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    . .
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'-'"- . • .. THE PITISBEIGH . 01fEil.
. . .
rirsuautia By
~. 'FE WEN RED &. CO. ,
. 9 :" .
zac, es wirua. =treat.
P. 1 3.PENNLIL831, t n,”.....,
T. IN HOUSTON, 1 ----- "'"^
• - • J 0131411 ILI No.
. .. Nzusua a.. HEED. i nil ' in " lnana r i •
. . , ilinele copies ...........................—... S ends.
• . Delivered by carrier, (per weeki........ US Gents
. . Mail subeeribere. (perm") ..... .......... 58,00.
. .
• 1 Liberal reductions to Newsbeqrs and 4gerds.
' ;-• - TIMMS FOS
. Three CoPws. Peryear, by ........-..5 INo
.giee do. • do. - do. each...... Iss
• Ten orlone coptee, to one address, and
one free lo ehibi each 1 15
. •
. : . CITY ITEMS. ,
... . . .
1..._, Ton win
• • ' -
ricd a Dente' Establishment styli Penn
. ' • 'Street. Drs. 8111.8 Giltexple. ' -
. - ..
' . Persona Wanting anything lathe Mat or
• Cap line, will find it-to-their interest to call
, a t-' at Ernt,Tlettllihrs, No. ID Wood street,
whore - Soots aro now being 5041 at lower
. • . . prices than at any other Gaud la the city.
. , . Also, a fine assortment of ladlas and misses
•- . '' - 14 4; Lrinkollet and untrimmed.- Those who -
- . Graft anything. in the ober tine Will do
well to Call and exatelnii on ,stock before I
~ . •., 'lordlier:dog elsowhero. , -' I ,
~.; I
' .To Wholesale Boyers 'r 1
Of - Dry Goods we offer bargains In .Natt lots
' ' • ' .of Gress Goods, Panting!, Linen Goods r and
. . init lines of Sticetinge,. Shullcrga. Prints,
' Ticking, Checks, Ac., all of which we will
.. : ' sell at the very lowest eastern cash prices.,
. .
[ '• - ' J. W. tertian * Co.
. .
, . 130 Market street; telow Third* Sonithsts.
/ .
' . I. - Jost neeelved. 6
.- /. . flresh supply of Crosse aod. lackwell4
~_foiscreii, . Pickles and 'lltistard. I Also very
/ 'chola@ insertledieria, imperial and Turkey
• ~ Prunes, Smyrna Figs, &0., de., will bo sold
, . / • ' at 'the. lorcat' market"prtess, it 110. 11l Fed
, / Oral street, Atlegliony city. ". , I. -
.3 t _ I ' CUeD, red: Mills Sacquea.. .
\ Gaidner'& Atewart aro showitg Warden
1,. -`- • did assortment of thoee goods at very low
I, • t prices, at their new store, on the *Cat con.
i... A • , '.-nor of Market and FoUrth streets 2w...c0d .
-. attiotO, - Sheen, Carpets and Day Goods
For the million, at Sthithso - n,, Calmer A.
Co.'s emporium, :Land 57\rifth stieet. New
and fresh daily aixlvals. ' , I
—. ' . L. ., •, . • Pare Praha!: ' I .
'Pure Dress!! Pure Drava:l - Parc; prose!!!
'at Ealn A Droll',, Allegheny'. ' ,
. .
. .
r- , . - Veer „P
Owl ay' .
. ' r
. .
.. .
,l/brelgn Liquors of all r.indi• at Joseph 5.
. . "81nclis• Distillery, No. 110, El. 19 4 and Ed
. '
I ip You !Alen Buy
.' be pus
. nt. Aloohal la Joseph e: Pinch's. .
.......0..."-- ' •
Tea 4.. n Buy r '
' . ' ' :low HON at j oomph S. Pinch*, \'
lily Tineirsph to the,Plitlibursh ilare4e.l
aiiiw Tonic, MaYL— ho . tend number of
. cattle airivcd at they Hudson city drove
vards this morning is 1.7.76, with eight car
Walloon the way; totiti number; of sheep
' • since Monday, Las. • ' J-... !. ,
' rAsSrsanns POtt xvisori. •
• The .ficetliD • for Europe todliv, took a
Weal ( 1 1 11' , o l fni U nTtr i Vro v n l a ° , r io s b tc4 J: b a re, 6.
-.. Lester Wall ck Jowl j family, M anager
'• Wheatley, of this city, andValni W. Forney,
of Phllosielphia,• . tiro tl3e fallow g t hits
Donlan. Kentucky il.A.i.Pomnro. ;and site,
• Mrs. Potter and two •ettildreu r Inclunati;
W. 4. McKee acidli . e,.St. Lord , iir. and
Mrs; J. W. Wood we ittsbureb; r. Wesat
J and: lady, CinoTnnati.Day and wife,
St.i.Louls; Wm. May: an 'wife, Ch ago; Mr.
Dunlap, Mr. Usher, I. ni.. in dS. D.
. Weilkosi Louisville; 311 ...Kell , Pitts.
- burgh. f balled per Ilecla—A. Tat, 0. Raley,
E. P. •Trenchkrd and son. °hien P. G. Los
eopp,Dtinolsi,C. W. Sanford and •yrife, C. F.
Guntlibr, Chleago.
, . ..
• A quanity of lithographic plates, intend
' ed for striking off one dollar and live dollar
notes'on • the PeoplQii National Bank of
Jackson. Michigan, and A number ofeottn
,: ~ rtertetenotos Prietsfia from tin , same ere
szeiDet Port Jervis. - Clement an Ida
i.• • Herrn* were, arrested on suspicion of
uOing,the plates =dealing bogus Money. .
• . , _
. .. .--' i a l ony s Olta OVOTIOTOND Dna. ' ,
, . TllO kwte of Ortay,r•Taft A Co., of root
.dence,'Rliatto.lslan•., who failed ently,
are gala to amend to hinetry . .threo C nt9 on
~,.,' , [WOO/IEIX af all liaties, and^a s roc
'', .I.ory. settlement with their credl rs will
(probably be soon be made. Work n their
rotten mill, at Tafflaville, Corm., w short.
ly bo resumed. .. ,
' Some pailents at the Charity II spital.
Illackoellip Island. made a davit that an
old man mimed John Thom , pronoune
ell dying, bad his eyes gouged. *as lit•
e a ll y choked to death by a band Oratind
his neck by an orderly named lienderson.
Ile has beetiatrested and denies the charge.
TAME= OBIT oTrnlso.
The Liverpool packet ship. Ilibernia, ly.
r .Ing et the foatof . Beekman street,. under
, going - repair*, ' was= billTled to the water's
. :edge thisevening. j ! The fire is supposed to
' have been milted trylight left In the hold
by one of the workmen. There was nocar
• toaboard except two hundred tons of pig
DoATH Or • VOTltakfr. I
Alexander L. Schultz,. a veteran steam=
V 0: dont onMalander and 'politician, died yes
. terilayent..e . biladelptils, after. a protracted
illness. ' i • •
Visbop Tattle, of Mcmtauss, vas coasocrat
uy a apr.e. roR
The i
P . took *low° In gold
Conneettent. Legislature—Re sssss of
• • s tog Hats
't Er Telegraph to the Mahwah Uarettc.i
Szer.Yonir, Ray I.—The COeneCileut. Leg
, I r lalfdare•Jorganized tesaa7. Gov.. English,
in his message, says the Mtuation of public
affairs Is in every aspect Impertims tie
urges that as citizens of she common coun
try wo should strive to extinguish the vie
stietivOrerseatteents.engendered by the late
stab war, wagedto melntain the arthlminasY
of the federal Constitution and the *meg.
orthe Union. lie atides that the great
object was reneyet.obtained.- The Unloo
was nbtrestoted.',Ten States are dented
neetititpattifil In Me. mthonul government
by the action of Congress. Should present
measure, be persisted in they would trans
. term • She republic into a despotism. •Re
deercosth Murree of leglilation pursued by
Congress' -wholly unwarranted and sas
.fatal to the Union and Constitution as the
doctrine of secession. The legislation of
the Thirty-ninth Congress to a olurge ex
t.:Mt.:Was aeerim of uourylgtlecn laud thine
• turns of the Constitution. Ile argues that
Cougreas has no more power tinder the Con-
MlttitiOn to establish a military govern
. • Meat tittha Southern State s, than to Mail
, ; '.l.otdah that
of nobility In England. and
claims that Congress med that power
, only for the „purpose of more thoroughly
emomplishing the subviirsion of State an
thority. It Cougress cats legislate for those
. States, it was •not_difilcult to foresee like
Interference other States, and the right
of Suttee to regulate (eternal affairs -in
theft own way henceforth will be subject to
the caprice of Constreas. Ile clothe of the
Senate as arrogating power to select as well
.64 confirm; as dictating to the President fa
regard to big aProllittesents. It was
In ..purpose [9th/tort, tbirfunetions whdeti
mgpimately.M.pperiain to other branehaa
ofthe Coceromsnipin Ulm imposed to
. Legation pardoning . power from the Pres,
.aient; where the Constitution had Planed it,
Anil confer it by m ex post fasts proceeding
• on'Congress. Ile does not doubt the tacit
; eutunlasion of the Southern people to the
rule provided for them, but serious guar
s. mons arisie• from the precedent established
by Congrebe. The fended debt of the State
••-• has been reduced in the past year 1371.83.
Ile recommends the adoption of a la* ma
king eight hours a legal day's work. In
catielmiton, be •Invelrealndnite power for
wisdom and'gnidanco tapeztOrte theduttaa
confided to him. . . .
T - - illiailiiii dr iiy - erienipti OperstOt—R.
ward Oliered for the Murderer,
.lir Tele/twos to the itut,nargh Gazette.) •
":. Isoinuarotis, May L—Thc following are
Tpartidhlarff to regard to Elio murder at
pint last night.- John S. Johns, railroad
.t and telegraph operator, was (Quad at
bta ~®co at bait past six o'clock this morn.
e' .
. sr. .Ifis heed - was corrrad wini horrible
ashes, made by. some :blunt lostrutnent;
Is brains knocked out and lying in a Pool
ChlooeL '‘About3WO tuntilrod dollars of
money. belonging to the railroad and tele
raatt companies wero mlaaling. Thant It
muo to tho max.:Sarnia. The LoalaTlllo
Naar Annoy, and clikaito •itallroad
Conbemies Offar • reward of lire hundred
. flobstra for the arrest of the murderers.
. .
Eight Ilea. , law Ya cbteace.
47nic.ta 0, MEW L—Tbol.elight4lOstr UV' goes
le to C . InICI ta•dan, atm . WorltiniCmen ere
out In full a'.'
force inrisocesslon, with snail;
bonnets. slogs, emblems of marls - Aides, Le.,
J.._TirttlVirtfe ' ggtfy - .Z:::l7,d i . n Eta
' Ek*-I,,t,it'.%
...v.:40,9[ 4 11e iegol...e!gOt boon.
. .
Rtclansond Street Cam Arrangement.
Zy Telegraptt to the PI ttfibur:ll liasett e.
• RICIIXOND, VA, Bay I.—The new street
car arrangement Went:lato oporation to.
day. Very few negnwa avenue thareaclrra
o r it. though minis. "Mies . refralnal [rola
1 Senato r Wil ,
laala .
.'t Wilmlorta.
745Vatia tolibe o..ltta. I
Waiati a °Ton; N.' C.; May I:—Stail.or.S9ll
0,1[424 rusil-swalstoranco toot piaci:. '
~~ IG~~
Br Telegraph ; to . th rittaburph tiszette.l
41t - bott,. May I—Peening.—ln the Peace
Conference,whieli will meet In this city on'
the 12th of May, It 10 understood 'that Lord
SMniey, Secretary of State tor Poreiin
wiMropresent Great Britain, and will
- preside ever Its deliberations.
King George, of Greece, arrived In Lon.
don. 1 \
Poem 1 do
- - 7 ,.1cail : I
"-- 3 ..1vgit.' 00 1., Mail — . rho ..eteuanship Great
\ 3,
Eattarn, i'rom New York VIII Itreat, arrived
in Ulla port to7day. -
• 1.1161 UD OUT.
/3 lIZST. illif L.:The t. Laui•ent. from New
l'ortr, arrived yesteray evening.
k TaX - sarooL; May I.—Noon--Cotton heavy
and/ dechnod LL'aL4c. since noon; mlddllug
uplands. 113;1114., •
/ AnTwanr, May I.—Petroleum 131; francs
bar 100 Kilogrammes. •
Losnon, slay L—Foots—Stock board
VAANETOIIT. May L-11.S. bonds`7ol;.._
May centim e states bonds SO;
rem. tn . francs CO
I , tranrnot. May I.—Noon—Cotton opens
Sealer; prices decimal, uplands
770 9d. Banned Petro leum, is 31.41.1. Other
articles unchanged.
LeVEUPOOL, Slay I—Eerllifig.—Cotton dull
and quiet; sales of IS,UeL bales of uplands,
at 11L1Q111.?1• Orleans. at 11 d. Ilaricy, at
4. 4,1. Bacon is (paned at au. Beef, at 270 al.
Lard, at Zis 3d. roue:num; relined, at Is al.
Tallow, at 41s. All abhor articles unchangetL
tosmos ' May I.—Tha Stock hoard was
closed all oar.
Pants, Matl—in.eLling.-I.l.S.bonds Su X.
(Arena Deconnateatlon by Working
enets—lbe Eight Hoar taw—iteeola-
Mona:-Coneeraleg• the Impendler
• Iterate,
at) , Telegraph to the rittsburse Gazette.)
entesoo, Mayl.—The workingmen of this
city bad a grand demonstrealon to-day in
favor of the eight. hour law. About 'six
thousand men, representing nearly all the
trades, wereM ,the procession, with flags,
'banners, devices, mottoes, Waste. de. After
marching through the principal, streets of
the eity,the procession baited in Douglas
Placa where a meeting was organized, which
V. addressed by Ron. Jelin Hogan, J. J.
Mcßride, a lawyer, and several mechanics,
all of whom strongly advocated tne eight
hour system, and urged their hearers to
stand firmly by the law. Itesolutions were
adopted .pledging the maintenance of the
tight hour system against all opposition,
rebuking mmeter mechanics and contractors-
who say they will not submit to It as defiers
of law; but to contractors who do not or..
pose the law, but who made contracts before
its passage, they recommend a complemise
by dividing the loss, giving eight hours' la
bor per day and accepting ten per cent. re
auction of wages.' If they are compelled to
strike for this system, they recommend
Abe following measures: nrst, a com
promise with those employers whet will
make) an • honorable one as before
mentibned; second, that as far as practi
cable we will contract for work in the vari
ous branches directly with those who have
It to do, end unite on the co-Operative prin.
.Ciple Jn its execution; that we open Job
shops of our own and invite orders for
work, and execute them on the same prin
ciple; fourth, we respectfully Invite all
those who are able to, do so, and have any
intentlen of leaving mechanical occupa
tions far agricultural or any other pursuit,
to take this time to do so. when'ln the con
flict eon Impending between the laborer
anti the capitalist such conduct will so
strongly aid the former; arch, should
we have a have along continued strike, we
advl te single men, and all those who can
convenlentlsr do so, to leave temporarily
for other, places, where no such conflict Is
lurpending, , and we kindly suggest to
mechanics °Pother places, woo may WWIIe
coming here, that our common
will be best promoted by their de erring to
dose till thismatter Is frilly decided and
settled; and lastly, we weasel every roan
to stand firm and unyielding In this course
till our most lust. necessary and legal de
Mead Is complied with.
Bo Telegraph to tbcplttaba rob().zeta. )
Sax Faascisco„ Sprit M—Th 0 Japan Timer
of March 24 says: The Tycoon issued an
order directing .that the military proceed
logs on the part of the troops employed In
the chastisement of Cholsle, he tempora
rily left M. abeyance, and that the troops be
disbanded, on account of the national
mourning tor the Mikado. The order sr.
Issued at Enna, February :7th, and there Is
no doubt of the authenticity of the dOen
ment. •
Sir Harry and Lady Parker, ind a party
of - guests. caused through Kag.awn. on the
lid, on their way to natant Lake, and pro
ceeded thence to Attami, where the Argus,
tumble on Wuxi another party, will bring
thorn imek.
' The chief cause of the present scarcity in
the rice districts immediately surrounding
Tedo is not so much the of the
crop . the closing to the people of thn
source of supply. Custom taqght them to
chiefly depend on the surplus. The. offici
als of the troops at Shagoon had disposal
of the rice from pay depots, the grain hith
erto reserved for extraordinary wants.
The troops called out in Shagoon are expec
ted to return to the Capital, reopening this
source of supply. The common people ex
pect of„coursaa cessation of the existing
11.51 re. and consequent discontent.
Indictments' for 1111r11 Diu 1111 l no—
rho Eqoallzatiota of Bountlos to
. Soldiers.
Boaros, May I.—The Gracil Jury of the
United States District Court bare indicted
Ambrose Lewis end Jobes Yroderick for
Illicit distilling of spirits, carried on in
Roxbury and Boston.
The House of Representatives this after
noon discussed the bill to equalise the
bounties of soldiers. An nuneutimeat pro.
Tiding for licenses to he Issued for the sale
of liquors the revenue therefrom to be used
as a sinking fend for .the purpose of the
payment of bounties, was rejected almost
unanimously. The bill was then ordered
to a third reading by 121 yeas to SS says.
Telarrat h to the ritisburrh Ossettul
• New Yost, May I.—The steamer Moro
Castle, from ilaysna on the 211 h, has ar-
rived. Tho Captain tletteral is very !IL
The bark ticean Homo has been ran
doEcned by the Spanish Court to Pays dna
0re124,10, • Fun protests Were mead and the
affair has beempe an internatior al one. The
Captain's position is a verystrong ono,
and that or the Spanish government is
week. .A.n.eriergetic demand by the United
States government would donlitiese eauee
her to ue delivered up and the tine remit
ted, and pecuniary emaPensstiim mad° fo'
Silver Telegrams.
rash to the Pittaheralt (;azette.)
Ati t.:rrr, May I.—River atz feet, apd ris
ing rapidly; heavy mine Mere land dvd°244.•
Weather now clear.
Kamesa City, Mu.. May L—The Meaner/
river bas receded froth the - bottom /41 , 00
shove.herd NO people can re.oceopy their
houses. The Union Placid° gstirreul track
to Wyandotte, and the Missouri yaeide to
Leavenworth, era outlet water and hoftnr
repaired. Trains ran through to Leaven.
worth, and wilt Continue regularly
.Loryantte, May L-3 Liver rising with
Buren req. and nine Inches water in the
, - •
. 14er/fon In Baltimore,.
;Br Toleirrtoh to the Pane drib Onsette.l
11.1.1.imoas, Boy 1.-Tbe election indny
for Judge Ind Clerk of the new city en ri
peeped pg quietly. The ageregatn vetole
, 1 „.
smeller then anticipated. The follow la is
lb. result: etott, and (Mance, eousoreet e
democrats, lidl7; delleY and -
lea! repubilzani, 4,857; Johnnou and. Lynnn,
conservative republicans, 1,9[0.
TretutureUild Flour. 0, - ' 1
:11, Totertheil to th e inintorri, Onolita.l
.r 1
SAN,Fnoncaleo. Ida)! r.-.-Tho CoUstitutio ,
f or vimung, , sailed t04141F 'wall C/M . ,44.V to
treasure;: 6:45,T4 tor , ..Baw York, an : over
eleven thousand borrele dour; the , blot
Charles, for :'New York, with thirty-three
thousand sacks Or Wheat, cleared.
Tbe fleet Captain Paul Shirley, loft lor .
Now York hy the Constitution.
-----v-ho •
renlazi sentenced to be Unused—The
Teleirrapb to the Enttelloreh tletitid. 1
Tononzo. I.—Patrick DI - Wrath, tbo•
loot of tho convicted Fenian; was eenten
"Xl; to be bong on tbo eleventh Of A lone.
Thu Judge odd be woo obliged to poke thin
sentence. but dld not outmode it wOold to
chrried out.
• Colored FAncallocust Convention.
X6v Telettanti to the ilitsbnoth tlasette-1
Idaeort; tixonet•. May Colored El.
13C01400111 tlonitentlon wet to-day. There
was a tall attendance. The allernoon Was
occupied in explanations as to the peculiar
sinew of adnfattou in the ,stele: _
' 4G
.c.sTLIS - 14
A 8,,, . • . . - 1 . --. , .
v ~.,
.I‘ .-
. -' ' '' ' 'I-0 I7Bb '''' •
. •
-•- r
i : . i., , ..-z , • V!... = -.:,..---- 1. x--
~.. ''. r y,, • ,: N
..c. ; ,
~..„.. ,
) ,:• .., , •-•,-,.....:- .. , 1 - :.
d i
' t
, '-'
) '''';•- _,-
) A , ',. - 412 '' • '' . `::• 11 =;;. ‘ af fi,t,..... ,.. - N ~,,, :- -- ‘.. ,-: 7 I , ! 111 1 -1-T,
11, 1 _ I — I
_ I ."-----=-;_
,_ ::/ ' ,,:,:, '% : .. ,2 .--- _
~: _ -__ti _ 6).41°4'144
'34 N V. ,,, c ‘U 9 . ',, ~cia• '"
i ( I
, •
• ... , ,- . . s. -- \ '\ , ) ) , ,----- _-_ - :t_; - tr__--- --, 7- -- .74:___.- - / , --• - '1,!:47, - -..../__,..... , •_•. , ..„,,, --"--__..-------,___ ,
_ ______, ,_-___-_:_:_, ---;,„,,,,,,,,,=_._,—..-....„______
Al. ____________-7„ __—_-_, _. __ , •__ _ --
• . _
- • , „ ______________/ . ____,, __-_- __ ___ _ ______ __
---NO. 102.
* Stier:di Trial---Time Fixed
Jeff. Davis Reconsiders Ills Declara
tion Not to Apply for Pardon.
Public Debt Statement Deferred
[UT Telegraph to tho Plttsborgh Garette,.l
The Criminal Court yesterday adjourned
until the '2lth inst.:when, lt is underAtood.
John 11. Surratt uUI be tried, the Court and
counsel :or the pttsiocutthn, and prisoner
having so airreed. •
Jefferson Davis has determined W * 11343011.
eider his declaration that ho could not ap
ply for a ',anion, and if ho is not area/good
at the Hay trrm of tho Court at Rich
mond, will file his papers for pardon, Mao.
cordon., with the CollintlollB of President
Johnsmea proclamation. to say LL friend*
ATI - JAN . I4:V 063r11.8,L d» 11.iI5TIIATION
. . .
Attokn9Y_Gimeral Stanberry's opinion, on
tho Togletratiou clause of tbe military bill,
na very liberal, told will enable nearly all
thoel . prohibited from logletering by Gen-
Ora .Shorldnn, to become enter..
lseaC Nowton, Corraniaaxoner of Agrienl;
ture,l quito tn.
0,10 PAOLI YR. 2100 T.
boor. Into Commissioner of Indian
Alper* In a publisned card, denies that be
purchased two million dollars' worth of
goods when in New York, hot, on the
contrary, did not, purchase. one dollar's
worth in open market. He states s.that he
went to New York In company with two
othor panic., °Mailed from the India:3.lM.
roan. as special agent to receivo and see to
packing and forwarding the geode bought
from Contractor.; and story dollar's worth
received by them *na obtained ,from the
three persons haring contracts, and the
whole will amount to leas than INCA%
about one-half of which 3sin blankets and
utdermost or rut r•riame.
The Japanese Commissioners were re.
celyed at the State Department to-day, and
expressed the beat wishes of the Tycoon
for the health of the President and Secre
tory of State, and the welfare of the Amer-
Icon nation. Ills Majesty farther desires .
- that the relations of lrlendaadfl _
aTS Slay ex
isting between the two countries .nail tn.
crease in cordiality. Secretary Seward re-'
piled that It always had beau out endeavor
to make the relations between the two
countries mutually beneficial, and express
ed the hope that our Minister to Jwpar,
Uppreclated as being a good Interpreter of
'the friendly sentiments of the nation.. It
wastlieurarranged that thiaCingStilekitet r.
should be presented - to the President on
Friday. Their credentials were read, and.
after considerable pleasant conversation,
theinterview ended.
The public debt statement will be delay
ed by . tba nou.rooetpt or curtain accounts,
and will not appear barons Friday or Satur
tßy Ttlegrspb to the Pittsburgh umetie.)
The controversy between the contact al
autborltlps and the Police Sommlsal n•
ors of . New York city will 1 , be brought
• '
fore the Supreme
Daring last week there 1.¢70 four hundred
and eighty-five deaths 10 'New Yore ity
and the public institutions. and one b o.
dredand live 1n Brooklyn. ,The Percentnee
In both Mlles, according to Dr. Itatria el
linen to show the merltortoua eifect of the
present tenement house system. The pres
ence of choices is not reported lit mayor the
large cities of Europe, and It Is now expeet
ed that the commercial' towns bathe
shislppl valley will be the only sources
where the pestilence can reach us this year.
Jones J. ilartwell, late's clerk In the SuhL
Treasury °Dice, Tiosion, , haaheen hold to
ball In ten thousand !dollars for being lm
plleated in the recent !rands of Ward, Mel
lon .t. Co.
-•—•mhip Moravian, from Liverpool
on the Di. I..oridenderry on the 19th;
arrived olr Farther Point T uesday night,
and remained at Paver DU . 'lstop awaiting
orders.. •
The lee in the St. Lawrence river broke
up on Tuesday night:,The river will proba
bly be clear tomorrow.
Messrs. Poqulguat'a ti etch case manufac
tory, in Philadelphia, Iriki entered by burg.
fare Tuesday night, the ante blown open, and
45,0(e) worth of property curled off
!taperJul Pelest—shames Dead
-31 rquez'e• Fortes Disbanded—Quer
etaro Taken—ll•xl.olltsblddoo—
. Ittstassorss Besieged by esoaller—
Ordeals 01111 Ambitious,- -
WieuzseTter, May I.—Senor Coos ero v ldex•
lean ktinlster, received to-day.the following
telegram from the Mexican Consul at Sow
NriV Olltaaat, Aprti3D.-41 - . 40114070. Wash
invert t—Miramon In dead; the Imperial
forces are disbanded; Marques In COLLlplota
ly defrared; Queretaro is taken; Maximil.
lan is Whitten.
tOigned). II•xon B. Itteir..
Ilmy Outguns, April la.—Parties from the
Mexican border report that Yammering was
besieged for a few days by (tansies, who
was en route to TompleO. It in bettered also
that Cortinas bring his army from trio
North and aid in expelling General herrn,-
cabal from the gubernatorial of Tamauli
pas. Tide indtmte, that Ortega le anti
alive and ambitions to become President of
Mexico, and that be will proclklm labs first
proclamation from the /Imola City.
_ _
A. National news fa aaaaa lid Soldlers,
Measures are now In hand which are eel
-maiden, after the lapse of a few mouths, to
estsbilth, on a, grand scale, the deeldereo
tarn—a National Romp for Invalid Soldiers.
Tl,o design Is an admirable one, and Is as
follows;It Is well known that all efforts to
obtahrsolontary subscriptions sufficient to
creels Soldiers , Nome have been without
avail. In furtherance of the object, bow.
ever, the Legisials re of Pennsylvania have
passed en act, dated Marl:Wes jog, oyeating
a corporation, of which Major General
George U. Meade is President., end ,General
Berge ti. fithiceLs is Treasurer, with en
ealcient rusal4 t Supervisors; who have
the ndwer W distribete•ld ttu hoiden( of
certlticates a large Dumber of ImMentaly
valuable gifts. consisting Of dlaUlOndej
Pearls, emeralds, rabies, de.. purpharmq
from citizens of the 4outhern States during
the rebellion, and which articles will soon
be exhibited in this city. klythis SChebab i lt
is coundendy anticipated* large fond w
be' mewed towards ,ereoftion of the
Home. A. great feature of - the affair con.
clot ' 10 the !fret that wiry purchaser of the
certificates becomes a ,thetrituto; to thin
National home fund, and at the same thee
bus a direct Interest in the distribution of
the rare genie mentioned above. The de
tails of alto entire steheine•wth nandlint^'
,ed in a perfectly fair, and honorableknan•
or. The site for the limo hue eltittelY
been purchasod.and consists of thirty LOW
Thehatt 14 , 01 all . t b. tYLb U . r p a p A r t a a y
ht' huh
of laud, used by General Meade daring tine
Curtin. General Mende, liov'ernor
Beery, sad s largo number of pinditnent
military. heroes , lied estycktklemegt, in
another colun.
- - -
' death of ft 'Phaeremnp;,D,.. m.
trawls, formerly ot thls eity..die t St.
Paul, Minn" .on the raw 4 4 . 41 1 4 n ,
males will be brought. bore for Interment
, 110 served as a surgeon dent:lathe war, go,
1134.1nt0 with the na Pa, VOIS.,
atter haring labored at lifilltary fleapits/a
et Itarrleburg and St. Lenin. and 'resat.
Vtehuti to the staff of General Sully In the
expedition against the nOrthwestern In
diana In 16 6 1. •
FOURTH PAGE.—The fullest and most r
liable Mousey, CHI and Produce Market Re
found even n Ou r F by busth P any pay in the city, win b
County Temperanee Convent lon
Meeting lo• Hest ' netbodiet church
—Organisation or a County Temper
ance Ammelation, and Election or
tineero—Temperanee Addreotaeo.
Pursuant to published call, a Convene
Mon of delegates from the various temper
once organizations In Allegheny county,
convened Tuesday evening In the First
Methodist Church, (Roy. Alex. Clark's)
Fifth street. this city. The Convention was
called for the purpose of organizing RCost,
ty Temperance Association, and transact
ing other imnortant business. The atten
dance last evening was quite large, a good
ly number of ladles being present.
After singing by the choir, nee. 0. D.
Chenowith, State agent for the Pennsylva
nia State Temperance Union, called the
Convention to order by nominating Hey.
John /1. Ebbert for temporary chairman.
On motion, Mr. Ebben was elected tem
porary chairman. 'rho reporters of the
pressries' were designated as temporary Secre
Item. Alex. (lark, pastor of the First
Methodist Church, opened , LIM Convention
with prayer.
Mr. tthenowith moved that u committee
of three he appointed on credentials Of cloth.
gates. The motion was adopted end - Wm.
Little, Chas. A, Cottons n t , , Them. Steel,
lisqrs., appointed as said L. •
While the delegates' eredeiltia.l,l were
being receirtni, a resolution urns adopted
requesting nil the friends of - tcropernece
present to boot In their num., which
would entitle them to u voles in the pro
TLIO[I3II.II Steel, hag., tuevea - thuLatommit.
tee of thirteen ho appointed, to uominate
permanent curd t the Co .ILY Temper
nce Association. The motion was adopt
ed. and the lollowint: uppoirlted
as sold committee: John D. Bailey, Roo. a.
It. }atter. David Shaw, Rev. A. Prof.
L. U. Eaton. Rev, E. I:. Squire. John
len. Rev. S. F. Seorli, John A. litany, lier.
111lIer, Ur. Robert Wray; Rev. Ales. Clark.
Edward Reinhart. The Collll.24ittluo then to.
MOT. Mr. ChenOw/U1 was then introduced
by the chairman, and dellvorcdan excellent
address on the rise alid prowess Or temper
ance In Pennsylvania. lie Wahl that the
largest tams:animas Convention ever hell
In Penns w ylvania w. that which us...einbleil
a few eeks ago at ilarresimi f, lob! which
OrganiZed the e Pounsylvarilabliste Tenmr
stricikUnlon," of which he was e , c-tte,l Corre
spoodleg Secretary. lie gave a brief an.
countof the proceedlega of the temperance
(kinventiom recently held in Philadelphia,
Carlisle and other places. lie Raid unit this
Convention had assembled at the call of
the pastors of this district and the ofllcers
of the State Union. Ile cordially welcomed
the assemblage to the temperance ranks,
and mono an earnest appeal for trip to the
State Union in advanclug the cause. ..
on motion a 'testae. Committer of nine,
to whom all resolutions most he ref:•rred,
was appointed, mmslatlng of the following
gentlemen: Bev. G. D. Chellowalt, John
Bennett, Dr. D. O. N. Johnston,' Bev. W. It.
Locke, Dr. totem Wray. Prof. L. ll.. Eaton,
Rev. A. X. Bell, Thomas Steel, Julia D.
Tee following: resolution, offered * Mr.
Chenowith, end reported from the !lust-
mss Committee, was unanimous y adopted
by the Convention: .
Resulted. That as • Conventi • en ac
knowledge our entire dependence upon the
Divine Spirit to guide our eon ells, and
direct our efforts to remove the r-e sad
occur., of Intempereuee trot his COW
toonwealth, with its tr. of evils, alit
that we grateful ackitow edge the good
ness of God in t e Inter of the temper
' ante reformation e istory of the past.
Thomas Steel. ' as called upon and
made.* brief add -sm. lie stated that the
main object of lb vention was to or-
Imsalge County AS.oohttlol.l, to ell-Operate
With the State Temperance. Union, and he
hoped to are Allegheny county at the head
of the grand tempt:lmam movement ut
Caot. Charles W. McHenry was negNiii
trodneed. Ito said that to did not come to
tne Convention for the purpme of mating
a epeech, but simply ass member or Pitts
• • .b DivlstiouNu.4.2.Sona Teniperszee.
'mod hope. thesy would excuse Men from
making a lenetby address. Babel./ that
all the (+lmola of temperance would
diligent in the goal cause, and they would
be nomad Ratty rewarded 111 on end.
Betel addresses were also delivered by
M. L. Weekley and G. D. Glow s * , „
John D. Bailey, E tansirtuan 01 the
Committee appoleted - to nominate perina
tient' mincer. of the organization, presented
the following report:
President—Rev. Derrick Jdlinson.
Vim ideal—liar.
Prnillcrat•—nev. A. IL. Buil. Thomas
Steel, Der. J.ll. Clark, Do A. Ifichin an.
John D. McCord, Bev. E. B. Snyder. Jaines
I. Bennett. Bev. S. F. Score], W. G.
ll . Warren
George Irwin, A. N. Met:or:nig Dr. .
Wray. Rev. V. Lucas, Bev. Judie 'IL Lboort,
Wm. ithineliart,
J. 11. L. lbripnlau, Bev.
J. K. Coulter, Dr. J. W. Taylor Geo. D.
Clowes, W. 11. Cluley. It, tfeerJeibledsok,
C . S. B. Deed, Dr. M. Tee cur C. Yeager,
C. W. Jenkins, Rev. 1.. Ilsolutre, C. W.
McHenry. Joseph Meatilght.
&I-nun-ma—J.2es U. Milne, George Mc-
Lain. J.jt. Oxley, David Dennison.
Corresponding liceertery—llev. W. 11. litn•
Tree:rimer—C. A. Cotten.
_ -
Extentile eenonalre—John Bailey, Taos.
Steel, 1i... A. H. Bull, Brut. 1.. 11, Raton,
John IL Bennett.
folnanct Chnonotte—E. Itinthart, 1. B.
Holmes, Benj. Heckert, Uen. S. Schwartz,
Anthony Tains.
On motion, the report witA reeelve,l, the
committee ditollarged and the ceutlemtm
named elected as onloers of the Lounty Aw
Johnrmanent President elect, MO:. Her
rickon, being absent, on motion of
!tee. A. E. 11,11, Iles. Me. Ebbort was retiun•
ed as Chairman of the Convention.
Dr. cmnpbell. Warden or the Western Pen
itentiary, leas then intralticed anddeltver
ed •powerfol temperance address.
On motion n cammttfee of thri.e, con,tst
ing of lint . John 11. F.bbert. attattinder
Clark and Nev. 11. O. N. Johnson. were an.
POlnted to wait an hey. Herrick Joltn,on,
to inform him of his election as President of
the Astutclation, and to rattiest, hi attend.
.Inca at the Convention to-day.
• . After pinging the doxology, the beneoie.
Mon was pronounced by line. V. tacos, and
the Convention adjourned until yesterday
morning at ten o'cock.
. . .
The 000Ve.etIOn met at ten o'clock, end
Was opened with prayer by /toy. Ale:wader
The chairman elect, lie, IF. Johneten,
•was then introduesal, nit noon entering
upon the duties of the °lnce made a few re
marks, during which ho announced himself
as a friend of the temperance movement,
and expressed some surprise at the small
number of persons present on so Important
an occasion. Ile thought such a day, when
Lied was quenching the'ildrst of the earth
with copious showers of Truro water, was
pecultarly appropriate one for temPeraeco
men, and on which they should - Meet to.
nether to takemeasures for the advance
ent of the cause,
Bey. G. D. Cbenowith, from the Business
Comtaittee, submitted a constitution for the
.goverg ment of the permanent organisation,
which upon teepee was received. '
Dr. Wray remarked that the eonetitutlon,
as read, provided only for the election of
two V.loo - Presidents, whereas the nomina
ting committee, at the session last evening;
had reported a large number of Vice Presi
dents, and the °recurs so reported had been
elected ender the iMeression that they were
to be ofileers of the county organlaation.
Item. Mr. Chsnowith thought the Impres-
Lion was erronedus. Theetticenswere
permanent ofecers of the Convention,
and the organise -Doi - rot the county aszocia..
tion bad not yet, in Ills opinion, been of
John D. Ballay, Esq.. bold thejsame
of the question as entertained by pr. Wray.
De thought the Constitution was ton com
pupated. A single Constitution, easily on.
opposed to' . to " elinie b elf 4 t d brp 'e r 4 oVis n in o n w s, ns a a sris o
thought own' persons favorable to the
temperance calm, although note[ the total
neetinonce elute, would be prevented from
co-operating with the priority organizatiop
In the Mmtast open whieh they would Inc
Compelled to enter during the ceasing fall.
Mr. Blair, of Allegheny, Mr. Dill. and Col.
Bayne, also tools part In the discussion; th e
spok la Dieerfef making, Changes in the
Constitution °hared, ,
Wm. K. Ogden moved WI
rotor the Counts.
lotion back to the enemas tkitutalttee,
with Instructions to a
' t ono which
g,m1,4 meet the views o the Convention
Mr. gaol was In favor Of the reference,
and he-Imped that MA! Yulea o$ govern
ment would be reported as would enetblii
the Itlendiof the enacts 10 carry out the ob
ject of the organisation. i • •
WM. ;Attie s:sr, , was favor of the in
otrOduation e r a pledge into the gantgThitigii
as •Conditlon of membersh and thug ght
that those who declined to so filedge them.
acmes, have no right to be called temper
ance melt.
Mr. Bailey thneght the mane nbjeqt In
View . was the repeat of the present. liquor
lays, TO secure tide end the Innueliee of
every Man woman and child hi thizoonuty,
as far as man,
should be obtained. I t
'entire reliance was to be ; pieced upon the
temperance men of the County that object
been aeceted• But the tem.
persons men do not have anntlerity In the
coptity, Ploy simply hold the balance of
eirL r h . c , lit t Fttim fi r44% r nni i / * Z6
Was aceortiplislied,ln6 county organ!,
slakes should-not be tratumeled by trowel!.
'sated rules orjaws.
4 Tete Wee then taken On Mr. (holen t a
;nation of reference. and It was so Mitered.
Tbc . Penvontlon then adjourned to meet
pit t o'clock P. Y.
At' two o'clock tho epoventlon met. e nd
proceeded to the constdorattoe of the Lon,
siltation, which was load section by section.
The Committee hod left out the pied UN
which had boon objected to at the aternteg
smalon,inil .ho Constitution in this shape
was adopted Ithout much debate.
ir. Clienowith then proceeded to add the
, section requiring all persons who may be
come mem Mere to sign the total abstinence
pledge. 110 thought the organisation would
not he perfect or effective without it. •
After considerable debate," which 'wan
taken part In by Messrs. Steel, Dailey, Cam
eron, Dr. McCandless, McHenry, Bayne, and
others, a section was added providing that
the accredited delegates to this convention
' shall become members of this now organ!.
ration. on signing the roll, and that new
members may be admitted on signing the
Constitution Anil pledge.
The Convention then adjourned until half ,
past seven o'clock. ,
TIM CullantEleri 10‘.71,1t0. -
The mass meeting of habbatti School chil
dren at City Hall, called In connection with
the Temperance Convention ' assembled at I
three O'clock, but owing to the lack of prop-I
er arrangements half an hour elapsed be
fore an sp were resent. Hr. Hr.
Bell ente y
rtai eakern
ned the Audience for a e
and when Mr. Chenowith arrived be took
charge of the little folks, who bad become
quite impatient. An approprlate song, led
tiv a portiou of the choir of the Pittsburgh
Pittston was then sung, the children Join
ing Its tile chorus, after which Mr. Chet.-
w Itlisind others made short addresses.. The
meeting was, hot well attended, suit hen
seemed to be a total lack of Inch arrange
ments as were required to make the alTair
either pleasant or prolitable, no faros we
nun learn, the nicotine was engineered by
Mr. Clictiondth blinrelf.
erns Eno x 1.33.011.
The Convention met at half-past seven
o'clock, and alter some excellent innifle by
the choir, wag' opened with prayer by Use.
Mr, Chenowith. The minutes of the pre
vious meeting Were read end approved. I
Mr. Chenowitn, on behalf of the Business
Cooimlttee, 0 urea the following:
Resolved. T b t the Executlye Committee
of this county rgatilaatior. Is eernastly re
quested to pro •Ide for the holding of public 1
Wonting. avor herein the connty, through I '
the pus I Ord, c relics, Sabbath schools, etc.;
to Milt out eye Cr. for each occaalona, and
recommend th t the total abstinence pledge
be presented r signatures; and that each I
pastoral cha report quarterly to the'
chairman of 0 convention , the number of
meetings bel I, and the number of names
enrolled on tl e pledge.
Rcaohxd, T 1 at one of the habit formida
ble barriers I i the way of the Gospel of
-Christ, prope education and true regligion,
1 Is found in oh present drinking,c.torris of
' yoclety,•ontt t at It is the solemn duty of
the religious community to Trr th eir
etroogest InCluenco and beet As orte to aid
the temperance reform of tang total
abstinence from al intogleat g drinke as
the telly sale mode of seeurldg national
Pr Zii ' gr a !l,.Thlit the licensing of acknowl
edged evils ls wrong la morals And ruinous
In leglblatlon; that the whole history of the
i n for the sale of Intoxicattng drinks
in this country, Pea proved Itedttnelent to
restrain th trunk, or diminish the evils of
intenira e; tent we tan never give one
cons vita ,
~s ystem which' shall give the
legal nettin'of the Stat e . to a business no
Omit-rut it s to the best Interest of the pee
pie; HMI nalkprOUltatirt Is the , sly r...
.- , ..1 t Can .
is the oni.
' N e'"'O
s sreru
1 nod Adel,
The resolutita.
Tnotuns Stecl,LEwl., Stated' for the infer.
motion 0( . 105 meeting, that the crodentlig,
of ona hundred. and sixty delegates had
been banded la.tothe Ignitention, repre
senting thirteen tete perauoe galgos, three
leagues an , twenty churches.
Prof. S. .1. W..ll>on, pastor of the Sixth
PreAbyterlan Church, de/tram-I • abort but
telling biooeb, eras followed by Mr.
Steel In few appropriate remarks.
!.f stirring tempt...alee hymn wstS. then
talog by tbo choir: liter Whiclll the doxolo=
wilt. bung and limo dlerslAsed
with the benediction by Prof.
%erten. Arell
lle Mats,
and ililds
Thu Philadelphia express passenger trait
on the - Pennsylvania italirsuad, which left
tho city at C..) Tuesday afternoon, root with
a Very eel toes ageldent at rl point One tulle
cult 01 tell more station, ninety-three miles
east of Pitotiu ik h. tbe Particulars of which
are given by .1. M. Creigiqw,. 101., General
Agent of the Company, a follows': Thu
train octrodsted of two Innapin9 nese..tiarce.
pa.enger eon, tei, !On r sleeping cars, and
the biro:dors' e cr of the MPhil:ea Souihern
Mull reed. and as. noder. .the care Of .Con-
AlUCtOr F. 41.10411 Pitcairn. As la ushal when
aendlog Inc t ,ounktin,two englneseNos.
[Land In, were attacked to the train and
when reaeliing the . pools named 1 heavy
La n d slide was •neminterod, by whatth 'the
train 00." badly wreeked. Ou one vole et
Mu-track. at 11, s locality, theta Is a high.,
batik, mot on the ether to the Conionaugli
over. lieu eft a engines wee thrown over
the embenkrat L the other Jurnicrl _the
track and fell 1 to a ditch, hod taut/ Were
daged to a conaiderublo extent. The
baggage ears an thoAlrlit pamienger enac t,
were w fee 41. not the other coach/.
Mire uoinj are Thu enginlern, Samuel
A wig ht and lintiote lolLourke , eat:aped
with slight Inja tee, ea Old also the firemen.
Mr. oar / eau, the oxgriet4 Utetelegller. Mgt a
re.nient OfllarrNbnrg, sustain/N.l structure
of the leg, end kr. Thomas Alcutegor, - of
Plaladelphia,‘N s ti bruised severely. ;strange
to say, the pa , . , iigera escaped wdbout tile
sla.rhted. Injury,.{--.
Thu sects ,11. tterArreA about ' , At o'clock
Tuesday erening, and its awn nal In forma
nee was received, squads or taborer, Were
Ordere.l to the ace re Of the wreck from
Coneutangh, siallttatn and Altoona, and by
half l.t. two Wisinrislay morning the road
..irk:area of °heti - Malone and the wreck
removed. The matrand fast line were de
tained some hour:4l4'AM, accident, but the
trains lets vesterattY morning 01 time.
Woes( ('oweert la Illgtalingtl.lo—)te
ehrso lea Lyceum.
to the Town Hall of the korocigh of liar.
minglium, Oita evening, there will no given
a Vocal Concert for Ili° buten of the lio••
chank-s Lyccuni. Judging from the pre.
gramme, and flora as knowledge of the
ability of a number-of the persons who will
sing on the meas/on, wu can conndontly
promise a drllghtful evening's entertain
ment to r theso who attend. Ashby from the
Immediate attraction, the - object of the
Concert should ,tray together a large ati
dlenca It la intosolud to at:prop:late too
1./weeds toward tho establishment of a
Free Librery - , to which end the Mechanics
LyeeUlli bon been Ini.rlng tor eorne time.
'tits organization, under the Mitering earn
of a. kW - nrlUntillOnt. ClUiollll, has been pro.
duCtivo of Itgeat gOod, and the existence
of a Library In connectihn therewith
would remit, In advantages which cannot
i.e too highly estimated, particularly by
Chu laboring crass of young moil In the bor
ough. We earnestly hope, therefore, the
Concert niuy yield it handeolno born. anti
thus a ff ord materna encouragement In the
aceninplodintent of the - object. Mr. John
A. Jones. who will conduct tlao entertain
tarot, sustain , a high 101•4 reputation as a
vocallit t, al *lOO fltX:d his brother,Mr.'lteefY
A. Jones, who will sadist. Ainong the other
II erformers will be Allures hello Kroweon,
Witte 11•031.12ett, Emma J. Pitillacit moil
Maggie Harr, and glessre. J. 1./.- Ilugbes,J.
Price anti Wm. A. ['rice, Prof. 11. T. Reinke
will tarnish a piano. and predict° at the tn-
strament tinting the itycnlng.
• RI. E. Conference Boundaries.
The Cordmittee appointed by the Pitts.
burgh M. I. Confervice, faits last session.
Met In Smltialel4l2.l. E. Cluiren.' On Tura
do.Y. to take steps toward Instertainlng the
witthed of the people In regard to changing
the boundaries of Um Pittsburgh Confer
ence. After considerable dinette/don the
click - man, licv..l, Coil, weed:raged tossers
teeflOtol with tl.O Presiding Ciders, who
were requested to ascertain the view, of
the ministry and membership, and report
the recoil. A autscommittee was also at.
Is:anted to preonro an address to the Church
on ilia tinkles:it, 111/0111kirSequently preheated
the draft of one, which was adopted .as the'
es the mind Of the comit. Ad
journed to mee tat thewhole m
Cali of thote e. Oars.
man, • _
Wont on the Penns:lvo
ol—Trola WirottoO oy
o—bevornl Perin" In
Thursday'. ?trial mat,
- marmot 001.18 T.
R. Alexanderlllenle vs Alex, 'Torrey.
78. John It and DISIiCY L,Arg.V. Jenu e.nni
Slnhert gobh. •- r•
r. 6. - Wdra vs. g. If. Issne Co.
itS. E. Y. Want vs. Geo. IS. Jones• sulm . r.
en. Itlaisessl Armstrong Wilgem
07 . J • F-Pegics vs. Stesrutsist "41m Wet-
Teig l. s: " . Wester wo. steal:sheet .. .Its•
Seel..; •
1/0. Wes. Volght ye. Wm. 'II. Barker, gar.
The Argumsmt Lllt will bti Ohnllnned.
The Whlnkey 4.:ourg,
, .
The County Commissioners' prosid log, cow
0111 , 41,1 their 'abets yeitertleY l miter as the
hearing of the present list of applications
for licence Pi concerned, and will within
few 'lays docile upon them. Thu rule
which, we understand, will govern the Com
.miesionere will be to grant license to those
ho ere nt Orme. , :is (ate rz
kkoping 11.,eseed mvelusibqc.tq Why c
Alessi 'all allidimitione for new .tub
wools, awl to refuse soon where the needs
say le not clearly shown. Tula will ho en
cal:waging to temperance folks, Who he.TO
been led to believe that 1.4 - .4an the opera-.
Mon Cf the new low lid number Of liven,.
Would be largely increased.
Istr(el CP.9r;•
lisrore Ho❑.III. W. Williams.
Ilatrom,Kohow F. Don
ny a❑d Patrick Peados. . Bator° reported.
This oltso we❑t to tho J❑rr. attar which the
Court Ad)oer❑od tlll Thorsility at 10 A. K.
.Plitablumb MeitiOdist Episcopal In
silicate—First Day , * Proceedings.
The Methodist Institute for the two clUes
amitylcluity, amt. - according to announce.
merit, In Christ. Xi E. Church, yesterday
(Wednesday) morning, May Ist, at 10
o'clock, Rev. J. U. yincent,`of iew York,
COnductor, who opened the exercises by
rending a portion of the nineteenth Psalm,
sinking and pray; After singing another
Lymn, the Institn formally organism' by
She appointment f Rec. W. 11. Locke. pas
tor of Liberty Bisect. M. E.. Church, Secrm
The programme prepared and printed in
pamphlet term, frx the meet those who at-
tend the institute services, was taken up in
the order of arra_mement; namely, Intro.
ductory Address by /tee. .1. 11. Vincent.
air. Vincent discoursed the Ideal chuenh—
the ,unday School, as a depiutinent of the
Church, and the Sunday School Institute.
The elements of the ideal Church were de
fied,/ to be;!, alrituality;'. Personal Effort;
3, Intellectual Activity; 4.111b1e Study.
The preparatory exercises consisted In
The presentation of the following topics: I.
the video of one flowerer Divine Truth; A.
The iniportainm of the pereonal study and
application of the Divine Word; A. The duty
of tlio• Church to teach. These topic, were
considered In a manlier strikingly Intere.t.
-log, and
chara at thecter. saute time m Mop:cost In
• structire
- -
Teat questlous, Snell en cumber of sedulous.,
character .of lessons. study of cm... Liam,
time devoted to each lesson, and other , had
tars rehab:it to cooductirig schools,
mo n . tal. w l;itt ic fe s„ lo ri ll t n e g
a l n lizs e t rs lon w s er w e ere
tattled, yl/.: 1. What are our princirdd
cattle, In the Sanday ,cLool work[.. What
suggestions have you to make In regard to
Teachers' weetiats, reply by Bey. B.
Waren; a. Khakis the relational the Pastr
to the schoolt reply by Bev. sAlart; 4.- /1 o wl
shall we retain the young people connected
with our school? reply by hey. lllth.
team. These replies to be In welting, to be
resat at the last session of the Institute.
Benediction by Bev. Lie. 1 ...1.310rtan, Pea
tor of Christ Ctitue h. .
' •trannoon‘l , 4,tstor. •
Mot - at balf.past two—Bev J. U. N incent,
Conductor, in the chair. Opening religious
services by Bev. W. Long, City Missionary
linsr.odlatety altar the opening sarvines,
the topics aesigned to spankera were taken
.up, Bobo following order. 'and discussed
by the ministers muncd: "The Teacher , .
qualidentions." by Bev. E. IL Snowden, pas
tor of North avenue It. IL Church, Alleghe
ny; "The Trocher't Motives and Spiritual
Dernsusils,” by Ilev. J. W. /taker. pastor of
Beaver street li. E. Church,
-The Teethes - 1 Unlolal Itelation 'to' the
Church," by Bev. B. L. littler, pastor of
Birmingham AL E. Church .- The Tuaohers
Duties to the Church," by Rev. W. H: Locke,
pastor of Liberty Street M. E. Church; ?The
Teacher rropared-for Work , ' and "The
Sunday School Boum Normal Clasar by
Bev. J. /I. Vincent, condimtor.
to the illecussion of the above topic*, for
thirty miniates, many Interesting facts were
brought out by the epwiltere, which doubt
less will prove of great value to' those Im
mediately engaged in this wore. The dui=
cuislion was participated In by /Mrs. S. Burt,
W. Long, J. W. Baker, W. IL Tibblee, IL L.
&littered. M. Carr, C. Wunderlich. and J. IL
Vincent—Oolong the dacumion. • •
Jomph Borne, Superintendent of
Christ M. E. Sunday &noel; Thomas Bake
well, jr., Superintendent of North Avenue
School; Eder. Ileaseiton. Soporintendent of
Liberty street Sohool; D. E. Howell, of
Bridgeport. 0., rim appointed to illustrate,
at the evening cession of the Institute, tan
method of opening and closing the several
Ito,. S. 11. Vincent pram/Ica • eery cla
borsta efimailled report to reply to the
quesuon, What rre our prin.:ma aitticulT
rtes to the bonday School work 1.
4.4.,0 4n wltb lanaedialon by 11.0V.5. H.
\psblt, D. D.
Institute convened at quarter before S.
o'clock, Rev. J. 11. Vipeeet. Conductor. in
the chair. The spacious room, soon after
the evening, was crowiteil with em interest.
0.1 auditory.
Atr. Vthemit Opened the exercises with se.
lemmas from Exodus and Um Psalms, the
audience rending tile alternate Terse. at.
ter singing ".went flour of Prayer," with
musical accompaniment, prayer sins offer.
area my Lien. U. 1.. Millar,: of filrmingnam,
at the 003143 of which Thu 'large ccium,irse
sang, ..W e are aiming, Masse.) Saviour."
, .
Muir the nur.11.4 . of tbe afirgruaros . . pro-
Ituye toy tee expahler nrcrotary, 1l r. VII,.
ut ptesruted . 4 The Suutlay' ..44:11oul Coo.
I..tut ton."
Her. S. 11. K.tat, minor of the
Pltleharah Carte....• .44/ enae, deist . ..ftd an
athlrege of much latet..nt, a. might ex
pected front one so competent. oh "Sunday
school Archltetture alas Arwaratue,"
At the close of the, aUdreas the nett Item
In the 1 , 114: amnia Wlla reaeltesl. natizeiY,
-The ,cY4.I Lam of Sunday Schml
By appointment. Meuse. Tlnaxelton,
Horne, Howell are:. Datewell tilustrattnl
It.4•l=Ttn":l4et'''gtV E miug ta t - be ll r tfr=
instructive feature of the Institute, Luc an.
thence song, end the cheerful lead of
Conductor Vl:heel:i, "Cllntblng up ZiocOn
The "Seven Omit, s" were explained with
great clearness act perspicuity, and corn.
prise tbe following elurnents : /System, Si
lence. Vigilance, t'ariuty, Concerax•tion,
Charity, Christ
Deueatctiou by Ibtv. Dr. Pershing.
We group together tome things which are
noteworthy in tile first day's proceedings.
Notwithstanding the unplos,ant weather
in the forenoon unite a good audienee was
present at then pening session. It is esti.
mate.rforty di ff erent Sunday Schools were
runresouted through their pastors, super
intendent. and teachers. The genial
countenance of Mr. Vincent, the Conductor,
viwilior r n
attracts attention immediately on e tering
the room, and ' hie admirable too.
ducting with rigid system tb k La hand,
thaws at onto his power In a department
of Church labor. The Interest is steadily
increasing so that at last evening's ...lon
the audience was larger, relined, and cult!.
rated. Among the Interesting features is
thu welidirued selections of hymn., and the
charming style they are sung, with musical
acoompaniuteriL -
To-nay Is the second and last day of the
Institute. etfunkol• .will be, held morning,
ail... A-noon and night: A vast concourse will
likely bo in atiendawre. .
• )ire Mammary.
.From SupeTinterolent Paisley's record at
the itro Alarm Teleitraph omec we
td4tabled a iammary of the tires durlug the
eth of toilets.: /luring .the
month there were eleven alarms. The
blew streak on the groat hell numbered
three hundred and twenty.thrce. The total
Mali Was MIX. Tian total insurance wan
4191=, The largest fire of the month wag
the steamboat connagrat lon. on the 11th ult.
The lose on that occasion was 631,000, and
the moil - tamp wets 810,001.
During the past ala months seventy alaries
or Ore have been strung over the , Fire
Alarm Teicgraph, and ILS many advantages
overlise old tystem or alarm are generally
'appreciated and recognised. The total
amount of loss ts 11?2,005; lestirance
Quito a small amount, as tampered with
other • cities of the same population. and
coo:locoed of as much combustible material.
showing that our Volunteer Fire Depart
ment is not only very prompt. hot la as
„ clout as prompt in operating at &es• liar.
lug the same time there ware street at the
central bell two thousand ate hundred and
thirty.five tdoww. •
Conetart 47
Ilr."getede .
Ire a conoert
next Thom] the Acade
my argil:ne. t ,Imperleas
family duty, trod by the
promise of , hie of the
Conservator. . thought a
low weak ago Intik. Lila ,
friends then in a farewell
concert, end /15 pupils clustered around
him, ready to lend him for 'the /oat time.
the assktanee of the voices ho bad trained
and of the talents he had lie 'sloped with
eo much ewe and love.- tier good Ironies
hedge/lowed him wherever ho had amok
bet all the mitaletl part of this community
Who baye long ago appreciated the thor.
ough knowledge Widen Mr. noesessea of
Lir urt, and Ma skill In Imparting it, will re.
lame will ns oyer the edrcumatancee whisk
keep him here. We beaptuik for him a fed
Wociad Dead.
Un Tuesday morning, April 30Lti, the bOdy
of as) unknown man was dhcoyered In 1110
Allegheny rlyer,, TlFeLitlllai A/10010.
1.1 130.41 Y. W. V. 'grans, En, wail bottled
of the fact, summoned a Jury and held
as inquest, hot failed to turte at any facts
by which te deceased coul dbe tdentlded
et canoe of Dl ei death ascertained. Yearn
appearance the body had been In the water
conskteruble Um. The unknown noun
was abbiit dye fret' six techea la height,
black halr and dark eyes, a cut or 6(jyr on
the left ciao of the upper lip, and SPParOlll-,
ly auold IWenty.tlve yearn of ago—had on
when Mona a white shire, gray knit tinder
•hlrt and drawers, blue drilling pants, (far
worn), black cloth roundabout, (also much
worn), a leather belt buckled arcsaka the
body. a spatted rotted liandkutldel ) with
red, Igmh,r, utuent th 9 heck, and coarse
stcgalllnte. The 4eGessed was Interred in
Prcdpeckeime tarp, near TAM:IMM.
, .
, I
dread CO". wxIMXO..We acknowl
edge an inottutio to be present at the
wand lair and Ins mil to be bold this and
to-morrow eronin , at City /lull, unacr the
ausoices of Um Ire City Lemma {emoted),
the proceeds of w ill tirtftc_f he gitt , otoo to
't u lertn . trgillo P y=f o o r t tre n 1'1 = 1 1 ' 11:
Members. These .occasimis will hit of an
attractive character, and finny the well
known execution abliltim of the gentlemen,
haring claims of the affairs, we can safely
promise a rare good time to all who may
Dlsastrops Fire-4o 011 Tank lelrhek
by , Llghtolor —Sixty Thoosand Dol
lars Worth ot Oil Destroyed.
On Tuesday evening, about eleven o'clock,
during the seem e thunderstorm which vis
ited this region, an oil tank, belonging to
the Fall-slim Oil Company, was struck by
lightning. The works of this Company. were
situated at Fairview, about nine miles up
the Allegheny, and were all new, having
but a short_ time since commenced opera
tions. At pitmen o'clock, as stated, the
lightnin g Stye etc the main tank of the Cem
ploy. and about the same time the house Of
Dr. llorz. adjoining the oil works, was no
ticed to be on fire. The flames were kept
down pretty well, until about tour o'clock
in the morning, when the main tank burst,
...Account of th e intense heat, and nothing
could be ' mine to save the oil or property
adjoining.. When the main tank bursted
the flames were communicated to
an adjoining tank that had just .Wen
built. A bulk boat, belonging to Fisher
Brothers, stud lying up there stn the
time, was Mks/ with oil from tae main tank
alter the tiro had commenced, but atter.
wards dash 117 It elf. Thejscat was cut
loose from th I. ding ancriloated down
the river SOUyu disarms. when a tow boat
tied to It and took It into the landing at
Squaw", llmi.. This War contained about
one thousand barrels of oil. and ...still on
tire when our Informant left- The capacity
of the main tank was shout twenty thous.
and barrels red had In It, when the fire
broke out. eighteen thousand barrels of
erode oil. This was all loot with the ex
ception 01 the one thousand barrels taken
off In the Ludt boat, which Is, 10 all probs.
Unity, lost also.. The capacity of the second
tank was gamin thousand barrels; but it
was) est now and had no od in It.
. .
During the progress of tho games rester
-day-morning, the steamboat Wm. Bartddil
went up the river with some empty boat. in
tow. The Captain of the boat tendered the
use Of the empty bulkloats to draw OR the
oil Into, but afterward. %nought It not pro.
dent to venture In with his boat, as the heat
at that time was Intense, the flames cover.
log the space of about an acre on the river
bank. Toe steamer Dick Fulton also cams
dD with 'some empty boats, but too late to
o any good. The Fairview Oil Works, as
.total, wits It new establishment, and petit
In luiprovcaltyle. The owners were Messrs.
Emil Schalk' and Dr. Arnold Hers, of Pitts
burgh, and Ch.. Llinig, of Philadelphia..
The total loss of -the company , 1n - oil will
amount to. $(4.000,1 on which there Is
no insurance. The new dwelling of. , Dr.
I Arnold Dees, situate near the retisV7.
was also otessumed. The building as
valued at three thousand dollars, on which
there was ncelasuranee. The furniture In
the house was Valued at twenty-ilve buns
drag dollars, on whkti he had an Insurance.
but was not certain but that the policy had
already run out. The agitating house and
pomp house of the Company wore also de
stroyed. The cost or oomitructing Um two
tank. mentioned wus eighteen thousand
dollars, but the Company think they can be
replaced for about six thousand, as they
were made of iron, mad borate damaged only
by the explosion. '
TlieLV_ompany Intend commg opera
tlona as soon as the ruined and s damaged
l i property GM-1M replaced.
• Mr. Charles /M. Barrel, the distinguished
author and actor, paid us a call yesterday
and sated that he intended lb Mania In.
nor city in order to superintend the producl;
thin of his master-plece, the "Black Crook,'l
et the Now Opera House. This greaespeo
..teenier drama will be placed own the stage
bore In such magnificence and scenic splen
dor as has never before been witnessed In
Mils city. The drama abounds in magical
and marvellous menei, and It Is desired by
Manager Henderson to portray It here in
oven better style than that which his Insur
ed It such unbounded sneezes at l'ilblo's Gar
den, New York. The grand ballet action will
Introduce the premier dansense Jovette,
•Marta Theresa. Alexandria. Josephine Elm
Cheri and a full corp de ballet, under the
direction of the celebrated maitre de ballet
Mons. ht. thly. The scene used through
out will be entirely new hile mos and sle.
glint coetomes will be Introduced. Every
body Is anxious to is. the Black Crook, and
doubtless the Opera House will be crowded
to repletion during Its continuance upon
the stage. The box book Is now open. and
seats can be secured Mx days In advance
tther by mail Or telegraph. in PM..
:1n for this magnificent spectacle It has
.en found necessary to canna the Opera
mom on Monday night.
• In the Conit. of Common Pleas, yesterday,
the motion for a now trial in the ease of N.
3. Higley vs. D. A;McDonal.l.lVosl before
lodge Steriett,wea argued by A. Si. Watson,
Esq..'counsol for defendant and for the me-
Lion, and M. W. Acheson, contra., This was
an action to recover damages for the loss of
coal boats, which defendant had tuitional,
en to tow to Louisville, but which were
sunk en the env, through negligence: as
alleged. Tho Jery found a verdict for six
thousand des hundred dollars damages.
some two thousand dollars lima than plain
tlf.Ps claim. The point. relied upon In or
gulag for a now trial were that the Jury
tallod l io give due consideration to the tes—
Damn going to show that the disaster coo.
curled through the plaintiff not providing
In his coal boat* check posts of sullieltht
h7agth, the giving way of which caused
th striking of theboats, and that the Jury
apportioned the negligence, evidence
of which was shown In the verdict, by its
being fora less amount than the plaintiff
claimed, sad to which tie would have been
entitled if the. disaster occurred through
negligence to which the plait:did had in no
reap contributed. A decision was pot an
not need.
Do aka at half Pelts at J. D. Egan's,
41 flYtb Street.
la another column Mr. J. •D. Egan, the
well-knotin book and news dealer, annourt.
Me a large collection of law and medical
books, classical works, works of fiction, and
Sabbath School books at half price. Mr.
Egan!e establishment has 'long controlled
the market here for rare standard works,
and no where elest can the antiquarian And
each a valuable stock of publications which
have long Mace gone out of print. Ile has
also the back numbers of all the popular
magnaines, which, with tits collection of
standard Mender*, he offers at half price.
Mr. Egan keeps a general assortment of eta
-1144.1Y, toy books,sterecevapes and stereo
scoot views, and full lines of articles In his
lice of business. tie le the only practical
and eXperie i mal binder In the book trade,
in this localty, and persons needing any ,
work Of that descriptlon can mama It to
no better bands..Wo cheerfully commend
I Mr. Ecus to the patronage of our readers,
know g him to be an
a fair dealing d honor
: able b Mess gentleman. See Ma card In
• az:lir column.
attention by a Livery Keeper.
Data% keeper of a livery stable
on Seventh street, yesterday prosecuted.
before Alderman McMaster*, William and
George Sampson for violating:the actor As
sembly of 1114 relative to livery keepers.
The prosecutor alleged that on Sunday bat
William Sampson huedtas a saddle horse lot
.at p
the ue, as be ted, of ridin to his
at Wilkins - burg; that George in.
stead of Wiliam Sampson rode the horse to
Wilkinnburg, and thence, having hitched
slim le • buggy, drove him to Texas, twee•
tyoour miles up the Allegheny river. At
that place the horse, being unused to har
ness, became unman ageable,aran off, threw
oat his driver, and tlemolleal the tingllV.
Too horse was returned to Mr, Idaneor, on
Tuesday evening. The defendants give
ball to answer for misdemeanor under the
act referred to. George Sampson, In cons.
quernm of InJul received. was unable to
appear at the Ai nuan'soffice.
Obitslulus Blaney Ceder /False wre
teeteve-.ltrulget Shea atmeared bete:aid.
Strain yestenlay and made tutor
=lithe% against - IL Loefstroem, proprietor
of a second hld store at 11Y Smithfield
street, cbargin him, with obtaining money
under labia ppeteriees. She &num that
ete w&j jto detendaet.a .tore a Monde] ,
andlit • bedsisma from him, paying
him t sum of six dollars \ ter thnsame;
that ho raprtisentat the bedstead to be
Keyed and in good condition, whereas he
glum, as proarcutor alleges, that it was not
so.' More the suit. Defendant was arrow.
ted by ollbser Wilmot, brought before 140
Alderman and entered half for a, further
of Arrested tor Blwarny.Ogicer Brown,
t d o tru n t r uZ =l a ce fa°, Le i s c tfraY
charge! : on onto of William Camptadi, McClea ry,
bliremY McCleary was arrested at Whites-
Tide, I Washington connts, about slatT
wife& from the city, brought head
cif OTOI! to the Sheriff to await, trial. Tots
is the sante Individual who was arrested
by odicer harbor some Mx months ago, but
sueekesled in malting his escape from the
Whew, at SteKeesport, and had not been
licard\ or unttl Alderman thralls, with his
te i ticLitegot trace cabins and [ousted
anleitle by Useshar.—Johnston Wil
liams: restated at Glade Mills, Maier conn•
y,comnilthed smoldo en Tuesday, the Wilt
by hanging himself to a tree In the vi
cinity ot his residence. Mr. Williatos,ztl
to thotime of committing the man dec or
haft always hired a sober and sndristrioes
We, being a moaner of the church in good
sts‘ashiog, and natal' among- Ma neighbors
tor his exemplary habils. tie fall also a
Wan of considerable masse --to'- that no
cases eeo b.... , 8 1 .4 by lirs friends for the
commission cs the Seed. iie leaves a WWI
and Glee children.
Argument Lle4.—lle Oorateeit Pieta
Court rise 'tunes yesterday la 01,
peeing or the argument list. Tea Quarter
esstous lUt Witt Probably be reare4e4
Eleetion of Ogneern—At a meeting. last.
evening, of the members of the Mervin&
Star Temple of Honor, No. 25, the following
gentlemen were elected racers for the en
aning ' , an Wm. crate, W. C. T., Wm. Ram
sey, IN. V. I.•. John Ambler, W. IL; William
Taggart, I. A. IL, D. Il.eampbell, W.F. IL.;
Andrew Dalzel, W. I.; Wen. McMurray, iv.
V.l Peter Goat, V.; Edw. McFarland,
W. (.;.•, Jos. A. Ross. W. S. The Templet, In
a flourishing condition, each week enroll.
The Lightning Played some freaks
during the storm on Tuesday evening on
Penn street, knocking bricks off the chit..
bey of a house at the corner of Pitt street,
exututuishlog some forty street gas lamps,
badly frightening the audience at Trimble•s
Varieties, also soma persons who were In
the Eagle fire engine house, on Fourth
street, and breaking some windows In the
Fire Alarm Telegraph tower on the Court
House grounds. We heard, however, of no
particular damage, save that noticed else.
Change of Tenne.—ln the District Court,
before Judge Williams, yesterday, on too-
Mon of B. P. Lucas, Esq., a roll was granted
to show cause why the rue in equity of
W. W. Corbett vs: Lewis G. Wilson should
not ba certified from the Distrtet. Court to
the Court or Common Pleas of Jeffe , son
county, on accordance with the provisions
of the sputa! act primped at the late session
or the Legislature, changing the venue of
the ease from this county to the county
Cruelty to Atalmal.—sarat, Clark ap
peared before Alderman Taylor yeaterday
afternoon and made information against
James Kennedy.enarglng him with cruelty
to animals. Mrs. Clark alleges that defen
dant cruelly eat the Salim!' a kitten, the
property of deponent, and'. that, too, when
the kitten was doing no harm In anyway to
defendan Defendant was arrested by Ma
der Ben, and entered ball fora farther bear
ing before the Alderman to-morrow.
Larceny as ltailev.—indrOw Jackson
made information yesterday, before Alder
man Strain, against John 'Taylor, charging
him with larceny as bailee- Deponent al
leges that on the ha of May no gave the de
fendant timber valued at dye hundred dol
lars to sell for him, end that since that
time Imbed refused to band over the money.
On a hearing before the Alderman, the de
fendant was dlacharged and the - prosecutor
ordered to pay the costa..
Surety of the Peree.-11. Waters made
Information. yesterday before Alderman
Taylor against John L4' xttran, fora breach
of the peace. The prosecutor alleges that
on the thth of April defendant had tbreat
eried to kill the Little daughter of deponent, -
and fearing loot he might do to, prays that
be be held in bonds to prewerre the peace.
The parties are residents of F truttaln
Street. A warrant Cu lamed for the arrest
of defendant.
ler tbe Warp Is thesubject selected
by the Rev. (Col.)Clark, for his lecture,
befOre the "rhilomathean M. and L. Asses
elation.. at Excelsior Rad, Allegheny, this
evening. The Reverend gentleman made a
good record at the head orhisreatment dur
ing the war, and we doubt not be, will dis
courseeloquently this evening on the re.
suiting duties and consequences of the war.
Let the hall be crowded to-night,
Another Libel Ntsit.-11.r. D. O'Neill
yesterday made information before Alder
man Strain against John W. Plttock and
James B. O'Neill for libel. The information
sets forth that an article appeared in the
Leader of the 2Sth ell., over the algnature of
James B. O'Neill, calculated to injure the
reputation of deponent. Defendants valved
a hearing and entered ball for their appear
To Onr Dolly Iteadere.—ln to-day's
Insr you 11 , 1'1 see that 31r. Ll.J..l.yuch. on
Market street. No. M. has just oPenod a Dew
style of cloth and stlk auxins, and. a fall
stock of all Mods, of Dry Wads, also men
and boys' wear, of easslmeres, M usllns. Shirt
Bosoms, &c Tnletouso !ming noted for Me
*clang good goods, and at low rates; for
then notice is unne cessary.
Hoy Drowned.—Edward flutter, s youth
of seven years, whose parents reside on
Fayette sil e eat,near G arrison allay, acelden
tally Cell ff- a raft yesterday afternorm
about are 'efock,j.t below the railroad
brlitge,•and was drowned. The body bad
not been recovered up. to seven oWoelt• but
Finally Cato miltted.—Edward
the man charged with rifling-the pockets of
some of the passengers to the confusion
resulting from tte accident on the Pitts
burgh and Steubenville Railroad at Rennin
Station, a few weeka ago, has been finally
'committed for trial iu Washington county.
11Iturlog Plx.ewl.—The two prisoners,
Bird and Whittaker, taken from Allegheny
county, and 10asired in the Washington
county Jail, on a charge pr having been con.
corned In the murder of David Sproul, are
to have a hearing before his Honor, Judge
Anheson,on Monday next.
'Released ea Bart.—John Brown, cam
mated by Alderman Thomas im Monday,
to answer a charge of assahlt and battery,
preferred against him by Margaret &nays,
was yesterday released from jell. the re.
entred scummy for bla appearance being
Wooden Pomp., iron pumps, 'Yankee
wimps, lout pumps of all deseriptions, tar
ttleued and put np to any platte in the COXtri•
try, at very reasonable pricer, by T. T.
hens, No. 165 Wood street. Orders friar,
the cotintry by wall promptly attended to.
Enlish and Ameriaan watches, war
ranted to keep good time, of gold and 'E
ver, rladle. mt,l gentlemen, at greatly
reduced prices at the well known 'Jewelry
at ore of gelneman, Megrim A Bindle, No.
Filth street.
Assault and Etattery.—Tobo Bender was
yesterday cosaintited o Jail by Mayor Etc,
Canby ln default of three hundd
ball. co ,
answer a chargeof assault re
tery preferred against hint by Albert War.'
Ena-airemoot 1114 a. diamond ring*
regard rine, and every other style for
diet and gentlemen's wear at most reasonn.
Ole priests, at the jewelry store of Belem:tufa,
Stevan d Media, No.:SYMb Street.
• Ga. Fitting properly and promptly at
tended to by-T. T. Evens, No. Ids Wood
street. • full assortment of ebandellans
and general - gas fittings on hand and for
sale at the cheaueat prises
Alplate of iron, weighing two thousand
four hundred pounds. on Tuesday fell lawn
Christian Ilingwald, at Zug d Co.'. foiling
mill, terribly intending his loft foot and
crushing oa r bis loft forefbiger it the Joint.
Tor Trial.—Ernegt Zimmerman, alleged
to be the person rho borglarlously entered
the gad thou Hotel and robbed the her ofa
gum of money and a revolver, has been
committed for trial by Mayor McCarthy.
Ras Orer.--Joreph Vogel. of Reserve
townstas, white daring • wagon, on Tues
day, fell to the ground and waa run over
by one wheel of the vehicle, by which Ids
left elbow Joint was cradled.
Vacillates Therare.—A treat bill Is offer
ea tonight. .hl' ll e Laments' encasement
la rapidly drawls* to a close, add every
body should embrace the opportaanyof
seems her.
G. 5 rieti.g. steam 11111lIR And water
Miloa attended to to the moat adz/greet-Pry
manner, at reasonable coat, by T. T. Errens
practical plumber and fitter, rio.IGS Wood
The cam s of the boy drowned ln•t week
cur the steamboat Elector, boned to Browns
ville, wu James Illus. 111, widowed
mother /Ives new Broworrille.
- Silver ratted Nine., solid elm ware,
trOldjot , alrY. aatthes, clocks, =ea, ac.,
at r teal prima. at Bateman, hfoyran
bledle's, No. Filth street.
Admitted to the Itar.—to the Court
Common Pleas, yesterday. Geo. J. B. Bid. ,
doo was admitted to procure law, on MO.
tIOII of Gen. r. Collor::.:
elpeolieel Lichtlow—the bolt which ,w.
ed Omagh the .:)11 tank on Tn dy night-
14 - 44,1 , /_3l:9Ati .IrN
HT TAN rarg r s 07 - . •
On Thursday, Hay 9,1807:
Doors mill •Ali - o'clock, sad Contort
commence preeintr• vag
ileriFo•lna t i vrgz — r -""" ffie, "
127 Woods rest. * a 1. • ."
11. 17XXZarrtrX1.313.
1.315 SMIEIII . 7.iLD DiILLS; aaa
411* PE NH .
' •
incamtz •
Six spatbh& .torttlme. for axle
redowed prkva. WII. SUMNER & Oth.
AP - 27 MD Weft. i
BRob KS—TOWXB.—On Tuuday ereztne.
'AVM tee 7, by the Be, T. J. Wiesen; DAP..
Mr. A. F. B WOWS. Tie, wet Win Tan
TO WT.E. deeebter of S. W. Tower, In.. both
of Pittsburgh, • • • . :
OAMBT., - E.:eaeeedaysnorn..l.4 , .lof.
.13Ete.B108 nW l BB l .= 7
_Dtoeielcoluer. o r 14. ai
vele.* p. Ea, -fpost-thei rouldese Mr. I.
Desna; - 181.M184 ?me VlPS"Peluitvivilkti Ave
nue. lb. !Made albs fteeB7 are veuPontibl4
so • 1 .
. .
AS.' —,je lare. MART
0 D
NAN. ranstmerot Jobb =4 =lzabella. Lacoa.
Tho anletal Wilktaticalsoo lee iLe taatolea
residence. =h. Suaelztoa =calm Tnl*
at IC o'clock.
W(XlllB—Lin lb* iftlior April, boar 81. Ron.
bliao..ol.a. WM- B. Wt h/1).7. a/.. Law au''
loon In We trete este Aney.
lila retnatot .el/1 be brought to Pitta l:ash for
inter:aunt, and Jae notion • ;the buseral will be
----- --
um; Yourtb stmts. rimenMesti:'l%.
COFTL.bib of all kinds; caArra.licovinklamd
eery deacrlotlon of humeral Irunalahlus Goods
taralsbouL Rooms opeuad day and stied. Hun*
sad Caralaid.ranatabst
Itursaa.ucza—ateu. pauld Harr. P. D.. Ram.
X. W. Jacobus" P.R., Thos.. Lariat, Z.Zo,
eaaH. miner. Nee.
• Mat •ND iIIBALINCE. oweeelmor to the
Late Bahrnet JL, Rodgers. O. 29 Ohio &Mt.
three doors from Bearer, Allesho•Y.CDY. Igo.
1.411 e, Easetrooet, Itabogasy, {Pains a ,.. ! ill . r
14. m
weal iml.tlos Cat.. at as N. , _lced:
price.. ROAMS 0p.1.1111 hours, dal lslght.
Hearse and rarxtiitel 11MII.Ited ita .llclft notlee
alma on most n-44..b1e tends. 1 • ' •
lj T. MUTE i CO.: 11,NDEll.•
ter, Wood's En !and Tleinttf. Cogan /Loom at
ll.cbester Livery distils, comer r&taleld sad
Cbartlers strata: /Maui and Carrlvrn fur,
11ILLOAL 'i.,4l.lrdavrEaw.--ibie
beautiful 'We d's-aere.`• the iarrest Nib.-
bast irdiee of wale/ire:Is:I:COS oall. lairds eolos..
In situated on Near Ittliblos road, Immediate.
17 north of Alkali ur r i tl lfof burial late. "malls
W all
or es. at t Arm Blom of COOL M
..j.,, d .
131..L.NEY. dile or rk.
..\ _
•ND OILR OTli2 of TU.Z/U
Venetia-ix *aloe -lag,
Duly trod to ybof lamas; free of charge
Guaranteed for One rear.
6 Wy11681., &I &what Nu
u . raiszl!ar
Fine Watches, Clocks,. Jewelry
! • No. 11170 LL137.272
F o ittaikaitax-igia0p4,3222.".
Cr. Parttealar asteuttos 8•11s1thi
Warm.., Cl zatl la Nark sus
Immense 'Spring Stock -of
BOOTS, ,/list/El3,
Gaiters & Slippers,
Hoop EilXlrl2,ta.
55 & 57
89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89
co 33 33 sh
$9 Market tared,
7 , 800T5, SROBS,
IN . wax= rw-sr.
/IS. ROB% 89 Market' St.
. \
89 89 89 89 89 89 89 96
Practical n
lawn.or 111:71Pania3 ametstmaY
fauna street. owe floor Jam Waal. PlUsloargn.
• Always =Ansa afeaeral wort of La-
Taw 11. I. L. Beads, Car ls• tiestlealea`s Wigs,
s. Bellew le wdCaayae , Bracelets. Be.
A 'coal pnce la ca.k ba ;trap for Bay
I .adleS • .1 sunlit:aim', bi4r.laaililligaa• la
the neaten u.s.rr. • • free
114 stasaest. 14 Rest'
W HIM= 19109
WAsnasrazo Tassia 11_ shit.. miSalsopoi
1 nn
27 virtu r oi rr4 of
on coven meet. Eastmeminginin. s'socg
incsuon. : ;
aptl-xn .