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J. I. WINK, Editor PaoraitToa.
1913 NOVEMBER 1953
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9 10 U121314I5
16 17 202
Forest County Believes In Good Roads
Tbe reault in Korenl county on the
question of good roads I just about what
Ita frlenda hoped and predicted it would
be, giving a majority lor tbe amendment
of over 3(H), judging from figures now at
band, which Is in tbe neighborhood of 3
to 1. It la apparent from (bin vote that
tbe people believe in pulling tbe county
out of tbe mud, and if it'a progressive
dm you want you'll And It right here
Tbe contest on this question furnished
the only life tbere was In ihe campaign,
and tbe friends ol the measure did them
selves proud in bringing about a reault
tbat probably makes our tbe baoner
county of ibe state for good roads,
Tbe only other contest in tbe county
was on tbeolUoeof District Attorney be
tween M. A. Carringer, Republican and
Washington, and T. F. Ritcbey, Demo
crat. Mr. Carringer has apparently been
re-elected by 40 to 60 majority.
Judge Henderson, Republican, carriea
the county on Ibe non-partisan ticket for
Superior Court Judge, and Grim, Demo
crat, la ahead at this writing aa second
high man.
Below we give the result of tbe voting
In tbe county aa far aa could be anoer
tained before going to press. Also tbe
result of the election of municipal offi
cials in some of the townships;
Claringtoo. Superior Court Judge,
James Alcorn 1, Webster Grim 8, Jobn
J. Henderson 12, Jobn W. Kepbart 6;
District Attorney, M. A. Carringer 17, T.
F. Rilchey 19; Rosd Bond Amendment,
yea 17, no 10; 2J, yea 6, no 5; 3d, yes 4,
no 4; 4ib, yes 5, no 6; 6tb, yes 4, no 5.
CookHburg. Judge, Alcorn 4, Grim 6,
Henderson 9, Kepbart 4; District Attor
ney, Carringer 1, Ritcbey 22; Road
Amendment, yes 22, no 2; no votes cast
for others.
Redely He. Judge, Grim 1, Henderson
9, Kepbort 4; District Attorney, Carrin
ger 3, Rilchey 13; Hoad Amendment, yea
7, no"; 2d, yes 2, no 3; 3d, yea 1, no 3;
4th, yea 2, no 2; 5lb, yes 2, no 3.
Nebraska Judge, Alcorn 11, Grim 28,
Henderson 14, Kepbart 5; District Attor
ney, Carringer 22, Ritcbey 43; Road
Amendmeut, yes 23, no 25; 2d, yea 11, no
13; 31, yes 9, no 10; 4ib, yes 11, no 11; 5th,
yet 11, uo 11.
Guitonvllle, Judge, Alcorn 4, Kephart
3; District Attorney, Carringer 2, Ritch
ey 3; Road Amendment, yea 7, no 1; 2d,
yea 3, qo 0; 3d, yea 9, no 0; 4tb, yea 2, no
2; Sib, yes 1, no 0.
West Hickory. Judge, Alcorn 4, Grim
13, Henderson 18, Kephart 11; District
Attorney, Carringer 44, Ritcbey 16; Road
Amendment, yes 42, no 8; 2d. yea 10, no
1; 31. yes 8, no 6; 4lb, yea 10, no 6; Stb,
yes 9, no S.
Fogle Farm Judge, Alcorn 10, Grim 6,
Henderson 6, Kephart 2; District Attor
ney, Carringer 19, Ritcbey 13; Road
Amendment, yes 7, no 8.
Kelleltville. Judge, Alcorn 14, Grim
21, Henderson 25, Kepbsrt 34; District
Attorney, Carringer 59, Ritcbey 45; Road
Amendment, yes 68, no 13; 2d, yea 20,
no 11; 3d, yes 22, no 10; 4th, yes 23, no 10;
5th, yes 20, no 9.
Newtown. Judge, Alcorn 6, Grim 12,
Henderson 2, Kephart 6; District Attor
ney, Carringer 9, Ritcbey 21; Road
Amendment, yes 14, no 9; 2d, yes 6, no 7;
3d, yes 5, no 6; 4th, yes 6, no 6; Stb, yea
5, no 6.
Mayburg District Attorney, Carringer
17, Ritcbey 18; Road Amendment, yea
9, no 11; 2d, yea 6, no 9; 3d, yea 6, no 9;
4th, yes 6, no 7; 5th, yes 6, no 11.
Tionesta Boro. Judge, Alcorn 6, Grim
31, Henderson 89, Kepbart 37; District
Attorney, Carringer 87, Ritcbey 67; Road
Amendment, yea 111, no 17; 2d, yes 55, no
10; 3d, yea 56, no 7; Jib, yea 55, no 9; 5tb,
yes 61, no 9.
Tioneata Township. Judge, Alcorn 4,
Grim 7, Henderson 52, Kepbart 3; District
Attorney, Carringer 49, Ritcbey 17; Road
Amendment, yes 50, no 9; 2d, yes 9, no 3;
3d, yes 10, no 3; 4tb, yes 9, no 4; 5lb, yea
9, no 4.
Hickory-District Attorney, Carringer
50, Ritchey 31; Road Amendment, yea
67, no 37.
Marienvllle-Jndge, Alcorn 16, Grim
41, Henderson 28, Kepbart 20; District
Attorney, Carringer 61, Ritcbey 53; Road
Amendment, yea 57, no 23; 2d, yes 18,
no 15; 3d, yes 18, no 15; 4tb, yes 18, no 16;
Stb, yea 18, no 16.
New Borough Officials Elected.
Burgesa, S. D. Irwin; high constable,
L L. over; Justice of tbe peace, D. W,
Clark, C. A. Randall; school directors,
D. H. Blum, Q. Jamieson; council, J. B.
Muse, G. W. Holeman; auditors, J. G.
Jamieson, J. N. Bsnkbead; tax collector,
W. H. Hood; assessor, H. E. Moody;
judge of election, R. B. Crawford; In
spectors, W. A. Burrows, A. W. Stroup.
Sohool directors, N. R, Emert, I. F.
Slilzinger; auditors, H. O. Blocber, Ar
thur Mealy; collector, Henry Blum; aa
sensor, Henry Blum; supervisors, Wm.
Korb, J. B. Eden; (udi'e of election, J.
D. Wentworth; inspectors, Charles R.
Korb, J. O. Mong.
School directors, Geo. Klinestiver, G.
F. Walters; supervisor, Joseph Brewster;
collector, W. J. Detar; assessor, W. J.
Detar; auditors, Lewis Arner, W. C.
Silzle, R. W. Wbltebill; udge of election,
Joseph Cunningham; inspectojs, H. B.
Dotterrer, Geo. Zuendel.
Thb innately dishonest person is at
wiji tbe moat suspicious of others. He
Imagines everybody Is a grsfter, and
wonders how it happens that he cannot
net in on some of the "good things."
Punxy Spirit. Strange but migbty trne.
About nine out of every ten who yell the
loudest about graft are those who are
lookjng for a share of It.
Good Roads Probably Lost In The State
The proposed amendment to the State
constitution authorising a bond issue for
good roada in Pennsylvania it apparently
defeated, although returna on that vote
are yet very meagre. Unless tbe cities
and towna voted heavily for tbe amend
ment It baa gone down to defeat, for the
country districts, to which Ibe proposi
tion meant so much for good, seem to
have voted largely against It'a adoption.
Throughout the State many hot con
tests were waged, notably In Philadelphia
and Pittaburg. In Philadelphia tbe Re
publicans defeated tbe fusmnlsts backed
by Ihe present "reform" administration,
re-electing Samuel P, Rotan diatrlot at
torney by about 40,000 majority and elect
ing James B. Sbeeban register of wills,
William McCoach city treasurer and W.
Freeland Kendrlck, receiver of taxea.
An unusually bitter oonteat In Pitts
burgh rtaulted in the election of Joaepb
G. Armstiong aa mayor over Stephen U.
Porter, backed by Filnn and Magee.
In New York City, Mitchell for
Mayor, wine over Tammany by 100,000
majority. Suiter, the ousted Governor,
wins tbe Assembly light and will be In
the next legislature to get revenge.
In New Jersey, Fielder, Democrat, la
elected Governor over Stokes, Republi
can, by about 15,000 votes. Colby, Pro
gressive, ran over 100,000 behind tbe vote
of tbat party last year.
The stork again missed Porkey but lit
at Mayburg and left fine girl at tbe A,
M. Van Marter borne Al. la going to
move up to tbe chemical worka soon aa a
bouse is completed tbere. He ia work
ing at the plant.
Elmer Mealy of Newmaoavllle waa in
town Thursday with a load of lubera
which he deposited In tbe Rupert cellar,
Tbe potato crop in Rupert's patch waa a
failure tbia year. Those plaoted by D.
W. Downey were bllghtproof and did
Miss Alice Bloea and her aiater, Mrs. 0.
E. Rupert, went to Sheffield Thursday
lor few days' rest and recreation for
Mra. Rupert and todnberfall abopplng.
Miss Bloea bad a delightful visit out in
tbat part and bopea to be able to come
Mr. and Mra. D. W. Downey returned
from Pleasant Tills Saturday where tbey
were attending tbe funeral of Mra.
Downey'a mother, wboee death occurred
on Thursday last.
Ssmuel Lobaugb visited friends In
Porkey Sunday, having been absent from
our place for some time. Absent but not
Samuel Cook and daughter Chloe of
Mayburg spent Sunday with tbe Rupert
family here, and aa be brought bia cornet
along they bad a musical time long to be
remembered. It ia a long time since tbey
came together to play and it certainly
waa a pleasant day for tbem all.
Tbe children of tbla place bad a bot
time in tbe evening of Oct. 31, when tbey
masked and dressed in funny costumes
and called on tbe people of tbe town, after
which all went to Rupert's wbere they
guessed on a cake and afterwards cut the
same and ate It. There were 20 children
in the parade and all ate with tbe Rupert
children. Tbere waa no damage done to
anything In the village like upaetting
necessary buildings, eta eto. We are
glad our young people are getting manly,
which ia a great Improvement over other
placea where they do those out of date
E. L. Llttlefield will move bla family
to Mayburg on Monday ao aa to be oloser
to bis work tbla winter and eave tbe long
walka be would have by living here.
Mra. W. B. Card of Grand Valley la
visiting the E. T. Downey family at tbat
place, arriving here Saturday,
Rev. Spring waa again with ua Sunday
and preached Hue sermon. Misa Sbay
acted aa organist during tbe absence of
Prof. Rupert, who waa detained at home
owing to the absence of his beloved wife.
Tbe services seem to progress just Ibe
aame whether we are all tbere or not.
Mra. J. T. Miller visited ber mother at
Henrys Mills laat week and did some
shopping at Sheffield while away.
L. R. Brennan waa a Warren business
visitor Saturday,
Tbe whistles at Mayburg were kept
blowing lor a few boura Friday night by
tbe young men of tbat place, and at first
we thought tbere might be Ore, but after
looking on tbeaky for light tbo thought
came to ua that tbe trouble waa only
false alarm.
Honor Roll, Tionesta School.
Secind month, ending Oct. 31.
Room No. 1 -Ellison Abbott, Clarenee
Aronson, Ralph Butler, Ronald Cbilds,
Charles Ellis, Charlea Heosbaw, Glenn
Hunter, Artie Kennedy, Forest Kennedy,
Wade Lusher, Donald McCoy, Floyd
Tbomaa, Raymond Davenport, Dorothy
Amsler, Francea Blum, Eleanor Brown,
Myrna Graham, Myra Hood, Ethel May
Lindell, Myrna MoWilliams, Bertha
Rhodes, Lucile Towna, Vira Walters,
Winnlfred Waltera, Evelyn Dunlavy.
No. 2 Henry Watson, Forest Wbitton,
Willis McKee, Ray Amsler, Geo. Hen
shew, James Bowman, Maurice Rhodes,
Jobn Fleming, Maude Elizabeth Ander
son, Marie Blum, Mildred Brszee, Hor
ace Bailey, Forest McWilliams, Wayne
Ball, Theodore Klrkwood, Donald Glass
ner, Everett Arouson, Martha Bailey,
Marguerite Fleming, Margaret Werlz,
Anna Blauser, Ruth Thomas.
Room No. 3-Leroy Blum, George
Watson, Harold Amsler, Leon McWill
iams, Harold 8igwortb, Elizabeth Butler,
Ernestine Bowman, Genavidve Mong,
Orpha Wbitton, Mae Lusher, Mildred
Towna, Grace Zuver, Barbara McCoy,
Room No. 4 -Elizabeth Bowmao, Ja
mlna McKee, Viola Sibble, Marlon Car
aoo, Ruth Ball, Martha Brown, Leon a
Dickrager, Mary Ilensbsw, Mary Bur
rows, Gorald Fleming, Omar Dickrager,
Joseph Landera, Alon Shewman, Bow
man Proper, Robert Thomson.
Room No. 5 -Viola Dreyer, Margaret
Bowman, Marie Jaun, Anna Huling,
Owen Riser, Fred Zuver, Leroy Thom
son, Edna Cropp, Delcle Korb, Elsie
Room No, 6, Senior Clasa Raymond
McWilliams, Forest Wertz, Esther Jam
ieson, Erdie Shaffer.
Tonight, If you feel dull and stupid, or
billons and constipated, take a dose of
Chamberlain's Tablets and you will feel
all right tomorrow. For aale by all
druggists. adv,
W. C. T. U. Work.
Tbo W. C. T. U. has Just closed a mem
berehlp contest, gaining forty members,
twenty-eight active and twelve honorary
Among tbe honorary are, Measrs. Roy S
Rraden, Floyd Fitzgerald and Thomas
Knight. These young men are all teach'
era In Barnett towoahip. Speaks well
for Ibe young men. Ob, that otbera might
follow tbelr good example. We need
men In the fight against this giant
Saturday, Nov. 1st, in tbe U. B. church,
reception waa given to tbe new mem
here. A very good dinner waa served,
after which Mra. Brewer gave ber report
of tbe atate o invention held at Jobnatown
It waa good and full report. Misa
Franti, our auperlntendent of Ihe S. T,
I. department, gave glimpses of Miss
Brehm'a lecture delivered al Tionesta.
The W, C. T. U. of Nebraska have rea
aon to be proud of Ibeir Union. Recently
It baa been doing more than lla usual
amount of work, our acribe not having
reported our last three nieetinga. Tbe
meeting on antl Darcollcs waa held at the
home of Mrs, Netta Imhoof. The attend
anoe waa good and tbe usee of narcotics
were discussed In all Ihe various phrasea.
A mothers' meeting al the borne of Mra.
Emma Recor, Subject, "keep mother
and me Intimate." Several appropriate
articles were selected and read. A profita
ble aa well aa a pleassnt lime was passed
in disousvlng the dutlea of mnthera to
tbetr familiea and surroundings. Our
Due aoclal, held In tbe basement of Ihe
ohnrcb Oct. 18th was well attended The
best of vianda aa well as the best of order
prevailed, and a general good lime waa
had by all present. The amount cleared
waa about $18, which will be used to
furnish table ware for tbe ba emeul of
church. A meet ng was held Thursday,
Oct. SO, at borne of Mra. Ida Soia'l. We
bad a very good attendance although a
atormy afternoon, and a very good meet
ing. Subject, Training tbe Appetite, af
ter which a dainty lunch waaaerred, with
Mra. Kate McNaughloo aa helper. The
next meeting will be bold Thursday,
Nov. 13, at the home of Mra. Harry Pot
ter, at which time onr County President,
Mra. Myrta Hulings, will be present to
give a report of our State convention
held at Jobnatown, Pa. Prksm Si' it.
The regular meeting ol tbe Tionesta W.
C. T. U. waa held in W. R. C. ball Tues
day evening, October 28tb. About tiny
persons were In attendance, including
tbe members, their gueata and school
teachers, Devotional exercises were con
ducted by tbe president, Mra. Clara C,
Caraon, with prayer by Mra. Craig. Tbe
important feature of the eveuing'a pro
gramme waa the report of the atate con
vention, which waa read by tbe delegate,
Mrs. Myrta Huling. Tbe report in itself
waa most excellent and brought out
many encouraging facta concerning the
cause of temperance, but when we real
ize tbat ninety per cent, of all tbe orimee
committed are caused directly or indi
rectly by tbe use of liquor, we feel tbat
yet there ia a great woik to do. Tbe so
ciety felt that tbey had not made a mis
take In aendlng aa a delegate one who ia
ao thoroughly Interested In temperance
work and capable of bringing back so
fine a report. Mra. Huling was given a
rising vote of tbanka. Remarka were
made by three honorary members,
Messrs. Cbaa. Lanson, F. R. Lansoo and
R. Moon, which were well received.
Mra. Kate B. Craig, a former membbr of
our society, but now of Los Angeles,
Cel., made neat little speech telling
some interesting things about tbe women
votera of ber atate, ahe herself having
cast a ballot for tbe President of tbe
United States. Alter repealing the
Lord's Prayer the company weie Invited
to remain for a social hour, at which time
delicioua refreshments were served.
Spirit Led United States to Conquer
Diseste at Panama.
Ambassador Page, speaking at the
cutlers' banquet in Sheffield, England,
said he readily accepted the designa
tion of President Wilson as an idealist
and of the United States as an Idealist
Nothing but idealism, said Mr. Page,
led Americans to conquer disease on
the Isthmus of Panama, the most un
healthy part of the world, making it
more healthy than many cities in the
British empire and then put men' to
work there to build a canal. What
does the cost matter? he asked. It
was an ideal and when an ideal seizes
the mind of the American people a
hundred million pounds Is nothing.
Main Hall of Moravian Seminary De
stroyed by Fire.
The main buildings of the Moravian
college and theological seminary
known as Comenius hall at Bethle
hem, Pa., was destroyed by Are. The
loss it is believed may reach $100,000.
No loss of life is reported. It is be
lieved all the students got out safely,
but several firemen were hurt In light
ing the flames.
The students lost all but the cloth
ing they wore. Most of them are
being cared for in the homos ot local
A Night of Terror.
Few nights are more terrible tban tbat
of a mother looking on her child choking
and gasping for breath during an attack
of oroup, and nothing In the bouse to re
lieve it. Many mothers bave passed
nights of terror in Ibis situation. A little
forethought will enable you to avoid all
this. Cbamborlaln'a Cough Remedy Is a
certain cure for croup and has never been
known to fail. Keep it at hand. For
sale by all druggists. sdv.
West Hickory people bave found out
that A SINGLE DOSE of simple buck
thorn bark, glycerine, etc., aa compound
ed in Adler-i-ka, tbe German bowel and
stomach remedy, relieves constipation,
aour stomach or gas on the stomach
INSTANTLY. This simple mixture
became famous by curing appendicitis
and It draws off a surprising amount of
old foul matter from Ihe body. It ia
wonderful bow QUICKLY it helps.
Tbe West Hickory Drug Store. adv
JAIL FU.1 SiL;.Li..o L.CLE
Foreigner Waa Attempting to. Sell the
Clurged with the theft of a Bible.
which he was trying to sell, John Ver-
tovic was placed in the Washington
fi.urtty (Pa.) Jail to Berve a sentence
if ten days. The Bible w.-s the prop
erty of Ramon Klstler of Houston, a
Uttdont in the Pittsburg Theological
It was in a suitcase which was
taken fro.n the train on which Klstler
was riding from Pittsburg to his home
Fight For Million Dollars.
A cr.veat was filed In Plilladclphl
against the probating of the will
of the lute John Q. Watmough,
who left an estate valued at more than
$1,000,000, to persons other than those
who are considered l.elrs at law. To
his wife's maid, who remained In his
employ as a nurse after Mra. Wat
mough's death, he loft $100,000. Sev
eral servants were given from $200 to
$1,000, and the residue of the estate
wns left to Ferdinand Keller and his
wile, art collectors of Philadelphia.
Keeps Engagement In Armor.
Wearing a coat of mull under his
clothing, Sclvatore Stica. one of the
rli'l.eft Italians in Philadelphia, kept
.1 lUnt k II .:::! engagement to enable
nolire to mnko nn arrest. While
jrs(it to'd!: vn wns accepting a park
ago containing H-500 from St lea detec
'..ves err a; it! him. Stun rr.u.'fd to
p::'.y h:a tart for fear of death until
;l.e idea of wearing armor was bug
Train Collide; Man Killed.
One nii.n w.-s killed and another
ns urobubly l;.:;-.lly Injured in a rear
?nd ft Uislon of two freight trains on
the Panhandle division of the Penn
ylvnti:n ra.I.vr.d one mile from Me-Don.-.ld,
Pa. Albert Ro;rnburg. thirty
two years old, of Pittsburg, flagman,
died soon a:ter being taken from the
wreckage. J. II. King, brakeman, was
burned on tin body by escaping steam.
Curious About Dynamite Cap.
When Josenh Moseneheek of Ed-
wardsville. near Wilkes Earre. Pa..
picked a dynam.te cup w.tli a hat pin
ha lost three fingers. Injured one of
his eves and his wife and ten-year-old
son were hurt. Roseucheek wanted to
find nut what waa In the ran. In the
excitement a lamp was upset and the
house was burned.
Takes Poison For Headache Tablet.
Going to a medicine chest In a dark
room to get a headache tablet. Miss
Daisy Baker, aged thirty-six, of Al
toona, Pa., swallowed a bichloride
of mercury tablet instead. She was
rushed to the hospital and the con
tents of the stomach pumped out. It
la believed prompt attention saved
her life.
Man Succumb to Rare Disease.
After an illness of five years Fred
erick A. Pietsch, aged thirty-eight, a
Pennsylvania railroad shopman at Al
toona, Pa., has succumbed to an at
tack of the rarest of diseases. It
localizes the fat in the neck and body,
which grow to enormous proportions,
while the legs become emaciated.
Noted Composer Dies in Poorhouse.
William Paris Chambers, who during
his younger days was one of the most
accomplished cornetists in the world
and played before most of the crowned
heads of Europe, died In the Cumber
land county poorhouse, Carlisle, Pa.,
from paresis. Chambers was also a
noted composer.
Despondent, Kills Self.
Despondent because he could not
accompany his brother to the old coun
try three weeks ago, Paul Heydo,
thirty-eight years old, a Slav, commit
ted suicide In his room in a boarding
house at Star Junction, near Connells
vllle, Pa., by shooting himself twice
over the heart.
Careless Huntera Kill Pacer.
Careless hunters shot and killed a
valuable pacing mare owned by
Charier Robinson near Orangevllle,
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh, that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chknkt & Co.. Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.J.
Cheney for the lasl 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financial ly able to carry
out any obligations made by tbeir firm.
WkstATraux, wholesale druggisU, To
wholesale druggixts, Teledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Price 75c
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testi
monials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best, adv
Legal Notice.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Forest
County, Pennsylvania.
George Emlen Hare vs. South Penn OH
Cn. No. 14, September Term, 1013.
To the above named defendant:
Take notice that on October lfith, 1013,
Ihe following order was made by Ihe
Court in the above entitled esse: "And
now, to-wit, October IHth, 1913, a rule la
granted on tbe South Penn Oil Company,
defendant, to appear and plead to the writ
of ejectment obtalued by George Emlen
Hare for tbe following described land:
All tbat certain undivided seven-tenths
part of a certain piece or parcel of land
situate In the Township of Howe, County
of Forest and State of Pennsylvania, be
ing tract or Warrant No. bWi, containing
1167 acres of land, more or leass, bounded
on the southwest by tract No. 6103, on the
northwest by tract No. 5101, and on Ihe
northeast and southeast by other lands
owner or owners unknown. Returnable
tbe firat Monday of January, WM."
Extract from the record.
m:u treatment
for the huis
Prodium, the new healing product, baa
performed a miracle of healing when ap
plied to aorea and all skin Injuries, Raw,
scorching eczema sores, pimples, scalp
itching, rash, tetter, blaok heads, sea I da,
cracked lips, skin Irritation or loHatn
matlons stop almost Instantly when Pro
dium is applied.
Prodium is on sale at all druggists, In
cluding R. A. Walker, for twenty-live
cents. Trial package aent free by ad
dressing Ibe Prodium Company, Plain
field, New Jersey.
For men, women, boys, girls,
To meet the demands for all
kinds of service
The leading dress shoe for
For women
School Shoes
Combining style with mater
ials to meet the demand for
Work Shoes
Splendid value In heavy
shoes either regular or high
Whkkkah, The Hon. W. D. Hinckley,
President Judge of the Court of Common
Pleaa and Quarter Sesalona in and fur
the county of Forest, has issued his pre
cept for holding a Court of Common Pleas.
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Orphans'
Court, Over and Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, at Tionesta, for the
County of Forest, to commence on
the Third Monday of November, being
the 17th day of November, 1013. No
tice In therefore given to the Cor
oner, Justices of the Peace and Con
stables of said county, that they be then
and there in their proper persona at ten
o'clock A. M., ot said day with their
records, inquisitions, examination, and
other remembrances, to do those things
which to their office ancertain to be done.
and to those w ho are bou nd in reoogn iaance
to prosecute against the prisoners that are
or shall be in the jail of Forest County, that
tney may ue then and tbere to prosecute
against them as shall be justs,- Given un
der my band and seal this 20th day of
uoiooer, a. u. lifts.
W. U. HOOD, L.s.j Sheriff,
List of causes set down for trial In the
Court of Common Pleas of Forest County,
fenusvlvama. commencing on tbe
Third Monday of November, 1913:
1. J. L. Kubna vs. Greenwood Oil and
Gaa Compsoy. a corporation, No. 30, Feb
ruary term,' 19!3. Summona Id eject
ment. 2. H. L. Hepler va. Tillle Hepler. No.
33, February term, 1013 Summona in
3. E. Li. Chapman va. L.. W. Dana, No.
23, May term, 1013. Summona In ires-
4. Jennie K. Patterson, Ethel Patter
son, J. E. Chitester, gusrdlsn of Howsrd
Patteraon, a minor child of M. V. Patter
son, deceased, vs. H. A. Neulsnd, No. 19,
September term, 1913. Summons in as
sumpsit. Attest, S. R. MAXWELL,
Tionesta, Pa., October 20, 1913.
Made -To- Measure
Clothes of the
Highest Quality
may be purchased here at the
most modest prices in town.
See our marvels of beauty at
$15, $18 and $20
and our wonderful importa
tions at
$25, $30 and $35
Fit and finish guaranteed.
Blum & Anderson,
Prescription lent grinder
for the eye, plu C'ollegl
alely trained and Inter
nationally endorsed
Helilnd the CJuiin.
Artificial Eye In Ntoek.
Both 'Phones.
r 74 TM ,
il77 1 LIT C. I IMC AIW
m&l A
"Of all sad words of tongue or pon, the saddest are, it
might have boon." The biggest and best fortunes were not
made over night; they began by small deposits in the bank.
After you have put your savings into some "Get-rich-quick"
scheme and lost it, you lose your heart and ambition with it.
Put your money in the bank, and fortune will come as surely
as does a planted seed and come when you need it.
CAPITAL STOCK, 150.000. SURPLUS, 1100,000.
Do your banking with ua. A nflvlf
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety, Tt UUilU.
Forest County NaLtionod Bank,
. ft
Burns soft coal, hard
Tionesta, Pa. WHk!
S th nam "Cole's" on fA
of acA atovt. Won ganuinm
rvp ating blioiKtiu, .Wutkl is a linc
halancrd gun, without an)r objectionable humps or timiins; i o Imlis on ton for (tas to blow out
niriiUKil or airr iu ijii in, can l Irene up i!n ram, snow, or il. it; it s jolij steel breech
(not a .lull of wooii; ihmv.iu a thoroughly ryimnciiical gun without sacriliciug strength or
lately; It utho safest brech-lodin( sholiiun ever built.
It is lUmmcrk-M a 6olld Steel Ureech llliMilc a well as out) Solid Top-Sid.
Ejection Matted b,UT.I (which CObls $4.00 extra 00 other guns) Pre.. Button Cartridica
Ruleasaj 'to remove loaded cartridges quickly from magazine without working through action)
DjubU Extractors Take-Down Feature Triegor and Hammer Safety. Handles rapidly;
guaranteed ii shooting ability; price standard Crada "A" iun, 22.60.
Send I Ftamp pn.fnirr for bio; ruffling describing No. 77,a 777sr; JTi f
S A, II. C, 1. T ard Tra Soecial and all other tartlli fireOTmSLO.,
27!arlut repeating rifles and shotguns. Do it now I 42 Willow Street, New H.Ten, Conn.
If vrtl, eVinnf1 n r'e P'"1"! or shntnin, ym thou!. I have a copy of the Ideal Hand
It yUU 8I1UOI Book H'.O pages of ireful information for shooters. It tells all about
powders, i bullets, primers and reloading tools for all standard ride, pistol and shotgun
ammunition; how to measure powders accurately; rhows you how to cut your ammunition
expense In half and do more aed better rlienii.-ir. Tl'is bonk is free to any shooter who will
end three stamps postage to The Marlin l'iicarnn Co., 44 Willow St., New Haven, Conn.
J. L. Hepler
Fioe carriages for all occasions,
witb firat class' equipment. We can
fit you out at any lime for either a
pleasure or business trip, and always
at reasonable rates. Prompt service
and courteous treatment.
Corm and see us.
Hear or Hotel Weaver
Telephone No. 20. ,
Fred. Orettonborgcr
All work tirUtiiiiiiK to Miicliiiiriry, Kn-
?;lnoH, Oil Woll TooIh, (Ihm or Water Kit
lriKHaiil(liiorul Bliic'kHiiiilliini; prompt
ly done at liow KatoH. KHirinf Mil
Machinery jrivon special altmiLioii, and
aatiHl'aotlou KiiHraiiloml.
Nhop in rear of hiiiI uut west of the
Shaw Houhb, Tiilioute, i'a.
Your patronage Holiclted,
m worm I J f" A k I P . i .ki
jOfe Houseivfes
Hang up the dust
J pan and the turkey
wing their day
is past.
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Heater
allows no smoke or gas to escape
into the room.
It scatters no soot or ashes.
It can't. It's nuidt that way.
That is one of its virtues. It has
many more. Come in and let us
demonstrate them.
After that no other stove will suit
coal or wood.
ftej door
without it
Iiammcrlcm lt-niiee
- nupcai inti, heautitully.
At tbe
Racket Store
Graniteware, Tinware,
Glassware,. Chinaware,
Stationery, Hosiery,
WallPaper, Window Shades
Elm Street, - Tionesta, Pa.
Furniture Dealer,