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    The Somerset Herald
ScrmtBni IS, MTX
J. Y. IIAUTKAXFT, of Montgomery
ULYSSES MEUCUR, of Bradford.
YYM. M. MEREDITH, Philadelphia.
GEN. WM. LILLY. Carbon.
I j. BARTHOLOMEW, Schuylkill.
II. X. M'ALLISTER, Center.
; EO. V. LAWRENCE, Washington.
DAVID X. WHITE, Allegheny.
W. H. AIKEN, Leiiipii.
HON. JOHN CESSNA, of Bedford.
E. D. YUTZY, Lower Turkeyfoot.
Subject to the decision of the District Cuofcrence.)
HON. S. L. RUSSELL, of Bedford,
J. W. CURRY, of Blair.
J. R. McMILLEX, of Middleereek.
E. M. SCH ROCK, of Stonyereek
J. ROBERT WALTER, of Milford.
VAL. MILLER, of Quemahoning.
JOHN 11. SNYDER, of Stonyereek.
JACOB SPEICHEU, of Stonycieek.
It is absolutely laughable to look
back upon the hopes of the Greeley
itt s anterior to the late elections. Re
publicans never doubted that they
would carry Vermont, but the most
janguinc of them had not hoped for
fo sweeping a victory. Twenty-six
thousand of a majority over the com
bined Democratic and sorehead vote
being a gain of seven thousand on
our majority of 170 every Senator
and every member of tha House, ex
cept six, is a result that has astonish
ed Republicans and Democrats alike.
So with Maine. Wc have swept
the State like a tornado, and have
nearly seventeen thousand of a ma
jority where last year wc Lad but
ten thousand. i e Lave carried ev
ery Congressional district, and every
county ii the State, secured the Sen
ate unanimously, and have nearly
every member of tL House.
Before the flection in thoc States
both were relied upon to break the
Republican column; Greeley made a
Hpecial pilgrimage through them, and
nil the be.-t speaking talent of the
opposition was gathered from distant
parts of the Union and stumped them
thoroughly. The Tribune Mowed
and blutered, end lied, and confi
dently predicted such gains on the
vote for Governor and Congressmen
as would prove that the "reaction
had pet in," and on the respective
days of the election claimed a large
nerccntajre of train in both States.
But so clean lias been the sweep, tliat
he Tribune' best arithmeticians can
not cipher a gleam of hope from the
results, and its dupes and followers,
who thoiigLt it was a power, espec
ially in the New England States,
glare in blank, stupid astonishment at
the tell-tnlc figures, it is compelled to
lay lx Turc them. The "ground swell,"
the "undercurrent," the "up-rising of
the,"' the "Sumner-Gbekley-Sciivrz
intellectual combination" and
all that kind of ihing, of which wc
have heard so much from the Dcm
Libn. of late, has spent its force. We
hope the result is satisfactory to them.
These September Imttles clearly indi
ente tbe final result in owmier.
In relation to the nomination of
r. Public Opinion, published
t ChaiuWrsburg says :
Mr. Cessna has received the nom
ination of the Congressional Confer
ence, and is, according to the usages
of the party, the Candidate for Con
gress. Of the five counties, as will
Ijc elsewhere observed, the delegates
rif three only met, Adams and Frank
lin refusing to go into the Conference.
Adams, through her conferees and
county committee,has since concurred
in the nomination, and the conferees
of our own county will, we nnder
Ftand, take similar action to-day.
Wc have therefore hoisted Mr. Cess
na's name and will give him an earn
est support
Hon. John Cessna is known to the
people of this Cong. District as an
able, energetic and ernest man. Fer
ability he has few sutx-riors in a
House of Representatives composed
of such men as Davis, Butler, Blaine,
Garfield, Scofield, Keller, and Merenr.!
Wc must again elect Lim that thia
district may not be tilent when the
interests of the country and especially
of our own people are being canvassed
in Congress.
Myers was the only out and out
Free" Trader in the Pensylvania dele
gation in Congress last winter. Even
Sam Randall was in favor of protect
ing tho interest of our own people.
Can the laWing men of the district
afford to have a representative who
thus votes to take their employment
from, and cut down wages to the low
prices of Lurope;
We Bay emphatically No! and for
this reason, if for no other, Mr. Cess
na bhould receive the hearty support
of all our people.
Glorious Nevs From Maine!!!
Republican Major.. l,OOOI
. Congressman
ruilMM BMtea ftraat.
"Oh have yn hcarJ tb new. frim; Main.
Mala. Maine,
All honest and true.
F.a" trm'ernor Kent, ait thousand fain,
Fir Tipranoe and Trior ton.
(Campaign Soot; oi 1M0.)
The election in Maine on last Mon
day, following on the heels of the
victory, ia Vermont, practically set
tled the Presidential question. The
heavy gains in both these States
show that Greeleyism has scarcely
made an impression on the solid
ranks of the Republican party, and
that the coalition makes a poorer
fight than the Democracy alone.when
standing on a straight-out platform,
and by an ultra Democratic ticket
The canvass in Maine was a bril
liant one; both parties put their best
foot foremost, and the issues were
thoroughly discussed by the ablest
speakers of the country. The Grec-
leyites counted confidently on reduc-
a . a Si
ingour last year s majority oi iu,
C31 fully one half, and on electing
two if not three of the Congressmen.
But we have 6wept the State, carry
ing everything before us like a whirl
wind. The following telegram from
Speaker Blaine to the President on
the day after the election briefly tells
the tale :
To the President of the United States:
Wc have carried the State for Gov-
ernor Perham by more than 15,000
majority, a net pain of 5,000 on last
year's vote. We have carried all the
Congressional districts, me ciosesi
by well nigh 2,000 majority. We
have carried every county in the
State, something we never achieved
but once before. We have elected
every Senator, and chosen more than
four-fifths of the House of Represent
atives. Our victory is complete and
overwhelming at all points, and in
sures you more than 25,000 majority
in November,
That Buckai.ew is an unmitigated
sneak, is proven not only by the fact
that he sneaked over to Canada to
counsel with the rebel leaders during
the rebellion, but that while Greeley
is fighting for him through the Tri
bune, he is afraid to fulfill his part of
the bargain and cienly support Gree
ley, but is sneakingly trying to- de
ceive those Democrats who arc hos
tile to his bargain with Greeley, into
his support. Old Fagin's favorite
pupil the Artful Dodger was not a
more cowardly sneak than is the man
who is trvinar to sneak into the Gu
bernatorial chair of this State by
means of a truck and dicker bargain
with Alex. McClure, on behalf of
Gbeeley, which he is afraid openly
to avow.
Only a few weeks remaiu for work
during the present canvass. We
urge upon every Republican the ne
cessity of doing within this time all
he can for the success of the candi
dates. Do not rely upon the preva
lent exjteetation of a signal triumph.
The omens are, indeed, full of en
couragement ; but this fact should
onlv stimulate to fresh exertions. If
it shall be accepted as a reason for
supineness, the consequences may
prove disastrous.' But if it shall be
received as an incentive to additional
labor, there can be no difficulty in de
ciding Ix-forehand that Habtranft,
Allen and Mercer will be elected,
and Republican majorities in both
branches of thr legislature. We
make these suggestions only to induce
all our friends to omit no proper ef
forts to secure a new lease of Repub
lican ascendency in this common
wealth. It is of high moment that
the verdict of the jeople be rendered
in terms so unqualified and manda
tory as to leave no doubt as to the
We have it on undoubted author
ity, that a proposition has been made
by the Democrats to a prominent Re
publican of this county, to lecome
the Democratic and Sorehead candi
date for Congress against Hon. John
Cessna, with the assurance that Hon.
B. F. Meyers would not only stand
aside, but would support the candi
date. Of course no such arrange
ment can be consummated, but the
fact that such a proosition was
made is on admission thai the Demo
crat hare no hoju'of electing Mr.
! Meteks, who, although not yet form
ally nominated, has had all the con
ferees in the district instructed for
We have hitherto devoted no space
in this journal to the advocacy of the
ticket, because we deemed that it
needed none. The members of it
were chosen by the voters thcimfclvcs
and of course will 1 voted for and
elected at the coming election. We
have heard of. no hostility to it, and
therefore deeming its election cer
tain, have devoted ourselves mainly
to the issues of the State canvass.
But we take this occasion to nrge up
on all Republicans that they rote the
clean ticket from top to bottom. Or
ganization can only be kept cp by
standing to regular nominations; and
without organization, no party can
hope to retain power. A full, clean
rote is a sign of rigorous political
health, which we hope to sec the Re
publican party of this county cxl!hit
at the coming election. .
No sooner is Mr. Cessna nomina
ted than the Bedford Gazette com
mences throwing mud at him. If in
return stones arc hurled at its editori
al candidate, wc hope be will not com
plain as be did in the last canvas.
See that yon are registered. Sat
urday the 28th of September is the
last day on which you can be legally
registered or assessed.
i i i . . i woim. w www i t ifrt i
TnE meeting held by the Republi
cans of this county in this borough on
Tuesday evening of last week, indica
ted the spirit that is abroad. It was
one of the largest and most enthusi
astic assemblages we have had for
years. The masterly speech of U. S.
Senator Scott held the compact mass
as if spell lnmnd for nearly two hours,
and although he was followed at some
length by Hon. John Cessna and
Col. Cabb ortllinoia, the crowd
showed no signs of uneasiness and
like Oliver Twist asked for more.
. The workingmcn from all parts of
the county were present, and depart
ed highly delighted, and determined
that old Somerset shall if possible roll
a larger than her usual majority.
VANIA, Mr. Benj. Singebly has now in
press and will issue in two weeks, a
revised edition of the election lawa cf
Pennsylvania, carefully collated by
Hon. Frank Jordan, Secretary of
the Commonwealth ; to which has
been added the forms of application for
and of naturalization papers, the de
cisions of the Supreme Court, &c,
thus making the volume complete in
all respects as a work of legal ref
erence. In the Gettysburg Star d- Sunti
nal we find the following:
Messrs. Editors: In view of the
fact, announced in your last issue,
that the Adams Count y Congression-
al Conferees were not present in the
Conference when Hon. JonN Cessna
was renominated for Congress on
Tuesday the 3rd inst., a few words
may be due to ourselves as well as to
the" Republicans of Adams countv.
The facts arc simply these. Bed
ford and Fulton county had instruct
ed for Mr. Cessna, and Franklin for
Mai. Rowe. Somerset had instruct
ed for Gen. Koontz, but the latter de
clined to be a candidate, leaving the
Conferees from Somerset to act as
they thought best. The Adams
county Conferees were instructed, out
the judgment of this county was un
derstood to be adverse to Mr. Cessna s
re-nomination for prudential reasons.
There was a difference of opinion as
to the time for holding the Conference-Mr.
Cessna naming Tuesday the
3d, and Maj. Rowe Wendesday the
4th. At a preliminary meeting in
Bedford on the 3d, the fact was de
veloped that Somerset county favored
the re-nomination of Mr. Cessna,
which practically settled the question.
This being ascertainea, our onlv ob
ject was to promote harmony, and we
favored the demand of i rankhn that
the Conference go over to Wednes
day, when we expected a full Confer
ence. YA e supposed that this propo
sition would be acceded to.
The Conferees of Bedford, Somerset
and Fulton, however, assumed the re
sponsibility of going into Conference
on Tuesday evening, and made the
nomination in the absence of Franklin
and Adams. This was unexpected
to us, as wc supposed the Conference
would adjourn over to Wednesday.
Such adjournment would not have
changed the result While preferring
another nominee, we concede the
right of a majority of the counties to
designate the candidate, and shall
give to Mr. Cessna our support We
give this explanation simply to relieve
ourselves and the County we repre
sent from any charge of factiousness.
E. G. Faiinestock,
Robert Bell
Charles G.
(Jetty .-burg, Pa., Sept 10, 1872.
The nomination of Mr. Cessna be
ing thus concurred in by the counties
whose conferees did not participate
in the Convention, the hope of the
Democrats that a row would ensue
has been summarily dissipated. All
that remains to be done therefore, is
to giae Mr. Cessna a full Republican
vote and he will lie elected by a rous
ing majority. And of this result we
entertain no doubts.
The Democratic newspapers are
still wriggling over the Evans swin
dle and endeavoring to connect IIart
raxft, the man who hunted down
and imprisoned Evans, with the in
iquity. When the vacancy in the
office of Auditor General, caused by
the death of Dr. Stanton, came to be
provided for by legislation a bill was
introduced in the House of Represen
tatives designating Gen. nARTRASFT
to fill the office until next November.
Every Democrat and every Republi
can in the House voted for it. Every
Democrat in the Senate voted for it,
and the Democratic leaders in giving
their reasons for their votes freely
avowed their fuith in Hartranft'b
integrity, and their respect for his
personal character, r Xot a syllable of
complaint of their action fell from the
Democratic press, though at this time
the Evans investigation had devel
oped all the facts that are now knpwn,
and the scandalous attacks of the w
York Sun and Tribune upon IIart-
raxft had already been given to the
public. It was not until his nomina
tion as the Republican candidate for
Governor was almost assured that
Democrats began to eat their endorse
ments of Hartranft : and when he
shall have been triumphantly elected
their leaders will lie found at Harris-
burg loudly disclaiming any agecny
in the slanders.
Mr. Greeley despairs of Demo
cratic victory in Pennsylvania in Oc
tober, and the Tribune to pave the
way for as easy a fall as possible, as
signs as a reason for the defeat it
sniffs in the air, that negroes are to
be brought from Virginia in numbers
sufficient to carry the State for Hart
ranft. This Tribune lie, was a
God-send to Hon. Sam'l J. Randall
Chairman of the Democratic State
Central Committee, and accordingly
he has issued an address to the vot
ers in which he re-itcrabs tbe fake
hood. So bald and small an inven
tion on which to base a campaign ad
dress, shows tho tlesperate shifts to
which the Democrats are drives to ac
count for the defeat they know is
hanging over them. ITartrantts
election settles Greeley's hash for
November, and the Tribune's weak
be. and Randall a address are. sim
ply a confession of defeat, in advance.
A Wlaraaala
Judge Hough, of Prescott. District
Attornev for Pierce county, furnishes
us the following particulars of several
terrible cases of poisoning in Trim
belle, Pierce county : . '
The person charged with the crime
is Mrs. Charlotte Lamb, and the his
tory of her alleged operation we give
as accurately as possible. In Sep
tember, 1871. Mrs. Lamb's husband
was taken violently sick, complaining
of severe pains in his stomach, and in
half an hour was dead. It is now
stated by those who saw him before
bis death, that he showed symptons
of having been poisoned, but nothing
was said about it, and the matter
dropped. la May of thia year, a son
of Mrs Lamb, aged ten years, was
taken sick in a manner similar to his
father, and in less than an hour was
dead. In June, a daughter of Mrs.
Lamb, eight years of age, died very
soddenly, and with symptoms resem
bling those of her father and brother.
Last month Mrs. Jane Ottman, a
neighbor living near Mrs. Lamb, went
over to Mrs. Lamb's house to get a
pail of water. On her rctun she com
plained of violent pains in her stom
ach. She vomited free, and felt some
what relieved, but her husband, being
alarmed, sent to Prescott for Dr. Cot
ton. The doctor went out and made
a prescription, leaving a couple of
powders, to be taken under certain
circumstances. After the doctor left,
Mrs. Lamb, who was at Mrs. Ott
man's, assisting in caring for her, sug
gested that one of the powders be ad
ministered and Mrs, Ottman acqui
escing, Mrs. Lamb, went into the
pantry and prepared it, and it was ta
ken. Immediately Mrs. Ottman com
plained of violent pain again, such as
those complained of before, and in a
few minutes was dead.
Last week. Royal Garland, also a
neighbor of Mrs. Lamb's, died under
circumstances alike suspicious with
the deaths mentioned. Mrs. Lamb
was there as usual. There was a
large crew of harvest hands. At
dinner Mrs. Lamb waited upon the
table. During the meal she said
"Why, Royal, I forgot to give you
any tea." She went into the pantry,
were she remained a short time,
brought out a cup and died it with tea
from the teapot which was standing
on the stove. Mr. Garland drank the
tea, and shortly complained of severe
pains in the stomach. However, he
went to the field with the other men,
but was so sick that he was taken im
mediately to the house, and in a tew
minutes was dead.
Such an array of suspicious circum
stances caused the arrest of the wo
man. She is now confined in jail at
Ellsworth, and is to be examined at
River Falls.
The stomach was taken out of the
bodv of Mr. Garland, and sent to Dr.
Houte, of this city to be analyzed.
We learn that the doctor has found poi
son in the stomach. The bodies of
the other victims have been disin
terred the stomachs taken out,
and are now in Dr. Hovt's hands for
After Mrs. Lamb was arrested her
honse was searched. In a bureau
a bottle was found said to contain
strychnine, and a paper said to con
tain arsenic. As to the motives that
actuated this woman to her terrible
crimes, we are left only to conjecture.
Of course all sorts or rumors are
afloat It is said, but we do not know
with how much truth, that Mrs.
Lamb has repeatedly expressed a de
sire and intention to get title to the
farm on which she lived, and that by
poisoning her husband and children
she hoped to do so. It is also said
that she has expressed her strong dis
like to Mrs. Ottman. Wc have heard
of no reason being assigned for poi
soning Mr. Garland.
A rhanp Ileart.
The Democratic partv now pro
fesses to have met with a change of
heart : to be born again. (Laughter.
It now asks us to receive them into
full communion with the political
saints. (Lauxhter.) Well, for mr
part I distrust that conversion.
know human nature well enough to
know that people who have bten
thinking and acting in any one direc
tion, as the Democratic party has
been thinking and acting, cannot eas
ily be changed in an instant I know
there have been instances of instan
taneous conversions, and I believe in
them in some cases. We read of one
which was quite instantaneous in the
Scriptures the story of caul who
was converted and the great light
that prevailed was visible to his at
tendants; but 1 dona know about
this conversion of the Democratic
party, or that they have seen any
such light I am afraid the light that
has dawned ppon the Democratic
party didn't come from above.
(Laughter). There is a voice and
there is a light no doubt, and a good
deal of it, but I doubt where it came
from. I want to know how the
Democratic party came to its change.
Our good friend Charles Sumner,
whose name should only be mention
ed with respect for the past, believes
that party has been converted ; but I
want to see the Democratic party on
its knees liefore I shall trust it When
one has experienced a religious con
version he is ready to come on board
the Gospel ship and act in. tho most
humble capacity, but the Democrats
want to man the ship, take the helm
nd seiae the cargo. I want to put
them on probation for six months, so
as to have a little more time to ex
amine the evidence. - The Democratic
party of late has become very Scrip
tural, and preaches the doctrine of
forgiveness. 1 don t know but that!
am prepared to act on the principle
inculculated by the parable of tbe
Prodigal Son. The prodigal said he
had sinned, and asked to be taken
back as a hired servant The father
received him as a son ; but the spirit
of the prodigal was that of great
humility. He did not ask to get pos
session of tbe farm, as did the Demo
cratic party.
Aawther Terrtflc Twnailex.
New Albant, Ind., September 10.
A most terrible tornado passed
over this city last night doing consid
able damage. Parts of the roofs of
the ' Opera house, Woodward hall,
and s number of dwelling houses
were blown off. The lightning struck
the residence of Graham .Tufts, on
Cherry street, knocking . down a
chimney and demolishing the kitchen.
The paint shop of tbe Louisville,
New Albany, and Chicago railway, a
building one hundred and fifty feet
long and fifty feet wide, was carried
from its foundation five feet west
ward. Two hundred square feet of
the depot building roof, together with
with tbe rafters was carried off.
Trees, fences and out buildings were
blown down in every direction. Two
barges building here were blown up
tho river and across to Portland.
The stern lines of tbe Morning Star
and the wharf boat parted, blowing
them out into the middle of , the
stream, but doing no other damage to
the shipping.
aa.i..... OIR WA.KIIINUTON LETTCB. f UUI Mr. ornwppr. .......... , Jc
Washington, Sept. 12, 1372.
Maine has spoken. Her voice in fa
vor of Grant and Wilson will re-echo
from Maine to California, from Indi
ana to the Gulf States, and the cause
of Greeley will have been doeided in
the negative long before a vote has
been cast for the electoral ticket of
the Presidency. The strongest men
of the opposition were in the field and
the, most herculean i OHorls were
made on their behalf in Maine, and
yet the army of the Republican party
remains intact, with a large .accession
to tho majority which has dwindled
since 1C8 from 20,000 to 10,000 in
Following the victory in Xorth
Carolina and Vermont, and the clear
intimations of Graut's success point
ed out bv the late election in West
Virginia, this unexpected victory in
Maine must prove the death knell of
Greeley Democracy. It shows clear
ly the frauds and misstating their in
fluence and streugth, on the one hand,
while on the other, it proves that in
the agricultural districts which the
Liberals chiefly relied on, the Demo
crats deserted the motley Hag, and
failed to abide by the fraudulent coal
ition. What confidence can either party
have in the sincerity oi meouier:
The cohesion of public plunder, which
was the only binding element of the
Liberal Democracy, has thus been
advertised as a vain hope. Those
who left the powerful Republican
party and joined their relentless foes.
as most of tho late Kepubiicans mil,
for the sake of getting place and in
fluence which they had failed to se
cure among their former confreres,
are boiling over with inward regrets.
They have hitherto la-en sick at the
stomach, but now they are seeking
every private opportunity to vomit
forth their discontent. Soon they
will openly denounce the source of
their undoing, and then gradually
fall back upon the Republican presli'je,
and claim to be the very icst auvo-
catcs for Grant and Wilson of all the
active workers in the campaign.
Where oh where, will be found the
valiant Gen. Banks, the saintly Gen.
Farnsworth who is proved to have
taken $1500. as a bribe from a Rail
road Company. Where arc Scliurz
and Sumner and r enton and T ipton ;
Alas "where the woodbine twinetb.
Their personal importance is rapidly
diminishing. Their personal spite
will soon bring its reward a perma
nent retirement to the shades of pri
vate life. Requietcat in pace.
A. R. Shcpard, Vice President of
our Board of Public orks, some
time since wrote two letters to the
proprietors of the Washington rat
riot, the Greeley organ, calling upon
them to furnish proof of a slanderous
statement contained in that sheet.
No answer was received for some
weeks, but a day or two since Louis
Bagger wrote to Mr. Shcpard that he
was in charge of the paper at the
time, and was responsible for the ar
ticle complained of, at the same time
stating that he would lie at the
Eutaw House Baltimore on the 10th
inst No harsh words were used
but alluding to the discussion he
states that it is desirable that it
should be brought to a close. Some
of the papers think this means pistols
and coffee, or some other physical
encounter on the part of Bagger.
The lie was so palpable, that the jeers
of the press made the slanderer
wince, but it is a mystery what
Bagger means by his silly invitation
to the libelled party to meet him in
a distant city to consider a libel pulr
lished here.
The ,V. '. ITeralJanil the Tribuhe
virtually throw up the Greeley
sponge. $fi0,000 at last was spent by
the coalition on the N. Carolina elec
tion and perhaps a greater sum in Ver
mont and Maine, but with the cer
tainty of a dead loss, it is difficult to
see where money can be raised to
continue a campaign, so utterly hope
less. N. York state is now consider
ed safe for Grant, and the State Com
mittee are arranging to make it sure
by the use of the best speakers, and
the fullest supplv of Iirht on all the
topics of political difference.
The last Sunday Capital contains
one dozen articles, two of which arc
each a column in length, showing why
its editor's head should not lie Dented
for an acknowledged libel. He
apologizes for not publishing the
Court proceedings showing provoca
tion for the Denting process. In the
same issue he withdraws the charge
that the "Dental Brothere-in-law" of
the President are thieves and bravely
lectures them for not writing him and
informing him they arc honest men
and not thieves as ho alleged them to
be, instead of getting offended. This
is humor of first-water brilliancy, and
will make a capital reputation for the
paper. C -M.
A Terrikl Hartrr.
New Haven, September 8. The
man named Thilip Scheneaur, who
attempted the murder of his wife and
child died at the hospital about six
o'clock on Saturday morning. The
child died about one o'clock the same
morning. Mrs. Scheneaur will likely
recover. Her account of the affair
shows that it was one of the most
cold blooded butcheries that ever oc-
cured in this section. After cutting
her forehead and knocking her down
he threatened the child but walked
out the room without harming it, but
looked back and observed his wife ris
ing from tho floor ; he immediately
returned and dealt her two more
blows on the head and in his efforts
to kill himself be produced two frac
tures of the skull.cut his throat opened
the veins in both wrists and made
twenty-five wounds on his head with
an axe. The testimony before the
Coroner's jury leads to the belief that
the detid was premeditated and care
fully planned.
I" atria Fr Vlr.
Qeorpe Willam Curtis, a member
of the Civil Service Commission, and
who knows whereof he writes, says:
Under General Grant the practical
reform in the honesty and economy
of ad mm miration haB been enormous.
The ratio of loss direct or indirect,
has been conspicuously diminished
After a reduction in the tarifT of nearly
130,000,000 a year, Grant's first two
years showed a gain of $55,000,000
over the last two years of Johnson
The airirrpe-ato anual reduction of
taxes under Grant has been $135,000,
000 or 14C.000.000, yet his adminis
tration last year paid into the Treasure
$35,000,000 more than was paid in
tho last year of Johnson'. Johnson.s
administration paid about $13,000,
000 of tbe public debt Grant's had
paid on the 1st of July, 1872, $324,
000,000. It has reduced the debt at
the rate of $3,349,424 per month.
Such facts prove beyond dispute the
honesty and economy of tho Cnacial
administration of Gen. Grant.
Carlisle, Pa., September 7. The
Court room in which the trial of Dr.
Scha'ppe for tho murder of Miss
Steiniiecke has leen in progress for
the past nine days was crowded this
morning to bear Judge Jenkins'
charge, to the jury. The judge in his
charge after defining the law relating
to homicide, discussed tho evidence
at length. He showed in an able and
conclusive address that the adminis
tration of prussic aeid was improba
ble, and ruled out the theories of
morphia and combined poisoning as
altogether uiisiist'iined by the testi
mony j In concluding his charge to
the jury, Judge Jenkins said : "We
think under the whole facts of the
case that it is your duty to acquit the
defendant"" The jury then retired
but returned in fifteen minutes, and,
amid profound silence, announced a
verdict of not guilty. Tho jury was!
then dismissed, and the prisoner dis
charged. A I lay o
I Eicblceu CatTlr(r4 af Har
PoTTsviLLf, Pa., Sept. 7. This
morning, in the Criminal Court of
Schuylkill county, the trial of Joseph
Brown, a lwy eighteen years of age,
for a murder committed in Washing
ton township, this county, in Februa
ry hist, was concluded. The victim
was Daniel A. Kreamer, a weathy
farmer, and his aged wife. After
hearing the evidence the jury brought
in a verdict of murder. iu the first de
gree. The trial commenced on Tues
day of last week and consumed ten
days, during which a voluminous
mass of evidence of a circumstantial
character was introduced. The evi
dence, generally.wasof so straightfor
ward and connected a nature that the
jury required but little time in mak- j
ing up their minds. I bey were ah- Mate to aid in fraudulently carrying
sent only fifteen minutes, when they the State for the Democrats 1 Did
returned with the verdict. The pris-; he not decide in favor of the State in
oner's counsel has applied for a new j the Credit Mobilier case, and thereaf
trial. iter in the same case, decide against
. . , . jthe State, losing our Common wealth
Itrbrlltoa and Loyalty ItlenCiral. J , n
The only provision in tho constitu
tion tliat makes the debt on which
we raise money to pay the bounties
of Union soldiers a sacred obligation,
is found in the last clause of the XIV
Amendment, in the sitme clauso is
found the only legal prohibition
agaiust paying rebel soldiers pensions,
and iiaviiii; the rebel debt. Jcrrv
Black declares tliat this whole amend-
meidU "A Fhald"' ai "null," Jerry
Black supports Greelev, so doe3 Buck-
alew. Greeley, Buckalew and Jerry
Black went to Canada to patch up a
compromise with the South just before
the -confederacy" tumbled to pieces,
One of their propOitlu)U Was to put
..i . ...... . ... , -
lot taxpayers, 400,000,000 deejx-r in
debt than you are, by Borrowing this
HOLDERS rou the loss or THEIR
slaves! Greeley in Memphis said:
"I hope the time is not far distant
when the American jwople will hold
in EyUAL honor and Ari'ECTiON the
soldiers who fought under Lee and
Stonewall Jackson, and the soldiers
who fought under Graut and Sher
man." Will a man capable of these
words hesitate to pay equal pensions
to Rebel soldiers, to pay slaveholders,
to pay the Rebel debt? Our only
safety is iu beating the whole crew
There is no fact more solidlv estab
lished than that every vote pained
by the Democracy through the mule
coalition has driven off two from
their old etrenffth. North Carolina.
West Virginia and Vermont prove
this. It is not less astonishing than
gratifying that the Republican party
presents an unbroken front in the
face of the treachery of so many con
spicuous leaders and newspapers.
Sumner, Banks, Trumbull, Schurz,
the New York Tribune, the Spring
field Republican, and a considerable
number of small fry of men ami news-
i.ii i uii v uii.-iiiuiei n il lis itiiuui
I -i i i irk :.t...i
takmrr anv Ktrenprtti trom us. I there
not Koinethintr in n. mirtv thnt i-aii
win ill the fuee of such detection :
Fir at Wawhlntrtaa Ioi 1 0.01)0 or
Vl'i.OOO., Ia., SeptemlH-r 12.
At a quarter past twelve this morn
in the alarm oflice aroused our eo
ple, who gatheredjtheir huckets and
rushed to the end, where the En
terprise planing mill, owned hy Hen
ry ( Savers, was discovered to he
on fire. It was found impossible to
save the mill, and the eopIe turned
their attention toward saving as
much IuiiiIkt in the yard as possible,
and cutting off the fire from the town.
IJurning fragments were carried over
the town by the air, and some houses
caught fire.but were promptly attended
to. At one time the whole town wad
expected to hum, hut providentially es
caped. 1 he mill with much fine mac
hinery and twenty-five thousand feet
of lumlier, was entirely destroyed,
the loss amounting to $10,000 or
$12,000, with no insurance. The
Ore is supposed to be incendiary work.
A Deliberate Art.
. Dayton, Ohio, September 7. A
voting Uerman girl, eighteen years
old, named Elizabeth Dunst arrived
in this country three weeks ago, since
which tunc she has been very home
sick and despondent. Since her ar
rival here she has her home with her
uncle Gabriel Dunst, Xo. 40 May
street. This morning at the usual
hour, five o'clock, she got up, sharp
ened a butcher knife, went to her
room aud delilierately cut her throat,
severing the wind pipe and dying in
stantly. (irant aud Wilson. The free StaUw of
old, States north of Mason and IHxon's
line, might of themselves give tho titk-
et votes enonirh to make the elei tigii
sure. The movement in Missouri has
simply sent lilair to the Senate ; the
same movement, if successful in the
United States, wonhl call to power the
worst elements of passion.
Yours, very truly,
Georoe Bancroft.
Berlin, A up. 17, '72.
An Attempt tm LvbcIb at Xarderer,
then set aire to the Tew at.
Ciiicac.o, Sep. 1. On Thursday
night C. J. Dieffenbacher, shot and
killed a man named Melsted, at Vir
ginia,, Cass county. Last night a
mob attacked the jail in Beardstown,
where Dieffenbacher was confined,
with the avowed purpose of hanging
him. The jail was well guarded, and
the mob was repulsed, and forrevengc
the outlaws set fire to the town, and
before the flames could be extinguish
ed, an entire block of the best build
ings in the place was destroyed. The
e'xeitemcnt in tho village is intense
and more trouble anticipated.
A letter frena Hon. Oeorge Baarroft.
Hon. George Bancroft, United
States Minister to Prussia, writes
from Berlin to Gov. Morgan, Chair
man of tho National Republican Com
mittee aa follows :
I hope my dear Sir, that our State
of New York will give its vote for
It was General Ilartranft who, as
Auditor-Geueral, recommended the
repeal of taxes on real estate for State
purposes. Every farmer and every
man who owns a house in Pennsyl
vania, is indebted to t General Ilart
ranft f ir his not lieing compelled to
pay State taxes on his real estate.
In IS;; U Mr. Greeley wrote the fol
lowing paragraph: "You must stop
electing to the Legislature such men
asMattoon, Aiken, Bemus and three
dozen more Mich, or corruption can
never be vanquished. If you lie
down with such dogs you will get up
with fleas." These three men are
now for Greeley. How about the
fleas ?
The Louisville Commercial men
tions the receipt by a gentleman of
that city of a letter from a friend in
Auglaize Co., O., informing him that
in that county, which usually gives a
Democratic majority of 2,900, there
are 00 Deniocra who refuse
to vote for Greeley,7 and .will
vote for Grant, and there is not a
single Republican in the country who
will vote for Greeley. The gentle
man who writes the letter has been a
resident of that county for thirty
llie l.eimiioa courier pUM a lew the cure or all Thr.l an.1 Luiir lilstaaea. Hoane
niiestiiin wliii li it u inil.l liln tn l.n vs ' '"Irr""'n of the Throat are linmnliate-
qticsiions whiu it woui i like to iia e . y .,, , nmman0j wg
answered by some of the friends ofi"nt '" 'he proprietor r reiiviin caof rimt
J, rri . i r . i diftlruitlep of vtara atandinif.
udge Thompson, the Democratic I fnii., t-de.ive,i PT w Tth!-imit.v
candidate for Supreme Judge. Dur-! .M ,mJr iim. fri.
. ' n i 2' :i-r UiT. Nfnd for rlr.'alnr
iug the war did he not declare the law
to raise money to pay our armies to
be illegal ? During the same time
did he not declare the law to raise
men for our armies to be illegal ?
Was he not on the bench when the
- i, , , , ,, '
n of 1 rothonotary of the Court
sed to manufacture fraudulent
was use
naturalization papers to send over the
How significant are these sentences
from a letter bv Horace Greclcv. pub
lished in the Tribune. June 8th. 171. !
- t i , i. ,.
......... ....... .,.1. nirvH'i n3u:ill.n
Southern tour last year: j
'That those who struggled and'
fiught for secession grucraliy be-1
Iievotliey were right in so doing, l!
cannot doubt Rut while !
theV still ailirm the right ofsecess-i
ion, I am satisfied that the majority of
them believe that its practical asser -
! ti..n was unwlso and inexpedient.
j They hold that they should bavi -
; made their late struggle in the Union,
j not against it-under the flag of our
fathers, Hot that of the Stars and
t a ., . , f - ,
bars in ostensible defense of the
j federal constitution, not in
to its authority. They propose
renew the fight, but not'with gua and
sabre. Thev expect to renin as
,. ..ii i
I'eniocrfltS, IliPXlgh elections, the
power they lost as rebels throii"-h
1 ,, mi uj.h
iai i
Xew Adeerlist-ineitt.
IeiU-rof Aclaiiniftratkin on the ertate of Mar ?
Tedrow. Lite of New IVatrerille borough. S-.mer-1
n-t Countv. dreenaed. Iiavlni; been iwued to tbe nn- !
deridirned. by the Keu-iterof eakd ecuntT. I brrel.r I
sire notice thai 1 will attend at the residence of
Jlarr" Knable. In .aid l,r.,nh .u. K.t.e.1.. th.
tb da jnf September neil. when tlHwe Indebted
U .aid eetate are rene.ted to make partnent. and
those hat lug rlalina aiciut laid t-uim will ure
eut theui f.,r settlement.
Anenrt i.7lh, l7i .Vluiiui.tratr.
hrtateof William M. Ilomrr. late of Tj.,
Iy..tter tejrtamentarr on the atve estate Tiatinit
been rranted K the imderlirted bv the proper au
tlioriiy. noliee 1. hereby jrnrea to th.e Indebted to
It to make Immediate payment, and th. havinir
elaim. ajfnlnt it will preaent them to the ander
.iinied for aetllement. at the late rrtidenee of raid
dHTacd, on Saturday, the St h day of I atoher celt.
l!y rirtw of an order i
ijtuiriir cmti.f the On.liAnn
7","r,,",".'r lo e irw.ti. i
-A ,.r aJ 1.. i . . . .
will fell at pai.iie .ale on the premi... on
! al
aie o'eh.-k. the following Ileal Ertate to wit:
A trot of land .itnnled in Paint townaliin. In
.aid entity, late the borne of Kartwra lllouirli. ad
joiiiinir land. of lii-niamin .Miller, tiillian Lrtie,
Widow l'lle and other., eonlalnins one hnn.ire.1
and eleven acre, and serent.v-two p. rrhrn. The im
provement are. alaial titty ih'r'. clenre.1. and in a
it.xl slate of onltivation.aU.ut eiirht aerr. lnmea.1
u. and a one and a half aii.ry Ir. houne. lrn.
and a Jprimr h"Ue thereon erwtil ; an apple nreh
ard i. crowing thereon, and a "prinir . good water
i.ronvenient to the dwelling. The unimproved bind
i. well timbered with oak, dicatuut aud other tim
ber. TKRua; One-lhlnrl in hand, and the balance la
:.i 1,71 , ri,h i in r : ;
April 1,73.
Twenty jer cent, of hnn-1 inoury to be
p.dd when atili li in:olc, and the balance
' hand
money on the first of A pril 1HTS.
V1U J. Lr.HM AN',
S.-qt 11.
7011 SALE-
25 Horse-Power,
With Two Eoilers.
Cumberland. Hd.
S. & M. P. E. E.
Fur partkulars, iiKjalre of I.
Sept lltk.
Itfot a, .
Constitntion. tfJjlYaiiii
j Joint Beaolntie-n Frontal s an Am
endment, to tbe ('nstitattonef Peu
be it Kctolrei tjr the Senate and Home of Rep
resentative! of the CommontFeollh of Praa,r
aia ia Oeneril A$emtlf met. That the Mlowlnjr
amendment of the Cinatitution of this Common
wealth he rnnoed to the people for their adoption
or rejection, pursuant to the prorudou of the tenth
artkle thereof to wit:
Strike oat the filth aectiofi of the lith arllele
of the Constitution, and inaert In lieu thereof the
following: "A Slate treasurer shall he chosen hy
the qualified electors of the State, at sorb times
and for nurh term of s-rrle as shall be prescribed
Speaker of the Honse of Representatives. -JAMFS
Speaker of tha Senate.
- ArrRoran The twentr-second day ef March,
Anno Domini one lhousau.1 eivht hnndred ami se-euty-lwo.
Prepared and certified for publication pursuant
to the Tenth Artkle af the tAinstitutlon.
Francis Jordan.
Secretary of tbe Commonwealth.
Office Seerrtir of the Cummonwcaltb, 1
liamsl.urjc, June 29th, 1872. ( ju!3
n ... .,.w nni. . OI, . " . . V . . . . . . . . V
21st da of September 1S72. the Ibllowlng tracts of
land, situated 1' mile west of Shanksville, In Sto
nyereek township, known a the liarrktcy toirma:
No, L Containing 145 acres : about 90 acres dear
ed : tha balance wall timbered-; adjoining Caswr
Krllaran.1 other.
No. 1 tVaitainingaOacn1: fl acres cleared, and
the balance nliely covered with choice timber, such
as nine, chestnut and while oak. -
No. 3. timtalnhig about 70 acre; a acre clear
ed, and the balance well Umbered.
No. 4. Contalulng (0 acres; 33 acres cleared, and
th balance also well Umbered.
Th above tracts ar all under rood cultivation,
well waiercl, andnlcelvaltiiated for stork and tann
ing purpose. Tby all adjoin tract No. 1.
pens ai wishing to purchase can have lime on tb
hand money hy paving the interest.
Term made known on day of sale. -
ae-Sale to Commence at 1 o'clock, r. w.
I Will Wit l M.1.HA tal. u GITITPTUV l.n
wiiolf.sai.i: c.Roi:ns,
9Q7 T.ilWfrr Ctv ..t
June 28, TL
For ttrccArfao; roana; men ftirrtdrire an 1 fcr tlia e!-
,r teiMtnuns will mmanew I'd wit Ira
render lilh lrirtmeoi. ialnl au-l Normal,
worthr of public ratroniiro. Th"e i tn"liia; l
atl, nl reeUll7 thijM trtiina; lurltnK at
rlnb rare, are riienlel la glv aeai I;- ii-iUi. F ir
furthnr Inlnnnntion at.plr u,
KT. WM. EWIMt.or
anrllla kar. W. F. HUlWX.
"he Rrinilar Itaptlat Cliun h f Turk
aiiliei l the 'imrt of I 'mmm 11. f Soiiktw
I iiunir, fur a ehartwr f liK.rp.nitli.n, arc I mileaa
umMni ninar n nwn ui;ii.i :.rart.'.n ThurwluT
S.tmU r the latl, 1HT2. Ih iniwlll hr granted
by all l.'ourf. DKNN IS .M EV Kits.
atiKl trithoiMrtrr.
inff New lmtroii
tu Kit th. Light Bud-
Baier SMtfe Seiii MacMne. Dtiral lr. SutatantUI. Tha ra.lost t acll
la thf marki-t. rnx only i.s.
BUY ANT MAW i O-nl Aenti,
Nu. 1 .sixth (late St Clair) St..
buk21. flttuburKh, Ta.
MAMUXm. WOMAXHKjI. and their loter.n'lsiliona: l.rp. ttnljwg. I' .wrr. Jir.
S'nd forsiierlmen mffiinlirrulitr. withtrnna,
rhUadrlpU, 1'a.
vrrr r
11 ttidi
Th-re TabUli rreDt tho ArM In (Vint (nation
with ntlirrenVliiit remollen. In a popular r.nn. for
JOHN Q. Ktl.UHJ. 1, 1'latt St.. N. Y.
Sole agent r.r tiia I'. S.
k"5K A MONTH fanny mh l:h St. m il
7'-' and Kit I "heck Men. Seeurof'ln-ular
ami Samples frrt. S. M. Sje nir. Hraitlct.r VL
1 "a ''"Y '" Ajienl selliiur fanipaiicn Ha-Iifee
V I for Ijtdle!! and tenta as brat h. s.Tirt Pin.
i eod pUtrd with p!int of Pn-eidenT '.itfil.lateii.
j sample mailed rw f.,r aieeniK. ju K.ivaai.,
I L'l'jT:. V"rk'
An eleium (jiKr.nIiot. perlert likeiiew... In.
aent ! mail tl; alf-'-t 'ampale-n 0'J3. Silk i rrant
jtwifre nii'i i pi uea . sample uteat tjle W ed-
ver, lvj l;roa4iwa. N. Y.
.-. ..m. ., ,'i.jiauu-'.. uur
Dm I.kwis' new ami irrentent work I an immense !
Sll-en. 1.1th thousand in pre. Aiferif delight-!
edan l roluia? uiouev. A,KNTS WANTLIief !
ery where. UKO. to At "LEAN, PuMi-d rr. j
a J r'V T ren. lor cm-mar an I njieelal
a w ij.i a
tenii" or"Me iellcn'il l'.e,ut-
Alii:Tl Ihaiusiu in America." Tne
. btMU'rtl aeillnir mik out. 1
J. M. STtlLlI) A U T
CO., Puldiihcre, I'hiUd a.
rowriin l m i k ovomitTi 11
1 Jam a. patentee,
! Lr,XtK' WA.KKkN t". w,erSL
! a i'.ir..Ti.r ii-xrCA!YA:! hik
, Im'M S.S: Z" $t
1 It eonialiu. nearly iuO line Senplure ii:umratkia.
' and nirentti arvni.'etinif withoni'reefdenteijpuerese.
j Addr.-.-,. natimr rjperi.-nee. eu-.. and wc win thuw
To what
aizentit are itolnsf.
L. PI KLISHINli CO.. Philad a Ta.
j AGENTS tO the ReSCUe!
: troth mtz in peutife. kichakp-
tell more tmth about the man than ail the paper
? ""' w"rl'l- "tv"u ",l.n,'.t"w ''rumi.athief.
ii,,,., r drunkard, read this book. Aieni can mlt-
J larife wa-'ed f..r the next few m..nU.-;;m it. aa It
: wanted, an I we jrlve orerwhe'.mina: trniiiiiua.
Addrer AM rule AN PC HI.1SH IN( j I '().
Hartford. C.nn.
',VrM.IK i
A Political CvmpeDu. for reerf of all partitt.
Live, of tbe President.. aiulthepreM.utCaB.lldatr.
Constitution of the V. S., and Iwvlaratloouf lniie-
1 pendenee. Convention, ami Platform., kdeetkm re.
! inir.wwiaa irani.. r-aeju cjummair.
made. ForCirrolsr addreu
freee l ; aelli at ilicht: lu lo fca a day easily
M'KFUXU AMl.MfcAD, Publisher, PhilaU'a.
iimntu T nL- lfiwrf There i.
.a.,1 in.-? uuua line. GREAT RUSH -For
the New Sn.EtiiLT Illustrated ilitkuol
nUDlaluUfl UnUtJaJta
" WllWWVbJ
Ileo-uo'e It i the m.
d.; fuKlnatlnif and popuIarhc.k
I. all In al elean. and low
. m a . ea. A rinfu.1 rui taia .i . v a 4F yi
In print, and ex.vl
prirr.. Jutout. 'J paitinted rmper. oniv 25l,
ea.y worth 3 40. 1. a irreat hit.Mdl.quiekand fan.
Term, of this and our new Bible., amenta' Pocket
IViiniaRi.m fret. Write b Mubtrl Kna., Pub
lisher., Tli Street, Philadelphia.
( JFNTS W TVIl'::r-ve,,uutT
- - -. r j . - - - iu wu our uew
work on oar idorioiu country. Jt la I
year labor, by Jame I McCane, Jr.
tr.1 writer, and i. entitled
Jl la tne reeuu oi
tbe rek-l-ra-
The Great Republic.
It contain more information than a doiea rye lope
dla: illutnie-l wltborer.'AiO ut,'rb enraviuir..
1 ailapted U the cowilna aoUtk-al
inipaixn, and j
11. better than
.hould tx owned by every voter. It Hell.
any other l.k. and pay. better to hand!-. Kr
term, and territory, apply at onee to W 1IJ.IAM
R. KV ASS a. CO., Puuludiei
ra, Philadelphia.
Q elffeeder
lanpreveti. t arivatled anal l'nealed.
Hums any size eoal.
maa k. wakken & co.. s wat st. n.y
It lsn.da phrsic which mar irive tetnpr.rarr re-
lief to the siillvrer Tor the lir-t lew dos.-s. I.utwhieh
froin eontiiiaed use brinRS 1'lles and Utairol dis-
do-toml li.iuor. which under Ihe not.iil.r n,..n.
"Hitters. " is so extensirely palmed off on the pub-
lie as Sovereign remedies, "but it Is a amr paver ful
,.l,....l ....fh..rf,0....r I. .... I 1..- an. I h.a '
iontcaad Alterative, prnoonnceii so by the leailm
been Lata: usihI by the reirular physicians of other
r--,i in r l" - n 1 1 1 1 w. I'l. T hi i .- t i i , i p.
retains all llie mc.lii al virtues pceuliar to the plant
and must be taken as a permanent curative arent.
t. . U.M I nt Ml-iiM im .n..r I I- a .V CJdn,
t'nlet rcllcveil at once, the Mood becomes Impure
bv deletereous secrethms. nnslncing. serofnlou" or
r . .. ........
sttin niseasea, itiotenes, reums, msinies, . anaer,
Ilmidcs. c. tir.
Take Jl'KUKRRA loclennse. purify and restore
the Tttlutcl bloo to healthy ai-tion.
fare u Dytprptie Stomach t Unless diircs- I
tlon - pn.mptly aided, the system Is debilitated i
with Vft of vital force, poverty f the Bloo.1. Uron-
steal Tenilcncv, Ocnenu weakness or Lasstlnde. '
Take it to a.'Sist Diircstion without reaction. It
will impart youthful vigor lo the wenrv su Merer.
Hare yew -fteI o f the lntettine't I You are
In danger of Chronic Diarrhoea, or th dreadful In
Bnmmtlnof the Bowel.
Take It to allay Irritation, and ward elf tendency
to lituamraaiions.
I Jar
yau iceaknett of the llrrine or Vrinarm
You must procure Instant relief or vou
r . X' . . . . . ,, , n nlT.H.,. k.. J
Take It to strengthen organic weakness, or
becmes a burden.
Finally, it should bo fminrntlv taken lo keen the
system in perfect health, or you are otherwise iu
sreat danger of maUriat, mlasmatie or eontucioiu
JOHN Q. KF.LUKIO. 18 Plait St.. New York,
Sole Agent for the Unite.1 States.
: Prior, (km DoUar per BiHtle. Send ft Circular.
I hereby give notice that I have appointed Wed-
neaday. the lath day of September, (second week
Court) to award the premiums offered by me for the
three best eolts by my Imported Fjiglish limit
ll.irse. t request every person owninjr colts by
bursa to hare them on the Fair (irounda. In
erset lairnugh, at 2 o'clock p. mn on the day
this i
wen I
1 further glrenidlce that partlc having engag -
e.1 Cdswold Lambs, can procure them at any
time I stIU have a few iir unsold, ami any per.
on desiring to purchase ran have an '.ni.tunity
on that day.
The public? are hereby notified not to uun-hase
anv of mv note that 1 gave to Hiram Vindlav,
F., falling due on the lt April, H7X lHitand
ls7i,of Four Iluadrew and Furty li.ur Dollars each;
that the name tbrtheee note said litram Kind lay
agree.1 to pay upiai 'certain mortgages an.IJu.lg
ment upon th records of Somerset counlv, with
tiie three uarmcnU paid him. each of the
amount ot 444; that he has not applied th pay
ments to satisfy the liens as he agreed to do: there
to re, 1 shall not pay any of th payments or Dotes
yet uapahL until ha IU rsdes and pavs alf th Uena
as he ha agreed and la bound to do. unless com h
V" oj iaw w nund II a H up.ll.
t U.UmImm nm.l OS I.M u.
( kamkerskarf. Pa.,
With ample O rounds and elegant Tlulldiogs, ao fit
ted up a to b homelike and attractive, and well
equlpiied tot thorough dutional work, will open
th first Term of the next Academic year Septcm-
oerwn, 13, i, or ircuiars, apply to
Aug. I.
Hot. V.
, H. L-VNF,
"a heroby given, that on the lTth.lavof Jul,
l7l the nieuilr of.llorner'( Evangelical Luth
eran Church of So me rent Co., Pm aixl applica
tion to the Court of t)omran Plea for a charter of
Ineorporalioo, and that uuleaa suttlcient reason I
shown to the oootrary, tb tarn will b (ranted at
September Term, 1STA
13th Aarart, im. Frothoooury,
iVw Adrertitemrr.l
Agents Wanted
FUR Til t
tVnerwri-r t!i FLORKNO: vi.,.. .
me.1. It baa met with the ,, J, """'.
It la theonlr mx-hine mull ln- four lin..
ea, and having the Kererjilii K.e.1 t5""! .y
erjt la perfect, and Um m.4l.4,..
iikiii, an.i Terr WM. and a-w nrar, "1
tu rn. '1'he Ht-mnn-r will turn w,'
hma. and fella txrautiluliy. All ai
with the mwliine. '-,,
Fur biloruiatloii apply to or .
Jane 12 TZ. "
Political Campaig.
Grant 4 Wilso,
Greeley & Br
Tapes and Torrfc,
TRA NNF.4 K E CI ES A.D B.t.Vfrs.
With Fortr.iitu or any device for all -,r
Silt, litinlinif ami Mtulln FIai tf u
hand or made to order. Chinese Ijre ,
riiet ami tve ; Paper Haloun. Fire ' -u '
fce. rampnliro t int fitted oat
at tu U.
t Kate at
Sntli Tulnl Street Thiladf;
Ju!r in, Ti
HATirrArTraxES ji jobbkes or
no. er wood st- PirrsisriiOH. ?:
July 10,
IKY VltW AC A EKM V ffrrv-u1.
fm. ft. M. For Malt nd t'ematt ro.U :
?-tnht.jhtl, thonaih. ut-crsttfnt:
ful and R4witk: rumauiir -UL Hi-r
Hifiou?: Imil.iii.iarn la r ire urM ct!y ;
aMe t?achrH; mountain uir. pure wat r m
inif. !ins tkUnt: rmphti-aUy a H o ,
Wh.'I ipivMar Ilartird. Tuiti', R .n: F.
Wa.hina (for 4u we.. U$ than turo
fir. tfitrr pi.n tH-ifin S-tc 3. S"vr
cuiarN. WILSON & PaTTKUx .Y P r.
Juniata Co., fa.
I Presidents of Colleges. Minist?
i , ,.
, Sill LSSFl L blSlMS'r VT.
Testify t the many advanta j
Tuscarora Acadec
AC A DEM IA, Juuiata Co.. Pi
Sen.1 for a Clrrnlar and Tctimor.iil.
ST. .mil A.M.. Ph. I. J. J. Pnriuu. j
of It
1 I. II
CVnnhnTiTnnfi fl Prrmnin Cmt? '
Tui. widely knoWT.h.I a ffirdJtliorncr.
J tLn e.lucation. at a e.t of little nun.
fi,m :M wk) uih. Tii .li :r-
, b,nuk r ( 'roeM.',!. A icrai..! r
theeloaeof tneneit rear, sn i ..r par
Kev. fll A f. HKATl V. I. P.
Sup'L. or K. v. A. M. Kr'.lli. Ph. K. Vn
I. hi IK
the 1
the (
I and 1-antlH.l l.-.tlon. me of the m'.-t
rnndartel and b'.t mliwl lie. .a-a,
4 , s,. Voe temu ete .
; Kii 1.-1. i.vv l
a.k.re9e Jtev. J ii.
f rrrhnnlTille. X. J..
F..ur mile, iroin Phdad-if..Mi.
I formerly l.niteil at Prin.vt..D. 1
lie. S. N. HiiWlXL. A. M . Ptom
Forty-fourth Annual Term beuu;? Vpi
Send tor Circular.
a an.
. 1
M l 111) "
Aittdrmtti Juniata i o., tt
Fire Insurance
survd t he irreatest security for tbe Inf. r ..w"1
tcoet. The preminm maes are the '-awt
nodiri.len.tH are paid to the storkhoMi- i
I simply assessci to pay deneieneie n?;ni'.r
i pament oi .r-e nn-i ex-iie. whi h -;Lt.MHl.V
j the total li', year of Its existenee. hav,
I but perceuium npm tile pn-miuoi iv (
' lower ilisn the r.ltes paid in the Nest tr!
on tu
of J
IcompauH'S tiuru.- tne Mim- pfni ... j
I stirm at st"ca rites, tne in?umi b.-- e
I to lnms.-ir thai he rT eery yearen-autl1-
l .. ....n,,l'.f...l l..r I'mrr'riutf -
IU. ill Alt .... u..:u... ' - ,
I pay lan:c dimlend' to the capital uivesia r x -fit
1 Cnpan : l. Kuns the r.?U of a "Chic Jfjj
I In a Mutual Company ne i- ni-"- ;
I '"nd until nee.le.1. au-l pays "M"J';: .
alists. The mutually itMjr .. "e. ', -
true ,
not b
; BiUci
' hastM
,.f ter and its aL'ellts in all places, thus pP
I other, r
. r lu-iininces or Aaenrtes. a
S. V. FKKI'AFF. S.vrc:r
I oluuitiia, Lanca.-lf r (
WTEi ra Cnannau-J'
i - mmn
Caatraios lVaiit. tki
! ?tgg'e . 'i
; a orc: in l otuical and lot
, A Ouariiir History of the KcpuMirwi
i I.Ttl ll' Ft,rtteft a FaCT Sketch of t b OH
eral Kepulilican Party: nn i aside ricwt
i cinnatl Coorention. The minor tictfi4 f-
I.. l , nr... - . ,r..nj.
i iso oi ins nnnpuica. inrnnc - v ,
1 1'ublishcl. A Book wante.1 b rrj l; poona
; citiicn. To secure territory at once. ' Khtllll
tit. UNION UCBLlSHlM CO. l" Jf- m
I'hilad a. Fa., or 8 print held. Mas. - .
I Airents wanted tor onr Campaign Ln.-!
. siyaf. Paa (lull per cent, prajit. -
i Send at once for Descriptive Cin-ur"'
I Lists of onr Fine Steel Lnurarincs of
dldates, Cnmpaiirn BhitraphhS t'asf
i irranba. Ia.iirea. Hns. Flax, and every-
m o
ion of
on Th
he wa
of th
the ra
of ita j
' rl to the times. Ten Dollars prr 'Jar
'u11 samples sent for a. A'!'.'""1'..-.
- . ..II . I
I il K II IS i' K H . 37 Prt KuS. ' '
life . - ' m. .
i I t Af Is t
Thirty new
designs. '"'V.
MTra.tTNarn.'' !
; nnalueed a anneral water wh'-0,;w,"?2, fcr fl
' lrrtUl thequalitie of anil Mlk . 1
.uiieiic. as that of the i-t"'f J
I Tamist's KrrKRVitai T SutTisa1' Liver
v si .1.. j'niTiJfncr
the artitk-btl aouivalcut of tlUt arts"1 Ri.
! edy.
I 1I -r All
For any of Btiaf- ' Chiljt
lu hlng or I icrra"-
parcl espresal to cure the Pile, aa""
Sidd by ail dnimfista. Price
T I , . w . . ' . v.... falSU)1 ...
Indlso J5
Wt t
.IW", f
th tUy
- Barlow's
U. . I, the cheapest and best
HIMCias llothet.
aa-l w iltherrer's aame on the I"y , ..
I ne genu. -
I al Wlltlvrgcr Dm Store. r rJT.
St.. Philadelphia. I. . " '"V.;nnP
prietor. Fursatoby Dnnrgisuawl"1
K. ModMn w th Vr.npt ""'1 yj,-
arraom, "'""'Vi li.stv1'
v..n.meranolaint. c Jrlella t.
: . . ,r 1, 1
up of IJlackberrv U. and K,lU" K
well trbMl remedv. entirely yt".' r- .
take, quick and certain iacAc-i: ft v
i in iIm m.Mrt uent eases: ata.r
as mom urrni -7 - ' t
voumrcst intani as well . r
lly taken by children. Keep am
mM In rant as well as . .
---- . . " ... ,he i.
use in time. ?ii ny ""tr:.i.ip
BKO., 20UU Market Street, pUllar
.! a,
XI. make more money at "
. . . (-id IftrhC
iiythlng lse. BriMr.NTO"-
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Particular free.
Publishers, Portland,
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