The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, January 24, 1871, Image 1

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Hates of Advertising.
One Square (t inch,) one Insertion fl M
OneSipiare " nffo iflorTtli 3 W
OneS'iuare " thrpe months ..S"
D.'llo In Knox's Bulldlngi Elnv StroeU
One Sipiare " one year
TWO -Linares, one V far ' - "
(Junrter Col. Ho '
if.f w oo
jno 100 00
no-sincs Cards, not excdirvg one inch
TEUM9, 2.00 A YEAR.
No Subscript Ions received for a shorter
period than three months.
Correspondence solicited from all parts
:f the country. No notice will be taken of
unnonymous communications.
Marriages and Deiith notices lnscrtod
XI UtlH.
In length, $10 per year.
M Let us have Faith that Right makes Might ; and in that Faith lot us to the end, dare do our duty as we understand it"--LINCOLN.
Legal notices at established rates.
These rafs( are low, and no deviation
will lie mwlc, or discrimination among
I atrons. Tho rates oirercd are sti. li,
will make It to the advantage of men dol
business in the-llmiUtot the circulation of
tlie paper to advertise lilwrall v.
VOL. III. NO. 41.
I. O. Gk T.
JVfeets every Wednesday evening, at 8
iM o'clock.
M. CLARK, W. 8.
. nswroit rBTTta.
Mlm Strttt, TTOyKSTA, PA.
Isaac Ash,
.TV Will practice in the various Courts of
forest County. All business entrusted to
lit rare will receive prompt attend, n.
1 ly
W. E. Lathy,
J'orest Co., Pa., will practice In (Marlon,
Venamro and Varren Counties. Otlice on
Kim Street, two doors above Lawrence's
grocery store. tf.
W. W. Mason,
.TTOUN E Y AT LA W. ofllee on
Street, above Wiilniit, Tioncstn, I'a.
C. W. Glinilnn,
. nation Co., I'a. tf.
N. B. Smiley,
ATIORNEY aT LAW, Petroleum Cen
tre, Pa. Will practice in t lie scvrrul
Courts of Forest County, a&-ly
. . Holmes House,
MHO.XESTA, TA., opposite the tcpot.
I C. D. Mable, Proprietor, tlood Kta
bliii connected with the house. tf.
Jos. Y. Saul,
PRACTICAL Harness Maker and Rad
I dler. Three doors north of Holmes
House, Tlonesta, I'a. All work is war
ranted.' tf.
Syracuse House,
ftMWoUTV, Pa., J. V Maoke, Prople
L tors. The house has been thoroughly
rctittcl and Is now in the first-class order,
vit!i tlie best of accommodations. Any
nt .min ion concerniiur Oil Territory at
litis point will bo cheerfully furnished.
-Iv J. it D. MAIS EE,
Exchange Hotel,
J i'WKR TiniOUTE, Pa., P. 8. Rams
iJ i . Sun Prop'. This house having
rciitcl Is now the moMt desirable stop
,"iir p'aco In Tidloute. A good Uilliard
,' .- h attached. 4-ly
National Hotel,
tl V'INETON, PA. W. A. Hallenbnck,
Proprietor. This hotel is New, and is
. open as a first class house, situate at
lie junction of the Oil Creek Allegheny
i:verand Philadelphia iV Erie Railroads,
jMMite tint IeMt. Parties having to lay
cr trains will tlnd this the most eonveii
cut hotel in town, with rirst-elasa aixsim-
inodationa and reasonable chames. tf.
TifTt Sons & Co.'s
VTKVV ENGINES. The undorsiirned have
i i firsalo and will receive orders Cor the
iiv Kiininc. Messrs. TitTt Sons A Co,
r now send in a to this market their 12- Power Engine with U-Horse Power
II-Her im'tiliarlv adapted to deep wells.
tKKH'KH at Diinenn A Chalfaut's, dealers
.ii Well Fixtures, Hard ware, Ac., MainSt.
.n: d'xir to Chase House, l'leasantville,
in. I at Mansion House, Titiisvllle.
tf. K. BRETT A SON, Agents.
Jotn. K. Hallock,
TTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor of
. Patents, No. SoA r reneh street(opMsite
Heed House) Erie, Pa. Will practice In
liesvcral. State Courts and the United
H'nU s Courts. Special attention (riven to
-lolicitl ' natenta for Inventors ! infrinire-
tueuts, re-issue and extension of patents
. ..rerun v attenaeu to. . iteierences: lion.
lauiea-Camphell, Clarion; Hon. John S.
MW'almnnt, Franklin; H. L. A A. H,
Itichinoiid, Meadville; W. E. Lathy. Ti
onest. 2 7
Dr. J. L. Acortb,
1 Ion I fifteen years' experience in a lare
iiul suceeHMtiii practice, will attend all
I ' r it'cssinnal Calls. Otlice in his Druir snd
iirs-erv Store, located in Tidioute, near
l iihoute llouse.
A ."nil aHsnrtmont of Medicines, Liquors
I'.ilmcco, t'ijrars. Stationery, Glaus, Paints,
Oils- Cutlery, and line Groceries, all of the
IiokI i)iiality, and will be sold at reasonable
11. R. BURGESS, an experienced Pruor
. ixl !.nn New York, has charge of tlie
iiora. Ail prescriptions put up accurately.
V, P. MerciUiott,
' A It ti r ii c y a i I, a w .
2T-tf '
'savings bank,
TiouoHta, Forest Co., Pa.
!iis P.a'.ik transacki a General Banking,
ic. tiiiLV und Kxchani;o Business.
I 'nuts
n tlie Principal Cities of the
1 Stales and Eurone boilL'ht an.l sold
Hold ami Silver Coin and Government
Sri uriticK iiouv;ln and sold. 7-30 Bonds
-ii i-rl.'il on tlie mobt fuvorublo terina
liileri--.! allowed olltiuiu di;iosils.
Mar. I. tl.
N. BOLARD, of Tidioute, has
, ; l to ins practice alter an ati
"lontlis, spent in tlie Ho. pi
. V irk, whura will attend
t. MIIIC--H1011.
' Kureka Orng Storo, 3d door
- .auk, Tidioute, Pa. 4Dtf
U; A I Kl. Land in Pennsylvania for
ca-ii uud g.sid stocks. Tuwnseud
y,, M4 aswuh 'IWnl W. Hl, l'4-
at thoStore of
D. S.. KNOX, & CO.,
Elm St., ioneata P.
We are In daily receipt 01 tlie arf est and
which ws are determined to sell regardless
of prices.
House Kunilklilnif Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tools, Agricultural Implenienta,
Ac., Ae Ac, which we offer at greatly re
duced prices.
of all kinds,
ES, Ac, Ac, Ac,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and see,
7-tf D. 8. KNOX. A CO.
SONG. The handsomest and cheaiest
work extent. It has so. jcthini; In itof the
liest for everv nne frir IIia nlil thn mill.
dle-tred and theyoiintf and must become
universally popular. Kxeeptinu: the Bible
this will bo the book most loved and the
nust frequently referred to in thelamily. i
Every page has passed under tlio critical j
lie jtreat poet,
Bare chance for best agents. The only
book of its kind ever sold by subscription.
Send at once for circulars, Ac., to
GEO. MACLEAN, Publisher,
30-4t 711) Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
SEASON OF 1870-71.
Important Improvements.
Patent June 21st and August 2.kl, 1870.
The Mason A Hamlin Orpan Co., have
the pleasure of announcing important im
provements in their Cabinet Oivans, for
which Patents were granted them iu June
and August last. These are not merely
meretricious attachments, but enhance the
substantial excellence of the iustrumeiitH.
They are also enabled by increased facil
ities a large new manufactory, they hope
hereafter to supply all orders promptly.
Tim Cabinet Organs made hv thia Coin-
pany me oi such univeiwal reputation, not
rope, that tew w ill need assurance of their
Tlicv now offer Four Octave Cabinet Or-rnn-.
In ipiile plain wes,bni enai a.i or.i
in' t i their eapucity toaiiytliingtlicy uiiike
li-r 111 each.
The same, Douh o Heed, M". Five Oc
tave Douhle Reed Organs, Fi'e Slope, with
Kneo swell and 'rreuuilaut, in elegant ease
with several of tint iiam and llaml.n
improvements, $15. The ksioc F.xtra
with new Vox Humana, Automatic Swell
et., flftO. Five Octaves, tiiree seta I tee, Ik,
seven stops with Eupliouc; a splendid in
strument, tSi.
A new illustrated catalogue with full
information, and repuced prices, is now
ready, and wil be sent free, w.tli a testi
monial circular, presenting a great mass of
evidence as to tlie superiority of these in
struments, to an v one sending his address
Tremoiit Street, Boston, os 5'J Broadway,
N. Y.
4.00 P.
Freight and Accommodation
Bv Kev. T. Dk Witt Talmauk,
The most Pojsilar Preaiher in America.
Agents wauled everywhere, nuilo or to
male, to sell tiiis grcHt work, is better than
Mark Twain, and no trouble to sell. Big
Profits. Send for terms and illustrated 1-1
Iiago circular, Evans, Stod.hirt A Co., Pub
inhsr, No, 740 Siuisoui fat., Philadelphia.
Professor 0. S. Fowler on Love,
Courtship, Selection and Mar
The true basis of love and selection
is similarity. Nature must keep ner j
genera and species npart. If the lion !
and the lnmb were to amalgamate,
their species would be spoiled. You
never knew much happiness to exist
between a white man at(d an Indian
squaw, because their tastes are so dif
ferent. The savage man should mar
ry the savage woman, the Turk should
marry a Turk, the Christian a Chris
tian, etc. Not only so, but the same
kind of Christian, the Baptist a Bap
tist, the Campbellite a Campbellitc,
and the Kniiw-Nothing n Know Noth
ing. Laughter.
I appeal to you to know if, when you
love, you do not love some one in
sympathy with youT There are of
course some exceptions. You some
times Bee a long, lean, lank Mr. Stork
married to a thick, heavy, plump Miss
Partridge. Then you find the heavy,
courspgrained elephant married to the
fine, nervous and susceptible angel.
This is well, because her over-vitality
is exhausted by his powerful animal
nature, nnd their offspring is better
than they, This a point well worth
your consideration, for no sin is so
great as that of cursing your children
with poor bodies by an ill-advised mar
riage. Wherein you are medium in
any respect you may marry medium,
but wherein you are extreme in any
temperament or predisposition, marry
your opposite. If your hair is a bright
red, marry a black-haired woman. It
it is medium, you may marry a shade
darker, but if your hair curls, don't
marry a lady who has curls, unless
they can bo easily taken off. Laugh
ter. I thiuk I have made this so plum
who is, and who is not adapted to you,
and this is the most important problem
of your life.
Men ate always the poorest judges
of themselves. The conceited man is
the last to find out his conceit, and
the humble man the last to realize his
"Oh, wad some power the gifllegie us,
To see oursel's as others see us."
Phrenology teaches this: There is
nothing more valuable than a know
ledge of one's self.
To you, young men, I would saj,
ascertain whether or not your lady
love can make good bread, fur if she
can't, you will have to eat a great deul
of dough ; and if so, it will be no great
matter, for it will only be dough-heads
eating dough. Laughter. The plaiu
luct is that bread has to be baked, and
you call llrutv your inferences,
. . i
again, see to it that your lady-love is
healthy. There are two causes of tlie
female weaknesses of to-day. First,
fashionable habits; and here I would
say, girls, be healthy hrst, and then
just as tashiouable as you please. An
other is female boarding shuols. They
take our daughters aim pack them be
tween brick and mortar walls, and tell
thuiu they must nut rump or take exer
cise, because it is not ludy-iike, and
uiauy of theui aie hiciully euueuted
to death. The great wuui of Amen
cuu society is robust, healthy moineis,
and the lunger you live the truer you
will find this remark. The first ele
ment of a wife is womanliness, and the
first elemeut of a husband is manliness.
j With them, you have all ;
the ni, you have uothing. Youog ladies,
you may take it as a fixed fact that if
your beau is capable of mistreating
Ins washerwoman he will treat you the
(.auto way.
Iu courtship, the first great error of
young tulks is that they court by the
quarter. They love here a little and
there a little, whereas the first law of
true love is periuautiicy. A may love
his wile ever so much, but if lie dallies
with other womau it will kill this love
tor the wile, or her love will kill the
other; it is impossible lor a man to
love two wotuen at the same time.
Now, wneii you whispered love to your
sweetheart, was it nut an exclusive
love? buppose a lover suys, Kui.', i
love you lor this, that or the other, but
I love LolU lit something else; what
dues Kate ay? Why, she tells him,
"Away with your love; I dou't want
it." Be careful when you begin to
love, and unless marriage is your ob
ject, do not continue it. Young tiinn,
don't dare to call out the affections of
a young lady unless you can make her
your wife. Her love is her life, and
you have no business with it unless she
is your prospective wife. It is danger
ous to think to trille with a girls affec
tions, and there is not so much fiction
about uroken hearts as you mny imag
ine. A lady, Mrs. Ayers, had two pidg-
eons which she kept iti one cnge with
only bars betwecu them, and when one
of them was taken away the other flew
about in prison in great distress, and I
finally fell dead, and a subsequent ex-
animation showed that its heart was
actually burst in twaiu. So of a young
lady who was disappointed in love.
She refused to marry, and lived a life
of devotion to her first love, though
she was years in recovering from the
chock o' her disappointment. At her
death she requested that a post mort
em examination be made, and that
post mortem showed that there had
been m actual sundering of the heart.
I tell you that broken hearts are not
eutirely figurative, but if they were,
you should not tr".fie with the aflections
of any one, and thus do them no wrong
which can never be remedied. But
you say.Professor I cannot be decently
polite to the ladies without being in
volved in a love affair. Well, I tell
yon, no young lady uader twenty-one
ever gave her love unsolicited f and
here I will tell you a story. A young
Hoosier once said to a Hoosieress, "Sal,
is there anybody courtin' you now?''
meaning thereby to iuvuire whether or
not his address were acceptable. And
Sal replied, "Well, Sam, there is one
fellow sorter courtin' and sorter not:
but I reekon it is more sorter not than
sorter" a much as to say, come on if
you like. Let me advise you not to
do your courting "kinder sorter,"
Whatever is worth doing at all is
worth doing well. Again, if you have
to marry the whole family iu order to
to get your sweetheart, let me tell you
that the old folks will inteifere, and I
advise you to open the doors and win
dows and tell them their room is better
than their company. By all means
stick to your wife. If, as is often the
case, there is a sister who is jealous of
the attentions which are given to the
wife, instead of the sister, and she in
terferes by pointing jut what she con
sidered u -Unit, and says your wife is
uot such a pink of perfection after all,
that sister deserves pitching out of a
second story window head first.
Curious Phenomenon.
Parties emplyed at the mills and
manufacteries on either side of the
river iu this city were great'y aston
ished, this morning, on discovering
that the good head of water flowing in
the river last evening hud been reduced
during the night by some mysterious
agency to l. ss than the slack supply of
midsummer, und, in fact, the water
power of the river was almost com
pletely lost for the time. Little or no
water was descending the river, and
the level above the first dum had fal
len three feet, wheu last evening a con
siderable body of water was pouring
over the top of the dam. aud the mill
races running full. In the harb. r and
above the bridges no movement ot the
water was perceptible, Uhero quite u
still current prevailed yesterday, and
the ice commenced to form across the
During the forenoon the river com
inenced to gather again slowly, but it
is still far below the natural level. No
satisfactory explanation has yet been
given of this rather startling occur
rence, which seems to threaten the
stability of the water power, which is
the great element of our business pros
perity. . Some people ascribe it a sud
den freezing up of the tributary
streams; others are speculating on the
probability of a quiet earthquake, in
some way brought about by tho total
eclipse of the sun which occurred this
morning.aud which, some philosophers
predicted, would be the cause of un
usual convulsions of mitur. But the
phenomenon is still unexplained.
Otueyo Commercial, Dec. 22.
The Tobacco Crop of Lancaster
County, Pa., it is stated is the finest iu !
quality and largest in growth ever ;
raited there, aud w ill reach sixteen to
seveutecn thousand cases, and at $00 j
. . .i. .1
per case, a low estimate, will uo worth
over one million dollar".
Sponges From the Florida Reef.
Sponges were very numcrous.though
we were told that a large portion were
not worth gathering. The sponger
could rendily distinguish the best lis
he pushcl his boat over them. Some
of the coarser kinds, not marketable,
are four feet in diameter. They are
more or less concovc at the apex. A
black membraneous tunic covers them,
and soft jelly-like portions project in
to ths pores and cavities, constituting
the slight claim they have to a place
in the animal kingdom. Animal mu
cus and fat oil have been found in their
analysis; so the vexed question is set
tled by chemistry, anil the are un-
questionably admitted to the ranks of
animated nature, though far from ac-
live members. A Blieht current is ob-,
servable over the openings, aud nour-
indolent is probably absorbed as it cir- dashing along iu that perilous situa
culates through them. The frame- tiou, from 15 to 20 miles an hour. He
work is made up of silica, a wonderful did not lose his consciousness nor his
proportion, in the form of spiculto or presence of mind in the slightest de
splinters. Unlike most other marine gree, but nerved himself to take the
objects, sponge is less attractive in its j best chances for his life. By a des
living state; only after tho soft parte parate effort he succeeded in keeping
are removed is it pleasing to the eye. hi bead raised, so that it escaped the
The pretty urn and other shaped
sponges found on the beaches are mere
ly the skeletons.
A large trade is now carried on at
Key West in this article. Small
schooners, from ten to twenty tons
burden, are employed. They are much
the shape of half an egg, and as flat
as is consistent with due regard to sail
ing qualities ; approaching, probably,
as near as is possible the mythic craft
that is suid to "float in a heavy dew.
These vessels lis at anchor iu the
channels, wh'le the spongers push their
small boats over the flats to gather the
sponge. Iu some places they dive for
it, and in shoal water grapple them.
The specimens are very heavy, being
loaded with water and the jelly like
animal matter. They are buried in
the sand of the beaches until the mat
ter is decomposed, when they are wash
ed and carried to Key West, collected
upon strings of convenient length.and
bleached in the sun. That portion of,
Key West called Conchtown in the
principal depository, where the yards
and fences are loaded with them. For
many years nearly all the sponge col
lected on the Florida Reef was sold at
Key West loan Israelite of New York,
one Isaacs; latterly others huve enter
ed the trade, a very respectahlo in
como is derived from it JIarper't
Magazine for Febrvary.
Held Her Own.
The Hornellsville Tribune relates
the following: We are told that a
well-to-do merchant of Warsaw invit
ed a young lady of the same place to
take a short buggy ride with him on
Thursday of last week. The young
lady consented, and the pair started
in the direction of the railroad depot.
While on the road tho young blood
proposed getting married before return
iiij;. The fair one consented, and they
accordingly took the cars for Hornells
ville, where they arrived about two
n.mcK on
went to a hotel, and the intended groom
.ii t- - i t...-
alk'U lor a rami wun a uei in u, ami
I 1 1
then informed the young lady that
had secured 'private' apartments for
themselves and wished to retire. But
she couldn't see it from where she was;
she politely told the gallant that she
guessed she would "be married a little
first!" The poor man begged aud
plead to postpone tho ceremony until
fiaylight, but it was no use alio would
bo married then and there or return
home on the next train," which left
within thirty miiiutes. ho rather thau
blast all his bright hopes and anticipa
tions, he was forced to toddle up town
and arouse a sleepy divine, and with
the assistance of a nu'iiber of boarders,
for witnesses, they were put in a condi
tion to take a private room. Then the
fair bride concluded she would rather
go home, und they accordingly "went" j
back to Warsaw, within an hour uf
ter they had arrived iu town.
"How do ou define 'black as your
hat?' " said a schoolmaster to one of
his pupils. "Darkness that may be
felt." replied the youthful wit.
A Portland man has sued a barber
for 810,000 damages for cuttiug off his
.i iiM . i t ... i : i.
mousiacua i no uaruer upoiogiies vj
I savin h didn't see it.
A Fearftl Ride.
Frank Trask, a fireman, runifing on
the night freight train from the city of
Providence, had a most remarkable
escape from death on the 6th inst.
As the train was going on the down
grade, east from the summit of Bolton
Mountain he weut to the forward part
of the engine to oil the piston. The
oil is distributed better when the train
is co in 2 the fastest and he took this
pBrt of the road, wherctrain gets its
highest speed, to attend to it. By some
stidden motion of the locomotive he
lost his hold and was thrown forward
on to the cow catcher. Instead of
rolling off and being dashed to pieces,
ns'hp exyected,the pilot caught him by
a few threads in the Cardigan jacket
he had on, so that he was held fast
w ith his feet dragging upon the ground
ground though he was hanging'close
down, rod the least depression would
dash him to pieces. The engineer in
the meantime, had not discovered the
frightful position ef his assistant till,
' thinking that he was gone longer than
usual, he looked forward and there
saw his shadow, by the light of the
moon, ruuuiug a phantom race with
the iron horse. In an instant he whis-
tied down brakes, and the speed began
to slack ; but iu the sudden checking
ot the train, the tender threads of
Trask 's jacket broke and ho was hurl
ed to the ground, pitching over and
over; a:id yet he retained his self
possession, and when his associate ar
rived by his side he was ns clear-headed
as ever. He had noticed the alarm
for down brakes, aud felt that his posi
tion was discovered. He was taken to
Wilmantic and brought back to this
city. There were several cuts and
contusions on his legs and the lower
I1"1" f l'" body but nj fractures, nor
anything of a particularly dangerous
nature. Two or three months ago he
was on the same train coming from
Providence, when the engince ran into
a turn-table at Wilmantic, and then
had his arm broken, which was not en
tirely healed. He says if he had the
use of both arms he could have extri
cated himself, but being disabled made
his situation not only no re hazardous,
but his escape from death more miracu
lous. Enough.
Adum Goodenough, who formerly
kept the Tiffany House in this city
poor enough, fleeced hol..o of our citi
zens well en lugh, and started off quick
enough, but didn't run quite fast
enough, nor keep ruhvnp long enough,
nor go quite far enough, got a Jeisey
policeman's grip on him tight enough,
and at the request of Governor Geary,
Governor Randolph was kind enough
to surrender the said Adam Good
enough to answer the charge of forging
I the name of James Ford to a check
, . ... . ..
. n . . . , a K ...
i . ... .....
110 win lie returned to mis city ior
trial, which Goodenough will no doubt
consider tough enough. The whole
allitir is bad enough. Meadville lie
publican. The Venango Spectator is respon
sible following: Iu a rule to show
cause of action iu a slander case be
fore the Court on Mnuday last, the
affidavit produced by the party com
plainant closed as follows: "Defend
ant called deponent a liar, a thief uud
a 'd d son ,' all of which is
true to the best of deponent's knowl
edge and belief."
The complainants reliance upon the
legal maxim "the greater the truth
the greater the libel, may account
for the frank uckiiuwlcdgineut iu his
I affidavit.
The report that the French in
' teuded to introduce George Francis
Traiti to Bismarck, with the deliber
ate purpose of having the Chancellor
talked to death, is now declared to have
I no foundation. The Freuch may have
had some such design : but they knew,
if they carried it out, that they could
never afterward lay any claim to civil-
i'd warfare.
A Magnetic Spring.
The Magnetic Spring recently open
ed on the ea'tcm shore of Luke Mich
is really quite a remarkable discovery,
and add to the list of mineral waters
a new kind, apparently far more po
tent than Vichy, Kissingen, Congr,
Katalysine or Welden. It was reach
ed accidentally, by men employed in
drilling a salt well ; at the depth of
two hundred and fifty feet they fetched
water of an entirely unique quality. It
holds, in solution. 400 Brains of com
mon salt to the gallon of water, be
sides the bi-carbonates of soda, lime
iron, maganese and magnesium, the
chlorides of potassium, cal.lum nnd
magnesium, the bromide of magnesium
and traces of silica, alumina and am
monia. Its magnetic powers are so
strong that a pocket knife left beneath
its current for a few minutes will be
mognciized to pick up tacks, while its
its buoyancy, when heated to 30 de
grees Fahrenheit, it very remarkable,
floating bathers readily, lis medical
qualities are of course- pulled up to tho
highest notch ; nnd undoubtedly they
are considerable. The place where the
spring was found is a lumber depot,
which, with the usual rapid growth of
western villages, numbers already 1500
inhabitaiiU.with five acad
emy, and an agricultural hall. One f
iu neculiarities is that acres of its area
are built out of sawdust.streels grmled
from two to four feet deep with this
material, and the chief hotel iu Spring
Lake is an old saw-mill transformed,
with bath rooms and nearly every
modern appurtenance. The owners of
the spring aie also building a hotel,
and Spring Lake is likely to become
the watering place of the West.
The Chicago I'ot made a contri
bution to the stock of geographical
knowledge as follows: "The Hon.
John Covode was born in Westmor
land county, Pennsylvania that patt
of the Keystone State that was W I "Hill 1
ed from Connecticut after the revolu
tion." A teacher of geography and
history would be a good addition to
the Post's staff" .f editors.
Young men v il' do well to remem
ber that a young man who afterwards
bpcame one of the wealthiest merchants
in Philadelphia, began housekeeping
on a salary of $300 a year, but he laid
up a part of that $300; and he made It
a rule of his life never to increase his
expenses as fust as his income incaeased.
"Out west," a miser made out a
check for his nephew, and when he
learned that instead of five dollars it
was for five hundred dollars, he gave
one Jong-drawn sigh and exclaimed
"My God I I am a ruined man," then
sank down and died. Twas time.
In an orangery at Los Angeles
California there is a lemon tree plant
ed in the midst of an orange grove.
The fruit of this tree is neither lenmu
nor orange, but in shape and flavor it
partakes of the peculiarities of both or
ange and lemon. It is a complete hy
brid. A Connecticut d?ac!n, who made
a sharp bargain by trading a lame
horse to the minister, was asked what
he thought the Lord would say to him
for cheating so. He said there was no
evidence to show that the Lord knew
a foundered horse anywny.
The fools iu the world nre divided
info three classes, viz: the ordinary fool
the fool who is one and docs not know
it. and the f ml who is not satisfied with
being a fool ill reality, but utnlcrLike1
in u.lditoti to pluv the fool.
An Ind ana journal is trying to
promote pedestrian exercises among
the students of the Suite by urging a
law to prohibit the sale of liquor with
in three miles of any iusiituion of
A physician said of a quack thnt
"he was such an"ignoramus that, if he
could take a luuteru and go djwn in
side his patient, he couldn't find out
what the matter was."
A thirty-two months girl thus ac
costed her futher a day or two ago:
"Papa, w ill you buy me some holes to
put in my ears, sol can have some ear
lings ?"
Female pickpockets wear the con
venient Arab shawls. They fold their
shawls like the Arabs, and silently
steal away.
Theuoctrine of female suffrage bits
h4u stavieil in l'ni-ii.