination and found it to
be 15J pounds. Some must have a full
set ol sweet teeth along the Tionesta
Tbe late warm weather has started the
grass and flowers to growing, and in
places the frogs were singing "Spring is
here," Mr, Frog may be off but it won't
be ao very long until he can come out and
stay. Berks county wants us to know
that it is going to be a hard winter but we
can't see it, that is, Jim and I,
Sunday School was a grand success last
Sunday as the gas was good and a good
turnout present, We have at times little
lire and have lo dismiss without having a
The footbridge at Minister, across the
Tionesta creek, gave away al the western
anchor but was repaired again last week.
We notice that a lot of people who have
no share in tlicne foot-bridges along the
creek seem to I e Ignorant or they do not
know the principles of mechanics, for
tliey run tbe font-bridges and shake them
to beat tbe band. This practice Is very
hard on the bridge. It makea one tired
yelling at strangers to coase shaking the
We are sorry we cannot have turkey
for the day of Thanksgiving, but chicken
will have to do this year. We purchased
too many good quarts this summer and
now have to do without turkey. And it
is cheaper than last year, t o.
Loral people are surprised at the
QUICK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, elo , as mixed
ill Adler-I ks, the German remedy which
became famous by curing appendicitis.
The West Hickory Drug Store state that
this simple remedy draws off such a
surprising amount of old foul matter
from the body that A S1NGLK DOSE
relieves sour stomach, gas on tbe stom
ach and coostipatlon INSTANTLY, adv
Buy this $20 "Eclipse" Graphophone ,
On Payments
at $5 a month.
This is no mere household ornament
bat a continuous alt-the-year-round de
light. It is undoubtedly an education to
hear the recorded music of the world's
great artists, bands, orchestras, pianists
and violinists.
Where can you better spend your
money than in this graphophone, which
gives entertainment to yourself and
friends, and positive education to the
Bovard's Pharmacy.
Beds, Springs and
Everybody Owes Themselves
A Comfortable
Rex Springs.
The Rex Spring is the Spring that
makes the easy bed.
Mattresses either one or two piece
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Iron Beds.
Iron Beds, either plain or brass
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&sJS - liter' i'
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J. 0. SC0WBEN,
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Stiff Bosom Shirts,
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TT r Tl
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ice: clotmTer
oil city pa
Sri Y-PN l