The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, December 17, 1867, Image 4

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H. 181111EIEVEM,
118 Wood 13t,, near corner of Fifth.
Government Securities,
Gold, Silver,
And Coupons,
flout& and add as IlOstsl tosols. ihnitS sold
Vas srrlsolcalsttles of Issose.
, - ih - prep4.l to taw/ art
- • .
INTO 2116
N e w oury 5-20 Gold Coupon Bond!,
Inks a Gummi lectritis,
t. Oetneiraurth h Woad streets.
13.41, •.McVAI & CO.,
• 1 seta:Livers.
7 in MinBll ;mum Unlink
Cir. Rena !Lod' Smithfield Streets.
16,411 r 1..ii1e /millers of JUNE AND JOLT
ret t ro . 4lll=Vt.t.; ' girge . gll,?xl e l:
6410 ROADS 01'1867,
' t.l 7 4l3uuLD irei r l;l • 47;triXt ot. ..
11.34 1.1.
AT. D erne
i ed
OA yi
Otitias oe Tun 1.1 • cams Ostirrra
YoeltAr. D.emebet 10, ISrl.
Gold opened' at 1.34, • ehood to issit,
obaelal to 111%, and el. ed st istit—seartitt
arm. The transsettoon yepeeulators ere ta•
orsious, eurpasslag es the gold eatittotent
el 1W had 18St. The . sweats of told. be
stunted with , law visa. here &meted the
bawawird tsadears of gold for the present, but
Ittenot:lllLelyttlutt able shipments Will eau.
tatte fez zoo length of time mad are nearly balsam amount• with Europun
tunnies. Acother *awe for an advance at
present NaTbe attributed to the lair quota.
of Fsvo Sweaty beads, blit in London,
witidhatdiwutt ehllnseutr of booda and slaw.
prime %maims are emending shipplag rates
farther eight Mlle. A tome number of specs.
taints predict a sudden and greater advance in
the prionlan than bu tliten paw Isiaha the
iast two yeas, Month' %her 05 0 Pima bo
plausible theory.o The ISeetetery of the Trees.
'gybes still power to nil gold• and If he trill
• only notlelpste the Jardary Wendt, the preen
.lsau would to lower during the next four
meta than it watt dazing it 6. rtudeat =en
.esnj swell stocks et pretest.
- -'13 6 0 4 4 /1 4 10**r toaay, except Five Tam
tbotaat,mbleh miaowed to 1093 i. Some spoo..
bad , orartold, and flow nap totood to
boy In ander a very limited tupplO. Tb.ln
,yintw +d dtsnindAs Light, belt altar Janney
annotata ate nattlad a demand for bonds I.
libel? to niat In that lorry prin.*, and
tainitals then dnrlos thb &Macs. of the orb.'
Tho sick market Is doll and WWI.; CU..
Patstardh Railroad Moot advaarad2
par oiai. Tort Way. la Yi • tower. and that
outs. roads aft MI • Avis Satardayl
Clueing Net Teak gnotatlons, ?salami by
P. IL karts. wet* . follows:
''Sala, 114V,r Intl'a, 111%t 6- tea, INN%
INC ISIC teat'L.“ It6l Consols.- lall{ 10-Ins.
lee'(; T-S. Iss , , , i. . . ,
Clorrohnid •• Pittsburgh. R. R........... is
aternhantr Colon WA
areotern Solon Telegraph .... .. s
R y,
d. '
putoonsgh Fast Wayne k Chicago R. R.. -
Northorsosern Rallrood-oonsonr. oats ,
Northtoatera-preforpi..-...... ..... ....
lerw.Rose Oontral... - . - 111
Ohio kod IGlssloalppl "' SA; , rillt - ase - s --- to
kllohlgan Southern •112
tkuTdon ......
The following - xtaterstat exhibits the busi
ness of the Pittsburgh Dlearing House, forth.
seek ending Sebtrasy, December teth
=ro '. 9 1 Iran
alma 15.07 117
201,20 S Is . • 81474 "A
1553.441 21' aims BS
. .67.7111 3$
201,811,66 18,261 83
: Totsle (1.115.910 IS WOAD Ed
—The New York Tribune, of Saturday, exit:
The propoalUor, to glee mere eleatiolt p to the
aurfeney by tablet ' money en &Fait be the
Taunty on demand, when it in superabun
dant and cheap, and restortog It to circulation
when =torso le high and capital genre meet.
With favor, bet the plea con be emended to
adrundage. if the Treasury intends to become
a Trust Oconee, or • Savlage , Ite4k, alieWd
not snow mare lateen than thine nicotine.
allow, if eo mnets. It ein get targeerusui at
Momper gent. To' give elasticity to the cur
reary It hence], to proving that It 'unto.
On demand to parties pledging (enthroning
beans anti -cant. of their par valise lent ,
seam at 7 per cent. Thle would provide bore
revere with Government 'conelarsla a sOnree
Of relief In a stangeney money market. or at
flee time when the mopsere to be oared.
People would not be likely t w o
overfeed. upon
carreleythel obtained, se would be the me
ender Mr., Lyneh.s proposition to here •••
dewier balloon of 11320.teenee," convertible
tato bonds and reeonvettible Intocurrency, es
• the money market made It pre( tabln Beet el
CO eel:omen . bride dringtess VW be debated
to death, and the eerslen end, probegdy, with
- no maternal changes mad* to einteing loans.
&teetotaller, wilt cease, for the entartgat tea
ms that the TreefinT ts. in no condition to.
eminent that policy.
ALLcanietrx C/I.2'?LE 11/fl EE
OPTICZ OP to Pstriscou
1m0n... Mambas. Hi,
There was a remarkably light supply or
Cattle tale week, not near. if resehing, dye
hundred bead, and, as A SOratquenet, there
wadi sanandrsiel feeling on.Ahe part of hold
ere:sed better prices' were obtilliaL
retailing Cattle. such an ear but butchers
are In the habit at beeping, brought from 75( to
e; 'sad memo botcher, cattle said st frotn
eX to re, and mermisot do all to alga -
We are credibly informed that some Mover
make a grantee or boyhig and sallied settle on
dabday Ithensyer the opportamity ogars. Now.
this L all wrong, and is not mloglatel to add
wok to the stand/am of the Med.. Besides,
thaw Is an sesesellty whatever for it; end
gives them. who acme in it an unfair Alvan.
Lege GTE? those ••• hearth not violate the Chris.
!lasi Sabbath. The tollowing Is a pretty 101 l
report of the attest .
ElLaalewood Blackatoek sold IS head of
mein= tp Wats Kentrisky cattle at CSC 11.
And =amortise stack at ato eq. Bought 16
from Shepard at 6,.ead LI at t.
h fa% r.varitoori n . 4 l"l4g O.IOIU .
liesigee • Taylor sold as Mold for Gluon at
Mersa 411 Tritlitleut sold IT ►head dal
to vy,.
eit, embers 'retorts having sold 10 head at
71 boned in bps, sa rind re, a to ng.
N. Gen told n bud ter. Nerd. t Efalhole,
Ormteirald •Kahn report no head .1111no10
atabs at a to T.
- IL Vernon - sold 10 hew, at 4 to 4%, sad P.
Haman.rt hl o IS , bow% the "top" of shies
brought 7.40.
alww, Lsdaty t Ir.. sold LO bud
minion sotto. at 414 to 7. ,
Pater Nimes reports soling bought 14 head
Pooch souls from Varner at 034: 11 beau work
ages froufahorkt.srferty a .06. at 454; +.l It
bud from Elselswood k 111sekatook at OA.
111ip0togsr reports bating sold IS WWI
Mom uo, (PO cattle ai to Tsi. •
• ' The Repel, gni. criminally Hetet . this Week,
end irlth an 11 reiSais Astaaad,tbe muter roes
Innerifleider thee for several Weeks Out, end
holders eripertenced no Ole:Lenity- ebtatalse
• pretty 'harp inners; - Ai sal ha green be
irforenee W the report of eating, prise fa
Sheep 8014 at $1(1460 per . Lief g medium ind
/10.13111104 grades 0914 lrom Is town to we poi
/14 . a.disaizt Pewit* hiSilniatsolota%lto
bud Ramp bad Lambs at VAC par bead. •
Taaasaa Shiba;; report. a~ratatised 170
brad Manes county Sharp st IMMO fs3
per bead. _
I. & W: Tonna Asolii 144 head tit Um% •
Meas. at 01.76 pet Desd;if bead onsilasrs.. , !.
isalebter at Oa par bead; IS bead o( cam,
1711 ALM. 04 00. •
repotto having tetallai 110
bard at la so (11,1 i per head; aryl alLototaled 77
Itao4 to Ulaira at 40 pa porsad.
Jana, IMAM reports baring mulled 100 band
Lawn:ass Isooaty lilsoap, At 6410 'to' 11.00
starketlas Wen Atm and (Addy settee ,
dneate the paseWeale, tad pleas thee snit tot.
thri: advanced, sae we now 4100t41111 • Will
way at tlattlis pa pound, pow, for LW to
plus linty iv/trews.
Latilettlat /t Brow nowt all
having retwl
ENrltti Wad et Ititttlfh'
W. report WO hard salltela is
Glow, lasterty i Co. wholasaled DO head pa
i Emmett i po. at I , , , irra. ' ,
Torn Callas Alaskan ,
My Takers littgblogif Usssits.l
/Inw Tong. in—Secnipis , —Beaver.
f,tm.hemit - einem and Lambe. - 47.706 Ooadi
Rots. 22,417 head. There is a modgrata nap.
ply erholidgy rattle with a brisk demand.
hod broogOt Tory tughpriccoi sozooselllng
at tn. lowor grade.. 10 3.0. 1088 1
light. demand. and .abotti Ifo lower; [herb
was shout IMO head on salet extra. ifkl;
1113,CO019,60; first ali; glaillSAS
ram to' good, 814.0205.Z8 o rd ixfta7 VOul
=MI igionor,lllA4ll2da: The mazietfar
bona and Lambs is without ingisrial
change with& gar, brisk demand and grin;
00808000 0 " 1 ." 1100011 about 2,700te04 On
InnUceStra l 0 T. passe, 0114l4a: and infe
rior to Apo& 14070. -Swing cloissciiiesgyi
tlisrevara 102 ear loads ØlBllO4lOOO.
mend modarstel Mr* for heavy prime
doro-fed,73lo7Jf for nir to good, 000 7'40
forcconnion att4 rough. • ;
rldladallibla cattle isrlsot.
EST Telairnalt•• U. Putsburib Ow U. /-
- PIIILMMVCIA,DIOI3IXIber le —Sect Cattle
In fair dernaa d. and 1;* btabec I CIO. 00
%Me bead at Chto(3lo,Co for extra Pennarl
.vanta and Vreatcra them; 47.009700 for fair
1 , 0 good. and woaspo for common. -Blimp
Indalr demand and better pricer; IC° bead
aC s4.so4llOoarora weight—Hogs unchanged:
4,00° bead at $10,04110X0 nett. .
Dew Tort Dri Yeaile Market.
Loy Tabun:A to tab ntbobarso thablia.•
NSW TOIL DEC. la—Dry Goodl marllrt
Oman. bate atul pate' l. Without irsitb-
We chasm*. no ALtperlesa rript Prmk4 at
rot Elver. destroyed by Jim t•Y the third
Isr:brat mill In tY. eotmtry and Its destine.
loft must baba a •Onsible erect ea the pies.
'By to Qs Pll4.osrgb 102.11.1
4 &—1X.210
ja.530645 for common to.c.botra.
But mul e A 2.11 im..! isOastoll. good
4:4 WOW; tipper IpsdifjOakded endama•
. . .
JANE Duzisu & SON, Finaucial Marten m New
69 awl TO water street, WIN &at 114%.
A " " e t... CBErptee! LUISEICIVILWG sad
We warrant oar No.l lard Off 04.1 to the
b tell be. tfinala.U. or ottLeg, Wen.. .4 MIX.
as to es43larlosinil or Chins. rites.
Cr. ffn 2 lard Oil as • Liehrosenor saner be
Met Woes Laytessl.L end neg.. bran.
Of C.D. WI cool laity 0e tun.
exClants - .4 In.. factors. 5111 leg n to
Me. Interest to fir.. • call before ordering
Lent Ulf from the West. • 41•7
Oman dm ewe Prrrantme*Ctssem,
Moanms, Dosember le, 11417.
48,1 report no material imprormacrt la
the seeeral markets, MA: thkeieise bOMmere
test features worthy of, special notice. The
arrivals of Flour, Greta; amt. army other ar
ticles are considerably restricted Ia 'mem.
quelled or railroad mansportstiOn Ming some
what 'impeded by the reheni snow storm, bet
Mocha are, ireireithcbsse, sualetentty large to
meet the present requirements of trade. .
GEAlN—Tharek L atilt demand for Mater
Wheat, hut . doling la vary dull; we eontlaue
to Outdo the former at gable:Ad for Red. .ad
11.0011241 for Walt*. .tlarleyla arm, la light
supply but illlOksagiii may be . ductal at gi,a.
11,11 for swing at,d 1-1 - '4l. , Oita !beady;
f t
Wei to store at A.:allay , be quoted
at wets. 00 track: Co le arraaL fair demand
at .1431,10 for um". i11,1ie1.211 for old.
Rya 11 dull at 111,4001, , _
FLOUR—The now al. quiet mad Ja
Hula dull, but with ut 7.quotabte . ehangp.
Via 1101101A130 to caot 14 - 1110"l11,00 for
Splog Wheat; 111.1/212. for Winter Wheal,.
Auld 1110111 for tam O r i. Byr 1f10i1r,55,611,
sod Buckwheat, oes, tiek cwt. •
BACON—Tba mark* ' lio'• • little' dull, tut
paces are Or., though uuthano.l; Shouldenl
at 02114230; Bibbed Side. 1112100, and
- sugar °amid Rama, 1113.4 e. '1 . !,. •—Ta atlll gaoled at LE34Olld; 4 .
11002—Them lea oorttizateq ataartillemua
for Dressed noes, with ratite! sales at a to lge
Pm good to prime heave arenticia : .: •
HAT—Ie arm, with a needy deemed. and
Molar Wee from aot*ry venom at *a4211
ol i
We or 2 ears pima hal aat 23. . :
APPLES—then le a ale Weal Mammy an;
the market is steady. ao 'prises are Well acme
tatted. noting from 424)5 per barrel . tor Goer,
mon to prima The eat weather li telling ea
stdpmenta ' • • . • . •
POTATOES—Fatah Ia we an ln 'better
demand, and may be goo al &Wadi at Itltt,ttf
per Mil, and a14)1,06 par toga&• • .:. '
BUTTT.II--There : al steady demand for
prints to chalet 801 l Sutter, mar lad we can
report reveler salsa at Mao.. Print may pf
quoted at 4.14260. . - . •• ; :
on.ugusanzuA at men. -
EGGS,Ita Batted eappty . and tha escalate
continue light; eaiei at 314010.
DAMP FRUIT—Dc u 1 and unebangedi
=alarm to quota at two' far Apples, and 110
its far Piaales.
DEANS—DaI at mut.
aomixy--4,..t.10. $707,50.
Onnos op tun Palma rnou Oar:err;
111otaor, December la, •
CRUDE—There are to hew characteristiu .
le the credo market worthy at special notice.
Dullness and eampleDi dimwit! on continuo.
to be the Weer 01 the ddy, and there la bat ID.:
tie primped at present kr any immediate lara
prooment. Thsedrlsen,froria the oat MM.
taus unfavorable, and until there Is emotion
there, we eannot mocalbly look for Any. '
ptorement hoot and While the advice. from
Macaw thellithe [Maar, them is net likely to
be any Improvement In the eutersi marltts.
There was not a single esle reported to-day,'
and In the absence of Which, we onatthiroto
quota spot elt, in bulk earn, at Ye. Same dope
a aoltwutherObtbTwm6 of one u kansflne
operators that thus mouth certainly be a roe.
Den tide ninth, and whili math se event la yet
Pomade, It le hardly Probable. and mesa 'who
have tees operating, with thie end to vieware
lately to be dtsAPPolute&,_ - •
REFIXED—The cornet for bonded oil von-
Danes oscatelnely dull and Weak, and while
thereto bet little More hi prima, the to
decay to still downtrod. We have but a anal.
tele to reeenl, earn this, running tram Jaaairt
to Joe, commencing with. niXe for Joinery,
and Idolater one billeSint pa.tlUoo mob
subnormal. month. It woo Old that the but
ono for Deeember laday wan Mlic, which
compared with last week, lea decline of from
one half to encyclical per silica. Maw seems
to be no dossed for that a:, and there to cot
much thipary for Deeember. •
OIL mairinorrs ►awl IMQVICIIII2
nolehLuaea Oil 00.,1ea sbla re. to L. Veil
Pout% 4 WillialiatO3 du do to R. P. Loa
J. mum 41 do do hi linFlag. *us.* cc%
Philadelphia. • ,"
Now Your, "Dec.. 1.....c01u5ii•3i0 - . better,
with a good Matthew doh:grade. of-Willgi.
bales:• at... 133 o . for ...middling.. upland&
Flour; receipt. LIM bbluluartiet a sheder
firmer sad very quiet; alai of 3.11:0,1110, at
01,6309.1.5 for superfine, Pita ini; western;
49,10000,75-for.estre.litettsi; /111,4001tg0 for
- pod to choice white whorat., 19,9081.1,t0 for
IL .11.1.2. for common - to good lit.
Louis; 411.011 for good to choice extra do.
diem. UMW. - CM/fonds.' flour - dulk sales
of hoc sac.. al 412.2.301rea WY. dour firmer;
sales of rei beta at $1,15009,40 Whisky
tinlet and tolerance& Wheatirweel PS Me
bush; ruaritat mine , - Uttar :sed qwetf salt{
of LtOb bush fair lie, 1 . spin sratia.39; MOO
wish white Wittig= at-43.19, sad co bush
. Inferior white Tennearee.- Rye grin. Bar
ley 'Moue and emery sales of . 17.000 bulb.
at 111,11.101,7ef0r western; and sl.ooq_lo for
Canada West. Melt erns. Corot: recetpta
Ltio bush; warkert-lebs- bettor; Woe . of
i SIN) hush. at 111,4901.41 for old mixed west
' ern lei More, the lamer targeted' lotaillidd!:
01.41f0r new Ms add.; and 41,59 tor small
lots of new whits western. Osten receipts
1.101 bush et Arm; 0.1 10 of SLOP Otob,
at MOW for waillarminetamasal Opp
afloat. C od se nominally unchanged. Sugar
bteadp • Waco! OM littds , Cubs and Lori
oxes Mauna, at /IXalizo. Molasses nomi
nal. Fotrobsum tieust., as .-1134011310.. for
crude mud - Mc 'rem tetliird hooded. Mops
quiet Slant unchanged. Fork Interp - sort .
and lower; salsa of LBW Mils. at gidade2l,l3
for mess. elostag at 491.10 regular; $16010.:0
for prime, add .0.7311119,00 fur prima mass.
Put tust: .aloe Of IM Whit =rut un
changed. Beef Hams steady; sales of 174
btu, at egyilML Bacon dull. Cut Meats
stewlY; War of' la - Plus,' at UMW, Pm
' shonldern stud for. hams. Dressed,
Bogs opened. Milady and cloud lower, at
Modoll for 'return and 9110100 for edgy. - lard
a.nd roopinguale• fMO tails at WA,
! tem sm o ell lots /FACllnin. o
Butter laliady,at D
MOM for Mate. Cheeses I boavy - u 1 1 13 1 . 3 .:
Freight. to Liverpool dull and. drooping..
Laver—Flour" Climied - • shade firmer and' .
nther quiet, with thrsdennand coulined to
proulng W6Jit• 1116 /00.41 trade.
Wheat • wile higher end quer, mita ship
Der. bolding off. Roe 0042 44401.0 at C 1.,.
01.75 for western. Oats dna lic to more,.
and tellto afloat Mr weatua. Corn yulitt at
ia.www-4234 for goo( to prime Oleid
weacern In mere and afloat; add #l,4l stirre ol.ll
for mew admit. Fort heavy aid lower; sales
Of legibbisataigeWZLOSMush and reglitim.
I Beef dull and unohanfird: Cut mum noni•
maid Lard drill 00 123:01.3e10 tor fair to
' prime steam sad kettles rendered. -
, . . .
• Manna Invnat.
rev Telegraph la the Mahwah pantie, ,•
Currie - sem Dec. It —Flour dell sod tho
Pikes tutelsaceedt fondly 1081:1,80.• Wheat'
Inactive, but the vecelpte Innnig light hold,
arsons not willing 60.011 at the reset mill
ore are offering& No. t red held ,et 4tlo,- but
not Wesel. as over 14,e5; No. I tering held
et p. 9). and No.-4 do et ID" • Corn nroter.
owing IA *light Supply ton geed demand
to lead begot new ear inlgre. • Oats Braga-
Itu.. Ind hue
etklolt Mhot torero
ere not Willing to pay over 06 0 for No. 'l.
Barley unchanged seethe prows remain et
11141101,75 tor fall; Cotton • shade 4roter,
and bolder' are asking 80, with a demand
.611140 for middling. Tobacco enameled
sad quiet. _whisky dull, et 12. Di in bond
talabtetot the Peon time. • ilogelowerrbut
Mr demand at the decline; live - Igat,te;
dressedlaDoCtieelare are pseklugourrtelp
caws were WOO head Onto .11 cri,tho
rovolpte &menthe weak add up 11.000 head I
there are toe .boot ma% hea‘t le lag 900..
ProvlslOns and zenithal: Yeti Mrs
*eon tor old and non, Bulk -meant - ago
10%0 100111. 1201•440 for prime bottle
rendered. awl 11 Sic tor ~Drita. atilarly Meth.
•dteg Mut and get. Breen bat. are la . de:
moue, at Bo for Mhz ahOulftra. and .ddes
ere held at Blect. Oat not saleable at these
Wee. Beef cattle dell, bat the inlet* are
sachangedtralr WIWI DUBOW. Dotter
unchanged; froth wastage, tafgeN. Egg. ayd
nod Eapply Man. caoret . teed' feram. - .at
10311.1 e - Vowing dillnat VAL plus sip
for prime: Coffee doll, at le to 250 for ann. 1 ,
mon to prime.- littgaroneh.ged, - bet
Cabs 1101301 Porto War {BMW. /domed'
oil unchanged; Wu on %MO Wort.. 11. 00.1
by retail 41,00J1,03. Ptllinla nip • ~ h t
Wino for reload duty-geld. uln
Gold 114 buy,
, ing; The matey market ceolllnuea
16 toll, with Mehl:NC and lb to la =tilde.
reletregi t thigig.bil.iii.giitg:27
Deemed= at
546u1121412 for epetng extra. - -I? heat oparialY
'trona mica No. 930 bighortigrogtisoll/
neatened and lb. a4nnee mat lan; Wes
Of 210.1 at $40201,23, No.o at 1 11 .404274 l
cleans Quiet ad 41.24 for 'Nix r CoriVcron.
aranly aotive sad a.. hither, closing, al Ina
torNo.nuld Mo for nen. Oats steed y and
gm at IMO= Upeinslit
WO for No. SIM and for No. 2. Marling
nothing doing. Jaen YerluZo loner 04 da)
Wt. Lard quiet and Steady ar12012 , 48 for
kettle rendered, 11%0 for nun. Snallidi
Mesta neglected and not:gnat at Saturday , .
dnOtaLlont. Bolt Meats dull at 1120 for
Green Nut toodsraldlyaetne
t0g012240 lorMarni and Won for tlbould •
en In= we lank. Dreasentlopt active at
ame232,22 , loyilskt. lOta. 47.71.744 forgot
weighing, over two tintigre.3.. NOCO/Ptii-,
4.000 bias floor( SW veist,ritoaa Inat
corn. 7.4 0 0 bum • Oats. siiimzumui-soo tobls
lons, lON by mhos[, 0,000 bus ono,
• . .
SW Leda '
(ay Telearsab tithe Mltaabarch tissems.)
117. Loms, Mei:giber M.—Tobacoo easier
put:, net tiottessnardlitsir MMus:
Floar-1u the absence of shipping facilities
the demand ts entirely lagi4gprtrig double
arta, $10,75t treble Lra 'lO /Racy, d ouble
OIL Wheed—the is haAlta
arludisalesi primiiatid °beige MM.
cbmoe Illinois spring. brought, taw
bald , highsr.4ll.6lol(4. -
Mess porkJORM. BMOC:M.6IW 111/04.....104,1
Shoulders,/Me. .110en4iot& of aisegi pork'
were orrered -- ag et. - Hoge- . the'supply:hi
large and the market fist; .mr e rgl at
wAtitagri=firralf tC • dri '4 oats77lll
bush Darlene.= heed OOP.
[lO Solearao,4otidllrtranria Buena.).
•OcivrweivDelll , ll:nzi la art: uisi'
and unchanged. drrneri X.-I Jyrlng at
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forlifo. 1 red stearin dr,4804,50;
No.l Illivrankea spring on apot 10 car iota
u misekto. Corn In fair Demand for Do.
at alatdri old nandnal and imams lona
' , Murry. (rata in LW MIMS: at 080674 for
YO.l State from atoro.. Erg Arm at IMO irDt
armd for Maul and western
Barley lat 11,1 , 161,75 for No. 1 drat°
and Cosuidit. Titers .tnons. lemuldrriktr.
tree petrologic and OM saarldd t t ritlf
11191110) bOaddrl ItOgliald 110=0,-
CErfelairypat to the rineverge Gasette.l
: Bik4 TOZZ, Dee.l6, DIM
The Kerney market 1 envy and steady at
607 per cent. on call loans. Sterling le
firm at 101110% gold, nett clan Milk hold'
le firmer, opening at 134 decllnlnk w 133%,
iolltanclng to and cloeltnr at UN.
nova:snare .root.
Government Stoeke are a shade eatlez.
Commas ed.111%°111,4; do V., 30841110(04; do
ve. t0dupa043429!_5...1.1060101i; nevr. / 1 134
eletlido 1W.M•7.%; Tea Partite, lee%
. .
Opened buoilutt sad" elOwd ' Osady. CUP
top,spXB46)(;lLltimberlaud. 5:0.17%; Wells.
express, 54%; A/ANT161112.•4106.211 Adm.,
SVW9; Coned' Mates: BOOM mereperde
t7e50e.36f4011, PalaSalver., Wanly
pow 114410 Pgalfle ell:ISSW1511; Asian-
Us. 11Ph011% 4 ; Westerltn UntOli Teerrrsph,
t rkAa= 4l g4lO r liel i et
atjeltse, ll 4lllNsg 0 . 2t0 tlertlll
- Ws ash s PI• St. Pawl
asKaux, oc. Peal prefairee • et; - 1110 h:
vez-ugt tva.e.11421
frith. SsO,WA: 11401.03%;
9 73arati NOrthwestern. 59%1159 , A;
Northwesters, preferred. 117047%; Port
Wayne, WgfSICO; Illssond. old, Teases.
ifes's,Oldg, , tad St% new: - • ,
.1 , 11.011110 XML 114,01 . 101. . •
-. • .
. _
At the PeeMe kIW eleation to-day about
one hundred and fifty thousand votes were
'east, the ticket Delors &anemia:al being
• •
• , There Is 'ln lacressed Modally aid an.
Imatlon•. In the Mining Shares market to
day, with n general advance In prices.
Quarts Hill ram to 100.. Uregory 595 to IRO{
Edge Hill , MO; Sarlte & Parmelee, MI /CLIO.
The reCelPtil of tai6 Elut.Troas to-day
en/ 0447ttlipar414,0„43izzal
sion4Tin •
for Tsisersrate las .Plubssith %saw.
Locisruzz.Dceeinter IC.—Tobacustedid7
at $.5617- tor light lugs sad medium - leaf.
Cotton 1E f or iddkna uplands. noun
superans ; fancy 4131 Wheal. 1014002,50.
Corn; ear Mc; shelled In In bulk.
Vacs ObilleVa la bulk. Mesa York dull at aill.
Baum, shoulder. ill e; clear sides lecilabgar
muted hams 20e I balk. shoulders Wel rib
sides 120; clear sides 1240. Lard laelNe.
Wtusk7 nominal at in bond. •
' •flanalakee/fariteS.
Lay Telegraph to the Tltieberrb Gazette.]
a hfftweugga,Drceraber l6.—Y/our armor
City Double Extra at 0. 12 89.50 I 9 0 hstti
Eta at 4.3.73®232 Extra at sepOS,te.
Wheat unsettled; aI,SI for No. I. mot st,xt
for No. 2. Oats gulag. et Ste for No. S. Cora
dull. atmerto for' New Shelled. ILeeelpts
-700 bble•Floar OWES bash Wheat g 7,W0 bush
Oats g 1,0:0 bush, Cora. aatpmeate-1.100
bush Flonr; for bush Wheat.
rebate WYet.
.far SidmanZs t the Pittsburgh ammo
Torso°, Die. rd—glour euleL Whim
better; elm or white Mlehlgari 1111,
amber, 1.1,07. and for the month $9 OS. Corn:
old • etude better, new opened 40 end closed
to bericrisales of old at Val; new, $l,OlO
41411 Oats unchanged; mew of Ito 1 at. 640.
lrys—eales of. No 1 at 61,40; No 9 atsl,3o. Bar.
ley t glhe tor Inst. .Driceed hog. at
88611, 111111/11161.
, .
rity Telma+, 0 to tge Pittsburg% Omits
wais.llosrsio. Dece 18.—Ilour steady.
t dttdOgo 1 NiNithratikeo club $2,15y No.
2 epring hold to /1.10. Corn @trona; Wee
16,030 bosh No 1 western at e1,Q61.10; told
It 11 ./1 at the close. , Oats and Rye norolo aL
larley -steady; western V.P. Park sad
Lard .00012soged. : alsoeLotaa itoodnaL
Drusid Lion; Bone offered.
My Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Duette.]
Pmnanstraea, December bi.—Plont wary
Incdell weetem I Eztra Fatally at $10.7114
D dvancing ; new w AO. .Wheat /led at $1,441,611. Corn
aeatera Yellow at SIX;
western el" Oats unchanged. Petroleum
Roll team
Crone /ge 'aennea in bona, 751502310.
Walakey nominal. . ' • .
' asisoala Mara s.
Mr Teem ft 40 'AI Plit.bu g 1 UJtu.7•
11.mrin 4, December M.—Caxton 1110, tall
tancleno, riaward. Cora, 830 , 3 c. lI.Y.
Uita,7B3,3c. ParklMOOGUagl*iMuldas.
Il Uttar 111des,13-Xolea. 133004.
firm but nuelmaged,
BlLitthaelto Mark at.
C By Telegraph to tfve Pinata rah es-satts.l
liwtagoa.z, Dscinnber 16.—r/oar nominal.
Wheat very wares and szies Light. Corn
active; prime mrxe4 mita= 41,221. Oats
arm. tlrrialons quiet.
11le1I111111 2111, MiALLZOAD..
Prreweirass. Yorr Waving& Clnosoo7LlLi
Damian /a—Mak& *Co. DI asia leg irwaii
Wood, Soo • 0%1 do do; Bryan &
Ido do; .Bhoesbarder la Blau,! do Irak or.;
liaworth,.2l•Doardd & Co, bets dour, DO
baseheeees Whomartar & Loot, VC bbis tours
&edema, Cook & oe. I It dim, I eel etaeli D
Wallace, .k.•rr., ,. D. 8 Mt, 040
flow. yots.J If tile Die do; & o
ries,rden Graf
0 Dna.' patient; B L raluustosk a Co, a boo
ylaseware, roast aoty; rt D Thompson, lee talls
ow:Mewl/6011m As Phillips, 23 tea aura;
Sperwer & McKay, lase. barley; 3 0018.15,
or? eat nit elloandlatora & On. a has bar&
ware;W Wets I do sundries: Bryws. Wolkar
a C0,.l lAD aaDett; S ilodelhstar;ll bas alas.
ware: .1 Sellers a Co, WO tea lard; AMC's, &
WU papers C Dodson 0 Bo ~0) en
&6;llglass; 38 Dilworth too,l eons; :Logan
& 6;118,4 aka Dm Saari Vote% & Co, II liews;
J. Slowali, ass plow Mame ;• - 9V D iron,
eels erode td Dation., IDa arise; Lloyd •
Illask. Ido do; Sparse • Challaat, 2 dw dot J
;Palaver • Sooll. 000.
Pil.rural44.ToUriort & CfrionrzarrE...
iDeember 16.—.1 Gardiner &Co, ICO bbis dean
A G Childs A ,ID Wes eot.ton; Dalmu,Dell
lak Do. 4da de; L outds. Childs do:
, PD,r• Paper Mut Co, 6 bdl. papentitibsear
Tookansp, able rya Au_ ,str• Lams WU..
man. I Oa. [tummy; .1 Ball, It trunk Knee;
111. thy .pp:ea. utak race, 1
Atkin ADO be. batten D Houton. au do;
idationty aclicol,.4 aka rya 11 dO oats. Udo
714 . 1 .40 do aorn; 4.141,14 tbdl. WI; E
idatbevra, la dor brooms; Pettit 4 114411 n, I Mg
lard; Gain,.
ilssay, - 2 abla apples. 2 61400 Irta•
ter, kaki beau; .1 Gaaralah. 'Woks berlarak
1414,1 firkin Minute A Sally, 2 baleJapaa
linen 6 Tartneoraek. 75 MU tread !won't Ma
,Wronney A Do, 41 pea aisle; WS, Ul gib dal
loes; J Unto., I bas lonia; Muted,. Stunt;
.6 Do. 6 do do; E 11Iegrair A Co, 4 badd tense.;
11140e7 &04 lot • boardlOr %ellen 04
tea lard; 11 11. x 110... &Coo Dbl. top annul
Behnelbaak, I d Ila Mer, 2d o 4111 lard;
4;44. Z 11 , Tabor.
4f 5e11.501 anii"
feat Dierreber ro..%trat;a PitirTlag Ma boat
lumbar; Illadsk A Oat lilt blown; .T • W
Falrley,Sl aka r i O 8 Ployd,lB Mandl; Jam
k Soo. I ear a l ; .7 A lanabaw,a bblioar
mnrolato pt. W.Tobasoo‘n Aka *slat
Redford Chair Co. Api shatmli do rockers;
.1 I ender, I ear baaa;J 01e1a. nro*
W 6 Finwa.llo do dal tar des OnDay Jr Clark
nabdlAparrartarnftr Berpar,. 05001$ op.
Pint 8 - nreWol=. dd nPPW , _ -• ,
Illir.worwow Varney R. B.«, Deenew
IlleHnishi, Porter Ir I.Wlnr pig Poe; Ina"
Grad► D 0143 do TINS. Cannon 0 aka bock.
wheat Pan; OUrobta..Garabb k O N ,OI reap
whnT;TanornrWShrpard. p do b w 1.11 r;
Solberg it Igartr,4 blear Mani Kan k Orr.* bat
Ibblbultar;s NAL.J, a DNA salt.
Arzwiewri SvAlWas, Daszaher, IL—es bbh
ry• doer, I ear hay, Eltawart► Lann
n hals. II
boa anon, • Hirkt 1 *au Walto, .7 W .
mann' a /Data, Irceintly ilt lElppil9o
Ilia llow.ll. EaciZ k Sealelap 01 , . ~As
tiD bte bulgy ' / t 1 wit thing* Sold
.111111/:11tII01/111= . ...r. R.l.Alszaw
1111 sterm,-
ops, 182 176:15s 4firort,
rarest sue, r*.
Nall Ilopse iiptotata
Wort% alleseiroy.._
IPriee, lw glob. of Lis suil upwards
SILO; Illasto,pipler,llLso.
IS I MR roi IDIOM 111 m min
is . 6y,csi9us cotitttsthatigei his al
emErstyLter ritzrAagn.
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VIELT :SitirspitiDT/ON' .' •
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q° ol : 6,
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84A,C1 BIIX11; 7,
FR4Nrs 1441111408,
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atai4ure annum%
1011 N ', , 911011,1111EBITILL
Alva strzt. rte., cr. , : Wood. Mr
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f o os. Basl/455 Ilentloom'S'74/4..
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ho a :alaot osut..s
me d t z, Lap / 0 Waara t r d rilli 01:0•14
{OW; alga 5;11.1r ty
enc. nm, ins M 6 nsitelar. bun W....
Omni; rtanenss nlni !ppm ol ftnun.; fapr
441,1411 1471
d. 7,2 Liga isint r a n nals. •
FrATHEBB-14 Dap on COMI.
lalrn , 'Atom DIOS= ft CO.
• '
FULTON, 301111111111 &
MosahearstAs bort
. AND.
TWi.NES i k
Warolgmax&.llll • 773 Water 1111.
Can ar mad tbr Chtnlnr. T.P/tra
arnm NEWS.
The &voile wan reeeding steadily at UM
Point neer le we anti lake out:the
manitalmilts . olecured by .imi—ging feet to too :
a/kennel. The weather matinees cold aialf
. 10 . 3 1. lAA the BlenousheLs is Fitting erg
conaldereelegoating lea The Allegheny river
to completely hezan over. •
Th. griming( gusseidssi th SO*Lug bar sap
up fros floahester; she Isft that ort Suaday
night. :Ms Wirers report that Brunot n stlll
obstructsd with goal. bargs, sad that slut had
to. ho *algid through with the aisistaues of
Pliyata Advises mastoid • yostoplor :noon
that tho tiolotro No. s sink. on Sunday mess
K4patooky sad Is .4pp:odd to
tail low - Bhi to binia - ti sm. atiy ter
COMO. She Wu °wood. by Capt. J..G.Sotat
add °thin; of Wigan iiitt hid 'aided it Cdpi
animator* belloop ! tor Nashville. Na tottair
da upPar attaisuinapapir Nanifok: ”ns,
mound aututu aid Mater. - aei far. itilh
semblei that of lyti.-It soutlaned thy all
thuhui Dumber, haw. tho first day of Jao
uaty anow Olt tt . aulderilile diptb, tid,ote
had Mika ot rood stelablag. Th. winter ba
ton that the Itbralsolps did not *lota at .hl ,
The Mulattot liver ts roar Maims lower at
Ctuthayalltied4 than by ,airee Visa luotra
The eteuestup City or Paris nuttily tuede
the outdoes pausal y. atoom'ther Atlantic
Oeemt,llroppleae anchor at nineteenth., Neni
York, at esti p. , Nevem* 1111th,j tot elyht
days nod bur' Moto ret iltteentetownars.
land. November th Wa stoned 334 mile. in I
tWentYlattr Itottra—u avian", et 16141 mile. I
The New Orleans Crescent, or 0 'Meant dote
say.: • Our loading an honored yesterday by
the arrival of the emeadtd Wausatsa. Centel.
Shaman, from OlealonseL bay* netted
many steamers, but can truly state that we
have never seen such a-OonattpatlOn Of neat
atm ead'ditrabllity,-se our be found on the.
malt. Zy.ry deportment. lo oe admirably arf
tonged that • muter head Mist have bete
called Leto regionalise la alePlalitelt. Inch ad'
mixable taste. The Waunelta fa aaw toadies
for 'Plltaburin, and bolos et tight draft, will
go awash without reehipplaa. • (Capt. Tom
must have been . u sWallled op' loon Ovsevrof
. .
Raw lioireireat'orro . L—Tha Any 0;loan
Ttines ku the tollarlar -
The etelimer Joe Layout left yeetarday Aber
. soon for St Louie, and a portion of her ono
consisted of one hundred bales of cotton. 'glue
cotton la entailed to Clairo. aim. by mOll.lllB
line to New York at SO per bale. The Wards.
boo le that It shall be landed at /la polat or .
Thir.eame paper has the rebottles:'
destinatioo in ten days.
numerous Meads n
otJam F. Fendentrast will
be pained to learn hie death. loutish occurred
on Thursday, December sth. Mr. 1 . 113111.111111.1
was for manp ' , eon engaged la •tilie capacity Of
dieliargine clerk rut the leyea and hod won the
eonlidtace oral! who irrigated him. and hi. lon'
will be deeply felt by many Mende on account'
of his trustworthiness as a clerk. Ella rumba
were Mewed -to the tend, on Friday by the
members of Hops 'Lndita; Lux O.V, and a
lame number of Wends. Mr. Peadamrast was
a Amite of Kentucky. earl ' leaves a wife sad
tame ehildren to mourn Me
ST. Lorre, Direembar 11..—. The GRIN of the
auction ruin rmdd decline 'here, end for moo;
relies shore. was s gorge le the tam the Mt.
alealppi at. Fart MdLcn, IoWM - Ttairtlyarat
Keokuk fell three feet from Sudsy croalos to
Wonder storable. Dome coating down the
Missouri are baring Mamotable dillicelties to
tont:ll.4E4la We amiltaa b eletnanioo, and
tow.. ions leektagg another doubles to escape
and another will renutre Lode the ammo: Tam
decline ozattnuea hen. The Ida Mandela and
tiontavtile leave to-morrow Mt New Orleans.
wit one boat is adyernsed le reeve today;
the packet Bello of Memphis. Oaly rho. tortes
atwitter are reput.4 sad
grand* last evening. • . • , -
r L yn nn p igoPt t o ie r l m id b s o le re
alined al retail to Itieipar load of st bushe/e.
but the Weiss, front Pdtsbarth Win ad...*
to as Immediate rise, holders put prises uy
again tu the essulag. Sloe.: of Um
sod Hawesville eoal Sansone, tar
w be Mtwara VI and IFS pat load ef
bushels. " • '
The 4.. Louis Duptach ny nit boat
nutted la the' de. 0040000 ere beets' •
ratter hard thee. The tops.... tot • nip
utmg• PAK .14 eh the'Preettut • also et
meter their nee !Aeon luviog cutout exceed
teMe, awl In many Inatausee wee eousidttraelir
tem. With • good 'Usk they nay *taw ta
Oak tuteestull er !Mewl huedree dollar.
Llttro w 04.0 knees heteate et IMO tor
the up 1118 to eons out 0r... it IS saudote
they eta get (het =mtt op etreet• •kleseu
lames have birth made ertihie the putt two
treeks,•nd the proepeets for the route we
' Fye extract the tollowthe Ilea/ . trim the
Oureissati Ommtbr,elsaturdayr
1 1 ,1 nra Mum, Mrrearly called the Alleue
May, was brad 1,111 Thunma 17 8 . LSOOO4
ESQ.ier Is J6OO
Tricker, tor 11,019.
Prick present member of Me (;Ity
.00.41 from Ikl ward, It Is Me tuleatleo
us take out the petroleum apparatus match
has Iseeerie beau used to :puerile risme. arid
substitute the orilleary coal (arouse. Mom
t Ale <bone lo eompleuri, OM - writ make plrip
The J. N. MeOctlladah has abandoned the
Loulayill• main to the Amanita. The Maw
mini to tletu retnlarly_from Ihts out. leaves
hare areryelhat day. She idaVellouan ►waits
matte to attar her regular trade above.
The LaSalle No.; Capt. J.O..Hain{t. de
parted fur Clarkayllbs. on abet Cumberland
rlyar Wet amain r. was dramtig th ane
feat. sod had a' bug% also dramas llineratt.
Her pilots ars Thomas Allen sad Them. Ma
ny. Should thearstar he (sealable, EH La , -.
elate sill entail her that§ Naehyllli. Omaha
had •enaldarable Hybl freight on beard too that
Tha atanambdol stoma
unity drawn* trs Dr*, formatly
Baaaa/ta he
M 'au Y.
lObWLsg hS t d ro r w t n e s t o- 0.
Modred ad greposolts fiat, bun thltl7.4colr
rut, depth goo and AMIE • Rut bad tan-ball
an and duets Inch Wader. Sao tsarina:lt
tor wawa. 0. Q. Num. Wm. Lamar
Joshua Watban. and atigto•UT - MCP%
atm was aubdoquoutly bought bs Goicra.
moot, made tato a .to and was 0010 at
auction. at Calm to gleam &NA Duffer.._
till Poddo übt Adlaiddatidalwah la the WU.
Deoerdsvitdr. Doe.- 'lB,4rbere te about
Aloe feet of wart- •IJae channel. GAd .ts
haling. The wutbaz °leer lead cold.
dereanteed;.Deo. IL—Biter : eltdt-7set
dad feldet fee, and the vrestbercoitu
eT3iaatßoe2s,; , : , :
pos. NEW ObilLEANlkza zis t° 2-
The Temboat
MANY DAVAO', 4.141114r0ukt0r.-1
Oren Calerant, Coousaleder:evlit- leave s.
stave on Ye QM Mt% tent LH mot Jar Markel
aP CCreI44I, Or passage apply era boartl: or to ,
41 do•rithiargit Et6ll4te
1)511 , 5 mad ieatil LI Radii
STALL 5. Watetoom az wood 055.
. .• •
Persons srsatleg blink SP a11iter155513•5•111
Ind It &a Urals Satan. to csIL • Woramaanto
x 555555115410 5510155...• sag prams*. walls
• Saturn elm. lasalss ilastnes et 15yettena
Slab. wale.. ha,. bouna• 4125 Mond ey danok•
lils or Wass ass v. /15.1255155a.',1551 asda- 15k
ook as Van Sao.,
Tatra SS ores pa* to Writars Pssuryl•
.sou wbare Plato Nassies ars 11.11511etsired. '
•U luads jlaarola SWara 5154. yu n . e• brss
71 . 5n1ia raitra ‘ r "" y1 , 554N ""
CITY 9;cyittili, Aej
Lairti '&;11 - eciina. eeii4.
050. astit
r.o. acne, • 'liiriablitate
juu K olialmenotoroo 4 loss totoliltat on.
" h ' * nal ! ".Tr,,U. e
rA(rz.ZLlOUL l iriff i raiiacucruses
Sllllikl.TON UM^
§ 2 Tidr IM I M! , POSII/V,7a.
011 1 / 1 01M6VIMMARTJApellIdaate
' 1•3111 MIL Mrl3l.laty
17rascrGaik—Awsi liante. J l. o lt n Avor
piv114.12?. 01.1gx;117ter
000. 0. 0111011.-...1. 11. '04.111111111.".,.• D. r. NAT
IRON CITY 111 IM 'WORlitti
litataniettorro pfpfeerfinzwur u,
eult4l3ol. Cosualaa, saa AA tea
.I.Demilt3soi• Mai • L.;
ig:AnSit=7l o :P4 PS*,
wrer'. congettei_ c __
• .. OMNI .=l.arlallt Omar au
HasveM LIAM= a 00..;
rm Pio lUMMltiksl"'i jrui
: I "VALASuikiWAUCte..." S4 "1 .
Oregrr , "77t•e: 17'61'39
Iroarth door .bon Dtaa.d.,
alias , Ware irrable
ha==res Raton, rvidat nolnd
At:g o :ma ewe on . I bad e f. r b irl ..
Olittlitik t lPD TO AVOITE.
2 gidp
i .
h ? "!..45t45:;;;11E,Via x :;,..
„:„ l.
Or A NNW •*:
tts•sava+4 irlgt€lll9itistlitaillKTFlA
lo7.masitiraerliT/FIAZT. •
unapim. oun.
Waz".716.00 0 8, fIoREPI
CHOICE no.l saatiliviguA •
A" , •thi iv, ma bit C - ammo, itiax.aos,
r At PW..
ir.nuo t iar a,imatia •
Dietboras• from tbe Ear. Polypi. of
too Ober, Catarels. Ozone, Mod Eyes,
lotissied Eyes, Every Ilisadat Of Mn
Eyes - ssd Dors, Doeoeurally Treated
by Dr. geyser, LW Peso Street.
The rare to which we ails dad sine weeks aro.
f Cbrlittana )11ther. of mom. to now
entirely &named by the larrearance Of ZUNI.
Irlsber bersht.wo to:day :eailedoq Dit. EEr
IK3 In person. I. thank him for hls. Madness
eat skid In &melon kar to Zarrlbil
PtErECIT SIBIET. - Mtn Veber keel been near
ly blind Mr /bur, knontha. , ,Stuoraa astilad Oat
inVolattb- not dlattelniin in* objets it. ea ea
make oat what It was. The ease Is remarkable.
rbandreds ofLatrea arirdeem ea to
steter.endlng dertneas; - on the limey rretext
Oat:Were t• no earn. nue nettrlng on be &Mb
Pb. 'wag antler, DU. 5E1171.8% treatment for
twtinamithai "lad before ate anrtled to WM.
Ibrcotet bar brother. 114(011 P. 311511i1t. aught
bereave& entersatnen of bar ever gettlek bar
sight. thy case Is well' known In lb. nelabbor.
laced Vette andltea Man &reread
is one of extraortUnary recovery.
• - • •
%Ws. tbOaniaratened • know of the tun of Wu
Plattcr, and bass trtl4ls4!toatlraostr,ta Me fact
" tlrinOrtrelnia,/I.llezhepy;
• Lou sierras: ilmr West.)
6ep7amberl7lt, UV. • • . _,.s
Is. 11.
1/s Brown. ' '
Is. tbals
'IMMO' • Ably.. .
H. b.
A. - •
K. W. Ltslebeisskr,
Wm. Ja.
bliebtela kllls
Alas. lOalslat.
C. b. Sblaelmos. .
Slam /4101 . 031t1,
• laisis Islev en
- .T. s...yoassg. s ,
Lleo soften/.
J. P. Mist bel.
A. M. Llorani lacr., dorl .
bs, ,
A. llar
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So. 120 Penn Street. corner of Leman
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1/0131 . 418 of lM repo street, whom
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.1410 s. sommancell to treat, 41116 kin
lio*p.l Mad Well. U.I. DO yelreu aratasstlase to
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Con b. bad a MS Grist.kkoidristruna,
HIP WOOD Consultation room, Mn.
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- 1
J. /1.47/011712L0 • Dor,
....!N•NCE pelted the 4th day of November.
' /a. D. Ng. emitted Ordinance relatlya to
the Laylac of One typo."
EISCIIONL B•it eidaletel and 0 010 1 .0E1,y th•
'Num's and Town Council of the Borough of
11 th e
n rr e T h a r a by otharGda bC ome.
'Don , *hall Melee the privilege at it:C.o4oolnd
gas tats sled borough o competition with lha
Lawrenceville Una ComPshfl 0,0014.4, the ml•
Lawrenceville B. Compsre c h a i r s. ttraish at 'to the said Immesh, and the thereof. at
!as latent/1m at alt times as theta now eh Yged.
or teat may at any time heresrter be charted, by
othebromlnsicim a/Wisely Italic, end provtord,
further. Toot the said Lstereecarlits U.. tern
yn,' shall commence see prmeoute operations
within En remains rpm tlse possum of this unit.
100 2. That .1 en aity street. lane or Ailey
f staid borough abet be epeoed by the/ said Gut
(loon/arm • aut... atai•ito. - odtoir In length 4Ce
! feet, for the harpom of laying down, relaying
'sod mew., the pipes as mOrtseld. 100 .910
&Minot be [opt a fla m e. obstructel for an 00.
nrc.asegy length Viol .11• It 0. sneloted
and replated. and al! suobith 111 d dirt ones •
auseed by the opening of .7 street, lane 07
ant y. •freeal r. sh•l• rominily and speed.
trylcl:toyed iy the raid Oar COlataleit st ita own
finite , Costa Inc Charm. •
. neoool. in the °oohing of my street. lane
or Way so aforesaid, the I.ld Capons ay shall
up it,tersart , preena tio of to titoleet the Urea
and property Of told ctUtent from &Content and
',.and property
IS shall Civet or istins he everted
Limited. to prevent all tech scot
dents sae damage. and libel. net a•lnw 001 . Den
of ite Torts or apt.. .Cos nea nes ry for the ion.
&nylon of to be so altinde as to endanger the
ofOntrea Or beeoof• • 00011 e
this hat an t ey o Com p any
sfoth of or 1. the oath Wan
abai.,.noon ea - Aviator thethof before any Jul.
%len of tbo Pea. of the. esulthr 01 o.lllooeny.
,f 011011.041 PaVtll6.llni of twenly.hre 401. Sr..
glut for every hoer'. mellnuatluo thereof slur
- ouch omelette e.the farther taro of uthir
brovlded• 005000 e recovery or :ay - fn." or
e-ea:at! not bar nr In any =sheer Interferr
edible...feta of said homage. crafty thhyl.that
or la lylooa/s to malotthe a dill settee Ve any
di11...el which they they have oustained soy
molest. of the provulops of thla or4thaere by
?the aald 01442.0M0any. . deb:
'AN.ORDINANCE ter the Grad.
mr.ra•lnt.dbetttelb .Ith CaeborChoreh
tatntet; Iron' latetseetlah WWI thowsoa
atm*, sinathweedly. tattle Borooth bee et toe
Borough or Lowrance Me.
hICllOlrl Be U ordained and enacted the
Burps, slut Mew Coarsen .1 ill q/
Latoesnecilibi. and Th at hereby. enaeted by an
, *orgy q VW gag, the eltrtetCotelatttee.
'ln court. ellen Intl.. the ecroot h Regulator. be
and tbay on
beisbt euther.ora .41 epplloretWl
40 Inv Ito WI 1 reoetre °Want. roe that (paling,
.I>a , lo, Sea mallet WWI earb that Canton Or
elattedt meet 'timed.= tom the Intoreee bin
,Of Bela .heat with Irene • at met, teen...AMY
to the boecabgt Hoe, d to aortreet thereat
I ottta the lone t enbeet bidder, at their Me.
er . tIOU. •
17tiee . .itite Z. That the . e2iterre Of petite/ /ltd
;street shall to t eld out et the Bore orb 1 rrsury,
Se Provided 621 .1.1 eteleeeeee. end or
'rbe purpose of defraying the ooss and expense
St( Wine end nereteg sal. , street. tom be end
geese Is nett by leviedetepeelet bet en ally
'Wetted on the leveed lote.o tolled and *but
goo said street. ple d r , the het.
Stolle thereon. end eottryirfsed Sad bounding and
abutting as of
tempo a. TIP . soon ea the.. and ex.
Mena- of paying and curbing said street Is fully
merrlelood by the Beroneh Modulator. It obarl
,boo bro.:Mt, to:amees .d rtheertteo thor fame
I :emend the se. ral to holders owelut patoperty
mod street, ...ding la the relater:le be
, lent and tarreupen to give ranee
f to Ms owner or owner. of salcl lot or
: lota rolhoetlvely. er to otte meat& or
ordeal oireer. and smoke return et ruckuses.
meet to the Treasure r tied norough. •
beCtioll4, Th.. It Mali be the dutl el the
Treaaurer or mid Momegb. on :rho return so
made. to eate• notice to be %teen to the p • rlb•
en whom eameaments bare been made as entre
said. lost übleoe the amount. of r loch a...-
moats are paid., him In Marty day. from the
same he
ho old roomed ...Mout
tee ln the manner prevleed by jaw. •
J. U. BUFF UIL Unrgess.
Attest—X. ro orlerk.
Leorreeeevllle. Nov. 4, lercl. 007r020
't.A./tr.• ODDINANCE • 'relating - to.
ten laying or Water Pi yes
iiicTlONisty BfU eatiefeedand enacted 1!/:
Burgs. and toms Lb gf Porouo eg
foilecoverville, and it in Newly ennelogeitChe
NONWP of Naiad.. 'I hat from and alter the ha.-
ettne of tole or...lnane, the Lawrenceville Cbrysy
net Water Ininenyt of ellegiwny bounty, elate,
of Pei hellcat le, shall have powyr and ithortty
i.e ay, public a tattle. Stie.ts. lanes and
&NW'S te geld bOrons h. ter the fut More or laying
down. rel. rine and would g the Vlach it pipe.,
main sod saPPW PIP., • toot the %lanai and en.
emery detle<a Cannetteo therewith- for nartP l 7-
!num Notench Lovierentterllfe and the titi
an. thereof, amt. the salaam eountrf alit
tater Provided...T.lkt all darentreor tof undone
e - etoonyn, saris lanes 41.1_1.11er,
thyongh itte enema, of the nrittlege two by
granted, styli Se repaired at the cost at said
Claresi el Water l'eentlOV. - • •
'scrum T. Thal the Deftest of said Entine,
is fiercer anthor lied la ea Worths Inc.—wt.—
shares of lb. capital st - e t of Ger tettl.W.
treContoeny.f ntee name of the Borges. wad
Okt/VVitar. Met. Clink. •
Lswrecesvi ;Nos. Y, wit no7:611.
N orsmNantic relating to
toe lay lne of 416. 1 0tr01. •
11tc-rt ,w I. Si it orderfao4 and ennead In.
Burros. and Connell. rot/ tA. Bono,. of Late
rosreofla. In Connell inn. , bat Iron and after
the pastaan 0(1511 oltiloanca tba Laa rear,
• tlinota.l)./.lltranyAllah hare •/(1 , rowea. Sod *e.
rial l to t ylV ord '4 4 AV.'? Y.t. I rglal:.
pun' of laying down. rt.-14qm, and rivalling
n•rondolt otp.s o n tud anvplT
tt• canal avad nee...nary eohete:lo.l
tbtreellh, (re ee1444411.41 the 'lteresee ylt Law
ttacerlUa. and tbe•lt!aera thereof and eof too
...sent county.. voltti an.. t.rot Idea .fat .1
acne,d or Injury don. to said blithora7o. 411 , -ets.
.a sad I.llranah everclar sr the
prallest rOf arteto.J. dull Oa npared at
1..14 .. .trj. - eal.l (las •
11-711altbe I.a - era. Or raid llaroait
• I. l, lci.Watltboolrat bauble/Pm for
11111/...0tt1e tatOtal .1444 Of ral 1
C a. Company.
to db. %Mit Ot. 4.7/..rdess .41110.1 tee
4". •! o g b-e ‘ "7 " , " Y " .
awra.tvdit. 4. sac. 507:621
a . .a.c3mL. or►sr
wisino coreouta'.
W:wsew el:rated maittetetirtar
44111rtleie /et eleatathe
we WWI eetteticeee (lit ciwirl=l:g2
• ' , PLEASE TRY IT. .
Ifttit It pm els'attft•Slostri trots three tally*
booty Wu , * I.o.lAlfte watt bowl. bead.
7;e7iIIVAIIr f Invaluable. Itot.e.tua It
ftletaitattatteulti mast tat•ctrert,bter.
alst. Atmclat tor rCatilltltiNo - rwoLtet,
Wt.. 17130 ifp.1414, It Is ffrta'rfultat to,
ImtlatZt ,
0, ether . lalarloes.ertlele. Yet sale by 0100-
IAISe nue 1./1111billerte wenotalra o and (bole.
awe nal retail at ear vele, etall..ealseroont,
MICIIIII.IO4IIIf, E, ;;;Lti inns: .
Of Every Description.
No. 45 Suiliktleld Btreel,
aWtl wriatuti otristbal7rn Itznichm•
yltL,q_rz.r...4lltrfi . coattsail os hand at LUViMIT
C. e. 14111,14"....114. int.?
eurastamiza 2EO, ,
:,...przica or
.40 Pena 81reet, Pittsborat.
, • oar iti:
too, bad ma, a Jarma parnanaen. anparfteted
!DA the, fattoltlan , Oral suds
t. o.4ll6l :trt..aVlDatddttnt.t. ••
• •••
!UV '64l ° .U.A4itt,
Hoak and Myrna.
ffieNta /Or:' A1.,...ik•
. A einden anorldent of Mat OLD 111. -
W lt t AtaXttl ' ,_ ` :,° ,tr.l • ‘6;ia, are aannto ' n.not Du naiades , . beard
•af WIDER andAA (MUM— — twain It a
qu o lgtm.n . 4 aonsant Si Indian
Capllo/6 1.1 1 r $1211,000
r , ,eiudeat—Cl lurnidnai.
(47 1 : , ;'44 7 0 1 '4 , %1iV1VitU174 "AVM ZI".
A 5, 'Ms NT If-02.4 It AMMO of uncalled via*
ittlegnal=l/h. r ,%;A 4 r.,.":"' 4 T.
Ewalt? 1111•241,/1#411T'uLAgisTam
II lil 14111,Itrat.ot luau. asi
O.' RA?
.'".' riratitatim.
We wilt bwri •om• new cholc•
aiV. J. a sDxled -Beer
Oat it •moka ilia •Ua On . 1105467. lfoeem
bet Oat. ata utter.
•risnW.enA43o4 '
30 .7.1 and ran ;stmt..
crap Iron,
~Likht Iron,
; 3 F II S:PW'Sa*.d I PC4
Gamer Aud•nosa P eeeee and lily:
&venue. ALeeeeey City.
NIA. TO TUg BERIFF OF 0510 CO •b T 1
Killer/11:0,—A !Mmes. Dautel Melee r and
Ca• beiteet. bte ertfe. for me of tee Ste • emt
narings Sant. lately In our 1/ surer • t.
fore our Jadeo,f ear eabl
Odor et fit) urea.
to wit: ou le. Nth day of October. 0. ,
by rbe judgment If cur sal Cturt re •L s
egalest exec...or ells • • H.-
bom. den med. • Jadgment f•r the nta • four
teen hundred are form' 416.1f0 emlars. • Inn' ,
dee. as wed m tweet. nliat• for the' cents
me eh. me. try them about their eatt in l• as be
batten:wed...L.lm, colter. said Rees J. onme.
executor of Junes draham. detested. I elm
.et. apeman to as et retold. And wb re.
by the lammatton of the tall 1,-11 .stet ag r
rbud ember...oll f r Me of the d al as
ate Saw am Bent. wehave 111 Oar sald Co •rt et
derstood. toe anhomo the jodieMent• • L..
Wormed go
, yet execution Owe. MAU
bitimes benre we have commauded to that
blf dyou
good and lawlel men ot year balllF , • 10.
Ilm mace tone...ln Kees J. homat vex odor
of lames Otsego.. derelowd, sae notlew . • a.
ele rahm, Hugh Granata and Fannie barn
(Ma aof Rug, at Imam, deMsetd ea • we, • •
brother of James Graham, dmoss d wO l n.
dream, era- am and Martbable llama
of Thorn. who
a brother of James Oralum dem 4,)
sr I:l,7 ' ltart t ni7 sUr
lobo timbale, dmeased. who yrs% •: thee
of Jam. ft memo.
Ho ctoed John Howe, ,Abort
James we. •fehtldten ] llly
Howe. deremed who was Aden/laer alld
John Oran., .1 malted ' , pl . -tem. of eald lame.
Gransm.deenosedalotaScirlett.Ziry2 let
sod hlartha reanett. fchtdr.., Vlll4 -
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urea.. deceased., William Cater.' lam of Ll•
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dred and linty-Mem.
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(cony) troth.. tam
bane. H. OLLTAF, 13betlff.. 4.1t1
/a the Genet of Common nevi; ..Fe*
Term, 147. In the matter of the applle es of
the Gen • Grans 131s•Idlfax.sond lA m As..
socialism:of Alleghsior 91y,. for Clar•
ter of Inrortioratlit. -
And note, •oguet id, the Chtirt d Of , t Said
writi to be feed In too We ee ehe bon.
airy or the of Common e;els, • - that
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cut.on of Allegheoy CitT,'. d fos • costae of Ina
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at too comet.= Court aeon.. Flea,
unless exceptions hereoo be tied to propetime.
TUC (AI , Ite.
From the Boeoro.'
Jac.. el. Wattle, Frothcmotarp
Ali oereone Into ree e 4 *III tato -Ootte of Us
abort, order of Court'
W. C. munsr i t R;!
cOU - 54 . Y7 - 13
In the Court of Common near, No. rO, Dec.
Term, Iltr: rho matterot Vt• anullstlon of
I Union Bulldlocand Loos.A • alo.
Eton. of Allegheny City. for • • attar of
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And tow, tletottpr 6th. the Cohn dlet said
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next tertrof the Cannot CAlO 4 l2lOli. VlO li n et,
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Prom the Feetra.
JACOBI:1- hat. ran. Prothonotary.
All m tr.!
porsons leteted ' tats soil of MO
bat. order of Coat. • J
nort.b4l to W. C. )(01161, D.,
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The nvlerslgned hereby eye, nett el' N.
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Toreito, county of
Aliegheny, and S . LILIe of Pouskeyl!onl.. , oltailo
sold D4drict.i4o Im boon *Nudged u book.'
rapt on Ms of. by the Ultflet Connor
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Sauce to 1...0W icann th at tAtteth of Adoth-
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AlieltNeold demure. • be. oen to m:tut to
JOHN O. WALTUI.B., rest: lit In the 7aventh
' , 0. - sod of thh salt thy, at Lota A Wl.' Brewery.
•ll nowt. thereto. /014 'chasm or Os.
mauls se stoat the estate or toe 6107 ceetdeol,
are- Muntekilio — maite the elms known to the
la. JOHN O. WALSERS. ...tot delay.-
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I.itttiteit to said estftemt ' ll pa El tl P t e n.
that•lbaf :x clefs, sq.lll'n it* tato, will pre
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coun, , teemts.ll ,
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URN RT. II'UTUR 6.011.1. ...lased 114 or Mi
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earl.ea; Vii.WIREVIIISaIraORR , erre %Jr
earl. • claims 1•111-erese at prortrlT -
tbautleated, for eon...prat.
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to1:05 .1433321.1.5tret0re.
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pue_o virfras,
corner Carron atod earlanukka
stroots,iiintb ward-, i.
Vink..X.1331,e1Ciar 1 33.4
nano/rowan= OZ.
Cast iron ,8tit01.14,1434
o/eaii!rang faiggflolXl4,lll •i v 4 l 3; flamf
91.11i116911X3 v i US .AND von wont
_ woolA `
übeali shianinifoo of 1r00 ... ft .
oat" of %Jos 044 low mots of lilirrfnaiff-
num marolvtATED win"
Super-Phosphate oftune;
MAIITT/M)717/.13) ST
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001 a, 855 Pan Si g PHisbnighan,
n itt i p bine rioond ii•Ztr..6ll7
.t.g.P.M toru. AT Pot*t Af o. 4Trot,:6VlNl..Mtr e . ,
figr n gliNlnekt tATN.r.x,II.TII7,r;
,P4OENII- STRIA 1111111 Rt
ILESTBIIg - 110 888 '
mo, Porter andlizawn , stant,,
111 , 84.1tT 4911,J104
and r:lgazi'lg;,r4d;urtfatvalt.‘rbrin.
eta art,et. • , -
A J. tß.gin:lL 1111.
J.I. taaxaa , YrOS't ..... W. P. POSTER, 11p%.
IL:rraCratrllll Or
Ear Iron;
Railroad Flab and Rally •
Railroad Ow /laloo Hammered
- Loooroiativo *Name,: -
tocooloilya Prams abapeo -
lilde Redo;
Yokes, Straps{
Rolailia • • •
' areatilioin Crunkk -
Piston 'Lode, Wrist= •
Pitman Mans, Callan/ do.
prrrentiten., P. 1.; • • ' '
Lindsay, Sterrit & Ewer;
Manufacturers ds Importers of
One Square Below Union Depot,
air Aunts for 71.11IBLAIIV MALL,
• ion othiotia in Will,
11=4 KINAT. CLIICRLS. eLlta 1.11D01011.1101M .
inaarric AND.!7.ast,-41,4r21a
- can: sp - Nasy Meal,
WI: -rind Awaken =Clow I Nadi
rLOW t k a.llo3 1-2 D ILOWItit RAZ&
41 8:iatii I W K " , MaMtVera m ,
N.. sa.
Warehouse, ,9 Water St., Pittsegb,
Azu#44 worais;, • •
fltat Ward, Plibblirth;
MMUS R. PnEI.LIEP ? President,
nese WOrto sun ninna the lament and Mat
somplota Annan:Unman% la the Wish and are
now ',mown to Walsh
Rl:Vries of Eveiy Deerriptian.
Sollen, Oil Tanks.
Sheet Iron Work.
Railroad CAstings,
Znig Cuttor.
Machine Castinga ,
General Cattlnim
0 sad
JOHN ROlviHr o ,
Carson 84, 9th Ward; neari,
Hammer Dien, Steel Moulds,
Lairs Lll sal Iscliu tut*,
deli n Zgenti ß d E .l,74lAVlll
LLI ecultql. jot
Clillfati FNii -NIWHIWB
SMS ALL lining VIP IIZA,V a r 1:11111 . 1300 1L i . i
Arvu. ,IwniritfilftrAstt IttiO N RX/A
111rAtES Attended to promptly._
'AA hereton tbe best so b liaidortltto:s7 4 oToor old. etoek. ore
f 4 11117,..4.11 0 4er llloambE•
11111.1. Isti NAIL GR I N et; it.'
stoo. slos:o
40.= C. altaTO..-......Crua11as 11039121.n1r
GREENlttiett rot:mm . 4r:
'Bil#0141)0011_1414i:: :
14,6 Ced bia;rn'ei elluer 314Tintlie'er" Cirti
I iron. of all patter. ens and .1444 to
alrerr per - pose. nutdo to order.
0i11ee,..250 Liberty Street..
wa7:150 (Loadear of Alalo
HA T, BAH;FtI & CO.,
i , Lonas. ;pails LTD A. B, arae4OG
'Aga ,
.;: 4 E TN
• A. BRADLEY & 0%
Cook, retitle and • 'tinting Stoves,
, arsibe
11 'l° . lic C
0..431Dra 1Woo! ,
..orws.l Aloe Maatthittxtre
I RAT gPiI4 I *M.D . UbniiICA
and Verehoas., toner of !Mond gal
wd. 41 •Lreeia, Entrants rns None
tstn ~41..
13. WOLF. Ht., &CO.
t: avdware &Oatlerr '
HZ , lTil t arr. " o D 10 1: ""*.*
XLIMXPr r itiNa3Xl Z . NLMO3III6
"hrzwet LTherty and 62. fl air 818;
I : '' 1
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1 , 111;. AV11131........./11/ ALLIIT.A.JAA. Le WM.
' VALLET BTovE worm& .
~., AlLLt i llinti , ,,, , k & CO„, ~
oflo, anti w . d.:201 , 1.11
e 9ent suoi.-
rai. " l t t u SX'AN.Vtioro`W,l l .4
. 1 ,11 4 (r411 - 1=tr.4.:!" , rd --
ri/11/0 , 1 1.150.414 Z
Altlf f F. Vodors?Laths, I?Ottliasa, at.,
Hol w Ware. renerally.
/A Y. ZIAM. 3 .-•••••••••—•ILDIstAD D. ism 1
3 11 II) Ili. SAURtisas 1103 1 ,,: : -- , ,
,iiitrzii-ruzazga cis
.guiim Boilers, On Olithi, Tanks,
Obtel [roll Works, ac.
ef 1 ) .11M Yfigoinuia.uiits,l4. ,
k i.),,:, •
Cll ncliv A . 1 1 , 147
. 0 • • oz-02.13. zst-re.t.
.: chp.
' - 1 Dal,.. all:: 11. mm, Poll' Luau. £O.
to imu inn vont in iecafl nue.
I. l " Y .Teu,,txtavms
ttitir:valuNtri UOLN
=h." Efaimm :kr=
iro6, llnbket, Tub and Trunk
800.P11 AND SEDER=
mop qTY
E:EiB 13131t,MM=k
' 0 1 14011grotoLinaRaitenirairnis
FPI AXDICiaI 00111,.. Ng. WS, 43/44.,
IC, CV in! 7,7,1pky
Pittsburgh Foundry,
Furnace and Oven Frames
A 5.23. a. c) ca r ;
Cooking and Heating Stoves,
Sao oat ce 11.12 d 'Warehouse,
No. 209 Liberty Street.
Bar, Hoop, and Sheet Iron,
11411 91!JD THIS BE OAB, 6T1d9, . 91ALL
Me; No eB 'ffliidecetreat,
0113111, STILL 'LINK
OA.B.Roub giNYDEL f . ;
*lsaaa. ' *airriauusAa
sautazys, =amuse Amy Asa PANS:
, ratsms Doom AND otiAL =rm.
011141a*Sirork g soonJr
./mead. %liar/.
sa Übe:lw Stmt.
ASlPOsders sons to the aboTo aadross De
W.:nal= snowed so. nak7
. IfJ4vf.c,QSlma or
Bid) ;l. ~Yi rebid
trtiliiiitiin/B ' O3CD. Iron.
BzieguAlst. BAR, Rama) Amax teol
CTLINDEII.4 GOWD Okt rrabra R.. •
IMALL T 11•11.6, HO and 16 lbs. to Ina lard:
wigwam. au AIM and errags for
F M:=Pirlil V. 4 equAtelimx. •
,wana and
eed• and. omcd UM WWII; MME:MM•
01:113118T-aa nontlnn anon or 7lnt otandit.)l4-
Minim Um IgatiGaa 16611.0.111166.616.- anZl.ll
ogALLA,zspFirrinct . of
eM ytLL 710 i 771 Plret 111.1 b
:".,ANDEP,SON, COOK - 60 W
oticomou liintra
• :1671.1141.1iiitt. atib4 bat
5 3 .14
Rai n t,, th ? , ..,!'l" ',
.'", 4 041 1 1. 1
: aZgla PLOW 4f1796. SPZI.YOW
" .4.tcss, vIROULAIRS.It..4e :
Cut and Common Plow & Flail* Steel.
Otiso—Canter of lrhArt sad rags Struts, Owe
blM t abor• We itounkganels
=ton it.
IP 0 17:171 EAR,
'Wind - Builders and Machinists
am takreter liartEolitigetikv. — a Ilkesig ltgkii42
Otallelska. - sragramired to ggtee.e.attertetlon -
Cutlezg. of emery glesealptlokOrmle to or. ley
Jam S..= • B.IP BOLL reft3llll
1111.2elgthe skrop. Clee....rolgks Alley A Thagve.s
V4y.. 4 F. 39114.11. week.,
privssuesni. Pa.: •
0,710 ND Waal:UM%
-N0%29 Wood Street i •
Maastactura auk kelt coaitiu'alion hamil
&ad auttlial 7,76rYt
Bug/ 3 r atria, Ninth
yrruirrz usioN'xiwiicasa;
21 r - V i r rAlBcrzlic " ilt; ':
1 4 111 WIPI )44 Bridge: tistings
; !MIMI UM /DM ;ox
admen immoral= ~« c w ..'
alma= Mu, WORKS
naLEB, Wit Ss MEM • '
.41 WI c.a..a P r arelthet Imparted - ef
- • matte'
F . # l 3 l . l i l,lll7 lEailina . ;tax uazi
as Woad EitzsioSt.:
DI ex: , °drag myna. innzmnstc , '
Pltennitils. cum IMh.l I „ 1.1,u6e
Scomum".. Ten. a..nkniagmr—us.litanr
01 141akDC ". 1r 4 1
NORBOif f Bilirillll44 Co.,
nuns - piercing - Or -
Rani BM:Wm OD , Eltlll4.Agltotaro
-1., .Thin;; Jett RUB.
,Gasomotark . .
: W ton gilt- Iron - Bridges,
, Lamm:26. T
MAI ROINEs 0 11 -4 011 x1.1
Freaga Roisters
Mkiittais Otsli &scripting made Waist
Cipiii;Kllrstsad renevitruts,
szinscricia. rt.
latia="ll33inrktr 2 et. W.,
waz 70ffmprort i '; "
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antes kind AINZn
STEAM! 'ro atgn MORI
UVE POOLIi QUCENiran wand.
• ••• - &vett.:
xmaNire l .74 l : 2 tanD u
.t.o.d from letiaCd.; la iana.l anal itotimkgir;
rag #Ngy, in, the Coatimars
WN, 9U398/IN,
lir4aNNl Alytest to Zook Cabin Punnet
• Muni Lionel. 0111L71 . mabI Z I,AL. , •
EFiIIA , 4 O . I6 ..kAND A LARD.
• n•;;•
r. asuasu *gm;
' sok warns Asa reasstreiti•
1 1 . M
•-'HEFY V Ef-11411-L-
110, aa folloorat
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V:TO V A:ri.
• a Works Aeoom.. fralr. 14. 2:10
reValstodatlop ' IPAA.II.
t t Y
knob Troia. from • •
•• a Wort a. 10/llo..f , lfrfr 1. at.
North mate. Mote (.4.0 quo. a: lta••
Ilk Ilya of TAllfrall Z.or i rx . atl:a tad
Mall p,kt.t• (tom
1 d
1. .
• .4 Mall rir
nriTha 4
Pleat •
Hatton d
6.2 day
and • •
Lc Dinah:AD, alintimagi •
cm/ mom or Tpar
eter SUNDAY, Oatoeer
leave :be Depot. tomer of elrent
Lr Watts. se : •
Oa ani
=TA Wat
• Gale! A rrive
- Patsbarph PfttatOrryk, ;
7 43
09 le,imod viz .. 41:11r. x. 11:11
• Maven awl:ma—MX G. Y. SIM A. N.
%MI a•
/Cwt .
'Wien tie
/Mot Ma
from -•
For Ti •
. • .
ULM r. Y. Pfty. ft,
'a 40.02. x. CUP.
!Puehllaln to atal
ea Tiaftton 1:10 2. Y. 10.03 ft, K. •
• telt apply to •
4..11 INO,
VaIJT, FluOortoceltdaut • poll
- • - • - -
W.. Alin csvicLiai
Fram . telataber 3P:c
hog and gn. ti
i at tea
Pau P. ow ties,
, I I . Larlti, ,
&In spaPP.. 6913 to
li .
tr./ 4 i Tiffl! P::
(Mingo MI- Sag •al
gtV: l e st. ''P"
ma Ye Wu. tha • m
Cl. a
, lir. la zolip al
1.101.40 r..... MM pll
W 6.8. /I le Pa. 111.1 pm
t " tafr
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1..4xriP 3f876711'• 4
Wellm , l,l Ste.. Map m
• bealadlao AP.M 4,23 p m
F. Bell9l •• 5:017 In
.X. /MVP '• 1 6.^41
n 7 D m
I TAi. C1P1 , 44 it
pitta 47.41.11pirim
AIMS. it OA (01.60 8.
1367. %rafts , r1111*.•
.1.r0pu . 4. Lana sys..,
f , 11 M 7."'10 4 14"
Oringt-iii I I
rr Y lv om InA '. ll M e y •A
ti artar
Nays Cana ..1003 •
1.6.15da10 I,a
N. Brton 2;47 ppa
Leetthle 41.19
. —tin ,
anII:AT t. i. A th :V .n„,i.
tbe Watern retinsylVat
timid depart !roan the
Allaglienv Clay. M billow,
Alm,. halltille.'
Ehirtwhi No I eal.l.m. 1ia1f........,.....11:N1A.1a
rreepo o. I 11:10a....
ito.l 11:01 sin
lhaprana .....thine.. bharpteeNo 1 Itiln &Al
haste. ion, Irld N. lexprea roe
riaT.T., ' .. .‘.'....! :1114: iIgA:T.
NO. V.' ::::•
H A ... 74 ,... , e se 7:10r. s. dharhaig No h. Ttlerje
TO. '4 o l.l4.l.lllE lli s e n ci P /Iltirity . i. Juliet
story tleptity at 7:40A. Y., relleblitt AiltithisT
City at tete s, it. ktelornat. Wail*. Alitihtte
Cite at I 20 P.M. and azalea at Altilla..7 •iinal•
at aaAr W.
aom! I b l l on Tin A ett—ToW ` e a
t aha V .
'l.:lt,fte4 . AL3AVAe 6X. 71,1 :
litisrpabarg, and food only on the trains plea
'lig.' 5'1T,V,M.:1140441;4'..:.....
mkt. direct counaction at Weapon with
Welter • Llne of Magee for Hitler and Nan •
atilto n
6,RT h.. 3l ate b.
4 ' ,Tir e' ! " ‘*
Ntl n dre. P l ait ..RN. and at the Dopy AlleglAw
a iiit t thee Inform
ju actlic4l , 2 2„.
Pederel eviseili . rpet.
The atern reansylvala Itallroad will nOt
mime Any risk for llstgage, except ar Wes.
joirs_p pareh and titan their reeponsibilla lio
Win 1id.... 0%4.01 la volts. Dull ves
eaceetillig this amount alue...llA Ms
ria Of lho limier, union tete. n 7 ea/Nal alp
.treat. l ItIiWAS.I3 IL ieII.LLUIN,
AD , Nal:tend 11.. it. AllcOnn. TS. '
... RAILROAD. —..--
/411.rosd anin
/tient Meet Dep.l.
my kits ,Atto . la.:
• Oa aad lOW 001 . 06!
ar Waszanzon sad LAN
. .
Yell Train .... 1:20 a ISt
fast Ltne..., MO ns
...No. 5... MO a so
Xs. P.loa to
Johnstown Ae.ltala a a UtViIaVT.3I;
Zl5O p
Waif. 140.5... d:SO Dm
Walfa Na. a.. MOD as
• Dl.rart. • •
WWI'S No. 1....55al a so
J stagy:mu 11.. VII
W• 11•11 No. 1... 7:V);
Wall's Bo.o.:: eies S
anst Malsresat •
1 0:43psel
' Thins Leave Wear's Btatlo *Te llOO4O ri
:j fAis r e . :gltaftr,:llll. l V.
ll alai.
%Mu daily sr.sopt Sas •' • •
IMP slttits STS . OI. matt as. Altos. cesa.
=MAU. and lasigrant Trsta arms daily. ass
ctsnat3 Express, sqlses SAW/ cusp& /Condos
All other tsslns esa szobilt 1.3110.11.7.-
/orflstber s lstfr4, l lNllB24,i. m. -
• Th. roanATlviagn 11.11.1101,41, Company swit • ,
rr-I.T.n.btif Vir,"."l9.
ti=sl Milan to skse. 'Suzan 112 , 110i1a
Int %Asa amount Ist ,01.11. be sr ills shlt st
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