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    8. ,
Thtfty, Prayer Meeting From 12, at.: to
12:30 o'clock at the MethOdist church, Fifth
street, next door to GAiErrn office.
There are but few l'ittsbuigh guests at
Niagara Fails. .2
Much drunkenness was observable on'
the streets yesterday,
The lager beer venders on Troy. IEII did
a large trade yesterday.
The work of, laying the Nicolson pave
ment on Wood street will be commenced
• Buried.—Mr. Andrew Carter, a very
worthy citizen of Mount Washington, was
hurled yesterday afternoon. ' •
Gen. Grant will probably stop in Pitts
burgh on his way home from the west. He
wily be sure to receive a generous . Welcome.
Bank of Plttsburgh.—On the fifth page
ofto-day's taper will be found the Monthly
Statement of this time honored institution.
. . Good Times.—Our merchants are rejoic
ing in a season of large sales, and in every
department of business trade may be said
.:. to be brisk. z •
The Latrobe Accommodation train on
- the Pennsylvania Railroad now runs to,
Derr", and will hereafter be ,called the
"Derry accommodation."
Why is it that the great alarm bell which
should strike for all is nod struck when
.fireS occur in the new districts or in Pipe
town? Who will explain?
The regular Sabbath services in the new
Belletield church of Oakland commenced
yesterday under the pastoral charge of Rev.
D. T. Carnahan; an eloquent and zealott.s
Filth Ward Grant and Colfax .Club.—
The Republicans of the Frith (old Third)
ward, will meet at City Hall this evening
for the purpose of organizing a Grant and
Colfax Club.
There will be a trot harness to
day at, Oakland Park, best three heats in
five, for one thousand . Aollais aide, be
tween ,‘ Gold Duet?! ;;of`:Wheeling and
"Kate Campbell" of; this.eity.
Arrived Safely.—We; are- glad to learn
that Ittepsrs, Samuel Afequrkan grid Rob
ert Dickey of this city. arrived safely at
their native home in Ireland. They will
make - a tour ttugh England, France, Ire
land and Scot d before returning.
Division of Robinson Townsbip.—ln the
Court of Common' Pleas, Saturday morn
ing, John S. Lambie, Esq., Med a petition,
signed by reSidents of Robinson township,
asking for a division; - of the' township into
two election precincts. The usual order
was made.
The Editorial Excursionists to the Rocky
Mountains arrived in New York, on their
return, on Friday last, and were there dis
missed after Grainer had secured a large
sized photograph of the group._ The Pitts
burgh-, representatives returned home on
Saturday mach pleased with the trip.
Conferee Sleeting. — The Conferees ot the
Twenty•third Congreksional District con
vened ac.eocciing to adjournment Saturday
:morning at freeport• at 9. o'clock. After
e•alloting a number of times, without' nowt
ntating a candidate, they adjourned to
meet at the same' place August 10th at 9
o'clock -A.
Severely Injured.-r While returning from
?the fire 'Friday night, Phief Engineer Crow;
of the Allegheny Fir.e Department, was se
verely injured by being tlirown from the
"Friendship" hose 'carriage on which ho
was seated. He sustained a severe sprain
of the wrist and several painful bruisas in
other parts of the body._
A Post , of the G. A. R. was organized' in
Birmingham, at' Shaffer's Hall, on Friday
evening last, the following officers being ,
installed : Post Commandant, -D. A, - Jones;
Senior ;Vice, Thomae E. Keen;`Junior
Vice, W. E. Weaver;_'Adjutant,. Philip ;
Hoerr; Quartermastbr, George S. Wood;
Officer of the Day, Henry Sipe; Officer of
the Guard, Wm. E. Jones;
Fell from's Boof.-- : Mr. Joseph Wagner,
while - engaged in, repairing the roof of a
hnuse on Avery street, 'Allegheny, om Fri
di4y a ft ernoon, missed his 'footing and fell
to`, the ground, dislocating one of his ankles
and badly fracturing the bones, besides
being otherwise seriously injured. He was
, v4nveyed to 'ills residence on Robinson
..treat, and received medical attention from
Di. N. W. White. , ^
Letter Carrier's Report...-The folloying
is the letter carrier's report for the, month
of July: Mail Letters delivered, 78,867;
Drop Letters delivered, 12,423; Papers de
livered, 31,743. 'Collections from Lamp
Post Boxes: Mail Letters, 51,427;' Diop Let
ters, 4,386; Papers, 1;928.. Throughout the
business portion of the citrfive delivery
and seven collectiOns are made daily. Col
lection afterB , •
Dlisdmeauor_ln Office.—Tliti charge. 'has
been made against Alderman W. O. Johns,
- before Alderman. - Matasters, by William
Peters, alleged toionsiiit,ln the accused re
fusing to furnish — a transcript from - - his
-docket of•a certain ease in which James
- Lindsay 'NVIIS plaintiff and Mr. Peters de
fendant, judgment being given for $l5 and
execution issued. A :hearing has not yet
been had in the case, -
Two. More Aivestede..Thb'Allegheny'pe.
lice arrested two more of the parties im
plicated in the attempted • rescue ot the
persons engaged la the -disturbance in the
Second ward,l Allegheny, an account of
which we published on Saturday. Wm.
Lemmon, one of them, was fined twenty
dollars and costs which he paid and was
discharged., Stewart, the bther man, gave
'bail for further Ifearing.
The Case of Capt. Ponahisen.-z.The trial
of William B. Donaldson, for murder, and-
Samuel liarr,LJr., as accessory, came up in
the'Crinainal Court - of St. X,ouls on Friday, ;
, -
and,was.continued for the . State on account
of the Absence of Important witnesses.
These witnesses are the two, negroea who
testified' at first , to •have seeii the killing,
but.who are now non est and this doubtful
if they will lie 'forthcoming. ' •• •, •
Firis of the Menth—We—ereohadekted to
8. T. Superintendent of the
Pittsburgh Tire Alarm Telegraph, for the
:following record of the fires during tho
past month': There were ton alarms of fits
":during the-month, in giving which ninety
three strokes were s4.uck upon the tower.
bell. in striking the hotir 240 strokeaiyore'
given upon the ;lts 'total loss OCCIM
Monad bit ten''liras was WO, which ivas
covered insurance - • .
• The mew opera House undergoing a
series of rePairs,tutdmiil be thrown optn
in; dun:footed:condition about the end of
thp,PriiatfUt month . .. It c o ntinue ander
the old managementi who.we tope will give
leisrpanse for coiriplaitit'in the forthcoming
season. They haVe learned from sad expe
rience, and pectinhifrYloisiwellare say, that.
the amusement -loving-community of Pitts
burgh are not-to belop r trlfted with. Our.
ple will liberally;` onize a : decently
connoted femurs of he" drarn‘ but they.
will not put tip ylttiany imposition pn their"
-good -nature. If the Opera', Muse: Shall'
spen-with. a first-Class stock company ' and
• its management endeavor .to p le ase-the
public with a liberality hitheltd - unknown .
to them , we shall be among the, re
ydoice in the change. We shall see what We
&.: 11 .40! see.
„ -- ,7,.17: - ,_7,1-=: - .. '-, - -t:::: , =;; - ':, , ,: , ',: . . , ; - ,-:1- 2:-...- _Ti. , ..-•: , , - 7 ,- *.: , ... T-3 , : - 7.::;:!,: -. ..;ifT . :; ' , 7 5 . f./:t .. :k7 , ;:j . .,.- ' ,-,;::....i-,;.;..q.;,a;; r :i.Z . :%,;;;;'':..', - ,..,!:,T.,-, - 2.;1.7, 4 h.::-7.,:s . iz”;
' "e..i'..,.441.-I.PA'
"..5.,.MR , tA 1 0,L.-,:ll.,;;1 , 2-AI .-: ,,- 47'W* -. .af...';; - c?..*Z::I r ... 1 . i.' ...:,,..4. : : - '''"
''''''-- N ' .. a :4 ;..'? , ',i.f. 1.:' , . ,
Po‘ f t ' 4;' , . 7 4V.? -4- i", '' '
iri,'W..''..14.Vt,4,,,Rg.!.:,!;::',...,.... '-. . . .. . .
Sixth Ward Grant and Colfax Club Or
ganized—Constitution Adopted- Speech
, es, ean.
According to adjournment, a large num
ber of the Republicans of the Sixth (old
Eighth) ward assembled on Sat urday even
„ ing, in the Ann Street School House, for
the purpose of completing the organization
• •
Of a Grant and Colfax ChM.
The meeting was called to order by Jos.
Caskey, Chairman of the Committee on
Organization, who reported that the Coin
mittee had selected Captain Edward S.
Wright as President of the Club. The re
port was aocepted, and Mr. Wright unani
mously elected. -I
Capt. Wright took the chair ' !and a ft eie
feW remarks the minutes of t he precious
meeting were read by T. Henry Miller,
Secretary. They were approvtd.
The Chairman then read t e names of
the permanent officers and members of the,
different Committees, as chosen by the
Committee on Permanent Orgaaization. .
On motion of Mr. Mawhinney, the repo r
was accepted and the Committee di :
charged. Followin;.; is the report: • • 1
Committee on Military Organization—
' Richard Everson, John R. Wilson, Wm.
Etrans, Daniel Linderman T. R. I. Nobl e ' '
Vigilance Committee-4. Wilmot, Chef -
man ; Daniel Linderman, Richard Everso 1
Henry Kratz, John Wrigley, Henry_Tatnel ,
Daniel Evans', Thomas Jones, Enoch No -
inicutt, John ID. Jones, J. W. Foable, .
M. Everson, Isaac Jones, A. J , Moon, G .
Beecher, Reese - Jones, George Lindermari„
Phillip Jamesl William Nevins, J. G. Back
oven, C. H. King, Jacob Reebler, Mattheyi
Kunkle, W. J. Flinn, John Timmony, D.
J. Neil, John Hayden. G. W. Cotter, Thos.
Neil, Henry Cook, David Hutchinson, J.
M. Robitzer, Robert Fowler, E. S. Morrow,
William Eowler ' I. A. Wills, George W.
Dithridge, Janles Munn, W. J. Caskey,
William Lloyd, R. J. Leonard, D- W.
Lloyd, John MeMenn, William Dithridge,
Robert Coward, Matthew Smith. George
Wolf; John A. Schelman, John J. Zelhoner.
President—Capt. E. S. Wright. Vice
Presidents—Edward Dithridge, Lewis Kim,
R. W. Roberts, Phillip James, J. C. Patter
son. Henry E. White, Christian Kohne,
J. J. Miller, D. W. Miller.. -
Secietaries—J. Henry Miller, John A.
Sergeant, F. P. Case. -
Treasurer Joseph Caskey.
Exedutive Committee--James Mawhin
ney, John D. Evans, John Richardson,
Robt. Houston, Henry Meyer, J. A.; Sar
geant, H. J. Thomas. 1
Finance Committee—Edward Dithridge,
John Wrigley, Samuel. Morrow. James
• Mawhinney, H. Meyer, J. M:Robitzer, W.
H. Everson, J. F. Hamilton, Thos. Neely,
A. Stettler. • I
Committee on .Stieakers and Printing
'J. Flinn, John Wrigley, John A: Sergeant,
.'F. P. Case, W. E. Deßarenne.
On'Music-J. H. Miller, J. H. Johnson,
Robert Houston, Philip Kalkopff, J. W.
Chief Marslal--Capt. Foster Alward.
Tha Chairman stated that a Constitution
hadd been prepared by Mr. Caskey for the
acceptance of the Club, which he proceeded
to read, as follows : .
We, the undersigned citizens of the Sixth
(late Eighth) ward of the city of Pitts
burgh, deeming it our duty not only to
ourselves, but also to our country, that the
Republican party, which , has carried us
safely through the rebellion, should be suc
cessful in the coming election; therefore
be it • -
Resolved. That we . associate ourselves
together for the purpose of organizing a
Club, to be styled the, Sixth Ward Grant
and Colfax Club. 1 -•
Resolved, Thal, the men selected for ear
standard bearers in this campaign are
men who have been tried and found equal
to every emergency. We therefore pledge
ourselves, each and every one.of us, to use
all honorable and lawful measures to secure
their election. ~
Resolved, further, Thet ?believing in the
old adage,: that in unity - there is strength;
and seeing the necessity of presenting an
unbroken front to the enemy, we pledge
ourselves to the support of theltepublican
nominees in the October election.
' Resolved, That the Sixth ward Grant
and Colfax Club keep a minute book for
the purpose of receiving the signatures of
each and every member. and that the same
-shall, by so signing, signify that he endorses
the principle herein .contained, and will
use all honorable means for their success.
The declaration of principles was unani
mously adopted, and the Secretary' was in-.
structed to have it engrossed and prepared
ready foe signatures.
J.H. Kerr, Esq.,was introduced to the club
by the President as the speaker of the even
ing. Mr. Kerr addressed the club at some
length,•eargestl,y and eloquently, and was
listetied to with the greatest attention by
all present. The speaker was among the
first to enlist in the! Union army after the
breaking out of the rebellion, and bad, be
fore the war closed, - served under General
Grant.77 - He aided,-`funder the leadership Of
I ihat great soldier, to 'defeat rebols,'lnd he
was now again% enlisted under the same
leader for -the political . campaign against
the same enemy end for the same princi
ples.' ' e 1 '
Mr. Kerr was followed by John S. Lam
bie, Chtdrinan of the' County Committee on •
Speakers and' Meetings, who made a brief
but able address.!.: .- • ';
” On motion of J 1 H. Miller, the thanks of
the'meeting were,retarned to Messrs. }Din
and Lairilaie for their able addresses. •
Mr. Wilmot, Chairman of the Vigilance.
'Committee, announced that the CoMmittee
would meet at the School SciuSe on Thurs
day evening, at which time it is hoped all
'WM be:present. • •
Notice was also, given that the Cemmittee r
on Military Organization, will meet in the
Ann street School House on Tuesday (to
morrow) .evening,
On motion of Mr. Caskey, 'seconded' by
Mr. J. H. Miller, Friday evening of each
week was fixed upon as the time for the '
meetings of the. Club, and that_ they be held'
at the Ann street and the Sec
ond street School Houses. - Next Friday '
evening the Club will meet at , the Second
street School House.
t The Iron City - Martial Band, William
Robinson leader, was present and favored
the Meeting with music.
Select Read!Og Under the Auspices of the
o4ng.illens , Christian Association.
Rev. Virilliam ILvans, one of the- most
gilled elocutionists of the, country, will
give Wieleot reading from faverite authors
at the Keystone Rink; Allegheny, to-znor
, row evening. , The selections embrace son
ilutent, wit and humor,anil a rare intellec
' idol treat rntiv beOzTected by all who at
terid.' Speaking of this great reader,. the.
Oki4.4lcits" Journal; high authority. sayer
“The readingsby the eminent elocutionist
and artist, Mr. Evans, were well attended,
andthe audience, who seemed to delight in
the exhibition of • true artiste worth. and
•meritikWere well repaid. Some of.the reel
_tattotiA were of the most exalted character,
. calling into requisition all the elocutionary
powers, the tine display of inthoe, the ex
cel lent modulation of the voice and well.
timed'gesture, for which Mr. Evans hoe:al
-ready achieved az, enviable reputation.
There were passageeso faithfully rendered,.
in their Appeal to. Wollner feelings of ;the
iiidience, as to bring tears to the eye*. of
many, and at-,the copciusion of the recite-.
tions.a tact :storm of applaitie greeted
.the Kilted . reader from all ;parts of • the
Spatted Haf.—Wm. Coleman alleges
that while he was standing in the • store of
_Cheap John, Smithfield street,'Henzy
Harry, employed asa salesman in the es
tablishment, etrubit: him 'on the head with
his hand, tearing the crown- out of- his _hat
and•destroylng it. Alderman McMasters
arrested tire accused,on a charge of assault
and battery. The case -was finally settled
by Harry replacing 'the hat and paying .
Costa of suit. : .
Interestl-g Ceremony Consecration of
Very Rev. T. Mullen. of Allegheny City,
as Catholic Bishop of the Erie DiOCESC.
• To fill the vacancy occasioned by the
death ,of the able and pious Bishop Young
of Erie, Pa., the Pope of Rome several
months ago appointed Very Rev. T. Mullen,
of Allegheny City, over that diocese. This
seleetion was heartily endorsed by both
clergy and laity, as no Catholic priest in
this section of country possesses higher
order of learning or more liberal and gen
erous nature. He was fairly idolized by
This congregation, and in all elements of
society, amongst Catholics and Protestants,
he ha's been regarded as a man of great Pow
er and sterling worth and integrity. That
his consecration as Bishop in St. Paul's
INCathedral yesterday should have attracted
a very large audience was not strange, as
aside from the pcimp and grandeur of the
ceremony, there were hundreds present to
pay personal tribute to the recipient of the
high 'ecclesiastical honors of the Church.
In order to avoid the confusion incident to
such occasions, the managers of the pathe
deal saw proper to charge an admittance
fee of one dollar as a donation to the or
phans, but even this precautionary measure
did not prevent the spacious church from
being uncomfortably well filled. incident
ally we learned that over one thousand dol
lars were received at the door—quite a
handsome amount for a praiseworthy ob.,
The services commenced at half past ten
o'clock, and continued until two. Rt. Rev.
Bishop Domenec officiated as Cbrisecrator,
assisted by Rt. Rev. Biahop Wood, of Phil
adelphia, and Rt.. Rev. Bishop Rappe, of
Cleveland. .The Deacons of Honor on the
occasion were Rev. E. F. Garkuld,. of this
city, and Very Rev. Stickel - , of Allegheny.
The Deacon of the Mass was Rev. M. F.
Devlin, assisted by Rev. J. NOlan as Sub-
Deacon. Rev. P. Ward.,was Master of Cer
emonies,and Rev. T. O'Connol and M. B.
Ferris ssistants.
On the:left "of the altar, a temporary altar
had been erected for. the candidate, and
was suitably decorated. I
The, services commenced with the _en
trance of the Bishop and his assistants and
the Bishop-elect, attended by numerous
clergymen, many of them of high distinc
tion, and all clad in fall vestments. While
the procession was entering, the Papal
March was played by the organist and
•, After the Bishop elect had been presented
'to the Consecrator by the Assistant Bish
ops, the Apostolic Commission presented,
the oath taken, and the examinatien made,
Solemn. Pontifical Mass was celebrated.
The mulec was mainly from Haydn's Muss
No. 2, but included, the Credo, from Mo
'zait's Twelfth Mails. The annointing of
the head and hands of the candidate took
place, accompanied by the most impressive
ceremonies. At the conclusion of the con
secration services, the Te Deum was sung,
,while the Bishop passed through the con
gregation giving his blessing. •
The sermon on the occasion was preached
by Rev. S. Wall, President of St. Michael's
Seminary. The discourse was a most able
and eloquent one. The power and the holy
character of the ,Church were dwelt upon,
and the newly made Bishop was exhorted
to fulfill all the duties incumbent on his
new new position, and see to it that the Church
should be the gainer and not the loser by
Attending in the sanctuary, besides the
clergymen already named, were Rt. Rev.
'Bishop Lids, of Fort Wayne; Rt. Rev.
Bishop Shannaha, of Harrisburg; Rt. Rev.
Boniface Wimmer,O. S. B. Mitred Abbott,
of St. Vincent's Monastery, near Latrobe;
Rev. Celestine, 0. S. B.; Key. Polar Mor
gan, Rev F. Tracy, of , Alabama- '
Hickey, Burke, Devlin, Kerr, O'Shea,
Gibbs, Phelan and Kearney, of the Pitts
burgh Diocese; Rev. Mitchell, 'Hey. Burns,
and Rev. T. Ryan, of Summit; Rev. Tobin,
Curate'of St. Patrick's; Rev. Carroll, and
Rev. Mullenberger, of Fort - Wayne; Rev.
Croade, of Erie; Rev. Crody, of • Sifgar
'Creek; Rev. Twigg, of Altoona; Rev. Gal
laher,'of Huntingdon.
The Vesper service in the evening was
largely attended, fully two thousand - per
sons being present. The house was brill
iantl,y lighted,'while the central altar was
one blaze of burning lets. The newly con-.
secreted Bishop, Rt. Rev. T. Mullen officia
ted, , assisted by a number of clerical at
tendants. The pulpit was occupied by
Bishop Wood, of Philadelphia, who deliv
ered a powerful and eloquent sermon based
on the important and august ceremonies
of consecration which had been witnessed
in that Cathedral during the day. After the
benediction of the Blessed Sacrament the
Congregation dispersed. Rt. Rev. Bishrip
Doinenec, and his assistant clergy, are en
titled to the credit of the pomp and mag
nificence of the solemn and impressive cer
em.r,y, which was one of the grandest and
maat august ever witnessed in the Cathe
CoWlagration in Alleghpy—Utility Works
' Between nine and ten o'clock on Friday
night a fire broke out in the foundry de
partment of the Utility Works, corner of
Fulton and Juniata streets, Sixth ward, Al
legheny. 'The building was a two story
&eine i and contained a large quantity of
patterns, &c., which were packed on the
second floor. The, flames reaching them
spread, with great rapidity, and for a time,
it seemed as if, the entire works, in con
nection with the adjoining buildingsmould
be destroyed. The fire department was ,on
the ground in full force, and as the part in
which the fire commenced was partially
separatiid from the other portions of the
works by , a roadway, they directed their
efforts to confine the flames t 6 their origi
nal place,' in which they partially sue-
Ceeded. -The .works I were owned by
Messrs. McLean and Slater, who were ex
lensively engaged in the manufacture of
small castings, such as bedstead. Castings,
captors, &c., of which they have on
hand . a large stook. The greater portion
of the works, with the entire machinery,
was destroyed, , which will throw• about
forty petsons out of employthent. At
present no correct estimate of the loss can
be liadebut it will not fall far short of $25,-
000;on which thereis in New York compe
nies an insurance of $15,000. The general
imprmion regarding ,the origin of the fire
is that it originated from some heated cast
ings thrown near some patterns, but this.
of course, is only supposition.
Conjugal Fetidly.
Quite an • amusing scene occurred in a
Wylie street ice cream saloon, on Saturday
night,yhich served to prove that matri
mony is not always to be considered, the
happiest'` lot of • man. Tho saloon was
crowded with visitors, and at one :of tha,
tables sakaiespectable looking gentleman
who looked sufficiently strong to protect
himself against all ordinary danger. As'
he was gingerly spooning his ice cream, an,
infuriated -woman came with rapid steps to
hiaside, and exclaiming in a shrill, sharp
voice, ,41 ;Now, you're a , pretty husband,
are'nt youi Itergeating ice cream and, put
tlxit on style, while I am` all alone • at,
home," pro ceeded to cuff him about the
head: With a parasol she ;carried in• her
hands. Tkepoor fallow, as demure as a'
kitten, followed her home,.and a shout of
lautchtet followed :the Olmsted couple as
they left' the saloon.
Teinperantevilis -Republicans at Work.—
On Friday eveningliast, at the, School House
Temperancevillei the Republicans of
that district , organbod-oGrant Club, with
the following officers: President, John S.,
Holllngshead; Vice Presidents, C: Robin
son, J. 13.• Hunter, J. W. BaUpntine, Jacob •
Smith, Thomas Hesperger, EL French,
F. C.'Dorrington; Secretary, p.
• Taylor;
Treasurer, John Bryant, Sr. The organize,-
tion having been thus completed, it was
resolved that the Club will meet every Fri
day evening at 7,4 o'clock, .
t i.-4 ` s"3t~.
Mysterious Disappearance.
, Saturday evening a well known resident
ofAllegb env city mysteriously disappeared
under circumstances which lead to the be
lief that he has been foully dealt with. It
appears that about nine o'clock •on the
night mentioned, Mr. Williatn Plankerton,
a butches doing - -business in the market,
left his stall, market being over, and
started to get his horse and wagon, which
were at the stable connected with the Cali
fornia Ho s e, on the south-east „corner of
the Diamc nd. He seem to have gone ,di
rectly to the stable,: as he was seen
by the hostler, whom he ordered to feed the
horse. He then sat down by the stable
for a few minutes and acted as if sick. The
hostler put several questions to him to
which he gave no answer, which mused
the man to go into the tavern and speak to
the•proprietor, Mr. Ffsher, asking him to
come out and see what was the matter with
Plankerto . Mr. Fisher started out a - few
minutes fter, but met Plankerton, who
came th ough the house and passed out
from the bar-rolim going towards Ohio
street, since which time nothing has been
seen or heard of him. When he went
away from the stall, his coat and vest were
left hanging on one of the hooks as though
he intended to return in a . few minutes.
He had With him the proceeds of the even
ing's salts, and it is supposed. some other
money, the exact amount of which is not
known. The journeyman whOm he left at
the stall to await his arrival with the
wagon, stayed there until about eleven
o'clock, finally going over and getting it
himself to haul the things home. The min
ing part was a strictly sober dud indus
trious man, and during the evening sta
ted nothing unusual was noticed about
his conduct to attract attention further
than his interview with the hostler,
which facts lead to the supposition that he
had been foully dealt - with or put an end to
hie existence during temporary aberra
tion of mind. He was about forty-five
years of age and leaves a wife and three
children. The affair is shrouded iu mys
tery, and seems when all the circumstances
are known, a very remarkable occurrence.
Diligent search has been made in all pro
bable quarters, but this far nothing has
been revealed to throw any light upon it.
The Spruce Alley Vacation.
.1:n the Court of Quarter Sessions, on
Saturday," an opinion• was given in the
case of the Commonwealth vs. William
Smith, against whom an indictment was
found for maintaining a nuisance in closing
up Spruce alloy, Ninth ward. A special
verdict was rendered_ in the case by the
jury, and on the points of law reserved
the following opinion was delivered by
Judge Stowe:
it were not tor the proviso in the act
of Assembly under which the defendant
claims Spruce alley to have been vacated,
requiring the consent of the Councils of
Pittsburgh to its vacation before it became
absolute or effectual, this prosecution could
net be sustained against defendant; but as
the very terms of the act require the assent
of the ''Councils to the vacation before the
act took effect, and no such assent has been
given as was contemplated by the Legisla,
ture and is, required by the provisions of
the law, the defendant stands, so, far as this
case is concerned, in precisely the same
position as though the -act had not been
passed, and is tnerefore guilty of nuisance
as indicted.%
“As the Sole object of this proceeding is
to test the legal rights of the city of Pitts
burgh and the defendant in the premises,
and it is clear the defendant acted in good
faith under the opinion that the law gave
him the • right he claims, the • sentence of
the CoUrt is merely nominal as to line.
“The judgment of the court, under the
special verdict as found oy the jury, is,
that William Smith is guilty of nuisance
in obstructing Spruce alley in manner and
form . as indicted, and that he pay a fine of
one dollar and the costs of prosecut;on, and
that the nuisance charged in the indictment
be abated within sixty days.” .
Serious Stabbing Array- in Allegheny—
The Perpetrator at Large.
Saturday afternoon a serious stabbing
affray occurred in Allegheny which is likely
to result fatally to the victim. It seems
from what we could learn of the case that
a colored man, (we did nit learn his name,)
was driving along the Butcher's Run road,
in the Seventh ward, when he wasapproach
ecl by three men, one of whom asked him if
his name was Williams. :Being an
swered in the negative, the interro
gator, it is said, 'without any provocation
stabbed him in the bacx, inflicting a, very
serious wound. The inAiretkruan was con
veyed to his residence and medical aid'
summoned. The perpetrator and his com
panions in the meantime made good their
escape, mid ;notwithstanding all the vigi
lance of the police, nothing has been heard
of the party since. The victim, it appears, •
can give no particular description of his
assailant, 'which fact renders iiis:arrest
very difficult. Grave fears are entertained
as to the final termination of the affair, the
injury being of such a sertous character as
to render the life of the injured man very
precarious. . •
Injunction Applied For.
In the Court.of Comnion Pleas, on Satur
day, a hill in equity was - filed on be
half of James Andrews, in which the
Court FS asked to issue an injunction re
straining Thompson Bell and Robert Pol
lock from interfering with a road leading
to complainant'sproperty. The bill sets
forth that the properttof complaimmt,•sit
uated in the Third ward, Allegheny, was
purchased from Thompson Bell, and that
according to the terms of sale, a road was
laid out leading to the same, and on which
te right of way was granted. Since that
time, under the direction, it is alleged; ; of
Mr. ell, Robert Pollock has had:the fence
erected along the line of the road as a pro
tection torn, down,. and has altered the
road bed. thus .dessroying complainant's
means of access to his property', The ar
gument on the motion for an injunction
was postponed until Saturday next,
i Insane from Sunstroke.
Mr. Oyer; residing in Lower St. Clair
township, oriThursday last had his atten
tion attracted to a man standing in the
road near his premises during a• heavy
shower of rain. He questioned him but
without learning anything satisfactory.
Mr. Oyc:r , then Induced him to go into his
bonen, and finally concluded that,hifr was
laboring under aberration of 'mind. Mr.
o.acept /aim 'at his house until Friday and
caned in several Tysicians, who settled
down to the conclusion that, his Condition
was produced bysunstroke. From papers
Lfound in his 'possession it ;appeared his
name was ,John t3ohwendinger, and that he
Sailed froin Bremen on the 27th-of June,
ult. On Saturday he Wee' era in Charge
to the authoritlee and will probably be sent
to Diament for treatment.
Le °nicer Attacked.
Mayor Blickinore on Saturday held
Frank Hastings-in the sufunf IWO fo,r his
appearance at court, to =swim a charge of
aggravated assault end battery . pr eferred
againskhim by officer Wilmot. The officer
alleges that a few - evi3ningef since, while he
was •endeavoring to arrest a man;for disor
derly conduct on.the streets,. some friends
of • the - , prisoner assaulted him , with
sticks and stones. He was struck= the
shoulder with a biick and otherwise injur
ed, although beheld on to the ;fellow and
lodged him in jail. Hastings was arrested
on Friday', evening, being as is alleged
one of the parties to the rescue and , the
one who threw the brick which amok the
°dicer. Hastings procured. bail* as stated
and, was released. - - •
. - ; .-- .;' . a , :; . '. , : . 'i'zii .-, •' , :.'.,:.1-.' .. .',#? . ..'-:::::;'',.,:',i;:j . 2:,..-'4.-11 . 1 :.:':; - '' . j- , :',
Real Estate Traaafert.
The following deeds were filed of record
before H. Bravely, Esq., Recorder, August
Ist, 1868.
James Kelly to Joseph Slattentield, May 4, 1841, two
lots In Wilkllisbarg, number V and 3i, In Kelly's
plan, otiMain street. 134 by 264 ' faet $lOO
John Thompson to Patrick L. Loaghrey and A. Doo
gen, November 10. 1857; lot in the Eighth ward.
Pittsburgh, on Forbes street. 20 by 131 feet....
John Galdel to George thellhass. July_7, IsTel:/ot In
the Third ward, AllashenVi No. 4 In William
WCBrei plan, in - Perry stseet, 20 by 46 feet.... 53,260
Henry Ehlers to C. W. Eldors4duly 23..1868; lot la
the Fourth' ward, Allegheny, on South. Canal
street, 23 by 110 feet. being lot No. 173, in Warren.
Painter and Enrenz'snlaii . • k-. ; , 00
Benjamin E. Miller to Thomas A. Mellon, July 31,
1868; lot In Collins township, now Twentieth ward,.
Pittsburgh, containing nineteen acres and fifty
eight perehes 1431.30
C. H; Love to Nicholas Sclalesiman, Angust 15; 1057:
lots No 9; 183.180, 187 and 188. in the Lorenz farm,
fronting on Quarry and Virginia avenues tINO
Samuel 11. Cluley, Sheriff, to John Beirtdn, March
1808; Interest of Joseph Irwin In lot on Ohio
street. Second ward, Allegheny, :10 b, 240 feet
John Barton same propert y above describedto Sl
Jo ooo -
aeph H. and Guyau Sl. Irwin nominal
Elizabeth Long to heir, of Samuel Hamilton, decd,
June 20, 1860; Interest In a lot In Plum townshlp,
containing one hundred and eighty acres and '
sixty-three perches *725
John lii, Best to Samuel Hamilton, July 27, I: 6 1: in
terest In the above described tract ' 6740
W. M. Clancy to Thomas Jones, Jr., July 1168: I
lot. in the Fourth ward. Allegheny, In Gdneral
Robinson's plan $5,560
Hugh Claney to William M. Claney, July 21, 1568;
the above described" property . $3,201
Stephen Brannon ,to Joseph Ingham. March 12th,
1868; interest in a lot In Studer township, contain
ing one hundred arid thirty ae.res.more or less -WOO
Thomas Kennedy to George Bender, Aprll2l. 1068:
lot In East Blrmingliam;Lon Sarah street, VI by 1220 feet • 1111,*A - 03
Anton Weber to John Elseworth. July 14th. 1868:
lot In East Birmingham, on.Edwsrd's alley, 30 by
60feet to Joseph' street ' 4625
Valentine Wenzel to John Baethiul. June is, ping ;
lot In East' Birmingham, in Carey alley, 20 by 00
C. Hanson Love to James McCormick, July - 14, 1868;
"-tract' of land In North Fivetta '
Robert Robinson to John J. Shutterly, Jn,ne'''A, 1867:
. six lots In Indiana
.towusillp • - • t 2,880
- nerd of release of Henry W. Alexander James.
Miller, April 12, 1366; several lots in Allegheny
City ' ' Nominal.
George Johnston to William Devine; July 13."1808•
Tots No. land 3 in Gazzam's , plan 1n the Thirteenth
Ward. on Braddock street, u, by 72 feet $l,lOO
George Ledlie to David Luker. Slay 27, laff; lot In
Allegheny City. on Carroll street, V by ltd
feet, t 2.10
James Miller to Benjamin F. Luker, July 28, 1868;
the above described lot ' 116,000
Oswald Warner, administrator to Catharine Snyder,
March 21. 1868; four lots on Mount Washington,
Nos.'s, 6. 7 and 8, In C. Shaler's plan, on Shale..
titled ti 160 by' 25 feet • .800
George Y. Warner to Robinson Hillis Mid W.
Quigely, October 2, 1867; lot No . 'l3 In Warner's
plan, In I.lberty township, 41 by 273 feet $1,71X.
Josephine Schmidt; executors to Wm. Strain; March
31,1836; lot in Stewartatown, on . Locust street. 40
by 116 feet S4(X)
John Schaeffer to George A. Schaller...ll:me V, ISⅈ
two lots in Chartlem township, No. 145 and 146, in
the pia , • of the Lorenz farm, on Unlint avenue, 50
by NO feet • $l,OlO
Same day eight mortgages were filed of record
U. S. Court---Judge M'Candless.
Judgments were entered against John C.
G. Black; bite postmaster ,of Greensboro,
Greene ,county, and his i sureties, for the
sum of 1)249 50.
In the bankruptcy branch of the Court
the following business was transacted :
Andrew. J, Teeter, of Bradford county,
Almon G. Stark, of Wyoming county, and
Nathanielß. Stevens, of Bradford county,.
were finally discharged.
Petitions for final discharge:were tied
by John Y. Smitten. Archibald *Smitten.
David Knox, and Charles Lewis of Indiana
county, and F. M. Scott, of Beaver county,
and the usual orders were made.
Levi and Benjamin Hauck, of Union
County, again:4 whom a petition for adjudi
cation in bankruptcy was filed on the fifth
of June last, by S. A. Coyle & Co., of Phil,
adelphia, were adjudged by the Court to
; be bankrupts, and the matter referred to J.
M. Weistllng, Esq., Register of the Four
teenth distrilt of Pennsylvania. , '
On application of James W. Murray,
, assignee of the estate of George Mahaffey.
& Co., the Court granted leave to said as
signee to dispose of certain personal. prop
erty at private sale.
parglskry—Musical ThieTes."
The well-known music store of Messrs.
• r
Barr, Knake & Buettler, No. 12 EL Clair
street, was entered by one or more burglars
on Saturday night or early on Sunday
morning, and a large quantity of valuable
goods taken. 'The entrance was effected
through h rear window of the establish
ment which was reached tiy , means of a
ladder improvised for the occasion by nail
ingtogether pieces of wood which had been
left in the yard. The firm cannot exactly
estimate their loss, tut it will probably ex
ceed five hundred dollars. Chief of Police
Green has the case, in hand, and unless we
mistake his vigilance an arrest must follow.
The thieves tampered with the safe, endeav•
oring to blow the lock off with gunpowder;
qnt their efforts in that direction were
Goad Bread.
Any article that is not only good, but sn,
perior, will rapidly win its way into public
favor. No household word is now more
familiar than that ,of Ward's bakery, where
it i§ universally acknowledged can be pro
cured as g(x)d,light; pure and' wholesome
bread' as hi any other place in the State.
The great secret of the success'of this well
organized establishment lies in the fact that
nothing but the choicest quality of floor is
used, purely vegetable yeast employed and
the utmost care and skill used in kneadirfg
and baking. Persons who desire bread far
superior to that horne-made will leave their
orders at Ward's Bakery, No. 40 Palo Alto
street, Allegheny.
Annual Commencement.
The annual 'commencement of the Wash-,
ington and Jefferson College will take place
on Thursday, the 6th Init. Rev. Jun. Hall,
D.. D., of Neiv York, will address the Stu
dents'.Chriitirm-Association on the evening
of the 4th. and the adtiress to the Philo and
Franklin Literary Societies will be deliv
ered. on , the evening of the sth, by' Rev.
'Chas*. Elliott, D. D., of Chieago. The ad
dresses by the graduating mass, the Mas:
bars' oration and president Edwards' Bac
calsureate will belintde on Thursday even
ing, the. fith.lnst. The class of 1858 will
have a rd-union during the present week.
Academy of Music.—Under very favora
ble auspices and before a very large audi
ence, the brief season of seven nights of
Gov. J. O. Foster's dramatic an d pantomimic
company was commenced on Saturday
night. The stock company Is very good,
and while all are worthy special attention;
we must select Hernandy and Frank Fos
ter for special mention as graceful and ar
tistic pantomimists. A decidedly good bill
is offered to-night, when we expect to see
anotherlarge audience in attendance. We.
hope in the end that Gov. Foster will have
no reason to t egret his advent into the city,
in which 'he 'has whole brigades of friends
and admirers.
Alleged Felonious Assault.—Mary, Gal
lagher made information before Alderman
lifiliasters. on Saturday against . l'hilip
Chinks Ibr felonious assault ,and battery.
blary,idleges that she has been in the em
ploy of Chinks, who is abont,'sixty years
old, as - housekeeper, for about two - weeks,
and she :says that ert Friday Chinks 'came
to his domicil in Louse Row,' Fifth Ward,
in a tate, of intoxication. For acme reason
becoming angry he tore a silk dress belong%
ing to her so badly as to ruin it, and
enAed by chasing per out of the house with ,
a knife. ..Chinks was arrested and, held ; tq
bail in theinam of poo. ,
Allegheny Mayor's inautp.
tioli was.well patronised on Saturday eve:
wing, and at the Mayor's levee 'yesterday
morning eighteen, breakers - of the law,
most of them drunks, filed out to receive
their:reward.' The greater portion paid
their flues, but some few being linable - to
raise the wind wero sent over to the Bill
for a season. i4 • -
• •
Five Dranke„snoozed away the efrects.of
an overdose of the -bxhiliarating beverake
in the look-u last evening. - •
Hydraulle Cow Hillter.—See - advertise
ment in another column. t3t-
.': 1.,. A' .... : ;- i'i1 , : 7 ..:... - r.':,• ; 17_.;:' : : : ;
~ ~ t om.. ~..:`7 „,
Hon. Simori Drum,.Msyor - of Alleghe
has earned the grateful thankeof all het i
keepers, house-owners,and. house-builds,
by his invention of .convehient„. simple a l
safe self-fastening, allju.stible (right
left) and durable shutter hinges, much
perior to any rival invention in the math
'This hinge is easily adjusted to the shut
regniring but half the labor of other hint,
and therefore justly in great favor . 1
carpenters. Mr. Drum is also the in' ss
of Drum's Patent Sash Pulley. - _This:
ley is without a flange, its bearing is,
tirely on the casing, presents a unich nt
finish, can be - fitted in half the time,'.
will bear a Much heavier pressure that
flanged; pulley, and for this reason is
ferred by all house carpenters who I'
seen it.' Every owner or occupant 11
1 house will appreciate the groat conveni ,
of these two simple and useful impz
ments, and will be glad to know ,
their evident superiority to all ot:
renders a large demand so certain -
Livingston it Co., already known
the perfection and smoothness of flu
rious light castings manufactured at
Foundry, on Washington avenue, new
-Outer Depot, Allegheny, have secure(
right to Manufacture the aforesaid in:
articles under Mr. Drum's patent, an.
the purpose of supplying the rapidly;
creasing demand for.them, are'erectiii
extensive addition to their foundry bi
ings. We are glad to know that alread
ders are coming in from nearly everY'V;
ern State. We foresee alike popularity'
demand from the l East, and a rapid disp,
moat everywhereof the many worts
contrivances hitherto in. e. Such i
nutty and enterprise are edful to u
twin and advance the ren El of Pittsbi:.
as the great emporium of manufactut .
Let them be encouraged:
At Wm. Semple's. ‘lBO and 185 Fed
Street, Allegheny,
Bleached Muslin,
• Unbleached 'Muslin;
Pillow Case Muslirz;
Shirting Check,
Ticking, Prints,'
De!eines, Alpacas, ,
Cotton Table Diaper,
Towels, Toweling, "
Cassixneres. Jeans, '
Honey Comb Quilts, •-
Balmoral and Hoop Skirts;
White and Colored Corsets,
Gents White Shirts',
• Ilosiery4 Handkerchiefs {
Has, Ribbons, flowers,
&c., &c.,
A very largc! stock,
At low prices, •
Wholesale and Retail,
At Wm. Semple's; 180, and 182 Feder
Notic e -A 1 I persons are hereby wf
against purchasing the right to
Patent Brick Kiln, in the counties o
and Alleg,heny, Pa., front or thrbug
Murray Moorhead, as his title to the,
was obtained by false representatim
without consideration. Moorhead :
sents himself as agent of Shepherd,'
proved' Brick Press, manufactured t
Combination Brick Press Co. at New':
One of these machines, just now, whicl
been well tried, and has nevermade a bi
and which was sold by the. said Moor;
for $2,000 cash, can be. bought at
liarnsport,. Pa., for about the pride o:
iron. ' E. V. W1.1,10A.R.p.
Sole owner of Rader's Patent
The Purest and sweetest Cod Live'
In' the World,.`manufactured from f
healthy livers, upon the sea shore; it is
featly pure and sweet. Patients who
once taken it can take none other. '
for "Hazard and Caswell's Cod LiVer
manufactured by Caswell, Thvy_ard
New York. Sold by all druggists.
Good Chance for Inveatment.—We
the attention of parties wishing to en
in then wholesale and retail grocery busi
to an advertisement on the fifth pag:
to-day's paper. The store is doing a
business and is offered for sale on ac(
of the present owners ref ring frotif
Pure Fruit Syrups, viz: Pine A
Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, B
berry, Sarsaparilla, Lemon and. Ra.spl
tinegar, at the lowest prices at 112 Fe=
iy2s:lw • GEORGE BEAV4
Likeness .of Grant.—Full-sized portal:
Grant, on colored card board, the bes:;
cheapest likeness to be had, for twenty
cents, at. No. 81 Fifth street. d;;
No. 166• FOURTH STREET, Pittsburg] i
INS of all : kinds, CRAPES, GLOVES, a ,
ery description of FiinersJ Furnishing Goat
niched.- Rooms open day, and night. Dearf
Carriages furnished. -, i,
-RETERENCES—Rev.David Kerr, D. 1)., R.']:
W. Jacobus, D. D., Thomas Ewing, Esq., ji,•:..
31111er, Eso. -
Allegheny. City. where their COI SIN ROOE,
constantly supplred with real and imitation
wood, Mahogany and Walnut Collins, at prim
Tying from I to • 100. , Bodies ;prepared for
ment. Hearses and. Carriages tarnished: al;'
Linda of Mourning OoodS,Offic
at all hours. dai mid Wats
ET, Alleaheny, and lip. SO DILI::
SQUAItE, (by JOhn Wilson & 'Bros.,l keeps
on hands. the best Metal, lit.sfaivuod,
intitatiom Rosewood Coffins. Walnut Coffital
VIM upwards.' Rosewood' Coigns $2O upwar ,
other Ceffinsi' proportion.' Cairlages and 11,'‘.'
furnished at low rates.Crape„Gloves,
Enpaylng furnished gratis; Office open di
. .
- - -
131titIN4 GtiOIDS
Adapted to a JPIEST RCR
-••- • • •
HENRY' G. nJtax.q.-
CornernandSt. 6drStt
sim.uss•94ilr. - -Ale‘cps T
OP plat
.92#8a PAsarmmt.,nl4,TA\
II ]lls Eitnishthg
AT COST, to nazil('F . od m For FALL G 04:::.!
H. SMITH; Merchant
• - E •
No. OSWYLIE ST., cor. Pei
New IL d Useful.
FOR £4.4.1,E BY