The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, September 26, 1871, Image 1

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Itatcsi of Advertising. . '
One Square (1 inch,) ono Insertion M
OnoSquaro " ono month S 00
One Square " three months... 8 o
One Square " ono J-onr.-.i.-f.lO
Two Squares, one year 13 0U
tjnnrter Col. " Win"
Half " " 00
Orre " " ..J ..1(W 00
BiTsJrvws Cnrds, not exceeding ono inch
in length, $id per year.
, 1-cgnJ notices at established rate.
Thce rates nro low, and no deviation
vill bo made, or discrimination among
patrons. Tho rates tillered are such,
will make it to the advant.ipcif tnrn del. g
business in the limits of the circulation of
tlio paper to advertise iiberitil v.
-.ft n '. .' ' ' .
" rttlJf HF.D 'evry . Tuesday iy
DJTlco In Knox's puildingi Kln Stroet,
.'. Vrf, 2.00 "A li Ak
TTo Subscription received for a shorter
period tnnii three months.
" Lot ua have Faith that Right makes Might ; and in that Faith let us to tho end, dare do our duty aa we understand it."--LINCOLN.
Correspondence solicited from nil parts
ol cno ronntnr. tso notice win bo taken ol
annonyinous communications.
Marriages mid Douth notices lit.iorted
gratia, ... ., j
i .
TI O N 1? ST A L O DG K NO. 4 77
... '
Mocta every Wednesday evening, at 8
"W. R. DUNN, W. C. T,
M. W. TATE, W. S.
, ' I
Attorneys at law,
jLli-Stre?t, TTOXESTA,rA,
Isaac Ash,
Attorn ey:at law, on cttv, pa.
Will rrt-n.'tlro tn the vtiTlnns Courts of
Forest County. AU business entrusted to
1H cme u ill receive prompt attention.
W. W. Ma3om
A TTnUNEY AT T,AV. offleo on Elm
i. .Stret, above Walnut, Tionw-ta, Pa,
' C.W. Gilnilan,
A TTOUNEY AT LAW, Franklin, Ve-
nango Co.( I'tt. If.
.. . N. B, Smiley,- ;
A TTOKXBY aT LAW, Petroleum Cn-
; j i ,tr, l a. rt ill practice la tun several
vourra ot l orest conniv; oo-iy
. ; W. P. Mcrcilliott,
Attorney at Lnw,
'! ' 1 A!D
xi mi, EN TAT 12 ACS EXT.
John I. Hallock,
A TTOUNEY AT LAW and Solicitor Of
X Pa!cnls,No. .")0.'i i'roiieh street! opposite
;kbhi uousni i.i-ki, ra, win prniieo in
thuscvornl Kti;tn Court s and the United
(Stales irnrt. hpwint attention given to
Kolli'iUri riit'ntu for Inventors : infringn-
MicnCs, ro-i.-wue ami extension of patents
arrriutvaHt-iuiiM to. neicroncc.s: lion.
iH.iien t 'niplioll, C'lnrion ; lion. John H,
McCalm-mt, Franklin; II. J.. .V A. 11
Richmond, Mcadvillc; W. K. Lathy. Tl
nesta. - 2 7
' " v Tlonr.sta House. t ;
Mf; ITTtU Proprietor, Elm St., Tio-
u'cala. I'ii.. at the mouth of tho orcek.
' ,' Mr. Hilo him thoroughly- renovated the
' Tinni-sb House, iinl re-furnished it eont
,. '.' plctely. All who patronl,0 lit lit will lo
veil (t'lityrtunieu at j-onnonall8 rates. ii- y
' - 4 rgrEST house, '
DliLAClCPROPRinTOn. Opposltfi
. I'onrt IIoiiho, Tioiu'Htu, Pa, Juxt
nponod. iCvrrytliiiis now mid rlcnn and
fiUNh. The best of liquors kept constantly
on hand. A portion of the public patron
a 1 rvKppo U'ully solicited. 4-17-lV
liolmes Houso,
nMONT.STA, PA., opponito the Depot.
JL C I. Mabie, Proprietor. Good Kla
fclintr conneotod with the houso. ' tf.
Syracuse House,
T1DI0UTF, Pa., J." .V I) Maokk, Proplo
tort. Tho hound haaboen tliorouiflil v
relittcd and in now in tho lirst-elass order,
with the best of accommodations. Any
nl'oi'iii'ition eoiieprniii Oil Territory at
this point will bo cheerfully furnished. 1
.jy .... i . ' 'J. it !. M AfiliK, I
, Exchange Hotel, , j
HKKt, A Son 1'rop'n. This house having
Ixwn relited is now tho most desirable stop.
Pins pine in Tidiouto. A good Billiard
Itcxnitatta.-hiHl. 4-ly
' National Hotel,
TRVINF.TON, PA. W. A. IIuUcnbacTc,
I'rojirlftor. This hotel Is Nkw, and is
,ow fn as a first class house, situato at
ne .function of thn Oil Creek A Allegheny
tivcrMiid Philadelphia A Krio Railroads,
pposite tho I'epot. Parties hnvinff to lay
ver tr:i'ns will find this tho most conveii
nt bell i In town, with first-class accom
nodations and reasonable i.-barces. tf.
n. e. Moitnm,
Iate of rirady's Rend, has located in
Tionesta, and is prepared to do all kinds of
work lu tho Hue of repairing
Clocks, Watches, Jewolry &o.,
In uood stylo and warrahtod to give satis
faction. WatWios, Jewelry, A-e., will bo
left in caro of I). S. Knox, who will be re-
timsujio jor their sale rutiirn.'
'J3-1Y. 11. K. MORRIS.
,,?L0fiN & VAN GIESETi.
Comer of Church and Klin Stroots,
This firhi Is prepared to do all work in
its line, and will warrant everything done
at their slops to Kve aatisfai tion. Par
ticular attention given io
. , iiousa:.siioi:ixG,
fJivothem atrial, and you will not re
gret it. i l:i-ly.
Tioucsta, Forost Co., Pa.
This Hank transact;! a General Ranking,
Collecting and Kxchuno lliiHiness.
I'riii'u on the Principal 1'iiicH of the
Vniled KhUcs and lurnpo boUKhtand sold.
tiold and Silver Coin and (.oveinmciit
Kccliritiid botiuht and sold. iloniU
ci iivi'i ii d on ilio niotit favorable terins.
Intercut allowid on time duposits.
Mar. 4, if.
MJ15.SCUIHK for (lie Foru.t Utpiiblicro
Dr. J. L. Acorrb,
pilYSIflAV AND Ri; KG EON, who has
1 had tlftrcit years' experience in a larjo
and BUccessfuf pracicc, will attend all
Professional Calls, Oflleo In his Drug and
Grocery Nlorp, located in Tidiouto, near
Tidiouto House,
A full assortment of Medicines, Liquors
Tobacco, Cinars, Stationery, Glass, Painta,
Oils, Cutlery, and linn Groceries, all of thn
best quality', and will be sold at ivaeonablo
II. R. BURGESS, an experienced Prug
u 1st from New York, lias charge of tho
itore. All prescriptions put upaccuraUjiy,
Tiirt Sons & Co.'a
NEW ENGINES. Tho undersigned have
forsalo and will rocoivo orders for the
abovo Engine. Hnssrs. Till'tSons A Co.
are now sending to this market their 12
liorse Power Kngine with 1 1-Uorse Powor
Holler pi'culinrly adapted to deep wells.
Okku ks at Duncan A Clialfant's, dealers
in Well Fixtures, Hardware, Ac, Main St.
next door to Chase House, Pleasantville,
and at Mansion House, Titiisvilln,
tf. K. IlltETT A SON, Agents.
Jos. Y. Sail',
PRACTICAL Harness Maker and Sad
dler. Three doors north of Holmes
House, Tioucsta, Pa. All work la war
ranted, tf.
DR. .1. N. ROLAKD, of Tidiouto, 1ms
rctnrnsd to his practice after an ab
sence of four months, spent in the Hospi
tals of Now York, where will attend
calls in his profession.
otlico in J'.ureka Drug Store, 3d door
iliove the bank, Tidioutu, Pa. 4'.Uf
at the Store of
D. S. KNOX, & CO.,
E!:nSt., tonesta Pa. '
We are In dally rocolptoi fa arg sstaiul
- i
- mid
ron this ".
which we are determined knIl regardles
of pricei. ;
AX I) '
IIouso Furnishing Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tools, Agricultural Implement
Ac, Ac Ac, which we oiler at greatly re
duced price.
of all kind,
ES, Ac., Ac, Ac,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and nee.
7-tf D. S. KNOX. A CO.
Triumphs of Enterprise,
A New Rook, 7iHl octavo pages, well
illustrated, intensely tntcrcst'iig, and very
iiistriii tivo. Exclusive territory given.
Our Terms aie the most Liberal. Apply
to us, cm I too if they are not. A. S.
H Vi.l; .V CO., llurtford, Conn.
Ot:.M:ilAL M'AI.llB 1H
hats, caps, and shoes,
NEW YORK 8T0UE, Centre Street,
Whereas, In and by an act of the General
Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, entitled 'An Act to regulate the
General Elections within this Common
wealth,' it Is enjoined upon mo to give
public notice of said elections, and to
! enumerate in said noMco what olllci'is are
to bo elected. I. K. L. Davis. High Sheriff
of tho county of Forest, do hereby make
known and give this public noiieo to the
elector of tho county of Forest, that a
General JMecuou will behclU in sanlooun
tv. on tte i '
at the several districts, viz :
'In Burnett township utclarlngton school
House, hi -
In Green township at tho houso of L.
' In Howe township at tho house of C. V.
Fox. ' . t i
In .Tonka township at the court house In
In Harmony township at AHeiider echoed
In Hickory township at Ball school
In Kingsley township at Wheeler, Dn
senbiiry it Co's
Ju TioncMlutownahip at school houso in
Tiouesta borouirh.
In Tiouesta borough at school house in
sain norougli.
At wliicii tinio and places the quolllicd
electors win i'ioc.1 ny uaiiot:
One person lor Auditor General of tho
Commonwealth of IVniisylvania.
One person for Surveyor General of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Ono person for President Judge of the
18th Judicial District.
One person lor Assembly to represent
Forest and Clarion Counties.
One person lor County Commissioner.
One person for County Auditor.
Notice is hereby given, That any person
excepting Justices of the Peace who shall
hold any olliee or appointment of profit or
trust under tho United Stales, or tnis State
or any city or eorporaled district, whether
commissi, lrted oiliccr or otherwise, a
NUliordinnte. oHieernr agent who is or shall
be employed under tho legislature, execu
tive or judiciary department of this State,
or of any city, orot any incorporated ois
trict, and lilso, that every member of Con
gress and of the bUito legislature, or of
tlio select or common conned of any city,
or commissioners ot ny incorporated dis
trict, is by law ineapauie of holdinor ex
ercising at the time, the olhce or appoint
ment oi Judge, inspector or elerk of any
election of this Commonwealth, and that
no inspector, Judge or other olllcer of such
election shall bo eligible to be then voted
for. ' '
And -the said act of assembly cntUlol
"An Act relat.ngto elections of this Com
monwealtlr passed July 1, I81U, further
provides as follows :
"That the Inspector and Judges shall
meet at the respective places appoiutcd lor
holding the electiou iu the district at which
they respectively belong, he lore 7 o'clock
ia las mtvruiKg of the Mvuoiid Tuesday of
October, and oat-h said inspector shall ap
point one clerk, who shall boa qualified
voicr of suoli district.
"in ease the person who shall have re
ceived tho aoeond highest number of voles
lbr insnector sliall not atttsid on dv
of any election, then tho person who shall
haverouelved ttiosecond highest nuinberof
votes lor J nteaU he nex&proeding election
aliall aiit itaau inspector iu bis place. And
in case Uiu jiifrson wUi Hindi have received
Hie highest miiuber'of votes for inspector
shall not attend, the person elected Judge
shall appoint an Inspector in his place;
and in cae the person elect id a Jndgo
shall not attend, tiieu the Inspector who
received the highest nuinberof votes shall
uppoiut a Judge In his place j and if any
Vacancy ahall continue in the board lor
the space of one hour after the tiuie fixed
by law for the opening of the electiou, the
(pdilied voters of Un township, ward or
uiitrint for which such otlieer shall have
been elected present ut the place of election
bhall eluctoue of thir p,uiuber to nll.guvU
, ';t )halVbc tho duty of tho several as
sessors respectively to attend at" the place
of holding every general, special or town
ship election, during the whole time such
election is kept open, lor the purpos'o of
giving information to tho Inspectors and
Judge when called on. iu relation to. 'he
right of any person assessed by thcni to
vote at such election, and on s'uch oiher
mutters in relation to the a.tftC4.siueiit of
voters, as tho Inspectors or either of thoni
shall from time to tinio require.
"No person shall bo permitted to voto at
an.v election as Hlorcsaid than a w hite citi
zen of tlio ago of i or uioro, who bhall
havs resided .n this State at leustono year,
and in the election district where ho oilers
to vote ten days immediately preceding
such election, and with.n two years paid a
Stato or Coanty tax, shall huvobceu
assessed at least ton days before tho election.'-Hut
a citizen of'tho United Slates
wlioiatprfvIously boeii nqualilied voter
of this State and removed the reform uud
reuiruoit, and w ho ahull bavo' resided in
the election district and paid taxes afore
said, shall lie entitled to vote after residing
iu this Ma e six months, i'roi'idetl. Thai
the wiiito freeman, citizen of the United
Suites, between tiie ago ot 21 and TJ. yoars
who have resided in the election distrk t
ten days as aloreaaid aliall be on till ted to
vote, although they shall not have paid
By the Act of Aasenibly of 1SC9, known
as the "Uugwiry Law," it is provided as
J. "Election olucers are to open the polls
boiu ecu the hours of t and 7 A. M.t on the
da of election. Before ti o'chs k iu tlio
Iilorning iif Second Tilosilay of October
they are to rei-ive from the i'ounly t'oni
Ui lKsioliej- tlio Itegistcred List ot Voters
and ail.neuessary elm-liou blanks and they
are to p. -noil no man to vote whose name
is not oo kuid iisl, unless he shall make
proof of Ins right to vole as follows :
'i. Tho person whiutcuam is not on the
list, claiming the rudil tu vote, must pro
duce a qualilicd voter of tho district to
swear iu a written or priutisl mtlduvit to
the residence of theclaiiuant in tiie district
for ul least ten days next preceding said
election, debiting "clearly wliero tho resi
dence of (he jici son w an.
a. 'i'ue party clauuing the right to vote
shall also make an ahidavit stating to the
licit of his kuowledgo and belief when
and w here he was Isiru, that he is a citizen
of Pennsylvania and of the l iiiicd States,
that he ha resided in the Slate one year,
or, it formerly u citizen therein and re
moved f herefrom, tlial he lias rtnided
therein si x mouths jirecuding said election,
that ho lias not moved into the district for
the purpose of voting therein that ho has
paid a State or county tax, within two
ysars, which was assessed at least ten days the elect mo, an, I the alhdavil shall
state when and where the tax was assessed
and paid, the tax recHipi must be produced
unless the atliant shall slate that it has
been lost or destroyed, or that lie received
4. If the applicant bo a naturalized citi
aen, be must, in addition to tlio foregoing
I'WK, M' in Ms .TtH'hivit vh'n, v l-rrc
and by what court ho was naturalized, and
produce his certilicatool.iiatnraliit',.,ii. .
f. Every person claiming to bo a natur
alized citizen, w e'lier on thn reg r.try li,t
or producing atlidavits as aforesaid, 'shall
be required to prislnee liia natnrsbzatiou
certiticate at tho election before voting, ex
ceptwherehehaM been for trn venrs consecu
tively a voter in thodist ict whore lie oilers
to vote; and on the vote of such person
bohiir received, the election officers are to
write or stamp the word 'voted' on hiseer
tiiicnte with tho mouth and year, and no
other voto can bo east that day in virtue of
said eertilicate except wlicie some are en
titled to vole upon Uim iiutnializatioti of
their father.
0. If the person claiming to vote who Is
not registered shall mako an affidavit that
ho Is a native born citizen of the United
Suite, or if born olsewboro, shall produce
ovidence of bis naturalization, or that he
is entitled to citizenship bv the reason of
ui miners naturalization, and further,
that ho is between lit and 22, years of aac,
..,..1 in lunioun in me niaio one year, anil
in tho election district ten lnvs nt n.
ceding the election, he shall bo entided to
voip minimi nesiiaii not have paid taxes."
"Every person qualified ns aforesaid,
and who sluill make due proof of his resi
dence and payment of taxes aforesaid,
shall be admitted to voto in the township,
ward or district in which ho shnll rculile.
"If any person shall prevent or attempt
to prevent any olllcer or election under
this act from holding such election; or
use or threaten fliiy violence to any such
olllcer and shad interrupt or improperly
interfere with him in tho execution of Ins
duty, shall block up the window or ave
nue to any Window where tho same mnv
bo holdeu. or shall riotously disturb tho
peace of such election, or shall use or prac
tice intimidation, threats, force or violence,
with the dosign to in (luetics unduly or
oveinwe any elector, or prevent him from
voting, or restrain tho freedom of choice,
such persons on conviction shall be fined
in any sum not exceeding ?WXt, to be im
prisoned for any time not less than one
nor more than twelve inonths, and it It
aliall be tdinwn to the court w here the trial
of such offence shall be had, that I he per
son so oltending was not a residont of tho
city, ward or district where the said offence
was committed, mid not entitled to voto
therein, on conviction, he shall be sen
tenced to pay a lino not loss than $100 nor
more than Sl.OOO, rind be imprisoned not
less thuu six inonths nor more than two
it any person or r.ersons shall males
any bet or wager ukh tho result of any
eleirtion within tho Commonwealth, o'r
shall oiler to muke any sueh hot or wazor
either by verbal proclamation thereof, or
by any written or printed advertisement,
or invite any person to make audi bot or.
wager, upon conviction thereof ho or they
shall forfeit and pay three times the
amount-so bet or ottered to bet. i
And the election laws of t lie Cominon-
woalih further provide that "The Inspec
tors, Judges and cierks shall, before en
tering on the dutlca of their office, aew-
erally lake and suliscribo the oath or af-
urmation hereinafter directed, which shall
be adinlnistrred to thenr bv anv i
alderman oriusticeof the peace, but if no
such maglstratate be proeent, one of the
inseciors of tiie election aliall administer
the oath or ailiri nation to the other lo,l,.o
and inspector, mid then the inspector so
qualified shall administer tho oath, or af
firmation to hiui.
The inspectors ' fudges and clerks re
quired by law to hold township and gen
eral elections, shall take and subscribe the
several oaths and atlirmations required by
the Hub, - -0th and 21st sections of
tho nit of the 'M day of Julv ls;w, entitled
'An act relating to the elections of this
Commonwealth,1 which oaths or affirma
tions shall be prepared and admiiistratcd
in the manner prescribed in the 18th uud
sections of said act, and in addition to
the power eonlorrod by the Uiih section of
said act the judge, or either of the inspec
tors, aliall have power to administer the
oathH prescribed by said a,,' to anv
clerk of a general, special or township
electiou. :
"Tho following shall be tiie form ct the
ontli or Btlirmntlon to be taken by each in
spector, vix: 'I (A. 11.; do that I
will uttond to the ensuing election during
the continuance thereof, aa an inspector,
and that 1 will not receive any ticket or
voto from any person, or other than such
as I ahull firmly believe to be. accrding to
the (revisions of the constit ution nnd the
laws of this Commonwealth, entitled to
voto nt such election, .without requiring
sueh evidence of the right to voto as is di
rected by law, nor will vexatioualy delay
or refuse to receive any voto from any per.
son who 1 shall believe entitled to vote as
aforesaid, but that I will in all Ihingstrulyj
impartially and faithfully perform my du
ty tlierein, to the best of my judgement
and abilities, and that I am' not directly
nor indirectly interested in imy !ot or wa
ger on tiie result of this election.'
"ihe following shall bo tlio oath or af
firmation of each iuiige, viz: '1 (A. B.)
do that 1 will us judgo duly attend
the ensuing election during the eoniinu
ance thereof, und faithfully assist the in
spector in carrying on the same; that I
will not give my consent that any vote or
ticket shall bo received from auV person
other than such as I lirinlv believe to bo
according to to tlio j rovisions of tho con
stitution and laws ot'thia Commonwealth
entitled io vote at s ich .election, without
requiring sin h evidence of the riuht to
voieaa is directed by law, and that I will
usomy best endeavors to prevent any
fraud, deceit or abun", in currying cm the
miiuo by citizens qualified to vote, or oth
ers, and that i will Make a sure and per
fect return of tho tun! election, and will in
all things truly, impartially und faithfully
pern, i in my uuiy respecting loo same, to
tho boot of my judgement and aliilitics,
and that I am not lu-octly or indirectly in
terested in any bet or waer ou tho result
of this election.' ' .
"Tue following shall bo the form of the
oath or atUrmatioti to bo taken bv each
clerk, viz: '1 (A. li.) do that I wiil
impartially and truly write down the name
of each elector wiio shad vote at tlio ensu
ing election, whicli Wiall lio given me in
chiiiy e, and ai .o tin, name of tnc township,
w ard or district wherein such elector re
sides, and carefully and truly write down
the number rf votes that shall bo given
lor oach candidate ut tho election, as often
as Ids name shall be read to me by the in
spectors thereof, and hi all things truly
and faithiully perform my duly respecting
the sumo to tho bet of my fudgcinnt and
ability, und that I am not directly or indi
rectly interested in any bot or wager on
the result of this election."
The qualified electors will take notice
of iho following act of Assembly, approv
ed 12th day of March, lsiiii; An Act, itegu
latum the mode of voting at all elections
iu the several counties of this Common
wealth. (Sec. i. lie it enacted by the Senate and
Il,iil.-e of U( preventatives of the ( 'oiiimou
w ealth of Pennsylvania in i ieiu i.d Assem
bly met, and it is In re by enacted IV the
authority of ll.e name, 'l icit tiie qualified
voters of the several coutiticsol tliisCom-
monw-calth, ai all genual, township, Is.r
ough ami special eiisiioiis, aio hereby,
hcruafW authorized ami n quired to vole I
by tickets print's! "r wriinn, or pstly I
'rioted and partly written, severally class
tied aa follows r ' One ticket shall embrace
the noines of all judges of courts voted
for,"nnd to be labi'lled outside 'Judiciary ;'
one ticket shall embrace the names of ill
Stato otllcers vold for, and be labelled
'State ;' one ticket shall em brace tho names
of all county oiheers voted for, including
office of senator, member and members of
assembly if voted for, and members of
congress n voted lor, anil ho labelled
'County i' one ticket shall embrace the
names of all township otlb-ers voted for,
and be labelled 'Township;' ono ticket
hall embrace the names of all borough
oflicers voted for, and bo labeled 'Borough;'
and each class shall bo deposited in sepa
rate ballot boxes.
Sec 2. Tliat it aliall be tho duty of tho
Sheriffs in the fcVeral counties of this
Commonwealth, to insert in their election
proclamations hereallcr issued tho lirst
section ortirts act.
Speaker nf the House or Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved tho 30th day of March, A. 1.,
18WJ. - : : A. U. CUKI iN.
Election officers will take notice that tho
net entitled "A Further Supplement to tho
Election Law of this (Joiiiinoii wealtli."
disqualifying deserters from the army of
the Luited States from voting, has recent
ly been declared unconstitutional by the
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, is now
null and void, and that all persons former
ly disqualified thereunder arc now lawful
voters if otherwise qualified.
Exkcctivk cm hueh, H Annisnunatr,
Pa., August 27, 1K70 To tlio County Com
missioners aud Hlicritf of tho county of
Whkrear, Tlio Fifteenth Amendment
of the Constitution of the United States is
as follows :
Sec. 1. The right of citizens of tho Unit
ed States to vole shall not be denied or
abridged by the United .Suites, or by any
Stato, on account of race, color, or pre
vious condition of servitude.
Sec 2. That Congress shall have powor
to enfore this article by appropriate legis
lation." And wnEUEAS, The Congress of tho
United States on tho Hist day of March,
170, passed an act entitled "Ait act to en
force tho rights of citizens of tlio United
States to voto in tho several atates oi' the
Union, and for other purposes; the fust
and second sections of which are as follows:
See. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress iisscinblcJ,
That all citizens of tho United States that
ore or shall bo otherw ise qualified to voto
at any election by the people in any state,
territory, district, county, citv, 'parish,
township, school distinct, municipality, or
other territorial subdivision, shall bo" en
titled und allowed to vote at all such elec
tions, without distinction of race, color, or
previous condition Of servitude; anv con
stitution, law, custom, usage, or regula
tion of any Slate or territory, or by or un
der its authority, to tiie contrary notwith
atanding. " Sec. -i. And bo it further cnactod, That
if by or under the authority of the consti
tion or laws ot any State, or tho laws of
auy Territory, any uct is or shall be re
quired to be done as a prerequisite or quul
iiication for voting, and bv such constitu
tion or laws persons or officers are or shall
be charged with the performance of duties
in furnishing to citizens an opportunity
to perform such prerequisite or to become
qualified to voto, it shall bo the duty of
every such person and olllcer to irivo- nil
citizens of tlio United Slates the same aud
equal opportunity to perfom huci pro-
uuraiBmu,, uccome quaillliMl to VOtO
without distinction of race, color, or pre
vious condition of servitude: am! if mi
such person or oflicer shall refuse or '
knowingly omit to givo full effect to this
section, he shall, for every such oll'enso,
lorfeit and pay the sum of tsuo to the tier.
son aggrieved thereby, to l.o recovered liv
an action iu tho case, with full costa and
such allowance for counsel fees as the
court shall deem Just, and shall also, for
every such oilOnso, bo deemed guilty of a
misucmounor, and shall, on conviction
thereof, be fined not less than 30d or be
imprisoned not less than ono month and
not more than one year, or both, at the
discretion of tho court."
And whereas, It is doehieod by the 2d
section of the VI. article of tho Constitu
tion of the United Slatos, that 'This Con.
Btitatlon and tiie law of tho United Statcn
which shall bo made in pursuance thereof
shall be the supreme law oi tho land
anything In IhoCoiistituiioii of any State to
tho contrary notwithstanding.'
And.w horens. Tiie Legislature or this
Coinuiimw ealth, on tho tith day of April,
A. D., 170, pasi-sd an act, 'A further sup.
plfineut to tiie act relating to vleutions Hi
thin Common wealth,'' tiie 10th bcc.tiou of
which provides as follows :
' Sec. id. That so much of every net of
assembly ua provides tint only whito free
men shall be entitled to voto or bo rogis.
tered as voter or as claiming to voto at
any generul or special election of this Conii
uiyn w ealth bu and thu same is hereby re
pealed and that herealtcr ull freemen, with
out distinction of color, shall isa enrolled I
ami registered according to the provisions
of the urst section of liiu act approved tlio
17th duy of April IHiJU, intitled 'An act
further supplemental to the act relative to
the elections of this Commonwealth ;' uud
shall, when otherwise quulitied under ex
isting laws, bo entitled to vote at all gen
eral. or special elections iu this Commons
And whereas, It Is my constitutional
aud oillcal duty 't. take.e'are, that Iho law s
be faithfully executed ;' and it has come to
my knowledge that sundry and
rcgisters of 'voters have refused and are re
fusing to assess and register divers colnred
male citizens of lawful age, ami othorwi-o
qualified as ( lectors.
Now, therefore, in consilient', i n of the
premises, the county coiumii.siouer of
said county ure hereby notified nnd direct
ed to instruct tho several asscs.oi a aud reg
isters of voters therein to ols'V and con
form to the requirements of said constitu
tional uiui inloienls and laws; and the
Sliorilfol said itiuiity is hereby authorized
uud required to publihh iu 'the election
proclamation for the next ensuing e eetioii
tho horein recited coimtilutional iiiiicnd
ment, act of Congress, und uct of tin) Legis
lative, to the ond that the same mav be
known, executed und obeyed by alt as
sesors, registers of voters, electiou oflicers
and others, und that the right-1 and pi iv
ileges guaranteed therein luuv bo secured
to ad tho citizens of this Commonwealth
entitled to tlio same.
I., a.l Given under my hand and the great
seal of the State, at 'llarrisburg, tho day
and year lirst above w rltten,
F. Jokhas,
Secretary of the Couiuiouw ealth.
Aiso, I hereby givo notice of tlio follow
ing Joint itch.,, mi ioii proposing an amend
lil, '.it to the Coiistiliili,,n of I'eiiiisylvauia:
l'u it Kcsolvcd by the iSciiate ami IIiiiim
of bcprchcntalivcs of llie ComiiioiiweiAltii
of I'uutity 1 vunia iu Guliuuil Assembly luei,
TU .t the follow nig iii'MOid muni ot the t on
slitatiou of this t'otiiui niweulth be pro
posed to tiio people for licit adoption or
riscclion, pui -uaiu to the provisions of the
twill o"c llwr, to ii :
A MENn.MtvNT. Strikeout the Sixth .Sec
tion of the Sixth Article of the Constitution
aud insert in lion thereof the following :
"A State Treasurer shall bo chosen by
tho qualified electors of the State, at such
times and for such Win or service us shall
be proscribed bv law.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved the 1.1th daV of .Juno A. 1). 1x71.
Also, the following Act to authorize a
popnlar voto upon tlio question of calling
a Convention to amend the Constitution of
See. 1. ' Bo it "Enacted, Ac, That the
question of failing a convention to amend
tlio Const itution of this Commonwealth be
submitted to a vote of the people at the gen
eral election to be hold on the 2d Tuesday
of October, 1871, tho said question to bo vo
ted upon in the manner following, to-wit:
In counties and cities in which slip ticket
voting is authorized by Jaw, votes for and
against a Convention may be cxptessod
nnd given upon the ticket headed or en
dorsed with tho word "State," and not oth
erwise; and the Words used shall lie "Con
stitutional Convention," and underneath
"for a Convention," or "auainst a Conven
tion ;" and in counties or districts in which
slip tickets shall not bo authorized by law,
each elector voting upon said question
shall cost a separate ballot, endorsed on the
outside "Constitutional Convention," and
containing on the insido the words "for a
Convention" oi "against a Convention;"
nnd all votes cast as aforesaid shall be re
ceived, oounted und returned by the prop
or election oflicers and return fudges as
votes for governor nro received, counted
and returned, tinder existing laws.
Sec 2. That tlio election aforesaid shall
be held, and are subject to all the provis
ions of law which apply to genoral elec
tions; tho sheriffs of the soveral counties
shall givo notice of this act in their elec
tion proclamation the presentyear,and the
governor shall causa all tho returns of the
said olection, as received by tho seerotary
of the commonwealth, to bo laid boforo the
legislature utits next annual session.
Speaker of tho House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved tho 3d dav of June, A. D. 171.
And tho Judges of tho respective dis
tricts aforesaid, are required to moot at Ti
oucsta, on tho Kridav next following the
holding of Iho said election, then and there
to (icrforiu tkose things, required of tlieni
by law.
Given tinder mv hand ut my ofllce in Tio
uesta, this lltli day ol September, in the
yenrot'our lird,ono thousand eight hun
dred and sovonty-one, and in the ninety
Hi xth of tho Independence of tho United
States. E. L. DAVIS, Shoriir.
Shcrill 'H office, Tioucsta, Sept. 11, 1K71.
Tho Temperance Ticket.
To the Editort of reiuisyh'ania : : llaviue; reat the se
lections from sixteen paper published
iti iho State Jouriml of August 20th,
cotidciiiniiij' the policy in regard to
the temperance ticket of August 9th,
I ntn satisfied tho character of this
movement is not uu.lcrstooil, Without
intending it, some of you are (loins' a
great wrong to the main body of tern
perunce men. Yon speak of it as an
action for which the temperance cause
is responsible, aud its it it hud some
official character. Itisonlva move,
men t of a very few dissatisfied men
who have separated themselves from
the main body, und in tho language of
their audrai, ol August To, "luruied
a party, adopted a platform, and turn.
icated candidates," This movement
had its origin with the present editor
of the official organ of the Good Tem
plars, who was joined by a few' men
of good character, he having made
them beleive that the cause had been
"sold out" by the President of the May
Convention, and thus induced them to
unite with him in a cull for tho Au
gust meeting. Ou the SOth of June,
the State Central Committee w us ap
pointed, and the lenders of this Au
gust movemeut accepted positions in
that committee, and met with it July
11. Having accepted this position
under iho authority of the May Con
vention, the August Convention should
have been abandoned, us the reasons
assigned fur it no longer existed. Hut
these mon met, aud iu spite of ail of
torts to prevent it, placed in nomina
tion a Stato ticket. To justify their
action, they (hen said "we are acting
as individuals, without any otiicial
authority." Now they claim official
character, and say they "have formed
a party, Ac."
From these facts it will he seen this
action is nothing less than rebellion
aguiust the authority of tho May Con
vention, of which these tutu still claim
to be a part. Temperance men, as a
body, therefore are iu no way responsi
ble for this ticket. Already several
District Conventions ill various parts
of the Slate have repudiated this ac
tion, the State Central Committee are
preparing to do so, and other orgtn
uutions will follow. Let this factiou
be treated hereafter so us not to involve
any man who is true to his principles
aud faithful to his pledges.
1'. Coomb i:.
Lancaster, Fa, Aug. 'J'Jth, 1871.
In the "Life of Uiiiihum," uu amu
sing anecdote is told of King, the ac
tor, who met a friend whose name he
had forgotten, ami took him home to
dinner. After several incH'cctual at
tempts to tiud out his name, King
said: "Mv friend and I have a dis
pute as tu hoiv yoii spell your name;
indeed wc have laid u bottle of wine
about it." "Oh! with two p's," was
the uuswer.
Another wife has poisoned her liti
bnud, 'Ihe salutation atuiini' wives
has become, "How are you juy .dm? I
Where ii.-, votl Imy.voiir poi.oii'r" f
The it" a ft'irv tol l of a ;lf-willed
deacon, who was always on the wrong
side and ludicrously atubW::. Yt'heii
the temperance rcfo.m was in" full
feather, and the question w.n discuss
ed in the' church of which he was an
officer, he, as a matter of course, oppos
ed it. He would not sign the pledge;
ho would not consent to its presenta
tion in the Sunday school ; he objected
vehemently to the distribution of tractc
One day, in the presence of a full house,
one of the members of the church
. made the case of ilia deacon a subject
of prayer. He said : "O Lord ! if thy
servant, our brother, continues his op
position to us, wilt Thou, in thy tender
mercies', remove hini from the church
militant below to the church triumph
ant above?" "Iwon'tgol" thuudcrtid
the indignant and obetinate deacon.
. A nicely dressed young gentleman en
tered a barber shop iu a eome-whHt
retired portion of the city a few days
ago, for the purpoBO of getting shaved.
The tousorial artist . epttt o the brush
nnd proceeded to lather, when he was
Rtopped by the horror stricken custom
er, who inquired what bo meant by
spitting on the brush. "Why," -said
the liarber, "ain't you a gentleman?"
"Yes," replied the stranger. "Well,"
said the barber, "that's tho way we
treat geutletueu; when a rough compl
in, we just merely epit on his face."
Sometimes in after life, when the
feet of sonic wayward man have stray
cd far away from the home of his
youth, and his heart has wandered
far from his father's God, some mem
ory of the pnst, like the sweet, sad
memory of the evening chime, may
wake long slumbpring echoes and
open long soaled 1'ountaiiiV; and a fath
er's counsels and a motlui's prayers
wi!l come up again from the sacred
burial placet of the pnst with wondrous
power to ruelt and win the . wayward
heart. '. ' : ' 1
A party of gentlemen wero having
a good time near Fond Du Lac, Wis
consin, roently, when it occurred to
one of them that a glass of water might
be an agreeable variety. Tho most
sober individual iu tho company was
detailed for dtny at the well. He pro
ceeded to a grinstone, put his - bucket
in position, and turned the crank with
dignilied assiduity till some one: stop
ped him by laughing long enough to
convince him of his mistake..
A quakcr gentleman riding in a
carriage with a fashionable lady deck
ed with n profusion of jewelry, heard
her complain of tho cold. Shivering
in her lace bonnet and shawl as light
as a cobweb, she ezclamed: "What
shall I do to get warm?" "I really
don't know," replied the Qttakor sol
emnly; "unless thee should put on an
other breastpin."" ' '
Lady had a favorite lap-dog, which
she called Perchance. "A sinzular
name," said bouiebody, "for a beauti
ful pet, madam. Where did you find
it?" "Oh," drawled she, "it was named
for BvronV doer. You remember
where ho says 'Perchance my dog will
howl.'" - '
A quarrel on tho Boulevard, termi
nated thus, one day recently, to the
amusement of the spectators: "Mort-
sier, you shall give mo tsatisfuctivu."'
Keply (amid a peal ot laughter)
"Monsieur, I cannot. Iain a niuuibcr
of tho Society for Protecting Animals."
Young lady (indignar.t at bcincr
brought to the Academy of designs too
early:) "Now, I told you, papa, this
wasu t tho iushionublo hour. Well
have nothing but thej horrid pie1., ires
to look at till the people t onic!"
A man of superior pompo.sitv wat
onea alluded to by Washington Irving
as "a great man, uud, in Ins own es
timation, a man of great weight. When
he goes to the West he thinks tho East
tips up."
A fellow tried to hang himself in
London not long ago, aud the magis
trate before whom he was taken very
properly ordered him to pay tho man
who cut him down ten shillings for
tho job.
A Hartford horso seizes rats in his
mouth when they emtio to hi j manger
to steal his oats, shakes them like a
terticr until satisfied they are dead,
and then throws them out of tlio Liu.
Young ladies are uow advised not
to put too much oil on their hair, lor
the reason that it is apt to spoil not
only the lappel of the coat, but also
tho vest.
A daughter of a New York stock
broker exults ot'er the fact that sho
has liic:, to 1., , ; six times and has
never been tho iuside of her mother's
Great lritiiin last yo.r cousuiued
forty-two million pounds of tobacco,
or a pound ami a half tor each one of
tho population.
The largest telcscopo in t! e world is
now being made at Cambridge, Mass.,
for tlio govorment. Three or four
years will bo required to coin ' to it.
'Ciu-ii bread," said an Irish waiter;
"wot httveu't got it; an' Lu't, it corn
bale von loatie?''