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onlc‘ce . or. PiTrast!Bey 43..1,7TE,
MONDAY. April 19, 1869.
t. . . ._ .
• —f,. CATTLE—Notwithstanding there Wins
. • f, a fair supply of rattle to day, fully seven
t, hundred, the market Was a stiff One, the
demand being . fully np to the, supply,
and prices were strong and fully.'.lsus•
tamed..aL addition to the retail dentand.
there was acme Inquiry for sn-'4'lpineritt
and, se last week. the was the case pees
N. ,
Were pretty well cleared out by ten
I.i. o'cloc;. The quallty of the Cattle 'on
sale, as up to the usual standard. per
haps t e little better than tignal,end .
• i were . arly all from Chicago; and, were,
tiearly'ail in the hands of the re • • regul ar
..`. dealers. , ,
...,, L prices, compared with last week, ave
undergone no quotable change.- itne
.., to extra smooth fat steers sold at - • m 8
it. tgBX, and medium do, at7X(ga7X. '1: ock
V steers may be quoted at 6 ,14@634.. •
. i '• There is an improved demand for reah
(lowa, and quotations may be fairly given
I. : at 160@100 per head, accoraing to qtutl
• ity and condition.
I One of the finest' bullocks in this mar
{ ket for many a day, was sold
_by 8:
t Marks & Bro. 'to Chas. Weide. Hazle
wood & Blackstock, also, had some very
fine cattle.
- Holmes, Lafferty dr Co. sold 21 head
stoekers, at 5,65©6,75.
• f. i Nicholas Carr sold 15 head of Ohio
i', steers, at 7X ®B . ets.
. t, , Hedges dr Taylor sold 19 head of fairish
t steers, at 6X@6X.
a •L.dt J. Sheinberg 52 head steers, all
~.. from Chicago, at 7158 x.
{.'... •I. Reefer 20 head from Chicago, at
• • 6 N0734. - '
f Lohman tirflratirman 70 head, all from
Chicago, at 6,62®834,.
. . 8. Marks & Bre t. 95 head from Chicago,
, .. at 734.58 X: . •
• ,
S. LoWensteine 18 Chicago steers, at
• ', 7Y. ®7X.
. •
Greenwald & Kahn sold 5.5 ' head
Chicago steers, at 7xagB3s; also 25 head
• from Chicago, for Myers, at 6X12/73.-
Hazlewood & Blackstock 50 head from
' Illinols . and Ohio, at 6y,®sx.
1 awl Qt Kraus 50 from Chicago, at
J. reedy 83 from Chicago, at 7i2)835; 16
~ lead for Joseph Myers, at ,6%@7y(... :
I. 71.krtrnan & Zeigler, 68 head, sold 18
. lead to Rtinydn, at 8; balance, at fiNw.
• 1 M. Verner34 head Chicago' steers, at
• , 1" `. tttobilds & • Eats_ 71 . head Chico
• steers, it SIM& c ' " -
.- :13.111CRF0.. There . watt -an unnittidly
• large..inipplytotEliusels en dale Willey,
the lamest we Alive had to reoord•for
• several . weelre-so9i;7•hesil—and with only
a a . moderate .demand, • The market waft
very stow, arid.oeini With *taw**
prices are lower; of tie butchers,
• ... have been. engagi ng th eir s hee p Iti the
adjoining D=4l7oolll** consequence
• they did not want tinny •th-day;"thiii_tith
: it: us' probablectliat ' they' could "
bought. all they Wanted. hare at '4 Isea
~.. orioti,lf they lusd only kuciwn - it. 3- We'
,_,'•• look for a Urger 'supply from this-tlme
it:, out, as fawners will commence throwing
- .0 them on the •
market as soon as they get.
• •••• ,••‘' the wo•l'olf.
t''' . 2. , I. Needy reports retailing 109 head
. i clipped at s@}7. ' ,
'' Moulton it Neely, 30 head.wooled, at 6.
i,i :' J. F. Neely, 80 clipped, at 5®6X. '
• ' '4
J. Davis sold 67 head clipped for Jones
•t ••( Adam Eckert 200 head clipped at 5®7.
"..'•••'0 J. Kauffman 75 at 4,56,35.
.....„4, Anil & Myers 222 head; clipped at 3x
....„ ,
10 .1,
anwooled at 63i®8. James Kerr
. • ,./.. and
'• I . HOGS—The Hog market was a little
'•. i'' tlow to-day, the warm weather prevent
•., .ng the butchers from buying as freely
4. ..t as usual. We now quote in a retail way
..., ,I at 11®12x gross, as to quality.
• v Jacob Needy wholesaled 51 at 10%.
Markets by Telegraph.
.NEw Yortu, April 19.—Cotton is with-
obit any , decided - change; sales or 1,500
hales at 283;o for middling uplands.
The receipts of Flour were 6,684 bbl*.
dull and heavy and s®loc lower; 5,100
bbls at 55,23@5,75 for snperflne State and
western; $5,85®6,20 for extra State; $5,80
®6,20 rfer extra western;.-14,75®8 for
white extra; $5,90®7,10 for Round Hoop
Ohio; I l®B,sofor extra St. Louis; s9®l2
for ood choice do, closing heavy. Bye
sour drooping; 250 bbls at 55®6,80. Corn
Meal quiet. Whisky nomisal.• Whea%
dull, heavy • and 1®23 lower, receipts
1,188; sales livered; 29,000
1440 f0r ;,82 bush at 1 for No. 3
spring de No. 2 do de.
livered; 51,66 for white California; $1,90
for white Canada, and ;2 for white Mich
igan. Rye dull and drooping. Barley
dull and heavy; 6.000 bush German on
private terms. Barley Malt quiet.. Corn
bush at 82®84X0- for new mixed
western; 84®86c for old do in stare and
delivered, and 89®91 for choice Aid
. fancy Southern yellow. Oats; receipts
1,254; sales 26,43% bash; dull at 76U for
western in store; 77®780 for do afloat.
Stock In the grain warehoules is wheat
1.562,240; corn 838,981; oats 1;067,603; rye
140,797; barley 51,837; malt 62,838; pegs
38,287 bush. Rice unchanged. Linseed
011 quiet at 5 1 ,02®1.03. Coffee 'very
firm: Sugar quiet and steady;-Bales of
450 hhds, at 1130 for Cuba and 12Xo for
Portia Rico. Molasses steady:- sales of
120 hhds; Musa:made 500. Petroleum
quiet, at 17a for crude and 8235 ®330 for
refined bonded. Hope quiet, at 60150 .
"or American. Spirits Turpentine heavy
48®50c. Potk firm and In fair de
"mid; sales of 1,800 bbl*, at $.30,87®31,00'
foinew mess; $80,62®30,75 for old do.;
e 2641,23,50 for prime, and 128,50@29•00-.
'or prime mess. Beet dull; sales of 10"
'ibis, at sB®l6 for new plain mesa and
'42E08 for new extra mess. Tierce Beef
Inlet; sales of 100 tierces, at 823028 for
'rims mess and 825(430 for India mess.
leaf Hams steady; sales of 190,bWit at
.28®28,50. Cut Meats steady; - *ales of
88:pkas, at 12X®130 Ior. shoulders and:
B®l7o for haws. Middles quiet and
.toady; Bahia of 100 boxes long clear on
shat* terns. "Lard's:shade&Mei;
ales •of 800 Marcos, at 17X®19Xe fOr
4 eP4 12 ; for iota of choice; /BX®
to ettle rendered. Butter quiet,
at o for Ohlo and 88®40c for State;
Ohba* fi rm at 18®22X0. Freights to
Liverpool-firmer, with engagement per
steamer of 40,000 bush wheat and porn
at Bd.
: TakTzwr--Flatir closed dull and Sc lOW
'ar. a = Wheat dull and lc lower for spring,
..1- aka), quiet and steady, for winter. Rye
no lower. Oataqulet and steady
- i ar.B7go fot western in store. Corn dull
mil heavy -at itt®B4o for new mixed
sestern, and 81@88c for old mixed west.
~ ma in store and afloat. Pork nosultuti at
dßruft dzmulelatssuidgmunet.
•; honget tfl f d or . new uaco u n iersi ali steady. Lard steady at 18mc for
\ i,
•''rime steam. 200
Eggssteady at 19®,
Outoll4nterf, April 19 .—Ploar - un- .
, • !hanged and steady; family 118,601g8,715.
1 1;0.
ffheat is scarce and firm with sales of
.", .2 at 11.88; Nor lat 11,48. Corn is in
, r. letter supply afid - fltmer at 67131380 ;the
•'• 'atter rate for , shelled. Rye is firm at
at66479c.ind11 with Baie;)rniddlll`at
OW. • Barley fnehanged•'and quiet.
:I. Wkiiiky dull at 91k1.^ Provisions quiet,
ibiits held firm at full rates. Mess Pork is
held at 131. Bulk Mid* '111 1 2a1430
Iflar shoulders and sides. Baoon; 121 Me for .
P., .
• .
1 6 1 0Uldees;; H4ftgitlyof Int aloarltilf aid&
and 17@)17Y,13 for clear: dev, , no= laden.
Lard Wu,any.extentfloity
kettle rendered is Ofleable at -18018 yc , Sugarletired Rime at .IBAIII3I. denfind
moderate, in the small Way they. b6lng
. 1 8.,',®190. Butter an t the' supply
fair with sales of fresh '
at" 31431ki. - Eggs
lower, and dull at. 15c.' Tirudthy seed
is'scarce, and advanced'to 114,50... Clover
at 215%4515g: Linseed 011 quiet at $1,05
01,06.. Lard_ Oil 11,45@1,50. Petro.
leum at 33@35c. Sugar unchanged and
quiet with sales of New, Orleans at 131 A©
15c. Molasses scarce and firm; New
Orleani at 80@)85c. Coffe'e firm at 21 to
26c. Gold 133;‘; buying exchangesteady.
ST. LOUIS, April 19 . --Tobacco, little of
fering and prices unchanged. Cotton--
nothing doing. Hemp dull and un-
changed, Flour dull; 'email sales of
double extra at $5,00@8,30, and treble
extra at 57,50. Wheat •Wheat dull and heavy;
sales of fair to priine red at $1,50, strictly
prime to fancy at ,$1,6512)1,69, prime to
fancy white at $1,35@1,45, spring at 51,06
(4;1,08, and No, 2in elevator, at 51,/234.
Corn quiet at 57(4:59c for mixed and
white in sacks. Oats quiet at 81(363c,
and a' few lots of fancy white at 65e.
Barley-some demand for choice and
fancy white; small sales of choice lowa
at 51,80. Rye firm at $1.23©1,26. Whig.
key at •870„ and no buyers, Groceries
dull and unchanged. Pork firm, with
small sales at $30,50®30,75. Bulk meats
-kales of packed clear
p shies In the small
way at 160; also, 20,p00 ounds shoulders,
hams and sides on private terms. Bacon
-setles of shoulders e at 131. 4 c, rib aides at
16e, clear rib aid at 18%e, and clear
sides at 170. Sweet pickled hams at 200.
Lard quiet and flrn, at 173,0 for choihe
tierce, and 19c for keg. Receipts past
twenty-four hours: 3,200 Ws flour, 5,000
bus wheat, 11,900 lam corn, 12,000 bus
oats, 1,400 bus barley, 800 ; bus. rye t , and:
850 hogs.
Guicacio, April 10.-Eastern Exchange
very weak but unchanged. Fietr in
moderate active shipping demand at 25
ig6 for spring extra. Wheat less active '
with saleti No." 1 at 21,12%©1,14, and No.
2- at $1,01X©1,024; clasing at 61,024
1,02 x; sales -si n ce' 'Things -at 11,9214.
Corn dull and. 1Wg.1340 lower, with sales
No. 1 at 5434@55, and. N 0.2 at 62%; new
at 44®45; closing. 1.4 (§ 44 51 for new;
nothing doing this afternoon.,Oatagulet,
with sales at .52x; cl 2
osing' at -5 52.
Rye ijnist; with dales No. lat $1;14 1,16;
clotting with XI at4.154311,163‘.. Bar
and 2 lower , with sales at
11,01s2)1,63; el With sellers 'at glide.'
Highwientis inactive and held thinly at
69e, with buyenr atlifb: , Nele Orleans Moe
lama at 1101,05: Sugar-'& V 1461534" for
compmrt tookolon, utPoik ostler at
130,65, cash..:Lard inactive bat Arm at.
17 303/ 11 k , OAreet_Piekkod HIM" steady at -
15,y, 163 i, , Dry Fatted, Shoulders more
abtive at'l,l3i for loeiws, and 11,4i,boxati.
Receipts fur -- the*ist 24 hours-8,147 bbla
flour, 25,200 bush wheat;79,1144 'bus coin,
15,518 bush oate,Ll2s InitihrY6,l,l2o bus'
barley, 1,581 bogs.; Shipmentll.o93
bbla flottryle,2ll3 buslrWiteat, 93,241 bus
corn, 15.904 bush vats, 9,895 bush rye,
1,929 bush barley, 1,872 hogs.
Tonkno, April 19..-Flettr dull; sales of
double extra fancy at 26,00@7,00. Wheat
-amber is better; sales at $1 1 4431 on
spot, at $1,44, sellers, for May; No. 1 red
Michigan, 11,85; No. 2' do, 51,30. Corn
quiet and a shade better; sales of No. 1
at 65340 on spot; 60c, seller, for June; 63c,
seller, fbr the last half of May; No. 2,
62Ne; no grade, el& Oats, 6234 e. Rye
dull and lower; sales of No. 1 at 51,25,
and No. 2at 11,20. Barley nominal. Re
ceipts: 2,900 bbls flour, 5,900 bus wheat,
2,900 bus corn, and 3,400 bus oats. Ship
ments: 2,500 bbls flour, 6,400 bus wheat,
23,7000 bus corn, and 5,600 bus oats.
MILWAUKEE ' April 19.-Flour is dull
and nominal. Wheat is dull at 51,0t73
for N0.4, - and 51,02 a for No. 2. Oats are
steady at 53 for fresh No. 2. Corn quiet
and steady at 44 for rejected new. Rye
dull and lower at 51,12®1,13 for No. 1.
Barley nominal. 'The receipts for the
past twenty-four hours were 2,000 barrels
of flour, 23,000 bushels of wheat. Ship
ments for the same time were 4,000 bar
rels of flour, 4,000 - bushels of wheat.
PHILADELPHIA, April 19.-Flour dull
and quotations are barely maintained;
sales 400 ',fhls northwestern extra family
at 56,50®7,50; Ohio 57,75®9,25. Wheat
dull; red $1,80©1,70; amber 01,75®1,85;
white 519042. Rye unchanged. Conlin
fair demand; 'sales 6,000 bush yellow at
88®90c; mixed western 80c.„ Oats steady
at 75c for western.' Petroleuut, Pro
viitiont and Whisky ere unchanged. '
, .
BALTIMORE,ApriI 19.-Flour very ditll,
and 'favoring buyers.' Wheat inaciive,,
with sales prime to choice red at 112@
2,20. Cornlclnll, with sales prime white
at so@Bl. end +yellow at 113®85e. Oate
dull et 70®75. Rye dull at $1,45.• Mew
Pork quiet at $3O. Bacon firm,viith sales
rib at 16x, clear sides at 173 i, and
shoulders at /434 c. Hams, at 20®21c.
Lard firm at.1936c. . Whialky, firm, at 92e.
Criavai.earn, April 10.-Flour dull and
heavy., Wheat; No. red red winter, held
at $1,44; No. 2 do held at 51,30. Corn
held, at 69@70c. Oats; sales two cars at
64e. Rye held at $1,25@1,30. Harley
quiet and held at 52,15@2,241 for Canada,
and '11,95@2,05... for 'State. - Petroleum
dull and nominal; refined held at 30@
310 for standard white; small sales to the
retail trade at 32®33c.
LOUISVILLE, April 1 9 .—Tobacco; sales
of 62 hhds; common lugs 15,20; Todd it
Co.'s leaf 1112,76. Cotton 270. hleaaPork
$81,50. Lard 183%c., Bacon; shouldera
12%c;, clear rib sides 170; clear sides
17350. Bulk, Meat% shoulders 12%43;
clear sides 16;14c. . Wheat $449®1,55.
'Corn,6s@6Bo: Oats '66146130. 'Hay 126@
21. 'Sugar quiet.'.Flour grpasow,ou.
Whisky 910.
DETHOIT, April 19.—Wheat quiet; ex
tra White winter , 51,77; No. 1 do 41.60;
No. 2do ;1,38. Clover Seed advanded to
119,60 per bushel.
NEw Yong, April 10. 1 --dtecelpts for the
week=6,147.., beeve, 6,124 sheep .and
lembsc. 16 .771 bag& ' :bootee the re
cilia/sup to. Saturday were: at,Connau
niPaw, 8+50: West. 'End. 140,1 and at Na
tional ,Yarde, • 2,772. The week, opened
With a large alkiiPlY.and at pricek consid
,erablf below'the figures of leat Monday,
Which, ' It*eiver; •cm Wednesda•y ad
vanced sgslita trifle, Only to recede again'
to the opening .ratse. The best western
steers mold , at 163 ®l7c; but there were
few. cattle good enough to reach these
figures. To-day the offerings were 126
car loads-at Communipaw, and 70 car
loads at the National:Yards. The antici
pation ,of t a light _run, during the , week
canoed a little more buoyancy on the'
Taut of buyers, which, the' holdera turn
ing in their own advantage, put up prices
and; the market Wet Stronger. The
quality 'at , ail the , yards averaged be
low the usual grade,there being too niany
poor cattle. in prices =Washington mar.
kw, cattle ruled from 1414 @IAN°, and:it•
few choice Sold, as high :as: 16,4®17e;
Poor to medium cattle ~123 i Otio; pledi
nnj to fair steer* 1.4.015 C: good steers and
fat oxen 16616 C; prinieto,extrfCateere 16
® l6 34ci chorea 1 . 131;4017ir,' the: niterltY
of the salita Veing st.l434olslol,`Aierage
price 14ye, , poorest' cattle btought 11@
1134 c.
Sheep 4 and , Ltuxibi: In-the earlier
part of the week the arrivals were: coin
ninillpaw 6,466 head...Bergen' '"'"
f_3300, head at ; fortieth btu:cat:the mar'
ket at opening rule
• d very •idow tor all
grades, which. wad in 6304
ego Mr 'Sheared, 7@b3io 'for Wooled; a
few very extra sheep exceeded theali
%laws Lambs were In request for
Live Stick Mar Nets.
~ 'orf.,;•
' .
• - .
43 - AZEriT, : Tia SDAY---- APRIL 20-
, .
41 . 9pitobitt lightatock weighing . .below 40
Pounds wertkaltogether unsaleable. TO
day the offerings were: 2,500 head at
Commuitipaw; 2,000 head at Hudson.
Yard3,ooo , head at Fortieth street
s. There — was, on the whole, very
little change froin the figures current
through the week, •' and the market
heavy. Common to fair Sheep at 7;4©8,
extra at Ei®Bl4, prime at 8;4 (4i9X, shear
ed sheep at W, Ig8;i. Lambs 15©20;:' we
note sales' dUring the week. of 16,598
head. Swihri; sales of 2,000 head at the
Fortieth Street" Yards and 2,000 at Cora
munipaw;•the market ruled quite firm
during the past week; sales of, live Hogs
as high as 11®11,68, while dressed Hogs
sold at 14),1©141-4, To-day's offeriugs
were 3,000 at Fortieth street and 4,500 at
Commupipaw; market'heavy and lower:
closing 1 0%©113f, for live, and 14©14g
for dressed.
. rEILADELPHIA, April 19 —Cattle Mar
ket. —Beef cattle are dull and lower, with
salmis of 17,000 head at 9M©lO for extra
western steers; 1,7®8 for fair to good; 5
ea 6 for common. Sheep are in , demand
at fail prices, with sales of good at 7,50.
Hogs are in fair demand, but lower, with
sales of 4,000 at 14®15% per cent. nett.
Orman°, April N.—Cattle Market—
Hogs littlet at 09®10,25 for fair to choice.
Beef , Cattle moderately active at $4,508
4,75 for cows and butchers' steers, $7,25
@7,75 for good to choice, V3®8,373; for
extra to extra choice.
' Sr. Louis, April 19.—Cattte Market.—
Cattle dull, •with knoll business to butch
ers only. Prices range from 2XO to 71/0
per gross for inferior to extra. Hogs
steady at B®loc for fair to choke.
Dry Goods Market.
NEW YORK, April 19.—The weather is
very fine and a better inquiry is no
ticeable for woolen mods of light make
at panicky prices, ranging from 75c up
to $l,lO for medium anditine fancy Casis
mares and Coatings. Cotton goods steady
and prices generally rule ,so law in fact
that buyers are timid purchaser*. We
quote standard Brown Sheetings at 16®
47c for beret Southern and Eastern
makes, 7%®77ic for Printing Cloths,
11%01123.60 for •Amoskeag and other
standard brands of prints, such as
Spragnes and Merrimack D, 1534(31734e
for Spragnes and other poor styles of
Mona Delainea, and 200 far best new
styles, 2730 for. New York Mgs.
lino. 2234 e for Watasutta d0,•20e for Tug
eaorra do, 15e for Gold Medal do, 140 ftkr
Hope do, and 1234 e fbr Itedbink do.
luvsiß Nrstrs.
Thi weathariisterday wa, exCensively
warm for the;season, thermeraury at
. 4 P.
M. being, np to 78. 'River Thilnit slowly
last evening, with eight 'feet three Inohea
here by Monongahela marks, and six feet
reported in Allegheny at Oil City,
Business is fair, taking. everything in
consideration, thong#lthere , la PlentY, of
roma tbr linpementi ' There la not so
much complaint abont getting freight as
there is in regard to the very low prices,.
and while this is not verypleasant for
boatmen, it is very agreeable to shippers.
The • Glasgow was advertised to leave
Chancinnatl for Pittsburgh on Monday.
Capt. Ben $Ollllll and T. J. Beall, two
prominent steamboatmen, died at New
Orleans on Friday last.
The Lorena, St. Louis to Pittsburgh,
passed LOnisvllle on Saturday.
The high-headed-Glenda C ap pCat. John
M. Hare, with the veteran James
Mellon in the office, II announced for St.
Louis and St. Paul forthwith. ' She is in
all respects one of the best boats in the
The R. . GraV, Capt. Whittaker, will
cowmenloading for Cincinnati and
- Lciulsvill - forthwith. • - --- -
The Ma Davage and barges, Capt. J.
Shedden, are announced for St. Louis
and all in erteediaie pohits, forthwith.
Capt. e joined the Glendale at
Wheeling,' having come
through, from
St. Louis to that point by rail. He was
detained in St. Louis several days after
the departure of the boat.
The Glendale and Bellevernon from
St. Louis, New York from Nashville and
St. Marys n and R. C. Gray from Cincin
nati, have a rrived since the , date of our
last repo ,
The St. r Marys made a remarkably
quick tri having left Cincinnati on
Friday nig t et 12 o'olook. She made
the run to heeling in 4 8 hours. This
fine steame will return to Cincinnati' to;
day, at noo a nd passengers and ship
pers shout bear this in mind .. Capt. T.
C. Sweeny is in command and Morris
Dorsey in t e Wilco.-
Gosnek aid Hall were pilots on the
New York, bouseiand Nick Whitten on
the Grey an crane and Morrison on. the
Giendale. --.
The A.tuitralla, Capt. Dan Moore, will
be the/int boat ont for New Orleans.
and Mollie
—The Sallie and Mollie Ebert are load
ing at St. Louis for Benton.
—The Bermuda was resold on Monday,
at MeMphis by the United States Mar
shal, and brought 115,575.'
—The Argosy, in ahem° St.apt. Lew
Vanderftrift, was loading at Louis for
Pittsburgh oti Saturday last. /
—On the 3d, James Brannon, a deok
hand on the tow-boat Alps, fell over
board, below Baton ' - Rouge, and was'
—The Sioux city Register says: the Nile,
which was frozen In some distance be
low the Stockdale, resumed her trip to
the mountains with the freight she had
on .whenshe was. caught by the ice last
—, Capt. Ansv Phillips, of the Keokuk
packet company, left tit. Louis for Pittn
burgh on Friday, charged with the duty
of purchasing* small shie.wheel boat to
be placed in tho trade with thi,Louisi•
ana and EfannibaL
is said Dan:Dinsmore, pilot of the
G. A Thomson, stood at the wheel until
the hair was singed from his person, and
then, with pistol - ,In hand, went to the
-lower deek, where he kept "the crowd at
bay until the lady pamengera were safely
-removed from the burning wreck, after
which he swam &tabor°.
—A dispatch from _tittle' Rock. dated
the 14tb, says! - Thomson disaster
is still the principal talk. One of the
pilots exonerates Capt. ,Prazier from'all
blameliaitat, and , says it. was at his earnest so:.
,that he lett the boat with
the, women and nbildreri., He'
further states that the boat, mut, in. the
channel,and say s it watt a tutitake that
any pilot would be likely to,' make; that
there wee' nobody but the pilot in the
pilot-house ut the time of the Occurrence.
• —Sr. Loris, April le .—A verdict for
if 7,477 bus been obtained against'the Eu
reka Insurance Co., of Pittsburgh. The
suit was brought by John', A. Harbach,
who received the hourance of the steam.
.4.nda, destroyed :by tiro' reeentlY,
above St. PauL The ,CO. denied: all
knowledge - of the plat ntiti's ,ownerehiP,
and initiated she -:watt: not competently,
,provided with riilideiti and crew; , also,'
that the stove pipe on deck . ' Was itiperli
'one &intact • with the ivood-Work. The.
Memphis Packet 'Co, te,di t v , - pe re h ased
the wharf-boat of ,the Atlantic and llis
slssippi Steamship The former are
reportedito be making arrabgements for
the extensionef their lusibess to•lslew .
;Orleans. : , !Thom waiver' insurance of the
Dario 01 the Antelope to the . amount, o r
of WTilek 14feir id the En
terprise, of Oinebuiatl.
' - giver - putt Wea er i.. -
(By Telegraph to the-Pittabilrgh GXtette.l , -
Loux.sTl LLE„ . .4pllll9..—The slyer is
falling, with eight Teei 19
.—The, Itiches of
water in the canal. The weather is wet
and warn., •
Privorktulair, FORT WATNE at CI
CAOO RArratoAD, April 19.-4 cars metal,
Bryan & Caughey; - do do, Coleman.
Rahn. & Co; 1 do do, - Superior Iron Co; 1
car corn. W Booth; 180 ska feed, 30 do
corn, McClure& Bro; 4 cars corn, Hitch
cOck, Mccreery & Co; 1 do do, Bingham
& Laing; 100 bbls flour, Culp & Shepard;
50 tea hams, E H Myers & Co; 2 cars
hay, 0 11 Allerton• 45 jugs molasses, W
C Armstrong; 30•Als apples, 1 bbl but
ter, 1 cask bacon, Volgt, Mahood & Co;
11 bbls apples, •H Rea Jr; 5 pkgs. butter,
W H Graft de Co: 5 bbls whisky, W Miller
& Co; 1 car staves, W Hastings; 1 bbl'
eggs, J & Son; 8 , ban cheese, 2
bins eggs, 1 do butter, H Riddle; 11 his
cheese, N J Braded;*l bbl eggs, Means &
Coffin; 25 doz - brootns, S' wart & Co; 3
bblE. onions, J S Dilworth & Co: 3 bas
butter, Voigt, Mahood ,k Co; 33 hides, 10
rolls leather, James McKee; 10 bis to
bacco' in
Reyer & Bro; 50 bbl oil, Pen
ct Beeson; 100 bbls flour, WII Mc-
Clure; 200 do do, J Wallace; 200 do do,
Seghmyer di Voskamp; 1200 do do,
owner; 12 bbls eggs, If Rea Jr; 30 bbls
liquor, J Adler dr.. Co; 10 tca hams, J Wil
son .t Co; 217 hides 20 bdls )oelts, M De
lenge; 7 biles broom corn, Wm Mardorf
& Co; 100 tea hams, Dalzell &Townsend;
100 bbls flour, Dan Wallace; 100 do do, 1
car feed, Shomaker it Lartgenhelm; 1 car
feed, W Booth. • •
CLicvnutAu awn PirrantrneE RAIL
ROAD Anril .1 year rye, Exchange
National Bank; 1 do stone, J L L Knox;
5 do N Y ore, Reese, Graff & Dull; 3 do
Wash .ore. Union Iron Mills; I do pota
toes, Woodworth t D; 5 ball sewing ma
chines. Smith & Forrester; 6 bbls oat
meal, 1 kg barley. 1 do wheat, J A Ren
shaw; 1 tierce hams, hams. 1 do sides, 1
do shSulders, D A Daugherty; 12 jugs
molasses, 4 bbls apples, Volgt, M & Co;
18 coils rope, Godfrey & Clark; 11 sacka
rags, Christy Benham; 3 bbls crude.
oil - Schwartz & Haelett; 12 coddles to
haCoo, Smith, 'Johnson & Co; 4 bbla
4 kga,lard, 7, bgs. rags, /bx bacon, 83
bbls charcoal, Seward & CampbelL
April 19.—Lookhart Frew, 50 bbls
crude oil; Waring -& Ring, 160 jdo do;'
J sine,Wil4Bo do do; Ditbridge & Son,
80 do /ieltilight; Porter & Co, 1 car
clay; .1 inorbead, Lear pig iron; J
lery, 4, bills akins;a HOO4, 50 bats 'ye;,:iS
Kwart, ` X do flazsied; Wilson *',Son, 8.
belle front Smith &Peopleli 1 lot nut
lambert.•W H.Stewsizt, /do old nr
liott Bro it B , 7. Itglls trees; -V , M
00, I bbl beliiii 4do eggs; Mart B
co, 2: (warn; 13 Kerr & Ido
c; e Co,, do Lime;; berger &Br, 4, care limestone; Hart
demon' & Ekii 2 do stone; Keystone Bridge .
Co, .2 . ears atone, . • -.! -
A/Amixiterr. it BrArron, April 1 9 ..- 25
bbls weleky. B & A parson 2 bids, vine
gar, James O'Hinlon; 11 e k e raga, J M
Patterson; 2 ears stav es, Ralys &itiobert
son; Ido metal, 12 do , limestone, Sup&
rior Iron Co; 8 cars iron ore, Richey,
HalikaGgit it Co; 1 car staves, J M Hemp
hill; 2 bbls eggs, F Beokert de Co; 20 bbls
40 eke dour Voeghtly . & Kopp; 4 oars
barley, Glliinore, Straub & Co; 1 do
wheat, W McKee 4t Co; 3 cars metal.
Spans, Chalfant & Co; 1 car shingles,
McCurdy de McGinniss; 1 car lumber, Jae
Mcßriar; 160 pee clear sides. G W Pusev;
250 aka
_corn, Rose & Ewing.
RAILROAD, April 19.-87 bbie salt, J
House & Bro. 75 do cement, 0 B Leech;
1 ear G W CoMuf 33 bells sheet
iron, W W Armstrong.
Attorney-at-14w, has removed Ras °Mee to No.
98 FIRTH AvENITZ. p111:1129
w. v. mtmssnovici,
. .
(Bneeersor to Yrtzer & Armstrong. i has rem - mid
to O. 93,WASE.E.TISTIMST. afewdoore above
the old stead.
- -
EntOtha..-8. mreLotn
Desletotn' 'Real Estate - Steekii, Bonds
theiromes and ether seeurltles t hare tailored VI
new Office, 104 Fourth avenue, Paulson's
new BuLldlng• Aay parties deslrius .to bit) , or
sell Real Estate of any kind, ntocks or Bonds
as Mortgages' will do well. to give them * tall.
0m27 .
Nos. 221. and 223 Liberty •Stroet.
Corner a( Irwin, now offer to the. trade at Low
dances, strictly
- - •
Prime New CropNew,Orleans Sugar and
Newo Rico, Cuba and English /gland Sunk's.
York, Philadelphia and Baltimore Re
lined do. ,• • •
Golden Grips; Loyerings, intuits, Stuart's,
Adams' anti Long Island Syrups I •
Porto Rico, Cab& and English Island Itiolasses.
Young , Hyson. Japan. lawerlal. Gunpowder
and Oolong Teas. •
Carolina and Bingoin Rice. • •
Java. Laguayra and to Coffees.
TOWICCO, ,Lard 011, Fish, Nails, Glass, Soaps,
Cotton Yarns, &c., constantly on band.
. ASO. •
. • . • .
Fine Brandies,Wines and
osM elle. and - Sparkling flock Wine.
of Hinkel d; Co.. In bottles.
Sparkling Moselle, Sckartbert` and Jobannla.
burg, Hockhelmer. Burgundy, &e, .
Brandenburg & Freres' Fine Olive Oil.
do do • Clarets,. Jratiorted hi bottles. -
do do White Wines, In bottles.'
if If WOrt A Sons' Sparkling Catawba..
Pine old *therm blicusira and Port Wines."
gree Old Monongahela Bye Wbbikles. pure. •
do Very donerlotiOid !scotch do do.
• . •
do .. ll.o . i . pnts tor Most & Chandon's G ran d
Iri . rliTai and BelterjUhampigne. ;
Brand les of our Own , selection and 'lnirranted.
' 2.5148
~ ~ .
E ..„ „., „ ~
Qualities and Colors.
raftleular attention gl nto laying State and
repairing S.ate mots, kor particulate and prlees
J. S. MnMs,
no. 43 Seventh. A.venne,
nak.lllg s a ,
wh7) hold PATRON% TICK,tTS of the p a
4 di L p ON
e rWEirNlt. ue
• ano pp
9 1 n oi m a,
a tit a ,
e a :
colors givingfall infon p nat;on of the. numbers
-thaiwiadlebengsenhe WASHNAITONMBMAL
11 N. 13.1 w. TUC Tzprxxl# yar ; T fan Ns.
' im,
114 L I
nell iFollforelesethgandposhlni ii
teGlrnl, i rt l ! 6l `' s 'P ve r 1.44 aldTJAWagStii.o
The best tattle oat; eeehret an t ib i,'
Abe doses or single salter
apE Canter Litierty iusd Math streela..
c e irk' -
or 4 =
FOR li CORM, SUR.4,,ir i e
LANDING and nT•ZAIIL. The new and splen
did paesenger steamer, I
leave for the above-And • Intermediate land
ings on THURSDAY, the, 32t0, at. 4. o'clock P.
N.: For freight or passage' apply on board or to
I WIRIEST, SW e_ENEY & Co, Agents.
The above voat, having a greater part' of-her enraged, will poalltirely•leave ue announced,
Psentlng an opportunitylor passer pere, patties
.ularly those baviug :woollies, seldom obtained , t
from acre, as this boat goes thro-sb t re
salppMg or transferring at et, Louta thereby'
toscl.,g ousel:liters at no Inconvenience, and as
url r
.2' them an opportunity ior speed mod tom
fortrvely obtained. • spat
Will leave as above on SATURDAY; 24th ins.,
at 4 P. If.
For frslght or passage apply on board Ai to .
apl9 . cruauxellAßNES, Agent—
FOR MEMPHIS '2l:loD r A idi g i r i k'
EW ORLEANS...The steame
Will leave for the above and Intermediate ports
on WEDNiCeDAY. April 21st. at 4p. sr.
For trelgin or _passage apply on board , or to
, F L AK h ColitaNGWOrID,
apt GELItIEey, tI WANAY & CO.. •
J A.P.IItT PA, PARKE taißUßGAildiallb
Leaves, Pittsburgh EVERY TIIESD AY- 131 M,
Leaves einellanati EVERY WRIT/AY-4 - r; M.
The swift s.nd -superb Sidewheel Steamer ST.
MARYS,' T. V. SWEENEY, Command ee r. will
leave as announced above.
For Freight or Passage apply on board, or to
N. E.—No Yteigtit.recelyed on Tuesday after
IIA: 3f. mhZ
_CINCINNATI and i abk =l 4 ,'
LOUISVILLE:—The steamer, msii
. B.C.i GHAT Capt.,WalwAstnn,
Will Leave for the above points on WEDNES
DAY, the 21st Lest.
_ 2 ' •
ap2o GHBIEST, SyrIEE.N*T & CO., Agents.
Velma MastSinppi..
. -
:'1869;_ "lAA'Mt
St.; Lolls telienicalt and St Pani c
AND ALL lerrEj*Epr.A.:rs, ?DNS.
One'of the splendid ildcwheel Steamers of this
Line will leave Ss. Louis dal, tbrireekek,Daven-A
Dubughe,.Winone.iitillwaterand Zeal.,
Through 'reeeints •Ibr Freight ind Passengers
will be given. to all pointikeitllm ,t/pper
'Wind on steamers running IrOntlnill port and
connetiting , with the Northern L i ne rfielitta at
St, Loins, thui enabling Consignees to get their
Freight through without - . delay and et ioweet
rat's. Apply to JOHN - FLACK,
Agents, or to
B. C. •
nunatig23 91 Water street.
AHL.—The new and elegant passenger, packet,
GLENDALE Joips N. Hartz, Captain,
Will JAS. M.P.GLON. Clerk.
b eve for the above ports on WEDNEf3-
DAY,2Lst, at 4 P. M." -
&VIA J. D. comaxewoon. . uents.
rTTSIBURGII,migae s -
KERSIIIIRG LlNE.—Leavy (:vrananv , s wharf
K0M1a..10 , 11, or (“10 WTw 4. daily at 1A St., :WED..
191{EY1 EAGLE. . . .0. L. BansbrA.w, Master.
irelght will be received at all hours by
• ' , - ' Asenta.
. .
Roxaberlnz 11X14CII. Pint clue vessels, atnes4l
tn. mthe celebrated
- Lax...mow,
Sailing EVXBY. SATUR.DA.Y, from Pier, 45,
rib River, NewTorlr. 'Far engage or Miter
hafurna.lola Rind, i 0
wnxims. ifumum,
70 IsIFTO STREET' tetirantcle
Feerly opposite Yost i)e140.. Pittittarrb
OFPICYOr TED 1 0 1iA.Stribitt OF AiLsoiteari •
Courrry. Plttsburgh, April. /at, Ite3e.
TN Pll l / 8 17ANCE' OF THE' 21st
section of al het relating to Alleghent Conn'
ti, approved the let day of Afity,ll46l, and Of the
amendment to said se c tion,appreyed the 30th day
of March, 1136N3, I dolereby give notice that the
Duplicates *lithe aeieral Wards, Boroughs ind
Townships WILL int OPEN, and will be pre•
pared to receive the
County, State, Poor, workhouse an.
Improveineht Taxes for 1869.
Ons and., after the Ist day Of May. 18'9.- 13add
.taxea eau be paid at Ode Ofiice until the let day
of Augiat with a DEDIIOTION OF FIVE PER,
'VENT. for nrompt payment to all ` persona
the whole -amount of their taxes. • •
There wlil be ne deduction allowed during the
mouth of August. There will be .
Ten Per, Cent. Added
Toull taxes nrestining . unpaid on the Isa day of
194Dt4ilill?ez ' 1"9.
Treasurer of Allegheny County. • ,
Erl 3
WOTICE OF . • • :
, .
The undersirne4 have , tble 'dar.fotmed it co
partnership under the assize and style of -
i< F. SELLERS & 00., • _ =
and will 'continue the Provision And I.nsd , 011 tat
slnesiaiheretothre. ' ' ' •••
' •
P/7113scrE6II, March .0, 1809. • ~ sable:gib •
RPM* G ' •
Au Ilmense Stock atlow Prices, at
lticeoHß It,' CO's,'
/al WoOD snalirf
11 1intiacturee s 7• • •
QUENitIiA4Eg,, Bank,„ 4 ....X 0 1,,,,, r &" ' l4 l'
office Wanhboie. soe aaeseacx e erliffiffiT.
elffi*All'eirdere oieratotliitteistec
7. ____ ,
daily at. B,,,titIAMIN PULP.I3IIIIB lamellar
slr Stelidr" No. 45 Diamond market, Pitts
..bu, xeosad Cr the Twin :City. ilexes'')
Corner orOhlo and Federal straita. Can be t ting .
+ all kludilf or leh r _ and; Lake:di . Bhagat, head,
Beak,. (lodise. Haddock and el. Also, large'
faupoumt Art:White, Lake Flab, ' Ullman,- Bass.
tEtergeon. Herring and Marmaw Trout, w,htek.
taables us to sell at the lowest market Prates'.
wholesale er, recital. We Ammo •sl,i ,ioTere or
IlliShilie test's an apeall, anti - we . will laser
them ;treat. - •._ • - . . . WO , ..
11 MITE LEME.-2041 barrel.
rusk was. us% kir sal* ?ft_
- easIIBLIP..
COrareasszoii rapribil,ttlitet
Esal!'iLYsitnilD BY A. &
No. 271 Liberty Street,
prr orsircatcu9r..p.e.
se :71,1
i nswamission , Merchanth
No. : 96 OHIO STREEI. t . near East Conouni,
Jinn KEIL 7 . kEno & BITCHART 4 , B4 81C1L,113 ,
AND iminras is •
/LOUR, MUM,- SEEDS, litiLd. FRED, Ms...
34.9 Liberty St., Pittsburgh,
Wholesale and &tall lirekeers;
tzBiiNo. asks PENN STREET.
T "maw, BAIRD & PA,
WholesNe Grocers, Conandulottlderdhant s ,
and Dealers in Produce, Flour, Bacon, Cheese.
Flsh,:Carbon and Lard iron, ads Gri m
Cotton Yarns and-all P'ltsbnr Manaljts z ith..:
Milte.srluatill.ll2 and R. 4 b, 46 .4 5 7"!!_8 -Ek;
STREET. Pin abureh.
JOHN I. HOUSZ..EDW. 1:1151788.;...W3t. E. HOUR.
Baia Gro o e re soaOHNmm HOU u
r CO m ts W ," h Oo e ..
ser of laulithfleld and Weter Streets, Plttebtareh.
lir . •
Heuer & Armstrong, PRODUCE
IFS 2s' OF
4 99 PMM.4/21EET:
Win Besiove eat the lot or Aprll to
NOS. 884 AND 886 PENN,
Cor. Eleirenth St., (formerly Canal.)
j("1". 4 t
i l s. & C 9.,
Nos. 185,187, /89,391./aa and 195,)
111E7 STREET. PITTSIIII 7 / 1 0/1:
ktiaropACTIIBI OP. • ,
Copper Dlstilled Pure .ore yrhilikey.;
dette're In 743iliaG1
s l rAzfzigo : s ,irAir4l) l sl ñ 3 : 4
FINE -":-VASES ; •
, Boxisarttis AND
• • IMBililtit BEl'Si :
I skoziarta Bras, -
• A large stock of
.of all idegetiptions.
Calraud examine eas.+l.oode,' atm we
feel saitigge4 no one Reed fail to be gulled.
1,00: WQQD ' STREET.
1100,000 feet Dry Pine Ikmrds.
• 1tH).000 feet 1,4' Inch Clear Plank:"
25,000 feet /4.lnonOomraturPlank;
' - 05,000 reet"DlT randll beck Oak:
08,000 ft... 4, tout, sad a Inch roplarz
10.000 feet Dry Peplar Eforatling:
10.000 feet Dry Yellow Pine.BOarda;
' 100,000 feet Hemlock Scantling.
• Buxom, f g eet No. 1 18 Inch Siena; Shin
200,000 No. 1 14. inchlngles. aimed;
80,000 No. 1 10-incli ShLugles, snared;
. 80;000-W11v Brick;
1,000 Fire Me. ,
100 Tons Wire y; • -•-
Also, Saw Mlll Lumber, Cla Lncust and Cedar
Posts, and all articles In the fine on hand and for
No. 157 - Rebecca street'and corner of' Preble and
Juniat,a streets, Sixth Ward, Allegheny.. late bow.
angle of Manchester; • • - ' ap:4'
A• .
Adelithig Code.
Seeding 1. Be Ordained and eitaered ha de- t
°UV of Patsburoh. in:Selectalut Otnan[oll Conn-
Me assembled, and tt to hereby ordained and me—
ddled tal thus authority of tAt same. g hat the
foregoln ordlnaneea as infested, eodlard and
- • be' the game ; are hetehr edoPtod
and established es lams and *Wed orthm
Plttelnintli; die alb 'tad res or beds
of orditutneea tablet' ma y boatipp ed.thereby On t
ere-tticonelatebt tnerearidt, are herein , repealed.
Ordained; and ener.ted Into a law meths
day or Mirth, A. 1).1609.
. .
O reddent'pro tern of Select' Cour.d.l.
Attest: Meautote t . , F` • • ^
Clerk of heleet courant.
- WA--e1t,,,T0111.1151110N.-.,
. fattest: H. Mel term; -
Clerk of Comma Connell. apr
Opptog oflilamend Btreet,PittsbuiL
_ M ,
An iiirsolie Interested Wre.hereby natilled ar
She reporter Viewers Au the matter of opening.
hnd widening. d'fittET, from the
Diamond to ren7 streei.,hes been spprcmatane
eoultrtned:- All' persons against' venom assess
, eels or 'benefits were made, *re: molted, to pat
the' apimo to bis wlthllu thirty (hum s otherwise
' entered as =Stens against Use prener...
ty. 1 proper t y on the iMarnond and Diamond
.street, we of the Market Meese. and on Libertr
street (IV XI Sixth litcebt, to Fonrth avenue. has
.t. F. 16 LAG , LE. City Attorney,
aputdiZr No. 108 .IPuth Avenue.
IfAZ.:OY poirrzonaw•ix
arizek arid
street..oofner Diaitottd
Pittsburgh. .
AMP - Parties • mai soliPliod r"
grown end CU.. on short notiott.
CVIN:MT -1410 bble LinderMl*
1114 " as "' soir,LvAximuN
t 4