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Eittstmro fiapth
* . _ ,21,4 , 0N - 6 . 1W1 : -MOTt.SING SEIIIIOS.
Tan Sabbath' Seber:l Teacher& Ind&
- trite, M. Conmetion with the Refonn
at United : Presbyterian Marche& t
atiertibler In the. Second U. P. Church,
Stith eereetomeerday morning at halt
. - Past nine o'clock, and pmeeeded to dego.
Atonal exercises under the. direction 'of
_ .. , 1
_ tem. ,
J. V. Sprain. 1
..4A„the conclusion of the devotional
'. exercises, the Businee Committee made
their TePort: The report, after a slight
- amendumet, was adopted as fellows:
_ ..Rads That the relatiena of theSish
haihSch to the Church are such that
her numer strength and prosperity:in
our; hind y depend upon Strand
that as sn rintendents and teachani we
will d otuise_lves more earnestly to
- It in time 'come. :
Btu:aired, That to establish arid vigor.
oualy sup Mission Sabbah ods,
thdestituto parts of the city ortry,
is One the 'best means of a thing
the Mamas, and that every : selteustahe
MS : congregation should give Its Influ
ence and pecuniary support In' this be
• Rapked, That In, view of a fact thin
merry bullied In our Sabbath Schools do
- not'ouly meet° attend Ito ,bet.
- neglect. to enter. the °corona lon or the
Cherreb, - rapertutendents An teachers
• shenld:_employ every pro meansio
indueeMekieholars togive eir hearts
- . to - Chdat and themselves t• work of .
Ruoleat, That It is thaSjudguitint or
' this Institute that no Sabbath bkhoolein
- be ellicleoUy conducted without holding
Leathers' meetings at teed monthly, and
whore the teachers alp not characterised
, by a rM
It of uierfuneese end Mayer In
Reaoloed, That we ' regard t o great
aPpera , o4an thO *Silgt• to:ad . Die,
snorter catethista in. the Tamil sad the
SabbediSchool, and the bared on of
lacks into thellabbsth &Mont Libraries
c - widsh are not-strictly religion& ...- ,
Itelafred, That we hail with plenum
• the increased Interest now_ taken In the
Sabbath School work by the.Refortned
and Untied FreebYterhul Chute-Mg, end ,
that pledge ourselves to renewed ea
erAty and zeal In this glorious work., '
' • • desofeed, That as much of tit. ofticl-'
t ency and pleasure of the Sabbath School
f depends on gtiod singing, the educed=
of the children in music dietild be Made
_"' , ampecielty, and we recommend that sing
• imeclimage be. formed lisetuurectionwith
all our Sabbath School., Where they can_
be conducted with convenience - and
- 'l2esotroort, That in our jedgmacit Sab
bath School:lnstitutes are orientated to
.-Tey promote the Interests of the Bat-
Schooritause, end wei,therefore re
commend that the _Dtelleed Committee
of this fredltutebe authorised toad an
other Sabbath School Institute, to meet
• - In th.SetiondTi.B: Charch, : AlleglieeY.
.- on the sesonelTnesday of July Rex; at
leas mart 'was signed by Bev. J.' B.
Clark, D.
Re D.,'ltidd Thoe.ll. Rabe, Esq, ,
Rev. ...T. *la than spoke on the Im
portance in "Sermons and Addressee to
Sabbath School Children." - The children,
be said, need special sermons,, for it I.
evident,- ongoing-, through tir e' Sabbath schools, that children hero much of the
Old Adam trithekhearts. By the toellah
nee Of,preaching they .rem be brought
to : a knowledge of the truth m it hiln
Jesus Christ. Special encouragement I s
gives tapresebto children, beesusetbelr .
minds 'are well adapted to receive It.
: the Inflariece ofthe wade -Sp:ldd pram.
Imam* given that blessings Shall rem on
' the, young. The command. of Gods. to
• preach the Gospel to "every creature' .
a- Evoryminlster of Christ is able to preach
' - these sermons to cluidren. But I. re
,. quizesisperial preparation to enable them
„Ray. John Douglas,D. D: than deny-,
arod an address on "Sabbat h School Lit
ardor& . Distribution of Library, rte." Dr-iDeuglaer saki tbe great demand of the
• age was rod something to read. Although
- the idesexatriinimt press Is multiplying
, . Ikeka by the.hour, still the cry is he
moni.becitts. - infidelity bas taken the
- the matter of publications. There
Ica ao.ahled literature that .1a being
scattered over the - land as thickly as the
• ' lessee ot autumn, which only
the mask= and ministers to the excite.
ment of the carted propensities • The
unmet inilustrices of these publications
should liecormetracted by a sound' and ~ I
. hicsitty Sabbath School literature. Con.
eideidinn, should be had to the material
-to be operated upon -the young, and also
ad-the object of the Sabbath SeheoL T
• namaiy, to bring children to God. Dry
" den said; eßunko ate spectacles through
which. to read. nature.' , Books In a j
'-eabbitili school library should be spenia-
de& thee_wsuld enable the children to• 1
'• 54etptier - and •!unable" the sublime
mysteries of the Bible.- There should be
biesiks on doctrine, christlen duty, expel,
- ' Wined religion and clevotiol3. - Works
of fiction, curb es are now used should
be to eared extent coat out of the lib 'a
' ry.. 'Britparable, allegory and =lathe.
may be used with great. efficiency. As
- tti perlodDDl. be meld cordially ream
. Sneed the "Youth's. Evangelist," phi,- ' Relied by Mr.Fergason, of Philadelphie
1 fisr the use of children Theßearfai
' , &hoot Taxes harigreatiy improved, an.
was an excelled aid to temeberg - •I I
MAIM. William Frew spoke on tbe rol l
lowing topic: "The Older Scholar.; Row
toiletsia Them to the Sabbath Sohoch , l
. "-Mr.:- Frew considered' .the retention of
•• older : Beholds the mist Important fm.
- . ears of - Sabbath School Instruction, and'
present the following points, enforcing
theta with much earnestness: lee. The
school - la not simply an institution Gtr
little Children. It S. adapted to all des
and atralmnanta. ' Ile Illustrated his
: -
petnthythesebeabulMr. Beecher ape
MmSpangeori. - Ace a grandlkther and
giathibnottier - clad be mitindished in 1
evaeys-ischocd. • .3d- -- Boge - an able '
teacher; Abe pastor If possi bl e , and the
congregation had bettecreduce Ins' other'
labontrather.than neglect this. 3d. Fe l
lablidrsChriatima dmoclatinn In every,
- comprespnion with which, if , pourable.;
(Watisicamg ram and woman lir -to, b 3
connected. Give each one some th ing t,
do. , 4th. Maws an occasional sociable in
' the'estien, with a view to develop
pleasant seed Influence. sth. I,ot. the
_teachers of Bible climes make matirel
pmemention, bayou reputation. for learn.
inl-a•pleausing manner of address and
.. Tink - Medea (Recessed stales wore th en
namlng Dein dr public debate. Mr.-Reid
- and Dr. Doggies had many question.
addressedl .. o, them on • - the subjects of
their remarks. Then opened the merle
' teresting "Question_Drawer."--„Sinudail.
dreeres were Made and questions Vt..
pounded by Dr. Brown, Meter - Frew,
,To..d.m, Ds. D l D:i o hes, Rev. a.,
3f; MEMeaniMr. John Men mery,bir!
Rum, bir.ltreckan, Mn i Mr. Boyd
Mmßler"se; and others-..
The Institate then exthntrited to the at
teitoon at' Unmet two • o'clock;
DLlDongher 'pronouncing the benedle..
The Institute mat in the afternoon at
hfilatast twoo'clocit, and proceeded.witts
• the usual devotional exerebenr under the
direction of Mr. R. Dunaeath. - The sub
jectfar'ofthacrayer vraa**Tios Baptised Youth.
' Rev. J. S. Ilawk, Of East Liberty, Men
addreased the Assembly on the Open
lug Exercises of the Sabbath SchooL"
t lie.eatudderedthe opening exercises of
as touch Importance as any other. No
meow' .esa attend the exercise of the
Sabbath School valets the influence of
the Rely Spirit shall have been= beensecured
In.ansester to prayer... There-should be a
Axed time to opeh the Sabbath School,
antlitatunad hoopoes:du the time; The
PardiushOuld be sung bantam:Whir tune.
The prayer should be shOrt and appro.
abienee;of,Mai. A. IL Rider
who wan appointed, Mr. T. Ilracken,
student of Theology eoened the discus
sion of the topic. "Modes - at Sabbath
Seined teaching; Illustrative Teaching "
-Hs believed prepared notes (notes foul,
' in books) should only be used. as helps
ereparing the lesson, not in seed:ann.,
The Intim ornstive mode of teaching la
excellent. The lecturing By - Stern is not
good, when it Is overdone. ' Theillastra- I
tisa„.eierboci--teschinst by objects—ls a
good one.' The Ifol,y Spirit adopted this
methed. - - Christ adopted it in hie pets.
belle fivatem or teaching.' A movie,
Stirwerileaf, or almost any natural abject
may-be used: Every illustration should
---lax brier—lndependent in itself, not re-.
quirhsg another illustratites to develop
Ins rdeanhsg.. The illustratihn should be
010eot and blackboards teaching was
atoll dlicossed by Profeesrer 1. A. Mi
streat. Be presented pletnrea represent
' leg the good na Samarith ee tan, prodigal eon.
'Pant - at Meli and' give good eo -
. keens of oral ' teaching to accommny *T the
pictres: - lie then - gave srpo... ena .of
backboard - teaching. -
The above topics were then dlstrossed
by . the Institute. Rev. S. B. Reed
tbeaght It; met '
'o f the grftfort
lausecto open the Seb School.put at
ttime sppointedt' it, would SWIMS
Punctuality. A. pastor once restated be
. would not leave his studytogotochddreh
ski long mite co e ld.'eee onnsindtviduni pa"
Mgr 1 lane in which his church was
e -The col uuseq anee wax thatihe
Interniniservice did not commence 2111
Oire O'clock, bathe afternoon.
cidr..Tohnti. Sands thought the reading
of the .Scriptures should. nOt be omitted
iIGUIft- opening of the Sabbath School.
, • Re --' thought Superintendents should
L.. - zoalla "children's. prayers, " end make
them short
Major liirlillam.Erew thought the sloors
of-the Sabbath School should be cooed
t during the opening exerciser. indeed,
he thought pastors , should do the tame
iirttEeir churches, fo daring the openin g
aistrhesakrestnumbarenter the church
seemingly determined to make as much
noise as poeslblc.
'- - Mr. F. Wakelsiz' thought the Su
- perintatident sbonld read with tbe child
.- ntal. am. *el Ws pray , - with . them. L . He
T.thozurbt there sho uld more singing
the , solicel. 'At least three peep,
should-be sung during each
-Rev. A. Calhoun wasconidtieed it use
et the importance that perms
be`a and brief:. axe
2:hildten-shltt n3Fl4i-to.. 1 :411 'tkOLI
sit 1.
hands ind stand in a praying . attitude
during theopenlng ex:ambles.
14r. litchi - asters thought- the plan or
shut:it:rig - WS doers:-would not mit well
this Itoldweatheiriirdeat each
lion was provided with an ante-room.
Dr. 'gamma said; there wax • danger In
fallintbstootther extrema Tbsreatiould
be la ther too much extravagance ea
the the baud, noii too math atruptithy
Proceed I r queat.ono from the ,
- .drawer." "Sbould none but profea
Stone of religion teach In the Sabbath
School?" Anonmed appropriately and
negatived by aileron t persona, and 'die
! coasted at earasiderablelenzth.
. •
Bev.. Jos. ' Kerr tken tineht a
made. lemon in the Bible a elms of
ten or eleven young bah% and gentle
men. founded on the =3. .I"SaLm.
hret at half past' anon o'clock' ant
anent twenty minutes In devotional ex
ercises; study the conduct of Bay. D.
Barclay. . .
Yr._ lotto S. Sands then, delivered an
address on Teachers' mertinsw,;lrma
tutees, ete. •
T eachers'T mestinpahonld be
held once eek, for prayer. If t
meebnga would be made. profitable the
ladies should all come—come prepared,
and come With their Waits In the work,
These meeting./ swore concentrated ef
fort, 'and the development or unlevel
°pad moriorcec., They. awaken the la
tent talent eif-aliev./oml- in which th e y
aye held.
On motion, the resolution recommend
ing the holding of another Institute. In
Jody next was reconsidered, and'it te.o
resolved to bold the next Institute in
January, IWO, the time to be fixed by
the Business Committee. ;
It wen moved that steps be Mimi to
bold .a Stole Convendo.n. The: motion
. The "Question Drawer" was opened.
again. "Itowisfirom abould a teacher Le
Indulged in tardiness or -Meet= before
amain:is aprintedr me 'almu's,
it was sr• a towbar was If
' absent three times in tumeesslou, with
out sullizient need:acts,
"How eartgleeMonebebrouttht to
Support - end viiir the - Sabbath. School!"
They should place the Sabbath School
on Mamma
D at.with. other- benevolent
aaseelatiduic and prdride"accOmmoda-
Sons for visitors.
Renr,C..A. Dickeyde i lvered an address
to "teachers." " What ought a Sabbath
School teacher do above all things, and
without which he 'can - do nothing? He
ought to prepare. Congregations would
Soot' languish and fade away if ministers
did net give - themselves, to study. It is
Important that teachers should do the
same. The Sabbath School is not oppos
ed to the Church, it is the Church. It
,does not Infringe open. the Church. The
Sabbath School of today will bo the
Mitch •cx . fifteen; years . .hence: -The•
work of the teacher Ise hard and respon
sible work, and,:therefore, requires the
most cerefainreporelon.
••itsv,ote of thank& was
new thti:lnstitute for their efficient
Services, and the Trustees of; the Church
for the use of their edifice.
-I[4: latrestic.saterned thihks for the
resolution. .
unto-orthulial 'Was 'also passed to
the Committee of arrangements, and the
gentleman who had defrayed, out of his
own tettaterunise, tire e
Ithe entire of
Ref. T. IL Ifectnal'id In prayer,
after sinedgthe 'Manistee; the Institute
tookedJonreed, finally.trythePresident,.
Dr Brown, Anernotutchag the benedie-
Litinaaniour riPort of tbe Institute
to a elm we may take occasion to say
that 'twits by the the most successful as
reciably of the kind, of a local character,'
that has ever mat Latins neighborhood.
No other that we henna seen would emu
pare with It in nut:ober. lihtwitbstand.
lag the almost Impassable condition of
the streets, the house was filled again
tastnight ha oterflowing. The speeche-,
throughout gave :evidence of careful
thoog . ht, and were delivered In the moat
imptacialvelpanner- " '
Wemay mention, although he-. is op
-posed to:hiving:his name made public,
that thegent.teman referred to above as
having defrayed the entire , e.rpenses of
the Inatitute; is that noble,liberal and
earnest Christian worker, Thomas H.
Raw, Esq., whole devoting. his timeanti
wealth to the cause of -Sabbath School in
etruction. -.
EftstrLit Court-,r; Idge Itaspirm.
The lirmatring:eoiiiity ejectment elute,
Lave progressed to the close of ,avi
deuce:and a partial lamming up tolhi•
jury: The corkelealou will likely be
. reacherL today. •
_ 4 3.4rier Ilesslasa—Jodie Stowe.
Court met at ten o'clock Thursday and
procesdod with the .
Com•th vs, litichsekl3mbill and doh -
Hughes; indictment setting fire too
causing the • destruction of Wallace'.
Foundry Wm:IMM the Tenth 'ward on
the morningpf Christmas last. i'he
main feature in the cam, indl etinitbe
guilt of She defendants, was She tracing
to their : nottsestien ota box of draught
log instruments .‘erhich had evidently
been taken from a desk to the foundry
shortly bedare the fire; What other evi
dence-wad offered Wee .mittrely thrum
staptisd. The defendants were seen in
the vicinity-. (within• a squarej of the
foundry shortly before the lire brake ont,
and were at the fire among the first after
its dtscrirery: The • cam was not min
. • slat adjournment . . •
bersommarlears—geOgo xenon.
Taussuar.lan, the case of
. .
rgis/L Tenon vs. : lame Chutes; re
poem& on Tiesday, • the plaintiff. took
a Sintlitait: .The verdict agreed upon by
the Jury, was therefore not received, the
ulahatitra counsel having moved fin. the
non-mit, before the Imp aurared to'
!ender their verdict.
. G. Johnson t Ca., vs. Schulz,
Drummer Co. Action to recover $C.i.,,5p.
amount of nerulevesi kir princes til l
hew* *c. Verdict in favor of the plain
tiffs for full amount claimed... : . .
In the case of Jane Stewart v} John ;
atowls4. - Prtmsedinans in divorce, .'{deans
granted:en medial of a jury) an attach,
meat "Ras granted agitate isaPetkient
for nonissysmoit Dimas In soon:darter
with the order'ef-Court.
James:EL Patter ye. the Osal Bluff
Mantua Company.. Action: to recover
5219,01, with interest from May 5th,1565,
the same being, as.cialmed, for money
overpaid on shill of coal purchased by I
platutllf - ftortr-defereleat. -- Yeritct - for
Patriot Hanley yy Michael Rafferty.
notion for damage.. lawas allesseithat
gin plaintiff's alb], about ..einbteen
was seriously:. ininrel
Minuet the esielessittes of the defend
-ant in =daubing his from a ant
an Hilt street, in • the Eighth ward,
cruising tkoTionisto , take fright before
entirely' unhitched and run over and
• pre en the Oit trial.
- EL was admitted man attor
ney; on met:ion of Gen. F. H. Collier.
Ponswint is the trial Ust for this' drty•
45:.Waze vs Longoria], - _
46. Hampton for use vs. McDonald.
C.:Aiken at al. 1. linnlevy ex•rs
49. Union Skating Co-vs Kerwidat al
2. Taylor - vs. Sinclatr-
13rawn is. Smith et az.
"DZcmzl LIT.
Barringtodvv, Kash.
It Lawson vs. Edmonds.
4. Brown vs. Logan.
5. Mug irs. Oliver et aL
C. Steiner ye. Elimpson et al.
7. Blettudetta et M. H. Roe. -
8. Ditto ta. Mercer it. al.
9. Azulerscm vv. S - mlittb di Co
IdentionThas been Made in tome or the
papers of improvemeht fa biaits for fur
, nricak, and of the unusually large pro.
diction Orem:Vld la Ude city. If we.are
:not mistaken these results have all beat
!aurptase3 by the production reported of
,'.the "Weateratate-Initi Flatus*" at - Sits .
Iron, which for the week ending the 10th
! wax,of Furnace No.l-2.2 tons and
575 03thids, and of FUESIACIO No. 2=418
tam 'TOW, 441 tons and or, painds
grass of grey metal. These furnaces aro
only twelve fee t bosh and forty-eight
feet high, ruse stone coal exclusively, and
ere - blown by art nights built at the cells.
brated WassidegionNorke of Robinson,
Rea et Co. of this city. If they do effect
larger, productioss elsewhere,' we are
Clad to note that the engine by which
the fete was accomplished Is of Pitts
burgh 131112UnICAXEre. ' '- •
Catherine Girt trutati information yes
- terday_ before J make llelsolaipti nit Hrs.
Tessa Blgargr; chanting her with annuli
and battery, The defendant keeps a
pawnbroker's shop in Ihrminghem, and
the pnweetitrix alleges that sometime
Once she took sick and was taken to hoe-
'Mal, and while there her husband, who
pmrs Is a habitual drunkard, pawn.
e t eiThi clothing and bed clothing to the
defendant, and spent the money for
whiskey. When ahe recovered and re.
turned home, not a stitch of apparel or
bed clothing was left in the house. She
ascertained that they had been pawned
with Mrs. Mager, and she called upon.
that lady and demanded them, when, as
she alleges, she waserra..rvi and beaten.
A. Warrant was issued for-the - enderr of
Ha Bigger. •
On °reheat the =4 of December bat
Munk' made. Information before
Aildeinum.Taylor ligidzun Martha Brew.
dy, charging her with keeping a bawdy
hnuae. A. warrant wax issued and placed
In the bands of ofileer . Bell, who, after
several uninaccemfulattempts, succ eeded
In capturteg her on Wielnesdry evening,
In the cellar of her own house. She was
taken before the Alderman, and after a
hearingheld in two thousand dollars
heater her appearanos it Court, In de
fault 0/which she was committed toiall,
Aftersh• wascommitted a ball piece was
lodgedigatnat her, Ina Case of the urns
cutfttre; whereon the Grand Jury bare
/Mad 'taw • -
dy•44lltal tigat•s,Coprk-Judge-Mo
orfill eotetipap.Fe itet se . adon
mo9l .
ftrinta. ;10171M—rho high favor in
which the Florence, aro held In Pdts
burgh Is plainly indicated. by the an,
mess. housos thoy draw and tho hlghij ,
reepectsldo character nf. the/aim:es.
TheiOpern House was filled latt night to
"ace them in the. thrilling and v.:put/le
drama of "Ireland ea It Wm." The piece
U. 14 been produced on the Pittsburgh.
atage frequently, but never before have
omwitneasellsach. a perfect rendition of
ik as that given lastnight. Mra.Flerence
takel a bencfit to-night, when an at
tractive bill witl,be presented. The en
tertainment will open with the ;“Irian
Lion,” with Mrs. F. as Tim Moore, which
will 'be followed by "Thrice Married",
in which the beneficiary will appear In
four chi:triplet-a and will conclude with
the "Returned. Volunteer - in which Mr.
Florence taker. the leading rote. The
matinee to-marrow afternoon will be s
brilliant affair. . , • ' ,
Acaniarr OP Meenc.—The grand, bril
liant and Imposing speetablo, "Cantos,.
at the Amiletny. of Music; la increasing
n popularity, a tact fully denumatrated
by the vast concour se of people wha
•throng the hailing nightly to witnessit. TENS' entertainment is adthemt doubt
the most brill hint and Imposlogever wit
nessed In this" cit y ; and we regret that;
prior engagementa compel the manatrors
to put us elf with on short a mason. The
impression that the exhibition is im
moral, whichappeare to prevail to some
extent, Is au erroneous ono, and wq take
pleasure in correctingit, as there is not
thealighteid indelicacy In ladies witness
ing it. In Chicago, toe audienoss were
composed of the elite of the lity. , •
, The Matinee to-moieties will 'afford as
excellent opportunity for ladies to satisfy
themselves of the truthfulness' of our
statemeni, and wo feel confident tbat
norm who witness the grand spectacle
will have the ollghtset cause to regret It.
Only three more entertatuinents. ..
GRAND Ornas.—Those who Midern;
plate ettencling - thaVrarid Opera should.
remember that the sale of season .I.lckets,
closes-this everting, after which' only
single 'tickets will be linlil. Toe sale' so
tar has been improcedentedly large, and
It promises to be • pecuniarily a grand
HALL.—To all who wish to
spend a. pleasant erenhist, and .usijoy a
hearty laugh,' ve would say go to Ma.
sonic HMI. andlieur, Dupers and :Bene
dict's world renowned minstrels, Their
music, both vocal and Instrumental, is
all fresh and new, 'and arranged en
hacomparable manner, while their ,wlttl
iLims are genuino and . .not of that stale
dry kind characteristic of minstrel
• •
,„• Areal Estate Transfers. '
.• The following Deeds were left at the
Recorder's Office; January 1868:
John-Dougherty to David. Day • June
16th, 1856 ; fora, lot of ground on Turtle
• Creek, confoinhig 10} agree and 18
perches........ . . .......... '.M3•O
John Ray ..
to David Day, ... Sth 1867;
• for a lot in Iletieesport,•so feet fiesit on
'Rhagold street, running back to. Sixth
atreet, 1:2i) feet...l.. .. . .e.soo
Samuel B. Sheriff, to Ueorge
Chalfant, Jan. 4th Ifitit", for all• the • In
° forest of John S. Smith to -a lot of
ground Pn
„the Freeport , road, , with
buildings ' • ' " PASO
Deolamba rattan • to_ Frannie Keyser,
.. June 13th, 1863; fora Int :n Hampton
townehlp,a part of lot N 0.213 in"Dlier
Park," containing two acres $l3O
Benjamin Patton \to Michael Wagner,
• Juno =h;1865; for a loth , Hampton
township,a part, of Lot No. 213' in
"Deqr Park," containing nine and one
... $71.2 so
Sarah M. Philips to Patrick ' Keating,
Nov. lat, 1867, for lot in East Birmlug
hani;2s feet front on south aide of
'Sarah atniet by 120 feetiloep $l,OOO '
City of Allegheny to - -.7ohn Briner, Oct.
Dit, 1867, for lot No, 8 in block No. I, in
plan of iota in binder township, laid
out by Directors of' the Poor for Alle
gheny. city, Mr feet front on Evergreen
Plank road, running book 130 feet to.
Mead a11ey...,..: 4300
Saaiael B . CialoY. Sheriff, to George Si.
Ctamble, Dec, 21st, 1667 * f0r all the In
' toxic ot William Worts in lute- No. 24
and 42. in Warden and Alexander's
plan of lots in Tempemneeville.. $l5O
Robert Andrews to James IleranbUl,
March, 2211, 1•8", for lot in 'Second
ward, Allegheny, fronting 22 feet on
Allegheny Avenue $450
Amon and RatterY.—Joseph ELtiitp
eon - made Inforalatieu before Alderman
NlCM.ters against Aaroa Lynn, charg
ing him with assault and battery. It
appears that . Lynn le the proprietor of
the Rock Room - ad pit in Atlfilln town
'clap, in which Racepson is employed
chgger, and it is alleged by the prose
-color that 'Lynn came into - the bank
where ha was employed and made an .-
..lilt uponwith a knife, and when
he atartedlian threw stones at him..
striking him several time,. A warrant
•wasi.urd for his erred. •
Glidenfennly. st. 45 Filth street.
Mnds us the -4lianlic, which seems
rtfttterkable jprinelpallV for its poem,
'.“The Victim.", by Alfred Tennyson;
!Our Young Fkilke • which is illustrated
with.s fine coloredprint, and The Week,
n new paper' of the eclectic sort; which
promises great things. It is composed
of first class selections from first class
Journals at home end abroad, and le in
every. way equal in its sphere to the
Nation, which , it .resembles in appear-
. ,
. Completed their Labors. 1.
Easetv and Messrs. Shoe and Ochse,•the
otllcieni awieworf • of the Tenth ward,
have just concluded their labors in a
most sailsfactore manner and mado L their
report fo the Ceintaissinfiers. via entire;
ward wag geneover and new sissewsaiesta
.were made egroilizifg• according to care
-ftirelilmstea madeimi real estate. The
wasereore are deserring of the highest
credit for the .• •er in which they have
,dischireged t • sir &Mee: •
k.Knock . Jivi 3 .Peter Cannaly
Henry-BM' e-Were empitned. at -the
American - Iran Works., and while at
'work Torii:do a dispute about some
trifling matter,. - which terminated in a
fight.. Several •blows were exchanged
and. Peter had to sneer' tab to the superb
.or strength and 41:111 or hie antagouLst,
after which he 'made acids,' boron. Justice
Amman, charging Burkewittisasaultanti
battery; .A.• warrant was homed for his
ahe Oakland Berettaleans meet ibis
evening et the Scltcsil - flouse to semi
nide .e. , •canditlato , GI. . Ell the vacancy
occasioned In 'Coinmen Council by the
non-election - lo December. The elel,
tion.srfit be bald on kLerciey.
Mr: Jan W. Pftscle 6 , 1.11 ilent us the
'Atlantic. sad Our roons Lae
them for We, opposite Postoffloo.•
Whal P•ople I.llcs
In this age of life penile Lite to be
welted on, and why abonld they not?
'.when they pay for It. la other eines It
la - the custom to deliver kindling
'wood to. the citizens, said we do not
know why Pittsburgh and Allegheny
would not 'fancy the Idea, when they
can have It delivered tree of charge,
for.-twenty -live (25) cents per barrel,
by leaving their order, at the Iron
Cl :Hatch Works, censer of Seventh
and" Grant streets- This wood hi cut
aultible for gloves, 'grates and oven
wood, being perfeetly thy?
o, Whlle the Imp Mold. snot t o Burn"
there la et chance for restoration. of
Meath. If, therefore, the constitution
has been weakened by (Intense or ezetoa
.—the ,nerreit shattered—the stomach
weakened—the appetite gone, and all the
, world appears gloomy—peur some fresh
oil into ycmr Lamp, in the shape of Plan
tation Bitters, which will wake the flame
,of life again barn brightly, and illumin
ate" once wretched existence. For qa
die. It is an elegant and gentle atlmn
lent. exactly anal as they require. Many
familledwillnot be without It. It hae
an Immense sale throughout the world.
let Elkin—superior to- Cologne, and a
half the twine. ainw:ell,
Good GoOMR at Gold Prices.-Navin
:marked down my Floods to gold prices I
will sell my entire stock of boots and
shoes ofall kinds forgents, ladles, misses,
and; boys, at priors lower than they have
been sold sines the war. I warrant all
my' goods, having been echoed with
great care, and front first class houses.
PartleS; purchasing rim depend on get
ting a good article. -Coll and ozamine
neforo purchasing elsewhere. No trouble
to show goods. JAMES Rom;
I - 89 Market street.
- Geed Grocerlca,—Our Allegheny real•
era should remember that Mr. Arthur
Kirk, Noe. 172 and 174 Federal street,
Allegheny, still continues to sell his.
well selected stoat of groceries as very
low I Mee. store belne one of
thelargest in' the two cities he is prepar
ed to suit the wholesale es well ne the re.
tall trade. His' groceries are of such a
quality as init s tlw most particular ir , rase
keener, and at Inch prices ns to suit the
economical pu-rchioLor, Call at - Nag. 172
and 174 Federal street, and see Ike stock
as well na hie prim,
: To Blotherar—tire. Wiuslow'n Soothing
liyinp for children, lo an o'd and well.
tried remedy. It has stood the- test of
many yearn, and never known to Cal.
It not only relieves the child from pain,
but htylgorates tho etcannch and bowels,'
cures wind colic, and gives rest and
health to the child and comfort, to the
mother. Bre mere and call for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup,l' having the
fac-a(taile df "Curtis R . Perkins" on the
stunt wrapper. All others ara baarebn-
Ratio . •
. To ligtolimale fluyerser Dry. Goods We
nro offering special inducements—job
lota from the '.l , :nstern Auction sales—
Shawls, Dam Goodo , llonekeeping
Goode, Ilene' Wear, [Meetings, Shirt
.inge, Prints, &r-
• 50 Market Erect.
Vetistitaithin Water is a certain owe
for, Diabetes and att illeemees of the kid:
kept Fozittle by nll drum - Ink Inv,. •
Haryana in Ladies` Fu', It WtUlass
Nemthio7.49.= W.q9dPitmt• tt
t'ITLi.I3U -. RGE,..3 , fikaktr_r
118 Wood Stu near corner or - Fifth.
. Government Securities,
Gold, Sliver.
And Conpe,nc,
Hoorn ud v 2141 evi Masa talms.
on a ll tlas Drlr.eivalattlas Zanor ,
Caa reCipe .raorlT or PEOX TWELVE TO
Orts..r Twenty Per Cent.
E 7 naming tam into
(4mM:a B. IL Viral Mortgage Bonds.
JAY).! T. BRADT d CO.,
PACO . = 8....6.80AD,
Ocexter FMllb 2Woe4(Ntivels
. Orme 07 TEE Pawnee - soh taunts, ' /
Trusser. December U. RMS. f -
Gold opened firmer today at InSey, advanced
to 10%, dunned to 110%, and late la the after.
0000 rwiebed LOX. from which poles It re
salmi to lOU. No mammal eaup for the ad.
ranee is saalgui, but the mean feeling of the
bonds at Puts and throughout Europe make.
thou who ban any butane connection with
Europe sensitive
• Government sectudttimAn corauttenee of the
eleandmiu *anchorman. of money at the new
board catiu end law, to be paned by Con
grime favoring iodation aie ebW tenet: op.
Pte; grut al bite ere being now Nude to
errata • abort intentaf; and by thou .Panaodla
advances; the public In general ata no longer
buyer. at remit prim, and rather aell to re
place at tower quotations. •
! The .rock market tote kept pare, with Gov
eminent imenrittoi,lnd at present en a ram
Pedal NU. have Jett nutted • point ter the
augulnary to go is cad eta whether they can..
not tenure oat unother point or MO before
theme:bottom; whisk Is not Likely to bete
case for tome threw or four week. to t
none bat men of /rumeno means can tentdre
on •high =wk.% ank they generally ore the
[Mum. then' money clue them eatqage•to
operate heftily. New York Centre' ha
touched aa high a point an It ever ruched. and
It may be . ntanatatned hien above par; the earn='
Lug. will. no doubt, largely Inoreue from the
additional prattle of the dooms Moines; the
sabre. Mune/ilea tont:luta with moo of.the
trunk lina are not to be renewal after rapt
' lazing Now York quotattaa ' FaeinAl by
PA. B. Meat& wsrre as follow=
tio/d. ITera 110%;. 1013; 111%;
Isis, 1.1; taa. Consols,
1=3.5i 1-10 s. lien t
Clereland Pittsburgh B. B. 90.75
blersitantr Union M,,ft
Western. trade. Telegraph as
Erie it. 8.--......
Pittsburgh tort Wayne Memo R. It. ,Meic
Northwestern Railroad—common .1 . rot 4
Northweetern—pm —;..
fened-. " 7001
New York lcoN
l!. and MississippSoutherni Certi11mtea..........[ 041
Kieh '
Q. Corydon. ' Co
arts le
I [ d73.1r
—Mr. lienderseti Introduced Into the Senate
en Tuesday • bill, which was referred !to the
eommltis,Profieleg for the neyintht
ogeorapound interne notes and 3 per Cent es
aerate by an Weiof legal tender note.; not
erseeding blet,Milisenonelnding the imoruit
already outataMUng. Prorinool. alsol made
pir . COLBolidAtics the Indebtedness of the
Unltedlitatee by bonds beating Interest 'et, rho
tate of 334 per mat, Triceps! andhaterrat pay
ableth solo. redeemable at. the pleasure l of the
Open . ..mut at any time within !Myyear..
.andirlthth ten years alter their Issue.
—'Pb. converts. of the sere...thirty Treat.
hey not. Ls going . .. steadily. So far la Jan.
nary, the ef orate work I. this geld held, been
about three hmuired lhouund dollsrs r dip.
At dale of hat debt statements therepezieo 04 .
standing of all mire of aeventhiftlialabout
two hundred mrS tort, millimut. The 'dime.
aanreralonary tem. of the Gorarbasent•ro•
male unchanged se yet. A. eale of the ierea
thlreas la um market. and • porches* of the
grelweeties In the Came plus, makes e more
advantage°. noun:don than the one otteied
by the Chevernatant.
—Theparment the loan Of 11117 has Dien
solos tin verptapldly: In New Toth In the
hest font days of Utile:math, neatly three! tall.
Hone of thew motored twenty years panda
were discharged. The ..‘netary of the Tfe4l
- has notillet the holtiere or Mi. loan 4 Is 17
that they he deemed to to have silaireit
the right of presset piyaseet If they do not
send la their bond. before February a. 11,11 or:
presented by February i Fall be pad, with the
latereir, whenever the Government gets ieady
or ierae s flt. Interent wowed on the.last pieeln•
bet uiart all th• cells loan of lati;
cepa lbws which are sot tq be ?mantra .
ysyminat .41 Ow February Ist
saantatut le on foot in the Ohio 'Wats-
Latta. Wage'. restore the old ley rreagnivng
too per cent interest es not illegal when a
wetter of epee:Meant:att., Beacom men gen
erally approve this prepoattion, and It. 'isles
'go fiWthea--the meet experienced dealers to
money emoting On trade in It' upon the 7ary
Mat e law et supply and . demand will col
late lie vain. .Thsell pari L re
ent. strle on is
pr ties] stwardity. e :Deeded
penally, and scarcely with any erneern far the
requitement. of the law or apprehension of
On= as ems Psyrenntez Gektn'Sri.
TIVA/111/i. January in, ISM
carets -
The narrator Oetttessu rather dulli and
netwlthetandled the supply ma! not larger
than risnah,lt cue zeterthelses oon•lderebly
exams of the dreamed. We hate no doubt
but what buyers could hats been roast hie
the belt tattle on slam at • rednetlon of s•ors
TS to tom below Its prima or Wt meek; but to
thls:as • trammel • thin& &ellen refused th az.
cede,' endow a ommeettenee, the volume of
bustbee* was 'tieeedlngly lltht. • Some hold•
ere. unable soirlat what they menabtered • fair
pilw here. Wiped on further test; It le lob old
'eying, that •!People enteettents funte.iand
fare worm. and ft Would not be eurprteleg II
thlajliould be the result la the em &boss re.
farad to The mutant markets men hand this
week, end wtfh' the present feeling udjeolt
and smelted !tether, the *beeves are I fa 1
Tor of Its beton hest next week, though It
very diftlault to tell. The treneeellons iniast.,
Le hero been remarkably 1/sht at these Tares
Lai some thee Oat, and the nuttoer of essiern
boyars seems to be dualebblde each week.
We are Informed that the nal nnty of Irks
Prahurelphf dealess are now, •nd, hart tsern
for eonse weeks past, busts{ In Baldsnort, load
t 244 at. Mater of course, 6 hatter It. afoot
on hallow ben...
Mau Lanarty eau. sold IS head for Enos.
man to Ault at a; 311 bud for E. Cutullu to
Pater Montan at f la head for Deets to PI4-
nook A (le. at a II; IT head for 1.. PI flood to
me born atllit 3 for same to urns at (Si:
! sa
for um* to W./tedium at TX, owl at aX;
for flardylo Klemm at 554.
Smith & Talmage told 11 !UM: of gond:fat
rattle kit :Forma to Darla at TX—two in
buds nould.' 1
Hedges A Taylor sold If bud for hawk to
Tome at nit It bud for MeTadOon to Roth,
rather .eolotoon. at IX' ab for Jirlaulscift 'to
Ittemert at TX; ettlppan 5 ear loads to Pala
T. Lomb wad it bud el Writ!, stook, weigh.
lan Mod. to L. Shambera at Obi Manua rola
Kabala a bud rows at OA'.
John Blua mold smith & Moose, IP peed of
prime fat tattle, vetatung 20.1.,U. at s.
to Xiamen la good fat eattltrat TX.
M. A. Welah sold Pldeoak A Co. If bud of
gout fat twat al 754., -
The Sb..p motet era. sled le bW. dull th
week, under the inflames of a diminished de
atene and Unfavorable' Meleer from the eaeti
but: an the supple was /Uhl, the decline in
prime sea not se greet ne It would othertelie
have been." The quality of Sheep on ealo title
emelt was not near up to' Met of lett r4lt..
-sad all Wage acalst , lared, the reduction did
not exeired to to %of • mot per pound, ttoush
Malta the Balm S. a bail., • dealt!. of stout
one Seal per pound wouidl appear—the
Prime reported. 65: to 6)4. Nowt a to W 4 lilt
:weak. Ilta followlng are the repotted aalee;
!ladies Tailor ,Sm it h ead for Klem
Sneer to.Yealee at 3!4: a Talmage fra.l
IT2 for Erwin to Soldartek 41. Co. at 413;87. for
Yalta. to Deltrlah at 44% per bead; Srafroull
Sold Itaulo 5 bead •at ita Pleock k. C
botialit 198 f ro m Craft at 44;111Ifr d om Deem at
6; ILI froni Zimmerman at I):; ifti from Crate
lard k Callum. at 4%, and 174 from Huffman
at 1,50. Palatal. * 4.10. sold Sol to linear at
614, and MI to same at tt.4 Panamint nougat
183 from Wear? at 6%, 5114 as from Illormastd
—price oat named.
• The Meg merket, ahw, tree been lees actlie
during the put week, the males hi the aggro•
gate being »the: light, but with a eastlauid
far dueled rued light antralaprlost ate pretty
well catalog-J. A. trill be seen by refereulta
eater, Nur York shippers paid
while Philadelphia buyer. paid from N(itya
and thine may be regarded as the riding • ea).
tett°ma for theta elutes or iloga ThiquaUty
allege, u e general thiem eau:ULU - iris goal,
sad all Clio's' sonaldarad, fulcra are not ail
bleb RS sane growls exported they mould be.
Masa. Loßaty it Co. solo IV aerator Braden
to E. Smith at 4.67:07 for L 14116 to ream •
Co. at 7111: Jar 0004 Satturla toTearets Co.
at 71 134 for awe to Stuart Imhoff at 714, 114
for Dougherty to 011ebrelat • CO. at 7;160 fer
same to ume at 714; ISS 1..0r m6O. to Crout•
(30.. at CU; IT for a.m. to name for4l 71 for
(tray to Mooch Co. at CU; 41 Wllll. to
(Itlctoolst_ t Co. at 7i 1111 for Buchanan to
Yldeoek t Co. at 644;04 tor llolat es a Ptleffr r
to Smith at 1; Ix 6 for B. 1/004 to Smith at
4,1/7; 70 for Brutal to Pldeoell .10 (Jo. at [X; a l l
Holm. `&
Plant to 011ahrelst • (to. al
7,161 101/for Patty to Puma 0043411 N for 1.1.131,1
to rause at leftfi N for Bottum/II R Uo. to
Crouu it Co. at 7#;116 for unto to ram, at
6%143 for Williams to Carpenter at 0.00 to (or
same to fludth at 7,01 68 far Bolmu tiro. to
Mag. It Imhoff at 7341364 for ;bud to Names.'
4.7 Glllatt et Co. it '
6 Taylor aold 113 bead for Millar.
Boyarsoo. to Momeager,ffillatt at Co. at
/14; 04 for Roenhaugh to Pearce, eoMmon. at
44061 for Blear t Sober to aura at x 71.47 for
Dana agree at 4 Ni DO foe somata 'll4menitar,
Gillett a Ue. at EYtlll for El4itroll to Crouse •
00. talc. Ilet) TX. • .
blaserater, GB 14 it Qr. bought IS brad
from Plittemk • Co. at 414;17 from NUB at 6 Mt
from JOhll 000.. at IN( Ur from Comb att
at 6.46;7S from !Lamm at 4.111 1 11 . : .. on, • Bream
01.11.40;436 from Logarly at 054 .
.• ' •
Otteltdeal Co. bourid 00 from Wolfs
at7tol 110 from Maas, Laroty *oo. at 73 ,1 ,1
tat from tam at 7;10 from lllartna at. nil 11 _ ,
from alma Ladirtr Co. 447.44 Ilft ft.* J.
Barry ►t 1,1114. Shipped four au
! pada to'
Eldlatrlplla Ouillaulalos. ' '
Bla &labor boUght U hue from Sore n UT,* mer
us tram 1:J00,61. SIX; team U.
IMALES -1 b4LZELL Stilif
VS and 10 Water 81pm*,
- • 1
•r••••, ...a
Ltr.l , llj . , k.
tfi %1 7M , 1t "..5
r . I' -
. fia
e-s 1
ati3iL l t at 7 :4;'1. from J:bnatoo at 7.25017 froto
Serer 7 :-13 fra - z, 7.1111er t7,=; .116 'lroat
McWhlctiltc .t 734; Iron Smith 7,45; II
iron Itel.lael at 1.30: V/ from 15..1. a 73i; ea
lion SW mes 7,Li at Ito= 1111.11, at ;34; rro
from Stare d. Co. at 7,e5.;
Crouse, Eneriek ftflo .I.ougbtarl head from
Slotaldt at Pi; 121 Cuttlag,at 0,/1;143
Iron :;ands 8, uo. at 6,70. . ' •
I3'lx - 113nEf maf[7iri-
tirrida Mt Prratiteisil.fri,li
TIM.D.Mr, January 0. his
Thoieneral Awake contlairodull Arid-me
ride:Ably heeler:o:7, and Abdo the ;demand for
almost terry/hide is restricted ' to mipplying
Wanta,lprlem are without mates la/ <lmage.
GRAIlt— Wheat is steady but ; unehanaedi
we conitnue to quote at 11f.15 for Red. sod *2,65
for %YOU', And ar,30M.1,0.5 fto :h. I Sprtag.
(oat. ho fair demand at Wish,. ell rhea, and
siOrPrlici Sore. limkey_; is •ta geed demand
sod sce ne; Priem Spittle may be rooted at
a: , .
Cora La rather,'duil but un..
chanted at th 31,0.5 foi new.. Rya la in steady
Lleman4l at $1,4051;75.
FLOUR—UoutinUna dull, but pitons wenn
chaneed at .11.3 , 145,0 fur Spring; fdr
liirdati Wheat, and flidtafilkbn fur fanny
brand., Ilya Fleur Is stead) . at .SP 60 Ltd
tidnektela at It dull and nominal at ••
T • it.dliaSlONS—banon la quiet and emit'
but ur:eiingin ai. Sisouldera; iniqc
fur . 1111insit Sidea, std - 160181.0
aPed Hap. Lae! a Pill quotelia
14:Irian:la kettle •rdulcred linrets end bar•
reds, iind lUNCI4a, In ;keg. Man; 'Otk, lot.
Dots! fittl, Inaln.. • 1 I
BUR. l'Eit—Yilinn to cLoice Rold Is in annul,
dad:l4ll4 train ailna•Livostly 'at
230 C.! •
EGil4—linchzeted at 42x.
VEED—Its quiet add tan:tianmol;w i e
cortli oto quor 416)((1.f+t for i irsu; iI7
61,73 Car ec.l for
d'lnd- • ,
. . .
goo,lta'cLelur; and 112 . „1aa3,00 pet tun for cona•
- rorn.roEs—Pull ln: unchanged; salt, 11l
. atom aOli4l,llper [mewl, and 43,21a3,.t0 par
bbl, in to quality. .
DRIEII 'lll.l)lV—tlouttnue.. very dull and
that IttlpPly Is /areely In exam nI eh. demand;
Peaches' ❑ay be quule,l te a r quart ,
arta naps for IsslsT, Apples, VS',
pmuis;s—None In market—may be quoted
lu fbe ab.enee ol ...le., at 9 per 18.8.1. • •
LA 11.1/9IL-14 3:111 q uut.d by manufacturer.
al 851 roc nuO 1410 for No. L •
sellllor from tountri 1 38 388. .4
$l3Gt.. a. to qualtty.
SEEDS—Stan:I cf eloversce l d at $7,80.
FL...TO 13 1i dor:Land at etas. NO -moves
cent lip Tim: , thy.
I; a 3 25
CRANLIEARIE—qtiot!3 ,t 41161.5
'lefty:soar, lsoussy,=l, tell. g
Cittnr.--lberie was rots elogievymtlon
lb Crude-all to day ihee ere could, Limn cf,
though' there mimed to he a Orrin, feeling, ea
*daily for March and Aprll. heat al wee In
, Lewd it or. with but
hefts annoy: am] we
tientve holders generally are askauglig to 74:
For, March and. April, sultens option, holders
no. dose—sa. late last Montag of
atria this for these month, at Inc—there May
hare beta some "goat cash" amoneatail with
thr: operatlOn. The de aem oboes, doted easy
be itirihnial to an ads.ce at the welly an
there is mishicry In the tone of east#rn or fare
Om advice* to justify no upward marmoset.
iII.F.FINED—Tdcro Is no Improyemret to
onto In the genteel tone of the market for bog,
Mt.] oil—Data ahr.sle /moose:Ion reported to.
day. There loadme Inquiry (or 31111:41117 . at
. .tr:.1.4 . for standard nolato,tod
_Lena tor prime
white, but there are do milers In this market
at three Nina Feinualy . is hill quoted al
otooder - il -white; March at rtkarot
April t 1144. As we {indieted same dins Mee.
the shipments ore alicm:r beginning to fall oft".
and after all the January oil hes hein sees
forward, we ennui to tee tbo exporb down to
where they hereabout the Brit of the month.
of entre. nun ma. r. a. S.
• Net: Inf. Cc:. :0I bids ref. to P. Wrlytit
Sono, rldhadelphlrs..
11. Koehler .fc t'z, L. do de to {Verlag. fit.
k(he. Fhlle!elphia.
Forsyth. Jiro. a Ca, or do do to Warden,Frets
On. Philede/ohla.
It. W. Ziorgen a Co, go di do to Ewit itchitik i
Phi ltdrrp=ln.
J. tltplcr, ZS do It, to J. P. Log., Inietaite:-
I -
.11felg - TorO orodnria pinr7t of.
Cr bites t/ ' 0 0 ,1 .4,10 o,ok
••Xv• Your, JantlarY ttff ' —ftotton'Artner*
natal of 311.* bales at 11%12 chleny 12* 4C
for toltltlbny upland,. Anon.; rentpta 2,3• M
bufels Arm and rutlei• qulott• sales eft
GOO Sorrel, mat • $ 4 ,1.ta . ..0) for PtiperEnt;
Slate *Lod' 0 u•torn; 1n,f307013 'for =girt
mate; gu r lart , n for Writortt. and 1112.2.3
(214 75 -- for White.. Wheat' Oats o.ll*
, •
1312:13: Bnno,l hoop 'Olll,, 400,50010 m.
crordi*ou to ,nod extra! 2.E. Louts $12,00
stoCht to 'II, 00 . 41 4
call forma , In tau-ront at at $12,01; sacks
612 . 23 1212•G0• r“. S our 4 111101; 4111 . A of po
'barrel* at 47,312n.y•, tvolttk••v non:11001.; tub la erti 1,001 tm,bo,[o,.
:46.thut nondeallr entl634rail; 2ulca of
ant Cashel.* at 01.0, fOr n*lxed anuthern, 11.14
;for red Petd**TlVaid.f. and $.2,71!; fur who* ,
quiet and ateutly; miles of
7eo buchr:s of atmo or. $1,23 Carley - dull at
41,20, Cam wln trot 81,153 Malt nerhnared.
Itetebota—Corot 661.6 of 11.233 boshela In
faro 01 Layers; soles of Z. 13.0 bushels at
11,17.11,31 for now tul.sen western agout
for old an. In stoma and 41.2801,3 for new
yellow Jersey. Wocelpta— Up,.; 1.873 bush
els quiet owl arm; autos of ctf,t lord/ea at
Maio for western In 'wore , sou: on".t
astir. bnyer, all gebonory. Mee nototnal at
10 , 048111ce. Colf •otlr.n and not detiVt, sale! ,
of 11'.0 sack.* of Ct. P T. Stiottr tuoderately
acme* sales DC 040 nluls of (Juba at 11421,3%
and 260. 00114, tg Havana . •112112.
Molasses nrzu*suJes of it• atela of 31 own . ..wt.)
ot 490 and G 08,01& of New Odeon. at, 840922.
PetroLeumtcrudo straoll at Julio relzea and
Me bonded. flops 210000 tor. American.
Pork dull and heavy with sale* of 14 - 41 tints
at $0.12*2 - 33,20 for old sae.. closing at G . 42.3
regulas~o2L3l for now 'no elotinv el
CC= 18 etttf 61:2110. , 0 for Wtirno and 418,72
1211,03 for prlcast - xl. oaf Wyo. 'LOCO Obis ot
now' meta at. 120.23 selllec tot Yobroary;
821.00, se.llutly for Much. Beef s tatadyr sale.
-of &too bblaat -Prerelout Nines and 213
tietcea at 5n0.561112140 for prima ttlellal s36o'
I .P.GO for Ind ta raesa Pent barns *past 18th.0100 of 130 Obln at 630031.20. Eamon ,00leIf
sale* of 400 bate. at 00[.016! 1 0 for 'l.:Umber*
land out; 11111110forrIlduat{ 113‘01110 for
, ottortrthhodpl2),loLto for abort clear. Cot
meals Steuart solos of VIO pack - agog at 'so
fltio for staultlders itad laelatio for 'llama. ,
Dressed hogs heavy atty2f,2292• lbw Restart
and teiC .3 no ro‘ city. t.rd I.lllldo firme r; attar of 78u Otte 1361.1)G,50m12" lota at
13%, itattelr arm and In good demand at
Mow for State, talons° dull at Wall':
Pretghts . to Ltrorooolnulut and tirm
engagements for 3,ouoltda of 11'n. at ::1 Gd
per tall.
I.•rcry—Flour quiet and Inn, wills u
moderate demand for medium. Wheat
qu let and firm, at 21,43 (or 100. c and 6/ 4in
2:0 for No. Is print, .11to notalnal. , Dabs
steady, at 27G:4 , ,ftt . for ircatorn In &torn.
Corn dnllt at. .1.3101.314 for now nand
o'stun toast ono '114341.2d for ola mixed
ao In More. Pork - quiet and' stood at
ay),2303b.r14" for old In f.. 1; .211 . 14M.0.5 for
new mesa; 1i21.3714021,50 for February;
121,123‘&11,73 for March. anl g 11.131122,00 for
April. Beef Moody. with a .Inalerato Oa*
*nand. CIIL Matte In moderate risotuat, bat
unchanged. Bacon Iteadr. Lord stoady.
11 1240120'c for fah to prima Meant Sod
kettles renerod,
Cinehrtcukti Etatlon:.
By T4ezr, I I, the nltsbarie, G. Ile j
Cirictlnessii. Jon. fltra tio t it le ti
fatuity . Wheat nnenansaitilin.
spring 1r.10: No. 1 4-,21; the anion 'rade. of
rater fit:oaf fit, tivininint,llght Corn lr
rt atdari total:I a sated Sitleno (Or ear. but It
14old tills aftrrnonn at 134; did% no
arra and, itad, uric«, 004010x1, titiniiTet,e.
Barley in 00011 demand and tolret ad
vancing. closing at 0LP , 32,15 for fall;loll
$1.95132..ia Inc stale unit spring. Cotton
armor: mlilannir Boss In good
shipping Leaned for Prima in Choice. at
M7 l ll7,ll l llfriit iliaasod 117.5017b,.20; rarnlpts.
1,001. Pcnrlsion. quiet hilt toienativell
ine..s rick cloan loaf. at 110 for old, and
aSl,anfa2l,to for nest Intik meats quiet and
In moderate octoarol, at for olitiol
and Ill; Pr 3111. Clarnit 7.4'
moiler:4lnilor de. s
mottl4l, at Of 'for 113f(flIN for
clear rib sod floor t tilt, and Pat for anger
000.1 boron. pinto I A goo! demand (Or
horn. at llNtt trt tor loins grate.. an./ 124
0'2(4 for print., krttin rinidnrat leaf, but
had i. rn non t;itt,f therefor,'not
morn don,: Lint., dull and prices Ws:st
to. freth
Increasing. Egg.
ilrelintil supply largo. Cloverminul
onintlatafflajiiii tier ppitail. - Tlmothr
.0 , 0(1200, and dud. .Flou
ilud. r at 1441
rn ° l.P.` e llll,2°.
iiinionielt-00C000 for ;fair Orleans. Gantt .
war.:s4. Linseed nib 111.14 and dull. Petro.
least dull, at tittlic. iny, baying.
DIV Telegraph tad., rat _.letrao 4:t (to.)
Chtcatta, Jan., 2J—rinor Moderate ac
tive and ateadr At VIM (Or hating ly,
Wheat—N .119eolet, nroz and is higher, at
(ills l 3 tin. •2 it dull anti . t.frjl9t, loner.
elating At 12,0:0202,Pa. Cern act;,o And la
towel. old No. 1 fat<el now alkllde,
zOtf 0.3 , .f0 for the latter. Oat, openal
(tend v. rm.:y.l.ton tly weakened, net eleaed
ar. rearant,•r, 'lrv° dull' light vale. td No. I
uc 111,5,111,51. Barley ncttvo and no higher;
sales or 'wt •!. at 6201,05 In (torn. PrerellOntot
dull. Moss Pot k—•ales of 50) bola standard
at 410,73; Atradght brands nominal at - tharl
SAM.' Lard In good requett at Eltfeltzi e ;
holders ...eon' 14,,c. add ' , eats Of All
kinds, far lutnre delbtery, aka lotted Ira Ana
nominal. Green meat:natal. llama firm.
/teeolotn—tdeo bbla Atone, 11,0.0 btz wheat,
AS,Teu 1.11 cern, O,FOI oats, Sd.lo dressed
hogs, Pefd I Ora hogs. Shttnnenta-24.0 blibt
door lo,boo ha earn, 2,00 droatted hOja, 1,012.
livu.llog.. • •
..• ... •
t Er Tel oomph to the rill: baron limo:no]
lalow &mum. &woozy Et—Floor lin nt
legal LW for donbln extra winter' donblu
extra/ming ut *Lae la 51 und Milk spring
nt #175411,..01 WLost la lin changed at 11913 .
for NO.l. and 41.1.1 for Nu 1 - Ova quid - at
seaaocuttn for No. 1. Corn doll pampa. for
no ehollud. 'Preload PORn OlOtOtAolin.l.llll
ma. 11enelnte—lion 1,1410b150 hitt% P,OlOao
outall.o4 corn 4...540 laud; dressed. looos-600.'
ablvounto—nour 000 Obis; yrtytaglxvlsly
Ikietits Ilitalt_ lab / 1 111egagitif):;,'
ofMictv erns Cbsulbit Of Qualtberrl'.
lwaukee, ett;st It has been astercobted
that the deliveries c f wheat by teea t o, gp,t o ,
the rear, areeneted to the t orgy turn 0 1 ettly“
burbablAu . .ltltttee to tbete by ratiroted beg
lake, trove mettle. the - total receipts for Ilia
year 11.622,404 butbelsr leolodlet Ilts receipt s
of.lllur, teduerdio. Wheat, the a t
IMO:over. 16.003,000 Itnebels, of fhb* a b o u t
'riper teat. tame foreferd _durleg lbS tut four
1 - 7PT;' - ‘:
.11aLizr. 1.1 e..;s‘
_Goy* Cloied 140;i:
B 7 Telogrtat to the Mutant Ilsietto.l
,Roof Tonn, Jan. MS.
!Coney , lit cert . ciao afIGIS per cant no
attd 6 , ..G7:4 por scat.. foc prlnac paper.
Sterling Is anti al 10.5.7-;IT,1 , 5•I;. Gcl.l Is ll,Ccr
eyed tng =al closet! a 1.14.61. attar a
day •of actlvity. The
cons:me:lon 0111 nta nen•rm Minks'
relative to the mats nt naturallzacltlcons
occo.sicnetl Lu advinto
GRverrm..t stocks n tire with a bllLry
zise and Leary ince , : cc: en. non,. con
17"1!;:,371:,'`l•°d't ' t l .l i it ' ll 4e' g ' ' ' . 'Ul"7:'' d'' F T"
'lna; do"'4n, ufavril6::.V4tric.l
, Il.C.;:li Seeen•TlLlrtlos, 1.1.471uryi. • •
The * Ratlsray mar et onenc:l innvant
with a cenernl anent: c l tin; closed Leave
and with the solvart Ind . , under sales to
realize, which contl nen to the close.
. • (fIT RS?. , 4.
The followinn wen: then:And. linoln.lons
1t WA/ n. nt: Canton . 7 , ,1C5N Cuocherignd
4;:14, Sneer:ass '73FL:ni. Adsdns 79a7111,,.
blerchnne. Unica :COl:l , j' gencli•tleer :CIA)
Iliv4, Well. Fargo di 00. 4,1147, lfarlocna
Ms; eaclfl /2 Mall lie:llan], Anantle ontr.:F.L •
Western CanonTelnernph Cla 1:1,4 : Neer
Turk Central 1OCI:10,i. Ede7.F.'13:474,
' 1, 1 , "nn 12 : 5 1 Rodeo, IZN2M. Rcnrlins n . :,
I - COO: Ohio Certificates 3.144,11:4, 11".4,7,414 40.
Sr:Paul 51%4'5174, do. Preler.,l g.5 , 4i31'434 . ,
Atichican Central lid, silents. South:on
1 FsligSCN. IllInol• 4....,mn0 1.1241:1;, nu.-
pug. .65,• , ....'. Tolotin 1 lwalollt,%, Cock
51ibm.1.97 , 4197.;: .o , l.l4o , Pstarzt t0.r , :.(06.)i,
Preferred 711dd540, • Fort Way. 103! , 4011Xkv,,
allarouria llol.i. .
. ,
smug nittaq.
,11.thIng ehltres were E.lgu 11111
01.rres 111111129, Noe, York 110,1)4vIdson 4;
, .
orn,rtesettar" erre , rre.
• Tho reeelpte of 1110 riuMl , Trefoury were
0, 1 41.903: popmente 411,3,e13;
lira Teletext:la to the oilt .ah rah illatettn4
Sr.L tonts.Vlannary 11.-o'ohm-en la In de
-1 trtandat Cut) 1,1 lens, but. the offering. rent
small, and pales wore outdo of tuns nt $4.10
(07.4:04.10011 to medico:a lea f. aI,U, 911. and
good 10 ahlsaptnc Isar at. 1110111 Cotton Is
hulllng at 13 1 4.11 c _tor mleldltngs. flour
111 Valet hut firm. Slid holders generally nett
an advance for stayed( on and extra, notch
are scale, and salve were :nolo of nonbitt
vats at Y dtIII 00 / :treble cotta to fr.r.ey
at Wheat Is hem nrnaly. Lot
Oman slide tern matte of rin]. to Choler,
Iroavir torn Is (inlet 00,1
chantred, at n4 , 0:190e for shelled. opts ge m;
pal• 0 twat,' olado at 11107 en Ilye; tint naar.
kr! la onehartard and 1,111 nominal at 11,10.
Barley is Arm nod touthanaed at previous
pricer.' Prostalons and I.ord are 0,1101 SEA
ustolpanaltd. , Drasesal.lloga are Palling at
$5.5007,00, according to rpts/Ity. Ilaceipts
loirrela ,flour. 00 acits wheat 2.01
bushels earn, 400 Intehola oat, :ata tonthels
(allay, and flotallead of hos.. Slit weather
Is clear and thawing
Now ' Fork Drki Sioutta Glaskot. '
Fly Teter - an!, ,
to the K r h cre;te.l •
Now roan, January a2.—Althnorth the
der rainYi and unplcacaut the market
Is firmer for all now awl Gayle coltous,
especily bleached nGils anti ilots, the
demand al Ints been more o: sunrecented p
within the
lost dew days, end leading . Ott)' Joubers
have parettaned freely, en that ',Lock. In
batuli,nre meet, redu[•eil.. Produc•
11001 of lipr•York 101114 Is sold !thewl en.
ill April, and goods are iseareo and Item.
Ohio; Winnentta,tie; Tuscarora. 17 ; 11111 s, 10
/Or 4 4,540 14 for? i; ,g ahead,
15, tlp.trr at• 11; Laundon, 1-1 ill; Ade
le:mune XX 111 1 >: Great Polls, Q 16; •
1314; Cateht,lt 11; indlenjt tree brown
IltAlaw Market, 44, I•j1g; G At
lantic, a. 11 , 4; all statilidril makes of dark
Print. call selling etter old styles, but
new effects a cononntol at 12 1 4; prlnt cloths
kayo been reduced to 70 Under larger Sales.'llet'.raet
S'elsgrankto the I'ttt2barigt, tiasette.2
Tkitnary, 23,—Flour; market
quiet, demand unchanged; XX apt Ind, $1n.7.5
OILS): 0Z red winter, $12.00f21252; .LC
white. Oltdatells CO; country-brands Octe(111
Index the shove, flgurea, tVheat; the mar
ket 19 stead, - and unehttosed; N0..1 real
winter, $2, a5t22,61, N 0.2 do ' o teldf tt2.12; N 6.1
htliwankve,l2 On Corn firmer; antra No. I
shelled at rroai tier, Pie far
earoenatraor, O ats tt.ct brlLrllt Cat
arc for ,No. ROM iiVO wile: and
atendrat k1.02fiL35 for No. I from store.
fl.tfleg scales and Grin: }a, 1 State and
cadutitt, #1.91 , 02.0 , 3; No. 2 do, Irregular and
eeld by eadple. Pork nnelta aged anti
steady& sales Itht bids No. I Wear at 12200;
other qu.lllttes as .otevionsly reportfal.
Lunt; gond demand for city, rendered,
15.1.41 Pa at '23010 kegs; country nontleel al
12012 , 00. lhttrnteura lulu quiet and un-
hanged: fgeetheld at 421211; beaded,
.. Near Osten:de Stickel.
_ Tre.rarAtk ,
Io the ,
Saw OllCltAiS.Jantur, -- Z.—Cotton In de-
mead at fair i'll caw tolddlung,`l7dl7 , 4e;
sales SSW bales; receipt, ' ; 5.00 hales; 1,-
portal, 5,110 tide, linear active; common,
014015 e..; 2.24,12.5e,ch0ice, !Stiehl., Mo doll; “nemtmtatiiic4: prime to choice,
7,5025 e, noun Tam; donisc extra, Slaw,
treblo,llll....ltlt.Z. Cord steady. Of la un•
changed. Pork unchanged. Hatton and
Lard .pilot at. Drayton. prices. 'Sterling,
111410 u. New }York Exchange % dlscounC.
1 I
r01...f10 Marital.
try Yelegrthhi t ; the ?It tettergh
ToGrao,ist, ary 2.l.—Floah qtdet. 'shoot
arm,with I ealea.of white Mu:lmmo at
a2n.t. stent , eratk2,6sCorn, ne w ornate.] to
maor, but 010 Itst with !Cu il•rnve the
aria sonde of 114” Wabash
at 9tCt23 . ..,e; new Illealdszt.922 for January
!ifthot ;0 for February, to: March. an. j
cYc'hn , .. , for tigy. fiStt f collet and unchant,
ed.. Ace is quad, Cower seed :a;
withaisles Cr 11,,g, no
changed al 47,23d8,1:3. •
1 1 1.111‘151p0114 21.arkrt.
f Toarrapu the r.ri - L.l , 7ti
Pa rtaaa,a a, Janaat, 4S—Petmleam Ir
du!! and noattant at 15 t - ti s le , t f 7 .t cta. 7 . 7 . a 7777
;51e127, fueretneltic uo.d. Poor 1. vt..ry
Wannt 19 html sat IO7IaL7T
42.172.51 lot nil. Shin In feu .. .Amami co
11.65tw1,65, Cot. Is nockl r. gut, at SOD 100
Or‘:. ut 71;i7i3. moos Putt 1,
held at 1'114(2.7.10. Lard a . /
• ' ' ntitoplsl.4 Martel
!Hy T 44 , 7 .1•1'L : 1 .1 , 3.1,11 tasz.,..]
3lattrut*, Jatittary . .Z.—.7. - 4.0.0 1 Iltln
00.15, at 15711171 ac. 1,552; expor.
1.•514 :4‘lo. Flour In firm. nod 1.15054 , gai1i
'Kirk mulret doll at 1.3 et 12/.1.1,50. _Bacon
t 1011; clear Elder at 12 , 7 c; bolt: 00001/0000
4•7-i• 7 5 7 -;e; IWO ft 120. L an , l 00 . 01-
Corn a4st/51,0 7 1 sri-1 twat.. WWI art.
P:0 , t. 1 3 . at II ty
• 41.11, Co il.acilaYlarkel.
By TlYeArayi: lA. the 1....t.ty.:14
1..00. Jan: 2.1..—1/reso .1 hogs nnehang
rgi liSio greased is szciu,Srly for *hi Imre.
iti 2.1 t 37, 10C4,10,, .11-
rl.ll. on tan..l.lro le es ere In fe,r
et s sellle eads.;
for t tor to res.. reoicr. 13.1
st riles or
`Jilt ws
OAS. t se quartet 1.1.r.,1115.
hew /fork Cattle dare. et
• •
by Telenraue zo the Pitt, , npre
Stem TOWI j ,JIIMUIVy 23.—*n Cat Ller unply.
large—.37,u heed; prin., *S e
OP/ per bowl
flWer•011 steak quality; poor ti nrkue.lWA
7c; choie.. trx4r. 12,
, 11 , 41, Ih sn on nrouony; pricey renne rrrOic.
loge •lonlut -7•nr, Leroy rtilltnit ikr brat
bra fed:
=ark , . a. •
(By rati44,l,li w r Ittilo.trgtE.tlast:l.l I
intrltup.l leaf 4V'..
YlnarsrVi r hPkt 11.4.1-502,3 D.
1-.),73C21.00.Lc0n; rbotitOrrra s'4s,
nine. u 750 .. 4 . ,01 .K. 11 ,413/50. WhAsky numt
=CO M 3
MT Telograph to too tatts.alroh Uuett..)
Ilvrrato,..lon. 21— Thu Flour market la
• erally Inee•lvo. mon plot* Sr.• notnlnallt:
mcn ne a3a . .l. Wheat—Mem 1, noileolood.
or the orttOlo. Corn,, Ina or; pile. qt JO'
low!, now, no trook, $ll.O. Vora 1..
ma !nal. Noss Is arm at 122,50. toed
arm at Wanes aro donalnal..
Itunir l'stt
(Sy Talttrrsia to carAttn.l
IrmittatAn:. Jnnaary 2 4-Cattle dull' and
a ti Lt. Lellacelptie,2ao.
1,000 2.1.3tA3.y0t In Ittnn.p. tn 10011 tentmat nt
no e ma * ,
l i ve opn 11
ntin, 7„40. logs,
Ziall‘neort. et
Vat Teletra‘hdt the tlusturen Ilteettr.l
Ilavrtlloll‘, Imuuhry el—F/urte
Wheal. lgliat •MI steady. 4....rn very dull at
Oats at , iody at.7r.u. llyu dull at
rtuvlelorin Steady and tut.
chattered. Inrd 13,41213;t40.
11:11V117111 DT IG3llslOAz.
PITTIIIIIIBOII. roar 1/7•ragat 41110•00
Jlatoary 11-11 cars big Coryan &
- 0 .01047; I do, Nimlek /X Co; 2do do, 4as
t wood, 8,, • 1.1.,0 do do, Lnklie. Oliver & Cu,
/ 1 aao trot, aro, stboestoessar at Blatt; 100 bblro
. flour, fief ,t {4141, ZOO do 80.4
worth &Co; 106.0 above., • /tr'or
21ska oats, 0,1.,7 1 I . ltosby. 2 Ins bultar, 0
lard, 11 lest; 18 aka tsgo, Mark le, Illeksors
dlloli do .10,. Oodles,. Clara t to &a broom.,
W. II Klskpatsick:a 7 0 8911 11. 7.....101 1 0. /lab
llogab Maya Lit matabra,:ll. LI Lobo; 10 awn
shallot., J Knox; 9/ dot haroLca,Puallay •
Nalsonl 1 hone, K 19 %Tatra,
ALLzostanT IL IL, ixitusly 23
oga spo, W I bleak:2o7z. wheat, .11 1.18-
aatt & Um I hbt butter, 13 aka 110UP..4 Soots; 40
boa ry4l 11 W 101,107; 151 tog Arlorat. 11. T
Ka01 , 8oi; 200 kga nails, Alai CA, lltlcksl/ & 1:41
1 tog boa.. 1 do 001.0., I basket lard, I boil
Orkin tattler, 1101 ezzo, I box ettleksoa, 1 lot
broom..l tut/Laps, lot toll altos, J 11 Urahami
II hoe 4611,8 salt 7,011r7. 1 Of I...arbors ' 12 has
tato,/ Li/Lai:4 Iliad rut. II ht•rabelm; 10 aka
au, Adana & duel. I bag Macs, J W
7,711. I aril lope, JO Iltatllo; 140 he. are,
seutt • Omit tear 710 Iron, Resat, tltsl4 •
11.71111 bble J • liktaa; 9' tors lilt ins,
& 1.19112 bale. bay:'lloota at 01.01.
1..1.711 1 /11.AND Props 'trout 'llarbacao,
laxastry 03-1 aar lilt Iroo, Nlmlck & Co; 100
Ors powder, o , oBlcla Iterol Lou Cot CASea
.111 bloosthau; 18 ska guru, ID 11.970,33 do Dar
1v 4.1104 k 130 boa ahosao: G: eta';
10 alai taza,./ . 1114 1 .0 9 ,1 4 CO: 1 001161 to7e,
Per • Clark ; aka malt, Smith jI Co, 4 bbii
111108, Pltecu, h borstal .0, oat., J dlorto.
Epro-sttorkoo,l/nirmaus • /11.IBRAT1
Jaouts 21 bx kstdvare, Mc W looosy
Colll3 Wt. Wheels, T (late & Pro; as 0.111 tot.'
Plttatrusah Pao., Co; I &Ind mill. P It
Klukald; I bbl, 1 00 lard, 1411k1.8ttlek & &goat
bga aata, Sarah & Co; SO aka warn, 4. cago7-
, 0 1111/00 bbla foul. tlulp Stispaad; 23 bales
cotton, Ranne.74, Childs & Co.
IL It., Sauary 23
tkesornmeral, Coriczt 110 Oil. Illors
ti :11 Atoltlaylerat log dr. do, Slostart 0, Ltagen..
balm; ill aka 'earn, GlIrooro.• Ittaarlb • trot 21
(11. gap 1a,14,41% IV Ilutoloy 4 pkga liquor,
0 1 . 1 . 1 - 10 2 1 11 bX t0att0r, : 31.10,00,1. •
• •
- -
101.2" 2 •?• L. LAtliiAWt
Orrice, 382 Panla araaf
rarrauaiu:u, a~a
Halt Lome Rontotvel Ptrees noarGw•
OP is a. 4111.. bear. •
JAMES f•-•:,.
• • • :• ' .
crap • Atop,. Light i Iron
lucsr kik - Mitt )Ntofs
celo. 1 •
Varna, .11144.nermen 1 , 1•1161. iisid Ithr
imp. 41,11•140•Nr City . .. • • . •
' 1 ‘."7"" T` I • 4")
• • . 1 .
eiIISBUB6II ROVE Ifirithfl,
FULTON, 101ThiAti
llanztac:ute tit
nit Myer, uwler tilt influence of tho ',pent
soft Weather, It hag at this cater, the nlo
nongehela souks all ereraLug indicating nearly
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centrial, a the of some Importance easy be
ltiokod for unless the went htelhould euddeisly
turneld, and of thle u there la not much ap
pearance at this writing. We ehould Oct be
surphsed to fled rontolorable tootle; Ice In
the elver today, SO It tri/. not ;nick tort tler
Ion: Weith the teeter over It, and the weather
mAnl and thawing us rapidly ea ft did rester.
day. f
Mr, A. O. AfeConnell, Celli of thA r :theble,
which heat hes been absent from . here Once
September 'set, le . here on a volt to hillemely.
.11 piescut she'. AMY up at Cerondolet, below .
L'onla t und slit, leering' bete last she hie
lumpeugagal In the Se. Lola. end Arkansas
eleertrade. • "
Ca t. Jest Mellon, of •tho Glendale, will
el for Wheeling In the early halt Oda
E.;.• to bring her up
,to - Phtsburgb : . •
From December2•4ll until Tannery _let, the
folloWlng Likened towboat. arrived nt Louts
clifehoos PlttshurgA, with tal's of eta', Sans
Reber , . llornet, V. F. Wilson, Simpeon llor
ntec..W.lit, Mary Ate, Battle, Fred Wile., and
Bengal Tiger. The SLapson 11emer ehd
tle paned on down to New Orleans.
. Gonceol O. AL Warren has been voted thrutts
by the St: Paul Chamber 6f Cotametee;tuittls
aerclehrs la improving the navigation of thu
Muslsalppl and Mutneeeta Hives , to accord
s.ot arith the met of Congress under which be
was sasigned to that belly.
Tee Ceenon 'line paid Willlom ftichardancy
the cluesetander of the it. Pa Lea tiloooe yoga
In pulite to keep MCI SUollt i nulaf. a 01 , 1 , 0•:-
1100 list. idol. thooniy matt ou the idesms
thd Ithat'wopt: John CALIMILI Covets, on ac.
count/of hie Areal popularity,
JUlp1 ) .1.11of Is P lf::..l'.7lest L h k e rst d .l ' l7uUrV
chile °twee, loose for • more.detenstir •mentrag
scowl, than they hove' had steel , the days ue
th e td e ,ohi cent ILlytee and gallant old Net
ohts. , • ..
Ssn WIG Vatter, a native of !Westin, And
well knows In Milanese circles et Jr. Paul, re
eentll" 'lied there, much respected. The tamely
name Wes well knows" fur a while In Ohio and
Merai!olTl bootleg circle..
Thelquiecy /Arced 'of Thuraday hoe en lea
pwlaut south, stater.° that the titer mete
contract lac been awarded 'to the bt. LOU.
end Quincy packet cometaug, e rico. lute lu
dieeetioppeeltion to the wealthy tl,l Neohuk
lince tn.% stock tall to the amount -of W. 51,000
hes - hien Waren tap the Ileprobal and LT, Yoe,
end the Chicago, tititil.yvtue nod Quincy
Plad Comps ', t em that the, hc•tti elle be
added to theta:stead. after the i•entiption GI
naidgition. Nest dap.' Whig "ye h la all a
mietake about ' , throat's tsvuor 'alms stock,
and the clueing eta mall' °entreat.
In adato article ein the Nor o,l,cne . hi L ti
Vic:Wool trade, the Viekshoig Ttoloo.tmatk
ed en followm: We heard yotterde..leom eery
geed earl Laity, that the tgultmed wee to take the place of the Lee, a. the Tuesday packet
from Picw.Orleties, while the Champlunwill
tales mu of thwAllen on Mender.' The• Allen
end the Lee, by thus dividing tilt botWott of
one 11,,, nercharel; owe money, .ao.l
atouol Ino ootopetttl. Stew' so warm ^ . II
csuune general reduchou of prices. es :yacht ,
east lb tote, when height shipped from
(Maeaa to tole plate ciO cents petvatlc
ago, And cottoa cermo4 to New Orlexes for con
Per bale. the Imes each trip the Heat Vedette
make will loom up iota tno tltoutand.s.
Coctirlentu Win. Gore ha. or.c.lhird
Intmet i thetteamer Tient, AdAihs to Cape.
I'. on. Loda":00, of Clecurnatt, and Ste . Alton,
SI J. 11. RAIL an eld Mnlncratlee•lltor,
stronapeut marine teptcseut•tl ls Ia
• sled ulthe Tennessee. to the Cairo and
has trade.
--The nt - 111e whir. ei a 66th. nye, that
outing th the raent heavy rel., the Ittulete.
riven). bean Mgt* then . * the
teethep of hat oprtag. tile terry boats eus
pandr4 bparatio. tar several -nays, end the
&I.e.,.ate plying the Chat:snubs. kith
hiemale. • '7 , • .
The *rent Itepubiln and Illchancd lelt Cairo
on Tu..) , together for New Oat.. •
thOi,have At Dubuque better lee thin Lea
bean siva bete this I•lllnettes
think at.buttugue, oa the river, end Cuthina
ate Caking out atta tone per day. • •
A late St. Lau. exchange esyret It is as.
sorted that the owner. of the tameaseeteetter
tnole7 111 deate. entrinSt , g her u-,, Pur. , ur
in the klisenur t this year the largeat rive,
*camera' easy on:a:tonally reach Ear. litre
eat I: ' dell, and even Hunter, it tam sn
tietPnta • very good Sun.. In the Mt..*
thte year. more parlleuler ly that palor. of IL:
butt.. Leavehaorth and nt. 1.•oult,
hap... i•r up az Omaha. It tonalcultted,
h 'tetra., that chi. v.'lll Inntatn
or n t nom to. nought. vi the boat•put
oaten It. snip to Benton this goer.
The An:dope. in LI. Itet'of hyste not down
for thetblay•ar. Shp I. tea, ea
tertalre4-altercti, at a euet
f•-r.l..arta, lanuary . 2l.—.ln.ather mita. .
flys has co.le fox start,bt(viag abf,a..
fret. cae.thtrd Illtete" to t!,d ...earner
lles.ry Adkins has Leo 'add for *SA a toJvha
Adalas; D. S. Carter andf . Olbara ate to. day
aadattstloa far the pufahaso of..•.••••401W Of
aufsaaer alOaatairte , ..-.Tltra Is a relf•blo
atatmeat as to tt gdr, of .at xtrf.ding froaa
riles above bt. Oetavifs f ,
Ml:fa. Alta, wonata and chi:-
die,. hard tato etwaalcc co It for salefat
dirt. r
TTP.m..l.33pr. Jar..ry Tlver ha.
tales 3 het 4 'lt chem. 314. Saturt.4 - y—non ,
Pe, intlitts In Ilf , enenl. ;kw; 3 fret in thn ptts
wa 1n3134,1 chute. Lt.. No. 3:New IT,
:C. td,Ctrctnuan, n.aL ; En;pe.or, ntrelpol3
CinclapAtt. IT pa n 1 to ntny ricer le
nenti• at a' etnn.l. 'Pne Ice. whitt; was It.
and 4. 111 OttereTeY. IS au It. 44.L:P "tier .ad
thteker.l fArpn - Tinlntltle. of cork Sc!
tot , here belnly 1.4 . the .4eut,t.
and Elm miT.T.a. the
Wharf Ts tn.. notive th4n thn pat
scv.a cre , rd nod inon,pl
on tiny co, taw. At-o ut Inthee
Anote (91 he:, 1.4?; that , tatlt•
and cue men at s .r:Shru..]h..rr rortamy,
of 1010.. The Alan tic at, .1.,04 108 Vit.
, urrprerdny namptng; hal detalactl
by had Washer. - .
. .
The rintitiamti CemintercOni, cf • Wedneedo7:
.+p: The boat. et tiree or (cur men woo
. .
0 0 4 to he. fro. tica wreck et the fixt:lo4..l
11 - ory It:.:;, we., repotted woilied
Nionday4Llaht. near piouth of the ionic
itter. Two Nvcoe suppoiel to he Ito
~ 0:1a.• Gap:. Geo. W. ic aeon, 01 irooto,
IJltto.aml gape. If. Al. litvgi. hah:ato:, Kro
- v, for whieb a tewat d ot each was °t
iered 1. their 111000. Partle• to tros mty
ce ul i i ercepillie both, nod the result of Hit
e'orviot a4Quu ,Wll,l evade tlh.t.ta.tuatta4.o; •
tattler. Int Imre sieve learnt-al that the report'
as thottakee Ineetrrer, se She liorioner hail no
11111 , 1 e I.3fermal Loa relative to the 4):
the afroosaol hilt: e.
.•• • .
- The frorece, of
"me date, eat*: 12 tt6
Over: s fools onll found an Intereetthe ele—
cl2tr, of rho General Twat of the Superior
Court, de:reared try Judge Storer, In Ina ear,
of fl. F. baker agatorrt - rho Central. Lasursca •
Ihrtapanv, where the owner of the etramil
Simla Oily, sought AL4 recovered for rho Ira.
of the hull eadeabln, In breember, leCs by In ,
Ice at St. Intle, rifler orachlocra was re
m b. The (lou bed fl the remova or
the m ud achluery, unites se
d , ,r.e int
sto,perallty, l
las ursoce
the porace6 of tayaltt, los Mtge the policy c:
A Loubailie telegram, nod, dale of Item
day, bait the following: 'Tbe til.Nlfbt , Ewen
No. 2, And Empetr, firm Wow. patent tip
heeler been delaYe o d by lee to the Lower Oho,
U.N. [phew.• new packet, hank Pareyou,l,
was Awaked taco by the felling of her chin,
net, Tin Alpha wail littmuda eta due front
below; Mao the Deicer, with ITS tuna if Ate
ereley (Ai en Moment to Cirotolnti. The tiara,
A 13. 1 . 1 .4 W. bt.M.St r, toward 04 , 4 teatathit,
arA are ~ Ine lore on T.throlay. The Laoret
MU Orlerna cc td.-ode;. The ittla•
nta left Memphis ( or Ctnetnnatl on nettle day,
with 1400 11,.. of nitton. Aheut thirty
a:esteems., bud no at Vitro. The Arma
dillo and Away, bound northward, Jeft Meat
phi& on phlsy..
t •
IIeUM 1.
tB• Teleqsnh'te 'b. Fltisenren s , Jannn.ry 2.7.-12 Iver
mdlth flea let three Inches m the
. • .
Canal. • Iteatbar clear; thermometer 641. ,
31 ratrnin,J.uory —‘ll. , ather clear nn'
•Intl.v. 'liver falllhg font. Tbo t'lrglnla
mad fir. Pntrlclr clean,' for LoutavOlo. Thu
tatter took 713 i Unice of cotton. Tho Legal
Tender ain't goofy Arno* elenrod New
°Helm,. I Tim latter too k RAO Salts. In
.FOIC r‘ . l% 11.,0r
11 FL , ..1Vg N ........ . Itartri,
the e...T0 ar..l !rag ,na.4
r or. ..p the op pier/ of u- , ltstto.a.
For frel4 . l . or i ; : a , lcztNw wta . , ,...1 or to
)Agc!A .
L ()rte., 114.4 E..
14,0 SINS.AfIVILLE:--.,.
rapt. IA Y.
iv 111 !rm.., tort •or , irericorl ate aorta
On no . livrrorn.rigru,ar,
rat [matt or pnr.tairc `rot; ee toartl.ol . to
. 10 11
111114 l/.ACIt.
WOOD. } AaCtiti.
Ltnst - ILLS.--71±
1iTT7.11';',!M57,4 CAPT. , OntirEoa.
Will tr., a , nre on or. nlng of oar. watt,
Y I natant or (1.1.40 ap21 . 1. ttt beam, at. sl
- n nti Iteixtr
la a: .
WI/114,T0 SA tbe. On own',, rr r evfx.
For fr ; 1 aVviay.,..... , ,F5pa v r17 ,, ! or to
t ttlt
I; art
—7 Ohl:
Mug , Csrgono,
annr, en cro n:pg onnart,atlua
t 4.r naosAge O!, , 0v....1 it.:
~~~ j
.j.p 4 4. 91
, ,••• ,i.-ig
.......“.....,2-.......:, ,
.:. ;;; ,- „,,.. - i-.-- ;
in P?-777,
61141 - ,ior!'
.-- g A i ak,..,i,..
_.• O. cu k su
0r0TH1RD......,r. awe
.TY csr.IAT IT 01.1.155. P.
CLArit;C-.'C' V
, rs nte , arrfpneritrii Or ?Vol . it,
.netted Oro L 1.1,010 1 / 1 1- , anDol
Inrwrs'er.. dd DO. OS
111.unt •
;gr. • (I.(
' Ico 1)0 LI
131000 /Apo,
„~A UFA U-Ess:
Cii , i , ..?,:i11e.-,
EX.A.NE - Fileit!iiZES
Bar, Hoop and Sheet Iron,
77noriazT IRON
L 36 ViLM fl. &IS. STE.% TIE 2, &C.
Office, No. 93 Miter street,
Pittsburgh Foundry,
Furnace and. Oven Frames
cl. c) 4±, ts
Cooking and Heating Stoves,
rio. 209 Llbeity Street
4, -- 7,r;rs.rz
0„ - N9 fiNl4
7 7 , 2:1311-1=.3,
Go /IL!•:-xur.ur), rasimen
1.1. '.1'.111: , O L T. 111! ,
Car, I:1G /...10 ASH PARS
Z vi
rars .111iD CON.
ON DO 1. , 44 6:1;1)00AM EIZU2I/5.
`-=:tta ~nrgL, 'i,'~~ill ey iYiSTIIID,
to taut tu at. (S 141,drtamlqp
i:?F3 t'4;, Regt , A Chareee
jruainta Bloom irons.
N . : :3 I.E. :WUXI) a uaa3L ni.013
Itlsfelinf r aL3. l.'
1 - 317,714 3.3 HIJAILD Olt AINtiY.S IRON,
ft[.LL T Bathe, ..11) 1103 16 Ins. to tta Tire.
, 3k 34 , 133131 T Its. sad anIrES: to: /11.1=g•
ttS-Z:,a 16,11 CosztertVat.
tt s:t
'f `Mt', 3:11F1
snt CPTC ,3 43t the TrOits. urxial
f 1,74 12 (5. , 5.:3153.at10n at rt..-v, =1,31,1 ad
5n.....13,330. Work.. Pfttlbll.ll. 4=31
pV!.•"eRP. , T71..9F3 STEEL VS'Ouli
tatlCCr.,'ol,l SO JO:IFt, BOYD t CO.
!Z.eee feete f 4 .11 of the beet
F:at n.t [ , y .axon, of all sizes: 54
Perh ontl dbect tittelt,
3.EAPI.Y9 AFL , .llnwtso N4C1T12 , V4
17 , :EL ?LOW
AXLE.). as
CP , ar. , ll:omoval Plows ,, prlng Sloe
.( r. Firm; :.v1 gal. tar.% I
I. ck. la.' the 11,a , uorst.el. Boon. •
J 21 '''''
ENl27' , T'lll
JlfitAL ''..l. 00L8..41 CO;
F GA111.F.3 RS,
r.;.!g. - ;:r. Lit
- 004 Lome. !Item EttolloOm
, tllll.lte. rocrttatt4 ;t• flirt .atfOOtant.
otoT .Ittortoto, sole to 0040,
r.GtO,r, F01rt....e. B. /101.1.; rprtM2ll.
1u.212.1.C.127.115 0? ALL oßcorrilose or
oiack. awl Warobo.e, 720. 22, ripe
emit rind IN et 121 rtr3.'t tltree.e,
71.17.',T 1 Nr.lB
50....2111100a 6:real
k , ...3 , cczatu.tly GC ➢HIIJ
smn lz stye
%utior Street, Ninth Ward
g..11:.8 ±tiii se,l. I:ridge Caitiugo
!a:1 , 2 LI'EF,4 •fr,r3,
.•ry ~ :¢nlasn 171 acr
era,. rro:=:ly Kla twstas,
t! , _Nt rAmalc,
r.r 3 v Cli5T 111111.
r 'f V‘..l%;kif.?""
a [I.
••• •'• t10:;! .. 72i a 1f 7/24 It OAF/
21,21, .
14 ... 51,7 11.L.:2.4K.
(rg: I:Oa.ELI *TOURS.
r0 f f.P7.741T a CO..
t I I, • i,trits, Agitators
t'Aza, Giusimstars,
l'triszitt Trey Ltritges,
SVBcct ki - ot Work,
, ".r.5;,P.3" - i lAD FECUND STS
g Eloistolts
2,111T-' PrJUTO I .I ENGIN*,
(1 . rtr,t razrv'etre,:..
• RiViidii - IlliiN WOlilit
~^ ? i ;~lr~t~
' • gat,t,:41.5.1. et •
4 , 5ti31.5,0 ,4:3 Polt•
F., A.'' , V: a er Ir".1:1•.X • a
'711.11r, C7l, 1":$ ez
A ' .
N.. I , smain 312co.,•Ckin Pa: ' e ijAii •41.1
all .!. c AA s
UOLLQW M~•v,q!'EE'
itr. All 11AUITINKNY CA.TINNS,rea,
nr nt WAl`4l.Ol Wr.4: 2 111.: 1 019411711=6 tcot
Or V 1 11,11 rinetll2l.l4ll.ll, rmaasib. .•
Dailron: ' )
itallrood Flab. Bar* snti
Ralbroid Clar Axles notledx ,
• . Hatlro.K Axte. Ilainnao.igna
Ltokomottre Frames; I .
looomoitive huts. bhapesi . •
• IlMe Roes; I
Yokes, Straps;
Piston Head.; • '
Iliaaniboat angnitsl i . .
Pl•con Boar, Wristlet'
Mama Jaw., Collars, de. ;
017174 No. 177 PENSTREBT'
‘1 43, eirmareara, PA.
Corner Carroll and Sroallm
Street:, Ninth Wnrdi
I -
rrrTsnuasa PA.
Cast Iron
. Bowl Pipe,
. . _ .
_Jay Maas are all can vartie.allrll l
risia, di Dn'
a itx =ant 0f..1 WI a sail . =Ms.. ALaN, aan U . .
EIM na w AU twill "tut
I would wooeW tbs attssMon of Rupee:am!
allt• of Om Worts toms sursto.t =WILTS.
NIM 1111111111 RH HUSK
\t, '
Lindsay, Sterrit Et, Euwer,
Manufacturers ds Impo?tera of
,Equate Below Union Perot
1 3 / I TSEUEGH.
1211•Airoore for 24.1a0.1,41.%.
REST FsENTITI) C. 1 8 1?
k 5 sena GI LEL ITIA,
• Carl BF?lng Oen,
WI and German Flour "Steel.
MOKI.e,NIIOVNI... NOR. rkmr 'lOll.
011.5 ceAn
Warehouse, E 3 Water Bt., Pitlerch
ATLAS %Tanis%
av 4 3 ZIT C't .1 - ft 717 17.1 M
• Ninth
,$ f ttl3 3S
ritoasrA !la
~ . ala' •
Stit lt e Warta ize e...0r,¢ Me lad i ¢ :4
Inspte eat.hittnoams la Vli - free, :10 az•
in prepared to rarolab • , • , ,
cßoflen, t ill Tar.:-;
!Meet iron
11 .atkroa3Ce:9uits,' •
8"111:15 mill (247111
"gine Castingr, c " 1
Vicuna Castings, - I
: Wecientl Castlrgi.
ORDERS souvriTp,
55 and 56 Water Street,
xxxcana (3x.r...r.a.rctasi
arriLtso PA N..±, • -
/Ali Platt [Mk WOllll.
POT Eltesmiaats.
JOHN 11.43/11147,
Carson 5t.,9 iVard, near A. 5.% E
-1 -
.r.AlwryAcraran or
Hammer Dies, Steal Moulds,
1. t,
Mt; EN ul lulits faittxl gmilllt i
JOBBLtill WORK enrodiedirustiaded'lo.lor.
den solicited ail eeze.ftly and uitisdeedili9
.flown a DEAT0.........C1/11 a J DOMMT.,
Jobbing and siacatnery Castings,
N.T. 7 : ll l ,l M":WA`ari l gtZeitt'ft:
eTemptilliONL. caul, to 0.2 4 1 q. 1 ' I "
- office, 250 Liberty Etreer,
.017:17e ,Av !tclf 7,11:111i
l i
WORT lily - "Anif.t 'll , .
CHARM Eh V. i2 7liin
ALLWEVAcT.72., tAS 07 , •
aIIEAVx . ormilifilliDE
.NO raND...i Or Catta.b) .
A al.r.k - atith attended to irea.?f , f.
arretorere, the' beat res.era!l ;rt: abates
at. hoed et lads )(matter.
alattbir itlaboetel of Oar ell' Me We see
barrel:ea, rule •lita 1.111,10
aloe; to mralim a 01, i 2 / 1 2:1:111114 YD:
- 010:n
Iron and Steel Works
mat, lI➢6OTDBICBY or
ton, ings, Axles. Steel; &c.
o. 77 RATE d SidEET.
-- 7 -- -----r— ,
1... Z . T.T....,Lr.1 7 , L1.9....r.1..........,....1, X : Z.271t..711
..., ''..'''''' . 7 .!"V" 3
' ii. ri A bLrir A Cet. 1
' . lizaaturtrtzt ArvOrrrarUst? Of
Oak; Parlor wad nesting • Stove 3,
* .n.lcctfr, ~ ..c.. era. ..,la 1,U , .. XllanA
T114...P:t. it..l 7.41.11z.d.far (90 . 41. , ”9 . E14) CO
krANA ~ Ti- r ,i_8.71 r.,31, L.A.1.1N1D...., 1
t, c<l.:
1.700 k alara..4 AI., na.xotn.,4,:rn
fIItATICK,4RATE T 711() re.r., gr . ..C.
(... Wa s e"elmtir.A h cartze Of 34,;:ta1c..
lia.d gtaluts, Eltumrx . )a n
ca. 1.1.
aiimo 0. tumm.s.
utED elt7szt a tar,
1 11.2:71CTrar , LL 0,
Etea Bollers e e ll Siille, Tame;
• Shett Iron Woi*s,
411 Penns SA, .Piffsi - trrea,•P l a.l
13430 2 .. 12 , 22.9.
C2lll 'ln, Klit Calllntell Laidig. di
IHRillyal MEM EtE§,
a es tgeatt ad% ire i ant v i.F4
DLtO leewerreripim Aloe
_ )\
a ND
December 81b.- leatmats will larva .4 szttre
al Vol. Depot.. Jolla..f Pittsburgh 1t;,. ,
• irra...
/i 9
Fut-Us. ....-... r. N.
to.. A tits. IL
YU. way 7 110 s. tr. ASO P...
Steflonale Ane. 1 .114IFA. N. - • SAO r.. 16.
titebbllnSlG 3:Up. 9,0
Ni.o. Ace. ll= AU
lirLast. Anttax -Stions7
Y.. arriving to Clnelsostl at L. A. IC moral.. • ' • •
• etturep 'TWA lesyse Bond. at 11. r. iI. -
Tre 9:40 A. 1, Train learea.dwlr, roads, sag
IlLokarrerecoted. arrlvlns to Clottonsti It
C. 4... even Ins, it Hollll4 124 -ADVANOII
01/71L-1, OTHICEt 13.017T.17.r. - •
.K.r.:l shames or Gars berreee rittaber..4
(71.1.att. sad but ONS asoze to rt. totals •
Cll7, .4 Um prlnellulpCdsta 4est A. Bost.-
, - •
Whoa forohOsins Tlrtsfa b u &SOW p I
.3tsq. of Vie
•••• :
Dniots Depot, (south
11. D. r...O9.IIPAIIPILVOII. Tloksittlea,
3. 0 lit: fira . .tv a .r.s . TZ.l4l , l
, 11.A11.110 AD.
Rn • atantiala_ . _.._
widaller sAlril M A - runs a; 'WO. sill
arrive sod dopandrems tae Union .lrepes.aOrarre
of Wraltdarreeet and Idtacty eu. follOnla."
• anztrra. 16.0•27. -
*ad TM. 1:33 arn tray_Fav:esel.. !IC 11l
Eaee... 1 . 4 11.0....... UM a A.O I= ala
rzt , tuw o i v . Mi ll rata". :pi sal
No, ".... 114 etriernlthtt,ll.43::
Clone °WY.. in %Val.. 80. 5....11:21 a la •
,/onalrown An.2‘016 JohnStirwr. Sc. 1: , 0 p •
mils. ZePrera rrsoDm Wall'a No. 4... r
v: el , . So. 0. 6 . I,lt I, in .• 4110
rat P
Put 411 z 1Z
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