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THE GetzTTE is furnished in the city
for eiz days of the week for 15 cents per
week ; by mag i 88 per annum: 8 moe., 82.
4150 Beivard:
We will pay the above sum to any
party who will furnish us with such in
formation as will lead to the arrest and
conviction of any person or persona en
gaged in tampering with packages of
papers Beni to our agents by rail or water.
The Allegheny Public Schoob3 open to
Allegheny Councils meet next Thurs
day night.
Allegheny , was unusually quiet Satur
day night.
The Corner atone of the new High
School building will be laid on the after
noon of September 30.
Duncan.—G. W. Roberts, Jr., has been
appointed Postmaster - at this office, vice
R. L. bloQuestion, resigned.
Troy Bill brightened up a little yester
day under the genial influence of the
day. although everything was quiet
enough. '
The Fifth Ward, Allegheny, public
school house, is said to be the best edific43
for theT purpose in the Union. It has
been visited by numbers of persons in
terested in educational matters.
A - 1-Regular monthly meeting of the
Allegheny Board of . School Controllers,
will .be held to.morrow evening, at
seven and a half o'clock, In the Common
Council Chamber, city building.
Thanks to Gen. Negley for a magnifi
cent bonnet 1 Its rare beauty seems to
transfer one of the conspicuous attrac
tions of Shady . Bide to the dingy and
contracted imprisonment of the city.
Foreststil—Saturday Mrs. Snyder
was brought before Alderman flumburt,
charged - by officer Messner with fors
stalling the market. She was discharged
upon payment of the usual line and costs.
Felt in a Fit.—Saturday afternoon
about.three o'clock a peddler whose name
was not known, fell in a fit at the corner
of Fifth avenue and Market alley. He
recovered after a short lime and was
able to walk to his home.
Arrested . .--Chief Hague received a tel
egram from officer Anderson, at Enon,
antioui2oing the arrest at that place yes
terday morning of Thomas Sullivan, the
man who attempted to kill Barney
Daffy, in West Pittsburgh, Frulay,;-
Bun Over.--Saturday evening between
seven and eight o'clock a little girl
about six years / of age, residing on Lib
erty street. near the Pennsylvania rail
road round house, was run over by a
buggy and severely though not seriously
injured. "
I. O. 0. F.—A. new Lodge of the In
dependent Order of Odd Fellows, to be
known as W. H. - Davore Lodge, No. 676,
will be organlied at Wilkinsburg, Mon
day evening, the 18th inst. The same
evening the new Odd Fellows' Hall at
that place will be dedicated.
Carrection.—Our item published on
Saturday, in reference to Mr. Charles B.
Taylor's being without a home or appro
priate lodging place, we have since been
informed is an entire misrepresentation
-of the facts,-and calculated to do very
great injustice to an old citizen of our
Robbery on Liberty Street.—Saturday
morning before daylight Dr. Keyser's
drug- store, on Liberty street, was en
tered. and robbed of a lot of black
ing brushes. The thieves effected an
entrance from an alley in the rear. They
also carried off the keys of the money
drawer and back door.
The Brom:lstate Boats have stopped
running between Pittsburgh and Port
Perry in consequence of the repairs be
ing made on Lock No. 2. Freights and
!passengers will be transported between
these points by the Connellsville
,road Company, whose trains will make
regular connections with the boats,
Owing to the obstruction of the street
in front of the Second Ward Allegheny
School House, caused by the construc-
tion of a new sewer, the school will not
open until Wednesday morning. The
teachers and directors will held s meet
ing in the Principal's room this more ing
to arrange matters for the coming t •rm.
Mayor's Office.—There were twrty
eight unfortunates, arraigned at the
Mayor's Morning Court yes day,
eleven of w hom were charged ith
drunkeness; sixteen with disorder] • con
duct, and one for vagrancy. They ere
disposed of as follows: Nineteen paid
fines, eight were committed and on= was
The Humboldt Centennial.—The Fi
nance Committee of-the Humboldt Cen
-tenstial Associatioh collected, on Friday
last, nearly two thousand dollars for the
monument fund. It is to be hoped that
the citizens will generously contribitte to
this praiseworthy object, anti that the
necessary sum of six thousand d • liars
will be speedily foithcoming.
-, 'Not Slow.—Mary Ann Slow, sco t ored
- resident of the Sixth ward, was fore
Aldeiman bleeper Saturday on com
plaint of Julia Ann Read, who al a ged
that Mary Ann bad struck her avici ous
blow across the eye with a stick. Such
a breach of the peace was not re shed
by Julia. After a hearing, the cas was
compromiled, the costs being divided.
Pitt Building:and Loan Association.—
This enterprising and reliable company
will hold an election next I'l/away even
ing for the purpose of el sting offlcseTs for
the ensuing term. The yhave also a few
shares of stock not yet disposed of , and
parties wishing to inveit in stock! that
is sure to return them a Imuidsome profit
would du well to attend the meeting.
A Good Appoiniment.—Mr. John H.
Stuart, of the firm of Joseph Woodwell
& Co', of this city, has, ws are pleased to
learn, repeiVe4 the appointment of Con
sul to 'rink'la Island, West Indies. - Kr.
B. I s t g, 3 ritlenia* of high attainments and
iamb experience, whioh tally qualify him
for the duties of the appointment. It
would have been difilotilt to make& bet
ter selection.
It will be interacting to the ladies of
both cities to'kimiethat 'Mist Bartholo.
mew, an experienced aid skilful artist,
is prepared at her roomy, , No. 65F aders.
street, Allegheny, to excoute, PMPrrY
orders -far mite, Braids and other hair
work; and also for hake hair dressing
at her rooms or their reiddeners.' M lBB
Bartholomew 'studies ;the ityles, and
does her work in, gents/unity „with,,the
lateit fashions. Her industry and turn rewarded by,a libeAllat•
Duftr,""ThiS Man
who was cut by Thomas Sullivan, in the
affray in West Pittsburgh,Friday after
noon, is still living and may probably
Failed.—An • attempt was made by
thieves before daylight Saturday morn
ing to enter Kennedy's saloon on,Smith
field street. The operators attempted to
force open a door in the rear, but a show
case wnich had been placed against• it,
foiled them in their efforts. They suc
ceedfd in breaking the glass in the case,
and stopped there, doubtless frightened
off by the noise.
Boy Drowned.—David Dorer, son of
Crispin Dorer, a resident of Colson street,
Birmingham, was accidentally drowned
in the Monongahela river yesterday.
The boy, who was about nine years old,
started with an elder brother to Sunday
School about one o'clock, and at three
o'clock was carried home dead. - lie was
playing on a flat and fell in the water,
and before assistance could reach him
was drowned, .
Breaking Thinga.—Samuel Glass was
out "breaking things" on Saturday
night, and passing down Webster avenue
about seven o'clock, he fell over a table
in front of Hatch's furniture store. The
table was broken and Ur. Hatch request
ed Samuel to pay for it, which he declin
ed to do,. and -threatened to break,
Hatch's head. An officer was called,
who took Samuel in charge and conduct
ed him to the lock-up. He was reqnited
toi pay a fine of IFS and costa for breaking
the law. •
Criralnala.—There are fortynine cases
on the jail calendar to be tried at the
present term of .the Quarter Session
Court which begins today. The follow
ing is asummary of the offenses as charg
ed: Rape 4; child • murder 1; assault 1;
horse stealing 1; larceny 20; larceny by
bailee 1; felonious assault and battery 3.
burglary 2; surety of the peace .4; wife
desertion 3; assault and battery with in
tent to commit rape 1; assault and bat
tery 3; false pretense 2; bigamy 1; aggra
vated assault anti battery 1; murder 1.
Total 49.
Caught Again.—“Snibbs" altos Wm.
Arnold, whose reputation for interfering
with the property of others is well
known in this comminity,:appears to be
In a bad streak of luck. "Snibba" has
managed for some time past to keep clear
of the "nabba" until a few weeks since,
when he was picked up end sent to
Claremont for thirty days. The place
did not snit his relined and delicate
taste, however, and be left before his al
lotted time had expired, coming back
to the city. Saturday evening he was
arrested again by officer Bell and
brought to the lock-up, where he will
remain. He will probably get ninety
days this time, as Chief Hague is desirous
of having him out of the city at present.
Home Again.
James McAuley, Esq., President of
the Select branch of the City Connell,
and President of the Iron City National
Bank, has returned home after quite an
extensive tour in search of health. We
are glad to note that he has fully recu
perated, and that he is In his customary
vigor and in good trim fur undergoing
the hard work he so cheerfully taxes
himseff with fur the good of the city.
No gentleman in either branch of Coun
cil has a better record than Mr.MoAuley,
and certainly none are more respected
and esteemed by all classes ot citizens.
Base Ball.
, Last Saturday afternoon the weather at
last proved favorable, and the long
talked of match between the Atlantic and
Olympic clubs, came off at Union Park.
There were a number of spectato pres
ent, and the game proved to be one of
the most exciting and closely contested
since the opening of. the season. The
fielding of the Atlantics was especially
i )
good, while the Olympics seemed to have
the advantage at the bat. The 0 ymplcs
eventually won the game, th score
standing at the close 25 to 23, eight in
nings only being played. Carothers, of
the Alleubeny .club, acted as timpire.
This is the first of the games to be played
between these clubs for the champion
ship of Western Pennsylvania.
Criminal Court.
The September term of thequarter
Sessions Court for Allegheny onnty
commences today, and as - there I a large
amount of business to do It wil proba
bly be a lengthy term. The Magistrates
throughout the county have generally
been prompt in making their returns,
and for the past ten days Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Flack has been extremely
busy preparing bills for the Grand Jury.
There are several cases in the higher
grades of crime, among wide is the
Point homidide calm and as will be
seen from our summary of the jail cal
endar. several cases for burgl y, rape
and felonious assault and batter*. Cases
remaining over from last term will be
taken up first and disposed of, while the
Grand Jury is preparing the new busi
An Old Offender.
Saturday night, about eleven o'clock,
residents on the upper part of Federal
street, Allegheny, were again disturbed
by the antics of Robert Anderson, a col
ored individual, wlio periodically in
dulges 'in the .'flowing bowl," which
generally results In his commitment. Sat
urday. Robert had engaged in this pleas
ant exercise, and coming home rather
late in the evening, undertook to increase
the bills of modality by shooting hi s
wife. In attempting this feat he was in
teifered with by several neighbors,
whereupon he became so exceedingly
boisterous as to attract the attention of
the night watch. His arrest was rather
difficult and required three of the offi
cers, who literally carried him to the
lock-up. he making night hideous with
his unearthly howls as he was borne
along. Yesterday morning Robert was
fined twenty-five dollars, and in default
was comitted to jail for thirty days.
Business Change.
The well known and extensive book .
and job printing establishment of Messrs.
Errett, Anderson & Co., No. 84 Fifth av
enue, in GAZETTE buildings, has Just
changed hands, Messrs. Rev. Dr. 8. H. -
Nesbit, of the Christian Advocate, Jas. A.
Moore and Thomas Telfoid having pur.
chased it, under the firm name of Tel
ford, Moore & Co. The liberal experi
ence, energy and enterprise of these gen
tlemen is 'sufficient guarantee that the
business will be conducted in such man
ner as• to merit public patronage. The
isapacity of the office will be enlarged,
and the firm will take care that no piece
of Work will quit their establishment
that does not fully sustain Its high repu
tation for • taste, neatness, beauty and
general excellent*. Particular attention
.will be paid to' Gamlen work of all de
scriptions. We bespeak for the new firm
'an Increase ef thh libersif share of patron
age hitherto awurdeil the outgoing firm
The interest in aquatic spc•rtS Id on the
increase, in this-city, since the race be
tween Coulter and Hanillf, and tliere Is
an apparent disposition to conduct all
races on principles of fairness and hon
esty, to which in a great measure this
increasing interest may be attributed.
The usual number of races took place
on Saturday, principal , among which
were the race between Kaye-and - Luther.
and a four-oared race betweeni picked
crews from the Vigilant and Eagle fire
The single scull race between Kaye
and Luther which took place upon the
Allegheny course, 'for a purse, of three
hundred dollars, was a very exciting one
and was witnessed by a large concourse
of people, both banks along tie eatire
course being lined with spectatrs. The
start was made from the St. Clit street
bridge at five o'clock and forty minutes.
Kaye took the lead but maintained it only
for a short time. Before the Hand street
bridge was passed Luther came up with
and soon after passed his adversary,
which position be kept throughout the
race, coming in easy winner in 22:26.
The race between the crews 'orthe
Vigilant and Eagle fire companies, for a
supper, took place at half past five
o'clock, over the lower- Monongahela
course. The race was witnessed by a
lint() crowd of spectators, who
arpeared highly interested in the
result, but there - wasn't much
money changed bands on the race.
The Vigilant boat was manned as fol
lows: Maxwell, (stroke,) Reisineyer,
Herbert and Eccles, (bow.) The Eagle
crew consisted. of Earl, (stroke,) Smith
son, Boyer and-,Andrew Miller, Jr.,
(bow.) Some time was spent in getting
in position, but at length the word was
given, an d fair start was made. The
boats kept tolerably even for a little
while, but the Eagle crew at .length
pulled; ahead. They. turned the buoy
first, and, on the home stretch, led off at
an in increasing distance. On the way
home the Vigilant . boat ran upon
the bar, and had to be lifted off
and pushed some distance. By this, of
course, much time was lost, and the dis
tance between the two boats consider
ably increased. An easy victory was
ahead of the Eagle boys, however, and
they rowed leisurely'. The Vigilante
pulled vigorously, but came in a long
distance behind. The time made by the
Eagles was twenty-two minutes. The
race was for a supper for twenty-five per
sons. The supper was served at Schild's
Saturday evening, and was a very enjoy
able one.
OPERA HOUSE.—The amusement sea.
son at the Opera House opens this
evening. The improvements in the
establishment have 'all been com
pleted, the entire building renova
ted and the old scenery replaced by new
and beautiful scenes from Palmer's ar
tistic hand. The Worrel slaters play the
opening engagement and tonight "Lana
Rook h" will:be presented for its first time
in this city. The season promises to be
one of the most brilliant we have ever
had, as Manager Canning has secured a
full company of first class actors, and has
also succeeded in effecting engagements
with all the principal "stars" in the pro-
The box office will remain open daily
between nine and four o'clock for the
sale of reserved seats. From present
indications the opening to-night will be
largely attended.
Drury," since its opening on Thursday
evening pas been doing an excellent
business. The improvements made dur
ing the summer add wonderfully to the
comfort and convenience as well as to
the appearance of the establishment, and
the company as a whole is decidedly the
best variety company we have ever had
In the city. Mr. Williams has been ex
tremely fortunate in the selection of his
company, as the manner in which each
individual member is received, fully
testifies. The Whiting Sisters and Miss
St. Clair are a credit to the profession,
and Clari Burton is an old favorite. In
fact every member of Ills company is de
serving of special notice,, and are fay°.
rites in their particular hues of business,
The WednesdaY and Saturday matinees
at this establishment are excellent en
tertainments,' and are intended ()accrete
ly for ladies''and children, who cannct
attend the evening performanopii.
Saturday evening, shortly after six
o'clock, William Lebzelter, a boy about
sixteen years old, received injuries at
the railroad crossing, Federal street, Al
legheny, which will in all probability re
sult in„ death. He resides at No. 66
WesterEf_ avenue, and was returning
from work, when a westward bound
train was passing over the street. He
had been in the habit of jumping on the
trains and thus riding part of the way
home, and on this occasion attempted to
jump on the car next to the last, but un
fortunately missed his hold and fell with
his left leg lying across the track. The
wheels of the car passed over, just below
the knee, crushing it to a jelly. Re was
taken to the office of Dr. Herron, in the
vicinity. That physician being absent,
Drs. D. N. Rankin, Haselton and Haa
lett were summoned, and iu connection
with Dr. Buchanan Amputated the leg
above the knee, such an operation being
found necessary. The injured lad was
then conveyed to his residence, where at
last accounts he was lying in a precarious
condition. He is the oldest son of a
widow, and was the chief support of his
mother which makes the accident more
Saturday evening about ten o'clock
Thomas Rogers, a resident of Pipetown;
having taken an overdose of whisky,
started hothe, and on reaching the door
of hia dwelling sat down on the steps.
Be had been sitting there but a few min
utes when a party of young men came
by and made an assault upon Miff. taking
from him a bottle of whisky and in the
affray broke the mans leg in two places.
Acting Mayor Butler was sent for yester
day morning and took Rogers informa
tion, charging William Lloyd and others
with felonious assault and battery. Lloyd
was arrested last night and brought to
the lock-up where be was held for a hear
litzsans. E DITOR8: 'The strictness of
your correspondents relating to mortar
beds, mud holes and wagon stands on
the above named avenue, I see, have had
some effect. " - On Saturday several loads
of lime and sand were dumped at the
mortar beds. The wagons trespass even
more than usual, nearly closing the ave
nue at Federal street, and the uneightly
mud hole is - considerably ateldified-
For what are Mayors and police, Stieet
Committees and Street Commissioners
commissioned and paid?. Must private
citizens resort to the courts for redress?
Or are these offenses against law and
common decency*? be longer permitted
to grow more and more offensive.
' Aqtatii:
Probably PataLAccldeAt
Brutal Assault.
Stockton Avenue—West End.
. _
Illechbdfat Annual Centerenea—.putt ,
, burgh District.
FentatcurT, W. VA., Sept , ; 1 / 368,
Second day: :Afternoon session opened
with devotional exercises by Rev. J,
Hull. Minutes ofmorning session read
and approved.
Reports from/ ministers and their
churches resumed.
At half pasethree o'clock a delegation
of Praternal Memengers from the Mary.
land Annual Conference of the Metho
dist Protestant Church made their ap
pearance, and were introduced to the
Conference, and the hour of two o'clock
to-morrow set apart to hear their Ines.
Reports from ministers and churches
resumed, and continued until all were
heard from.
From these reports we conclude the
churches throughout the District, with a
few exceptions, are in a prosperous and
growing condition.
Rev. T. L. Scott, of Ohio Conference,
was introduced and voted an honorary
seat in the Conference.
A Committee on Fraternal Relations
was ordered and appointed. •
After some notices Conference ad
journed with prayer.
September 3, 1869.
Opened by direction of the President,
devotional exercises being continued
half an hour. Minutes read and ap
proved. Several Committees reported
progress. •
Resolutions were passed for the better
regulation of church finances, support of
the Gospel, ministerial labor, &c.
Rev. J. B. Walker, Corresponding Sec
retary of the Board of Ministerial Edu
cation, was introduced to the Conference,
and delivered an address, showing the
"Board" to be doing a good work, and
urging the •co.operation of all the
churches. After same notices, the fore
noon session adjourned with prayer.
quarter Seaalons Court.
The Court of Quarter Sessions will
meet on Monday next, at ten o'clock
A. at., - when the foll Owing cases from
Jane sessions will be taken up:
No. 5. Commonwealth vs. U. G. Hein,
0 12. Commonweatth vs. J. P. Padden,
" 65. Commonwealthvs. Charles Bally
and Rosa Smith,
" 113. Commonwealth vs. Emma J.
" 114. Commonwealth vs. Michael
" 139. Commonwealth vs. Andrew
" 321. Commonwealth vs. Win. Bech
" 282. Commonwealth vs. Robert
" 303. Commonwealth vs. Annie Mil
" 304. tkommonwealth vs. Lewis alike, -
" 370. Commonwealth vs. Thomas
" 414. Commonwealth vs. Patrick Mar
" 416. Commonwealth vs. John Rob
" 435. Commonwealth vs. James Lind
" 438. Commonwealth vs. John Ander
434. Commonwealth vs. Thomas
" 356. Commonwealth va. D. Haw
thorn et al.
" 244. Commonwealth • vs. Joseph
No. 159 Commonwealth vs. O'Neal et al.,
two CBB6B.
" Commonwealth vs. David V. 0.
" 382 Commonwealth vs. Thos. Moore.
" 437 Commonwealth vs. Jno. G. Free
berger et al.
305 Commonwealth vs. Joseph Con
avan et al.
" 92 Commonwealth va: Henry Gold
" 120 Commonwealth vs. W. Messick.
" 232 Commonarealth vs. Frank Len
" 423 Commonwealth vs. Bernhart
421 Commlnweilth vs. John Little.
As these are all old cues, parties inter
ested had better ba promptly in Court at
the hour named. Constables from the
various wards, boroughs and townships
will make their returns before the above
cases are taken up.
New Dometic Goods, Bates &
The Water Q,ne,stlon.
MESSRS. Borrow: Now that the
"Park Speculation" has received its
quietus, it is to be hoped that Councils
will devote their attention to the neces
sities of the city.
A permanent supply of good pure
wafer is the pressing, urgent want of the
people. The present supply is insufficent
ana it requires no chemist to prove that
it is most impure. But no "half way"
measure will supply - the want.
And if nothing natter can be found
than the proposed location of "the
works" a short aistance abofe Negley's
Run, we may as well content ourselves
with what we now have; increasing the
the capacity of the present works, and
save taxation. Do not our Counclimen
know that an "Acid Works," a short
distance above the proposed location,
pours its refuse into the river with such
effect that hempen cables kept in the
water in its vicinity are rotted or eaten
ant in a few weeks? The "works" and
drainage at Natrona poison the river at
that point, and it gets fouler all the way
down. We doubt if a - proper location
Gan be obtained short of the Youghio
gheny or Riskiminetas rivers._ Pure
water- we must have, at whatever oast,
and a liberal expenditure now is the best
economy. CITIZENS.
For Linen Goods, Bates & Bell's,
Pretty Women.-11 comparatively few
Ladies monopolize the Beauty as well as
the attention of Society. ,This ought not
to be so, but it-is; and will be while men
are foolish, and single out pretty faces
for companions.
This can all be changed by using
Hagan's Magnolia Balm • which gives the
Bloom of Youth and a liefined.aparkling
Beauty to the Complexion, pleasing,
powerful, and natural. ' •
No Lady need complain of a red, tan
ned, freckeled or rustle Complexion who
will invest 75 cents fu Hagan's Magnolia
Balm. Its' effects are truly wonderful.
To preaerve and dress the Hair nee
Lyon's Katbarion.
iliac% Alpacas, the ,choice makes, a
Bates & Bell's,'
r Adverty!ement.}.
Moves blase blasting of
the Friend!' of Temperance and Reform
will be held in the - Allegheny Diamond,
on Monday evening,: September Sixth.
Addressee will oe made by Cob T. B.
Clark, David Kirk, Bag.. and rrofeeaor
Mutt. Friends of Retrenchment and
Reform, rally.
Real Estate.—See advertisement of
McClung & Rainbow, Real Estate and
Insurance .ftents, 185, 197`and 189 Cen
tre avenue. tf.
'large'nein Evening Since st;l3stes do
Bell's. • - •
t Aevertfitement.l
Temperance and iletonn—Addreas to
TO the Voters of Allegheny County:—
VIMLOW CITIZENS: Some time ago a
Temperance and Reforni Convention was
convened in the. Court House, In the city
of Pittsburgh, which unanimously nom
inated Isaiah Dickey, Esq., for the office
of County Commissioner. to be voted for
at the coming October election. .That
Convention was not political in its char
acter, but was composed of men who felt
that something must be done, if possible,
to check the ravages of intemperance
among us. And as theexecution of the
license law has been placed in the hands
of our County Commissioners,and as we
felt that those already filling that office
have not carried out that law in its spirit
and intention, and as we were not Or
suaded that any condidate_pmented by
either of the political parties would
_carry out its provisions so •as to
improve this state of things, we
were constrained as law.ablding citi
zens to nominate a man who is known
to be honest and reputable in life. It is
proper to say that Mr. Dickey did not
and does not seek the office, but only
consents to the use of his name in the
hope that if elected he may be instru
mental in having our existing license
law faithfully and fully executed. It is
in no sense the aim of the present move
ment to do away with the existing law'
we recognize it as binding until annnileti
by the law making power of the State.
But we are persuaded that it has not
been properly executed. We moreover
feel that it would be to the interest of
men who vend ardent spirits under the
authority of a license to vote for Mr.
Dickey, for while he will not place him
self in the attitude that no licenses shall
be given while the law continues, he will
see that the cost of procuring a liceese
shall not be exorbitant. Hence, if placed
in the Board of _Commissioners, we feel
that it will be a
_decided benefit to all '
Mr. Dickey is not before yon as a poli
tician, but as an independent temperance
candidate, pledged to faithfully-execute
all laws that now exist or may exist for
the term of three years. He 18 not thrust
upon your attention with any design to
break up old political organizations, but
we are determined to let it be under stood
that we will no longer blindly follow the
lead of any political ring. As lovers of
good oraer, as those profoundly inter
ested in the well being of the county, we
demand that men of character shall be
nominated for office, else we will not sup
port them. And are we not right in this?
Is it not high time that something should
be done in this direction? Might not the
election of Mr. Dickey be of incalculable
benefit in the hereafter of our politidel
history as a county? Therefore, fellow
citizens, convinced that we have done
right, we earnestly appeal to you, no mat
ter to what party you belong, to aid ns in
the election of Mr. Dickey. We ask you to
seriously consider the matter and give
us vonr influence and votes in the, pre
mellon of a man to office whose integ
rity is undoubted. We feel that yon
owe it to yourselves and families
least I make the trial. The woes of
intemperance that have become so wide
spread in this community demand that
something should ba done, and that
promptly, lest they be still more aug
ment!. d and become quite universal. It
is wo th while sometimes to break o ff
from party for the sake - of a specific ob
)ect t at is good, and in this case we feel
that to do so would be - honorable, right
and praiseworthy. With us there is no
scramble for the spoils of office, bit an
earnest and determined resolution to se
cure reform.
By order of the Ez. Committee.
1 JOHN B. CLasu, Chairman.
Allegheny City, Pa., Sept. 3, 1869.
s 8 Belle for Diess Goods.
'The Ladles of the two cities are in
formed that Miss Bartholomew, an ac.
oomplished artist, has opened rooms at
65 Federal street, Allegheny, on the
second floor, where plain and ornamental
hair work is made or repaired; also la
dies' hair dressing done in approved
style at the shop or at their residences.
Casstmerea at Bates dt Bell's.
The Purest and sweetest Cod Liver
011 in the world, manufactured from
fresh, healthy livers, upon the sea shore;
it is perfectly pure and sweet. Patients
who have once taken it can take none
other. Ask for "Hazard and Camellia
Cod Liver Oil," manufactured by
well, Hamad & Co., New York =Old by
all druggists
A Rare Chanee—Tne Hat store for sale
by R. R. Wilson. Selb advertisement.
Bates S• Bell% for Black and Colored
Banquet at St. Johns, N. B.
City Telegraph to therlttsbargn Gazette.)
Sr. Jonas N. 8., September s.—The
Governor General of New Brunswick
held a levee yesterday, at which four
addresses, signed by many of the citi
zens, were presented. In response to-the
toast, "Tile health of the Governor
General of the province of New
Brunswick," Sir John Young said
that as opposition to the union of the
province with Canada is dying away, he
looked for the speedy 'reconciliation of
all parties.• The advantages gained by
the union of England and Scotland and
the free traffic consequent, and' the
advantages conferred by the Zpllverein
during the last half century, are such
results as should be looked for from the
Confederation. Speeches were also made
by 'the Lieutenant Governor of the Prov
ince. The healthy of the Queen and the
President of the United States were en
thnsi -tically drank. -
—Richmond papers state the Norfork
and Great Western Railroad Co. con
cluded its deliberations in that city by
entering into a contract fot , the sale of
fifty thousand adres of land, now held
or hereafter to be acquired by the Vir
ginia International Land Company, corn
seed of a number of wealthy men in
New 'York. Another important matter
brought to thii consideration of the Nor
folk and Great Western Company was
the subject of the consolidation of their
line with the Memphis, El Paso and
Pacific Railroad. The Directors had an
interview with a member of the Execu
tive Committee of the road and took in
itiatory steps for the purpose of making
theirline part of the Southern Pacific
road. A Committee was appointed to
confer with the Committee of the South._
ern Pacific, to make a contract for the
consolidation of the roads. '
—Wells & Fargo's ooach, which left
Helena, Montana, August 29th, was
robbed by highwaymen at Malade Sum.
mit. Utah, on
thou and
of the Mt. of
nearly thirty thousand dollars in gold.
The passengers were not molested. and
for that reason some forty thousand dol.
lars escaped the clutches of the robbers.
A large force left Corinne on the Ist hist.
in pursuit of the marauders.
Gen. Canby will soon proclaim the re
sult of the late election in Virginia. On
the fourth Tuesday thereafter the Legit'•
lature will meet.
One of the reasons given for the sits-
penal() . f Speed; the late Postmaster at
Louis .11e, and the appointment of his
succ .r, is that Speed insisted upon cons
tlnuin Democrats in his oftice as clerks.
The i rie Railway . Company is building
a road om Paterson to Port Jarvis, to
shorte • the distance twenty-four miles.
When I mpleted the present track will
be use for freight alone, and the new
one fo , passengers. --
The dismission about the - probable fate
of Dr Livingstone has been renewed in-
Engl. .d. Captain Burton, - the African
travel; , believes Livings tone is a pris
oner a the town of Lucenda, the capital
of the . ing of Cassebe, and an expedi
tion is talked of to search for him.
A 1- tter dated - Nashville, and from a
strong Republican -source, says: "And.
Johns.n is gaining ground every day,
and I onsider his election to the Senate a
The Indiana Secretafy of State, on.
Thurs. ay list, made out and transmitted
to Ha .. ilton Fish, at Washington, a cer
tified •py of the enrolled joint "resolu
tion • cepting and ratifying the fifteenth
amen. .• ent to 'the Constitution of the
United States. Why it was not done
sooner is not stated. Governor Baker
does n t join in the certificate.
Th sday night at a saloon in Wheel
ing, a difficulty arose between two well
known gentlemen of that city who were
there passing the evening socially, when
one called the other a liar. This was im
mediately followed by blows and • during
the melee a revolver was discharged—the
ball taking effect in the right breast of a
gentleman who was attempting i to sepa
rate the principal actors n the affray..
The wounded man was removed to-his
1 residence in North Wheeling, and during
Friday antlered considerable pain. The
ball it is feared penetrated the lungs, and
had not been extracted.
SIDE by side, in New York, wagon
loads of peaches and of lemons stand in
the street, and cheap as peaches are, the
foreign fruit -- is cheaper. "Thirteen for
twenty-five -cents" is the legend on the
wagon of 'Messina fruit, - while half a dol
lar will hardly buy the same weight of
the Jersey product. One has come 3,000
miles by sea,-the other a hundred miles
by land.
A GEIIMAIT paper of ,New Orleans, in
alluding to the numerous gambling bells
in that city, says: "If an energetic rem
edy against this evil is not soon found,
our children of the next generation will
becorbelt miserable nation of gamblers.
These houses are bound to be the death
of the independence, the influence, and
the future grandeur of the ;United States."
THE Fall River, (Mass.) Aforlifosor says
nearly $ll,OOO worth of bank checks and
bonds were discovered in an upright boil
er in front of the boiler works, near the
American"works. b 3 a lad of about four
teen years of age, employed at the boil
er works. He also sound a large wallet
and memorandum book, and all were de
livered to the owner..
Additional Markets by Telegraph.
TOLEDO, September 4.—Flour very
dull. Wheat dull and 2®343 lewer; reg
ular white Michigan f 1,34; 'No. 1 white
Wabash held at $475; amber Michigan
81,37@1,37%; No. 2 do $1,3535@1,36; No.
8 do. 61,30 bid. Corn steady, with o. 1
at 99c, and No. 2at 97c. Oats a ade
better. with No. 1 at 53c,', and N .2 at
48c. Freights , very firm at 4@9c t uf
falo and Oswego. RecelPta-s.loobbls
flour, 77,600 bush wheat, 17,700 bush
corn, 7,800 _bush oats, 700 bush rye.
Shipments-6,600 bbls flour, 112,700 bush
wheat, 24,100 bush corn, 11,200 bush oats.
Sax FReficasoo, Sept. 4. . Flour $4,75
®5,8735. Wheat 11.602)1,65. Legal Tend
ers 74. Mining stocks dull; Alpha 17.
Belcher 18, Bullion 10, Chollar 18, Con
fidence 31.-Crown Point 26, Empire mill
38, Gould lir. Curry, 83 Hall a Norcross 123,
Imperial 48, Bentock 187, Occidental 16.
Ophir 18, Overman 77. Savage 68, Sierra
Nevada 70, Yellow Jacket 47. Chollar
Mining Company has declared a divi
dend of 12 per share payable on sixth
NEILLIE—On Saturday, the 4th inst., at 7
o'clock P. ROBERT NEILLIrs,
Funeral from the First Reformed Presbyterian
Courch, Sandusky itreet, Allegheny TUT, on
TGILISDAY MORNING, 791 last.. at /0 o'clock.
Friends of the family are in rited to attend.
TABER, No. 166 FOlir.TH STllSn's
F . :. COFFINS of all kIuds,CRAPII.
GLO and el ery description of Funeral Fur.
lashing furnished, Booms °nen dav sris
Dien. Carriages farnisned for city funerals at
*ADO each.
iir.raaarross—Rev.DavidNerr. D.D., /testa&
W. bus, D. D.. Thomas Ewing. Rad., Jacob
.AVEN - 138 , Allegheny City. where their CO
BOOMS are constantly supplied with real and
imitation irof ewood,- Mahogany and Walnut
momoc, at prices var ying from S 4 tonne. 80.
dies prepared forintkrirkent. Hearses and Ear•
idiot farnirbed: sho t kinds of Mourning
Goods, if required. °Mee open at all houn. day
and night.
No. 45141.P1NN STREET.
carriages for Funerals, $51600 Each.
COFFINS and all Funeral FurnlalUnent at re
duced rates.
MERCHANT 'reiLblus;
Corner of Penn and Sixth Streets,
. ,
11. 3 0 W OOMPL T
NEB' 4 13 - COCVDS
Hieing" just retuned from the last siitk s
'splendid sto ck or :
atehes l . Jewelry. hilverwaie„
I am now, prepared to offer theta at greatly se.
dueeil prices.. Call and examine before pet-,
%%ulna elsewhere. • '
W• t •
G D173113.11114.a .
Jeweller. No. MI. -Fifth uss,
atdOt Opposite Maaoale Hall.