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The !oili voters c?ttita Commonwealth
trlbutc to , tho worth and
aortic:kr' of ~ TtadgC Williams than the
►ing lilac compliment paid him by
%La only doily Democratic paper of
IttallOtin.Pettasylvanla the dayfollowing
taus nontimition. It said:
"The Domination of the Hon. Henry
W. Williams as a candidate for Judge of
Ike Supreme Court is a-good one. He
-.sneaks beat man named before the Re=
psbikan Gonvention, and possessealegal
• and wont qualifications for the respost-
Ole position to which he has been nom
' UAW Both parties have now present
'ad their Candidates. - An important duty
,bas been faithfully discharged by the
• niqiectin - a:lnvention. The campaign
iway- nfiqr be conducted without persona!
aspertans, and deeded upon the
pies of the two great pubes. This is as
silt should be. It is an suspicions sign of
the and ifthe county Um:mentions
to. y tbrteeete in the selection of
alive candidates, there will be
atop Marto the deplorable corruption at
the seat of government under a new
es=honest men and conscientious
rs:—Piffsbitrei Pod, Tune t3fh,
TM PM, in referring to the Om,
`rod the tot Mitt:Let. Ina pleased to
vWe have nothing to tato back, or
modltr, Of, Judge Nilllicans' private or
legal - rein:nation we have nothing but
words" at and holm* ft may
. 10 4. 90826 Puitttacioes and heady pollti
: riana, ire cannot bring ourselves to view
tumults as either wise or po.
ins °alien some „troth in the
assortionahaa General Grant lourno de
.- Infiniti; be'elevated to the highest position
of the peoPle: Ain
triends,:air,l they , are found wheroyar
tos4; eenid do \ Urn no worse
. Seellifellaart by miglathis a c ceptance of
Ytit Presidential nomination. His pre.
7:issitiliOsitlon.:lB highly honorable, and
SICIOrtg as he remains on this
.41.21,1 f, and . in lie will.always race's°
*rage dan. his greatness from •
.1010114 people. Should he be honored
ihe higher title of President, his
°WS record as a soldier might, through
One *near error, fade away, sad the
aiready - *ritten page of history , which
wiilliand down his name to posteritg as
1 , 111 brow end patriot may be an blotted and
soiled that those who follow us cannot
perdelin 'the' great - .soltidox' as we new
tlikrirare , bilm AB . 1
sealer. Grant is
turierosellyadisured and honored; as a
President 'slid 'Politician it might be
tee nutroni of panties demonstrates
. - 1614 - 1 i always 11312ChierrOCCI to hake an
. .Jl,‘4.6str.n*nttion for which no party is
ly aid folly responsible—rnach u
thil which- now exists at Washington.
i..,•Vadie such an Administration some ex.
;- nun maniere -to hold important
"places; but a much larger. proportion
cruntoon of llut worthless huge:m
-u-4a open both patties—the mans camp.
fotlowdn, whose, predoidnant impalas
• is forpluider—osutrire so worm them
'x oqtres, Into-positrons of consequenc e .
ttlittL:ttztilstitt,: to '"a large 'degree, the
enormous frauds that notortousl,y exist
. P_i .thekßg . . nu
DePurtot. /est now
were is a commotion in New. 'York
eassonipthirtex otheTere, *Welt mom.
ben of the Cabinet era said to be in
thst shall Crop} to be the
helTeitigation" may be imotbered
until i Congresehmel Committee shall
60t Ogthe trail, Trhitit may they prone
too cold to be followed.
damns lit Woonwann; not
withstanding the dcollustion put in for
• /411.1 1 190akgriiiictit s tiort-nominated
by the Democrats for Congress In the
, (Luzerne and Basque
. itanna,) In place of Mr. Dennhon, de
ceased. Den well known to the people
commonwealth as a gentleman of
snore than common abilities and attain
.inantkof inittlemtabed personal champ
-- isr, and of extreme political *pinions,
ikrn in'Pennsylvania; he is of
Per New England parentage, which
- weltoldid be mono to his discredit, or to
Utqt otAdspmgenitots,thotigh some of hie
Democcaticanociata seem to regard a
- 1,4 = - Noirgaglatid brlgitt La:an tutpordcms
„Nv r i• Taw President expmsses hia deter
*Litton to have certain laws brought
bilbn Ids' Supreme - Court, in order that
liwir''pousthartionality may be tested
• :aid powers defined. He 'farther
liMiateciuc itf • case• the decisions Übtilned
*USA* in rani, declare said
lawa null and, Told. , Does he not know
' nit by the Supreme Court,
Sikh as Vend* would imam' any fill
a;','":4likatkiihiltim unnecessary/ lint until
Iknut stall' decide againit the laws
fie dhdikes, he - and all others will ban
to obey'- oil takes the consequetkes,
whether much or little.
f;!! Tii Judiciefelzition will be hod to
G i allfitmii nest 'month. 'The result of
, Sia,thdidwlllshow *heard' the recent
' .deleat or the Republican candidate for
'tiozeirun was due to his bid political
dander or to a radical change in the
'T"-losistinieusti of the people. Well informed
citizens of than _ State predicts Republi.
cen majority of twenty tEuxissild.
/1.24 lIOW announced from Washing
ten that the President does not intend in
Ainray to Wafers with" the registra
., *it tkt,
.cp.ti in the 'Biatea ; rail'-
, „lasi government. - Thus may bathe fact,
let therresident has elan so many
tstromets hi has beei - carelhl not: to r
• 4" Goan tbstat irtll be judicious not to pat
too math oinitidenee in this one.
s,s2;l l l3ll.tirotris mow Muni ars better.
Vha n casjortti, so kr as the rettuns Uwe
been received, foot up between ten and
;:ihr s tiri thin4ds• With towns ,t o bent
iildch gave rno:o than th at for as
Jut yea. Both branches of the Legis
litttrifszndicktesur ROzablicin.
True PaIIIIDiNT Hi menu/nil:illy necont•
phone remit, the driving of gold
u hat:tgiuts ttisii It has touched
me-norne time part, end, of coune, cm
..fNneepondfriglj. adiniteing 'the prim of
.1240 FiCOSilideS of life. •
P.7nTing 43foir.i . :_'Iiicixa - Vlxtr.tests, who
t',7llPla be-eikFarIPROT 41 E4 rapidly recour
jai from bge . pTestratien, hie many
tadmtxrs berer and elsewhere, will be
.-13:44 POILIiiT'S Pompon Letters, re.
' ;:visod.icats,n . birged, will seen be issued
: . 111 - Wei corm 14 T. B. Peterson & Broth-
Zbinsbutg" Altigheitan pays:
.I' ls Errett will make az: atten
,,,Areladestriesta sad capable Senatoi."
- by
were fleet made in London
a negro from Spain in the reign of
qUeen.AWY., Ile ctled' without impart
ing the tlocret of his art. 'rho art wears
earned In 1561 Elias Grows° drat
taught the Euglleh to make needles, but
the art was again lost for nearly a can-
Aar', when. it was ngain recovered by
:t.Cheistopber..Grecnbig, who , settled at
lial.:Tendon,' Ilucklugamahire.
na lanai:tow chiefly. zu /lad.
dltck, In Woreottershlre, fiatheraage.
'Derbyshire, and In' and near klxtutng.
l '-'MI • -•";tA"11',; L -41 .0.178%
-,---. -7,( 1 - N - ''''.. •.% , . ' 'tkt, ,- .
1 - „•• - -.-'
zaii .. " 11 - I) -, - ~.= *,),..' ‘:?;
itt s ' t-
:SO 7 ., -- • - 1
t iAri cb i .
~ .„ .:.; .:,-b i , ' , "* 7 ,,,11 . , 4 „, pl . 1 I 1
~ \
, • -- 7- - *. ---- - 44 Afet- -
,•,-; - 1 7 .,, , ,,, :,-- -
1 .
1 - -----'=—-- --
VOLUME TiXXICIT.- , - NQ. 211.
(By Telegraph to as Plttiantrgb Ueaetle,l
.Tua cEErA, qtnesnos.
X.IITZALTIT MGM" lam, /Wm, A.E, that
• 31117•17. -
Loin' os,Sopt.l.l.—Aillopatotattlaktbent
atatoo that Great Bilinto ant rtaaos had
soot aloluttlOte ti Gime*, urging the goy.
=mans at Athens to iamb:kir= hostllt•
Uos with the Bantam Porto, and to maw.
neiltintity• L tle coo= Que.
GIZSTA. September Is,-71, a Dadicaltron
imess, which test bare en the Igh Instant, Is
ntlt Is sassiest The Droceedsngs attract
ranch attention. Daring the sitting this
Egerates a sharp attack wee made upou the
Socialists of the United States, which gars
nie to anszaltod alscarslan. Skslo ill foe
lag was created, and Delors Cie close or She
see ion may stsatbetw Withdrew Dan the
1111 reitikTza tACH.
Loam" Ooptember 11.—Tba Dont:taster
nom whns sole largely attended today.
Tie Bedard mhos were won by Verdant.
The Cleveland hantlioap was Won bp Inn , .
Ma Tea won the CorpOratton: plate. The
stand plate handicap was awarded to
80¢606 Away, the nandlcap
to Whole Warren, Sad the Illyeeles plats to
Wise Sarah.
DAV/ . Or =GLIB ZITO 01/1.
The returns of the Bank or liangisnd ;how
the amount of bullion hes lueresseo three
hundred thostund pounds 'lane the Nth.
- - -
Yanuq Beet f2:—Tit Governor . ot MIS;
ores has issued congas tea establishing •
rigorous oluirantin• at Port IL•aion, Balearic'
Islands, for all ressela arrhinirtrom porta
In the Milted Manta or West indica.
lissassbuse,l September 144,...h. telerrera
from Conetaatinople umbrinces the arrt7el
of the IL B. stalest* . 11Retars.
PINANI37rat AZD tointractim,
Lamm, heptember 1t../freerrefr.—Crorsols
closed strodp at St ark MVP wentles, WU;
Lientral.l 131 43.
Prnicsonp. be l96 ptember ls,
113—Ewing.—U.. Bones. fiX,.
LoraliPoor., September IS—sMalag,—Ccd.
ton—The prices are ;id lower on Ameriain
descriptions. but the market closed Urn et
the decline, with sales of M Millen Uplands
and Orlons at alto.' The aides to.
day amounted to 13.031 baler. ilreadatrars
Closed steady. U0rn.361111 for new Want
Western. Wheat. 13s 64 far. Calltorala
white. BMW. Wets and rase arennehang.
ed. Provisions—Beef, Ma Parr, les per
barrel. Lard, 7161,1. Cheese, els 6d. Bacon,
Ms 64 for Cumberland Cut Middles. Pro.
duce—Spirit of Tarpantlee ate ed
closing We 6.1. Petroleum, lad far riptrits,
and Is rid for Befleed.
ANTI/ZIP, .eptembar L. - 12k.ntn.9.—The
Petroleum market 1. strcaug es; standard
Irlateh, ea francs 50centlmes.
SeleCnlga to Um Elnalmen fassatt.6l
.WAsarscuror. BeptiodberA,lll67.
nlXtrir yrrai .er tkIfIZOIJ-Gila.? no-
The NSW Pepartment has received • re
port Pettis Captain Zionee F. Armstrong,
coffimandlag the Pensacola Nary yard,
dated the nth Snit. die fears, od atecuat of
the prerelease of Teal,* !ewer, that the vac
Cal suspension of *ark ai the Navy Yard
will add td the distreu and Offering al
reedY tabling in the ' , Mum ant 'or the
yard; yet, rlth the heads of departments
'andtaanyelerka slakAnd no responllolll pee
eons to oversee theernployees, it "Meld be
decidedly • loss to , the geVerilinent
.100 00 with - the
t h e • Sly
er bad appealed tO the Iselehtortne
eltles fOr aad phynedesta nurse* and
= 0 ..7. to welch they nobly responded,'
Mobile sending SLOW. • hosyttal has been
established etch the feadireselred. From
the eta to the Seth of hermit there were
two hundred and twenty-two ouei of lever
and twaatraleht deaths. Slate than there
le aerreeerd. The Citizens lel tae Wesel
Reserve are rslaing mane, by enbserthtPui
to amid./ Ptlyelalane mid maraca, and to
obtain mootednes awl food turtle dte.
Capt. Armstrong Ma given th em th ews of
I building In the pOoesalOn Of the Gaserp..
ment farm hogyltal for the treatment of the
sick, and they hope to obtains addlUonalald
from the semi, worm. As eitisens of Pate
*scats ;hay can obtain ne aid from the
Ifreedtasea Purees; although many of the
poor whites and freedmen us residing on
Them halm been tweagy-cete deaths mat.
aide tamt =um in the yards. Many cane
now exist sad new can art • and
them are so physician, ontaft the yard to
attend the Moat &hough it is havol. the C 0...
adagios 'am soon obtain them. . - -
mextrush uscaprirwo Orstc2la.
A clrouber wee Issued this wombs' from
the Wer Departmsrnt, elazthit that orders
lad been pent to nwretting and other dis
bursing Whams. to melte weekly reports of
the seturantof public funds In thetrenstodr,
and same sue. fends ware dowelled; RA.
parte are to be made by melt The use of
Possible.telegraph will be reduced as much a.
Arturraw twerraer Inteimarcer. • 1
There will probably be • Puma Sam.
Mums of the Dipbcmatto ttarpseA Arden=
next wank. 21710 prospect Is that Germ!
Prof the Cabinet. atecon +nu iscalteperry the
Orders sere Weed today from all the
Executive : Departments for distributing
the arisaest7 proclaim Sinn to In olecisis.
Ln.../ILIS EnOl2.
'nu rwport that Minima /obar& E. Iwo
pawed through grasbingtons day . or two
sioftore,hts way to Om Nortll,ls without
foustiou.• Virgitals Springs ou
Friday to Lazlngton. • • • •
writ Ipr Sebes. Corpus rialer lAs fat
''Asweessy PreeLsmalles De.
elrantals et Newspaper OLIN is
• •
CRY.TigelemPh Me Ili rlitithsrel OnottA3
Xionms, floptember 13,,,8C0ne . weals
stool W. A. =dim of LeasAl% who Wu
arrested by the military for wituolthig u
eX-rfolOn soldier. on a thargli 017101atinl
by parole wen taken tO laaiMilm and has
Ritmo been sent back is be tried by the Wil
pThlap lied Mernlng Attorney Gaunt Wel.
Lae a ILO Attorney n,of Tinn
Mettee - Gourt. far a dg writ T
o rlg f. Mama co p ee o w n
Llentenant W. G. Gem% 00infoahMoll the
postal Menage, for me body at Um prim;
our. under Wm reeved proolamatkm.
writ was granted and placed 10, the bands
gpol7t . 4=firsua, Who /Ws thls
Soma time stone the adios Of the rule
newepaper, at Camden, Argun., was des
troyed by midterm Led on by Major Eleroe.
ColOnel Gilbert, co mm ending tee Muk
wrote a note to Geneva 1.114, An which he,
said lee ommues of tbe plus, directed
riaMmet. uremia of the Demote, may be so.
doled, but Gerannl Ord. and the gainer,.
term detailed to enable him to oorlofm
dukes, are 1:101 0017011141 of the people of
Arkenees. bet rather tiutr insetere, and it
le felt to be • great puma 01 Impertionee
far neweupere In TAU 51111341 to 001010001
whoa the satlltary molar any a113111.11,831M1
whatever. • .
. •
General Ord, in reply, says I 'Your lett ,
of the ISM ult., In which you attempt
;away the act of a party of solnier• who,
owned by an °Mar, forcibly entered soul
zen,S house and destroyed_ Ms property
incased. rosi will be leased to
why this act was not presented by you. se
Post Cominander, and If Ito requirements
of tne thirtynmsocrui articles of war have
been complied with. Your assertion that
the military force* are not the *meats of
the people of Arkansas. Oat lather their
masters, is =put both to the people sad
the annum and tuilosnatied la the laws,
ana laws arc Pyrite .beedt of the poem.
The , assumptiOn that a party of %Pointers
could, at their oWn option,fOrrlblydestroy
a citizen's rty, Comm Ol. • grolll
vieditkal Of ftre ' rubllCl {wane, Woeld not be
tolerated under • ft apOleOn.
ltelainea fps 111111'141 , 12Ai '410 6.'
easaanberlala 10.1111/{ sodas. *SAW
Las Tear—Lesidiaare Lez.ol7/1".
TeWalsh to Rs Pittsbettt Ometiel
Amiss's, Ms., emit. 12.—OtheMI manna
fmn two htuldred Suitt Sistreight cities,
towns and plentatious. give Crhainber.islii
4 "slti. and Pillsbury 31.7 M; The ame taints
lest year stood: Mambas's/a akalk and
Pillsbury SIJM. Thera are two rinndred
and nineteen towns yet lobe Wird Inn:4
which lash year Imre - MaMberiain .14711,
Pillsbmw MALT. The Democrats/WM ear
tied York. Linooln, KnoT and 'ArilirtOok
counties by very small inalositirs.'whlah
willire thentseeen Senators to avant=
Iletebtmena. The House will , be
By Stigma to tim rut.p.rolhutts.]
Nsw roar, Bersrtonabor 111, IE7.
*liar= 11011111010. '
The steamer Cambria from lls.mbarg,
Sept. Jai, arrived tO-day." .
TH2 2220112111 23D TIM 20232 OF 221222.
The Drafters sad &Town . ars .} V
fl .
measures to anzteati tb• action the
of Realm to terao•lng t2lOll . tar .
Ilona. Mon /fOrtleiti *mat.
In Tslsm& to Um PittAnnzt emetic]
Lovtivists.Baptembes 12.—Altrot
wlth lacks@ La Qs canal.
AIL Ills been repeatedly stated that the
dispatch dated .3.31111531 3 , from Gen. Gran):
totietserai sales, .Limb was prirdad ihtt
'Cawley tam completed the eorrespotedittioe.
This la mot the we. There ate one or two
other brief dishttaes. and a letter 'lrvin
Veber/it tired to Gtuseval titetles,dlted
august t•th, onion, Deng understood total
Titivate. he has not. inibilabed, tamper,
Grua intended Ills authorisation to cover
everything. la this letter General Grant
totuuttuds tit* IrthilOm of General 81v.ittesi
deputation of and Directors
or the Yemen and Mama Rath:nen Pant
or Brooklyn. cOnslsting ef liana it Beach.
preakigne, arid% t, hidden, 8. Beard, and
othere,are to Washington city endeavoring
to waters the bank toita noinagen oil the
ground that It is a public benefit, mud they of.
fer as Dieu:ton to imamate. infiebtenneaa
to the hank of certain rims aniounting
ender the tar to
soaDond the proceedings after they are
ono* liegun,Fd applicatien of these
parties hl• n ausnanded, renfilag a legal
opinion Oft isttoint.
elf enter eetrrasbOndenere Yalatire to the
Clalmi Oren Great Britain to toads
onhlbb Anima CM.
aft Sends to Ilthisisrlflitfis setereary of
Maims of citizens of the ttlilltel States for
dsantel rams Befifahern Otted Oun from
14 1% ind ht name ha Lord Seth ,
/if . ormed that the settlement at
me • , sss WM becomumgentlykoSeessary
to the reestablishment of entlrely friendly
relations between the United MINI. and
Great Brltabs. The bostlle twine of the
latter country daring the rebellion le con
trasted wtth the artion of the United States
Gomm= mit toward the banlan,lnysalon of
.Gaped* On the following srecdst uThe se
bare numerous BMWs wariLte elveOtticsas
against the - Dotted States prettleAlls
lowed and tolerated by Mee ltelastY's
moment, notarithstandieg reauxnatranmS s
tnd webaye wren eletillar tonlawfal attempts
on this ecestarragainst Great nrjeat. us].
lowed end defeated by the Closet nno we
promos; .list of the Bostfathent of the
United Stabil e •
- - .
—Dereleolletelta of the •
Internal means
frauds DS Brooklyn ern taller A tlogible
idtape, end lire So Bride tit their nullifica
tion; It it said, al Area to tmplicatticertaln
metalperen? the Washleatou Callnet, ',these
leletltit,7ll at present concealed. 'lto Dn.
°ea:tines in the Revenue PaCed over three
altered trends It odd to have been sena
olsoratbrtnyaddle of the members ofteriag
to rodeo tin account of them, nod Mr. Rol.
a , presence at one time wee le farther
arm. of an Inrestlgation of 'flu subjeec.
..—lterernt al the ei.,Znion In Mains, trout
One hlin,Yred and forty-reven Scions,- about
thread:lla of the State, Soot up: .Gbatubev.
MIA, Pillitmry, tf.,OSS. eame titres
last Year ere Chamber:Mu SIVI, and ill.
buoy Z1e33, , showing* tole from tee Repub.
Man snatortjy.ef last year of 10,051. The re.
=Loin% re tea wilt probably mance last
Yearft atajority, about 17,c01,• leaving a
majority for Chamberlain of from 10,000 to
Well. • - •
—A Leavenworth tbetilla lays Tea
Indiana fired into a passenger train its
mile. wed. Of roll Marie?. bad
planed Use on the track, which were boo;
removed- by the pilot or the locomotive,
hen' about thirty-live Indiana thee up
Prom • ravine and fantod a volley Into the
met. lento:a Injuring thy one. A band of
ChoTennee caudated three , men and one
woman at "Mom Lebnltes," on Little Ar.
takaaa flyer, •few days 'lnce, and et boy
namwellalone was Barred to the tame way
Mat Ilatarda y wart oI Port i acter Creek. humteem zallot•
—Tae 71.thuse's special up . : The Prad
dent. will keep ;inlet new 1111 after the fall
elections.. Ito Cahhnet ohtanteols ehll Utter
revtlll Wei the ranstsylvahla, Ohio
'fork Oblations. .1! le proem , lo that t •
rmident well aniretat to the District (kw
mandates that elections at. the Sonthishbold
all take plate on the mute day.
!. OtsUattleast Celor—Orrantiaties
—Letter heal Sepal., Sumner—
lef Talamesk le the Pittabbreb Gazette.)
Sapleinber AMC:
The Denier State Republican (Mtivention
assembled at Trout Street Theatre to-day.
Delegate. were primal Irma 'Telecom,
Tennessee, Missouri. Kentucky, District Of
• Ccdetrubla and Maryland.. There was motifs.
Unction of race or color. A temporary or.
awisrUne wu effected, with MOO. Lewes
Tbrimplac, Of Delzwere, la tbe.enalr..
A Onomenteseori ItesOlutbsem wee arcotnt
ed, se follow. /lon. 3. 3. ere:mall, of Mary.
land; Ron. M. R. antler, Tenneseee;
,R.l. Tan Monek . .kymferts zaumorarr.
.4%7"A ; aria Lit
horn. Wart Vlrkinia; W. /1. D. Brown4lary.
land; Anthouringems, Delayer&
Tim follow pornment ofileers were
elected: Preen cot, Ito, Horace Maynard.
Vice Presidenus Roo- R. T. Vantions, Ile.;
0,1.1. H. Clendenning, It ; 11.: a.
Butler: Tenn.; nes. • Dalai Watkins, Tenn;
Hon. J. A. Cryssycli, Md.; Geo. A. Cook.
Std.; Hermes Robinson. Delaware; Ruben
Delaware; Samuel amy
ware; DairldGeaborn, West Va. se ; It...GallsDela.,,
her, Wort Tat R._ T. Johnson, District of
Coliontda; A. P. Clark, District of Col
umbia. •
Letters from white and colored distioY,
rolahed poUtledaris went read among them
Ole from Senator Yawner, to Loris, after
stating In friabillty to be present, ite• stye:
vCdogreas will l lest% undone what it
Ought to do U it falls to provide prompt
-1 y for the establishment,. of Must
rights,. wnether poUtkal or civil,
everywhere throughout the traion. Tail Is
a solemn ant! which cannot Ins shirked or
postponed The Idea Is intolerable that un
der any pretenston of State rims, noble
can sot up • political oligarchy wittiln Its
borders. and then call itself • republican
government. I belleve with all my so
that such seaverntristit molt he rejected as ul,
Woonsistent t.tehihe requirement& et the
Declaration of Independence." .
Resolutions were w.opted as follows:
That It la Gas duty. of Congress to protect
UM tonal vette! rights cif all loyal Atnern
sate Clatailat. wtthout zsgard complarlon,
and guarantee a republican form of gov
ernment LO all Swum; urging t. 0.1-
areas to bravely aid 144 thoroughly
adopt meilearee rapania fat thaestanileto
meat of pesos and prone:fly throughout
the land, and suggesting the presents,-
tion to Slat for..thesdoption si Cons
'Motional amendment, providing that
50 Slate shall disfrancluse - eitt.
ZOO become of - Papa or color; an
ed approving the reconstruction Main fes
of Congress; maßinir for the reinstatement
of Stanton; applauding the military *or
gies...Prudence and firtonese of Grant, and
expressing the belief that tis Praeldent
should be impeached and removed. ' •
A mass meeting, niberetivenUy held, en
dorsed the action of thstionvenUon.
Aleedgessa So Two Tans/ -
(07 Telegraph to the rttubarth Otwote.l
LhotOW.4:l2sooSepteetter 12.—A Potato
exeunt= Teton:der from. Pot 10 tow, on
the steamer Great, when starting !rows 1210
1.51.04, taught two 'ooze women, Pate
Ooldlos and Nary Glenn, to the coil of toe
&tem teltlet Ogre lee from.Ml, Tim/
realele Were.
01114 t O• sad Hies Iskpares By.
(Ey Teenage to tee Pittsburgh tissetll..l
AttilTrki• via.. anPretnitier If.i.;•The Con
tinued heavy reins hays been very din►
irons to the cotton.' It'ls estimated tbat
Oneothirrl Or the =Ore base been destroyed.
laniOrte [rah rite • Phintattotts, state tee
InA treoludel bays rallied tbo crops,
llattrimill £. 14 .th Vora Qantas.
•tErillogespli to tbslittstrulth kissete..)
wujmurres, N. Q.,. September 12.—Tbe
sae thee, gongmete, oe the Micah:Van
sad WeWeel B.ll.llroad, ;ram of the track,
near ,Btheleect ro. „Wail agent, named
Siortugar. anti sae exprel4 Magoon k•ir,
id Goodwin,- were aayerely INorn4. No
priaraer t v are hers. C . 11.. :B !ct Dwl
Illnnier as ISrovldenes. shoats hassle.
MI Telegraph toe. rlttabnrib Onectie.)
Paomminec. R. 4 - 'September 11.—Thm
Cerang, Joeepb a. W. Canno, moonily if
cotton brOlrat In BOatOn, leen Clean Baum.
min W. Alerleb, a rporting Man, at a berme
near this ray. where (Amebae boon Ilvlon
-.rite alewife et Ahlr Mb. Caroni Bale tam.
011 up.-
. • Lire In chiestro.
er Telannet to a.* Pitumirse Uuette.)
Caseaeo, September It—The begiblin
165 to 161 Nortb Wells street, owned b 4
tar L. Newberry, were destroyed by Ore to.
4ay. Loos µVW. Tim buildings wens co.
emde4 by retell dealers, whom/ loans will
not exceed SIAM
Cuailibuintledest Nosulnalf us.
tee Telerfildi te the Plifebergb Canto
tritimerenni. Ps., Beptember•l2.-lion.
Wt. ILIP-0690 ROA Mllllnatad for Con
gress Urdu, by tbo noputillenn County
Convention, to tilt toe. unexpired terse of
Oboxles Dennison. deceased.
• iterlelt Time is/ a galling Vessel.
C al , "ralgrapii la the Plusbargb ussstis )
• • lIII7PAiLta Saptambor 11,—Tbe schooner
issue Perms arrived Ibis mornlog from
C;hlCSlrrl, Instirue .sho qulckest ran ores
laS4O D 7 a Monate venot,throa days. /1111
holm and thirty Winn Ma. • • -
Cbsepwl witta Xlebblux
'the amt.
TIT Telierob to ma Sletelnuen Munn.,
' Mtn You, September 12.L'arnellos Van
Sloe, ponsinaster et slue; Long Mend, boa
been Mallon trial On Charge or rotations
WO Mg..
tpy Toleeraph to My Plushordb warns. 1
Lornayirs" September. —A firs this
tanrnlns. on Third otroot. between Grron
ordl Jetterson. dammed property to the
&mann of P.ooolgnannu7 moored.
. .
SOW *nl Dammed. '
WI ToUallak to Quetta,
- mania. anbin• It—The-'Woo nun
Raw Alvonl a Co.. In the
'anat. Cave WU WWII. clestMbd bY the
.)*Dow rerest,ll4l.lll.lll 2ll • ll, 9rtenite ,
(ay Telegraph *tthe Mirbaron
Nem Oxlxexi;Septtlitber It—there bete
six heath. teem yellow fever Inslde the /set
twenty-toter bows eitdlax Ibis morning,
- Ilheleeffo efl OcO IPle.
[ss 'relays:A to tee rittsbarsklfts•UAT •
Sire.Tost. eirtitember ,
btbrebeoPer of the et. II lehobbe 1:01b114011
eatable I,aq:deft by aboottbs fare=
Me its GM at Pol
ate, " &ialled W e rra 1 :11: ere;
eat *ewers. •
• . .
ter .
Die P
thatella:ire kiirktUal
Nsw „Troia, September l2.—The
WaAtniCkaliettai atm of Gen.
Grant's rag rat etas a , conversation he oa4
with the General a fee dart ago, wherein
the Genera ferearkpd, concretes the talk
of making him Presider, Grit be would
not be Proshrdnt of . the United States, If
uPPortnnititit'ere Offered; that tie was no •
Plithhtlent that :het . hated Pt:tittles; that
Mr fir as rip Edition and Trainor' were
concerned. be tbtleght he ought to be iris
fled with wrillcrj•f Vire he already erloyedt
thatkOhlhligtha ear of Presigega would.
rear Maresca can fort and draw Mai into
dorms and -tartan:mit - gfirlftleit Iblit an
the General et the Army he had all the wore
he could do, and time enough to enjoy the
comfort :Of hie tetlll,7 and homei anti that
he, as & soldier, heh gained friends enough
In the • truatry'Asithatit now seeking a
place where ho should. gain n&more. but
probably lees theatrarlrem be tied greed.
FROM lizENtidOrry
loilturieraittlia of Ltoot. laolreisor as..
• vesoon a AZUllllll6oYelriliant• 14.
flaY,Tcri to the rlitsbersh damitial
. . ,
04 cutter.
nor illeYhtlildil wee tooiiy,irsiltigAnqed Bow.
Atiter of Lentn'ety VICe John L. Ilelm,
eiainnonlie Plies) in the
Senate Chamber at trap'esdra Aftet, Prayer
ilahop, Smith, of gniseen al
Ciereen , O.Eith'..l.7. Swath, 'Mayor of Prank
fort,oo the part of the citizens. made
addrees, of trelo . ome_to ,the Governor.
The Insodutel - was thee! Atter re
ferring .1n elott.ont terms to the political
Governorf the tate Governor Helm, Acting
Stevenson proceeds as follows.
I cordially approve nod lolly endorse every
' principle enunciated itt.he
,admirtible ad
dem of the astinesitedltei:vinsi Wlll. by
God'. bleaSßig, set re elll7 .oesvor to
maintain them during my adellni.
:retied of the government. TOo
oath. .whlch I. am about. In your
presence to take, exacts of me strict obe.
, Ilence to the Comititutkm,of the United
States and the Columniation .of lientnWY.
Both Cotertittutdre Ir*. oda/Beeil lb per.
petuato the rlghtio orctVit. liberty and free
representollve government - . The premises,
oV bred sere Intended te preserve sod ,
. es fandionenttd guatantees of
treedetni the liberty elroges. the
freedom of tint, „prep!, the rights .of
madame. Cf property'. of palleth arid
of reStlintion, the purity
of elections,
and the implicit obedience of the represen
tative to Sherrill of tits ecgistitsirote. Sumo
end farly.Othharsedt es=rOuto to their
letter nett spirit, colltalons between Welland
and State sorer: meets are 011049 he polat•
Ste. They out never occur. so long as each
government-. restrains Itself edible the
respoctive orbits prescribed by the
trstuentearl, It Is Ohly when
one government overleaps the barriers'
erected for Its tmtraint that danger
can anise. To all demands and exactions
of the Federal government within the
Sphere , Of Its:coastal:atoned jan.or.
affpport xe.r.
alsrs la% rei rty and
oheerfolobethen ay ee. on Whets within the 1101.
its of tbe Cossmonstestltla her reserved
rlghtemostberenstetel, end wlll,sthtle I act
as her. Chief. Mamstrate elegy* Obeid.
my an:Jousters shall always he to uphold,
protect and tile Con stitution of the
State front ass defend ault from. yltlappt or dancer
within. and pa Web. Shot tr.b Litre are faitn
lolly tlettetel and. obeyed. My earnest
desire shall • ever ht to advance
the welfare and • happiness of awn"-
somber Of . the Commonwealth, -.Sae.
=Meth arlltiTeetre'ili.reg this spirit
pon,aed invoicing tbeblessing of Alrulghtv
God, the sore prep of all Who pat their trust
In 11152. fora., honor, peso, and proenerity
of Kentucky.:
Toes:man of oifloe, a. union Governor:
wee then administered by ElOn- 11 . J. Peters:
CIAO fJ ['taxa. The entire heremonteserere
In the etmost rood order. There
was neither pertstle Aormattle.
mom -cinAßLEsTori:
• rizeilinsot Pordoood-• Roza no.
Aszetbee oraaroo..postace to tattoo
taw Selegion tithe eittahatee Ossetts.l
Ceases:grow. B. U.. 12,— f 1 ar
Cirr'bei pardoned a Freedman, named
MiirbOlia.entletctvi Of murdering his step
daughter. 00 condition that he loaves the
Stale for Are yenns.
.the case of. Jedin4ankins. _freedman.
emeneirl. „unman" of yotio4 - Brom.
ford. during Jona. Ma,three times rt.
spited by .G itches, a noUncatton
has betas served em the heu - iff. by General
Cutby. stating that be has fully examined
th•eseei and Wm Were all/ no Mt :farther
terferenee military; •
„ii*avy gales. which MITI, Jost comma. hod
• At.s wtrom effect on colunt. In many elle
tilt/eV Is report.] the yield vlll be haven•
od a tetra to ono-half.
. .
f:sitniatea prepared hereof the total crap
of postpu foot up oue million nine hundred
and marentylluntrand Wes.
Mr ?Cerny% to 11. titzefl.l
I{r roan. ttrptembor AVreerre
special train Washanutos- aura the , Yreat•
dent to-day• dented -emplttwally that he
contemplated any change le the berutoi
Treasury. • •
The teaririepeolal *aye hare authority
for raying that Gofers] Itertte, while here.
urged Ailment (trans to retniu the War
OZ.. ems LI the rreeldeat attempted to
remove hos- and_ erpoint another to the
Phu.. - •
to Doe s Not twos Og-Ramtli Pala
113, Teeereab to the Pittatotrib ttasttte.3
Pa t tabetreta, tleatelater . IL—. ho pra
t:K.l,a beat Meat' Itrbleebarr.%today, Old,
1101 poem, Itarettl'e boat wan discovered to
be Kt moth unlike Myers. that Hamill did
net tato b be ought to tab van to neva.,
aittl utave.ta re pain UM /921,04
Bank Ilobbrr7-610,000 a Gri4mboeks
v. to. Deem r
LOY TdeliniPti./ the I.ll464ryrti GasettCl
lkwres, Sept. I.l.—Tbe Inas 11111 NatWaal
toilt t i 11744i1... m it, LT4' Al=
eon talutng U. S.seetultins belonging to prl
partles. The Cutter was knoeseil
Cosi oaf tolds
The changes o f ebm.eto incident. to this
eemonot,..the year ere We with Olseaxes of
the Afirosi and liwil,' , lllab win end so
wahine: remedy to Dr. Keyeer's
hie “Yeetoral Syrup," costing only 7 cents
bOttk.' -
list.. Dr. Keysat'fi Factoral Syrup will cure
ed. rri Eerier' , Pectoral tiptop will cure
Bleeding Lance.
Dr. Herteria Pectoral flprup,eillt clue
ilibooptni ‘olll[ll.
etli. Dr. KriseraPecl oral byrup will ears
Cold - Inaba Head.
bat. Dr. Ileyaer's Pool Oral Syrup will curo
tt recent Cnugp In half 1407..
• en: Dr, Ittorser , e Pectoral Syrup will ro-
Ilcvo Conan* of long duratlcot.
76.1)C. Kaito roojoilifelln.P will cure
Lars-nit , Us. •
h. K.lrni's Pectoral Syrup will pal-
Mato goneemptlon.. .
me. Lr. lieyonVe Pcotomi flyrnp will ono
. .
/2tb. Dr. Kayser'. rectoral Syrup 1s Kad
at mart Dcwtetorecomdat th,proprunnes,
Ana. 144.1,sweet. DK. ICE CON
SULTING AND E5A.11151.21(i OFTICH, 140
leheßightitt .
The strength °tithe,' pacti can be
materially aafiMiMted 13 +4,5 lin-
although they have hitherto •
real ; have been lately I unmoved, ho an to
meet every Indication needed In the me ot
snob an . imnhinco. Tim Doctor'. braces
not a nise °and give man
M i r e chest and doge, but, by No (Ming add to
a man's noneral health, anti 600110.1110nU1
to hie ability for usefulness, for health all.
tea tliSge• powerao be wenn. We know of
no. tIITIMLIOII, of modem times which ban
tione morsto mad oft comma mien and add
to hm. eactaimea end ionmerity men
lees Indeed It be the unrivalled. PECTORAL
SYRUP, prepared and cold by Lim tor so
many years. The Doctor's medicine. are
of Despaired, whh Lb& meant Science and
MOIL and ocitht, and do,' meet the approval
ortn. community. Wood innwrt.
A tOredara.aloCtl a MID named Joan
roktn or Tskin, tranarrladi and having
relative, In this off , mut drotitA U
steamboat raull clip no Carroll, at n St. Lord NA s.
fle way et Illaherman of tut et. Loots, was
In a muff with* coy, and rowed under the
guard of M0h0.% tbr tho purpose of fishing,
The anglncor blow off *Gram, which
struck Pekin C. tho nook, badly scalding
'biro; and heJtinaped Into the water to save
btroull from betfor gadded- to death, and
woo drowned The bodywas found and thn
Coroner holed an Inquest,
. - -
Y: de on the No n b Common.
'Allegheny, ees Lee/gate,
AMU0111,07.-Wlll Neil on Saturday afternoon
tiomicrcOo.3 at 2 tYclook, the emend sixty
mot lot Tenor tho Thoolegic.l seminary
on North avenue, North Common. Thle le
titimitstionably the linelt tßeltrit 101 In the
City of Allegheny, to %inch the epecial at.
.teatlon of all in guest ot • drat clam Mulls
directed. The Dreeent and nineleentlye hue
LroTadesille ttnn Ilandoemei madames ad.
tank Will render Mtn a minified= bull&
Sin. A Grant ww !Mang ClOfirCd• •
'CITY kill sustatuks.
FOURTH ieet.:-Thefutlestand mod re ici-I
bto Money, Maw, Produeo Markel Reporter
Own by cerir It CU dim WU balound
OM our Iburilb Pm.
Wurh Oonithooecre Bangor Word
—Largo and Fottiosimitlo Tleortrot of
Ropokoliton. - VolOrt:olotiel given
oh the hiswict—Elo Espressos Mo.
NC If au the lialltood question-10 In
Paver of If goo Solfroaa Law and
will Fight rot that gloesaro—bpocob
goo of newmPontunton, K &Oa
The old Second Ward, which never flinch
es from ardinitul political work, and which
bas long been .liiatly regarded pis the ban
• mei district of the Republicans, led off - las
eight with the drat grand rally of the cam
Deign in this city. Although the meson
Mid been arrangedOuly a few days proyi
ens to the time of being held, and bad bce
inadequately adrertleed, still there assem
bled in the If onougabola Iforise ocean
I suMelently large and euth uainstie gather •
Rig of oltisansteigive ample assurance that
the Republican mama are booming ally*
...e t
to the import= , eigineet.LIICLIYO Work,
and to the d - of apathy. - The Second
and did not con Mite all the voter! In
attendance, WI Mtn repreeentatikes
f t
irom every secti of the City and Iron,
some of Um tie hborinir Wronging, who
wore drawn to th eating by the anaemia,-
mast Mat it wo be addressed by Ont.
popular candidat for State Senate, Colonel
Rimed Rrrett, and other able gentlemen.
. .
~ ~
- After the meeting tad sesennen largo pro.
Pont..., errftroary plookum op " 0 in..'
?t3flittra t ad
,extermlnA hear 4. the full
it atre&d.f.ztry
t.. 0 following aware, who won) =Wolofe•
ly eleoted. . . .54
Prerfrlnst. J• F. Beeler, 7, -
Vier Pr-calm% Menem o ho Molltonald
Ctweerml rtillera , Lyea... hot, ff. Parisi
Capt. Ilehrhoorer, John rani, u• E. To.eri
Aaron k.loycL.,. ..
Satre lar= e erltse si t i lrPrsa. :
bu accepting 'obantnaltaslp iii Oa
meeting Mr. Hee bneny ec , nowledged
the sompltinent; d ostraluctsl to. the
audienct ottr pp p terminate tor State
I t
Senator. Col. nn 11,.,/stratt. , The Uolonel
was. r :eared w =) natal= them,
end proceeded to the meeting. Ile
Those of ration, frleudi. who &threaders
of the daily: paperaltind oho Ire not I)
cannot Otll teheinithweeed With,the pain
ful feet Mat tne uMetry Straeuelly firth.
mg Into danger wait tasy demi Pe wrthir
nail rein. Toes tierlretitenegi of the Preel. dent In endeavorliMlLO form his own wall
upon the nation sailer, in utter defiance of
' toe law makhig power is. creatinga peril
whichileteluff Oat Therrien:men of the pet.
tile can at old, and puts tripmalks en Issue we
aro compelled to mos. • 7-
Thials no inanuDictured entlets” of the
reditimart.get ap 00000110 =w ar pond .
cal activity, but a Malan • garb.,
wMich is %lee on without Car-sgency, and
Maims our attention Whether frown/ or no.
The President skeane randution,“ Ben
Wade 'eye, and that in the opinion of all
clam observer*. of M. time. Shall he he
permitted to te.VointitinUe the Govern.
menu That Is Mita one great. absorbing
.uneetton of the day t lcannot be shirked;
It be loot a answered. Shall we
onetime our Repo form of govern.
meet, er 'bill we permit Andrew Johnson
to establish pp despOttettl,UPuri. the lone After • Inatritenanoll of that form Or goy.
ernmmt for eighty years, and after lust
coming out of a lour years' war to establish
ite supremacy, that Menu an odd question
to sak; yet o de as it ecoma, It la today the
one gnat, atoothing queetlon for the pea
pie to dent!.. - • • • ,
Whenlis. Johnson Wait 'winging al•dtind
the circle.l.l year, Mr. naked a
New 'York audience, •Do you want Andrew
Johnson to be final" The plain meaning
of to ettest/on a. a threat that if the
Ind not misdate Mr., Johnston at the
polls and. Coupes*, isyrould usurp, the
Movernment, ilatighed rat tit then,
and regarded It as one of the Secostaryl
In - annul thenshis Joke. They could not
bring themscdves to look upon 10 as ha earn.
est, or to co e lder serionaly anything so
Tet erupts aro Maly tea/Ming Us that It
tel no.. abletti, an IL maned. Remy
nay web.: of the President assuming the
goiters, if hot then,. of • Mew. The pee.
elle would not Meath hint, and now we are
WA/wring to Imam the eiternauva pre
seated in Dlr. Sewardis tittestioc. lie bas
already. usurped the lest - making power of
the Uovernmen. aprogating to talmeelf
power* be do g not - poss.*, defying and
setting aside the pima provisions of the
supreme law, of the land. and is lend of en
=.l....a.mi.c4ira.tdrn the pommel
and eel Weasel( as the Mr.,
latehmtdCd the erallibnt.
The Prat staple this settemlor woe to stet
tod ntanton, and Ma hotsbcd
plain dellance Of It law of m
te ooempi nni spec
lallypaased to prevent IL co long no that
letto.nended. lion hurled vsterno occupied
the n War 0111 m. so Mpg it no InapOes doe to
carry on the President . .. conspiracy. With
blowier. there, kir. Johnson could •not re
mOrenhcridan, nor handle the army to cult
510 Pnrlmeee, nor p r
at Its t ho rn? . , (PI el the
way while the con•phsty was fleening.
So Sheridanwas turned out, contrary to a'l
Isar; was needled off to the PLC..
sO as to be boycott immediate reach in clef
of • conflict; sickle Dak o t ans red m e te regi
ment m Montana, Of Other
not thousands or mas from elvlllgationt
Pope and Reward are won to follow; the
greet men of the Moil. with /burntn at
lie head, II soot Off towanis the Rocky
rdcrentales to hunt fur Indians they canner.
er Midland gradually every prominent and
satire man m Weems - ts to 09 eons In the
wee direttion„ to as ,10 beboyond possible
retail in in time of ontethemy. These are
all gunettabse steps In the tonspinury, each
folloMee the other with raphlity, etowid
a bold and detect:dn., . well . wicked
very... (leant Is thus lute without an
army. and without generals—powerless, as
the President hope. to Tesler. or explode
the raputly ripening plot.
The men. not that Otani now °undo.-
the War (Mae Goes not In:Mato Wielnat
that theory lie was put there inertly to
were egseeplefork and throw the people oil
their guard. In dna time the Preanient
wet find some pliant tool for Ito sucoessor,
and tirmit will be ordered hack te haul
quarter. only to find hlmthli powerleal to
cape with the conspirator. What could ba
de, If me...10n ohould arise for biotech.
...TOMS. with the ...Tend Its able eerier.
ale thowards of mike await Ana what
next! What Is calling all the Democratic
pollUcia. to Washingiont What brings
awl other rebel generals to the came
render.. at the sante Unmet What mean.
the tormation of the Maryland rebels Into
reghtemite by the Boon, with nlghtlY
and constantaractrity of moreinentl Whet
con ell Dime things reel= but tnat a most
tre.oriable Plot is held:anal
getrewarnekts fo Vert unately
for no thou temp cantos Ml he done In
the no,,
anti WO brushes fair notice of th e
danger ahead. What, then, can we do to
avert It?
The tint thing for as to do is to detest
Mr. J ohnsono. Democratic allies at the poll.
The Doteoeratle peril Is hie only support,
and DM thuvoglithe agency of that party,
he bope, to atectopilah litienda Last year
the Prettieent was baulked In Ms designs
by Dm overwheiming defeat el the Demo
. era. lathe fall elections. A Sheller defeat
this year will baulk hue agnln, and hold
Mat to check, at hetet Until Con grata mcottlt
hat _anything that 'can -ho tortured Into.
Democratic Slater/ In the October and No,
somber election. will so embolden him atm
Ada manner.. that Cong.. weuld tweet
be permitted to meet again. Tn. rebel le
, idervi.4 would bar tile war. and
• new rebellion would stare Os In the face.
Au overwhelming
g Republican victory le
' thus one nly remy. lis fou. fellow
oltfanne, o to U. IL The t
- Mt or n
y election ln
Male shows thatertille ten thousand Repub.
Desna stayed at bores only two thousand
Dattiourais remained from voting. -Do not,
tbeiefore, count on Democratic apathy 10
be DO outward Mans Of actirdY In their
rank,; but that I. no Indication of apathy.
Take ale canted that every democratic
vow will o
be polled: If you dental. them too
must go to work, arid at Oct., Orgleisa•
tines. energy and vigil.. can Remnant Isle
everything, end tbsee you must hare. Tba
attn. of impending danger ought to he a
sufficient Mire tt lant to provoke natant, all
these, bat enthusiasm, likowite; for with
the life of the country in ebeolute
every true prarlot should be cannelloni° in
Da defense.
While. - however, we give Ulla prominnt
place to the National Auger, let us not toe.
get that, there are State question. also In
volatile our attention. Formula. among
these is that of a Free flathead Law. Tn.
Demon:ldle Convention which nominated
Sh umwood, refused, tinder the lead
of Jerry Illnek. the chief adviser of Andy
Johnson, to adept the Free Railroad Law as
a part of its platform. The Republioan
Convention 'lade!. nominated. Judge
Williams, on the eon trarv, ad ordedheortily
a resolution In favor of lt, and made Ile an
Orreutler PAM , Of our policy. And boot
wisely, A free Railroad Law It ant
ally. Merely for the Wutern part of the
State, but tor thewhole ot It Every Where
11110 hoot the Commonwealth the temple
have felt the cold, heavy Iron hand of rail.
wwi n amosepoly and clamor to be relented
:remit. Tool feel that the great remorse.
of the State 0031001b0 developed without ft,
.nor cam the wants of the now Isolated par..
tens of the State be Menet* provided•
for. pguerryleanta Is known derisively ,
among the other Stator as ' , the blind whom /
tier Rotuma wealth In - minerals and rich.
nem In all the elements of lathrnal
lay nee recogritheal and ackaowieditedi but
she has suffered her eye. to be closed and
her limbs to be bound, and has contentedly
taken bee place as accond In the rank' of
States when she might hue been first.
The lime has at last emu* for hoping .that
the scales ere telling front her eyes, and
that she will soon shake off the booboo of
monopoly, that has so Meg welitheci her
now, The enactment of a Free Railroad
Law wilt open the whole State to enterprlso
and capital, and we .11511 then no longer
be tortured with suing, as wa now dolly
do, business driven front our doorsill:trough
the entildity of rallmed computes. which
do not seek to oblige burinse they have no
'cgimpoLitien to fear.
lam aware that, !COMA have been made
and are daily making to create • conyletion
In your minds tliatl am noteincerely a Proc.
Railroad roam Do not heed them. As an
editor I have given the most earneat effort.
of my Ilia to create and build up trio public
sentiment on the railroad qUe*LIOu that
noose thoroughly oretrails here; and after
w an ing so long arid so eatoatiyto thin
god, it would be strange Indeed it 1 maid
Mhos sodderdy be metamorphosed Into a
PeUrey leads Railroad man, and. be hunted
down by the sentiment I have labored so
hard to develop, as Acreon, when reeteraOr.
phOSOdirito a fleer,was hooted to death by.
111$ 000 hounds.. Fortunately, the r a diu m ,
Bois have not the power. however they may
h a ve s/0 will, to. work the metamorphosis
la mo. I stand now where I have always
blood, the arm, ancbangnix 0000he0t of
nifroarazot.poi, Lad anotior , ,ima the
earneth friend of e v e ry that will
Promote the prosperity Of the . City, enemy.
end the
. -
To return then, In accalculoa, to nau...l
epics, lec me urge 111.0 , 11 ovary Atptibucin
EMBER 13, 1867.
; bora the Impere tire duty of setivity end
vigilance. Tbe danger of the country. to
Which I have referred, a no fancied one,
I monjured up to alarm you. tint a real one.
that Is already staring you in the face. The.
Amnesty Proclemation lately Maned was
undoubtedly hitended to ..restore ell the
late mllbel. topOWer,Lo give %MOM oontrol of
the Southern States, to enable them in turn
to disfranchise the loyal wen of those
States, and to furnish him With sufficient"
support in,. setting up despotic govern
meat or lib own. Shall he succeed?' It Is
for you to soy. Shall the teen who fought
lus for four Years, rand the boy.
ernment twain he elloned to „ob
tain ascondimey and lota It -Orlon
those who coin:mired them! Whatmy you 1
Thew It but one way to prevent it—rauy as
one man to the ballot,bor on the second
Tuesday of October. That privilege is yet
left to no. It is one that tyrant. fear, and
It may not be leftm long. Lot as use it, and
use It well, while we have It. .If by haunt.
Henn vlctOrtes In October and November we
tan check this conspiracy until Congress,
I pi nieete, all will bo well; bet rust steered that
othlng will; and if we ca
this, else
wo nedoubtettly oan, n
If weaccompl wishill,
kith the use of energy and vigilance, we
can congratulate ourselves with having
averted from the Country a peril as fear
ful as any atm has everyet encountered,
Major firrett was listened to with the
etrictest attention throbs hoot, and was
Iretinently Interrupted by Ileartl applause.
nos. it. a. reseinsista aimless.
La / I '. l 4 4 .lettitattlfi ; , Viter of the bf.
aa &tit =tinge • Miff r.reteettert
to deliver at some length an otabo.ste and
ergumentative addresai in whi hour
iscrmedthe great Isaima of thu—lbe
Ants of Meigreig lieteestroe•
Boni the course of Prealdeut Jamison, tr.h
aspect of national affairs, the dm sett'
Proclamation and the prospect. of Ito
- pedal:Mat.. lie We ibliimed to Wittunitrir.
et( attentltni, and lefts Most Lisior =ti
ennuiton on his and esfe
.:ta4fra laaal maq 1:1; 5 °V .7 _•,,b, j 7 j c" - A ta', jl ;
member : of the Allegheny uourity ° r.i.ri no
made a speech of much force, end admira
bly micceeded his hearers Into ,
enthesiasol. Ile reviewed the National,
State, and local political questions In a
aearcoleg Manner; nod wooed up with
glowing ulnae to the worth end crcenence
of nor etindldfdes Mr the Semite Bench
and State Waste.
- W. rAelarrEol.. the Preside*: of the
oem.mon,next.tooir the stand and ongelded
the atterlehe Of the meeting with. aby
mama.. Be held Wit We Reptiblican oar- ,
been mid are titiO friendly to 1
im te ' mk t sr :ratio ....7 7 , 3 sl; " ro: Mn elL u c tui:: ll- .s: l' ..i : h e od fi '*' Z 'l th ' p l ek b :W 44 . :l7 ,Eu kc ..„ %h el"'" :4o: ta n d a s7 th ilLl Zto t.
make new lilt Lams on labor le riot now.
All thtlet Nand torther till . the war, which
has not yetbeen antrtedothall be brenglit
to a close. The Itepublican pet" nest not
be stuakeemi till IL (mall have folly 1.00121 ,
Wished Its miesion. The speaker nest and
his attention to the President. and
conowded IR. written Metric:been for ' , our
Lag,our cause and had: [sevens," which
were given with a will, after nfikrt the
meeting *Operand. .
The famous Great Weetern liras. 'Bead
W. In attendance, and at Intervals db.
coursed spirited patrintl4 atm.. ~
In concluding our report we feel that we
hero Jest capable complain of the neglect
ortrie Committee Of -ammonia:kW
tag to provide accommodation what
ever for the rePorters of the press. Taking
notes on a embower, Is an easy matter, and f
as it is Important tent the proceedings of
1111001 meeting. be laid before reader*.
we tamk some amusement., for. the presto
representatives Made Marione to
all public cattle:loE,
[motel 0114,11. Coorilesed of libel—
' ladletreees flendesi J. W. Pltteelt.
of she Leader. (Shoubsef—Trial of J.
Pltioells and J. A.0'1 , 15141 on AO
other laselemeot. todOlel. O'Neill,
rreseeeier—Jory Clot.
TUo Criminal Court mat Thursday more.
lax at ten o'clock. Tho day's bialcon
Immediately after • the opening of the
Court, the jery In the C 6600( the Com.
monwealtia O'Neill. Indictment
onth of . IL O'Neill, tried on
Wedneslay.'retto - nea a verdict 'frailty as
Indloted. The jou agreed upon their con.
diet Wednesaay evening Ind separated ter
tics night. • .
Was the next called. This no the ono.
canon of A loha R. llltteck4 proprietor Of
the/se:der, be Dented of the D~A.
tor noel, to yoblishlog ',tat comments the
petal= Mal te the Carton= Pleas Court
by Jamea tor • &Terms trees Ids
wife, on the gruel:War aeoltcry with Daniel
-O'Neill. The counsel engage 4 In the ante
were the azure aa in that tried on
tleY. titter pasttloas Luang reversed, slat
For the prosseutson. Ithid le Roberta, A.
It. Brash, f. C. !Merriest.% and dolma IL
itirapattsok I cot toe cletanilt r.m.hcz
• • tastaWar-it. ii. (0111000(00 IF•sedgettaa
county) and D. Moore.
Atter Quitter w ere Impannelled.that before
being sythrn, Mr. (Hearn leaved to quash
the trullettnehL flS4'ttle rostoo toot It cuss
Mined nO laleireLloll that the teams Merg
ed therein% was committal to Allegheny
enunty, or Intl:11a the jon,dlcuon of the
Mr. Brown mined to amend the Indict.
in.. , by •noPiring the°minion, Inerting
the word., ^ ( 0 , 0/ et the conntatoresald
and with tin jortsdiettoil of t I.turt."
Alter wander:nide argument by =gin.
Giuson sod liiractiweltior for the motion to
Attaab, and by Its. Brown fo the motion to
&mead, Judge Blown nfaskra tha Utter and
craned the Inner. The role Wooten by
the ti`frnrs (in thennof the Commonwealth
Ti. liennely) was not to allow any athhod
main. which, not haring been made would
hare been In arrest of judgment after
verdict. - '1 ne inject matter of °minim.,
the jUrtadletlOO tit the Voert, would he no
material ea to Jeatifynn&treat of Judgment
atter trial, and bunco could net be made the
autleet Of amendment before trial.
svu, isinitia s.” —o'r Rua. va pit alai amp
Thecae of Daniel tenni) vaJohn W. Pia
tock having felled. rtuct . iot Attorney Taff
canon up Ihntherth the sarlesof the O'Neill
ilhel Commonwealth vs. James
/1. and Jobe W. rtttoCk. Prtumothr
Usnlal O'Nolll. lids elro areas out of the
aconesttou of the wife of James 11. 41:Ne111
of haVtna COMEDItioII adultery with Dan.
lel o:Neill,and throe:ill the public: ere Irk
the Leader t ut whieti .Plttoek was the pro
prietor) of a card sighed and Alleged
to be Written Dv James It. O'Neill, in
reply to floe of Daolel 0:1(e111, pub.
Wined In the ThspotrA. Intended a• a de.
0.0 tO trot °bars to mod. ID the appileatimx
Of James It, VlSeill for a divorce from Ms
wife, and for the publication of abletf Dan.
del 0:00111 has been convicted of 110:51. In
order that a fuller malundandlng, If pos.
011:10, may he Manley:l of the COON or rather
Mb., we rOpTOMICO the "rent" of James
/1. tnticll/, the subleet of Indictment In the
present ease. It is as follows:
eV, nu Pcstac.—lielleving myself to be
most toady wronged I have appealed to the
tor redress; and heaths* 1 is avehlone so
rather than violate 11 by trecomlnirjudge
and a-teem/Mier myself, / nun gro.a,,. and
scurninuely assailed In the yobbo print* by
the wrote doe - .0.we1l known puddle libeler,
whom life long
.businos. has been that of
crainimmung his fellow men for money. Of
course, having chosen my remedy, to that I
shall adhere, mil to that he must Submit.
Knowing into, be basely attempts by mean.
of his venal tm, long Inured to low abase
and.vtalger vittiperation, to make and lamps
penile opinion{ he Willett • Vane the law,
but he , thinks pa can pervert It. To one
accustomed LA ilk has been to teach bun very
dirty =lkea no but follows la.
natural InStillob when he Introduces into
ha card matter neither true nor pertinent,
and of aura character that one would think
even he might blosiVio write. The fact that
he rushes Into so minute and detailed • de
'tents bolero he to called to imswur ' or pat
ln trial, to somewhat singular and silrpris
eg, when he hitc.cit alleges that the only
iniormation he has Is derived tram a tele
gram received in New York, and
ho writes In ignorance of the
charge against him,” and yet a little
alter tunterta that -my cenlieel informs
Min that he rail not be permitted to take
I any part In the MAO, tither ni vindication
of my earn Chancier,. or otherwise,. the
trail:Man.. or the conalsteney et - which I
leave to the realer, lf lie did know before
he loft Pittsburgh the nature of the pro
ceedings about to be mainland, bin sudden
mrriage Is au excellent comnieutary upon
his a bouesty. lectern y, and hue comet or pro.
lu thus wedding young girl In the
Meat/ECG littliChiti to etch an eirpOetret If
he did know, his defense lea wonderful an.
smote m premonition, and taking time by
tau for Week. Of the truth or propriety of
14 however, am 'law Is II JULIE.] bon:eater;
to that I appeal and uut to the newspapers.
If I old, homed, my Intireete knowledge of,
LAW uulortunnw COLLCCUOII with, this man
Mould enable me to paint lam 'a Monster
of such hideous mien that Cebu hated needs
but to be neut. , / bare written this mach
roluatautly, and I will only say in ...In.
slue that the anterview ho necks, by the re.
suit of which he uayl he will abide, can, I
have no doubt, be had upon referee co to ray
lcounsel. O'Nattt.”
P irtatilitOrr, April 23,1%7,
Thejury having been elven, themes wee
opened formally be ler. Mown, who fleet
repeated eubstantially went. we have al
ready stated in Jetted acing the cane ' ores
referring to the rgW of hind, and thenread
log the led Ant
John Henry IftUrr, the first sr itness
testified that In April last JOLII W, Pit-took
we proprietor of tiro gondol , Loader,
(Leader 'Lowther April huh, MO, rental:ling
the alleged iltaillone article.) The paper uf
las date was circulated anent the streets.
tindersteod the article to refer to—
' Mr. Swartswelder inquired If the entire
settle was ;offered in evidence as only
about aro...third of it was muted in the in.
"XL Roberts did not eoppelothe Common.
wealth wee to be compelled to elate what
Uhl intended to prove. They propelled to
gO on in order and develop their case.
The portion of the oriole referred to In
the indlettuatitthown witness, winch
(having read NO he stated hounderetood to
refer to Daniel O'Neill.
thees.vraintried—Uould not say to whom
It referred had I not read previoui publics,
thins on the lame anliJeot. Leaving on; of
view all previous knowledge of the case, I
could not tell to whom the portion of the
article dcalgnated referred to.
Mr. Brown seta they offered 1n evident'e
the card beaded "ro the Peddle,^ and also
the article of which It was a portion, head.
ed Vie "0 , N0111.0.N011l scandal," over a
column In length in the Leader.
Jean mania testified to having cur.
clatued a copy of the Lender of Sunday,
aprll ISIS, containing the alleged libel,
which he underatOod referred to Daniel
O Neill.
- •
- C . /J. Chayia testified that J. W. Plttock
wee tho puollatior of tho Sunday Lecukm in
April i witness was ln ties employ of Str.
Putout. end Ma 0014 cop of taxa paper of
Apell 2810.
2'. P. Atonsfen, of the tiAacrrs, tangled
that ho believed J. W. Plttoeit was the pub.
Usher or the innier to Aprll testi had. seen
the article re:erred to, and untleretood it as
referring to Daniel
- - . -•-• • --
By lir. hwartaireldor—Wu that- article
peblinbcd 111 tbs ether hall , ImPall prior to
to paolicauon in the Leader!
• EU.. Brown—We obect.
'TOO C.:mut—The objection Is wail taken.
Amiga XaU. tostlo34 be nu to the employ
at J. W. /Wash, publuilan Of the Loolar, in
April lea , . The articleetlfx..qo;d,„ln,,,,teng
A p r i l late
oApril heeded 00 the '
54 0tcl O'Neill. . It wm not tem
p.!! ed for Piblicatin'a" tw U nder by
Nallli hays pereontu-knowtaidaD of Jho
fent. I never law the article in man riscr.;.,
Ilrown•now• road the article lo the ,
aeu l .le 13can-
D1D ° 14.6 t 9 be resume of the pub
eat.. cencelna tt, Jar. awl...welder
having a duphemo cope. the yelper, let
'AZ d
cavern[—a„ I,lnr'eti". 3, c° s J4rosi. ,
''' ,01,1 1..6 copy." the p e rint,f, sty.
The Commonwealth rented their case.
on welder opened the case for do
(ninon the p.tof.l. say log that
the OM= would instroct the Jury that no
evidan. hdd keen Offered against Jam. It.
teNnill, the other defendant: The oefe.e.
therefore, had
herrn*. down mate-
Mt. ritrtmle +es tin% ptibluitid of the
Lender, not the editor, and in his pain. tied
been Ipubliabed a history of °the C.reill
80.d.1" from &erre. publicatid. In
other papers, the editor of ton Lrndrr• pro.
noting theme as It ett.l before the pub-
Ile. and as It had been published other ,
papers', cod seas talked about on the etree ts,
tor It had bebottre the eubject of general
conversation in the city, VIVA perhaps tinn
extended far tote the country. Mr.,,,
as the publisher of the Leader, nod boon ac.
tooted by no malice, and they would pro.
pose to show that be i had refused to publish
en article nbeerre at Daniel O'Neill the
r 7=2/fs,re.cahled, tssailied QS
= e re. th e h)12 .. 1 . 14tt0n he wee the Writing
y. the
frOartswelder-orricre to the Petah
ea Ott Which B. been referred 14. Were
therecleatkels abontauff Pine nutter In
thn o er Olt3M'ef, . .
Wrt tt-w aoD
Mr. If MS .were affrre It on the
roast:lon of mall..
lodge . atowe excluded the ovldimoo, far
•irtrr az= tt.e.Wirri l otUr.f,L=l
in the inute,on the question of malice, farth
er than the fetal presumption arcing from
111pablleatItat Itself.
la. Ehlartzwelder proposed to ask Mr.
kilns, the wlthets„ whether there was not
presented toll:. ock an antra& men:lave
of Kr. Oelll, (prior to the missed mai
lone pubUcactonj which wall refusal rolal.
Objection was sustained, on the seine
groUnd 1737021 whtch the former offer wen
. .
By_ Mr. Swartr welder, to witoess.—Did
Mr. /Moak see the article alkgett 00 libel
s beittra hafts biltattotil
Brown—We Object. It Is iminstorial
/fiddlier fp',r, ritonckeraw th e article or not.
The bdit , -Ilye mustimunto the objection.
It ha; been pedd chop a publisher or proton
aloe Is responsible tot what tippearg in his
b lit. eWartitwelder—tther are we focleAmd,
if we are to kdi bet. up In thls way!
Mr. Olbamt—l 0•03 ah azooptlous to the
rule. If the pribludier ward in;ram^. he
00010 not, be held. responsible. It th e de
fendant, istmeolt. had neanowledge 0/ the
article prior tS gAblicatlolll. was Mita
evidence to the frayat file question o. Sup
Judge Stowe—There mast be ego tfonei bat 1L thti ease 1 must, insist upon overfill
fnCthewartt onrer,
SwoMer said {good humoredly)
that . taarmaett as the Don ra lbad . ttroallaa
out ail.the naderplaning, defe oe wer l d
, rtalit i a d l i tr h /Mlll. was diew...ed Lola
kite Btoil.hi to the jury; neaten/Su.
Mr. Mcems, for s arfewee, began the er.
Comant. aald that while 000
ent. Parana . , bad an equitable, triGidi
(mum, IMP.= apled to the rouselence awl
good sense of eve Mem, he was excluded
from presenting It y a legal rower. which,
altbooght lc might. be roper.p he consleitred
, untast, maculated to fetter Um pms. and
prevent sn elpoeltfon AT evil. Lie*sver,
be maintained tOOt the fury were not only
the lunge. of the evidence, fit Mad of the
In, mad they would render 1001100
Judge Stowe interruptal counsel,
'Log *bar be meant to say th at the /my
veto th e d o or tile law except as they
remised t trod the Coorti
- - -
Mr. Moore said he .dl4 not ,mean m
ite e'll,* than that the Jury were to
take thethe , MI Mid down by the Court,
and was shout to malt himself 00 cinder.
steed when interrupted. Me inquired
whether the publisher or the Loder bay
ing rre , thileir. Made' some pollination
concerning tee =ter. would oot
gad In making 'Emitter OettenttlOn,ll to the'
eontext he purports to. tire a rletrorr Of
We Pas In controversy?
/Ms Komar Jodie Mown said th e only
OoestlenwasSia er the article was libel
lous.- if so, tee te.ovient, was guilty. Pre-'
clout publications were of g If the
article was hollered to 'be Übe/lone
self. .
Mr. Hoare said he bad at least the right
tolled and comment upon the w!!ole
ci li W lTott a ti7Pettl '7 4gLi c r. d . °l , - . right to
comment nOOO the *ooth article. 1.01010
had been offered in Genie:m.o and arguerip
e. eurthieg *high tended ta show that the
orttele,the subject of ludictintrit, weenot
Mr. Moore thou "the kallela soon
dal' . throughout, commeering • open Mur•
tie.... he gstagoessed. - Raving omeltzle4
nod effect we, Oat soar sato eirrade
or kohl Daniel Op to public odlorti.
It wee nothing more nor loss Cunt it repot,
Heenan of the defense of D. O'Neil-1.9.t0n
the charge of criminal
0 0 0
wife of.f. 11,,0.Nei11, and that Porthur ohm..
ed es smoer replyof J.B.
an attack epee h im br Panted o'.oolll.
No candid man could otherwis did t o
t ms the
public:4loo 111 the Leader. It d o bold
the prosecutor op to publ contempt. or
ridicule muck leas was it calculated to tend
to ;pre ach Of the peace, tbe etoond ca
rnage In Spiel:hen,. lir. Moore spoke terms,
qu llTtglanth i , ' lti b eVl.4 the defenw,. fte.loWai
and spoke Stir tareni bilantaa. Re tanned
that tbo article, viewed to canna:don with
toe parties most oonoerned, was an libel
logs. lio on• could believe that the cepa.
cation o[ Detthd Oliedil lied Suffered by the
puelithtion, or that ft wad pOssible led his
character to be Injured. He was ha editor.
and fifteen years exPerienth bad rendered
ntm Moor e!essust such tumoral!: they. .1d
hof annoy him, and be woold go ball for
lco that be would not aildllnft anybody ou
account of theft publications• ho .104 Pats.
ed. .1. D. O'Neill daily On the streets for
months, dace the publication. and no pro.-
amnion for assault and battery bad been
heard of: It west simply a right between
two ben-blooded frisfueen, with which the
rabid) had nothing to dd, Mtn th e mmuset
ants should have been allowed to t.itta. It
out thereseiree, going up or standingclown,
as ane got - the better of the other.. What
had Patera to do with wathing the dirty
linen of Daniel O'Neill, and who wonl.l
chargehlro with mulles in the poblicatiord
Mr. Roberts, for the prosecution, tim
ed tea argument In the case. Ile would
be brief, Indulge In no offispetallOa, and
would have more mama for the Conn and
Jury than to make evidence to tem case.
Mr. Moore had occupied three.quarters of
an hour le commenting upon the article to
the Leader, the very • subject matter of
which lisA been edjurmed by the Court at
libellous, (referring to the cam, previously
tried) but which wail now urged in athow
In g the The article refe to
in th e Indefendant. dictment was libellous bey rre ond d
question, and there was on reason why the
defendant ahOnld tiOt be convicted. No de
fence had bees offered, etheoting a great
deed of wind, to which ho (110 Roberts) had
endeavored to mend the opposing counsel.
Satmg which, Mr. R. oeoeluoad.
dodge Stowe briefly chit:gild the fury.
Re said, In anbstance, that if the jury be
lieved the defendant, 91l tack, published
the article, the subject of Indictmemt, they
should convict. Against the other defend
ant, Z. li. O'Neill, no evidence had been of.
fared that he wrote the article, em charged,
sad therefore be must be actodttal.
The Juwhen ry tired C o urt adjout a.
rne af ter,L threere
the C
One of the most extraordinary cures, per
haps, ever performed by any medicine, In
that of alittle girl m this oily, who, after
many years of suftertror la the most terrible
wretchedness, ha. been restored to health
by 4 .l)r.Keysees Bland Searcher." Most of
Our eltiseniwho may be Interested In such
eases, have already been .made acquainted
witft the cane of Daniel A. Boyd, iii Liberty
street, who ie living. active and intent.
gent Elamite the powernod efficacy Of
this medicine. The littlegirl trets,however,
• core still more remarkable. Over thirty
running sores covered her body; the boom
were seen nailer the play of the measles
and dead pieces of bones were discharded
with the humor which wee driven to the
torrent, and by Dr. Reimers Mood Search
er was completely eradicated from the srs
tem. in ; purehaeins, look for the name of
George LL Keyser over the top of the bot
tle, without which reject it. Prepared and
140 Wood etree4crelee lm Penn street, cor
ner Evans alley.
ROM?. • Homo of roar Own.
We know of no better opportunity at
Orneat of so doing than will be presented
at the great sale of one hundred and cloven
eligible building lots In Daklend townehith
near the tendencies of Dr. Germs, Wm. U.
Bmith, and John Donlan. Enlit'en the Senn.
Wel knoll overlookine Pennsylvania and
Centre avenues, and within a few Step, or
the posse° ger cars on both Mess thorough.
fares. Those lets ere particularly well
anted for privets residences; the neiglabOr.
'howl in good, the situation elevated, and
the surface diversified. In point of location
and also of lots, all con be milted at this
rola . Teram—One hundred and tiny dollars
cash, the Milano° in one, two, three and
tour years. Plane may be men at the
offices of U. Diddleilteberts,Th GranWseet,
Hamra Anderson aCo.'s foundry, Water
street, or Smithson, Palmer Co., 55 and 57
Fifth etreol. o Bale to-morrow, Bstnnlay, at
2!‘ o'clock pronsedy.
Goode at Iterumnable Prlcee.-111,1
James Robb, No. BO Market street, one pr
the pioneers in tbn boot anti oboe trade lit
this city. bas on hand a largo and fasblon.
ble Mock of boots,shoekand gaiters which he
otters lathe public, strarvreaamiable lirtaml•
It will be remembered that the 0 assortment
found bore is not from Eastern amnion
boners but bas been selected direct MID
manufacturers who deal in such ankles as
war Poare serviceable and datable. Call
In Galilee for youreelves.
111 tifulble Betiding Lot. et Ant"
tlon.—ln °slaw:o tcornmhip, (nmr city line)
°n SalardaY.Beotember Inn. at Vs
C. Y.. ureeimet, o the premise, will be
mold one hundred and eleven 1121011. sited
Building Lots, near the residence. of Dr.
(laumam, Wm. U. Bolin and Jno. Dunlap,
Esq.., on the beautiful knoll overlooktrig
Pennmylvanla and Centre and
within a few Mena of inn pass en g erhre on
both three thoroughfare , Bee a4Tertlec,
mot of SUlittllK., r&I.Or & Co.
Greet spews Sheep lealle..—Ws n o b.
ert. Terrines the well known sheep raiser,
retilla, Washington wordy,
111 °au
sept public aide at that place, on
elnber, lour hundred
Spaniel sheep. The itoekruna from spring
tabus goer year olds. A choke Wootton
of t o wlll be Offered at the mime time In
lots to Ent puretuuters. none or
lota reads
forget the time and
of• Wei 6 8 441T5.1.111 b 4 AMU!.
WIN/. ettlitw
Blau arid Wife LW by Poison '
minteter.d by Their Owe Dona.—
c„ fl iooria laboroli—Full Details of
rhookleo Affair..
„s„ vet': remarkable and distreseln g affair
marred at F 2. 1, AdhertY Thursday morn.
ing, whereby two 1.0.Ws were: seat Into
1 eternity by , Alteie own hand.. The Partite to
the horrible affair were Jacob WOll and his
vivo lestedsderia, who resided with their
son, Adele:. 'l , /e/I.IIW, Wo. 17 Tunnel street,
this city. The deoettned glee raided In this
clip for over thirty-two Yeare., 15,,. Wolf
luta fora number of yeses put bah Mier
log under mental therratioa, and has
[telecast, wider treatment at Dirmont.
Several Menthe eati she attempted to ant
an end to her existence by .1 emplak Into
Itee Monongahela river, but was felled in
the attempt by some of her friends, who
dithovered he fa time to rave her life. She
tras then sent to moment, where the re
loathed emit ' Monday, when eke was
rought Lola no the rolicil.ton other has.
habit. Although apperently".ll sauna mind
when she left the Ads lam; the Malady re
tented as soon . ebe rtni.ched heath. and
s eNstiV m it l alcilinV ol t e o " pigg t /kV=
kahiog her Own Ide. which ahti *emend
times attempted. Wednesday nierninl she
expreseed a desire to return to th e Asy dm,
and co uldnot be persuaded out of IL rind ,
leg that else was determined Ito return,
her., husband consented. and sheet
sevenioteloa she, in company with her
husband, 'starte for , the lonia of
Mr.. George Fortune to get; a permit
to the Asylum. Instead of going to Mr.
gentlest's office they went to Zan Liberty,
here-they arrived about four o'clock in
the evening. Between roar and five O'clock
the hatband called at the Union /louse for
ten cents worth or whisky, which he
patio a bottle he bad brought with him, re.
mark!ee at the tine that he waegolsof to
e elm7 a temperance trick,eand they would
coon hear from him. Shortly after this he
went to L. U. Casmer's dreg More and per.
chased ten cents Worth, of arsenic. slating
that. he wanted It to kilt eats, and register
ing Menai:death saddenns bathe druggist's
re -dater.
Between Seven and eight o'clock In the
evening . they rolled at the house of Mr: &the, where they made themselves known.
They look • tinniest the pump. in theyard,
and wore then Invited into the house. Mr.
Well asked if they could remain for the
night. When Airs. Rabe, who was tempo
rarily absent, came home. she immediately
recognized Mn. Well ea an old Wanda.
mace, anti told her they could be accommo
dated for the eight. Mr. Well complained
of feeling tired and 111, and tanked to be
enown to bed as then as possible. Mr.
had vomited some after drinking at
the pump, but by way ofexplanation, said
water always made her sick. A cup of
throng coffee was made !orate. but Mar
aDkngtgw toh oer nhigree t
M sips I. th at e e ' a s afamyw wed.
disturbed by noises In the room mounded
oo Mr. atol Mrs. Well, and [Mr. Babe
ir m ak. i ot ot , ~,,,.: went dOWD stabs. While
thee air. Well cam. down two or three
tins., dltd went out to` de bump In toe
yard. When lie,, couple . bet . "...._ t iti,let...Mr.
Babe again retire:4nm shortly .:.".. or, e
o'clock In the morniug bin watt rou - 4
.. ~ , y
erica from Well aslring for Water. Mesa.: he
wanted a pitcher-full, that he was Inithlua;
ap. Mr. and Mrs. Babe both want to him,
and Wok Ides come water. As aeon as be
took ii drink He fell back apparently life.
leiiei mud expired la a few moments aster
fartiii. Fame al the neighbors, were seat
ar, and Ift. Pater If. Perebment was also
summoned; but before the latter arrived
life was extlee. Mrs. Well was lyinfrat the
back purl the bed, and gibe o
that she .511 dead until h husb a nd
d led, art from thd feet that her holy we,
gape cad, It was supposed that she had ax.
once Avers' bars before As eau se the
physician eseretie made Imminent regard ,
to the symptmaff and at once annOenoed !
that It was a case of meal* poisoning, i
which opinion. wag steam:l4.l.4d by the
evidence add aced before the Cofinwer!siary.
it Is not known at what time Mid tsVeble
took the poison. but it must have been
shortly ,perevlous to their arrival at
BMWs. 7.Shay lead frequently exPrea•
ed a determination to poison themselves,
enable., Well stated that it art opportunity
ever ot.ered they woold curry their design
into execation, It appears, that he had
read medicintriand that for • number of
years past he kept bottom of all hinds
in the home. Worn he Matted oat Wednes
day, howevof, lie tens perfectly aloe, and
no suspicion of his devises had beat:woos.
ed. In Ms pockets were rand two repot,
made from an oh! dress, with widen It is
:eTv ' ergel C° lrmi n Veres h cre=g;:
two years of agtf, sniffles:re a family of seven
children, fear of leered it'st small.
Coroner Clawson wan nettacd,of the oc
currence Thursday morales, allo alter his
cannoning &jury, the following ideittelony
wae adduced:
Mani. Mahe. sworn—Between seven'and
eight o'clock last evening. taw a man and
woman three along my poradhemoneboolr
bade with me: I asked him what his name
-.motile told die ft tr. WWI; then took them
tintothe brat wed east. It was Mr.
Well sad htt wife - they then twked for •
drink of waist, fwent to get a shulti and
when I returned fraud them a s theynimp
drinking from
. a copy hich waa tand/rig a
a tatilenear by They
ear. into the
kitchen eild poked if they mead remade
ever night; told them to *sit until my wife
came home. Be told meth had been taking
his wife around the country for fresh air,
nod that she wea sock. Airs. troll told me
she bad tern to Dismat, [...the/ her h.t
band had taken ter out, andshat slot watt
sorry for It. When toy safe Coale home she
recognised Mrs. WoIL the bad been en.
anointed with her for many Years. My
wife told said they could stay ovef Sight.
Well said he was very tired, and filed
to be ehown to bed. lie went to bed first,
and Mrs Well remained down stairs Waco'
bee. Well Wok the first drink of water she
toceaMe nth and vomited. lir. Wollsald
water etways Made her Met. Mrs.
well took a letv mouttorful of coffee , an d
then went to bed. 3 went to bed. bat the
noise In the roma ocennied bYldr. Wail e•d
his wife disturbed me. I Came down Malni,
and while reading beard Mr. Well coming
down several times; hC want to the lump
acid got a time.
drink each About. aye
c in
oeleek ttil morning 'lewd Idr. Well call
several times fee. wife. She went to him,
and he said he mental a pitcher of Water.
that he was burning up. Lie tqok tone aup',
and then fell over In the bed. I get Op and
plated tdm to the bed, end then Seal for
some neighbors. Mrs. Wall wet lying at
the bet! part of the bed, and when we look.
sal ether we fortud,that she was dead. I
Sent for Dr. Pereirdest, Tien when be erne ,
...I.!Mr. WOll was also Geed. Did not the
say Poison In the posse s sion of the de...
ed: . Dir. Well said, when he first hetes,
that he was veil . Wed, and that ass thane - A ,
he would die soon. 1
• J os. • • • .....
Gassier, sworn—Am proprietor of the
Union IloteL Yr. WOlt cease to my boo. ,
Yesterday afternoon, and purchascill-ten
cents worth of whisky. Told him. he had
Gutter drink at at once. lie said that he
wanted it in a bottle} that he was going to
playa temperance trick, and that I would
hear from ham soon.
. .
L. C. Quinn, sworn—Seep a drug store
on the Greensburg pike, East Liberty. Yea.
terday afternoon, between two and four
o'clock, Mr. Wolf, drocased,pnrelnasod an
OtinCeof arsenic from me, Seep a register
of sales of poison. Itionister produced and
siguature of &Cr. Wolf Identified.) Ells
was not 14111 elm at Motion.
Leopold 4. Wed. swern—The deceased are
my father and mother; they both liven with
me at No. 17 Tunnel, street, Pittsburgh.
They left home between sin and seven
o'moek Wednesday morning. gather told
me be was going to Mr. Fortune to got a•
permit to DLemont for mother. She wanted
to go back. He appealed to be berreodY
wane when he
tailor left home. He worked for
me. Ile was • byoccnba
been thinking for tiurty years. tion. He Ilse
Dr. P. D. Pelmet.., sworn-. Was called to
see Mr. and Idrs.Woll about five o'clock In the
morning. They both were dead. Mn. Woll
heal evidently been dead for some time, bet
Mr. Well bed been dead only a few mo
ments. Prom Information obtained from
Mr. and Hrs. Babe of the symptoms eighth.
tied, 1 we* satisfied that death resulted
fromarsenical poisonlom they bed Orb
dente taken a largo dote. I have no doubt
that death menited frOIII arsenical poison.
The Jury returned verdicts to the effect
that the ,the parties came to their
death from the effect of arsenic adatinisteh
ed by their own hands.
• Tb• (*entry Nate.
PriVate advions from a/Wonky, 9hlO, In
form us that the modern Demosthence—"l.
N."—tho Incorruptible patriot mil States.
man, whom thrilling I oratory has mewl
the annossippl to run up hill, and whore
(carless deounclatlons of the snore of the
say have. had the effect of . striking deaf,
dumb and Mud the mewl. who aspire to
the leadership of the masse,, will ..l i ft the
van," "assume the pressure," and oroll for
troth" at Altoona, in front of the Logan'
House, at seven dolma, on the evening of
the twentieth Instant I. N." will make a
ten strike I The grand old mountain tope
of the Alleghenies will shrink In dismay,
and the glorious arbor day will pale MS no
effectual Ore before him who compared to
Demosthenes or Cicero, is as a million sons
to a feeble rrish.light The deep valleys of
Caning renn•ylvania will roai the moan.
Min tops will roll; the broad, fertile fields
will runt and even the yonng faros and
coons will roll with dellivid when the le
maculate and handsome N.'. "lifts the
Tall" In front of the Logan Howe on the
9th I Wo"beve the nerve," and will await
with breathless anataty, the thirtieth
thousand advent of the never-dylng sage
—"J. N."
To be, or mot so be—ituatia thequestlema
Whether to suffer with mental stoutish,
!overfill lips, rm a i4drig vales, dy am om
and nameless bodily suflertnifi
or whether, with sudden dash, -
Mese a brittle of PaarrraTion lirrrints,
And, as Gunther awes., myeell todl
(o . l= — lgsrEar7l:7o4:r4ait4Otis
ify illeposltson troublesome—in hot,
lie nerody bitted I was fast becoming
Quitea holmium
k'otir bottles now beneath My vest hove
li l y ' food has reish. min d ppetite la keen,
step elutiC, my brilliant, end
Nine pounds, aviartopole, Is added to MY
MAGNOLIA WArsit.A dellghtthl tenet sr
ttele—ettharlor to Cologne sod ,at bolt th e
price. mwerithe
'To Onpltallsts.-11 will be seen by ref.
mance to our advertising columns that the
Excelsior Iron Works will be offered at pub.
Ito cube this everting at the Board of Trade
BollingA Oclook,
Hinges consist
of • Mil, with a rectory and
eight acres of ground., on which are erented
twenty-eight dwelling houses for hand& and
One for manager. The works are In com
plete running order, and to. Property gee.
.rally in good repair. The property nt•Ito•
ate! near Manchester. and being eligibly
located [Wart'. river and railroul.paillAsomms
superior facilities for manufacturing. The
terms of sale are quite ressoriable, and cap.
Ballets desiring to Invest would du well to
give the Matter their attention,
OHS in...ittinit soda Water at 3.T.
liampires Drug .tor.. he. .13' Tedenalstreet,
Allegheny. •
1111MIIIMAT AND liailintAtT.
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Penalty IseStr the esseseesuee.' foe to 4tit
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than exereatrelobbing houses. Iteilta Mara
chants are Melted to exaralne our stalk.
J. W. Daazsa a Co.,
1 liarkat gine.
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mall FAir...6,041 f Mo.
by thalthloki MOO". A book
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Go to Inemlnies toms •HN, for Bar
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othyper Wan way other Wants in tEa etty. a •
Sold nodal Sposistinireoatiliballifioli;
Sold ist the lowest rotas a Ileaddro Diva
MTh No. St Market street.
Cold dramanew Soda Water's?. J. T.
somploh Dow atom No. SS ?Waal ateor.
The Sl'Wieser city Commie win meet
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Third and F.mirlik Parer.
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lith. by Bev. Renick I °baton'. p.p.. QMICT
A. aCOTT a+4 JENILE. stea , d etbibtat et
Jobb Wel. 1.1, both of thl. ott7;'.
Teems ea. rani, Lore,
Her etrtae% blood
le the put sett pm:W.IM
Of her, oar friend.
A. Mather test • tremens
Out eel? tired
A e rase trees ars. their 1,,,5:“.."
the rest. erbers the erillerer PL.nkr.
MI loved one, geme.
•Yld beeuWal Autumn leaves,
Alone! Alone!.
Where the devise at Itte na and
Beneath the sloe:
Where emulous amebae.. hit.
Alone( tel% Oat.
* MORLIA.N , —Oo Wadne dim mointng. 44 IT
o'clock, .1k1r..13135LN 11011(1A.r.
7oneral from the resident. of boo hosbearl.
Jam.. B. Amman, Its LIM& Cy oa Lamar
imMuit&O, et 1014 celoct. The Mends of tto •
f ., L :IIy are rroperthilly Milted to atigh f.
, L ,,.7THOhti—Un Wedosed&y &testa& rep.
teml m ten We ook o &Minn. W.. Mimi&
cg,...12. and Sarah Limrthorm gime ID
The funeral win' take Om from the residence
of Ws oareou, io. W Ileadaehi efroei. on rel.
DAT. henterabef 11th, / 0 ...Koff. a. K. The
Wends of the food), are n.NPfftiOK) , WIWI%
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0071L89 at satinitst MIPS% OWY111), Gaol
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romans/ Room 0010 01g.7 sad =C . a.' NM.
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nor of ruoraaa Ittnol.a emtollk Corelaata.
Baronet., Boggle.. HMCo Homo; no.. am.
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C. STEWASIT, Underlie:ll4er,
earner of NORTON sad EBBS BTRECTI.
S aul Wed. (kfilas of an nut.. Boum ova
Cardszer fosnisbod on the shorted noclo..'
—A. J. ITABBAINL. at the CemalJrry
Imammville, Fe. 011111.1JEZZTALMAJUILM
ist, MSS WOEXII; erreas imam.
Jewelers' and Opticians,
If% 56 ma STREET.
A coatings:me of** TANIe Tstroasas
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