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Proceedings of the Legislature—
The Senate Without a Quorum
- —Democrats Apsent with a
View of Defeating the Phila
,delphia Tax Ile.ceiver Bill—
Rasters and Folders Again—Bill
:to IncorpOrate Pittsburgh and
.dprmsby, Passenger. Railway—
IllupplenintAo Federal Street
and Pleasant Valley Company
—House AO ourns Until Tuesday
Next' •
I:3y TelegrAPb-to the PittstriTgli Gazette.l
RA.RRISBURG, January 22, 1869.
SENA.TE. 4 •
The Democrats are all absent, to defeat
The bill • extending the time of Richard
Peitz, 'Receiver of Taxes at Philadelphia,
-which came over from the lEfouse yester
day slightly; amended. Several Reriublic also being, away, there was no
-quorum, and the Senate -adjouined over
until to-morrow. The Democratic Receiver
•of faxes will be sworn in ori Monday morn
ing at nine o'clock,lf the Democratic Sena
tors can delay the bill. Doubtless there
will be no Quorum to-morrow.
, Mr. HUNTER, of Westmoreland, offered
a re3olution dispensing with pester docu
ic s and
folders and the printing of all publ
On motion of Mr. DA. VIS, of Philadel
phia, it was indefinitely postponed.
-; :By Mr. MORGAN, of Allegheny: Incor
:porating the Pittsburgh'. and Ormsby
.passenger Railway Company.
By Mr. JA.OKSON, of Armstrong: Re
pealing the act increasing the number of
-.Supervisors in Cowanshannock townshi d:
.By Mr. IsioCUILOUGH, of Clearfiel
Joint resolution instructing. Congressmen 1
against the incorporation of railroad com
panies by the General Government.
By Mr.• HUNTER:- For Assistant Law
Judge in the Twentieth Judicial District.
By Mr. EUMPIIREVS, Allegheny: Sup
plement for the Federal Street and Pleasant
Valley passenger Railway company,author
izing an additional track, connecting with
the terminus in Allegheny city, with the
omsont of Councils.
— By Mr. WILSON, Allegheny: - Supple-
anent to an act imposing additional taxes
. for State purposes, approved 3d day of April,
„•,.,,!,•49344,whica includes coal and coke as the
'product of mines.
Adjourned 'till three o'clock Tuesday af
ternoon. •
By Teligraph
E th
W e rittsburgh Gazette. 3
YORE, January 22, lEa.
The jury in the case of Blaisdell, Eckel
and McLaren, who have been on trial in
the United States Circuit Court for the past
few days, on a charge of defrauding the
'lnternal Revenue, this evening render
were eeda
'v erdict of guilty. The prisoners -
nianded for sentence.
The Board of Health yesterday afternoon
,elected Dr. Elisha Harris Sanitay Super
'intendent in place of Dr. Dalton, r who late
ly resigued.
The London Shipping Gazette of the 9th
inst. says the brig Hannibal, Capt. Gyles,
_ arrived at Liverpool, from Ceara, spoke
the bark America, - tor New York, on the
-30th of December in -latitude 42 deg. 43
north longitude, 30 deg. 25 west, with thin
of the shipwrecked crow and pas
sengers of, the steamer Hiber ia non board.u
The account of Capt. Gyles is circt
tial,' and there seems no doubt that another
of.tiae boats that left the ill-fated steamer
has been fallen in with and the sufferers
rescued. The New York Herald in copy
witg the above expresses the belief that not
bstariding the recent statement per cable
AA the contrary, all the passengers and crew
of the Hibernia are safe.
The steamer America, which left Bremen
November 25th, has not yet reached bore.
A-fve occurred to-night at the book store
$ 2
,0 M. Haverty, publisher. Damage about
$2,000; insured Some rare old volumes
were, burned. The origin of the fire is un
In the United , States Circuit Court,
MeLaren, convicfed of aiding and abe on of
Blaisdell rand Eckel in the perpetrati
whisky frauds, was strongly recommended
to mercy by the j ur y.
Vessels Seized for Carrying Supplies to
Rebels—Passport. Regulations :stringent
ly Eniorced.
ti 34 Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
amitANA, January 22.7 The government
anthorities have seized the coasting vessel
Seis, from llermanos, on suspicion of car
ving supplies for the rebels. The Spanish
officials here aro enforcing the regillations
concerning passports with great strin
gency. Passengers without passports are
prohibited . from embarking or landing.
'Travelers by steamers from United States
ports are much annoyed by the da tes
by these Precautions. They some
-times have been obled to wait over tive
.hours after steamers ig have arrived before
they are permitted to land. •
The Banco Del Commercio has resumed
Payment. ,
The revolutionary leaders having deter
mined to move eastward, deceived Count
Yalmesada by opposing his march with a
sinall force, while their main 'body com
menced a move toward this city. It is re
ported the government has receivdd a dis
patch that the rebel General Quesada with
a large force, has arrived in the vicinity of
Villa Clara, and steamers have been en
aged to bring back the force of Count Val
Whelan, the Canadian Atesasalll, Refused a
. New Trial,
lap Telegraph to the Plttsburah Gazette.)
Touohro, franuary n.—The Whelan MAO
w as to -day before a full Conxt .of Error,
and the judges stood four 'for and six
against ,granting a neß,trial. The prison
; ,er's counsel applied for leave to appeal to
the'Privy Council of England, and after
consultation the Court decided it had not
the right or power *0 grant leave. The
prisoner was ordered to be sent back to the
Ottawa jail, and Go far as the Canadian
courts are concerned, the law will take r its
course. If,a reprieve is not granted Whelan
I • mill be executed on the 11th of Fetoruary..
-- -'-- -----i"'"--
1 •
SENATE: Resoluti\ n Against
Railroad Subsidies Reported,
and Laid Over. Ender Objection I
—Proposed Land Grants for a HOUSE Or REPRESENTATIVE S.
Mr. POLAND, from Committee on Re-
Railroad from the Mississippi
vision of the Laws, made a report in refer
to itanctOn—Bill to Authorize
ence tic the extension of the forty per cent.
Mint Officers to Receive Refined geese in the banking law, and to the print
ing of • notices in bankruptcy. Ordered
Gold_ and Silver on Deposit—
printed and re-committed:
Discussion of Morton7s Passen- Mr. KELLY introduced a bill to estab
ger Tax Bill—BesOlution Re- an assay office in Montana, to convert
the branch mint at Denver into an assay
ported: . Authorizing the With- effice, and relative to the refining of gold
- . . and rffiver bullion at the United States
holding of Pacific Railroad Mind and branches. Referred to Committee
Bonds as Security for the Come
. on Coinage. • t .
Mr. GRISWOLD intreducedoalbill to di
p the fluctuations tit gold and to pr
etion Ot the? Several Line s— vide for return to specie payments. Re-
Shertriattleo Air Line Railroad ferred to Committee. on Ways and Means
Bill Purther ConSidered—Bill au ed printed. The biliproposes an
d order
issue of gold notes by the Government, re
to Regulate the Taking of EVi. deemable in coin and receivable for all
Governmentodues, not to 'exceed 1350,0 00 , -
deuce in Contested Elections 000, and not to exceed the amount of lil
in the Treasury above that required for
Finally Passed. HOUSE: Bill
three months' , lute' est on there debt,
. .
to Diminish Gold Fluctuations to be used in redeeming gnbacks. at
the average gold value. -
and to Provide for Return to Mr. HAY'S, from the Committee of Con-
Specie Payments—Denver Pa- ierence on the bill relative to taking t wetly in contested election cases, made a
Acific Railroad and Telegraph report, which was agreed to..
Company B i 11-M r . Logan Mod- The HoUse then resumed the consifiera
. don of the bill granting land to the Denver
ifies His Substitute—The Subject
Pacitic Railroad and Telegraph Company.
Deferred—BouttvelVs Couslitu - Mr. VAN TRUNIP continued his arg
t.• .
tional Amendment and 'Bill meat against the bill. I
air. LOGAN , modified his substitute to I
Relative to Suffrage to be Con
read as follows: 1
sidered To•day. ' Be it enacted, ,Cc., That. tbe Union Pacific
Pittsburgh Gazette.] Rail Road Company, Eastern Division, is
(By Telegraph to the
'WASHIN GTON, January s" , , 1569. hereby authorized to continue the comple
tion of the road from the point of its pree
. • SENATE. . eat termini fifty-four miles in the direction
The PRESIDENT presented the ereden- to. Cheyenne Wells,
And shall have'auther
ity to issue coupon bonds to the extent of
tials of James A. Bayard ii-nd'Thomate F. -- dollars per .mile of road to 'be re-
Bayard, Senatorseilect from Delaware. ; built, said bonds to run forty years and to 1
Mr. TRUMBULL, from the Committee I bear interest at the rate of six per cent.
on Judiciary, reported the - House joint res- 1 per annune'payable semi.annually on the 1
olution providing roe the disposition of cer- first days of February mid August of each
tain papers relating, to claims against the year, in lawful money, the interest and 1
Department of the West, with ausendments, principal to be payable at the Treasury of 1
which were adopted, after,which the resole- i the United! States, or at the eflice of the ,
Lion V, as passed. , .-'Aesistant Treasurer of the . United States 1
Mr. I)BAKE, by unanimous instrne- lin tSe city of New Toth© at the option
lion of the Committee on Pacific Railroad, of the Secretary of the Treasury; under
reported and asked for immediete consid- such rules and regnlatione as the Secret
eration of the resolution declaring it mail- tarse of the Treasury may preset - the. And
quate for Congress tosinthorize any subsidy , the President of the United States shall I
in Governineut bond to any railroad en- t appoint three competent persons as
terprise -not entitled to it under existing 1 ConimisSioners to examine said railroad
laws. _ . t stnnireport whether each seetion of twenty
liir.EDSIUNI)S objected and the resolu-s miles of the said road is built in a good
Lion went ever. . • 1 anorstuestautial manner; sled Commission - 1
Mr. POMEROY, from the Committee no ere shall so report in writing to the Presi-
Pablic Lands. reported a bill to grant lands 1 dest, who, being satisfied with such report, ,
to aid in the construction of a railroad froni I shall approve the same and cause, it to be i
the Mississippi river to Yencten on the Slim- ;filed with the Secretary of the Treasury, ;
soma river, end. to amend the act of May I whereupon the United States shall gassy- 1
12, 104, granting lands to the State of lowa tote the payment of inn rest of bonds au- I
to aid in the eonstruction of a railrcad in thorized to be issued
asp aforesaid, to the ex.
said State. It transfers the'grant made by t tent of --- dollar r utile of the *road \
the above act for the benefit, of the Me- 1 built. And it is hereby made toloyduty of
Gregor And Sionx.,City Reittroad.gompany, I the Secretary of the Tr emery to endorse
and grants the latter Company two sectione 1 and register! Midi heeds of the \
per mile to aid an extension of the. line United States, guarai teeing the pay
eighty miles further to Scrant
on. meet of interest then f, in such form 1
I Mr. POSIEROY also reported back the oas he may deem props , and the melons°.
bill to legalize certain land locations, which anent of such bonds by the Secretary
declares the provisions of the
act of July of the Treasury on be alf of the United
27, isa, shall not apply to loesations of Agri- States shall ipso facto constitute a first 1
etiltural College scrip made - by Itegi.sters t mortgage on tend refire d, its rolling stock ;
and receipted for before the receipt or ofil- ' and furniture, in fas - or f the United States, 1
cial notice of its passage. to the extent of the into eat on said boutis. '
\edr. STEWART introduced a bill relatiVe And it is hereby niad the duty ef said
o f gold and silver Million at the railroad company to ha -e on deposit With
mint of the United States and branehes, the Treasurerof the Uni ed States, at least
which was referred to the Committee on tun days before any s nil-annual interest
Appropriations. It authorizes the Sucre- falls due, a sufficient in Went of 111011bY to
tary of the Treasury, whenever in his I pay such instaltinent o . interest, and upon
judgment and in the judgment of the ill- ! failure to do so the P esideut may CAM .
rectors of the mint it is for the interest of the Secretary, of the Tr tasury, upon onixty
the United States to do .80, to receive on days' notice to said co pany, to take pos.
deposit at the mint and branches relined. session of said railroiati stock and fixtures,
gold and silver euiteble for coinage, and in 1 for or 00 'behalf of the Tinted States. And
payment therefor deliver to the parties o for,the. purpose of wale tin provision for the
making such deposits imported bars ,at
to stout of the iuterea of said bonds, the
such rates and upon such terms a regu- Secretary of the. T easurx is hereby i
lations asi shall be prescribed by t he e' direct- directed to retain, first, all sums of
tors of the mint, subject to the approval of money due said out au
on ae
the Secretary of the Treasury. count of transporting troops, munitions
Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN then addressed of war and military. an Indian ,supplies;
the Senate in reply to the argument of Mr.
second, all moneys art ing, from the trans-
Morton, yesterday,on his bill to punish the, portation of mails by, the said Company;
collection of illegal taxes upon passengers,' third, all moneys arising from the trans
&c. , mission of telegraph matiessages by the said
Mr. MORTON replied briefly,-avhen the Company for the t United States. And the
discussion was interrupted, by the expire.: Secretary of the Treasury shalt cause tiellii.
tion of the morning hour. - annual statements of interest . accounts
Mr. WILSON Snared a joint ,resolution to be made - with said) Company, and any
to drop from the rolls of the .army the'olli- surplus money remaining after the. pay
cers absent without leave. Referred to
meat of any eernioan mad installment of
Military Committee. • , . interest pled' be paid o the said Company.
Mr. WILSON offered a joint resolution And for the-purpose f making provisleue
re-appointing Professor Agaseiz as Regent for the payment of the principal of tile
of the Smitheonian Institute, which roamed. said bonds, so male sed hy the United
Mr. HOWARD, from the Committee on States, the lands of t o said Company here
• Pacific Railroad, reported a joint resolution after granted by the "nited States for the
directing the
th e
Uni on the Treasury to construction of th said road, or so
withhold from the n' pacific Railroad much as beleng on oither' side of
Company, and from each of its branches, the said road as herein mentioned.
Government bonds t&the amount of 53,000 to be ,hereafter bu it, except so much
per mile. as security to
coinpletion oh as may be access ry to the operation '
the several lines - of road according to the of said road, which. shall be set apart for
pre visions oi the law, this amount per that nu , pose by the three Comunesioners
mile to be served until the President of aforeeaid, shall be, fast as every twenty
the United Statest shall have certified that miles of said road re completed, put into
ri 3
the roads are so completed, which is to,he market to actual se tiers at $2,50 per :Uwe,
determined by special Coin missioneri who tinder such rules a d regulations as shall
shall examine the roads and report, the be prescribed by th Secretary of the lu
expense of such examinations to be paid by terra, and all non ys arising from the sale
the Pacific Railroad Companies. Laid on of said lands shall be paid into!the Trees ,
the table. ' 'ury of the United States, and the Secretary
The Senate then resumed
to of the Treasury shall thereupon cause such
don of 'the hill to promote cominerce money tote investedln the said/ bonds, the
among' Statei which, by an amendment same to be cancelled and delivered to the
made yesterday, is now merely a bill to an- said company. . • 1
thorize the construction of a railroad be- The subject then went over for the day.
tween Washington and New York. ' The SPEAKER gave notice that toonors
-The pending amendment was that offered row Mr. Boutwell would call ,up the Pro-
Mr. Doolittle, to require the consents:if posed Constitutional amendment in respect
Ch et
old of - the States through to suffrage, and the bill on that subject, for
si bleb the road would pass. • debate during the day.
• Mr. DOOLITTLE' hddressed the Senate. The death of. Mr. Hinds, late member
Ile opposed the l bill, bill, first, because the Con- from Arkansas. who With assassinated - in
stitution 'gave Congress no power to grant that State during the recess dr Congress,
powers to ally cOrporation, expressly or_ ad was announced by Mr. ELIOT, df Arkansas..
implication; second, beeause Congress had After eulogizing on deceassd by the mem!
no right to assert thelight of ambient do- bars of the Arkansas delegation, the House
main over the territory of a State and there- .adjourned.
by to ouststim jurisdiction of the
o State itself;
t hird, because Congress bad no w
withdraw valualand important property
interest belongin to the States out of the
reach of taxation y the States.. In conclu
sion he said it was well known he would
soon retire from the Senate. probably from
public life, for . which reason he was
consideration than a desire for the Mipi4
ness 'and prosPerlty. of . his country, " and .
therefore he looked with confidence, to his
brother Senators not speciousemeelves to,
be persuaded, by theplea- of the
commercial necessity of building up Wash
ington into a great capital,to enter upon the
dangerous experiment proposed in this
bill, a system oelegislation which would
sult in subjecting the government to
control of mammoth corporations having
neither bodies to be kicked nor souls totbe
damned, and in whose hands Congress and
the President would be but playthings.
'Mr. CONKLING, from the Committee of
Conference in regard to the bill to prescribe
LlAViiiils.. ,
the mode of obtaining evidence in contest
ed elertiou eases, reported they hadagreed
to it in a form authorizing. Registers'- . in '
Baultrtip cy and, Notaries Public to take
such evi ence. / .
After some discussion the rer.ort was
agreed to.
AdjOurned till to-morrows
Gang of Counterfeiters Caught.
fey Telegraph to the Pittsbargh Gaaette.3
NEW' YORK, January 22.--toi. Wood's
United States detectives
.trial l e a descent
this morning ori a den of cou terfeiters at
a barber shop, No' 75 Cherrytreet, and sr
rested seven men, all Italians, on a charge
of deaing in counterfeit nbtes. A.bout
11.25,000 l in counterfeit greenbaPke, curreacy
notes and fifty cent stamps, deo., were found
on the premises, including 016,000 in two
dollarbilla a the Rho Iland National
B a nk. Alttonio 'Denat d io e
is s 4said to be the
leader of the gang. Three other arrests of
parties connected with
de. the',
One, same named
antrelin, ,made a despitsofficerte resietancei
and slightly wounded an .
names of the others, as far as known, are
Antonio Sari, Antonio Senor°, Litore
letti, Rosazier Devere and Francois Ste
phens. The prisoners were brought befere
the United States Comtnissioner and re
,raanded Or trial.
-7- - ---
P r l6l.
- iiii 11 41-
- I'l II A WI
. _
Etoun crci.oc.n. 4•'
CITY Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
WASITINOTON, January 22, IE/39.
At a session of the American branch of
the Universal Peace Union a resolution
was passed that all idea of punishment
should be done away with, asat war with
the law. of love. The President stated that
Rester :Vaughan will not be. executed, but
be sent.howe to England.
The' Tobacco Convention has appointed
an Executive Committee to present to Con
gress their views upon taxes.
The Reconstruction Committee held a
meeting this morning and was addressed
by Col. John P. Baldwin, of Virginia,. on
the .subject of the restoration of that State
and in advocacy of the views presented by
the Virginia Committee of Seven.
This evening the • reception Of Speaker
and Mrs. Colfax took place and also that
of Secretary and Mrs. M''Culloch. They
were each attended by large numbers of
ladies-and gentlemen, including members
of the Cabinet, foreign Ministers, Congress
meuand officers bf the army and navy. • •
The President has nominated to the Sen
ate Jos. J. Stewart, of Maryland. as Minis
ter— to Constantinople; Selah Waters, of
Tenn., Minister Resident at Ecuador; J.
M. Grisconv to be Pension Agent at St.
The Judges of the Supreine Court were
engaged in consultation on important ques
tions, including that involving the cousti
tutionality of the legal tender act.
Peabody Educational Ffind—Progress
of Education mouth.
Uty Telegraph,to the rittsburith Gazette. 2.
BALTIMORIZ, January 22 —At a meeting
of the Board of Trustees of the Peabody
mid to-day Sauatiet Watson, of Teneessee,
was unanimously elected to till the vacancy
caused by the death of Wm. C. Rives, of
Tue report of. Dr. Sears says that since
his last; report special attention hug been
given to estern Virginia, Arkansas and
'Western Tennessee. In 'tVest Virginia
during the past year three hundred school
houses were 'erected and one Ntirtuall school
opened. while a second is waiting only fur
funds sufficient io pay salaries of teachers.
The State Superintendent appear's well
qualitied for his ditties, and the County Su
perintendents whom Or. Sears saw are- self
sacrificing and efficient. Everything,
fact, appears promising, although the
tern still iu its infancy. It appears
that foe every thousand dollars given
from :the Peabody Fund $3,000 were
raised Iby the people, besides what they
paid for iittaiol houses. :In Arkansas deep,
interest is felt on the subject of education.
The whole State is divided into school dis
, Viet& I There is a State Superintendent
- elected by the people for four years, as well
as ten circuit superintendents, appointed
by the Governor for four years, and also a
trustee in each district, elected' annually
by the people. A tax of one dollar is paid
by every luhabitant over the age of twenty
one. At Pine Bluff a proposition was made
to give OW from the fond. if the people
would raise $3,000. At Little Itock, whore
there aro fifteen hundred white_ and 'one
thousand colored caildren, arrangements
Acute made for large primary' schools to
each 'ward and for a high school to accom
modate four hundred to -the hundred ad
vanced pupils. The Peabody Fund contri
butiOn was $2,000. - Similar propositions
were made to the towns of :Fort Smith,
Vanburen, Jacksonport, Camden, Wash
ingten, Fayetteville, Helena and four
or five smaller towns which, for the
most part, have been accepted. Ten
nessee has a school law, but not so
perfect as West 'Virginia or 'Arkansai
The sub-district system is its worst feature,
introducing nothing but cenfusion and dis
order. Unfortunately, also, the school
fund has been pledged as security for State
debts, and until recently no distribution
has been intuit) to *shoots, and thou only
small amounts. The school law, although
of nearly , two years standing, is just begin-
thug to take effect,- A year, ago there were
few or no schools. Now there are in sever.'
al counties an average of 'about fifty schools.
Knoxville city has now a complete system
of graded schools, for the support of which
$9,000 are paid from its treasury and $2,000
front the Peabody Fund. The attentlauce is
,hearly equal to that of tglie whole county
last' year. The public - schools of Chaitat
nooga, calltd into existence by an offer of
SLOUO from the general amount, -are also
highly prosperous. Memphis has been
similarly aided and is now erecting a line
large building to bear the name of Peabody.
Four of the center districts of Tennessee
have received various amounts: front $3OO
to $l,OOO. Similar arrangements have been
effected in other States. Perhaps no city
has, made a nobler advance than Peters
burg,. Virginia.Louisiam hrotigh the
gratuitous ageney B. 31. Fisher, id
connection with the General ;Agent, schools
have been established in ten towzs of the
. On Motion of Mr. Evarts, it was ordered
that the next annual bleating be heldon
the 3d Thursday, of January, 1870, and that.
thereafter that shall be the time of the
annual meetings until otherwise orddred.
On motion of,Oeneral Grantyseconded by*
GovernoTrahaui, it was resolved "that in
tdketi of . rateful remembrance Of the
founder „. s-trust,,U copy of the pro-'
ceetlings4i,e meeting, signed by the
Cliairma inecrettirv,-beltransmitted to
him with e:specia of this Board.".
Resolutions -were, adopted 'recognizing
the wisdom, fidelity and diligence which
hive 'Marked thq course of the General
Agent' la his aptfropriation , of the Means
committed to his discretion arid Care. The
Board' then adjourned.
1 Florida Leglslature
tjli Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
T4.t.n.tuAssz, January 21.—1t0 vote. was
taken for United Stites Senator to-d d
• Committee has been app
joint ballot to inuire into . the charges of
-bribery and corruption in the Senatorial
electionilast June, and the intlueuce now
exerted to prevent an election. The pres
ent indications are that Mr.; Oilbert's elec. '
tion will be endorsed. ' • •
- A joint Committee has been appointed
to consider the proposition.of the Alabama'
annexation commission., January 211.—N0, action
was Whalen the Sonntorial electi7 quer
2 1
tion today.
The Senate is consider ng '
question of the phligthility of the let
elected members.
The House passed the bill rope ing
act authOrizing the Governor to a pin
detective rolice fore?, thr:mahmt the Stet,
t -, " ,- '7` l
C •
Jay Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l
PARIS, January Conference has
selected M*. Walowski to convey the Proto
col to Athens. Ele has been' instructed to
wait live days for the answer of the Grecian
The adhesion of the Greek, government
to the protocol adopted by !the Conference
of Paris is now corrsidered,certain.
BERLIN, January V..—The journalists of
this city have held a _meeting and adopted
an address to General' Grant, President
elect of the United Steel, asking him to
propose to Congress thee- passage of a bill
establishing an international copyright law
betsieen the United States and Germany.
111. I -
BRUSSELS, January 22.—Leopold Ferdi.
nan, Prince Royal of Belgium, died Lester•
day, aged ten years.
LoN-Dos, January 22.—The steamship
Belloua from New York, has arrived.
L ON DON, Jan. 22. Consols 9814; 5.20 bonds
,5%. Stock firm; Erie 26 1 %; Illinois 93; At
. antic 6: Great Western 45y. firm
Jan. 22.—U. 4 S. bondss
at 79;4.
PARIS, Jan. 22.—Bourse finis; Rentes 70
francs 25 centimes.
LIVERPOOL, Jan.. 22.—Cotton—sales for
the week 87,000 bales, of which 13,000 are
for export and 18,000 for speculation; stock
estimate 295,000, of which 82,000 are from
the United States; amount afloat for Liver
pool 291,000, including 130,000 bales Amer
ican. The market to-day is active and high
er; middling uplands. 11%allY; Orleans
113‘a11.3 , t',. sales 15,000 bales. M B anchester
markets quiet and 'firm; California white
wheat 14s. 9d.; red western 95. Od@lls. 11d.
Flour 265. Corn 35.3. for old; 335. 9d. for
new. Oats 3s. ild. Barley ss. Peas 445.
6.1. Pork 925. (Id. Beef, 105 s. Lard 725.
3ti. Cheese 735. Bacon bls. Tallow 465.
9.1. Clover seed firmer but higher. Lin
seed oil firmer but not higheBs. r.
6d. Sperm
LminoN, Jan. 2:2.—Tallow 4
01l 935. Spirits Paro:eum 81 Petro
leum 58%a59% francs: Cotton at Ilavre 134
francs on the spot, and 137;4 afloat.
Georgia Legislature. '
tty Te!errerph to the Plltliburgh Gazette• .
ATANTA, January 22The House - bill.
deprivin4 the State Courts of power to
enforce contracts made or implied prior to
June, 1848, except in a suit against trustees
and venders in possession of the property.
also excepting cases of minors' suits against
corporations and c suits for wages, &c., was
A resolution that colored people are en
titled to serve on juries, whenever such
persons are upright and intelligent, and that
no distinction should be made against per
sons on account of race or color; was voted
A bill was also introduced to submit the
eligibility of negroes to office to the Su
preme Court of the State, quir
, mg a decision Within two 'day s after the
passage of the bill, and in case of refusal
by the court to give a decision, it shall sub
mit a reason therefor In writing.'
----- ' I
Indiana United States Senator.
f rty Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l
Ism.o:AroLts, Jan. '22.—The caucus of
the Ilepublican members of the. Legisla
ture was• held this- morning. Cumback's
was withdrawn, and Hon. D. S.
Pratt, of -Logansport, was • nominated • for
Senator. The latter was elected in Joint
Conv.mtion at noon to-day. *The • Note
sto id: Pratt, eight% -three; Hendricks,
sixty', absent and paired off,
..„ •
• ----•--
-General Sherman has been quite ill for
several days past. 1
—The report on New ;York naturalization
frauds will be made in Congress next week.
—Haight's paper mill at Stillwater, N.
T.. was burned Wednes.lay night. Loss
t,40,000; insured for t 7,000. •
—The Demo - crate of the Second
of New Hampshire, had noinivated Ed,.N.
Harrington, of Manchester, for Congress.
ladles above Elgin, Illinois, on Thursday
0 1 nineteen ti,e
y r e i a v r e s r , , was w
—Mrs. Twitchell, indicted_ for the mur
der of her mother at Philadelphia, has been
acquitted, the Commonwealth abandoning lit
the case.
—Miguel Herrera' a merchant of Hadent vaaof,
h a s been apoointedtemporary Pres:
the Banco Del Comerico, and Will attempt
to arrange its affairs.
—Hon. Seth Ames has been qualified as
one of the Jtistices of the Supreme Judi
cial Court of Massachusetts, in place of
Judge Foster, resigned. - • -
—Late A.fizona advices say sickness of a \
malignant type prevailed at, Tuscan, and i
Edmost every person in the place was at
t. acked, and many had' died.
--John Smith, alias H. V. Clinton, an al
leged embezzler, of Buffalo, and three other
one a murderer escaped from
the Pallaltla jail on the 9th inst. _
The furniture manufactory of H. E.
Nickerson & Co., in Atchison, Kans
000; i as, w as
burned Thursday. night. Loss, *l2,n
-sured in the Enterprise of Cincinnati for
mow. _ .. - •
—.The Pittslibrgli delegaticai who favor
an increase of the duty on sal soda and ad
mitting cryolite free of tax, had a hearing
before the Ways and Means Committee oti
—Two fresco painters, Geiger and 'Hes
ruff, were precipitated twenty-live feet. to a
floor by a scaffold breaking, in Saint :item'
Chnrch, at Cincinnati, yesterday. Beth
will recover. . .
—The three Chicago policeman charged
with the manslaughter of the t ee: laex-Judge
Tyler Were discharged yesterd because
the prosecution attorneys w rer too busy
with paying cases to attend to •.4 unprofit
able one. ' , •
—E, W. Wise, a photograp &tor
Tithed, Missouri, was arrested . day 1
ago for manufacturing cotite orlon
carrence. A considerable tit entity
limey, presses, ink, &c., were. our . ,
establishment. - •
--Merchant's Hotel, at Priviere Du k
Canada,' WM) destroyed by. , lire yeaterda„‘
afternoon. Three of Mr. 'Merchant's chit.
drertand a Mr. Wallach`, a civil engineer,
were butted to death, :and a number of
others insured:
, . ,
\ —Geo: A. Allen vrr.s arraigned in "the
Criminal Court at- St.. Louis. yesterday, on
,d _ a charge of robbing l A nd intent to kill Jo-
e l s ot i an a l
, I at:
; s o, :
tm , ' h ni
co e s ir s oA c E n gu i cif
t, of ol
tTheon t E ha x ot
n p u 8
ao r e u s nn s i
t h e dollars.
,t, a —The body of 1. F. Polk, the missing
- . clerk, was found. in the ruins of the late lire
. •
ff E=2l=l
at Caldwell A: Co.'s, Pllll,olelphis,
Thursday even ing Keys carried by 11111
were found with the bones, and were the
only Means of identification.
—The demand for seats at the Parepa
Rosa conceits next week in new
Fa r Farwell
Hall, Chicago, was so great yesterd t
1,000 worth were taken before neon. They
Wing given in Young Men's Christian As
sociation Hall draws out the religious class.
--The Central Pacific Railroad is com
pleted to twenty-one miles beyond Elko,
four hundred and eighty miles east of Sac
ramento, and within one hundred and
eighty miles of Monument Point at the
head of Salt Late. The track is beingJ •
laid at the rate of two miles per day.
—The New York Times reports that Mr-
Seward has lately been arranging his af
fairs for an extended tour of traveL
he proposewbeginning on the eatgrawill tion hii of
his term of office. Ton he be
across the continent W I Cslqwnia, and
thence through the ..tepabßde oil South
America, -
—Twenty-one sailors and one passenger
were lost by the wreck of the steamer Gulf
City, off the North Carormacoastrreeently.
Eight persons took a raft, but dnring forty
eight hours hunger and tiler' st five of
them tell into the sea and were - drowned.
the remaining three being pie -
up and saved.
—The Nationai•Woma n's,Righti Corral
tion has adjourned. Resolutisne were
adopted demanding that wcsnen esid..color
ed men shall he made eligible to Congress,
that women shalbhave equal pay for labor
as men; and that suffrage shell be :lased on
loyalty and intelligence. An address to the
people will be issued.
—lt has been stated that John C. Maine,
of the rebel navy, who has bean in confine
ment for two years in Kings enmity . (New
York) goal, will be released under
e he
President's amnesty s proclamation but
United States District Attorney Is'a Vets- .received no instimetiOns in cheese ter from
the Attorney General:
—The Kansas Legislature yesterday
passed resolutions asking that the Osage
treaty be so amended as to give thessixteentle
and thirty•sixth sections to schools. Ttora
amended the treaty, will be satisactory to
the people of Kansas, and they w'.ll rejoice
at the-speedy removal'of the Osage Indians
to the Indian Territory.
—General Grant -yesterday vigted , the-
Abbott Iron Works, at Baltimore, attended'
a concert at the Peabody Institnte, and
also called on J. J. Stewart, nominated'as,
Minister to Russia by President 3blinson.
Last night a priyate panty was given in his'
honor at the residence of Mr: Albert.
About three hundred persons were fresens,
includiog many who were in tha rebel
army and others who sympathised with the
e he
Southern rebellion during the war. T
affair was the most brilliant. ever had' n
Baltimore. •
—A petition is being. circulated in the
house of Representatives at Washington,
asking the Senate not to confirm any morn
nominations made by the President' this
session,' whether they be Republicaus - or
Democrats. It has already received - the
signatures of nearly all the Repabliean
members of the House, and will, it is-ex
pected. be laid before the Senate at its next
Executive session with the name of every
Republican in the Huse attached to it,
is understood that this movement has-the
sanction of Gen. Grant, and was started
his particular friends in the House. •
New Brighton—The Churches—Literaryl
Entertainments, dm.
[Correspondence of rittgLurghi ( iazette .]
NEW Baienro-5, Jan, 22, 1869.
The churches of this- place have bean
more than usually active since the holi
days. The week of prayer was observed.
by nearly all or thern, and it proved . an in
teresting week. How appropriate that the
Christian world-should engage in prayer t*
Almighty God at. the same time and for the
these blessings. We have had service
the churches frequently, and in sorno,of
them daily ever since. There is qonsiderto
ille interest, though not as general as is de
We have here, as well as elsewhere, the
several classes-that generally compose the
community, to wit : the earnest Christian,
theluke warm professor, the so-called moral
worldling, and the recttlessl, miserable sin
ner, who glories in his shame.. Semeof
this latter class are in the habit of going to
two or three churches ha one eveningi, and
thus by going in and. out during service
and loitering. id the vestibules constitute
themselves a public nuisance. •
'As to literary entertainments; such as _
lectures, eta., the people here fare about as.
well as t.hoSe in the cities. We have had.
four lectures this week. One ikflond wpm ght
by Rev. Watkins, on Wo.ds Wednesday
night by R. Bogdan the Nes i torian-Priest ,
on the Fhsligions,anePelitical condition of ,
the People pf Turkey, and on Friday night
by Dr. Clark, of Allegheny, on Work an&
Wages. They were all good, nit Instructive
lectures, worthy of the patronage of-an in
telligent pi:)11m
We are having gocd winter weather. The
ground is covered with snow. the health.
of thepeople is generally good. Lthinkves
'do no: average a funeral a week- C.,
State Agricultural Shady.
The State Agricultural Society- met in
"Barrieburg, on Wednesday! afternbon.
There was.a reasonably full attendance of
.members. The contest for wane , of the l of
,fices vas very- animated. The. following
are the officers for 1869: President—AMus
.. Rapp. Vice Presidents—l . : , "James. "Mc
• Crea. 2. George Blight. 3, Samuel M.
Fulton. 4. A. B. Cummings. 5. Adzian
, Cornell. 0.. C. P. Relf. 7. Samuel J.
t Sharpless. & Tobias Bait°. 9, Jacob A.
Rreybill. 10. Martin Early. 11. Joseph
.Sigman. 12. Satnuel E. Druisbacti. 13.
George D.Jackson. 14., John Ah Scan%
15. Georgell Butcher. 16. "Daniel 0. clehr.
17. John J.
18. B. Morris El
lis; 19. Henry Souther. 20.' John C.
Brown. 21. George Rhey. 22. John Mur
dock, it. 23. William S. Bissell. 21', Jos.
"Wright.' • \
Additional Members Executive Com
mittee—William Confider, J. R. Eby, D.
W. Seiler, B. G. Peters, John R.Zeigler,
Frederick.. Watts, James Gowen,' Themes
P. Xnex.-David Taggart, Jacob S. fialde
man, A. Boyd Hamilton.
Corresponding Secretary--Elbridge AU-
Ran- Conkey.
r two Chemist and Geologist—S. S. Haldeman.
ostal Librarian --L. Rlgers. ' 1
111 T. AMP.
Mortuary Itepor 1
Dr. A. , 43. I.l'Candless, Thy ail to the
l 'Pl iP ' w Board'nf Health, reports the - lowing in
f: terments in the city of Pittsburgh fob the
week' commencing January. 10, and 'ending
January 17,1869;
Males W
7:I White 15 1 - •
tTo al. ...:. 17
Females.:...,lo C010red..,,, „ 2
Diseases--Consumption, • cancer, 2; de
bility, 2; pneumonia, 2; dis se of brain, 2;
,Intemperance, 1; puerperal I per, 1; convol-.
Mons, 1; small pox, 1; - un nown, 2; alPh
tbetia, 1,1 ',
Of the above flare were: Under 1 year,4;
from: 2 to 5, I; 20 to 30, 4; 30 to 40,2; 40 to 50*,
3;54t9?0,2;00ta 70,1. _