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O'CLocgi 111.
Alleged Robberies by Penlans Ire
land--Church D isestablistiment sin
Disposed of--The Irish Land lanes
tion—mahommedan New Year in Tur
key—Pacitie Adress by the Sultan.
ray Telegraph to the Pittaburgb Gazette-1
LONDON, May 7 .—There have been say
eralbeavy rob oerl es ofarms, ammunition
I&c., in various parts of Ireland during
the 'past few days, At Itelfast a large
quantity of arras were stolen last even
ing. \Five - persons were arrested this
• morning on supicion of committing the
theft.l Dispatches from Cork mention
the perpetration of similar outrages.
There seems to be no doubt bat the cul
prits belong, In every instance, toFeniati
organizations. The police have been or
lifted to exercise unusual vigilance.
.—The wn Coun to.
day adopted a 7
protestT o
against the cil
introduced in the Hotise commons
disabling Mr. O'Sullivan. the present
'Mayor of the city, from performing the
functions of a magistrate. They also re
solved to engage coul to oppose the
bill. Mr. O'Stillivan, Isannounced as a
candidate for a seat in the House of Com
mons from Youshall.
LONDON, May 7.—The Times toyday has
another editorial on the Alabameclaims.
It says England endeavored to do justice
to all parties during the late rebellion,
and must decline to acknowledge any
other motive for her action. She has
• offered to submit to arbitration the clues
_ ton whether she has been culpably neg
ligent, but she cannot go further. Ex
travagant misrepresentation Were neves.
sacs to Ihrtrish the WWII for such a poli
cy as is foreshadowed in Mr. Sutnner's
speech. The Times concludes by assuring
the Americans that it will prove a
The Tel also has an article on the
same subject. It promises that England
will 'an attentive ear to reasonable
propositions, but will not listen to novel
pretensions. If no solution is now prac
ticable, she will leave the question at is
sue to the infiuerces of tame and the
maturejudgment of the American people
for adjustment.
Lotrobit. May 7-- Midnight.—The House
of Commons has finished the considers
• tion of the Irish Church Bill in commit
in the•Honse of Lords to-night the
Marquis of Salisbury wanted to know if
Her Majesty's Government endorsed the
policy advocated by Mr. Bright, to
,effect that the people muss be
placed in possession of the land
of Ireland in great numbers. He
said the present uncertainty - as to
the position of the government on
the, land question was inturlous. Earl
Granville, in reply,•said he must decline
to' open the iquestion. A bill on the sub
ject would be introduced at the next ses
sion- of Parliament. He assured - the
House that the government would main
tain the rights of property.
nesday, May Oth, first day of Mahornme
tati New Year, the Sultan, according to
custom, received ministers of foreign
powers. He made an address of a most
.character. He referred, with
satisfaction, to" the favorable settlement
of difficulties with Greece, the pacifica
tion of Crete, and the friendly relations
.of Turkey with all foreign powers. He
said he should continue to insist in
economy of the administration, the im
provement of judicial procedure, the ex
tension of the railroad syst3m, and the
equal participation of all classes of his
gribiects in the obligations and benefits
of these reforms. The Cretan chieftains
-have pardoned and set free.
MADBID, 4.1.11 7.—ln the Cortea yea
terday all the tith:endments to the re-
liglous clauses of the constitution were
rejected, and the clauses \ as they stood
originally were finally adoßted.
MADRID, May 7.—A Direc:ory is pronc
sed, to consist of Serrano, River° and
Closely!, with Prim at its head as Free
.dent and Minister of War.
314111NE1 NEWS.
elmmowrowx, May 7.—The stgamailiD
'Tarifa, from New York, as arrived.'
• Lida lo N, May 7.—Consols for money
'92x; am ( lunt 92X. Five-Twenty Bonds
,at London 78%; at Frankfort 8634 ® 86 :4-
ErielBm ; llinois 96; Atlantic and great
7.—Cotton; dat. sales of
the week 4; .000 bales, of whicn 7,900
were for expo rt, 'arid 3.000 on specula
tion; stock. 362. 000 halos, of which 165,000
were:from the United States; :narket to
day for Liver Cott o n quiet; middling
uplands lin I.ld, and Orleans 12d;
• .sales -of Tpee bales. The market
-for Tarns and tbrics at Manchester
• benn7-" Wpm : d e white Wheat 9s. 4d,
and red' weerE s : 7d. Flour—western
-21 11. 6d. Oorn i7 s , , Oats Ss. 4d. Ba
ley 59.
.pe ss 8 8s. 6d. Pork 10 0 .
•• Beef 90s. ',Lard eft . Cheese, /389. B
13°1511.° 60 & -Common 113- pr ve l n ee ß : k 41 9 n d. 4515. ; refined d d
. Tallow 439..9d,
Loltnotr, May allo w 435. 9d.
dined Petroleum ls. Bd. 8 lerm 011 100 s
Linseed Oil X3O 10s. Liu,. ieed 5%. ad
:Sugar 890.' on spot, and afloat 298
- 7 WERP, bitty 7--Pettulk _
• Eutra, May T.—Bou rse ( „ q , t Bente
71 1kancir 89e. The Ballio'n erre
`the Bank of Prance healn em** d 6,000
fr cs during the week" en"'"
'Thum y,
May 7 E v ton is
en ag , --001.
Amster ut nominally unchanged,
F REY/01i; May 7.—E en
-closed AN
at 86. vlll 9 *—
se Southern Railroad ‘ProJect.
tßy Telegraph to the Ilttaborgb &et tt.t.j
C kNOINZIATI, May 7.--The ruling topii,
-of interest to-day has been the Southern
Railroad. Gov. &sq., of South Cardlina,
-is ex pected ed here to - morrow on business
ine to the same. The City
Council this afternoon appointed a :tall
road Committee. To - morrow at ten A. ra.
th e • Vint • Committees of the Council,
Board of. Trade m i
nd ea
imam will meet and h r e
ave a talk with
artmerottle delegates froti the Ekaith ID
reference ,to:the
some."' the pbsto
road. ." •'" • - • •
1 E 3
Reduction In Atlantie Cable Itatcs—Actor
Arrested for Fraud—dlarshal Barlow
Instructed to Look After Fllllbasteni--
Tnanksigiving Service Over Pacific
Railroad Completion—Extensive Fire
—Loss $150,000.
lily Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
I NEw Yonu, May 7,.1869.
The Telegrapher states, by authority,
that the reduction on 'cable dispatches,
for some time under consideration, his
been decided upon, and - after June let
ten dollars in gold will be charged for
messages not exceeding ten words, exclu
sive of address and signature, - and one
dollar in gold for each word additional.
A discount of fifty per cent. on the rates
will be made on general and political
news-dispatches to the press, but cipher
and commercial news dispatches will' be
charged at full rates.
Egbert F. Teneyoke, an actor at Fisk's
Grand Opera House, was arrested to-day
charged with tg payment on
twelve forged P ay m aste r 's checks for one
hundred,dollars. Teneycke denied hay
ing any knowledge that they were forged.
He was held by Commissioner Osborn
for examination in default of fiye thou
sand dollars bail.
The Convention of the Pheta Delta Chi
Association was held at the Astor House
to-day. About one hundred delegates
and a large number of visitors were
present. It was resolved to re-establish
the Southern Chapters, which were bro
ken up at the commencement of the war.
The Association dined at the Astor House
this evening.
It is said Marshal Barlow has received
a dispatch from Secretary Fish instruct
ing him to use every precaution to pre
vent the departure of any expedition for
Cuba from this port.
A fire this morning in the paint mann
factory of C. F. Reynolds & Co., corner
of Rogers avenue and Sackett street,
Brooklyn, completely destroyed the fat.
tory and a small frame dwelling ad
joining. Loss 1 3 8.400. The fire originated
from spontaneous combustion.
Arrangements have been made for a
special service in Trinity Church, to
morrow noon, of Thanksgiving for the
completion of the railroad , across the
Arrived, steamer Marathon, from Liv
The building, 67Reade street, occupied
by Hall & Sanswiek, dry goods, and Ja
coby's restaurant. was almost complete
ly destroyed by fire this evening. The
fire extended to 75 Chambers street, oc
cupied by. Prescott & CO.. Peck & Ca
mock, cutlery, and also to. 77 Chambers
street, occupied by the Waverly Rubber
Store, and Soulheim dr Co., fancy goods.
It is impossible at present to ascertain
the particulars in regard toinsurance, as
the tire is still in progress. The loss will
not fall short of 0160,1500.
The Cuban Revolution.
CR. Telegraph to It* Pitttturgb Gazette.]
HAVANA, May 7.—The journals today
publish accounts of several- engage
ments between the troops under Count
Valmaseda and the Culian forces, in all
of which the Spaniards claim the victory.
Capt. Gen. IDulce, accompanied by a
battalion of - volunteers, will visit Ma
tanzas on Sunday next.
Sugar is firm with an Improved de
mand; sales at 9 reals for No. 12.
HAVANA, May 6, via HEY WEST. May 7
—A meeting of wealthy Suards was
held at Government Palaee, a patt which the
necessity of sending to Spain for more
troops was suggested. Captain General
Dolce, who was present, complained of
the want of money.
Insurrectionary demonstrations have,
been made in the Vuelta Abale Legion.
The mobilized negre troops at Nuevitas
show signs of insubordination and
threaten to rebel. •
Advices from Sagna to the sth show
that the rebels are operating around
Remedios and" Lachica.
Troops left Sagua suddenly for the in
Dates from Jamaica to the ist inst.
have been received. Commodore Phil!.
more will demand the release of vessels
captured in British waters, the liberation
of 'heir crews, and explanations and • in
demnity from the Spanish authorities at
Havana. He will also require an expla
nation of the circumstances connected
with the landing of Spaniards on British
territory. If the reply tothese derdands
is unsatisfactory, he will make reprisals.
The Broadhead Murderer Captured, and
Again Escapee.
[From the Pittsburgh Medical News.)
POUGHSEEEPSIE, May 7.—Brooks, one
of the murderers of Theodore
at Delaware Water Gap, who escapsd
while awaiting execution, was caught
five miles west of Tort Jervis, on, Wed
nesday, by Mr. Laurant. While walking
with his captor, Brooks suddenly plunged
thirty feet down an embankment, again
making his escape. Fresh pursuit was
Markets by Telegraph,
NEW ORLEANS, May 6.—Cotton in fair
demand and stitfer; middlings 28%@p...8 3 34;
receipts to-day,, 1,42.5 bales; for the week,
6,862 bales; exports for the week: to
Great Britain, 11,206 bales; to the. Conti
nent, 882 bales; coastwise, 619 bales;
stock, 81,182 bales; sales for the week,
18,650 bales. Gold, 139 3 / 4 . Exchange
sterling.lso%. Now York sight drafts
% premium. Flour quiet; superfine $5,50,
double extra 15,87, and treble do. 26,25.
Corn—white 780. Oats scarce at 75c. Bran
21,20. Hay; prime 229®30. Pork nomi
nal at $32,50. Bacon—retailing at 13%@
17%c. Lard—tierce 18344519 N keg 1936
0)20e. Sugar dull; common 9 3 / 4 c, prime
~12%@123 / 4 0 . Molasses-=tormenting 50@
55e. Whisky 85®9043., -toffee; fair. 15%c,
prime 17%c
Crizaaao, May 7.—Everang.—At < the
open board in the afternoon there was a
fair demand for No. 2 spring wheat,
and the prices were firm and'higher, the
market closing at 21,15 cash, and $1,18%,
sellers for the month. Other grains dull
and unchanged. In the-evening wheat•
was a trifle higher, No. 2 closing firm at
$1,1314 ®l,l3gr o sellers for the month. Corn
and Oats ac
unchang e in
d tive. Lake freights quiet
. . •
BALTIMO/IE, May 7.—Flour nominal.
W'heat steady and unchanged, Corn
lak; sales of white at ?.,4®Bsc, And 'yely
..t •at 88®90c. Oats lima at 74®78,6 for
te and heavy. Rye unchanged*
Ella, pork Quiet at 3 28 , 7 E03400. Baechl
"Lma, rib sides 165,10, clear aides -17%0r
ief4 - 'erSl4X(4l4Mo.hanis2o@2i.s
quiet sib I.,ve.
sacra t 19;ic. Whiskey firm stvowoo.
. 1
Regulations for Refunding Tax to Non
/ Residents, etc. Special Revenue
• Agents—Parewell of Peruvian
I ter—Appointments by the President—
' Proposals by the 'government for the
IPurchase of Pive..TwentJes —:Texas
Boads--East India Telegraph: Cont
(By TelegFaph to tbe Pittsburgh Gazette.]
WARRINGTON, May 7, 1869.
Regulations are being prepared by
Solicitor Smith, of the Internal Revenue,
fixing the kind and amount of proof re
quired from railroad companies, corpor
ations and individuals who have been
taxed as non-resident aliens, under a
provision of the Internal Revenue act
-Which was repealed March 10th, 1866,
and who now apply to have the
amount of tax which was with
held while the act remained .
In force refunded. The nature of the
proof required will be the affidavit of the
claimant, attested by an additional affi
davit frOm some other responsible party,
and a certificate of the Consular Agent
of the nearest port to which the claimant
belongs, that he is a non resident alien.
Gov. Curtin, President of the East In
dia Telegraph Company, and A.K. Mc-
Clure, Solicitor of the corporatio, had
interviews with the Secretaries of State
e irt
Company have a grant, procur b
and Navy to-day ha relation to the tro
duction of telegraphs into China. The
Mr: Burlingame, when he was
the American Minister in C ina,
l as
authorizing them to lay a cable bet een
Canton and Shanghai, thus conne g
the commercial cities of the Asiatic t
by telegraph. They have five hnn red
miles of cable ready to ship and lay d we,.
and will have the remaining live hun red
_miles ready to ship during the Sum er.
Orders will be issued to the commander
of the Asiatic squadron to render, all
necessary aid and protection. he
State Department will instruct lour
Minister and Consuls to give their
official aid to the enterprise. This
line will be completed during the , present
year and by that time there will be a
continuous line ir-m the Mediterranean
Sea by India to Caine, thus connecting
the commercial cities of the Asiatic sat
with Europa and America. '
The President has made the following
appointments: Jas. B. Yet:taw-Pe
Agent; Dubuque, Iowa; Dirarn Giddi gs,
Pension Agent, Fort Wayne, Ind.; G. M.
"Fan Buren, Pension Agent, Invalid Agen
cy at New York; John G. Blackwell,
Alabama; E, M. Gregory, Marshall of
the ' Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
Collectors of Internal Revenue: Chas. IC.
-Walcott, Seventh - District, Ohio; Geo. f.
Dakin, Ninth District, Ind.; Jesse Dq k,
Seventeenth District, Ohio; Jonathan .
Willis, Thirteenth District, Ills.; G.
Hencierlite, Eighth District, Va. As
sore of Internal Revenue: Michael Se ta
lon, Third District, N. Y.; Adams lie -
kirk, Eighth District, Tenn.
The Secretary of the Treasury to.d y
paid to Judge Paschall, Attorney or
Texas, two of the indemnity bonds e la
braced in the great suit of Texas agal st
White, Childs and other& Judge P B
ehan has oarninencsd suits against t e
First National Bank. of Washington f r
the recovery of large amounts of th
bonds not included in the original suit to
the Supreme Court. It is his intention
to pursue all persons in England and
in America who have converted any of
these bonds. *The bhuda are now useless
to the holders, the Court having decided
that they are not negotiable unless en
dorsedi 1
The first two appointments of special
Customs Agents Icy Secretary Bontwell
were made yesterday. and are Frank E.
Howe, for Bighttl Customs District of
New York, and Jno T. McLean, for
Second District at
Francisco. Other
appointments in this branch of the Treas.
ury service will be made today.
The Seeretary of the - Treasury win
purchase Five-tWenty bonds to the
amount of a million of dollars each
week, and has directed the Assistant
Treasurer at New York to receive pro
posals therefor. The £3ecretary of the
Treasury has selected all the special
agents appointed by him.
COl. 410. W. Forney, Goy. Ward, of
New Jersey, Gen.' Van Wick, of New
York, and Mr. Lloyd, of the Committee
which has been\ travelling South for
some weeks, had an interview with the•
President this a ft ernoon concerning what
they observed white on their trio to the
Southall.). country. •
The Alexandria Union League sent a
colored spokesman to the President this,
morning*, to ascertain when a delegation
of the League may, have a conference
with him relative to,. affairs In Virginia.
The President consented to see them to,
The Pcruvian Minister' Garcia - took
leave ol the President this morning in'a
farewell speech. The Presiden t, ll:cranky,
hoped the friendly relations would (*a
ttune between Peru , and- this country.
Secretary Fish accompanied the Minister.
'The Dyer' courtrnartial has adjourned
sine die. General Thomas left yesterday
for San Francisco and Genera, Terry,for
Atlanta. The finding of the Court has
not yet transpired; •
A large number of applications ',have
been received, both personally and by
letter, for the vacant Marshalab* of the
I:3ittern District of Pennsylvania.
rammer; ormtnr.
Trev.itt, of New York, has , becn
altiolgted Chief Clerk of the Pension
Barean. f .; •
Atto'rue.t. ,General Rear, returned to
ivish,thgton• tide enerniug mid inks ode
tiiidlattoihe ilutieso4his oat oe . ,
14 4 .'
nited States Court—Hon. Wilson Mc-
FRIDAY, May 7.—The case of the United
States va. John Bandies, previously re
ported, was . resumed and concluded.
The jury not having agreed upon a ver
dict until after Court adjourned , it will
be rendered Saturday morning on the
opening of Court.
The Grand Jury found true bills in
two cases against Wm. Hays, charged
violating the provisions of the law
relating to distilleries. -
United States_ i t j
The May ten, of the United States
Circuit Court commences on Monday
morning, May 10, at 11 o'clock.
The following cases are on the list for
B. C. Quimby vs. A. C. Sturgeon.
E.' S. Pike vs. Erie and Pittsblirgh
Railroad Company.
R. A. Gregory vs. G. R. Gray, G C.
Prather, et al.
olon vs. Jno. R. Hunter, et Mo.
First National Bank of Chicago vs. Gr:
Hook and Jessie Goruon
Reynolas & Kauffman . vs. Galway.
L. C. Jones, Assigneee, etc., vs. A. 'D
Black et al.
W. L. Gould vs. Jas. Reese.
Win. Stilt vs. A. &F. Hudikofns.
C. Moran vs. City of Pittsburgh. -
Cherryßun, Oil Creek and Allegheny
Petroleum Company ve. W. L. Cleveland
et al.
Miss Dargeeei Rai ding
, •
Miss Aug ustall. • Dargov's reading at
thd'Aeademy ofliensie dreez together cos
of the largest and mast intellbctnal au
diences of the season, and if we are to
judge from the frequent manifestations
of isppLausie which. rang through the '
hotis el e at the- proper times, Ater - hearers
rraeyenlayt appreciative, tiv
111 h a er The
w hii r d oi y e ',cor a..
reader, and in. al} of her renditions.
displayed that rare and charaeter-•
laic genius , - which. has anade her
p .,
avoid ula for ce deatrical circles. She is
ofaffectation, and in her
native grace and delicacy incieevely gains
her-way into the hearts of her auditors.
In.the interpretation of characi erwhere
great power la-needed; or in the transi
tion to the tenderest and sweete st burets
of pathos which• bid! tears rather than
start the blood tingling and thrilling
through the veins, Idies•Dargon is equally
aehorne. She uses flue taste in the se
lection of the strong points of her shetch, 1
ergehlite judgment in executing them.
and marvellous adaptation in aleading
together In one pretty picture of lease or
esetry all that is worthy and strtking in ,
the conceptionof the author. She hairnet
`l ea mist& e ein at:widening the , boards
I -..
Dletrlet Courn....tudge klepatrlck. for the rostrum.. Sheyraced the /Mantra
Faina.V, May 7.--In thecaseof Preston as leading ladyl, . shining conspiouansly
et al. vs.;Hogg es al., previouslyreported, forth to adorn and elevate her profession,
verdict f a r plaintiffs. but her iunbitiorrlaid in , another diree-
Spencer„.Moliiay &Co. vs. Welsh. Ao. don and with her vigorous will,' ffrm
. purpose and degidect« ability, she must
lion on a book account to recover the
value of a lot of, ale sold and delivered. :tend will carve her way high among -the
Verdict for plaintiff s In the sum of ;few Snished renders- now before the
.148 50. ' • merican public. We wish her success.
--....--- - , lady so refined, cultdred, dignifted
Commoh Pleas Courtindge • Sterrett. 'a d pure, and peesessing so large a share
Face. May. 7.--The case of Stern dr of suture ' s richest endowments, genius.
!i ll
and ?ability, is worthy the place her
was re sumed. Stein vs Saint
Juror withdrawn acid Saint et. a 1.., previously reported, • •
friends so ardently desire that she shenki
weepy in the estimation of learned
clause coutlnuedat cost of plaintiff. ,
Courtney vs. Cassidy. Action ,on a., lovers of the line arts.
promissory note.. Verdict for plaintiff in.
the sum of .1,142 81.
Hewson, White & Co. vs. Jackson a
al. Action matt. promissory note. Vet -,
diet for jAalutill in the sum of .2,588.2,5.
Rod o
Spencer. Action of tree
pass v il e
tarrnie for damages. Defendant
i 3
is propri tor of a hotel on Second ave
nue, wh re, it appears, the plaintiff was
acting i a very disorderly manner,
when de endant ordered him to leave the
house, which ho refused to do, where
upon it is alleged, defendant made an
assault dpon him and forcibly ejected
turn fro the premises, and in dolug, so,
it is elle Ed, used. more 'force than was
really n‘eesaiiry. The jury, however.
were not f that opinion, and foun d for
the defen ant. ,
, Achen itch vs. Helvetia Building and
Loan , -,.. iation. Motion for a. new
trial and &woes died.
iMageo • De Knight. &I fa on amort
gage. PI tiutiff held a mortgage given
by defeu. ant in which there want, con
dition co . seguent, that if the interest
wee not .aid promptly when due the
entire a ..unt of the principal and inter
est shoe d become due and (reflector
bib. Def. ndant failed to pay one install
ment of i terest • when it became due,
and the 0 ortgage was left by plaintiff in
thhan , of his attorney tor collection
n der the condition named. The !N
IP ing ,• y, howeVer, and before suit
was broil! ht to recover the money, de
fendant w :tit to the attorney's office and
i t
paid the Interest and received a receipt
therefOr. The attorney receivingthe in
terest alleges that he was under tale fin.
pression that Mr. Magee, the plaintiff,
had agreed with defendant to receive the
interest alone, aud had sent hint there to
pay it. Defendant held that the payment
of the interest before snit was brought or
even a tender of it was a ter to the action.
The Court instructed the jury to . Lind as
to whether plaintiff's attorney received
'the money under a misunderstanding,
and reserved the question as to whether
'tender or payment before suit was
brought was a bar to the action.
Rohe jury found for the plaintiff in the
sum of $3,027,80, with costs of suit; inolu
d lug live per cent. attorney's commission.
eittrjeet to the question of law reserved
bythe Courti and further. that plaintiff's
attorney was not induced by statements
made by the defendant to receive the in
tenet due, as alleged by plaintiff.
Calhoun & Co. vs. McKim & Co. MO
lion for a now trial and reasons Med.
H. F. Cline Ira. Hartltird life Insurance
John P. Loop vs. Conattyof Allegheny.
Martha Mawhinny et at. Nrs._J. Rlnieger
e tal.
A. V. MeKeel vs. W. L. Wharm.
Josiah B. Evans vs. Cleveland and
Pittsburgh Railroad Company.
J. B. Jones vs. First National Ban
Dobbin vs. County of Allegheny.
A. W. Marlien vs. City of Pittsburgh
J. T. , Worth vs. County of Allegheny.
G.C.Vincent et al. va. Thos. /6;r:let al.
H. B. Goodyear, administrator, et al.
vs. J. J. Seymour.
Same vs. Samuel Musser..
Same vs. Jaeob A. Rohrer
Pennsylvania Salt 'Manufacturing Co.
vs. R. W a W. J. Snodgrass.
Same vs. James Mills et aIL
John B. Sutton vs. T. C. Joy.
J. R. Smith et al. vs. W. Frazier et al.
E. A. L. Roberts vs. Reed Torpedo
Company et al.
H. McDonald et al. vs. J. J. Ben
nett et al.
John S. McMullen et al. - os. J. Bar_ .
clay t al.
W. shoun et,ul. vu. Fred. Crocker.
If yon need the services .of a dentist,
go to Dr. Gillisnie. Re'is always in the
aivance with every improvement in his
profession—furnishes the best artificial
teeth, at the lowest prices; always aims
t 3 give satisfactioo to- his numerous ' pa
trons, and not willing to take their
money without giving an equivalent,
bat ever ready to bestow, 4ny attention,
for the comfort of his patronsp never
gives the cold shoulder •to anyone.tt4-:
cause their:bills are imid:tat is °mutts
one and kind to all. Gives the-iMprov
ed langthr gas, Which bft.,lvarrAnts .r;
fact. safe in every qf+l4l,- ogge.
, -
)Ircult Court—Judge Me.
After along negotiation, the conductor
conclttded to take the car and its passen
gers into. the city, as a special favor, and
upon the payment of fifty cents by esett.
and every one thereof, Of course the
money was paid, and all got safely hoaae,
but—. Will the mere fact that a man is
an officer of the Pittsburgh and East Lib
arty Railway Company, hereafter, be con
sidered cone/us:v.lproof tnat he tells the
trutbt . -
Pelson tor Dogs. _
The Disparch takes sides with the Phsr
in the advocacy of poisoned sausages for
dogs4aimilia, Omnibus, curauter. Wick
ed Diipatch! Weary peccavi, and pron.A
Ise to. offer an ordnance in Council
which shalt make the dogs of Pittsburgh
tremble, and render their keeping as
troublesome as that of a wife and ten
children, but'Please good Misters, kind
ffra, let the dogs have their day 'until
their sacred liberties may be legally cur
tailed: In the meanwhile, let us say, if
any man poison your dog shoot him (410
dog) on the spot. Better that hc(die than
linger in his agonies, and better that he
die anyhow-, for he is a pitiful' dog who
can't wag his tail with impunity on tne
streets of hia native
A huckster's wagon passing along
Market street, last evening, jcollided
witli"an obstrliction in the way of a mar
, ket stand at the northeast corner of the
Diamond and Market street, turning over
the stand and strewing the vegetables in
:grand profusion over the street. The
stand capsized was located at the cross
ingat the corner named, and obstructs
boaQueenswre.—Au article we can guar.
ono.half the footway. By what antee to genuine imported ware, and,
authority are the streets and, sidewalks at such a price Mitt all classes can buy.
l obstruoted by these market stands? The All we ask is for to call antkaattini ne
free Mayor:has the. ower to keep the streets and we will prove that they aiegenuine.
from all such obstructions, and we Don't forget the place. Beggs & McGraw ' ,
hope he will thatritet his °lacers to do so. No. 10 Diamond, Allegheny.
OPERA. ROUSE.—HIMIpty DllMpty is
having *'n excellent run. It is well put
on the kuirds, and as a result has sue
ceedeil perfettly. This afternoon a grand
Matinee for Ladies and children will take
place at two , o'clock, Special arrange
ments hive been made for this Matinee,
which will douLtilees be largely patroLk.
Pirrenunori r innamaz. —.The new
troupe at this establishment succeeds in
attracting . large
.andiencea r which is a
pretty good et-Wants of the character of
the entertainment .6:matinee haw been
arranged for this afternoon, with an en
tire change of programme. The entire
company will appear. Go early.
'lle Academy of OS hiondity
night, is to be the acene of the first rep
resentation of this .nativonal drama. The
committee having the engagement in.
charge have spared no pains in making.
their arrangements, and we hope they
will be amply rewarded' for thenrlaborah.
TER Ittnszum.—liew attractions al--
Most daily fat the Museum the only'
establishment of its character in the city.
An instrActiVe entertainment, worthy of
- 4tenaive patronage.
~11".cionic Dam,. —To-night Evvrett,
the great illasionist and presciiiptator,
will give his farewell performance. Aside
from the meritorious .character of the
entertainment several valuable presents'
will be dietributed, and the purchascr of
a ticket stands a chanal of having - bin
money returned•with manifold inter-ast.
; • A Complaint.
Missits, Ebrroßaz The Pittsburgh and
East !Liberty Railway Company haw re
liable and tinfthful officers. If any one
doubts it, lot him read and be convinced.
Last 'evening was the occasion of a grand
exhibition of tableaux vivanta in X.iist
Liberty, and in order that Pittsburghera
might safely attend it, application was
made to the officials of that Company for
a car, or cars, to Pittsburgh after theoon
chudon of. thtentertainment.
The President of.the Road, as I
fbrmed, positively promised that a car
should be sent through• to Pittsburgh,
startingtmnscdintc/y atter the entertain
meat. It was so announced it the even
jing pavers, and relying on the• good
faiths of the Company, Pittsburghers
went:out to the tableaux.
Mark the sequel, stated in few words.
The exhibition closed, at a quarter , past
ten; One car started from East Liberty at
elevon; it reached Oakland, and the con
ductoy announced that *, to car sthopped
now, and you 'um' till hay to• vatic:"
And this not to men alone, but to deli
ONE WHO. WAS Tlfint.E.
- • - •
Oi Interest to Every One.
We were surprised to learn how great
a number of persona require the care of
a Dentist, wad never fully realized it, un
til we called at the Steam Dental Estab
lishment of Dr. J. Scott, 278 Penn street,
and saw the crowds that . made demands
upon his valuable time -and services;
But we are no! surprised to learn that
ibe Doctor's business, although very
large, is yet steadily increasing, for we
knew n u n to be at the head of his
fession in this city, and a thorough Den
tist, as well as a courteous gentleman;
and, in connection_ with these facts, we
may state that he has earned the reputa
tion of inserting the very best artificial
teeth that can be manufactured. For im
itation of the natural organs, life-like ap
pearance, together with the natural ex
pression they give the lips and face; and
last, but not least, . for masticating the
food, hisiwork cannot he excelled. Many
Dentistecan put up beautiful specimen
cases who fail to give their patients teeth
that Amy can eat with, for the simple rea
son that they know not hew to articulate
the teeth r eo that they will beat replace
Itbe lost ones: It is just here that Dr.
liScott succeeds so well. He is quite an
, artist in his line of baldness, and haw
1 1; merely to examinee mouth,to know how _
to arrange the , teeth so that while pre
senting a natural • appearance, they will
masticate the food thoroughly. The Doo
tor is called upon every week in cases
where oilier Dentitft have tried, beenpafd
and failed, and in- every case hie work
gives entire satisfaction. His prices
are , lower than those of any Dentist
in the city, and it would be better for -
those of nil* reader!) who want teeth, to
callupon Dr. Stott in the first place, and
thereby save time and money. We
would also assure those who are suffering
with diseased or unsightly teeth, that .
they can be extracted without the least
pain or deleterious consequences. Dur-.
ing a practice of near thirty years, the
Dr. has administered pure sulphuric ether
to ovna TWENTY, THOUSAND persons, for
the painless extraction of teeth, without, o
injury resultingin a single case. On the ,
contrary, be can refer to numbers of Mai'
patients ) who claim to lave been bene
fitted in renewed- health. So fear no
longer—enffer no , longerbut call at 278 ,
Penn street, and get relief.
Read! Read:•ReadS
Tobias sells brown• Garibaldi and Bis
marck Pants and Vest at 57'
'Tobias sells Badness Sults at 510.
Tobias sells brswn, blue and black
Chesterfletd at $lO 50.
Tobias sells new style- Walking. Coat
a7s7 00.
Tobias soils light spring - Overcoats from.
s s lipwards—very cheap,
Tobias* sells Blacit Snits- for $l2.
Tobias sells-Melton Suits for. $l5.
Tobias sells black Dress-Pants for $5.
Tobias sells black:Dress Vest for 152'50..
'l4sbias vale fi ne Clergymen's Stlts for._
•• - -
'lbblas sells-Patetat Street N , osta,foir
Tablas sells Hkrziii" Casehnere
for ;10 50.
Tablas sells- new Style Bey'S Suits at.
b al Pprice.
spring at
Willa- all wool , Boy's Snit for -
nbias sells- blue,. black and brown
Clob Sacks at $B . 80.
Tobias sellaSilk mined Suits at $l4.
With choice assortment of seleoted.
styles of Piece Gooda i .to be made up to
order by competent% and experienced:
cutters and workmen. Don't fail to find
th e. r'
e popular place and, number, 13 St.
• The Keystone Pottery.
Ibis salami enterprise is se quickly
rewarded as In the case of the Keystone-
,Establishing it in a commit
nity, where all articles of queensware
good quality were imported, and the im
prassien existed that no home manufac
turer could this line, the pro
prietors of the "Keystone" by , careful
attention to. businuss ind indefatigable
earn; to manufacture a superior article,
have in a comparatively short space of
time, produced a quality of goods
which are recognized by their numerous
purchasers as- fully equal to the best
heretofore imported., and much lowerin
price. 'The warehouse. No. 363 Liberty
street, is well stocked withia full line or
these goods, which' will bear the closest
Inspection, and be found all that is rep_
represented:. Orders addressed to S. M.
Kier & Co., proprietors, will receive
prompt attention.
A Night Attack.
Yesterday morning, about one o'clock,
Christian Miller and Michael 'Yeager,
residents on Second street, Third ward,
Allegheny, aroused. the neighborinxid
getting into a row in front of Yeageetires
idence. •Yeager, it *ls said, getting the
worst of the light, stepped into • hla
house, and - procuring a rifle discharged
it at his opponent. The ball fortunately
missed the mark, but the firing
awakened a number of persons An the.
vicinity, among whom aas Alderman
Bolster. The Alderman, upon learning
the state of affairs,`called upon the night
police, who succeded, after eouslderablo
trouble, in arresting Yeager, who was
taken to the magistrates office, where
Miller lodged an information against
him for felonious assault. -He was held
in the sum or one thousand dollars for a
Yesterday afternoon a number of
youths; ranging in ages from sixteen to
eighteen years, tidying imbibed a quanti
ty,of fighting whisky, which they ob
tained at one of the low doggeriea with
which the city is disgraced,' attacked, a
colored man on Federal street, Alleglte
ny, and beat him In a shameful Inanner.
The victim, after esciiping.,from their
clutches, called at the hiappr's office and
lodged an information against the ring
leader of the party for assault and bat
tery. Warrant issued.
• ;.
Obituary.—At Burlington, lowa, yes.
terday, Mr. Waiter Bateman, member of
the firm of E. Edmondson & Co., uphol-
Moran, Third avenue, this city, depart
ed this life. He was widely known and
respected, and his death will be :de
plored by a large number of warm and
devoted pens:mai friends.