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The; alarm of. Ore at midnight -from box
No. 32 was false.
We direct attention to the Bank notices
'and staternents on our fifth page this morn
A heavy rain and wind storm passed over
the city last night between eight and nine
Removal.=The office of the Evening Mail
has been remOyed to No. Xl9 St. Clair street.
The paper is in a flourishing condition.
Personil.--Gen. J. K. Moorhead left for
Harrisburg last night. We believe Hon.
Thomas M. Marshall does not propose being
present during the Senatorial struggle.
Petroleum V. Nasby, (D. B. Locke r Esq.,)
was greeted by , an overwhelming house
last night on the occasion of his lecture
under the auspices of theltercantile Libra
ry Association. The lecture sustained the
'reputation of the eminent gentleman. •
Oil Assoclat u.—There will be a meet
ng of the Pe oleum Association this af
ternoon, at th ee o'clock, to hear the report
of a Committ e appointed to present some
plan to gover the trade in making future
Railroad A cident.—At nine o'clock yes
hterday morn ng, Engine I.Zo. 3, drawing t t he
mall train o the Allegheny Valley Road,
ran into a 1.. d slide aE Tarentum. The
-train ,was thtained in consequence. two
hours and a elf.
Drowned. Yesterday afternoon, about
threeo'clock a negro named Brugous, fell
off the steamboat Kenton, in the Mononga
hela river, at the foot of Wood street, and
Vas drowned. Body not recovered. The
nnfertunate man was intoxicated at - the
time of the accident.
Free Lecture.—Prof. ylutchings, the cel
ebrated "lightning calculator," Who is re
garded as a wonderful mathematical mys
tery, will deliver a free leeture this even
ing at the Iron City College', audience room.
The lecture will be intensely interesting,
and me advise a full attendance, 'especially
by , young men and accountants.
Secured the Prize.--The "N Inger Sewing.
Machine, offered as a prize by the managers
of the Eagle Fire Company's ball, at City
Hall, on New Year's eve, was secured by
Miss Josephine Tatnall, of Second street,
Sixth ward. It could not have been
- 11 more
ed to ore worthy lady, and, she feel
truly grateful over her good fortut,ie.
Pocket Picked.—Alderman Lynch, of the
Fifth ward, while coming out of the Crimi
nal Court room yesterday afternoon, had
his pocket picked of a wallet containing
sixty-three dollars. In the dark passage
leading from the court room to the rotunda,
past the Sheriff's office, he was jostled by
two individuals, to whom he attributes the
honor of the,skillffil theft. •
• Sunday Liquor Selling.—Jaeob Abby was
picked up on Sunday, on Ohio street, Alla
-ghetiY, "dead drunk." Yesterday moth
ing he stated that on Sunday he drank
twelve glasses of "adulterated fusil oil,
otherwise whiskey, at thesaloon of Arthur
Hoffman, on Chestnuestreet, in the Third
ward. Hoffman was arrested and held to
answer at Court for illegal liquor selling.
The.lllvision of Ohio Townsidp.--In the
Court of Ott - at-ter Sessions, yesterday, an
order Was made on motion of N. W. Shafer,
Esq., fixing thAlmelor holding the elec
tion for the division of Ohio township ou
Tuesday, January 26, 1869. The election
will be held at Ki!buck School House, and
at Duff's Mills, these bCing the voting
places respectively of Precincts Nos. land 2
nof said township.
Arrested.--George Barnes, of Allegheny,
was arrested yesterday, in that city, by
officer Gamble charged with.: participating
in the asSardtinommittednpon George Both
well, on the night of. the 12th of October,
in the Second ward, Allegheny. The of
fense will be remembered as bowl; political
in its origin. Barnes waiheld. by Mayor
Drum to answer a charge of aggravated as
sault and battery.
The Week of Prayer.-11 is hoped that
the noon-day prayer meetings held by our
young friends of the Yoimg Men's Chris..
tan Associatio at their rooms, No. 23 Fifth
avenue, will evidence the interest with
which our Christian public enter into the
observance. These days are signalized by
the most earnest Christian men in all lands
-where one common religion is represented,
by twcial prayer. Ladiei,as well as gen.t
tlemen, attend the meetings to which we
are tailing particular attention.
Good. Invention—Our friend J. Y. Mc-
Laughlin, Esq., has just had patented an
axle for railroad cars - which has excited
much attention; and' which will, in all
probability, annercede all others in use.
The patent axle is seven independent bars
of wrought iron joined - tog:ether, securing
-great strength, and providing against ab
,ei . .A.ll' of the seven bars must break
before the car is let down to the track. 80..
ing of wrought iron, the axle will bend and
twist before breaking in rounding a curve.
Drowned.—On Thursday evening last as.
The steamer Storm - No. 2 Wes towing the
hull of the Minneapolis from Wheeling to
';Pittsburgh, , the clerk of the former, Mr.
W. L. HaMilton, of Rochester,Pa., sell
overboard and was drowned.' he Storm
and her tow reached the wreck of the In.
garner near "The Sisters'! about five
o'clock in the evening, when Hamilton was
observed to go down on deck, and that was
the last seen of him. The unfortunate man
was about six feet high, bushy hair, and
had on dark clothes.
Sidewalks in West Pittsburgh.--A Chron
icle correspondent, residing in West Pitts
burgh, complains bitterly of the condition
of the sidewalks in that borough. The board
walks are broken in numerous places, and
are covered nearly entirely with a thick
coating of mud. A lady was very serious
ly injured a day or two since by stepping
into one of the holes, and he fears that more
accidents may occur if some effort is not
*lade by the Council to improve the walk.
A new board walk is needed; and should be
constructed as soon as possible.
A Pittsburgh Lecturer.--We clip the fol
lowing complimentary notice of a lecture
delivered by Rev. D. R. Kerr, senior editor
of the United .8-esbyterian, of this city, frona
the Rochester (New York) Democrat, of
the 31st nithnl. "Rev. David R. Kerr,
D.—A. brim full house a-senabled in the
"United Presbyterian Church—Rev. Mr.
Sanky, pastor—last evening, to listen
to this eloquent and . distinguished
preacher. His subject, 'Martin Luther and
}pis Time,' was handled is a. manner _that
deeply interested - all present. The lecture
was, indeed, one of marked ability; and
Dr. Kerr is a pleasant, earnest and elo
quent speaker. We are pleased to learn
that the lecture financially, too, was a suo
oess. We hope Dr. Kerr will visit' our city
again soon as a lecturer." ,
• Notice .
The Managers of the Women's Christian
Association deaire to state to the publle
that the Fair, recently held in City Hall
for the benefit of the "Home for Destitute
Wonien," netted 87,569.00. • '
in audVion to the cash receipts, 300 yards
cif muslin, 40 4 yards of carpet and a large
quantity of -provisions were sent to the
The entire debt on the property. No. 45
Chatham street, .Imounting to 52,090.00,
has now been paid, and the surplus funds
have been invested for. / the support of the
Thanks are extended t 4 all-who, in any
way contributed to the success of the Fair.
, .
Meeting and Organization, of „the .New
Councils=Electron or Preidding Officers,
Clerks, and Messenger in Each Branch—
Canvass of the Votes Cast for Mayor, Con
troller and Treasurer—Declaration of the
Result—The Oath of Office Administered
to lion. dared M. Brush, the Mayor Elect.
The members elect of the Select and
Conimon Councils met at the City Building,
in their respective Chambers, yesterday
morning at ten o'clock. This was the first
meeting of Councils under the dew appor
tionment. Considerable intere - st was man
ifested in the proceedings, and the corridors
of the City Building and the Council Cham
bers were thronged with spectators.
Select Council:
A quoruM of the members of the Select
Council having asseinbled in the Council
quarter o'clock by E. S. _Morrow, Clerk of
Chamber, it was called to order at ten and a
the last Council. The Clerk then submit
ted the returns of the election for members
of Council, embraced in the certificates of
the 'election officers of the various wards.
The returns were then read by the Clerk
and approved by Council. •
The Clerk stated that the first busine'ss
in order was the election of a President.
Mr. Wm. N. Ogden nominated James
The nominations were closed, and on mo
tion of Mr. S. Morrow, Mr M'Auley was
declared unanimously elected.
On 'taking the chair, the President
thanked the members for the honor; stated
he relied upon their assistance to discharge
the duties impartially to all, and he trusted
that if-he ever erred, his action would be
promptly, revised by Council—he would re
gard. th&cOrrectlon as a favor 'to himself.
The oath' of office was administered to
President M'Auley by Mr. John Shipton,
after which the members were sworn in by
the President.'
Mr. E. S. Morrow was unanimously
elected Clerk 'of Council, and Capt. Samuel
Cooper, by the same unanimous vote,
chosen Messenger. These officers were
sworn in by the President.
The roll was called and the following ,
Members found to be present: Messrs:
Ahlborn, Ahl, Brown, Burgwin, Coffin,
Craig, Dickson, Edwards, Gallaher, Heil
man, Hartman, Holmes, Herron, ,iones,
Kane, Kehew, Kirk, Laufman, Little,
Lloyd Marshall, Morrow, Murray, Mur
dock, kcEwen, McMahon, Ogden, Phillips,
Quinn, Raffdrty, Rees, Rush, Scully, Ship
ton, Schmidt, Torrens,' Wainwright, Z.,
Wainwright, S. J., Wilson, White, Zero,
and President McAuley.
Mr. Ogden moved that the rules of the
last Councils be adopted for the government
of the Council.
Mr. Holmes moved an amendment to the
rule requiring Councils to go into an elec
tion of city officers to-morrow. so that the
election should take place on Tuesday. the.
12th inst. The amendment was accepted,
and the original motion adopted. •
Subsequently a reconsideration was
moved by Mr. Phillips, and the rule mak
ing the Presidents of Councils ex-officio
members of all Committees, was changed
SD that tbershould be ex-officio members of
the Water and Finance Committees only.
The rules as 'thus amended were again
adopted. .
The amendments to the rules were non
coneurred'in by C. C.
Mr. Shipton called the attention of Coun
cils to the fact that there should be a re
drawing for seats, sa that the new members
would be placed on equality with the old.-
Twenty-three numbers were placed in a hat
and the wards called alternately, commenc
ing with the First, then the Twenty-third,
: and 80 on. The members selected their
seats in the order of the numbers drawn
from the hat.
The Select Council then proceeded to the
Common Council chamber to meet iu joint
convention, and after returning to their own
ichamber adjourned to meet on Tuesday of
next week. •
Common Council.
, •
' 'The memberg • electi of Common Council
assembled in their chamber, and shortly
after ten o'clock were called to order by H.
11P.Masters, E.sq„ Clerk c!f the preceding
The Clerk laid before Council the re
turns of the late election for members of
Corrimon Council, as set forth in the certi
ficates of the election of icersof the.various
On motion, of Mr. Batchelor, of tho
Twentieth ward, the returns were ap
proved. ,
The Clerk announced that the first busi
ness in order ' would be the electioq of
Mr. Batchelor moved that W. A. Tomlin
sonror the Fourth ward, be elected by ac
clamation. _
Mr. Moorhead nominated. Dr. A: G. Mc-
Candless, of the Eleventh ward, for
Dr. McCandless respectfully declined the
nomination, but nominated Mr. John P.
Penney, of the Twenty-first ward.
Mr. Penney said he had no ambition to
come into : Councils and assume the duties
and responsibiiities of presiding officer.
He would therefore beg leave to decline/
Mr. Tomlinson-being the only candidate
in nomination, he was elected by acclama
tion, and the oath of office was administer
ed by Mr. Batchelor.
Upon taking the chair Mr. Tomlinson re
turned thanks for the honor conferrod npon
him and promised to discharge the duties
of the office to the best of his abilities.
The roll was then called and all the mem
bers answered to their names, except
Messrs. %Barton, Boggs, Hutchinson and
Jamison. Thq oath of office was then ad.
ministered by the President to the mem
bers present.
On motion of N.T. Reed, H. McMaster
was unanimously re-elected as • Clerk to
S. Cooper, on Motion of Mr. Rehman r ,
was unanimously re-elected as Messenger,
The oath of office was then administered
by the President to the Clerk and Messen
ger, and they entered upon the discharge
of their duties.
On motion of C. W. Batchelor, the rules
governing the preceding Council were
Mr. John McCiaren, member elect from
the sth Ward, presented a communication
setting forth that since his election to
Council he had been appointed Notary Pub
lic, and he desired to have Council make
an expression of opinion as to his eligibil
ity prior to taking the oath. On motion,
the communication was referred to the
City Solicitor. ,
The Clerk, was then directed to notify the
members of Select Councils that the Com
mon branch was ready to meet them in
joint Session. At the conclusion of the
joint session, the members proeeded to
select seats by lot, .after which, without
transacting furthet business, a motion to
adjourn until Tuesday next was adopted.
Joint Convention,
Both branches of Councils met injoint
convention in the Common Council cham
ber to canvass the votes cast , for Mayor,
Controller and Treasurer, to declare the
result and administer the oath of office to
the Mayor elect, Hon. ;Tared M. Brum
/ The returns from the various wards were
announced by President' McAuley and re
corded by Clerks of Council, from which
it appeared that the official vote for city
officers at . the election in October last was
as follovys •
Jared M. Brush 7,287
Jam Blackmore 8,734
Majority 1,543 '
I Roheri. I..MCCionan 7.4a2
Thos. of. Wright 8,5 m
Majority . 1,878
' A.T. Coehran 7 .r 4
wni. F. Mcßride 5,133
Major ty 2.341.
The returns were accepted and'approved„
as correct by Councils. '
On motion of Mr. Quinn, of the S. 0., a
Committee of Five was appointed to watt
On the Mayor elect, and esoort laim to the.
Council Otis saber. The apriolfit.%
ed as such Oompalttee ...atesars--Aninir liadz
LloYd of S. C., and Messrs. Hare, Morgan
and Batchelor of the C. C.
As soon as the canvass of yotes t had been
concluded the , COminittee appeared in the
Chamber, accompanied by the Mayor elect,
Hon. Jared. M. &ista .and. the May6r; Hon:
James Blackinork who were received with
enthusiastic applause from members of
COundils and the pectators present.
The oath of otlice was administered to
Mr. Brush by President McAuley. .
Mayor Brush then delivered the follow
ing brief remarks!:
"Mr. President; Gentlemen of time Select
and Common COIGIkI, and Fellow Citi:.'ens—
The obligation I have just taken to well
end truly perform the duties of the office
of Mayor of the city hi Pittsburgh, I shall
endeavor to discharge to the befit of my
ability; but without your cooperation an.l
aid I shall fall far short of your expecte.
tions and my own desires. Relying upon
your encourgemerit and assistance, there
fore, and with a determination to adhere to
what I conceive to be right, I shall hope to
merit, in some degree at least, the approba
tion of my fellow citizens."
The Joint Convention then adjourned
- until Tuesday afternoon, of next week, at
two o'clock.
Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Contribu
tors—Report of the President and Hoard
of Managers—Election of °niters and
Managirs for 1869.
The coutribidors of the House of Refuge
for'Weatern-Penusylvanla held their Fif
teenth Annual meeting at the office of the
institution, No. 67 Fourth avenue, at ten
o'clock yesterday morning.
Tames B D. Bleeds, Esq., called the Meet
ing to order, and upon his motion Robert
C. Loomis, Esq., was called to the chair,
and Charles S. Gill, Esq., appointed Secre
• Immediately after the organization the
Board went into an election for officers and
managers for the ensuing year.
Messrs. Charles S. Gill and R. L. Ring
wait were appointed tellers to conduct said
While the balloting was in progreas the
Secretary read the report of the President
of the Board of Managers, as follows:
20 the Contributora of the House of .Refuae
of IFestern Pennsy/vania, and the Levi:sta.
ure:—ln presenting our Fifteenth Annual
Report, we would acknowledge the blessing
of Divine Providence, which has attended
our labors during the year, and Would again
express our renewed contidence in the suc
cess and iniportance of the work committed
to our care.
For information respecting the statistical,
sanitary and financial condition of the in
stitution, we would respeciluily. refer you
to the reports of the Superintendent, Prin
cipal, Teachers, Physician and Treasurer,
which are herewith submitted.
The Board of Managers feel deeply im
pressed with the responsibility of the work
in which they are engageif t and It is their
constant effort, while the interests of the
unfortunate inmates make their confine
ment a necessity, to render the Refuge, as
far as possible, a comfortable and happy
A much huger number of chlidred have
been indentured during the past year than
in anyyear since the opening of the Insti r ,
tution, and we'are happy to say that in no
former period have the children, who have
been discharged, done so well; indeed,
those who have again relapsed into their
evil habits are rare exceptions. The em
ployinent of an agent of the Board, whose
duty it is to visit, counsel and encourage
the discharged inmates, has been produc
tive of most salutary Influence.
The Indenturing Committee have la
bored with the ':kindest solicitude in the
discharge of their duties; it is owing to
their ethane that so many of oar chil
dren have been provided with coin•
sortable hoines, , and aftbrded the op
portunity of obtaining the knowl
edge of some useful trade or occupation.
The discipline and instruction of the in
mates receive the cordial approval of the
Board, and it is hoped tlfat the moral and
religious training which our children have
received will be the means, through the
blessing of our Heavenly Father, iu lead
ing many of them, who have hitherto been
the subjects of vice and evil influenees to a
life of honor and virtue. Our thanks are
due to those clergymen in the vicinity who
have kindly volunteered their services in
the chapel exercises during the year and
who have thus aided the institution in the
religious instruction of those committed to
our care. •
- To the Superintendent, olilcen and em
ploya, who, by their fidelity in the dis
charge of their ditties, have afforded valua
ble aid in accomplishing the objects of the
institution, the floarddesire to express their
kindest acknowledgments.
Submitted by orii of the Board of Man
agers. ' WILLIAM DiLWORTIL I'l'oBlllolM.
On motion of G. L. B..Fetterman, Esq.,
it wa4 •
Re.yolved, That the report of the Presi
dent and officers be referred to a committee
for publication.
Dusts. LotnnLs, H. L. Ringwalt, C.
S. Gill, and; R. N. Avery,Superintendent,
were appointed a committee under the'
Communications were received from the,
Commissioners of the. following connties,r
appointing the following named gentlemen
to represent their counties In the Board of
Managers: I
Allegheny COunty—Hon. John E. Parke,
Josiah,King, Esq., John Dean, Es' q.,
C. Negle Esq.
Armstrong County—Alexander Rey ,
noids, Esq., of Kittanning.
Fayette County—Dr. R. M. Walker.
Washington County--SamtlelK.Weleishi
'Esq, Washington.
. A resolution was then adopted that the
polls close at twelve O'clock noon, at which
lime the Teller announced the following
persons as having received a plurality !or
the vote and wore elected: !
Wm. Dilworth, President; John Phillipit
Vico President; James B. D. Moeda, Seam;
, Calvin Adams, Treasurer.
-Board of Managers—Jas. Schoonmakett
G. L. B. Fetterman/B. L. Fahnostock,
A. Herron, T. J. Bighain, C. Yeager, Jos.
Woodwell, Joseph Kirkpatrick, James
Cloper, W. W. Patritik, Thos. Wightmarti.
Wm. Rinehart. 1.
The new Board. will meet for organitt
tion_on Wednesday, the 13th iust.,, at the
office of the Institution. .
The meeting then adjourned.
Death of Col. Stafford Graham. -1'
Yesterday morning the: body of' Col.
Stafford Graham, a native of this city and
son of John Graham, Ng., late President of
the Bank of Pittsburgh, was consigned to
its last anti final resting place in Allegheny•
Cemetery. The deceased died suddenly at
Shelbrellie, Missouri, wherehe had been
residing. He was a gentleman of many
noble qualities of head and heart and was
highly esteemed, both here and at his late,
home. He had a brilliant army record,'
serving with distinction under Gen. Grant
in the Southern States.
The father of the deceased is in a preca
rious condition of health at Shelbyville,
and , it would be a heavy blow to this coin
-munity should he not recover, as few gen
tlemen have more warm personal frien
slid admirers.
Amusement, Directory.
OrritiHous.—Mr. and Mies Conldoc
in. Chimney Corner, a touching picture
domestio life, .to conclude , with . farce
Saristi Swains.
THEATRE.—To-night will witness the la=
appearance of the popular variety troup
The Gregory combination appear togno
row night. ; j••
TOm'a sew ,
grand concert. ;
ORPHANS' FAfit, basement of the Cath:
Fern in the MIS 5101), Church,. Alleghe
MAY, JANUARY 5, 1869.
- Cititi3efore iitunitOe
and Klrepatrick.
The ejectment case of Appel, lessee of
. F. "Ninny vs. Woods' heirs;'pretionsly
reported, was resumed before Judge Elam p
on yesterday morning. It has not yet
seen concluded.
Judge Kirkpatrick is holding a branch
f the District Court in the _ Law Library
'' • 'l4. The, case of Wm. D. Williams vs.
' euben Bartley was taken up. This was .
n action in ejectment for a piece of pro-'
erty on Beaver street, Sixth ward, Alle-
Imuy. Jury out. i.
Frecko vs. Hartzell .Y. Mout; acti o n on a
echanics lien. On trial.
Ralva tit Robinson vs. the National Re
fining.. and Storing Co. Verdict for plain
tiff in the sum of 81.438.62. The verdict
was rendered by the jury in the preceding 1,
case by consent of parties.
The following is the trial list :
116.13 i bson vs. Ardesco Oil Co.
118. O'Leary vs. Green. .
119. N. 'A. Oil and Mining Co. vs. Ardesco
ger il Co. ,
120. Owners of tow-boat Nellio vs. .Ed
, 121. O'Hara vs. Pa. R: R. Co. ,
130. * Fell & Bros. vs. Schulz Jr, Danner.
131. Lander vs. Spence.
131—Wagner vs. Jones et al. • '
The following is the trial list for to-day:
202. Allen vs. M'Kee.
117. Vandahorn and Blackney vs.. Jones
et al. • - - • . .
121. Kennedy Jr, Bro. vs. Rahe.
122. Long vs. Smith. . •
123. ' Deltz vs. Duncan et al.
125. Doyle vs. Altmeyer.
128. Fleming & Co. vs. 'Bushnell.
136. Daurr vs. Wycoff et al.
138 O'Brien vs. Holmes.
154. Mitchell et ux. vs. Stager et ux.
162. Horn vs. Abbott.
160, Sullivan ct Brown vs. T owes.
175.'Ellnough vs. Miller dc o.
178. Quigley) vs. Hutehinao dt Hocken
' auser.
188.1 Anderson et al. vs:Pie ensgill tit Co.
107. Bangers et ux. vs. Em
Court of Common Pleas—Bef re Hon. J. P.
Sterrett. )
Thomas Grogan vs. Lei
Verdict for plaintiff in tiu
Nimiek cC Co. vs. Dn
The jury found for the ph
of 8648,38.
Haunt Monre
jury found for plaintiff
X 240,60 .
Matthew Anderson vs. Mahn McClarren,
Verdict for plaintiff for $l5O.
Jacob Ziegler vs. Pittsburg Grain Eleva
itor Company. The jury was withdrawn
'Ad plaintiff took a non-suit.
Henry Tressei and wife vs. Phillip Petrel
and wife. This action was for slander.
Non-suit entered by order of the Court.
(Quarter Ses . ilons:.:llefore Judge MelloU
The Court ;
met yesterday morning, Nit,
owing to the non-attendance of parties — to
suit'S, there Was very little buidness trans
On Wednesday the Grand Jury will visit
Dixmont. Gen. Cass. of the Fort Wayne
road, has extended the courtesies of his
road for the occasion.
Probable Homiclde—The Late Outrage in
31cUlure Township.
In the ,) GAZETTE of.-Thursday last we
gave an 'account of a brutatioutrage perpe
trated on the Tuesday night preceding, at
or near Wolf's tavern, in McClure town
ship, in which a stranger named Peter Mil
ler was beaten, as It is charged, hy Wolf,
the keeper' of the tavern, and left on the
roadside in an insensible condition. Since
we noticed the / affair; Miller has grown
much worse; so bad, indeed, that it is ap
prehended he/will not survive.. He has
become insane in consequence of his inju-
ries, and one of his feet, which was frozen
the night Ihe lay on the roadside, has morti
fied so as to necessitate amputation. Yet
the physicians are unwilling to perform the
operation at this time, owing to the fe4‘ble
condition of Miller, consequent on his ex
posure and other injuries. -
R. H. Kerr, Esq., of McClure township,
is investigating the case, and yesterday
held Wolf, the alleged assailant of Milner
to bail in two thousand dollars. j Miller
was yesterday removed to Passavant's In.
firmary by order of the Directors of the
Poor. igothing is`known of his antecedents
further than that on the night be was as
saulted he told 'Squire' Kerr he was from
Wolf denies that he committed the as- -
sault, but circumstances developed in con
nection with the case justified Justice Kerr.
in holding him to ball to await the result of
Miler's injuries. \
Clothing and Custard% Work at Reduced
Messrs. E. lioustdu Jr. Co., No. 107 Fifth
avenue, have marked clown s their entire
stock of ready-made clothing and furnish
ing goods to prices closely approximating
the original cost, in order to close out their
entire line of goods to make preparation
for the spring trade. The stock is large
and complete, embracing everything in the
way of men's and boys' clothing of the!
latest and most stylish fashions and
cuts, and wilt prove attractive to
the purchaser. The firm have also reduced
their prices for cnittom work, and with en
larged facilities are prepared to make to or
der in most fashionable and endurable
styles, and at the shortest notice, garments
of all descriptions at prices which will ford
hly remind the purchaser of days of yore.
r'' Having had long personal acquaintance
s with the members of this firm, we unhesi•
tatingly commend thorn to the patronage
of our readers.
Defaulting Jurors in the District Court.
Attielaments for the following de außleg
jurors wero . yesterday directed to b issued
by Judge Kirkpatrick. Ho also lirected
the Prothonotary to disallow pay to all of
those jurors who answer at roll call in the
morning and do not respond throughout
the day when wanted. Such a • course
seems absolutely essential, as yesterday,
although a reasonably full panel was pres
ent, when wanted , there were not enough
to bo had to fill the jury box, and the last
case called hid to be tried before am jurors,
The names of the dpfaulting jurors are as
follows: Alexander Bradley, foundryman,
Liberty township; Joseph Graft; shovel
manufacturer, Collins township: A.S. Bad
JOrd, contractor, East Birmingham; D. C.
Dirnsen, glass manufacturer, Birmingham;
•Wm. Porter, carpinter ' Tarentimi bor e.
ough; Joseph/Woods,
.tanner, Snowdon
township. . ,
'The attachments were placed in the hands
of the Sheriff and these gentlemen will
now have the pleasure of serving, With
fines and costs added.
Can lt , be possible that over Five Million
Bottles of Pwavr.vriort,Birruus have been
sold during the past year? It is almost in
credible, nevertheless it is absolutely true,
and is the mast" convincing proof of their
wonderful medical and health-testoring
qualities. Every family should be sup
plied with these Bitters, at whatever cost
or trouble it may be to obtain them. Be
careful that you get the genuine," and that
you.. are not imposed upon by a spurious
MAGNOLIA WATER.--Superior to the beat
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the price.
Kenwoodf Boarding School for Boys.—
Four vacancies on January Oth. Apply to
Rev. J. P. Taylor, New Brighton, Pa. 2w.
The place to get White Lime,. Calcined
Plaster, ,Hydraulic Cement, ie at Baker, a.
Caskoy's ) 167 Fillt Oreet.
reorrespondence or the Pittsburgh gazette.;
NEW Buronrozr, January 4, 189:
The Sunday Schools aif New Brighton
held their semi-annual 'union meeting in
the 'United Presbyterian Church yesterday
Dr. John Sargent, Secretary of the county
for New Brighton, called the meeting to
order, and on motion, Rev. Wallace, pastor
of the U. P. Church, was elected to preside
at the meeting.
The Secretary, Dr. Sargent, then read a
very interesting and encouraging report of
the schools of the town, in which he gave
the following statistics: Whole number of
children in attendance, 712. ' reading the
scriptures, 534; number of -officers and
teachers, 103.
There, are eight schools in town. All
were represented but the Episcopalian and
Roman Catholic.
Three of the schools—Presbyterian, Uni
ted Presbyterian and First Methodist—re
ported $331 collected for missionary.. pur
The schools are generally self-supporting
and in prosperous condition.
The meeting was addressed by the Presi
dent of the County Association - ' Dravo,
Revs. Crowther, Critchlow and Ross, of
Mi91401/li, interspersed with singing and
Upon the whole the meeting was a very
pleasant One, and we trust profitable to all. l
The friendly feeling existing between the
churches and schools is especially note
worthy as a favorable sign of the times.
--Over twenty thoniand emigrants ar
rived at Chicago last year.
—The total receipts of articles received
'ln the Chicago, market last year was $397,-
—Joseph "Elaine, of Marsh Plato, aged*2s,
shot himself dead in Elgin, Ills., last Wed
—The Louisiana' Legislature met yester
day. A quorum was present in both
• —The ;warrant for the execution of
Wooley, at Freehold, N. J., on the 7th inst.,
has been issued.
. 7
) s Falkenbazen,
L /Ida' of $l6O.
ra •o fir. Donnelly.
Lai tiff in the sum
n .fcClarren. The
r n the BO C M of
—The annual meeting of the American
Social Science Association will be held in
Albany, New York, in February.
—The London press generally approve: of
the treaty between China and England, re
cently concluded by Lord Clarendon and
Minister Burlingame.
—Col. Wynkoop, Indian Agent, having
changed his resignation to make it
unconditional, it has been accepted by . the
Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
—Commodore W. S. Sahat% U. S.rNavy,
died at Elizabeth, N, J., on Sunday, after a
lingering illness, of rheumatism of the
heart. He was 74 years of age.
—Hon. John C. Weed, of Eastport, Ches
ter county, a ;timber of the Connecticut
Legislature from Greenwich, nicsteriously
disappeared ou Sattixday night last.
—The Wisconsin Senatorial contest be
tween Carpenter and Washburn is waxing
warm. Thelotiner's chances are the bet
ter. The legislature meets on the 13th inst.
—Ellen Kane was found dead in the gut
ter in front of her residence, in Chicago,
yesterday morning. The jury returned a
verdict of death from exposure and intoxi
- -The Albany and Susquehanna Railroad
will be formally opened on the 13th
at which Gov. Hoffman, members of the
Legislature, Erie Railway officials and oth
ers will be present.
—For stating in a police Court item l that
-Daniel Lynch kept 'a disorderly house, the
injured individual has commenced a - libel
suit against the Chicago Tribune; claiming
ten thousand dollars damages.
—The steamer Great Republic sailed yes
terday from San Francisco for Hong Kong
vla Yohokama, with 4SO tons freight; 500
passengers, and V 754,000 treasure, 072,600
fur China and 182,000 for Japan:
—ln view of President Johnson's amnesty
proclamation of December 25th, Telt Davis,
John Slidell, James W. Mason, Dudley
Maru2, and other ex-rebels, now in Europe,
are preparing to return to the United
States. -
—A dispatch from Jefferson,Texas,reports
that Capt. Wm Perry, an old and promi
nent citizen of that place, was. shot and
killed on Sunday night. The deed is sup
posed to have been done by soldiers through
—The Helena Post says that in the famous
Union Mine there are one thousand tons of
excellent ore ready to be crushed, and ten
thousand tons of equally good quartz in
sight, and that the ledge contains quartz
worth live million dollars.
—Sunday night, about eleven o'clock, a
i Chicago saloon keepernamed Horner, after
alighting from astreet car, was attacked by
three men, who stabbed him severely In
his side'and then relieved him of his watch
and ninety-five dollars in cash.
—The McLean County, 111., Soldiers'
Monument, at Bloomington. has been com
pleted and accepted. It is fifty feet high,
of white Lemont stone and Vermont white
marble, and cost fifteen thousand dollars.
It will be formally dedicated next spring.
—R. W. Hobson, ex-Deputy Collector of
Internal Revenue of the Danville District,
Va., , ras brought to Richmond on Saturday,
- charged with defrauding the revenue by
not accounting for $2G,000 received by him.
He was held in $lO,OOO bail to answer the
charges. •
—The liteamboat A. G. Brown collided
with the _Bremen steamship Teutonia, be
tween New Orleans and the mouth of the
;Mississippi, oni Wednesday last, and soon
turned bottom, up. The Brown's money
and every bodyi on bOard was saved. The
Teutonia was injured but proceeded on.
—A Washington special reports that an
alleged spurious railroad company bas ob
tained sixlnilliOns of dollars and au enor
mous amount of land grants frotn Congress,
and also that two distinct corporations are
claiming the subsidies granted,to the West
ern Division of the Union Pacific Railrizad.
—The New York Legislature meets to.
day. Gov. Roffman's message will be sent
in after the organization, which will proba
bly be effected without delay. The Repub
lican Assembly caucus nominated Truman
G. Younglove for Speaker.. The Demo- 1
eratic caucus nominated Llon. Wm. Hitch
man for Speaker.
—Coal in abundance and of excellent
quality has been discovered half a mile
from Argenta, on the line of the Central
Pacific Railroad, four hundred miles from
Sacramento,- furnishing the Company a
much needed supply of fpel at the point
desired. Notwithstanding the recent
heavy rains in the valleys and may
storms on the - mountains, trains on the Cen
tral Pacific Railroad arrive at Sacramento
on time.
. —Private letters from Cuba do not con
firm the recent reports from that country
relative to the reverses of the revolution
ists. It is stated the insurgents outnum
bered the Spanish garrison in the island,
and that there is every prospect that they
will be successful. It it thought that if
theycan hold out till March independence
is certain. They contemplate the total abo
lition of slavery, and will not favor alm
tion to the United States, unless as anal
—John McDevitt, of Chicago, on ist-
I v
mas day wrote to Phelan and Collend ,of
Naw York. surrendering to them the c ant
pion billiard cue of America, in order hat
it may hereaftei be competed ibr, with the
push' shot barred. Phelan and ' Cone der
have returned the one to Mr. McDevit , as
the: one most deserving of it. Mob itt
now challenges any player in the wort to
compete for the golden cue,at five ibou nd
dollars a side, American game, fifteen-bun
dred or two thousand polntl, second zln
Sunday School Union Meeting
font pocket standard table, two and thresi
eights inch balls, the challenge to remal t
open thirty days.
—The report of the State Treasurer 0
Missouri shows that from February 4th
1865, to December 21st, ltitlS,tbe amount re
ceired into the State Treasury has bee t
$22,113,654.' During this period there have
been State bondaand coupons retired to thi
amount of $7,0 9,575. Auditors' warrant:
paid $7,262,543. Union military bonds and
defense warrants paid $531,789. There h
nowlabout one million dollars in the Treas
nry, which will soon be increased to aboni
$2,500,000 by the reception of taxes..
amount of State bonds retired since Oct o
her, 1567, is $5,023,000. The State bonds
outstanding Jan. Ist, IssB, amount to $15,.
—The New York Times says: The wboh
country expects to see General Grant enter
fit li , s aeceSsion upon a bold, resolute and
determined crusade against. bad govern.
went, and the bolder the more completel3
will he be supported. The Tenure-of
Office bill ought to be repealed.' General
Grant should be left entirely free to under.
take and execute stroll reforms in the civil
service as may be required. If Congre.4
sees the wisdotir of making good behavior
the sole tenure-of 2 orlice, let it adopt 141 r,
Jeticke's Civil Service Bill, but until some
general 'provisions of this sort are aaopted,
General Grant should have full power oVer
appointments and removals which the Con.
stitution gives him.
Asthma is not'a terrible diseaSe when
Whitoomb's Remedy is taken. t:t:h:Vi'
ROGERS—NEELY—On New. Yeir's Eve, Decem
ber 31st, 1808, at Leetsdale Station, Pa., by the
Res'. J. M. ran, Mr. R. ROGERS, of Fair Oaks
Station. to Miss MARX NEELY; of Leetsdale, Pa.
No cards,
No. 166 FOURTH STREET, Pittsburgh, pa. ,
G PINS of all kinds, CRAPES, LOVES, and ay.
erg description of Puncral Furnishing _Goods fur. R
cashed. Rooms open day ' and night. Hears and
carriages furnished.
IiEFEILIMCES—Rev. David A.err, „„ Rev. M
NV. Jacobus, D. D., Thoinas Ewing, E 69•• Janob H.
Allegheny City. where their COI•FIN RoOms art;
constantly supplied with real and imitation Rosen.
wood, Mahogany and Walnut Coffins, at prices Va.;
tying from irk to 8100. Bodies prepared for inter-:
meat. Hearses and Carriages furnished t.alsO,
tinds of Mourning loodS, if required. Office open
at all hours, day and night. .
EET, Allegheny, /seeps constantly on band a
large assortment of ready-made Coffins of the fol.:
lowing kinds: First, the celebrated American Bn
rial Cases, Metallic Self-sealing Air-tight Dana
and Caskets, and Rosewood, Walnut and Rosewood .
Imitation Coffins. Walnut Coffins from as up-,
wards. Rosewood Imitation Coffins from *5 up.
wards, - and no pains will be spared to, give entire
satisfaction. Crape and (=loves furnished free of ,
charge. Best Hearses and Carriages furnished on
short notice. Carriages furnished -to funerals *4.
Granular Eifel veering 81. Car. POtassl.
do do , Vichy Water,
4do do ,' Citrate' Magnesia..
Ig • do Santini Powders,.
do lilieengen Water
Contains 40 per cent. Glycerine
contains 30. per cent. Glycerine
Imported and sold only by , '
corner Smithfield and Fourth Streets.
nomrrs •
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets!,
Has now In stock one of the largest and mast varled7
assortments of -
Fall and Winter Gdods
ever brought to this city. His stock embraces al
the latest French and English manufactures of
AI5o. s fall line of Goon' "Furnishing Goode
For all the latest styles cut clothes. made br the nest
material, and by Erst-class workmen, and at prices
surprisingly low, go to the well known:. Merchant,
NO. 50 ST. CLAIR STREET, now Sixth.
notB • ,
THOS. T. DALE. 111.'D . . ... B. BUTTON. 14. D.
SUCIATED themselves together fotthe
. • •
Office, No. 19 STOCK AVENlTE,allogheny
city. TIJOS. F. DAI.E.,! . M. D..
nota•RD R. S. STITToN. M, n.
000,01 —TEN
901 — TEN
Kir6 pounds for si. 00. s
At the Original
114 Smithdeld street, opposite Custom House.
'''' F I V ETHOIIB — A N—D—
-0000 Pounds
1f.i.7 Pounds for P.OO. . - g
114 ernltblleld street- ' .
000,1 —
New Candled Rt ir ro S n Al at i l L
oc D :per lt
: 005—Five Hundred pounds sew Candled . 'Lemon:
' Peel at 45e. per lb.
005—Flve Hundred pounds new Candled ()ranger
Pes I at 4-sc. per lb. -
At C. - A.I3OUCHER' I 4 : ~
114 smltliferld street. - -
all kids, ground la the store:: and sold by
weight. Ignpnekage trash labelled Spices sold ati
the Original Bed FrOlitrVA'
aarebouta, _ •
C. A. BU CHIJt y. •
• 114 SmlthflPhl street.
varlejles orCOFFEE roasled daily. and sold
RED rum, 'at 95e .. Wk., 30e., 33c., 3k., 40c..
and 45e. ner lb., at the
114 emlthlleld at., opposite Custom MUM!.
6 SLOG. at ;
I'4 :mitt:Meld st,rent.
Opposite Custom Rouse.
kJ , TEAS, ail grades and peons raaging from
All tastes can be su
60e. ti ted a t aA. per lb.. ,
, 00t
_ '
/114 Smithfield t:reeti
'dets . - oppadtir Cttstait ktouse.,i