The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, October 11, 1870, Image 3

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Turffrm D. R. Knox.
0H-i7me Jacob Shrlver, Jacob Wenk
D. W. Clark.Geo. W. Sawyer, J. K. Stroup.
Jnttir f the Vnre W. P. Mercilllott,
f t'oo J. N.Teltsworth.
rVcol Vireeiort 3. Wlnsns, W.F. Hun
lor, 1). 8. Knox, J. A. Proper, Jacob
Sh river.
Preiritlmt Judge J Mm CamfbKI.U
K. I Dorr.
JhstriH AUornnfYT. W. MiWB,
JTrerMwrer J. P. Blooms.
Froihonotm-y, Begielvrit Recorder, e.
J. n. AoMitw.
Cbtmitioier A. B. Root, Bait J. EL-
CbKit'y ipermorile R. F. Howaitn.
Jry bmmtori J AS.,
-A. Cook.
fbony Sitrvrvon R.i. Inw-lK.
(brOH1- J (Mil ah Wis ass.
County .rfwrtttor II. H. 8TOWK, U I
JIackktt, Km Holkmaw.
Member of iXmgrt I'Mk DitrM O. W.
AtnM WiMtfe W. A. WALLACB.
AewMyJon O. Halu
oivo yomm.
Arrive. Depart.
MM ......1.30 p.m. 1.25 p.m.
Express .7p. m, 6.40 p. hi.
ootwo bocth.
Arrive. Depart.
Express 10.04 a. m. 10.07 a. m.
Mall a.14 p, m. . p. m.
If t i
All persona Indebted to thii office
up to April lit, 1870, are especially re
quetted to make Immediate payment,
ai we desire to close all accounts to
that date. J.T. Dale, Treas'r,
Jacob Btraum, of Tilu.Tille, bas
forty relaiires ia King William's array
A Bi-.o: t ilalue of Bnalapeare is
to deco -ate the pedestal on the cornice
of PamhaH't Opera Hotxae, Titiuville.
TuE bui'ding improvements of li-
tusviHe s'ice the Erst of March how
. - v- nAi:nrA f at noa .
Ar occurred at Oil dtyone
day last week, at the Union House,
oueofxthe parties getting Lis sknll
broken with a poker.
Ths Erie Republican boasts of a
female lagerist who put twenty-seven
g'asfces of beer under her apion and
walked off sober.
Roof Iloa City claims the cham
pion sick man of the oil regions. They
Lave a man there that has been sick
for foily-l wo years.
The total population cf Crawford
County, is 62,886. The increase since
18G0,U'13,845 over 11,000 of the in
crease is in Titusville and Meadville.
Weather prophets say that nature
always preserves her equilibrium, and
at the last stun me r has been the hot
test known for eighty years, a winter
of unusual severity has been predicted.
Tue Spectator snys another big well
was struck on the Reno Company's
property on Tuesday evening last. On
. i i jt : 4 1 1. . ui
it euoesuay ii wo uuwiug tun raw
of two hundred and fifty barrels per
' ?J v- . '
v t . m r . . tt.u
V The little brown cottage at Cambridge,
' Pa., ia the place to call to have the
knot nromptly and strongly tied. Iu-
. quire ior Ilev. 6. J. Whitcomb."
I. O. O. F. Mingo Lodge, No. 505,
I. O. O. F. will dedicate a new hall at
Stratonville, Clarion County, on 20th
inst : a central attendance of the
JBrctl. e i is deaired.
We have deferred publication until
this (Wednesday) "morning, for the
purpose of giving our readers the elec
tion returns. The county has gone
Republican over one hundred an in
crease of seventy over last year's vote.
In our next we will give the official re
A millionaire named Dean, from
Boston, who is anxious to invest a por
tion of his surplus means in valuable
real estate, has, after prospecting thro'
.the. western btates, concluded to in--vest
half a million dollars in real es
tate and improvements ii Titusville.
J5o says the Herald.
A KEW well has been struck in El
d"ed township, Warren county, on the
joad between Garland and Enterprise
.midway between the two places, which
Is now producing from tore to five
barrels of oil per day and promises to
increase. This is on entirely sew ter
ritory and will produce a sensation in
oil circles.
Quite a number of our citizens are
getting all things in readiness for their
accustomed annual deer hunt The
deer are very plenty in the northeast
ern portion of this county. Quite
number have been killed in this imme
diate vicinity. Old hunters say that
game of all kinds will be abundant
this winter nuts of all kinds being so
plenty. The deer that have been kill
ed this season are unusually fat
Accident to a Freight TaAiw.
A freight train composed principally of
oil cars, while coming from Tidioute
to Oil City Saturday afternoon, met
with an accident near the mouth of
Stewart's Run, by which eight cars
loaded with oil, owned principally by
parties in Oil City, were thrown from
the track and destroyed. The accident
is supposed to have been caused by an
axle breaking, as at the first intima
tion the engineer bad of the same, was
upon looking back and seeing the oil
tank and cars going into the river.
The cars that were thrown from the
(rack were near the centre of the train
the three next to the locomotive and
the two rear cars remaining upon the
track. Luckily the brakemen were
on another part of t!e train, otherwise
loss of life must have resulted. Pas
senger trains during the a iter noon
were compelled to make a transfer at
the point of accident, and the wreck
was not entirely cleared up until Bun-
day morning. Ilemld.;
On Thursday of last week 8 wild cat
entered the house of Mr. Elliott Wal
ters, who resides at Wilson's Mill, on
Toby Creek, in Knox township, about
seven miles north of this place, and
took a young child from the cradle,
and was about to commence devouring
it when it was frightened away. The
parents had gone out to gather in po
tatoes from a lot and left the babe
wrapped up,' sleeping iiv itj cradle. A
little girl was sent in after they had
been abesnt a short lime, to see about
the child, and . when she opened the
door, was horrified to see a large wild
cat, with the infant behind the store.
The little thing was crying pitiously,
and iu a short time would doubtless
have beeu killed a;id devoured by the
savage bcat On the alarm being
given, the wild, cat escaped through
the window, and hai since been seen
in thatncighWkood. Clarion Detn-
At Corry, a few nighU since, a mer
chant on Senaca street: gave an im
promptu exhibition of the uses of gas.
Of course everybody was proud of
having the illuminater started, and of
course some of the gas pipes leaked.
The merchant's store smelted, especi
ally strong, and it appeared to be
densest in the box shaped show win
dow. Some one advised him to light
a match, so aito ascertain where the
leak was, and, holding his nose while
he performed the operation, he went to
the inside of the window, struck a
match, and landed on his back on the
Ivement, with broken glass all around
him. He now considers tho expedu
encv of hunting for gas leaks with
lightod matches as more than question
A noBRiBLE accident occurred at a
flouring mill at Emporium," the other
day. The miller noticing something
wrong with the machinery, immedi
ately shut off the water and stopped
tho mill. On going to the basement
he found the crushed remains of a
child. It seems that a little son of
Amos Klock, aged rbout 8 years, by
some means got into the basement, and
probably while playing near the ma
chinery, got caught between the spur
wheel and pinion, the cogs di-awing
him in and almost grinding him to
Tionesta & Clabiox Rail Road,
We understand that the meeting ad'
vertised to take pace on the 4th inst,
of stockholders of the Tionesta &
Clarion Railroad stands adjourned un
til further notice, from the unavoida
ble absence of interested parties. We
are informed that the interest in this
great enterprise is in no way abating,
that capitalists begin fully to appreci
ate its merits and that arrangements
will duly be made for the procurement
of means to prosecute this work to an
early completion.
... A
Fourteen miles of the Union and
Titusville Railroad, on the Union end,
will be graded' within three weeks.
Five hundred and fifty men are at
work on the line. The iron is con
tracted for, and the road will proba
bly be completed before December.
Dentistry. A J. Stiles, Dentist,
Tidioute, Pa., baa the reputation of
being one of the most expert Dentists
in this section. He uses all the mod
ern appliances for extracting teeth
without pain, such as Chloroform, Ether
Nitrous Gas, or the new method of
Freezing the Gums with Spray. The
most delicate and difficult operations
of filling the teeth with gold skillfully
performed. He also uses a new prep
aration, MOs Artificiel," which sup
plies the bone lost by decay, and is
applied without pain. A long expe
rience in the business, and . the large
patronage given Mr. Stiles, is suffic
ient evidence that his work gives sat
isfaction. Office over Acouh's Drug
Store, Tidioute. 17 ly.
News Items.
" The Princess of Prussia makes her
own dresses and bonnets.
A SAUK in Philadelphia was de
frauded on Saturday, of $69,000.
A movement is on toot in Virginia
and Maryland to keep alive the mem
ory of Stonewall Jackson by a monu
mental institute.
It is stated that Bouchet, the young
colored man in the Yale freshman class,
passed the best examination of all the
The powder works at Poltsville, Pa.
exploded on Monday last destroying
several buildings and killing two men,
Between six and seven hundred kegs
of powder exploded and the shock
was felt sixteen miles.
A young Sandusky cloth mangier,
suffering from blighted affections, took
poison twice to end his days, but was
pumped out The last seen of him he
was headed for the eighty forest with
a new clothes line.
One of Brighara Young's sons pass
ed through Corry last week en route
from Philadelphia to Salt Lake. He
spent the Sabbath at Gen. Kane's resi
dence, at Kane. He had been east af
ter another wife.
A San Francisco reporter is in luck.
Passing a house he saw a young lady
ghting a fire with kerosene, when he
rushed ia and threw his eoat over her
in time to save her life, and she would
not let him off without marrying hr.
As she is worth a million, and is un
healthy, lie accepted the situation.
Yeager, who shot Col. Crane, in
Mississippi, is free, because the Grand
Jury would find no indictment against
him, probably because it is no crime
there to kill a Yankee.
FfxrrxxTTBT Bicds at Large.
Tin Pittsburgh papers state that
James Dnun and Thomas Irvin, lately
committed to the Allegheny Peniten
tiary from Venango county, effected
their escape on Tuesday last The
It seems the men were engaged in
the yard about the gas house. They
wei-e only occupied three or four hours
a day, and had been assigned to .that
duly and allowed to be outside be
cause of exemplary conduct They
bad been working up to quarter past
six last Tuesday evening. About sev
en o'clock the guard about the peniteu
tiary was changed. Wbile litis was
being done the" two convicU made
their escapes. They had constructed a
a ladder ot twine and sucks, wnicn
they had evidently been at work upon
for some time. 1 ben managed some
how to obtain hold for it on the east
ern wall, fronting on Sherman avenue
(late Webster street). It was then
but a small job to scale the walls and
away. It was not long before their
absence was noticed, but they had
made good their escape, and no trace
of them could be had. The officers of
the penitentiary , as will be seen in an
other column, offer a large reward for
their capture, and the fellows may yet
Co back to their stone home to servo
out their liine.
D. S. Knox A Co., have just re
ceived another large invoice of agri
cultural implements, consisting L part
of forks, rakes, scythes, hoes, c. which
they are selling at greatly reduced
figures. 13-tf
PiANoa at Great Bargains. J,
C. Hull, of Meadville, Pa., is offering
to sell the Steinway, Chicketin
Bradbury and some other makes, at
greatly reduced prices. Also Organs
and Melodeons. 21 tf
Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Saw mill
men, Oil men, and other citizens ot
Forest county, who are in want of any
thing in the Hardware line, should go
to Andrews A Co., Tidioute. They
have the largest stock in this section
of the country. They are making and
repairing all kinds of Machinery and
Saw mill castings at short notice 4-tf.
A 13. Syfele, Cashier Tioneata
Saving Bunk, has been appointed
agent for the celebrated M Ininan Line
Ocean Steamers," at this place. Any
person desirous of going to Europe or
bringing friends to this country, will
do well to call on Mr. Steele, who will
furnish them with all the information
Aonew & Siogins have just receiv
ed a large stock of boots and shoes, ot
every description, which they are sell
ing at prices that defy competition
iney have also on band a uesn sup
ply of eo floe, teas, sugars, . tobacco,
igara, rice, dried fruits, canned fruits,
spices, mens pork, ham, fink, flour.
crackers, beans, peas, soap, candles,
nails, queensware, glauware, notions,
&c, etc., which they are sell lag as low
as the lowest here or elsewhere, and
are determined not to be under sqLJL
Reynolds, Broadhead A Co., Oil
City, Ta., are in receipt of their Stock
of rJpring and Summer Dry Goods, of
all kinds. This firm is one among the
oldestof that city, and the most exten
sive. Their present stock is complete
in all department, and comprises Gen
eral Dry Goods, Drees Goods, Notions,
Ac.Carpet, Oil great variety
of style and price. The goods have
been selected from the best stocks in
the eastern cities, and for excellence
and elegance, have never been excell
ed by any establishment in this section
of country. The good taste ever ex
hibited by this favorite firm, has never
been more judiciously displayed than
in their present stock. Among thei
other numerous specialities, are the fa
mous - U. T. K." brand of Ladies' and
and Children's Shoes. These are the
best article manufactured. Lll the
novelties of the season are supplied to
this firm simulatueous with their ap
pearance in the leading cities. 6-tf
D. S. Knox & Co., Tionesta, Pa.,
are now selling the best tea in the
country for one dollar per pound, and
everything else in proportion 'for the
cash. Also, fruit jars Ac., in endless
variety. 15 tf
Furniture bought of me will He de
livered, freight paid, to any station de
sired on the OX4A.Il. It,
' Geo. IL Abrkvs. Jr..
4- If .Tidioute. Pa
A splendid variety of Furniture
at Aherns' new Warerooms, Empire
Hotel Building, Tidioute, Pa. 4-ti
You can buy your Furniture, cheap
er and better at Ahrens' new Furni
ture Warerooms, Tidioute, Pa, than
any where else in this section. Try it
Teachers' ExamlnatieMa.
THK repulnr Full Kxnmttiation In For
est 4 "ouii.; y will be held as folio ws :
Tuesday, November 1,. st C1a'nK'on.
Thunly ; , at Xebi-aHka
Friday 4. t Tiontrta.
MomluY 7, at Kelibi-f,
Tumrtny - , atCHickorv,
Thurly 10. st Newtowa'
Saturday 12, t Msiiea.
Exerclme commence at 9 o'clock A. M.
Applicant will piettxe come aupplsd with
pencil and paper. 1 1 rector and frienda of
education a-crmpectlve Invited to be pres
ent. M. F. ROUKKB, County 8upL
Oct S, 170. 28-ld
Albert i,
Burr, Lyman Howard and
W. Fleming, and all persons whom It may
, Knmuel T. Mclll. J.
In Common Plow, of Forest Conntr,
No. 1, Dec Tonn, 1870. hill id Equity to
pe.-iielrfnte tontintonr.
-rue l'lainuns in Wie above Mil nay. That
hey sre the owners in lee of one hundred
and fifiy arrooflA.iid,ortherwloutH,.Ui
ale in Harmony Towiikh p,in Mid Corn.r,
-i : i 1 . V i . . .
mwitimu w jtfiKiwe i jw:nr. pure oi ine
Tract known an the Uitchcl Bur vxv. bound
ed ou the north by land of Ueo.'je Dun-
lap, east by Innrt now or formerly of J.
Comstock, south by land now or fomerlv
owned by J. John- ton and J. D. Neil!, anil
Wont by the Alcorn funu, which is pai-t of
ui9 same Diirvev.
That thesad" tact of land wiw set; led
and improved by one Ex- Ciiicjiel, w ho
iccame ineowm r tneroor ly applies! on
therefor, and warrant nnd snrvcv duly
mado and retiirnod to the Innd olUce in
1K.I7, and tiie settlement di'os fully com
pleted the eon.
That tho --'d Gliciiel. on tho Wh day of
jecemoe-, in, iy wrl-tug dm execut
ed aiid deli vereo. hold nnd conveyed all hla
rlfrht, t.tleknd IiiiD.CHt In tim aforo.
said to one Uer.onio C. 8cott. f.-om whom
by sundry con veyaiv ei tiio li.'e ha le
eomo veiled in the I'lalttifft and pivys
tho Court That tlv innv bo at libe.-tv to
examine theli- wIhioshos," and make proof
oi .-several mniiors una iii-iik nceiu De
fore nientionod, mid pa -licitlat'ly with
rofe-enco to tlio iii:itiv r'lcjred iu iho 2d
and 8!h lirnrnnmnh of ih'a bill.
2d. ") n:il they may be at liberty a'., and
iion all l'utiii-L occ.-voui' lo read and
make uno of tho suid testimony as they
HIRT IM. BUV'tieit.
VhereitKiu the Conrt ordc and dot roe,
mat an hrmi:'miu e i enured by aaid J
v . r lomitiu n.iu ait ici-oii wnoui U may
comcrn on or before, the 4;h Monday of
le.e!lll)Cl, A. 1. 1870, and that a copy of
mum orncr rim abatement or iliesuusuuice
and objects of the Bill be published in Ice
Forest Repuiilioun for Hut weeks the last
or vt-nicii imtiiicution shall be at least ten
d .ys before tue aaid fonr.h Monday of
lec., 1S,U. lix J HJS tvUnii
AtteHtt J. B. Aokkw, Pro.
Q?fA WKKK paid agents, male or
3Uw female, in a new manufacturing
business at hnuie. No capital required.
Auuress novelty m., Haco, Maine. XS-4t
VINEGAR made from Cider, Ac., in 10
hous without Djiiffu. bend 10 cents
for Circular to . aAUE, Cromwell, Conn.
Free tm 11 it. Areata.
We will send a handsome Prospeotua of
our w iitusirauMi ramuy xuuie to any
Book Agent, free of charge. Address,
National Publishing Cow FhUa., Fa. 2M-3t
Homething urgently needed by everybody
paid for 50 ct ttiat retail eatujy for I0. K.
it v 010011, ibi uuaturm tKj., N. x. XS-st
of Afexico. Adventure and SJght-seeing
"Our (liter Repuolio."
Is a work of rare merit' profuaaly illustra
ted. Send forciritulars to Columbian Hook
Comiauy, Hartiord, Ct. . 2&-3t
ITS Votaries, by Dr. J no- B. Ellis. Tha
most startiina book of modern limes. The
whole subject laid bareand its bidoousness
exrsnx'd to universal execration. Written
in the interests of Civilisation, Christiani
ty and Public Morality. Send for circulars
ana terms, u. tf. rubltsltlng Co., 14. X.,
Unoinuati, Chiiigo and rit. IxnUh. 2j-St
. To the Nerveous
WnOSRiufTcrlnff have bean protract
ed from hidden eaunes, aud whose
eases require prontvt treatment to render
existence desirable ;
If you aro suflbrln, or hare stt.Teicd
from Involuntary discharges, what effect
does it p -od ice on your crevl litnllhf
Do you feol woak, doW'.iaiotl, r.v ''y tl.-ed?
Dcei a lltt! p-o"uc pal
pitation of the heart f Does y. ,'t . or
urinary organs, or jour kid. ey:l
!y got out of on'crT I ycur ii :ia 1.0.110
tlmes thick, m'lky c : flosky, c i is H ropy
on set:' log T O doc a tb'.ck eVnm r:e 'o
the top 7 Or is a kodinient st the b' ' .oin ar
te it ha? stood w" T T!-j -,.,.i ; ve
spoils of short b'-eatliingor d!pf Are
yonr bowels- const :oaiedT Do you have
r.pells of fralnlin;, oi-i.'bcs of fo'.ood 10
Uie head f Isyoi'r i,Kmn 7 ; oaf Is
yonr mind co . j 'y rlwe '3; : -. tb's
subjectf Doyoii.-W d:' !'"devif mon'uj.
tied of cumpz .iy, o lllc T Do you vi h.h left nlo.'e, avay . oti ove yboilyT
!.oe sy litJe talJ3 mLo yoa ..- or
JnmpT Is your k'cej h xUe-.i or ies..e T
Is the lu;-.e oTjoi?.-eye ai V Ilia.. if
The b'ovu on youreheeVr" bJ&'itT JV
you enjoy yourself In society as well t Do
you pursue your business with tho same
energy ? Do yon feol as much confidence
In youself f Are youi' spi :U dull and flag,
glng, given to fits of mola tchoiy T If so,
do not lay It to your liver or dytpeosia.
Have you restless c:ghisf Yonr back
weak, you.- knots week, and have but lit
tle appetile, and you attribute this to dys
pepsia or livor-oomxloiutT
Now, reade. solf-abuso, venereal dtS'
mnt badly cured, and sexual excesses, are
all .o?.ble or p.-oducinqc aweakijewor the
generative organs. The organs of geaei-a-
Uon.whcn in perfect health, make the man
Did yon ever think that ihose bo'd, dell-
ant, energetic, persevering, sucoewful bus
iness-men are always those v. hoso gone.'
tive organs are in perfect health f You
never hear etich men complal.i of hoi .13
mclaneholy, of nen'ouBness,of n.ilpllalion
of the heart. They are never afraid they
oaanot succeed In business ; they don't be
oomo and and 0 Iseouvosod ; tbey arealways
polito and pleasant iu the company of la
dies, and look you and them right in the
lace nono of your downcast looks or any
moannesa about llie.n. I do nat moan
those who keop the organs Inflated by
running to excess. Tiioso wilt not on'y
ruin their coiistiluilonn, but also tu.)se
t'aey do buiuess with or lor.
How many men, from badly cured dis
eases, from the effects of selT-abuse and
excess, have brought aliottt that slate of
T. cVne s in thos? organs that has rru-iced
tlieconeal aystem co mneU ai lopio-iuce
al most o ve.-y oilier dlscaso id -ocy, 1 tinai-y,
paralysis, sk ikiI ulfcct ons, siiicit'o, un 'i a
mcas-ery oUiar foim o'disea which
humanity Is ho'? 1 , and the real t.uho of
the trouble scaveoly ever snecietl aud
have doctored forall but the light one.
Diseases cf these organti require t.'io use
of a DIuretle. HEt.MBOt.DS FLUID
EXTRACT IWCiiV is tle g -eat Diu etlc,
and Is a cor .u!n cure for diseases of the
Bladde-, Ktc'.ieys, lliavJ, D.-opsy.O-san
la Wer.knes, Tciutile C'jmo'n'rtii, (lener
al Debily, and all illo es of the V'v'na -y
Organs, whe.lier exl'ihifi la Milo or FC'
male, from whainvur uuuro o.-laWiat'ng,
and no lualir ot hotv long staiulin.
If no treatment is submitted to, Con
sumption or Insanity may ensue. Our
flesh and blood are supported from these
soure, aud the health and happiness,
ad that of Posterity, depends upon
prompt uoe of a rel iablc remedy.
Helmbold's Extract Buuhu, establishud
upward of 19 Aears, prepare-! by II. T.
HELM BOLD, Drugg'xt, 61,1 Broadway.
New York, and 104 (South lOtlt Street,.
Philadelphia, Pa. PRtt :k-$1.24 )r b jttle
or t bottles for W.ftO, "delivered lo any ad
dress. Sold by all Druggesis everywhere.
Wrapper, fao-ainr.e oi'myflieinlcal Ware
house, and signed H. T. HELM BOLD.
28-1 T
Keltool Tax Kotlee.
NOTTCR Is hereby (riven that the R hool
Ihipllcste of Tionesta Borough, of tnx
of 1870, iiavo been pinned in my hnnds for
collection. In accordance with tho Act of
Assembly. In such raise made and provid
ed, I hereby glvo notice that I will attend
at my store, lit Tionesta Borough, Fa., for
the purpose of receiving said tax, for two
mouths from date. It is under Act of 21st
April, lt10, that all person who shall be
fore the expiration of two months from
the daie of this nolli-n, pay (heir tax shall
DO entitled to a deduction 01 nve per cent.
Treas'r Tionesta lloro. 8. D.
Dated Sept. Ill, 1870. 24-3t.
Bsmuel IIar.lett. Executor of Kamnel
Haslett, deed. Harah IIar.lett, widow, A
ltohcrtw. Ilazlott, et al, heirs and legal
representatives of Hainucl llaxlett, dec ci.
vs. Oeorgo B. Hweeny and Mary Jane
I.udlngton, heirs and leral representatives
of Alexander Sweeny, deed, with notice
to tore tcnents.
In the Common Hens of Forest Connly.
No. 9, Kept. Term, ISTft. Delit ZW.XI In
terext from Sept, i!h lt83; costs 10.00
Bel la to revive Judgment and continue
10 tieorge 11. Kn-ecny and Mary Jane
Iittdington, the defendant above named :
Take notice. Unit you arc required to ap
pear at our next Con it of Common 1'leas,
to le held In Tionesta, on the 4th Monday
of Sept. 1879, and show cause if any you
have, why judgments should nof be taken
agalittyou. - DAVIS,
Sample Sweeny. In part for use of Sam
uel Hac'.ett executor, Harah Hanlett, wid
ow, and It. W. iinxlett, et al liolrs and le
gal representatives of Snniuel llazlett,
uee'd vs. same.
In the Common Pleas of Forest County,
No 10, HepU Term, 1H70.
Debt $7, 500.06. Interest from Aug. 29th
wi. vosts
Nci fa to tevive Judgment and continue
To Oeortre B. Sweeny and Mary Jane
Lndlngton the defendant above named :
Take notice, that you are required to ap
pear at our next Coui-t of Common Pleas,
to lie hold in Tionesta. on the 4th monday
of Soptemlier A. D. 1S70, and show cause
11 any you nave, wny juugeinent snouiu
noi ue ianen ainunsi you.
23-4t. E. I DAVIS, Sh'ff.
F. 6l A. DUNN'S
"Wholeaale & Retail
We take pleasure in inviting the people of
To call and examine our ex tonal ve stock of
With our great facilities for doing busi
ness, buying our goods from first bands.
nd at Jobbers Kates, we are able to sell
goodsat mucn l-mer f igures man smaller
a eaters.
We have just received a large Importa
tion oi
Bought cwpaclally for our trade by Broker
IU I fJW lUla ti uicu v avia ui
We keep constantly on hand the largest
assortmentof goods that can lie found in
the Oif Regions. We ofl'er great Induce
ments to
Butter, Teas, Flour,
Cheese, Coffees, Pork,
-tlsnis. Suirars. Salt.
Shoulders. Spices. Mackeiul
Raisin. Svruns. White Fish.
Molasses, Cod Fish, Herring. Trout,
- bmokea Meats, o., c
Of every description, sold at Lowest Mar-
net luues.
7,000 Gallons Stone Ware.
At Wholesale."
Tidioute, April 18, 1870,
The place to buy every variety of tho
la at the extensive Tea Store of
where you can always Cud a large assort
ment oi Hie Deal leas ai now i u ynoes.
A large asaoruugui, ot .
Groceries and Provisions,
nnoquuled lit quality and cheapness by any
olher stora in Warren county, always on
hand. The Iieoiile of Forest oountv will
aave money by puruluwiug their supplies
ai iiim ptaoe,
lie it brands of
delivered at any depot on the Hue of the R.
K. ire.
Store on Main St, near the Depot.
Cubsorile fur the ItKrt'Ui.lcAM, the bust
i- nevier ujius coumy,
Bontaining FIcctwoiMl's "Ll."e of Christ."
snd 'Lives of the Aposilcs. I'.iivaiibolistM
and Martyrs," IicddridTri 'Evidences of
Christ ia:iy." "Hislory of the Jew by
Joseplms; ' If'ioiy of rll leMit.ons De
noiuinntioi'B,' wlih tref'ise ami irb'es re
lating to events coiinecleii wlt'.t Bioie II is
try, coniaining inn.iy fine eauravlngs.
The whole forming a romplets Ireastiry of
Christian Knowledge. W, FLINT, 2 H.
Soventh St., Phila. 29-4t
Willi Tnilinss
BliU UUIUuiisth
who form a love of wild adven'nre and a
thirst for knowledge of the Iivlians the
Customs, Sports, Tnulitions, Wars, Grest
Buffalo II nuts, tCc, o., lcil a home of
Plenty in U!no. Iniiiml tho I'n!nns. nilorit-
ed their modo of life, married tho l'iitf-
nu vasiiieiin, i.'cctmso a (.rent War-ior,
Hunter and ;':.ief of H'J L;i?u;r", was rn-poinlcd-
Lle'.itnns'it i'i tho U. S. Regular
Ar y, fir n;e :-o i-.tis service v'Hi his
braves against lies i!c Indians. A book of
he most thri'litiK interest, a rei'Uv v.ell
anthenlleated. Truth stranger ih.-in lie!"on illuslii.ted. 70 engmvi ifs, villi of the eittlior, iu full fro:..icr f os
tu le. Pi-i-e lov-. Slwt'lil Oi.' - r t ybo ik
e tant. Sendnt once fo.-1! Ins ruled ' l eu
lar, table of content", sample :i i
terms. A. H. :'ARI, Pul) ishe-, 400
Chestnut St., Pbiludclrvhia, Pa. 28-4U
tl n n fn 1 1 1 n rr nn' -r ell ,. rin'!i inl TV f
licuilion. Wore iaJioat 4 i d IhU1r"
also purify ,ii3 b ond, a-nirt e't-wUU'nn .
aud aiest ncjr.y, a'. ; C'-.-ii.lly cu me
Mi'cous ihny sopid 1m " --o.nni-ly
and freely tat- en n til or i . s.'.-a or v
lent change vc.Je::, s ,1-ey vriU keop
up tho ci.culit'.:cu 01 ;iio I'l. oJ end tiius
ward off all teiidcney to i.;d r:'ti Lung
dilllculiie. v
1 a never tni'ln;; rci.cdv. 'J'.y Them.
Bold by all 1 )-ug;esis. 28-4t
Shows how to dui'l.1' j r -o.ks o llie
FARM, and how Huiiie.s ai-i1 ice r sons
can each make
t iIO PER ". i". TT
nWlnier. 10.001 Co i j I ! !.o m:.'ml
free to Farmers. Te si i-nii;e"ii m-'u.-Pai
lo ZlEULER&McCUn.'Y, fiii'y ielpii.a,
Water btreo:,
Tionesta, Pa.,
M. CARPENTER, - - . Proprietor.
Pictures taken In all tho latest, styles o
the art. . tti-tf
, forstne poqiuqhth, o. '
I Ckt lUUM mnrt our RIOMTB.
if A ChHMM A Bast Samll Blblaa.
iAkNtaHMM. AiMrapfctOlrmian.
fi AAIUUXaOO.,mu.ipki.
The subscribers having re-rented the
Would say to their old enstomors, and
the community eenerallv. that they keep
constantly on baud a large stock of
of all grades. Chop Feed, Shorts, Sranr
Oats and Curu. With our facilities lor do
ing biiHinerts, we purpose not, to be under
sold by any establishment i .t this nor .ion
of the count ry, and would say to Uie lum
bermen and dealers of Forest county, that
tkey can bo
and more promptly than from any other
point. Immediate aiteutiou given to all
orders from a distance,
Apply to GEO. G. SICKLES,
70, Nassau St., Nev York City.
Ard Dealer in
Repairing done iu a
manner and warranted
to give satis
1)SYCllOMANC'Y, Fascination or Soul
charming. 100 piijjea; chilli. This
woudcrlul book has full instruction to en-,
able the rentier to faw-inulo either sex, or
auy animal, at will. McnicriKm, Spirit
ualixm, and litiniu!'! of other curious ex
periments. It can lie oi.tainxd by send
ing sddreHN, with 10 cent pohtao, to T.
W. Kvnt, ii Co., No. -11 So. Eighth
Pbilsdelphta, Pa. 2-t
AUENTS"Wa..ntki .Sii'ner month' by
tho American Knitting MiU'liino 4'o.,
ltoston, Mas.,orNt. I-outs, Mo. l.3ni
U IlrighU-r, will iotfiide, cohU than any other will paint
twice B.-iiiiucli surface,
3. H. WEEKS C (!0.,'Manufa. tiirers,
il tl l'ii horth 4th SI root,? I'll iiU.
DR. J. N. DOLAltO, of Tidionta, has
retmuiMl to h's pia:tl.e r e ru ab
sence oi' lour nion u -, imtu. m ne liaopi
ua in' Nnw Yo.k, whuie l w. I attend
valU iu tils Jan.
Oltt,.- I.. IV Sl..rA -1.1 Anir
abo'e tho Uiuk, Ti'.U'Ji'iv, fa. t'Jtf