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BOY , M-ANTEID.--A Boy from
14 to 14 T.eariiF,Age. Meat be able to
write and-count tsars*,
.Apply &t GAZViTTE
COUNTING SOON, tits morning.
Assault and Battery.--Carl Schneider
made information before , Justice Am
mon yesterday. charging John Link
'with assault and battery. A warrant was
In .1 all.--Barah ditohell,. alias
"Crape," was committed to jail yester
day byJuatice Kelly, en a chame of lar
ceny, preferred by Banjamin Whiting. a
shoemaker, who alleges that "Crape"
stole his "kit" of tools.
Settled.—Andrevr Bender was arrested
and brought before Justice A.mmon yes
terday, at the instance of Henrietta Rall,
who alleges that the accused threatened
to. do her husband great bodily harm.
The case was settled on the payment of
costs by the accused.
Committed.—Adam Highgate, a col
ored fruit and peanut vender of our sla
ter city,,was arrested ' a nd
taken- before
Alderman clitaxiters I - yesterday. at the
instance of J. F. Day, on a charge of ob
taining.goods under false pretences. He
was nomMitted for trial.
A Meeting of the Republican citizens
of the 18th Ward, rittaborgh, will be
held at Mt. Albion school house Satur
day evening, September 25, at 7% o'clock
all the Republicans o the Ward are re.
spectfully.requested t attend. By order
of the 'VIGILANT Cox ITTEB. 2t
Aggravated Assad* and Battery.—An
information was made before Mayor
Brush yesterday by JOhn Sexton,chagitig
John Leonard with aggravated - assault
and battery. Leonard is the boy who
threw - the boulder a few evenings since
which struck Sexton on the head and
fractured his skull. 1 Be was arrested
and held for a hearing.
Going Over.--Sheriff John Walter, of
Somerset county, arrived in the city last
night _with three prisoners in his charge,
George Hoover, Jamtis Johnson and Au
gust Oberg, convicted: of horse stealing.
Te two former wear sentenced to six
y h ears and the latter to four years in the
Western Penitentiary, and will be taken
to that institution this morning. They
were confined in the lockup last night.
Temperance Reform Meeting. —The
friends of temperance and reform held a
meeting at Monroeville, Patton township,
Wednesday evening, September VA.
The meeting was organized by electing
Rev. James Kelso, President, William
Shaw, V i c Abner, J. A. Gi, Wm
Beaty, Preaidents; Aaron ll Trehis,
Secretary. David Kirk, Esq., of Pitts
burgh. and Rev. P. Coombe, of Phila
eelpbia, addressed the meeting.
The Case of W. C. Wray,—Yesterday
afternoon at 5 o'clock his Honor Judge
Williams, of the Supreme Court, grant
ed a special allocatur in the case of W.
C. -Wray et at, recently tried and convict
,ed at Uniontown of burglary. This re
moves the 'case to the Supreme Court,
which will meet in this city in the latter
part of October. We are reliably inform
ed that this will act as a supersedeas in
the case. The writ was granted on ap
plication of John Coyle and W. C. More
land, counsel for defendant._ _
We desire, in a pleasant yet pointed
mannner, to impress upon the minds of
the ever faithful guardians of the night
(and morning) that, in the course of
time the days have become shorter
and, as a consequence the tnights are
lengthened in proportion. Hence it is
not desirable that the luminaries which
serve to guide early pedestrians along
the sidewalks—at times unseemly rough
--be extinguished at the same hour
they were about the longest day of June.
Not bef3re five in the morning. If you
Death of an Esumable Lady.—Miss
Matilda Markham, an estimble Christian
lady well known in educational circles
111 this city, died at the residence of Mr.
James Mobfasters, Penn street, yester
day afternoon after a comparatively brief
illness. She was for more than twenty
five years a school teacher and governess
and has been engaged in such capacities
in this city for more than fifteen years.
She was a native of New Lisbon, Ohio.
possessing an education which made her
conspicuous among the cultured and
refined of the city, she was an ornament
to society and was universally respected
and admired. Her funeral will take
pisoe this afternoon at three o'clock from
Mr. Mcedasters' residence, No. 312 Penn
Our Attention has been repeatedly
called to the driving of cattle through
the streets of our cities, a practice which
has long since-become a crying nuisance.
In conjunction with this Is the intol
erable:. stench which prevades the out
skirte of our cities in - various directions,
destroying much of the value of proper
ty alonpt what otherwise would be some
of_our most charming and delightful
dries. The cattle drivi
erin v g questions are of no ng
little Import
ance \ and are, and have been for years,
attracting the attention which they de
l ;
' in the larger cities of the world,
New York has taken hold of the Paris
pia of public abbattors, or slaughter
ho es in one portion of the suburbs,
and has carried it out with. marked enc
ase , and with a cleanliness, without
eh the plan would be utterly disgust
ing and impracticable, and which a
bu little of the usual odor of the slaugh
ter pens to become apparent. The plan
on ht to,work , well ; here, and if not,
some othr plan which would, should
hi obtained and acted upon. At present
nearly if not quite one ballot' our subur
b n roads can only, be reached through a
foetid atmcaphere and nearly all of the
m at used on the south side is driven
ve from the north side of Allegheny
th ugh our most crowded streets, and at
thp.peril of our lives to the south side
slaughtering places, instead of all being
kiilltd iii one place and carted dead to the
biltehers:: "We hope the authorities will
hik to this but rear that our various
untollgalitipe can hardly harmonize on
t is any mora than they Canon any other
eat question of public; importance.
I -- Riot at McKeesport,
jg difficulty occurred at the boom of
CathaTtho Seidel, of Mases Port, Wed
nesday., bf a riotous character, in conse
quence of which that lady made infer
ination'before the Mayor
of char
u rg, g James
rind Thomas Purcell, 831 tab and
rge, Hugh' and John Laughery, of
ort Perry, with riot. A. warrant was
flated, end ' Wednesday night a dime of
the Maybes police went up medic* ten
-O'clock = train on the Connellsvide road
'iti24l arrested ,three of the •
• accused, who
re now Lit the look up awaiting a hear
Another Bally at City Halir-Address by
R. Sy:Klett 111latthawa, req.
City Hail was filled Thursday evening
"by) Republican citizens, called together
for the purpose of hearing an address
fiom R. Stookett Matthews, Esq., of
altimore, who was announced to deliver
I J. Scott Ferguson, Esq., called the ma
aemblage to order and announced F. B.
Penniman, editor of the GAZETTE, as
;Chairman, with twenty-one Vice Presi
dents and the usual number of Secreta
Returning thanks for the honor con
ferred in calling • him to preside, Mr.
Penniman said he would proceed at once
to the discharge of the duty imposed of
introducing the distinguished orator 'of
the evening. - - ' -
Mr,Mathews was received with en
thusiastic cheers, givingunmistak able
assurance that our people remembered
his effective service in the Republican
cause in this vicinity, as well as through
out our State, in the past. We will not
attempt - , even the merest outline of his
speectr. ' It was thrillingly eloquent
throughout, and drew forth at times the
moat unbounded applause. He con
fined- himself to a general review
of the political parties, - and his
excoriations of Democracy, as he traced
its hiatory from the long past up to the
I present, were severe in the extreme.
1 From a liartS . of progress, of universal
liberty, t had degenerated most sadly.
When it arrayed itself against the life of
the nation, all the good men departed
from it, never to return. With the sur
render of Lee at Appomatox cams the
most crashing blow to that party,
from which, however, it partially
recovered through the tre ach e ry
of that worse than perjure trai•
tor, Andrew Johnson, but only to be
agaigress,n thwarted
whom th bye
people a mine d most tr loyail
umphantly sustained in 1868. The
speaker recounted the trials and recent
triumph of the Republican party, whose
mission was yet unfulfilled. -It remained
for that party to demonstrate yet more
strikingly to thre,ntire world that the
Republic was the only safeguard for free
In. 5....-,
the coming contest he felt sure
-Pennsylvania would prove herself true
to the Republican cause, in repudiating
the claim of Asa Packer th e te Gu n
torial chair. ..Her people wuld never
consent to he ruled by such a demagogue,
a fit representatiie of the Democratic
party of the day, but leave him to alter
nate between Mauch Chunk and Phila
delphia, dodging the revenue assessor
and the county tax collector.
In conclusion he gave a glowing pic-
ture of the greatness of our country, of
its present-prosperity, and of its destiny
under Republican role.
The speech had a marked effect upon
the audience. Notwithstanding two
hours at least were occupied in its de
livery, the crowd evinced no sign of
weariness, and would willingly have re
mained longer, manifesting the same de
gree of appreciation, had the speaker
chosen to further tax his power of endu
rance. His closing remarks could scarce
ly be fully appreciated by the reader, if
faithfully reported, for while the lan
guage used was of the choicest, the ut
terance and manner of the speaker in
connection produced a thrill of patriotic
enthusiasm in the assemblage, which
found vent in deafening applause as he
Calla were made for Hon. Andrew
Stewart, of Fayette county, who was no
ticed on the stand, but the old gentleman
declined speaking.
The Chairman proposed three cheers
for the Republican State ticket, Geary
and Williams, which ,were given with
The meeting then adiourned.
Mass Meeting at Etna.
A very large and orderly Republican
Mass Meeting was held In Etna borough
on Wednesday evening. The meeting was
called to order by Col. John A. Danks act
ing as President, George Kell, Esq., Vice-
President and J. L. Lloyd, Esq.„Secreta
ry. Col. Danlra made a brief opening ad
dress and then introduced John H. Kerr,
Esq., candidate for_Asse mbly on the Re
publican ticket:''Mr, Kerr held the vast
audience almost spell-bound for over one
so ur ansensibled delivered an extraordinarily
lid, and truth-telling speech
during and stile conclusion of which he
wan enthuslastically_appland ed.
W. D. Morelarid. Esq., was then called
upon amidst a storm of welcome ap
plause, and delivered one of the most
candid, able and logical political
es we have ever heard. Mr. Mo relsnd
interspersed his speech or arguments .
with a number of witty or applicable an
ecdotes, as well as references to ancient
and modern political history, which
drew forth the heartiest plaudits of the
assemblage, and concluded his address
by a merited tribute to Governor Geary.
Usury Butterfield, E 3q., then mounted
the rostrum, and was very enthualiastio
ally received, bat the;lateness of the hour
prevented the gentleman from making
any extended remarks. The meeting
adjourned by Col. Danks singing the
populer patriotic song "A Thousand
Years," and three cheers for Governor
Geary, Williams and the ticket.
Fifth Ward,, Pittsburgbi Nominations.
A meeting of the Republicans of the
Fifth (old Third). ward • was 'held on
Wednesday evening at W. J. White's, on
Wylie street, and a full ticket nominated,
as follows:
Select Council—Dr. W. J. Gilmore.
Common Councit—Robt. Gracey, T. M.
Fees, Jas. 8. Fleming.
Judge of .E'lections--Goo. 'Glass.
Inspector--W. J. White.
Return Inspector—A. Sims.
School Directors U. S. Wilt, E. H.
Constable—Henry McCoy.
The following "Vig.ilance Committee"
was appointed: Geo. Glass, A. W. smith,
W. J. Gilmore, P. H. Mertz, Chas. Wei.
fel, E. D. Wilt. William Davis, Nicho
las Schwartz, W. A. Scandrett, A. Slms,
John McNulty. Jos, liesstings, John .
Binton, Robert Makcey, T. H. hicClel
land, John McDowell, S. W. Owens, Joa.
Able, Jos. A. Robinson,enry Freese,
A. Reisemeyer, John Mitchell, U.
Wilt. A. J. Kemp,
_M. O. Jones,
J .
VosKamp, Henry Holey, David Eckles,
David Sloan. Geo. Rodgers. Jas. B. Flem
ing, A. W. Neeper, Dr. W. A. Hullock,
Capt. Elliott, Samuel Thomjcilon,
James K. Case, Geo. Schoen, Wm. Reed.
Jr., John Egan, Jacob llioClelland, Jas.
Logan, Jr., Jas. On, Jas. Davis, John
Urban, R.: D. Barker. •
Meeting at Elizabeth.
A large and interePting Republican
meeting was held at the borough of.
"Elizabeth Wednesday. The *fleeting
was organized by the election of the
following officers: President, Geo.
Roberts. Secretary, J. N. Laughlin.
Thos. Howard, Rsq. was then called
upon and addressed the meeting at
length, and was followed by T. M. Bayne
1 and W. S. biTilne, Eggs., both\ able
speakers. •
PrrThlglatagi-.;,.(W _MV..:.,p,.pi...pA.7;:654.
Explosion _of darning Fluid—Two
Houser Burned—One Dian Injured.
A fire &cared on Beaver 'avenue in
the Fifth Ward. Allegheny, about half
fast blue o'clock Wednikolay algid, by
, which two houses were'destroyed. The
fire originated on the first floor of a
two awry trams building owned by Mr.
Christine Garber. The room was occu
pied by Mr. Joseph Denich as a grocery
atore. It appears that Mr. I) at the time
the fire occured, was in the back part of
the building drawing some burning fluid
from a barrel, when from some unknowd
cruse, the fluid ignited, Mr. D. -In the
excitement droped the measure which
was full of the fluid on the floor, and
without turning the spigot to etop 'the
flow out the arrel, ran to get a
with b which to smother the
flames. In a moment or two the whole
inside of the room was in a flame.
An alarm was sounded from box No. 3,
and in a abort time the entire fire de
partment of Allegheny were on, the
grounds and in service, and in less than
twenty minutes had the , flames in sub
jection, tint this was not the end of the
It appears that the oil had run through
the fleor to the cellar, which was fille
with water to within a foot of the floor, d
and while several firemen were in the
sebond story of the building the pis
arising from the heated oil or fluid in the
cellar, ignited, and with a loud explosion
tore tip the hearth and a portion of the
first floor, enveloping the entire building
in flames. In the second story of the
building, where the explosion took place,
were Chief Engineer James Crow and
several other men at , work. They were
instantly surrounded' by fire, apparently
with all means of escape cut off. Mr.
Crow ran to a window and called for a
ladder, but the crowd frightened by the
explosion, had ran from the front of the
building. Mr. Crow leaped from the
window - to the sidewalk, esdaping with
only a general "shaking up" that brought
no serious results. 'Mr... Henry Wag
ner, a tavern keeper, leaped out
of the window after Mr. Crow,
but did not escape so fortunately, one of
his legs being broken in two places. As
quickly as possible Mr. Crow secured a
ladder and placed it at the window, and
the remaining men hastened down.
Hutchinson, in getting down, fell and
injured his arm and leg, but without
breaking either. Peter Mohr jumped
and injured his arm, but not seriously.
Henry Garber, before he could effect his
escape, was quite badly burned about
the face and head. Andrew Warner was
also severely burned about the face and
hands, and Wm. J. Davis was burned
quite severely, and also had his wrist
sprained in reaching the groand.
The firemen remained at - their posts
and worked valliantly, but were unable
to subdue the flames until the building
and its contents and a one story frame
building adjoining it, occupied by Mr.
Jacob Seigel, were destroyed. Mr. Gar
re loss on the building will approxi
mate $2,000 , on which there is an in
surance of $l,OOO. Mr. Denich's loss
will be between 5100 and $ 5OO. He has
no insurance. A part of his loss was
twenty-five dollars in money.
The Iron Nanufacturers=, Advance In
Prices—Card Rates.
A Convention of the Western Iron and
Nail Manufacturers was I held in the
rooms of the Iron Manufacturers' Asso
ciation, Water street, this City, Wednes
day afternoon. Representatives from all
the milts in this vicinit, Wheeling,
Cincinnati and Mahoning Valley were
The unanimous sentiment of the As
sOciation was that an advance in the
price of iron and nails we t * necessary in
order to cover the cost of manufacturing
and business expenses.
On motion, the- following card rates
were adopted: • 1
Iron 33; cents with concession of %
cent profits on orders of 0 tons or over,
and nails 14.50, less 12% nts, per keg,
when ordered in 100 keg 1 gi
or upwards.
Terms: sixty days for approves paper,
or 3 per cent. for cash, Tainted on re
ceipt of invoice.
From the general tone c 4 the_meeting,
there can be but little doubt but that the
above prices and terms will be strictly
adhered to in every particular, as it ts
claimed that the present rates give no
margin to manufacturers whatever.
A Case of Cholera.
Mr. William Lynn an engineer rod&
ing on Carson street in Buriningham
was yesterday attacted by the real Asiatic
Cholera from which
. we learned last
evening he bad died. He was attended
by Dr. Duff of the South aide and yes
terday afternoon a consultation in the
case was held with Dr. George L. McCook.
Both of the physicians concurred in set
tling the case as one of genuine cholera.
The diseased w a tnan excellent
habits. This should be a warning to all
readers to adopt such sanitary measures
as may be deemed prudent for the pres
ervation of tile general health. SOme
parts of Birmingham are in a frightful
condition, filthy beyond name, and we
can hardly expect good health to reign
to such localities. We heard it rumored
oq Wednesday that there had been a
death In the sane borough on that day
but we could not ascertain such to be
the fact. :
iskiliftil Operation
We have already noticed that about
ten o'clock last Tuesday night two ±boys
had a quarrel in Denny's alley, 7lfth
ward, when one threw at brick at the
other, which. missing its aim, struck
Cornelius Sexton, an unoffending boy,
above the right temple, producing an
extensive fracture. A deep depression
in the kull was made ba of the
brick. s The boy was tak en upcorner
and carried to his home near by, where
Drs. itt'hleal and Brashear were -, sum
moned. It was found necessary tto tre
pan the bead in order to remove
depressed portions to their proper place.
The boy remained. in a state of illSOUld•
bility until seven o'clock yesterday
morning, when he awoke to conscious
ness and the use of his limbs. At Ibis
time there is good hope of recovery.
What Was Needed.
That crime is increasing—almost ram-
pant, in the city and neighborhood — the re
la no denying. That it should be
checked—villains arrested, and honest
men made right, is equally certain.
With 'these ends in view wo are in.
formed, Alderman Butler;.assisted by
such experienced and trust y officers as
John Fox, Jobn Herron m. W J. Logan,
H. B. McCurry and Otarles Havis, have
established at the office of the Almderan,
No. 116 Wylie street, an agency for the
transaction of all business. In that line.
These gentlemen require no endorse•
went here. .
Black 6U , evening OM white"al.
and evenlng__areinivo, 43" ,or, all
kipds at-Bates &Beira.
2410', ';‘
• c9tatclat
ng . o!' Allegheny Conn
orday, Thursday, Sep-
A reitqu' =Lee"
ells was held yes
tember 23,1869.
No quorum present. -
common COUNCIL.
Common Council convened by calling
Mr.' Warner to the chair.
Members piesent—Mesars. BlHasack, Fre
zier,lollllland, Grenet, Hanna, tings,
Krebs, Kopp, McNeil, Megraw, R6lllO
- field le, Warner and Tate.
The minutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved.
Mr. Hanna .presented a petition for a
lateral sewer onlCorry street. Referred
to the Committee on Streets and Sewers.
Mr. Tate, a communication from Mr.
William McCreary, relative to the
grading of-Sarah street, setting forth
that the contractor had, in opposition to
instructions of Council, refused to stop
work on the street.
Mr. McNeil moved that the Contractor
be instructed to stop work immediately,
until such time as the Committee exam
ines the matter.' After some discussion
the motion Was withdrawn, and on mo
tion of Mr. Tate the oommunication was
referred to the Committee on Streets.
Mr. Gilleland'presented a petition for
the grading and paving of an alley be
tween Franklin and Juniata streets.
Referred to Street Committee.
Mr. McNeil -- presented a petition for
water pipe on Goodrich street. Referred
to the Water Commatee.
Mr. Megraw, a petition asking that the
work of grading East lane be discontin
ued for the present season. Referred to
Street Committee with power to act.
Mr. Reineman, a petition for the grad
ing of Willow street. Referred to the
Street Committee.
Mr. Hastings presented a resolution
requesting the Gas Committee to have a
gas main laid on Third street. Adopted.
Mr. Hanna, a petition for a lateral
Bawer on Rope alley. Referred to the
Committee on Streets and Sewers.
. Mr. Krebs, a resolution instructing the
Committee on Gas to have a lamp erect
' ed on Pike street, between Chestnut and
1 Church alley. Referred to Gas Commit-
Mr. Hanna presented a communication
from the City Solicitor relative to the
snit of McClintock vs. The Councils of
Allegheny City, which was a rule to show
cause why Councils should not mate pro
vision under the funding clause in the
new Sewerage Act to refund the money
paid on sewerala ax, setting forth that
Councils could be required by manda
mus to provide for the refunding of the
money at present. That is, they could
be compelled to pass an ordinance now,
providing for the refunding of the money
at any time within ten years The com
munication was receivod and filed.
Councils adjourned.
Quarter Sesalomi---Judge
TnunsDAT Sept. 23.—1 n the case of the
commonwealth vs Charles Gilkey in
dicted for the larceny of a cow reported
yesterday, the Jury returned a verdict
of not guilty. The defendent was re
manded to jail for trial on a charge of
gorse stealing.
The first case taken up was that of the
Commonwealth vs. Conrad Schussler,
indicted for felonious assault and bat
tery, Robert Hague prosecutor. The
defendant and a Mr. Knoeckle rented in
ppaartnershlp the farm of James Irwin, in
Reserve township, and occupied the farm
in partnership. On or about the 15th of
August a difficulty arose between the
parties concerning the right to occupy
the barn, when, it is alleged, the defend
antinade an attack upon John Mardis,
11\ man in Knoekle's employ, with a knife,
indicting a numbr of severe wounds
upon different parts of his body. The
parties and witnesses were all German,
and unable to speak English, and the
testimony had ail to be interpreted.
Jury out.
The following surety and abandon
ment cases will be taken up on Saturday
morning at ten o'clock. Parties interest
ed must be in Court, otherwise the cases
may be dismissed at the cost of the par
ties not appearing:
No. 2. Com. vs. Michael Conlon.
1, 3. 64 44 Michael Pendergrass.
" 4. 44 Thomas Mcßride.
11 B.ta. 11 .Deitrich Formholse.
11 8. " ,1 James Donnelly.
41 9. 4' ,1 Hannah Donaldson.
" 11. 1,4, Peter Leonard.
" 12. 41 1, James Rsaton.
" 13. ~ ~ Pik. and Jane Donnelly ,
" 25. " 1, James Quinton.
9L " David Brunson.
Common Pleas—Judges Sterrett , and
THURSDAY, September 23.—The cases
previously reported are still on trial. •
Judge McCandless.
We cup the following from the Wt.
liamsport Gazette\ of the 21st inst. We
give the Willianisport editor no credit
for anything said in his notice of Judge
McCandless—his judicial acumen, his
accommodating disposition, his ever hap
py manner of performing, even unpleas
ant duties, his ready wit, his vein of
humor, his cordial geniality, are to us in
Pittsburgh, familiar traits of his Honor.
We don't blame the Williamsporteris for
their admiration of the Judge or of his
wife, eon and daughters; knowing them
as thare known here, could not
but a d mire — they would bo boors if they
A'The Sept. term of V. B. Court, presi
ded over by JudgedcCandless. adjourn
ed yesterday, the Judge and his
wife, son and two daughters, who have
been with him during his stay here,
leave our city to-day. •
Those who have - had the pleasure to
mingle in their society during their abort
stay will regret their departure. and we
trust they are as well pleased with their
visit as our people have been with their
Usually there has been but one term
of this Court held here in the year, and
that in the month of June, but the. so.
cumulated business has rendered It
necessary that there should be two ses
sions as is authorized by law, and Judge
McCandless, who is obliging in his no
ture,. has very -properly -accommodated
the Bar, turd the suitors In this section of
the country; net only in this ban he satis
tied our people, but especially for the
manlier in Which he dispatched the
'business.' .
The Judge is a man of quick percep
tive faculties, firm in his decision, while
his sentences are tempered with mercy.
Bois becoming more popular from time
to time as he is holding his Courts here,
both with the members of the Bar and
the people, and we trust that he may
long be permitted to enjoy ' life and
health, and that we may have the
pleasure of seeing him and his family
withius at the next term of Court.
Per fashionable hair -dressing, plain or
by curling, and a frizzle, for a ltururious
shave or bath, and for Wilful capping
and leeching, call at Wiillarnabn'a ele
gant' allOoli at No. 190 Feder a l Street,
Allegheny: ".• '- • "
Falling off In Franklin District—New
VW ells Struck—The Blacg 011 Product.
We glean the following from the
Titusville Herald of the 22d:
The production of Lubricating oil in
the vicinity of Franklin has fallen off
lately, and now does not exceed twelve
barrels daily. A number of wells were
sunk on this belt this year, but none of
them have produced more than two bar
rels daily for any considerable length of
time. Only one well is now in process of
drilling: The price, delivered on the
cars at Franklin, is now pa per barrel of
43 gallons.
A new ten barrel well was struck on
'West_Hickory creek last week. It is
owned by Messrs. Roberts de. Canfield.
Last week a new well was struck on the
Tallman farm, Upper Cherry run, and
yesterday the production was reliably
reported at sixty barrels daily. The
well is owned by Lan Stew
art & F. W. Andrews. Messrs.
Recen ym ytl, Mr.
R. Davis struck a new eight barrel black
oil well on the southern part of the Cald
well farm, run. This well is
located midwayßull
between the producing
wells on Bull run and those on the A.
Boyd and Coxton farms, and its success
is taken as indicating to a certainty that
the territory interventing beween the
farms named and Bull run which aggre
gates. perhaps, fifty acres. is of the pro
ducing order. Another new well has
been commenced in the immediate
vicinity of Mr. Davis', and several more
will be started within a few weeks.
Last week a new well was struck on the
Salisbury farm, ;West Pithole creek.
Shortly after pumping, was commenced
it began to pixy:lune oil, and, for a time,
the rate of-production was as high as
seventy-five barrels. Subsequently the
production fell off greatly on account of
the seed bag having given way, or a
water vein having been opened, and
since Friday last the yield has not been
over eight barrels daily. The well is
owned by Mr. W. F, formerly of At
kinson. Upper C m herr oe y run. It is ex
pected that as soon as the water Is ex
hausted the production will increase
materially. ' -
It may not be generally known that
the quantity of black oil produced in
Pennsylvania is equal to at least one
fifth of the whole product, bat such is
the fact. The great black oil yielding
district, is that known as Pleasantville,
which extends from the Independ ra ent
farm on the south, to the Nettletan tract
on the noth east, and yield about 1,000
barrels daily. Then there a e the black
oil districts of upper Che y run and
the district at Bean farm' d vicinity,
which yield at least 1,000 barr els daily.
The yield of the districts n med above
aggregates 1,100 barrels, to - hich must
be added the yield of three four farms
on West Plthole creek, and hat of the
black oil districts of Bull nd Cherry
tree runs, which will certainly amount
to 400 barrels more, making, a total yield
of 2,500 barrels daily. The importance
of the fact that this quantity is being
produced will be understood when it is
known that black oil yields three per
cent. less refined, and three per cent.
more residum than green oil of the same
gravity. When the enormous quantity
that is produced annually is taken into
consideration, it is a matter of no little
'consequence, that the proportionate
yield of black oil has not been, and,
:probably, will not be less this year, than
one-fifth. With the decline in the pro
duct of the Pleasantville district, and
the abandoning of the black oil produc
ing sand rock on Upper Cherry run for
that which produces green oil, it was
thought that the product, of black oil.
would fall off materially, but, recently,
the yield at Brian farm, in the vicinity of
Bull run and on West Plthole creek, in
creased, and appearance now indicate
that the black oil territo7 on Cherry
tree run will be extended
Amuisement i '
.OPRRA HOUSIL—The o • tra House was
tillen with a large and intelligent andi-
anus last night to hear Mrs. Waller in
"Griseida. To-night Mrs. Waller takes
a e whichi occasion the
..Da b tchess of Malfi" will be presented.
All lovers of the drama ahould see it.
Drury" was foil as usual last night, and
the bill was a very interesting one, both
in point of excellence and variety. Mr.
Taylor was called before the curtain sev
eral times. To-night he takes a benefit,
when an entertainment of unusual inter
est will be given.
THE GREGORIES.—T ei Academy of
Music was the scene of an unusual
amount of amusement last night. The
Gregories gave an excellent entertain
ment as they usually do, and will give
another equally interesting this even
ing. To-morrow afternoon a Grand Mat
inee will be given, coriamencing at trao
o'clock. Everbody shOuld go and take
their children, and if they have no chil
dren take some other nian's children.
Pe; ----1- t — ui .
Mr. Charles Lockhar and family, Mr.
James Mawhinney nd Mr. John
Holmes, all of this ci y or Allegheny,
were passengers on t e Scotia, which
reached her berth at N w York ea Wed.
nesday. 'We hope. tb t thee journey
ing. abroad hAve bee pleasant and
health-giving as their elcome home is
sincere and cordial.
Gen. James A. Eske , formerly of this
county, whose emtnen services during
the war induced his ra id promotion and
his present high and responsible position
in the Quartermaster Department of the
Regular service, is spending some days
with his friend, C. Hanson Love, Esq.,
'oi this city. The Generbeal's numerous
old acquaintances w glad to greet
Republican .Meetings This Week.
In the BixtecntkWard, corner of John
street and Grgensburg turnpike, Friday
events:4, Metisrs. Howard, _IL C. Mack
rell and W. Leggate, speakers.
In Birmingham, on the Market re,
on Friday eveUing. ' Messrs. Squaw
Brown and W. C. n
Moreland, speakers.
At Bellevue, i the Public Hall, Fri
et Messrs. W. S. McCune,
day eve
.Capt. AiCollier, W. Feeblest Stiller
a n a Jas' P. j hnston, speakers.
S Hall, bird ward, Alleghs.
At Gerst '
ny, Saturdayt, evening. Messrs. A. M.
BrOWD, J. L. &sham, H. P. Mueller and
D. L. Smith, sOeakera
At G. W. Bard's hotel, in Bridgeville,
on Saturday evening.. Messrs, Thomas
Ewing and Hof. Thomas Howard, speak
ers. 4
Country F nets and blankets- - new
goods—at Bat a Bell's.
No One Should be Without One.
—The Weed Sewing Machine Is noW one
of the moat p6pular machines before the
public. The (Weed la always ready for
work; and adeomplishes sni t kind of
sewing in perfect -style. R. . Long &
Co., Agents, s! 116 Market street.
New at
G l "de -----d new stYies Bates &
i Bell's. -
*sal g,stattr.-lEiee advertisement of
mocking d r Ro t lribow. Real Estate and
Insurance Andutat /9 5 1 1 9 7 and 199 Can- .
ire mom t tf.
Plano Buyers' Notice
Means. Mellor & Eir.oene are now re
ceiving their fall stock of pianos, wiles
ted personally at the factories in the East
by Mr. Mellor. Among the lot are two
magnificent Chickering Concert Grand
rialtos, the finest and most artistic in
struments ever brought to this city—eo
pronorinced by all of our musicians who
have, seen them. Also, one of their
newly invented patent action Up-right
Pianos—a perfect gem of a piano. AM,
a number of their superb Square Grands,
with Agraffe attachments throughout.
The fact that Mr. Mellor selected these
pianos himself, is a guarantee of their
excellence, for all our citizens know of
his rare and extensive qualifications and
experience in the piano business. Those
persons intending to purchase, will find
it to their advantage to examine this
splendid stock Rooms, No. 52 Ftfth
avenue, next door to Masonic Hall. 3
If you desire beauty yon should use
Hagan's Magnolia Balm. .•
It gives a soft, refined, satin•like tex
ture to the Complexion, removes Rough
ness, Redness, Blotches, Sunburn, Tan,
&a, and adds a tinge of Pearly Bloom to
the plainest features. -It brings the
Bloom of Youth to the fading cheek and
changes the rustle Country Girl into a
Fashionable City Belle.
In the use of the Magnolia Balm lies
the true secret of Beauty. Ho Lady
need complain of her Complexion who
will invest 75 cents in this delightful ar
Lyon's Eathairon is the best Hair
Dressing use. mwFF.
Wool Shawls, long and square, fancy
Arabs, of all varieties. at Bates dc Bell's.
New Billiard Hall.--Bennett's newly
refitted Billiard Hall opens on Friday
evening. Eyerything new. Beat room
in the city. 2t
Black Alpacas and mourning goods at
Bates It Bell's.
lIEINZ—YOUNG—On Thursday, Sent. 513 d,
at the r sidence Of the bride's parents, by Bey.
E. M. Wood. HARRY J. HWINA, of Sharps
burgh, to Hiss SALLIE YOUNG, of Hoboken.
MARK.HAM—On Thersda. , mortitur.S•utcra
ber Silin. 1859, Mira MATILDA. MAltlillAltia
aged 50 years.
The fluaeral will take place from the residence
of James Mettssters, Ise., 313 Penn street,
TIIIS AFTERNOON at 3 o'ciock. The friends of
the deceased are respectfully invited to attend.
PiccnbnrgL, Pa COl l 7lllB of all kinds, cram,
GLO and a , ery description of eral Nu s .
nishing s furnished. Booms open
ntebt. Carriages furnished for city funerals a •
62.00 each.
turansaMaa—Sev.David Kerr, D.D., IteT.ll
W. Jacobus, D. D., Th0111&13 Ewing, ZAK..
h killer. Esti. A
AVENUE. Allegheny City, where their COM
ROOMS el s e c o nstantly supplied with real a •
imitation Rotewood„ Mahogany and Wal • •
Co.llas at prices varying (TOO) $ to $lOO. • .
earoared fOl• in. trtOent. %Hearses sad €
Ilirsished: also, rll ends of , Mo • • •
Moods. if Metre& Ornee open at all boars, d
and night. . - • I
Carriages for Funerals, $2.00
COFFINS and all Funeral Ft=latunent at
duced rates. a
NSW` .0f 4 : 00 013
Having just returned from the Zest v►i '
splendid sto ek of
Watches, Jewelry. taverwa
I am now prepared to offer thereat greatl I
&teed prices. Call and examine before
chasing else here. ,
Jeweller No. 56 Fltai Ave
ate: - Opposite Masonic H
" A " B
comber ls .1
'ember L
paid at tit 1
If not wt
January a
Welted at
Board al
B. IL Ha
D. E. M'
A. Bradt;
Nontok, J;
D. W. •
Be Beautiful.
IMY from 9 to 4 o'clock.,
EVENING:, from May Ist,
from 1 to 9 o'clock. and fro..
to May Ist, Bto 13 o'clock. In
• rate of six per cent., free of
'drawn compounds semi-ann •
July. Books of By-Laws, &e.
.e office.
Managers—Geo. A. Berry, Prost;
! man, Jas. PArs, Preal.
• iniehnecritary and Treasurer
1.•K;ii;,`13u 6 . - ort,Tl-:, t ittg e ,. l47 o .
Rhoues,Jno.cols,ltobt.v.. •
I•r Zug.
b. 8.13e11, Solicitor*. my
itir G. H
lof - Penn and Sixth Streets,
Bell and Brass Faunae
.1196 Promptly to
Made and Relit on E
Proprietors andldanirileturerl of
Coopet's Imiroved Bal l a:: Wheel
. pTE2.I4.. - pea
Coralth and RailroadEdrants,