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_. - .
UDE meeting will be 4elcll4.pity Hall this
evening, for Vie 'impose of iiitifirlitethe
.action of 'the , Nationitl:Tteraibliean Con
vention at Cbieag9.:,p*ing'fgabed'apealters
are ex pect;miio addi - esiiikter meeting.
General Synod of IlketilfferamileresbYte
-. Man etarreli:
tgo of
-s.V.r..zl4V,PftieTtlepop on,aesTesolution irt re
fled , tylriPAPOyAllie*formod Tres-
Vtenan said it would
.wos to be done
. . . _ _
Mr. Stuart said-i-Witts - present at the
Protesttag,Fpal,,Conventioalast week
when Abaft read, - and itavaasalta
mediately don theaahler matetfiat
contained such:refl&rtions - M - our cam - day
and Goverimmt should not be hastily prp.
Atter some further disctussion • the' Apses
, traa was put on the' question ,of Sneeptiag
the paper for coissiderationi. :This • motion
'was agreed to.
It was then moiled 4. - tit , ie.
fervid te'n speclaJeti'a tt
Aftef eblaiidgfallle , . id it motion
was made to lay 4 the paper qa the tahle-ftd
lost hYsa voieV-2,4102k '
The question recurred on, the_ motion to
rears' it to'a corianiittee, which was agreed
Ir - ,r,r. Zti"
"SYllOd met at nine `
.o ' clock and spent half
an hour in devotional exercises, Rey. J. H.
t~opii presiding. kAetliebtineltitaish-01 the
devotional exercases t ,the ,Moderator took
the Chair and:opened therCourt with praVer•
The minutes of, the last session were read
approved. „.
-Proceeded to erder of the day . , hear
ing the delegalaaksprittmlieformed,Church
(formerly Dutch Reformed) of North
America. • , '
'Rev. .I[Ohn Steele cism:oEld this platform
and spoke in substance as follows : Moder
ator and Brethren of the General Synod of
the Reformed Presbyterian Church—l have
been honored in being made the bearer of
the cordial greetings and. Christian saluta
tions of the Refermed Church of North
Ainerica. Circumstances, he was sorry to
sey, , pretrented Dr. Gregory, the principal
delegate, from , being present. Neverthe
- less, he was glad to have the opportunity'of
beintliriplidntraihe meetings of this van
, orable•tiody.. Your time is preeirous and
natters of Tvrillijas . hp:ought
Before 'you. not therefore oc
copy much of their time.
Ittli Alt; f 'torn thehin& Uenerous
treatment and cordial
reception he had re-
CeTyrid; that he was a stranger-firming
the members of the Court, although he had
never met any of them before but oneii He
was convinced einbe entered the vener
able Assembly, that, like themselves, they
belonged to , the chureh Murilitant." They
had their warm, discussione, ; but, although
warm, they were conducted in a Christian
He was happy to say that the Shorter
Catechism was taught in ' their Sabbath
sehnra alms! ~tas.xtusattstatimir.ownEWUlelb
urg-Catelawsp,afidtbahe minutes of he Re
formed Sy for bait `adist'he - found an
overturefrom the Chtsais -of Greene "that
the Catechisms of the Westminster A.asem
bly. be ' rmegniied 'by tbe :phurch-l', His
earn ClidWaindAttilb Ifo a'ddrestsed
were Me 'on all doctrhail points. -
In regard to organic union, his chinch
had ticitleakedEttithate - mach favor es' oth
era on the subject. They sent no delegates
;:`to the National Union Convention at-Ph-de
- alelphia. Some of their ministers were
'there, but they 'were there without author
-46r:, They did not think organic union a
..-thing so greatly to be desired. They felt
there. was Substantial anion now. He coin=
eided with the views of his own church on
this subject: E , • ,
Up to a recent date his church was known
as the Protestant - Reformed Dutch Church
of North America. Daring the past year
the . kireism appellation had been dropped.
They were "no loager known as the "Dutch"
': chile* - rwas•oppos,ed strongly. at- first,
but waWfmally adopted with great unan
imity. It was said they could not succeed
in the. West so long - ,as tlusy,retained the
appellation `"Dutch." The' General Synod
, voted almost unanimously for the change
of name. It was sent down to the Classes,
and they voted almost, as unanimously in
, favor of the change.
-As to statistics. They had the College
and Seminary at New Brunswick, which
;: Was now fully endowed. They had also the
Hope'College in Holland City, Michigan.
, i.They. had a General Synod, three particular
- Synods„ thirty-two Classes, four hundred
and forty churches, fifty ministers and fifty
-eight,. thousand members.
In Conclusion, he thanked the Synod for
their Christian 'courtesy, and he woulclever
634 plisaisant nasollettfona of hie
visit Rs' this Venerable body. _
On motion of Rev. Thomas Johnston the
SynOdtsedicoctated the cordial, salutations
expressed the delegate, and the. Mod
' erator t e name, of Synod expresaed
1. their high satisfaationavith the salutations
":which the delegate had conveyed frotn'the
respected body , which , he represented:,
• Dr. , Steele,-the Moderator, addressing the
delegate, d.' It atrordeme great pleasure
to present to you and:the body yyou repre
sent, the kind and, cordial greetings of, the
General Synod Of the Reformfld Presbyte•
lien Church. He had listened , with , ldgh
satisfaction t 6 'the address ' he delivered,
and watt glad t o hear of the , pre t r y_ of
binned. till:L*oi ties .11)4111r 4 aDifittla
or • FeeemblanPe , nataire* 'Moth
were cradled amid sterns% I Both had been
• honored ,with'bethg 'permitted •to-occupy
lilithlalvuna' carrying on the Work of
Reibrmation. The one originated in Con-,
• tinental =lath e - other in - Insular Europe.
Bothcante Sulfites. the water, and are now
engaged in a good work. The : Is t w eEue not
rfrit .o , nuflittaA (el c The'
dur recognizes
The two churches,. asyou remarked, are
one in doctrine. When many tiViiiihad fen
tered Into:covenant bonds mßoothind had
cast off-their bonds, the yoathhil Renwick
lefud'ldaceept.'Ortilliatien from the back
own;:linida • At Ws time the
desalts of Cronin n, through great 'condo
scenriltrii, eel SiNat ita-the ministetha. office,
teresting remi t
Both church - ea; as you remarked, are one
iii dAnSi D.f Tlertiefandleyriadi, deed tot
take the Clonfessionof Fbith hi its matildett
has been Peen ..nnnanted
country .
On molten . , theniterindefelliyited
'""Seatiiiie Consultative membirtS. '
. :Dr. McLeod read the action of the tit
ferciitt 'PrieslaYterian churches tin the subject
.Idie refaikT r waa adopted.
4-r c Tive:committee appointed to examine Dir.
Tixii 4 o 3/4 : 11 . 3 rrt e d 'Oat' thoo3utd 'die
' charged their nty; and thi- examination
Dr: Wylie reported t h at 'ln accordance
,.ganized the tilec*lld PreatTterar ofPhiladel
phis' ' The '*.e 1
.IThe OetuMittee",ou Foreign , Correspond-'j
reported that-alidy. had ,lecalved: no .j
P9o4Millentin4t6Orkint:Aeilbe;equod ,
&fcMister re • • that'll& had been
ks• t
“ MbVirl i A r ai l ertia tal # l 9
atatenla, ohlO, last year. •
Rev. Mr. , BrittaidttAreikilied that he had
fulfilled his appointment as a delegate to
o,Tined]PretthYterian 'Synod which
"Met in k llegheny lad - year. 'Ha West well
• neceived- brseine of the membet4;3lo;waa
• re
edpaly reoei t vd
ll by
ii Moderator -
J.V 33 etV4539w3!0
n . II
Mr.' : !TM netisiest that Ity:rite his opinion I
that' the aelheki u idatgal ceeMad
t! seiegstiet Presoysteriati
• , -lityrtod.t silertltereghtFalitAnd, 4 44 13 _ v A td , 1
Alaixidtitine_the correSpondenae;' - s
;-'4oe At " e lnele . ais, of
r , 1,31
~N TA Mil .1i ,t.
# , Y:111:. • 1/.4 kr, 1 siRA
--- - - ^ .- - , - .... - . _ ,
~.,,, . •., .- ..... -Jr:Z-2 - ,-, ' , :.;:-.,...,i' , .. 5 ,, ,,.-' , 4....,.":, '..7-,,,,.
_ , ,... , ..,-,, , ,,?.: , .:.4 - ,1- -. , - ,- r,' , •-•••,i - --./.:
*7- :.•:;',f , , - - -; - :::.,.-- 7:.:J: . ...'77... - -,.:, - ,:'; - • ---: -.".:.• ''',.--,-,: :. :5-- - -.v, ~.--c - . ....., - -, •:„. - A - .....-:._:.;=•:: , . ~;;-.....,:- ~......;i z p.:, , : r . ~ .siA- r , . ::-1-.....,, . „-.., , --.:-., i - ., - -,-,,...,...,..i.,/,..., ,,, ,,,....-„,;,-..; : !,: ; ,,,,,, 4 ......,
~-., ....,..,--..;,.....;... ~---- ..,
...... ~.7:.,;., ,:...y„..:,<-'':.:.'r'--:.%%.,--3'.2:-.!-,'-•4 -'''',`. _ `-`,e',.4.:,i,' ; ',T:.4 ' -`, .'` ' ' '' ‘ ,A .Y. ,, ..4 7, '''..?-':l,,:if^:l.'4 - ` , F . ' 21, 4.-'"'''''''''' '''
'-''''''' '-'
' ''''.
' -. .....: , '; , ..1.4,:''' . -.: ..:..--:...'•..,.- ,- .f' ' .'` .. .. , •4-- ... --2 `t''' ' - n .i'''‘''''.';`,"::' :%,.;: -:','':'':,:4: "l -i f .. .4k = -4 1.1 :D 1 ;:it.' , ..:V''Ve"-" '''' ''''' ''''
'- 4 ' - ' .
..LZ.ic - rie , '-- -i7 2..i-i1.4,.:.: '7, '1i,...,,„..„,_, , 1 „ :„..1.,,„ , .' ~ ..1 -- ", '
..,..›..',,,z5g.772U.n..;; C, 1: 2 icit,.. 4 ,1 , 139:? - 47,,,:::,Z;f:'..:7:%'''''''''.
3klWlV .;W: Ci t '4.AC'^ ' ' '''' : i ' : 4 t . ' , ' , ..147:4- ,- .1 ‘ :"..1Y:\ ,..7.- ' 1 ' , 11 , ,5, r': " ' - ' , if , ..7` , ,,,L . .•-t.7 ,-, '! , .. ',., i
, _
the Reforiale,d_rresbAerian,„ Church be dis
continued...l 4. - l Ax-t
This motion was discussed at great lei z igth
by Dr. McMaster, Ditltferir. I. l iti . n,
Mr. Bratton, Mr. Morton, G. H. Stuart'-alid
James Stawarts- •-sa » ey s .
by prayer.
• Artkluvoes -- Stisto.i.
Synod- /net, at,three, 'cleeli And : was
opened with'Pray ;o
r by Rei'."Dr.
lkiinutes read and approve d.
- ReV:Mrchael Htirsbay,efeurfaitti of the
Committee on .DevotioriaL,Xxercises, pre
sentelitheirrePort. • It ittestollows: 6
The Committee"' Would '-respectftilly
s ornmeud,that half an hour pagh +NtieliOnite
-spent'an devotional' exereliser4 under the
charge of the Moderator ,or his alternate;
and that the half 'hcitu" be , from half-past
ten'tkedeverro f elo,ck: during the • morning .
sesaiori, and froiri four. to half...met four
o'oloelt,'during the aftere6o • Segfflob '
1 " "Piobeededlo the disetisaitt Of the res . Oin
„pending_ at _the„adjeurrunent, of, the
ence with the Syrricalof.tte Reformed Pres
Dr. McMaster moveitthe following as a
substitute for the resolution: A' '
441swts, After..the a , reception, ,of our
delegate‘ - 'by the • Synod of the Reformed
Presbyterian •Church, at the suggestion of
some of the members after the delegate
had retired, our ,Synod was spoken of in
diarfspeptful ternis,'•andthe lettere
appended to the name ortheChurch; arid
WlT..unsas; it is evident front the etatement
of our delegate they do not wish'the
4 inter
.99l.lSe „by delegation-continuedptherefore,
- .Peso/ear:That•for the: present we appoint
no more delegates to thakiXitlV. 4 '
After some desattssiOntl.r.Aclßod'mov
ed that the whole euinect be indefinitely
postßoned. On tide the ayes aitArtaysNere
called. It was ' deCided in, the ,affirtriative.
- The Mocieraixirannotinced the .tbilowing
additional ;committees
On Presbyterial Records.- 1•• :
Eastern-Presbytery-Revs. J. F. Hill; and
Thos. Johnston. " ' • .. ,
Northern Presbytery—Reis.3.ll:CoOer,
Phitaddphial"resbytery—RAM: S. Wylie,
and Williamt - MTernac. •
Swami Philadelphia Presbytery-ReVg. A.
It. Dailey, and JamerviSterrmarit.... ,
Pitt burgh Presbytery—llev. Samuel
Young:• •
• ;"
-Presbytery Rev. A. G. M'Auley,
d David Fieldv.. •
Western Presbyteryßey. and
William Reid: ~ • '
Re rts of , several Presbyterieg vele
read •nd referred' to the Committee on
Fresh.. terial Reports. . , •
Spu. • then spent half an hour in devo
tional exercises, Rev. Michael Harshaw
presid • The Mllowing gentlemen 'took
part i . the devotional exercises: Rev. S•sm
uel lie. Rev. J. F. Hill and Rev: . John
Steele. f ; E r. Y
Syn.• then proceeded to bUsiness. On
motio , the order of „the day; the discussion
of the subject of union, was postponed to
Mon.. y morning. " • •
Itep rts of several Presbyteries were read
and a ..ropriately referred.
By .. mmon consent the business was .
suspe ded, to hear Judge Williams, of this
•city, NS ho could not appear yesterday with
the other members of the Committee ap
pointed by the PhiladelPhiaConvention to
present the action of that Convention.
Judge Williams said he did not come to
day with the vievfof addressing the Synod.
The 'members of the Committee had done
all that was necessary yesterday. He° was
-Mit at the Cciu`siention, hitt hadl'ead 'the
proceedings with the greakst interest': He
-would have no objectionlotinite with this
body. Ile could sing the one hundred and
fifty psalms with them. He Would ask the
privilege of singing the 'hymns 'rase. In
his judicial experienee he had tried a case
in which the title of the very church prop
erty in which the Synod is assembled was
involved.. No trifles should be allowed to
keep the churches apart. We should pre
sent a united front to the common' ene
my. There is no church in which all
WWI, think t . alike. , He, -.J.would- .-not
like 'to 'be' a `rrierriber - of such' a Church.
There must be some concession and lib
erty if we are to have union. •
At•the conclusion of the address of Judge
Williams Synod proceeded to business.
The report of the Pittsburgh Presbytery
was referred to the appropriate Committee.
The papers containing reasons of protest
and answers thereto were laid on the table
for the present.
A communication was read covering the
action of missionaries , in Saharanpur,
India, on the subject of union. The paper
A remonstrance " from-members,. elders,
and 'othera of the First 'Reformed Presby
terian Church, 'Philadelphia, asking for a
redress of certain grievances, was read by
the stated clerk.
The reading of the memorials, protests
and appeals,
.gleclinatures, connected
with this case occupied considerable time.
It was moved .• that' the - papers bo re- i
Dr. Wylie said that these papers were in
troduced in a very,disorderly way. They
were introduced very adroitly at the time
when all were anxious t 6 adjourn.
Dr. McLeod said the papers had been
lying'on the table since yesterday and came
up in regular order. ..
Dr. Wylie thought it was unfair to pre
sent ,the papers,. which ,had. not ; /east
Most of thembeen made 'known to the
parties concerned.
Mr. Geo. H Stuart endorsed all that had
been said by Dr;ffirylle.. 'All the objection
he had to his 'remarks was that' they were
not strong onough. :He confessed he had
sung' hymns,'l44:lie had not 'done it in a
corner. The whole'betirse II irregular, in
.asmuch as the libels halknot •been read in
-the session. He was not afraid to meet the
question. But he hoped the Matter' would
tre comlucted in "Atn ortier/y . warmer:,
• 'Adjourned 'to - tneet & this Morning if g%
o'clock,. Rev. Dr.• Donglas.porieluding by
Appointments., Air 4FieriMildsters of the Re.
formed Presbyterian Synod to the Pal.
-7 :idtt;Towniolli6lCl: .
L.-4- •
'A FITT, / IF,R9H.F. I, .t
First Reformed Presbyterian Church (Dr.
Danglate.). — Rev.StnnuelYontig,lo%'n'.
- Rev.' J". It.; Rev.
W. J. McDdivell,l3‘' v: : .
.Firat U. P. Church, (Rev. W. J. Reid's).
Rev; r W.. T. ' - ehato,l.lW 'AO m.f.itein John
McMaster D.D. 1 3 r. M.
Fifth U. P. church, (Rev, S.
Rev. Arcbibald ThemPsoni'l P. X•
Central , n Churdl, jacd
bns')-Rev. ( Jo 'lifeMaster t'D4 lOX
A. M.
r7iti 7 dtt:
—Rey,. Robert ft 1 x 4 Nev.
Wlil:l3tetrett; .D. 11).; 3 P. 3f: -
c0unty..144 7 .14T.,-,140 . 4t, 1 214,3411 an,
Third "Preabijfeka, (Rev ffir
Rev. J. Y. Boioa t 1.14 i A.. id.
Arai U. P. Church, (Dr.,,
Rev. J. V. .
Second U. P. ChurcJ, (Dr. Clark'p) ; --li,ev.
'Archibald Thompson, 10XX. H. 4' • •
Third M.P. 'C'hirK-'(•R:i.lft.' J.lf.,Ho#/s)
.4tey::.T. H. C001ier; 4 1634
an) , vl-.4l . *Epi - Ntskley, D. D., 10%
A. M.; ReV. .7:Wylloi, D. 11,74 P.M.
f—Mrl. Dr. Ide,Ailley;7Wp. Mr.
• A
wk4gmott , filfr
ti' tl oggite , iiisfemmßev. beef 1 4 0 ivelason ) 103i•
• ~-4-m
A. WinflittliNrobanriAlfigaig Gorman
PladVAFOrmation.bcfore Aldernian St
lelderdar, crutiginofrh:Shltitcrifirltli'dis-
Atrelakr , 9 conduct. ~ .Tinsothy•E r elddew on
chantstrestgia.' th.W. Ategi,iyhtti
alleges that , . Shinn came ;eh
.0 few eveningaslnce and- ~abused
his fiunflY cant* t At it o4: l oPlte'of
.11 aplegy l andilhat she used oliscielay.rlan
e. He further alleges that she threat
uaa qv , Reate titr.
il.rrganyiw i p. SATTJAPA.Y. y 1868.
iircor„vmss av , ,PARMus•-.Groad. --011en
-14 ftplitase-.1f..u0.44 -79 slid 79
Market .//t
s r 71
Yestel&i•Wo referred to'the Tact that
~lifestsrs,...Toseph,M,orne 4; 9p. AwkrrkavO, a
f'll4gfi;bicihlistoiee•of-rieW, 4111M
ming and, gesetaksTtaw t . goods.. The recent
addition to the stock of goods is particular-
I • • •
rlylage and varied, embracing bumber
less variety of articles ref 'the use of,lietth
ladies and gents . . The 'gentlemen among
our readers will lfere large assert
of , the, artie - .14 spite. offtheAlscuuraging
Weather this season, the time for straw hats
tsitdelly. bald a Wit, and tifbsiatieles
-eV head "gear weirdo now an 'object of-510
emailint ftaternity.' Those
wishingentbe sotisfactiori as to style, qual
ity and price,shOUld not failtogive Messrs.
Horne& Ma Cali. .The ladles will find an
satisfactory worth:tent of straw
botitietet„ all the fashions'and Ishluies of fash
iatit beifiktePtbillipbeliT t TittyvilialW—ftd
in infiniteNwiety,!cOlored laces, crapes, &a-
Jetts, millitetYleme, edgingti'and other a
lleles of that line, The assortment ofrich'and
beautiful ifttlfiejal 'Hewers; is particularly
large; ' atilt eotabitieff 'all '..the • latest :noSel
ties, ,Itibbons of all the most desirable va
tietiet - and ithadeS are offered fri abundance.
The straw trimmings and bonnet Oiffa,
frpru - a StbelcAifit im rted." "There is tilt()
end". 'ofMillineilg ! ; •Com Prising
:ceraPefh rich 'assortment- of . dress trimmings,
:fringes, , head fringes, • )gimps,; 'braid head
lrigs. t. The; stock. also _comprises parasols
'arid sun umbrellas, Of the Most,- ficepptable
'OY/es: E mbrolder*4 l stan 2 Ped• 0601
viihtegoods, .
neck ties, , gloves; ho
01100;and'flarhing goods in gclifiral;'exe
Offered for'saßS, as also hoop skirts, corsets,
baba:buts, •:beitlfigs;ttravidling.ititelf
els and fancy goods. We trust that noneiff
our readerst,Anll the cpperTufid
•typreienfed Tor tare- selection' ihd choice
A Great Agrieultut'al AchAyemept.. 7
At the extensive and favorably known
• , .
agricultural implement end, seed-,depot of
Messrs: Beckham & Long, 121 Liberty
streetorearthe mouth-of Fifth street, there
is on exhibition one of the most marvelons
pieces of Anlerican ingenuity we have eyer
teed iialleifOrt to e:FaketipS. Ft Kt* dill
pion self-raking reaper and mower com
bined, whick is cpristructed ,on such.oar
`•Mt, akivillerishre fie iiiivtreal
adoption by our agricultural friends. The
great difficulty hitherto experienced in self
reapers is to place the arms in the control
of the driver so that he may regulate the
size of the sheaf, providing for the lighter
'heavy grain.'This`has beenfully 'accom
plished in the Champion, which is light,
simple and durable, and the rake is entirely
under the control of the operator, and can
be changed to rake any sized bundles in
, the most perfect, manner while the ma
chine is in motion. As a grain cutter
this machine has no equal ; while as a
grass cutter;.it• .to "'any single
mower in the market. It accomplishes
its work and precision and nicety. and is
destined to receive universal approval and
adoption. Messrs Beckham & Long will
have none Of these machines for sale this
year, as:the' manufacturers cannot supply
them, there being such a demand for them,
so that those wishing to examine this, one
should call early before it is shipped to-tbe
purchaser. This firm are the exclusive
agents for Western Pennsylvania for the
- ErrekeyeSrld - Rtissaiitilf — te - apyfs, — MiT4Teal
wholesale and:* retailarr.:agrieultural ma
chinery of all kinds,, such. as_Mowers and
Reapers,' Thiisherr, SGkahr Cider
Mills, Sulky Corn Plows, Dog Powers, Coin
Shellers, Plows,Harrows, Cultivators, and
a general: areferj;nript 51(Linridreth's Field
and Garden Seeds, Fruit Trees, 'Vines and
islyergreens,--. -
. u e .-
We= are much pleased to learn that.the
tittsbnigli Female College, one of the
lareest and most influential institutions in
the State, has lately made such additions to
its department of music. as, require not
. ,
leas than seven additional pianos, the con
tract for which has'just been awarded to
Messrs. Wm. Knabe dt Co., of 13altimore,
through their enterprising agent here,'
Charlotte Blume, No, 45 Fifth street,, _The'
Carbiriittee, after a lengthy and careful ex
amination of all the first-class pianos in the
market. decided the "Knabe' piano to bo
debidedly 'the' best instrument, combining
great power, purity and swestness of tone;
and easy and elastic touch, with the great
est possible durability, and we congratu
late the institution theiracqujiiition.
The following letter from tho chairman
of the Committee speaks for itself :
Ptrrs.ounon, May 18, 1868.
Cn. MO rrP: Br.tistg--Dear Madam:--The
Committee appointed by the Trustees of
the Pittsburgh Female College, to purchase
pianos; after carefully examining all the
bids, have awarded to you the contract
for furnishing seven William- Knnbo St Co.
pianos, as per bid submitted by Mr. Knabe
and yourself. , Jos. PLumstne.,4
eti fj; e A mg4f. l FatfPW*"!tt-• •
One of the • many • improvements which
tnark's the prbgress "df our 'city is the ele
,gantly' futinished 'and well;itpOinted
. .
taurant at 105 Fifth street over which Mr.
B.jii. Fir
went is a perfect • modal, in its line, and is
just such an one as we have long needed in
this city. It is . - couirenltirdlV:attiiigad,
with a' separate Apartment for ladies,
furnished`" iif magnifiwitt Style' which,
taken in connection , with its veri.pleasant
,convenient 'location will"doubtiess
'make it 'the most poPularrestaUrant in the
.city.! !MO tables are always ! supplied' 'with
the bind of everything l in 't.he =artist, fn
, lltdizig...oll..tha-dulicacies , ofseason.
Mr. magpAr,e(Aswell ituomtrin the city,
baying .beedinthoi. litaillthai tor ,a. number
of years, and the, puhltoinusy ,(9.9.l.,ammred
that the establishment will be con4tufted
so as to give general satisfaction to its
patrons. ' • • • •
Plumbing and "du Fitting
• -' At' this` season of the year, when all are
engaged in repairing, it- is sometimes diffi
cult to obtain competent and experienced
sy9fluapp., This h3ithe ...cAsopartiaularly• as
to plumbing hnd gas fitting, and it is doubt
less a great annoyance to those wanting
workEdone promptly.: anff, in...,g, ood style.
IC3 all desiring work in that line, and at
short no .. an4..reiumnableAgliaes i .-• :we
would say Ear at N0.`165" Wood - efreht; at
the establishment of T. T. Ewensi pluniber
and gaefitter. Mr. Ewens employs none
but the hest experienced workinen, and
uses thet;beltonatirial;*nsequently his
w0r1e*, ,, ,• ":•,o,*atiotitattn7. His charges
are i•O`. - Mtble, -- aticrtielti:a pleasant and
agrftliMe , man to AntiOth:%, Remember
thelaet? 11 Tv T.:E,wo , 843 Wood street.
r TiOs Y 11 1:1:4'0111Sr:eff astaiite sale, at
the -iii on: salPsrOdifis tit Sthpri, Van
hoOklot Igi;Zighlatt; '•: - Ookltwstatka'57 Fifth
streutlk4l--: 4 44 - .4. • -r; 1 -- ;: , ; otro • ; on-made
boots a b • •••!,- - ` 4 :•;
,I.;;• . *OM .;".:iinff child
retw-A" ; 1. met. - . ?: :- a l oof" . Ot t
ble, being of tirst-elasa wOrkmanship and
latest.sty... The, t prices, are much lower
than the cost of MannfaCture. Fin decided
rib _ -
.Ite:MlA'T.oo4*e urge ojitreaders
„Oho Masonic Mall Auction House a
. ti -7,- . ,I 0 :-.! d •:?.. !i:: I,;‘)< ~..7 Y 8 .0 '4,l'
,A , Conmaittitab-Mirilliant , Turner,
rafite4COß &We - 1i in
; - ,y evening., and when he
came out of a oie.Tdoilli atiiicf„o - as
so much hnox,..fmted that lie fell tigolitgh a
shirri4itdoWate Sinihnet-COnfectionary.
4MgdaY PorAlifig
%Ana idrunkepna;
t9and diso e • conduct.,
• 1 001 1 ,'.
-jvlrr: I
-Afflreft. -
OPERA - lEfoirsk="Tnalpeld - Threads,"
sensational drama :of considerable Pe*,
was unraveled to a mere shadow of
audience at ,this place last evening, and. the
"unknowing few who were in. attendance
expressed decided dissatisfaction with the
entertail.ment afforded. We do net know
what combined to keep away the amuses
inentlov*rs, but : l the Aerriblynannototione
array of empty lienches in dress
find the sickly appearance of the galleries
old that the measure of the Pantiles' wrath
as not yet been fully visited on an unsuc
cessful and unpopular management which
is being mercilessly crushed beneath the
weight of public opinion. The downward
courset'of•Shie Placeis no very remarkable
instance of the people's temper, for we have
hitherto seen ithietind organ grinders and
broken down showmen who came hither to
cater to the wants of the intellectual and
refined . portions • the' conimunity; 'put
throtigh stung t trying-itiaeal as that
which is mow crippling :the. energies of the
management and sealing,thedOom of the
ill-fated, • establialiment.• I,That first . class
stars, = Mich: as Miss =Price. for instance,
shoidd be enticed fritn'iteeetotinit EurclAgage
merit at a place of such low, or.derias thid
of the Opera House, ,is.not only an act of
personal injustice; dutrage on geniuS
and anunwarranted inaulitutbose who fill
the higher.walkS- of the histtionfe profess
But anottiermeek . rerdainsifitile. season
when the green curtain - 111 1 iVto`. hide;
we' truitt,, , foreteti.llo", ' al'-acertes,
which-have , character
car btfardir airing fhb' agliisernOnt
term at Opera douse. -If the manage=
ment will show an desire , to reform 'the
character and elevate the tone 'of the place
,thopqm.r. be the first to laud air
••=proVe"-aiiii , tateofirigoi stile atihitif those
directions, butonitil ,Pittsburgh r has &re
spectable' first-class 'pltien'of liniusement,
which ; her ,pepplc ,can amply. afford to keep
, tifyi7irit tnannnt be 'ibotitlitAldoVredi hit
sustaining that which is unworthy coun
tenance, much, ess praise and support.
I'firt•;-•:Ariiiiier; over
flowing house was in attendance at this
place Of. amusement last 'might: •A l , - great
Satarday night'S bilris offered.. • '
-Btrlttta.'s MusEuM- 1-- The attractions at
this permanently located-musen to at Frank
lin Hall 'are being daily increased
• • •` 1 Where to Purchase.
• The old and well established Tea Mart of
. •
Joseph Robinson, 21 Fifth' street,.is
'orie, of the pilneipal houses in the city, and
buyers will find an excellent stock of Teas,
Coffees, and ' Sppices
'Spices from whic hmake their
purchases:4 Robinson buys direct flom
the importim instead, of "purchaSing 'from
and thereby saves the •jebber's
profits, in consequence of which he, is -en
abledlo sell•his , goods at a much lower rate
than those who do not purchase in this N4a7.
Ue'keeps constantly on hand a large assort
ment of every variety of Teas Cqffees, and
Spices, of the very best quality, and sells
them at reasonable rates. Mr.,-Robinson
enjoys high FeptitatiOn' lutiong: . the busi
ness men of the city, and we have not the
slightest hesitancy n recommending him
to the public as worthy of their patro • age.
Still Another
Prosecutions for keeping bawdy houses
are becoluingalmost its common 'ils,surity
of the peace cases. Scarcely a day passes
during which some poor erring female is
required to answer a charge of that char
acter. What the result of this raid on the
erring creatures may be we are unable to
say, but so far • we fail to I perceive
any marked change in the morals of this
wicked city. The last is an information
before Alderman, McMasters by Mannus
Gallaher, itharglnkFiatik Fortter, a resident
of Poplar alley, -in the Sixth ward, with
keeping a house of ill repute. Frank is
said to be a hardened sinner, and it is
scarcely probable that she will be at all
benefitted,b,y the. prosecution. _ Shwas
held toluill•fer her appearanceitt , Court; in
default,of..which.zhe-rwcorionitted to
. , •
It Pill be see*finth the scajo or appoint
manta given felseldkerci;!; that tbikt, sliatin
guislied and iloqUetit ATirine, , Ai*.,AoliT t N.
McLeod, rt. b.:. -6 f.. 2 Litv , l r Orki.Skill'Preach
therirst: t rnied Preibis Church
(Dr Dchkgigs! ta=tittmkioa , af
wpoon=,ak ipast two boloek Dr.TM e
hha beekoteogrilzetl:nikilead- ,
ing member of the formedresbyterian
-Church an& an ableTreacher. sermon'
to Morrow Afternoon will richly repay all
who may find it convenient to attend.
Rev. Samuel Young; of Illinois, and Rev.
W. J. McDowell, of New York, will preach
in Dr. Douglas' church at ten and a half
o'clock-,a. at.' and: wan .anct. a half
These are both excellent preachers, 'and
stand high as pulpit orators. •
Anistell for . Foistalllifg:
Mrs. W. G. Wamheff, a grocer on Wylie
street, was arrested yesterday by officer
Wrigley. market constable, on a charge of
forestalling the 'market. It 'appears that
the accused purchased a large quantity of
vegetables, :which led to the arrest. He
taken to Alderman Humbert's office where,
upon a hearing, it was shown by a telegram
that the 'articles purchased were for the
proprietor of the,. Petroleum House' at 011
City, and were to be forwarded to him by
railroad. The Alderman discharged Mr.
Wainhoff. The constable did right in nuk
ing the arrest, as it was quite reasonable to
suppose that the articles purchased:by 4 the
grocer would be exposed to Sale'aghin.;
Attcntiqn litigetiPi ,l . l eavY• 4l tiklerY;-1
All the members of this organization
are ii9ikeiiiiiO4tii9et,aiihk:Mair6es office
this afterAoon at four o'clock, to. make
.arrangements for attending the funeral to
morrnwrof our late. 'comrade, Captain R.
The funeral will take plaCe frOm limes
'Hotel, at . ' '
Muj Geq. M ': lrvin,
Capt. Al fr ed Pearl , , Capt. J. B. Zeigler; Lt.
William E. Stewart, Lt. Edward 'Whit
more, t Lt. , Yetipsonr:.-Lt. Hiram
12. Wlll 151:Hartzell.
mi. Cc 46 7 :Me nor& monthlyroeet 7
14 of "thetaingliee' ',UltriiitialiAmda
tion will be lialkiat'the room's; No. 23 Fifth
'3141114. dg' NlVeig.44l,W*7, l ii
iiffe a ce o reque fed, as
business °timer:mice is to botrusacted.
George' IL Stuart; Esgqi of Philadelphia,
and other preMinent ,cluistian workers are
expected to be present.
Larceny.—John Lewis made information
before VdtitirainAlionias yeeterday; chtirg
leiWW lslll MuliWitti:JeXCOM• Lewis is
, a zairpeater and s w e s Pegage 4-111 .baildiag a
house in the Eighth-Iyard,, ewhere he
'kites the accused catiiiild"aeet t liht and on
leaving carried o f f_al pl
raesilvA3 l s 4 at
$l, IEO wiel'aViestaidlina' he ld ibi Iffyir
ing. I ! .; ..1
Liquor , Licentec : -.Parties who have not
Yet.oEoititVt liebtiewi,'_Agn*' the
office of County Clerk :.Brown, are: notified
that they VIII be revoked. unlesiCtilion'out
by the, This thaely nOtlect'ahjibld
be acted upon at oneei- ••• • I
Forupts , _ukcet,s , —, Alderman Strain issued
a viarrant - yesterdai for the arrest of Mary
J.- , Needs, on oath of 'Emma I:
Munson with fornicatiol4,}o, ? ,. ,
Council X Ori/.,Will,bea meet
ing of Pitiabuightflinitiellacrn !Monday next
R t iP*o, - *c ( 44 . o*••• , ' , 55
10 4 ?-A
u l l Ogarritvulf IX. An 15. ' •
i•• r.l l3;t o:lftt
Gardner & StewarCs Spring Sale of New
Dry Goads, llegitining bit 'Monday, 25th
inst., on West Corner of Market and
Fourth Streets, Nr. 69..
Two cases of beautifµl prlwts 10434 cents,
reduced froml6 denta; : r
• Two eases 'bleached musllns at 10,1234
and 15 .e.ents, _reduced. : • .1
Two bales unialeaelted muslins at
1234 and 15 , 3ents, all redneed. • • -
One ease;xtra ginghium 41234 cents, re
daced.fioin 15 cents._ . -• •
'25 toieteslicklrig finn
at a rednition. ' "
' '5O piactim crash eitra'at 1234f5, hers
SO dezen linen doy/es.:=good-at• - 1,25= , -all
I - Others chea.p.. • ' • . • , .
:50 dozen linen toWels at special bargains,
extra cheap. - - e
• 100 newt/Wits, all gradcs, spomCgia.low:
4116', . - i• - • - „, s -
zoo. pieces ,white buff, p: k., cheapest ;in
the city t
tot 'Ludin's black wool detaine - at 35 cents,
,worth T
25.1,1 •bliiek alpaca poplins; best. bar
gains' of the Season; all. at a reducticu, be
ginning at 31 cents. • . ,
One special !lot of colored alpacas at :50
; cents,; SU, new , shades; • reduced from. ; 62
cents, .expressly for thil'sfile• . • -
50 'pieces assorted „
chene.,mid'iltrilAd,dri*Ao9do; in
o', 25 to
64iA ' centiN i tiiotittoqraorry lobar. : - •
Dtesi,goddiglifst ptirelifised in NelciYork
- at a great' ri(idnetioli, will be *sold accordihg
-ly'otteaw.-ie • •• 7.1 .
Gros • grain .• silk slor ••situiques,..sin ,:all
grades, good quality•for 42, , others. special
iy, low.- •• • ' • , *1 -,"!'
New 111 ahawlS at
verrb~' Oisla -allgoods
ra e prices, now, •
Ne!, styles in`cackings,at a great, reduc
Kid gloves at 85 cenii, all'Colots, table
linens, white goodS, shirt , fronts, and Irish
linen at low prices. "".
4000 hoot? skirts at 50-cciitSrbtliisi•grades
• T..
Lips points much la,Wer than Iluitseason.
Our goOds are all new; selected hvitle care
and- purchased at a reduction :freeze; SOFnuir
prices, „and- correspondingly
IcitV,im west eoFnernf garket and. Fourth
"streets„ 69.„ GinpliErt &SisEwA:nr.
the'Btylea which' have thus far, made
theft aPpearance On . our fashionable
oughfares, ~,,the • only : , promenaders we
haVe; display a marked improvement over
• those in vogue last year; WO 'were much
pleased ' with -the charmingmillretty
noveltlea in the the Way
. of* lace gooda, , , em
broideries and trimmings, which- have just
been introduced at the fashionable :retail
trimming and-motion 'house of W. W.
Moorhead, No. 81 Market:street. These . , to
gether - with the full line of strait-o:pda on
hand are-very pretty,:and when :more! gen
erally introduced will materially .pluiage
the prevailing . styles. Mr. Moorhead de
rives much ,lust Pride in . being ,always
'amongst the very ktratto introduce the new
style 4 in this Community and . hisatoie *is
already favorably knoWn by all' the ladies.
His goods are chbsen'with much Cafe and
judgment, and ' his prices are'always
reasonable. , . • •-
Ltouq Fall to See IL—To all those seek
ing homes or investments, we "knoiv'of no
better medium.througloyich to obtain in
formation than - the - Real . Estate . . Register,
published-by . Croft dt Phillips, 139 Fourth
street. It contains suCh a variety of farms,mills, stores hoWls; tanneries, houses,
lots, city and suburban p,roperty that the
'most fastidious cannot fail to, get suited.
The Messrs Croft & Phillips 'have extensive
Western and Southern connections, and to
leer is invaluable. ' . .Cikli at-their office and
obtain a copy, or send them your ad.dress,
and they will fbrWitrd'lt Ififf rettird Irian.
The Marblelzeil.-Marble Mantles manu
factured at W: W. Wallace'a extensive
steam marble works. Nos. 335 and 337 Lib
ertv street, are coming into very; general
use, being vastly superior and. mgch More
beautiful than the , regillar‘n:taible hitherto
used. Persons building new houses should
not fail to examine-into the merits of these
artistic productions. They are cheap in
comparison with marble and will grove
much more durable, retaining, for all time
their marvellous lustretandi beruity.-
Only a Star.--It is a fact that stars do in
fluence otie'adestiny. -We mean, of course.
the "Star Shirts" made by Cree Brothers,
26 Fifth street; for a comfortably fitting
shirt is necessary for a . man's happiness,
andlliey . warrant a fiti -Mt& 'ie..-- They_ are
slaughtering Half Dose, selling genuine
Frence Brown and real English super, three
pairs fortfl,oo, worth 50 cents a pair. Bis
marck Paper Collars at 22 cts. Give them
a call for, furnishing goods. •
To Whom It may Concern.—The public
are hereby cautioned against purchasing
scales Made according to the specifications
contained in a patent granted to Forsyth &
Tramc, March 3d, 1868, as that construction
is substantially covered,„by prior invention,
arid a patent graiited to'tlieVibahiber Sep
tember 11, 1866, and cannot lawfully be
used without his consont.,- -
3'. F. KEELER, Pittsburgh, Pa.
At Bates dic Be, nc •No. 21 Filth street,
the ladies,.will find a superb. assortment of
bleth and silk wiilkinig coats, jack
ets for spring promenade. — The - selection
of dress goods is likewise admirable, while
the lines of housekeeping goods arefull and
complete. For any and everytlung in this
line we( advise a purchasing tidt tolhis
establishment.,' .ThcFprietni thittliPerY -rea
sonable throughout. .
Sale of Real Estate- - Leggate, auc
tioneer, "sold, on Wednesday last, a. lot
ground at Homewood, containing 1.4 acre,
for the sum of •#4,200.r At the artmetime the
beautiful suliurbiiii'reSideace of Dr.M. S.
Aborn was.offered at-sale by , Mr. Leggate,
but inasmuch as only ?14,000 was' bid the
sale was not made.
41 takshatitifil bank:49 l MM- atliers . dealring
to have meals served at their places of busi
ness will do .well to confer. heir orders on
Holtzheinter -of the' Continental Dining
Roome, Fifth street, neat door to the Post
iface farne as a caterer licanivertally
recognized, while his prices are very Tea
sNlahle:ix 1.1)
We have received from the publishers,
Prank ..Lesiies:,Lady's Magazine and Lip
pincott's Magazine for June. The latter
contains an original poem '11.5 "Swinburue.
Mr. - Gildenfenny street; has
sent XtifilthteMiriteAr(vatid
Young Folks for June.
How Can
be OtheTiset—li elicate, rich
and delicious in Azice, laating and du
rable, WOtxlmirth's, PT/or..ael
SantOp the now Spanish•perfarne,'bids fair
in popularity,.
ReVinuilieW.LThe PentikVlVaniaSinte
Convention of Univerealista will meet in
'the Uniseinslist- :.Chureh irr: this eity,Pen
thtrd of Jinni Mixt: "Re . t. C. Ighlmtinti.
8ern24.31 1q:7.';: - 4 1 - 1'5.3.?, riarip
419411411Pre.. 'ceOtt-,vpillan
TroodiClTlftli iitteet;!,:iieW oo ' The Post
Cornea, mealaaio - aervedsgakall ho
'the b eat atjle; ; aid 'At; meet ! , reaseeldile
Prb*lt .' > ' .;• ' R• ,, t:'.. 1 .. .1 , '..i. ~ 1.-,
) 'R I: , 1 ,-,' • , k r•fr-s-- , 4 101 , ~Z ., - 7.. ~., 1 1. ~,, ,tef
The place to get. White ~.Take,rilalahuidi
-13aliteri IlltoilithlidlVenrilibitiblllt—dr,...2t./
i .,,
EeklYr: l 4 , l67 First- street', -//t T: nt,..`l
.. ;
. ‘; . r^1!... 4 1 1144.4: 117 . ,.`' '. `'.''.. ' L f
/111 . 41111; ilkalitteillfaidlairial 'ilicitistio
Tileibill rekl #44 4 oi . :at:P/' •PA4 ea l
.. , .1 . ci,. / , 4el73 , rir , -1 ~ ~.., , •; 1
Gothic =and Tillth Chittuiey pe, Irrain
rattelligelibiat:o/:.a.;*latie/ I°l ' Mr l t'
waiver, /ill -:.i: , V
~ .11.10C:43 . ..,,, ''5.4 . .. 4
~fn ~‘, 0 toad ' , .. , 44. , .• • - 'I" :" 1 .-, v4 '
114001* 046**404401048iiiiilini
I,llf itrOXit Eakt ehae r t el*
illatf"` i t
..,z, arti
' -
= • , „.„
r ;
' ' •
Trunks, Trunks, Trunks,
You 14)1,8nd Lieblees
pro ~ Trunk Factory:: I. . 1 4
Trim it for trat , ellers.
Trun it that will stand rough nse,
- and ~ Istanttstly. , ,m
Beautlinl Saratoits .
Ilandliorne valises.
Well-thade satchels" , •
. - Dura br e =po i fla w , pa.
EverVhody shotddltteilehiler's. • •
• His workmen titre superior. , •a, t•-
- His prices arevery lo'w. LITT!. • .
,Call at 1 .1.04,W00d street,
r! .
• the best apdPrigh*Ton lo l9faent
Jolioius fitna Callsapad;lttiowrtbts. Caswell,
;tick o
'CaliSayn, :ILO" Iron reistortitiTeOlot - to
the hlood, The P4ostihorns ikotee 4 of irgste of .
the neiie tissue, ,and the 'Oali t
nemirel'ilifiantifill , tette to - the d%,•ef vs) or
g!uw , thiprebtfeyriffig dyepepiti-in
noun fortns;wakantheisi,GetientlDebiltty
•axid!lDegression Syktrite. :Manufactured
- s onlY-bk,*ftswellvriaPar4 ft PP. 4 7 .W.Y0i1E•
0.057: 1 44, 4 4 1 :400- - 1 - : TA: E
Stiluilßate: bonnetsatalitaw_gooda for
inen,-Aronien;• bdyi afld girls pill be offered
at prliatilsaleitolibty 'at the - eatenisive auo
tion hoUSe ludesrobmtror t.limithson;. Van
look and MoCiellandAlasontitHalk, Ur and
57 Fifth 4reet4t,.ThtSe fteeketout
the maniasetusetalnbands, andwg.l,.be of
fered, at!b a,,tgeat Wholesalsk;uld
retail' pUtvbasep. i - VIA, 0 1: 1 , 0 0t 112 4 for-sP'
leetlon - .fa lintunima;, 's. Ant,Ptiou* ~.9111
Waco it c' • --..,.,,„., ...... ;,, , ,
... i ii'..:
, , r.z.:=4:;.:4 Ai ,-- r .,== r.c , • - - 1 f.._',
r!:A We ' "of . Caution 10=:Callf . : for Dir Ken
nedy's Ad anent. Ourefor, Catarrhek and
see that 'sfa4,Bimitejp,- ur thelraPPer-
Sold by-' druggists, ...,,It ..the. anty:xem
edy that: gives 'sidfre r e
,e,,t• , ::,7l;bure are
ii , orthZeil UniqaPlA B f or . sale , Get none' but
the geitdne: , rt• - : 1 ~ `.' ' ''';' ea:
Hotelcfail to Supply 4s:tempting! bills of
fare as those' which :ft,lrtgraee the:. tables
of the, Suet-class Contitionta diming 'mains
off, B ilialtzheiruer,,FAfth :t atnpety l peat door
to the Post, le.
; - - GOO IPtik riiiiaN4r n etablei:siad eirery
lidag fresh la , •thci:niarkbbi , caorited- up in
first astir stile at'lEibltzheintie'r'ic:Centnett
tEdurdik litooma, Mir Val:Al:text door to
the. FestiOfficei: 7701.1 - fy
To-metchipatoexi.-Fcir every
thing azantliethe tilnittdfikc #lll3- ;we refer rOtr to-Joseph lion*
tiaethetit oritfth page. " "'"
-Ttid vat, r 43clifroni'ther attrirU are
, well'aatMed with the Ltmklnitlabt they get
at Pitkteleg4
Po trouble fo ehow era z c ie, wa
trial of, role Y's Pen, Pittobk-does:
' Fngßah and I+reneh'Xide Taper for' the
Udlesst - ." •
. . ,
. . _
Base' Ball Gobds r 4;nirstook'is OOrrjrtlete.
Serid' t'o Pittriek. , ' • '
Hutii:Tscoile Views etTittack'EL
• efollitglyv v e iff
'Fos hie;latetrestdebee; Hare , ciplotel,-Lieerty
street, Capt. ItOpRT
,ELARE; ,the
year of Pia. r" ,
, 1 -The: funeral wilt , deice - item fouiSrmiiky- Arrzn
sporr,,at .21 ffherdetiOlii of the 11 1 211 7.0 e
. respectfully inytte4to:attentl.-;
- . . . .
May 221 d ,, at.l2 ilo'clock,
at the residence of her' son4n-law - :, Wm. J. kfeldit
len. eorner Shelby mall Webster streets; Idly: JANE
31e311LLEN., aged 54, years 9 0 dalA•
• The • funeral will take niece .Mi l lin.rDa t if. Xr;r4l
- 'Mai:, at Ig'o , etc ! ck; 14e..4: F lenil l Of thnlOtelly are
invited to attend- - • • '• • ,
o.,IO3O.FOUIgTE rittainiggh.: Ps.
lery description of Yunerni Pnrnishinirtioods 112 r.
niabcd. Zooms open ciay,nrul: Wont. ..tienrse•and
Carrniges tarnished: .- - A , A A -
213.EY.CEILISOB8—licy.Dxvid Nerr,l3 Rev M.
w. Jaconns,l3o;D n rliorruni '841..,,1at0t0
5Q11..1E61.03 t&iiMEItLEB t IITIEDEIIEtw-
Allegheny City, where their COFFIN ROOMS are
constantly supplied with , read.tnd ItatIOSOEL BOW.
wood Mahogany and Walnut rOodhas. ht prices,va
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