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_ 7 NUMBER ( 94
- Tv. : . P PITTSBURGH, `
.SATURD PRIL 17 , 1869, • I
, -
i J NEWS BY CABLE_ I ern ell irk lirr in..
: \
;FIRST EffiTlol
'l l lie Legislature Adjourns Sine
::Die—Presents, Resolutions of
Thanks, Farewell Speeches.
Iny . Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.) '
HASSISBIIRG, April 16, 1869.
1; Both Houses adjourned sine die at
'7 I I4OIVG o'clock to-day. No business was
"ions in either louse, and the customary
' iiriseritp, resolutions of thanks and fire
..lWell speech-making were indulged In.
Among.tho presents hi the House was
'Bl very valuable gold watch and chain
:from the members to Speaker Clark.
V. ' ' 'ln the , Senate Speaker Worthington I
said :; Senators, we aro about to
• . separate and once more mingle in the
pleatiaut scenes of home, and enjoy the
i society of dear friends. Before I hand
over the emblem of authority which you
~• placed in my hands to my honoree. sue
; cessor, I may be permitted to say a part
.) ing word to the kind friends and...coin
, Pardons with whom I have been as.
eociates, and whose deliberations I have
Apparticipated during the last six years.
• Coming to this body a stranger to you all,
,‘ and haVing formed the acquaintance of
";;- seventy-five Senators, whO have occupied
~..', seats on this floor during that period it
l• is a source of much gratification that
• ' :I can say in my retirement I enjoy most
, -
;,,. „Scordial and friendly relations with each
- • One, and I have ;reason to believe that a
. "e mutual sentiment of respect is enjoyed '
.. i", by all. With this spirit of fraternal re
.; fostered as it , has been during our
association here,- we separate with eonfi-•
dent assurance that wherever our lot
.1. Shall be cast in the future, we shall eon.
• .:::! gime to entertain for each ether's -wel
-::.:1 fare the deepest solicitude. During this
i period a kind Providence has extended.
;i his protecting care over us, no arrow from
the quiver of death has been permitted
to penetrate any one of our number;
-:- ' and while loved ones have been torn
-.. from the side of some and caused
•'' !, hearts -to bleed with deepest anguish,
we haie much reason for gratitude that
•'i our own ranks have been preserved un
broken. Invoking the blessing of
upon you all, and hoping the
li welfare of the country and the best inter
;:' ;•k - eats of our race will continue to receive
S . your protection and support, I bid you
_.i ..!: - all an affectionate farewell.
r t;'; Senator Stinson was elected Speaker,
~ ',,--- the DemoCrats *oting for Senator Ran
'.• dell.
; : . +1 'ln the House Speaker Clark said:
- 1. I have no doubt that every member on
, this floor is glad that the session of tip
Legislature is so near an end, and that
'''".• we are so soon, to be relieved from the
. .1 - ; labors, duties and responsibilities of
'-; Rep
-4 resentatives, and to be enabled to return
. ,to our homes, and give some attention
,Ito our private business. But mingled
lkwith this feeling, there is also, with me
least, a'sense of regret and sorrow at
'parting from those with whom I have
• pbeen so intimately and constantly asso-
Niated for the last three months. Many
~'of you, at the beginning of the session,
e -- ;ere strangers to me; but as the business
jprogressed my duty as Speaker made it
,14 necessary for me to become familiar with
• you all. •I, therefore, 'feel more keenly
this separation than I perhaps otherwise
would. In many instances, our homes
being so far distant, it is probable that
we may never meet again; and as in the
, heat of debate, and from conflicting in
terests of our cons tit uents, there may
have occurred something that was not,
• pleasant at the time, I trust that if such
is the ease It will be forgotten.- At al
- - eve n ts , on my •part. I can say with per
fect sincerity, that I have not an unkind
feeling or thought towards any-member I
',.,, of this House. In fact I have no reason
to feel otherwise than satisfied, for I have
' always been treated by you with kind
., liess,, courtesy and respect, for which
•I: •I'eel gratified, for I am conscious
; AO; having very imperfectly performed
My, duties as Speaker. To the Clerks
-Of 'the House I am under many
; . Obligations, not only for their assistance
• ,:. dutdadvice, bu uniform their efficiency,
; iedustry, and courtesy to my-
I.'• Self as well as every member of this
..“ -- body.. I have no hesitation in saying,
'''t ; ,that wereVever to be placed in a siMilar
I pOsition to the one I now occupy, and
shad the power to appoint my own staf f ,
, -;- I would endeavor secure these gentle
men as my assistants and advisers. The
Reporters of the House are entitled to
my thankraand'kind feelings: ;"Tis tine
I never asked them to correct rov
speeches, Of put i,thiright on the Record,
because whatever little I said
Was correctly reported. The Sergeant.
at-Arms, and his assistants, I haye ever
Itound qbilging end =stats 'to 'perform
their duty, All the officers of the House
have performed , jtheir duties preperly,
ands am swim say at the close 'of Alte
msaion, that I have no fault to find, but,
lon the contrary, express my entire ate
proval of fhetr•conduct. or your very
complimentary resolution, and for the
kind expressions made by the different
gentlemen, I rem e mbe r dly gratified, and
-•shall always your kindness
with pleasure. _
You, gentlenen.` have been eleased to
present me witiitheise beautiful and val
uable gifts, not only valuable in them
selves, but particularly . orectous ,to me,
because they are maim of your peraataal I
friendeldp‘ m well se approval' Of my
Course as presiding officer of this Bons.).
' I thank you sincerely for this, and shall
i always preserte them as marks. of rnr
'• friendship and (Fem. •
- •? This gavel. • mated
b 7 the Clerk,
[4... will always be ept by me In mti-,-._
•....i nous place,,mid I,can never look upon it
:•;;• 1. without thinking how often I used a shu
t= I 1 Bar one to call the House to order, and
-, 4 .1'
Attracted the: doner , to feed the jOurnal
.1 - -
• • II L of yesterday.
tit`l7 dentlemen, accept my sincere and
i• i.Xratefed thanks, as well as my best wishes
for your hapPiness, welfare and prosper
r,- =sty through the journey of life.
?. l' . ~ BILL APPROVED.
yt. .
.., ' The Governor lies approved the appro.
i platten bill. -
1 -;.;;_ -; ,
V"l,, ; •:'..'"-.• _
' i'±:
My Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l
Lennon, April 16.-3 A. rt.—ln the
House of Commons to-night, in accord
ance with notice .previously given, Mr.
Gladstone moved the House go into
Committee on the Bill for the Disestab
lishment of the Irish Church. Mr. New
gate, Conservative member for North
Warwickshire, moved as an amendment,
that the House go into Committee on the
bill in six months from the present day.
This motion was equivalent to indefinite
postponement. A lively debate followed,
during which Mr. Aytonn, member fur
Kirkaldy, created a sensation by declar
ing his objections to that clause in the bill
which provided for the support of the
Mavnooth College. Mr. Aytoon is a lib
eral, and voted with the majority on the
division, March 2.3 d, when the bill passed
to second reading. His _declaration was
followed by a scene of great consterna
tion In the House. The opposition cheer
ed repeatedly, and counter Cheers and
other interruptions came from the minis
terial benches. When Aytonn ended his
remarks the confusion subsided and the
debate continued. Moat of the speeches
were made by minor members of the op
position. At the end of this discussion,
which lasted six hours, Mr. - Gladstone
arose and said due care would _be - given
by the government to the terms of the
rovision made for Maynooth College.
f t,
e attributed much of the opposition to
t e clergy in Ireland. That power had
Iken built up by the Old policy of Eng
land, which had been lately part
ly reversed, and was now to be
completely abandoned. He concluded
by declaring that the success of this
bill was not a question of party, but of
justice. ' Mr. D'lsniell followed. He dis
approved of a division on the, motion for
postponement, and said he Waa anxious
to go into committee on the bill. The
House then divided on the motion to go
into committee, with the following re
`snit: For the motion, 355, against 229
majority, 126. The- House then went
formally into committee on the bill, and
adjourned. .
MADRID, April-16—TheNational Cortes
has agreed to the first article of the Con
stitution, after amending it b the substi
tution of the words "people of r
the nation"
for the "people of the monarchy," in the
fourth section. The committee on the
Constitution ttas postponed its decision as
to the form of the government.
FLosancot. April 16.—The bill for the
reorganization of the army is before Par
liament. It fixes the active strength of
the army at 400,000.
LIVERPOOL, April 16.—The steknaera
Ohio; from litaldmorb, - alid 'Setae, lfom
New York, arrived out..
FitatasvoaT, April 16.-17. S. 5.20
bonds opened quiet sit 87% for the issue
of 1862. - '
LONDON. April 16.--Consola—money,
93%; aecount, 9314‘. Stocks easier.
Bonds, 81%. Coupons—Erie, 24; Illinois,
96%. Tallow, 455. 6d. Turpentine, 31s.
i 5318. 6d. Refined petroleum, ls. 10%d.
Calcutta linseed, 595.@595. 6d.
LIVERPOOL, April 16.—Cotton--sales
for the week 74,000 bales, of which 8,000
were for export, and 11,000 for specula
' tion; stock 314,000 bales, of which 147,000
are American; the market to-day is firm
; er; sales 10,000 bales uplands at 123. 4 /* Or
leans 12 3 . No. 2 western wheat Er.l. 64.
@As. Bd. . - A •
Lcemow, April 16--1 P. 'N.—Railway
stocks quiet; Atlantic and Great West
ern 29.
LIVERPOOL, April 16.—Cotton afloat
for this port 442,000 bales, of which 316.,
600 are from America. Lard unchanged.
HAVRE, April 16.—Cotton unchanged.
Lrirratroor.., April 16-2. P. u.—Trade
report. Advicip from Manchester are
to the effect th4t the market for yarns
and fabrics is quiet, and firm. Bread
stuffs: the market is dull. Corn not
mixed is quoted at 2Ss 3d. a decline of
aci. Flour has a declining tendency.
Lard is firmer. .
!sixty Indian Grayes Unearthed—Post•
mistress at Fort Leavenworth—
Revenue Officer Indicted for. Bribery—
, Prize Fight Arranged—Werling •
. men's Association.
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l -
ST.. LOUIS, April 10.—Some laborers
excavating the great mound in the
Northern part of the city have unearthed
a row .of Indian graves, sixty feet in
length and twenty feet below the surface.
Large quantities of bones, beads, coins
and 'other relics have boon thrown up
and the place has been visited by groat
ntinthenrof curiosity hunters.
Gieneral Hartranft, formerly Adjutant
General of the Louisiana District. under
General Sheridan, has been assigned to
the Adjutant Generalship of the Military
Divishut of ; Missouri by General Sheri
'gra. Nichols, reported appointed Post
of Leavenworth, 'Kansas, is the
wife of General Niehoin, deceased, late
Adjutabt General of this Military Divis
ison, and has been appointed Fostmis.
hat Fort Leavenworth, at which post
ereadent son is a trader. The apps - int..
meat gives great satisfaction to military
, men and others in this city.
The Repubiican publishes a rumor that
the Grund Jury in the United Ststas Cir.
cult Court, recently in session here, found 1
tt bill of indictmenuagainst General Bur
bridge, of Kentucky, ter bribery, in con
nealon with his duties as a Revenue
officer, and that he has been summoned
toibis city from Washington. ,
- After several futile attempts on the
part of the “fanoy,".it is now announced
that a match has actually been made
between Tom Allen and Mike McCool
for ,a fight, to come off within two
months. for &thousand dollar* aside, and
the excursion money. Two dred
dollars is said to have been put up. but
whether articles of agreement have been
signed is not stated.
At a meeting of workingmen. last
night, articles of association for a Work
ingmen,s Union were adopted and a per
manent organization 4 will beenteed
into ju t w an a s the requisite
~n biriber r of
signatures are proottrea. , -
Nominations Sent In atid Con
firmed—Virginia ReCOI/StrUC
tion—Department Matters.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gas, tte•7
WASSINGTON, April 16, 1869.
COl. Jno. A. Campbell, the new Gover
nor of Wyoming, took the oath of office
yesterday before. Associate Justice
Swaine, of the Supreme Court, and left
for that territory last night.
The present understanding is that
President Grant, under authority of law,
will issue a proclamation at an early day,
submitting to the people of Virginia the
Constitution of that State, with a sapa•
rate vote on clauses—first. ea to disfran
chisement; second, the test oath; third,
county organization. It is understOod
that the vote will be ordered for the
fourth Tuesday of May. A new registra
tion of voters will be made.
Col. Jos. Seger has announced himself
as a candidate at large for Congress iu
that State,
The Senate met at noon, and the chap•
lain, in prayer, alluded to the enaancipa- 1
tion celebration in progress to-day. Ho
thanked the Government for the action
which, proceeding front these halls, had
re-established liberty and equality'
throughout the land.
Mr. Wilson submitted the following:
Resolved, That the Secretary of the
Navy be, and is hereby authorized, with
the consent of the Government of Colom
bia, to cause a thorough survey for a
ship railway or ship canal across the
Isthmus of Darien, from San Miguel to
the gulf of Arabs, in Darien.
The Senate then proceeded to the con
sideration of executive business.
To-day being the regular Cabinet meet
ing day, all the members were preseut.
Previous to the meeting a large number
of Senators had interviews with the Pres
The Senate to-day confirmed the fol
lowing nominations: Collector Internal
Revenue First District, Pa., W. H. Bar
ner; Assessor Internal Revenue Fifth
District, Pa., James Ashworth.
Postmasters: M. Diefenderfer, Allen
town, Pa.; Sarah L. Prizer, Doylestown
Pa.; B. F. Blair,Huntingdon, Pa.; J.
Slough, Bellefonaine, O.; Henry P.
Davis, Mansfield. 0.
Surveyor, Generale: C. W. Babcock,
Hansain Edward Ruger. Idaho.
Commissioner of Indian Affairs:.
Parker, of 13. -- C: -
ministers resident: "Robt. C. Kirk, of
Ohio, Yo Argentine Republic; Ebenezer
D. Bassett, of Pennsylvania. colored, at
Hayti; IL Markbreit. of Ohio, at Bolivia.
Secretary of Legation, G. W. Wurts,
Pennsylvania, at .Florenee.
Envoys Extraordinary and MiniAers -
Plenipotentiary—Andrew G. Curtin, of
Pennsylvania, to Nasals; Thomas H.
Nelson, of Indiana, to Mexico.-
Consuls—Augustus L. Cheltam, of
Utah, at Brussels; Lemuel Lyon', of Ore
gon, at Kane w; Felix Mathews, of Cal
ifornia, at Tangier; David Turner, of
California, atLa Paz; Chas. Weale, of Ne
vada, at Guayaquil: J. P. Green, of Kan
sas, at hiatamoras; F. M. Blake, of Kan
sas, Consul at Fort Erie, - to be Consul at
Hamilton; F. W. Partridge, at Bang
kok; G. P. Hanson, of Illinois, now Con
sul at Elsinore, to be Consul at Copen
hagen; Henry G., Winser, of New Jersey,
at Sonneburg; Andrew C. Phillips,
of Maine.' at Fort Erie; S. B.
Gould, of Me., atCork; John L. Stevens,
of Me., at Birmingham; D. C. Sprague.
Conn., at Brunswick: Robert Keep, of
Conn. at Paraens; Robert G. Holly, `t.,at Barbadoes; Robert C. Mark, N. EL at
Londonderry; Edward Vaughan, N. H.,
at Conticcok, Canada; F. R. Webb, Mass.,
at Sanziliar; R. Jones, Wis.. at
New Castle; John T. Hauser, Wis.,
at Brindisi; R. M. Johnson, Mo.; at
Hankow; James Read, 111., at Belfast;
J. S. Runnels. 10., at Trent; 'Samuel
Glasgow, of lowa, at Havre : Milton M.
Price. lowa, at lifarseillos; J. C. Brand,
of Ohio, at hierenburg ; Rom. hi: Hanson,
0., at Bremen ; Wm. H. Young, at
Carlsruhe ; Henry S. Neal. of Ohio, at
Lisbon ; Edward Q. Neil. of Minn.,
at Dublin; Harry H. Davis, Pa., at Car
diff; F. Cox, of Pa., at Leghorn ; Charles
0. Shepard, of N. Y. at Yeddo ; Charles
E. Perry, of N. Y. at Aspinwall; David
M. Armstrong, of N. Y. at Rome ;
Frederick Schultz, at Rotterdam . ; Chas.
J. Clinch, N. Y, at Bordeaux; Jas. Hag
erty N. Y. a; Glasgow .
Ceinants General—Freeman H. Morse ,
Maine, at London; T. B: Vanbnran, N.
J., at Florence ; J. Meredith Reed, Jr.,
N. Y. at Paris;.Wm. A. Dart, N. Y.
for the British North American Provin.
The following t noadnations were sent
in tads,: • •
Cousuls—M; Di. Delano, Colorsdo, at
iroo•Chow; Osair Malenroes, of lainnee
sots, at Winnepeg, •
Wm. H. Wadsworth, Commissioner
under treaty with Mexico.
' Addison Lowe, Supervising Inspector
of ateamboats, for 2d District.
Wilmer Worthington, Appraiser at
Philadelphia. • _
Lucius D. Kellogg, General AppFaieer
of the South.
James Pollock, Director of the Mint at
Collectors of Internal Revenue--Mioh
ael H. Hearse, 12th District, Ohio; Jas.
Purcell, 6th District, Ohio.
Assessors of Internal Revenue—Jno.
A. Carne, 20th District, Pennsylvania.
J. M, Burnett, Secretary to sigh Land
Postmasters--Heitry Lester, Tremont,
Ohio; Henry Hanes, Ashtabula. Ohio;
Benj. Huntsman, Stroudsburg, Pennsyl
vania; R. Pesent, Bethlehem, Pennsyl•
vanla; James Hazeiton, Pennsylvania.
A. 1 :1. Markham, third assistant Post
master General.
Jno. Defrees is not au applicant for
the Oise of Second Auditor, or any other
position under Grant. -
Out of oneohundrOd • and thirty-five
clerhii . of the. Third Auditor's office, who
were yesterday notified they were to be
removed, there were seven ot the eleven
chiefs of divisions.
The Senate to-day confirmed Eli S.
Parker as Commissioner of Indian Af
It is stated to-day at the Treasury De
partment that Second Comptroller Broad
head has received a letter from Secretary
Boutwell, Informing him the Depart
ment has no intention of dispensing with
his services, in consequence of which he
will tender his resignation.
The following nominations were rejec
ted: A. B. Ricks, Pension Agent at
Knox,yille, Tenn.: L. .1. Warden, Post
master at Lawrence, Kansas; Warren E.
Ilichiacken, Postmaster at Salem, 111.
The colored people to-day celebrated
by parade, the., the annlyersary of the
abolition of slavery in the District of Co
There are indications of a thorough
reorganization of the various divisions
of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It
is not probable any change will be made
in the offices of Supervilbrs until after
the adjournment of the tlibnate.
IRS Tel,egrePh to the l'ittshureh nezette• '
Nsw YORE, April 16, 1889.
The Secretary of-the Treasury lies or
dered the postponement, until July - Ist,
of the operations of the recent regula
tions requiring all railroads and trans
portation lines conveyirg dutiable goods
to be bonded for that purpose.
The Committee of Ways and Means,
who are investigating the workings of
the Custom House, adjourned until the
second weak in May.
Thurlow Weed has returned from South
Carolina emir still in feeble health.
The passage of the City Underground
(.Railroad bill through the Assembly , at
tracts attention to an article in the Tab
let, threatening a riot if one stone of St.
Peters Church s taken down by a rail
road company.
Soldiers of the Army of the Potomac
have resolved to hold a grand reunion
plc nic, on July 7th," at East River Park.
i. The former officers of that army have
been tendered a reception by General
Shaler, on behalf of the City Division of
the National Guard, July sth.
The sloop-of-war Loshula, at the Brook
lyn navy yard, is to be fitted up for sea
forthwith. - •
Chas. Wilson, residing at 49 Canal
street, baa been arrested for swindling a
number of firms by means of forged
checks and orders to the amount of about
The investigation in the Crane case of
the Union Pacific Railroad litigation was
continued to-day before the referee, Mr.
Redfield, without any conclusion. It
was adjourned till next Thursday.
Judge Edmunds appeared before Jus
tice Dow/ing, at the Tombs, to-day, as
counsel for Mumbler, the alleged photo
graphic eptiit medium- ne stated.-the
defence would be that there is no trick
or deception in the pretended spirit pho
tographs produced by Mumbler, but what -
they are genuine liknesses of deceased
friends of sitters,Sand have been rpoog
nized as such in twee where no pictures
of the deCeased person was in existence,
and when such persons could not possi
bly have been known or seen by the
photographer, and that the accused is Ig.
uorant by what power he produced such
pictures. - The hearing was adjourned to
next Wednesday. Ia
Henry Smith has been nominated'by
caucus of Republican members of the
Legislature to succeed Mr. Acton, as one
of the Police Commissioners for this
The sub-committee of the Committee
on Elections, consisting of Representa
tives Stevenson, of Ohio, chairman, Bur
dell, of Missouri, and Kerr, of' Indiana,
have agreed to commence their investi
gations in New Orleans on the fifth of
May, taking up the five Congressional
districts in their order. •
It Is stated that J. Ricks was rejected
by the Senate, to-day, as Pension Agent
at Knoxville, at the instance of Senator
Brownlow, who stated the nominee was
personally objectionable to him.
At a meeting of the National Academy
of Science, the subject of a uniform gold
coinage was discussed.
A mass meeting of workingmen was
i held to-night. Jno. Jessup presided.
I Resolutions pledgitsupport to men on
a strike, and animaerring on Secrete
ries Bone and Rawl ns for their action in
reference to the eight hour question,
were adopted.
Nxw Yong, April 10:—The steamer
Allemarda, from - Hamburg via Hata e,
arrived to-night.
Baltimore Presbytery—Union of tile Old
and New school Churches.
017 Telegraph to the 'Pittsburgh earette.3
BALTIYOXE, April 10.—At the, session
of the Baltimore Presbytery, the follow
ing wawgdopted: '
Whereas, This Presbytery has, stt its
last meeting, responded by the ov rtnre
sent down by the last General A biy,
on ihe re-union ,of the Old an New
School clurches, and Whereas, a ma
jority of the Presbyteries of t Old
School branch have rejected th basis
sent down; and Whereas, it pro
posed by some in each bhurch t at the
next General Assembly of le upon
should consuniate a uni n upon
a basis not definitely and forma ly sub
mitted to the Preabyteried; therefore,
Resolved, That the Presbytery, in ad
dition to Its former action, impress its
disapproval of an organic union not first
submitted to the Presbyteries and agreed
upon by three-friurtini of the same. '
'Delegates wore , elected to the General
Assembly, which meets in New York,
At ay 20th. - .
License en Trading Salesmen...people%
Beform,Part Meeting.
IBY Telegraph to the Pit bosh Ossett4.3 t
CINCINNATI, April o.—The City UOUtt
ell today, through the influence of the
Beard of Trade, repealed an ordinance
imposing licenses of three hundred dol.r.
lars on trading salesuien selling goods by
sample. '
A meeting of advcaides of the Peopleli
Reform Party was h eld at Mozart Hall
to-night. Colorado Jewett, Win. Carey
and Alex. Long made speeches. A re
port favoring repudiation was read and
adopted. The charge, of favoring impe
rialism was made • akainst Gen. Grant.
Bon. Geo. • E. Pugh declined
,voting for
the report, and made a short address
opposing repudiation arid depret , ating the
demoralizing . influence . of the present
modebf collecting revenue. About thir
ty-flye persons were • resent.
LE Y Telegrailh to the Pitt=-burgh Gazette.]
amora l April 18.—In consequence of
the appearance in New York of a docu
mont issued and . signed by Morales
Sennes, imposing a contribution on Cu
ban refugees for the support of the revo
lutionary cause, Gen. Dulce has issued
a proclamation ordering the seizure of
all property belonging to Sennes, Casa
nova, Mestre, Bramasco, Cisnerros, Cri
ardo and others, unless they produce ne
cessary proofs that they have complied
with the legal requirements in the trans.
for of this property to other parties. The
Havana journals generally praise this
decree of 'confiscation.
The rebel leader Adulere has been
captured and executed at Manzanillo.
It is reported a schooner with a cargo
of arms I has been captured near the
mouth ofiMantue river, at the western
end of the Island, while trying to run
the blockade.
The hotel Inglaterra took fire last night
and was totally destroyed.
Sugar it buoyant; sales at 9 reals for
No. 12.
HAVANA, April 16.—The Mary Lowell
has beenitaken to the arsenal and is be
ing discharged. The depositions of the
crew haie been sent to the British Gov
Secretary Fish telegraphs to Consul
Hall, asking for details of the case of the
Liriie Major.
An 'eitensive campaign has been
plannedl, in the central department.
Troops are, to march from the north to
the south side of the island, while war
'steamers are to cruise off the southern
Nuevitas advises of the 10th say the in
surgents are sanguine of capturing Hol
guin, which. Benjosi is protecting.
There Jiro '17,000 in the town. Benjosi
asks fot• assistance.
—Thurlow Weed has returned to New
—Daniel H. Carpenter was executed at .
Angelica, N. Y. yesterday for the mur
der of - his brot her. i
) -
—At; Utica, New York. Mrs. W. A.
Adams was burned to death by the up
setting of a kerosene lamp.
—Col. Edwin Wright Morgan, Prof.
of Mathematics and Mechanics at Lehigh
University, died yesterday.
—Gen. Sickles, it is said, has declined
all appointments tendered him, and re
tires to private life on the full pay of an
army ; Colonel.
—M Newark, New Jersey, Thursday
night) a portion of Ward's Iron fonndry
was destroyed by fire. Loss §10,000; in
sured for 0,000.-
—At Toledo, Ohio, Friday morning,
four stores and a dwelling were destroyed
by Arc, involving aloes of $30,000; ban
xantxi about =lO,OOO. _ , . .
—.AI mass meeting of the citizens of
Corrima,Utab, have adopted a petition to
President Grant to appoint General B.
E. pOnner, Governor of Utah.
- -iTov. Hoffman, of New York, has ye
toed.the bill for State aid to the Platte
burg and Whitehall railroad. The veto
message was tabled in the Senate-23 to
25. .
- -
- •
—lion. W. B. Stokes has arrived at
Nashville, Tenn., from Washington, an.
wilispeak to-day at one o'clock, in re
sponse to ex-President Johnson. Stokes
will' probably be the Republican nominee
for Governor.
convention of railroad superinten
dents, which had been iu session In
Louisville for two days, adjourned yes
terday, after remodelling their schedules.
One feature in the summer arrangement
is ajthrough express train. which will be
run without change of cars from Louis
ville to New York.
-The trial of Patrick Buckley for,
complicity in the murder of Hpn. T. D.
McGee, took place at Ottawa, yesterday.
A number of witnesses were examined,
butt as no evidence was produced against
the accused, the Judge directed his dis
charge. It is probable Doyle and others
charged' with being accessories will be
alSo acquitted.
L ; The friends of General M'Kinstry
whb was Chief Quartermaster of the
Missouri Department under General
Fremont_ in 1861, will serenade him to
day at St. Louis, as an expression of their
opinion that the late decision of the .
Court of Claims in the case of Pratt, Fox
it Co. fully exonerates' .him of the
charges upon which he was triad - by a
Military Commission.
—A fire broke out at two o'clock yes
terday morning in Murfreesboro, Tenn.,
and before the flames could be arrested
the entire west aide of the public square
was destroyed, comprising some ten
stores, besides other buildings; It ori
ginated in the store of D. C. Tibaldi, an
Italian dealer in fruit. An engine was
Sent from Nashville - at 4a. m., and soon
after it tot to work succeeded in check
ing the fire. The loss is estimated at_
arketi by Telegraph.
NEW ORLEANS, April 16.—Cotton; re
oeipts today 2,604 bales for the week
12,428; exports today 4,196; for the week
—to Great Britain 10,434; Continent
9,474; coastwise 1,182; stook 109,926; sales
today 1,000; for the Week 20,700; dull
and unchanged. Gold 188. Sterling
143%; Commercial 14234; New York
Sigstt3; premium. Sugar steady; com
mon 10©10X;; prime 181;@1834c. Mo
lasses in limited supply; fermenting 500.
Flour firmer; superfine $6; double extra
$6,60; treble extra 56.75. Corn scarce
and higher; white 800. Oats firm It 74@
750. Bran hcaree at $1,40. Hay; prime
$27@28.• Pork dull and held at $32. Ba
con retailing at 13 1 %®17V 4 c. Lard dull
and unchanged. Whisky dull; western
rectified 85®92140. Coffee firm; fair
15340; prime 17%c.
April 16.-Evening.—At the
open board this afternoon a fair inquiry
existed for No. 2 spring Wheat; prices
ranged $1,08y4®1,0334, dosing at die lat
ter figurer Corn quiet; sales of new at
48350. Oateinactive; nothing doing this
evening, and prices entirely nominal at
Unchanged. Beef cattle steady and firm;
afternoon quotations. Freight dull and
sales at $5; 5,75 for cows
and light
.steers; $6,00@6,60 for fair to medium;
$6,75®7,60 for good to , choice; and $B,OO
for extra shipping beeves.
NASEIVII.LE, April 16.--Cotton dull and
• and • prices lower; low middlings 26stoc@
25;40t good • • ordinary 2434(32430; k
6,283 bales. •
An Interview with Louis Lane;the Col
ored Murderer—Hew he Appeers---He
still Protests ins Innocence.
Yesterday, through the kindness of
Warden Scandreth, of the county jail, we
were permitted to visit the unfortunate
colored man, Louis Lane, who is-to ex
patiate with his life on the gallows on
the 29th inst., the murder of his wife by
Poison. The poor old man we found oc
cupying a comfortable cell on the first
floor, which was remarkably clean and,
tidy. He sat in a chair as we entered,
and quietly arose to receive an introdue
tion, not flattering us very much in the
reluctance with which he made the ac
quaintance. He was very reticent at the
outset, and answered question" adoreseed
to him in a cold and ceremonious man
ner, seldom venturing to say more than
no or yes. He expressed himself as feel
ing well and enjoying a good apt elite.
lie said he was baptized on Sunday last
Into the Catholic church by Rev. Father
Kerr, who daily attends him in his cell,
and that he does not fear to die, fueling
fully prepared to meet his God, and!
having no hope for further life. No
clergy man of any other denomination has
visited him since his conlinewent. On be
ing asked whether guilty or not of the
crime for which he must die so soon, he
answered, without emotion, that he was
innocent, and, when requested to im
part some information regarding his pre
vious life, promptly replied that he
had nothing, to say about his history.
However, he said, he was born in London
county, Virginia, when, tie did not know,
but thought he was about fifty years of
age.. (ills appearance indicates that he
is well up in sixty.) He was married
when a mere boy and the woman whose
life he is chaiged with taking was his
third wife. He has two sons and two
daughters living, all of them married.
The old man appears completely bro
ken down, and we should not wonder if
he so far wastes away, in ahticipation of
his awful doom, as to render it necessary
to carry him to the scaffold for execution. .
He grew a 'shade more lively towards
the close of our interview, and occasion
ally laughed feebly, but he insisted that
he had nothing to communicate to the
outside world. He said that some kind
people had sent him cigars and eatables
which he had enjoyed. As he could not
'read he did not want books or papers,
sent him. He had learned to say hie
prayers by heart, and in his devotions
used a pair of rosary-beads presented to
him by his spiritual adviser. He cer
tainly appears to philosophically view
his terrible situation, and to be keenly
alive to the near approach of death, but
whether he will reveal his guilt by open
confession, or die with a protestation of
innocence on his lips, is a hard matter to
Lane is small in stature, and rather
dark in color. He has heavywhiskers
and moustache, both very gray, but his
thick, wooly head shows no mark of age.
HiscOuntenance is not =pleasing, hav
ing small; clear, sparkling eyes, lofty
forehead, and finely cut lips covering a
pretty set of well preserved pearly teeth.
He correctly uses good English words in
conversation, and there is an absence of
negroisms peculiar to the Virginian
bred colored people. As we were retir
ing from his cell two Sisters of Charity
entered, and the prisoner stepped for
ward to make them welccine.
One week from next Thursday, the
wretched man will atone with his life
the terrible crime of which he has twice
been found guilty. The scaffold on
which he will be executed will not be
erected before the evening proceeding
the day of carrying out the dreadful
sentence, and it will be constructed on a
plan much different from any ever used.
in this connty. The prisoner receives all
the atteption and consideration possible
for Warden Scandreth and Assistant
Warden Smith to bestow, and he feels
duly grateful and attached to them for
their marked kindness.
District Court—Judge Uampton.
FRIDAY, April 16.—The case of Hutch
inson vs. School Direolors of Indiana
township was resumed, and occupied the
court until adjourning time. The case
will be concluded on Monday.
Common Pleas—Judges SLrrett and
FRIDAY. April 16.—1 n the quarter Ses
sions room before Judge Sterrett. the
case of the Devisees of Wm. Robin- -
son, Jr. vs. Meyers was 'concluded, and
the jury returned a verdict for the de
fendant, subject to the opinion of the
Court, on a question of law reserved.
The case of Lang vs. 3.lcClarran was
next taken up. This was an action on a
book account. Verdict for plaintiff in
the' sum of 11200,75. • ,
The case ot . Barclay vs. Davidson be-
fore Judge Diellono4ported on trial Year'
terday, was resumed and concluded. but"
a verdict tad nut been rendered, when
_Court adjourned.
OPERA HOUSS.—hire. Mary Gladstone
took a benefit at the Opera House last
evening, on which occasion a very fair
audience Was present. Mrs. Gladdens
will appear in the matinee this afternoon
in Leah, and she will close her engage
ment this evening, when will be presoak
ed -*Oliver Twist*.!, and "Rose of , Eltrick
Vale." . Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Watkins will appear. •
PITTSBURGH Taxernu.—The attend
ance at the Pittsburgh Theatre during
the past week has been unprecedented,
the house crowded from pit o
every night. Mr. James Taylor s om e th •
chief attraction, although there are many
other unusually attractivefeatureein ths
entertainment. A grand, matinee will
be given this afternoon, on which Occa
sion Mr. Taylor will appear in his la
imitable character of -the I'orkshire
Farmer, and alao in several other awns
ing raise.
MASONIC HALL.—The drama t ic enter
tainment at Masonic Hull, last evening,
was of a highly Interesting character.
It will be repeated to-aighr, or rather
there will be another entertainment' by
the same company with an entirechauge
of programme.
• _
ll.firroTakta. Sam. Sharplefs eele7
brated minstrel troupe will visit ear city
-during the coming week, and will:give
three of their* inimitable entertainment*
:At Masonic Hall, commencing Thursday .