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pittsburgh Gairtte
-1 4 .
Tdc. Wool; Gnowzns of the ;Calton
Stat 4 at a National Convention held in
Cleveland some months ago, announced
theirileterndiation to support no man
far piddle ofliee who - is identified With
the Frei Trade party. re is charged that
the Re mblican candidate for Goreinor
of Olikcileneral R. B. Rua, , ti oPpos
ed to protection and in favor of free
.trade. His nomination is consequently
In a large measure distasteful to .the
wool growers of that State, • and it is
highly piobabln they will eive him no
support. A convention . of the growers
• has been called. to assemble in Cleve
land, to determine a line . or policy to
pursuein the promises -of the case.
Ecirrie of the. prominent wool growers
favor the project or withdrawing all
support from Getteral Haye,andconcen,
_ trating the strength 'or the agricultural
element on Mr. Galloway, tlut candidate
fez : Lieutenant Governor. By so oolng,
they Maim thattbey. will develop their
own Impartauce. at , •the ballot box, and
allow the lieaders of the party how far
the wool gTowers can be . ignored in
state polities, , •
Vtcron Hue.o, - one of the greatest cf
Prench citizens, is the most illustrious of
French exiles. When he heard, in his
retreat, that English Courts ba(l con
demned the Fenian to death, he wrote
an-exceedingf; eloquent letter against
the execution of the sentence. Take a
"They tell us 'the ser.ffold is ready.
We reply that is rot possible. No; the
political scaffold is not possible in Eng-
I laud. When England hailed Kossuth it
was not teat she might. imitate the gib,
bets of RtirigarY; it was not for the•ptir
pare of renewing thnhaegings of Sicily
that England glorified Garibaldi. Else
what°would signify the hurrahs of Loa
;Aar& and of Southaniptour Put an cad,
if it was so, to all your Polish, Greek
and Italian coMmittees. No; England,
.in 1867, will not execute Ireland. That
Ellrabeth. will not behead that Mary
Stuart. The nineteenth century eiists.
v v Whit! on a May or dune morn
lag, today, to-murrow-, a man, because
he. had a political or national faith; be
cause he has struggled foe that faith; be
cause he Las been vanquished, shall be
bound with Fords, shall have a black cap
drawn over his face, end be hanged and
- strangled until death ensued. • No! you
are not Ens land for that. You have at
present this advantage over France, that
you are a free nation. France, us great
as England, Is not mistress of herself,
and that is a sad diminution. You pride
• yourself upon it. Bolted. But beware.
It is Possible to go back a century la one
day. To recede even to the political
' gallows! You, Eagland! Then erect a
statue to Jetferya Meanwhile we will
erect a statue to Voltaire. Do •you give
. it a thotightl" •
IS IS . OESLRALLY undersinoc
may siaild lc* near an object
to -view it in its proper proporth
duly estimate its Character ant
rpn..nces. • Mr. John Bright recent
• to a company of dinermins :
".Nothing in hisry equals
ous te.iimph of humanity ROI
your 'country. Tr will Ihn
much changed for the better
Britain.. The orert our if 'yin
sal home has .rrounded rur
friend, abroad. The trcniderfc
ramify uuth which you Aare t;
Rebel, (Cohn tcould hiire routs
hung Lg hundreds if Ow" had _ 7i • irar
arms afiainst a loollarej , g) h.. .I t ei the o d nltn.l:3l7o t r lrritt by ai tali a r y's. gu'reatt.
o ft
terrible contrast to the cruelty of these bad to thought timeless Ise sae. hod lorddr
men, and an admonition and cr./oink to tUt o n , e4i. , :tx s al , s s o s tr ii e s 7 ., ii is ho s cx;
the tyrants of the earn." wan, and i Harold took recognised aby the LPECLIRO ,
Standing apart from the strife that has try or
tie : . .reirt 'teb.'rat!erbeti asp
raged ay
here, and looking on as a diets- the.cartEl i dge box sin. It was
to not away
,speetator, the great
,English °Y .lft li e r r a rt;ores Lloyd war cross-examined
Commoneris enabled to : anticipate the ; at
as t i rieti szs ite s , s le h ign ti=t i l:igri s ghlial nr;
judgment of posterity. . I arinklag and was forgetful. and. had for.
at bad transpired.
a Jr it t ins ' n 'y elregt i 'ss to show that the
Gooowtx Smart lima written memory of witness nes not to be relied
letter . on- the mania for gambling in I u nt . E.
England, and . partiCtderly as crammed- ! inaUen deferred natal to-morrotr. Court
Mg in the Derby races.. Ho says the
horses are no. mom . than two straws FR O M NEW YORK. •
drawn from a hay stack, or than two
drops of water, chasing each other down tsr - reteirsra LO tha Yattheras, u•sette.i
a window - pane; that the motive is not - , Now Yost,, June
recreation orannsement, but the 50100551. .5050550
1 Thiswary
est infatuation for games of hazard; and
ding stNo.C• Cootor Market place, attempted
that many anstoOratic houses are Coming caddis by cutting der throat with table
swiftly to ruin, through Indulgence in kalfe. 'Elm is paltered to be fatally injured.
the debasing-pleasure. o.oo.tvoh.
'Throe thailland naves hundred and eight
F immlgrante have arrived Were Sameday.
A scrims of a horribly sickening
nature is rePorted from Springfield,
large breweries have, hoen sourer
MOSS.. An old lady, with it single bladed fo r m : k ,, :::. d 0 e .. Ad n t L", , e .." . • 717::
knife, cut s terrible gaah in her abdomen it Is alleged that the brother of Lord NO
:Lad tore out her bowels, placing them, FZe:Lh a VlttrgrAg . :2;rt , ,, :tc
With her , own hands, in a MIL O!' water. ; ter being nailed and Is said to have gone to.
She suriived the operaticin four hours.: Eth:sl ' • •
This refined cruelty will hardly ho The bog. Gi la Olorlt Enterprise of Clark, Web
lowed by those contemplating self.des. star m co., or rather henry c £ulaw, ear
traction, as easier and mole expeditious day. ay.
was arreste washatrim, d.
methods of cutting life's thread will Brig. la.CerTioo raoronro. .-
gear is eciataandatea by the itaionle frater
nity of this City and 'Brooklyn LO live
. grand remti auto ident...lo6n - on .
ALItt.A.DY enough members of Con. Letarn ii fro m
grass have signified. their intention of risons.lo full regatta, Run banners o arrtn et f the
being in Washington, to insure a quorum node[,wai ptra.le.• •
for a short session In July.
Some p ro- about sizti
rest : IN A. EallOOL.
or ceiling. fell in the im
pose only to elneidate the Reconstruction den.srtro,
Thn chords? worn
act, and to engage In no other beanies, I iriglaanet rson lltitit oracle et rush for the door.
while others arc anxious , to organize for . Q •n• • number " re beet ' . ' ler ''' .
the regular routine of COngretudonal he'
Lair. A • feeling pointing to impeachment ,me
--- : : conr; - ei r o;i - C ' Eci ill ie7soine non
. —.--- i chance. A portion of heir-Moo= they et
hall Of laturapidly developed itself among l An Axed Lidy Deliberately Drowns- , nem [Month Toth° oretame of palatial our
member . , i . h , i , hen hitherto t i pleime. , ~_ , beanie flareelf. and Pinretsam Four' I Inure bock, the prtv7reeldencea ‘ lentllng
ome i and • Ralf Loan . - , ,at once a pal:Rill? at ration to th ew bob
Int/Yemeni. ~ My Telegraph fp dm rinsbargh Gazette.) . j nos house. anti ern ne their homes like
. ' _ 1 rrehiorme, Masa, J une si.—Ono of tan .'
gr,=l l :4 l =a r° " ""br arn'-
- __from the possibility of
A COTMESPOSIMNT Of the Charleston ; post horrible mimics ceer_licarti of wee ' embarrassment. ,
.Ifereury speaks of '
President Johnson ea I committeillts this city as Saturday morn.: it's a notable fact that Cincieneti '
at co lds in their city, and to ' ggl ' ld 4 :
• 1 Mg. A widow named Mary Gilmore who ' • ,,,, 4 „7,. - ,.. i
- "the great conalinational breakwater to ! lived alone, took a simile bale knlf.;, out : ' •i - nj -rmsalrt
ilraVq% " onol ' i l i r ertrlaiily T rs
the angry tide that Is now sweeping crrer •.,iggirsill:,ritieFnshrtotgro.ediVeiTga had are . "ilav ' e you tan our bridge" propounded
th 3 Sollth.” That. is decidedly good, : from her body In a pail of wa i ter. Tl ' ut . t . ir - 1:11: ' 14. L E U1,..1 1 P. 1 1 1 4. " „ g 11.1 1 2 u :07g: 1 0 7 1 g
considering whet the Mercury and lie l c7fuel`tlttltragr=,!:`.llll;'l4,l;_T pot
I I" 1 "e't own ' " y l.' or
set did toirtrds dennitshing break•ws ter • she. had sharpenar the knife. She lived .any :structure , o ,u,,,i,w, ,cl. P i gp oi .-=
, four imd hallbours after being disembo- ,as a ommactine link to your Wainer, iter.,
COingittniOn Mid all. • - - • • ! Wed, 'lcing at nine o'clock. During that ests,.ed I d e ar s m., pomm . m r.„...
--------0•41.00,, —•- , -. , time she :was attended by a priest, and . a revenue, altheugh having the misfortune
ItertIMICAW zones meetings are now l m e dh • win heanenthoor considered. Pml , - + not Le be stilted cm huge plies oftuasoury or .
. 1 arty. The now of the euteldc ts auppoaed I built witn a single open—there la not a '
SS common at the South as irustancea. of ,to be inanity. Ida. ullinorwa
.aco was : tithe, If in.leed any of the fulsome vanity 1
'mob violence were jest before the war. - ; "Ity-iise ' _ • extdeitol in their praise. Of the bridge ii
- .self Imo soy It to worthy the honest pride
no th ese m eetingS, and the results they • CONDENSED NEWS. . .alkoorth. peop lento laclnnati and Coy-
again, in width ranee Its builder rts
! foresba , low; constitute the real objection - : anion. .
of the President ' to the Congreesionai ' i ily T. VIP .,• i° th e 1 . 711,,,,,,,, r;.,„,„,, , .. •
.Lx. , :fr . ,,t trmi T o r . rxi i .lry between Cie.
Plan' . . _ ! ' ; —Lettere and telegram. lave aeon received . teen in pmtirem noose titut.ti'inErcts:74lt
E by the Chinn Congressional Executive Com- : long range. between t he respective nonana
mitten at wasnloacoo from enough mem- I,:,,,F.iar,F.l.;Ty...ii°,rav,Lroe say
,loy 1.!..:::0?,,„1..:
bers of coegress •to Insure a ittuirotti In 'tut
boys. gooth one, “1 ou hues n tab
July, so II short simmer session is a Dre.l um le. and I have." To which the och e
erl.l - 1-
fact. A. number of letter' received from , :211=?..k7, P p ° ,, n r 1 ; r k, 1 ' E tre r :, ‘ .,..:,; • ,j1; • ...7, - .
~ Republican members state that they will mother." That wo a parr.
t o of vaunt.
come on condition that the session shall log their respective ulalins to superior-
• Ity In polet ot else and population,
not lamb ever two or three weeks at the they fill heck to in•ldlons compari.
farthest!. They do net wish to proceed with , seas. Cincinnati exclaims, °What have you
the resit'ar beanies, of Congrinia, but mere- i triEgtipag w e r lt , l tg . r , great d 4 . r ,,,, : i..
',tong definitely the reconstruction act, SO r. '
i take tunnel , Ito tineen City Enlarges gr oat
teat ProMent Jammu sad Ex. ousneorrr , harden ,City wait. oandlting her tenant
iin r x .,..„,,,,,,,,i ~,,riar,r from fleeing any. taut, to ta l ied on diseased meat, and Um
~„„_ ; latter retes with the declaration that.
mere trouble, min hindering rm .. " ... -- 1 Clucinnatlans slake their thirst on putrid
tion. IL Is evident also from the tone of water, inferentially showing the advantage
the o th er letterr-rocolved, that an attempt ! fi, , ,..ithdAtrt g .l Me:e k e:To:kit" , 4:3 0 .1:43 1 ..
win be made to have Speaker Colfax lin- 4 . g c „ — t u„ ' of L„,,,,,,,,,L0tt rut the owor
mama the committers Inimediately; 00 as . .
. "it carafe tone nt.arlir settled than 11. less at
to ha able to Fro right. to work. This plan a . the is ginning.
1 ... r•T. .. 1• Y t.. ". • 0010.0 ii•r•'••• th e ! 're., Republican Convention of Ohio,
erceloent, and b y Others who are Orirtin-- ' arblell hest Si. Columbus a few days since,
to Secretary IdeCutiont's oreemit finunclai i has planted Itself firmiyaeo equagely upon
galley, and mpecially in remect to nal
the progressive Platform of manhood inif.
provosts/Totem of
a shtiould .11eaka; Thoso , r .go antermumd to o itvo or die, surrlye
.h 0 " .• 1 . '• • •r °I 1. • ••.°•• ••7 ''• ••t ' l or oe ' rleti" •by the remit. Tina oirtocell a
If a oubrum is once obtained the session ,
creditable - determinatiou, and Ohio has
win be Impl. ap long enough to smiths des - ; th es eons one step further in radicalism
nicely the question of Impeachmeat.
I than Pennsylvania. It moms unfortunate.
—A , secret Nola) Jim been started In , however, that clinging to the same amend-
Memphis, Tenn.. Which is said to be one of 1 =eV a merle,
Mani hundred existing
throughout th e I ff:lllefrs:l2lZgat. of dosertera. - On the
Stet° among the ordered population. The i seer., of peliCy. the alefranehlelog el
orgaicleation is ostensibly for benevolent' Omani have been Isatarackor l.: ,o lltteg alta .
" WC." ' b" „.„_„," ' ,.., ' ° L.,,, 1t0 d ,„ ° .„ grb" ..„. 1"°- I r.:L:40.1.,n1 graliraz r...,andg,' „f. U AL
qeiree the lelsoow o 5 , .. , ..... - -- to . 00 . • , all events, the qinialbari at Wee In this State
fearful oath concluder those who abandon; will be an ethitingOlt•tli i the RitedlOf
'''d echoer' l'r _: ".'d*Wi''. . . ' lt k irt=trgti rona°,l%,llt,.."4towpi!:.
—lea. Thompson liu,stitten a taster, co-,' e „ th eie ti e 0, t h e ceereetthe lord phdfo,,:o
dossing the imitimente of therferal Long .: barn rreeirsei the naqtralined endorse'. of
street Concerning recOnStroatah General.' tie le a dhl g n• P" ti.L• P."' In "ntlf,''
Longetteet rays ho did Opt intend to ally:
himself with the Radical 'party, but only . Operataves• Strlim.
11. , 0.b .. t bathougt4 wee the brat miviee -"By Telegraph 10 We Pltasbus.h flaxen./
no his Snufnhnk hootheno. 112 Int recent' notavaLral•, Juno 0.... fin Saturday the
letter.. ' ..s , r , - WIWI. of UM workingmen employed in the
cotton and , woolen mills at Manitytink Were
- —No foundations exist for the tumors of , reduCed about twenty flee per amt._ Talay
Itteineignatiort of 1300tOtary Stanton. 1 the men engsged, sell fifteen of the feMalea.
frise4 to re to Wert at the now rates,oon
'- —The yollOw fever has mole 141 appear. I ;:orentry operationa were itoPDed uall
&anent Staiecolearie • . • tag dinionity is settled.-
Tr 1s some What arousing to peruse the
reports by cable from Prttssia and France.
From the former we learn - of the war
preparations of the latter. Both are die.
trustful,- and appear to take but little
Mock in the peace pretensions of each
other. - - •
IL coSt approximating an hundred
Amsted dollars the Jewish element of
et. Loafs are about to erect a magnificent
temple or 'worship in that city, the cor
ner AMC or which nu laid yesterday.
Tun affairs of Candia arc to be exam.
Seed Mtn by s commission to be appom
ted by the, Oreat t Pearers in conjunction .
'with. the Sultan. of Turkey.
Oar lady reader■ of the sewlng circle
will be pleasaal to taro that the Queen
of Prniala takes a to-day with Vie
Punsineny Jdnaaort la to have a
grand lintel* reception In New York
and Woolly!: on. Ma return from Boo
/. 3 1111.011.1.3T6 COatilll2o to arrive is
largo iambus at New York. .
—The Bankrupt Reporter is the title
of, a periodical soon to- be mated at
Waslifacton, which will chronicle all
the prom clings under the Bankrupt act,
which may transpire in the North and-
--Ten thousaaa dl rereat "ankles mi
roinarme taxa. -
{ ` `:
x y~ 5 5
E.' -
4 D .1781
~ t .
~...4 .„ .., , ,,„: . . )...:,..?
. ,
- •
-,--._ A ., -,.7
, „7...7.-• - ,L- --- -
.-....• , .--...,,..... _...„..........
,- . - * 1.1t , . , ,,.. 1 . ,, ,,f.,. ~-....•2 1,‘,......,,,441. kA, ..
~., -- ' , Y.,...,, • - •• • •,•:' ,
. i
- ..*,'
„..-...--.. ' 4 - ..:,'!:::' 1 4Y 'W .-.......•-'1• .1.,:, j . . A.;.:T5 ,.. !I ', .-„4-,,,, . tf.:' , -..;` ,i ' : ---•
\•, , 11177 \ I
' 1 ''- -- - ''"-, 7 .'"' '''t..* '' ,: ,., , ; , ... 4 1 .4 . '',.'. i -.! •--:\ 4 1 - s
- - - -, - • t :1
t I :
1 - ' ----- - - 7:2' -'-. - ••:--”: _1 - 11.....
- - ---
~.., ',-.- ''- \• A •.. '-. , ---_-,------,_,-_, -, . -----------,',.- ,:-=----,,--,, i_ , -=;... ,, k-_,....,/ -- . ___-_,--_- - 7 ---- ---..-- - - c ji I
. ~..
, t"; 4:,, [ . . ' • ' '.
- - ..
', I ' '-- 7 ' - ____ .-- 1-77 ' ---- " 7 --, :: : ' - __. - - - ifj_ .
=_,_ 7 --- ._ 7 -7 37 - t----":7: _____-...-_- . - - -1.._ _ --', ------: - - ----''---.. •
. ..,
• ' ' 1 1 7
1- 1 j 1 . I .....'''.
--s:_s-1--; '' ... -- . --1 ... ' ' "
tors at
• 13T Telegt
;ff Defame to 80-eon wit
or CrOso-rzoolloottot. Over
-Withty Impowtomt Tenn.
—31 ..1.Me11• of the Cooispilra.
It tlarrninTllle.
rapb tit rittsburek flaaette.l •
WAiansatox. Stine . 21. JAG:,
I=Eff II
Judge Fisher read the opinion of the
Court overruling the !notice submitted by
the defence on Saturday. asking to re-call
witnesses for the purpose - or cross-exams•
The defence noted an exception, and Mr.
Merrick file an allionvlt bearing
upon the same matter: but counsel for the i
prosecution objected, and the Conk said
the affidavit a/m[4d have been tiled before
the opinion was delivered.
Dr,./..F. May teitifled to ids identification /
of the hotly of BoOth nye scar on the neck,
ommaloned by anursseal operation phifOrnis
ed by himself. •
John i reenwalf who kept the Penuertra t
ere Howse, repeated his testimony given
on the consplrueryi trial, concerniug Booth
and Atzerett, also temp - nixed the prisoner ,
us a fniquent vlelior to his home.
The dentine noted an Cacciltlolito the ten.
theony of these vitt/ler:us as irrelevant.
Juhri li. LlO5ll, Into kept tenure at nor
tostilled that he rented the Louse
foam Mrs. tharratit barn Been Harold and
Atherott, sew both :A my house shout err
Weeks before the raufwalllallon. -Harold
stayed al/ night. heat day narrutt nod At
zeroth Moth up. There were several per
at the Louse inside them. They came
In, Paoli a drink, Ohl placed earns. After a
while Staratt me in tlteparlor. Thorn
I Saw two gala and a rope on the sofa; there
niece monkey wrench. Never exam
teed the article,. !and cannot ear I rnnid
identify them. lite prisoner asked mu to
conceal the thing. I at first refused, until
he insisted there z ., =& t e . no danger town. ti
I 'consented. / . there wan no 4
place to Conceal, sac things, and he
said he wool./ slum ins a place. He then
concealed the ertielm to nu upper room ,
lead. the /gist& The prussocrsaldbe only ;
anted mo to keep the things two or three
days.. Alter the:settlings/is/I been conceal
ed. tharraU, Atgennt and Harold remained
Same time p1a3114 Cards. AWOL three 1
weeks after, as 1 was musing to Washing- 1
t0n,.1 - met Serrate going down. .%bout two I
leeks tsfeerwardsots I was going down,' I
et mediate coming up, and lIIIVOr eaw the
three In company, (uncut the time stated. I
Mr. Carrington asked the witness If he
saw Mn. tinnatt before the assassination!
Witness said he did not wish to no Into an
examination about Um. Serrate, as she was
'not hem and would not answer notes , coa-
Them h
Instructed the witness to an
Witness resumed. end satil—kan Tuesday
before the assassination be met. Mrs. Sur
rift at Uniontown: bee was In a bagg y ollo a young man, whom I afterwards un
denstood to be Weinman. airs. burratt
told mew have the shooting irons ready, to
they would be called fur *eon. I told her
the house was golug to tie marched, and I
dbi not want the throes therm The censer.
tattoo turned tut John Sarratt. I said
that I understoed Pau *Witten wets
after him for going to Richmond. Mrs.
hermit laughed heartily at the idea, and
said the man menthe a smart one to go to
Ittchmend and back to els days. Tout wail
about all she mid tat that time. On April
1 41 h, leA I was at 3tarlearo, end when I re
turned, home, at six o'clock, we, a nom
ber of tenons there, among them Mrs. Star
rett. , When I drove up.. Mrs. Serra" came
to meet me, handed me a package and
told too to have the guns ready,
and two bottles of whisky. and give them
to whoever should Cal/ foe them that night.
Mre. Starrett EMI Woichman lett before
desk. The pack - aTe handed MO contelned
..At twelve thetnight Harold
louse and a Stetson with him.
• the alw Of We person referr
ran ad horseback. Herold re
m he dame in, "ler Hattie sake,
and; get those (binge." I
up attars and got one
neld . gless and cartridge LOS.
I could bring, and 1 did not
coolly not distinctly recollect,
biota Booth to say either he or
have kilted the President. Wu.-
Seeretearji Seward's lialLlO wee
OS. .TAti eurbinea referred to
wheurnanded to witness_ The
a uncovered by Harold; and
ced something peculiar about
.3,6.1 to retire temporarily.
3. 0. Toivreierel trot called to
01 pro:Melia a 101 l glitz- 0011
Exeuntloa Oyer the Colon Pacific
Railway, Z. U.
'perlti Correspondence Pitttbltrzb tisaette.
•The dcinge of rain,of which 1 spoke in
ley letter Of yesterday, caused an neutron.
dented rite m the river and Its tributaries.
some of the latter of which carried away
the culverts and eariged a ritarrenalon of the
regular trains for tut or three days. To
morrow they hope to have-all right again.
I ate eonsequently detained bore another
day. nut it le a pleasant place to stay.
1 hare made the acquaintance of many estl
taable and Intelligent people Of bath sexes.
and have leisure to bring up my Jottings of
my observations and impressions.
Thu Smoky UM at this place, end the be.
line end Solomon widen mane la below from
the North...wt. are all very high. Toe two
latter began to fall ymterday; bet the
smoky 11111 continued to swell up to ;ester
ierdav evening. 1 have not even it - slits
morning. So damage whatever was done
here, tlinough the river rose over its high
langs. Great quantities ofilritt wood, inclu
ding hundreds of saw logn and some Sawed
lumber, floated down OR Sunday and Mon
day. Thu lOrfn in this way,has been I/O.M
In former letter, yOU remmnber, I spoke
I 01 Wu pretty little new town of Ellsworth,
on the yank of the Smoky 11111, two or three
' Mllen beyond Fort Harker, which was the
extreme point of our excursion. We mere
there on E may morning. On Friday night
, Wu ruin commenceelhoon after. We second
barricade of which t spoke. About- ten
cieltsltf uu Saturday they had a very heavy
loutpouring of nanny Ellsworth. sue at three
in Um afternoon the river had overtlowol
tall the heautlrul little plains epos which
he town is built, and soon covered it to a
depth or four to five feet. The currant area
; strong. :soma buildings were swepruway
eettrely, others were mortal from their
pplaced, std alt were Boors Or Ices dnlauged.
amount of nercluteilieo g ie the Wave_ much
o( which wee damaged, I am told that the
water rose ten feet In three houses. Soak a
vEltatiou to a town In too first half year of
its existence is very discouraging, and It is
Most probable that tbo.iow ground will be
abandoned and the town rebuilt upon a
bi-/taloa Wale above the bluff, which Is not
over thirty er forty feet high. The road bed
et the Union Vacate I:silts - ay had lust been
Completed to the low ground, hut it sue
-121001 no damage; nun It ts moat likely that
it will now tle coquetted op the river above
the bluff for Bomb distanee. I regret tills
flooding of Idlisorth, both on account of
the loss it commonest to many enterDrlsiug
wed worthy men, anti belmuse It was one of
in most ch.ralng spots I have seen In this
beautiful country.
I hear of no serious damage having been
done bolus . . The railway hoe sustained bet
slight 1.0, of which 1 have already spoken.
int far as ascertained by telegraph the river
le au place overflow ed the road. Thu only
damage was done by small lateral tan:ales.
There ire some religion. organizations
b h e e e re e b r u e t c te a d y
S vneor ah ample fl o w ts o h rs a h v p e h e a n s
set off by the proprietors for this earnest,,
and soon, It Is hoped, 1 here will he several
churches erected. Lan Sunday the streets
were In ouch it condition that few woold
venture out for any purpose; but It was an
nounced In the , paper pan taut
the hero
the Rev—li_mn French. Superintendent 01
Western Baptist Minions, wouldpreacti
the forenoon and aiternoon at a saw mill
Just Inlthe rear ot the 'town. OO Phillip..
AL whose hospitable mansion IC have passed
some pleasant lieu., and myself, walked
over In the me:rang. We Pound a very small
congregation, bat we hwl a monescollent
afternoon, thenvolking having ire
twoen back, accomparded by Mrs.
Pelllips, young ladies of the family,
I and Airs. Micturillite, alaily who nes earned
for hornet( an enemble fame among the
"woman. of i c e war" who labored In the
comp and hospital for the sick and wor:W
ed.! Another excellent discourse rewarded
cut tor our rather long walk across the prat.
rte. Seated on blocky and beams, with
the deep rolling, flooded Smoky Rill, cov
ered with drift woad. running close un side of the Grist
rustic butlillog, and
thu swallows, which had their foods on the
ratters, twittering overhead, the scene was
truly grand and autemn, and one that 1 shall
not soot, forget. I made Mr. Vretich•ti no
quaintance and shared with him that after.
tuxat the boson...lay Went Phillips. 1 /nand
him a genial and Interesting mem, one who
Ihad traveled far and aeon much. 210 knows
several if not all his . cloricel hr. Caren of
Plusbargli. .There In renewal school bon.
here. hot for some reason, dountliess setts
factory to themoelves. the trustee. refused
toupee It for Mr. French.
two Is A age—titSil , IN A flodli.
The hotels here are large, but the one at
hich 1.'411,N:i 1 from Salem:ay mall Moe,
tying not Such as suited u q
man like mu, It wanton much crowded.
do not. like Lou to a bedd eight In
room. Oub al.;nt was funough an . Lam now MI
comfortable quarters In a house w
not strictly a public house. / feel quite at
tiorne, for we have a few Meat/set peddle.
among whom I cannot farbear inentinn sp.
Mr. James Slider and lady, to wham kind
ness I fur much istannfort
1 Junco am
Led entitle indebted
detained here.ofth Mr. 1111 m
It member of rho (Irmo( U. Newton Coy
/orwatatnit and fdlint[lll•loi2 merchants.
Thera Is very little roughneei and rowdy-
Ism hure, but there la some. The Temideni
population cannot be less than !twelve to
liftmen hundred, and what might he tailed
the goutinf population , some hundred.
more. Large warehouses at, Pm railroad
stationer*, crammed with goods in truniite,
nod the Mores in town are numerous., Thin
town IS tbwtineti to tor an important local
. .
lint Weather—A Cohtrase—ltueloisse
Wealth of the ally— " Oar Brlldgeu—
. Rivalry nth e literate Diseased
sir,. vs. Putrid Waterkladleal Vets
Cernaronepec Mosher's Gras., !,
Crecntart, Ihn7.
The hot weather is appreaching,rapully,
. and the relay ...son Is well nleh over. I
presume, alter having had a Surfeit of cool
and Whilst wrather, waive now 10 be scorch
. cd, Ili a Punishment for complaining Of the
rain, and. like the rich mm who drove
• laptop from Ida gate, petition In vain to:
A denizen of t h e Iron Ctty who takes a
wall' through the brattiest puritan of um
elratati on a fine. eunahlny day. pm notice
thu merited contrast between this city anti
rlttehu,gh. One Is mannfacturing. and
: the other n mercantile platy. Here the
wealthy wholesale merchant endeavors to
thanp more mostly and - superb building
Ida neighbor. A man who dam not
!litiTn ' U ' frOt t ir,llVere ' t!fraft " lr rg.t h ls h to
the astegnry of small bueinces men, and
[aural clot green grocer, end apple men
, chants. lint In MOM:carat eauarugant
architecture cannot certainly be laid to the
; charge of raptness men. Indeed, It would
Ibe as absurd for o r al miners to sport
J while gide and linens, the contaminatlng
!necktie. of cool dust Only beteg mote 4p.
Cinch:mall is a city Of undoubted comma: ,
I Mal wealth, contributed In a great measure
during the retrains:l, IL haring been the
great appriy mart 10r) the Army of the
Southwest citir of the Colon
; brae army con tee tors 'calmed loch greet
wealth, or yielded such manifest business
ProMerity, as In the queen City. York and
! clothing match t o rev led lu fateontra.cts ,
and the latte Or t 0 meet part Or the
Jewish perm:mei° --e.c radcolluesal for
.. - th le- •
SRN 01110 N,
The Eastern Question
tknowledgment by Napoleon
Continued Peace An.iurances
Financial and Commercial
Beat,,, Juno rowan
I. is M vis
asserted roa in m
poi itl.
cal circlet More that the Goverutoent of Inc
Male has accepted the collect', proposal
made by Prussia, France, Russia and Italy,
nJonit commission of invevtitratlon Into
the afloat'ou of affairs In Camila the Com
mission to be appointed by Um tdirlstlan
groatpowern and ton Sultan, and will it,
semblu at :Constantinople.
Narohina rtinceatoac
POMO. , teat arrived from ticroptry re
port that the Emperor Napoleon cootlnuee
to purchase hones for the um of the French
army on iPthrire scale in that eenotrY.
OLAII,Orr ON A V 0.11..
Prime Minister, Count iilamnrckt hm left
the city. and gone on a viii 0 rooter....
Re salddie had undertaken at ter the re
cruitment of hit health.
The Queettof Prussia leaves on it malt to
Queen Victoria, anal will be tar Windaor
Castle coat Tuccifar.
Boutin, Juno '24 Von
Der Ileyilt,lillniater Of Finance, WO Acting
Prime Minister in the absence of nitruorek,
Mescal the eession of the l'imslan Diet to.
dec. In his speech to the members of the
Upper and Lower Douses, on this OcCeitiloll.
ho sold Dm cordial and int/mote relations
now ezisting netween Lie Majcsiy, too
hint oll`rusela, and his iwwerlul neighbors.
wereon assurance of Testing nice.
11•1 . 0.1.1 PROI•01,0,
Parra, Juno 1.1.—1 n the Imam. house of
the LealSlatire Dint, NI. Derrath, member of
the party of the left, demanded to anow
when the government Weida 'wing In, or
whether they would messutes In
the shape al hills for the etormetpatron or
the Jews, the exposition of tho civil oolivy
of the conntry as regard. other toMitiger
and Mitering dlsabLLltms , thn morganfro
tlen of tee military system, about .the eon•
OOrdat with Rome, and ieform narlgetton
Act:m...1..0nm." EST run I,IrIOLOIL
Peat, June 'Z.—The Emperor Sspohqiiiit
has forwarded an autograph. letter to Mu
cha! Valliant, requesting him to transmit
the (bertha of Ilrs Majesty to the harem..
Connell of the Paris 1:1111bItIon. for the tol •
dress of c9ogritalatlon forwarded. to him
by that twisty, with reference to the fall Oci
curreems of the iith. test. and his happy ee•
capesinric g the attempt mad, on the L l fs of
the Cettr.
NIPISA. June M. The Sunrise Govern
trten,Pbs..loinod the Governments el Prance,
PreSets. linty net Runes in [barmen:env
the tottenne Porte, urging an in vcntiss
nen of the ,11111eul[ies In the nine] et
P. Citl ankle tO.dBy..Y.
e general feeling of uneendnear and .11. t mot
Is noticeable In financial circle..
gran:l6,mm, June 2.4.—The ale:neer* City
at reds, Millubursi and Hecht. Irom Nem
York. Lave arrived.
Loran., Jame 21.—The steamer
land, from New lark, he arrived
town...lona 21.—Erentny.—Consols cloned
at A; 5-111.73; !Moots Centre I, 73; Erie, On,
Ltvcaroot, June :11 • teeing.—Cotton
Mooed q Met at a decline of rally Slid•
Minx Liplund. 111 , 4 Orleano, 11? , ,„; nwlrs
MAO balm. Elleadanutri quiet (Wrung heir
the day. Corn elonad at W.:. en. rot now
mixed Western. reati-3+31. ed. for Canadian.
Wheat, Earley and Oats show no Mimeo..lo
Priors. Provisions generally 1112011tIllied.
Par VISVRIICC4 ashlllinii.and prime modern
to-day at re. per Mil. Beef newly
at ELL, 04. Lard 01. ad. flacon 41,,. Cd. ner
ewL Ennio., and Petroleum Mandy. NM . .
Its, ItE; reilnerl, In. a. Tallow 40e. red, for
L0a..., June 24.—Ereninn.—There was a
tali bull:less in the Corn market to-day, hut
no change In tne prices of Organ/doers. hu
ger unchanged.' Olin—Sperm .00 per ton;
Linseed and Wid. uncnanged.
Lennox. one cal sy.—Atlani lc and
Great Western consolidated •hara,2. , :.
,Fusaiiroirr, Junp• 21.—Etr•dsa—r: J.
bonds 77%.
Warques, .at City Cr allootoo, Delores
flora,liodo Emperor—Lib...filo Not,
loda. Itliottagos—ltosoors Coneerisitilt
relerretat to the Pittsburgh Garotte.]
Now Ottasse, June 11.—Ily mimes to.
calved 'from Queretaro to June
Lots Potosi to the 1110 and Monterey to inn
11th. via. Galveston, It Is repotted that .as
noon OS Marquez was assured of the betray
al of Queretaro by Lopez, he proceed
ed to open certain olocumente which had
neon lett iwita him by Maximilian. Among
them be bawl one containing a written ab
dicatton.Vlgned by Maximilian In favored
young !turbine.. Ma lure thernimea 101-
tocillately proclatmed Iturbble Emperor pr .
ed...oonase the reeener 01 Eaten.. Gar.
lett. Ire also arrested thirty of Use MOM
notable Liberals In the capital und
Stied thorn ae floatage.; for the lineal , of the
Jives of 'Maximilian end his eouounlons.•
S. yet there has been no authurative de
ntal of the uhthentlelty of alusluallun's
and It is Oe rochanattob, ,p lleved to laahthed
.areek b
uine.efore laid,
a g
- It le elated tho counsel tor n 31.1frallen
had been refitted a request for the pontoon...
trWea of the trial for Witty day., that they
might have wee to prepare a defenee. lid,
ale* reported the Emperor tool been eun
tenced, end a rtoner grovelled thal be had
been exueuted,but they eon be traced to no
good authority.
The Imports! lieroirul would only stirree•
dot at Queretaro on honorable Loma el
Tinge/ton, and It' is Matted the nurreadiw
Wan made in amordanee , with thu eaten.
eed law. and [immune( nations.
illertmes, the t.lberldj.ieue
ral, who agreed
to these terms, wits placed under rvid,
end themes. and monitions of War romored
to Abler.. Maximo Cameo was not nhot,o.,
hes been reported, but brutally murdered
wLilo lying dangerously wounded to the
hospital at Queretaro.
The lest report received Irmo the city 'of
Mexico, e Memos:: tool eminent.' ere
outing Me liCsateicen. two of e
we Lora
alreedy been shot; their name, were nut
given. The derth of
Is 'cooltroml.
ors All foreign Trianon. taken by Q. 1,1,
ritordwring four or live thonadod,
Aostrlmf. and Yrenchnieri , were
on their e4ty to Monterer•
Pacific Rollos,' ILobore. Allarke4l
• outs Drleon Orr—Reiter Protector.
Dooneooloo—tiotorn or 'Exoorrlop,
(11y Telegraph to the Pittsburgh 6.'01,
hr. boute, Juno 11.—. A dispeich from the
end of the Kansas Psedhu Batlway mays the
Indians here driven the grading - Parties
Into Fort Barker; also that. two railroad
men and two mucous were killed
near Bunker 11111, about twenty ' mike
welt ot Fort Barker. on EatordeY,
and considerable biota drievr. off. EtPute
aro being mode to preen", arm, for the
railroad em ploye...any of whom hays
already felt their work, and it Is leered all
'will leave unlean they ere bettor protected.
The eicursion party } from Fort Wallace
arrived at Salina to-da. All well.
Lansintolt, Kamm& June 24.--The
ing pestle. of the Pacido Railroad fur twee.
.ty Sallee not Of Bunker 11111 were attacked
by MOW& /adieu§ nu Saturday. Three men
were killed and the remainder drimin off.
Work on the road In etalrely suspended he-
Pima Wilson's Umek, and unless prompt
=emerge are taken by the military, the
progress of the road must he greatly retar
ded. As Malian now stand the liens and
properly of the people on the ,border are
totally no •
tiosernor Crawford is making an effort to
obtain arms and ammunition from the mill
tary 10 arta railroad employeea and eitirens
In disturbed district&
- . Itlver 'Telegrams. • •
tn i;a T eil;VZl ' s rani ' s ' : 'n;;tecttvg; 7;
tilt City, Juno a—River tott Inchcar
falling fast. Woatnor cloudy and warn:i
-t/1Y ClTY . ..lune 34.—Peirolenint Vary du I.
at 41:8431.10; with no transactions.
Weald,er vary warm and cloudy.
Slyer abOut a foot high.
. •
Lovuovima Jane IL—River falling with
ars tog by canal marks.. , • .- .
S4-111rerr talLlng.
Piotement• of the Pcetyllltlcolcb
ed Inning Yeety—Pieworil won nteee
gm—Grand lhopiny In 11totton-4
General /inuan,—lmpo•lnr na.un•
le Cerent.tntett at - ace 'Protection of
the :.en' 'temple. -
~.01) 're/Pi:m:1110 I lie r Ittobuten Curette.)
gesvost. June :h.—Secretary Seward and
gonssone spent Suoilay at dainty.
atEemling, church In the morning, Mei vis
iting the old Adams' mansion In -the alter
Mr. Seward dined with the line. Samuel
Hooper, lit 'lotion, in tile evening, in cone
pane with Senator and Mrs. hianDer, pro.
re or Aleuv•lx.M.r. Longfellow anti an others.
Mr. Seward yesterday reeelyed a tele
tgram from Admiral Farragut. inquiring if
the President would hire to take a tripdown
to New York . , in tho Frauklie. Med previ
ous to her departure. If not, she would
sail on Wednesday morning. Ile replied
Do not detain the ship; CO on Wednesday,
on you prows, and no tie in epecial Ege
t-olive orders from here are concerned,
oand not en the order of your going. Do
not glide too often_ to the inalitte.d, but
keep a firm Mottos:on deck, to the end that
volt may coule back. from your voyage at
Die appointed Mine. In concord health anti
vigor. to rPeeir , l the additional thanks of
your conntrytnen. I
[stun.) W.ll.Srav•en.
weird morning the stave. were
; et Vlied Mire., end etrangera from
i the rurrottualng country, It wan with the
grunt dullealty themany m.t/roade
tunhl ulteirtl uttcotemmluttonn.
Theory was ttealtod with lings alond rho
route of proentedon. itrorr wmteet and
door way and buleeny tied haute top, from aloof, aloof, the 0 ilplay coultl aften, topes,
pled at art .04 hour. Tito schools, State
and Municipal Oft., amt nearly all plates
of trade and labor wero eltet7l, the people
tin It i tat in a general I.lfdaY.
The - Grand L , lgn of eta.aeltusatta 111.
.11/ibled 11l their vegeta. 11.1 , 11,1.1.1011, In
tonuoar ttrepat. whit. pett tea.
("nerd, and untlor the ...rt. ac
of the Ltostoo
of IthighttiT,quithfr 1...1td
.:11 to flu. [wry rtgllpie, u tteutteful and Itn
po.log edifice, ...aeon stories In leak( ' with
11 CLIg01210,Vor CO thll is
it 31.111 g
iVO fret, and It atimilur and
tower tit the north corner.
. .
The 11...lichtery eerenlonlos commence.' at
nine °Mimi.,and in them none exceptiN;
Mumma nartleleeted. Preiditent of the lint.
net Stat., l'ionma4ter •lienorat
.11aj. Gen. itmeeme and Ottnomu h alt;ilbrrle
wen, present, twins: ruimil,aro of the fritter
atty. tif
rdtllte?er the ceremonies clewed. the Pints-
Went e remelt the elneere ad profound
e L o experienced at to ning prese nt with. the Grand Lod:teen this MOM intermit-
At 'the conclusion of the Preabiontis re.
tearks', the e1,41,,11 of the (fraud I.miac sr.
rminated. By the times the private cere
monies were concluded, the Masons, who
bail been forming at the Common, were
ready to move to the procesamii. They
those Abu hail
engage.l in the
temple exercises, awl now In an unbroken
limi they nroraeded through a 'number of
thd principal strects awl :minims.
The pro...moon consb,teil ofeighteen
divisions, and was, commanded by William
P. btrem en, Grand Aldratial.
addition to tan' Encampments of this
were Enna:lwo:len. trots Rhode
Wand, New Fork, New Hampshire,
Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey nod
the: Illmrict of Columbia, together
'-oh if nights Holm other States. at
Juan's I.ulge Ot New bOett. Instituted Sc
1751, carried Untold Washington Rude, upon
*high Wa!thlngton took his first milk of ot
os,: 0. President, of the United State, Lotitu
ea from Sluice, Ilflnmis, Now York, Wash mg.
and other cities and States were In
line, with • at itanarepre9entatlnn of various
organtgations In England awl British Prot - -
tev. It to thought upwards of ten thousand
Mason, worn In proeefaittif. Many decora
tains &mitt heron. w,rit got - Keens char
outer. The Prealtiont stood much Mille time,
oat In hand, Innalcantiri ilgetnent of the
CO pitmen. pal 4. Moque. Were oecation
ly thrown Into the carriedu. There was
touch enthuslaom everywhere,and tho only
allusion Sc, poi tiler heard was tte °seising
ion, -No impeachment. - Rams: mother.
presented Emir y tnidrms to the notice of
the President, was neon kind word sod.
more than otter, a M... Lott'. little ones.
~. • .
lt,tonlans any never before w. there
!true when juhltics were no•rneees,httly to.
clod. from uubuleclemonvlrwl.naln honor
&public loan; and tn.y are glad to have
Inc' Pre:Went nrnomr them In order Mal
Icy Chief
tepee., their moped for him or
• he Chief Mucirtrate a+ ha t fellow clilivenr,
..votivcot the. Is.. Which distort, thy
OlA'lttlitAtiollir the Ita%oun eocuicienc,l
vb.embilest at tight tilt mornlbg, It we..
Ire o'clock Shen they ctroplatod Wu r
marehlng brOgraruine and teat-MA !Unton
ater uNtial
nrle,.•iota the tlenee a.blltors, uhtzratioo
wan ileilViired by IZAV. lc. nin.ll§lr, pre.,
et,inLiiii of in, t.rani, Liligo 01
ent Ili, Origin.
rt-n al lire Mn.nnry.
otto wst.. and Ott ,•
Citl,4 nith .104,01.0.
Ter rm.:dent, with Malor bonerat and ettranon Morris, weru then e-h0rt
...1 to Me roryntian x; .n • In the now rtl.n
•onta IFtn‘le. in parte-hoot a banquet.
Ihrote its eicee; tirond /taster Inttno maid
hatto, to the I, tietne 05 the ‘laY. antrtn
onter that the President might withdraw.
of he ho Would now P.n.. ,
•t•Ttre Prealdent of the Vatted
- •
Till, W., rf . e•-i.1.1 *Min ff.fuf,ral
, bqfnitf kr of If ands by Ufa Imago er.tUfflftgfi,
vocecelliff aloe eliffcrs.
. . .
The t're•llent. In rtanottleaglnit the
ctoupllttiorat, mrt4to a (ex restutrl.. ❑e iv.,
i.:17,4e14e41 .1411 tll2 - 4,44 t•Aeern At tterloae.
. .
Grnera Ito,o.eaci pr.moLeda. reareL
from brenaary aaward anal ha coned
not. la: pnramt, a family paring'
for anale mor.ttla raw:rated Ids attending
tpunlic alarserr, or ermir occasion. Tat.
rrl,ttietit WAN Marmly 'Laken av trio band
, by I:rotifer: ..11,amr,
enr.l lib flit hotel. wriere Et•Prawldept'
Pierre pa/.1 1; to rtalicatr.
El Teler'cib In Mr
ABIIINOTON, '21.1[6.
TITS, r AL:4 , 01 , 1TION axn clratcr/ era rcx
The Department of State ban Information
Item Comu,lvlooor , beekwetn. that of lieu
tinthlrml not teentT.four United Staten
Eillltiltorn or Patin there- have been awants
In favor of two hundred and RI ity•tv.
Among these fear bane, b.f. awarded
arand preen, yevehteen gold, Nit)-two nil.
nor, and one hundred and three bronze
medal+. noventv.titen American exhalant - a
were Le/numbly :tient ion ed.
Fourteen thoumintl two hundred and
utzty-nisin cirri, of nubile lands were die
on.ied of at the land eine,. of lows. anti
Mlehtusu i dinning Mae. beventy-lour pat
ents..ein bracing cieved tho.and font hun
tdan delay-one net . , of baud In Kan'.
on the rettowittnuile reserves;
also. eight' bulimia fOr Winnebago trust
mantle in Mitintiosila i embracing one thou
sand three hundred and twenty acre., were
sold to purchasers for the lament of the Ins
illans. •
Itt.rENING 07 g . OUTTI6StS POSTOrrteLli
' The Poetoinee,Department to-day order.
rd the re-opening of fourteen melodic.... In
fhu lAmthern Stutea. The Work le p rogrelow
log ateadlly rani order, tor Mu re,openlng
of poeteNces In that .eoctlon aro Issued
nearly every day..
• 11411. 7011 • 110\flCIl O REVI,EO.
Judge Coylor. of the Circuit Court, this
morning refused lo take nail in the 411.90 of
henry Johnso who shot n [Tom named
Srn(KII, 1110 312 n,
1), for itilniteroits int twines
with Ills former trite.
The Opinion of Genera! Stamberry
llrlngine Forth E.ll Ertatt—lLlneartm
Mg or Unmeant? Vill•May.
ilir Thirtioal t ilie ratainirchurrene./
Noir Tone, Ante Trltnoirts tin.
canton rot:vial rape: The opinion of Attor
ney tioncral htunberry la' already bringing
forth rep trout. The mint el revolt in
litronglibming. LloJor linvilond, Who woo
rrniorrri for rebel pro
riivitle to recognize tin, military'
Tl.O unearthing of ad Iranian .° villainy
here. permit the w . ar tho rebel
Joegoslaturn ortlereol a sweeping and none
photo onlbrantlnn of all property, real and
e o r mm raedl , w
h r b ra yl n o ra a ol l
enosw s n Ig .
or T . h P roperty n
valued at Dome Lean bitty million dollara
. nay 0010011 and held. Jhraru Derail., jolt
pardoned by ete
tesent Johneon, loured
more than I hie...thousand tralora.. Thu rebel
records are I innoorfeet nod blind, rani do not
whose 1.210 linueer of the purchaser° low
brans. sums e ere an.troorasol toy the receiv
e:ln. The connotations of Cromwell, In Ire.
lawd o olonw equal thin In extent and ores tY•
Unmoral lirlihn le urged to probe this lump
em.MaLlon Intl. button,
Auotcra, tin., Juno 11.--itiogistratinu
primrsssing qulialy. Four hunFircil and
11111 y-biz. pore oos wens rogisteroil toslay.
In vslioni WO hominid alit wooly-obi Worth
blocks. -
A party Of contemns attempt.' to eqenpu
from tee neoltentlare nt 5111k:doer dm.
too Nem ti tiled end several Wounded. Thu
relrallnilol . Wen, re-captured.
Harlem Mprinan, Carroll Co., Ohio.—
Thema mprinns. In commotion with the Ito.
tul *nninuty buildings, will bn °pencil tor
innate wild bomilers mt tau Ilea! or July.
It is not now Intended tut w plate or fashion
al,berlimorln but spin*, or it snit Lim demands
or those seeking a quiet, bealtbrul, rattail
and oneXpvnsive retreat, Into train 101:104.
nml Tlnturnets ere dense, trio Keen
ry peetillarly benhtlful, wad' the locality
Itlld minimal ...igen., noted for 1.111,1 r ht..,11,41
Unnnrtnig .011 i I. li.t. Vltitorn from Pitt s
rittuocovill... Wheeling nail Clnol*
nail. will coma v Z.. , Market -14.0100, on
the a C. dlr.t.ntit, by hark tram
two In Ihrtni bouts. For part loniat a, ad.
Omni, d Li. Lan, Harlem Springs. Carrot
County, .th it,. or call on E. Is. Gamins, pas
-191. of t i e Mouth ritlabUrgb AL E.. Church. ,
. .
1.221,5 t•
wsrapseassew er.lialr.—Tho Allegheny,
Temptranen Lena..., will wool tall evening
In the lisv. John elobilllan`s 1:13111 . 014 . eau
druky Street. An address will b. dolletwed
by Minna, T. .EVcrt Eno. The blink . of
the Leyden Lodge of 'Good Templar& will
bu prtwoht end /flog soluf E temperance
Choice lilyrogna—u,...obanT i 81,4*bor
°moon, •Ea.aniparilliia tahllar.
Latitolia, lr rap°. Pine Anplai Lemon, Blank
' h rry, 'and looloberry Vinegar. of very 114.
Orrlor corahty, at this very loweat Prlnl'a, at
111 Yriloral /treat, Allognany city.
Ileorgo /haven. -
'Print*. the, vrry best Printe, the vett.
best Prints t 124 n, at' the greet singing
sale of Itsrkei.t. Oct, IA Market. etroet.
j We don't advert,. what we have slot tot;
remember &him when reading our advertise
Masslaik Crash Tovialitng at 6 Deno yet
yard. at Lb* sow stare, lio. 100 Ohio street,
an AND
FOUBTII PAGE.—The fullart and mast re:
lb‘blr Od and Produce Market Re
ports given by any paper in Use city, Yin br
/maul an &aril:meth 112Pe.
The City Councils held a ragular monthly
meeting on Monday evening, June 21th.
menthem present : Masse. Armstrong,
Urown.Codln, Crawford. Dickson, Whit:llan,
Morrow, Phillips, Roos, Tanner, Thompson,
Willie, Wilson, and McAuley, President,
Minutes of last meeting rend and ap
proved. ,
Tho President submitted a petition from
Gotloth Hammier, owner of a brewery
on Vickrov street, setting forth that he hall
erected his establishment at considerable
expense, and that recently a man - named.
Hutchinson Sas erected a kiln for ovine
brick immediately in front of the brewery,
end directly across the public otreet. He
asked that.Counclis take use proper steps
to remove Ito same, Referred to MO Street
Committee, frith Instructions to abate the
C. C. non-oeicurred and referred to Street
Committee. Select Council recede and con.
Mr. .MeAttley (Mr. Brown In the chair)
submitted en ordinance remlattng thu
elsarges of haokmen and drivels of vehicles
for conveying passengers through the city,
[lcing the rates at lute cents for each pas
senger and twenty-five cents each for'
trunks. Bead three time aumpiumed. C. C.
amended by making the rates lilt} eeLta for
'stamina. - rand one trunk and twenly•five
cents for each ailattlomit trunk. S. C. re.
ceded unit minourred, •
sir. Phißps presenwil a petition from the
Monongahela Bridge Company and the Bir
mingham Pamenger Hallway Company,
asking rho privilege to alter the, grade of
smithileld street near Sheet(onungalteist
Bridge. Referred to Cho COMMitt.
with power Loam.
Tile chair submitted an ordinance tot the
hinter government and regulation of the
File Department. The Ordinance province
that when on duty the companies of the De
partment be under thestrict control of the
Cola Engineer, or '
In his absence, the As
sistant Engtmers in or 'er of rank ' s that In
no case, except to attend fires, shall any of
me voMpanim take their apparatus outside
of the city limits; and Xhat no oompany•
gaunt of service without glelegidne
notice trt thd Chief Engineer, bird obtain
ing tits approbat.On. Passed to a third read.
tnionsd after considemble disensidoe, the
yens and nays were called and the ordi
nance passed by a•vote of Sloven for to ono
The rrnetrierit read a communication
from Msyor MeCaney, reiattng to Um nut.
senne existing at the Point, io mmsequence
of the defective errangemeuts for dimming
from the cannel thu nlght.coders the con
tents of the cess-pools throughout the city,
anti asking that the name be remedied. Me.
!erred to the Chairman of Allegheny and
llonoegebela Wharf Committee, with power
to take such settee In the premises as way
be necessary to secure the abatement of the
Hr. Dickson Presented the report of the
tlas Light Committee, with a resolution au
thorizing the erection or lour lamps on
Washintstoostreet, between Webster and
Crant, and Ibreo on Conirrips Street be
tween Wylie street and Pennsylvania ay.
:me. Iteport accepted, and the resod:dben
passed to a third renting and adopted.
tie 'sunoalttea a report of the'
Viewers el Market, street Sewer. The en
ure cost et the sower was 0,33537. The tro
tal length 43 feet: Report eccuptaa attd
spore red.
Also s resolutinn appointing A.J. Gribbin
As rinser on Virgin alley btlwer, In place at
James S. tamte.
The following ordinance., passed to a
bowed reading May 27th, were taken up:
Uroinanoes for grading and paring Car
son anti Allegheny street, and for opening
Greeting, street, were read three tunes and
pave d.
Too ordinance for the grading and par
tog of Lumber street was postponed.
air. Morro* submitted an Portllnanco
changing the -grade of the lionougenela
saberf, between Smithfield and leant
wade, providing (or an appropriation of
4t2,1M0 (or regraolog and pavingt:e the same.
Tile ordinance ese discussed on:shiera•
tie length, and tbd yeas sod nays being
called units paasage,rosnited—yeas.l; nay,
II; so the online:me was lost.
A resolution wan:adopted authorizing the
controller to bertlly I. warrant In favor of
rtillerton, fOr twenty-erten dollars In
full of water rent colivered In error.
Air. McMillan, an ordinance fur the open
ing of Slim eimet from Bridge to Liberty
•creets,..+ laid down lu Denny ., pine
01 lota.: Laid oaths table under the oral-
Mr. Morrow submit...l an ortllnanco ro.
rldnig that theMnllannee heretofore
on an tiloattelx,nt 01 twenty-lire per
I.rnt. on all . stextaboat, mating weeuly
shOnld apply and he extertiled to Min
.I.llegbeny wharf.
Members present—Messrs. heck, lirush,.
fora, Hare, Hemphill. Weise,
Jones, Marshlnney,Slelinewan..Meeleimnil,
ReCosian. O'Neill, Rued, lisdierts. Robb,
erEbert, Sloan, Tomlinson, Torley, Verner,
Weldon, Welsh, and Presildsmt
The minutes of the previous meeting
were reed and approved.
Mr. and
presented a vonnunien-
Lion lion John McOargo,lisq.,CityControil.
er, covering sundry bills. The coin inu le/C.•
1100 was Retained and Warranta ordered to
be drawn on the Treasurer far the several •
- - .
thire.oftered an ordinance prorining
tor toe branding of boxea lu which berries
wld to xr 1/. Pub'le inarkore. Thn unit
:mum was roan throo Limes dimity
Mr. McGowan offered resolution direct..
log the Oily Controller to certify his war
rant on the Treasurer In tutor of Mr. John
Bau•s, lihr ten dolime.l be amount of water
tax for IoA overpaid by him. Raferred to
MlnAnco t,t.mmirtre with power to rm.
Mr. lb:Mb, the folloy/Ing ordinance.
It reacted, Sc., That In sewers now
In proms. of construction, or which Shall
hereafter be con•tructrol. It shall ho the
duty of the litmording Regulator to cause
to he Inserted on each side of sold twwere,
at tee distal:ice of every thirty feet. Mat
Iron ohms , . of that! diameter as •balf be
directed by the Regulator, and that the cost
Of raid sleeves be added to the costs of con
at ruction and paid biros part Of the reWers.o
The r.r4llnacien Iran read three .1111... and
.111141.15 , parsed.
• 11r. hard, from the ziaulteey Covoialttee,
offered the folleiring reboluttonf *Men was
knotted, Thatthe Sum at one - thousand
dollars be and Whereby-appropriated, to he
espootted by the Cannery for
eccurlas the beet sanitary cotalltlon of the
city, at occasion may requtry, and that the
same be charged to the Contlmient Fund.
Mr. Fora also Miert t an ordinance mak-
Ina It the duty of ' , among awning lots front
ing opou shay. to hoop said alleys properly
cleansed, sell to have them scraped every
Tuesday and Triday Thu ordirlanon also
nroviceil for the I.tuutenahts of the Night
Police to ate that its provisions weir car
ried out, and allowed thorn each ton dollars,
per month 'as compensation Cos their Ser
sir. Ford stated that the Street Committee
had been laboring fora year past to devise
same Mewls by which the alley, could be
kept clean, but they had been tumble to do
so. The Street Commirisioners appeared to
think that they had no right to interfere,
except In cases whore the allege an paved.
IG WOO re cessary to the continued stood
health of the city that the alleys 11110111,1 tie
cleansed at once, and he hoped the (infl
ame., would be passed..
Air. Welsh moved as an amendment that
the Sanitary Committee be . empowered to
employs Suitable person to carry out. the
provisions ofthe ordinance. The littlellti•
mane was acciepted. •
The ordinance was amended by Mr. Reed,
limlting the immpensvtlon of each person
on employed toter++ dollars per day. The
ordinance, no amended, wet read three
times and nestle Penitml•
Mr. ldeQuestan, a revolution authorg
the Controller to minify a warrant on the
Treasurer In favor of Mr. Edward - Allen for
the sum of $1,603 W In payment for tViti ,
so meting the sewer ois Carson street, in the
lianth ward.
Mr. Robb offered an ordinance' prowl ling
for uniform system of sewerage. heed
nod alit Over Under Um roles.
On motion, adjourned.
litivardylam i.e the _Ninth Ward,
Last night, 'between five and six
John Chafman end Alfred Lestnn, brntheirs•
in-law and residents'of the Ninth ward,
went to the' house of Joseph lierbstor. at
the corner Of Liberty and Carat. Streotn,
and were Conducting Lhoimmlvm in an in
decent manner, when ilerbstor niquestml
them to-leave Ms bonne, whereupon they
e.o.m..' him and atoned him shamefully.
They were not satiblied with this, however,
but abroad his honey-anti furniture, break
ing obnlno, glassware, nrackerV. dv. Herb.-
slur came to the Mayor's office and made an
ormatinn against them, charging them
with assault and hmtery. • warrant won
Wiled. and oilleers Rivers, prowder. aerate
and Couples alerted to pa,rnint, of the offend
ers. Strain and Cupid. succeeded in ar
esting Chatman and Leston between Sit
and seven o'clock last evening. but Cha
rnel:l managed tolilve them the slip and us
cp.pod, bat only fora short titans Sa :he was
picked uu nt his Pont, in the ormar'ond of
the Ninth ward, • about twelve o'clock butt
night, by °Meer* River. mid Dressier and
lodged in the lock-up, whore tun worthy hall preceded him, to await
a bearing this morning.
The congregation of er, Clair' Church,
Rev. J. C. Boyd. motor. In Scott township,
have or - anged for o Strawberry geldival, to
he given In the church edifice on Thursday
afternoon and evening next, on which octet.
elen n meet elebeent entonalereent will be
of rd. Tlllietlerell le erA, A ['eau , -
0101.0:4 and Sits One weather and peel
nettle, a ergo pothering of country folk
vi ph a owl, number of rt.wn people are
exported to assemble, for a day of health.
Col recreation. Anion Taint refreabinento
and floral ottroculons, iuldrewieo will be de-
Ilveral by able clerical gentlemen.
A Mootrean Amphitheatre.
The semsters - or the Grand pitional Fes.
whloh Vttl take plaabit Union Skitt
les Park. coMmenetng July 4th. have had
erected substantial mate around three sides
of the minimum. and have made other •nit.
sblelllll2MtMellta for the comibrt and coo
venience of the thousands who will Darn.
Ice* to the molebration. Ae the glorions
entity...TY nCuroaches the racitereentrel•
alnee to the 31 . 421 d Festival 111121,....*. and
l who can are scouring their (1011.15(1110
office. 74 Fifth street, where the prism are
on exhibition,
Wives WeWe.—The steamer Belle will
leave this dav at n r., tawitively. We ree
ommend the belle to shippers and pae•en.
,sere as a dratedass boat, and we know that
Om*. Lonahrey snd Jack Chambers will do
the oonetealas of the oreee with thew win,
al urtiartlty. This laths only - beat leering
this port until s :Ise. 'Caps Lonaltrey wIR
take with huh several• berm and thus In.,c‘7 l ol , Petha , OlWlMCarcetib,.'
The uoldrieh Homicide Case—A New
Came on the Matter—The Pistol
The Circumstancea attendant Upon the
kllimg by a pistol shot of James Goltirlch.
of Allegheny • city, must be gresh in the
minds of our tendon. On Monday evening.
I June Pith, about four o'clock, McFarland
and deceased, who went on intimate terms,
I attended a plc We on Troy II 117, and when
the pin ale bad ,broken up they visited sev
eral beer garden a In that • locality, whore
they remained until after eight o'clock,
when they started for home. On - reauttlng
the corner of 04Ia street and East Lane,
I Goldrlch promo, to IleFarlarto that they
ahould go to Kellar's, who keeps a whole
sale and retail liquor and grocery store, on
the corner of East Cole and Ohlo street,
and grota drink. McFarland nceepteti the
Invitation, and the two crossed the street
and entered the stare, where Revert.' men
were seated. tir. Kellar, the proprietor,
as not In the stole when they came In,
having gone to the cellar to get some wine
for bin Itiends. anti McFarland, addrevelng
himself to a mitheta of ldr. K's, sated for
some liquor, which waa ' , snood him. At
.this time Mr. K came up from the cellar.
and seeing McFarland and the deceased in
the room, asked them w at they wanted
there, when McFarland replied teat It was
none of his business; then Mr. Kellar atee
red op to ham and toot hold Who mat and
retitiested hies to leave the house. which
McFarland retnsed to do, and a ditto OISIMM,
raCetol.l,l striking Kellar on tee bead, and
he wtns then strong by young Kellar, the
nephew, two or three times • after which ho
retreated to the door. Almut this time the
decent." bad miught the elder Mr. K. by the
bale and was pulling him down when a shut
WWI do e, alit entered the' bead or the do
censol,jusaback ng the left ear. passim;
through In ashrect line with the right ear,
lodging in the inside of the skull. Molar- I
land then started to net and was pursued
by Mr.Kellar and caught and brought buck
in the house whore lioldrich was lying. lie
was than o f
In charge by °Muer Charles
Wooell. of the night watch. lie refused to
go with Wessell, when Me (Wesll) caUed
tor usalstance, loud he was taken In the I.k.
up. A•ehort timeafter the idiot was tired,
Or. J. McOrn was called, and. upon mak
ing en examinanon of the wound, he pro
nounced It fatal. • Toe injured man was re.
moved to the residence of Ills parents,
where he illed.algtut two &clock ate next •
At the Coroner's investtgatlOn the jury
were solely puzzled to discover who ad
fired the fatal oboe; No pistol was Mend an
McFatimad or about the .premises. and the
matter was involved In deep mystery. Thu
circums.rectia of the'esse pointed strongly
towards Victor Kellar as the perinurator of
. Lim murder, es be was aeon to go out of w
hack door 'lmmediately alter the firing.
Th e jury accordingly found a verdict to the
effect that either Victor Seller or Jaw..
McFarland used tho death Of young
tioldrleb. Both were arrested and are now
In theist,. Yesterday the matter camp or ,
before the Grand Jury, and sr it was In no
good sharer (Or. action, Assistant District
Attorney Riddell gave orders to oMmlr
John Manley and Coroner Clawson to make
search for the missing p stol is the coos.
pool attached to the w
ellingdein of Dennis
Kellar, • tu the Luck yard premises,
where the murder was perpetral"l.
These oftld= Mat night procured 'the
services of night sailers and proceeded to
their Important search. The, sailers had
hardly beet, ten minute. at work till they,
fauna a nearly new Smith t Vir.edima
shooter, with five cartridges uthilsMarged
and one missing. This certainly wan the
weapon with which the homicide was CON.
mated, and now the gnestiod' sates who
put it treed It changes ten entire aspect
of the case, but it is with a jury to
determine who Is the guilty party, and wo
do not choose to say anything now on the
subject. If the owners= of the pistol can
be established. tee entire mystery will be
solved by its discovery. The Grand Jury
will Loan actioa on the Mils earthen the
arisen°. to-day.
The rillstorargb Female Orsllege—Tbe
' , Reading lenient.
Last night another largo and intelligent
audience assembled at the Chapel of the
Pittsburgh Female College, on. the occasion
of the reading contest for 'the Davi leen
Prise. SGPaurten yonnglndleapartielpated,
each rendikg to very excellent manner
choice poetical 'elections. The acholere
gave emdenco of thorough knowledge of
perfect elOcution. and rail with remarks.
ble force and spirit. Oqe young lady—" No.
5' ag,tlie peomaMtneatylndtter--IS aMicted
readersous impediment lu her sph,
led selection from ell lawatha" In a
really artistic and beautiful manner, gollig
to show the high order of training she hha
recetved Is the College. The pdm w.
borne MT by llias Lunt.. Pershing, of Johns.
town. Pa. St.. the no.envor oh a Cube of
a ht., Anna lilekitiftun would be proud, and
has It nailer porfect control, reading with
nary sr... and ItriCol9lllMl elocutionary
flourish. 01 , 00 our sympateles were with
"No. 11," we nelluve the prise was rightly
awarded • o Miss Pershing. Toe //Maryut..
ladles wore equally worthy of miscifil men
tions mit the programme only gave num
bers, stel we cut. not/ 111,1 iv u Hey. J.
•s. Dickerson, cnairman or the C.llll32ittne
on Award, in a few eloquent and impressive
remarks, .
bestowed the prise, an elegant
silver cup, on the fortunate oont.tant,
after which tile audience was dismissed.
Ice tandeml part of the- progiamme WO.
very excellent, indeed, if possible, superior
to that offered at the mulles' contest. •
Tam evening, at Christ , . Church. Hie an
'maul address will be deliver.] by tee. 1/r.
It. S. Poster. au eloquent pulpit orator. 01
New berg city. A rare intellectual treat
many safety be anticipated , and doubt..
every seat of the commodious church will
be occupied. •
The -,Exwitilesitions .. for Admittaise•
0, 1.
10... toe - - c m cal Illlgh echoes. .
The examint on of pupils of the Ward
Pubitp Schools, tor adnilsilon Into She Cen
tral High Soh I, commenced yesterday In
the . glass rooms ot the High School on
T -
S ruithdeld street. One hundred and forty
nine applicants mane their appearance, the
majority of them girls. - The examination
Is conducted Ina fair and Impartial man
nornib by the F silty of the /Ugh School un
der the doer Inn of Prof. Phllatus Dean.
the accoinpl shed principal. Each spell.
cant Is furl. bed with • card bearing a
number whir , i answers for the identity oh
the tranvia thronghout the examination,
as no *MI.% re given. Thin wise rule pre.
vents the possibility of favor being shown
to nay •Pulleant, and also relieves the ex
aminer. from-.the susplethe of unfairness.
The questions are selected wills great
titre and or...leniently difficult to test the
eebolarly nttattilol2l • of the applicants in
the most effective manner. Tiny are pilot
ed on. silos of cow and. distrltanol
ammo* the scholar., and adequate time is
allotted for neon study. Tho answers are
written in fell by the applicant, and sigsed
with his member and delivered .10 the
examiner.. 'Of course, throogh fright and
nerfousnets, many of the youtig folks tall
to pass, bet an a general role the 'test' Of
me-holarships is very fair and saitataetOrY,
The examination will he continued trsslay..
and the anuouticethent or sticdissful candi
dates will' be made public within a se w
days. . , .
Killed by Fatting Out of• Windemor
• oruner's Inquest. •
William Eicher. Warding with his skis '''.
. .
Mrs. Speer, at 10. SO Third street.
. . _
a violent death some time durlow'Scrubsy
night, iwhleh wastli.3 subject of Unpin - be
fore an Inquest held (In the ittientiOttpf
- _
mum Clawson) by Alderman James3nrizi'
on' Monday forenoon. Itlehey had.twee - In
bad health for some days, the result Oli In
temperance, and his mind was considered
'somewhat Impaired. About ten O'clock On
Sunday evening, attar partakler of light
fool be nuked to hut room In the tlidd
story of the Loewe, At four o'clock Monday,
morning, name of the family, on going. to
Ms room, discricered he 1.111 1,106 there,
whereupon search tea made, and abouean
hour later he was diveovered lying dead
to I a book • yard or apart, alongside
the house, In a position which Indicated
that after leaving his roam he Went to a
window nt the bend of the atalrWay, In the
rear of the 0000111 r •terr, climbed tlirough
it to a shed beneath, from which he fen,
per,heps In attempting to descend. Toe
Dank of his Went was crenated In by aiming
In contact with • stone.. Persons hiving lu
the vicinity heard meanings about half past
two o'clock, and tole feat Indicated at Shout
letst time Ito fell. Deceased w. about tor.
ty-five years of ago. unmarried, and a paper
hunger and plasterer by 0011111Mti1311. The
Jury Mend that William Richey own. to Ida
death. ,to,, "by &Oleg out of a window."
The art of diagnosing diseake by the elm
, plu Inspection of the urine 'hue been prae-
Geed by many medical men; hut the atten
tion of rite medical worldluta lately been
fffCalled to
,iba subject more b? the valnable
scientific treatises of Prof,ol.lsbuo, 31, 1).,
of Pittsburgh, 1 . 4. Lift has demotistraied
neyoutt %doubt, that by °loin ocular en
am ination, scientific chemical analysis,
and cermet. llllCreeetiple observations ot
urinary depoilm, a most Important aux.,.
cry t 0 correct diet:oasis to to be/attained In
j nearly eyury alsunau. And •so , well has he
maintainedltila Thor, theory and
by its practical application In thenumerous
eases that hove been presented to him,
that his oMce one mmstant throng of pa-
Goats. lie makmithe m ost eritlbal eSitml
pollen of every ease, and however compil
cated may be the disease. seldom or never
failt to render eatisfaction, when arrasons j
able hope can be entertained. hell yt.flo
knowledre thus practicallyapplied. inns!
render more us:mitts. and intellin,PLle Ibis
peculiar branch, nett jtAtit what we
at the man anti !GA extensive ' , notice. We
...n.wond theta otshing medical
Si', ;Li call on him. • j
Otilee and rusidenco, NO. 131 Grant street.
Pittsburgh, PL. itawagite.
A First' Clans Livery
. The attention of our readers I. directed
to the advertisement, in Anether
of ill ' Eawar ' d " 0- n. , ftki,PrOprletor of the
Popular (Snidest Horse List.," !gable, comer
of Pleat and Middle attains, Allegheny, aud
officieNo• 114 Ohlo street. Tame stables are
.I.ll.k n a 0110 ne fiend horseflesh and himd
home turnonta as can be fouml at any Simi.'
Jar place in the elate. 'A foil number of
quiet horses for racily
_alms/an, which ens
safely be deponal.l upon, alive) a ready for
customers. Mr. Caarniecat 'tuts mug bean
eaatecen In the bosom., emit,aa ever borne
the hiebeet reputation. 115 attend. to all
the solemn details of Innen...Jona In a that
Mass manner. and vrillenpoly carriages awl
hearse tar 'peen,' at the slightest notice.
A rod and enrrtuly iiiilecied Mock at fantrld
forniehlas gurste kept constantly cm hand,
We cheerfully consmendlhts liven and en.
dertakinn eatablishmeet to then patronage
Occur madame, knowing DOA, branches of
the bell newtscOngueteit - In, a lnauner
which cannot fall proving eatlefoOtOrY•
-Cold NpartitaN Nada Water at J. T
Sample% Drug Otto., No. 36 Poderalstreet.
Re Nosier that one fellow citizen C. I)
Brigham...A.llbn . In chief of the Pittsburgh
Commercial, pays a handsome tribute to the
skill and ability of Dr. E. S. AbOrn, 134
S lal Street, the dletl n go I shed surgeon
end pl.gslelan who Is now temporarily so
journing In tilts city. Thu fleeter' has treat.
end emmessfully arnembor of Er. Brlcharnle
fanilly In it rase which bad resisted all or.
111netry treatment, and that gentleman le
pleased to mate publ le the tact, and to corn.
mend Dr. Acorn m the confidence of the
general comm Unity.
A Stabbing . AfTrar of quite a serious
character occurred at a drinking house in
Alleguany. on Sunday night. The mind
ed man was broachi to the Mike of Dr. C.
S. Aborn. the alstloguishiel surgeon who
now briefly sojourning lb our city. And bad
hn wounds carefully attended to. Unit,
the excellent treatment recetved at the
hands of Dr. Aisorn, the arm:mita! man will
recover. No Informatipn has been made in
the ease.
Steol , lnk alateh.—We understand that a
match torn "pull^ of three. Attlee boa been
arranged between v nog-Kaye. ap,l Jack•
eon. for a hers° or five - hundred donate, to
roomed' aver the Ahegbony course. tial . ur.
day. the bun! or Angelo. A Unfelt of Oft;
dollar,. wax pat up yenterdhr ' and the bat
men...ol be fortheouttoto Ouring the pros.
cat week.
The 'Fed...lan stenteas.—Tho font
mon at Osk land Park yesterday afternoon.
between Johnny Newell and Frank Wunder
lick, for one Mantra° dollars a mute, result
ed In furor of Newell. In the first one
hundred yard. Wunderlich hod the_ mitten
rage. but aff
er that he broke dthru. and
Newo/1/md it. all to himsell.
ro Wholesale" 80r... of Dry Good.
we oder bargains In Job lots of Greta
Goods, Plantings, Linen Goods, and full
!fees of dheettlegs,•Storaings. Prints, Tick.
ing, Chocks, de., all ot which we will
well at too very lowest eastern easkprimu.
J. A. Ilennna & CO. .
la Market street, below ,Tairel d Fourta
311e.eral WeglAne: Mineral Water I
Ulu. trek, Oonarme and Saratoga waters,
l Joseph m
est received utrect from the borings, at
Flein's Drug more. No. Si Marset
street, where also may im had, pure prime
old Liquors toe Medical purpoitea, at the
lowest. mites.
• flirting 1111.1.1.44. that are nelllhe rap.
Idly at 140 by the, ease and at Me be 31/0
tall, we will sell for 1214oVer yard. We
moan suet what we say. Came and see them
at J. W..Beddrer & 4 1 0'8,89 llathetatrent. •
Paletlem.—The 'pis, of business of Mr.
U. C. Ilarbatmh, h.mae, sign. decorative and
ornamental Painier,k , ir ( l:..l l 7l/ Lannek etre.-t.
Alleglytny City. All on 101 l at the above
place, or at No. 43 Feria. 'Millet, Will re..
calve prompt attention. •
Beautiful Ira. Crorpa IlAwrmax. Cheap
at tic , We are nulling at In ew
Kc, and h° tiwni
In large quantities, and Warrant the Colo.
fast(st.J. W. Barker & Con, 59 dtarkrt
'Five Dollar Boona.—Gent's hand-sewed
oomom-made Daly Hoot. for Five Dollar],
par pair—these are not old style goals—at
:he Emporium, 55 and 57 Pitch street.
Stottlmoo. Palmer. rt. Go.
C.fintry Store-keeper§ will go to the new
More, Nn. l Allegheny, where
they r.ll MOT to large eteck of Dry Gargle
and the •largeat stook of Hosiery and No.
tient In 1110 0111, at Ntt w York prices. •
The Alumni eeetreteitoe of the Pitts.
burgh lientral inch Stiboot hold a merting
to-night at their the High 4clioui
. •
Good. cool and refreeblng lager hoer on
drought, nt Frey'e popular howl, 'No. 4 and
Diamond, Allegheny. • . •
Cala laparallaa Seam Water at J. T._
Sample's Drug Stare. No. 8S Falun.. street.
The Very Leaser aty n
irs of liata, Cana
and Straw Goode, at Gourley & Loga'',
56 St. Glair street.
Ton Can !ley ,1200r9 Of all
tilltlS at Sous'. 5. 'lmolai. Distillery, No.
LA lel, lie snit I*. •
Trouts Buy Yav nova sr. iiageDU
Yen Will find a Dental. Entntthehaient
at. 1,46 Penn itract. Drs. WU Lilllesplu. •
**much Lnerros.-I..straratyln at 20 6erib
per yard. So.loo-ohen •trees, Allegheny. •
You Nu am, Ye Val ca.. AlCobol at
loath S. 5.31 , .....
Or Additional Local News.on
Third PAC,-'
—Harvey Blanelwli, an old citizen and
prominent manurao t hrer of . D.t'yton, died
that city on Satarday, at the ago al -
—The death isinunonneed, in Eeciarid,
or Mr. J. LT. W2lll, the othzraver or “High
land Drovers," . "Alay Has," and other
popular print, •
—The Nashville City Cnuneils have
plunst,l an ordinance providing far the
edneation of volorod children between
the nizes of live and fifteen.
—Niksigsippl sent 75" ipen to the
Rebel army, loosing by 'battle and
disease . 4%500. Her colored 'population
50,000 in exeens of the white:
—Three young men went to the house
of .a negro, nwir Neer Haven, Ky., a few
lays since; and knocked at the door.
Upon the negro coming to open it, they
shot him dead. No arrests. hove been
Gov. Hunt, of Coloritdo, enticos volun
teers to enlist for a 'campaign. on the
Plains, by promisingdp let. them have
their own way of killing Indians." The
000 l atrocity of his language would dis
grace a Pawnee..
—The death of the last descendant of
the femme+ Swiss reformer, in
chronicled in the Swiss papers. 110 died
at Dittlkon, at the ago of sixty, leaving
behind many. prpaous relics that belong
ed to his Illustrious unevitur.
—Frank Thwack has been nominated
as' delegate to the Now York Constitu
tional Copvention by the.ltepublicans of
Syracuse, to till the vacancy caused by
the death of his brother L. liarris
cock, the victim of the Albany tragedy.
• ..Tao accidents Occurred on the New
York Central Railmodlnit week, nearly
at the satnexi!ne, tanned by thS expan
sion of the rails. In both mats the earn
•were thrown from the track,' but no per
son was killed, although several were
•— , Atlltinter's Point, L. L, a few days
alum, a Hot took place between employ
. ea of the Lang Inland ReArnold. and tt e
South Bide Rai The pulled
up mile laid he the latter, which lot to
the trouble. 'Pollee now guard the road
crib° latter.
—There Is no change, and no prospect
eta change, In :the war on the River
Platte. President Lopez is ready .for
maaing Peace, and has accepted the of
fered mediation; but the Sillea reject
both the mediation and all the •proposL
n ova of peace, however reusounble, rued.
by Paraguay.
—Samuel Gregory, of Pelf riare county,
Ohio, recently hung lila "warmus" on a
ltah, %elide repairing o Worn' fauna. An
old saw came along, and "chewed". the
garment, lacerating u roll of greenbacks
in one or the pocitent. COntilifillw /seven
teen hundnxl dollara, which were ren
dered worrttlem. ` - .
. .
-Hon. CoorgeC.Gorhant.whohas be6n
nominated by the Republic ns for fine.
ernor or California, way. twenty years
ago, a even carrier In New London, Ct.,
e,ett log his schooling and paying his way
by his own exertions_ Re bias been an
editor and a lawyer, and in at ;resent
Clerk atilt , Supreme Condo( California.
. -
The Late tamely lea.
.1163 a al., E 911.0... I; atarral—Tee late
-.County Convention has made Its octets..
Will, and though the result is t'afia•rent
'Stun What some would have It, "yet the pee
! labs bare subsided Into their accustomed
quietude. This le se It should be. This Lop _
beautiful characteristic of the Amerimin
people, or rather of the people of the loyal
I States. 110wover. Ugh political moose I
may run, or however Wide the chum that I
may divide perste* prior. to an election. or
nominating couventkm,Jciat so soon as the
result Is annOunoed In a minter mad au . .
thoritatiVo manner, Just so coon Petitlhel
strife ceases. This was the greed mistake
! made by the 'late Confederate Slates. tell It 1
ila not of this we proPom to speak. W.
note another ebargeterlstio of the people, I
aud It Is this: Belem the late Couventif,,,,i I
+, there Isom soldiers ae citirena bk.upes
1 ;Kelm for tee Wee h oneys. eell ire
I r1 " 1, 4 , 4 1 a d " , t ; ,, n pli k til ` l ' llL ' 1 f '-' , .a ° , " u p " , Z74l '
n0,,,,r0d those who dared the blow and
kraPPled with rebellion. Tole 111, also. shat
I Should be, and by It . we are reminded that
the people of
p ia county are tree to them.
I wry., and the photues they gars when tree
f son and rebelliou alined a truth blow at toe
irt ' itf' t h it o v f e T.% sTglAT4u,lif *relf 'al:3'ff 4 1Z;
straggle for. national existence, and 011•10
agate returned toeirillae, son boner their
atm compmaeo...he. bY , ldioursalada. BM.
and wilt no more.
' I know there are those who say . the sold
ter In played out But they are few and tat
' between. .1 know. too, 12, is said, there are
those eat, Stab] st home—sr/OMo as much
as those who ware In active seeros by ale.
Ilia of ilielr mash encouraging enlistment.
nth :Sow It to not our partateeto dist:urns
um good,that any. may. have dove, for It
was all 'needed, and contributed to the
greed result We accord Meanly man his
L." . .7.7dT,r011itin t r714,747211 tiT r a ' A d '
to say that no sacrifice at • home will coedoin.
oessate for the hazards ot • war. 'ln 'the
home iserrice there was nO hazard Of life or
limb.. There was norms/Mink of the sweets
of home end anclathliss for the rude life of
the mimes, lin forsaking Of the chilirtui
fireside and warm etlertlillelta for the cheer.
lase eed gloomy blamed, an the bleak plaint
of iihrprieus m raid 'Winter. Bat we will. ,
pane, this thought an further.. We know,
the pople will sotto wt Mate who stood
by them when armed trance threatened to .
soak thdrclidasi-clestroy - this ' , module 'of
uuir pada col cams the stmebsta., elf sebsk
Isch/ ei.x. 1 40.4 1 . 1 .' - - •- ,*, VIVA.
inirvnts. '
WEDNIMIDAT MID 1111111711.11 AT
♦ forte *beet, orNotortalnr TaIRTY' O7 "
U Bof Inlefaaktlag redallne matter, Isola I , lg
%tadmg INN...dials, by T.IHrMII
and Nall. valnanto Reatna Mgt.+ for I/ •
ramify, end Adler. and meat fellable rid.,
Ole and randnerrlal 'Mara 'Rep.'' , Riven rT
any P.L.O. In the Coq. No Farmer, Ileduadt or
Meroaant should be wltboat
mix 4 r,t.. rex, nasarrect
Moe .oeterlier
Chios of ►Flee. •
Oohs .tf Ten . 1-111.
..-Ligt one ecepy of t• met 10 the penes get 2 l.ll(
Addition. to chili. Can tM Mid , it
UT time, Li Club rotes.
Noncs ard.ll4
pp d. be sue tad noddy lewd *anon nu
.uis, u w. Us. • NAM= dm v.*
emtbem b... bed one mill alma.
air Moo. by DWI. X.AT
or to geo...olLe OM; triflf Denial stoat dab
Addreas e GAZETTZ e
....etas off too President& figatt.
making or hoping to make °a good [(ling"
nut of the Goverimaer, either witlflo the
Democratic party. or waiting to go there
on the drat Indleationbt making it a "ono
rasa. , Is again bawling himself hoarse at
the coming July mama Of congress, 'to
Prenpete its, ” r u m s r
a fo s l though
f:l e g a odsihn g
a of b f
headed animal would - either be or stay
hearted off by any tenon that Congress ran
nut op. No man outside of the YD—
family had soy confidenCe in the former
nt rimen t to that line, but there were ro
Cany distaat relatives of that family, in
anary.. and not, that nothing short of •
trial would satisfy oven the most intelli
gent of them, and they ere air. ady painting
to the thermometer as a res.on why Con
are.sebould not prom.' to tool-mate thud(
1 tenet IL mill hare more self.respeet
hereafter. /t moral/Kul to take the ustrafght
chute" If tl'e President rano LW carry out
lie Yreoonstructum Measures. in geed faith.
It admitted that suaO unfaithfulness would
ho good cease of Impeachment In mid of
DWG FIJI it adhoret nr teal by tailors,'
sdinit rim justnesa of the Stanhorre Quin.
Weal Will Congreas and the people now,
G hat 'S late hour. opals their eyes to the feet
. o a/ o r
ie beyond the nosh
Ileterutiaerl quibblers/ If not, then go on to
the bitter end at the oast ot counflom
Ilona lgattgast.o
Thors4Ay ...mi.
~Jung 11th. by the Rey. Allot' Z. rmltl, at
O parsolege.. Me. UENOT IL. TOWILL W
nAltall A. BNAIt.II IW, all gYADgegggy.
(Harrisburg L.P.?. Oltmmi coq I
"•LRARI"—On Slnn.laievening. So0.14.11:Of
o 1 f
ul• ption, r.IIK/11..110•L t SHY , la the 1134
are. -
-run. ral Ir. ni Ib laid resldereit. 11:01 won
eve.t, War. ri...42 Mo6lrd, at t4llo . otOCk•
oda art lied to attend.
fc4l4.nee of bet sralft.
' 471 ;:tr.f.l Taitizt: int' re. ;:".;
f axe.
. Tbm friends of dm family aeo reQuaated to mat
at the truktk Da,,,ot. or. Oa tba tool.
'be r.w. Jb C. /I; IL. at a: 4O
arisarano,beraearpagcatt ll be la raadlaaa,
, o convey tern tot a Came WT.
Yo. 100 'marsh street, , Titistnstrih, r..
;UP ?Mr of all kinds: ORLPICS. Ot.4.IVCS. nud
-very deserintron of /Funeral hinds Mar Hoods
fo ro !shed. Booms opened day and nigbt. • Beam
Carriages furnished. .
fitrzaramsa-14w. Davl4 Kam. D. D.. Vat.
W. W. Jwobne, D.D., Tboma. [whim, 41.-
..I.Tt. Wi11,,. V.. •
• KIM AND IthIBALWILB. nteeemor to the
nuts gunnel Midden. No. 49 litho Stmt.
three doors from Bowyer. Allegheny , itp. No-
LAIN, itmewood. Naborany, Welitet and now
'cod Imitation comes. at the lowest 'educed
ark.. 1t0... opens. all hoar., day and night.
ItharaiYand e arthages (metalled on =tort natter
mid on moat ri uon •Wo terms.
DEICTAK9I3. Wee, 9 4'•n,o 92911941
I.lloe'uny. 11,1911 e, I oiewood co , totter to, re
en, wit,.. omoletel neck of fee,e,l orols,lair
good • on bona, sod 1199 , 5ec d et ,Ibor.ett
11 owes, price, bale Sod 1 . 1 try n 410., coro
rof FIII.T,D MIDDLE T. 1500. Cattlyres.
Battle,, toidle lioreet. &e.,
for Ire.
WHITE - Ik. CO., 1 NDF:II.
TARRIVI AND 1.1113 &LIMNS. Iliacite.
dr, Wood's Ran and Tlainity.' todln Room at
danchenerl.l!<,ry dtable, corder libel:dead and
übarilord.direets. Beam and Curtained tor.
maned. "
gfl. STEWART, undertaker,
• corner of MOUTON awl PIM. ISTIMINTIS.
Sloth W•rd. came. of all kind. Hearse Mtn
~ errla fornlanen en the •henneet 1,0.10
TUlf, AND WEAN. ?T.—Tarantula la Wu.
ated on tue welt bent of the Allegheny river, it
epee above Dm 1117 of The rota
are generally in the GO fret Dont and 13 do.p,
fr m street to alloy; and ate , at M t 0.13 &crrs
near the tiotoogh and the Pods Works, well.
adapted for Connt7 residences, being rich me.,
wet watered. and commanding a beaetifor and
...Ire view of the elver and eurrotrodles
eoehrty. rson• ttestrens of Mettles rehearse! .
ertablirtonents, noel cc rolltug
!rue!. n 'scuttle, paper ems he., would 'gad
Um location, near the river or railroad: admire:
biy wired for such pa mores. Capltg Lis will hi.
once...aged porch... br moders . e Prtees
eel , terra, as a ta toteeeee that the uvular
ad rantues of inestioce—ea O ninucaut supply
f tutu. coal, limestone, da, sad 'helm. and
river facilities—shall be liberal.? offered for
mon. generally
Trains on me .Wrstern Fene.llraitlaltallroad
oast to and from Tumult... east and west, osi
ers. tomes dolly. For • map f surrey of .be tole
apply to N. n. K. Y BoeUbsNKlDei. at his
res , enee near the bode Works, or J. N. FUN.
VIANcE; Tarentaw.
nEILIN & SILL. Heal - Estate
` - ' r tad lanaince Agents. Sather it.. Law
rencertlie, r.. .
•OR 8i1.1...-.11/I.NUFAIWITRIEG sirs.-To
14,1111”.111, OrllB 1 We offer fur ;sale the beet
sad most desirable elm for Polling Inn sad
Blast rarnuqnr for any. tares Manntbeteriec
OSITOANS. ID the county, This prop. XV Ls loos.
ted on •10 foot s - xest and the Atte/Wear Menus
lad within 100 feet ante n.lff. SZE. The lot. It
140 by 84.1 rersons OeSIIIIIO SOO • lot would do
nail to examine , before i elseenso4
terms made to sett ma•eoanern require at
OEVItIE t Off. Estate and Insuranme
70rots: Bombe"... t sow•ertet•lllx. . ;
FOR BALE—That : v.ry
ble atm dc.lrable protuiely al nabs on Be.
beam meet and the Allegheny Myer, in
gam/ • MT: Ma 07 ea mats 411 ' , bleb Is emeten
veal . m^stmtsal atrial Band ne, Ova MM.
hlgb. 100x1M feet. ealcalwad and ' , ton &Cayuga
c rrrrr Imam altaml me brand. or mannfairs
tartar. It I. seldom a lot of Mem dbnemlnun s
-itbtn for eery, Can be had, add wit moot Mello
the so.clal itentten of tame demos.e of amain.
lux a place for manutaaturUm puma... a to call IM
Ibeamea of DE aLtM alba.. Keel Emma gigs
tummies Agent. but l er meet.. Lmeennoeylll,
Fruit awl Beiry Dishes,
Jtve nicErvn) Et
66 rirriii :maw
ORNSTON . 117. - tiCOTTi A
Fine Walehe4,flock, Jewelry
No. loro. Ltuit.wcy
Natrtarkrux.6l3.„ ZNELIXILda.
air 1 . 4.-taulaz auantkag sm.* Bargrtga
Waft.. Ma@ aacl .400121. 1.1.1 arra wa.
W'V.1:1 0 1E10 3 1 , 104:•:1
tiougo 1.2T1L0 OP Wall
Hot and Cold Water. &c.,
8y experlescied and practical Wiwk..D.,
Plumber an* 6in a tiler ,
227 Liberty Purest, Pittsburgh; aid
49 Federal Street, Allegeenr."
a t PELUOR 'Stairs ,
Ita9lloi I over
nil for featly
ore and geom.l tiorpoooo, are ff.... II or•
übtlotted nod ire generally odialt.ed, tpy
onooserstloo of mall rilatrro extol=
1 =11,4181s mil Wager 00044orbd sessal.
Tuiri4.llople, durable sad bow
Practical Purl:dare Ilnufaatma
. ,
• L.LIMV•tr. a - ►urrrrasiAsomaanly
•lloslies iron NALL,
alloward's Livery
VII ew num..
0.. mum ..11.1•0% .11,,solty*
mlayArtgra li gas
t ^:lii: