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.1//oagge AOCONEMODLTIOS or Psalms leav
ing the , city during the summer months
the/ psis have Me tlsalrrrs mailed to their
iddrese, by ordering tbe same at the offloa
tot fifteen mall per week for one Week or
Russia has vaunted her superiority in
civilization over Turkey. ~In a croons
pamphlet, - entied "Los Ottoman" et to
itogeorites," Jut published in Parbi, the
author compares the past Mabry of Tur
key with that of Russia, and the treat
meat of the Chastians by the Turks
with that of the Poles by the Itusaians,
and arguer' by numerous quotedions from
heroin and newspapers published in Tur
key and Russia, that the preponderance
of civilization- has always been on the
aide of the fore; power. Amorig the
arguments browt forward is one that
there are relatively more schools in Tur
key than in Russia. This singular_ fact
Is confirmed by the Moscow Ga,ette. In
a recent number of that journal it Is
stated that "of all the countries in Eu
rope, without exception, Russia is that
Where the kart is done for the instruc
tion of the people. According to statis
tical resorts, Turkey, with a population
of twenty-nth millions, had, in 1665,
IG,OOO 'schools, visited by 600,000 chll.
dren. In Itassia,"with a population tre
ble that of Turkey, there are only 90,000
schools, with front 800,000 to 000, 000
Mn .TrizooonE PARKER once M.'
. .
=shed that a rich man inßoston could
not die respected, unless in his will
he devoted a large proportion of his
estate to-. educational or charitable per
poses. Two Vacant instances In point
fall under our eyes.
The will of Tumuli Bum.rmat, late
of Boston, heel:eon admitred to probate.
Its private bequests are numerous. The
hequests are: To the Boston So.
clay. of . , Nattiral History, $20,000; to
the Temporary Home for the Destitute,
$10,000; to the Boston Dispensary, $20,.
000; to the' Bailors' Sung Harbor, S4XI,.
000; to the Howard Benevolent Society,
$20,000; to the Boston Provident Atm.
station; $10,000; to the Home for Aged
Men. $30,000. He also leaves $30,000
to found a Latin Professorship in Har
vard College.
The ssill of J . -LIES HAVW.AIIe, late of
Boston, also contairm many liberal pub.
Ile bequests. The . American Unitarian
Society toceired $20,000; thrranl Col
leges $20,000 for the Astronomical Ob
serTatory; and the' Massachtuietts Insti
tute of Technology, $20,000.
Mn. - Ranizirr Octo, late rebel Com
missioner of Exchange, reiterates his
statement that to 1164 he offered to de
liver op filleeithousand sick and trea
ded Union prisoners without au equiva
lent; and that it was not until December
of that year that the United Statei att
%lit:attics sent, three thousand rebel pris
oners Mthe month of the Savannah riv
er, and received thirteen thousand Union
soldiers 'exchange. He calla open
Gee. Mert.s.curn to sustain his statement.
When the Rome of lienresentailves in
dreamt its Committee to inquire into
the treatinent USLiOII prisoners received
at the hands of the Confederates, its au
thority should have been so far enlarged
uto have covered i ull on
both sides. So much was due to the
truth cif history. All the essential Meth
will ultimately, appear, and the sooner
the better. '
Tom presence of cholera at Fort
Barker and various other points in the
far West, on thi line of the Pacific Rail
road, seems to confirm, in a measure,
the Maori that the turning up of the call'
generates the disease.. Dr. Gem.extert,
'of our 'City Council, has long adhered td
the belief that digging sewers and bra-
lugup fresh earth, in Summer time, is
prejudicial to health, and the cholera,
following the line of the new road out
Rest, seems to bear out his doctrine.
The Chicago Jercermi thinks, however,
the cause of tbe disclose is poor water,
badly prepared focal, and the excessive
use of bad liquors. The water used Is
Impure surface water, filled with vegeta
ble decomposition; and persons drinking
much of it are invariably attacked with
In accordance with &recently express
ed intention, a Board of Commission
ere has been organized a Philadelphia
to prevent fraudi upon the revenue. It
is composed of persons bolding omen in
Philadelphia under the General Govern•
meta, and Is as follows: Chas. Gilpin,
Baited States District Attorney; Cham
bers 3rfiliMen, Aulesat Treasurer;
Henry IL Linderman, Director -of the
Mint, and Henry H. Bingham,
maser. The Board are instructed to
organize and proceed to business at once.
It awned get to wore
.a moment too
soon, provided that.when It starts It does
its labor effectually. So many and gl
jantle frauds upon national revenue
have inn° other instance been endured,
slaw governments were established
among, men.
31a. - JOIIN HICKMAN has consented to
take a seat in the next Legis/atore, from
Chester cmintyi upon the expllcitground
of &term and opposition to Extra Pay
which the - members have - been voting
tneinselves and others for two years past.
Will \ Allegheny now . brio& forward
candldateafor the A.airembly from among
her ablest and purest men? I.f the Re
publican pilots are wise, and observe tho
select of the political heavens, they will
take ineuures accordingly.
Tax Cnor prospects in purope are ful
ly u. bright as our own. The English ,
papers think the cereals of England will
be unusually, prolitic. d. large crop bas
teen planted "and sown in France and
Geimany, and therein now the largest
stock of flour' on band in Paris ever
known. The wheat growing regions of
the flank will, It is bellered, be able to
export two gallon quarters this year;
IT sometimes seems as if the President
._tried to lee how mach damage he could
de hie own fame. His determination to
sermon General Sheridan may betaken
t alai" last cioneplommi effort in this di.
A. P. Mawr, Venango county,
and Jtxive R CLatur, of Warren coon.
ty, Mee ix= Anadly agreed' upon u the
Republican candidates for the Legials.
twain the district embracing those coon.
ties. •.‘
TEE Hon. George Connell, member of
the State Senate for
. Philadelphia, is in
town, at the onougahols Muse. He
formerly resided In this city, and has
many warm friends among our citizens.
Tire Pennsylvania. State Teachers'
Aasociation will meet in Bellefonte, Cen
tre county, on' Tuesday, the oth of Au
gust next, and continue in session Linea
Ar liaosor.ta, a town in Azimut, a
Lakin kia ;awls wan recently joined in
wedlock to 'widow, fat, lair and forty. 4
\,\ 4'41781
STAB 1.4 1
. „
, t
. • ; I
- -
41, / -
gs Incident Amu Ilmzedgranbt.
'Yrom the Wllwatticce Whoonste.l
Stanley a ' , towel/ml load of Nor
m. Immigrants arrivol In thin clty,
.1110 raderloreit ayant tho
Ildillg tho arrival For them people
art tdivayn inehivnte whlell are
‘y of a passing nerve. The arrival
en Sunday vvnenoexceptlon.
or th!
long the hotnigrante Was n Norwo.
who even accompanled by two chil
-1 one nbout 1 i and the other about
of age. The man hail myna nn ,
plue 011ePt to neck a home In
Ml. • .I.e. On the dock there wee'
galls . a number of Norireglano who
had red hero for a number of yes.,
1 and s' o were ready to extend a weirottie
to th • Just necking the shore. Among
these De ns a woman Who sto.l * near the
dock. ISlat uppenred to take little inter-
vet inthe people no they CIMIC. out frolll
: the blit, and the bustle attendant nista:
eeekl g for baggage mat having It prom.
erly c mooed to their new hoinex let
she elteertullv gave.advire when it was
tutked e, rr. Effie game a giants, at the im
migrit to is the, came forth Just a
glan tome If slit, knew the mulles, ntid
wouldithen turn away. Shelled evident-
IY stitathen hercuriosity, and was 'about
t i
tn. to away and tin On Sollth Water
sent, when her attention !wettest
rlvltes to the etranger end 'the
two chiltinth spoken of. I , rout d glance
the 1 ' k changed to one of edruestneas
for a uthinent; when she gave a alight
scream self of astoniehment, end sprang
c o , Itrasping one.of theMluldren
in. her ernes she hugged it to her bosom
and k it many times and tbeeecond
brie ebb treated• in the name nuMner.
The children were surprised and began
to cry.l The antrum tried to dry their
tease and sobbed herself the while.
Meanwhile the father of the ehildren
was attracted to the spot by the scene.
He, toe, was surprised. Ile' looked at
the children and then at the woman who
was aiding so strangely. Even in Iris
eye it tear started. 'rho children clung
to his side, while the wonutn appeared
very se min abashed, but hung her heed
and sobbed loud enough for all to hear.
In a few moments the man, lending the
children one by each hand, took them to
one corner of the shed which protects the
immigritnts, from the man, and beckoned
the w o inn to follow. In that corner the
Munna 1 woman were engaged In earnest
mum , _ tlon for Rothe .moments, . mud
when le y illune forth, the Woman had
dried it her tears and a smile bad taken
their p cat the man, too, seethed hap
pier tin when he went forth. lle search
ed a d among bla baggage, selecttog
it out putt giving directions as to where
it was t go with as happy as 111=11El. as
he hadjust found a fortune. The woman
rit'l' line Mae, but; she clung to the
Vhildree 0-4 if she felt :afraid they would
be seperated from • her. Naturally inter
ested iti.what on u e d :fi going on, we inquired
.of our iend thondeau, who was
• makin himself useful in getting the
Imminent:de fixed. out, and Paul moon
foundte entry. 'The woman watt the i.
wife of he Norwegian and the mother 1
of the t o children. Some years before f
ehe Lac) beets led to leave her home and
her hqsband - and her baubles, and tly
with al etranger to this eountry. The
new lift soon loot Its ....harms for her, stud .
else was tell alone to toil. on. Maimp-
ported f lierecif here in the city by hard
labor,: tel lived on, hoping, she hardly I
knew lir what. Many bitter tears she
butt sloki for her children, whom clue did I'
Mot be eve she would ever meet again. I
Saudi nntru lug ehe' learned that at load
t i
of - Noi egiann was to emit, in, and she
went o wn to the . boat hoping, .ye
sacrely expecting, to meet. innuelxstly
who co ildhring news of -her husband i
and 11 a ones. Instead,' elm met them. I
The h band was not loth to forgive-- I
the wo an was very anSIOn4 to be for
t v o r4i , t ,s i, l t•i a l re tl i r ai lrarte hce n sv i l , l l i t ell I ... m i tg . few
nese t ere now made' happy. The train
which. 'ant to '3l.lnnesout bog evening
took ti party, husloond, wife and chil
dren, Id it merry little party It was.. to
all rap mums. We do not believe
there I ill be nay more elopements in
that Ily.
cpcialent Americia Woman 'ln
The urioeity of the cosmopolitan 'as
iton% . the Exhibitlon has beenconsid
erably • xeiled during the past few days
by the', appearance there of at female
deemed in an extraordinary costume,
whictivery few of them recognise; apart
ing. the very . shortest of skirts, a ece
apology for a akitt,about the same l ength,
for rather brevity; of thole worn by the
tior%-pheest in the fiche aux Sate, ending
considerable above the knee, and black
cloth "continuations." "Dr." Mary
Walker elbows her way through the
crowd, exciting the laughter andtmeere
of her, sisterhood, many of whom could
wdl smite her some of their skirts, be
draggled in the Mud and duel.
"Dr." Walker wee prmenttitthe Fourth ;
of July banquet at the Grand Hotel.
where she was wrapped, up ct la Kirby
In the - America/1 !lag. Sho evidently
wanted to make a speech, but would not
be heard. She wears her modal voted
her by the American Congress for breve
womanly mires and attentions bestowed
upon tuck and wounded soldiers on-the
holt:Land in the hoopitale during the war,
and fur four ulerithm' martysdom in the
Libbylprison. This medal has procured
the "d r" admission Into the medical
eirelea; here, and given her. I am Inform
ed, great facilities for observation.
But I "woman's rights' are by no
mewls unknown in Franz*. Cases - of I
ladies receiving diplomas m"backelom"
of arta and letters are of annual occur
regee, and Rosa 'Sentienr wears her rib.
bon of Iwo Legion of Honor.
Another female who Carries "!Bloome r Ism" to even egreater extent thou "Doc
tor" Walker ha attracted no little atten
tion at the Grand Hotel daring the past
week.. She is very -pretty; and dresses
- le the height of fashion—but it is "man"
fashion, with the Jauntiest little bat and
the neatest fitting coal, with a rose
nlways in one of its button-holes, tight
veat,showing a fair—development of
cheat, hud tight paetaloons, with patent
leather boots. This young female, whale
dress and presence - have horrified come
of throre sadd of her lox at the hotel,
is an En glish girl arid the companion of
ano London brewer, rather distin
guished for his eccentricities of which
this Is one-I-Poets Coerce - ices - fence of
New York Ircralcf...•"
Wm sing of Uremia rad the Gamblers.
The F'igisro relates the fbllowing char
a/floristic anecdote of tho Prussian King:
The King had forbidden the Itussion
officers in garrison at Itudadt to gamble
at the Baden tables, but more than one
of them was often to be found In private
dress among We group of players. fine
night a Russian °Meer risked ithovereign
on the rogue. lie won, left the two
pieces, then four, then eight, and WWI
about to draw .his eixteen sovereigns
when he perceived King William In
front of lam. What torture for a sub
lieutenant to are sixteen golden pieces
berme him and dare 'not touch them.
The revue continued to wiu, and the heap
of gold having exceeded the maximum,
the croupier cried nut, "How much on
the heap?" .The officer, pule and trem
bling, had not the courage to reply; with
one eye /to looked at the King, and with
the °therat his gold. "How much on
the heap?" again shouted the croupier.
At this moment the King of Fringe
came around the table and tapping the
Lieutenant on the shoulder, said to him
with that Genhentuae, characterierlo of
hi s hweity; !Tome, take up your- mon
ey and make youreelf ' , chime before your
superior,' meet you." It In hardly nets.-
tory . to nay that, the ;affair did not wont
to be told twice. Benne time after the
King reviewed Bid/garrison et Ithatadt,
and perceiving- the Lieutenant, made
slgna to hint
, approach. Nod
Mug. • illiam, I caused you to lose
some money tho other day in interrupt
ing your game. The rogue won three
times after you left. You may draw the
dlfferenee from my private. exchequer,
but beware that you do not:commence
—Gall Hamilton has her opinion eitout
those loveliest of her ecx, hotel clerks.
4n ner latest book the following Damage
occurs: '•lf ever the edutsition of a soar
ing human boy be intrusted to my cure,
will endeavor to model his manners
on those of a clerk in a hotel. For con.
scions superiority, tempered with benev
olence, and swathed in suavity; for per
fect 'self-possession, for high-bred con
descension to the ignoramiontal toleration
of the weakness of others; for absolute
equality to circumstances, and. a certain
gran„ assurance and nourish of bearing,
give me a clerk in a hotel. We may 800
Generals, pools and philosophers, Indis
tinguishable from the common herd, but
a true hotel clerk wears on We beauteous
brow, and in his noble meth, the Indubi
table sign of gaminess."
—The Manchester (N. 114 Dull,/ Union
enyl that nt no dme during Umiak- thirty
years, except a nhort time during the
surly dart of the rebellion, him the ad
ton and woolen tuanufactnring businme
• been In so de - pressed a condition. The
mills are running at a loon In Lowell,
Lawrence, and most of the other manu
facturing towns in Museachmetta and
throughout New England, The Man
chester mills and print works havo goods
on hand unsold of the value of upwards
of two millions of dollars. The same
state of things oxide with the Amoskeatt
Company. The Stark mills are mid- to
have tenth 140,000 within a few tnontlis
for the same reasons.. - •
wz l y ; t;:lne 1:1111.7 1111
. .
=Vaine • •nnu•thing like :!len,oisi
for.t Ito privilege of not drinking.
—Savannah laid Thonlaceille,
hare Well recently monocled by too.
—.l Now York paper publishes to Wt.
email of :t ttinentl under the head of
001 Door Sports.. ,
—$0,1:11 British sporLsition ha ve•in.
rival in Slontreab on tOtr way to the
Hooky Alonntivitin Ibr a inttniner a mhoot
_-11orn.:, o ~
1 sak Ore reparttal to to
quite numerous in the neighborhood of
Matthewllk, Va. Dour or tire In‘ve been
1:111e0. •
—.k young lady of Ultarla.aton, S.
died on Sunday afternoon rnktit the el.
reek, of extreme heat. She hod attended
ehurchkhat punting.
—A.mulattn idyl of nineteen, noted for
her beauty and dis,dtite habits, dm.
milted frulehlo in Memphis by taking
laudanum Nat week.
—The mortality rent exposure is great
ier-tunotig the London I.llce than to the
I,lymNpsy and sore feet
.are the eounnsateomplaints.
--'Copt. It. F. Preston, one of ta u • oldest
citizens of Mobile; tiled iii that city On
Saturday, Ile had, been a resident of the
State for nor ham forty ytatrs.
—Who sverr . the Best newspaper sub
scribers of,yrixtutt we have nny account!
Cain, who took A bell's Life, and Joshua,
who ordered the Sou to be slopped.
—A snutsh-up on the' Chitmgo, Burling
ton and tptine3l Railroad, a few days
slues, whi,ll cost the company :MOOO,
eauslxl by a drunken engineer.
—Most of the gold now going to . Eu
rope i. to pay the expenses or persons
now traveling there, and it Is estimated
111111 they will spendl $IO,ono,ODO this
season. \
—Much attention 14 now to paid in
the Interior of Louisiana to the prOpagn
don o( a now ~,rass. called the Hungarian,
which yields two tons to the acre on bot
tom land%.
• =There are now thirty prod tieing sugar
plantatiousnri the Ilawithan droup or the
Sandwich Islands. The number of acres
planted with' costs to Injoc. The capital
in the business is 3_,ooo,otst.
- On a tehnce, at Portsmouth. , Eng.
land, past Which - the railroad tnund rush
,salt trrmendomispftd, the iinclety for
promoting the I ;ospel have caused to he
inscribed, "Prepare to meet thy I ad. - •
—lllstori is not captivating the awn..
tiomofthe public is much In Paris is she
did in the Paited States. She to per
forating to.erorrded houses but the press
does nut take 'lnueh notice of her,
.. - -Several communications have ap
peared kri Memphis paper. lately to'eota
lish the theory that Memphis is built
oi - er a atil germ nean lake. The anal
tuents advanced are calculated to carry
• minviction.
—The rieeerep in Louisiana Kornis.,
to he unusually large Ibis sear, all ac
counts ttgreeing that the .eason lnot helm
very favorable thus far. —lt Is poasible
that even in the Carolinas the erop tune
turn out better than was expamed.
—Mrs. lull of New York, has draWn
- in a rattle, the igplendid snuff-box' ahleb
'Louis XVL - gave to Colonel Laurens,
our tint minit.ter to France, and which
destitution. canned he the war, had
forret' his descendant, n lady of South
Carolina, to part' with. .
-111 Plll . l+l, next month, in 00111100111111
WlllllllO Expc.ition, a %oriel of dug to.
ma is announcml, The thuta 10-tnkepart
in thebontest will be brought to Paris.
from all parts of the country, end the
railroad eompanita have agreed to trans
port them at half ipriee,
—.‘ new ohangel--wns• formed 011 the
.11issolvi river, nt Peru. lowa, 011 . 1110 rib
instant, by, cutting tlimrigh n ,narrow
neck of butd, and shortening the route
by twenty miles. fly this cut ,or several
thousand 'acres of laud and the frnrn of
ilamburgh, Town, were transferred to
the Note et Nebraska. • ' - .
—MI. Stokes, n former slat - ref Brier
Stokes, of Andrew county, ,Nto., late
sued a prominent and wealthy cloaca of
St, Joseph, who, he w.tys, kidnapped and
*phi him South id tau deocasa of his
muster. notwithstanding he had been
emancipated mid willed eonsiderable
property. The suit is for a'loo,uoo..
--A justice of the peace In 'Newark, S.
J., divoreed a couple last week; and
Inter In the day married each pair toe
new mate, so that the man has now two
wires and the woman two husbands,
though they do not understand It. The
intelligent -Justice supposed that us he
had the. power to marry, ho possessed ;
the power to =marry.
—The old 17fUt Avenue Presbyterian
Church congregation of New York, re
cently premnted their pastor,. Rev. Ur.
N. L. Rice, with a purse containing
e. 25,000, and elm one year a salary, K OOO .
The Rev. Doctor haw purchased a beauti
ful farm near Nem Brunswick, New
Jersey., whom he Intends to reside for the
remainder .of his days.
—Thirty thousand enterprising young
gentlemen in (Min last year, prowiaml
love, honor, and buy "things" for thirty
thousand bright-eyeddiunes and datniails;
and the thirty Montan,' dames and dam
sels blushed, and whimpered, and acid
they "never could go through the erre
many - in_ the world," and then very
quietly imeepted their destiny.
'—A. fellow' went a few weeks since; into
the Mom of a fashionable milliner.
"Have yotinny ski rts7" asked he. "'Plen
ty of all kinds." "What do you ask
cord?" mid the chap. "A cord?" replied
the women. "Yes, I want about a curd.
lip in our dlgglns the petticoats has gin
out. I see ye advertise 'corded skirts,'
and I thought oldie my hand was in,
I'd take what you had corded up." - The
milliner fainted.
—The pay of toddlers in the British or.
my, by proclamation of the queen, lass
been Iw:teased by the addition of two
pence (four cent . ..) per day. A further
addition of one -penny per day is made
to the pay of sill men enlisting for time
-WA term of service, in all regiment-sex,
rapt the colonial, other Man the rartudl
an rifles- This in a very stnail addition
to the pay of tie solMers, yet hundreds
of Men have re:enlisted to obtain the
--•.-The rot strut for the first six months
Indicate that the total immigration for
this year front Enrope will ho at least a
quarter of a million. Much the greater
portion of thelonnigrante are, i s here
tofore, Irishmen and Germans. With
bolls these rims, political CO:IAM have
operated largely. Polltisid dtsnhillty
rack rents and eurvatlon In Irelaind.and
conscription Su Germany have greatly
contributed to thus exalts.
—An ludo editor condemns all Lemma
societv, bemuse, ao be isaya,!sotne one
Ism stolen from him a bar of ecast steel
swap.' A brothereditor blames the reck
less extravagance of Isle coiemporory in
Indulging in such logo, its as "east steel
soap," when cant iron soap would be Just
as useful for t_letauting purposes, and
mold be worked up into Jack-knife
blades by the bovs, who doubtims do
the stealing comp . ialnod of.
—l3lstinp .-Hopkins, of the l'rotestant
Episcopal Dlpesw e of Vermont,
Bishop of the Unitisl States, necomim-
Med by his eldest eon, the Rev. John
Henry Hopkins, Jr., editor of the C7atre),
Jottrnal, New York, will mil (surly in
August' from Now York to littoral the
Pea-Angllmat Council to bit held in Lon
don, in September. By /model invita
tion they will be the guests of the vener
able Archbishop of Canterbury.
—General Kilpatrick has written n let
ter from Chill, to which Republic ho Is
United States !Alinister,xlenylug that he
guns drunk, is has Peen charged - , or that
he ever drank a glosa of liquor, either In
Chili or in 'the amly. The New Orleans
Repuhficon staples ,General Kilpatrick'',
statement and addxf'"The writer of thin
paragraph campaigned with Gen. Kil
patrick, and tan' bear testimony to the
fact that he uniformly refused to drink
whisky or any other Intoxicating bever
age daring that service; and to thisiewho
know him the charge that fe is drunk
every day Is simply ridiculonn,.
Vol ege Commeseementok
LIT Teezesott to th. PI tubsrsh °ma.)
graleenzte, Ilene ..101y11.....At the anneal
oOmmeneement of Wllllarna College, forty-
Mlle students aredusted. Among the per
sona on whom were conferred the degree
of L. L. D. worn Senetor lforgan of liew
York, and ger. Addlsoe-flellard, ,
Eakron, PA., July 31.—The thirty-zeroed
cerninencement of Lafayette College. took
playa The degree of L. L. D. was
conferred Ve WeL lknent Of the Supreme
co,u.,,,tpanneylvanla. At thelAlerum
ner, ez-GOvernOr Fetlock nr,,,,id o ,
14celdentOottell announced that it had
beimeterteleed TO rel. kn0.003.4.,,.. 1
forendowseent,and thetTb Dome Dearer and
Wm Anderson tad sebetelbel 1110. mo
riirmeasl3,ooo, oOndltlon thet th e
whole be made LIP withal the year.
(Br Telegrehh to the Pliubergb tiseette—
Loolovaho,'July 31.-111yer sautes, throe
(cot two Inches In curia
14 .41 1 ;gifeTtk
Ott Cirr, July 31.—iillerrtlrelvii Inches
and Wino slowly.. Weather warm and
cloudy with orowoloaal grower*.
hlshrhlS, Jirly IL-11.1var
Crepe. -
Tetuan& to the Pittsburgo essatioti
nussisrOgia, JEW/ 31.—Roporto from the
eagiorstpart of tb•• State aro turfoyoroble
for the cora Crops. • - .
Teltertpe to the PittAntreittlitellt.l
•Witensicrtur, July el,Wl
rlre Scullin. cite.
Mr. Merrick consumed the whole oily
without concluding Its Argument forline
defense In the case,
to mesa mrotoraxsox.
The Commiesloner General of the Lend
Unice Is . measures to obtain accurate
Inforluation In regard to the railways of the
United States completed, orojected and be.
gun, for publication in the next annual re
port" in connection with the details of the
immense laud grants made by Congress In
aid of the railway system.
beLaciatlON or rehari.vemase Warr ow
'sea :names—rei.rrican represent..
To-day a delegation of Pennsylvanians,
composed of J. U. Flannigan, John Welsh
nod U. It. Cogehlil, of Philedelphin, Y. P.
Sawyer, of Pittabingh, and Or. Jleavarmold
Union minty, ea a hub Committee of the
National Union Central Coinmittee of the
etate, representing the Uonservatsvo wing
Of the Republican party, waited on Um
President to Inform biro of the action of
the Clotutnittee, which they state Is on D.
cOnditlOn to net with the Democratic Or.
culization, but propose to organise the
Republican supporters of the adminhara-
Lim on a platform, with candidates through
the State, distinct from the Other grunt
political partl.. The President, accooling
to report, informed them that tuatrauch an
be had decluou the people most his trusted
with their own gOvernMent, andhis faith
in the permit: had not hone yet shaken, he
could, only fay ho left the Issue of the hour
In their hands. And as to theme.. of the
political argent:nice or the people wit it
great Stale, be moat leave it to the friends
of both wing. of his eupporterel but trust
ed the tree men of Pennsylvania wthild
bury- Peat political infferences Inc the pro
motion of the common end, an wit: the curly
restoration Of the Union,.and preservation
of the'Coostltutlon.
Congratulations were exchanged and the
interview passed on' very ple.untir.
The United Stet. Treasurer melee/1n
letter to-day, postmarked Dubuque, lowa,
spell:wing our hundred and any dollars.
wldeh the writer ssys was unjustly saken
while in the United dustes serer., for re.
mutation of rations Iv
Iva servant, wiled ho
had none.
Anotherparty, from Indiana. returns ono
dollar, fraudulently obtained m lets state.
meet of um:mum with the government.
1(1650081 STOI. BOSDA.
Various minim having forwarded to the
Secretary of the Treasury the reimtred
.proofs that they legitimately acquired pm.
leaden of some of the C.10,00g worth of Slue
vocal State bonds, air touted seven or eight
years ago from the Interior Department.
the Secretary tom rumored th e caveat from
the cages of these beam fide holden. and the
Interest Of .00111/e held by them will be paid
In 'New York, where the SW. of Sliesouri
ha. deposited funds for the purpose. The
Depattment mew separately upon sit such
The retelpts or Lnterrial Ilescone to day
were IrS9XO. Tolls' for the month, 5.14,711,
lIETIMII or Till
Ciller.).Lift CO*e ha.a retnrnell bete.
Ireutsurorn,P..., July
Thle Commeneerecot Week. at Moutlog%
ton and Jetferson College. The enemies,
Cori or cinemas began , yeetardsyjruoreleg,
'and elOsed this afternoon, er last we saw
and heard of this ernsatln ellen attorted no
that the College to aiming to impart serum,
sad thorough education. Its course et In
struction emirates three departments—
nob...tort,. academical, sal ectentler.
The atudtee of the first and third, and of the
drat year
aslg b*
Athexe lemleal. aro coed
bu W . Hbw tnl plan
mmlu n wrk a m a mint
Bev. James Blatt. D. 11.. the Vies Presi
dent of the College, resides hero, and has
this part of the College under his contrril.
Ile Is the right mania the right place. Ile
.govern a to tahn treat...gut la the recital on
room no la perfectly et home. Teething Is
hie fort.the fiehatthain It, with
a will. li e Is • rarrwhe with the stele.,
Yesterday Urn ITEthmast Chow nest. a Oft- ,
Ling opportunity to give tam • ...Ad..
eat surprise, and to put into his hand • te
ken of their regard, which will doubtless
prove to hint lecreselenty servimable at
each ...trent year of the life. It Is
beautiful gohl.lseaded cane. IL Iree worth-
Ily bestowed.' , :The young men did them
eelssa credit.
Thisevenlisg st 73: o'clocklarge neat
en. met In the lint Presbyt erian Church
to Mace to an address belore the Students .
Christian Aniecial.lolll. by Elev. Jobe tittles.
Pis, A. of East -Liberty, Ps. Ile found
(hname of the Assoe_Letlon his theme,
and he discussed It fully and ably. Ile Is a
floe thinker and every pleasant speaker.
Tomorrow we shall have something far.
than IA report. Alice..
Relishlitais Mane Mseuea 1111 Merles.
tea—vslesabla Convention Endorsed
—A Magistrate Deposed.
Cita 3I.—A large her:Milo.
Maas Meeting was held last night, freedmen
largely preponderating. Dr. Mammy pre.
sided. After several speeches, tedolialope
were onanimonaly adopted, exam:ulna an
unalterable desire to carry out In good
faith and without reservation the Congrer•
clonal meamiree looking to reatoratlon, and
madonfria the platform of toe retard Ite
Convaution at. Coltimbla
General bloater hat 0 mailmen Magistrate
Seeley. of Volts mhos, from Mace for relate.
mg an Inanfeelent hail. without. dna regard
for the gravity of the aflame, Wdrllge and
0.0.11 the two Wen Charged With aSkault-
Ingand beating J.4l.Thomfmon and W. J.
Armatrolig. Tne military hate arrested
the accused partiett, who will be arraigned
before a coliitary coionalsalon at Charleston.
cat iv, Crop Regl•trallfing Is: h.
gulabed e.lrisen Dead.
ft( Telegrams to the Fittsburge (busts.)
Avenniri, Cn.,July de•—deoounte from the
cotton crop are fanotarde.
darssurati, nly 30.—The number of per.
eons registered in Clinton county Is dye
hundred and sughlpfour, a large majority
Pobites. The number In Chaffee county is
ur bemired and fifty; Barnett, lour hon.
droll and wlrtywrn, •
Mon. Corry Menai., a distinguished Mil
ano of Vermont, died lagt-nditin, !died scr•
Cofounded Revoit—Astaband ado
Telegraph to thelettsbursa
Fos:rams Ifoltoe, July 3)—The fonoft
that Unmoral Nokias dad forbidden the Co.
variation of corn from North Carodua,
owing to the short supply, Is iinfounded.•
A colored man, John Page, .11
his Wife, got Into a tight last night in Nor
folk. The womatrselsed IL knife and tt lung.
pl into her husband's breast, Indicting,
brbbably, a fated wound. •
Neer Orleen. Blot —Noes celebrated,
[Hy Rlkneels to the Iltt•nergellarette.)
Nine ()abates, July al.—ilosir lOW C4l.
beefed to-day for the repoee of theeirktileil
daring the trot a year ego. The ceremony
Irdo in Nocbartici MIL, the emcee of ton
riot. There wee but little demonstration
Oa the eubleat by Wig chum.
Accident to ' Ambition' Recretery
(By Telearena to the Plttebarah Gaunt,:
Aunt:ran. t. I.,July 3L—Tho wounde
oolveo by dattatant Secretary Seward, - by
the ruonmg away of a span of horses, are
not of a serious diameter. 110 will proba
bly be well in a few days.
CUT irsltursola to the I . lMbWaa 0.1,14,1
Aymara errs's, N. C., Jaly 33.—The general
rains in this deetion hare resulted In great
benellt to th_tieroPs.
A counts [ram the country represent that
the yield or wheat wW be itirger thatist
first suppOood,
• 1
Cavtat lot of • Wharf.
(87 Tele:graph to tho rlttsbergh o . mm:to. I
Potta.nezram, anly3L—Tederda7 aft e r.
noon the wharf et the foot of Almond
etroot, covered lestlt hogsheads of molnesee
end mter, gave Ivey, letting Int. the deep
water one bemired nod twenty hogehoule,
rained at 416,000. Three men were drowned.
En Midi* to Obtain MaZlmlllan•a
. Body.
IBTlebtebb b the Plttebeeeb ttiletted
Bongo', 3017 31.—Among tho paneengere
per China. whinh arrived hut night. were
Admiral Testetboff, or the eteetrlan envy.
and his brother, thm. Together/, co rook to
Mexico to obtain the bony of liaxlmil
Colored Vetoren *ppfluted to Office,
(By Telegripla to 'sae Pllteburgb Lissome.]
Yew Demrsou; July 30,—F. U. Croseut,
Registrar otbdthrond beaten, was remov
ed to-day by OCITIMMOr I , landerS, and Sev
erna d. Farm, a colored Vaterffll 011012, sm.
polue4 to tho 90.21100.
Prtitbits' Aseldeas A Woman
Eby Tslsgrarnis to the Plstsho , gh Gasetts.i
Piarrascao. N. Y 4 July A lastY,
nalmnlgilen Kirk, was Instantly killed tole
morning by her dress Catshlost on the 000 p.
Hog of thn main abaft of Gregory k.. Co , *
rbo/en mill.
County Treasury Bobbed.
Eby Teitipato to the rittolituls tiasette.l '
lioalsoamt. P. July al.—The .County
Treasurer.* claw was broken tato by burg
lam. last night, and.tbs - sate blown open.
Little money was obtained.
Canadian Eleetlons.l
:Ur Telegraph so the Pittsbar[h (Justine.]
OTTOI,II. July M.—rite for a general
election Cr. expected to be Issued en the 34
of Augtut.
Death of Do /to
(BrfeDeena to the 'Pipet:nub Duette.]
aw Yoko, 31.-1111se Catherine Maria
Stelaeolok, The authoress, d 1 ea at ROabefY
Illpesto Dar ZilirOpo.
(k) Ttltinkto to tl.l. Plustrugif Swat.: 1
Baton,Julv 31.—The Moamar Cuts. for
Ltvgvpoil, toot $110,00) In gold.
BY Telegr*oli to Atto Pat./burgh mutt'',
lIDN/Nli •ND cr.zAprpla atACNINZAI
—moms AMAMI..
rants, Jnll;3L—Ln the compotltmo v trial
of mowing and reaping machines Yeeor
day, on the lloperlal!larm, nt. Vincennes,
the distritnition of prises made by thejunt
ahem, the AMerlcan Inventors excelled all
others. C.ll.ilitCorntick receives the high.
ast ode. for reaper sial mower, and gold
medal., were awardodto Messrs. Wood and
TUE 00013090 D
Lou pax, July 91.—.Enrelnp.—To-Ilay•wiu.
the RCCOIId day of thetioodwOod ranee. The
attendance was larger oven than.yesterdaY
The principol race, irtdati was for the Good.
wood rialtos, was unexpectedly won by the
Duke of licanfortrs 'Comera. The.leadlng
horses come in in the following order: Ga
mere nrat. Vicar !second, Is Daophino
. .
Pines, July 31:-....kanunte have reached
this city of is„ terrible expluslon.ln one of
the largo mines owned by the hotline/01de.
In Moravia. Via mine was full of o ork
men at the time, aryl More then ono hon.
deed miners am reported killed or InJured.
i•tures: or Ttli VIILTAX.
Tho aloft of the Sullen to Vienna termin
al./ to-day. Ills Majesty departed this af
ternoon tor l'estb. where be will make
brief visit, end thence Constan
• Br. mare. July :IL —Altens. Vas Icrgoot, en,
to llolittelo, boolotrtod'llto new Zollvorolti;
• sontaamt scatmimic.
The rreSslan GOternicient Is Preparing,
and wilt shortly so* to Gopenharso • reply
to the - note et the - DanifliCablnet. reosest.'
ing 'n formation , as :o the guarantees r 6,
quirt.] by ilmscia for ihe protection or
Germans in Niwthorn Schleswig.
T'acaorr eta/m.lllp GaW
lAy t4m - , from Sor York. h. arrival,
notrrnam Jily ahtp Ger
mania, from Sew York, arrived tad morn
litirtlo4 Jixty nteamer
from Quebec, Arrluti tills morning.
Los Pow, JolY 11.—Elemf ;ie.—
Yr.. - -IL; f.lest 774 Erie, Pifg; •.
1:. ff. bonito, frifj'.-
1,10.r00t., JOl7 caufoi
1011, with eldarline 0(144 00 Isitlailisc L'p.
lands: 1;0.4% Io!:4; Grlerna, loYni wlr. to.
illy, Wpm 13... Flour .
lower, sue rimmed et - Corn 4411 s Slis per
quarter ler tee milk Modem. Easley,
Oats mod Pess quiet .4 fincliengefl. Pro.
visiona—Ctoe. deellmed la;
sue American.
10, Ott CAL. LATtI ItEIVIIMMI to Wafts AID. ,
Port 731, aird Deer Dna per barrel.
flacon. U. Do cwt. Produce—Petrolatum,
spirits ail. retie. Is 410'. per 511100.
!sr... July ll.—Ererif..—Samat and.
Iron steady. Oils .4 Linseed omen. e 4.
, rho tend, hesitate not lo lend Untie lidinett or,
— o —• • ; lc-mended by the extent of the fee paid. to
Carrying Oat the bate leeeeostrar- ua n ctreumtentuig the law to Obteln II-
lton AO l—Aseembllm tor the tso. I cense for improper. hordes. Time may be
enes“lrw. ' nothing improper Or pertloMarly repro.
l'elettrayn to re rlttaberets tiosette.l ; bonelblo In a lawyer. who In nut "devout'
: In thee temperance mese. in addition to !
limestone July:l.—Bei:tent oCsooold 12.0 charging a leo el ten gtO/lere for "meting
iued • griwral order. regulating the sp. out the papers: , stipulating Allot rte the
polls meott to ou •,, toLgo to t . rotoo„.1, from evuit ot the Ileentic bang grant.' tie shall
toe gum ni ono hundred del
ienlee etc , es•Wilileut we 4104, 4th of the ! lam or more—which stipulation
`late **ornaments* Oct. log ...meted Ao, emerges. aro bent
A l•rite. number ed delegate**. the Con- accordingly—ye: • Then A tetnitelltatte
Axelrod here this eVerang. and the . advocate, peoftwaorily an, •enceves In /nob
streets are nitre with colored delegates, all j sort of bnsietse, we ohms the term rep..
wearing tee blue ribbon badge of the large erosible earned? teen:old. •In our opinion
Convention. .1 Large crowd gathered Iheis Ws bad ea the worst grog seller, it
amend the ltemnblicim hambiemiters, whore would he well for our sincere tempezance
titter have been lune or Ere nano. meet- I men, In their present efforts, net to admit
row. tOktny 30 arrange matters for toletOr. to their tonliemsett• or patronage men ergo
row. `thus betray their tetetrate.
!twee°, 3l.—Cp %Odin Wclock to- The NA:tort' , ileishal buslnes, ihe
night about Bono hundred colored sett ftewtoon. We heard one member, Wr.
one hundred white delegate. 10 the Conseil- eely, state that Me number of tavarns
lion hare anived. Much letevest is Shown bad Increased 111 East Birmingham to such
the citliene In, the proceedings of the an =Wet Si to he the comae of general
Conventton. Among the delegated are , 00001 A, and he Intimated pretty etiong
tamiiter once is The Carling- le that en more , ould awned in. that
ten, ..fatkina. floernelni.
anLi -other M4I.ICIISOM are being bed
iloted rind CwitOin
Ronne. and atthe former Is being
- • .
Subtrottad Hotta fluittre.a to the people.
he blacks of thel oily will he at the Coe-
• • • _ _
4'"X'..ll:::=LFlg.l7.l7:h th art,',7bl!
The' own. of MY Llnaburet, reKeorte
.d :Lents are being disenseeat to-niett for
Preableat of the Convention.
At a meettne of thn ex.Ye4eral'ettleers
. - .
to-mght they adopted mob:alone adviong
cooperation with all who strive for the ree
toration of peace to the cOitutry. Pamela
Aeleratee were appOinteit to toe Lonvero.
Mom •
The Coneereatlee caucus, tooluht. sp.
Preeeerßotte • platform. It Myers the ret.
!oration of the great body of the people to
their polltleal right., but Dego* the dtfram,
chmement of the more attfnl leadere. It
erstentaierl the platform had alrewly been
approved by the otter w ing of the patty
peettreention et Escesealleeet—reelinit
Unneminessetterienres for President
and Genies Musing Trtni
the Teexing tO the Itb.nWith t t in d et a te c . cNam July M—et 1o unt!l
trom Queretaro confirm tho abooUng of
Vleutarl on the atb of July.
General Alvarez, by order of the Com
mander In Chief. bed allowed twenty-elz
hours Owe tar the Indlvtguils eonhen of in
tba door. of June :let, to present them
entre, as prteouhre.
The iiduchere - eolifirion the emoting of
General Ceatillo.und other imperial oftlenera
at. Queretaro on the 9th.
Teo feeling le two/zanily nrittnllnOite for
, naree for Yreelden..
CanaMs and unmet are causing great
Mutants la the Southern portion of the State
of Tamaulipas.
le of the line of the
lila Grande has been apiminted, and Gen.
ilerriosabel 015 remain 'ls sanitary cons•
mender of the State. Purees are Moving
forward to ba need la cruslattg evades, Go
mm,. and' other bands la the maitre at the
Mate. The force to garrison Matamoras
wilt I. two thousand men. •
No Trouble Anticipated at the Elec
tion 9 ' e-asoirom— tbelera Meap
pear:tote at Memphis.
ar Teleersub to the littaberrh Gazette.]
July 31.—N0 trouble to eutlelps
'Led at the election to-morrow.
Cholera has again appeared In the south
ern part of the city. tilx deaths occurred
in one house on Stinberry street, lest night.
and Ilia at non on Front now. The Board
of Health Is inking enervate means to pre •
vent the spread of the scours.
NAFIIVILLC.; July 31.—Arrarigements for
the preaerration of peace tomorrow were
compietedroAny by the organ I.mir or three
hundred special policemen, and 1168511tatlig
them to duty. Col. Dungan will bate gem
mind of the military. both:regulars end
militia. lie was present at the Installation
of tun special • police, and made a
short address. pledging cooperation with
th.rtn In thu discharge of their duties. ap•
prohensions of riot aro generally quieted,
have been soldwithin the
o. ast throe days many Oro
acme ' • • •
Levee Commit.loners—Galveston De•
elnrea AO Infected YOWL
ant Tetegratitt to the Plitsburah Ossetta.l
Nair Tons, July 31.—The Board of Les.
Contretesioners hate appointed • comba4
tee to visit the berth and northweet and no.
gotlate for the aisle of the levee bonda,
which tier. Fi.dere wilt elan.
The Boarder Health has declared Unlace.
ton an infected port end required the Gov
ernor to meted° tint city in hie predates,
Only two cases of yellow fever are re•
Ported to this ally.
Moiled for Europe—Volverrallot Mho ,
(Of Telegraph to Ms Pittsburgh Ossette.l
Jimpros, Hass., Jely SL—lcon. U. U. Wash
burn. wife and tarn ilananters galled on
the (lobs to-dor for England.
The Normal street Universalist ChUrch Ong
dismilsed the lies.' Rowland Conner, Jr..
pastor, for non.belint and. falling TO Presett
Universalism. and for taking part, in the
meeting. of free religionists. Mild litre on
.IvilversarY wPon• •
(Moles. fe . the Nest-41.1arin 'Bab.
. clued Cod People Resuralog.
(Ur Telegraph isles Flusburgh Gassite.)
ue. Loud, July 11..-The surgeon at Fort
Harker reports that no eases of epidemic:
uholera had occurred there for mime days.
The few eases laet week were speradls, and
duo to carelearecu or specially on
h.nlttly olteumatanree. The POOPIa are
returnlog to Ellsworth. and there is neth.
lug now to deter trade or travel.
Hewing Outflows Accepted.
ißy utatiott to 100 (Welt.]
Sr sigortato, Miss., July 9l.—The chal
lenge of the Ward Brothers to the 134.J0ha,
N. 112, craw to !OW Alive or rut mile racoon
the Connecticut river, tor 41,1,0%) 1a gold aaLL
the chanipiOnshlp of the world, has been
accepted. - -
Volunteer* Oeusilred.
Hy Telegraph to the iltteburgh seette.3
11.7.... L, July 31.—Tbe conduct dr the
volunteers, _ln fixing lobo croon et Bt.
Ifysoentta, 1e eeverely eenstund by
f u tI y p nten A bl ve ly ga on Th bowA o he st h
kUGUST 1, 1867.
FOURTH PAG Julien and inadt rata
/de Mono, Olt and P10(1 , 14, Markel Report.
any paper in the city, aid befinmd
an or iburtft
The Linen. or Whisky Court.
Ilessrs. Jonatium Neely, George Haul- 1
I Iton and Archibald Pillow, composing
the gaud of County Commtesionersand
also vested with trio power Of grant
ing lieenSejo sell liquors, held . Court
yesterday, .to the quarter Sessions
room, to . hear upwards_ of eighty•four
license applientlens. which lout been
regularly made ,u!1 all rogkorod loans
complied with. About one . half
now applications for taverna, Or eating
houses, (the - name. en fur as regards the
sale of liquor,l which have not hereto-
fore been licensed,' sad In now ' Mesa
lions, the altered - law turd the liberality
of the Cotritty,Contraissloneis. an canthared
with the colfrati penned by the Common
Pleas Judges while the authority remained
to them to grunt aeon., affording recent
ithement to in the Ilqnor trelle.
There was a pretty Mil attendance, moth
applicant being iteCumPanied by 000 or
more witnesoce, and the.loone in the im
mediate vielnity of the Court Houle dui a
thriving baster. In providing "refresh
ment" for these who became wearied in
waiting their turn on the livt. Tha routine,
Or form of hertring'applicatines,is the name
which wan °Merced ceder the operation of
the old law. Thereht morn sameness. how.
ever, and apparently not ao close on hive.
Mention as to the "necessity" for the tav
erns or the "Ammeter. of `the apphoante.
Whtle observing the proaeottings 'ester
dab, nmo de sugg.ted Itself to pt. by
which the hearing of the n1 , 1 , 1 1 .410.s
might be materially shortened, made the
wrk of u few deul of the
he o ard being required to h o ld Lee sessions
In the day.. The vapors. the oases are pro.
vienely prepared— petition eating: forth
the location and accommodations or caps.
City Of the MM., with affidavit ns to the
amount of loges, bond. At,—and the clerk,
calling soups eleht or ten eases, the upon.
Cants and their witneesas Astra:lgo them.
selves to line In treat of. the desk, and ate
! sworn to make true answers. ooe ease is
i then called, Anterrogsturna are _pm and
answered, Cash Amon:ter, and, so cm
until the attire list , f• gene through
with. The ' Interrogator!. • put, • are,
' let, location of bonen 3d, slat. or a umbCr of
rooms; NI, as to lass Pecesslty; 4th,
is the applitmet a competent...ream. char
acter toed for honesty an d sobriety Them
aro answmed in such a way as to indicate
that the applicant had each a Phme, nod
that he wee such a person, ad came within
the requireminite Of the law. 'And this Is
•eJI. the Board inking such unto or record of
each tea as may root screletrln cube.
quently peeving thididnolithient. Nome.
EttlflCO3. when env ore OfrtYCKI,StO reduced
to writing, with the reasons set. forth,
i together withatones of remonstrtods. Wu
think at least no harm would resets IL,
more summary mode& proceeding were
adopted. The roll or:applicant. and their
witnesses mutht he cull., each Wan tektite
but mention MR Ms name is 'reached, and
whoa say ally hare presented thenisrives.
ltthem be sworn to make true answers
'then put the follualng 10quay :
"Do you conlider • the bruises each
1 of you severally represent necessary for
poetic cocomotmlation I . ! Of nouns the
reply win be to the alternatives the appli
cant would certainly not say no, .11t is
I not reasonable to suppose he would bring a
vritucesnrnin wools not awear to suit him.
Next oak - , "Dew' many rooms nail Duds are
in she hapset. Thu nuMbertndleated will
certainly not be lesa than retettioni.. Other
which might he inquired shout are
I of i.ocrl, pooh as the Ideation of Om house,
whirl, to elven In
s w a ntition flied, and also
whether um hous or ever had been
1 heausel. emit • plan of Proceedlog would
be no less farcical than that heretofore ph,'
Sued, white It 'gonna save elm. and. trouble
badi to the "Court" .1 the applicants. '
It might, however, interfere with the
I A. 41 fraternity, in cutting air their le..
n,l Jost here we Dave a tilt of hypocrisy`
a bleu it may not be old of place to dillp0•41.
tie have in our mind men, noted Mr their
detente.* In the temperance Canoe • who,
On snitabie occasion., characterise the Is
. (teasels.
wheneoce theme
who truffle In liquor, yet their stoner
dr, dollars end cents considered. Is pet to
Mensallen In Morn hag he oat—. • 00010 daya mat unite a sensation Ime
prevailed to Ginolngham, in tbetsection of
the borough nest the 11111, bounded by
Washington, Dentuen mid 'Grosvenor
streets., coneelning the alleged death of a
child through cruel treatment. The story
sot out that the child had born obtainoi
from the County Homo, that the woman
who hot taken It In charge hod subjected
it to the most terrible erueltio, each as
It in the cellar and garret for
I long periods wlthout food, beating It tin.'
and doing other things which
we do not care to mention. It is
logs neighborhood, wouierillve there who
talk a great deal 1011 lunch 011 all ccenslona,
and when they obtain any sort or founda
tion for a eancellon, fall not to take Wean-
Pure Of It. In this Instance they bed. game,
treat., and how well they enjoyed It may be
Inlng Incl. The death or the child refei red
to; on Sunday last, in conmaction with
the. stalk" previously indulged in, • set
the nelghbOrbOod In n blaze Of erelternent.
Old women. unl - gOeng One*. too, collected
on the Mores turners, and with indignation
°lntend upon their countenances, In the
bearing al their own dirty tams'. neglected
nrelilne, InVelghod against the abihtetarver
and inUnterer. • Korn considerate, attend
mstircir-own-businese tort of PeoPle, ex
cited by the created, went snout de.
tertrdning Y to the tenth orthe ellegatiOne
In theproper way. The pnysician who at.
tended - the child in Its llinws, slum/ the
fourth of .1017, woe called Open and owed
in reply to inquiries that death resulted
(rein natural runes, and that theme who
bad the Wald In their care seemingly bad
given 14 proper attention during he Illness:
It might have been crrielly treated preel
onaly, and this 'might have Cansed Ito 111-
nee*, bet eh form ho observed (who could
know hotter) death did not result from yl6.
Irate. So ended inn eecn,ation"
except the obusy bodies,' who are still
rovellng In horrible levolailoos. .
The 814t1listen order—Cloning of
the Inquest—Me Result.
The nearer Argus says: Tho Middleton
murder, which‘ocourred In this county_ On
the night of the ith of November, and to
which we have so frequently alluded In
these continua has now assumed another
phase. - The Inquest met from limo to time
atter aliddleton4 licitly was found, het ow
ing to the absence of linoortarit
;Infernal coming to any conclusion In the
matter. Those witnessoe were last week
brought to the stied, and after a patient,
heanng. and thorough an Investigation
. the Buy could give the matter, the fol.
lowing Verdict was rendered:
"Thulline Middleton Miele le his death by
acts of violence, et or near the mouth or
Itun,lit Brighton township, Beaver
county, Penney !venni, on the night of the
11th or the morning of the 13111 of 'Novem
ber laid; and that .14 aCte al Violence wore
committed by Uniting 'Burch - , William
Wilco, John Stomp. Washington Bunion,
and James Parris."
In .cordarrerr with this conclusion, on
Thursday morning hut, James Perri...was
arrested while In Braver, and on the after
noon of the same day Themes Burch and
John stump wore no - erica notarcen Beetles
for end Now Brighton, while at work In a
brick yard, and on the followingdey Wash
ington Benton was taken iota
radio going from his inane to Sharon/. 'lir B.
11am Wlke was arrested into ou Yrlday.
night sh Squirrel /1111. near Pittsburg's.
' The whole of them parties weralnought to
Beaver as they.were arrested, and- non
now in Jell awaiting further proceed
ings against therein The testimony againat
the parties named' is maid to be pretty
strong, but et this atone. It Is Impossible to
say what the final result will bo.
At Trinity (Episcopal) Church on {Padua
day morning, Abel Serfoot, eon of the
Bishop of the diocese of Pittsburgh, was
Ordained to the "taconite. The solemn
nod Improisive Mlles for the ordaining or
Deatione wan observed. Delude the Bishop
and the candidate, there were present ten
Presbyters and Deacons, els: Rev. Dr.
Swope, of New York, (formerly hector,)
Nev. John Scarborough of Poughkeepent,
N.Y., (Eater elect or Trinity Cbureh,) Ilea.
Dr. Preston, Res. Or. Made, and neve.
Messrs. Slater', Ten Brack, Wilson,Puller,
DoCandleut, and Ely, of this diocese. The
ordinatlen sermon, preached by Dr. C. E.
Swore. from St. Mark, VIII. ,;Brae an elo•
wawa and able exposition of tea DIO tee ata.
Uierlty and inured functions of too
tian ministry.. The coaelnding Tart Westin
earnest and most touching address to the
young gentleman about to be set apart to
tinatulnletry. Of this portion of the Eel,
gentleman's discourse we, hate te Magda a
espy for
Struck lettli an Axe.
Tho Franklin Chime sayst Un Thursday
mornlrdelast en altercation occurred be
tween a young soh of Mr. Jail. Dempsey,
of this piece. and o man named DirdanD, In
regard to a boat. Dirdsell, who was In t~tllo
boat, limited and golog op , to the boy atrial),
him with the side of an axe on the head,
knocking him Into Trench creek. Belling
some men running to the spot, • Birdsall
fled to the woods. A warrant was As
seed but lie lies .113 t yet been arrested. if
/Indult le caught, he ehonld suffer the ex
treme penalty of the 'law, for thbl eoWarilly
and brim! altar*.
~. .
Llicalaghte• Ibildje. ,Oatratte.—.A.
..ti.l wancee ail wh en trelterdar. to fora
layo r mocarthy, us the cue af William Ida
Elravey and Alexander Bretrertoii, charged
with entree/um the Gelman larl, Barbara the litnalngtem bridge, acc.
dey night, the lath Ct. NO nem lute wars
elected.' The hearing, Will bieTnatinuett
Cite forenoon. •
• a ,, ndlienee Olenoc—AL 111.1
playa Preacher and Denier, • and ;
fewledl. chnelleb , s.
As matters now look we fees many of our 1
charitable Methodist friends and rood !
lihighta Templar have been VlcMelzed
to some extent through the oPeraLiOcil of a
etmlia enee m en. ennui few week. ago there
mime into the city a gentleman or genteel
appearartee,Dieasinu address and faultims I
Manners, srho gave his name as far lily,
dreamerrepresented that be was in reamet aces
bordering on destitution, not appealed to I
'the charitable for aid to enable him remain. ;
taro himself until each time es ho Could
establish a practice kern. Ile rays be
is a native of Sew York,' gradoetee
at Geneva College, in that state, and after
wards studied medicine under Dr. Mott..
lle farther elated that he hut removed to
south Carolina, and was ordained no a iuin•
later In the M. E. Church 000th hylliSlion
Soule, Ho was a resident of Charltstoe I
when the war liost broko out. umnaceora
leg to his Oficrepeated tale, had acquired a
nompvtenere. Worn the ...lint gem ens fired 1
on Sumter," he fled from the BOutthiear
ing his family beti l tel MO. and Onsench.
inn Sew York Joined the ratan nreiym, a I
private. althonen be, had previously he I
offered aveoloneley" in the Mehra eralTl the
nerved thrOifghout the ltar,airbestahAwas
horrible risoner,
pens, le ano ofi the
Deleon enddred ellthe safer
loge Manned on air brave Men,mill /on
released was reduced almost to it skele n.
furthermore represented - himself Us a
Steam, alel remelts assisucnce„ from Ithe
members of that tratarnity. Being an .eX
cetera "talker,” and withsuch docunicu.
Lary evidence as disarmed snspielon,l he
eeoured the contleenee of • large number j
ot ramp,, end was permitted to make 'ap•
'peals to never:Ll of the Methodint eongregs. '
,lone in title city. In come instances be Met •
with great seesaw, after baring rehearsed
the troubles and trthulettonethrongh which
he had mussed; such as the death of his two
children, from etarvation In the Smith,
while he wee °lighting for .the stars and
strlpeannii the Pereeteatim Of ear Wert .
Oue Elaine," the confiscation of hls property
try a the rebels; niseflortsto ear. ifeelibbod
slms hie a Weenie; his patriotism in refus
ing a Colonalev In the rebel arm ..dOch
otner things as were calculated to awaken
the emipatteee nue open the pickets 'the
benevolent. He was also suoceesful In •bla
appeals to the members of the Mmonio Ira
ternitr, receiving a keonenlierable emnnnt
of motley from them. '
Yesterday the National Freemason, a New
York organ of the 31690011 i order, came to
the city with a foil expose of the fellow,
who, it eopears,Lise been doing the Eastern
foika In a similar manner. The aritclesets
forth as follows:
"A person mating himself John lily, olio.
Dr. limiter, alias Dr. George Levi, but srhose
real name is George Lerlson, has been
posing upon the charitlea of the Masonic !
Fraternity for some mouths past. flp!re-
Lresents himself es being Past Master of a
odge In Charimten, 8. C., willob oily he
left tha day on which the bombardment of ,
"Mntero was commenced, enlisting as a
private in the seventh t. B. infaetrytas I
baring Peen taken prisoner, and after.
ward. released by General Lee. Sometimes
he elatme to be a physician, at others a
Methodist minister. fly hL 3 . 0449 answer.
to all quesuone be has snowease an
Inane the fraternity inane city andslcirpty
to .considerable extent. Ice nee glso duo. i
.ceeded in exciting thin sympathise of the
Methodist congregations, (white and black,
and has swindled them to probably no great
! Alt of Ida statements are raise, and Iwo
bare evieence tent at the time be says Ihe
mama soldier in the United Stele% arty.
he was serving out a three yearie setae:Me
e theTrenten, New Jersey, prison E for
I has . d e e l d . f a rre Ilfee7twye(i. oV =llYrill'Air
r .1 by the Mesonte haunt of Celle com
municate this informetton to the sieveral
Omuta georetaries, that thug may tekethe
necessary flew 10 'prevent euborritnace
Laiget in their larratetion from being I
This Lennox is a man of irnteolappear
ance, shoot flity.tivo years of age' lice feet
nmeer ten Inch. s in height', mixed gray
bats end a capital tallier, calm/latest to ex
cite the sympathies of all with Whom he
may coma in contact. There can be ne
doubt hot Dr. Ely Is • ewludler, a. Oonil.
deuce man of the erst class, and as he Will
probably be permitted to gelidly depart
Ma city. we advise other nclabbori
hoods to be on toe lookout 'emblem its was
shown the tittle-le the Prememen. Ymlten .
day, but coolly suggested that some Other
person •as Devoting In his name. ' I
ly ExpleezA MOO
nevere .
'At th e Fort Pitt Works, yesterday Worn.
lox about nine shock, Hier e was an esplo..
sloe of nitre.mycerine. Two men were,on.;
gaged in breaking op a fly wheel for the
purpose, of recasting. The Dub resialleg •
enitnary efforts, It was determined to blow
At to nieces with glycerine. Thin mem. !
also failed, the .llquld not exploding, and I
they renewed the gannet, process: It .ss
supposed. the glycerine had been entirely ';
emptied out, bet this proved to - be a mis
take, although not mole than a drop or fro'
could have been left in the cavity. One of
the men, Henry Bustin, a machinist....
bolding scold chisel on tho Dub with both I
hands. while ills compatible was striking
the chisel with a sledge hammer, when
the two or threedrone 61 the think(
arnitawder e x pl o ded with great,,
Lance and sera,. results. The on
and wheel wore broken to freed , . nte ;
amt several of the flying piece. el rnck Mr
Smith on the bands. arms breast and face..
anU lareratel these, pens eery emlounlF..
Ile was alms eeverely burned by the
elycertne: his rtanda and, arms to
the shoulders,and hid breast end face..
One of hie • eyca was destroyed a i
long time since, and the other was seriously j
mimed by the explosion. Dr. Burgher was
mimmoned aim attended the injured mans, I
e m diate necessities, after stitch Issibml
him transferred to the Homeopathic How-
plial,on Second street, where he now in, at
tended by Dr. Ilicthelluid, the surgeon In
charge of the Institution.. The lei tired man
le about tarty years Of age, and resides in
Allegheny, where he km a family living.
Tyie other marl was cut In the thigh by a
IMMO, the Iron, hot only very sligetly.
A Toping Lady Healy ?Scalded.
The Huntingdon Jeerers/ mys: A young
lady named Amend. llettrinitt. eMPlormi k
as a domestic in the family of Mi. Major,
residing an the corner of Church end Mont.
gemery streets, in this borough, was terri
bly centred en Tueeday morning of halt
week, by the appalling of . • boiler of scald
' hill water. She was engaged In washing,
and bad puts boiler filled with Mathes optus
the 000 king Move, to the hutment cellar of
the budding, and in passing down stairs
with her trues lull of 00.10 by some acci
dent she 1011, and sulk leg the vessel. upset
It noon her person. Being unable to retri
es. herself. she was compelled to remain.
In the , position the had fallen, with the
clothes, saturated With scalding water, piled
upon her: ,She
.trave o n ear, bat 150M8
Lime elapsed before any arrived to res..
one her from bar peril... 0110.4 lon, not
knowing from whence the cries proceeded,
bee location In the cedar killing the sound
and rendering It dlillanit to learn her
where-stands. When found she was lying
with her face ul the doer, and the scalding
clothes beeped neon her back. She was
Jly scalded upon tne shoulders and body.
d her suderings were great. Orr Waist
ling Iris celled, and did all that medical
skill could suggest to alleviate the pain.
nhe is linorovrog !lowly, but 14 stUl learnt.
!cal condition'. • •
Burglary—a. Huse ran..
About two o'clock yesterday morning*
Mr. Joseph Wearer, ticket agent at, be - .
wlekly Station,on the Fort Wayne and Chi
°ago Eallroad,was aroused from his sleep
by some one knooklug at his door and call
ing him. Ile got up, but suspectlog Immo
thing wrong, did not go out. lie asked what
was wanted, and was informed by men
on the outside that there worn burglars
Lathe ticket office. Mr. Wearer still being
suspicious, refused to go nut and ordered
the fellows to lease, or sugar the eonsequen
eta AM going to the ticket oMco _ln the
morning. lie found that it bad boon broker,
open, and the books ' tickets and papers
scattered, around In grand prolusions, hut
there being no money or anything 01 Talon
In the office nothingsoh taken. Mr. Won.
ver thinks that the object of ties bun:lora
was money, and endow none. In the once
they wanted to get him up so Ls to enable
them to enter ttio house. As he was unable
-to recognise the roleo of the person who
called him, Mils is probably the comet
A grocery shwa belonging to a Mr. HOW
, ard, near the station, woo also broken open
and robbed of ten dollars In money and a
considorable quantity of goats. bore is
no clue to the byrithire.
Dread tielebentren Te• Day.
At union Park, Aileghong City, Will lic
hen] today a greed first of August eelebra.
tioo by many of our leading colored citi
zens, the proceeds of which are to he de
voted to the helmet of Brown's A.M.
Th e arrangements made era or
the moat liberal character, and rare enjoy.
meet will reward all who chose to attend.
The refreshment booths of the Park will he
occupied. whdo,,Swiegs, flying horses:en,
will he full;bperation. A grarni tourna
ment will take PM... In 'which s comp.,
of heroic knights will engage le a manly
contest for the honor •of crowning the
queen of Love and three Minds of honor.
ilex talented and esteemed fellow citizen,
Prof. a. A. Neale, will be the orator of the
day, and a number of other distinguished
spankers will be attendance to deliver
addresses.. every body in cordially Invited
to attend and participate In the lestivities.
The object is praiseworthy, and . we trust
there will be O. generous reeonse to th
bled Invitatkin extended to p
itio. radian
throat° community.
Surety of the Peace.
• Thomia Jaeloaum o made Information borne°
Aldermen, Moilliars. against bleorirdliann
good, for nicety of the peace. The proae-li
enter reside. on Second street, thin, cite.
and the deponent' at No. f 3 Monterey
street. • Allegheny. Judo.= ellegas that
the defendant threatened to eat his heart
out Muth a knife, and also to .hoot him with
• revelrer. A warrant use inged..
Ann Driscoll appeared before the rime
Alderman, and made luformetlon against
Jn/In ealfreY. for •urety of the peace. The
prebeentOr alleged chat inn defendant chal
lenged her for a ° pitched . ' light. The par
ties reside at th e corner of Logan and Web. -
star accent.. A warrant wan waned and
placed In the hands of an racer, who not
only arrested the woman, but brought her,
slog and four children to the onion The
tog Ind of
wu I lit a72f °2 l .b n a hut
Ali te,ez.
Exploelon—A Woman named Mrs. Fair.
In Whitellno, we' 'overfly burned
Tuesday sultht. by the orploason et Carbon
Ott ln kmp, flitch she wan Carping /n her
hand. ♦
e\ .
Cr 40.110 Accident—Sinn 'Standen In n
hewer. .\
A man named Thomas Ymnan, brother ord
the contractor of that name, met with an
accident of a most frightful character Yes- '
Scrimpy afternoon. A 3 we have already
stated. an opening had been-Made at the
corner of Smithfield street and Strawberry
alley, for the purpose of putting a ..dropo
la the sewer constructed In the alley. The
rain on Sunday. washed a duatitity of sand
Into the sewer, anti carried It some
aislelmo down toward Liberty street.
rinnan was employed yMterday most Of
the day In cleaning this send ant of the
rower. At abbot fifteen to Metes before four
o'clock to the afternoon. he was working
near the place wharf, the steam pipe from
the 1110.1 plc, manufactory or Modern. Batley,
turret ed. eaters the seweromene eLety
r,f, from the corner of Smithfield street.
SmidenlY. and withOit a second's warning,
torrent of scalding steam tame rushing
ihrUngb the rdpo in math n sewer, enveloping
the nlifortMe,ii man at Once in ea
hos cloud. tir Ito groat presence of toted he
ludnedtately commenced makingg bis way
toward the opening nt Smithfield street.
In sone of the suireesting repotittics
ee...10d to aching ft and extricating , hime
self f rom his mottoes position. Ile was
at. once carried Into Zichner. Johns
drug store.on the corner of smithilsl.l st reet
and SErnscherry alley. and received prompt
attention. from Dr. E. Donowliy, wno was
surrnoced. It - Wan ascertained that the
solderer was badly scalded on both arms..
far ire We elbows, on the breast...the neck.
and' the tipper portion of the bark, and on
the feet. Ilia Weave. were rolled upend his
collar unbuttoned and thrown bads, whleti
neonate for the somewhat strange
thin or hie leyarlea. So nadly was he scald.
ed that the skin dropped Idr the lejored
portions. trio. burns, though severe and
causing Intense et:dieting, are not coneld
ered dangerous:The feinted man le of
middle age, and residen at Port Perry,
whets he has a wife and leer children.
Ile was removed to Item litoeplial.
Thera taunt he culpable negligence
sousewhere—we will not pretend to say
where—or scalding steam and a regularly
etaplaynd man would not be m the sewer at
thosame time.
• Vence 'lath her Victories.
tine of those trinutp_hs, as will be seen by
reference to an advertisement in another
column, hoe been gained by the ifiwter
1171.19 n hoeing Machine, which In the con
emotions arena presented by the Paris Ex
position, has been pronounced 'datelines
over eighty two competttoi l s! _What Ctioniter
evWence amid be demanded—what I.lore
convincing proof Lto given—of the BD perlor-
Ity or this deservedly popular Sewing ma.
chine t in a faired open competition wile
all the Ocelot machines of Soy prominence
the world. tin,partial lodges have award
ed .to the Whe , ler E Wilson too coveted
prize, the only Gold Medal bestowed °natty
machine. The Gold Medal granted
Einu, clone was given to him no an in
ventor, and of each was' richly merited.
lint out of four aeon, competing machines.
but one—the Wheeler A Wilson—received
Ws proud distinction.
At home this invaluable hOusehold sestet
sot is held In .equally high esteem. From
accents to eighty machines d week are now
sold from the agency in Pittsburgh. Ibis
ruMarn.olo Inlennan I. not only to the
excellence of the mannis,. Out to the en•
orgy and tact of the Western Agent.. Wm.
Sumner h co., No. 27 Fifth street, where
every person is invited to call and examine,
whether desiring to Onrchase or not.
, •
Tuesday night officer Front Campbell, Or
the Allegheny pallor, arrested two young
men, giving their names as Peter Gallagher
and Jamei Quinlan, hiving obseteral them,
as be tbongnt, operstin gat the pockets or.
man lying on the sidewalk. on Federal
street, near the "Allegheny llerise." Alter
lodattur bls prisoners in the tombs, the em
use returned to loot after the man whom he
supposed had. been robb e d. and bound him
intoxicated tbe extent &Imes!, or Insert+
bully. the name was Jtesksem. Ymtteraay
morning the arrested rersons bad a hear
tng Wore. Mayor Morrison, tint nothing
was daveloned to Warrant , their being beta
Mr trial. .
'rho pnbDo will please take notice that at
the Great World's Yak . , held at Paris, lon,
the Wheeler k Wilson Mt nufacturing Corsi
piny did not ezbibli a Dation Hole !machine
an slated by the Howe Agent. hut ihrkani
ertnlnt their it/wire/tea Stains Jinchwea with
lie cry,ral foot and Button Bole anachnienls,
and rec , ired at the hands of the eminent ju
r., coupe/ons toe coin mitten. Ms on/g (laid
for i4rfecdon in &Winn Shichincs.
"We.Scitisit & Co.
Sniff a oagirr4b.lasmela emattritie
to draw large audjashionable houses at the
New Ope-a noose. Their performances.°
of n Bret else. order and low companies so
perfect and finished in all departments have
ever visited our city. Each oval:dog anew
programme Is introduced, sad most laugh
able negrolsnia and aeon.are produced.
The universal verdict b. Peen ih favor of,
this comptuay,and readers who fall to at
tend wilt win a grand treat. To-right a
.mat hilt is offered, which embraces the
choice. gems of music amt. - Inimitable
negro perfonnAtiOcs. GO early If you would
secure a ohoice.sest. •• •
*amen wad Ilattery.—Johri Miller
made information before alderman lynch.
against Mark Wright, charging him with
assault and battery. The parties are em
ploy.) at Coward's brick yard, Bop:. Hill,
in the Eighth word. Inner worka outside,
or the riled. and Wright inside. Wrighthad
a bucket of water of which Millet attempt
ed to fake a drink, When Wright shore.
Lim away from it. warrant war Issued
and the defendant arrested, and on 051-
moot of Macon. Was discharged Ay aorl-
Atom of the prosecutor. . •
- Fkkinc7.—Ellsa Bradleir6arie informa
tion Lilroll9 C.ldennan 11Ichfasters, Tester
dsy, tutsinst Flinn, charging him
with willful perjury. Un tho t 1 .2.1 of July
Flinn thane information minion hilts
ilralley;Wwcaring that oho bad administer.
ed poison to a sow and pig., which hire. B.
swears was a willful pad malicious false
hood. Bbn also makes information against
blot y of the peace, mleging that
he to knock her brains out with
a stone. Warrants wore Issued far Flnn.
Alleged Pale. P .—henry
Schwan mule information before Alder
man Thotunaoresterdnyotgainst one Frede
rick &Mellen° fbr false pretence.
Schwan *ileum that defendant came to his
store and bought *6,12 worth of bay, enter
the name of timid". , The bill wee prtrented
to 'Smith, when he denied the debt, and
sand he never ordered the goods. The de
fondant wed arrested, bald the' bin and
ants Of snit; ancrwaa diSehergrd.
Ignutte3 It Dated west
into .ctty clerk's orrice, In Wheeling. the
other day, to get a marriage cortlllcate.
Alter looting as the inetrumeni awhile, he
beckcrowl the clerk aside: ••See here mater,"
said he confidentially, "can't you Irate the
thing buck about two menthe!. The clerk
moored blm 'that he Could not. "Well..
sold be, "I don't rare auyttilog shoot It toy
self, but her Nike rather locum sport it."'
Aceldeat.—d. little on of Mr. Wolfgang
liebrank, of liceoneburg, agog about ten
yeara, was soarruly fakir... 4 on last'hunday.
near the railroad oulvutt, caste! that pl► cq
by being struck with I , large steno, milled
dawn the radioed cm .kment' by a boy
named Mceoy. Moth I lila loge are badly
bruised and cut, and &tit hopes are enter
tained of his recovery. A warrant has been
batted for tile arrest of, , Dung McVey.
Vela aparattaa boa. Water at J. T.
!Amplo.s Drug Otpro, N 0.38 Federal =NO,
AlloglaouY. •
/arse Platt; of Lees.—Seventy-four tote
will be sold et samti m on next Saturday, at
r. in Birmingham, on the pretulliel
Ituntedletoly adJolnltur the Improved prop
arty on the south side Of Manor street,
only two minutes walk from the Larson
tarot cern, sod els minutes walk from
either bridge. . A rare opportunity le here
offered to secure cheap homes near the sea.
tau of Onalneas, on easy torn..
N. N. Riddle & Urn., Practical Plum . .
hers, Um and Steam Fitters; Heaver street,
butacen•Franklin and Clundint, Manches
ter, Ha, have on band Charulellere, Pen.
dance, Brackets and all - kinds of (1 , ,a
tarns Lean PIP% Shen Lead, Dar Load,
damclose. Hydrants, .hewer Baths, Water
unoodts, F.i,Alf Tubs. Lilt, Fame and Ala
rump" ' Hydraulic Hama, Vitrtilad Drain
Plan for beware' All ,work "warranted to
Sloe satisfaction. ' • •
Important Notier.;—Ur. Spencer, DOO
- ho. Zi Penn street. mi.c.t. o . to
state bolus many friends and patrons that,
having removed his family to the countrY
for the summer meetly!, it will be ewers.
ry for those desiring to see him to can at
his ofnce between the hours of seven o'clock.
A. a. and six o'clock r,:w. Tbese will be his
eltlce hours until hboot the 1.710 of eeptero.
ter, when he win more back to the city,ana
min then be Mend at all bourn. U.
We 0011 1107 Gooda both at wholesale
and retail, and arc, as: a comoquence. en
abled's.° keep a Luger and meets better as
sorted istocir„ to .011 cheaper and kilo the
goodl 1n tuo:e accommodating quantities
than e: c 1 naive jobbing 000000. 110141 taut ,
Chant: are invited to examine our Meek. .
J. W. Awns a CO.
• tO hot aticet.
Deaf:tem Dischancea fm the Ears,
CgtArrlh 13126113611 at the Eye, sad all affec
tions at %chronic and obstleata abaraeter
eacceeenDly treated by Dr. Aboto.
smlcheold stmt. ORlce boors from 9
O'clock a. ■. MI 4 doloek P. C.
Ng Place Else Ist tUo Vity—etuo bettor
or cheaper Boom, I,3llcros, • Ramona* and
evorldboto else 1n traollsot, be found Mon
at the Uwe honored otpro of Samos Robb,
N0.f.0 'Market stroot. • •
For'Pledtral One, Pure French Brandy,
pure Blackberry Brandy. pure Blackberry
\ M. e% pure PorL Blue. pure .Pallforula
it Ohio Avouno, Druz Store. Y. B.
Mercer. - •
Prof:Campbell Is healing the sick, free,
eVary forenoon 41 Ashland Hall, Wylie
street, with snail astonishing success, and
will lecture to IsAka this afternoon at tII2WI
o'clock, •
Yoe the Caro, of Clioleria
arthea, Dye/niter', 204 A reliable &Attie
for the cure Al tams mWpialete fa te be bad
at blerbarbi Ohio Avebita Draft blare.
A tame mosorsolop I of all leln4iot Pratt
Jam .0 0.1 Tomolers,pnt orrivod at U
Bean% /Amp t1t0Ph111..525 Yana street. Sth
• Go to Flomlag's *woe. Roam co.I Id
Market stroat, for • Warnattql Standard
'Preparations of all Minim/
other place in theoftx. •
Go to glesoloteo . Oro g stem •
O. $4
Market moot. for BratWo.s VormWaal:cou
nt., the bola Worm Mbdlalno In use. •
Two . corri*B. „
IL lards sent, erstatalng 1111mTT 4417: COI..
MINN of tatensdlno readlna mattes, Ilteludtuu
leWtaß momomMs, Munn nem. y Tolegraph
and Mall. valuable Itesellar Names for um
Family. sad fullest sad moat rallabla noon-
Mal and OoMmerntal Market Reports Mean by
aaf palms Is the atty. No farmer, MentAnle or
Merchant should be adtboat
num rci Tax wzawr aistlTs:
C of .....
—Ana oar, ropy or , ape, to the paws semaa,
up the club. Ado Mona to clubs can to made at
Lay stsae, at club rates.
Nan 41.151:11.01128.—. orderinr Tour
paper. be taro and Specify. w.t ins
want' uwp Its. a Wed...T Ldltlon tt ,
feriberlb.l l . Out onte.ll:s wort. •
• }m oney by DnUt. - Lxvreolt, X. 241 Orde=a.
0112 Mucirterad latterly ma y 00 .eet tt 0%,? ea.
AddrellNl UAZerreo ,
P[l sv'OUFS, Pt.A.
adetek e( G. L. Desue. Eral..•
We are pained to announce the death of
this estimable Citizen Of our sister city,
thorn 'took plate yesterday morning atten
o'eiW'k. The deeeased ens at one - time
[affluence of Alleahenn petition whi c h
he held wlth much credit and diatlnction.
k edema tdreM Blatt
""erlY be . lend been eMployed as gate
neat of the Fort d
Wayne Iteromi,st the
rat days, Igo cotenNialng of diarrhea.
on. 1.10 unit duty set e.
front which be died. lie seas
teemed fnrany robin te:tita er
and leaven behind him ft :ante. circle et
friends runt erqualetlames di moorn bin
unernected domino. The funer:d le..
Pine. to•morrne id fire archaic (rem hie
late resident:o North avenue.
lalerkwate• Itta•Hpattoo.—The r•eitt&
glyttolit Canal Company hare reco;stly
made a surrey of the canal and titer room
H arr upaeg to Huntingdon. with &clew Or
adapting thalenlata to elattgenter navies.,
t ine.t 'One Lewistown
i tazette Punks there
thg In DO way o prevent thin Hem
being carried • out. Snell a change aro. Id
soon crests steam metrication. at least tor
light draccht, boats. St a comnaratlsety
hmail e.pno9o, channel from fifty mope
undred feet wide, and from two to three
tort in derail. mute be Poste by reneguer a
few rocks and !doom It may yet be eons.
The e. 12" Preaten—The plants Pule under
the sionoices of Division M. of Um Seas of
',Terinneraneo.yeaterdity, -. was ono of the
most dr:14011M or tho season. It was lareas
ly attended, sod au ettarseteriznd try, rare
Rood confect on tba, part of nil present,
adding . mach to the character or thin papa-
War branch of the temperance rier.
- - -
Consenistrd.—Wllliare Shorts, is default
or ttrreo hundred dollars for his eppecrance
at Coisrtoras committed' yesterday by
derimao Mullin, charmed With • malicious
mlechlef Math of Mary iteitionbanal,
Cold Sparkling Sans knster nt .7 T
Samplo's Drug Kora. no. Si raderalstrrot
Allagbaxs'. •
rir Additional LOCAL Fuse on
Third Page.'
MclilAeTElMi—fitSßOSNE—Osi Thwirdier
In. ;Ph bites by Mem •J. Retells Mc-
M eeST EMS, Hail.. sad Mies YAMNIZ
Wor I lartle Creek. ' ' •
RAMSEY bleCANN.—lyn ?Wedgy CeenlClC,i
Mall both, by the Re, V. Lug., 0/ the
"Whirl 61 Churge. Rem , ommone, Mr. WILL
RAINEY,E.g.. of ellenb•ngll lb, gad MR§ ME A.
Me RA NN. or Allegheny (My. . •
an. Weauescluy, July alst; ar, Ur.
The faueral ...11l tate ylaet from his l*lo reap
so. north ayee” . e. Alla/fatal City.
TO•KOSM4II. .•/T•113 . ON, at S ol•lork. Th.
Mends of Lae ratally are reeyttslullyafulted to
attend. .
NM:anti—On Ws Orients/ monolog. alnlh,
si.t I kA. at., literati/St i nthe
rad year or his ag
Funeral will tree plate frOtrilllalate mai/meet
WAsbletston Atteet,' rTz.woot
o'clock. .
tXll3Wr—on Wednesday a:Orator. Jot,
flu: at ateourek, JeraltOY lics;$ 101,11. , la
the beta yaw of bee axe
Tto (steeds of the'tassoly are reeyeetendy in
vited tar attend bar Innen , from the reedtaca
of tire sea. Janies McKnight. In Chirtlery Wiser
ably. tate VORNINO. ail° o'clock.
No., 166 /aorta woes, Pittsburgh. 11..
COPYLNIS of an nob; maim, GLOYILS, and
awry doierfpflost of./suoral Yorolobloa . floods
funitsbod. 80.11/bDened dslanditin. Hearse
ute Carrives faralabed. •
8117/DXFCI4—Dev. DAeld, Hem D. D.,
Y. W. Jambes, P. 0.. names Wel., Vie:. JO.
e H. Yliler. Lw.'
• KM/ AND EMBALMER. resees!Or lolho
Me Samuel K. Rodger. No. 29 Ohio thmeol.
three nears from Beater. Allegheny 00. Be
ttllle, Fleetwood. lEnhotany.l.Walnet mad Bolt-,
tiood 11Mition Coning. et the lowest mane
prices. Ilotnts open at all boom day end nifot..
MM. and rarrhotes fernlahod onihort toll=
and on moat trasoutble term. .
LtEBTAILEIL Wane , 244 Oglo &nazi, •
Adtegheoe; efatalno, , Boatmond and other. Cof
fin., letthaeomolete ilea of Innatal inratahind
Whale on bind, mot forotabod at ehortnt notice
at , oneht. iprihria nu* sad
oil of Pinar non 1112ODLS Cartineen;
Barouchea. Boddiatah.ldlo none., sr.. an..
T. warrE - o. co, twocc
• Texans IND LaniaLkirlos, Min Su-'
I. Wood's Bun sad 71;latt7. USDIa mom.
Manehesierth.7 eltable. oorucr. Erballild , Ankr.
Cbartlen Moats. $11.1119 ud CLlTillUte• Mr-
P. - S. STEWART, UnderitaSiwir:
corner of MOUTON and PLISte ETltdoitt
Ninth Ward. Veinea of all kinds. Hearse an
Carr - tares forntahed on the shorten nolo:.
66 virrn .Tar ire
cauccumarro alms not! s soon.)
kEtTMAX.B7O:O. 31%7'
JP 4 .WELEta7,.
27* MUSTY St, mnivtaii.
1T Partl~~uuly aHentloa [ln4 w"v""
DEVLIN t 4 SILL. Realt.,,Estai'e s
and Insurance ASentd. Butler st., L.• .
rencesille, re. '
Oft 19/11 , —)1Ale CrrACTUROM 11 119 t.—To
HaxprAaicuaset We offer for tale the but
and most &sizable Otte fbr 11011100 HILL end
Mut renown. or for anl inrin httahlh olo othi
perilous. to the Ceuta. TWA Morena h 1000
led on • 10 toot street And the Allenhen7 110er.
and wtthtn 100 feet of the A. V. R. B. The Ibt
Sso h 7 64:1 ' Cartons deafen' media 100 would do
wall to enandue before on7/pt eLsombeF...
Tense made •th c o lt inarnhaeore. Bannire et
D6Vtl4 /1 , 81. Seal Utah% and Insurance
Arent.: 'Beller etr•et.. Learramoesilln.
PER SALE—That vary valua.
We and deatrabla pereaft7 nldtatu oa
beoea atrcet sad the Alledb.”-ftm, an so"
Shand' lea by CIP rect. en which to cram,
• very aabotantlal Brick Bnildtal• de. WU°.
blgb, 10011.7 y feat. calculated and well adapted
fur carry unt on Almon on, brank of soanuface
taring. It ta seldom • lot of them dlynonsteat4
tettnltt tbr alLyi can be had. and wo =add Invite
the arectal a tonal. of Mum dertrons of recur.
tag • Discs for maw: tactrueng wooer., to cab It
the ottloa of DEVLIN A MIA HIM 'latate and
tulneante egi . nta,ll.oer raw. tAstrefrreup,
jiIttEIEST . • ,
tileeler& Wilson Sewing Machine s
Lithe GIIIMT PARLA letroarrtmr. Jana lA.
11G af-er evert longmeg thorottrh ex.:l:daemon
of all the ptlnelpal men tees of th e world—toe
Gummitthe or +wood tot.. Dowd or th e
most competent ma leeDerteth 1.4114.4
U 4 :. No. 27 .71771 . 1.271/227. rittaborlb
Howard's Livery Stable,
713 521012 a, near itowinvalas Hoare:
One 110W4E. very nulls to &Wet win .1
Ram In Infnnoth. than tOOn driving M*KEE.
fast Hone r Me 'any worn ISA na, ror shin
low. tonsnr and bold on onanunlan.
Practical Furniture 111.110m1BINTO
Latercotres of VllSNXTll33llcontooi:f
. 13. -13. 1; 51 (0/Nt
Sealer of Wel, and Measures.
N.. 6 rotarril
WET sad Spry
Order* ommnalv artont44l to. - wino
HOLM" S, BELL & Co.,
Anchor Cottou hills, PUtsbiargitti
ail d.le blgr.'prrateMll:4lr .
/11911.1 y. le, sae re1n , 99199 91111 , 191, will be
sitliio9 . l to al i 97 01199, MN 19 18W1N 81
R AssrAlumer BLUE . OIL
mown, far 1110rir Windowlatmles. ow.
nor .n 4 jest revelvut Um Oil Cloth Wm*.