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    PITTSBURGH PiefliioLbokr
'; 7 1•••
OFF/CEIORWIEMWII gagailikAl4l/27):1 1 ‘
_fl'Araneirk)4.o4oberl; /SOL
,lenrjnre• L.g:/
It was generally cicindediiiithat the market
was stronger tv.i4s3ii•litidir'etiraparlxi , with
• yesterdikl,#kdvilicki 3 O,llillthillf cent
been oiy,!) . t?its*eitl l 4ere*iistimi 40til
*190,01)4L) sailer
tion, at ragpsge.l4-uig i eysicieg-,-,raere was a
sale of 3,000.,bb1s bit tank, for immediate -
delivery, Stl2l:‘and'i 8, - 000 for all October,'
buyer's orldri. - at Sada figtife. - Lige in the '
day it was iraiiiiren 1)14 there had . been a'
sale of sii,4Alat,,lpga, and at. the
holders generilli, Were asking 12ke. Aa:
L will be seen-freim-thwabove, , the Ilemared.
11 seems to be confined mainly to October;
and as theinipply avaiiable . ter this`month g
is reportetil tonsiderabli .
this, more thiin 'anything maybe at
tributed the advance established yi-day.
Spot oil opened :a little, , we
g, morn
tg, two safes' halal*: been nutde:at
• at subsequently, it grew;',etronger, and
to in the ""day sales were made at SW. 'Oc
her, both first and last..half .ruled steady
11 day, thbng h not - iittotiblk higher. The
ales were:
500bblsimmediate... .. .. 2Sl3.ic
' 1000 " " ... . . ...... .. ... . 31./o
1000 iliethltOttOber .: .. . 3ONc
500 " last 310
500 t• • tei 1.1, •
.. . ... 31c
500 4. last half NoVeinber.:,.., 'lloc
From the above, if will be seen that the
month opens up radtheysueplcionsly : for: •
sellers, thhfth;theh4vince, as-yet, i s wrvr
slight; that a timer - feeling for this
month is)lenerally conceded.and:;,theie
are some who are very aangslAe that:Va.
• fore it
they were at any-,time Last
. October,
it We iniStahc 'mot h ,Oticea . t ivere
t higher than during any time Jest year,
- . though, of.dOurse,4o doe"-nogthat
the same thing will occur this year::
cumatancwaltem,OaSea4 and—wears-not state that the oil trade
same condition now that. - „ltires thia tiine;
: last -
BEcral ' s t r., 9 F 3 P /23 ,d1f••. , ------
Fisher dr, Bro - obuillerecia - Wood- - 160
G. S. Tholizao..../ 4 1 89 stroixt. & 09t- 460
Morgan .leCo 4sllLOCkban. &-F.....:760 .
R. W. Burke 480:union Bet. Cp..... 600
Nat. Ref. Co 400'D. M. Edgerton." 520
Fulton, 4:cf 4 . .1 2 0
~• • :; Total-- .
, ?!.,•! _ ;
Standard itlii,l3::7eBY- i•eirried' to
Warden; Prat' Ce4;' , Pidladalidda.:,
Fawcett, Logan & Stocktiale,g,o9 du dq
to W. P. Logan - 13rd4iPhIlidel • -
0. B. Jones, 150 do to .B. Rol
' brook, Philadelphia. " • - • -
Erny, rageinan &CO., 200 bbls refined t 9"
Waring, Bt- CD:`r~deiphia.
Forsyth, Bro. iit-OuritlAtAcydolq Wirdeb4-
"- Frew it Co., PhilaWelp4ta.
Lockhart..,Freve-&r.9,iia•do toWar
• • 7 den, Frew, keo,;-Pfdladelpliia..
• : • Montsheitner, lioelatat Co., 779 do do to .
- Waring fling do CO.-Pldiadelphia: •
• B. W. Morgan At , C041.1.77.d0 do to War
{;den, Frew & Co..Philadelphla.• •- "
Braun it Wagnef,...3.10 Waring,
King it Cmy:Phffadelphiat.• - • • =•
• R. W. Barker— bburver - te Waiden;
• Frew dr, Co., Philadelphia. ;.-•••• rt
Wormser Myers & CO,; - do do to
Warden. Fit* & :
Livingstpndo ,"330 do • to: War
den Frew it Co.; Ph iladelphia, • • •
. P. Weisedberger;•2oo 'do do to Warden,
Frew do C0.,-Phdadelphia.
McKee, Hackett-&Co., 809 lxi 7 Viki P.
Logan & Bra., , Philadelphia: ' •
Buffam, 'Katie* & Co., 54:`dO do tOW. P.
•• "Logan & Bro., Philadelphia., , _
Standard 011 - 06., 5 261 - di> flelizoit toTWard
den, Frew:dt ,Co ,Philadelphia.
Fawcett,.Logaa &Stockdaleri 140 do do to
• W. P. Logan & Bro., Philadelphia.' ' •
Nat. Ref.- 00 1 Axtd9.(ta DiltveZth
at Co., Philade ••• • :- •
Erny, Jageman & Co4lo(rdev do to War-.
ins, King Co.,'&.
• u •H. Koeldei & Co., 49 do bensole to War
' ing, King 4.00., Pldlade/PlatC.'. - •
• Leekhart,Freer Co', 220. blki.benzoleio
Warden Frew & Co.; Philadelphia: I'
B. W. Horgan Co,'l.6o"dodo ,to ,War
• " den, Fremd. Co., Philadelphia. • • •
Ittal ehipmbilea Refined 6862.
Warden &.Balchelder, .00 bbls .refined to
Warden. Frewitt•Efo.rixhilazh3b:thia:
G. W. Holdahip & C0.140 - dcr do
,tp . :WAtr-
Ing. Xing & Co., Philadelphfa."_
H. M. 149 s
.102 do do to WT:deny
•,.4 Frew & C0.ePh.11114011114 1 •
Brooks. lislldittine &04•41.§ , do :dr) , to'
' o ', Warden, Frew er, Co.. rnuaaelPbia••
Hutchinsai 011
to Warden: I'l4w &Co:;Fhilgdelphla.
Hutchinson Oil Ref.,,p0.,112 do henzole
to. Wtu•dbiallAjw"St X7O ; Philadelphia
Total shipments Re ned tisT
• Bensole. • . 112
, Cliliage Market.
, , .
t (By Telegraph - to the e,l, ttlib4lFh tth.tette.7
Cfricaoo; October I.—BasteraßxChaUge
quiet at 15011152 i Vivi thensand off baying;
I and par selling. Fletteactivi'and :`firmer;'
I sales spring extras at $0,25a7,8734. 1 Wheat
steady and quiet; with sales No. 1 at /11,40
i a 1,47 3 4; No :2 at Vl,l7al,ft:clitiiileat $1;373;
a 1,38 for No:°;sales,since 'Change of .No. 2
f at $1.38%..'-_6'orn unsettled , and - excited;
prices for No. 1 ranged from 11,02 to $ T,l2,'
I closing inactive ,:and :nominal - at,.Outside
figures; No.2quiet and easier; other grades
neglected and nominal, nothing doing this
1 afternoon; No. 1 offered at 90c. .Oats steady
and active :an shipping account; sales at I
1 50y,a51c, closing at inside price Bye firm
I and moderately actiVe,lalMc higher, clos
-1 ing with buyers of No.„.tat 51,17. • Barley
firm and 6stic higher, closing with buyers
lof N 0.2 at $.1,70. Bighwines in better re
quest; sales of frets at $1,30a1;35." Provisi ‘us
dull. Mess Pork veryaulet at $28,75a29,00.
. for prime Apuesv: - bry t . salted - Shoulders
1 firmly held'at 11c; `buyers at 10i4c. Lard
.nominal at .18Na19c.. Freights:steady and
8 active; 7c on corn, and Bc_ on.wheat to Buf
falo. Receipt past 24 -hOurs-T4o,o2o,bbbs
flour, 119,02. bus , Wheat.. 99,102 bus corn,
, 96,987 bus oats, 0,757 hogs. Shipments
11,678 bbls :f10ur;'20 1 752 : bus wheat, 85,498
1 bus corn,l4 - 230 b it s oats, 5,815 hogs.
St. Leuti,lifarket. • •
(By Telegraptrip the IVibirgh Gizette;) •
1 Sr. - Louie,. October 1. Tobacco, steady
, and prices unchanged.' 2There is rintbing
I doing in Cotton Hemp. 'Flour, ` bat' and
prices unsettled; supernne,;ls,soaB,os; ex
; tra, $6,25a6,75; double extra, 157,25a8: fancy,
1510,80a12,24.„ Wheat, . sliladY; . and: firm;
prime fall, $1,90a1,95';• strictly prime, $2,10a
;1.2,15; choice - , fancy,, 2,20a5,25;, spring
5 easy for buyArs; priine to Choice,
Corn flmt but, not active, atBoa97c; latter
for choice. Clew fi rmer f rac ti on
higher,,at 52u510 for tYbiteTatit black. Rai
''ley quiet; sales of prime lowa spring at
1111,85a1,00. Rye Arm •at 81,2041,22.' 1 .1"0rk
i quiet at #2 8 .75520. • Bacon; holders Orin and
;asking a small adyante on clear sidesi-fresh
:clear sides, 16s184ixclear
iders, 12;ic. :Oath wised sugar cured hams;
il734altio. , - • I
Now Teri( Dry Goode Market:
1 [By Telegreghlte the rittebee i m at ze tt e ..,
INEW Yonk,'Oct.'4:—There Ufa better in
quiry for fistuiels fur. winter wear;andihe
:market for these,is apart s from ,fancygodds
land has a hardening=tendencyin sympathy ,
?with wool, which is decidedly firmer. Cot;
3on goods coti inue.weak and some conces.
sions are being made from day to day. The
'4nost - impertant ded•ine noticeable to-day is
lin Cooper er, ,Co's. and Stewart's prints, •
,whieb an- off, and offered as low as 10 1 ,yo
per yard, and it isp obsble other prints will 1
he reduced in price tocorrespond with this
dal Ilbstitirs' hr Cll Ifoit
(By Telegraph to the Pitithorgo Gazette .1
kEtc . '7lolEtiii9Ottgler 1,1868:
M0NEY. ., 41 " ) .P04• 14 • •
Moneyfirmiartit a dii4 spy eat. , 'tie :
million dellarik; hair
been taken but ofthe.banks andlooked
Sterling dull at 1 0816©108 3 / 4 . Gold.lower, •
Opening at'l4oy , declining to' 139 x, and
-closing . 4139 . 1/ 0 and 139 M asked. It Is tit
dertitcoti that ,the Govermaatt, ,was again
• selling gold
• Oys . ' pop:NT sTougs. .
Lower, but closed firmer: Coupons 1881,
118; do. '62,, 112g42)112%; do. '64, 109 %@
109,10-do. ' 1 66, 110@l10g; 'do. New, 108 g;
do. "671 108 g; do: '67, 108 g; 10-408, 1048@
Quiet. Old Tennessees, 69; New do.. 68 14(4)
88x; Geoigim, 9134; Old Carolinas, 75; New
do., 54 k; •ex-coupone Old , Virginias, 7435 i
New do.; 74; Missouris, 9155.
, STOCKS." . ,
hilioellineorid shares firm. xpress
stocks steady. , . -
5:30 ?slims: Canton, 48®49; Boston
Mater Power, . s(giisx; Cumberland, 30
®SS; ,:Wells E . ress 80(4)30X,;.'American,
48y@49; Adams, 51 %®52 ; United States,
444 -
§4ot "...Merchants' U nion 23 5‘ 1 @ 2 53.i1ii
quicksilver, 21X®21.X; • 'Mariposa, 4@)6;
do4referred. 13®13 4 ; /Pada° Mail,
111 111 X: Western Union INSlegMph, 341
Ha t
46 3‘0 1 47; do. . p 'erred; 0901170; Hudson,:
139@139x; em 121®122; - Reading,
94X(4)4X; Ohl and MissiSsippl, 2SX@
28 %; Wabash, 9 ©6O; do. preferred, 743;;
St., Raul, -94% ®OOl - d 0. ., preferred , 94@95;
- Michipan - Central, - ;118c4; Illehigan South
, 83X®83x; / lit ola . Central, 146®147;
Pittsburgh; 85X 85%; Toledo, 101)X; Reck
Island, 102 ;@1 X;.Northwestern, ..88X®
88 %; do. prefe ", 88Xig8830 Hartford
and4Erie, 22X 0223 X; Terre Haute, 41X,@
43; do. preferre 1,. 62®6455: Chicago and
'Alton : ` preferred -150 X; . Burlington and
qui4cy? 170.
.itiet;Smlth &Parmelee,
98(0100; Gregory, 450;
-Minh* shares
5001 Quartz Hll
Grass' YMley 41.
En wrc•cirs:
t ,fioston: Calutnet,, 551
; 'Franklin, 14; Quincy;
Copper stooks
Copper Falls,. 17
20p 4h.
The receipts at
Nere1),8 6K ,095,808.
ance; 994, 4 I
1 ' f ,New Tor eremite Market.
By Teterrapti to the irittstatesaesiette.3
NEW Irofstr, Octoberl.—Aahes quiet and
ne mus Cotton a shade •firmer, although
- ' f .
not Very active; with sales 1,300 bales at
2634 c for middling nplandar also 700 bales
in - transit. Flour 10a25c lower,'with re
ceipts 16,489 bbls; "sales 7,Boo•bbleat 46,25 a
7 for superline.western, and 37,i0a8,60 for
extra western; $8,74t10,40 for white wheat
extra;-137,70a10 fox R. IL O.; $9,50a10 for ex
tra St. Loafs: $10a13,40 Air good to choice
do; closing dull and heavy; California flour
heavy, with sales 500 sacks' at $8,50a10,75:
Rve flour dull, with sales 300 bbls at 36a8.
Corn Meal quiet, with sales 800 bbls Marsh
es' calorice at private terms. Whisky quiet.
Wheat la2o lower, with a moderate export
demand, chiefly to fill old freight engage
ments; receipts, 87.361 ,bush; sales 69,000
bush-at 31,541,53 for No. 3 spring; $1,60 for
No Wand .3 do mixed; 51,63a1,60 for No 2
d0;3215 for winter red and west
ern; a 150,2,000 bush white ' Tennessee;
closing a ittle flither. Rye quiet. Barley
seitice and firm; sales 3,800 bn Canada West
at $2,10 to arrive; barley market dull. Corn
--receipts 69,132 bn and opened steady but
closed dull and about l.e, lower; sales 88,000
-bii at $1,12a1, '
15 for unsound; 81,16a1,17 for
,eanuntlnixed western closing at 1,16 for
sound de. afloat. Oats—receipts 244 bit
and lo better; sales 49,000 bu at 73 a 740 far
new western afloat; 72%e for comm do. in
gore.. Rice in fair request. Coffee quiet;
sales 2,000 bags Rio at private terms. Sugar
in moderate regnant; sales 400 hhde Cuba at
lial2c. Molasses quiet. Hops quiet at 15a
25c fbr American. - Petroleum dull at 153,
'lilac for crude; 29c for refined iti band. Lin
seed oil in moderate request at $1,04a1,06.
Spirits turpentine unchanged. ' Pork quiet
and heavy; sales 1;260 bbls at $28,31aM„: 62
fon Mese; closing at $28,40 regular; $28,40a
28,7019x,01d do; $23,75a24,50 for prinie; 526,25
J 126,70 prime messk total Moog old and new,
'October Ist 38,052" bbls;' Bathe date last
.Ituntsth..., 54,068 bbls; same date last veer,
62,797 bbls. Beef dull; sales 154:1 Wits at
$13,00820,50. for new plain mess and $20,50a
24,75 for new extra mess; total stock old
ind'}iiiiw, October-,.let, -16,571 packages;
same -Vide last month, 18,293 packages;
same' date last year, 344 packages.- Tierce
Beef' rat at 21a33 for prime mess and tiOa
36 for• India Mess. Beef Hams dull at .20a
29. ' Out Meats heavy; sales 150 packages
at 11%a123; Shoulders 12;019; s 1 T Hams,
middles dull and.heavy. 'Lind hell , . - sales
150 tierces at 18l a 19% for steam and 19%a
pi t
193 for kettle rendered. Butter d 11 at 31
4'BB for Ohio and 40,47 for State. Cheese
quiet at 18a17. Freights to Liver 1 rule
quite firm; engagements per steamer for 1
40,000 bushels' Wheat at 8a836d. for this
week and 10d. for next week..
'LATEST.,—FIour dull and 10a15c lower for
medium and common. • Wheat—there is a
firmer feeling in consequence of *light
'supply;and a fair export inquiry to 411 its
freight engagements. Rye dull at 31,46 a
1,50 for western. Oats quiet at 733074 c for
new western afloat. Corn dull ttnd heavy,
at 61;12a1,15 for unsound; $1,153a1,16 for
sound new mixed western afloat. Pork
g, , tiet at 318.373 , ‘a27,50 for mess, cash and
Iregular. Beef dull; small sales at previ
lons quotations. Cat meats dull and droop
ing. Bacon quiet and nominal. Lard
quiet at /93,1a1930 for fair to prime steam
Eggs steady with a moderate demand.
Cincinnati "Market.
[By Telegraph to, thePlttsburgh Gazette.]
CINCINNATI,Oct. I—Flour dull at 8:,75
a 9,75 for family. Wheat very dull, buyers
holding back for lower rates; No. 1 red at
$1,95. Corn dull and, lower, closing at 0,03
a 1,04 for _ears or shelled. Oats dull: 19,000
bash closing at 60c for No. 1. Rye dull at
$1.35. , ,Rarley irregular, buyers holding
ba.-k; spring held at 52,15a2,20 for State and
82,35 for Canadian.'',Cotton,quiet at 260 for
Tobte•co firm with good demand; 190 hhds
leaf at $11,60a28.60. Eggs dealined to 20c. ,
Whisky dull at 51,30; no sales. Mess Pork
at $29,25; no inquiry. Lard at 19 3 / 4 0, with
little demand. Bulk -Meats offered more
freely'at 103,c for shoulders l and 1330 for
sidess. Bacon quiet at 12yial2ki'e for shoul
,ders, and 15!4a16 for sides. Hams dull at
19.1930 kw best brands. Linseed Oil dull
at $1,04. Flaxseed in demand at $2,50a2,75.
Clover`nominally 150 per lb Sugar firm
at full prices; sales of 190 hhds. Coffee in
demand at 2la 25c, the latter for Rio. Gold
at /HO buying. Exchange firm at par
Toledo Market. •
City Telegraph to the Pittsburgh assette:3
Mototno, October I.—Receipts-3 992'
•flOttr, 30,049 bush wheat, ' 8 bah ,corn,
10,450 bush oats, 1;0E0 bush rye, 7,975 bush
barley. Shipments---2,407 bbls ilbur, 4,200
busk wheat, 42,990 bush corn, 600 bush oats..
Fleur quiet; small islet family white at
511,00. Wheat7-white' steady; amber , and
red lo better; sales extra white Michigan
at $2,10• to ' 92,16, white Michigan $2,00,
amber 01.90, No.' I red 51,90. Corn a shade
better; ' Nu. ,1 97 1 c. • Miehigan 970. Oats
steady at 5 8 e for Michigan, 55c for No. 2.
Rye steady at 81,20 for No. 2. Barley quiet
and • - steady, at 02,10 for Canada. lake
Freights dull and nominal.
Chicago Cattle 51arket.
cßviT l etegrapo to Out Pittsburgh Gazette. 7
CHICACIO, October . 1 . -;—Cattle quiet at
23,37;00,25 for ordinary to good smooth.
Sofia active and steady; (Wes' at 47,904,25.
- .4. 5 3 , 3 i''- - , t'' - ' f -"'
pi ‘444 ,• ~ TR. lAT - a a
he Snh•Tieasnry to-day
. 4 11 : 62 5t5, $ 2,697,063; Bal.
RAILROAD. October 1.-5 cars . metal,
Nimick & Co; 2 cars staves, M P Adams &
Bro; 1 do do, W Rieke; 10 bxs matches, JR
Smith & Co; 100 bbls flour, W 34
bxs matches, E Heazleton; - 3- bbls -beans, J
Henderion_klitro; 1,1 . bbls apples; Wood
worth & Davison, 76 bxs cheas. N J Bra
den; 2 cars limestone, Wampum, Lime Co;
3 dodo, Shoenberger It .Blair, car oats
and corn, McHenry t Hood; 70green hides,
A & Mason; 2 kegs apple butter, If Rea Jr;
31 bxs cheese, W H -Kirgpatriok •01: Co; 80
do do, Taa Connor; 97-do do, Arbuckles
Co; 51 pkgs bones, W C Field; 25 boxes
cheese, J Dilworth & Co;'2o do do, Knox
Orr ; 20 do do, Watt & Wilson; 20 do do;
"Kohen & Bro; 25 do do, Carter, iMoGrew &
Co; 10 doz brooms, W Miller; 1 pkg tobacco,
Lindsay & McCune; 1 pkg butter, 2 do eggs,
H Linz:3 bxs butter, 2 kegs apple. Witter,
tl Rea Jr; 31 bdls broom handles, E B
Mathews; 10 bbls apples, Diliinger & Ste ;
venson; 100 green hldeS;-Hartley, McKee &
Co; 37 bdls do, J Miller; 300 bbla flour, Culp
aL Shepard; 1-esi'scrap irtm;T Maloney. -
CLEVELAND .AND , Prrniuntatit „Myr.-
Roam, October , I;=3' 'cars iron ore,
Shoenberger & Blalr;, 2 do do, McKnight,
Porter & Co; 2do do,..llussey, Wells & Co;
2 do do, 1 do pig iron, Zug & Co;.1 do do, 1
do iron ore,Gralf, Byers &..Cd; 1 do lumber,
W W Rigdon & Co; 2 do do,Slack& Sholes:
I do do, R A Clarke It Co; 2 cars barley
Z Wainwright; 100 bble flour,so bre cheese,
3 bbls apples, Watt, Lang de Co; 1 car pig
iron, _Lloyd & Black; .150 green hides,
Springer Harbaugh4 Co; 2 cars stone, J L
I. Knox, 4 ars" tobacco, 1 - caddy tobacco, J
Fullerton; 10 bbls oatmeal, Rineirirt & S;
2 cider mills, 2 wheels, White, Bro & Co; 24
bgs corn, Mcßane & Anjer; 14 eke oats, 2
bbls eggs, 2 firkins butter, H Riddle; 2 bbls
Mah o
egge, I d. d&
Co; e pot l3 b b
ls 76f
knobs, A sks appl dams es, Vo
Kee & Ca; 10 do, Jones, Nimick it.Co; 23
do apples, Dierker'&;Speck;l car tire brick;
Hussey & Co; 2 bbls fife clay, Graff, Einghes
& Co: 12 bbls apples, Dillinger &Stevenson;
5 rolls leather, G N Hoffstott; 88 sks barley,
Meanor & Harper. •
RAILROAD, October 1.-15 bbls 40 eke flour,
GI Myers; 14 aka potatoes, Means & Harper;
5 bbla apples, - 1 box butter, M W 'Rankin; 7
bbls app es, Head & Merger; 600 bush oats,
C B Leech; 27 bbls apples: Vangorder &
Shepherd; 19 do, do, 26 do eggsill pkgs but
ter, W H Graff & Co; 1 car , corn, D R Her
ron; 1 car milifeed, R Knox J , ; 1 car.metal,
J W Porter; 1 ear staves;.J Painter & Son;
ntike gealn, 19 ska barley,' 2 bbls ggs,
Robb & Her' on; 100 bbls flonr, W McOutch
eon; 74 sks barley, Franenheim, Miller de
Co;112 bbis apples, Graff & Roiter;' 4 tubs
butter, Voigt, Mahood It Co; 96 sks barley. ,
J N Carson; 80 aka flour, McHenry & Hood;
10 hides, 2 bbls tallow, Lapin) 'Tr, Weise.
ilasseed. Ewer, Hamilton 4' Co; 600 bags
barley, J Rhodes &Co; 1 car. lumber, Smith,
Criswell tit Cr); 0 pkgs meal, Noon Bro;
10 bbls apples, J Herbert; ;23 ' do do, AMil
ler: 20 bales cotton, A H Childs'dt Co; 1 bbl
syrup, R,Jr, A Carson; 2 ears s t oves, Roya
d c Robertson; 4 bbls older, 1 - kg apple but
ter, Chris Reis; 21.bbls apples,- Owens;
21 do flour, 76 aks feed. Stewart dc Langen
helm; 9 bbls apples, P Beaker; 213 bg s bar
ley, Smith it Co.
Prrrestatos AND CorrNlN.Lavirmn
RAILROAD, October L-14 bbla whisky,
Dißinger& Stevenson; 160 'bbs paper, W
A McClurg; 27 coils rope, Fulton, B Malan
& Co; 3 oars metal,, Youghiogheny Iron dr,
Co; 234 :bdls sheet% iron, W F Arm.
strong. '. • •
September 30.-100 bbls whisky, P E Volz;
73 bills paper, Hostetter de smith; I bbl tal
low, Reed & Johnston; 6 rolls leather, G N
Zi Z AP- L M lL )eri l U a
~ • : ; '
et; *"
Clig.TelegraM he the VlBliatidith (aizetted) z •
- nbininal and unchanged; Wheat opened
firmer and closed weak; siteeof 110100 bush
No 1 31ilwankie Club at 11,601 10,000 bush
.N 0.2 do at ;1,60; irhite, eriall-tay nominal;
amber, also. Corn dill; sales earl,* of 24,-
000 brush inbred- western at' -s l ,ol3ia
1;04 - at cloning 'offered - at -$1404 .Without
buyers; Oats dull; sales of. AO,OOO bush
western it 82a623ic. Rye qUiet; 'sales' of
2,000 bush Chicago at $1,82. Barley steady;
sales of 11,000 , bush :Canada :at f 1,85, and
16,000 bush prime do at 52. Highwlnes—
sah3s of 60 tibia at 11,35. ' Mess Pork; Laid
and Bides • • •
.' • gleveland Market. • •
(By ielegrapltto the Plttabureh Gazette.]
CtitvELA.lo3, October I.—Plour: city made
held at $12,25, treble extra white' $10,50a
19,75, double extra,18,50a9,75, double extra
red $9e9,25, double extra spring . $3a9,25,
extra spring' ountry made ranges at $8,25a
9,25; double extra spring $10,75a11,75.
Wheat: sales :3 cars No. 1 red at $1,90.
Corn: sales 3 cars at $l. Oats: sales 3 cars
at 80c. Rye 'held at $1,22a1,25. Barley
firm and held higher; sales No. 1 at $1,90a
2,00 for State and Canada; Petroleum very
firm and the demand active, refined Is held
at 27a28c, trade lots 29a30c.
. ,
Phliadelphiii Market.
.411 y Telegraph to the Plitzbarzb Gazette.)
PaiLADzialir.A, October I.—Petroleum
drooping and unsettled; crude 20c, refined
30c. Groceries unchanged. Flour declin
ing; new spring ettra family $9,25a9,50,
Pennsylvania and Ohio, $10a10,76. Wheat
firm and scarce, red and' amber un
changed. Rye $1,60a1,85. Corn very dull;
Sales of yellow at $1,26a1,27, mixed western
$1,25.- Oats lower; sales of Pennsylvania
at 73a75c. Provisions 'dull. Mess pork *SO.
Lard 20c.
Milwaukee Market.l
. [Sy Teisiirsuh to.uts Pittsburgh Gazette. 1
MirmAnkak, Oct. 1,--.Flour walk and
loWer; choice Minnesota $7,37a7,62; do Whi
bobsin and Iowa: $0,87a7,50; medium 16,50 a
6,75. :Wheat unsettled at 111,44 M for No 1,
and $1,37 for No 2. Oats lower at 53c for
No 2. Corn dall tit 960 for No 2. Receipts
-8,000 bble f10ur,1155,000 bush wheat, 50,000
bush oats, 1000 bush oats. Shipments....
7,000 bbls flour ' 118,000 bosh wheat, 1000
bush oats, 1000 bush corn.
Baltimore Market.
By Telezraub to the PlttibtOgh Gazette.] ! -
BALTIMORE, October I.—Clover Seed.°ld,"
at 88,26, and new at 86,75. Timothyy. Seed,
net, at $3,26. „Flour dull and tiorninal,and
prices remain ' , unchanged. Wheat dull'
and unchanged., Corn firm. With . . White at
:$1,20a1,22; yellow at $1,26. ' Oats firm at 70a
77c. Rye firm at' 81,4031;60. Provisions
firm, with Mess Pork at 830.50. 'Bacon, rib
aides, at 1634 c; clear do at 17c; shoulders at
13Xal4c. namfi at 21c.
Louisville Market.
:By Telegraph to the Plttsbaralt Gazettiea
LOUISviLLE, OCt.• I.—Tobacco weaker;
likka 53;a73f; medium leaf 11; fair. 14;
Breckinridge county 223 f. Flour, super
fine, f6,75a7,00. Wheat $1,83a2,05. Corn
dull' at '9841,00. Oats 55a57. Rye $1,35.
Cotton 243 f. • Mess Pork V,OO. Bacon,
Shonidera 125(e13" for clearaldes and Iflat
16g for packed. Lard, in tierces, 1934a20.
Highwines, $1,30 for free. Hay, at wharf,
St. Lot& Cattle Market.
CBg Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette. 3
ST. Louts, October I.—Live Stock—cat
tle in fair demand and steady prices; 4%a
634 c, for godd to choice. Sheep in demand
at 13a5 for good to choice.
Cincinnati Cattle Market.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
CINCINNATI, Oct. 1.-z-Beer cattle dull at
s3al3. Hogs dull at $7a9,25' gross.
S &
1) mit
• The river continues to recede slowly at
this point with 'five feet two inches in the
channel by - the Monongahela marks last
evening. The: weather yesterday was
cloudy and. warm, with an occasional
sprinkling 44 rein.
The Maggie Hays, from St. Louis; is the
only transient arrival we have to report.
The Glendale, from the same point, was
due last night; and tut, Camelia ought to
reach heret o-morrow.
The Bayard arrived and departed for
Parkersburg. Tiae Grey Ea le, Capt. C. L.
Brennan, is the regular pac et for Parkers-
burg to=morrow, leaving at oon.
The Bellevernon and nidas cleared
for St. Louis. The • Believe on left here
with a very fair trip, dra ing four feet
three inches. Pilots—Joh Ferguson and
Andy itunting. ' ,
The Andrew Ackley vs advertised to
Thave Fort Benton for S Louis on the
25th. -
• The Lorena, Capt. Sam 'Shuman, ha t s a
sign up for St. Louis.
The Glasgow, Capt. Robi on, Jr., is an
nounced to leave for Cincinnati and Louis
ville this evening.
The towboat Antelope has returned to
the landing, being unable to get her barges
off "Merriman." •
The Yorktown, Capt. Geo: W. Ebbert,
will get off for Cincinnati and Loulaville to
morrow without fail.
—The St. Mary's arrived at New Orleans,
on the 27th.
—The tfessenger, left St. Louis - for Pitts
burgh, on. Tuesday.
—The Ida Rees No. 2, is loading at Cin
einnnati, for Pittsburgh.
—The Mollie 'Gratz was sold at Jefferson
vile on Tuesday for $4,600.
—The tow-boats, Grabd Lake and Boaz,
enroute from Pittsburgh to New Orleans,
arrived at Louisville on Tuesday.
=Capt. Kirk says if he were to die to-day,
would leave his family enly his elotnes.
What .a contrast, to the nncontradicten
statement that Capt. Cannon made 9 00 0
season before last with the Robert E. L ee.
The Gen. Quitman cleared $73,000 during
the same time, but the pt.:lit - of neither last
season approached to anything like these
—The St. Louis Democrat,of Wednesday,
says: It happened yesterday that tonnage
for New Orleans was so abundant on berth.
that the City of Alton withdrew to wait for
the coming. Besides there was quite a
lively time on 'Change among the agents
of the steamers and barge lines, and the
rate settled to 25c per bbl for flour, and
other articles In proportion'. The Magenta
wanted but little and got it. The Mollie
Abler goes out this morning with' all' she
wants, and two barge flotillas continue to
receive all that offers.
—We clip the following items from the
.Cincinnati . Commercial of Wednesday:
The Ida RecaiNo. 2 arrived from Pittsbrirgh
with a full cargo, reshipping .75 tuna for
Louisville '3u the Charmer. She returns
to Pittsburgh, having engaged 1,000 hales
of haY at 5 per tun. The B. C. Gray also
arrived from Pittsburgh with a full cargo...
Capt. Amos E. Davis, y esterday. purchased
the side-wheel steamer' Golden Eagle from
the Memphis Packet Co., f , r 520,000 for the
Cincinnati and Wheeling trade... The Echo
No. 3 arrived from the Itahawba last night
with six barges.; containing 60,000 bushels
of cannel coal.' Capt. Ford, late of the .
Charlie Bowen, commands the Echo.
—A collision occurred on Tuesday night
last, a short distaru4 below Wheeling, be
tween the Wheeling and Parkersburg
packet Rebecca and the towboat Dick Ful
ton. The former was on her return trip
from Parkersbnrg, ' and when about oppo
site the lower end of the Island, her pilot
discovered the latter boat approaching. He
immediately blew the whistle—the signal
for keeping the larboard side. The whistle
of the - Fulton was sounded once, and she
then changed her course across the river in
front of the ascending steamer. When this
Was perceived by the pilot of the Rebecca,
the bell•at the engine was rung and the
wheels stopped. Her momemtum carried'
her forward, however, far enough to strike
the wheel of the Fulton, carrying it away.
Her hull, it is believed was not injured, nor
was any other part of
,her damaged, so far
as wp ascertain . She was run to the'
Island shore and is now lying there. The
crash' :was leard several squares from
the river, and quite a number of persona
quickly gathered on the landing.
River and Weather.
CBs ,
y Telegraph to the Pittsburgh azette.l
Lomsvtivx, October I.—Rlver falling
slowly withtills still navigable. Weather
.cloudy,and warm.
. - -
prrsßillll3llll, -
a t ia gSt
- Marietta. and Parkersburg Line.-
Leave Compiars Wharf Boat, foot of Wood street,
. DAILY, AT 12
......... A. S. SIINXIIERD, Master.
Freight will be received at all hours by
soli: , JAMES COLLINS, Agent.
LOUISYILLE.—The fine steamer
i~WHUeave as above announced on
• ' THIS DAY, at 4r. M. •
For freight or passage :mph• on board or to
seal J., D. COL.L.INGWOOD. Agents.
ne splendid steamer
Will leave for aboie and Intermediate ports on
FRIDAY; October 2d-4 r. a.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
CHARLES BARN 1f.6. Agents.
.AND LOUISVILuE.—The fine steamer
ULAbGEOW ... ... ....Capt. AsDREW ROBINSON, JR
Will leave for above and Intermediate porta on
For frelght or passage apply on board. seD3
Numbering sixteen Int-class Teasels, among them
the celebrated
Sailing EVERY SATURDAY, from Pier 45, Nortt
'Liver, Now York. For passage or further Informs:.
Don apply to
70,'Firrli STREET.' (Chronicle Banditti.
Nearly opposite Post Ogles. Pitts) or
Near l'ittatargb Grain Elevator
Mannfactiarer of CORN METAL ; RYE "Urn a n d
CHOPPED PEED. Orders delivered in either city
free of charge. Drain of all kinds chopped. end
Corn Muffled. on short nOtire.
'WElT ac CO hi li ne .l.3l B o tone N
Northwest corner of Mlk.nt Corn/nun, Allegheny.
,Frammi AsTv.vrort Cr. co. '
I{3re on hand or prepare on 'a:net notice
3ed Step Stoned, 1 0 18,0 for s, , ,,tvw a ii, j , B re ,,, ery
s:e., Head and 'rentb biottes,
Urdcre prompt*' eZeented, rrlote reaSonitwe!
.....-- - --%‘- , ^4--,:st&-X „Mk- ..-...,its
Office, No. 289 Liberty Stmt,
Electric Nos. 1,2,1 4 and 5, grain, IA Square
Canisters. 1 lb. ea ;. -
American Sporting, In Oval Canisters of lib.
Duck Shootii.g, Nos. 1,2, 2 and 4 grain In
Oval Canisters of 1 Tb. each
Indian Ride, in Ovid Canisters of 1 lb. each....
Kentucky Rifle, in Oval Canisters of I lb. each
Kentuckya me t in Ovid Canisters 4434 lb. ea c h
(25 one lb. Oval Canisters in a case.)
(60 halt lb.' do. do. do.)
Kentucky Rifle, 1 1, 5,42 'pm and "Bea Shoot.
lug"-PQ, in hags. 251'bs
Kentucky Ride, rrra, pro, and Shoot
ing's whin kegs, 124 lbs.,
Kenluckyllitle, Yrro, irrek and "Sea Shoot
ing,. PG. In kegs, SIS lbs
Deer Powder, In kegs, 25 lbs
Mining and lOtlppina Porrder, Mining yr,
• sad Psi , grain net cash, In kegs '26 lbs
Sanity Fuse for 'Blasting , of superior quality,
In packages of 50 'feet and over . .... ....
Delivered free of expense on board of Boat of
Railroad. in Pittsburgh or Allegheny.
PEARL MILL Three Stir Green Brand , equal to
'this Flour will only be sent out when especially
Equal to best St. Lou/s.
Equal to best Ghlo !Flour.
' Allesheny. Sept. 9,186 H: " PEARL MILL.
resb ground Old Vilest Flour.
White Star Mills, furEimily use.
Riverside Mill, for Bikers.
fbr Bakers.
Ontario Mtll. fur Bakers.
Monitor MIR, for Bakers.
City 31111, SpriuSeld , 0„ Family Flour.
Carey's X3.7.‘X, Family Flour.
Mad River Family Flour.
Plainview Mills Fancy Si. Louis.
, Tea Rose Mills do
' Clarke's Scar. Baker's Flour.
'Keystone Milts do
Coronett Mills do
For sale by .
az= 172 and 174 WOOD ST.
n accordanee with the provisions of an Act of the
General Assembly of tee Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, providing for the incorporation of the City
of Pittsburgh, and of the various supplements
thereto, I. 4A.MF. BLACKIIICe E, Mayor of said
city, do issue this my Proclamation_ that on the
Second - Tuesday in October, A. D. DEWS,
being the lath oaflcif the month, the freemen of
said city qnalitled to vote fer men bers of the H. use
'of Representatives of this Commonwealth will meet
at their several places of holding the electlqns in
their respective wards and elect by ballot, under the
provisions of the supplements of the said Act of As
sembly, approved the sixth day of April, 1861. and
the first day of April, 1S8!1, respectively, the fol-
Lawing named officers: .
tine person to serve as Mayor of the City of Pitts
burgh, for the term of tares years.
One person to serve as Treasurer of said city for
the term of three years. .
One peraor to serve as Controller of said city for
the term of three -Year&'
Twenty-three persons to serve as Select Cciuncil
men for the term of two years. •
Twenty-three persons to serve as Select Council
men for the term of one year. . -• • •
Sixty-sax persons to serve as'Common Councilmen
for the term of one year.
The electors of the First Ward of the City of Pitts
burgh to meet at the Public School House in said
ward, and elect two members of Select and three
members of. Common Council.
The electors of the Se P u b ar S c hoole City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the c House In
said ward, and elect two members ofdelect and four
members of Cowmen Council.
The electors of the Third Ward of. the. Cit y -of
Pittsburgh to meet at the plumbing shop of Addy &
Williams, •coraer of Sixth- and Smithfield streets,
and elect two members of !Select. and three members.
of Common Council.. • r 1 • •
The '''''''' the oar ard of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at t he- P u bc School House in
said ward. and elect two members of Select and
. three members of Common Council: • •
The electors of the Fifth Ward of the City of
Pittsburg Courtin, eet at the offi House, e Clerk of the
Orphans. - In the Court in said ward,'
• at d electtwo members of the ddleetand three mem
bers of Common Council.
Tho electors of the Sixth Ward of the City o
Pittsburgh to meet at the. Public School House, on
Ann street. In said ward, and elect two members of
Select and four members of the Comment Council.
• The electors of the Seventh Watd of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the - Public School House in
said ward, and elect two member, of Select and
three of the Common Council. -
The electors of the Dam' War of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the house of Henry Wilson,
corner of Franklin and Fulton streets, In said ward;
and elect two members of Select end three members
of the Common Council. -
The electors of the Ninth Ward of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the Public School Bowe In
said ward, and elect two members of Select and
three membe. s of the Common Council.
The electors of the Tenth Ward of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the Lamb Tavern. corner of
Penn and Mechanic streets, add elect two members
of the Select and two teettibers of the Common
The electors of the Ele.enth Ward of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the Public School House in
said ward, and elect two members of the Select and
three members of the Common Council.
The-electors of the Twelfth Ward of the City of
Pittsburgh to meet at the ruelic chool House in
said ws rd,. and elect two members of tht Select and
eve members of the Common. Council.
The eleetors of the Thirteenth Ward of the City
of Pittsburgh to meet the Public school House in
said ward, and elect two members of the Select and
two members of the Common Connell,
The electors of the Fourteenth Ward of the City
of Pittsburgh to meet at the Public School House in
said wsrd, and elect two members of the select and
four 111eMee s of the Common Council.
The electorsof the Fifteenth Ward of the City of
Pittsburgh so meet at the Publie School House In
said ward, and elect two members of the Select and
four members of the Comm n Ce111•CLI.
1 lie electors of the Sixteenth Ward of the City of
Plttsbuish to meet at the Wigwam. corner of Main
and l's a 1 streets, iu said ward, and elect two mem
bers of the Select and two members of the Common
'1 Pitt tcetera of the Seventeenth Ward of the CRY
of burgh to meet at the Public School House in
said d, and elect two members'eie the Select and
three members of I be Conieon Council.
he electors of the Eight PublicW of the Clty
of Pittsburgh to meet at the achool House in
said ward, nd elect two membets of the Select and
two members of the Common Council. . '
The el• eters of the Nineteente Ward of the City
of Pittsburgh to me. t warde Hollow School House,
on MITI street, In said and elect two members
of the beiect and two members' of the Common
fith l. eters of the Twentieth Ward .of the City
oPsburgh to meet at Settler's echool House in
said ward, and elect two members of the Select and
two members o , the Common Council.
The electors of the Twenty-BrA Ward of the City
of Pittsburgh, to meet at the Wigwam., corner of
Suring street and Puck' ty road, in said wart, and
elect two members of the belect and two members of
the Common Connell.
The ele , tore of the Twenty-second Ward of the
City of Pittsburgh to meet at the lreati S, hoot
House In said ward, and elect two members. ot the
T elect lectors member. of the COMMOu Nene! .
The of the Twen.3 -third Ward of Sue Olt
of Pittsburgh to meet at Haziewomi School House,
in said want, and elect twO members of the Select
and two members of the Common Council.
rissws In teatimony whereof. I. have hereunto
L. S. set my hand and a zed the si Al of the said
..."Y". GUY of Pittsburgh this twelftaday ordep
tember, t. H. nob,
• sel4i4.3•Tv&P
v` Are prepared by skilled work
, la the De
(" 1, r it••• men has be at materials,
r f Y 1.114 a
r e kllol4ll the .TAND.
IRD by dealers and customers
Sold everywhere. del:wr
NOTlil :E.—A optication for sale
or Liquor, ooloin the tljork•s (Rase.
clic n'T!torin.
hi/Ipl 4 ,111A3.1, e .tlng house, south Fay
Tho Limns, ilotrd Eat on the Ith or l/etsfter,
al 10 o'clock: A. at., for he log the
1EV.431- POWDER.
LUC (Double, Triple and Singled
STAINED GLASS for Ticket Oates. Pang!" Can
&c., made by EA GE, ZELLERS a DUFF.
. S Wood street.,Plttsburgh. Pa.
-On and after THURSDAY, March po t, X
trains will arrive at and depart froin the ctif
ner of Grant and Water streets, as follows:
rt. artier.
Mail to and from Uniont'n. . 2 7% A. X. 800 P. McKeesportAcccommodyn.ll:oo.t. 2:05 P
* EX. to And from Unlont ' n. 3:00 r. at. 10:00 a.. X
West Newton Accommodin att. 8:35 A. ac.
Braddock's Accommodat'n 6:15 P. at. 7:50r. X.
Night ACC. tt, McKeecrort.lo:3o P. at. 6:40 A. at.
Sunday Ch web Train to and
from West Newton 1:00 r. 10:00 A. X i
!or tickets apply t 3
W. B. STOUT. Superintendent. It. ENG, Atent.
IDigigPariV AND ST!
CHARGE 01 TIME.—On and after. sinfroAy.
Sept. 13th, 1808, trains will leave and arrive at the
Union Depot, as follows. Pittsburg' time:
Depart. Arrive,
Nall Express 2:18 a. m. 12:13 a. m.
Fast 'Ann 9:4-3a. tn. 711EI p, m.
Fast Express 2:38 p. m. 11:23 a. M.
Mixed Way ' 6:13.4. tn. 6:38 p.m.
McDonald a deen, No. 1.. 11:43 a. m. 3:03p. m.
Steubenville Accommod'o. 3:58 p.m. 9:33 a. m.
McDonald's Acc , n, No. 2.. 5:28 p. m. , 8:513 a. m.
2:38 r. sr. Express will leave
11:33 A. 31. Expreu will arrive daily.
The 9:43 a. m. Train leaves daily, Sundays ex
cepted, and makes close connections al Newark tor
Zanesville and points on Sandusky, Manstleld £
Newark K. IL
S. F. SCULL, General Ticket . Agent.
W. W. CARD, Sup`t.„ Steubenville.
CHANGE of TlMEaggiNifil •
On aud alter WEDNESDAY, T:25 P. N. August'
12th, 1868, TWO TRAINS DAILY will leave
Pittsburglißtation, corner Pike and Cita] streete,
for Franklin, Oil City, Buffalo, and all points in the
Oil -Re EAVE PlTTpgions. ['-
Mall - 8:05 a tril Mail 4:50 p m
Express 7:25p m•Expresa..... ~ 6:05 a m
Bradraß'd AO 3:95 gi Bradysll'd ic 10:20 a m
let Soda Works lst Soda ;Works
Aceo m od'n.. 11:00 a mAccomodath. 7:50 a
Sld tioda Works 12d Bods Works
•AOCOModth .. 520 p m Accomoda'n. 250 p
Mixed Way T'xi 6:20 a in. Mixed Way Tth 8:95 p m
HultonAccth.. 6:90 a till Hutton Aco'n.. 8:35 a in
Armstrong Ac.
Mirth Trainleave Pittsburgh at 1:10 P.
rive to Pittsburgh at 9:501, 31._ ,
Passengers taking express train have but One,
change of cars between Pittsburgh, Buffalo and on
Regions. Mall land Express - T rains stop only at
principal points. Mixed Way and Accommodation
trains stop at all stations.
THOMAS ff. li3NG, Ass'‘ Sufi%
W. FOSTER HOPS. Ticket Aseut. • anl2-
lETERN PENtalgiem • •
.—Ozi and after Sept. 13th, 1868. -the Pas:
si-rer Trains on the Western Pennsylvania Rail
road will arrive at and depart from the Federal
Street Depot. Allegheny City, as follows:
Arries: - Depart.
Sp:lna° No 1 6:35 am Hall 7:00 114
Freeport No. 1 8:510 a m Freeport No. 1: 9:05 a .
Express 10:10 a m Sharptog No,111:510 azn ,
SharpA No.l 1:515 pm Express - 9:30 pm
Free No. 2 410 p m Z3pringd'e No 1 3:30 pm '
Mail 5:55 p m Freepott No. 2 5:510 pnt ,
Springd , e No 2 6:45 p m No .1f:LO pm . '
Aboye trains run daily except Sunday.
The Church Train leaves Allegheny - Janet. every
Sunday at 7:40 a. m., reaching Allegheny City at
9:50 a. m. Returning, leaves A.Uerbeny City at
1:90 p. in. and arrive at Allegheny Ilium. at 9:45
p. in.
CcomitTATtOzr TIMMS " —For sale in packages of
Twenty,* between Allegheny City, Chestnut street,
Herr's, Bennett, Pine Creek, Etna andliharpabufg.
and good only on the trains stopping at Stations ape.
allied on tickets. -
The trains leaving. Allegheny City Ist 7:00 a. in.
and 51:90 P. M. make direct connection at Freeport
with Walker's line ofStages Pm Butte r and Hannahs
town. 'Through tickets ma) be purcha.sed, at the
Office, No. 3 Bt. Clair street, near the Susperition
Bridge Pittsburgh, and at the Depot, Allegheny.
For further information apply to
JAMES LEFFE, Str e etgentFederalDepot.
The Western Pennsylvania Railroad' will not as
sume any risk for Baggage, except for wearing sp.
pare!, and limit the. responsibility to One Hundred
Dollars in value. All baggage exceeding this
amount in value will be at the risk of the owner, un
less taken by special contract.
sell Snnerintendent. Altoona. Pa.
and after Sept, 13th. IS6S,' Trains will ar
rive at and depart from th 6 Union Depot, corner of
Washington and Liberty streets, as follows:
Lime. I DeParf. '• •
Nall .... 1:15 am I Day Express.. 2:25 a m
Fast. 1:40 a m Wall's No. 1- 6:30
Wail's No. 1.. 6:20 a m Train . . 43:10 a m
Derry Acc'n .. 7:50 a m • Cinc.innatiEz 11:40 aat
Wall's No. EI:50 a:m Wall's 'No. 2: 11:51 a lit
Cincinnati Ex. 9:10 a m Johnstown Ad'. 3:05 pin
Johnstown Ac.10:35 am Braddocks Nol 4:oopm
Baltimore Ex. 1:30 p m Phila. Expres. 4:50 pra
WPhai l l l aExpress
2 50 p m Wall*
N 0 . . 3.: 5 6 :10 pll
BraddocksNol6:oo p m W a a tLiNo' 4..
Wadi's NO. 4.. 7:15 r, in Derry Acc'e.. 111:50 p
Brad' ks No 2. 12:49 arn ersdk's No2l 1050 p m.
Way Passenger 5:30 p m _ • •
The Church Train leaves Wall's Station every
Bands., at 9:15 a. m., reaching Pittsburgh at 10:05
a. m. Returnimg, leaves Pittsburgh at 12:50 p. m.
and arrives at Wall's Station at 2:00 p. m. • •
*Cincinnati Express leaves daily. All other trains
daily except Sunday. •
.For runner information apply to
- • W. IL BECIMTPH, Agent.
The Pennsylvania 'Railroad Company will not as..
sume any risk. for Baggage, except tbr wearing ami
gare4 and limit their responsibility to One Hundred
Dollars in value: All. Baggage exceeding that
amount in value will be at the risk of the owner, un
less taken by special contract. - • •
General Superintendent, Altoona, Pa. :'
I to
1112a1 4 2
From dept. 13th, 1868, trains leave from
and asrlve at: the Union Depot, north aide. My
time, as follows:
Chicago Ex.— 2:03 zn,
ClevenuidEx.. :2:03 a m l
Erie& rite /2'l 7;118 aml
CI. & Wli_ l llll , l 6:13 a m
Chlex i Mall.. 6:513a m.
Chloe Ex.:. 9:43 a m
Cl. 2:13 p
Chicago :28 p I
Wb. &Erie Ex. 4:48 pff.l
Depart from Allegheny.
N. Brigt'n AG. 8:581. m
Leetsdale " 10:13 a m
1:58 m
Rochester " 1
1:33 p m
Wellsv , eAcq., 3:43pm
Leetsdale. Ace. .4:13 pm
N. Brlgt'a " • 5:33 pm
N. Brigt , T. " • 6:2Bpm:
Leetsdale " . 10:43 pmj
JEr• 9:2831. m. Chicago
49" : 11:23 a. m. Chlcair
sel4 F. R. MYERS.
t.„7 ROUTE.
Eastern Division.
from the Rant to all points In
California, Utah,
New Mexico, Idaho,
Two Trains leave State Ltne and l eaven Worth
dmly, (Sundays excepted, lon the arrival of trains of
r.lffe Railroad from St. Louts, and 'limalbal and
S. JO Railroad from Quincy, connecttn. at Law.
Hance, Topeka and Piamego with ata..,..e for all
points -In Kansas. At end of track west of Ella.
-worth with the 'UNITED STATES EXPRESS Colt.
And all' Points in the Territories,
COACHES for Fort Union, Bent's Fort, -Pass, Alba
%ineezlz,iillerta•Fe, and all points in Arizona and
With the
and the of rolling stock and
equipment, and the arrangements made with re
sponsible Overland Transportation Lines itollllti
Wellterl2 terminus, this road now offers unequalled
facilities for the transmission of freight to*the Far
Tickets for sale at 'all the principal of in the
United States and Cinadas.
General t3uperlntenctent.
J. 11. wzzisTEß,
General Freight and - at Agent
NoAS ' OlllO STREET, Allleg•benz,r.
Thankful lien the former very /11yeral be
stowed upon line, I assn r. my frien:is and' the publlC
generally that. hp future as in the 1.36 t, I ehall
vut.r.avor di:47pm ly to molt a ~h llnuanc.e. of the
nalle. and 111.1 Iti- e.,,..9 from 7 to D
A. 11. anti ituca 1 :u At. tuy.3:9/0
IChicago Ex... Sl:Oit a m
Cleve&nd Ex. 2:08 am
Ifibleago Ex.... 11:23 A tit
Wheeling Et. 11:08 sm.
St. Lord., Ex.. 3:33 pm
1C1.4 Wh'glex 4:08 pirt
/Erie & Yg'n Ex 0:13 p m
IChleAgAEx.;—'4:23 p m
CI. &R'B.. E.:13:537112
Arrive fit - AlteAgn.
N. Brigt'n AF. 7:03 ant
N. Brllit'n • 8:28 aal
Wellevllle " 8:53 a zit
New Castle " 10:13 aln
Leetsdale " 0:13 am
" 1:08p
N. Brlirt`n " 2:43p
Leet s dale " 4:53?
Express leaves ily 2BP
Express arrives dat l S
General Ticket Agent..