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Englleb & re's Boob EstabiletdoeaS
Coodeopeo—Tbroe rottelogellaroed
' 8200. , 00—YeetiaIty Covered
by 1. surastee--Tbr:etorli of4en 10-
renalcry; • 4,
Otte ti the mod' tlestrnetive . fires ;that
has occurred in thecity for several pears
took place yr•aterday morning. between
three and four out eh. Tama !Ina
buildings . odPourth street, among iviaicla
WOO A. 11. lingllsh ,t 1: Ca's Doak - Bindery
'and Printing establishment, were left in
ruins, involving loess of at lariat two
hundred tisonsand dollars worth of prop
erly. • •
• About one CiCIOK in the morning
• Lleutenant.Wilmot, of the police force,
who web en duty at the time, discodered
awoke issuing frem the pre-e; room
• which was in the bssement of English ik
Co.'s catehindiment, and at once CAT.'
municated the Lira to the Central omee
of the Fire Alarm Telegrepb,.from which
the alarm WAS hounded. The Fire De
-1 in
pertent answered the call promptly,
t and in a few momenta the lire wag
tinguisiied, alter which. the Asslsiant
Engineer of the Fire Department, now in
ppled by the Fire Marshal anti three
policemen, made a thorough examine
lion of the lower portion of the building,
and were sent-tied that the Ere hail been
thoroughly extinguished. Mr. McElroy.
the -Assistant _Engineer, then lett the
place In charge of the .Fire Marshal end
police, with instructions to the police to
remain and keep watch over it until the
proprietors arrived. • •
. Between three and four. o'clock the
policemen who hod remained inl. the
building. hewing an unusual nolee,
Went to the frootsloor when they &woe
; ered flames issuing, from tbe third story
of this -Wilding adjoining, which l'was
jalso occupied by English t Co ' I and
1 about. the same limo the operator at the
Central ante discover - cal the lire, and
gavetho alarm; but before the engines
cupid get Into service, We !imam had
made Such rapid progreas that it wee a
matter of impossibility to save; the build
', tag. From It the flames were coati:cunt
mted to the main building of the tirm,
width was a four Wiry- am
• iron front, the basement owhich was
occupied ; press room, the street
floor by George F.Rnott et Co. as a whole
- sale shoe erbare.the remainder by Engliati
• ,
at Co., as a book binding and printing
'establishment, and in less than Ell( an
hour the entire building wag a GIaSS of
mina. The next house that fell s prey
to the,devouring element was that Own-
ed by C. 11. Paulson and cecupled by
John B. Bailey. real estate agent,
as onetime anti dwelling, a three Story
. -brik aoining the book establhment,
wh c ich w dj as totally destroyed. So is
did the Baum, advanco that Mr. Bailey
• was barely enabled to get his wife and
children from the handily; building, not
even allowing them time to dress them
. " seivai. By this time. the flames bad
reached the building neat adjoining Mr.
Bailey's, which was occupied by Mrs,
• , Thorn, and owned by Mr. Paulson,
• burning everything in the second and
third stories, including a fine piano. The
'adjoining building, owned and occupied
•• by MM. lirucklocher, tailor, wasslightly
damaged. The hntidiug on the opposite
side of the street, incepted by Dr: King,
. •
and ihaoneadjoiningir, owned by It. C.G.
Sproul and occupied by Mrs. Fulton
an a boarding house, were slightly' dam
• . tbeilmelv dieing of the window. abut
tens. Tire building adjoining, maned by
IJ Mrs. Stevenson, and occupied by Gen.
Sweater, C. D. Arnsthal raulDr. James
'Orr; was considerably tuna:seed, the roof
baring been burned off and the building
J. flooded With wetter.
• . ENGLISH &CO 8 to:eats. ,
In addition UT thei destruction lof the
• two buildings, which were valued- at
. • • 10.000. the losses of Messrs. 'English at
Co.will not fall abort of 076,00. ' Their
Klock of • boob, paper was
very henry. and was estimated at.F2.1,-
•" COO, while their machinery, consisting of
• three Adams presses. two im
pression presses, one bydroulic pram,
j - ;worldling machines, three folding
chines. 0130 cutting machine, land a
'j large- quantity of other valuable tna
. ebtnery. Meloding the engineovatiworth
The firm of 'A. H. English k. Co. are
Insured to the amount of 011,000. !in the I
'following aumpanimi Nara, Hartford,
l 112,000; Putnam, Connecticut, 0i,500;
rard, Philadelphia, t 1,50.0; - Government.
New York, 53,0e0; Altrany, New York,
• berLand Valleysoo-
, Pa., 00
•s i lir. John. D. lialley was insured to a
w Pi i =b...7.,mParly for $.1.500. Ills lore
.1 that a mot:at oonsldera
bly. a lames on the rein-tinder of the
ElL=y destroyed are fully wvered by
TIIE °etc:Ls' or Titt: rtttii.•
• There is a diversity of opinion existing
I .as to the itemediare .origin or the tiro,
•• • I but nilxgree that It was the work of en
incendiary., It is quite evident from the
• -•..• irtatemente of all who examined. the
• I premises after the first fire that it at least
was nit the result of accident. as the
stoves; furnace and every plate about
• ' the budding where there hud been fire
the day " •
previous were found ti he per.
• teeny cold. •A - window leading to the
basement was found open, raid about
-twenty feet from the Have was &lacer
, ered a bundle of paper, some wood sad
a quantity of coal. which. had evidently
.'i been Warning for sorrrotime,ond'directly
over It a hole was burned thrciugh the
floor. It I. the opininn'of many that the
- •
second fire originated from the Mat, but
the fact of the fir^. hreakir , out in the
4 third story of the adj,ining building to
which the first fire w.or In would seem to
: -l• indicate differenttheerr. '2dr. English
'• informs us that, he a sot 'through the
L ' L building Saturday night before closing
up and saw that alt the fires were az
rhDP&"lvr:asErsoot i &e fo r ll e y still , t ti f s fi'd id th en 't t.
l This, we bedleve, is the third time this
_ .; I firm have been burned out,: - . •
. ,
rallaYstoorn Explosion—Widget
• of Ibi - Mirooes . . Jury:.
• The Gnisrie?s Jury impaneled to
inv.:stag' ate tho mate of the explosion of
the boilerin the tin works of lir. J. D.
Gray at Frankstawn, which resulted In
! he death of John Harris, the engineer,
met pursuant to adjournment at one
oxiock. yesterday, when the following
todemorry was iteardi •
James Thom, hailer makere tmtilled
that he • bad examined toe exploded
• boiler and thought the accident oval
mused by low dater. The water line
was below the tines, where the boiler
gave way. The iron was goodttlse safety 111
: valves were In good order; bat the gauge
ce4is were vet, much aut of ordor and
have been for some tlme; only one A being
. In working order.
John D. Ocsy; the proprietio of the
will, testified that he had always ermsld
eral the engineer competent; his 'Mame
. tar eras good; he had been employed there
since last year; never beard the engineer
complain sent the injector; the usual
. pressure Of stem was eighty ponuds; the
s engine had started when the• explosion
• °marred:l4lm exploited toiler hod not
been used sinee Monday last. -:
Wm: F. Turner tescitled Met h. had
; .
loin practical engiceer for nineteen
years; had, examined the boiler. and
thought the explosion Was caused by an
-.lnaatlielent Supply of water. ..•
"The e iury; atter a brief delik.e.mtion, re
---letumetif the following verdict: •• '
That .kcln Harris came to his death by
eellapseof tine et the rotting m ill of Job n
D. Gray,.altaatrdat leaututown..llle;
gkony emitter, Pa., on t.tto:itit day of t•'l,
ruary,lsSs, caused by an inenificiency.
of wider in the boiler. • :
Thajary also unanimously adopted
thgTotlowing as a statement of. their sen
timents: • •
,e!ln view of the fact that exploeions of
leallersin manufacturing establishments
hovel:ice:oath so frequent, read attended
wltle bush feadnF eonsegoe naex wo
would call the attention of citizens of
this community to the fact that five
times out of via disasters can be
tented to the engineer, Will has been
either Ittoompetent or carelem In the dis
charge oflits duty. Aed we woule ear
nestly xeconameOd that the proper steps
he immediately taken to have a law en
acted aniberimng the proper authoritiee
toappobot an Mepeetor 'creme May it
shall be to cumin.' and inspect oil
butlers within thellmieS of
the' -y ex
cept thosOnow subject to inspection
of tiro United States limps...ter, and that
be) eerson shall be tiermitted., to act as
engineer who Les not undergone
nation and taken out n to du
ea We can ire no. reason silty bee:bar:les
and workingmenempleyeciin nounitsse
haring establishments ehould not' have
the Mame protection:which ta extended to
hands and Tia,K,enperi; en VOLF,ciLE propell
ed Ity steam; and we , do think, and the
history of the lost few years in out own
city will sustain no in oar Opinion, that
alaw might to be named event:Mug the
Intipeckert of holiem land the qualities
lions of engineers on bald, ttiudlar to the
oseeebleh row exist, compelling the in
spection of dime implied I, nasrine par
poem ged.thoonatifimtions or engineers
'lending them." .
The body found on the Allekbetty Val
• ley 'Railroad, Sunday 1314, art account of
which wo published recently-., hus been
identified as that of Jeremiah Crosmun,'
watchman on road. Ile was walks
log oath's:trunk, on ie supposed, when
rounded hour behind
t suddenly. 's sharp curve.
and - iitrnele Mtn. Ile reuldod near the
Soda s mid.Workleases a wife and tun
children. fie wane embersnd ezetnpla
,- ry man, as ire eie inforcned. le remains
hese been- interred in the SC Ilary'S
Cemetery of this city.
Trxmat Wlre-tea ZlOpenliesi
Elopements under semecirmonstanors
may be nieusable, but wkeni a mum at
tempts 'to' .skedaddle" Wl* another I
mans wile, he amaze-its an act which, 1/11
our humble opinion, is without an ex-
cone: but, notwithstanding our opinion
I In the matter, such things are done, and
we preiume will be so long as old men
I are foolish enough to Marry young Witee.
I We heard of a case yesterday, the facts I
lof which might be of interest to at least
a portion or our realism An old. man, a
rlisMent of Tomperanceyille, by in
dustry and economy has amused enough
of this world's goods to keep him com
fortably through Ms declining year..
After retiring from his occupation, that of
a river mon, and settling down in a cart,
little home, the old gentleman became
lonesome and resolved to marry. In fact
he was in lote, and the object of his ate°.
not being blessed with an overatock
of wealth, feadtly consented to Join
handYwith der ancient lever, and about
six - months ':store they ; were married.
Fora time "ill want merry -as a mar-1
riage bell,'' But in time 'the old gentle
man became dissatisfied ;with the quiet
life he was fending, and determined to
take to the river again. Some two weeks
since be left home, expecting to be Mb.
sent two or three weeks, but something
occurred by Which his absence was cur
tailed to two or three days. He return ,
ed home one night at a late hour, and
on, repairing to -his residence found
hfif piece occupied by another man.
It appears- that a young French
man.had for, same time past been'
on Intimate terms, perhaps too
intimate, with the old man's wife,
and was improving the cpportunitles
xfforded him by the old gentleman's lib
score, by takbig lodgings in his house.
The matter was settled between them el
ler a little bluster on the part of the in-
J Emd husband, and the Frenchrnanits he
supposed, left the community_ never to' .
return. But such. was not the. ease,
as the sequel will show. Thursday morn-
Iftg the forgivinghusbandhadoccasion to'
come to the elty, and during his absence
the sanctity of his abode was again vio
lated by the Frenchman. He did not
rs , mainlong,howaver, as it appears there
was an understanding between him and
the truant wife, who after packing her
clothing, milecting all the valuables
about the house. and live hundred dol
lars In card, loft with Frenchy," as she
then supported never to return again.
The guilty pair repaired to the Union
Depot, intending to take thellirst train
east. In -the meantime the. husband
returned bomd, and finding the braise
In disorder, kis money and wife missing,
made inquiry of the neighbors, from
'whom he learned that the Frenchman
had been there again. and that his wife
had departed with him. Ha at once
Marten for the depot; and er arriving
there found the objects of hi. search just
in the act of getting abeardthe - esatarn
hound train. Jietltreatened toprosecnte
them both, but finally agreed to say no
more about the matter If the Frenchman
would. , leave the city for good,
and 'lds wife go home with him. Of
course Frenchy was willing to make any
motnise that would keep him out of the
clutches of the law, and the with was
equally lavish in her promises to behave
herself' in the future. "With ell her
Souls he levee her stilt" The French;
man having a ticket for Philadelphia.
which had been porehased with a - portion
of the five hundred aollars; left on the
train, and the husband end wife returned
to their home in Temperanceyille.
A Cleveland Seesatles—Noedeir will
Oat—A Weave than Chiseler Tensed/
—A warm tbarged shim v01....1ag
live Drainer to entails lIL newer.
Cleveland was startled yesterday by
the publication of a murder by poison
just hronght to light but committed
twelve months ago. The chruniatiothes
'attending the revolting mar era as fel
lows:-About four months since. •
widow, Mrs. Gray, went to Judge Til
den and asked advice. Her brother, she
meddled in February, 1867'; there was
au insurance on his life of about
and he had a piece of propaity to Eu
clid and some ether effects; her sister,
Mrs. Sarah W. Victor, living on Webster
street; bad taken. all this property by
virtue of a will alto claimed to have, but
which she (Mrs. Gray) had saver seen.
.firs Gray had always underarms:l from
her brother awl others that ether was to
share his properly, bat now found it all
telten by her sister. Mrs. Gray 'wanted
advice. mberlif Nicola woe c.u.cuiyu.d.
became satisfied shortly, frornithst BIM
Gray mid there and what 'she had said
oisewhere, that it was a case demanilag
investigation. Mrs. Gray had raid, in
brief, that her brother was taken sick
after eating a pious of pia in his sister's
(Mrs, Victor's) house. Other people, too
lathed about the affair of his death; say
ing that a poet mortea examination was
proposed at the time, and objected to by
Mrs. Victor, that there were surp•clom
circumstances about it, Am Sheriff Ni
cola at once set about the investigation
of the case, and since that time has, with
hid asoistanta. been carefully aad'closely
following it.
The brother and supposed vietifof the'
wino/ming was named William eirquet;
La served three, years in the 16th Li. S.
Infantry dniiett the war; came home,
worked at Fenner'a tavern la Euclid for
a year; then went to his sister's home,
whore be remained until hid death. Ho
was, according to' the sister's testimony,
ordinaryintelligence,but could neither
read nor Init..
Last week the body was °shunned and
the stomach subjected to careful cheat
sumlyals, which resulted in the dis
covery of large quantities of whit* ants,
.A.t the Coroner's exaboinatiton the
accused woman, aleolsabonst thirty years
of age, evinced great mental exclteinirat.
She testified to having effected an bun 2.
ethos herself on the life of her brother
for k 2,030, which amount she collected
after his death. She admitted keeping
arsenic, to poison nits with, in Mr hone*,
and also havinga. quantity of carrredm
hlinasto for Mr complexion, - bah of
whirls poisons she aMtedwould bells:nod
nuder the carpet is her bed chamber.
The evidence not yet educed is said to be
of a very paeltim character against the
She is mid Lobe a church member, and
active in her society.' She bass ;pleasant
voice,spenks low, and during the cram
; insilth wag very much - distreopect most
of the time. shedding (cars copbously,
mpecledAy when arrested. She mere to
• the inquest without the knowledge that
' She was to be held to answer the terri
ble chargeof murdering her Maher, bat
she know that the manner of hid death
I was the subject of Investigation.
Oil Praktaation , taw Iresingit•aa
- -
The total production of the .Tenango
0:1 Region,
lays the Oil City Bcpubticee,
is elleltingconaiderahle inquiry suncieg
dealers and operafors. Canaille:gametes
ace the amount at 3, "riOo,oao beards. :
and earnest - en is high as 4,000,000 bar- I
rata Tame wain:mien are about es: near
the amount moan be samba. The foreign
shipments of Pet:Claim far Jairaulr,
ISret, bare been greater than the IMMO
month, 1557. The excess or =plus of
Petroleum at'. the commencement of
held at the place of. production, in
all other points. in this country 'and in
Europe, and anent, is mitimat atm:or
thing over a million and a half of bar
rels. The largestock ea here reptheented
hat had anything but an unfavorable
elTect at the place of production- • Price
' have steadily advanced attire the com
mencement or the new rear, and
continue firm. The Indications
for keeping up the present daily I
production—About 10,000 , barrels
' admits of no quretion... We.: give it ts
cur opinion that for all future "ttine the
91210Unt of Petroleum produndonef the
Pennsylvania Region will be ample for
the demand. The prospecrthriseiropans
very fairly, and although ; the prices of
former years are out arias question,
producers can look forward -WWI coed
arm* to a remunerative season. In or•
der to guard against thelluctuations that
ore incident to the trade, they obould call
their product as rant am. produced... The(
large inerrant of empty tankage hereand
in the principal . Petroleum markets of
the country; as well as the. erection oil
such a large amount of new tinkaws as
hi uow under oonstraMlon, are the rem-
!One adduced for the above predictions.
No need for 'whom Amu-amnia= In • re-
gxrd to the large surplus reported. The,
trade i s Rarely strong .enougds to tarry,
Cock of a million or so of barrel* With.
outeerious detriment. • •
,The Pennirylvanla 011E/glen is the
only reliable source from whew* the
world can depend for Its eripply, and we
have no fear that the supply will Oyer
materially exceed the demand. •
City Mortality. .
Ur. A. G. MO:audios; Physician or
the Enatd of Health, reports the follow-
log interments . from January 25th to
February' 2d, ItCS . •
Fever, 1; Puerperal Pglitrostlisi 1;
yopl , exy I; Chromuliyeentery, D . Paralo
psis. 1, Consumption, 1; °erica Enteri ,
tie,l; Disease of Spine, 1; Scrofula, I;
Covololorm,l.O, Hoortatina. 1; licalmO, 1;
Drnproy . of Heart, I; Ceplllai7 BrencAltls,
1; Unknown, 1; Debility, I.
Of the above there worm Under one
year, 6; from ono to two-years 2. from
two to nveleare, 2; from tan to flare*
yearn, I; from twenty to thirty lamb 2 ;
from thirty to forty years, 2; from sixt y
to seventy years,l.
Males, C; Females, V; Toted, 17.
" oi hlie the Ism? Bates Ont to Bane ,
there - is a chance for reetoration of,
health. If, therefore, the constitution
has been weakened by disease or eaten
—the nerves shattered—the stomach
weakened—the appetite gone, and all the
world appears gloomy—potir some fresh
oil into year lamp, in the shape of Plan
tation Bitters, which will make the flame
of life agAin bunctrightly, and illuzeine
ate a once wretched existence. • Mar -
dim it la an el ',egant and gentle admit..
lard. exactly es they require. Maury
;families will notbe- without it. It has
Ilan immense sale thrOugbent.'the
'Magnolia Water,—A delightful toilet
a Hole— toiperlor to Cologne, and &Ault
- •
Pensylvaiia Legislatare.
lOUs Paasob—Sorpplaasent I. irtur
baraf Alsessafos Nairlogo manic,
Normal MOSS' to InotTOW NIFININ—
DIAArderts. Pomona fa Molioeoposs—
Loorroooerwii Cass Coos posit —PM.-
bona Do nolo,: and savlows Aso:.
etallon—ilehool Dtreesors of lOollsoe
to Horror asisof —oalaslos so Judges
—BM ego oyes too akto at Pins
tsposo DlspacbtAPlSlAbarsk GassaLe.l
f.i..urfasstriso, February 7, MIS.
Supplement for Mechardo Saving's
Dank of Pitiebnrigh, which authorize'
Investment In Slats and National' mead
Authorizing the South-weetern Nor
mal College to {borrow fifteen thousand
dollars for buAding ➢hrposei.
Empoweringthe inthorillee of.lleKces
port to commit illaorderly persons in de
fault of lino.
Inoarporiting I the Y.s.wrencoville Gas
Company, Allegheny county: =pital one
hundred and lilty thousand dollars.
Incorporatlng'ybe Braiding nada:Ting
Msocistlen,oi ..ittebtargh, capital tiny
th 0111511111.1 dollars.
Authorizing the School Directrirs of
Be Allog4eny. :county. to Lorre*
SALAMI:3 or Amon:
41. r. NICE. of Schuylkill, offered a res
olution requesting the Stale Trammer to
report the number 'and names of nil
President Judgers. with amount received
by snob in 1a67. Adopted.
The bill for a bridge over the Ohlo from
West Pitbiborgli and Tempereneevllleto
Allegheny City! was reported affirma
tively. ,
Incorpurating Me Pittsburgh awl Tent
veranceville Pamenger
Also, for a atm= fa in the Allegheny
River. from Clutal street to Ilarcia I eland.
Tho postage account of the Home for
Jan wiry was fotir thoileanal nine hundred
nd fifty ; erz.dollarn.
Adjourned till Monday evening
ILLasusuusci, Feb.lo, MS.
Mr. RIDDLE, of Allegheny, to au
thoriso the SchOol Directors of Ilairipton
township to refund to John Grubbs and
Virplam monies advanced for
bounties. .
Oue from PlDabargh and Duquesne
borough for a ones= ferry from Canal
street to Herr's! Island.
Also, one frorit Robinson end Chartlers
townships against the repeal of the act to
prevent horses,'eattlei, dm., from running
at large. •
Mr. WILSON, a remonstrance against
the passage of s supplement for the Mon
ongahela Valley Railroad. •
Also, againit thayeoples Passenger
Railway.. •
Alio, a pelltirin for a change In the
free for inspeetien of platform wales in
Allegheny county. '
Mr. RECKER% one from eight
hundred citizeim and mlnare'olAll•-
gherif add Westmoreland, igiintd. the,
Also, horn' ihnquesno bo oogh for an
noxation to' A4eslacirly city. • ,
Nir. RIDDLE of Allegheny, changing
the name of George Glenville Tuck to
George Glenville Tuck Jeremy.
Providing for the sale of franchises of
turnpike campmates to pay indent:editors
Authorizing the appointment of two
additional Notaries Publicfor Allegheny
Enabling the School Board of the Fifth
Ward, Allegheny city, to borrow thirty
tlamsand dollars for !shoot purposes
btr: WILSON, of Allegheny, as let
enabling East liirnaingbana to Inane ono
hundred !herniated dollars in bonds for
Relative to Western House of Refuse,
obliging counties to pay coats •f childivit
Incorporating the Wilkinaburg Gas
Mr. JACKSON. of Armstrong. extend
ing the sot retatiTe to livery.itabla keep
ers In A.llegheny to Armstrong sad Rut
. 1
Changing the name Sack street In
Kittanning toSrant avenue.
Authorizing the Slate Treasurer to ex
amine into the claims of Geerge W.
Cass, WenhinntenMeCantock end Addi
son Leech, InVonsequeies of the alma
deruseutt of the Western Divhdon of the
Peruarylvardi Canal:
To takethe'smise of the people of Free
port Borgne, I.rmetroog county, upon
the question of • prohibitory liquor Inn.
ExempUni persons adendlag funerals
achodtr, senilrusales, military parades
frem payment of tells an the ferry
over the Sisidniinetas at Lesebburs.
1.47C.130L50N. Beaver. pressriUsg
.11iditoi• with: seines and nets is rivers
and cricks Id Beaver county.
Authottzieg the appointuenst of en •d
Notery Public at Beaver
peewee . C011113t7.
Ur. Deisp, 1211413, prohibiting fie
Confinement of persons in Asyliame with
out judicial lesemie Hon.
Mr...11,ET-rn, Centro, providing, pen
alty for carrying ail or fluids on cara and,
compelling }'ailment companies to pro
vide seadaltgr;
Mr. BECk.ERT, Allegiaany,lneorPoin,
inif the Psoanylesola Chaise Compet,e.
Annaxlig a portion of Dogmas:l4ot.
-ought to Allegheny City. /
Mr. DINE, Malan, •Xt•lllniNi to co
rat COITIFIZIISII the *Adler* of railroad
rampant". Ito deepen, vide* and Im
prove mud" sad Intros* AWllltles for
the truntsp?rtalion of yrs:Tatty. .
Mr; HERR, Dauphin, establishiag •
penitentiary , for the IlLidlo Nark., of
The Conimlttra en 'Powder* intro.
dared a kill for the payment of parutious.
to soldiers of 1812 and their widows - .
Adjourne"l at hell past tan o'clock p. m
." -Itesiolentiunerst
MR. ERRETT, of Allegkerry, present.
el remonstrance from Town Council, of
Doquarte b,raugb. spina:. the loss of
portion of its territory.
Also,i agalnatthe passage of an act au
thorizing compensation of school board
Of -.ElLosisoth for services *s booty
ba.d. I. '
Mr. TAYLOR, of Beaver, a petition
risking for art extension of the limits of
hrhigeweter borough.
• Mr. CRREPT, locorperating the Con
solklation Itkavinp Rank of Pittsburgh.
I ncorporoling the Pittsburgh and Col
erado'Silier Mining Company. '
Incorporating the Liberty Dr.vitig
Reid Campany'ferr a turnpike between
Psetilberty said Pittsburgh.
;Anthorliing gar:Upton 'township to
keys tax to reimburse 'Wm. lifilliame
sad John Grubb, for bounty snowy id
imineattlts Baasscsa ra asern—gmit.
usotwo ,ruktowt la .41•111—JaPwww•
tar calemsaa muss Mitstrarart thimitsl '
Nuw Ycian,rabanary 0.-4'bl/simmer
Ming. Bear, frem • Aspinwall, Uri ego
81,2 ,33341 California tremors.
' Is limas and Central ..kincriimn news
unimportant. -
Lima advice* to January =Ai eats that
Preildenti Canasta bad arrived at Callon
sad would proceed to the capital that
day, where hs would bus a cordial
caption. Soma miner fiesta occureiet
the Sautb; but traugallity was r
and the whole Baunblici recogni,us
'Commas govornmont. ,
The. United Slats Itittalir Matadi*
was at Bolivia. The revolution thine
proud a. wen keit outbreak and was
easily suppressed. • ' , .
Valparaiso datee to Jan.cisty 10th Mate
that agents am to leave in March for the
United' States, Great Britain, fan, to ob
tain ermigraaLcair toe miothint portion
of ChilL Salt works on, a large sails
will noon be ostabltaidtour Valparaiso.
The Japanese monitor Stonewall ar
rived at Valparaiso Janarmy Gth, in this.
tysilz days trout Yoshio
—ln Cleveland, 0., Friday rolghtlest,
Joe Lod an experienced thief, won't to
the jewelry ge,
attire of Herten 4k, Wad*, and
captoring4lra t i ,.. ign im tal: f tra o, diautc n ild w a
off with It, but was stopped by a Attest
parent:wee, and the property' »moored,
with the ottoeption of about Slob worth
of diamonds, whirl widest:attend the
snow. The thief wu secured; but Tds
confederate, who was waiting.
hand In snatch ser,nned An• swap&
Samara Legislature; on' the
6211, an act - wra passed allowing is pt.
*OA:. 'without regard to ars or rotor. to
practice law ln tbe Courts; If powwow
of the recittlalte qtudiflestion.
CB/ kxgraya
t. the Plttatsr,rh Ga.matc.l
LONDON, February 7.—The resigna
tion 6f railed States Minister Adam;
has been, anniounce..l. Tue
titroulard has an editorial highly com
plimentary to Mr. ...Minh., exproioong
regret - at his approaching retirement
from t h o poAition he so ably Llted.
T0R10175 DENIAN CAPTURED -3,1,1'E1l
Lonnorr, February 5—A notorious Fe
nian, Captain Mackay, was raptured in
Cork last evening by the police of that
city. Whilethe oflicera were en route to
the Jun with' their prisoner his friends
rallied in great farce, and for a time a
desperate tight prevailed. The mob was
finally beaten down and the prisoner
lodked in jail. The .guards around the
Jail wore doubled daring the night to
prevent a rescuer
LONDON, February 9.—Selwyti is sure
to succeed Sir Win. Erie an Chief Justice
of the Court of Common Pleas.
It is undendood American Minister
Adams will take his departure from
England next April. •
The Fenian Captain Mackay, 'arrested
on Friday' at Cork, is charged with lead
ing the attack on the Martello tower at
Duncantion. •
BEBLIX, February 7.—Eveniny.—lt
has been officially given out by Count
von Bismarck that negotiations for a
commended treaty between the United
Slates of America and the Confederation
of • the North • German States have com
menced and are progressing with the
prospect of a speedy and
,set , sfactory
Bent.u.r, Feb. S.—Count Bismarck has
obtained leave of absence from bin post.
as Prime Minister of the North German
Confederation, and will devoto several
mantas to travel through the countries
of Europe. Ms health, which has not
been good - for a long time, has at length
compelled him to aeek relaxation from
hlsardnens duties. It Is announced do
present Minister of Finance will replace
the Premier.
Baum, February 9.—At an interview
last week Count von Bismarck told Gen.
Carl Sebum that It was tho most earnest
doslre of his 'royal master, the Bing of
Pamela. to cultivate the good Will of the
people of - the. United States. This favor
able dispdalUon of the Bing of Prussia
'regarded by Americans here as mu
Important, in view of the necessity which
may arise in the selection of some Euro
pesos power as umpire In the pending di f
ferenur between the United Stolen and
Gresi Britain.
ixsoolisAatNct ADVIORS.
LONDON, February 7.—Lider advice,
from the British army now operating In
Abyssinia are sery discouraging, and
twbide the hopo or a succeisful or safe
Movement thi■ awed.
Adriees from Altysanna state that e
strong force of. British troops was ad-
Tanned from Senate towards the Interior
ou the Mk of January. Wnter has been
bored for according to the American
plan and found in abundance, near the
Esglisit line of March. The mast shore
hod been lighted by the English for naval
purpuseet. Camp GAITMEVI frOm•india
ere belog returned home. Thellzyp.
an Governor of QUlLasoing wa.s neatt
Ilk, It la said, the approval of the lirl
,ah authorities, '
Lona:sae, February T—Lic ening. —Ad s
mfral FaCragut *Tried to ciay from
t:anoi and wan received with especial
liorw•rs try the 34h:tiger of Marine.
Adisdral ?armpit remains; at ?formate
a much honored 'curter.fleet Is' at
Lunt:or; Feb. 6.—The King and queen
' Portugal and suite, whil#returnioic
..:om a hunting party - roar Brass, Irmo
tired on from the roadatde. The gnarle
returned the dre, acme of the ea
sallanta and "rounding other, The royal
party then rode rapidly Into town. The
King end Queen are unhurt.
Loxpox, Febivary. S. ➢Lpa/rho"
from Athena state that a now Cainfilet
hn Men formed with Bulgaria as Prtai•
&at and Minister or the Interior.
IOTA"- III:1E LI:QS...2i.
Paws, Fibraary S.—Yonne Bushel
Iris. of the lase 'Emperor ?Zealand:an
has reosidly enlisted In the Papal 'Les
1111 Rams.
th• IleralSe cable dlepatch %eye N . -
liana:sham altered hie policy toerani the
7• eve and Italy in a euddeu awl remark
at' to manner. Ile cder. a diepoeition
to abandon late poaltlorr of champion of
the Holy See. J.:eared, It le est& of the
•risCanee of Bourbon intrigues
from Roma, the Initnorlal diplomacy
with Borne has become colder, while the
friendly relations hitherto etztating with
Victor Emanuel are to bo renewed.
- •
Queen . .baballa la forced to dlasol re Ler
l'apal-Lssflon, rocrnited under her war
rant In Madrid, as Napoleon flatly ob
krt. to service in U. mow of the lluly
at 7•lo4ratta b Lie rlttabstrita liattAtts , l
l`trw l'aiesc.. February H
able Mexican now* TS liaratia. cable
says: Pronahcianseatta mane the goy
ornmentwowe multiplying. and guieral
retook% had felled under liahrpl , lon.
A' revolutions had broken out• la Sion- -
lea Senor Morales. who had - bred kid
napped, wait shot by -Mt captor. on hie
faller. to obtain the required ransioi.
• A nand engagement is reportOd $l.
ad. The merchenta at Ban Louie Fatal
bare bewi. noliateed from prison sad the
forced twat havk bean reduced. hinolna
elected Ottrtho Motraletas °overlain. 'rbe
noingnatloo of General Mendez had been
aricopted. Oen. l /Immo in fluerreric.
bed &sided not to heed ihe Ingructloos
Ot tie general government, and was pre.
rarrlngt• Nettie 14. disputa with Alvoree
ill an appeal td arms. lie Intended to
marr,ll molest Act.palco. •
Liazyseroa.lF eh. S.—The Thoreau of
Meehan Intelligence , at Brownerllle,
reds the follownig p
out un d er.
, eltion hoe s brriken out Vaideet.
A detachmomt Of government trocpe hod,
I.been routed by the revolutionise.
An expedition Item the northeon pert
of the State of-Tabasco had started ion.
der one Bastin to march. Mendez is re
po be Um ;mime morer. General
Banes Oats , so, moi
had been
I arrested and impkisonat at Ban Lula
A movement in on 1 . 00 in th.Sta,to of
Vora Crux to detach several riling°. I
from that State and form ,a new one.
From all-parts of the Interior come re
parts of re bberliceol, kidnapping and mur
der.. ' . .
Francisco nitwit was elected Governor
of the State of Dunuago.
' Tb. life polity of Puebla has ordered
the suppressment of poreux unable to
.Two americans oss cniod Cook nod Pillow '
ea route for Tehencan were murdered
by Moolcana. • They were emigrants
Item tern Texas
alp QUOTOgian4 Carragal are or
goodzihrr near Campargo, in Tamwall
preparatory to s revolution. Their
Kande . are in Brownsville purchoolog
arms and moulders of war, and troops
here been sent from Matamoros.
as expedltio n which started under
Felix P. Ilan to invade Galena felled,
owing to desertion.
Cortina , bits threatened a revelation
ofJoart &Mee& .
IA Gouts has net given' pentrealon of
the Oubernatorisl seat of Tarnauliw,
which he claims having won In the last
election. ,
The Ite•rea , Mazatlan special of Feb
ruary let, 'aril the revolutionist/I,ms
onling their Careen to attack Alerts:par
Muhl, who Is to the mouutolue !Oth
twelve hundred , men. They • had*ne
fight, sada fleabites battle was daily - ex.
pooled. The GoVerner, It *ea thought,
would -be instaintel by the forces pf
Perahlent Jnarezi
General Martha*. proetaimed blrotelf
GOVernOr .of Sinaloa on the loth, and
I milled for sisal of a hundred thousand
' dollars: Beyond bodies of regular troops
' declared in Ids favor,
A riotin Durango hadbeensu
Au American Worn= Was d Wino
-diced near 0 aslideßulto *llh wren sill-
- Jet° .tab ooetsht her:brim/ sod heart. -
. .
-- . Geri , . ce Nen Pyrrearenan 3ansi - re.
Jo •I.ig, ...CU, ; , L B 1
Bonner, February 10, 1968. I
- lr 7 nr - I'l. , . '. ijn, -.•...-
4 . Tbe - geneznl market. ire quiet and rather
IT an d'lNe7 (o o , , Fcbli ll ` r , ', l '" '. etul, the dperatlons In all of the leading nerd-
YEITOIR lIINI,TEn lIECEITEP. , MOO/Alex being cobslderably rem:doted, th ugh
Ti, , new - Itritimil Minlater, it r. Thorn- in Lose. there arena Important change.
GRAlN—Whitt: Wheat 11 scares and In de.
• ..end but unchanged; we' neat:nue to quota
ru C , In the
IGII, W., mil , jucei to the Pt'os.i , lent to- i.
day by the s••••-" , •"-: °- -•-- • . Red at 50,404 - 0,44 an'il whits al 102,6002,0.:-
Co II reo of I, ' , , TiY . ' to • M r. T i ' ll ' ll ' a ''..l Rte is In steady Iteal•ittiu•nd at 1,1541,40. :oldies, tin, Prtsidout said: j Born is !stet sad Untiollielnl at 9Oeo $1 on
"The people of the United Statoc wilt track, and giendt,lo to More. Barley ls
liellere that her Ifaltsty . ii entirely sin. e=ase and in demand, at IPA. In Almada,
Pere in Ili , kindly ille , sa . 4e which, under j and 12 in store. Oat. steady, but thenesd
her i tun nittoil, you Inivoilelive.roil to me. at 100/14, on track, and In stool at 0110 e. •
rurid this belie( will encoura g e them to j! FLOUR-1s quiet azd uneksuged. We con
hope for a speedy and iimicable iiiijrist. j dens to quote at iiii,viaiim r Spring
meta of the matters in difference beivn.eon j wheat:ll2lll2,EO kr 'Fluter Wheat and 11140
her liilliosty I l
~ overtibilent rind the lio- is J..
for fancy brands. 1151 Flour Is . II but un-
Lriimetit or the Cubed Slimes!' - . J J
ange. 4 .men L
I c h ange .; ante, In store at SS ~ Buido
NATIoNA CONVENTION AT CINCINNAII. i ribimt is dull but unchanged at I
A movement to being mediamediafor a nil i PROVISIONS—Bacon le gale ',
nod, steady
fir a Nolinual Contention at, Pincinmiti I but unchanged ni iii , int snanid
1//401314t0 present the produrong ItOMitries lit 1 tor ninprii sod gip,. spina;
tip r Bpgggpnpp
the Unitoil States. The character or thp , Bison, sad
ip4 far
C‘nirill ion wlll.rilhably 1,01 somewhat i _
L.e .ir. olLs . grmer and a elands Wylie ; kettle • ossr
'oolitic-al ea well ns material, it. Doing the
p:diey under the control of tbo producing i tea In kegs. p . . p
mire:Lion to Min, the Geverilnientkud Bel ni ' ' I / now quoted
iu nt gg /li ggo e M g ,
interests. Tho (:eitLention will Ise eallesllo.ll4. •
under the itliEpieell of the National Ch I
eap BEED.O--cioreyeeed is lo so ak,. 4.b o ttoe d o .
Freight Itailwity I,tigue,andrktelidates I mend, and may now S. quotild at 2110016 n.
for President and Vice President, to rely- 1 (heated l o i o d em and i t ii,a,s.. Timothy Seen
recent the interests Of lirodiiCtion, will J may be quoted In • retell may at n 14601
without doubt he pal in nomination. •
Iwi. I CRAYOKV."i i
In consequence of th, frequent feiturea
lately - on the mail route via Lynchburg
and Knoxville, t h e Ptodorlice Denart-
Metal has to-day it sued orders to forward
the New York, Philadelphia,' BaltimOre,
and Washliyaton mail, for and from New
Orleans via Louisvilio.
tCvsu't`iaros, Feb. y, ISCOI
The Committee dn Ihxsnistructlon had
a very strong session to-day.. Repre
sentatives Stevens' and 'tont:well urged
the adoption of a resolution for tho Im
peachinent and removal of the President,
but the Committee tinatiy referred
. the
President's letters and General Grant's
ton sub-committee. comPosod of Messrs.
Bingham, Boutwell and Beck, with au- .
thorny to invedigate and report on the
Impeachment question. It Is the opinion
of loading members that the President
has rendered himself liable t.t. indictment
for conspiracy. •
'rhe Committee adopted a bill remov-
Inc the political disability from Govern-.
em tier and Holden, and General Long
street. Mr. Brooks. moved) to include
General lituauregurtli but the Committee
The following is a Correet, anitement of
the Public Debt oti tho first of February.
Dad Bearing Cbin Indere.2.
rite p,t<e.t."°3"277,:”..J.0 03
six treent. Bonds of IBC
et: per rear. 1.1.. n.. ....
six per cent. Local.
Na•y•racurlork find 13.000.. re
The supply of Cattle wen iirmk. Wee stun
many, larger / than for mmral wmka
peel, and had It not beett for the fast McCraw*
hag a dozers ear/loads Imre not put on We,
the market would doubtless hove broken down
! and Mem. iohaistattaC demoralised. !Ls Mb
then was lies astivity and bartymey
pissed than ! last ! week, butehere, do some
! queme cf4the Introulid number Do mile, not
being ditilioarni to get' up any mmpetitiOrt.
fmling ! mtletted that there would be mough
I for all, and kuowtac full well that If they be
trayed any feeling about tirtylsg,
would doubtlelse be the melt. Compered with
list weeki prier., taking eventide( fete Lim
,kaideratloo, mderwent but little chance; Meet
cattle ruled a little higher,iriall• good Man
i lag cattle ruled about the same lest week,
ranging from 1 to Cie, cross, to prime to extra,
I some fm!! ! —th• number was rely small—
!.brought a fraction more more then Cr. Stook
! !
• ern sold from 6. to to, as to quallty and eoodi.
floe, and Medium butehere cattle may be quo.
//at Rearlng no tel at from to To. The following Le pretty
Neu • - "Z!,:• • • ff, funseport of all the iisales salts:
co al terren,
- -e,e19,1:0 to I bo Pzte c 3
L etr2 ir nr . n .u r
, r o e 4 h l s . V . r•tatled M
Lit et! ttt ! Daman wholesaled been of gohd west..
• ern Steers to Camuly it 00. at
i tireeriWald Kato retailed IP head of fair to
• Motes eattle at 7 to LW.
.1 mount in Mr' Tetry. I Jr.. &Sedalia. , sold 21 head of mined very ,
. ............ We. , etoek, oa commission; ate to and one very
4 ' , Slo• lOW re. old heifer r te over unsold.
r , c o, 3 ,• u Nyme rt Needy report hoeing eatalied
I lead la Unlie etorir at to at SI heed from
141 , 1 , 7 . ezt , Ar debt, le outs la tb• i - d - r id ,:i; ,! - : !! !r e itine it. ago at to Is, and ka Mead Mockers ,
L , t t I .
7 • •,1 • . • LL Isehilda sold tread of Mimeo Monk
MS T"' 454 ta VA4 IS hmil from owe mixt Left over
rt. M. 1:•.:Itn/ di•lnirring cleric of .the unstath
Trewtury .fteportmeot In the Socretery's firma it Lieu sold Al head of Chbrago Welt
morticing in his Titth Tent,. etf-V.,Le„L
tic heed of
et 6 to 1.
The ..urreury • prlnteul during !!,:14.2=1t,t1httogd,d!ilt,tir tim e d G o tt
0 witis strieiiirliod f!! ! al , :X i lli tatiP• crer;2o bled of fielmont UO.lOOlO s oft
nt ttpuoind luck currency ! t•r Mow. Obi:Maker - et Ito W,, 1 1,, and II Deed of
k g...utak., 4- 4 ,2.9,. Ptaboaing tio. (Ohio} Week for Warner at
. to 7%.
:emu o Traursoas geld IT bud Of fair to
. . - ,
Del. 4 Beurinp Vurrettry intorreAl—
,lt per ern3..itoetls - I . 12,!30,!03 03
Irrel 1:V; ::.TVoVeus 0"
511 '
hrtECIMI . ern t. I:et:tees:ea ..... 2.3 03 az Or,
red Debt ...••41 Tresentedfdr Prryte../.
Yalu r
. 3 du ,. At gust 15.
3 1r5.7? td
et ' ( fuels,
c.r.c.,<, ar In ne,tat o .
_ .
. . 'choice As... intr.... HL • •
Tr,. a ix' w n ton '1 comairrr cc. . . t„, sham:yrs ala il headaf.a* , 7 thoWoatare
tog 1.).3 IM, at IN. ao4
The new crommt.tictlete of ywhiaty .
, 11) head bulls *Ad nears al S.S far the lama,.
letreN are Lielitonent tiroeti, o I toe ... 7 ",,, ~.,..._,
r.....; :eneral Poe, of the Light Ilona, i ii„..t,L„ a T . 71;;;.,., i , ~.., ,‘„, ~4.,
ta:.l; Jelin White, of ituflale; Wm- F-.• • ,•!;‘ to:: MLA/gator Bros.:UM At MSS. %Pig
arle a, of Tx,,,--Co' a.. Nall., trofaaaer I nen! tar llossLAA.3 At 11. I. !mad blilLt mot rough
..1,. 1 attars at trsi.
' - "i .nd r. "'"'" . 11"."'d; of W-- • , tilaag.Lolgeoly a Co. gold gI ga allginnat lots,
, : 10 .- Th.!. will ,eel La , . 4, ;.‘ T.t.' . ,o‘ taaamloa, at .l 4 to a for atoskent. aad 6 3(
gy nest. I IID fi tter Statham tattle. 1, ,
7n yr or u tat 'Arta, oar old rgignsl Can' tr. on SOO MI Alma! to.
' a 1.10 gs• coatrary AotarttliaArtalost
. •y. t•po•
A T r.o.L L.
h o : in. 'l.'4 2" ,- -' e .4. , . he told lig Peal at 'Laos
l it;A( .. t .i nagg . ) e v art iu l .., . 11
I. I..eliet eS ;, Prealoonie letter ~. ill ; aayaa at I}g to 1%,....1 g
deli venni to (nog. Grant ',1.-41 ay. ' • ,,, .. E... ,..k G. L. 00f0nf0 , : 0 „,t f0 . 00r0 .,.., b.... 4
. . . ~.wo ... .. .
W•st Ttratoto ova., Aernagloa Mil leo:
Another *oat r stestoralsioir Calm or . or rrlrtto ton.: ...tondo./ to Do la la.
• Atsesee. .ao th
rtd.oeod .r..
Use* Vozo•to hod.. hew: of rttno Mao
lu Oetalilng a beshiry of the. 1'311 , 1w:11g i ~,,,,,, t,,,, b. ~,,,, ~,,,,,, i .„,,,,,... ~,,,, ~.....,....
e'mer, we feol w'areanted In doing an from .: .n. tau. tae arroo•www of Mora St tho
da. toot LhAt :I la not of the exontoott roc . :lot, h"""°""." "h" 4h "U" .tar
orb mow, and thet.;fOre won-tat-4 OA •' 0. . 1 ,,1 , ... ,... K . ..1, 1 . 747 ; i te l t .
“ t0 , t.0.t . e.,
j o obs akeo .... l tt . :
O' . . making wpo,lat Mlue.nn 1.1 it. It i. ' etortllled at aut. uteri of lon teelot.ta the
'l o g 0f .., ,,0 'yout( moo In. A I City, '. h ,,,"'"7,11,11 . A h. ‘h.." " h" h° " 4l ", th
• o o...ers.
onto .1 .1. , i11L Ittfnll, =h.; tilt MOM' tialrl.;
si t. year., 11.1 I,:.nalll:cifl , l with a qt.- ! rt.. 4...... t few flop mess too ham. tell.
ea. , whloh tiro:4lmm! not unCt,oio , of , of ocasowboti *Maio tasT h. .41.1/.. 1 .4 to. lle
L.!. 'nub.. !but 4.4,te inn PP.: 'V . ..°.011.0. 10000. 0''..0....M.0. 44 14.• rre=
to the 1.1,,,, of young Tllar.l . no twins Ii X. a...4 , ...4....... 00 to Potwo 11**71
haii lo.oni arwrol 1.. ',plicate ' froth his ' ...agog .
1...ty Moth... tallith ,V 013.164 f.... hose Itotboallzo A llyesa report 0001.1 totalled
tx:rett ),:d or his t itais. fir who' sy•• ' duties lb. (Oct weer 30 14•4 at seta.
It 1.1 hoot sunk ardor the faial Itatoes of a , '''.. 6. ' ,..1.1 ` .1. 11. N. m.o rad &ants ra• nate tlas at Pill. 1.
.° 0.000 100
, . A
~.ose which..tnifll 1t0. 1 1./eysorr's liloint
et .
riirohor woo mieil, tows onttrolv anon,. , •KMINF.
t.,114+1 toil CITIMIIMieSII,II', 'l h. leg of . Too.. ... • ”tll lax - =POI? et Sharp U.
too patient had teem out opmi from 'the , ~ .V. owl 4 . 011 . . 1 4 await. to ....R....
tor. lot the ankle, W., bp,. loot tenon , wea a tittle oh:sato, prints. empanel with
aorapoil, bored atol partly out sway,with
.. ;sat welt, 1t.,. fas,llereoa• but tittle ghosts.
Lm view to 0ra..1..n e from the aystent is will be seen, good Is Ono. fat mottos
hio oat:. ...r. ..... niedi IcoortitinfOnal emot , 4.1.1 at Ilea 13. e, •W one drove at t5ci0t.r1.......,
ciot.rl......., WV. if 10 ., 11 .rr 1 Y II hope of ' .. Sala ot from 4 , 1414. teams& ant Isfener.
0 . ' ,,,, f , S , ‘ .1..' 111 ‘,.. 11, r ,, ! •, , ,, , ,,.. 1 ; : . has' nova tar. twat . for soma Uwe peat. t .,,,.r. t ,..Th000: fretitmw , roftwoolos. and.. b ,.,. s .. so .. 5* ,...... at to stss. toe
tv non 11r, lien oorWoa ofillO.l to. ow, hi., .. ' X 4
In January tsar, h. ..,... barely Attie to r ..... " 0 .-. 1 ..0 . 1 ...X OP - .t..i raw. Is.
, s. jk. so utter and „„„ oso , so . s glee, or eraratly et Uhl alarmed stet% In s. ra secettry
I.nattrot ion. 1 . sell .11011 wltactet. always draw* out large
The frion.le and nehrhlotra 'or John i , ILII - nrt l isi .
TLroll know well ettOugh that we, hate , JutiO litorolsr, ably antated by Jets ISteAlo
to'., sort atatrol ti,• .a, Ile wax I ll wo.• ... 4 ," 1.0 , of r•ttt [9.1 alwayt 5014
tu t
fin Sad ontirolv to 1.,. rOom, with no '.. i 1„,t' i m ::".,:47: ° , 0 1 ",..11. 1 ' o % X. sis E . ... s .... iss i , 0 .. 1 4
fo.oopo.ot hofore Loon but t , await the In- ~,,,. .i.,
la! 1. , 0ti of hla ili , icao , . Pate olmsol. thm. tintabasi Sail IN Ites.4 of astra !fat
..P.T, wlth evory it s y x.l , !ing to flue p0w...1 to re p '
has Menet soesty, rasa., at 11700 ht
"01 the 4 l' "' ". • ' '' 'l"" , /";"' a ,. '''''' % % l ista Iy . A - Ittra. iehl es 1004 at ea efrotaati at..
r, no foior that the Inf. of Trlnth/ co. par limit I. holiest al.lsiel 4 *tam 104
'r,r...1.1 la rogxrdorl as 411.1. of vs traonttna" . a ,..., ,ps, ,
ry mewls. O,IAI worthy .1 be mporially , ' John & Mk. reports haslet wala I bead al
nutod. (Jr life tratiptii o/ other.. After ..
4.41... whet? Cheep at from 0.1 i t 5414 pat
tli.a ex tron,i.rettre Pun ‘oang Titrell is 10..-
liwwls wholesil44 14 hada of pretty road
osalft , ahio. L. ...I • . 1 ..; 14 ....Y ~ I- I, M .I.loozeloirep, ateragtagee 110. to Zwertalt & /hamtinny .1, itoultic liar /MI of flooayr...l loon* , ~ a, . .
),,,,i 1,,,, ..i.on o . from ill.. ,lorraoeil lilt'. 1 torartrk 4 Co. 1r10.01e4 the Poe dram at
MAny 9f 1.1.1..., 1,,t;-• CAA f,e 1.1,11 at Do., 404. .
g 0,,,,, omen, "We ha,„ h ,„,„,, b.,1 .
.a.las. letett 044 144 head of Waahhuttes
‘l , ilhi.Sl i,, , retatri sly - T.lln t (war& I n the ‘ ,...4::P 50 ":' s t . V .i & Z W so r s t b. ss . U. o .. s l : l Xi s t a t ss i :
ono now ',ignitor .I:, , tnotration. insole by .:noc. ) „,, h..,
Itt. 14 eywrg and
great 1110/14 Fewrober,
41.4 We only matt., uf aMprive to us Le,
that its not Ow.) in all .4444 w whore. the
140,4 to ditroplertal..r whore tho or,lina
ro outlets of Natitro nrot liatrueloal, or in
n ',riot GAIAllt1.1). 1 ' .
Tho cure of et., T oot,. 1... .0.100 to
-1.,,,,,1 to wo• erleotoil olmott on,•lmilvolv
L. tor, Key or roi 111 of siSoirehor, althon ih
11.• I,x tor visited the rose' lorry • two
o oohs until the patient, t,hronifti tier seo.
Lon of the Inotlieino, an able. to 'riot!
Iti, citric...
Dr. lievoer o t realdont Mee for king
extrnlrraitoke and ten tt‘ltnout of ob
stinate. dironis iivolowo.', No. 140 !'von
.howl, l'illorburgb, Pe. ittlllio ' Lour.
Irons li 4.11: Until 4 I'. 11.
A Os ***** 4 Finally.
Yesterday morning a nall, 11,4 . 017)1A- I
,tioll by a Ili tto girl-mho It live years of
ago and an Infant hut a Ow months 9ld, ,
arrived at the'Union Irmpot from Alanv.l
hell, Ohlo;on bin was Bust. ' ile.related
a 4.1 story, whioh less calculated to en
list the Mymp.tittem of all who heard It.
It. was 40 follows: A houl two years ago
hematite:l yoting wilt wln rifttnibeld,
whose bush:mil hod 'hero killed In the
artily. The widow wnslat that tune the
, mother of one child, the ,little girl which
•aecompanted him. Some tonoths unto
aim gore birth to line Infant referred. to.
Their life,• he maid. had been .a happy
one, not. • mingle cloud It elogluteryeued
to &alma the attushltto ~, f
their happl
nairs from the time the were Married
until within 'n few days. lie had a
yolitlV brother, :i i rlin t. tatl, for , r tli lon g
' Me never hod ' l ' ilif:lttyl 1: 1 1 :11.11 1' • 1 : b., 1.7 '
pent him guilty of 111; ImProprietll7;
with Ills set!.. ' A few mornings mince,
however, i.e awoke' to dud bitumen' and
children deserted. Ilbi wife and broth-
en hod I lisuppenrod. lle ascertained that
they bud gime West. 1;ls
w Unit duty, he
add, eras to the elilldren,! hich ho scum
taking to his relatives' and uftor seeing
properly c the ittillty p ared .flir he would go
In - scorch or and
punish them as thole cenduct detterted.
The 'unfortontite 111011 'if:peered to ho
grentlyettaehed to the eh Idron, the ono
.by the former husband las much ii hie
01011, tool the child watt, equally. attach
ed to him. now a mother could so
. basely deport her helpless children, and
leur• theta to the are of strangers, Is
more than WO Call deride. She must be
' destitute of all tho liner feelings which
constitute a rcotborosjore, an well as
sold of all self resprot..l.3ho tidily de
. eery ea all the misery her Infamous nun.
duct hi sure to untaitu pen her. '
Itlre In Ualoutowin,-- About four
o'clock yest-rday morning We dwelling
and gronery store of Vater Kraemer, cor
ner of Main and Wow, streets, Union
lotin; Wa. destroyed by Ilre. The
homily Arent all naleup when tho fire
broke .out, and the building being a
Mane one, the flame. 'rondo aneh rapid
progress tbat they had no' time to get
anything out of It, and thrlfamlly them
'alerts barely escaped hewn:drg n prey
to Oho devouring element. Wo are not
informed as to bow thd fire originated.
W.V...D1.1';'.1: .VY . .., F::::::J.; ; ARY 12, ;1868._
CO Kr , . RCIAL.
atitTEEL—ls plenty and dolt bet nn.
disused; sales of prime to tholes 801 l at
25.014 e.•
DUEL; FRUlT—There hoc been a deolded
Improvement In the demand within the Put
few days, which, of 'lionise, oseasions • firmer
market; we continue to quote Peaches at 7084
for quarters, and 100110 for helves; and Ap.
ides at Mae.
GREEN APPLES-54.4e, end with
steady (leased, the market is dm but oat
shunted; vales In store at $401.60 per bbl for
fair to piste. •
Hey—la .teady but nothings ; salsa from
country wagons at from ,11170 f,I , far 'lair to
strictly . prime natality.
rorkrok.s—Qulet and - unchanged; small ,
saes In store at 111,1001,10 par bushel, 5ad73,14
011,40 per Dana. '
I.IOIIINY—Is dull but unshantred; sales st
the trade's 111,6406,75, 'sod In. retail WIT,
at IT. •
BEANS—Ia vary 1141,t •apply and Arm at
tba 'drama; prima NAV, may be quoted at
gamtjt per bathe'.
LARD OIL—Is !Um awl 00abaap41 Ira
a odious to gaol, at Oak for . No. 0,1./11,10
1.. t. No. I. '
CR.ANBREtIitESAra ialllog at frost 111141
.14 per bbl, as to quality.
• MownAlr, Febrn.p 10 , UM
X•w. fork Produce llarlask6
for 7•Lietsah ta the rinsoarsis Wanda. I
new To•z, rebruarr 10.--Cottoo Smear
and more sense. with sale, re ONO balsa
at 1341123,16 tor m 14411100 opluids. Plater,
t trends of Oat Wilt; riulet and istiliotit
04.1 thusei mins of 0,000 Mini at
for,ouperfiew brat n and erector.; p,70010,71
sirs. state; elo.ooll for utra weeitedoe
ilifjoitilkon for rows°. to goal' 06 1.001111
011.31940 for Rood to choir* extra, 0101101
quint. Callfortil• floor a &rute Artur with
ulna of 1100 sacks at •12.30013,73. 1170 door.
arai t or with *llOO I'ooo boa 67,1300535.
Wonky nominal. Wheal toilet and, study
with revel tits of l i ons nualaale• of awall Pew
, vela of .bite Cumin. at 41,011 it Peon
, vokot. 6601, ember Foul ern Urod
p; white
»nutrient VAL Are firmer with ul•• of
,2,1V3 hp. of *Vattern at 0.7 3 431" Barlof
scarce and ilegideilly Armor with sales or
Poo bee of .western at. 61.13. 91.11 onlet.
Corn, teoelptS of 17,X31 won ollurd 040,
tar but clonal drill with the adulates loaf.
The e^areltr Of frelrlit room hu • 00950.0.
log ell•cti elates of SAW hos It 411,7701.3/ for
now trelsoid western &goat. alekilligat_6l,3llll
1,Z651,3413 for Ole do delivered; 1 1 / 3 301• 30
for new white !loather. t 64730144 for new
I yellow Jones); 111:31(11,23 for new Terinfiloasel
111.7.11nr Neer Qrleafti mixed. Oat., receipt.
of IVA bus; ..had* Annan sales Of 23,1111*
bus .0 11400454. for 11 . 0014111 In airman 300'
afloat. Stock • to: warebous•-1,6116".0711. Dos
' of 00001. 1,704,110 hue of 0010.6134,1 N inn If
oats. 111.111 tins of lye; WAX rots of torter
and 03,137 bus Orli:ult. Rio, omelet; :small
atne 3 l CarulloCit50)41111110.3: coffees a arm
and oulat. 1111141.111,01n11111 of
60 hods. Cuba, shit 10 boos. Baratta on pa
vale tenors. 3307 te steady; Sales 01400
bblit. Cobs, oft, private terms: flop. are
Quist anothnotimfged. Petrolintm m prat
, at 1004. for etude and Utio fur Tsdnistl, in
bond. Pork It armor On quiet.; •ales Of
LOCO Obis. at 112,011613417, Of mulielosing at
622,73, Cash; $23,00(313,13, flow, dn. elostair at
673,15.; 617.233111 1 .0 1 6__Primal 6163 0 03x. 1611
Are prime mass lso, Woo Obis.. new MU..
/tenni rut half off /lamb, f 1.1133,371.31 Ob
Vier bu yer s Ittst. A. 170 4 1.7,1
Ur ea
at 674,0)030 i t0 for online ritreWl wasiol
060,03 for lodes mew. Serf llama ate anion
MI. Ira bbl. at htf1A0072 1 1 3 6 Xlment
atillar; sales of 650 lieu. 0413100 for
Cumberlandhoti /201340 lot shOft ribb•ell
11)0311)es for !snort olear. Cut llasits too
Indian sales of 370 9.lololtes at 33(0 0 14o.
800111111.111 aro 123i0, He. Ltraisad
Hew lol4o . op
far ene wr d firmer bat aloud O
ILY. 0b
ter Is firm at 4 0700
003.2010 v 811,10. IMMO IS II
freights to LiVentalfol flrw oo . llo
aokoltonnots Of 31,000 Vara per SUNMAN .
rblladtelphis Until* Markel.
(VI Tol.tmob to 110 rtliattarall 1110111.1
I'mlt►DlNkr►, February la—Cattle' the
market te wales. ➢e.rot the market .to
it.7sl4lbre;r4argtiLealae or earls at $10.500
►mdaomm/e IWO. Sheep
are high.,. with gale. of SIM head at Sake
07. m. lta►e an to aomand at art advance;
of al, oak males at 112013.10 per apt.
. .
, Romplkla Ilerkoll'•
"? •
:Br tot tttt DO to Ito rltobarall klantuul
itratrnis,..Feb. 10.—Cotton exalted; ml 4.
dltogs De. Floor Armi. euparano .907 1 .•
Moss Fork Fll.lo. Escort doll; clear el es
13 , 40. /101 k ehoulaers 10441100, clear 01031,
110. 1.nr114140. C10ruf2443 - . °stale°. Ray
oblizt. Wan lala.
Clalmago mute
I By Sdaßq► LOAM rlttaboral/ lissatlC /
Cototoo...yabriayy la—Ltya ittats Antal
at $6.10111,50 for talt to rood. loaf CM.Tm m
*pod damand by shipper+ at 45.71.7* 1 for
ita,ttala to rata.
, —:—
trona 09 YESPlTyaltrOod GaddY . Taa i
, Pinar, Fobahary 7,13 U. I
the?. aro co irevishoraeleristras lo this do
partmoot! of trade worthy Ot speetal ootlea.
Boslcus sootlatues very dial, orders belay
llealtad nod or an tradarpOrtorre ehirsotor,
though thisls nothlti nousial at this notion
of the yea?; are ate glad to stile, howeVoi, that
a good spAng trade Is expos id, Indeed, coder
ells:hay ilrearosionses, It cad.. to Zi, sl•
most Insaltable. The Vest and Soon hats
supple. ai at' prevent, and hint there Will be a
heavy dMnand from thee. Mt the vprlng and
early In ilak mammy, la tzliomt m certain as
anything on be. La this mafket the Meeks of
mmanfaatitred Iron and nai l ate remarkably
light, azd arlthis the mat s sty day. "r• ex
poet to mat all of mar mills lJatoll blo t.
Common hit. saes I. .3:0 414
Horse Shoe ley
Heavy gland - 1
• 440 6 .:
Hoop amMLlght Carel' 1
.66: 6 0 6 4
Round and Square .... ... —...1... 0
Oval ' a a
alf Oval sad half llowtd..L.. ..--..440 Kg
Holler Iron ' 7 Itt• t tg s
T...Ylr° ..... •--- ..... , . ••+ - 1 . a
Nal Roda
.Deer Iwo, lo to 17 6L'i II
0.600 0 6• ;t‘
o 10
All obeli!. over 321 165. 1•10 o 51(0
14 . to
. 604 Nidl! 7 le
icticlot .ad td One
..... $6 26 2d dna
61 and .... SO Xl6 Haug
W and Id 675 Clinch
. .
41 and 14 6 CO Cut Spikes 6 60
Barrel Nslle—% lotb. 18, ;1 Inch. 67,1.11
Inch, 66,56;1g Inch, $.5,60; lath, 64,00.
Taams.-.Note or octal/tepee at 60 With
current tate of Exchange on Now York; or a
discount of per etas. for Ink, if remitted on
re e ceipt Of involtw. Paimenta to tie 61040 In
Nw York Eieheoge. 11. B. Tract.; Notea;
andtheir equivalent. Nail. In lota et 101 keg.
a operant., 12)6e Der kelt or. No 41.4.0001
on DUN of lea Qua 6[1.1 donors.
Onto Op Prrgenewnt Gunn,
mnoy, lebro 377. lees.
The metal market was him attire OW week,
the roared sale. alloilfg material Wing
of In th e aggregata, a nd with dimahhed
*Mph and a steady demand, there appeared
to ba a little Omer faelln. antleall" rot
airablo deteriptame; but c iprleh are without
quotable pang*. We urt aritund that no haw
than four, /enlaces to the Mahantog Valley
have gone out of blast , owlet to an mkartiling
nen en 4. part laftha mapioneato suhleet to
a raduetitta to wages.
to boa No. I Folmar,
No.: F00mar1.....1....
• • . • ••• • ....
SI No. II YoUndi7 .. 12 541-40404
40 a.; T.D.-46V. Wand._ 40 00-41142.
ISO Orly, Noutrol 044 oo— mat
No. 1 Foundry-- 46 10-4 sem
sPos pou. SMELT. 710111 2.110 MP
■leutral Tsuoa ou.
lu 01—a mot
Ifsboatot Vier Luxe.. se 60-4 E.
rt oo—am .
: M.shanas Foundry 42 04-4
Mahensias lroandry 41 02-4 no
grey Fur. rl 0-4 no
Biedloll2 GM? • Porte U 00-4 mo
100 0
FM. ' 14 00-4 mm
10 tone (bold Illa.t Iµ7 01-4 mas
SO tens sulanta Pe
Baltimore Pall* NAZI.III
Yebivary I.—Cattle—Tao of/tr
iage at the sealer durtag the put week
smouuted . to 070 heed, NOMA MI lon Men.
Pelee. today ranged ae foliose: Old mere
ecalitirege $1,560il eollimrT tltt. Meru.
arm mutual feet farr to geo4 etude cattle
0,6000,161 lair quably ;Meese 5708, and the
very beet beer. elate par MO lbs. the enrage
prise balm about 114,71..11 , 101 a moderate sup
ply the market opened at an ',deuce of about
Me per leolbs, Out aloud miry dull et about
hat weal.. prism
elseep+The reaslpts Mena( the put weak
have bell fair but meetly et memos sad la
fano qualities, good and entre fat sheep au
tism, In Idemand. erten' ranged as follows:
comma fair at 400, fair to goo' 506 e, and
exits 147 e per lb.
Mons—Tbe supply Wu bum moderate during
the put *reek, sad ertUt good Mussed Niue
es. sdep.ol/le4eaneeet Tee par 09 0 lee 0. 111
esta of test eeeek„ raeglag at the eloa• to4fisy
lethuge... per 100 lbs. net, for (Melo good
let heo, add market net:lvet.
'eta — Fork tattle Earket.
Ea , 'rewash is tee Flitsberge Ossittal
Ass, Tuna, February 10.—Beeetots un
sheep aild lambs; UNA boil: 5.013 beet.
Beat Errs with a raaleratederuand, and the
V&l, i );Nea4 , deee spr I B I Itegri l ex t tres . lt
Styt . II 117e r fo P t 7 f t :lito . good;/ r G r iu
orallneiy, 1.11(0b350 far Inferior. eibeep a t e%
lambs tolerably &calve Illta trlee htgher;
.effertehe treelhy Bahl: extra! at aaIIFM:
prime r 7pp7 7 0; common to frgt=l:i
seles. Pegs extras sad 10 hiShar at 0)40 , 3
ter ammo= to prtase.l -
H. P BAU I tRD &
niz WILL iLwAraisain nalcrrLT
Prodee Comilssion House,
• h.= Wawa E 4 In isrk.
Hass nensallod Menne. • fnr Aleponnn ee Wed.
11Ont., . Trosso san Ilighone• dimes ta
El " Peel,..iee . N.lV e r.7 l rsier. ‘l" ' an C V.%
je .. wss, wean end "loon "DM:7 sus
.1. bladeaf center. rebdun. Llneml senates
n o
on enseleann.stl„
11.nnanacas—nottlalmne lint. Sec.
554 eistasant Jersey Clty; It
AI 11.1. ,
Cesneaa4 , N. T.; Ine• tonld
-Mule. No Slecoelasy,' E. 'Y.; D. W. McCain,
1.6.111 ronnayeltsllarn 1. In ,
Vs. anenDST
4 11,11Ierer frown Dyspepala%
Is of WI Mos listmost i misorosim .4 I to ' s/ ' , ice . ,
crsvolso is Mis di.ost moos ail Pomo. TV .
I '
....P.m amis4 s. so mop.. Skit II
vosl4 Pilsiom • volsii. to llsscrilm /btu. Tim
.1.0 oosso. hominos, Is • Mess... of Um
I• ' I
. 4'omoto ggs.. IN /.41.. Issusi of Ms/Oft.
lot that </omit. elms. oh/ Me stostli 3111 Mo
the asistoipms. or filo [SCUM. arias 11. fat
hilts to i i to itors rots as' otos Prat W.: ia
MiSs *Sr ILO. % IsOI fasitag of ....Alms
osiglS ~10 ,7.. ..,.... A. ‘,...• slop Ls Ustatimilf.
. 41. is is , booly seems otarry nimosioil .4
Malmo 0... Ygt :Ilia talversal 554 Paliessis
log wolaili Ps ...rot .4 <Or. 4 .40 4,1 74
osisly 5 s•ro.y•
ai / /i
-7 I,
la eliskwarre •
. Tloil WM , to MA st l
oat Lk nut. mIN woos
My. 144 so 1164 U cis.. ortio!o Is Po.
Im•mdmii.. Toms sillimilas to is.. 1.
Pills plasi is. . i srO It.. 66666 Costif.
obisli ml. I.a mOsio e 3.111 mt... 4 pro.
mina Aim salossait. for •I. sato< • It
rr t. Stintll Per b 4.4.
Truitt 'trailer (ban fiction
Llenl• Co., Okla, Aug. it. MC.
NO•Tlrtir. • PrlTlla•4enUrn...
Inalto ../1••• S. sort Ms..i Los
your 111.1.. l daro. 11 orr Ott/ to two 400050.
V ft
?ill, a f t rjr:17 A .= ' ,.., 0 .r4::. ° . ° .; ,, Vgjr!.
or Lora. Lan ankh dkronl• •••1 ton.
tla sad for ablva.poelon rr nag./ tea
wen anti 111 .7.100.0 le la• w•
Noma dlarearrearl. and ...ay no.
of Oar /0n0..., wk.. by acad. at, sllll.n
-air% roll. to •oor •ahlat , VMS.%
lei m artMart Callas ellas,oo. harad•
sae 51 Jose •ongna.. Lanlog ahem
PAllerigtotgli=livirert•ro% Itgr.I•50:1!
bce. i:1117:11 1. 4 , '4l
~.110T isiV i lgo . .All .. a. , 4 l l. tint. • .
I {aur a.
fit illfhttlt, 01..;1veb 11.3.7.
..1106d0 1....1110. Irak A EMITS, /111....k.1 . a.
01.1 a.
ratllndelOr l dar.aa lool Ibt
vo• of
.Slcu /sr. SIVIIACI4 1111 TOL, 1611!06. 6.
wlan O. 0111 ,, W1t 4.4 1 11 .
far awn Wilt .• ?ea., tro oblch .c&004
no air pl.orts,ns 7.11 .1 alas Inn /er
g.... roller. I bee.. naoloasnol/ wol u
trottA: l s 7 4r4.riVel " ./ToraTS
47.4000 010.401•'0•Itthr:aorza.:::
wav OroooosecO Isearan . a. •.• In/
loar 11111.. •Uk to 11Ula onort *I •
nalrao.• St 'anat.. top.. erup...l vtri.
lag nor I 0
14 Improved In km... IMO look
spools/ 0.14 tato.. la volld ettal.
r • "-" fwv,z . .",.. r x.
C runic Dheases. •
4 .:
Stactlcaa of itt. llamas hilly ere lay,
3.07 cm. at • time. A disordered Ilya
M m
at elt...Met 4.
% b ro m ilital tube , .
Mettle. le lie Milo or ef toa nail Gig
o•olt. O
...00r4to i g to IAo astest tbo snouts
at noq I War". A sas Alrotod with drO ,
10.'41,0114.s ltd more Vas itoot.4 at
mils; no foe:Elba* he ow all roe tolls to tooLvr
p. I
sOlarat vv.! . 4d lout*, Um Imo out =Uhl
daiiionite3 la score soot . o ' r etansiy. where ti
adne:p la - Wanes of paln. van It cult 10 be
thralls *Sad .111814 mi of the sista, On.
dfadlou.lttaddsada of felt ..e h atoms has
bee. rcload .iintars4 $o hal ad *IIMO
oyC F hwtettbil of Ult• ILITOIIOI DLOOD
5Z.L10111.12,..1110 not oalytinp.tta Woe to the
sto:lialp salt dliottfe butllltew!se an.
tie the blood 11: tltt•leaiititul !Anatole,
i4thl ttis t Lim •119 etistity
Of tit f7lttia. lite airliftl wiitt tit tat ZOO
Db. 1.11(111
Ile q■a ki.4.
EMI* 1. morrell umnsselp. Weetesmeleed
center. tweesplms milts above Plttso stet. so .
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Dr. Rai seVa
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lbws bottle, st tb. Doctor,
NEALLRE—rAINTER.—fax Tenday, the 4th
test.. at the 44414014 e of the beide•s Dues., by .
lee. Y. P_ Reek!. of Green:6B/C RREST.
S. WALXI!..R, of lids city, an/ M(t• BELLA
P.AINTSI , .. or Bong act. Wettmiitelond Co—Ps.
lII.XTON—CAISENTEI2.-4)st Tosedey 4,11.
Febreary 40a. at tEr.roxideace of 115 bride's
motber. , y the r.“. Jaza , -.1?1,:rtgoo. Mr. WAT.•
PER. all of his ells.
It ItAt.-11061N 3 .-tia Fettrnar,
the rewl, of 1::r ILe
Err. J. F. !bars. Mr. V.V.ID SILL Mi.
JoSIE t.eth ta" clty.
RAT—JOYCE.— , 41 the fith laat., ty tlto
I. Dallu. KuI:KILT \V. 1:,,y La , gia
AN E. JOYCE. a I of Alteik,ay aauoty. Is.
111cl.kILDY.--.1.1u Sure VehrnArr th. et II
ordure r. }ire Vltr , ;l3; 11-LAUDS% tr.
rect Ito ert MeLardy, drcea.ed, I, the r.. 1
rear of her err.
I:NOX.—Ian the 1,4 b lasi.. at 3:11,c1,k,
SEMI. youniem. son of .lesep4 and Jose Eros
sgetlllre raaotb• and eight days.
- 0114 ('A Biz/
The UNION ItertnaLlcklm vurnis of ♦lle
-Ihenr County are r.eseated [Smut at the haett
pleats for holding ele.tlora In the taveud
Ward, tiordnahr and TowasSlhe. Da
Eatardaj, Feb. 49th, Init., IR6S,
Lad elect TWO DELTALLTES Tom each elec.
Om .1 Isola. to a Conuty Cony entlon. to be held
os the following WO NUL T,-at 1l o'clock a. U..
for its pulpsee of newlnatlxn delegate. to the
lists Conventlon. And Tenarsetlog lurk ether
huelneee se ply b t properly bnotkt were It.
The Primary 'Elections - la the To washlbe (on
centluz the Townships o o.loand, Pitt, Pee
bles, I.lbertye.Co.llee and Wllklns, which sal
be between Vl* hour. oil and 7 o•eloek, and the
toilet to ba by ballet.) will be held between the
hours of three and slo o'clock r. r., and In the
80301013 and C/11.3 between the boon of ire
and seven o'clock T. N. le the. Clue. sod Bor•
ousels the s'actlone shall be by 1 .uot, and in the
Township' by mutton.
JACOB 11. /11LILTJA Chairman.
a. r. Run. I "....„,,
U. 0. Tatrosa. leldt:Stir
The Wonderful .fasts of Yoffat's Life I'm. In
• of metal tepee.loe or phyaloal weathers
hroeeeding 'trete leOlgestloe. eostiv.essv' , or
billed. seers tleas. are oartilish to be nUlls.. of
persona who bare heehaws... b• them. They
art the most offeetive cathartic .ad parliles ever
Asofore Ou public, wad have ever beau to P.
Cass lirth. They are thesis. safe the reliable.
hold Of all reaeasthel dealsn es eryWhere.
• plain statement of facts. 1110.1 . 1 RA !ROC-
Ws. and wan) of soy relation. bays AIN oqit
In my rasa way Rightful. Tontors and al
etre spread until In 1342. nada . the Weirs of my
physialau I want to Avon CPrioe.. 1 rueixed
no—ulott every modish. and did wren
nand I amid. 1 had to tut my arm ea a wal
low, and had not ben able to raise it tome bud
for corer a yea, Th. diaekarge from two slurs
was nearly pinta day. Awyntattou was rye. ,
onttlandad; hot pronunwed lunar... I ould
11 et slaan.udiny urcriags were Intolerable.
IL friend brought ma u Aadutl ph; delta who
applied a salvo With 'welsh ho sold la lad accom
plished extraordinary Baru lo the isupital. In
Xagland. It COM= eneed to relieve; I persisted
In 1Y use; It Cully efeettd a yerfaet awe anthe
curia It It now MI. lits Ivo year. since I had
the appearance of a urifsla sere. and my butt!
has bean good ever ewer. Iprocunathe rectipt
of Ibis wood. rill artleie—thta biassing of hu
manity—sad have called. It • 'PAWLS CUR...
SaLYS. • • tat allow As pantie to at. it or tot as
they choose. This la a brief but esatild state
mewl. glean non hilly in my Wrests?.
J. n. PAGE. •
GILKE•a, Kew Yogi. D.C. IN.
NEW roar, OM. 111.1 S.
bars Inman J. Y. rage. Esq., or Halal*
N. Y., (Cr aims ye.. He II one 01 tb• brat
Mlles, of Westar• Him York. 1 miir kdm last
batik In good His ease briLa • molt -re
markable on. tat mittudir ins la over] Pimp,-
(111gbarlo Otebe
Re have watched (be *melded bet Ir'ettbk
favor of "reel, (3.1111.1. SALTS," sad availing
Oarmavos of lb. knowledge of Ito woadorfal ear .
Mlle power!, here become prop:fetal , of the
I .
It Is a sera eurator barns, rwalde. Scrothls.
0.11 11Jienia. Yevar, Som, Broke. Breasts. Frost
etitlatalos, little, Brothel. Cots, bwel
Itngs, lc.. whether opera la .r brut. It rub
dues intu and tug swung. sti lt
sarprtslas trier
-It7. .ad heals burns without • scar. 55 fatally
.10014 be wt Mos t It. It is a' ways wasted, and
Is a 1..., ready. We will torten • doses boxes
for siy stasis felines.. Wet belles. those :be
anything ht. Is It the wield. II le pat or
la Us bores. parrs, try • tall decal. /gulag
fasts. SI - studio., utetlaaalals. la., art/ 02 he
e. 3 to • esnetetWe 'wenititut.
throughoot aho world. trite oaly Mamie:
litslTs • powLiEl.
hanteseare to J. M. raga. lb LilLarr
w • r.. 11.5:ieg
.150dt Iti BOAS require. tousiedlara ate
walla.. sad stealer be atweked. U allowed , to
lri I tastes at Ike Lamp. a
Tanga* Masa*, apamasainlaa.
. direct !nether, to the wenn it,. tra
illodk•LeWee Branekrtin Seeksa,
Catarrh, Cidesamptivad That
p , ntanon TIOCUS .nn wi th ohrieyo dead
11gf ,. ..e7 and Palate. notrl altars the tin*
' thrtalr allT' '.4'l4r gireir t :ll T 1 O
man" aad ao.lane the et tha Waaraliatt
biITATIOVS it. may be adored.
ET{l{TWLlallif. • rolltdAT
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Ylet•••••• tb• to•ra el sad 4 ,'reek r. r.
J•MICA S. lit•lr. Jr.. - frparat.".
It•briary VA. •••1 • kdir
NOTICE.—A.II persons inter
at inure .1 , 1 tote netl. teat Letters Of Ad.
o• tee awler
re 4" 4.l7e rn atT.:ZO7 /311 . 3 4 6 ' 2 2.1. late of
tene.blp.l'lktont know
lee tbreesahred lelott. 10.14tata as is.
ass./ to wake panes. t he..
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vanes agalest ta• ariU present tee. PO..
!stay:. Ca, ea.
Seat vent/LI 2 WILIAM,. b. lat.
5.1 Adalalatrstiaa aa toe oats. of
LOOS H. WI L.Ane. tawatela.
4<co s . r '.
I sjt..e al o b . s .
el an:
a is
e. :Aaetlir.t Own ta e
tostris. C/1011. A4e•x.
et=r ,%star
oTIIIIIEITITATOION NOTICE,— orriov. NO. so rourizt anEkr;
..,.... All Agree. latereste4 .011 tete neUee 1241 '
let aro el Vainlaueslon One rra..d to r ...Newt Itionnr . WNW).
lee eaderslo.lea this e•tats et ADWAILIa wk. w...i.........,..... wuijaus.
u• . Zahn tae et Uhlo• t0w.... dreees•el All
prer.. isdeeud l seln otete, or 100.01... TltohrlZS• -.. .. ••••-.: '.
mg els...g.leet the same. Ata make Deprival ”eors nips. ' ' WllllO4 Muni -: '• '
or priAtni Ins us •la • J..... 0..0 I ,
2 amsa 41e pt.te . U. ..
triNLMAD svienzry Adoe'a. A.,. Ions; . ' _ Eon. TV.. lreUoth •• •
• 11 , tt". , I , Y Nit 30.... y, 1 Jobs IA wain
tot nu..rule. X 081011111.71. • . Wll.llO. • Motesi .:i
10 Youtti al., liltubitreh•
; ''4 ' "-1.--- -.'
'' . - ---—— - - • - Corday IP ~AMU 1.10 11111100 1 .
WANTED , -AuwaTti. fair TUE •tx pe/C. , lll.l•teirirt•lll.C.loli %ICA liirpOltlii
Pm., ILcOAIS. e ,,,,, ~,e. they Llnd. I , == . lreNts .160vitrassont sialleal 1/1. -
Frinstit tad Died for the Utile, eel. Mew. lied ~. 4.p L 110.4eis• 0•011. ' ,E.
Incident. In 00 tire.; re.tbelliel, It ierilakei .... 1 ; 0 ..A.. 111 -In font 0 Dr...rett oa•
nee Eti aaaa Inge and DOD rsert, .4 ~ giA-41...-.....i.v.a.g.. RAM akr.toultm
Oa spiciest an/ cheapest war took poblisleiL
Cribs. aril, emr eavi• Site. rebtte
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gwed.Tal works atilt a similar
tills. See taut ins Silt 7aa het, ccaicling suer
roararings and 500 limns. Fend Ter Circu
lars. Addreanifili /CS 'MOTU TIM CO.. Pall-
Ca. •
21 Filth Street.
211 yitah
11 F ift4 (Street.
viLlf...-ert lIL e
• übturiber 'a furs rorftele
Moistlnt; MIDI with about 111f
teen Acies of Landi s _
• • oh the eremites
lacitainr a noon,
Grain Comnilasion Ilerahanta,
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-3603/11XCiti—lillonnock. •V.C.-•7
rittsburoml rants .1 Manly,
P 11 . 7 .0 7. Vehi r IV bell> Vc.
hity 4 ,
1. C7lllra~Nt ll4 . ialsr=6 . rlttaD.rit ,
sollta . • -
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to oar nomaroaa Salton. and ratais Do
pubic Won of
rivers BrEw ■roiEf or
Boob 'Keeping, - 1
Utltl'bSl2 ,2 o ,4 R.R . . Nev. Yort. PO.
0.11.0 $2:2: 12.2swite$1mans. tot •ale
Itoot.ellen, thus lk :4414 wort In a. al
all late :22prcv -sant/ ltd latot is Jill f0..7 lai
Mordants' L Manufacturers' Books,
t h ree
U la l W tmt b e ! d So h
od mo r le t stofDoekH
leash. Line • tell eel Of :TWIthiTY:FIVL
atmnt.a. pesehdally doeatheme seem e trawl
sztion. ham th e Welsh. et the tenet:env to
the d •claretletk of the drat dtahhud: ezw► the
Cashforme of eheseeeft lag .14 Pl7l/fir
Cush .13,01t5, Ledger• •m These Sr.
followed be'
utlls ilroad Accountel
t7btlil . n. l l ' l , l l ,gf L!l . B b = e d . ta7leg . e ' fs ' a l .
Si dalldlog sad IrOsaaadah
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Burs Pirrate Bank! Hoohr ir
Illustrated the rriran Planter's tutaeu, la
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nelleetioas.. an. exemplified la Tea
Parlous nooks. In tale wart all nesters Mao
r es are rejected, and =llea 114.• and Important
matter, (Auld la'ae_pre-e..1.1DX work, le sieb.
th e kind
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wham. education It el./when.then,
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HeatWs New Counterfeit Dant
Note Detectoi,
`bendrreo by authority or the United %tater
cd7 Department. set ran Clow d by hank.
•ra expertor to any le ere Ttte Celle re Terre.
and a to t dreellptton of the abode wore. are
glren In new
18 nos Downs Quirio animus,
la. D 1717 St 01, Principals,
Central Pacific Railroad
Tbe betrud pelselpa oottla..f
NITIOLI ?OM 1151 ACUII SI1001111117;
la be inspiptal y carried forward by au 'abr...
'Jetted working force ; Sad It la rearougrly err-
lain that the coarnacoaa Gram...USD sAILIOAD
cOuNICTIOrr r 4 ow }faro Tsai SJ Ila■ rail{.
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FaltroLa Complay ear• reettral from Callfer.
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mare than 83,0CO 3 are i,Dla Kaaren. of
this Complao ere - therefore isbakaaat•torilie
pupa.. amoaatlng to ir7,050 Mos taeiSts
tabs.. the Liar. leeludiagLoaus secured by a
trot Mortgage opea the whet. bropaztyr to Us
lame am 000000 It sa the U. a. Wald, Beads...
rho revolts arramly inflamed. aisle ugh
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lord .a►.tsaUal grozad for talterias :be um-
CAOLTIO to be the ' '
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1. commute. of I.l* bus 056 551151T15.
uvulae tutu.. Om tortes .1 Zeus 10ad.r...
toren advaued, aai On COMPRI] Aft SW Oftla ,
1E g for W. a 11511.4 knealt 011505
First Mortgage Six Per Cent, scaci
pusequi.ssisolinur usu.:. a 501.017010, .
worm of 111,100 sant. at Dar SAO eeenet 10.50 ,
est fro. Jusur 10455 . .007. I
Mina Mond., It I. believe.. pease. tha'.le.
tents al' term, retie:My ma Pen!,
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far, deliabli far .1.147 tenement. .lii e
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1. Iluty aro Me lest ineehtn• of O.a of tO.
most valoelle and pettenallee lint Of rouss/
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IL The cols &I •srolags tram Leal &mails& lat
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VI. intro Is alreulr -"lslas list,
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tonarat Mantles. Beads seat a7'ntalaßa
press, to sly aalma LD M. tralta4 Instr. at
oer mt. Informiloa. DamortptS4 I'Maa}M ,
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suall PIitILACIAI •state ettt. OS 2.
twit: " ,
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Capita/. - $lOOOOO
Awl tie', ably Lliest,Weiaglit and bled'
the oblate. WINE SIMMS Mid Id.
atdents la sloe Omit Netreatet: ••••.•
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Inkatteled. ran, oaly 62.15 per *copy. • t •
aurrtoN.-ISeems ortoo• Artois Iwo .taltelt..
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ar WAIL. at Sent* Pgtesi..llk.Sl,r,lial•lott
REVOLUTION , LI T/1/1114.:!
111.1/111:5—i•a cam rlyol , l
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JOSFJPEI • Mirth . .';
()pace, Nw ita- strut einzeri.rtLuvus....
M_Z _!E
$26 ern "4 1 ,•'. •
' AGENTS. WA.lllr/W. •
,M•la &ma kSs .**b
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Adarva NIAVX.3 al CV., Xe. 11 NUNLNIUNA
puma TUNA , ,
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' Tot lAN 665 s wad
eaten. ft.& st 111110 tow &sae.,
$lO A DAT FOR Auw—stelicsi
1 t'ULLIE: or AS BMA.
'3 LC, .leelf uncle? ob:1:211olat*
43 • e to 'erbdb ra beta like sat
fa:er, ta ta l c litel tcAr k.ow
n I, coaltnred attacks a! 1f,171 . E114 Cacao:4ll -',
11,1 years. o,nl, Lan nrs II to criat expense ,
mret °ea
. ;,015: . .t:tiog any Vt21:111.3l r•11..a. tellmq !•.
gni:. t woe ie bad that 1 Moyer knew •Pa
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•41 arts I.rslptit or bops o * fbrxr. My ermalliCas
•••• sacs' that 1 felt Ilr• • Del i Wn. and what
;=', • • -
IQ% an attack I Al:An dander of earrboatlair
mosctat. Uu terrlbta bid brim my sap ,
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that toy mother says that l ate lus reaamt ae
stzleatton that 7 wad nlar:y black .lAUtt,.
Itne decimate arms mad. to; (CV,
ln the cult visits , nights, fsin7
Perini, with lho de:creamier:ado. o!tba Dense
tirown wide open, in order to binder lib aeon
S.ger Dr it;anz . ulat.l.D6. 1.
Oil. OA the 111.11 of October. !MN I. "Mt hoatd
4, DO. IiKINEIVII cell In citring• tau illaistia. ; ;..
tialled bl, to eampan7 vttb my Inzsballi."..;
qrark Mole's. but I mast ottitast. with • areal
aim or doubt u lo
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I - dist all o'er. vrtlll tad Lort i o Boutirr, riot kit
me that with Cara I would alb wall 1 pardwyeredt
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diz II ttgorout beeth. ud TtrrALLT /HSI:
Ifttoll 1111 r. UVULA, and IL to ebly dldo,
liklarabla 113tt7,11.111.11. I ease bad. onto la nand,
.light attack of the 4110111 N bat
OM tau Itontlrelv ritotlabilsied, ad If I ad
lIMENMEM!M buseautdr r.u4sa it. ,t
by thenhtnl for the exemrltles from • llew!rf .
1r !Ltd,. Ind to coat -me whole Teat/ had immi4i;;;
1.. of glecp, Waldo!, ognierlng wide II sale
tn}t Were !she aro subject to this dlseia• 0111
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and wlll bolt at her now. tie very idetereitr''
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- -
1436.1.1110. do. is rIZSDI IBTEZZT. 111
.iXar. until 4 r. N.
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