The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, September 10, 1867, Image 1

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.11daress,,, AZETII6,
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C.l.ll:s:4.),trgill Gkett,
Evnire flre llin prospects of Judge
Wilisaitdc..thm grow more brilliant,
- and from all idetione of tho State we
learn that the - betrublicsna are coming
up rr.aufally to ti'e work, and promise in
no hesitnting twit:dela do-their full duty
at thehallot boat .So .far as the canvass
has 'progressed there 'has not been one
single word - 'nil troth uttered by the
nereocrahe punkahs which was calcula
ted to i turpair the chances .of our candi
data.: Inlthe absence of any positive
arguinent, Some
L f 4 the opposition papers
have resorted to wardly and malicious
falsehOodit 'ageet' Judge Williams, all
of which, bows r, have been promptly
• met and feinted d the masses set upon
a proper Amin o thought. The western
section elf the to can be' relied upon
to dolts share-of dpty, and, froni present
I Ln
aproarsucel, , wiVve our candidate such
a majorities' ea ' at fail to secure 'hilt
• electicin."-• Tha ,caniptilga has opened in
' earnest, and the 1: 1 . -al people are becom
e/ nig-aware of the eat importancewhich
will'he, attached to - a. Union victory in
PeniO.Ar!nia, and will do all in their
Power to accomplish' that 'end: On
Theasday i evening next , a grand mass
meetiffe will lie he Lint the Monongaiela
Llouse square,: and-a full trimoat of Re
. , publican, voter*. ia. earnestly . invited.
Ableti sp eaker ' s - tskers will be there, and it is ex
pected:that a good tild-fashioned =den
thushistic 'Allegheny -county meeting
1 111 1 ;lig X 14.1.: . Let no city Toter fail to tie
in attendance: - 1.....
' TIMX . the intermit Revenue Depart.
went, at least so Solis iclates to the cal
k:elicit:if ihe tax oti distilled and
„mental, liquors, isimidalons)y managed,
is a fact of wide notoriety, The Govern.:
.ment does not get a tenth Part of the
• =comet:cora these articles to which It is
entitled under thelaws.:Soinething like
a hundred millions — hi dollars go into
son"itigaretS Wrongfully,' *large ;fart
of t,ki k stealing is done. In the city of
Nesr)terk, hod it is hard to understand
. howlitetgame can go'-on month after.
month unless the Revenue Officers are
partycfrlnisoilti it. The President al
lege% .thle. immense leak as one reason
for threateriliag to sukpend CoMmissioner
Rollins. Secretary McCulloch says Rol
lirus.hrthitihe guilty. man ; hut between
the Secretary and Commissioner - the real
offenders ought to have been-ferreted out
longago. -Thelong-continued existence
of these frauds is II disgrace to the tior-
Tax New York, Herold; which is no.
torions 'for manufacturing sensation
hoaxes, pretends to hams inowledge of a
contemplated meeting: of the loyal Gov
- erupts,. in view of the gravity of the na
tional situatioi. Thom GOT,IIIOIII are
all 'rear:ridable pereonv,' and, - have the
same right to meet and confer, on any
subject whatever, as any other equal
ratio - her of cttmens. The-general impres
. eon Is &M . they , can _safely he counted
„ , .
on, in say cmcrgencrof public affairs,
o do . .arillity obeli or can legally, with
_ . .
ont.proconcert or arrangement.
zonern fundthes ns with a
toll report . oe the great aquatic race be
tween Brown and Bandit for the cheer
Of America, whiCh took place
yesterday, morning at Newburg. The
*timed spores' of the 'country have long
beaugs. below pq the estimation
the ertieriy portion of the :commtinity,
andthe moms of rowdyism .and disor
der attendantupon the recent race will
not eleventh& pretended .champions in
TrneDoniocrittle papers throughout the
country are sending op wild cheers over
their:Meant victory ia. California: They
lustrp beenrie - smuscd . of tote to any tri
"unrph that they know not - where to stop
in !heir exultntions. Tne victory in the
Gold State- can by no means be re
garded as the success of any principle of
thisvictrinr,. bur r is simply attributable to
the , apatiry..and disorganization of the
opPoiate Party- ' •
EISTOBYTCIXIrdI a got! Mir con=
testa initween - ate Riceative and Leg's
lathredepartmenta of, government; but
not,:enim In Whichlhe' Znecutice bag as
amid larger pr e r o gatives ' Or manifested
a atEraCa
„ .. _
riogant: and Imperious lensper,
thiamin that now progressing between the
Prerdientand Congress of • the United
. ,
Thsourrasiton , in 'Virginia 'has, been
coropletedi-and the official. figures show
a preponderance of thirteen thousand six
hundred. and 'sixty-seven whiten. The
total rmatber of voters registerad Is two
hundred and sixteen thounarui six hull
deed and fortpsavert: •
Tali impreealon gains strength at
Washhigien that the. Amnesty . Prods.
station does not restore the . right of
suffrage to those rebels who aro depriv.
ed o; it i , t! lt,would be strange if
th .
11 : 1 " pr the President could
nu y a plain lair.
TorFRIT Ims re•considereo her scold
acme& tri the propored Joint Commission
°Mimi:7 into the• Weirs of Candle, as
prendied `by' several or' the leading
powers of Europe. She has decided to
tolerate no Intervention from outsiders.
A Wilk meeting of the friends of the
Monongahela Valley- Ihtil.txnd in this
countjwlll be - held- if the Town Hall,
.Dlintana knare, Bliminghsm, this
morning si'ten . '
• - ,
ansntheiinfittence of tllO uncer
tain". condition of stilts at Washington,
gold has been forced up to the New
York tW 101. - librewd . Dunn
elm ihisdict Mit ttwill tonch 150 before
another month.
„lialtnts. "int has not ishandoned hie in.
tentions on Rome. .110 else' out ihat
the executico? 0f . ,14e 'plan . of action has
ottiy heen'treferred, eta that t; eoon
be curled into effect.
.Tats gratglikkaaeotteeement le made
that the debt of Ildieoauxkonwoalth has
latedotoxing the Past year, ccn•
bly 0 Itr oda aad a halt williona of
noesiJie.liis been coueolldstad wlth
BOpipfh . hz eporaler vote on the aubJect.
Tam tridof Banta. Anne has been or
dAPA.So proceed.
'-Teti;riiliginit ^who ben been on
21 .4'.10u: to. Niagara. Pclls, trPOrt 4
that Porteii - or tl cliotelg; after a most
nesidlonit It.bor ior a eerie,' of years, bare
Buoiceitted in 'newmpllaltlng, to 'them a
1 .9r7. desirable thing. They van now,
almcifbanyttthem, take a [teary trunk
On thair shoulders, give it a twirl. over
theatinaVand. bring It. duwn SO that the
comet will Mike the tiled door rat melt
&O men Malt ',eat invariably burst the
leak. The baggage cannot go no with,
oaf K strap, and - this is furnished by the
accommodating porter for the modest
Alit!, nom of Ca It being worth . cents.
ThlLSlngara .!!tile porters have been at
work at. this for , many ream, and tits
gratifying to lawn thuri heir Industry
has at length boon to well rewarded.
bli:1 fuse cud atnaohltie
to Veit the nutober of people that enter a
atmet oar or a pablla hall That kuooka
"Itoothing dogra". to the head..
Fail. Day and Smooth Wider.
Brown Knocks a Hole in
. Haraiit's Shell.
Hamill Claims a Foul.
Contmdictory Statements----The
Jadgea Disagree,
NS" rOsr, September 9,1997.
. The great boat rule took. Plane at New
berg title morning. Air calm :water emooth.
Plea, hoosetOpa 3MM:eta Mai every. avail
able pond crowded with men, women ma
children: A httle before ill o'clock the
atakeboatvrae mast a point two 'mho and.
a-half op the river, from a pohtt off Wash-
Ingtoniron Worts, where had been placed.
the judges' boat, the course thee laying
for over a mile along the river front of the
The r rellmlntries were completed by . the
-selection of Henry linen, of New Haven,
and Hubert O. Eiliott,of Plttaburgh, Judges
on the part of Hamill, and Charlas Elliott
and John Cretan, of New Tack, in theissidi
relation to Brown. Stephen Hobert., of
hew Tork, was previonslychoste referee.
Brown and Hanoi were boat promptly in
pceitlon, in good conalilon, at The
referee care the signal to startand they
went off in fine styla Hamill leading, and
haring the Ontskie of,the mnu. This re-
Caton was kept, for nearly a mile. when
•Erown gained on him and passed him,
making a gap of a length or two. which,
however, was: kept but a abort &Mance,
when ItamUl again took the lead keepins
It to the stake-boat, which he reached In
nineteen minute., and where occurred •
collision claimed by both to hare been cans•
ad by Me fault of the other.
Accounts are agreed that when. Sunlit
came abreast the stakekest he was about
three boat lengths ahead, krowe, however,
gaining ripen him with lightning like ra
pldity. Hamill was now making the tern
of the stake boat, with Evoirn on the Monde,
and on the instant the bow of the latter , s
boat want crashing through the cockle shell
in whict.the_fortner was. seated. Drown , s
boat struck limatil's rituall at a right angle.
driving a p bole through. it about afoot abaft
the mickit.
- -
Brown quickly bitched water, extricated
his best, and nutting the stakeboat came ea
down the course, arriving at the Judges ,
boat at 7:56, making the floe =llea m forty
minutes and tilt .ii second. '
Hamill rwas taken on board the stake boat
and ease down to the City.
as reports reread, a acme of intense en.
eltement ensued. and the headquarters of
the referee Were berelged bents. lmmetue
.. . .. , . .
nemlll appeared on the balcony of the
L'eltal Mates Hotel, and cantos the atten
tion of the people, seta: ..Yrlends : Yee
over no bete; I ate all road."
The judges thd referee repaired to a pd.
vote parlor and wont Into an examination
of the evidence. EimallPa Judaea Claimed
the race on the plea tent Brown intention
ally fouled their man, while Brown's judg
es ea vociferously claimed for a verdict, al.
lacing that Hamill forced • colllaiun by
Stopping In Brown's course.
The fallowing extractlaom the wridthce
will than how differently the ..ledges In the
at►to boat, looked at the affair:
Elliott, Judge for Brown, says
ea.:med. lieturned Ors: and wax
oroaamld• tr, the trmk, •Dwantls , •
tog for Brown to como and fool
Brown's boat attack floe feet
the Meru on the port able.
Komi,Judge for Hareill.all4 Hamill. was
three lengths .bead. They were turning
trout. Zest to West., When Hamill was
turning, •Brown gave some tremendous
puns watch scut him into LiamilPs boat be-.
fore the latter could get out of the way. It
' was an evident foul on the part of Brown.
Other witnesses were examined, with the
same redraft. flow they saw It, seemed to
depend upon whether they were Brown or
Hamill men. tze /
Mr. Roberts thejedges then proceed
ed to the ny and called attention.
When all was quiet: and Mr. Roberts was
about to /peak, at Mee nt his aide broke in
with—..elentlinamti •ae a friend of Mr.
Brown, I say do not give up your money.
we elmil appeal ' (Cheer, and groans were
given resonse.) - •
Wh-n ln
sile p nce was again obtained, Mr.
Roberts madirthe following announcement:
Pealleturaving heard the testimony
given' by the judges on both sides, who
have failed to egree,.it tials became my duty
to decide as to the winner of the race. as
kr. Hamill was ahead when be eeamenoed
to turn the stake boat, he had, bythe rules
of bon racing, the right of the track. hr.
.Brown should have gone Outside of him.
Therefore, I dread° that Hamill won VIC
. Loud cries of "Brown,. "Brown.”
'Brown." .4‘ speech from Brown," fol
lowed this announcement. but he did not
respond, end the erdwd quietly diapered..
- Brown's judges have put in Am appeal
from the decision. but to what. higher au
thority they do not state.
nurses and Physicians Sent For
The Post Doctors ail Sick
Ely Tslegfarth to the rituteugh Omens.
Klee What, Popbember t.—The fever Is
raging at Yort Jefferson, Dry Teruo... The
steamer. Allianite has beeaseat here for doe.
tors and nurse., by order of Wept-Andrews,
District Commander, who Iteilett Tortogag.
Yesterday the 00V0 tomcat telegmbhila
to sand physicians. home Mkt the 'Mums°
is yellow fever. ‘ ,,t `ere that It Is the brcak
bone Eater. The Past Doctors are all dorm
the shors.end of the Golf Cable frocO
lley West to Thuds Hon has been finals;
laid and commumeatton between the United.
etrkfee and Cuba perfected.
NONlean Ageless Tim ltessalos -of
AlsotleselltasrAettog uotteol Geocrol
°gimbal/am *OMOE her the gremen.•
Betilos and IfieLeos Goverstoseeme—
Armed or Mr. Plonite—The come of .
tents AMOS, to lrrotiord—tlise Var.
dosed—tleseral Waimea 50os, Lao.
Mr Tetanal. to Mc Pltt tbargb lissatt.)
Naar Tour, September o.—Tbo • iffrultga .
Cobs cable dlapatelti. dated IllaYaus. oth
Rays: Vars Cncadatosare to September
and noon 14e . capital to August "Mtn. The
reported aritralaaTers Cent of Ilazlnalle
lanes body Is contradicted, It la also con
tradtotod that Ole body wY attlttlalatl.
Commander roe, of the gunboat Ternary,
by request-of the Austrian commander,
Claimed the body of time Emperor, and 010
related bee beau listened to. • • '
Acting Consul Ottontiourg. In the absence
of the Preach, %tektite and Italian Comte.
is Latina for tboue governmente.
.11r. Plumb baa arrived at Metclect. •
The Unman, tititernment bas ordered
tbeceee of cant. Anna to proceed. • .
. All Generale condemned to dealt at Quer..l
atom Includlng CastLUO, bare been par.
lepers) °Waren, on the inn tat., mu
Jentantied by court martial to be Shot Oa
Wednesday. Tian sentence was Carried CUL
on the l'bercele be lifirsicealocbsysalues the
remota suttees of the American Jetal.ler.
Preeldsat Juarez has decreed =an•
cation of Mexican people for the punios•
of eleettna a President, when he will ro
the rioter lay published an 'at
mint of the t illag if Inaeretero. Ile snake
to establish the f art that Its fall War het the.
yeeult 01 treennet7. -
() neg.'.ce ewu entitling the action Of .
Coneresa •
Too oxiety the Sisters ot Charity his
been abolished, and another under thea•
tronestet of the nubile established. P
The ilhaanahuagold dells hese heon,l a kt.
WO supplies or munition'
war hare been torerardect Item Chibus-.
to yepei the Immunised 0 111bustese. •
iellew Fever a. Raw Orlran.
tßy TslarmPn M tna ritunomu
NW" Oammitg, Bent. g Mmihs
tff gnaw/ War. ettett. , Yaltarday.arere 24
Total for tweMploun coding
toornotg, enmag thin morning, at.
Tlie•Brioaskil L Ohio.
Teeirraph m WI rittablitgh klarctte.l
Chtoursaol, haPtagaber 10 . — Thh dthhiht
mamma. nuabauld. TIMICCO oats tram too
Uterine tomato( *ors' sad other latch:tope
000mme oozy 0.1aoolotoilla&
CDT SelZgrap,h w ice rittatnir,ll Gazette.]
Tarr trarMArrtna R ronza 0100—oem rant
70/: V 1• L LTlcnie ot. .2,io= Havana
States that tie resolution in Porto Ricci la
fornodable; that tho soldterewre Joining
tbo people; that artillery base lett guar-.
taro to the Capitol and zone into the noon:
tryi tont I.:ay:sin Geusral: liaroblete 'bad
hid nt
. hi:gulf •or IL:kit • that .
atmlit Is to bo sent In the steamer , to New
York to telt:amyl:lo 4t. r,ico; nakpit dim
to place D.:teas:fat their need.
arc anst es or . # ll;tli.-.
Adrieea from 011111 elate that tieri..Coiii;
Vetted States k3scrotary or Legation at-Sars
tbsgo, Sled of dleasse Sontrastail.lii:SOUlts.
ortsprtmons during the rebellion. lie was
betted with military Mora._
Ott. nOvEr I:Fros,,xp To tALtro.
General llovey hat- returneiCto Callao'
front Valparaiso. Where ho: bad been on a
simple violt to General Kilpatrick, and no
: 111 plolnatiOntia.lon ' • '• • •
~ eitoCaa...
Slight shocks of an earthquake wore felt
at Valparaiso on tbetdAtit of toe eth
I A Ittmettaott Mrstocatin.
41.:prIrate letter, dated Earniullle, Anil . tit
and, earrt.trat'ou tlaalAtc Ia66TT,, a• ostty,of
armed men, sixty in allmbet,' cense tn . a
boat and murdered. [be. Governor of this
Wend. The remainder ot 'the antlontlas
succeeded la making Abell. escape.
tt -pile , Tong.. rsdaal,:ir .
Thu steamn Chien, from New 'rock, Kr.'
rived at.Panams Win, la, fifty.-nine
teed a riMt days vasantel-She wOnlaSall to
a tort daye for San Frandisco... • ." '
I.:nsar IIkeZALID. :•
NimmintutilOmmienta Vera lOtnuron Wr
enn/I arrested 1w revolutionists at Panama..
roveallog deell 7Wd coueoltaty cmer
thrOw the Government.
• '
IVISTCIMANCL AT 0C.1.17111[....L.
Spuse rovoluLlcio diet tie liacelt Of !small
prooortrone are roportea (rota Quatetneln
an 4 one or tto deathh. The tiorernment
troOps wore In pursuit of the leader..
zrtora NEW YORK
:E1 799 , !1rtarbl0 <bet }titan 9 . 4399e4 , 9:0
Num Yoc:, September 9, 1337.
992 1(11115CT ilahrp6—courmert, 07 sov
anievincr ors:icsa.s.
'faecal'y about four huniii : e4 barrels Of
whisky were, permitted to bu withdrawn
Orrin the bone,ed pa:ohm:en to prooklyn by
Collector lialtinc*%Two...pnodroil
suksequentlyitscottatne4 worolleltbdeSsen
Alibu wortbleas hones, tint this balance,
_without bonds. good or bad.. A - warrant
sem bsuo4 for the arrest of CsAheott. and
his deputy, John Alcorn, Wpo Ilatter WWI
intim, but the former 1, absent from the
_ .
bpittacti, tho billuituriOre At' .he =Waite
tails's . 'Of hos 'Wel?
oil watt complicity' slati coo of the
rubbery of abiOuts) worth of bonds from the
!ideal lustarauco Comp my. Mrs. Elizabeth
(..tichrist swop, that John - Kean, her seep.;
lowbar t il t p,a.l been.tittlaittrumber.of se*,
.thatglPoaKe-V , tn2.11 - ,iaTatoongtermalan,
was produced by tea lle:m.o.. •
• . !LUTA:, MIMS' sraek.3ll7,lNll.
The servant girls of-Troy held [ monster
Pleas meeting en euturdao night.. to protest
against the further demand for meaty for
toe lemma. ..Tttoof passud resolutions . so.
sena" deonaneing previous oontriontioos
exp.:Wed. Ind question...l the propriety of
anent ptlog to Itberato Ireland by sutingstr
Ins Canada.
nye Roo: cholera, :Awe NM. 2 '.
Dartttl I<llhln • few :MT,. thrtalls ono fa:TI
DY; cause, Dlt
.. .. . . ~ . . .
AZIIMI.6 r t es rcietortc. , •-' .:"
Tea 'teamed. Malta. from I.lverperd. has
arrived. .I/er name le aatle.ipa:e.t.
... .
• eatnpaxtol,rol . 4
Clarence /Uhler.. Or. New Yorir, ha& been.
selected as
,poes at the deklinalartn tr.e
estzetariw Cesnete.r7;•. If P. uzw+a z. 0..
Tbiaannal,qesslort of the , Graryd Lodge or
04.11 - elloNts onc. on Monday nex L
ccrowrzn rtrr V r TOVAIRT.
it PS Tr.lrorird r itrea bank latt.
171.003 by forged Crete. .*.
I VAL OF onr. 91ert.29.
Genet,' Stattg tO-n4211. frazo
Ctiarlutant. '
Telesrels4, b Uulittlatcousgussur.l
Gacouoisns &Tien elflolet
ures of rviastrealon Vl:carol show th e
tottslof vr111ite571.5,137; oolortsi,
Neer Tort 'E.V..•lotr.--Sladime Ucznor
est,. Op.Nng.
A oonuibun, to IL° Now York 7ri
-4,`srbktelp2y ,femolo--defmriboo
3fueleri4lhetioretee - fail , Opzotine,
took Oleo ad.ay nr two ego. We repro
dace tihixot* hapoilital. point; of the
. amill
Finati ;pia le a:Utah:it; grid:Moldered
waists in organdy, with Sande , entre, And
belts; or berth. of "silk • worked with
puree , idlk-olulbelids, us. woe LI by the
b./11°11ot 31shopno and Newr,gt. • -
,fireseiss plainer nod tint so long.
The pixie gored skirt without ,platte it
the ruling.spodal,'end home, ': - or
toilette dre,a,' hus9buta few Inches of
train. The. coniffsicove Ls still „ worn,
though 'on uPpendstre usually fells from
the elbow, giving the effect of a towing
'slimes with the comfort of s. tight ene.
The reel...yet &korai.* wade wider at the
wrist Alum lest year ,• For' eleborsto
4.114 the sharply polnlod flowing sleeve
short °ono: , Yoresrro, Is usually mode
up. Ono of the ,beet patterns in - :thie
shape is in light:Jo-cell, the. Inside eleece
shout els Ir.,ct.a !nor,- only the outside
three nue.rtcra eta raid; upea 'from the
shoulders down; trimmed tit both edges
with black miloore, headed by bands of
daunoedrered Ifetin; the ;ides held to
gether by..strops of. satin :fastened by
black rosettes, with silver Minoan In the
twitter. The lower esigeof the- .sleeve Is
airtight, with guipure piejlej 'trim
mings. A pretty coot sleeve has , me stud
ies, point ect•gap ouldite4 in dents' anal , :
rtor-autAn r aalfhtinyliritatuenterhaV49;ia
in est% polo; n deep ruff riseti Minced - to'
the elbow from the wide wrist, made-b y.
the salmi trimming; inside this Ise wide,
pointed slash, nested by narrow' strrips
field with feney buttons. The writer is
explicit in dawribing pattarne; of any,
description, both to do justice tolls de-
OgUS thomxlves , end to give 'lady refut
ers et deur Ids:tor - what they will hoye to
select from. - , •
,fßasque waists . are" deeldwlly in favor,
with shut Pointed leppelo in front, and
long ones lailand. • The prettiest One Vie
sitomittre, wills square neck very. doer. In
¢ont, Lie, Image° graduated In five parts,
the front pointed, the !Min and back
aguarty•operied to tlie b;titand trimmed
en oil the (.vitpw vdth quilling of the
silk pinked lit the horsier; lloveltig sleeve,
with agorae end to snit the huge.. An
other waisw hrhigh in the' neck. with'
pampielour rintline or black. Lur , .low
on Inieleand front, running so as teliaid
lliceleere. and tided throe straps of
law( thaortion Cpbaaing with Shoulder; on
adsiiinsi trireildlO; whirls give' moch of
the geese of die rritillpieleler open neck.
The tailapiel -ih abort in' front,: - Ediebig•
italelyibei•tilfectinl - Ike Anuble liOlteted
corsage, wiliel) the Genes ore determined
to hove by cnnel:intik), or tither, oven if
tho,fashien plaice assure thomthut point
•aaii favor'. to of Mill ,
nary undat,:the awn, with three
mitred tabs boilitid, trimmed with gni.
Pure,..hcoled byirthld Of ((Min, the width
91 a, iwlle ' o ovehrovi. , TIM Mae:coat
(sleeve lies - two trews of hire sir:light
round thn wriat, meths ay, tbretiplCCOS
to`.mabilv the blieque points behind..• A
erctitY,hign-necited blue' pattern low the
OaclJugr, tiny. peltits g
before od iv scol
loped and. Short on the htp; lvith remitted
tabs falling four, Indies hest to the front
pointd, anti Muth ditopef Ouch alibi of the
single. inlet thin stNewely comes below
the In the match of theliliCit( .The
trimming is LiarrOw double , rowi of wain
with rosiest buttons In • every scollop and
tlenti.n,rnet ()Cilium ,rillinlng.4ltratn.tha
front, three Inches Outside tho.fmneitlug
:ire 41mi:ilea In tyro.rOYlr , --
tn o 4 n .
plated poPinta, or 'Arun;
proporly t An bark point altnont rmen
ing ' 'Oral rine apron style,
which Ort,rinco lorgi Tana on', overr
bnnalli. • • '
'lntret3ies foroltlldnei Isere's* pretty'
that the writer trantedlo describe thetn
all. 'rho simplest Ghat enmities remit
desirshlu to hest 'testes,i . were Gabrielle
frttekerofftbra deep petletotrvutittieutln
Oil:tithing. 'tend a little 'pointed cuptfou
tho ehoulder...This in tbe favorite style
of leanest coetumei usperriatly neat in huff
!Ono; with' hied in Another
pretty walking snit_ was plain geeee.
skirt-mid Jacket.. the only
trlntunini W . whlets was .efloory :edge,
bound in--I - Owe of Mock and- white.
nesicirtri !anent elit in all eerie of Ton
ey stigne. - • With rows of different colored
piploglor bias silk put round.
1. Nightldtledrew . was white alpaca.
with ciionotids of Otiols(qt !OM het IMMO
the Op urthe skirt, Willy trimmed-isn't
narrow black Totem. d eleoveleres sock
of ,inotauilik,,Pith a notched edge rind
harp 610. to tote. worn (seer thie dress.
Another Is blue, Isla:ruled by block rib-.
Iwo, with nolfenne edges,Orlptping and
solleritio buttons. This - ribbon passes
'l'm; the :tdioult*A to the edge of the
skirt, - stescrlLlttu a hiblierhack and front.
Between thoesthe skirt is guthonsi ou
the hi pe tun! frilled -'ut the berth with a
Lending of the guy .ribbcn. graduated
etmpe tilllßlted with atilferino
button's aro•mot on the edge inside of the
lel:Ater Lem. A little buff retitled skirt
Watot aro overelressed 'with • a
aliment( poblum which tape the Weave,
.gbree a lnsisitcato relieve the bull' cor
,maii r e ek
and inis in st large scolloped
fronton the mititt, being
orily half iterdepUx on the kips.
GE , SlliilllM A f ST, LOEB.
I enscl Throng of Citizens.
speech of itt 'come by Lint, Coo.
Siniy.h and Carl Schurz.
'Me Demonstration Unprecedented,
!fly Teleariph Is the ihtisteirsh berellr, l •
St. toms, September 4—The demonstra
tion to-night 1t& honor or General sikerldart
wag the largest outpoering of the Peoldk
emir witnessed in St..Louls. The torchlight
precession son trolly two adios long, and
airoditatt of ore: twenty Vesta of the Grand
Army of the itchuldle, a large number Of.
Colored orgenliattlone; ropmmentatives, of
tho varlom wards of the lily, the Fire De
partment, and en Ihmsereio throng of,citt.
rens generally. The priierisillon Was Segirli.
an bony filing past the Southern Hotel, nit
The mut balcony of which General Sheridan
ids etatgodleers, members of Various corn•
millets. and invited guests, were aLitioned.
The crowd at sad In the gicinity of the
hotel,. after the procession .100 l aniased,
must hovenumbered ten .thriumand. arid
Cho number that thronged the- street& on
the linen! march amid nog severances less
than from twenty to Chitty thousand.
After the. entauslasta of the crowd had
somewhat matulded, Lieutenant Governor
Smith delivered %short. but very roollet
welcome to the General, on behalf of the
State s which was followed by nVarr ea.
pentint address hr General Carl Sebum., In
which ha referred to Gen. Sheridan as the,
motel :American soldier,, the hero or m e de,
hard.fought. the representative of
Alaartellua chivalry -the ktareemon as well
Si *old ter, to .bon. the people of Louisiana
and Teatshi. miterink with grid!.
Gide anti salamis, as latrittitlatetiO Opened
list Way tnpSnnaeertt pltent wad prospeing.
General :tarsi,an tarn *mopped for were
anti replied cm follows: L presume you all
know Yaeger make npm.whaa. I regret es-
Mesithet -that 1 LIU net able to mete you
'out, to night, belt this very hied welrome
has been unexpected ey me entirely, and 1
can only return My omelet thank! tor your
, :nuatnisasla end kind welcome.
. . .
A tow re m ark. were 'there - era. reed, hy
Goa. nth, and the c.coe:a crattunily
In point or outobere, en theithom and ire
e nil warm and hterty eytti. ' ,![ , y, many of
the °Molt citizen • wiy th e iterittinstration
Oat water been eaaallelt In St. Louis. Irma.
eleetin to ono cffiocit to-day tee lianeral
retcleed mellors at the hotel. and the
nerd of ethers was eimmt teetigemit Tee
Slane= will lairs Aar Learn:, worth laaaer
row at/arm:Mo.
My 'Min-flab to the Pleitherekt
Wethwthiolr, eeptembCru. 1W,7
Tbo amount °Simla ra tba. Treeiury to;
dal if 5t2.:34.21e, and coin cortldcates SU:
n 2,701 6,27.313.uLi. Amon.: or cur
rency, $48,903,0A Tale' Seeretarl et the
flu to•day removed the InJuno•
tion m Ito 77541. from one hnodred and
olllcii-f4nr Of laasonrl State bOnda. twit?"
ofiSorth Czn3llnn bonds end tiro of Ten
nest. bonds, voce yeaxs ego abstracted
tr tLo.l)epar . tmeht of the Lote.lor.
• 21\ ISDOM 151,71311C.1.
IL is astertathed, from Ws, that
rte.. Arrrtrifith t ha % shout wed thnhaand
pexAloinr - bi , ra mem granted try the Preab
deal. The. luelude Butt of rho reties far.
Oga *thiSt.r, ka . llll[l, iambi... Of the Cop.
fedeyeteAltdrinet,. tiorernopt of Soother.
Stat., and aprants of eluatv hrigattler
Ga.rela, .nth d. oreporilan .ot rebel
tieratdals.. Major Otht, 4:hird tlia
.P . Aniegar ktarsamoNLuse , MemenEerVeftel,Pe
0111 et, bu Last oil Mr, far the paps twoyeass,
dbout four hundred epplttaTlool lor par
ons fremparsors who were eratuded In the
rebellion, cud not perrioned by al -0 prochle
matron of 11[6711.itb.'1 , ,C. by the ;metallic-
Ma of bate:ph, eb.t. Quo hundred of
these perilous nth perrinerd: but the ether
three hundred bourerarith le tbo
and of course their <rue., like wheel ate:ti
le/1y Masted, moot be separately...l4-
It 'al:mare the &fees:tan - In . talc orlitail of
tOe Comotrollpr of the llorreTcy la 11..twcon
41,04/ and VA*. srt1011•7-sla takes froze
anal and ...elm n o , Ntatloarat 114.nks for
payment of Inapt-Mr..
Two hainlred and tinety-Onnpat.te KIII
be Inued for the week ending the 17th. live
hundred end sixty nollentton• end, tidily
caveats have bees filed la the Patent-VD:We
the pan week..
*Poster:co Depertnioat Is preparing.
stroetioits nolo COO rotes of foreign
go &nor Jainctery Ist.
CsUremia Election Itesalts—Mtial• la
...lsola= Anal irer.ary—faal 42 end Rio.
• room ...04tegon,-Issateku Outragell—
analog Ilblawes,
:By Talesman to Ma rt:tabaran ourtied
Saisrimactsco, September Partial m
eal-is front thirty-BMo countlestritelleMbt
aeerlgt;eight tbouland majority. it ls
Montan the majontiof the 'general Demo
cradle 'ticket will be avant mu thousand
Inas. :The 'return. of 'O;3 full vote 'of the
interior aIY maul:Orient for the purposes of
'hal anniversary of the admiSslon of
Monte eras nelabratral to-day "'fib consider
ahle•Plat ha a
of pioneers, oo
oration, poem and Uangnet.
The &tam/air bas opened at Sacramento,
and promiees to be the beat for several
• . 'r an stnentnr. Orihamme, from Portland
the OUt. brings one hundred thousand
dollars from the northern Ott,
tons of Oregon pig Iron. Otto Ant i nv o ice of
irwrltom Leo now works to Lust dince.
Au Is Biting out to punish
thieving Indiana. Uniatthasoldleril i minor
Llentenant Force, had a hattlf, who toe
ernakes,lateir at Brunt river, killing or cap
turing a oonslderabla s piirty,wills loss of
four soldiers killed and nine wounded.
• • • •
,Igenorts ot Innis= outrign to Oregon.
Washington sod I.lsho rattling regions . ..
frequent, tk.l Coppingeriml llLVtrld brush.
as with the os7beelntllarts in the middle
Of August, killing twenty or thirty in sit.
• Rlett pincer rainesary reported IlLsonvertid
stYendorollialake. • •
Mining abaree are open and ivent,leadling
descriptions show a further decline. An ae.
Ultra.= z'of rwentp.Qeo nollara par atorro
Tee levied on Gould and gorrY.
lif beat 0,8001,81. Legai Tender*, 78071.
Arrived: Belloancr.Alandafrer, train rd.-
Ira 'attars, Voltr, uhrety tern rhoaamon ccd
dab, the lArgeet catch of the se►euc.
Ito f to Entiobllab. ttaarastloo—
. Crop Itoporto sma Tenon rover.
fey Teltistat to the rlttaborgh U.sette..l .
Mowears, - liapterober 'Beard of
Health bee refused' to est ahlleh. a tritaran
tloe on the river, deeming It unnecessary.
Reports of the crop. to Illselsslopt and
Arts:one continuo favorable, not the prey.
elenee Of yellow fever on the Lower hthe
inislypt will greatly retool the bringing , of
Cotton tOlnarket.
The french, Kongo Vorly Volosted
. Inejeletnn'lleet the evlrCelm 'or' no
Ih7 Teleitrat.bloth. Number-6h emetic)
Morra.a.a., Mr...borron,
itattrit or the Traneh• !tango piny, Is one
hatorell yotes behind 1n the hnit day ooll•
Inv. The Bonze patty are now .aopolo., as
tot a ginaatal tanot.
the Mt:Solon. In ft orrnont. over tbo also.
tlo of t. Colby, notod anoclatloalst. has
Cautoloohitttent here. . •
- - .
cornmereterralleree ettehmend—
II twee Report.
tne r :geleetaph titheß . l44TO ,Oaistte.4
• retliOND;SepfamberP.—Ttin commercial
tenures reported uyapeetel telegram to the
Northern orelyi , are lahte. ,, None have cm
ourrod“ ?he coninterchtltAillit are being
al: as promptly ea ever harm . . home par-
Ste out of eouttoercial clrelee,ene
at the fall 'ot litetatentl, Image goat, Into
Itan/crtiptoy. • •
thy TAlesranh to the Pittebersh te:Wed'
/awl' nos, aept.O.—The COlonoblan tkia.
grass has extended the Pl/111111411. flallroad•
a conside
Company's fratichlan nines y:riltio years. for
ration ol onu dollars cub,
In gold. and anneal payments of.s'Auarter
Of a million of dollars frost
The Tar( .
al Offilifirause.
OriTelegraph to . the rtttsburraitlaaet4.l. ,
Allit.tratricax, Seuteirther.
ler,' Rath and Brown llamas, are entered
1 . 0 Lae' bore. 'bear of the itilsconals arl•
cultural sad atechaelcul 'AnsociaLloo, cum
tecl.cluof to morrow. 4."1,1.1 for twelve
. 1?uo axed gollitre comes WIWI Friday.
Tltoe . debt lietieeed Slier S SU•
end glair Dollare fer tbe Tear
• I September 20.
ChriTeleareititi to the Pittsburgh cteiette.)
illomettrito. Sept-D.—Gm Geary has la
sumt proclamation staUng that wrautt
of ebb!. of the Commonw.alto was, paid
dogleg the year ending September VI.
Consolidation of Beaton Carried.
thy relearapb to the momenta Gemmel; '
liosTon, liepteniber 9.—There was s light
rota to.3ay. oo the question of sneezing
norby Z ther:Le niunon, but It carried utter.
ly weite sir.
[By Teltmph to tee ritubumb F neitt4.3
TUE "Isom cononElL -
excrrhoe oP. okureaser—.ra :mamas cm
Beptetabeil.fhii . tidevatea to
tho eaco•CooirrWii a - ro arriving' !Tom all
tettla of - Eartott: barlbattll ho rettehtol
this city room ktoraiico. 114 reaeatto6 by
friends ahtl et Ustaos 'was limit outhootastle.
11l tinkle a brief space, claclarint
oostito move oh Uotoolmittnaltotablecand
the Ohm of acticia' . aithongh deterred, would
4090 be 61riled roto *Meet.
. ,---0.--
useAstlf.ll"l.642l.6tivtarD rocrriOAL
Paws, SoptentW emaoh intulo by
the brand Dui DM-lhidon . at the 'Oenlag
of the Diet, atteitlorolie, In whloh be ailvo•
ellted an rim.n., oprlth the Garman
infotteration, gifts rise again to a fading.
of hnceelnaes In Yearkala
cntatarned that ycCen - L'eciniplfistioni tallt
bikrimmed; ang quostaorm w)310 . 4.
will again illatorp the : L.ranotapt7 Of So.
''iiti^skyxoaj roctscres, mut, •
Plum, 'septet:wet
hOn. tee easitratuil 7:such publicist, died
LO`-uay, aged autyalas years. •
aLePtoMbar. &--The Porto DILI
again trittcostod to the European Poo.
ors that 1t onzmOt. tgltrat .Of
. any rinterfoo
non sn th. offurtiof Omuta,. and thereon,
..Wollot.S. to adoPtt'illt. Drrdsot for a 'dint
titutralasion of 'wintry.
,vase oarrEntois
LDK1371 . , solatitmtairitc=Tba . ..port that
the British tnyttatain‘abyarinta.narrayatw
tat "noir treadinn pronto wurno. ;
sh , fttalirren.;:ciablirl.-41te strant.
shsp Y ork, teitir . :YeSrk. arrived
thin afternoon. • •
• r
Loardm,Srpiemberc. 9.-7194199.:-.4.1999919,
94 949; riva-Tsetalsh Utter. , ;.ig,.1111601t,
(/corral,;7l; I: du. 445(4:41.4*M.49 sod Great
rg.u. xso at, 99949495 r o.—Evenincy.—li.
1:29•14tut.d., Stp , emspr 9 —Ex4slnp.—Cot
trts doled 0911.4 MA decladuK , 4464esey; .
4119dIlds Uphoula, 0 , 194., 1444 Wes.
ukOwnups. If rewlstttr. Corn
oulvanced to 35n nn STECK ,
Ohest,l44 lor thOttornis Bales;
34. iledf, /AO, tda X by Lis Go.
Vrodues—retraltnut o 101 for .D 1414414 bd
. .
A/Ma - Bar; Sentembar o.—Evertiaa—Totrra,
ham Shasta' declining . staxalara white has
lallan. four Latta., and ' caved at aft tat per
Conviction fin SeOiliting Gcod!ito
Defraud -Oieilitors. •
TlTtern.s.s,Na..Sept,' . 2.—pae /frrold of
tilts city ;am; Nye= tarts. M. N.
end .71toobe , :were 1.40 r. con
vintv.! qt Werren. Ns, Sid goateed, b. , /
rime end imprhOnseentOttr oe.nreNog tlia
goods of N. mukk fog Ole parease unit.
(rending N. N. MANI keo. and other New
York erwlNots of 11.114k.5. ease yr..
bight) . important onei...Eltacites being m
Attendance frOte Sew Origin! And Calif°,
nte.. peallosyNre ex . ierreeted
this dealt of the Ohio In UN:forint parts or
the count 47. •
ltb• At.* Gone ILepubllcan b •
hillgonity /Reduced /0•.10•0.1.
(Sy Trlcv-.MI to 'A.! rmsbarih '
Poe-war, Sortenabb - r o.—The to/lowing
returns of the e.:ec Lions haviibtpctlved:
Tome.Vkamlntrialn. Isbury,D,
Penland—. ' 1,11 l
L.' Al
- • -
Nlytean toy...lye Cdryhamberlain M t) a otibli.
eau) Una and rilla (DemCen 5,633, T lm.
g a majority of 2, b 11.10 for Cbacnberiam. ee
same towns Mat year gave Chamberlain a'
majority of 7033, 1[10%114 ...Democratic
gain Oda year 0f3.309. • •
There to a liepublicsis lone to Ilatts of 27.
, Biddeford glees a Damotratte majority of
240 against 30 lasiyear. •
Lanai —tine bemdreit and vine tonne give
Chamberlain 27.716, and BUishary 0,670.
The IMMO tolrlla lain Year Rae. ChamircHale
31.550 and Pillebury Venda. •. Ottaniborilddis
tnelority titan year is 6,0. r., against 15.0e5 in'
he a.m. town. lAA year, suakirla a rtepub
licin of 9,304
The aggregate vote In these View
399 egainst 411,416 last year. -• ,
'he total 'Mte of the State ISA year was
111.534. Saar it will Jell a 'title under
Thr00.40 . 1401.1t11 of the Mate 1/1 ln, with a
lots Of uluroldtearktb• 01 tbeanalOrtt9 of
Jut year. Tao name ratio •/111 'Tau. the
U.P.oDcab majority to about 1;600, or a
lona abOut 1.440. • •
The Democrat* •1111 gall nepn.almtattees
to mote toots, but not enough to glee
tbeut numb pOR*I in Um ,Legitlittura.
. . .
EaKlemm Mad rirodrOde Stilled. dad
leurenaeo I.l.ldrad—Realdeoce Dem
raged egad Two Sadldreo sad et Soave
• killed. • •
Taletrain to tkirltlibaran Uasette.)
New Tear, September P.—A terrlde boll
sr exploslou weltered thti evening tbe
turning mill of ibra . i !felon, ' Twenty
elg hLb street. Thor was much abetter
tbe engineer, .1 b.Madden. and dra
ma!, Edward Urmly. Were killed, and Mat h
tkew Belt . , Frank ...ave. Jeremten Cushier;
and John Jona, workmen, were badly Is.
jured. The holler tra•Dried four hundred
• And 101117 feel, felling to 0 the residence of
3144011. 1 3 M., ter° out the entire
rear of the boalleyillllng two of Llaneelnan'i
üblidron and a nurse named Marla Dowling.
Anothereerrant.llary Wilberialil,recelved
meets injuries.
• , .
• - - This Wrecked.
18T.Tolagrapb tOtA4 Plll.bargh Vaunt,'
rOIITIL.II '24011111.0.1, BOV.ol,lber B.—The
Orflab Brig Cabe, Item Matanzas, was
wrecked near' nallinui. •• Vie Captain wee
badly Injured bed six. Pali= dr9wned.
„,,, t to am. Mutant Citutt.l
I.4u,grat,s, peps r
thrto Net lo tho °toe.
• Annum. dallt.,l.ltlver elgbt tee:
11 , ..121 , 0 elan, • ”
!Lowe and Larceny—The Gushing Full
. nets of an teatime Lover , ' Joy,,,Vol
lowed:by the Inditreaut Swelling of ■n
Indiana tiltSo Ilauatt notiom,•Lead to
We . Detection of a Series of 'Heavy.
Within the mud yoar the ChIcoRP end
(treat' Eastern Railroad Company hav e
allowed and paid claims for goods `abort'
Witte amount of thirty thousand dollars,
ur more, end .thu" thieves havo until re ,
eently eluded the utmost vigileneo of the
/Akers and doWirtlvie of.tho road. 4 -
little heir, affair, however, very innomat
and prtelnerworthy in Itself, Incidentelly.
forninhed mane width, iartsrulfy ibittne
uti up, MI& bar* the camp of the enorny
atactit nhort their supple!. A' election
betel had beetirnesmlttenvtlth the chatilla
of a lady' melding at One of Um stations
on the road, tend made her. nequaintance,
Width ripened Into on offer of marrlnge,
vrhich won a
'wnted, and .propitious '
time was awaited (or Ito e ronstuntnetion..
After some Witeetutare wroto
to her from Richmond, Indiana, raving
the loolied for time had arrived, awl,for
low to oerno be' Rtchureifil audttury Would
wed. gibe conepiled,aud !Inflection bone,
In . the gotiblogluews (This joy . and
confidence, advised her of bin means awl
p 1..:
to had, an he Informed her,,x
ronsidershle senior looney In hand, and
also h email stork of goods, witich would
enable . hint Pe .becowe the owner of •
house and lot, and then "lino In a cot
tage" wus there. -
In unswer to her Inquirlee in regard to
the tnurchandlsc , he very &onto-m.l
hid that Imbed eu it from the nairond
cars on' his train, and that there won
blg chance dieted furl - pore, as lashed the
errunsemeuts all ;mule and In good
working order: ;Tito.bride elect did not
rnliela the revelation as well' as ho had
anticipoted, and her bonnet bosom swell
ed with Indignation itt the idea of uniting
her destinies ,with a ..rallroad thief, and
she took time to think: the matter over,
and returned, to her home. After a little
riditection,she cortillucled this was too big
a load to carry, and upon a full consalia
tion white relative, _made a oaten UrwiSt,
of the fact/. - • • . .
German lrecentlyetoped
from. NOY J.;SeY 'with Al gallant Teuton
youth and 11600 Of her-mother's money.
rho pollee .found tho lerrteig but unwed
tied imunimthEntbev day, inst bey the
the point:. gridittlasi. Xurope, all way
!undo ntemant by,-s' marriage In the
wilco omitt,lhispimudul blessing and
commun home. •
FOUSTII PAGE.—Tnefuat... mod inog eat.-
We Money. (Wand Produoe Market ir.44. , rt+
given bo any paper In Vie city, tall bajosmd
011 our roma. Page.
Mt - range Itavolopmente—Sulelde.
For several months It has beer. evident,
from the number of robberies Committed lit
Elisabeth township, and the manner , In
which the work; has been done, that there
was 'A rerilarly ofmoulted hand of thieve.
la that neighborhood; but all efforts to do•
test them hate been fealties. Reversl
pettiest aro etrengly ensploioned,but to
M ,
ance, shiest eat L to warrant their arrest man
to obtained. On thstortshiy, ibesevelligh in.
slant.' some remarkably streride (leveled
menu were made, which have a very'elose
'Connection With the many robberies . that
/mid been committal. the Mots ofsrldeb Fa
ordain from a titivate latter, written by a
resident cliche townehlP. party of name,
while fishing. disoovered a hake neurally el
lUerneis, Dyer three hundred denim , worth,
in:the Youghiogheny. raver, near ElroPs
Ferry, whiqh had been taken from itinerant
farmers; to the neighborhood, deride the
last, three .nuorths. On the Made day
a large quantity of goods was found
on the tank of the titer. Which ware Iden
tified as a part of.. hone stolen from the
atom of C. A. bore.. of Baena Vista,
some three months store. The writer
el_ the detter , , asys r "It It evident from
Ito piece le which the articlee were found
that ,ther ,were , placed th ere to be die
coverts:L., What world lead a thatiart a Set
of measte tartatie.riek of going to the lee.
Itentiary for a %loather of years, by Commit-
Ong a robbery, and
theirdiscov then to plena the geode
.so es to Insure ery,wo are Doable
to see;brit 'sash appear. to have been the
eons. Frans the tame letter. we learn the
pftri Icahn, or et Veryttrnagoeue of suicide,
el he follows,
' Felder, Xeitifst Xoth. Amity nubile, a boy'
shoot nitcen veers of, age, left his home,
near , Elmore Ferry, wnera ho Mltila, with
her perenti. :Cot returning that night, his
P•rente became uneasy Ins t itu te dnt of his
absence, and search ass for hlm,
when, await -soma on helorday, his body
was (Mind lin , the barn of David nankin,
suspended by too neck with rope attached
to a beam, quite dead, and bed apparently
been Moult* for several hence.' 'llia boy,
when he left borne, wag In perfect , health,
and had never evinced any signs of Meso
ns', nor are there, any, readout Rooms why
Ins shOtild hate imfelde. The
Whole Tame le enveloped fn - d mystery
whieh all are enable to solve.
Ltlll Jlrl cj.ij'
• , O'connor Affair.
Ito petroleum 'trade of this city and of
Pittsburgh has been a goodifoal,exorcised
of Late with reference to ieetles of sults
pending In the Court between ...Tames
O'Connor. of Pithiburgh, end' Tack & fire.
of title cut. The first process was Issued
by O'Connor while the latter gentlemen
sago in New York, the Information alleging
that the Tacks were "Pagltives from Jo..
tam. On the day . of the publication of the
arriist a meeting of the petroleum trade of
MIS ulty Was Enid, et Whin were pretest all
The privelpid runners and dealer. ha oil In
this mules:, when .the gentleman present
adopted'► eveolutien that they believed it
thiptiMaide. that the gem,. Tate could be
gielty any. dishonorable tradsectlona
muting their conviction on their tong no.
quointence with these hectic:Lima as men
of worth and high courounclal standing.
We Imre ...gen as mime pains to ascertain
the facts 'of the case, and we find that no
proceedings a hatever were instivetee
°Teener . against: Ang. 'U. and. Thiro.
Park, in Thilads/peisi that Hr. Theo.
Tact had announced his departure •to
Europa widetp.fact - este published 'in a
Pittsburgh paper, awl that it was while in
New York, tint ...fugitives from Justice,"
teL while about making arningements for
a departure to :Europe, that. the ordered*,
relit was sprung open the Teaks,- they not
baring reeelved any prior lotto...Oen of
wayttitog of the tine. tet shearing Cetera
Jong: Barnard taey were dieellarged. the
charges not baring been maittned. On the
eagle day °Termer had teem rnairosted
revanother charge
viz: that or conspiracy
—the etatemeni twine ten Tug IWO. deo.
(rand.] tes plaint iff.tof Asia thia
learn that, fpcoonor Add; through the
Teets, solely as commission tosmitantal
nf. oil for future delivery. These
salsa were always to the order of (Moaner:
-to ishosta.ludgenatii. at to the MO or fall of
prior. Obey. or enure.. Yielded. The whole
thing Is viewee by tins toot. as e Moans to
coerce a comprowiSe of Oared .contracia
The Messrs. Their have linos Waltz:tad snit
against O'Connor for false Imprisonment:
*groin, damages to the amount of [allot.
tTwit i re. have stoort In the trout rank of
he petroleum trade of Pennsylvania trot
dice petroleum -Demme An article of nor
aotninsocii, and op to this thee their honor
and Integrity • bate' Voraye stool enter.
proctiol. •
Tn. 'timing. antra
The groat sculling match between .7 tutes
itarrtill, of thin city, and. Walter .llrown, of
Porrland. - kbalne.; tolt the. champtenntalp of
the United Mutual nod a purse of four thou.
sand dollars, elan° otT yeatorday morning
between Mx and bean o'clock. on the Red-
pain gayer, at Newenrg,biew Y0rk..,0 boat
nee in this country' has c mated one, belt
. ,
thefuterent bit enetteritettt to this dr, an
tills one, and froin the telegraphic reports
ins excitement was evidently greater at
Newbrarg.' As 100 n alter tho rue *mover
as th e te legraph wires weld ornery the news,
It was (Sere and tranandintalTaorand on th e
bulletin board* of the antferent orates,
which attracted the eager trove
to eachan extent that Fifth street
tan litenuly, re/naked.. with Men wat
ors, to the groat detriment and Ineonvent
ma or all Perrone WU.. bantams acquired
theca to pane thrtragn It, and so tthe exeito.
Imant continued until evening. Through
ott the day nothing could be beard'on the
atreat ,but the ono ell absorbing topic., • the
boat. race. It fs over, and the paddle
are about as wine as to which la the beat
machoau as talon gla It had never taken place
dine. the excitement has en bsided all agree
Una 11 was quite to unas tla ta ctoty n
h and
d a.
Anefuanw a t y r h a
a n d meve c r o ak l e usion a gc a
entity arrived atb
that It we. 711/1111141Illen
tO win.
Thin Is rrobabkr iho /*Baconian Chita will
Oa. place between Itemlll and Brown, arid
tor the peace and quietnessof the pub ll e
Ramernlay, and the sporting . ' fraternity in
patticular, we earnestly hope it may be, as
impose them., to f 11.70 a fair
test of speed between •
itemeneber the Ightews One Orpheus.
The oramilzatlon known as the Grand
Army of the; hop:it:4lc, composed of survi
vors of We array of the Onion, have. pub
lished annul:mid to the public to. Mil them
In providing (monody widows midorpharis
of tilos., of their compinionic who fell itt
subduing the rabeillon. This appeal has'
loan published In the Gazette, and We trust
It will be generously responded to in this
proomlneuily loyal and patriotic commu
nity. Lot tis not, In our peaoefal prosperity,
forget those who fought and died for our
country when its life MY so greatly sedan
gored. We may renieratier Mein gratefully
praise their deed. of valor; DM. more than
reqdmite, in payment of'our debt of
eretitwie. Their Wives and little:ones ma
among us, and they most not be allowed to
suffer. • -
. •
Clotatoi. food or money may be &awaited
watt say member of tl following Commit
tee: •
Jame& M. G iv, Recorders Office.
V. A. Id- Myers, SS Smithfield street.
J. IL Morris, I 3 Webster street.
If, F. 1;1111113111A.y..0111121.
L. Y .
Joonlugs. B.otab rreoue,A/legttera.
A. P. klallam, 10 Anderson street.
W. 11. Ilanlep;3l. D.,llotanson street, Al.
•J.F. 81 Keen 9. 470, iarrt street.
J. P. Hmilton, OttlemAllontrrorn Rallroad,
motet I,thertyr street.
A.. 1. }lsrdawitt,Cometory Aluble Works,
R. W. 'Reynolds peamer Wats and Chest.
ant s [rem. TAlrat Ille.
r•• A. riothoyl . poOevltle.
J. Elumanst; I. ti Bratldoelt , a,
C.C. rawnond aliey.
'J. B. Palme rr.l.s and 67 ruth Strollt•
IL B. b;pron, Brota.ry
The ally newspapers of 'blonder "went
op" on the reported drowning of n boy off
the Illymlughent lbridge, Oa Sunday fore.
poen, ell contatntee more or lets graphte
areonets of the eseualty. One, however,
earrlcd off the intim for ...aline.. The
story was that • boy.led fallen 'from the
Melt pleYof the bridge, and that' his dog,
width bad teen with blot, annum' after him
Into the river. • Oct of the material the re.
porter of tbetheet referred to wrote abCrot
the wonderful sagacity of the sail dog et
trlbatlng to the eeelne hero the Credit of
telr.lng hlrt young master by the Leer, re he
tete to the surface of the. water, and of
nothing a desperate effort to save him from
a 'watery grey., which was 'ntgh sue.
rental: 'Unfortenntely for the ``Sageolons"
will not Dear it out.. The
Vf,T.; `rtero n :rd
forenoon somebody threw a dog from the
Drhipie tato the .river, and whatever Woe
lue been reported about the Mintz ls lone-
Thrown from • Daggs.
A young lady residing on Penn street, in
thetroufth we/141135t with a patnful acct.
font lain peening between four and dove
o'clock. Etbe, In company with another lady
mod: gentleman, was taking. drive In a
light open buggy,and,when panning down
eaventh .street •et the corner 'of
Smithfield, one . of the horses fright
ened. end soddenly sprang to one aide,
throwing the iady ant of the buggy with
inch force as • to - Marione her shoulder
Slade. nhe was picked up •In an insensible
ondittou• and catried into. house at the
Comer reterred to, by the CSPllmillon
of the proper remettleeehtswas goon motor.
okto oonselonsuran Elba was then placed
in a carriage. and MDT eyed to her- home,
Enid •aargeonatimmoned, who attended to
ler Ivjunes, WM6I:I tort um atibly are not of ■
Serious character. . •
AssanSted; ants ../batsered.” '
' Joseph ?tartly . and William Irwin are
sasidants °trona arrant, In the ward,
and'it appears hada Sullanliy on Sunday
evening, which 'terminated Ina:Dem. we
Ma not assertainthe comae of tbe..illthenlty.
but n.uPtume it was the late bast faun , as it
Dm been the only tobto oCconeersalon for
The last few days. The ant resulted in
finruy being knookncl not of time on the
ails' round by a• blow from Irwin's MOOS
hand, fairly plantel in the month. Haarruiy
blalmed a 0 10UP' and Ile/Sealed to/sideman
Taylter who Lined* Warrant for Irwinla ar
rest on a Calarilkat aallalth; and battery.
Pittsborne Methodist Conference. I
(So-eclat cannin , ess. yinshorrb Oisstt.e.)
tritiowrews. Pa., Sep. rib, ISM '
On Saturday the Conference hatched the
ranalruttlems of official character, and sw
eated eadzettsi On !severe' report.. Such
In the glee of the belt, and the variety of
Internet. onnsulted. that these ycpefte are
aeeenerily,numeroun. Their Mal pins - 4V
tattoo, and action thereon, will exteud
Monday's sea Mons.
That on "Pastoral IteleUonan Is-yet In
the ronah. Its completion- requires' the
coneurreemo of pastors and churches, who,
Under the new discipline,. hare the power
to contract the pastoral rotations. The
proralneet churches in and around Pitts
burgh Are nut likely to cheeps their pes
ters. The f'eltn street wilt probahly lose
tie late able biontennt, net. d.n.lircham,
try bh. request. '
On Sabbath the Uniontown chtrwhes were
supplied freer the Conference. Drr, semi
sad Seam sapplied the thimber/wid no.
byterlan, nee, J. Cowl Ltd /ley. Clerk that
of the Old School Presbyter:on, and the
venerable Dr. DrOwn that of the hietbsdiat.
workse semen three were Ordained to
the of the ;Ministry. The polpith of
the M. E. Church, African IL end lisp.
Dec vete also suppiled. . -
In the afternoon the Contereuee
ary Society held. Me annivereary In the
CuMberland PreabYterian church, nee.
A. Dose • Corresponding Searetw
ou. of h th r. e -
P e a rent
hicle ty,Mer Dr.ACollie ofS toe
llie ' O o,'and.fer. lir:Conter, r, ofsherpW,
leers the . .psakers. - They acquitted
them.olves with greet =dais' and the
money result woe aisesdedly a snows. Con
elderina that thisCoufcrence lea Part of a
yerniger branch of the Methodist fatally;
to climbers. zeali end need not
blunt to compare Me record with its older
and wealthier . neighbor.. Ite nowEolsocs t
pal and refortuatery pcaltimse commend It
to all Marrs of "a church without is bishop,"
as wall Ine . ..State without a King..
The Cenference possibly . elore Its ses•
yourto -day. Its Meal acts Will be given
your readers hereafter. . VIA
Actium. sievrass ow Onenenr.
Tile pulpits of all the churches 1a this
plume and eurreiradlng towns and village•
were filled by th e linneers of %helloed°,
ricerand it was • day of much religion s
interest in the communley. • '
In the morning Dr. Brown preached In
the Methodist Protestant. Church the ordi-
nation seridon, after which theeandidates
Inc .Elden , orders were ordained by the
President, assisted by Bey. Dr. Msg. and
Bev. Mr. &night. hoe. Z. liege., fornaerlY
Chaplain In the 11.'8. Army. delivered an
Glfectivn misormary ...trees in the Cum
berland Preelir rm.. Chore , in the
noon. end preached one of Ills ptaleeopial
ml and practiCal emulous, greatly to l ine
edification of a crowded amilened Dr.
Eagan has lost none of his vigor mad ell
e:honey es a public sneaker.
Dr. gown Ls now In lath Tom, aeut
posserdei the Mental vigoy of his youthful
illy.. 111 a sermon wen one 0: Meat Meer
and eloquence. The 'hey. i . ft.leitl,
delivered a very fine and lehr instructlii! Pen DJ),
mon to the congregation In the' Our",
berland Presbyter!. °Munn M.- the
morning, and Um.. Derr In tie even.
g. Wo had not the pleaeure' , of
hearing thee. gentlemen. heirloom their
high reputation an able .MlO %stare, we
have no /lOWbt titer labors were profitable.
Dr. Cowl preached in the rice/It/elan
entlrei to the morning, and Rey. A. Mark,
A. 11... la the evening. Dr. Cowl delivered a
moat correct mid eloquent discourse, and
was lilably spurn:dated by his andlente.
W list shell we say 10 regard to the sermon
delivered by rdr.Cdark lathe eventual Well,
It urea Gee of Alai. Clark's Than. hese Wel,
instruslise, Impressive; and • raceme
fat e...lrtot. All were Mettle . delighted.
and we treat greatly Pregishl. Mesh.. bat
law equals in the Wert as • pedpirorstor,
Dnd a successful pastor , no superior.
r. Collier sweetened in the isionsingin the
H. C. Match. - have heard his mirmon
spoken of in terms of the highest oosiaMen-
Mitten— The Dr. Is oneof the able tungsten.
of the Conference.
The I.mtiference L well attended by the
citizens, and leo think Is makings good at
preaslon Up= tilts communlty. The arose
than continues pleasant, and Mt axe ea.loy-
Los =namely°. trendy. A fem started, for
home this- morning, but there are still
about leek ministers and nearly an equal
number of layman present.
MOrtl anon. a s•: o. •
&mins Moenln. AirialLL
Ito - boad of Sewing ilsolline . AlrFtle.
In Lbe ,oftlolallfst're.rts Expodtloa
. • own wooed.. •
iOnzon t N. 'York' Sewing
Knobble,'Buttoilitote lienniner. Next come
tntetneze swan of sheer nwnote to Ynrioui
eenzyntares; then twenty-two Wards of
bronze meanie, and twenty . bowornble InZo-
_ „ ..•
-. Finallynch:ass under the haltd,ol
"eld: 5reA11 2 , ,, 5 , T.....niree,...Tr..29 . ameter Of
taY This last award bed no referee. Mina
Bowe Company.. ora l Wood us krona tie. 7
on the jurrs list al merits (the Tlorenee
steed he. 9, Word go. 8, How e 11.
Emplre• No. Ze) and had Isot the slightest.
citanee ter the gold Medal. It was awarded
to Kr. Wow, -peranordlo: So atate Baron
Mauler. Preendettl.rted d`Allgity. Tenon
. d member-of the jury of that a...
Toet he .10. not even admit /to we
to be the tetvwfar or the sewing ms.chlte,
bat elates tins honor far Thtmonler. a
Irmichteam woo inanufactured sane . so
several hundreds of sawing machine as
early se 2011. They simply style Id, Rowe
promoter of the ww!ng nuchlue.—Ledger.
Maineement. • '
The Oreas Thampson cam.
mantled the second week at her engage
ment at the OpOra Raw last pis ht. The.
then, the Cricket," was prefrontal. ang It M
nnlversally• conceded that Maggie Mitch
ell. who excels Is this piece, will fled
worth/ competitor for, the, tipsters she
has so long enjoyed in Miss Thompson.
The east of character* througheet the
piece as and lima Thompson being
wall supported, as a oossequeuee the rend.
erring of the ploy w as unexceptionable. Tne
house was filled with a fashionable and ap
preciative audience, who were unanimous
in their praise of the universal favorite.
Vanisrms T —Night edger night Is
the Verbatim Theelry crowdedn.lovlng from box to
gallery with the fq, ro.
°bating lengli-enjoying 'Artie.. or the:oke-ap coprn.
reneitY. to witness the nbvelties nightly
prwlinced there. Every night brings some
thing new at Trimble's, and the peep'e
have discovered it. This establishment is
conduoted with a spirit or liberality on
the pen of the managers which will in
sure its anooses.
Easy.. Lein illenalnary, •
Which opens Ito first term next week wader
the direction of lbw. D. H. A. McLean, for.
reerly of thus city, and lately connected
With Westminster College, Net
ton, Pa:, hat Just been provided with •mag-
Meant square grand Deeker piano, select
ed trona the rooms of C. Mellor, the solo
aionc in this city for the peckers. it ha of
malfeldoent tone and workmanship, mad Its
external nabob Is so ammo and beautiful
that It would In an ornament In any Carter
of drawingroom in the land. The pennant
the Seminary have reasue to be g rateful to
Dr. 'gateau for putting at their rvice so
Impeder a piano: It is gratifying to bear
or the successor the Docker Pianos in our
seeCeell Well merited, and sure tom.
crease.• Our best tromiclane prefer them to
MI others, and they are fast becoming the
popular piano amonget our most musical
families —so rapid is tbe sale of them, that
Mr. Steller can scarcely keep an aasortnimit
them on hand. •• •
Henry , Brace, of Mcßee', fluke, cams be
' fore Aldermen Donaldson, yesterday, and
meds information against . Thomas Aiken
and 400 a Weaver;oharging them with lar
ceny. It appears that - Prime is a gardner,
and yesterday morning at in fatly boor
had gathered a load of mations. tomatoes,
etc., for the purpose of alluding mullet.
Ile left his wagon for a abort time, prepare.
tory to Diving home, when, mate salaam;
Aiken and Weaver carried , of a number of
mallows, several beasts of tomatoes, and
other. vegetables.. A warrant was leaned
and pleurel In Um lauds of °Moen Smith
and Berber,. who arrested the 00411.101 and
brought them before. the Ahlermae, who
1/.111 them in the non of live hundred dol•
late each for their appearance 00 Wednes.
day fur a hearlAg.•
Jain hoot% toed° laformailon hetes* Al
derman Mullin, of Allciihenri yeeterday,
against William gteel, charging him with
aissault and battery. The parties are em
ployed at Gratis choral rectory, Alle
gheny, ono It appears quarreled about some
trifling matter, when - Steel struck theme.
scum la the face with big an. The matter
was settled by the defendant paying the
Jelin Kerr appeared before the game meg.
Krebs at, the wee tine, and made tarn. ,
nation against. J. Bonner for: =mit area
battery,who be alleges struck-him and
knoelted him down en rederal merest, on
the oth test. A.werfMtt tree 'glued forAtto
City Clewioelle—hlprelot Mlowthola,
t speclLl mooting of the 131deothiet,d, of
the City Colwell.. was ealled Monday even
ing, Behtemhoor oth, for the harpoon> of
toting doh atte nation is relation - to the
paring of Wood .treat with the Miriam>
moultaro present: Mauro. Arai:oar:mit,
Carlo. Crawford; Gallaher. Atetlerth,=.
Kilian, Morrow, White, Meander,
tAn it requires Woman rneMbein trreaneti.
utu ► quorum, and there being but nine
present, no buignees was transacted.. .
Surety et tke Perteek—Albrat Hatter.d
l'red: . Beckman, i•raddeate of 'the ..sle , n,.
want teed a quarrel 'mammy. deMetrweice
Seekuum threatened to whip Better. TMs
bele( e Crave offence. Satter *pestered be
fore Alderman Taylor end ramie Worms,
Moo arratest Beekman for curet/ of the
peace. • A - warrant' was issued. Beekman
arrested and held fora hearted , The better
1/117 to eilttle cans of this kind would - be
Loins the .paittes equally ant Odd° the
wets between them. •
Reid far abwri.—James Millet wee er
mined oo a charge or •eaesult cod battery,
NreltMid by Daniel Y'Llovero." before ea
rmas Main, and after a !rearing was
herb:tin the erun of Ave hundred dollars for
his appearance at Court. The Dartlea
ride to Lawrenceville, and it eppears bed e.
quarrel, which &tally came to .blorre, when
WOnvern was kora:lkea doirn "Apl -bad y
. Temparasthe defilagol , the - Allegheny
Temperance League meets telt esetunt
the neterbeee • rrisostaissic (Rey. J.Ye.
IdUllaa'al Ohara. ..adereuce .11.1' be
made brifthboULlttte. Sth, sad , the BAY.
Julul . W3thilbth Tbe !MMUS the= o the
league will be present.
Thralls from w 11411M0,--Abont inks
&moo, Last mooing, ellss uolen Bradley,
daughter of Samuel nrrolley. of Eobtmon
mrtmc, Allegheny. was thrown from l home
while riding sour Perryamlle, andmeorely
Injured: She fen with her heed against a
Mono from *baobab* snare rot
about/two Inches la length across tho tap of
We head. , PAM war plao.llM a carrlage and
wormed to Ter home. Doctors Walter
cold Ilarlsp were scrammed and attended
to nor lojurlea, weletirthootlb centre and
verde/. are not considered Of • anger°.
Peraesel . .—lir. C. A: TanceY, the Mt*.
lowa manager Of the Nitteemel N.efortnllo-
cattonal Aluottation. of New. Albany, led.,
le now fn this Oily, In cOlnelinY , wlth C.PL.
h. wall, oi the .7reedoCeli
TIMM gentlemen. wennder/Land, WILI re
main two or three th UN for Me P. ,
poet of making known the present (=M
ilan of the AIISOCIAt2OII, and to form an arm-
Mary anione the publlo aptrited colored
cititen. of .Plttaborgb. Their oredentlale
end referenow are of the ' , MI highest char.
toner, and we wish them anomie fn ear
etentannftr. ' -
Cold Mpaiklltim Sono Wetter es I. T.
seennieniMeng Mom Mo. MI lotlandetrool,
Allegheny. •
Test Patronise Large Moree under
the Imyrrieston• that YOU set things oh 3 u 3 Per ,
2111. e le a nnetrge, as you crgt 11nd at go. 119
Federal street, rho rollowlng -articles as
cheep as at ulynOrtee eltner city. 81 3, ned
Salmon, Meted Oysters sad Orange Mar.
nualade, Lobsters,l3piessi Oysters, Fresh
Gore Opoors,ol.tre 031, Croft , and /V.A.
well's fluor. Pickles and. finstaro, • Moen
roon and Walnut Oatirp,Frent, Pine Apples,
Ulnae. °lnger, Tamarinds, berntnes,
French knstsrd, Finest - Bordeaux Prunes,
Baum Condensed .11110., Extraci of Beal,
Chocolates, - eery Mar, 'Cream Urinous,
Cream a:iodise, Mixed glandlee,Xnall, an,
to. . 0.1131,3000,
gto.lll Federal stread,Allegrienr• .
ill Eli 11.1. gialldlog Lots al Ass.
lion.—ln Oakland township, (acarof tyllne)
on lietorday. September 14tn. at . 334 o'c/Ook,
r. K.. precisely, on tbo promises, will be
sold ono hundred and eleven varlona sized
Bending Lots, near the renblenoes °f DT . .
tiasza, WIZ. 11. !Smith awl oe. Donley,
.Elkia, on the beautiful knoll J overlooking
Penney - 174n e and Contra somata, and
within a fess stops of the passenger =re on
both thole, thoroughfares. Son advertise
ment of Smithson, Palmer & Co.'
Goods na Iteaeoriable Prima—Kr.
James Robb, No. ee Marisa street, one of
the pioneers in the boot and aboe trade of
refsdity, has on.b.d a Large and fashiona
ble stock of boom, sboesand gaiters which be
offers tothepubileatvery reasonable prime.
It will be remembered that the assortment
found bare Is not from Eastern auction
houses but has been aelected direct from
manufacturers who deal In such articles as
will puree serviceable and durable. Call
In sedge,' for yeureelvea.
fipeClal opening—New Feu Wade.—
'rneedsy, September 1000, and during the
week, some of the choicest dress goods ever
shown in this city. Assortment large and
varied, In plain, strips, plaid, obese, heavy
and beautiful, can be soon on the west
coamr, of Market and Fourth streets,
at tim`dner's only ranee' of business, 10-
nether wi:ti the Cheapest stock of general
dommtle god.da ia the Mid ,
, Gaines s EPINWAST.
Widmket atreet, corner of Fourth, ',eat
We ull kary Goods both' ea wholesale
and retail; and are, u a cretaeGkerkw• en.
abled so kehp a larger sad much Water as.
ecrtedostecir. to eoI cheaper. and goe the
roods la more accommodating quantities
than auluivejobbing houses. Retail mer
chant. are Invited to examine oar Stock.
J. W. Baum X
• • te Market street.
Wye, War, Timor*, Loac,
ompoo, and Cuts r.S.; wet:distally . treated
by DborA, IAI lifinablold stave. A took
b 7 anal 60 coats. • SY. •
oda ■pvau.t w.s.r. as .7. Y.
esnishe's Dm Store, Ko. SS let:tarsi street,
Mill Ootawes 11/1.14, a arlena.d article.
—.old at, low miss at nemlura DroS atom.
No al, Market stmt.
Whet Seat Il ialjo for the lout money.
at Flemtne.l Drug f!tore, No. M Market
Ea. to mentos.. Druz ate., lin. 84
Mutat atreet,for Sponges..
—A. few days ago, in A nuapotia ,
a girl, aged about nine years, • In
company with her brother; aged about
five years, and a colored child, about nix
years, were playing. together when It
was propOsed to play doctor. ' The - little
del actingdector put her two patients in
going to a drawer, - which was
uactaity. kek;ed, but happened thendiabo
open; into procui:d a aU box, in which
there - were two opitni2 pills, containing
each it.gmin and rt-half, and - one qUirdue
pill. She gave to her brother one opium
pill, cad to the colored child the opium
And quinine pill., which they 'both - do
cilely took. It was discovered about en
hour afterward, and the , d ,octor In' reali
wcuffed in and administered emetics,
hich produced the dralred effect, and
the little ones were aeon out of &Lugar.
The members of the Chicago Typo
graphical Union have lately purchased a
plat l
of ground at Rose Hill Cemetery for
nuriapurimses. The plat is centrally
located, large, and when laid out will
correspond In beauty and taste of destmt
with the most attractive In the Ce metery.
Tim resident members of the Valve bare
entered into the matter with their accus
tomed zeal, and the completion lof the
work will reflect the utmot credit upon
the proverbial: generosity of the Chicago
printers. It is the design of the Craft to
erect a imitable monument as soon as
the neyesaary funds caube raiSed.l
London letter contain the fellow
ug: .1 mentioned long ago that the
American Legation In this city ban been
transferred to ono small room In a cam
mon lodging-house in One of the most
disreputable streets of the West End.
It is there still, end the lust time I called
there the door was opened to me by a
dirty woman, with en equally dirty ba
by in her arms, which was actually en
gaged in , extracting nourishment from
the paternal fount. lem told that this
is not an uncommonoccurrence.".l
Auguirha, Ga., on Sundaafter- '
noon, a negro boy followed hie father,
who went Into a nelghberla house for the
purpose of procuring some matches. On
a table, In the corner of a room, stood a
tumbler, with a strong solution or potash,
which was cleaning windows.
The little boy drank a portion of thie,
which root, 'however, was not dlsocrend
for nom°, time after. Ile antlered in
nmely dunng the night, and was re
leased from ell pain In the morning. •
—The. Priucio of Wales seems to be get
ting ahead pretty fast on the &Towns
arerai which he so openly affects. The
lest-piece of unpleasant news about Mai
comes from the 3fabilte, at Paris, where
his rowdyism drew forth a• rebuke from
one of the festive damsels who disport
themielves in the can-can. The extreme
Democrats of England could desire no
inote'cirective ally In their efforts to dis
pel the popular illusion or that divinity
that doeth hedge about a King,
lhormon settlement Is likated tu
Minnesota, at Battle Lake, which In calk
ed the moat charming place in the State.
It consists of eighteen fernlike. They
occupy a [hemmed acres of well fenced
and well cultivated 'hind. They are din-
Ciples of Jo. Smith, and do not permit
polygamy. • The settlement In quiet and
Induatridus. . • • ,
lam' Additional Local sews ou
Third Page.
CIELIVTOD.IIO. Moodier Sephoott
tter talPrhatiorta. amothter of Jtath Mm.•
:bra. aged la years end 10 =oath.,
The faeerst wtil Mee place from N• rooldeom
of Tor pmettto, MT Medford curl.'
hereh, TO. DaT, et 7 oteloot p. m. bleeds at
holly Ste Molted to Mead.
185 Fourth street. rltUadna.
00/7139 at all Endo; Call . = OLOVni, sad
dyers dmalptios de' ham/ Wand O.&
ioxn..oddnad dr,. and attat. Ream
and Carrhedi faraithed.
amorwasataa—Rdi. Darld Ave. D. D., Rev;
M. W. raI•COMIS. 0.D.. Tada.adZalai. Iq., /a.
40011. Miler. 800..
•• • Kai AND lIDINALALS. innxelever to Doi
laN lifamott X. Maim. N.' NO Units Atria,
Or. doors Dom lime,. Allogbany oty.
udlla Butomott. lIDAogtAT. Wabtatancl Soso
mood INMAN= Camas. ai tAN /Owen richt,
11.1nui oven at 211 hoax* day and Aljlst.
Boma sad CO.Aliza haalsbed aM !Mors NOWA
and ea wouresuntatla Was. .
Moo. ‘44 OS10,11111.1Tr•
Ah • , Mswallo, litootorood sad *Um Cat.
go., with cootiget. Ina* of funeral
goods of Ockds.d fnralthat at obortott natio.
01 lowest Delcu. !010 aul Limy Stables. ion
see of Mum .61i/Imi:iv Drawn% Carytays,
taroatita.' 7 1 .siries:Baddl• limas; to,: Ikt.,
"P, STETattr, triidertaker i
cone+ WAN* sad =EX SillitTe.
Mutt Ward. 13•Elno of atl kliktU. Beam wra
Oarramin tarilsbed au the elkortert 'testa,
—L. J. lILSIBAUH, at the Cerstell (at
Latrraatelttlfa oss.unurrli.llllllSLE
AND. WOrtitit . 11111211.
owe, wainuarrza traxilysoor.
BOAIRPEM • •.•;•;•L
argo4ODING AND eamtclATISE
hW DAS of IFIZX suybe eitatieN
tSir lin TUT laxly TS
Fount 81+1411. WY
surname. •
witnamsawr /um saximaky.
& taro Moak asilatalts TEUIST4I/3: OW.
tOMS pitattatlas mats,: uuditax. laasita.
laaaat =Meats, Wort Ilima by Salami&
jun .- .ajamatot Matta. Maus tor tb.
..1:17. Ud r itlaWS tad .110. i asteMile
did sad Oaamantiil Marks& Swot. W
a., papa ta Oa airy. No lamer, Mmattala
Menstkaat atioald be willed U.
mats row talaCwaiX , T.tWalTia '
of 145-
Chiba of • —...-- 1..8. '
—And am at raper to tl. para. "Milt
al , tat dab. AddlUoas b alata esat to =Pia at
107 thaa. at clot rata.
NOTA2 to Basscrussas.—ls ongoing year
It 4 nrs MaSIT 'flu& ednirsi Toe
Inas, as we Una • Arolomeas said• Ibr
=Oen laving f•t aa•m•Il lona.
Maio•/ by-Draft. X 110•104 Mawr Orderli
or laßeiclacrellattArsoury b•wt .4 ear.rUk.
tea. e•a
. .
Jewelers and Optician,
• eoanretnee et ti. public potzanagi kith
aria w generewly .weeded Um time et Ms
*sere 1 Co.. aed Hulett • 0 . e.. 1. nepealtollf
moVened. 00.041
oscromaaps To Jo/arras a siluiva
srmus.x.azire. azra
sra.x.raliirrr PrriSBUSOK
aitsatlsS am as tspa;idir
Watch's. Moeda asd teset7.
Merohaixt Tailor.
Hu rest ovel to No. g NVYLIX IrriSZCZ.
nor of leans! *Met. whea • Ns NMI'S.
bls ssir sad ext wive stiVit of
PAIL OLUTH& 06511111101.X 8 . '
vlartoros Amu 0Vi.‘00....13t108,..
%Mic se, • h Will bo =do to arta Ix the moOt 14.
man Ise comple. sss^tuaisn bZW-
T LEWIN'S 081 tillintiti (YAWN 011 of iShisis
will 1M .old on Tory rmosal•le urns.
In Oakland Township,
Cs 11/11 . 1111DLY. dept. 14.0. St . 2, 1 4 Old."
I;',A7 ELM:Via 771-TA Alfa:
MG LOT& Masts la o:kiandlosar as. Ma
the rerldaa a Dr. arra. Wm, H. dm..
ana Jolla Data% Mq", a nd
Ur batIMI.OI.I.
Ovarlooklag Yen asylvall and Della arta.%
tar the Yasilatt.r Carr
bottt to Hare
Thas lota Sr. partalarly all ratted for lyr"..
rata realdesta-tla nalghbarbood le grod-the.
Malloy elasta-the arta. drresslaso. 111
may of the lots Is to be flood good ball..
awn. TO. 1 lota ere all adapted for
goal/ anal*. ad la bah. a lags. tad
are of tou all tartar raa 111 tatted at this Sale.
Tertar-Ustalftbasts. Ware to owe, too ad
thr a learn. with tatarat, 0.00004 by *Oa at
arta.. •
Plan of rots may be Sea at the of". .111. Std..
Ole Dotal% Yak. Ig Watt a Ma 0.0 1 .
of Year% adaraa c 0 . ,. loaadry. Water
Moe% or at .
0/11.1T86C21, PALltEit d CO , P.
A.tataart. •
83 ad al nab street.
41, buaa-auiartineist !apace
groat, at less than linolce Pit.
ces, to aloes consijament, at
& CO.'S
55 & 57
a. IL—Wurnlture and Hoilis e.
hold Goo - ds_at Aoopion every
EittIMWON, LUKER sk 009
Nos. so & bl Fifth Street.
BUILDING L075,40:061, LLnaW es Grieaubuir
sarapite. ullollalag tha lutsds4nolt resldeaa.
Col. H. NeCallluisla.. Slaw an th. meg 4edr. ,
aplolot.fereematr/ nel4Bask. la Latrruifilrllll .
for Ilse flews; 144 want beAmmelli.l4
LAW. . 1.1111:ITMLY,
100 l lgtei4 sad luaonsaan Aseami
F°4 sLLE—Thig hame.m•
and very distrabliTlLll/.12¢0112' BRIM .
D =Me SWUM. sltu*So He. II Nos.&
strum, Muse lank. ThU house Is saUstad oa
cum or Om handsoulosl streets 222 VUtseargb.
••• ikon:sale Styr U adll
worth Um Muslim. IS itono soul• 11 • OW
limn. !gra. •ea crrr ur, aam Bosh al
Unmans* Sisals. B•Usistssol. isarAsElsens.,
ulna, Lawrosoullls. - •
How= FOR, &us ; AT
Howard% -Livery Stable,
Haar RUNT, isai losalasae. EDW.
Cht. NORM my ckslit to iAT*7
Crtrtrot. thathen.
Ilmigos baulk; wad awn as
Practical Fianna. Iptilifiwtinirs
Wile. MUM FIMIIMMILE 80IIttaliff.
. ,
max s mac L. 1.1)
, ' •.
e L wi 17111WWILT TOPA.
0111 ell 4. 11 4
'moan+ masanonakela Hama
CHAIM= 110122glaTCAN,
rismniAL irr.; audievutarr
. (rolrtl dearabove
Mu Ware I Table fallery
fiti r lardAllne- t a b gri =. l
oar goal& . • Altar
H. B,
Sealer of Weights and Rem's/
- , .iiihl3lol2llTH MUM* '
. , stunts, TApety owe' Tun Anat.
itndere promptly nuandel W. ialla:ale
iteuir,s, Rua, 414 co; _
Anchor Cites US* FR6111114
* 144 : 0 011111 entuvr. =lron a usurer
, - MICRON AND XA611102.1k
.uts4s DLiwi Q.
Choice .Wines and Liquors,'
so. 111. S. pt. OLIO sr. Imo xlmcnisk: