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Tins Gernert, is furnietals Osereq
the six days of the week for 15 cents per
week; by mail, $8 per annum : S mos., $2
Vh43 Board of Health roods this after
MOD. •
Our Aldermen are complaining -of a
hick Of badness.
Mayor Drum committed three parties
to jail, yesterday morning, for drunken
Street improvements in Allegheny are
unusually active. Most of the work is
tieing done In the new wards.
The Allegheny Board of Sob ..1 Con
trollers will hold a regular meeting this
evening at 73S o'clock.
Yesterday was one of wind, dust and
isagreeableness generally, out of doors,
elieved oocasionally With feWlikahes
of sunshine..
The irrepressible "Daddy" Deihl orna
mental-the Allegheny lock-up lait night.
Officer Gebby was instrumental in plac
ing him there.
Fined.—Mayor Dram yesterday morn
ing fined A. Lynch thirty dollars and
Coat!, for engaging in a fight and creating
a disturbance in the Second w*d, Alle
gheny, on Sunday afternoon. -,
The members of the Odd Fellows'
Lodge at Brownsville, at the head waters
of the Montmgahela river, last week,
nresented Judge Dancan r of that place,
with a magnificent gold headed cane.
Henry Stdvely, the . present worthy
and efficient Recorder, will be a candi
date for re-nomination at the hands of
the Republican Convention. He has
made an excellent officer, filling the Wei.
tion with credit and ability.
Decoration Day.—There will be a cor
vention of all the Posts of the Grand
Army of the Republic of Allegheny coun
ty, held at the hall of Post No. 8, of this
city, Nos. 102 and 104 Fourth avenue,
this evening, at eight o'clock.
The Friend Rifles.—The few remain
ing membera of this 'brave colipany,who
so nobly sustained the old flag through
out the rebellion, will celebrate their
eighth annual anniversary by a social
reunion and banquet to-morrow evening.
Alleged Larceny,—,Tames McCullough
madii information before Justice Am
mon, of Bast Birmingham, yesterday,
charging Thomas Mellon with the les
ceny of five dollars. A' warrant was
issued for the arrest of the accused.
A Flnle.—Extra police were called
last night by the telegraph to Lawrence
ville, by a frightened officer who was in
timidated by a parcel of bock-beer drink
ers, • who were -drunk and disorderly.
When the reinforcement arrived all was
New Desk.—A handsome new cabinet
desk now adorns the office of the Clerk
to the Allegheny Park Commission, Mr.
.7.1 t. Oxley.. The new piece of furniture .
Is 'of heavy walnut, carved and finished
in;: the most complete manner. It cost
seventy-five dollars. •
Our worthy friend John H. Hare, Esq.,
who counts his friends by hosts was
awarded the elegant Cane put up at votes
to'be awarded. the !wog popular candi
date for Sheriff, at St. Agnes' Church
Fair. May he live long to carry this
mark of his friends favor and respect.
Dr. Gleason's Lectures. Lafayette
Hall was crowded last evening with a
delighted and intelligent audience to lis
ten to this - gentleman's opening lecture.
He 11 continue the subject this even
ing 12'.. n. ”Heart Blood," &c. Every one
shou • hear these admirable lectures.
from Llghtning.—A Correspon
writes that the Hamilton House
.s of Waynesburg, were struck by
ling one day last week and entirely
yed by fire. Two valuable horses
• urned to death, Loss 112,000. No
light . 1
were ,
Barclay, of Chicago, will con
her seventh serious of health lee
to the ladies, every afternoon this
(Wednesday excepted) in the
• eh (Rev. Coleman's) on Wilkins
Birmingham, "commencing each
t 4 P. it. Subject—" Health, How
sin and How to Keep It."
P. C ..
stree •
day •
to of
Al gheny Mayor's Oflice.—The fol
lowi .g exhibits the amount of business
did ..ced of at the Allegheny Mayor's
OM.: during the month of April: Vag
ran.. cases, 20; drunkenness, 87; disor
derl • 98; larceny, 2, fraud, 2: assault
and . ttery, 1; fornication and bastardy,
.1; ma dons mischief, 1; surety of the
peace, 1; total, 23L
Btll.l They Come.—The police continue
the work of taking up horses found on
the streets unattended or unhitched.
The last case was a horse and cart be
longing to a coal hauler, which had been
left standing on Smithfield street for
some time and had started to run away
when caught by the officer. The owner
was required to pay the usual fine of one
dollar and coats.
, For Recorder. --Mr Thou. as S. Hnter
a member of the 9th Pennsylvania Re:
serve corps, who was woundedlit the
service, almost entirely losing the se of
an-arm, is anneunced as a candid te for
the office of Recorder, subject to the nom
ination of the Republican ConveUtion.
Mr. Hunter is a courteous gentleatan of
line education and a large businesS expo
rience, and would make, if selected, a
creditable officer to the comity aid the
party which elected him.
Committed on Three Charg,
William Marshall wa s commit ed to
jail yesterday, by Juitice Lipp, f Rh
mingham, On three informations. In
the Brat he was charged. with coMmit
ting an.aasault and battery upon Fred
erick Stackman; In the second I was
alleged he bad feloniouslyten
aum i ni
George t3oluiddi, and the third set, forth
that be had committed a, feloniods as
sault and. - battery upon the body of
Andrew Sager. If all the statelltanie
made are true : William Is better inside
than- outside the Wails of his p -'- rat
home. ' ,
Letter Carriers' Report.
During the month of April t • . fol
lowing amount of mail nutter passed
through the hands of the Allegheny
Letter Carriers :
Mail Letters. er
liv ed. Collected.
Drop Letters..... . 88,636
..... . 6 /4.688
6,81 2 i 878
Newspapers. .......... 24,892 678
The_ following is the Pittsburgh Letter .
Carriers' report for the month of , April :
Delivered. Collected.
Mall Letters. , 109,800 79,069
Drop Letters 16,220 12,643
Newspapers: 29,079 2,140
Onib -
Dire Curt-Judge ILlrpatrlet.
MONDAY, May 3.--The case of Blounk
vb. - Tionthett, action on a book account,
was taken up and occupied the attention
of the Court during the day. The jury
found for defendants and certify a bal
ance in their favor of 07.70.
110. McGrew vs. Clayton.
111. Clayton vs. McGrew.
112. Mcßibose At Baker vs. Hogg &
119. Cochran vs. Raffle.
122. McCabe vs. Burns et al.
123. Same vs. same.
124. Woods vs: - same.
127. Spencer, McKay & Co. vs. Welsh.
Common Pleas—Judge Sterrett.
MONDAY, May 3.—The case of Ja mes
C. Harrison vs. Max. Solvers,' appeal
from a judgment obtained before Alder
man- McMasters, in an action for work
and labor done, amounting to M. Juror
withdrawn and plaintiff took a non suit.
Wm. A. Maguire et al. for.use vs. R. H.
Bruggeman & Co. Feigned issue to as.
certain the ownership of certain goods
and chattels seized and taken in mem ,
tion by Sheriff Cluley. :Verdict for plain
tiff for a portion of the goods claimed by
defendant and for defendant sato the re•
Henry biota vs. Ernest Wessel. Action
to recover for produce sold and delivered.
Defendant purchased frOm plaintiff a lot
of potatoes, for which he refused to pay
the contract price, alleging that the pota
toes delivered were not sound, in accord
ance with the contract, and this suit was
brought to recover the balance due. On
110. MoCutcheon vs.Hershotuser.
112. H.lll vs. Frothy et at..
118. Aohenbach vs. The Helvetia Build
ing Assoclatiation.
112. Calhoun & Co. vs. McKim & Co.
118. hiceeary vs. Smith.
117. Bartlett vs. Frazier Bros.
118. MoGlinnis vs. Bradley.
119.. Nixon et a/ vs, Fleming.
120. ,Lane vs. Angright et ux.
122. Carson Bros. vs. Pratt.
123. Laughlin vs. Burns et al.
124.• Hughes vs. Parry.
125. Wilkins vs. Renard.
127. Frevoogle dt Giber vs. Donahue.
128. McNulty vs. Double et al. -
The Dissecting Rooms or Pittsburgh•..
How Medical Knowledge is Obtained.
In view of certain circumstances of late
occurrence, it will not much surprise our
readers to announce that here. in this
city of magnificent boundaries, a first
class and well-kept dissecting house Jain
fall tide of operation. affording the young
lances of the medical profession ample
opportunity to acquaint themselvesthor.
oughly with the secrets wrapped up and
hidden in the human form. It is perhaps
eminently proper that such schools
should exist, for physicians cannot too
well acquaint themselves with' the secrets
ofanatomy taidPikysiology. Manikins,no
matter how cleverly made do not fill the
bill of requirement and the real flesh;
blood and boned are necessary for the
successful attainment of correct medical
and surgical knowledge. Hence, in
noting the discovery we have made, we
do not pretend to find fault with the fol
lowers of science for maintaining their
well ordered morgue. We know the
announcement of the fact of a dissecting
school being in operation here Will chill
the blood of many timid persons, but to
allay all needless alarm, it is
well enough to say that the great majori
ty of the subjects for the knife are
brought hither from other places,and we
are confidently assured that body snatch
ing is condemned and avoided. The
bodies are washed, prepared and packed
in other localities by corresponding
members of the :Skull and Cross-bone
Club, and are forwarded here as ordi
nary,merchandise, and In a' circuitous
manner of delivery from one place to
another, finally- reach the table of the
dissecting room, to be disposed of accord
te the best de rules of .
It ing
is hardly necese fi ary ned
to state the lscienceoca
tion of the dissecting rooms to our med
ical readers, but ;to the outside corn.
munity from whom they are veiled in
close secrecy, we, might hint that they
are located on one : of our most traveled
thoroughtares, and hundreds pass
the old dingy, dirty house, shut
tered closely from week to week,
every hour of the day, and
we daresay never, imagine how many
pounds of decayed human flesh and how
many bushels of human skulls and
bones are bleaching within - the anti
quated walls. The operations are all
carried on after night, and when a
healthy, first class corpse is obtained
there is generally very large attendance
of physicians and medical students to
participate in the guastly entertainment.
Ordinarily the attendance at "consulta
tion" is' not huge; and sometimes the
dissecting is left to young, bungling stu
dents, who revel in-finding out for them-
Aelves, in their own rude way, secrets of
human organism. So long 'as the
room are conducted so well and the sub
jects secured elsewhere, we presume no
opposition can be made to the presence
of the death house in our midst, and, in
deed, for the good of science none should
be made.
Committee on Surveys.
At a special meeting of the City Conn.
oil Committee on Surveys, Saturday, im
portant matters concerning the new city
districts were considered, and it was de
cided to make a tour of inspection on
Saturday next. They will look at the
proposed locations of the route of Forbes
street beyond Braay street, the Pnckety
road, Shady lane and other points to
which their attention has been invited.
In all matters concerning the laying out
of the streets in the new districts, it is
the wish of the Committee to proceed
with as much haste as is consistent with
the public good. Careful examinations
will be ma&e, and all petitions and re
monstrances will be given due consider
ation. The matter of the location of
Ridge street,. referred back, was recOP
iddered, and the former action, resolv
ing to have the street made straight, was
confirmed. They decided to straighte%
St. Marys avenue, Lawrenceville, and or
dered the fixing of grades of Hazlett and
Liberty streets , and Denney's alley, in
the Sixteenth ward.
The Alleged outrage.
The parties arrested Sunday evening,
charged on oath of Ellen Dawson with
rape, an account of which we published
yesterday; had a hearing before his
Honor, Mayor Brush, yesterday at two
o'clock, which resulted in their being
'held to bail in the snm of one thousand
'dollars each, for their appearance at
court, in default of which they were
committed to jail. The bar keeper re
ferred to in .-a .pr evious account of the
'affair was also arrested, but after a
hearing was discharged, there being no
evidence implicating him in the outrage.
A warrant was issued for Donavan, the
proprietor of the house wherein the
affair place, but he has not yet been
i'MwaVR r2l=l_42ly
The Third Ward Square Of the :All*.
gheny Diamond, for a numbs"'
past hail attriietedr the "attenttoii of ttie+
City Fathers, who at sundry times made
spasmodic attempts at agreeing upon a
plan to render it somewhat more pleasing
to the eye. and profitable to the city ex
chequer. Thus far, however, all efforts
have proved abortive, and there it ilea
an unsightly, unimproved and unprofit
able but exceedingly valuable piece of
land right in the heart and centre of the
business and traffic of the city. Had it
been pioperly improved two or three
years ago by this time all the funds ex
pended would have been doubly re
turned, and the city considerably richer
in her yearly revenue. The three other
squares have returned in this manner,'
and why should not this one?
The matter'has again been brought be
fore the "Fathers," and this time it is to
be hoped with some show of action. At
the last meeting of Councils a committee
was appointed to consider and report as
soon as possible, a plan for thei improve
ment. Fortunately the committee is
composed of some of the most progres
sive and energetic business men of the
body, and the resut ofeir delibera
tions will doubtless l ead
lead t ome dottlidve"
measures being taken to beautify and I
render profitable theuneightly waste.
A meeting of the \ committee was
held last night, and although we have
not been officially informedof any au
thorized plan, yet the, e seems to be one,
or rather-the germ of one, which will re
ceive the sanction of the committee and
be recommended to Councils. It con
templates the erection of a block of
stores, three or four stories in bight, ex
tending around the four sides of the
square, and of a sufficient depth to form
ample store-rooms. The central portion
of the second and third stories may be
built as a public hall, entrance to it be
ing upon each of the four aides, by the
ascent of broad flights of stairs,
from the several streets, The plan
may be somewhat modified so that part
of the structure can be used to accommo
date the wants of the market folks, and
the rest be rented out as store rooms
and offices, but either way it could hard
ly fail to be an exceedingly remunera
tive investment. Judging from the man
ner in which the places in the market
house now built were taken up, it is cal
culated that the premium alone for the
places in the new building would amount
to nearly half the oust of its construction,
while the yearly rental would reimburse
in one year the expense incurred. These
estimates may be somewhat extravagant,
but they are not to far above the mark
as they at first glance may seem, at least
some of the shrewdest business men'
and - financiers in the city seem to think.
The new building, it is thought, can be
erected in a plain but neat and substan
tial manner, of brick, for one hundred
thousand dollars. Of course this is only
the general idea of the plan, but it seems
evident, treat the manner in which the
affair is being oonducted, that something
will be done this time. The Committee
can only recommend, which in quite
certain to be done. It is the province of
Councils to direct, which now seems one
of the certainties.
A Villainous Carpet Bagger.
Yesterday afternoon a meg German
ti c
girl arrived in Pi burgh from her
native land, In quest f a brother-in-law.
She stopped at a boar ng house to which
place she had been dir ted to get dinner.
At the table, eating wi h her, was a man
who soon Introduced mall, and finally
learned her ,destinati c r Her brother
in-law, he said, reside irt Allegheny, he
know him and would conduct her to his
home. Rejoiced being released,
as she supposed fr m any further
trouble, she accepted the kind strati
stranger's offer, and pr eeded with him
to the depot for her gage, only a ca.-
pet sack, but which ntained the ma
jority of her earthly 'd our includ
ing eighty dollars gold. The two
started away from th depot chatting
pleasantly, and bad pniceeded but about
four or fi ve squares wen the stranger.
carrying the carpet big disappeared in
an alley and was lost to view. His icom
panion waited some ime for hut reap
pearance, but fi nally to up the search
and endeavored to find her relative her
self, in which she nufo tunately proved
unsuccessful. Alone in a strange
city, in a strange land, and among
a people who for the most part were
of a different nature to her. it
is no wonder she sat down and gave vent
to her feelings in a passionate flood of
tears. In this distressed condition she
was discovered by one of the kind
hearted countryman who benevolently
offered her a temporary home. The
name of her-brother-In-law is Tames Har
ris, who resides, she says, according to
her directions. somewhere in Allegheny
city. If this paragraph should meet his
eye be ow nod a clue to his -relative by
calling at thit Allegheny Mayor's office.
South Pittobtu•gh Council.
An adjourned meeting of South Pitta
burgh Council was held yesterday (Mon
diy) evening, May 3d, at half-past seven
o'clock, for the purpose of considering an
ordinance granting the right of way to
the Monongahela Valley Roilroad to
traverse certain streets in said borough.
In the absence of Burgess Roberts,
Councils organized by tailing Mr. gains
to the Chair.
:Members present Messrs. Brown,
Rains, Kune, Lorentz and S.beargold.
Justice Barker,
Clerk of Council, read
the minutes of the preceding meeting,
which were approved. .
Mr. Heins, Chairman, stated the ob
ject of the meeting, and .stated that an
ordinance had been prepared by the City
Solicitor. - -
The Clerk theu'read a communication
from S. C. Sehoyer, Esq., Borough Sofia
itor, accompanying which was the ordi
nance referred to. -
The ordinance was read, and, on ma ,
tion, was taken up soMit by - seXtiolf,
After considerable discussion, Dir.
Sheargold moved to tefer the ordidibl7
back to the soturnittesc, appointed it
. previous meeting to prepare an ord -
nance, with , instructions to alter . or
amend the , ordinance so as to conform 1,0
the viewe Of Connell, did 'to report'at an
adjourned meeting to be ,held Monday
evening, May 17th, 1889.
The motion was adopted.
Council then adjourned.
Horrible Accident—Child Burned ,to
An accident of a most horrible nature .
occurred in the Sixteenth Ward on Sat:
urday evening, resulting in the'deat ,1
a little girl three years, of age: A lire.
Fresh, residing in the Sixteenth warda,
. .
on Saturday morning went out of her
house to a grocery store to make some
purchases, leaving her daughter, a. little
child only three years of age4' alone in
the house, and during her p4Aeno, it B
was pears, the child got a stick and was 10-
lug • with the : lire, ;when her,clo .
caught tire, burning her so seVdrel that
death ensued .a few ours after ' '
. -
.. .
- . .
~,...z- Z .,111,- - ,, t il, .5. 7 7,,,,,a . P.r.. 5 . 7,17,;=:.:5g . ,, z - r0 4 ,... ,
....:4: ~.,47,,,1fE5.-2,,Rsr,:f=-1:,,N,,,,,5n-17,74:t._,,,F;T17--ze5;_z7A.,....:-4.
z,:.,.„,),,....,iz.,.;:,,-..,-,v,i1.74.1...i.,....vz.e.,...k.-.1.1,.41P.,:,-47:0,,,,,,;‘,.;74,Atti1t--),.vir,,..A-...,..it1ft,L,„p;::-E.67.14:4_,:.,:4;,,..,,:,,z,,,,,..,,,_:c41,,tr.k.4.,:?,.:p.,,,),.4,,,,,1;_,,,,..,„,,-,;.;5.:...,.1%,..i.,„;,,,.L.,....,,, 0.w"..
R . . -,-,, t-- A -_s= 4 . ...., - vt., , ,%. riA r. ..,., .4,,,k.w:..pirt=4..-4,,-t.,.4-...,.,,z,v,,,-...,44t.A.,..*.z-<t,..w.• ',,rp....61.?4,-.. kv.-,,,;--tikit,-..44,-,--,--v:,•=4;,,,i,;-k-,--4,,N.,..,..- ~--4,R-AO-,..*.;-,,-.
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~,, „ „,.,,,i,,,i,cr0,,,,,1iT.1.,,,tiVrwc,v..5. i ~.' --',A,},fl rA- - "' ' . •
; 'I. , . Itt.. - .r , 14-F1 tp, ~.*., ' . 4. - 044 4- ' '.'' ''`X`'" . r **'.*** *
I) -
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. 6 :
(1) 1.: ""•.., -- t1 '.
The IbllowfUSi-4891b1 •=Were fled of
rtft#3Wor - .AfF4velY, Rel"rd"
f 069
Andrew FinneyM Andrew Large, December Rt.
1868; tract oflabd lD Mirlin township, contain
ing 15 acresand 108 Peruiror , .411,800
George B. Johniton to John 11, Heart en, s set°.
hereet 30, 1888 ; lot, In Chartiers township, 75 by
10), 4200
Agnes McMahon to William Hunter, April 16,
LW; lot on *.lOhn street, Thirteenth
Pittertrobrill b y 13 2 feet, I" l6si rd
Oliver H. Ormsby to Frederick Lintner, August
10. 1813;dots 31 and 50 in Mount Oliver tract
Lower Su Clair tewusbip, $4711
Hirer Donnell to F. Izabeth Longdon, December
14, 1868; lot in Millersville, Penn township,
containing 48 perches 4=6
William sitestAo Mary E. Brickman , April 21,
1889; lot on Opting Alley, Lower lit. Clair town
ship, 4120
James L. Marshal to William McCune, February
23. HMO, lot on Bell avenue, Chanierstownshin,
1183 d 1;• 280 feet $1,000 •
isines Penny to Richard Moyle, June 13 1568:
lot on Canal street, SharpsbUrir, 48 btp
feet. IO
Manliest Jarvis to John J. Magner. Apr 24
18M; idt in Clarenee bbaler's plan, Uniontown.
ship, /*by 200 f. et, 8450
Thomas Meyer to William Coleman, April 29,
1869; lot on Dimond Alley, Pittsburgh, 80 by
1.9 feet 1410,03)
Joseph M. liassam to Thome Carlin. December
8, nu: lot on Bobo aoreet, 25 by 122 feet. —.4250
Robert Smith to John Linton, May 1, 1869; inter
est in tract °fiend in Reserve tom:only con-,
n6l2taiai acres and 25 perches, .... -81,393 89
Peter FaiNey 10 Patri..k ordith. April 11, 1831;
lot No. sin lihode ' s plan, on ;Irwin street.
Pit tsburgobi ;0 b, 12,71 E
Thirteen mortgages were also bled for record,
MAY 9, 1868.
Wm. M. Claney to Joseph W. Long, Jan. I, 1950,•
the undivided ono-third part of lots 40, 41 and
42, Charlton , ' plan, on tatartiers street, Alle
Vflii. - Thest to Jacob Leger, Match 3, 11169;2M scree
of ground In 911111 In town.hip
Wntelsocuuton , to Ohaa. Cook May. 1. IWO; one
acre bf ground in Mixon town'ship, with build-
Leger to Wm. Best, March 9, 1889; 2}4 urea
of (Monad In al ifilln township $lO
Wen. Young to Chao. Cook, March 1, 1889; lot In
Sewickley borough 80 by 100 feet
Robert 'Henderson to John Hendler. December
19, 1868; lots Nos. 17 and 18 Caratt's plan ' on
bleep street, Third ward, Allegheny. um
Joseph MoKnight to Geo. Duncan, Nov. 1, I 862;
lots No. 1 to 10 inclusive. on Center and Carson
streets, Birtnindham, 80 by 200 feet, with build
ings 49000
John Boggs to Aua Richard-, April 1. 1939; , lot
No. 13 plan, on Watson Street , 131.2 th
ward. Pittsburgh. 20 . 111 feet *4.500
C. - Bauman to Heury Si lverman, January 4 1889;
lot No. 166 Scott's plan, on Filth avenue, Pitts
burgh. 24 by 94 feet 19,09 i
Gorge H. Smith to Henry Silverman, January
10, 7889; lot No. 25, Patterson's plan, en Perry
street, Birmingham, 20 by 80 feet... • • .r,BOO
Gabriel Fry to George Grille, April 7,18 U; lot In
Wilksburg, 72 by*" feet with balidings-45 200
Jacob Covoile to Conrad Holland. July 31, 1.168,
lot, No 5 d 8. Cogode , s plan, in SharpsOurg on
Bridge street, ....
John O. Phillips tootary idatodelane Ann. A prit
21, 1869; twOUts in Lovrer ht. Clair townshi p .
42 by SO feet • 18500
Berkilutlin wog to Nan y Robinson, May 1,P860;
lots ho. 7 & 8, Fox's Wan, Chartters townehl
on Fox's avenue, 60 he 100 feet
Israel Hoag to ...stoney & Birmingham, February
24, 3869; lot in McC,ure township on Charles
street, . -
M .4%750
Same to same, August 5. 1888; lot In cCiare
to anshio 410,000
Richard • Taylor so the trustees of the African H.
B. Church of Elizabeth borough, on Fourth
street, 800 y PM feet,
bert elliaads to M. Bing. April 10. 18697, six
acres and 45 perches of Lana in McCandless
township 4345
Joseph Robertson to Ed. Eiwent 7, March 1, 1869
8 acres orgroand In Wilkins township, -.31, MO
William Dickey to P. T. Austin, February 15,
1868: tract of land in Richland township, con
taining 75 acres and 25 perches, 0.43P$
John Ewalt to Thomas Staley, April 1, IRO;
three acres of land in Richland twp 600
IL H. Neg'ey to Relines Johnston, kfarch 33,
30. 1869; Solon Ron street, nth Ward, Pius.
burgh. 9 by 180 feet, 4650
Joseph Dubold to John Killing. March 20. 1860;
lot on Ilmanor street , Lower ilt,Clair township,
15 by 80 feet. 1900
Josef, t H, Dallis to Genet!) Grater; lot In 6th
fe ward, Allegheny, op Franklin street, 24 by 129
Geo. Hirable to Theodore Hesse, January. 867;
3, 1
lot on Franklin street, 6th ward, Allegheov.
24 by feet, •
Gotlelb Orator to F. !Schram, Not ember. 6. IW.
lot on Yranklin street, Bth ward, Allegheny
by feet. .
F. Schram .0 lift). Stable, October 1. Isll6 to
above• described 10t,..,. • ...... • 4650
Same day 12 mortgagef were filed.
OPERA HOUSE.—Humpty Dumpty, the
grand and amusing fiantomlme, was pre-
Bented for the first time last night before
a Pittsburgh audience—and such an au_
dience it was too I Every seat from pit
to dome was occupied and the aisles and
lobbies were uncomfortably crowded.
The utmost satisfaction was manifested
by everybody present, and an almost
continual roar of applause and burst of
ringing laughter assured the success of
the piece. The ballet was no secondary
part of the attraction, as it was presented
in a manner much less objectionable
than we ever, before noticed. Grace,
youth. end beauty rather than muscular
development appear to have been there
quirements in making up the troupe.
The pantamime abounds in rich and en
joyable points, - and the veriest-.cynic
could not refrain from laughing himself
almost to ' death If present at, the
entertainment. To-morrow afternoon
Humpty Dumpty will be offered for la
dies and the , little folks. To-night it will
again be presented. Do not fail to put in
an appearance while it retains possession
of the boards at the Opera House.
Tan ACADBMT.—On our seventh page
we publish the programme for the read
ing entertainment to be furnished our
lecture-going community by the distin
guished actress laiss,Augusta L. Dargon.
It will be observed that It embraces
pleaiing gems of literature and some of
the most difficult to render, but we are
confident the gifted lady will prove equal
to the Leek. she has assigned herself. The
reedit*, will take place on Thursday
night, and there will be no reserved seats.
etre was crowded again last night. The
attractions are greater than the public
can withstand, and the entertainments
are of a highly , satisfactory character,
,hence the crowded houses.
Homicide at stenbenville.
Sattirday evening of last week, ak Sten
benville; 0., James Coulson and John
McCalfery, employed at the Jefferson
rolling mill, renewed an old quarrel, hav
ing encountered each other in a saloon.
McCaMiry, it la alleged, called Coulson a
"coward," used other abusive language.
and finally slapped him with . his open
hand on the mouth. Coulson,a much
smaller man than McCaffery, id not at
tempt to--resent the , indignities heaped
upon him, and deemed afraid to do so.
After they had been in the saloon about
an hour MoCaffery,went out. He was
followed and Overtaken by Coulstui who, knife,
is alleged, attacked him with . a
inflicting a deep :cat in his abdomen,
through which the bowels protruded.
Coulson then ran away. McCaffery, was
conveyed to his residence, •and died
in about four,hours afterward. , On Bun-
I dari3Ohlson !surrendered , himself to the
authorities, and was oommittect to jail to
await the result of the inquest. • The de ,
!ceased was about twenty-eight years of
age, and married. Coulson la about thir
atid is alao married. •
grifiay'evtining of list week, Mr. J. M.
Montgomery, the 'gentlemanly and eft.*
dent clerk at the Qatar Depot, Pennayl.,
vents Railroad, was presented with a
handscimegold watch and chain valued,-
at 5225. The preaentation smock was Mr. •Robert, , Pitcairn, and res.
ponded to by the recipient in a feeling
manner. Mr. Montgomery hasoactiVed
his present position about four years,.
and by his uniform courtesy And kind..
nese has won the esteem and confidence,
“:1f all with whom he bar associated, hnd
who thus thanifested their appreciation'
'of him The lime.pieae. was Purchased'
at Abe, woll known •eatablislueent
R.Reerloo.i_whibh ihruttloienticuw
ankle of its reliability:
'`tlio~"W.Pigai ICdini ' laiwu
;Saida:it' Ptinefppii. I.(
There ihould be stemdaratirinci in
, .
medicine as well as philoao
- Without a ' , zero" to stari. , from; or a
"standard" from calculate the
deviations, the principle and praitice of
medicine, in fact` the principles of any
art or science, cannot be satisfactorily'
elucidated or properly understood.
The art and science of medicine is
divided into several special departments,
each having their standard principles,
which form the batds for their scientific
elucidations. .
Every particular ,part or the human
body has had itS average natural proper
ties, constittients, quantities, dEr»,
dnced upon scientific principles to a
standard of nearly definite proportions
in health.,
This serves for , the more correct eluci
dation of disease ;by comparison and
measurement of the deviations from the
healthy standard. Thus the average
proportionate constituents of the blood
in health. being reduced to a standard,
any considerable deviation from this
standard quality a ; of the blood is disease.
,-, The same in t e urinary excretion; the
average natur proportionate constitu
ents of the urine in health form the
standard. any considerable deviation
froni which basii; - either in proportion or
constituent% exhibits disease.
This latter id a practical fact which we
are daily demonstrating at our office,
To. 182 Grant street; and 'which any one
can have tested eto their, entire satisfac
tion, by sending a standard specimen
(morning urine) 'for scientific analysis
and examination.
If we fail to detect the "morbid condi
tions," if any; or to determine the nature
of the disease, or the organs affected, as
the lungs, liver, stomach, brain, kidneys,
womb, &c., there shall be no charge
Bestir° to give the age of the patient
atthe same time; as the urine varies in
proportionate constituents in the differ
entagturof'infiinc3i, Childhood, manhood
and old age.
The name and residence of each patient
should be given also, in order 'to avoid
confusion of cases where medicines are
taken. 1. Or nuns, AIL 1).
lat'Ame time since we mentioned the •
cumatance of a rather serious charge
having been made before snap town Al
derman against a gay dusky Lothario, by
a young.whito girl employed' as cham
bermaid at the Union Depot Hotel. The
matterwas compromised at the time, and
the charge - withdrawn. Since then a
wedding has taken' place between the
parties, but how, or when, or where, is
one of the mysteries. The only really
tangible:fact, known is the announcement,
made yesterday, by the parties interested
that the mysterious ceremony had
been performed .some time since—aix
months, according to thlibridel, and six
weeks, according to the groom. That
they have, however, started out in the
voyage of life tegedier seems to be one
of the certainties r as much so as the fact
that when the announcement was made
it had the effect of. procuring for them
both a summary dismissal from employ
ment. And so the matter rests at pre&
ent. igAlrkwell that ends well."
Monday morning about eight o'clock
Mrs. Eminerson died vary suddenly ot.
the St. Charles Hotel, in this city. She
, had been stopping at the hotel fbr somo
time, with her husband, Mr. R. H. Em
meson, oitmercbant, and two children.
Recently Mrs. E. had a severe fall from a
,carriage, and. was quite ill in come
,quince, although nothing of a serious
nature was apprehended. At the time
stated she was beard -to tall for a servant,
who hastened to her bedside and found
her In the agonies of death. She died
very suddenly,.and before her husband
reached the room. Mr. Emmerson is"
from Massachusetts, and Mrs. E. from
Troy, N. Y. The body of Mrs. E. will be
taken to her friends in New York. Mr.
E. is left with two little girls aged res
pectively two and four years.
Yesterday morning about three o'clock
one of the Allegheny night watchmen,
while passing in the • vicinity of Beaver
street and North alley, Second ward, ob
served a man in the cellar of-a dwelling
industriously endeavoring to effect an
entrance to the house. Finding himself
noticed, the burglar quit work, and
.scrabling out of his subterranean guar
Am mode away as _fast as a pair of ex
ceedingly nimble feet could carry him,
far out distancing the guardian of the
law, who attempted his arrest. Saban
-guent investigation made the fact evi
-tient that the fellow had just commenced
work when discovered, and. come
quentlyi. had made no heldway. The
watchman could not identify him again.
At a regular meeting of Monongahela .
Lodge No. 488 I. 0. G. T., held Friday
evening, the following officers were
erected for the ensuing quarter;
W. C. T., John Hazzard; W. V. T.,
Veleara Hoffman; W. R. Louis Wor
forik; W. T., Richard Stockdale; W.
F. S., J. A; Dickey; W. C., Cyrus Black;
P. W. C, T.. G. A. Hoffman, Jr.; W. O.
G., tante 0. Collins; W. 1 G., Emma
Hall; W. M., James Gohl.
This Lodge, located at Monongahela
City, hold their regular meetings every.
Friday evening. Members of the Order'
are cordially invited to meet with them.
The citizens of Washington: and all
persona having business in that pleisant
country town, will be gratified to learn
that Samuel Rare k 'Sons have estab
-lished a linoof coaches on the Havelock
route from Washington via Canonsburg,
connoting with the morning express on
the P. C. andfit. L. Railroad at 'McDon
ald Station fbr ,thlr city. The stook Is
first class, the drivers are careful and
attentive to their duties, and every atten
tion will be rendered to secure the corn=
fort of passengers.
Tickets can be secured from John'
Little, at the PultotsHouse. Washington,
and at John Briceland% Canonsburg.
hioCohof Canonsburg / Mil run a hack
from that place to litoDonalds Station and.
P4 l / 1 4 daily,
nth At 4 Into etockhAders
are' invited te attend the next , meeting.
on Tneadi i i, May
_4tb, at 8 o'clock'P.
nboire 'Virbitehad'a Grocery' Stine, on
Pride street ant Fifth avenue, to nomi.
nate a Saluda' Directors for the ensuing
year. IL A. i .. iiOENAIIIIII, -
W. W. Moorheid, Al Market aim;
would invite the attention of all his ens
towers and the public, to the closing out
at private sale all the I;oodif.yet remain
ing unsold. Great bargains, eau be se
oared ne s t week in EMbroidaties; Laces
and Dam Weala. • , •-• ,
Table ware: plated with Wirer by
Pittatnargh • Plating. Compiler, No„,
Sixth Streit, next the bri
All'! Well, dm.
Sudden Death at the St. Charles.
Election of Officers.
Stage to wastWwton.
secretary pro tern
ilew - to s.
Our business men who ,nre oomolw,
ing of dull. 10/ 2 0 8 and' ifostrcatY or :/itlit;)
chasers,' should read the folloWing:
lldzsaus. COE, Wirrsznizt dt CO.,
Newspaper Advertising Agents, Ledger
Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
Gentlemen: Your propWtion to insert
my advertisement of I, FOuti's Sorge and
Cattle Powders, Fouts's Alixturee,.and
Shriner's Balsamic Cough Syrup," in
eight hundred and sixty-tvio newspapers,
selected throughout the East, Middle
and Western States, was .duly received
and is hereby acoepted. - ; r '
I am convinced from what / have
learned regarding your facilities, etc.,
that T can place my advertising business
in your hands with the most peffetit as-
swamis that it will be done tam* , entire
satisfaction, and to the best adlantage for
my interest.
Please cause my advertisement to be
inserted regularly every issue ibr, the
period of one year from date of first in
aertion, without unnecessary delay.
Yours, truly, DAVID E. FOETE.
Deliciously Medicinal.--This
.f• the
universal verdict pronounced uPon
Pralvrxriox Brrrnn by all who have
tried them. The well-known liealth
promoting ingredients from which they
are made, and their invaluable merits as
a remedy forindigestion and all its con.
scquent, ailments, and the preventive
qualities against diseases arising from
'climatal Changes,. miasmatic Influences
and imperfect secretions, are eo widely
known and so honorably endorsed, that
we trust no one will forego the advanta
ges of their use.
biacratorsa EIS& pe_rior to the
beat imported German Cologne, and sold
at halt the price. . Tmem.F.
Unabated.—The excitement among the
ladles in consequence of the immense
stock of trimmings and lace_ goods, hp.
eery and gloves, at W. W...,Mitttheitd'or
No4Bl Market street; kis not Abited.lir
the least, and we presume WM - Met as
long as Mr. M. - oontinttei to ttlielte inch
elegant goods and sell themi:akraiddly
as he is now doing. . . • A
... - .
The Place to gat QueensWare.--Bege
& McGraw are selling twenty- evegooda
per cent. cheaper than
either city. Please call and examine , for
yoarselves, at No. 10 Diamond. Al
legheny. • 2.
Pittsburgh Elecro Plating. Na
Sixth Street; first door from euepenzion
,• • ,
Constitution Water is s oertain care An
•Dlabetes and all diseases of the Bid
nays.' For side by all Druggists:
Britiania Ware Silver plated at No. 1
Sixth Street, first door from suspension
The place to get White Lime, Cal
pined Plaster, Hydraulic Cement. is at
Baker Oaskey's, Smithfield street
Take Your Spoons, Castors Knives,
Forks, &o„ to No.' 1 Sixth Street-, and
have them replated and made equal to
, . .
RE/C...-mm Sunday' morning. lkinv ^ Mrs.
AlliN IL, Mini o:Lewis U. Beno, in the 83d year
of her age. .
Funeral services will be held at. Tiinity Church
on Tuesday 'aftermion, ai :o'clock. The
friends of the family'are Iniqted to attend.
ARMSTRONG—On Monday morning, May 3d,
IL 6 o'clock. Mrs. ANNA MARTPIA, wire or"
Wm. C. ArLustrong,and daughter of J. Cuthbert,
Funeral from the residence of her husband,
High street, Mt. Washington. on WILDNESD&T
ArYanaciox" at Si o'clock. The friends of the
family are respectfully invited to attend. •
Pa; COFFINS of all kIads,CRAPIP4
GLOVE*. and e• ery description of Funeral Par.
fishing Hoods fcralabed. Booms open day eO4
niabt. TlearrP rad Carriages furnished;
Rargaimoss—Rev. Dam Kerr. D.D., Itet.lll.
W. Jacobus. D. D., Thomas Ewing, Rae.. Jacob
H Miller, Bea.
AVENUe Allegheny City. where their ediTa
ROOMS ale constantly supplied- with reel and
Imitation *mood, Mahogany and Walnut
Collins, at prices %prying from It 4 to sl.oo ± .
dies prepared for rment. Hearses and Car.
lieges , &rubbed,' giro, •11 sands or Mourning
Goqda, If required. Mlers men at alb:0411N dal
*33:1 "QV MX.41.1=k,":*7„ ,
Contriving of a fine One of Plnis; Mar Rings.
Sleeve Buttons, Spiral Studs, Finger .Bings,
Chums' des., in Etruscan, Moss Agate. B7tau - •
tine, Topaz, Pearl, Garnet and . many other
styles, jai received by
w. G.I)MirSEALTII, -
Would respectfully trfbrm nu friends and the
nublto generally, that hte
Corner of Penn and Sixth Streets,
Saratoga "A" Water.
t:longress Water.
• Hiseingen Water.
tke., &c. • ;
you ciALE BZ, . • •
Corner Fourtb Avenue, and Smith
• : field Street.
. ,
AGENT 7911_
sIPPITER PQ 018 E8 ` ( Loneoe>
G rkt4 PERVEI3C/Nti .
Ne. vasmasa and Tate ancezine
• No ao BlTTYwritzsT, oats
obar.)have Inn receireAreont the ist the heel
of New GOoda Sas Pprhnt genii iitet browigo . -
to the market. The tun warraat to oat and it
And mac ,Olothes cheaper and better WA ant
.4114.0181/14, hose& In this cult. A new and srphela
Aid assortment of IaNNTLIJOINV 111U10110. 1
/NO GOODS are ut all times to be Ataxia at thie
inrose." Our Nonaber is 80 jitigirto