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The !deathly Meeting of Central Board
mill be held Tuesday next.
The Allegheny > Pollee appeared in
their - milorms yesterday and made
a yr Ippearance. ;<"
special,tor adjdurned
City Councils twill be held
Lnesday) afterloon tit two
Igheny Board Of School Con•
want to be bored with ap
election to tht propoted City
esterdaY a slight fire occurred
at .oatal Works at the Sharps
burp, dentate worthy of note
restjlted,ithe flames tieing promptly ex
littmoved.—Walter A 8 Davis, who at
tani tied to commit suicide at the Green
woo libuse, several days since, was
ye.'t rday afternoon removed from the
loc Up to the Poor Farm.
acancy Filled.—The Supreme Court
has appointed R. H. Davis to fill a vacan
cy; in the Board of Inspectors of the
Western Penitentiary, caused by the res
ignation of James H. Parker.
_ -
'inedenry Lutz was brought
fo e Mayor Drum yesterday, a
fly dollars
dollars and costs for disorderly con
e . nat him by his brother, John p Lutz. referred
,-• , •
Su ety...ldary liauningtOn alleges that
isieeA , Burns threatened to-hit her on the
head with a brick. Neely was arrested
and gave bail for a hearing, before Al
derman hiclVasters, on an information
for surety of the , peace.
Committed.'—David Stewart alleges that
John McCarty threatened to shoot him.
_ The parties reside in the First. ward,
Allegheny. McCarty was arrested and
fined five dollars by Mayor Dram, in de
fault of which he was committed to jail.
Lied for a Hearing.-Samuel; Allen
der, charged With felonious assault and
batter before the Mayor, on oath of Geo.
G. BroWn, was arrested yesterday and
held to bail in the sum of 53,000 fbr a
hearing Thursday morning at ten o'clock.
Shoulder Dislocated.—A miner em
ployed in Bailey's coal works, Mount
Washington, had his right shoulder dis
located yesterday, by the falling of a
mass of Eilate. He was not otherwise in
jured;and no serious consequences are
a .prehended.
Selling Liquor on Sunday.—A warrant
WAS issued yesterday by. Alderman
Lynch for the arrest of Patrick Bradley,
charged, on oath of Christopher Brad
ford. with selling liquor on Sunday.
Bradley keeps a saloon at the corner of
Tunnel And Webster streets.
Notice to thi Generous Publlc.—The
Church Sociable, under the auspices of
the First Colored Baptist Church . of Alle
gheny, will be continued in Davis' Hall,
on Water street, near Federal, on Wed
nesday and Thursday evenings, March
3d and 4th. Admission 15 cents.
Recovered.—The body ' of Beckwith
Sears has been recovered. It will be
xemembered that tho deceased was one
of the five men drowned in the Monon
gahela river, between, Morgantown and
Geneva, about a week ago. The river is
being dragged for the remaining three
bodies. • ,
Assault and Battery.--Mary McDonald
made information before Justice Salis
bury yesterday, charging her husband,
John McDonald, with assault and bat
tery. She alleges that John is addicted
to the use of strong drink, and when he
gets drunk abuses her. -He was arrested
and held for a hearing.
Exhausted.--We learn that the last of
the money raised for the relief of the buf.
ferers by the explosion at Reese, Graff dr,
Dull's mill was paid out yesterday.. It
is abotit eighteen months since it was
raised.- The Treasurer, Mr. E. T. Cook,
is preparing , and will have his final ac
count of the management of the fund
ready for publication in a few days.
Disorderly Condact—Mrs. Pooble made
information before Justice Salisbury,
yesterday, charging her husband, Fred.
Poohle, , with disorderly , conduct. She
alleges that Fred. came home drunk on
Monday night and' behaved in a disor
derly manner. Be was arrested and,
after a hearing,was dischargedupon pay
of a fine and costs.
3lrs. dane-G. Swisshelm will repeat
her lecture), on "Human Suffrage and its
Relation to Divine Law, ' in the Second
U. P. Church, corner oStoektln avenue
and Sandusky street, Allegheny, to-mor
row evening, for the benefit of the new
African Nr. E. Church of that city. The
lecture la full of thought, truth and
beauty, and we hope there will be a large
Await Coal Dealer Arrested.---John
Wilbert,a coal hauler was brought before
Alderman Humbert yesteday for viola
ting the!city ordinance relative to weigh
ing coal). The information sets forth that
the acc,Used is in the habit of hauling
coal i. l South Pittsburgh and selling it
, in Pitt • burgh without having it weighed
on the city scales. Wilbert gave bail for
tv furl er hearing on Saturday.
Sudd u Death—Coroner's Inquest.—
Adam Baker,_ a resident of Mount
Washington, died suddenly at his home
Monday about four o'clock, P. 31. The
deceased, although sixty-seven years of
age, was in good health until a short
time previous to his death. Coroner
Clawson was notified, and held an inquest
on the body yesterday, when a verdict of
.death from apoplexy was rendered.
. Insane Man Arrested. --Monday even
ing, a I man giving his name as John
ArMfordi was brought from Mineraville
by Dr: Thorn, and turned over to an
officer, ivho conducted him to the watch
bouae. The man is insane, and was
wand° ing, around Millersville, when
Leann i . charge by the Doctor. He was
sent to ail for the purpose of having his
cse b ought before the Court, with a
view t . having him sent to Diamont.
Alle,ed False Pretence.—G. IL Gibson'
.rnade i - , formation .yesterday before Al
derma McM.asters against John H. Gib
son for false pretence.. The prosecutor
states hat the accused obtained from
-him la r and material to the amount of
thirty-l brae dollars by representing that
he had money in bank and was.-the .
owner of property in Pittsburgh, all of
which are said to be false statements.
- The accused resides at Braddock's fields.
A. warrant.was issued
The ew High Scampi Building. The
building committee of the Central Board
of Bdtication met yesterday at the rooms
of theoard, and adopted the plans and
specifi tions for the proposed new gip
Schoo building. The plans and specift•
cations will be submitted to the Board at
its next regular meeting, and if ap•
• proved the committee will, we presume,
be instructed to advertise for proposals
;for the coniitruction of the building in
' accordance herewith.
Regular Meeting of the Board of Con
trollers—Reports of Local Boards,
Committees, B:c.—The Chy Superln
• tendency—Miscellaneous !Business.
A regular monthly meeting of the
Allegheny Board of School Controllers
was held last evening in the Common
Council Chamber, City Building.
President Clark being absent, at half
past seven o'clock the meeting came to
order, Mr. John E. Parke taking tho
chair, Rex. King opened the proceed
ings with prayer.
The following members answered to
their names at the call of the roll:
Mossrs. Barr, Boyle, Barker, Beckart,
Brown, Borland, Chadwick, Dennison.
Eaton, Francis, King, Lea, Lockhart,
Miller, Moul, Mossier, 'Mcßoberts, Mc
Connell, Oakley, Patterson; Pitcairn
Parke, Riggs, Swift, Sprague, Torrenc;
Trimble, Walton, Wilhelm, White. any
The minutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved.
Reports from the various Local Boards
exhibited the schools in a flourishing
condition. In most of them there was an
increase in the average attendance dur
ing the month. Good order and atten
tion to their- duties generally prevailed
on the part of the sonolars. •
Mr. Eaton, from the Committee on
Colored Schools, presented a report,
which exhibited a very encouraging con-`
dition of these schools.
Mr. Francis, Secretary of the Board,
read a monthly report, embodying a
statement of the attendance in the schools
during the month, from which it ap
peared that the - average attendance was
as fellows; First ward, _634; Second
ward, 1,084; Third ward, , 1,169; Fourth
ward, First precinct, 428; Second pre
cinct, 513; Fifth ward, 375; Sixth ward,
608; Eighth ward, 154; Colored Schools,
137; total, 5,102.
.Mr. Lea:from the Cdmmittee appoint
ed to consider the expediency of eatab
' fishing a High School in the city, stated
that at the last meeting of the Committee
there were just enough members present
, to conatitute a quorum, and no action
was taken in the matter.
( Mr. • Mont, from Committee ap
'pointed to take into the
consideration the
matter of the Seventh ward independent
school district, reported progress, and
thought they would be able to report
finally at next meeting.
Mr. Trimble presented a petition from
two tax-payers in the Sixth ward, asking
to be exonerated from the payment of
the school tax assessed upon them.
On motion, the exoneration was al
Mr. King presented the following :
WIERREAS, To a Committee consisting of
one frOin each ward in the city has been
referred the duty of investigating the
matter, and reporting at some future
time to this Board, with regard to the
propriety or need of establishing a High
School and electing a City Superintend
ent; and whereas, said,Committee, by an
unanimous vote of this Board, hitherto
given, is to name the candidate for the
position should one be chosen fix his
salary, and define his duties, and as the
whole subject is yet in an immature,
state and not decided upon, and believ
ing that especially in such cases as' this,
the position should look for the man:and
not the man for the po.altion, theiefore,
Resolved, That the members of this
Board refuse as yet to entertain applica
`dons or pledge theanseivesto supixat any
one *lib may ask for the position.
Mr. King moved the adoption of the
Mr. Lea asked `if the passage of the
resolution would transfer the matter
from the hands of the Committee back
to the Board?
Mr. King said such was not the intent
of the resolution. It was merely inten
ded to act as a check to any persons
seekingsition , the po by button -holing
the member either of the C'ommittee or
Some further discussion followed, after
whicib a vote was taken on Mr. King's
motion to adopt the resolution, which re
sulted in a tie, the President voting in
the affirmative.
So the resolution was decided by the
chair as lost.
The Secretary read a commanication
from the Sixth Ward Local Board. stating
that Isaac Stewart had resigned the po
sition of tax collector for the ward and
that R. Dilworth had been elected to fill
the position.
On motion, the action of the Board
was confirmed.
The Secretary read a communication
from Senator Graham, requesting the
Board to take some action in regard to
two bills accotnpanying his communi
cation. The first bill- was : in relation to
the formation of Reserve township into
a ward of the city and. making adjust
ment of all claims between the township
and city, arising out of said arrangement.
The second was in relation to giving
the old wards the right to compensation,
from new wards created out of them, for
school property.
,Considerable discussion ensued in re
lation-to the matter, some of the mem
bers contending that the Board had no
authority in either case, the local boards
of the different wards interested being
the only proper parties to whom the bills
should be referred.
On motion, the bills were finally re
ceived and approved.
Mr. Walton moved that the Secretary
be instructed to notify Senator Graham
of the action of the Board in regard to the
bills. Carried. •
Mr. Lea moved that. an assistant music
teacher be employed in the schools. Car
,Mr. Lea then moved that Prof. Harry
Horner be employed in that capacity for
the remainder of the present year. Car
Mr. Francis moved that a tax of ten
mills on the dollar be levied for educa
tional purposes for the present year.
Mr. Borland moved to increase the
salary of the Janitor of the Board from
$lOO to $l5O per year. The motion was.
On motion of Mr. King, Prof. M. B.
Sloan was allowed ten minutes to, ex
hibit an astronomical apparatus showing
the movements of the earth around the
sun. .
On motion, adjourned.
Exton!'lire Robbery
About six o'clock Monday evening the
jewelry store of H. Knceble was robbed
of jewelry to- the amount of $3OO. Mr.
S., it appears, was at supper and had
left his son in the store during his ab
sence, when two men came in and re
quested him to show them some watches,
After elfamining the watches for some
time they went out without purchasing.
Subsequently one of them returned mid
asked to see some rings. A tray of rings
worth about three hundr h the
ed dollars was
sot out upon'the counter, from whic
man selected one, and asked the price of
it. The boy, not knowing what it was
worth, went to ask his *father, and when
he returned his customer had disappear
ed, taking with him the tray and its con
tents. No clue to the thief.
S . Min Shot--.l7lltainous, - Assault on a
Peaceable Citizen—The Whiny Sel
lers' Ring.
A most villainous assaul t ' teas made
upon Mr. Jno. Carvill, a quiet ai4peace
able citizen, yesterday, by David Ainlie
a notorious character who, it would *-
pear, is in the service of the whisky sel
of this city. It appears that Mr.
Carrill; on Sunday last, was arrested for
drunkenness; and during the time that
he was in the lock-up the Mayor diScov
ered where he•had obtained the, whisky
and compelled him to make information
against the parties selling it, which he
did, much against his own inclination.
The parties, who are whisky sellers in
the Diamond, were arrested and fined by
His Hotior, and Mr. C., who, under the
law, waS entitled to a portion of the fine
as informer, refused to receive it. Yes
terday morning, while engaged at
work plastering in the third story
of a house on Liberty street, Al
legheny, Audio came in and de
manded of him a , portion of the
money he had received for making the
information referred to. He replied that
`he had not received any money and that
he not expectations an information with
the of getting any. Audio
then asked him what he made it for, call
him a d—d informer, and pulled out a
revolver and fired two shots at him, the
first of which took effect in his right
wrist, inflicting a serious wound, andthe
other passed through the breast of his
coat and vest, slightly cutting the skin.
The villain thinking that he had killed
Caryl% which was doubtless his Inten
tion, fled, leaving the wounded man alone
in the room.
Mr. C. on recovering from the shock
repaired to Mayor Brush's office and
made information chargingi Audie with
felonious assault and battery. _ A war
rant was issued.
This incident is another evidence of the
fact, to which we referred some time
since, of the existence of a ring or league
among whisky sellers, the object of
which is to prevent the enforcement of
the laws relative to selling whisky, by
just "such proceedings as these related
above. It is only a few weeks since a
man who had " ma de information against
a whisky dealer i was attacked by three
men and beaeath, for no
other reason ter thanalmost
that to
of d
having made
the information. It is time these gentle
men should know that they, with all
other classes of citizens, must either obey
the laws or submit to the punishment
their violation of it entails. The matter
should be investigated. There are.
doubtless, men dealing in whisky who
have no disposition to break the lava',
yet the,public makes no discrimination
in its censure, condemning all whisky
dealers on account of the doings of a few
rogues. _
Sunday Liquor Selling.
Notwithatanding the fact that in addi
tion to the act of Assembly prohibiting
the sale of intoxicating liquors on Sun
day, the violation of which is punishable
by fine and imprisonment upon convic
tion in the Court of Quarter Sessions,
there is also in existence a law imposing
a penalty of fifty dollars upon the of
fender, one halt of which goes to the in
former there appears to be . a disposition
upon thel part of many of the liquor
dealers to disregard tee laws, and the
authorities are unable to enfarce a Strict
, observance of thorn.
' That liquor is sold in this city on Sun
day, and at divers places, is clearly evi
slent from the number of drunken men
found upon the streets on Sunday and
Sunday nights- The police on;
to be vigilant in the performance of their
duties in arresting the poor, degraded,
drunken creatures, many of whom, per
, haps, had but a few moments ; prior to'
falling into the officers' hands, paid their
last dime over the counter of the ruin
seller for a glass of his “double distilled
poison," and, having no more money, is
kicked out of the rum shop, and is picked
up by the first officer whop asses '
ducted to the lock-up, where he is furn
ished with lodgings for the night, and,
at the Mayor's Court the next morning,
having no money to pay the fine imposed
upon him, is, committed to jail for ten or
iwoiaty days, while his family, depend
ent upon his labor for their daily bread,
must beg, starve or steal, and the whisky
seller, the only person who has violated
the law or committed an offense of which
the Courts takes cognizance, is allowed
to remain undisturbed in the enjoyment
of his ill-gotten gains.
Mayor Brush has expressed a deter
mination to prevent the Sunday liquor,
traffic, and will doubtless use all the
means in his power to accomplish that
end, and every citizen who desires to see
tile laws strictly enforced, shOuld feel it
his duty to aid him in this work.
The police might, if they so desired,
aid the Mayor materially in his under
taking. There are no persons,, except the
man who sells whisky to the unfortunath
wretch whoi drinks it, know so well
who it is that sells liquor on Sunday as
the policemen. They may not possess
that personal knowledge of the fact as to
'enable them to testify to it, but when it
is once ascertained that a man sells
liquor, it is no difficult matter to obtain
the evidence requisite to convict him of
the offense. We are not sure that it is
not the duty of the police officer, under
his oatti, to hunt down these violators of
the laws of both God and man and üb
ject them to that punishment which, s we
regret to say, is inadequate to the offense.
Laying 1u a stock. ;
The ice men are busily-engaged in lay
ing in their stock 'for the coming season.
The cold weather of the last few days
has been quite a fortunate turn for them,
as they will now be enabled to get a
pretty good supply on hand, which other
wise would not have been the case.
Some parties have purchased the ice at
the Union Park, which is said tb be quite
solid and of a superior quality. This of
course, stops skating at the Park,
which' is regretted by all the skatorial
We have been informed that other par
ties have contracted for ice, which is now
being delivered at the Allegheny Depot
of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne it Chica
go Railway at six dollars per ton. One
of our prominent dealers, whoa( ice
house is located near the banr - of the
river, succeeded, during the cold wheath
er in Dticember, 1868, in storing one tou
sandifour hundred tons, at Boost of about
thirty-five cents per ton. Comparing the
figures, if they are any criterion, he has
ample cause to congratulate himself
making such a lucky hit.
A Delinquent Husband.
A warrant was issued by Mayor Drum
yesterday morning for the arrest.of John
Sbober, charged with desertion by his
wife, Mrs. Phi'omens Shober. Mrs.
Shober says the accused has for some
time past spent all his earnings in drink
ing, refusing to do anything toward the
support of herself or their children.• She
dended for a livelihooupon the
du p c e t of four Cows, but th i s source of rev
enue, she states, has been cat off by her
husband) who, during her absence on
MolgilfrY afternoon, sold the animals and
expended the proceeds for liquor. Her
case, if the statement•made be true, is a
sad ono- Indeed,. ani), the • delinquent
wretch should Wpiadto to feel severely
the effects of his anutioominga.
Real Estate Transfers.
The rfollovring deeds were, filed of
record before H. Snively, Esq., Resorder,
March 1, . 1869 •
Edward Richenlaub to James Summerville, Feb-.
ruary 19, 15: threw lots of ground in Stiller
town.hip. In Etc .enlaub*.s plan 64.50:1
Thomas it Rice and Joseph S. Reed to Jaeob
,Reed, September 12. 1868; lotin Ross township,
(now city of Allegheny.) 402 feet by 11 perches.
wlth buildings $10,600
Jatues - L. Ferson to David it. Coon, February 26,-
1869; lot 1a East Liberty, corner of rium an .1
street 6„ 35 by 75 feet. with buildings..4l, 666
Oliver Fersortto James L. Ferson, February 19.
1869; same lot: $1,606
Wm. Reynolds to dward Davidson. Feb , uary
27. 1869: lot on Rellefonraine street. Lawrence
ville, 25 by RO feet. with build nits ........ 0 ; 250
_John J. Reynolds to John 'Ulosby. August
1864; lots No& 62 Ew •
and 63 In , ilt'i plan, aw •
Geo. W. Cole to Alex. 3111 er, February 16,180;
withathe borough Me Keesport; , 6 o by 140 'feet
bundling iklso
John Slalone tOGeurge F. F.asfon, !ISM:
lots Nos 22.1 and 226.1 n Cralg's plan- I Ml
intngham: also, eighth interest In 211, ',01,1 and
235 $4,000
Jonu Chrysostom . to Patrick Hughes, Aug. 21. - 1
1847; lot on the comer of.slargaret and Center
stseetS, Lower it. Clair township, 25 by 100 feet
r. $2.
with bundle 4oo
Same to same. Aug. 21, 1867; tot on the north side
of the llirmlnglittm and EllzabethtoWn tur n
pike. Lower St. Clair township, 50 by 10C1feet.
with buildings
Joseph 51. Gn•zam, trustee to Win. Dlvans.!Feb
8. 1869; lots Nos 41, 42 and 43 in (Jetsam A plan,
Commerce street ,000
ril 14,
Fleury Sheppard to Hannah Roberts, AP
1864; lot In the borough of Birmingham, 21 by el
feet, with buildings t 1 w
kiendersAa Wilson to James Robinson, Aug. 24,
1868; lots Nos. 15 and 16. In the p'an laid out by
the Oterseers of .the Poor, Sixth ward,' Alle
gheny $450
Same day 10 mortgages and? ordinances were
flied of retard.
Terl3voAX, Marche, 1969.
C. Hanson Love to,Jacob F. Whitmo.e, June 1,
1588: lot No. 85 in Love's pink, South Fayette
township. 50 by 190 feet •' ^J) o
Francis NN ails to Alex. C, bohel-Octorer 15: 1567:
lot No. 91.: Wall's plan, on Railroad street. /0
by 138 feet 11150
Margaret Ann McFadden to Nancy Marl, Mc-
Fadden. December 31. 1663; let on *Resseca
street, Second ward, Allegheny; Ri,by 1101 feet.
Win. Wilton to Eoenerer Brewer, Eebruary 19,
1569: lot on,Madison avenue, (late _Bast lane,)
Allegheny. 12 feet !font, ........
WiDnini Ferguson to Wm'. Lemon, January
1869: lot in Thirteenth ward, i'ittsburgh, on
Bedford street. containing one-half an acre
Ju• tine Weighley to Mari A. Boilmao, January
15 1509; lot of ground in Shaler township. con
talnlng 13 acr s andl(l4/etches .5.009
Jon 0. Perctvat to D. Delimit, November
50, 1555; lot in the borough of West Elizabetn.
on Second street .120
Thdmas Sanderson to Matthew Fonall, January
27 109; lot of ground ic - Penn township. -
taining 4 acres and 153 perches 9305
• Fatal Accident
An accident of a most shocking nature
occurred on the Pittsburgh & Connells:
vine Railroad,' at Long_ Ruu station,
about a mile and a half from McKees
port, by which Jordan Nesmith, an em
ployee on the road, was killed instantly.
The unfortunate man was, fireman on
engine No. 14, which at the time was at
tached to a train of twenty-one coal cars.
Re was engaged in throwing coal in the
tire, standing with one foot on the tender
and the other in the, cab, when the coup
ling pirr or king bolt raised sufficient to
allow the coupling to slip out, when the
engine -immediately parted from the
'train causing him 'to fall on the track,
and the entire train of twenty-one cars
and the tender ,passed over his_ body.
The engine was stopped as soon as possi
ble, and the conductor and engineer
went back to look for Nesmith, whom
they found over a hundred feet from
where the accident occurred, the body
having been dragged along by the train.
The body was shockingly inutilated;lone
leg having been severed at the knee, one
arm torn from the body at the shoulder
joint, the head crushed and the remain
ing portion of the body crushed and
bruised. The remains were gathered to
gether, placed in a sheet and removed to:.
Connellsville where he resided, when
an inquest was held by. 7 tice'Benjamin
Prichard. The jury foun . a verdict in
accordance, with the facts
The deceased was abo, t thirty years
of ago and leaves a widow - and one child.
Interesting OcCasion.
Mr. J. \V. Drury, the popular and effi
cient conductor of the McDonald accom
modation train on the Pan Handle/Rail
way, was made the recipient, a few/even
ings ago, of athandsome and elegant gold.
watch and chain, the gift Of his friends.
The ceremony of presentation took place
at the house of Ildr. S. H. Cook, at Mc-
Donald Station, the speech of the occa
sion being made by Mr. J. N. McDonald;
Mr. Drury appropriately responding.
An elegant supper was spread for the
guests, and ail were heartily pleased
with the affair. The watch was one of
the best Howard Chronometers, with
compensating I balance, adjusted to heat,
cold jtnd position, and was as splendid a
time piece as any :wan t need desire. It
was obtained of Messrs. J. R. Reed ez
Co., No. 6g Fifth avenue; whose time is
the standard all of l
roads. It is afor
noticeable our
facteadin thag
übli Co.?s fullk s
w n a o t w c , hes w
en well t t h h e ey m a e r r e it s o e ti e ß ct r g
for railroad officials, as nearly all of the
presenatious we have recorded of late
have been of selections made at that pop
•ular establishment. ,
Leisure Hours.
-We have received. the March number
of "Leisure Hours," our ably conducted
home Monthly magrOne, published by
Messrs. O'Dwyer it Co., No. 59 Fourth
avenue. It contains a continuation of
Mr. J. Trainor }Ding's invaluable history
of Pittsburgh, the Life of Senator John
Scott, with a life-like and truthful en
graving, and a vast amount of original
poetry and prose. The magazine-is a
formidable rival in point of spirit, tone
and, ability to any of its more widely
known contemporaries; and all Pitts
burghers should take pride in support
ing and encoragin well-dir
enterprise which puts h it- forward. ected
news dealers have it for sale.
The Masquerade.--The masquerade at
the Rink last evening was a brilliant
success. The ice was in splendid condi
tion and the attendance of skaters and
spectators exceedingly' large. Variety.
neatness and elegance. with just enough
of the comic to render the display inter
esting and laughable, marked the cos
tumes. The exhibition of faboy skating
was unusually fine and elicited frequent
applause from the spectators. Superin
' tergient Brown and his assistants have
reason to feel proud of the suecess which
attends their efibrts in managing the es
The Weather, althoUgh inclement, has
not interfered with the great clearance
sale at the store recently occupied by
Dennison do Heckert, trimming and no.
tion dealers. Messrs. Alumni Ltr, Car.
lice having' bought out the entire stock,
are determined to close it out without re
gard to oast, and readers who study
economy should bestow a large share of
their patronage on No. 27 Fifth avenue.
Notice.—All the very latest weekly pa
pers, dime novels, and songsters, for sale
at Getty's, Allignipa street, Braddock&
Also, agent for the Daily and Weekly
GiZETTE. - ,
Special Bargain - a are offered in lace
goods and embroideries at W. W. Moor
head% fohionable retail trimming and
notion. botiae l No. 81 Market street. -
The Alarm of fire sounded from Boa
SI of the fire 01121:11 yesterday afternoon
was false.
OPERA HOUSE.—Lotta was greeted
with a large and fashionable audience last
night, the second night of her engage
ment at the Opera Reuse, and from the
enthusiastic manner in which she was
received at every appearance upon the
stage and applauded throughout the en
tertainment, she can have no doubt of
the high appreciation in which she is
hold in Pittsburgh. , "Paul the Pet" and
"Nan," with Lotta in the title roles of
both pieces, were presented. Lotta has
no rival in her line of characters. She
is full of vivacity and her humor is only
excelled by her great versatility. To
night, "The Female Detective,',' with
Lotta in six characters, introducing
songs, banjo solo and dances, with eiAn
Object of laterest" as after-piece.
Victorelli Brothers are creating a furore
I at the American this week. Their hori
zontal bar and trapeze performances are
of an entirely new character and are
generally admired by all who witness
them. There are, a number of other at
tractions ,at the American, but as the
house is filled to its utmost capacity ev
ery night, it is useless to mention them.
excellent conipany of acrobats,
gymnasts ,
and equestrians continue to draw large
audiences at the Pittsburgh Theatre.
The ladies and children should remem
ber the matinee this afternoon.
Llebler's Extensive Trunk Factory.
The Spring stock of trunks now on
exhibition at_ the extensive and well
managed trunk emporium of Joseph
Liobler, No. 104 'Wood street, attracts
much attention, as it is one of the larg
est and most complete ever held by any
house west of the mountains. The en
terprisingproprietor, in looking forward
to the Spring and Summer trade, be
lieves thatthere will be a large demand,.
not only for trunks will,
for articles in all
other lines of business, and hence he has
kept a full force of hands at work - to sup
ply the demands of the patronage which
will be directed towards him. He sells
at wholesale and retail, and at such
prices as to make it advantageous to pur
chasers to bestow their patronage at his
establishment. We commend Mr. Lie
bier as a fair dealing, honorable busi
ness gentleman, and one in every way
worthfi t he confidence of our readers.
Auction Sales of Real Estate.
A. Leggate, AVioneer, invites attent
tion to the following sales of Real Es
tate. Cut this out for reference:
On Wednesday (to.daY at 2o'clock, by
wholesale. twelve Brick Houses of four
rooms each, - on Allegheny avenue and
Ward's alley, near the outer depot round
houSe. This is a good renting property,
to which the attention of capitalists is
directed. -
On Wednesday (to -day) at 3 o'clock,
that good dwelling house of eight rooms.
24 Palo Alto street, Allegheny. •
On Thursday next at 2 o'clock, two
small brick houses, 38 and 40 Sedgwick
street, Sixth ward, Allegheny.
On Thuriiday next at 3 o'clock, that
good brick house of five rooms, on the
corner of Bidwell street and Ohio ave
nue, Allegheny.
,Also, at private sale, several good resi
dences on the best streets, including the
North and West Commons.
N. B.—A. Leggate's personal atten
tion given to auction sales of all kinds
in Pittsburgh, Allegheny city and county.
i_t c The Continental.
It woul be unnecessary in us to call
the attention of our many readers to the
Continental Dining Rooms, Fifth avenue,
next do.* to the Postoilice, since the fact
that that is one of the best, if not the
very best establishment of its characr
in the city, is so generally known, but we
take pleasure in recommendine establish
ments of this character, when conducted
as this one is. Mr. Holtzheimer, the
gentlemanlv proprietor, is a model man
in his line of business and keeps a model
establishment. His rooms are always
neat and clean, and, the larder is sup
plied bountifully with the best of every
thing to be obtained in the market, and
as a consequence, the patrons of the es
tablishmbut can enjoy a dinner, sup Per,
or dish o oysters,which are served in
every et, le, such as he can no where else
obtain. I •
Large S: le of Furniture, Carpets and
Household Goods.
On Thursday, March 4th, at Masonic
Hall Auction Rooms, 55 and 57 Fifth
avenue, will be sold without reserve, a
.large asaortmiint of Furniture, Carpets
and Household Goods. At 2 o'clock p.:m.
precisely, will be held a special sale of
New Carpets, embracing fine two-ply in
grain, Venitian , stair, rag and hemp
Carpets Also, at 3P. at., will be sold
one fine sir-storo Mason ct Hamlin Organ
(Iloston make), almost new. For par
ticulars i see Furniture and Carpet adver
tisemen of H. B. Smithson dr Co.
....____ _-........___...
- House Furnishing Goods New and Cheap.
Napki s,i'Doylies, Towels, Linen Sheet
lugs, I'l low Muslins, and Pillow Linens,
cheap. Bird. Eye • Linen, lucks and
Crashes Honey Comb Quilts and Toilet
Quilts, heap. ,
50c. Tod Black Alpaca Lusters.
621. c. Black Queen's Cloths, silk finish. ,
. 20c. Linen Shirt Fronts; others cheap.
75c. per dozen, Linen Doylies.
Special bargains in New Dry Goods, on
west corner Market street ° and Fourth
avenue, No. 69.
New -Dry Goods. •
12 1 ,4 c. Prints, Tickings and Mnslins.
5-4 Pillow Mumlins anti Linens.
10-4 Linen and Cotton Sheetings.
Stripe Shirting Prints and Chintzes..
Linen Shirt Fronts and Irish Linens.
25c. Double-Width Country Flannels.
New :Goods and Low Prices, on west
corner Market street and Fourth avenue,
No. 69.
stawfs. , E. R. GAILDNEIt.
Novelties, Novelties.—The gems of the
season in Dry Goods Housekeeper's
Goods, Dress Goods, Silks, Shawls, Mace
Mantles, Lace Curtains, Piques,Chintzes.
We will open this week a most elegant
dishy of the most. select styles, which
we will offer at unusually low prinks.
Cree Brothers are now selling their
entire stook to quit business. A rare op
portunity to secure bargains, as it is be.
ing sold regardless of cost. ou save
fifty per cent, by calling soon a 26 Fifth
Constitution Water - is a certal • core fai
Diabetes and all diseases of the Kid
neys. For sale by all Druggists.
11.4 Sheeting Musline lust opened at
J. M. Burchfield & Co.'s, INT% 52 St. Clair
This Weeic.—A rare selection of Im
ported and Domestic Dry Goods, selected
with great care, will be opened at Bates
dr Bell's.
See the new Stock of Dry Goods, this
week, at Bates it Bell's.
We are prepared to say that nowhere
else in the city can a better line of rich 4
and valuable books; new and second
hand, be obtained than at the popular
literary, depot of Col. J. D. Egan, Sixth
avenue. near Smithfield street. La
wyers, doctors, ministers, professors,
scholars and- students. will there find
some one or more works to please them.
All the latest magazines anti illustrated
newspapers, together with a splendid
line of stationery and counting room
goods will be found at most reasonable
prices. ' ;
12;5. 4-4 Shirting filuslins and Sheeting&
12 1 ; 5c. 4 4 Long Cloth Bleached Muslins.
125 c. Dark Domestic Ginghtuns.
121,c. Linen Crashes and Hucks.
12? c. New style Dark Prints.
25c. Grey Twilled Heavy Flannels.
Blankets at a great reduction.
Bed Spreads and Quilts cheap.
25c. 4-4 Twilled Feather Ticking.
Pink Prints, Blue Prints, Oil Chintz.
20c. Scotch GingliamS, all styles.
- New Dry Goods and Low Prices, on
west corner Market street and Fourth
avenue, No. 69.
What Doctors, Ministers and Profes
sors Think of. Them.—"l recommends
their use to public speakers."--Rcv.
H. 'Chapin. , "I have never changedpriV
mind resecting .'Brown's Bronchial
Troches' from the first, excepting to
think better of that which I began think
ing wellof.''.—Bev. Henry Ward Beecher.
"Great service in subduing hoarseness."
—Bev. Daniel Wise. "The Troches are a
a staff of life to me."—Prof. Edward
North, President of Hamilton College,
Clinton, N. Y.' 4 1%. simple and elegant
combination for coughs, etc."—Dr. O.
F. Bigelow, Boston.
New and Select.--
Chapped Haiuts, false tuid slip rbugh
nese of the skin, - certainly cured
using the Juniper Tar Soap, made by
Caswell, Hazard dc Co. New York. It
surpasses all other remedies as it will pre
vent roughness of the akin if used du
ring cold weather. It is easily applied,
avoiding all the trouble of the greasy
compounds now in use. It can be used
by ladies with the most tender skin,
without irritation or pain, making it soft
and clear. Sold by the druggists gener
ally. INT
The clearance sale of trimmings, lace
goods embroideries and general notions,
at W. W. Moorhead's popular retail
house, No. 81 Matket street, continues
to daily attract large numbers of pur
chaiers. •
plain, Pink, Buff and Blue Percleos,
just received at J. NI. Burchfield St Co.'s,
O. 52 St. Clair street,-
Ladies will find many new novelties
just introduced, at W. W. Moorhead's
fashionable retail trimming and notion
house, No. 81 Market street.
New Table Linens, Totels, Napkins
and Prints j ust opened at J. M. Burch
field & Co.'s, No. 52 St. IClair street.
Black And Colored Silks selling cheap
at J. M. Burchfield .it Co.'s, No. 52 , St.
Clair street.
The. Ace to ,
clued Vaster, Hp
Ecker Casket'''
New Goods are
W. Moorhead's pco
and hotion muse.
February 28. 1369.
and at his residtnc(
1869, at the reatden4
City of Baltimore,
of 'Meenag. Va.. al
of Baltimore City,
McCALLI73I -- On
o'clock, at his res
nue, Capt. A. C M
Irottee of funeral
itt.iburgh, ?a.
GLOVEa, and ery
nishing Goods furnished. Rooms open day smi.
Went. Gear“. slid Carriages famished.
ParsuaNcas—ltev.Davlolierr. DA), !laval.
Jacobas. D. D., Thomas Ewing, Esq., Jacob
2dlller, E
AVENDa Allegheny City, where their COFFIN
ROOMS- ar e constantly supplied with real and
imitation. ewood, Mahogany and Walnut
Collins, - at prices crying front *4 to 8100. 'Bo •
dies prepared for in.. rment. Hearses and Car
riages fhruisbed: . II sands of Mourning
Goods, If required. °Mee oleo at all hours, day
and night.
goirr. Tt RODNEY ENDER..
BET, Allegheny, seeps constantly on hand"
s large assortment of ready-made Collins of the
fAlowlngltlnds: First, the celehrsted - Amerlcan
Burial Oases, Metallic Self-sealing_ Air-tight
Casts and Caskets, and Rosewood, Walnut and
Roseword Imitation Coffins. Walnut Coiling
from $25 inwards. Rosewood Imitation Coffins
from *G. upwards, and no pains will be snared
to give entire satisfaction. Crape and Gloves
furnished freer f charge. Best Hearses and Car
riages furnished in short notice • Carriages . Bar-
I ntshedio funerals at 54 •
Cor. of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
Hu now in stock vtio of the largest snd m •
Su e d assortments of
Fall and Winter (3rocid,s
• • ,
ever brought to this city. His stock em
all the latest French and English niannikcture s
CLOTEB, ogentanss An °mooning .
Aiso, *fall line of . Gent , s Furnishing Hooalh
H .."-
For all the latest styles cat clothes, sake of thf
a rc
material, and by lirst•class workmen. anp_s
Prices 'surprisingly low,
.go to the well In ww
Merchant Tailor.
This week Bates (lc
Bell will open a most
elegant stock of Lin
en Hoods,.
Mantles, Chintzes,
;Coverlets, Detnitzes, -
White Goods, Lace
Mantles;luld Mourn
; _ir g Goods.,
RC. 80 BT. CLAIR STREET, nagrell4l'
TllOB. IN DAVE, 11. D. . ...... 11. 8. 817TrOlt. It. 0..
JL. .A..isocumED themselves together to mb
PRACTICE OF rintracom .
(moo. No. 19 STOCKTON . AVSNIX. ele,
VALE. bi. ..
°VITO'. iin."•st',i,roN. D.
~ Pa.
in the
at 8
e ave-