The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, June 26, 1872, Image 4

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Washington, I , June lSth
Tin Ileiinn-ra.-y if S'Hitli Carolina,
Missouri, Wmion!, I n I i;i n .1 , IVnn.-yl-
vania and Xew Yoikhav.- iitu.illv
indorsed Horace ttreelev. 1 here is.
.... .
l I. .a. a
mi dotiM f his nomination at Haiti-1.
in. .re. J. A. M.Mi.lru kfi.r (I.iv rn..rixv))(.ro ,,,, i,,;,;,..,! or SHfl-M.j,.nt reason
..f Indiana is a mtl )m ..r- i for a r ..lutiou in
111 my opinion u. will a ininii.-r
ill a iihiiiIkt
"I thousand iimre votes in
than 5 reeley will in Xveiii'ier. Mr. Ksisavrry resin-etam.- ?-""- ....nives, lf the conversion, In-i.les
tl.-inan. iin.l would make l.y far a '- iK-inir sudden s.ii.U.i. allv inexi.liea-t.-r
rr.-M.lent of the Cuiled -" K 1,1,., was rul. nlat.-d to sul'
Hora.r (;ro.-l.vt . wl.oM.itiii)s.ii(ls iri.i(ls wlliI(. tt
port he has Ix-en eomel.ed l.y the ;,.,!,,..,. In . fm(.r ..tiim-nts
.rac k of the ISluirwh"... j would not. the douM .f honest e..n-
Ti!Er....;RKssioxAL BEi'i ui.Uwx f..M-! viction and liirli-iiiiiidd sineeritv in
The Meeting of the Conirrcssional
Vnioii llej.ul.lican ('ominittet- which
was held yi-sterday was fullv attend -
ed, Senat.r Wilson tendered his res-
i-rnalioii as chairman, and Senator
Chandler was lected in his place, and
a resident executive Committee was
.piH.inted, consistin."-of Senator JIar -
, nrni , noil, i;, i , ini nu.
ellicicnt orii-anizer within the ranks of
the Republican party. A man of the1
lilmost mteirrity and lidelitv to his
trust. He will only employ honora
ble methods of warfare ; but, if labor, '
a-si.luitv. skill and onerirv can necom-.
oli-h lhi .rrcMt uii.L it Vill n... f..:i .
for want of these pialities m his
I -art.
This institution turns out annua
from sixty to eighty
ers ncarlv seventy
law practieion-!
irraduatc.l last
The commencement was numerous
ly attended by the beauty and fashion
of our city, and the floral onci-mirs
were numerous.
Assistant Secretary Jlichar.isou in
a few happy and appropriate remarks
distributed the prizes for the three
liest essavs on law subjects.
ll is to ie rejrreiieit tnat we iiave
not a similar institute for the irradna
tion of mechanics. Capable, int. lli
ircit and aspirinir luechanics are the
want of our time, and while not one
of these frradiiales in Jie will Im' like
ly to earn a living as a lawyer, we
could coiiliilcinly predict the future of
all, if they were masters of a irood me
chanical trade.
liosiox ji mi i:f.
iiuiuImt of ntVni. ii ' li-n -.1
. ii ii m i m r- oi rt iii.i im n n.ixeai-
rclilv left t lie civ I ir the ISiwti.ii in
n atn I. ii nil till lor III. Inistoll .U-
...lee, ami tin- opinion is ex-
oressed that it will be not unit- -i
pi. s. ,i ui.m ii Miii ' ii.ii oniv a
success ;i to niiinlH-rs l.m .i!,iil..i,..l
tn.t. ... to iitiiuiM rs, out t .ut .1
1o do a "-ri-it hil of .r.i.wl
io io .i i .ii u. ai oi irooji.
A si MM Kit I'Ai.A. K.
, , '
A "Teat lMiliiber of the wealthy
Hon. Fred Hou-las and lion. J. .M. there was a lhrlit m the heavens
Kdinunds. Senator Harlan XV11S hlc to thos.-who st.d round aU.ut ;
elected chairman and the Hon. .1. M. I lcas0. "f V'1', 'lailaqni
Kdnuuids Secretarv. Col. J. II. Hin-! philosopherthereis only the blackness
ton. remains as assistant Secretarv. I f ''""'"''-'an darkness, far from sujr-
The committee as now cousiiiiucd ;P'"tiyi- of anything c lestial. Horace
is an efficient and ciicr-ctie workinjr i Jr''1,,.v has.les.Tied the Republicans,
lMjv i nay more, the censures and objuira-
I "have known Hon. J. M. K.linunds tions which for so many years he Im--upon
whom the management will towe.l upon their opponents, lie now
practically devolve, for some vears l'rsout upon them, he well knowinr
past. II."' is without exception lln i that the Democrats make it their
clearest i.oliticii! thinker and most ! jrroatest boast that they are unchanir-
, , . '" 11. 11. i no an eiiemv io ine
people of this and other sect ions have i;,.,,,!;,.,,,, ;,arfv. He wiU'either Is-
lready -one or are in full pr. i.ara- the I'reM.leiitiur candidate of the so
t.on to s,H.nd the Summer at that .1.- t.aI!,.(1 -LilK-rals," ..r that of the De.n-li"-ht
fully cool and clejrant HiiiiwiT ,.,.,.;,. ,,,i. ,.r .... !-l......i;;i. i..,.i.
palace known as Fort William Henry
Hotel, at Lake tJeorire. This retreat '
has accoiiiotlations for nine hundred
sruests, an.l probably is. not surpass.-.l
in the world for its location and adap-
tatiou to combine health and pleasure
with fashion elegance and comfort,
situate.! near aratya. tins luiiise
which is owned by T. Sobs -I A Son
also jroirietors of ' The .rlin;rtoif '
of this city stan. Is at the heail of the
hike, with a matrnfiicciit mountain
ramrc on either side. The rrounds
ami f.'iirdcns almost reproduce the
AraLian Nights. The lake presents
line facilities for fishiinr, is stocked
with row, sail and stcaiiilmats and the
arraneciiients and jtcrfect i-iiisine
of the Hotel leaves nothing to wish
for v hich uiod.-rn civilization can suy-
ircst for the comfort
of its ruets.
Fl'TI'KE SF. LSsluX.
!:.. .1.... .. i.:i..
lll.-U .'-llll.lltllll 1.11 i 111.11 iiiu.-,
-.i . ... r . i ri ..
ior in. sue.. .11 seciiriuii tit. i r. sun n-
.... ii .!...!...- 1......1 t
other sentiments and principles sus- l.v I, in. f,.r .1... i.Mt f..n i- i
I... I...-. ...1.... I . I.:.. ..V.'... .1..'
ii. ii. i ii. i.i taai ii ..i. a iii inn ii in ..;..i. f..r l.;..l,
K.-Im-I South an- willinsr to support
him. The bailinir of.jcfl' Iavis as
soon as the war was over is confiriua- state, and one ot tlieui lias since T
lion of his continued belief in seecs- ished for want of support. The tier
sioit whi.h he so constantly atlvocated man Itepubliean press throughout the
at the openinir of the relx-Ilioii. Xow
if it should so hapcu that this M-cesh
philosopher should occupy tin- presi
dential chair, and his Southern friends
should secede as before what colnlili-
cation ini-ht not 1-made will, fore -n
powers, iM-Iore the Jm-oji!.- can tin v.
him from the executive power? Th.
1.. .Iriw.
itosi!ilitv ot his r. iit lniiir the I'resi-
th ncy is doubilcss out t.f all question,
but there are some whor-e credulity
jrocs so far as to lieli.-ve it robable,
and to them this is an iiitcn-stin-r
question for consideration. James
Imchanau jravc trouble ciioiihto tin
country w ithout js.sitivc scsesh senti
nients simply because lie did not 1m--lieve
in the power of the srelieral frv
crnmeut create a state, what then
would Ik-the result of l.uttina: into
executive position a man who let licvcs less the Idair family, by the same
that M-cedinjr states should jro in manipulation, treacheries and i-onspi-jK
nce, and the union I h-broken int.. raeies which ctT.-ctcd the noniinatioii
frajrineitts at the will of a minority of at Cincinnati can force him itroii the
the w-ople. i;.-iltiinore Convention. In that case
Siiiallnox is on the decrease iu
Washington since the warm went her
set in. C. M.
ld , krr.
1VI.-1, ll l.f II ,I.I 1.1.1 I.Mltll
... .... L.,... .I.i. ..r..,.s ,..k1
. :.....!.. c l.,. i
iiiiiuiiiiiL'! nun idii n.'iu i im .-iii'i ina
k tl A I - 1 II
Kcrs is ncli arc coiieeteu ami soni,
l.nd that these finally reach maiifaet
m,rj ..f l..u,l.i.r Iuimi-iI tt'liii'li in
., i . . -.. I.:.. i.' .
1 IJCIIU, 1 llcu to line tun a.ii.---
. .... . ... .
to a sole Which has but little real
leather in it. Unt w hat l.-c.mes of
worn out lsnits and sh.M-s, and all oth
er articles made out of leather which
have Itccn cast aside as of no further
use? It was in pursuit of this inqtii-
r' that we learned that worn out host
and iK-ltinjr are cut uj. into soles for
leoots, aud that the 'uiiiiers'' tif Issits
,1 .h. wh.-r.-of il..- !... I-
..,. ,l.-,..oraliz,.l, r,car,fullv H-,M-r-
. -1
ili-I Kiilil.-i-t-u to vari.ill- nr.Mi..-.-
which .Ike thou, tX .,. h h 1
Un. of uew,.s, and th. n tri,,.,,,.-,!
round, U-avi...' th.-... Kuin.-i.-ntlv lar-r,
to make the "..nmrs for M.ialh r f.t
than thev e.vered ln-fore.
,,fu,,.,-"-mw.r,".r.. itn.rL.-t.-i mii.ih.'.
tllv. and it iH imt f.-f.-r ihos.. who
hu'y their Iroot without re-urd to the
Ftandinjr to the d.-.5.-r to assume that
out !
Chicago has ln-en stinerinpreeentlv ir,','Iit'as t'ver dar-.d to tru-t him in a to wish to hold others in a hated
from a revisitation of the lire fiend. ! prominent and executive jxisitions. : couneetion with us. IJut the dissolu-S-reraldePtruetiveeonflaoTationshave!
r M"w al"l '''' received a noni-l1'0" f a (ioverninent cannot he af
taken place !n that city wit liin a few J iation, he invariahly ran In-hind his j f.-eted in the time required for knock
days. ! party ticket, and the circulation i ng down a house of cards. Let the
(.lii.irrnat hU I'ollllrBl ISt-cord.
Xll.lilil. ll:lll.r,.c (,( 4 II lilt ! illWilVr
t-.eile !i.-tnist niile.-s th-y .tie atndn
1 1. , in. ..I l.v .- itl-i-t- and ;ip-
... Illl.,u1ri,,.,sis is u
I'lMillM MUM n , -
1 ...
iiiit -Iiiinfd. i"'1' Mirroiiiniui
.ii-.iiiiwijii.-. ri! iiic Kline, miki
. ,( ,,, a,.ti..n an.l sentiment, there
I natursllv fll'i ft wll ..I li.'i, HI if ll i.l.ti-ll
i nier.vnarv, sellish, ur .lishoiiorutilr
, the prem.s. s would almost, or .pine,
amount to certainty. .....
! vill''' is the position which llorai e
' Greeley now oocupies in the minds of
those who i have hitherto b.'i-ii his jm.I-
j ' coadjutors. Like aul "f' ',r--" j
has suddenly betook hinis.-ir to tnc .
i companionship .f tjiose wli..m he HJs
r ,H',,,, ,,M,"IIM" . .
tun t"ir in i in :tiiii
- . .
ed. Horace (.rcelev has not kept Ins ,
. .. . . i- ii i i
'first estate, polltlca V, he is
1 '
'HurlMhi-a.ll.iti Hainlnu' ftim tin- lh-vtln riul
y'i:h hitlwiuh rulu anl riiiili.iKlioa. i!uwn
Tj Imtlixnliii iKTilitlim."
N"t onlv has he
leserted the "-rent
and noble party to which lie was at
tached, but his hatred towards it will
hereafter be rrcatcr than that of a
person who never Irclontred to it.
Ihirinir the old wars lictweon the Ma
hometans ami Christians, the latter
were accustomed to say that "one
rcneirade was worst; than ten Turks."
There is a natural abhorrence in the
human mind against treachery and
scllish desertion. The renegade feels
and knows it. He is sensible of the
meed he deserves from faithful and
holioral.le minds, and he hates those
who award it to him. As the North
ern doiiirh faces exceeded the very
sia vcmonirers iu their obsequiousness
and devotion to the system of slavery,
so (iroclcy and the Trilmiir will now
exceed Marble and the W'orhl in the
fjiitefulness, malignancy, and venom
with which they will pursue the Ke-
1 '
Well. 1m it so. I At him .1.. his
, . 4 -ii
worst, and that irnr.-t will not be
r , , , ,r . ,
found verv ixirt. nloiisor dreadful. As
, , P ., ,. -,
tmliviiluals of the same family are
.... ... .... i .,
eharv in public criticisms of each
,. i e ... , ,
other, so members of a political party
i i .
u" . .ociaiii 10 iiiiim- ;,u;ii oh :ii
. ...
" -
much if whose conduct is mischn-v-
,,,ls- I ins toroearaiice has lontr ih-cii
excrcisetl towanls tireeley ; but now
his desertion renders it h-jriiiiuate to
... 1 i i
examine the man a he is and has
i n : . . .1
- '
whacker marauding on the outskirts
of those he hates the most. Hut he
need not be feared in either oosition.
If ,,,. i),.n,oerats do not take him up,
ho (..llint .rt.t a sin-le electoral vote,
lf ,1(.v it will cans.- the stampede
ofhiiiidretlsofthoiisamlsof Democrats.
i.ireiisoittioitsamisoi i'cinocrats.
ic soreheads, all the M-rsonal ad-
ts, all the mis-uided Itepubli-
' . ' I
cans tireeicv coiini carrv witn tinn
would not coin M-n-ate for u.-h a loss
" ' '
The ( inciunati coii"ioincratioii of
odds and cn.1 which culminated in
thoioi.iiiiation of (Jreel.-v. is already
ilissiilviier into its uriirinil I'lemeiits
St....k-v Mflttheu s ."is first . liinrnoii.
has publicly denounced it as Ix in
itself the most striking example h
could adduce ot chicanery and cur
ruptioii. The revenue reformers have
openly seceded and issued a call for
another Convention. The New York
Kvcninjr I'oi-t has deserted the con
i,...ti..n Tt... iv nut ni..
nection. I he movement is not sun-
.... it..- .j-.t 1- '
,.h,.,i i,.- ii ........... ..r
r1"1" m- iuhih .in i.....i ..i
.,1!....,,...: ,,,., v TJ... 7v;iiea
when challen.L'etl to name any Ilepul
Hcnn daily newsiuiner execot iti lf
tl...t it l..t u it Ii tlx. (in..iin..iti
..... ...... .... .... ....... ,
iii.ui.rrel ...irtt- eoubl not do it tin. I
could only designate four insirnilieant
weekly (or weaklt ) papers in its own
l limn, remains true to its allegiance,
and both Ili-publican and Ib-moeratic
(icrmaiis. as a rule, repudiate (Jrcelcy
as a camlitlate or as a chief. They
are not dice to Im- shifted at will from
one place to another, by any political
ii-r.der however adroit. The trreat
'biidv of American Ilepnblieans r-
leet the rihu nr sair
the Tribune A-rr with the dis-
jrnst his recreancy merits.
Anions' the Ih-iiiocrats, so far from
-rainiii-new strenirth, (Jrcelcy con-!
stantly Ih-coiucs more distaseful and
llUWeleome. The leadinr Pclilocratic
journals are tipposed to his lM-injr
nominated at ISaltiinore, as arc the
most jirominent Ilenioeratic leadinjr
men. Where, then, is (ireeleyV
streii-'ih ? It is certainly not 11urt.11-
tious in the North, uml'will not Im-un
will any considerable number of 15.
jiublicans follow him into the Ilemo.
eraiie camp? Only tuisy-ui.led. .lis.
appointed ami recreant llcpublican
can l so.
sure, wiil la
1 heir number w
small. I he rrcat
too devoted
publican i.arty itself, is
to its i.rincipics, too well ac.iuailitt-t,
with the needs and situation of the
, . . , .
nn in. ioo iiiiicii aiiiiuuieti n n i in-i
tellience, too
H-nsiblc that lilwrtv
and reform, can only
Ik- maintained
. - ...
I.i- i, iiwii ii.h. f.iii li.itri..ttii nil. I
' .
too progress, vc, to Ik- led ,nto any
l.H.i s t u-.iyv aii.-r j i ..race iireei.-y.
Kvcr since he obtained reputation ;
. t . I. ri
as ii partisan ami punrcni i-uiior oi i
the Lo,j Vubin, in 14.-,, it has 1n-cnlnI ''" yet "iiropcntaut followers
pati-iittoall who kii.-w.iind t all who
.-riticall v oWrvwl him. that Iu-.-s.m-c-
iallr Wkod the iimlifi.-ati..iH i..-.--s-
ry for an ai.lo an.l mic.-.-Ii.1 l.-a.I.-r. ;
. .
Th - Harrison,, wa,,an-,l
1... .!.... 1 1:1...
r-ort-wu auu mi..-i.ii.."i iih-ii iiat -
ward and W,l. Th,,v ,ad,
f Jr,,-l. y to frn-at .h antajr.., .,1
- rit.-r ho ,lid .-ni.-i.-nt .-xi-.-uti..:..
,,(' li"HJ udroitlv that he
fu,,, i,-,l din-etin and eon-
trolliii'r inind and wifh.-d t.Mtuhlih
a triumvirate with Svward and Weed.
1 '"'.v very well a. . wri-
t,,r - ,M,t ' ruinous as alead.-r. '
0t,Kr - ' Kaw 11 ?r edv an.l
anxious as ( reeley has alwiirs lwen
for office, neither the Whio-s tmr 1J-
1 . I . e . i n t .
i ami Hi)inariiy oi tne iriaune never
ieotild give him a resjertalleetirreiiev
I as a eundi.hUe. Th.- fiefiient li - !if -
! ii.iii.tiiu nls In. si.fT. n-d in his; iisi.ira-
si'. ,. .
turns .r ..nice I-1 nun to tiuson e unctisn en , ..n-. ...
I the him of Sewart, Weed and ir.e- to help the nt not that we want
lev, and iii.eth. ii. like lo lull that we loathe the
ulwavs heeii williiiu-, and alvvav.s nil-j
'successful, except in serving out a
. month or two ofsoiiie'hodv t-IseV term
' in Coicrress,
s, where in that short peri
od he made himself thorouirhly odious
and .il.uo.viuus to men of all parties
without exception or distinction, lie
has reH'utedly shown himself a mar
plot, and notwithstanding hisChiiMw
jdivsi-oirnoinv, so "childlike and
l.hiiid." he has exhihiud stupid obsti
nacy fully o.pial to that of Andrew
Johnson, or any other jackass.
I)uriiir LiiK-oln'scclel.ratecd auvass
with Ilousrlass, and durui": the lcir
isa,ivf ( which followed it, j
(ire.-lev was .piife as much for the
I il().r s t1(; f,.IU).r He electioneer-'
(, f(,r u,,,.,,),, u,,ut as fi.r tIl(. .
i;,.,,,,!;,,,,,;,, ecticut la.-t sprinir !
Afterwards, at the Convei.tiou in Chi-j
v w ,i(,n ini).)(ll was rs( ,
luU)(1 aU(j w,H.rt ,.t.ollllHitiOI, Wil J
U-t ween such men as Lincoln, Seward
. i
ah1 Chase, was our Chinees sajre, :
runuiiiir over with a parent simplicity,
and he, too, had his candidate. He
pressed his candidate with "ways that 1
were dark ami tricks that were iu '
vain. lie probably swore "jrood Jroui the L mini, ai-.rtni tit ''
mouth fillinir oaths," and manifested from it, ln our fa-t t j-r-his
jrreat knowledire of men, his ex-: (' tlu-ir rcics.
.piisite discrimination of character, As men and even philosophers, not
and his profound conception of states- unfre.piciitly persist in opinions which
lnan-liip, by repudiating I.incoln and apoar preposterous to the majority of
Seward, and men of that calibre, and mankind, so our statesman, continued
advocating man that lio one else ever , to repeat his previous declarations.
dreamed of for President hdward ,
,, . ,. , ,
bates. Mr. Lincoln was per M-tual
, , . . , , '..
Iv ainioved and worrietl bv this sami
ame ;
Chinese politician, duriiiif all his Ad-
ministration. At one time it would ;
lo his heedless "on to Richmond," at
another his cowardly counsel t) make
lc;rradiiir and suicidal concessions,
ami at another by proscciitin:; insane
!icrtiatious in Canada.
As early as XoveinlK-r'.t, lsiJO, dem
onstrated how safe and judicious it
would have Im-cu to have entrusted
the guidance of these I'liited States
to hiit sagacity and wisdom. Iu the
Trbiiuit' of that date he savs:
- .mi now, 11 inetouon .iates con-. H'iion to a jatyr. -mi yet wiien .
sidcretl the value of the I'nion deba- Mr. Lincoln had been nominated,
table, we maintain their perfect riirht when certain discontented Uepubli
to discuss it. Xay, we hold with cans had held a convention at Cleve-'
Jkfff.usox to the inalienable rivlit of, land, and nominated Fremont and IV
communities to alter or abolish forms chrane, when the fortunes of the re
.if frovernincnt that have become ok public were iu a most critical coiitli
presMve or injurious ; ami, if the Cot-: tioii. ami our j.atriotic president nectl
ton States shall desitle that they can ed all xissihlt- aid and assistance, this
do better outside of the I'nion t hau j Trilniur secessionist treacherously
in it. we insist on h ttiny them ro iu ami secretly stahlicd Mr. Lincoln by
Jicace. The riht to seceoie may Is-a sa-n.linjr out the following h-ticr as
revoliitioiniry one, but it exists never- prhatc and coiifidcutial :
llieless; ainrwe tin not see how one
ti'irte iviii li.ii.. i fiirl.. il.i
" , " ' ' "
another pan v has a riirht to prevent,
... ' . 1 . . ,.
H e must ever resist the asserted riirht
, .. . .....
of any Stale to remain in the l uion
, .., , ,. , , , ,
aim nuiiiv or uciv me laws inereoi;
. , , , . ... . '
to withdraw from the I niou is ouite
., , . . 1
'another matter. And. whenever a
i i i . r
consitlerable section of our
deliberately resolve to p it.
... . .. . r
we shall resist all coerc ive measures
i i. i . w
dcsirncd to keep It III. e hop.' nev-
r ,. . ' ... , '
crto live 111 a Kepub he whereof one
... , .. ,
section is pinned to the residue bv
, . '
On the Kthof December, Isr.ll, the
(' jurist, patriot and philan-
1 thropist, evinced his acumen by tell-1
in? irhathel iu wfifamt tin' H- rliirnioit
Imli'jM'iitleiH-f. He says:
We have relieate.llv asketl those
who dissent ffotit our view of this1
ntatt.V to fell 11s frankly whether1
they do not assent to Mr. .1 f.ffkuson's
statement in the lieelaration of lii.le -
iM-ndence that Governments -derive
i ' '
theirsr powers from the n,'t of
.''"' ...; and that whenever
i- . r .... 1 I..
any form of !rovcriinent, b.-coinesde-
struetive of these ends, it ik tin' rnjlif
J' Jl I . M ..ll . 1 f . I. f . . 1
"J '"' "-"j"' i mirror o.. mm
to mstittie a new v.ovcri.inen , c.
" AN ' l" i'artl,.v a,,,Tt lms ",M:
trine, iN-lievinur it intrinsically sound,
heiielicial, and one that, universally
" cpt-.l, is calculated to prevent tin
heddiiiir of seas of human bh.o.1.
Ami if if jirstilh-il the rirssioii from tell alxiut a jrood deal at tlie present
the liritish Umpire of three million.- time, is-llow to live Cheaply. Trices
nfiollonist.iin 1 :;;,',, oic see iri of all the jrn-at stables of life are.
it tfoulil not just if i the seression o''hijrh. lleuts are enormous, 'a.-jh-tiee
millions of 'Soiithrrou from the inns are cxa.tinir. Wunts mi.ltiply,
Fnleral I'nion in lsl. If we are ; while resources diiniiiMi. ilowto!
J etleral L imm ut
. . j -
mistaken on this noint. whv does not
. .
someone attempt to show wherein
and why; i-or our own winie
we deny the riirht ol slaveholders t
slaves atrainst the will of the lat
ter, Iff ill . I not see Loirturutij Million
of ji'ojile run r 'nflil fullij hub! ten, or
eren lire, in n detested I'nion vith
Ihem, Inj inilitarij forre.
'If seven or eitrht eoiitiiruous States
shall present themselves authentical-
lyat Washington, savin- "We hate
the Fcdcntl Cllioil We have with-
i r ' .11-
drawn front it; wcjrivc you thechoicc
Ix-twei-n acquiescing in our secession , c.uilH.riuui iH-twecn oiitjro and iu
and arransrinjr amieablv all incidental "''. makes life a dnidjrcry and
'"-st.os on the one Hand and at-
.ei" uu-to t.s 01. ui.-ot.....
-re rould stand up f,r i-.H-rrion,
J or ire ,lo w mink
iron Id In-just. We hold tlie rijrht ni convenience in uie jiataccoi lasn
of self-jrovcrninciit sacred, even when ! Study simplicity. Refuse to Is-
evoke.l in In-half of those who deny IwfriiilVd into a style of livinjr above
it to others." what is re.jnircd by your position in
i.' i n.e in .I... sin. ie iirtii-le socict v and is iiistilictl l.v vourrc-
i-'"- I - .1 : .
we may s.-e him invokinjf the lncoin-
IIIIT Administration, to precipitate It- ncmi.css, m im. .-, un.i oie.iieiisite-
self asrainst "fii'Mre slures," and ', which others will be jrlail to fol
now it iscxm ctedbysoinethat he will low and tjiank you for introdiifinjr.
receive the -'iicjrro vote," with jrrate- Teach yourself to do with out a thou
ftd acclamation. He says: ' sand and one pntty ami showy things
fullil the obligations assumed in his
inauratioit oath, but iferrr, "seren
or eiijht Slates ' send aients to Wash-
iimtoii to sau. " 11 e leant to iio out of
il. f...... I... '..., ..l ..! '
llfi tll, I" f .l.f.l I. r I I urinrf (irifi i
btj our deration to human lifa-rtij to '
l sai, J,et Hu m i)o : And we do not I
i . . . . . . . !
sec how we could take the other side
,, ;,i1,11 ..,.,: : .Up..,. fli.-t tt itl.
I'l"--' rifria? i man which we noi.t
aa . I 1
paramount to ail jxiimcai arran;rc-
... to
however convenient and a.l-
(.reeley poured out Ins soul with
u i.liilniitlirn.liv nr. wliii'li .TefT f).ivia
" r-v .
''. clap tiwir uanu.-anu nan a uit.uj-
t Koww.ouirt.- lit aya ;
"M certainly wc l.olicvc thai
i.aiininiif in f-tt ninil.iTu m.oli 11 -i.T
.. . r? .
Iit.-r ".I.-iirm" llit-ir 111st iM.wi-r troin
i," - ... . .. . i . .1 r 1 -n .
,.t of the ,-vi r,,,d , rf aud will a, tbey r,.
, whi n.-v.-r a iiortion of thin I ...on, -(.Mi Aye.
i,.oUfr to form an ...d.-,K.nd...t j .
M-lf-sul,st.tut.i.? nation, hhall fit, A Wast was made at the CWho-
,0 .v. u ''y. trt residue, j h,M-ken quarries a few dayswnee with
( ' '"d to ro away from you, wei(. hutidr.-d kep of inrnder, by
"-nilw trurt M'lf-n-t.
f r u' P"iil'- or wir-
froven.meiit, will constrain the residue
of the Aii..-rieau injoplc to say "(jo.
Wfv never hare yet had sx. jKxir an
liniou of ourselves or our neiurhlxirs
I . . L'. - . . .... luiiri
eouon iiic., or im -
' States, siiy,iine(tilvot-ally, "Wo want
1 to jret out of tin- Union," and promise
! to i-fleet their end in-un-fully and ill-
! . ...... i ;il ,! ,,,,r 1 ......
idea t coiiiielliii;r mem to slay
Five davs after the itiatiiruralioii as
IVesident of the 'onfederatc States,
of that .listintuislieil citiz. n who was hailed with such ahicri
ty I.V Mr. (Ireeley, the father iu the
Trihitne of Fel.ruary 2:1, I si; I. sjxike
thus: .
"V' have reeatedlv said, and we
once more insist, that the yreut i.iiu-
ciple einhodied l.y Jeikkuson in the
Declaration of American Independ
ence, that (iovernineiits deprive their
just powers from the consent of the
ro erned, is sound and just ; and that
if the slave States, cotton Stales, or
the (Julf States onlv, choose to form
an ind. M iident nation, . hntv a
Hi,ar Ult umr(ll ,.,y,, (, ,( . Vl.
have said, and still maintain., that,
provided the cotton States have fullv
ddinitivc lv made up their minds
to j,v thems.-lves, th, r- i.-i , r, ,l
f jhihlnxi uL,t it; for the v have
only to exercise reasonable patience.
- - - . .
and they will lie led oil' in peace and
1 jrood will. Hlirwcu' it flmll
that the tjrfal fatly of . Southern
;. v .w-wVW. ...
In the rriliuneuX SeptemlT ill. IXI'.i,
in a letter to II. Mel hesney, ol I my, !
.. 1 ., Air. trrcelev savs:
"I!ut I shall ssMhat, if it had
Ih-cii proved that the people of the
slave States or even of the cotton
Slates alone had already desired to
' dissolve the I'nion, and icaccfullv, I
diliU-ratrly and authoritatively ex-!
pressed that wish, tri' should have as- !
sented to it. At all events, should."'
These extracts show that (Jrcelcy j
niirht lie styled tnti'iunit as well j
as any Southern fir.M-ater of the re-!
.Itellion. If we contrast him with!
Lincoln duriii"-this iM-riod, it is Hv-
.New Voiik, Sept. 1, ls;4.
Vol it
Kxci:i.i.KXfi : The under-.
signed have U-en re.pte.ted l a ImmIv
of influential 1 "ni.nii.-ts to communi
cate with the loyal (inventors, for the
purpoM- of elieitiitir r.-i.lies to tin- fo-
1. Iu your judireun-ut is the rc-clcc-tioitofMr.
Lix.-oi.x a probability ?
2. In your juilireineiit. can vourown
State. Im- carried for Mr. Lincoln' ?
:. In your judgment. ! the inter
ests of the I'nion partv, and so of the
country, require the substitution of
another candidate in place of Mr.
In making these queries we jrivc no
.quuioii of our own, ami request yours ,
only for the most orivate ami conli
.lential use.
Yours truly, Horack (iIieki-Fv.
Ktlitor of the Tribune, (ami two
The reopIeaii.-weic.l Mr. (Jreeley's
those of
n . .
interrosratories as they will answer
f Cincinnati next November.
We have other specimens of this
man s opinions and consistency, but
.1 I .1 f . 1 ? . - I I
uie iciiirin m inisanicie a.iinoni.-ncs
us to postpone them to a future occa
sion. .
II w I Uvo.
One of the subjects talked and writ-
make strap ami buckle me. : is tin
t l .... ... i ... t i,
lr. hhin Inch pre-r on hundreds
of hoUsekeeiM-rs of the mi tile class.
i' I l-ie .. I. .. :. .1 .-tl : .
I he dlUH'tlltJ HI the problem I- to re-
concile irrcconcilables. The middle-
, - ., ,, ...
class laniiiy ireneraiiy wants all tin
fine things, all the style and disjilay
of wealthy nciirhbors. The problem
would simplify itself at once, would
the middle-class family cease tryinjr
to apH-ar what it is not, ami In- cou-
tent to appear and In- ih.ui-ht just
W'htlt It IS. It IS What IS done to keep
'im r.t.i.....i-.i iiwi tl.ot .l..t...f ,1...
up nppearanit' ttiat destroy the
and Im- thought
w Aauou. nu to m. t... upM is a
i '" . V. "
no will la- contfiit with a clina.
cHwuma- ....... .or s.ioh .
i.iiir.-i i-t ii f.iil.i'.n iir"c; !
sour. es. S t a t.ishmn ot sii.ipltt-it , ,
home that its members will never i
miss the costly fripperies and showy j I
adornments of fahiu, ami he hair-1
pier in the ci.zv : and comfoitab!
n.iMi-tniciit than mot nf tl.i. ir!ie 1
- I v. ......
nei-rhlHirs are in their splendid estal-
iisiiiucnis.. 11 iioch noi ioiiow nun
i .... i? . i t " . ..
or.ier w mocucapiy, one must n vc
m. -am v. s. i nt jrreai staples ot uie
are not costly. . lastc, rciincincnt,
jroo.l cheer, wit," and Oven -clcjrance
are inexiK-nsU e. There' is no trouble
alMJiit yuunjr M-ople marrying with no
outfit but health aud love and honest
purjose, provided thev will practise
uie tnriii ami prudence to winch their
jrrand-parents owed all their success,
and make their thought and love siqs
ply what they lack iu the means of
display. Those who iM-jrin life at the
top of the ladder jreuerally tumble
whirh 13,000 tons of roek were ri-
A PAKTTin l'ontiae, Mich., out
rowing on Sunday, was too large for
the Iwat, and one of the number was
drowned. A local pajH-r thereupin
remarks, "I.eniemlxTthe Sabbath and
keep it holy and don't overload your
R. R. R
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
ftflcr reading. iii mlii-ilii,nu.iil i'ii.l lif no
si r r r-K v 1 1 ii r.i...
tVl.ia I AIN,
tt wu th" (tr-t .iiiJ l
Tlio Only Xuln 1 IoiiiojI y
that Uuiuitlr "". coiiiiiiir paiut, IUrt
Iutiininiiitluiil, ud curd .'oti4itiii. wliirtlwr of tbo
l.uugx, huaiuh, luiwala, ur tAiiw (laMla or uraui, l.jr
no m alter how lotit iw nirtltii lh Daw Mm
KUfcl MATIO, IWJ n.lj.ii, It.Bnii, CrlppWil, Kaivuu.
&unJ(k, ar uruainud villi imiun tuty xilfcr,
Valpitation of thk ucakt.
COt.D rmUA A fit' E CIIIU.s.
'ftxitipiiatiuau'Ui ItraJy Krllrf lotlrtr
prk whrre Un uia w ilidkull) vuu will air.wj com
and comfort.
Twuty (Iropn In fclf a InmWrr f wlr will In frw
m nii,,KAMl!i, SPASMS. Sollf STOMACH.
ami all 1MKUNAL I'AIXS. ......
Trarelen ahoulil alw.ya carry kolnf BaJwav'f
llrady Relief wrtb tliim. A f w diu in w.iu-i v. ill
Cievuut MckMa or o1ii froni cUur m aar. 11 la
i tot Uua FrsDca Bnuir ur Bitten aa a aUiuuUO.
FEVER AND AOUE cund t;t Hfiywuta. Tlim-It
Mira.wM arent la thia woria that UI ran Kcvtr
a-.d Agu. and Jl uther Nljri... Ul ""I?''',
hi ld. Yellow. auduitiT FfVitr.lai.lnl lr 1 "-V,'
I a quick aa KAl.WAYS HMiUX HtHLF.
Filly ccnU cr kutlle. tslu ky IhagnuU.
i Stikno asd rri?K r.ieii iiix.n-lNciitASE
HIE Ikil'lf I Xl'Kl:.Hl s. VWM THK JN
n.t r.:u k oy mis nun vsoauuifvi.
ill.l.K lNE, THAT
Every Day an Increase in Flesh
and Weight is Seen and Felt.
FKT cinuMiiiniciit.s lir..uili the Illoiid, Sweat, Crinr.
ah'l fluids ail i.ian .M tlui avat.4ii tlia vir.f
fur It r-blra tlia w .l. ..I tlttf Ualy wita flaw ainl awuiHl
li.atwLjV Scrf ui . .lili!., Confuihl'lion, .ui4u!r
(IWur. 1'loera ia ll.e TlioU. U.wth, Tuiaora. Xo.1 ll.
f it lllamla him! Mlir urla of Hie ayatiin. Koro L)a, IMhLii-.a IJ..IB Ilia Kara, and tin worrt
f.iriua t 81.1a diacja.T. Kni..i.'n, FTr tt-xm, BritM
ll. a.1. Kituc W.wm. S..I1 I11..UU., Kry,ll.v. Acne, Ubc
Sia, Winiia la Hi' lk-afc. TanMira, Caiwra In (lie
Wunil,ai.d all wjr.Vw.lnj and pahful diaeaanrfa, Hfhl
Sweata, Ixwa ul Stu.. and ail avlrtol I bo life Brincl
t.lC are within the cilratu e laiire at Uito wonder of M.mI
ern Caen.ia.rr, ail a fcar Java1 ne lll prue lo any
nrn uaiux 11 titr illhir vf Ibeau funua of ttucaw IU
indent power to cure Ui.w.
lf the patient, daily tMHi.iiiine reduced try the waatn
and ikieoaiKiUiin that l r.ilii.uallr imereaaln(, auc-rrf-ii.
In arreatiuc the waalea. and repalra Uie aanxr with
new nuttena! nuuje rrom aeaiinr oimwi auu una uie
i-AR.SAl-AKII.LI AN will and accore.
NiAonlrdoea tlie SaaaraiLLia Rmurm exrel
all kbnwu remedial n,:enta In IJ.e care of Chronic, Scrorn
h.u, I 'onut Itiitiouol, and bkiu dueaao ; but It la toe only
laltlva cure fur
Kidnrjr &. Dladdrr ConplainU,
Crlnary. and Womb dlteaaw, Crwel. 14abe.ea, Ihopay,
St..pae of W ater, lneoi.tiiienco of Frlue. lirlKlit't
eaae, Altmrainuria, and la aH caaes where there are brick
due) depuaiia, or the water la thick, ehwly. miied with
suhaunov like the white of an tgt, or like white
ailk. or there k. a niurnid. dark, bllioua appearanee. and
white bone duat d.pntita, and when laeru b a .rakin,
hurtling aenK:iUon when uu.inie water, ami iin to Uie
bmall t the Hack and alwif thu Loiua. l'ricctio.
WORMS. Tb wly knows and aura Kamedy
f H erwo-i'.n, Tip, tic.
Tumor of 1 J Venn.' Growth
Cured by Itudway'a Resolvent.
aeeaxT. laae., l. IU.
la. kineir I aawa kaAOvariaa m IW arariaa aaj
Ww.U All ike DDCbea a4 - a waa a. art be It," I uiae
y tklne iha waa nwamM ; hat aMan.1 alae4 aw. I
aaw raai UaMiraat, aad IkMfhl I waeU ley H i ha. had ae faith
la ii. bxwive I had .atrnd fur Iwelre yean. 1 fak all haUlee
af the IUmItmi. Bad eae aoa af Badaae'a Ftila, aad tee hat
tkaef tmlaJi Kallrf: and Uct. IiMi nra f aa to he
eaae ee fclt, aad I ! hrtur, aaaerur, aad haevar lhaa kan
IwiJt. jiwi. Tha want laanae waa ia tb. left aMe af the
howrla, omt ta era. I write this to yva lor the bandit J
olaan. Yea .aa nabliak it U yea ckoaae.
perfntly taelea. elecantly coated with mrect cms.
purre. rejrulate. purify, cleanae, anl atrrnethen. ltad.
wave Ilila, for Ilie rurc of all ilianrdt-raof tl. Stomacll,
Liv.T, Buwcla, Kidneea, ltl.iihler, Kenrouf DlaMaei,
Headache, f-onatliuitiou, Ccetiveiieae, I ml ideation,, ItHiouiiiefla. r.lllooa Fever, InQanilnatlon of
the Ikiweia, 1-iieeat.d all IleranconenUof tl.dlntenl Vu
crra. Warranted to effect a ptitivr cure. I'urely Vegeta
ble, anntalninc no merrure, mineral, or dajetertoof druirs.
CAT Oinerve the following ayaiploma rcatiilini frum
Iiiaordcra of the liieentiTe Oreau:
.'.auUpaUaa, Inward Ptlea, I'allaeaa af the Waal ia the Read,
A. utile af um Suaaarh, Kawa, HwetUra. Uufw.! W read,
KnIIbm. ar Wehl u. Ut. snMparh, near Eraewuloat, awahiac e
r'iuueriaf at IS Pil t the Meaierh, twwaaidr af the Hand,
MtfrrM aad I.tfical. Beealhinc, Flaltering at la Heart, Caakiae
nr Sultbcaboit &aaatieea wbea ia a Lyiaff Faatare. Iltaaaau af
Yieua.. Iiola ar Weha hafnra the beat, eear aad'tVaH K.a la
ta. Head, Mtiert af Perrirala. Tdlewaeaa af the Bkui
ua k, Faia ia the Krfe, Cheat, laaaha, and aaadaa Flaahea af
elt, baraias ia ta Flh.
A few doar of RADWA TS PILU wit) fret the 1T
teu. frooi ail the alNive-namrd diniiruera. 1-ncc, 2k vcttta
iK-rU.x. soi.ll ll T MtDCOlSTS.
HEAD -FAIK AM. TKL'B." Send! m letter-r-a.p
U RAI'W AY A CO., No. 87 Haldea Lane. Kew
Vork. Informatioa ttorUi ttnnit Jr via be auit you.
Knives and Forks, J'
Hinges, Nails, Files, etc
iCarpenter's, Blacksmith's, andl
A .m..mmam me
I Vk X Cr- T.ihartw i 8 Ith
T-a x '
ai aw
le.1 Slnt.-e ati'H'aita.lae. ami In Fiin-iifn r..uiitrl..
liuy ij.iW. Coui uu.l .l.ivniimiit li..uila at
'';" "''' i'ri'f u,m """"I'3' Ji,n'V11
iH-untv. Iiralli. ami I IkvW m tli-r ImiiU cah-
til. AlKri-T rwivc.l nuik-iaifit luival.pi.ll diin:iDl
Interest at the rule of S'ue jer cent, jtcr
Annum jmid on Time IhjiosiU.
Kverytliitiit in tlio lluiikin Lino recwivcf our
.r..iut Mtti'iitbut.
TtiniiWIul t.iour frii-wle and ruat..nHT! lor Ih.-lr
,. ZVri IITZ'Z
line U itiw u a trial, uwirin all. that wcnhall at
" '!." "In all wt- can t trlvr i-ntlre aatlfartln.
: , IK Milt norsE,
t' Ninth AiCntsTitT Strleto,
P II I L A I) K L P II I A .
j Fill 1171 rririi-br.
Kvcrytlilnu .HTtiiliiinn to tl..i-Ktprlocfi,
,,,. ,, r,,,!rlll., ,.,
H. W. Collender, New York,
.SiKrcmir In PII F.LAN k IH .IJ.KNDKIt,
taptel Ij Act of LefMatiiu
Depositors weurtd by Rtal EsUte
invrsHueals eclusiTtlj,
Six Per Cent. Interest
Jt'aiJ to depoaitora on tbo corapoundinj
ii-AllenllnH U efiewcYerf l ! Iirl jmw
eaiuMS fur trilhdratHH'J tawney afeja.leeL
Jfreele).i(M tmall mtuHt,WlTHOlt
jilt rmMinumiralio trill rarvlr prompt
rrply. .
, Treasurer.
h I laVlT'"Vli1,, I
Lis !
VImckat tSIICrr are wA a vile t xncy Dn&k,
made of PiKar Rum, Whi-kev, I'rouf Spirits and Kefu&
Liqitori, d'ictnretl, spicrd, ami sweetened lo please the
Uste, called J'cmicl,,, : Appelitcrt," " Restorers."
ftc, ttut lead tlio iipj.lcr on lu drunkenness and rum,
but are tnie Medtcmc, nude from tlie native roots
and herbs of Cililottiij. free frrtin all Alcoholic Stimulants.
Thcyaro the Great Mood Pun tier and a Life-giving
Prmciple, a Perfect Renovator and Itivijrorator of the
System, carryitiz off all poisfMious matter and restoring
the blood to a healthy cofidiiion, enrich in- tt, refreshing
and invigorating both mind and body. They are eaxy
of adiniiustratKxi. prompt in tbeir acliut,ceruiaio tiicir
results, afe and reliable in all Um of divase.
Me PcrMa can taksthdo ISIllera accord
ing to directions, aud remain lone, unwell, provided
their bones are int destroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and the vital organs viauted beyond tlie point
of repair.
Dyapcpsla r Iuillarrnllon Headache, Pain
in the Shoulder, Coughs, '1 iIiIuchs t4 the Chest, Diz
ziness, Sour Eructations nf the Stomach, Had Taste
in the Mouth, Itihous Attacks, Palpitation of the
Heart, Inflammation nf the I .tins. Pain in the regions ol
the Kidnevs, and a hundred other painful symptoms
are the oAprins of Jyipepia. In these complaints
it has no equal, and one bottle will prove a better guar 7
autre of its merits than a lentihy advertisement.
Ker Kcntalo Complaint in young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or the
torn of life, thec Tonic Bitters display so decided an
influence that a marked 1 111 proven. cut is soon percep
tible. fr Ittflanmiaior jr nml Cliroulc Rhcn
nntf sas and trout, Dyieiia or Indtpestion, Uilioue,
K emit tent and Ititernuilent Kevers biseav of the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and, thec Citters have
been moxt succtrtafiil. Such Diseases are caused by
Vitiated Ulond, Vahxlt is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive Organ-v
Thev are a Calcutta Purcjaf lv s well aa
a VoniCf postessini also the merit of acting
as a powerful aent in relieving Conestiim or Inflam
nation of the Liver and t r-au, and iu Uilious
For kl IUraar, Krnptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, lUntches, Simms, Pinip!e., Pustules, Hotls, Car
buncles, King-wonm, Scald Head, Sore Kyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs licoloiationsof the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally di up and earned out of the sstem in a
short time by the ttc of these Piiters. One bottle in
such cases will convince tlie most incredulous of their
curative effect.
C'leauao tlie Vitiated IZIoo.l whenever yon
6nd its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimp!es,
Eruption, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in the vcius : clean it when it is
foul ; your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood
pure, and the health of tlie system wiil fr.'low.
Ciratcfal tbouanmU prixiaim Yinrcak Hrr
Tins the most wonderful luvioraut ever sustained
the sinkin? system.
Pita, Tap, anil otUer Worm, lurking in
the system ol so many tlKMisaud-, are etfectuaily de
atroved and removed. Says a distmsuihed phyatoU
ogist: There ii scarcely an individual upou die face of the
earth whose body isev.emt from the presence of worms.
It ia not upon the heaMiy elements of the body that
worms exit, but niton tue diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living mounters of diMaw.
No system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelmin
itics, will free the system from worms like these Hit
ters. Hcclsanlcal DUfaief. Person engaged in
Paints and Mineral, such as Pluuibers, 'ic setter,
fiold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance 111 life, will
be subject to paralvis of the Bowels. To tjtiaid against
this ukc a dose of Wai. Kan's Vinkcas Uittcss once
or twice a week, as a Preventive.
IUllos, Ilemltteut, and lutrraiitteist
Pevara, whtch are so prevalent in the valleys of our
great rivers throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mi-'sUtippi, Ohio, MiMonri, liliuois, Ten
nessee, CmnlvrlanJ. Aikansa. Ket!, Colorado, Brazo
Kio lirande, 'Pearl, Alabama, Moli!e. Savannah, Koau
oke, James, and maiiy others, with their vast tributa
ries, throughout our entire couutry duriui; tlie Summer
and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of
unnsutl heat and drruess, are iurariably accompanied
by extensive derangements of the stomacll and liver, and
other abdominal viscera. There are always more or less
obstructions of the liver, a weakness aud irritable state
of the stomach, ami great toqor of the bowels, being
clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat
ment, a purgative, csertin a powerful influence upon
these various organs, is essentially necessary. There is
no cathartic (ur the purpose euual to Da. J. Walk as'
Vinegak I.iTrfeRs, as they will speedily remove '.he
dark-colored viscid matter with which the bowels are
loaded, at the same time stimnlatm; the secretions of
the liver, aud generally restoring the healthy functious
of the di;estivc organ-.
Scrofula, or KIm' Kill. White Swellings,
Ulcers, Erysipelas Swelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammations. Indolent Inflammations, Mercunal Af
fections, Oid Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes,
etc, etc In these, as in all otlter constitutional Dis
eases, Wat keh's Yimegmi !iTTKtts have shown their
great curative powers in th most obstinate and intract
able caes.
Dr. Walker's California BUtera
act on all the cases iu a similar manner, liy purifying
the blood they remote the cause, and by resolving away
the eecis of the inflammation (the tubercular deposits)
the affected parts receive health, and a perroanenl cure
U effected.
Th proper! lee of Pa. Wai.krr's Vi wit gar
RlTTBBS are Anertcur. DiaJioretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
Sudorific, Alterative, and Aiiti-liilious.
Tlsa AparlcMt and mild Laxative properties of
Ds. Walkik's ViNstiA l.iTTKKs are the best safe
guard in all cases of eruptions and malignant fevers,
their balsamic healing, and nothing properties protect
the humors of the fauces. Their Sedative properties
allay pain ia lite nervous system, stomach, aud bowels,
cither from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc
Tbeir Counter-Irritant influence exleuds throughout
the system. Their Dm re tic properties act on the Kid
neys correcting and regulating tlie flow of urine. Their
Anti-Bilious properties stimulate the liver, in the secre
tion of bile, and its discharges through the biliary ducts,
and are superior to all remedial agents, for the cure ol
bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, etc
Fart If the body agalMat diacaac hv puri
fying all its fluids with Vikkgab Uittkhs. No epi
demic can take hold of a svstem thus forearmed. The
liver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the
nerves axe rendered disease-proof by this great inv:
orant Dft reel! a a a. Take of the Hitters on going to bed
at night from a half to one and one-half wtneglassfulL
Eat good flourishing food, such as beef steak, mutton
chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take
out-door enercise. They are composed of purely veget
able ingredients, aad contain no spirit.
J.WALKER, Prop'r, R. H. McDOX AID fc COf
Druggists and Gen. Agtav, San Francisco, C'al..
and cor. of Washington andCliarlton Sts., New York.
The fuliwrtlAT infiirnui lii triin.1. an.l tho i.uli.
lie that he l nnw il. voting I.i- iiitirv time to In.'
The Hrt line cvrr tartrl In tlien.niitT, un.1 I.' prP
( lo lurni.-li .rxjiiiitl v all kin'lH i.l
Vines and Plants.
knox's riTTsnriK. xukskuy
The largest a.i.l luiiat e...iiiliate in the I'nileal '
State., eual.lee hi.n to Kiiar.iiit.-e to hi .iti'tomt-r '
the rlMli.t varloti.K and t liritt i--t u-rimth. Hi?
iriii-e are lower than ever belon. Ilia n-A.Ivc Im ' to lie' mit.l..De l.y any In the State iu iirier or
quality. Thear w.irh K ill l a-.a.l! 11.-uill
x.-rMaialIy m. licit onli-n. thin lull, lint a.i- 1
.Iri'aiil a will lie irotiiiitly atteinlnl t.i. .
S. uil tln-iu lu early.
A. H. Franciscus & Co.,
inninTtna am. 111. i kits 11
Twine and Ropes,
I..HIKIN.1 .il.ASSl-Ji, I I..K KS, KAX. V lSAShl'.TS
Wooden and Willow Ware, &c.,
MAM I AlTI UKtn. AM. JO.mi.U (..-
OIL C'1lTIIS, MATTIXi.. Kl'CS. &P., !
MS M.irket Street an.l 610 I'oinnu-rrc Street,
laliilalelpliia. '
June lu-tf.
The un.h-ryliriic.1, pniirietor of the Iihiinon.l
Hotel, on the nutheiit eorner of tie In--!
I.ifr iinluee.1 hy Ilia uinny frieiHli. woull iay to the !
traveling puhiir Unit he Ik now preiareil tore.-ei
ftn.l hoeititalily eiiti-rtain all who may irive him a j
call. Ili In.ttae will he eoniluete.l Willi the la-at i
nler au.l furnleh line arvoiniirmhit iou..
s.MrKi.rrsTF.t.. i, Ta., Aril lTth, l-i;i i
("IllAIX CKADLKS. The under-!
IT alxtied 1. now enaeil In makiny upwanla :
ot 2n.)miii t'nullee. of an tmpruve.1 uittem. ua- j
tn(t the .harp Kmuu.l lipier Seytlie. wlik h Ik the
bet manuletnred. The era. Ilea will l iliatrlUi
t.Hl throuyh the eounly between the im an.l Soth I I'enama ii-liiinr to iiun-hniw will:
ami them for alo nt nil the prineipnl huyiiievK .
plae.0 in the eonnly. A larjre nninlier nr nut.le r
reaily nt the at lierlin. Iri.-e ej.
pr. 17. liKO. I'. HAY, llerlin, a. J
a. c. U. J. II. LIVa.MI.Hili. I
IhruftK houirht ami nil.l, an.l eilreetlt.n. ma.le on .
II part of the country,
lutereiit nllowe.1 imi time deH.i.t.e.
S)Kxial arrunirnienla with Uuanlian. an.l othersi ;
who hold Bioueye In tru-t. Jun 17 Ti i
i I
j IJIieral enah aJvaneee on eonflntncnM and
return promptly ma.le,
llontt and ShiH-t
Harry t :iR-ixrrix
lC (III ly Illl'iMllr. II. . III. II. .1 .S..HH'.'l a..l
II..- jiuMIr s't-ni-rullv, ( liu I.. i" jiel r.'.li'lrlk".l :
lil '
nkw siiis:,sToi:i:. i
I Ite'l" I'ullv ..iiii..Miai- t.. (t... tLi y Inn
Ill the New Building on Main Cross -i-n :-r-.n i u.u , u,, i
' U.imht In tbr KiHtrrn tlio l..wi ash prh-.-i.
'and in iri'inni; to htriiik tbr puMh with rvrv.
j tiiiii H!riuintiitt to Ii if line ol liiixifH-f-4,
' Il will ki t p tN.i.-i'iiiitlv n ban. I nn-l i ,r. p.,r
el t tnuki lir l( ri'ii i'lmrt ieii- v.
Men, Women and Children,
Knil.r.t.-lii!: 1 n-rv line i.i irw! el.!..- ..;.. hi m.iie
rial mhI crkni:ui-l.i. Ir..m ll..- urn -li.a r u. tltr
llpKilll-al Ir.U.I l.ri-.MII. 1 !! .- Kill U- It., ,.-.
'.! B il It
i:IiMOC All.
Moi:i:occo. Km
Ami i.l Ilia n.i.-i l3 -l.i.4i:il... t;. ! .-.
II.- III iiiMln-a III mi l uive .-.! i-t.n l i. -i: I.,
ull Ih. in.-. y uin- I11111 a i-ntl.
llelrulMi ,r. n ,l I.i lnn.i-h -h. i.iak. rs
a iiiiiili'li- ar.riineiit ..I
am ii)i:i:i)('i'ii.
Lasts and Shoe Findings
Ol .v.r.v klml. h will la-,. :, il- !..,.,t
f -AII aii..; i,f rririiii il.-ne 1.11 ,l...rt iKrti..
-.nh,i"'lr.,' krr l"r.-ra,l ... Mwk, , j
?"!" " ""' "" l--il.l.- prin.. :in. l,v Uir
'!r't', " '"'" IwelWM. t.. r.-i,.
a liU-ral .liar.- ol .ull..- .:i r r..i. .
.r. . M il. ilT. l-.K.MIM I S.
w. mavis a i:i:is
Grocery and Confectionery,
somi:i:sft, I'A.
V.:.sir.- t.i iil..rn the .,.t...,. il.i-.i,,i-hlly
ll. it .- !,:,,. ,., n..-lir.H.. rv I f. .1
l.i-:i..ii. ry 11. , Km-KH-r. K-... -c-.m-.- tl
.--- an I haw i:!1: :,.,iin .n'v I v.,.., , ,;,.., ,.., :. ,u.
In--! l.ran.I. ut
r'IJ.1 I.'.
M li .U.S.
1:1. 'I- l:l l-s.
nu. sAi.r.
H. W.iHI.N.l I.XTl! X.TS.
l.lilKl. WIICANNKIi l'l;IMS.
A .
I-..AI..UU Tt.l! -.'. .'MVI.-S.
SM'I'K. i;i:.hi.ys,
lil . Kr TS. Tli:s. .V.
All Kri u. Ii an.! 0.1m,. n
AXIiU.S. XI1S. I'll CKKHS. .
KA.t I AKKS, 1'KliH AhHX,
A Xl TOH.KT A U l l. 'LI S.
MlliS. i:lM Sllr.S. SIIAI'. A..-.
AN. un r-r--.rtn.i-nt ..r T..-e. A..-., d.r llw '
II j..u want anvUiin in llu-Cr-.-t-rv :n:. t'...
fivii..m-r.v liiK'i-ali at
Davis' Cheap Grocery, :
Ol'lHiSlTK TH K HA II X KT II. .1st.
I and
j Shoes,
Leather and Shoe Findings.
3. II. Zimmerman
Take .l.-:iur- in calllni the attenii..ii ot
' iK-nnot S.m-rH-t an.l w,-iiiitv tuth.. ta. i that lie
i haoa.irtl a in hi r. i i.-tu-emi I t,i..n trv-t.
1 win-re there will alw.iyn l e kept on Imn.l a 0111-
pli te nMortnu-nt of
; Boots and Shoes,
;l.f KjiHtem an.l home iii.iiiiii.ii lnri-. :t larsr.i an 1
i wi ll a...rte.l t.a k ..1
A. ul a jfreat varit-tr -f
I.onllior :ml Shoe l'iii.liiiH
Ol all kin.!.--. 1
i Th.-p-ia ul.i to tin- t .r.- a j
! hkpaktmknt.
With X. It. SYm-:K a niKrr an.l litter, wlii.-li ,
. Ill- I a -11 llu-i.-rit;iiii, .. that all w..rk in.i.U
up in the simp will not ihiIv tit the l.-. t ot .11-1. .111
i ri I, ul Ilia 1 onlv the Ik'-i unit. -rial will U-use.l
an.l tlie
K's. "IViirLini'it
Will i,. The puhll.- are r. -pe.-t Inllv '
11 it.-. I lorall ail 1 tauiine Uh l.a-k.
p.. ;i.
Joi: SALK at"
S7,000 OO,
V0 1st X-t..T. lNTi 1-t .I:nu.iry.
1-t April, ami ) a y-:ir tlii';i r,
i A Farm of 229 Acres,
Having two Xew Houh-h. X.-w (tank Ham. u.a.1
.hehanl iin.l Sinrar .'amp. well tinitHTe.1 mi.i well
improvil, within hall mile ! North Fork Itail
roa.l. Ioiii4-i..ion 1-t April. 1S7X
tl.aal paK-r III lv taken f. r the 8iNt two iay
1' for rutliii;? t iclven a. m;i'
l.OU il (Uliil.
W. .1. I1AKK. !
S..iner-t, Mav , Ti
HJOrSK & SIIIKKS. jrr.i.l" r
llKIiFOIfl.. PA.
! Attention pMrtlenlarlv nkl of .I.iliher.
Mrrr hy K. II.!!ui.- t,
: Sotneret, l"a. my. .
I. the he it eelllng hiaik ever ..tlere.1. It eonil.ltii-a
tlie humor of anecdote, the- wllom ot the
inloruiatl. n ol hiitory ami hiovraphr. the aweel-u.-M
and pmiHleur f aiet nr. tlie ea.(ui.tit char... of
inii-ir. aud el heaiitlliil llluatnttlMi'.
-Solid reu.liiiK for icruvertnonw-nlii : plennnnt ik
ture to illumine quiet houn: an.l iceiu of oiiy lor
the aortal eln-le." f
An airent wrlten.'-Sold 1-7 coptei. thi. week: will
fell 6U.I thin month eaaily."
thir arte tvtrm of canmijini d.a-a away with
oliteetloni. to the busineai.. I"urtleiilam free. A Tal
uahle pn-ent toeverv new
l.T Kit NAT H.N Al. Y I"II.1S111 tt)..
mjT wt and W Liberty Stnt-t. New-York.
j ...... . . - .. - " 1
. c. r. mii.Aiis. ki. j
iimik i.ivi; i;i:ori:i;v. ;
i. j
I'. II II O A D s c o ,
; U' i.-hiii)f l..n II..I. I. a.i.1 ar .fc.w 'Lilly rM-i-l in
f r.-fti tu..lit-e' i.l erylliitiv in lln
Line. .livi' u a cull. I mr if;! an- f t!i V'i-y
Wl iualily. will l l.-ae all. We
' L '. all I In- U l.r.iu.'r nf
; IHIfKl; TEA. M .IAK. li 11 SV;I I'.
Aliil.ASSIi, li VKl.N.l l-iiw III. lis
w asiuxu r.iwi.Kiis.
S..IIA. IMU'lu.
AM. KI.M.S S(l AI-.
1 t:x. i."-iv. iHi..
: AM. K IX lis
'I..H.M TO.
i'axxki. rat us
j AM. K I. Mrs
i l.lilKI. I lilTTS
A.M JI.I.Ml.S,
sim 1; 1-. ii.isii.
-A. 1'I.l.s.
l.v Mr wicks.
l:l Kt Is.
I 1!SK1.IS.
oil.. SAI.T.
HiKM'ii : cm ii
c? : 1 1 k s,
XirjS, A I.I, K IS Its.
.' t: 1st Tirs.
sr...: . .!; ..-.
sritijKUM ;.;...
( i IS ( i I ' I! S. I i 'S.
lco f'oTifin-iH
i:i:uKuni:i. thk pi. m il
IX I!ASKMl:XT.iKTHi; 1. t V. KISILt i l:
W. J. i: a I.l.-. Ks.j
X..V. V.. Tl lv.
rut. inr.u t:r wi mui: run
ALL L I SI'S or lot 'J.r f ;iM .7 .
. . kliv. w. . KUi... a... :.i-.
KF1M A en ,
si ci t:.-s.ii:s 1.. sn r.M vn . Kim
in ii..-
I .if h'tive Ut ftx U us J'.ttniii- :inl tlie rul.lif Ih:it
tlirv will .!.? imit' ttu.ty K it. rr i-iif.-.lrl tn
iln'ir liu hy K;rii-r-, itiiil.l r. Hn--kt i- r-.
':irM-m r-. IM m k-iiiitl:.-. AIuht. M;tL r.- Linn
Utiiu-u nil'. .ViMiu1l.1t luivrs i iKr;ill.
t if the 111. -it .h '' kiti.1.'. ki. h have n. v. r. a
y.-t. laia .1 to ive enlire -.all.i::..'ti..l. are a!a.i
kept ..ii li:inl.
111 Hri..ll- IMtttTll-: ) "t ;il:il'.-. t.i ti-.-nt
1 i'Ur Ki iuT. w:irniitfv! In t-iw r;ili'!.i ;i "
TIm l ir Tiuiiitarr jilr'ii.y in use ihri'iitilit tlii
an l the ulf i(iii)tf e.nniu. r.n.l :t ' iu.rr:i
; in U iiium!, art' a uih-i.tit u:ir.ititf t l :!iir
Kt Miniim. l.iimN'rin. llulln ul Uuil-ii-i':. .
! tlte uitaM at''.ltullen.i1 juI l--t ui Ui
in uU' t r ..ii ti..rt nuiiiv.
Allt.l, SI-lMil.KS. SAW M A.M.UKI.s.
Iltl.X I; A) I.I.N. 1. ltVU'.iMKS. lilt Xl-KKTS.
window and Door-sms,
The -..-' Lir.v!. an.l the -l.,rk. r" Ue a. li.n
Water-Wheels, -W.UiK, STOVK I'll'K
j For all the I'lows ued In the ..niity.
j We are the authorized uyat. f. thu ale ..f
In thia county.
, We ..-ll, at manufacturer!.- pri.-a.
i And Airri.-ulli.ral Itnpleineut. nener.illy.
j We hIK t.i merit a continuance of the iatrnaite
I a.) lilK-rall) to thi.a e.-Uililli-limcnt.
Our price' will Ihi fair and our tenui lila-ral
N. tl. K KIM Si .
jnn. 1(1, TI.
I i; t 1: 11 11 k v f i. k v
Xf.. li s.iMM.shl . IV..
Iir.e.l llMMh !.r.-i Tl:il'i I.MI 11.. h,
. ai.ih.j:.xv . Al ll.K rTW..! .;!..
riiisiKi: wiai'i: ihmis, s.-iimi
Mlt.l'IIKIill I..X1S. l:li VMl! ..
i'tl.K '.. K ISltXASTnt i.V!.
stallions foi: htj
:- m- ii U:Jt.r 1-t; t.iHt.- July t,j t
i;k.( k i.i:k -TKiJiiiii:.
I'lM-.rti-il frt'tll Knhiii't. Iuii!e4 full IT (m.
w-ftiy. whi-n t.i .!;. : it :-.:. yiA u, u,.. .
hLi-k. wli It i.h'iiili't :n: i- ti: h 1- tin-t f i ,. I lt Jiijim-." thr ! t --f-uiM-n o : .!r.i., .
lit-r In l'l-iijiir-y Ii I lion . fi
ln-i-n -hij-'. t vrry marJa.-t lu th uti; . . .
iiiih!iiiu mki- troni 01 n .'K u.
' hoi 11 . io A yt-iirluii; hllv h.iv.t,-
ol.l tor J'. In -tf.i.-r-l il onjiT li ...
Wii- ri (ti--I tir u cojt not oil v :ir ol...
Iti.i.-k d'--i 1. Uir' w:i-- ot l.r f f U
itL I'T'.ti'i -hirf il ro. hi.' I v It1(i li-r
t:iiu dv K;it iiht - IMi'.'tit. Ii-'i. iff-r-ttti j
i ifot l.v i'.i.t t tr'-j'w-'l !-k -'r IU . : ;
' I!..- lail.l.rr i.l. vrl.l V rri.-iitli.r-. i le . I'
r.'il:i:ii WiiHL'.tt l.y that h lr r? v -f : ir
- IJi-iil I'.l it: r.ifi-ljnt t.v tti:. n u-.l hor- I'
i'.'-y. wh.'h tin- -irr ot lu 1' I.
t r'-;.ii"'' l!-p.'J V.m r.a- i. tiini ni! t-r
' rc-t'T.-hiri- ' it-- li..-k j.-i'i;-r-ii.r k
; v..t. l.y : l.:if n i r-wn L i.---,..T.t .r,
' H-l i -; i-r. hirh voi -f . lli-.ii" r '..1 1 r .
1 th- -iidif ;i-.-n. Il'l !yii'.-:'-r W.i- .t -
i 1 1 1 h I'.l.u k w'n '1 rii il in.. 1
'juiwmt fiii-U. Hi n li i -j t.y 1I i
hw tt -afrvi-.l :i; Ir. to.i i' U '!.! ..
i-rit i in, .v.-.
i 1 vriM-(. r In. tr !'.
ALU 'I .
Hot l.y .M. l.ll. toii. hi Ky-.!; 1, - ;: ...
: St. hr lV .la':il!fln. hi- ty M;i!ii' rti", !
.M.-i-it-r. il;ti:i o rtnk Kl-t. -. 1.. :-v J '
' l.nul ii Hhv. h ;.v .i..Jr. . J-i.-k- ...
Yoiin-4 lia.-h.iw. ) l-v l;i..'.. !j (,.,
I - :i I.i .tiililui I.-iv. n 1 -ai.!; - . r.
o lorn; ;iii.. t inp'-r. A -li .-''a:n t,: ..: :
I r t t rntr i'l -' "-'it "f-t !-':; !'. : '
lht tririiit-u :i ;i".i "! wht'-ii i.'
.nn'.i-'. li.- -in: to.U m,,- ,.rt .)J(i;if;i
Si-ifv h'.tlr. T K;:-i!r.'. . V.. i--. ;i. ;."
H'-r-.- I'.r jfi'.'.n-j !;..:i.: ; '..: n, -
IroW Stall'lf lit ." ltl-Ur: I: j; .
H.idii'h t 01.1.111. in i 'h.'-.t-r. 1 .. (,-. i
;il mji lii-unri"-.
T. riif I- r In.-iif.iiM -.
I ;i r; iiiLT Aw it l ;i 111:1 r l r-- -i . ,. .
U- with loal. ! rlt it- tl-,' in-'i: ,,1. . .; .. '
.iii-t i-f . ;ia'- a: t'li- n-k '.l r?:- l .
taj l'a.-iur.iir'' :-r 111.1 r-Tr- in .1
Jl.llia Mllr.
A nj-.-ial i; liii'int wHl N-t.-. . .
U-t r. t tt L i rhir. '- ..! ':
1 !-..!' h-: l'r th U-r till; . t .- r -t .. .
:i'il of th tiiirl M-r-i r lii.v
S:t, L Ji, ..r i.f y :.r: 1.. . :
, ii.f.i.iiL' t '' itti'v r' it In : :m. : .. :
I : nn- ill jh;:- -u 1 !... tu- .. - , ... . .
U r : t. !- ! : f.r .-..ti.t-.---
si ; 5 i. ii hi r :.r .
ow htm f timf:
K.xl i.T'.IJA i:i.r. :;
; T". SUM. THU
Nev Under Feed
Vilson Sewing Mcohin
l.V THIS ( (;! X I V.
IU -: l i.,.- in il..- W.-rl.!. -
i iiin.. in m.i 1 k.-I. I": .-.-. .-. i.."!. ; - '
l''lr I"- v.-rtr.. -'. .
I., 1 I II i t I. I . 1 l
nur ti X-.. I' SiM'i sr-;Lt. 1':: .. i
K'ul-iin h-i- in : Im-
Borough of Somon:ct
lai.-i'.l. -Ifi ir !. .'M-t
:Rk Mineral anrl Timter k
la v.tri.'li- i... .. ,.i. r-.: i..iii.:y. i. :
ii A ( "M fi Tl M; Tf.'ilM
A i -r i 1 ti i l Tin. 1 ni.:- .;
Improved Farms,
. iU.T uiriiMj.n. -.'
MM K ST. iX K.
tTKK. T. .V.
1!::.V i l:i ii :
si'.'.t '
r.' I. un I -i: -..m.- .-t' t !.. rii. ..1 1 tir .it. r' -r t'-na-i. xi- . . .n r
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Lumber Company.
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Earnest. De!p & Cam:).
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Building Lumber
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Philadelphia Carpets.
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Celebrated American Washer.
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