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MINH 1011,
. . qeo 000
StoekboldeTs Individually Liable.
- , resident.
Thos. M. Mantas t Jots W. Maraud,
T,„z7, ;
2),1 t { ' I Iv ' " V.
Ttits fay crimdmd UADKDm.d
to . dc.sxoteral Ramrase
‘, nought at Highest Prices.
PM IL !BUTZ, Banker,
Cora Wood St. and sth Aseino
w m n
Waimea= to 11. JOALI • CO..
Corner Fourth lime and Wood St.,
BUT sod sell all kinds of
[UAa 4:~ +I, I:i*:Y~:):~IIU: 4T
1/015T TKIIII3,
Fri - Interact Allowed on Deposits.
iffrituner eovarlIa•••1 iamb at
lowed martet
Orders execrated he Me Purchase
and Mao of STOCKS, BONDS mud
t Alms T. BRADT & CO,
littsintral Gaittt
°Prins or Pirrearnort Gazarrx,
- Wanieranag, December.. 29, 1869.
The tendency of gold, hocks' and
bonds was decidedly downward this
morning,but the market was - well sue.
sustained at noon, yielding, however,
again at the close. -
Gold opened at 119%, ind` clank at
119%. Coupons due January fast are
coming ia 'very sioely, and disburse
ments by the Goverilinent do not much
exceed three millions ; : What the effect
of large disbursement:a most be can
'easily:be caloulated; and it , abould, ,sur
prise no one if gold would touch 117, or
a lower point, after max Monday. Any
inaterial demand for greenbacks by the
banks of Now York for the South or
West would fares a large amount :of
gold on the market to realise the cur.
rency, and what a-decline of one or two
per cent. in the premium now means,
nobody can tell bettor than the bank
mongers. who have all their surplus
funds now invested on call loans.
Government securities were very
weak early
this morning, but gradually
advanced about % per cent., and closed
dull and heavy at the former quotations,
with large offers to sell at present prices.
Lower gold means lower bonds, and
those who need money or have opportu
cities to inveet at high rates gladly avail
themselves of present prima, and rein
wag in something that will yield a lar
ger percentage.
Stocks are dull, lower and heavy.
Money scarce at high rates. Madness
Quotations as received by Pb. B.
Siert= Gold, 119%; Silver. 116; 'Eighty.
otte's,:ll6l4: Five Weenie , WS, 112%;
% do 1861, 111%; do 1865, 11134: do 1886,
tX,naols, 114%; do 1867, 114%; do 1888,
114%; . Ten Forties, 10844 y Adams- Ex.
wow ' Company 60%; - Wrehante Tinton
Bspress Company, 9%; American
prat Cc ComPllcy, 88:: Western: Union
Telegraph. 31%; Beading, 99%; New
York Central, 80; Pittsburgti, 2 =
Wayne de Chi ,n: 88; :Ohioit
Opel, M%; Michigan Southern, 84%;
'Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 81%; Chicago.
Bock Island it Pac 103%; Chime° de
North Western 67%; Chicago it North
Western Prefer:ad SA Erie 2 3%.
.1133Xlismais. Lams.
-London, per A ...... ----PAS PA
Parts, per franc 24 25
Berlin. thaler 88 91
I:frankfort, Siorins 61% 101%
---GloalogunOtatiorts recurred by James
T. Beady. k 'ON Gold: 119%; trolled
Rates Sixes, 1881, 118%; Pive•Tweettels,
1462,112%; do. 1864, 111%; do. ISM, 111%;
Tan,Forties,,loB%; Five-Twenties. Jane
=July, 1885, 114%; do. d0.,1667,
11 : do. d 0.1988.
ntral 114%;17ad0n Pui n C y?
Ce do, do, gi
Pe:llM, - 11/8%; Lkke: superior 163 . .:.
ory 'rename to the rutsbasta fisams.l ..
- . Nsw 'remit, December 2 9, 196 n. ,
A rumor of .the failure ef apremitant
iron foundry proves unfounded. A re.
port of another bank defalcation Is tin.
authenticated, Another rumor obtained
crux' ency that Treasury sales of geld Will
. .
be continued during January oa, the aura
scale as during the present month,. bet
lacks probability.' All the markets are
unsettled be rumors, and activity in
money. : The Treasury disbursed
gixo,ooo . to-day. for January, in
rarest, . making $3,650,000 thus far.
The money market worked very etrin.
gent this allternoen, mad 7 Por dant- gold
wae l the general rate for call-loads, with
exceptional transactions at 1.16 per cent.
per diem: The process of calling in
money by ewporatious to disburse in'
January , is 'still going on, anti la the
wain' Canoe of. the present activity in
regagry. Prime Mace:int, dull at 106)12
w cent. Stealing heavy and lower.. 0 %
8 2.1..
Gold lower; opened at 119%, touched
120, end closed at 119%. .
Carrying rates 7 per cent currency to
gold, and 182 per cent. curreneyto gold,
and 02 percent. .
Clearanass 127.000.000.
Cioveniments lower and weak. Coup.
one 615, le% ®lB%'; 62e, 12;412%; 645,
1 l%tkilli: 6.5., 11%®12; itew l ,crisl4%;
675, 14 . %®14% CA', 14111 . Ten
. Vezina, sgeibg. zscincs. OW.
The 8D nisi bought $2.,000.000 at
110 70.100®110 25.100 .
, . Mato bonds lcal; hilesoluis, 90%;,
I old Tennessee', 63%; now do. 48%; old
Virginias, 47%; new do. 64%; old North
Carolinas, 42%; new do. 28%.
Socks weak and unsettled, Pecitle ,
Mail being the heaviest on the list.
F a ms.Thirty.Thices—Cianton.4B%; Qum-
Dillard, 34%; WeaternTinion W., 81%;
Quicksilver, 15; Marlines, 7%; do prefa
. red. 1420 Adams ErProliv, 60 %; Wells tr.
yams% ;63; American, 5/4 nic e Stater.
, 4 3 9 , i ,. 1" s i c t r
i t
2 1, 1 6 3 11:, 4 42 . ; p N ri ew Tor i9 Ceetral :
lam. 129; do preferred, 1,211; . liewhion
• scrip ' e r V i V idi ; D take 99 ftere, M r .
lean Ce n t, 54 %;
ilinois Central, 181%; Pittsburgh, 82%;
North Western, 68%; do preferred, Oil
• Bock Wand, tce,q, St. Paul,
I . do preferred. 813,11Wsbub_50.3ii_ do
preferred, 73; Ft . W ayne . coN , weirs
Haute. 24; do preferred, 64; Chicago and
_..Alton, 141%: do preferred, 14A Ohio and
. . misaledePle 23 %.
Mining shares dull; Boston pricey
Calumet, 60; flees. 75; QuinoT,
Sob.Tressury balance, $8,788,452, In. •
eluding $7,793,850 currency. Burners of
clock tip of greenbacks are current. -
t 1 The Treasurer of Illinois will be here
le - '
to-morrow to pay the January interest
~,,l on the State bonds, and to .yay off
p the stock due at the end of the year.
rEraoututt 'mums%
(Wiwi cn , IPrrreistrium ksarrz,
EDNZ/DAT Deo I A. 16339.
The oil market was stronger today,
particularly for exude on spot*, seller
thle month, and refined. also, was a 'bade
higher. As noted from day to day, for
tome time put, the trade generally is
-absorbed in mixing deliveries and get , -
Marmots, and considerable compbdut
being made in regard to the trouble and
piu,,,,rmee a n therefrom. Two
dars MOTO and the agony will be over,
sod it is to be hoped thet the close of the
year will wind up
and close up for all
to come, the manner in which the
oil business has been conducted in Pitts
burgh during the put three months—
this is the earnest desire of nearly um,
munnfacturer and dealer in the beaming.
t 4
8Iles: 1,203 bbl* arPO: at 16: 2,000 Do
oecubor id 16; 3,000 do at 16: 1, 000 et VW
1,003 Ppot at 163,11 add 1,000 loch Jinn
'try to March 1.2. g. Juary may be
ectoted at 12% bid and 18 asked-I,OW
brim sold last evening at LaX. Late in
the day 16M was bla for spot, and it is
id there was an offer out at 16% for
5,000 bblL
- -
Market. more active and prices
a fraction higher. Bales 2.000 December
et 291,(: 600 do at 28,4 i; 600 do at 201,.;
1,000 each January to March at 2.0 q; and
1,000 each February to March at 8L At
the close 29e; was bid for December,
with but little offering.
Owaton & B. 160, on act. B. Goldrich;
Thos. Hackett 320, on act. B. D. Karnes;
Keystone 011 Works 80, on account Jas.
WlBanc Fisher Bros. 400, on account E.
IL Long; Jamas Wilkins 240, onimoonnt
Philadelphia and Boston Petroleum Co;
Brilliant Oil Works 972 on account Look-
hart t Frew; Commercial 011 Works 246,
on account O. V. Foreman; Wagner &
Leech 830, - on account G. B. Thomu; A.
B. hinis 80. on account W. Bartle; War
ing, King & Co 416, on account. Fisher
81131111:721 07 OIL 37 A. V. IL B.
Forsyth Bro. & Co. 151 bbla refined to
Warden, Frew & Co., Philadelphia.
Lockhart, Frew & Co. 262 bbis ref. oil
to Warden. F. & 00., Phila.
Fawcett, L. & B. 162 bbla ref. oil to
W. P. Logan & Bro., Philadelphia.
J. R. Truax 10 bbha lubricating to B.
Collins. N. Y.
J. K. Trani 40 bbla crude to D. F.
Wright & Co., N. Y,
Mews or Yrrramtraon Gezerria,
The markets continue dull with no
Prairot of any Immediate improve.
meat within the next two weeks. The
arrivals of flour, grain, and country
produce generally, continue light,
though the supply le fully up to the de.
mend; while in regard to values there
are no important changes. It is proper
to remark, however, that hopes are en.
tertalned that badness will improve
iner the holidays have passed, and the
annual settlement's effected, and it is
earnestly hoped that these expectations
will be fully realized.
APPLES--Continue very dull, and
prime to choice Ramada are being sold I
at 52.5033 per bbL
APPLE BUTTER-Quote( at 750 85 .
BUTTER-Is dull, with ; a supply con.
siderably in excess of the demand and'
prices are barely sustained. We con- I
tinue to quote at 30® 15 , though we are
cognizant of some sates of prime roll
having been made at 80.
BROOM CORN-Sales at 13314 eta.
BEANS-52,603 3 00 per bushel.
CHESTNUTS-Quoted at 54,60.
CRANBERRIES-Quoted at 512315
per bbl. as to quality and condition.
CIDER--Continues dull and nominally
unchanged, at $40038,00 per bbl, as to
CARBON OIL-Is dull and unchanged,
may be quoted in a jobbing way at 2713
2734 c, for standard brands.
DRIED FRUIT-There is a anitinued
active demand for apples-one house re
ports having sold same 25,00 e Ira of
"mixed," to go out of this, market st
834. Peaches very dull and unchanged
--9310 for quieten, and 11312 for
CHEESE-Is quoted from 17 to 18 for
Western Reserve; Ohio Factory, 1834:
Ohio Goshen. 19; York State farm Dairy,
19; and York State Goshen 20.
DEO33SED HOGS-Sslea at 12318 eta.
EGGS-Bather dull, but unchanged,
FEATHERS-In better demand and
higher and we now quote at 86390 to
the trifle and the usual advance for
small lots in store.
FLOUR-Continues dull with canal&
arable (tiering, and, as noted yesterday,
there aro no buyers for round iota. We
continue to quote at 15,7536 for winter
wheat; and $6,2535,50 for spring. Rye
I flour $5,25.
GROCERIES-The only new features
to notice in the grocery market Is that
Sugars are dull and easier while , New
Orleans molasses ere scarce, firm and
' higher, with an active demand. Coffees,
Teas, and almostevery other article that
comes in this category, are dull and
drooping. Following are the ruling
Suoena-S H, 10%31014; Havana 123
13; Cubs, 113344313; Porto Rico, 123431334
Demerara, 143431434; New Crop New
Orleans Sugar. 14(31434 for choice; Re
tined Ex. 0, 1434; B, 14%; A, 15; Bard,
M014.115121-New Crop New Orleans
Holmes, 771385 c; Porto 13100, 65(375.
Sraure-White Honey DripS, 51.00;
Silver Drips, 85c; Perfection Drips, 51,10:
Jersey, 85v, Lovering, 90; Golden Ilk
Amber, 60; Common, 60; Booth t Edgar
fancy, 51,00.
Comm-Fair to Good Rio, 20132134;
Prime, 22(323; Choice. 2334.
Bras-12 , r011 13%v, Rangoon, Ne. -
Tses-Youag hyena. 51,0031,60, G.
P., $l,lO to 1,90. Imperial, $1,40 to
1,80. Oolong, 85 to 51,45. Sou Chong, 90c
to 51.50.
Erraactr-Pearl, 7; Silver Glorse,ll34c,
and Corn .Starch, 12c.
CoataaarritsrEn Lro-58,00 per case.
Fauns-New layer Raisins, $5 per
box; Prunes, 1334 c; Currants 15c; Valen
cia Raisins 171318.
Seicsa-Csasia, 65q Cloves, 40e; grain
Pepper, 85 Alleploe, 80c; Nutmegs, $1,60.
HAS Lxati--12c; Shot, $3,00 per Ding.
I Soars-"Babbit's," 12= "Oakelre,"
1 Ile; Bodo, 6to 7q "Dobbin's," Ho;
Wax,9c; Chem. Olive, 830.
Ceirotas-Mould, 15c; Star, 23c.
I Br CAPP SODA-1134 per 100.
Flag-Lake Herring per half bbl 8,00;
White Fish do de, 7,00; No. 1 Mackerel
Shore In bbl 128,00; No. 2 do Bay, bble.
$17,00; No. 3do Large bble $14,0P, Half
r: ia lleain additional; Labrador Her
slo OIL
-There is little or nri wheat
offering, though the mills are being fully
supplied from the West; we continue to
quote fair to choice red'at 51,15311,20.
Cate dewily and unchanged-C® 4B on
wharf and track, and . 5043520 Meters.
Corn Is in good demand and scarce,
though in all probability the market will
be glutted within the next two weeks as
nearly every grain dealer is mending out
sacks. Quotations may be fairly given I
at 80c for ear
' and 850 for shelled. Bye Is
firmer, and in better demand, but un
changed-950 for Western and 51 for
prime State. Barley is dull and noon
catty urnihstged-A11,0001,10 fbr spring, ,
and 51,15431.20 for fall.
ILLY-Is firmer with a limited sup.
ply; we continue to quote from country
wagons at 518325 per ton.
HUSKS-Sales as 8 centsper pound.
HOMINY-Sales at 5 9 , 0. 60 per bbl. I
I LIME-Sales of Cleyeland white lime
at 5232.25 per bbl.
' ONIONS-Sales at 52,50433,00 per bb/.1
the outside figure for choice.
I LARD OIL-No.l Extra is quoted firm'
POT 1,60.
ATOES-Very dull; sale 1 car
I load, sacked at 53. Small sales at,
POIILTRY-Dressed Chickens 12314,
and dressed Turkeys 18320. Live
Chickens, 50(355 c. per pair, by the coop.
PROVISIONS-The demand is light
and prices unchanged. Shoulders. 1534
for plain, and 1634 for Sugar Cured.
Breakfast Bacon, 21(321%, and af in Cured Hams 21343,2. Lard, 19c in
tierces, and 20e In kegs and Pelle.
PEANUTS-Quoted at 9310 cu.
I • PEAS-Dull; $2,50 per buehol.
SEEDS-Bales of Clover seed at 5 8 ®
nomi at 52,2032,25. Tim.
otby nal at 13, 1 503 4 .
SALT-Is dull, and Allegheny Itiver
brands are quoted at 51,50 by the car
bud. with the usual advance for small
lots in Word.
STBAW-Elales at 512(514 per ton.
Lave t♦tott Marketa.
Blew Yong, December 29.—There is
little demand for live stock of any kind.
Beeves go szowly; with 900 fresh and WO
"lA' somata. they can barely be sold
, out; mime are about mon Monday, vary-
Ing from 11 to 1731 e, but very few went
outside of 14@16e • lot of 97 Kentucky
grades Bowl sold at 13%17c; 40 Canada
rcera and little heifers scant 5 cense 110
76 Michigan oxen and. Meer CPA awl at
150; 70 111. cattle o,s4cirt at 14Kin 76 choice
Ky. 63 , 1emt 1 61 311733Wr; Only 'gears sbeap
arrived to day, but they are sufficient;
there is a little firmness at s®lo for thin
to prime stook. and 8@,8%0 for extra; •
car of 77 pounds State Sheep sold at 5%c.
• deck of 114 pound Canada' at ago.
Nov have been very weak but are
firmer to day, with ' ,m u d. of , 23
they erred at 9 34q4 10 340 alive, and
igg@ls , a dressed; western dressed in
good con lion sell at il3ja;11211.
EVITALO, December 2 0 .—cattle: re.
lots 600. about one-filth the usual run :
market opened active and prime were !,ic
higher; Wes at 153g734e: Nat, and 8%(
93[0 for common to good. Sheep nomin
ally Unchanged,
Dry Good"
NEW Your, Deoember 29.—The trade I
being 4x:copied In taking stook and bal.
anolag soeousts, but lithe Ls transpiring
In the way of buying or sailing gend,,, •
and prises remain without alteration.
The profits on the tale of thle M=
merrenandise are so small that ' s moll f
houses are quitting the business and en
tering Into other pursuits.
Bahmionia, Dec. V.—Flour dun;
western wapertlue 114,14 5 , 00, Wham
"Wit red $1, 118 @ 1 . 42 . Dorn netlYe; re
eels* small; white 801487 M Yellow 8 8g.
920. Oats dull at 64421.576. Bye $10)1,05.
Provl.lona very dull and unchanged.
Whisky arm at 11.
' ----- - -
/Caw Yong, Dec. 23.--Octton flrmorith
sales 830 bales at 25%c-for middling
uplands, closing quiet. Fle - nr-receipts,
15,456 bble; flour 5%10c bitter on low
grades, with tales 7800 bbls at 14 70%5
for superfine State and western, 25 300
620 for extra State, 5 5 1006 25 for extra
western, 1585%6 35 for white wheat extra,
25 40(96 25 for . round hoop Ohio. 25 75®
600 for extra St. Louis, and 86 5008 50
for good to cheloe do, closing quiet, in
cluding 8500 bbla low grades for export.
Rye flour quiet, with sales 200 bbls at
go 00®570. Corn meal quiet. Whisky
-market heavy for iron bound, with
Bales 300 bbls at 9853011 00 for western
free. "Wheat -receipts 3,105 bit, a shade
better, quiet and the limners of holders
restricts the export demand; Bales 32,000
bn at 11,20 for No 2 spring; 11,33%1,34'
for winter red and amber western; 81,45
r white California. Rye quiet. Barley'
withont change; sales 8,000 bet at $1,23%
for four rowed State and Cana West on
private terms. Barley malt to fair re•
quest; sales 7,000 boat 11,25 for Canada
_West and State on private terms. Corn
heavy and lower; sales 28.000 bn at 81,10
for old mixed western delivered; 93(3950
for new southern yellow; 98(951 for new
white southern. ()ate -receipts 1,100 bu,
heavy and lower males 2,400 bu at 60(9620
for western; 620,60 for State. Rice quiet
at i 3; ®7%c fOr Carolina. Coffee quiet.
Ro g er quiet; sales 200 hhds Cuba at 11(3
11%c. Maumee dull; sales 300 bbls New
Orleans at 731377 c. Petroleum dull at
letio for crude; Vio29%e for re
tired. Hope ' quiet at 18026 e for
American. Linseed oil Is dull at
94993 e in maks. Coal : foreign dull
with sales by auction today of 70.000 tons
Scranton sold at 51,3004,35 for lump,
54e300 4 . 80, for steamboat , 94,80% 5 ,17 for
grate 15,2205,65, for egg 58®625 for
stove, 54,15(94,50 for chestnut. Leather;
hemlock sole firm at 90031 c for Buenos
Ayers and Rio Grande Wool quiet,
with sales of 160,000 pound at 47(949,
codomeatio fleece at 55(956e. Sheathing
pper steady at 220. Ingot copper
rather more steady at 21%0=0 for US•
troll and Lake Superior. Pig Iron;
rules in favor of buyers at 132% for
Scotch, and $36038 for American 3 4; bar
lower, 585 for refined English and Amer
ican; sheet dull, 111012 gold for Russia.
Nails steady at 43;c for cut, Ofee for
clinch, and 260300 tor horseshoe. Spirits
turpentine quiet at 43045 c. Pork with.
out decided change; sales 250 bhp; at
10,76(530,00 for new mess, Pifer old do,
92402 6 for prime, and 522030 for prime
aims; also, 2,000 bbls new hums, seller I
January and February, at 1120,75030,25.
Beef quiet; sales 125 bbls at 56(913 for
new plain moss, 510(917 for new extra !
mess. Tierra beef more active;,
sides 150 tierces at 125028; prime
mess V 7030. Beef hams steady; sales
ofl6o bbla at $30(933,50 for new. Cut
meats steady, sales of 90 pkgs at 12(3
12%e for shoulders; 150.160 for hams.
Middles dull; sales of 100 boxes of Cum.
berland cut at 14airi. Dressed hogs
firmer; 11%012%0 tor Western. Lard,
firmer; sales of 300 tierces at 16% ®l7%c
for steam: 18018%0 for kettle rendered;
I also sales of I,teo tierces, seller Febru
ary and March, 18tee. Butter quiet, at"
18030 e for Ohio. Cheese dull, at15(1916c.
Freights to Llverpool, firmer. Ship.
manta, 16,000 bushels of wheat, 4d • per
s et, ea per steamer; and 600 bbisof flour
per steamer, at Is 6d.
Latest.-Flonr closed a shade firmer on
low grades, with a fair export demand.
Wheat quiet and very firm, 111,2401,25%
for No. 2 spring, and 51,34(945454 for
western red and amber western. Rye
nominal. Oats dull and heavy, 60061%
for western. Corn nominal, 11,0801.10
for old mixed western. Pork dull and
heavy, 830 for mess on spot smiler Feb.
rnary deve Beef dull and tin.
changed. C ut m ry.
eats and bacon nominal.
lard quiet, 17,44(918 for fair to prime
steam. Eggs steady, 400430 for western
fresh, and 33c for limed.
eeriest:so, Dec. 2 9 .-Eastern Exchange
firm, at parolo off buying and 1.10 pre
mium selling. Flour dull, at 53,7505,00
for spring extras. Wheat very quest
and 34(5%c lower; sales No. 1 at 650 and
No. 2 at 78%1379c, closing quiet and
steady, at 78%®78340 for N 0.2; this sf,er.
m o a r r Nkeot.
w Cor l
d 7 l B an sller
%e lower; • sales, of No. 2 at 690700 for
regular and 72072%0 for fresh reoeipts,
closing at for regular new;
no grads .5205tc; this a ft ernoon the mar
ket was neglected • and nominal, at 690 for No. 2, seller January, Oats: fair
speculative demand; 1%01%is higher;
43% ®44Re for No. 2, and 35%036 for
neglected, closing at 43%0440 for No. 2.
Rye fairly active and firm at 09073 c for
No. 2, elating firm at outside price. Bar
ley dull and nominal at 75%770 for No.
2. Highwines quiet and nominal at 930
Sugar 11)40140 for common to choice
New Orleans. Provisions opened firm
and exalted. Mess pork in good demand
for future delivery, but Inactive and
nominal fcr cull; early sales at
530,50%30,75 seller February, • elm-
Mg weak at 530,00%30,25; cash
lots-nominal at 529.25(326,50. Lard, a
shade stronger and quiet, closing at 17®
17%c for cash, and 17%017%c for Beller In
Feurnary. Meets quiet and steady,
green shoulders at 10340. dry salted 11c,
rough sides at 1314ci short ribs at 14c;
hams nominal, 143 4 'e for green, 15(915%c
for sweet pickled. Dressed bogs in fair
demand at 25c higher, closing
at 511;011,50 for choice lot'. d ivid
ing on 200; live firmer at 200
30e higher, .58,37%09,35 for common,
59,60(910 for fair to good, and 110,25®
10,50 for extra choice. Cattle firm and
150200 higher • sales $3,62%04.75 for
common to good cows; 114,9005,62% for
fair to medium; 86,50037 for good to
choice 'blipping steer". Iteeelpts past 24
home: 4,496 Ws f10ur r 35,660 bush wheat
12.752 corn. 21,442 oats, 1,177 rye, 81el
barley, 2,378 head bogs. Shipments:
3,e23. bbls flour, 2,019 bush wheat, 19,697
corn, 680 oats, 959 barley, 2,403 head
Sr. Lotrts, December 72.-TobsoCo
firm and but very little offering, with
sales of new lugs and common leaf at 60
7340. medium leaf 80100, gcod manufac
turing 126614 e, and bright 15057.5 a. Cot
ton nominal at 23.14 c. Hemp, nothing
doing. Flour, low grades in demand
and Var.; superfine itata.M. extra
14,6004.80. and double extra $505.25.
Been dull at $6,6007,50: Wheat film,
No 1 spring inspected 980, No 2 red fall
$1,65(91,08, No 1 do 51,1001,12%, choice
91,20041,25, prime to strie ll Y Prime white
51,150420. Corn drill at 75®75340 for
dry yellow In bulk, good yellow sacked
820 and choice white 90e. Oita dull at
48(9510 in bulk and 54%30570 for sacked.
Barley unchanged, prime Minnesota
spring 51,10. Rye slow and unchanged
at 141%324. Whiskey higher, with sales
at 9554(396e. Groceries very dull and
them is scarcely loathing doing. Coffee
r anges at 19073%e. Sugar 1114(313%a
efeausee 7001300. Pork. bold firmly at
5V,50%30 without sales. Dry Salt Meat
firm; order sales shoulders at 11 3 / 4 e, clear
rib 15%e, clear sides 15%015%ii. Bacon:
shall salsa clear rib at, 17%c, clear tides
17:(318a, 'boulders nominal at 1401434 c.
nominal at 1040178. Rewires
were flour 8,400 bbls, wheat 5,600 bush,
corn 7,000 bash. oats 12,5C0 bush, barley
700 bosh, rye 800 bush, hog. 1,600 head.
Cattle-better demand =dune/landed;
sales at 2310014 e. Hogs: small sales at
8309%, for light choice. Thenumber eat
to date is about 166,000.
Crnerseell, DerloAibir 29.-Flour 11113.
changed, with faintly. at 5525®5.50.
Wheat quiet but firm, with No. 2 at
51.10, and No. 2 at 51,14. Corn in light
supply and firmer, with new at 7643760
for mixed. Oats unchanged arFlet
let 60056 c. Rye dull at 9e(994e. ley
I unchanged and dull at 51,1501, . 00t.
ton dull and unchanged, with middling
of 240. Tobacco - Unchanged. Whisk,
94005 c. Hop. firmer at 19,76®
10,60; receipts 500 head. Provhieres
.firmer, Mess Pork held at 529,
buyers at $28,50. Bulk meats firm, but
quiet, with shoulders at 120, sides 15e,
and 16%e for clear rib and ,elear
Bacon in fair demand; shouldes • 14e,
aides 15%01734C for clear rib and clear, I
Packed. Sugar cured ham. 21X1210.1
2rd higher, with sales of 200 tierces at I
16. Batter firm at 30035 e. Cheese 17(i)
18c. Eggs declined to 840 Linseed oil
doll at 880. Lard oU 11,48(91,60. Petro.
leum 30®390. • • •
Ctaysherip, December 29.-Flour dull
and. heavy, bet nominally unchanged.
Wheat firmer g, but unchang,
with light sales fee No. lin l red winter at 51, 14 ;
no demand for No. 2 red. Corn noudn
illy unchanged; sales of old No. 1 mixed
at 980 and No. 2 do at 91o; new ranges at
800853. Oats Mall and lower, with light
sales et 600 for No. 1 State. Rye dull
and inactive; held at range of 9030850.
Barley dull and inactive; held at 90a011,
nominal rates. Petroleum very dull
and tractive; refined beldst 264326%0 In
arse lots; wade lower and held at 56,10
per barrel.'
Tomtno, December 29.-Flour dull.
Wheat is le better, with sale. Of No. /
white Michigan at $1,13, regular do. am
ber 51,07, Na 1 redll,lo, No. 2 do. 51,05.
corn Is 2o lower, with sales of Dewar. 764
no grade 660. Oats doll; No. 1 held at
49d. Dressed hogs are held higher, at 10
01034 e. Clover seed unchanged st 57.80.
Receipts: 600 bbls Nu wheat I
1,600 bash corn 400 bush s oats , b s, MAW I
pounds dressed ' hogs. Shipments: 2,100 1
bbls f10ur,825 bosh wheat, 1,200 bush '
corn, 67,0 00 pounds dressed hogs. . I
LOUISVILLE, Dec. 29.-Cotton: sleet of I
17 baler, good ordinary 220 Flour quiet
and steady; extra family 95. Wheat: red
8414 . attilta 5410. °ern. 6566700. Oats
60Rye 890. Tobocco quiet and stied,:
sales of hide, atlsoB for lugs and 59
512 for leaf. Provisions firmer. Mess
Pork 530. Bacon: shoulders 1455{{e: clear
rib 17%e; clear sides Ha Bulk. Moats:
ahordders 12o; clear rib 15%c; clear sidle
1,306 tad.
16,5(e. .Hama 22,4 e. Lard 18c. Whia•
icey esa.
NatorramE, Dec. 29.—Cotton steady
and good qualities scarce; low middliog
22%c; good ordinary 2:1.4c. Corn 71c.
Oats 70c. Rye 51. Wheat—red 51,10,
amber 51,15, white 51,20. Flour at 54,50
®R,SO for super to fancy. Bulk- meats—
clear aides 15%c, clear ribbed sides 15c,
shoulders 120, new hams glo. Rump
pork 525. Lard 18%;,:i.
blmwatrirsz, December 29.—Flour
more active, with spring extras at 53,75
1if,3,90. Wheat weak at 8230 for No. 1,
and 79550 for No 2. Corn and Oats nom
mini. Rye lower at 730 for No. 1. Bar
ley nominal. Dressed Hoge higher at
$11,25@)11,75. Receipts-1,000 bblsflonr,
84,000 bush wheat. Shipmtmts-2,000
bbls flour.
MEXPRII. December W.—Cotton quiet
and dem at 24c; receipts 1,261 bales, ex
ports, 327 bales. Flour In fair demand
for medium grades; sales superfine MIS.
Corn 934194 c. Oats 674/690. Hay $260
27. 1 Bran $22. Pork lovga. Lard
19340201.03. Bulk shoulders nominal at
l 2 c; aides nominalat 1630.
exuisaively dull and unchanged. Wheat
better; sales Pennsylvania red at 51,30,
white 111,40@1,50. Rye steady at IL
Corn very quiet, sales mixed western at
IL Oats 65®570. Jamie= steady;
crude 21e, refined 29340. Whisky dull
at 11(i)1,01. '
DETROIT. December W.—Wheat—no..
important change: extra white. $115;
No. 1 do, 11 08®109; amber, 51 02; rep ,
ler, $l. Oats nominal at 43.34. Barley
firm at 11 90@il 95. Mill feed- 4c bran, $l5;
coarse middlings, $2O. • Dressed hop
firm at sll®ll 25 ror heavy.
1111.911T6 BY RAILROAD
Prrnsannou PORT WATNII AND Can.
osoo ItAlum% December 29.-100
bbla flour, Watt, Lang a, Co; 100 do, own
er; 1 car scup iron, T Maloney; 1 bbl
game, Bragg - man and O'Brien; 60 hides,
Ys sl ' Laughlin; 50 bbla alchol,4 - Adler
a Co; 25 do spirits, Hostetter & Smith; 5
d a alcohol, 11 F Fahnestook & Cm 1 bbl
onions, 1 do tallow H Res Jr; 6 pkg.*
butter, W H Graff & Co; 57 sks rags, Mo
& Co; 5 oars limestone, Shoenber
ger Blair 2do do, Laughlin & Co; 58
ebb. onion., 8 do turnips, Woodworth &.
Davidson; 66 mks rags, R Christy; BO boa
nails, Graham & Spangler; one bale
wrappers, W J Gilmore; .1 car barley,
Speocer & McKay; 5 tibia pus. Arbuckle'
&;Co; 35 bbls bones, Seward - Lt Emerson;
2 dressed hogs, 1 box poultry, 1) Elvers;
2 dreamed hogs, Isaiah Dickey & Co; 1 ear
horns, Hartman & Lore; 16 aka rags, .7 B
Weldln; 1 car mlllfeed, H SchnelOsob; 8
cues tobacco, A Schaub._
ROAD, December 22.-7 cars iron ore,
knosuberger, Blair & Co; do ore,
Union Iron Mills; 1 do do, Hallman & H;
Ido do, Everson P & Co; 2 do lumber,
G A Mandort; 100 bbla flour, Schomaker
& T..; 8 kg. a butter, C A Bo ucher, 2 bbis
varnish, Fackiner & I; 1 car grain,
Graham & M; 59 mks corn, J d W Fairly;
15 do barley, J M Carson & Co; 32 do
oats, Asbuckles & Co; 29 bides, A
Calhoum7 bins flour, 7 Obis floor, Man
field & Co; 8 aka oats, F G Craighead; 1
Ohl eggs. H Rea Jr; 1 car staves, Phillips
M; 201 rue, R Christy; 2 care pig iron,
Loomis & C; 160 by corn, Mcßane & A,
1 car shingles, John Nana; 1 car ore,
Grafr,.B Co; 7 hides, 1 bhl tallow,
. _
Lippe & Weise; 23 bales hay, Rose do E:
89 eke rags, J B Jones, 1 bx butter, J
Herbert; 1 car barley, H Hardt; 4 do
metal, Lewis, Bailey ,t D; 2 do do, Lind
say & McC; 1 do wheat, Kennedy & BrO;
Ido flaxseed; Ewer Hamilton & Co; 6
bbls 24 eke flour, J sf. Lusk; 2 pkgs bat
tier. J O'Hanlin; 12 aka potatoes, Back
field & Niehonee; 15 bgs b flour.R & A
Carson; 50 bdis broom handles, E B
Mathews; 1 car lumber, W MeQuewan;
1 ear lumber. S Walters & Son.
A rasenixerr VALLEY RAILROAD, De
cember 18.-1 car metal, Totten & Co; 2
bbls whiskey. M'Cullough, Smith & Ce;
2 cars metal John Moorhead; 1 do do
Struck & Oc:; 8 can limestone, Shoen
berger, Blair & Co; 82 ears coal. Kier,
Foster .&
Kier; 10 a ka buckwheat flour.
T C Jenkins; 6 bbla onions, Knox & Orr;
3 bbls beans. W D-Cooper; 55 bgs oats,
Keil & Ritchart; 13 kgs butter, Volgt
Mahood & Co; 14 bbla onions; 1 bbl but
ter, Bruggeman & O'Brien; 6 cars rail
road iron, C A Carpenter.
prrreenurnx, OnsCraltaTl AND BD
Louts Ren.aosp. Deeiimber 29.-1 oar
wheat, 1 do barley. 0 GI Russell; 25 Ws
starch, .1 Porterfield; 100 bbla flour,
Watt. Lang & Co; 23 bp feathers, Isaiah
Dickey & Co; 2,800 Nils paper, Godfrey A
Clark; 66 bee feed, W - H Eantker & son;
23 do feed. Day &Co; 23 do barley, Smith
& Co; 73 IDV_ oats, Fred Schield; I tubs
butter, W H Graff; 1 car staves, .1 Paint
er A Co; 1 car bones, Seward A E; 20
, buts tobacco, El P Shriver & Co: 60 do do.
(hiller - McGrew &Co; 18 caddies do, J
gullerton, 1 car lumber, J 31. Seibert.
- Rxvira PACKETS.
1;6414mm1i.2A , 1.,x1113.1AV0
'OOll NEW OW EANA.z i are
1: —1 he hew low-pressure
Ce vier
iLo V. golONT2...Cors. J. C. V.COPOO
Will leave for Um above ondlotennedloto to
on WIEDVEZDAY.III9A Inst.. nt 4.r. x.
rnigt3 or it.TV Vt'in°P.l7,nait
dein CHAP. BARS! B. Agents. '
- • -
Through 8111. Lading via alana Boat to Bal.
ration. ladlasola and Brno., Team,. &IA S I::
b"..1.-1""d M"‘‘'.".. itZg A aTl/ n 'ln a nntra
i titioi l. l%Tkra w tolle and Tinny, p.t
'o l "ff."*". g'"' 70111,1L9T roarra.
.• 03 Water otreaL
LOUISVILLE, CAIRO and ST. 1.010114
'OR CAIRO AND ST ; s ia dW i t
lAVlr6.—Tbs Atte' Pue.n[e
azt.i.rc ItoGIES Tao'. itcsraae. Nast..
Wit leave lir the above and Ittsroted.ala ports
on dATURDA.V. J.10Z17 iSt.
r"fti' • "" TiVt:INIWZ I AVIV: r ig!tu.
Ittropabrad Wu ale= to as hvllle. steamer
Ne. norm. by
01111111217 . a ratreag.
dela No. 93 Water stsaat.
no dee Daeeeßket eteamar
I.E.N OALA J. 11 Hem Commander.
Janes Me len, Clerk. will leave ea announced
above. on THURADAY. Dre. 21010. et 4 r r.
VOll ST. LOIIIEL..-Thes i dge
Will reedy., freight this morning for the above
led law/mediate ports. Will leave op THIS
DAT. *Otis luau Apply to
dell CHARMS 11/Artate. Agent.
Numbering lantern rst-elsei vessels, among
Balling ETZKI BATUNDAY. from ?ler 41
North River. New Vert. Tor imimegermlnithe r
information applg to
143 SMITIFIVIT.I.D lITRECT. Plltsbarth
14. M. LONG It CO.,
Petroleum and ita Products.
Tittsbarth Ornse- , DALLICLIMI .En mate
canker of Duquesse Wwr lod /min
PhradelphlA 011ee-131 WALNUT ST
Coma Lams Menhasta &Ad Erolum la
Petroleum and Its Products,
• Boom 17; Cisamber of Cosramereo,
- 331 sour= SECOND STREET.
Lubricating/41%h Test Burnlag Ms.
llellpae Stallr•ad Azle OH,
Stands 'mat heat without cheep: remalaa
limpid nab:men temp...dant. Special ell Or
txopleel ethnics or hot 7r, ma,.
lawamaktattretlve, tastae, Machine Wow.
Saw NW awl Waslag NW Oily
adaptedlOT high exen.d.
Splakle foui. Wool. Hana•lLlabt OOr
fans and VtalablaCOasol
WI. Harassa OIL I earaUloa
AttlfOß VARNISH. to Hulett Iron
Work sad itaetilncre boot item
TIM 111,3datta aro leMinifletnied ander_Dr.
1 "1 1 1.11=f1: 0 =11 giro=
puree ly pare, vellarm , add rawly light col
ored. stand ble temperatum ueehantred,and limpid dueled eXtime eAd. The Nall.
road Wee. line p ualled. and are In <mutant am
°emery of the prinelpel Railroad. Samples cgs
be examined and e den left at 114 WOOD
lITSaWL Walla odsurpears Bridaa
The river has commenced to recede
again, the Monongahela marks Indi
cating 10 feet 10 inches last 'Distant.
Weather continues cloudy and cold;
wind from the northwest, and mer
cury at b la, down to SS.
-Itualnese continues doll at the landing
and it is not likely that there will be any
Immediate improvement.
Capt. Stockdaie has received later ad
vice.' from the boats he built here for
South Amerlba. The Australia had
made one trip from Barranquilla up the
Magdalene river and brought down trie
largest cargo that ever rftchedithbe port.
Her name has been changed to Bisinark.
The Barranquilla arrived at Barrammilla
on the Other November in as good a et:m
ullion as when she left here. It may,
therefor*, be set down as ■fact that build
ing boats hors for South America is a
The Glasgow, from Nashville, arrind
about noon yesterday. with an excellent
trip, her guards almost dragging the
water. She made the round trip in
twenty-five days, and would have made
it In much less time, had it not been for
the unions cqrrent In the Ohlo. and fog.
gy - weather. She will probably reload
for Nashville.
The Nellie Rogers arrived from St.
Louie on Tuesday night with a fair trip;
including a considerable quantity of
metal. As will be seen by card, she la
announced for a return trip—Gluiest d
• Porter are her agents.
The Carrie V. Rounts will leave for
New Orleans to-day, and shippersabould
bear this in mind. Copt. L O. Vanhook
lain command, with W. D. Rogers In the
The Belle arrived and departed, as
usual, for Parkersburg.
The Glendale, Capt. Hare, is announo.
od for St. Louis, forthwith. Mews.
Flack and Collingwood are her agantr.
The Argosy, from Cincinnati, and
Maggie Hays, from St Louis, were due
last night and will probably be found In
port this morning.
The Wary Deno departed for St.
Lords this morning. She had a good
trip. Including some 800 barrels of rein
ed oil, shipped by Livingston Bros.
Work la progressing rapidly on all the
new boats in process of construction.
—The Vicksburg neer of the 23rd,
says: We do not remember the time
tut so much freight bas been at our
levee aa now. The Forsythe had to lay at
the wharf some time before room could
be made for her to unload, notwithatand
tog there were three wharf boats and
piles of freight on the banks.
—A New Orleans dispatch of Monday,
says : The Argosy left here Thursday .
for Cincinnati, but burst her steam pipe
near Morgans, and seriously wounding
two deck band. The engineer came hers
fora new pipe. The boat will be delayed
some days.
--Rapt. D. Neal, or the Indians
hu reoeldedu dispatch from Cept..7. 8,
Neal, of the Richmond, dated New Or.
leans, December ZI, saying be had saved
Wild Wagoner. 1,600 bales of cotton, and
would claim salvage. No particulars
—The employes] of the St. Louis
Peoria Packet Company on Friday
evening, presented Captain E. A. Eatable
with a magnificent solidsliver ooffee urn,
anger bowl and cream pitcher. .
—Th'R.O. Gray arrived et Cairo on
Monday from St. Louts, having fought
her way through the toe. She reports
having met the Kate Putnam at Grand
—The St. Charles broke her rudder
on her recent down trip and was do•
tabled eight hours at Rome.
—The Camelia and Bt. Charles were
advertised to leave Cincinnati for Pitts.
burgh on Tuesday.
—The Cumberland river was falling
on Monday, with 18 bet on Harpeth
—The Great Republic left Cairo for
New Orleans on Monday with 1 500 tone. .
DR. SCHENCK'S :a nd O in eTl6l3r for the,
core of Cann., DM Contotention.
on. SCUP , CFOS SLAWLED TONI 1 tar the
cure of Dior:opals and all the Dabldlated Condi
tion. of th • SW • soh.
DR. rellit• OK'S MANDR•it P LLB. rot
Messes of the Liver or to act nos Gault Par-
AL of these these Idedtel OA ate often regu'red
ig D o terppm nenption, though the Palmonic
Tele NreA '
TeethcoartVii br,l7, AVM, :174
ins Otontech tea Liver. and help the, dere p to direst lad search through the
0100.1 vegoela, by arttlatl MAIMS PM la DOCI•
le l,lnee are colecientiamly
san ded to
the rub Si the only th ee, create table
tveret., for Pulmonary Contheeption. hind for ell
those morbid Mad Wow. or the Irody vapid,
le that fatal cheese. =Tar Completes and Dye ,
p rota are often formalness of Consurnieldn.
and w en they nthisifeet Hamacher they regales
th4Yrr=?.`;”:4l;l:s•MOdielue whieh had
tae a wes prole/Wen before tee yehlla hassles
he. been proved by the thonsmsd cares It has
merle through &Period of more thee thirtysetre
years. iu all of which t me Its 'emanate,. ha. M
umma and the meet
Isarte simptleion men
betootle doubt that itemedy winch may
be nerd with confidence to all cases whiter admit
Of • eure.
If ...patient will perteveringly follow the es
metro. which accomiteng each bottle, he eat
tend, be rend. If hie thugs are not too moth
r atted• to mete • cute (oral Is. teen to eases
auppaaad to be incurable. when blends thd phy-
Linens nave despaired, the use of this blether.
hes three the life of the patient ant antalaa
hem to parfel,:h alth.
Us er, bu does not my UM ail cases of Tel
min openmptton are wtihln the leach of
medicine. bat he emphatically muerte thee atm
when pin testa have tumid Mar =the mmetoom,
go. as • otnlest etraIMIIIS C141.1,a110t
mutest. general debtirty, err n to thel • degree
that they are obliged to Ite to bed, and Wheel
they Lie illaeo tip by their ph rslcien they may .till
M eared. yo teed mei treatment cast motto new
leo gr. bat when the lanes &revery ead ydireseed
Ind to some ex test destroyed. • eon may he et.
meted by Ur. nebreckt • athelethee.
Also. in rerofttlous amts. three seedtainel
are epeady elk ene Dr. rebenth has photo..
graphs of • aerator Of persons who have. been
wiselyvered with 111110111( Mara, and now oil
bested Op. This theme Duelfyleg properties,
welch meat be Mrle to heater ittee la Ike large.
to the In meet of Cons" plies um or tn•
utmost importettm to_give visor and • ortedihr
tome to toil sham. llan. It la Itelleataay to
strengthen the appeal , of the pattent at di be
prove the di v Woo • Proper nourishment is re
paired together with each ethane es will Mete
oe seed easily eireetlble. The articles moat
suitable for the diet Mr., patients are
desisast . i d in Be. be cle t e Abrams.. which
am - .gum totthd grateltonely . , re general, too
molt highly nutritious MD lee as to be pre.
feergd,berthe diesetwootheas toestbe sttengtla.
need in order to make either Mod or Mildittille
This leoulniment, la met 0.
Sa/larted Taste. nod for this Porrere• It was lied
tre Woe ated
s the dieitstitte p Were are pot In good
order, the food asits prober*lnct; the System
of the pollen le laviedrabd and tt • latiga bet.
gra Irttyl:relgr fig°ll;2l,V=Tal
pelemote twee, will of et the core.
Palmas sy Conmemptioule almost sideman.
OL soot with DIU epete end Liver Complaint.
eishthckta Mendrees Fill' On to ended to re.
abalyactio•• Ito:MON Liver end restore Its
Stealthy *Mica. They have Meth* eifie.7 whlch
Is ascribed 1.1 caloalal or *'lilac mesa. •' std ard
warreat led vet Meant la • Pertiele of althea's*
gent pew., Theme Plitt cure the meet °hottest
treediveeesr. aka MOW.. pUre, 01 lots effee
Lien t, end ell other dime*. which •Mite from •
Vapid or obstthe ed e °Denten rfthe Liver. Use
box of these pile will prove the elem.! Of the
-tedkdle '
ea Cimeampi, on ale Pan'Wead Tenn and Ild us
drain Pills an navalaanla avilllary sa•dtelan
'easy relieve tail moraines at the patient and
omen ohs Pigment(' elsee eilhethit a
reege nfo
und nears( llk adosanot Anna
of Cansemptlea, wine the ate tiniest en.
eesimaail ant all alsisetems eatentlag to
the Jadgmeet or the etryllelmo la lealataeliemil
dtaiti. TO. IlTee of patient. In. wars e.t.a lo
In • dying a mditlon bud Wm maenad for
sown by/Damned' Cleleralo`a tbs.' gnat raw
Vrtaban-Va Almanaa natal. %fall treattae
on Um yarn. forma et elms 11. els tonne al
treatment. ana nnat a 2 d ctiona hen to nos his
lardlalse. nu tot bad gratin. or Slit nail to
addramong Prtnnal Wee*, No. an, Norte
Elite Weal. Plaltadelpton, it.
rein • the Paimanne Syrup merreinnlipe Ton.
12,:el b otisilirliraeto r i
entireties. deer:mar
Dllerallin. Thstratinerotletims at oases result
lag from self.bnie, ppV•clot eamenallsess.
semen dobtlityjrritabulty. ereptione, ssod.d
embelor.e. aat fleetly Impoteecy permanently
cored. persons alainted wlth dsucate, latrlcate
aad tome .taxpllng eosolltotJon. 000301•1. ts art
poutely laelted to cad tor commitaltoas andel
coma limning 21pOilo100. UMW& of tomb...
by enabled blia to Mime remedies at coO•
/lent. MO, IX sad which Is meet cues
out be need without Ithoirsnoe up Wetness. lied
, Mines prepared In the establlenmsnt. 0 , 014 ea
ting. onion. twenties and wattles neoa r mle ,
boardlor and Owens NMI. ente Or t•
requiring dally . coral attend.. an Yam
and chemloal b Mae sonceatratleg the tamed
Dditeral Wing*. 0 =Star Vim have Wed,
Vatlour esee. Send what ha save la kle pan-
OM of My owe. mat to sea eddress for two
stamps In sesledearslona. Tbonssade of oases
treated inans, ato = ff.tiada : ll o 7 va Um i O.
aeariol:7l Court
Ps, Hoar, •. a. to II P. a.• 800.
dale IS a. to SP. 11. r 1020143 sant to any 04.
dtr” Alf two e ta me
Duquene Wa7. Pittsbana. Ps.
fiEzb, &G.—AstonMiley sad alum%
adrecillooe cane , of Omer are being dilly
made by Dn.' B. B. ELINZ & CO.. et the
Philadelphia Calmer I:Amery. 901 Arch ISlnets
PhilSdelptidg. Pena., 'ad at the brim& of.
flee Is charge of Profbeior Z. G. DALTON,
US Elm It.. Claelnaml.Ohlo. The tniebeteats
used lie Caliper Antidote., the most gd.muk,
awl nee ..... I knows IS the civilised world.
They are lot coati, eallo6 or tamale& man.
else. They sire Utile Or so pale. They are ea
domed by the bait tarpons of the sae. No
other Demons hare them! eatidotes. No other
treatment Avoid be seed. Tor yartbrulars tall
or address al shore. . nolLeillTnts
Wood St, cor. Semi Amu.
A. BITADLLY, rreoldeat.
• W. VANICIMI. VW, rnaldeat,
CoSeethes, made sit tea principal points al
Um Data ./ states ass Cawslas.
Stoeks,Bon4 and other Securities
The snipriatan drab:meat of oar national
resources and Ma rapidity with which the Go,
ernraonli Is now enabled to redato the national
d. 4, by weekly rmzehasea Nader It apparent
that the time I. approaching eaten the Jive
lAtited States Securities. I 1. "'" tx "'" may b. N"" at not
:al or loar and a hall per OM. ham".
Ps:Yawls: atteation WA la ta. Pu.gmm...d
oak of
11•11 T, CAUGHEY & CO.,
Corner Fourth and Wood titree4y
Exchange, Coin, Coupons,
Nona so mod.
M Oars Mose ao ple anat.
ona Aar
10 Astor Itenunet
. u u too son of those Aortal's taated ewes.
Una "Proven Cetbeb Wats.. deal
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OiLIafIicCANDLEIN & 00.,
167 Lat• Woof. Ow • 00.1
Inunsguax DIALS= IS
foreign and Domestic Mx*"
Da too WOJD
MUM &Ml*" DUaaVaire:
Gold, Oonpons, Bonds and Stooks
covoonsoza TO HANNA. Ewa' • ocka
/ad partleidar attantl
od es paid to the surds..
sod e of
iff , t 2 .t Drafts on London.
12Fifth Areim,Pittsbargh,
Bolted and WO, and when defiled malted to
Nnrope. Colleetlose undo on .11 the prim:lW
Potato of the I:Wm.:lstate. and Gon
Doxneme Muss.
JeJeu McCann. vu. rreeldnett.
W. N. MOWee.S. Cashier.
D.ThMaell. auaCm James WoCabe,
Thlntae Bourke. Hugh ILehtn4.
J. Mole.). Jr..
You'll* Zane. Tenon Comphou,
Cantos Phelan.
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Wad ' ,
JON. N. GAZZAX. Solhater.
Of Pittsburgh,
t now apes DlAeonat. Des.dt wel Chuang
• .
A. 117 suss rsoalved trolls CPIs Doll.? upwards.
Insarrat at Use mm of alz per- am. paid oil
Wu. d•Pualtd,
0 I
W. H
0.. 51115'4 tL Itz EfICIIT YA M
u . AMOS.
PAX. 121.1
ED. DIT4RID6}E, ?ridded.
Z. P. 1101IINCIL. Caislikm•
Positive Reduction In Prices
Wilton Rugs,
Crumb Cloths,
are., SC
Jr". si r/Flif '4 AZNU"
Oil Oloths, Window Shades,
Ingrain Carpets,
At the Lowest Prices Ever °bred.
The alteration and im
provements of our Bales
moms now in progress, make
it necessary for ns to im
mediately dispose of a large
portion of our stook of
Hearth Rugs, &e.,
Many goods will be sold
at prices bolow the present
wholesale cost. Call at once at
28 Fifth Avenue.
LIL 2, 21, 3, 3 L 3 and
Suitable ibr Parlor&
Woolen, Linen sad Cotton,
eir LOWS& RICER 7111 LB? 01111
Natwithstaadlsg the asthadatebal WU,
71 and 73 Fifth Avenue.
11.1*.1 10#
lam* or 9r t rontala Aortaranoisya
NOTICE.—The asseennent roe
Pram p.m , s UOO 10 amt.. street, to cow
read, for .XSlalisallol4 and eon be Rees st
this oaten uatll ATIDIDAY, January lot,
1110. Atom It wilt be ratantad to DA City Tom.
ear.o Mee tar oollacttoa.
H. 3. Y 001 2 ..
CRT Miran r.
Haan STREET..:-The under
inzrAt:4l V . to ammo
7:gr Z le " .ltritriet to fO t I .P ITIo. vlll meet to
. llTOont Wyatt
eir i Tro p til l at a hrl il d•tllllther $91.114-
swat. 8111111[0.1 rts.POieD.
1111 VID&ON
PS, e s VlDtt / M.
Bankers ad Dealers ?a
N 0.5 Nassau Street.N. Y.
2b our Oustomera and Ckerrogeouterata
Yeastlit Mete ISO Wk.. S. costarred rata
other elates If seeratlee. Parlat an . 4 ." 1 "
of lateral, la lading to resat! fatal for
Role proatable forms et !aerostat In marl
way lay a ea fely lamas& •
Durtug the vitt the iteeessttlee end pall of th
overhasst. sad the aotuto7ooot 010101,0001
tt sasseltMa. rssaared tam se attisatam aka;
from Mb mass, so- Mud with Ma pat:lolls
was of ao people to ?air sahm, Om absorbed
almost We males nasals Meg Or lasoodaM7.
aad abortad alteatioa from other classes of
sameltles mblcb had Dam Wars damned sae-
Meads 001LNIVOLITO scat Wild 30 110011 tas
wools of Um most cautious Investors.
The Government ti so longer a %flyover. It
so needy the couatry's esigt.d. bet deldree
intently and liaorahlY to Misr It. '
The rapid wynonelstlai of apt al for Wee%
went, and the reduction of the national debt
sad newt roman of the national etedtt—tender•
La tt aerial► shut hereafter bet a comparatively
low rate of interest can to derived from mroat•
meat In Govensment beetle- ie euavelltrui the
march for other We sad well goateed eliannal.
Leto which cavil al not employed is bottom may
wisely dov.
The entenulma a Peace, no leas nsedftd
their time end plans, for the common welters.
than were the waste and wit of War, now tall
for the capital witteh the Government no tonne
need., and Wier for It a remuneration which the
'Government need no longer pay, and 1n some
came a mummy If statue end seeming al toe
nation itself. _
The desire to capitalise the prom ma 'At& MI ay
Dow be raelleed epos ltie•Terenty beads, 144
which nattetal decline le Gold toward ye; sad
the abfllty of the aoyaraboebt to faze these at e
Lower rat* of literal. a 4 ,1 at gar tin. =U.'
ignlsb. Is UM by ma, bolder. who duly. some
6.llolctery warm. Y to which at the guar
Low priced senuithis hi the autet would afford
rotosoory softy to loath so oo &mg*.
The spolloattoas for lalortnallos sod MITIM
stack aro addrotud to al dolly. .Dow how =I,
omit' lo tbs dulls for Iblasuotrattot. oat* whit
torts of Westmont men piolltatgo fat Gov
ornotoat ootorlths at promos market Woo, an
=titled to the coialldeace of the Inverearm
TM probers of this want be lad es to feel the
Importance of direeling out 'O,lll attention
beakers, our lugs experience and all fbllittos
fat obtaining reliable itformation—to the work
of molest It inesime measure, and to offer the
result of our Inquired to boss who may be dis
potfl to confide In our good faith and judgment.
Wens unwilling to offer b our friends and the
sable anything ebb aptording to. inz best I
Wettest le not no Man sa the national obligor
tints thtfladVel. with which we haye hitherto
primevally Identified onnelmin.
g allsitOAD LOAN, whirls meets all these vi
euiroments, we bare earafelff embed 3El=l
others but bars found no other which would
levy dose, until the rollentng wet placed it 0 11
Six Per Cent. Gold Bonds
Tho Western natio Lflr d commeting Sao
namato whir Ilia Praselmo, foralMes rho Ilnal
Ust d tbo extrsortmorr fret of Alf marmites
liM of roll from the Moro of Ma I.lloolrl to tbst
of the Pulite.
It-la 160 miles in Ingti, lael•dini • Iho.t
Dram*, and It will Oa Oa
Of the Patti* Coast,
ant 014.14 It chief WE., and travartl44 the
4144 en of the rka .4 growing ewe of C.f. ,
Ma, roto.lll, to 444101ba to ea Loamosok sO4
leerative local trent*, the theozgh bythess tem
tbetraloneadCentralPseleeNallreads — between
the lasteri Mates and Saerasento.
It t oomplrod, fay walloped. and Is mosso.
Oil . oper•tton, tad Itt santloav 1a Oetohar, the
ant full month. amosatad to 1101.000 ma cots.
The Oat esrahlts OUt. K •1••••Is•i IMMO*
=oast TO 0800,000 lot wanton. I. tome..oll.
the laterest as ID Bowls tttll to to; 41111.000.
Tae Woo of the property sad trsaellaaa 1I ma
Ism than
Ten ARM/ma of Dollars,
ma Bondi Ira 111.000 each. Wallas tf Taxi
to res. and win be sold at
Ninety, and Accrued Intereet,
fa eanvacy. Tiny irs sad* passed% PBIHOI•
ibe ens of Dew Tort. Oesspoas Sae Swum"
u6Jaly De.
Tao near approach arils' tine abut Du MOWS
States eau probably faad the greater pa 1100 0
tuna per nat. debt. l■ 'aurally saunas tsgss.
rs mo east Pass of ateennesiostkat wilt af
turd pica w:ten meant, allb the satin rite of
acylatsce wear GI other mecuittatbasell
ulna woven neaSes alatoiaplotad ealtroad.sai
maybe WA will so snob coda's= u GoVero
- bad. on as Irsbclus mongsge. on How .
Took City prbierty.
The lola to cash mammas. Its etalnA lo colt.
lassos app mat. stash be rapidly Vitas.
Boadswlll be annual as the orders ara anolyed.
Gortranoat Benda ntonnel at tbstr DU mu
tat Yalu la szebsasv. - . -
Of All unarm. me , a
" W . =taw,
w.a...llo,',.eilfer.fer.e.e' s7a=4:4oFLlViel 2.41101i_
dal or send. 111.69. the Mena.. ell Te MO of
ten= fiall LTV 0141 2 :r i g: Mr MT=
'r.l= ing."vl:4l:...'s• 0(010 .0.1!- 6.ll...N.ttafaLditifira:teillyiksiet
use tt is Weer entafeaftorreartrel be oftVk
tty of tha 4064 That . a:homily at th e thee of
Ifirt:Ve 41*.riValllt:=Iretri.
asconit earli fear for line 7•116 111.111 WI:
i . eferrltet! ithelttake •the MAMA Wooer the oro
We buy and sell I Governmmt :rr.:11r.:=4111.',°V.`ittX:2,1132...4""
each rear a. neer aserartleabla. -
13 11. de and receive the accounts a . 41,V*.i r ltrit'Vfp a piVr.:: 7 " . "'"
• . be end thermal, me., up,..g.4. widdidis .
Ranks, Bankers, • Corporations and a rrAattl..l) , i ' 4l 034
L . Alien tJ. B. =dm • •
others, subject to check at • sight, r r r i.rntd """ h " ");
• ouri.g. th.seed,c—En. .
, . Land of the Cowmen Centhell. •
and allow interest en doily balances. ' rm . ALI""L"...
• Attest:
4113frijiltf.wonin. •. • . •
8. .
. ' • IMI'CLEATI. it CO., -.
•0111“114 jacrltailtiELS CLEVELAND
11 , Lim, .
766 76 Wawa Amami 1110birek ra. sloobobtr=“ZiTmml.
acelhalifi . • por We Iff J. 2.011.111M.D.
. '
- . , .
rho Orsolfrig and riving
. ar 111rty••teond te reel. froth Llh•
arty tttttt to the Allefheey Slyer
!scrims I. Be t: lo‘toritod and goaded by 1. 1 0
Cao of PlLtr , nar,", in &Ltd and °wanes Conn.
rile asesablied, ar.d It is hereby 0rd 40 .." .4
eistsetad en fe. of gad sibs. Inn the
es engineer be and be Is h nen, etobotlesel
le a ected td adv. r;;•.• for rect... for the
graci and ; &clog of 321 sues a c rem 1A..7
street to the •i:,o otny River, to let the
same In toe mane., din.tea dlnaneo
cope.ruing streets. Patted Anna t 31L.t,
niso an set everaleg cleets, apidased d•ittf .
‘ 7Lt. th li. l 4l 6 lat:enr ordlnanceorrtof ordinance
.blltettng with the ptssege of th i s ordinance; et
the present time, be and tbe same Is berets! re.
pealed so far tee mac e ff ects tole ore tt &nee.
lard end enacted Into ale 11C er onnell.;
M Althea) of 1, ra
President of Select Connell.
Attest: IL S. Ifoonow, _
Oat ballot
roorident of Common Conn
Atteet: 11. llchtoStaa. 0
Clerk °teem:too Connell. Wit
Pia Grading ■olbeTrT ality. irrolma
Twootvoovonto to Wwootymitobth
SIC. I. de it contmn:Easel enacted LW &keg
dad Omnsnons Councils V Ms (My of PilisOusglu
and it to hereby ordained and amoral
osirliortly of tea saw, That the (nty Siordiaor
bi suitiorlsed and alracted to Weenier for pro
easels Mr los tending of Mulberry alley. ITOM
th to Seib sires,. and to let the mime in the
wanner direct, by an ordlaaneo oonairalbB
street pan d Maass t alit, 188 V Mora.. act
contornin ans. approved Januar, G. 1586.
Sac. IL that any ordlnanceor par.( ordluanee
conflicting with the passage of this ordlitioi. at
the present time, be and the smog Is hereby re
pealed ea far as the lame affects thin onllsouicii.
Ordained mad enacted into • law to Coonella.
MI 47th day of December, A. D. 11109.
Jain Ma IdcAULTT,
President of detect Connell.
Attest: E. 8. Manhole,
Clerk of Select Connell.
President of Common Council.
Attest: 11. lic3l.eurmt.
Clerical' Common Council. QM,
Eirpeistiss Viewers en Forty.seeend
Street !Sewer.
SW. 1. Be It ordained mid enacted byth•Clty
of Pl.tsburgh. In Select and common Connell.
amsembled. end It Is hereby ordain. 4 and emoted
il h el. n = il ltlelVargnilllll4:dt
pototed toast Se Viewers on Porty.senond Meet
Sewer In the nlme of Wm. Jamey. Robert
Wbehiman and Bonbon Willer. realtned.
Site. S. That shy ordlnanm or part of min
name conflicting with the pa sage of thin milk
han e at_ the present time, to and the mine la
ereby repealed, so far no the name affect, this
crslabied end enacted Into law thLs filth day
of Deeemner. I). 1009.
• P: eldest JAM Arliett V C t orel. .
Attmts Z. 8. llonnow,
Inert of select Connell
President of Common Connell.
Aired: H. Nchfaarth.
Clock of Common Connell. deb!
To Amend the Fifth Iteetlou of the
(My Cede, title, "pennons."
Bac. 1. Be et ordained and enacted by the Clefy
of P.tubtirgh. ln ah 4 Common Councils
mbled. and It la hereby ordained and enacted
by authority of the anal*, Th►t the alb Leo-
holy of ti.e City code. title Coned's. ps. Yid%
b amended by Attain' net the wt rd Prlday”d
insert.' Las end the second Tneseley. ay that
the section than read ite bush. “TecConat
etis st all ALSO mt. In Joint on the second
Tuetd. next seeeesd ...organization lbr
the elemlost of all ci ty oZcare to be elected by
Commun.. , • ,
&sc. 9. That any ordinance or part of ordi
nance conflicting with the pan.. th e s ordi.
mance at the wee. time, be nod name 1$
hereby repeeed so far as the ewe affects this co,
Vrd.fnfd mad enacted Into •Ic In CooAclls
DID 111 dal of Del:ewer.. A. D. uev.
• Preslaett i oV INettft Connell,
AIDED Z. B. Monnow.
Clalz of tle.oo Connell.
President of Commas Common.
/DOD: H. Kalinin,
• Out of mamas Domicil. • 4011.
To Intherisetheeredies of Shutters
street. frees as AM/ ....h .1 Rua.
tine street to Illestero Arenas.
!MOTION 1. Be CI ordained and sseadad by the i
&Ltd and Common I:bluetits of as CUP Of ant .
Nose, and it Cr array ordagnat and evaded by
the er•thortry et tas gems, That the Committee
ov streets be,and they an hereby eathetteed
and directed to invite. and receive P.O.W. for
the puling of eautters street. from an s'ne
toh of Fayette ecru tto Western &reeve an
to contract therefor with the lowest and nes t bid
der or bidders, at their diecretion.
Sac. SI. That for the 1..W.5. - I=rof defraying
the coat and expense of end Improve meats, there
he, and is - hereby levied, a special tan to be.
equal. nsessed coon the several lob bounding
one anottlng open the said Clutters street.
respectively In yr . ..onion to the feet front In
them respectively comprised, and beendieg and
abutting as sforesala.
dec. a: That as won ea the cost and expeeees
of said Imptovement stoat be felt ascertained.
it &ball br the duty of the Street Commissioner te
awes sad atportlon the same areas the were'
loss bounding and &batons upon said shutters
streetrrebectlvely. according to the rel.
above indicated. and thereupon proeeed waste
demand-Lon collect the acme, accenting to the
previsions of the Art of the General Assembly of
the CoMmonie.ith of Perdieflventa. entitled
••Au Act deflated. the =saner of coliceiltw the
gr.T.v.oorf cr adles :11,g.,,tr,...T,lotnotrtZtbct
urposes," pseaedthe thirttew city of Mareti.
enc. A. That as much of any ordinance as truy
...hit' , with or he =Mated by the foregoing, be
amid the game IS hereby rohealed.
. Ordained and enacted into a law this the 51134
day or MeceMbert, A. /l. 1.89. •
President of Select Cowell.
Attests JOattt9 8. 0.11.10,
clerk of Select Connell.
President of Ccesinon ConnrlL
Supplemental to Ordinance Pearl*•
lug ter m lapping and Wag Sr
Beware I nAllegheny City. -'
semi. Be ro o-dolnee sod enacted ay the
me%aesyof the tame, lbs. teem sad after
thep f
tlee ordossnme. mob est. , .
Athol tin as taverns. eating semen basher
shops. livery slab... dyeing and scouring
t OWN. Bower fs eterim, located on emeet or alleys
where s are laid. shall be provided with
underground drain. counmvons to them .ewtn
for the ose of ea 17 log of all the water or
Wields 5050 would otherwise be dimbarged Os
the sidewalks or In the gotten of the streets or
sills by th coadoctors or dews spouts of the
bundlisise, or b 7 Plf:s4tvels? inks or other
7e7Xer ur.h:f it stwi ie mad: MAI the
lloy Engineer to site Co ll et Levitt parties at
deted by th a seetivo , or by are ten p fd of toe
111 4 41313124172Ja j doVniVit''a c ut:
prO•10 1 /16 661 loath them., that .hey will b.
required to fake under-rand musectWas with
Me petite sewers within the .curt o thine
dal'; otherwise. there will be incurred b 7 them
the p twe,11,7•l•111 dollar% to be mac.
end summarily vef re the Meyer.
axe. S. Lll loonies received. for sower wrialts
ar Or lons Impose dander th e sewer ordinance
now in force, shall be De d into the GMT...
or/ and plasm t. the credit of she general smear
1 7:1. 4 e. .It shell be the duty of the it.reet.Coni
dthsloser tomato In'orinatiun before the lamer
unman parties delay ot violating the Ordllluabli
flaw., _ toe ee. °iing vf tubb sh. offal, or
M to weeping* in toe street. Mote.. or a the
wer inlets; md also for my • elates of the
ofth and
i t a. shone of the ordiumee relating
0 taFpluit d using &elven , of which this le a
" It ' . atiVi t lat enacted into st I.w this Ma Bid
debts sir ember, Anne Domini one thousand
undred and duty 616 e.
President of. Select Correll.
Attest: J. LOMAT.
Clerk of nelectfiny cll.
President of Common Coo=l. •
MAW; IL.DriAroniu. •
Clerk of Common. Council. r da2ll
:4 2 .Tilitiour As cr.
riz tt a lm i t;ip ri . g ibt a r i tirEirm.or
BeD2a 1. tlonfotned and waded be rbefert
tv=4,thzuzga i r qr
wow dad .
TOW tbe Controller be end he ls Wane
aotbotised and empowered to Ronde pre•
portal, . “Reeewel R e ad " to the
enweot or esol),1100, or for each amount as may..
be nteawars to Wm opine bele... of matured
wooe r• maintop sitar tee fonds already provt•
dad for vier r , finetion ma, haw - born se
esawed. sold Rends to be Wined by the Mayor
tad Tresswer. sod to be coonterd . ned by_the
emirate: toll. of the denombuttons of 115 1 0
vac 11.000 web; to bear data of Jansen 1.
Wee: te Meg:: li4:ara:i . ty years from tea date
I t . Iv ' sis t itts rate o nix :e t _Mti d
ai the Stet days of Joey on' ,
each ac
eners:7 le., at the bolos A elonA Baal
to the city of Philadelphia, and to be Dee of
~,st o we to the purchaser.. polders thereof:
tea. C. Ibat All sales of ads, which
I l rAm:rbludnie,gl.l:l o .3.thal vatvh , „°J
tee on /man Bo n dsd enhances of said bonds I
gitrallTedi ;Mt rat% C* rsr
innson of vonticile ne ' reon, to !bale warants el
she Tresimr. to WI the amount or tomes of
tea cor o net. on each bowl so
'h elf e . a. t am e to and " rut
eeoperty of the City of Alleabeny. be tad le
herebypledged for the redemption of said
Doo o a of crunchy end the interest front time
tlnie accruing thereof .
Bic. 3. All ordinances or parte of ordinanites
conalelmi with or impelled by the foregoing, we
belch, repealed. n•
Ordained and enacted Into slaw thls the 1130
day of December. A.D. 18010.
. • /redden% of Detect banana:
• /Mat a J. R. 021.11 X,
Clerk of holect Conseil
, • • ALTReb 61,,k0r • •
• Pretliteert of CommensOcanms
4Vst; ROUST liuMollll, •
Clarice Conteriell
Maittos tol4eismmedivierN w er
Aimless, eau.
NIA I:00"MAX. ran.
D. On &ail after 11 P. a.. dciday. OV.
141.15. 11160, Teal. • will arrive at scot derarl,
&ow the urban Depot. comer et Wasia
ead Wart. streets. as follows ,
• Aortas. Derart.
Itati Train..., 1:110 am..ficerbera Ca. o.oo ea
imie • 1.06 am •VaCIPC Zi... lit/O as
Wall , * N. 1..0 AO ams Wal No. L. aa
BrpstonAc No11:50 am Maltl T,.
raln....- 0110.300 as
Aall , s No. IL. 11:50 am Brialon Ac.. /0010 as
63.9 0 0 am Bra , ksae No* pm
1011IIS= Aclolso am etude's: z. :MS pal
Brans Ac Not 1:00 Wall's No. - -Mates
1 1: : 11 3 3 p M os 41,°"Talts"VN-"e2.011111 12e
Wawa No. 1...1:50 E l fpr 1.3 0 0 6 5
Ac . ..5. " 4 . .. 2 9 010 1 c9:1;:11:: 1 0. ..:11 1 :00 pie
ovus WYl Attl i c No11;10 cos 'Wart race ...
lWall'a No. ...1!10141
''''4l. (o t.2 3 : l illk Trail lefreViritill
...lay at 9:01 a. tn., reactileg littsall
10 ::!11 zs. ltd trirttlzn 1
b O OO 7. tn. tad arrives at W
0. p. m.
•Cfactanatt 'awaits I. arra daily. 00.
Express leaves daily except Monday.' An 0
VirriaegrAZ:::::iplu ,
F. tL B wrra. AseAu
Vie Femur ntelilts/Ivoaa .omptay slot ar•
117 4 3.1 ri n'u"aid lalrl "" F irVe. " T ‘g" P '' Ple l gra:lF %4 expaadtS :
that camas
will be • be rim of
wrier. titan Saket drltract.
ROO Ftenerio O._ itoonik
3V.,., 81' E :11-1 . :411V - 1 MUM
AD.—lts sod eater NOV. 14. tRI39. the
Csasentme Trains on Oro We stern rennslisagla
Nallroad will antes at and depart from tM
M 611,1 Street Depot, Allegheny L M. PrUcregt
=br.eNo 16:40a mlllatl V100•M
an No. I NOW a m i npor No. I 9:60a
Express...... 10:40 W . IA . / NOI TLC • /11
Bbaryttl No. 1:6.• P ;If n re• St.
pP igiLt li l a
illyelnaon No 26:910 p Iloringd . o 36: II
tli b rehrtge. n i agreisillif net6 l6 ll
0111 01 O:00 .. m 7 i 4 l o :. eta 100 . Invea ALT=
City at ENO p. m. and melee at Allegheny MP* .
Wm at SOSO p. m.
The Vales leasing Allegheny Cllty TIO6 a•
in. male &Mc% Connection at rreeport rettnWals
leer.. Rasa !Stages for Ratter and Harcmhstoerly
T11100001.1ek.0.0 purchased at the Odle%
No. 131,CLOr Mese usar the Buertenalonßrldra,
3Cemsh. satd at e Depot,
further lalbernation apple toAllegheny.
aimms L.F.aPrarrs.
Federal direct
The Western renttrylvanla Railroad 206
Mime any risk for Baggage. eampt therreartag
apparel, and limit their resrontlhllitY to Dee
Hundred Dollen to value. All baggage al
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