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`REED & CO.,
201". o., OS W1.213n. at - root. '
. .
T. n. PENNInAN. =norm.
T. T. 1101;1ToN,
j"" ' " I Basta ens rtanag';
NEL.% tev
313,13 a cant.
Delivered by carrier, (per week(.:-.....10 S e nt.
lfau buticerlsers, (peryear) 05.00.
Liberal retlucllores to and Agent..
Ti 1,4.0. COll a:3, Dee year.
F'lic do. ' du. do. each
Ten or mord 'copies, to one addrers, and
one free to club. orb
Peen street, Drs 5111 &
Nee Adverillmemez4;
li.rttner t Stew/3.W,, on 'page, Ln
tAr4.-1 - tottert Hunter, IL I)., Physictso
tor OrMeasoir Or the TbrOat, Lunge and Heart.
Dr. Hunter will close his • Mlle° In Pitts
burgh, on Saturday evening," April rth.
Those who desire to avail themselves or his
experience, previous to his return to New
3' orc, should do ao at once.
Consultatkm rooms, Merchant's hotel.
• Soo etelverrtnernent
Uf fizzdner S Stewart's, on first page, In
11rlp: help'—"Posterltnn erit Wl3_ll.
rat Mamor...
• WO Oftrllostlylnviw the friends of human.
aly to the AnnlVorsary,Festival of the A. E.
ILL., which will take .place In City 11 Nll,
Pittsburgh, on Monday and Tuesday even
ings; April 222 and 222. Objects t Ist,
assistance to the: poor; 20, The moral
and intellectual elevation of tho colored
ram in our community. Tho League has
determined to give a portion of the
proceeds Co the sulTentig poor of the South,
irrespective of color. No Intosleated per.
'son 0,11 be admitted Into City Hall. A largo
pollee force will be present to preserve good
'order. Good music. A vast assortment of
articles to please the eye and-ttmte. Cour
...teens attention to the wants of our visitors
will be a marked feature of the occasion.
. Cards of admission 25 cents each. Chil
dren 15 cents each. Doors ;open at 7 , 4
o'clock. S. A. Nests,
Chairman of Com. of Arrangements.
Nee Advertisement
01 Gardner a Stewart's, au drst page, le
Weer to Clain . ha Weight.
A gentleman, rather remarkable for his
obcritY, was asked where he obtained his
mrale, an the bill of fare must be exceed.
ingly vocal, since he appeared to be grow
ing larger and larger every day. The
prompt reply was "At the Continental Su.
/0011, next door to the Postern., on Fifth
wtrect, which is kept by that prince of eel - ,
uras—lloltzhelmer." The answer was oert
nod to the point, for at the Contincital the
l,t meals to he obtained in the city ore
dailY served 'no at the most rell.}oll/1140 of
prices. tiatue—the rarest, steaks, gab, and
es, yt !Ling to tempt the palate, are served
up in a beat, style than could Professor
delate, and if you eat one meal got
tea up by lioltahelmer, at a few Minutes'
notice, you will forever bestow your pa
trenago on this plac'e alone.
Sco Advertisa...e.nt.
i)f Gardaer litewarva, on first page, In
M:ff =I!
fre,h supply or Crosse and IthickwelPs
famous Pickles and Mustard. Also very
rioter Layer Itaicens, imperial and Turkey
Pi cues, Smyrna Figs. &0., hc.,xlll bo sold
at the lowest market price, at No. IL: Fed.
eral :Arcot, Allegheny city.
To retntlers of Dry Goods we offer great
• n•lueements, having a full stock ith fell we
k••Il at the lowest eastern eas , , prices and
eut goods in any length at the Wee° mace.
J. W. Co.
59 garkec street.
Nupply of Spring and Summer Boots and.
:;beet will be in store shortly. lino notice
'VIII be given this paper. Look out for rare
UargalliS. err on . horse. Suor tree S..
No. S 4 Market street, for : Um liar. Ml
,ota'm great Itt4nnaj , for Consump Lion—Solo
Agent for Pltt6o
See Advertiogement
Of Gardner .t StewarVa,.on . first page, in
t ty4l:l - I's Gazeac.
Co to ItemlngSt Droo . Store;
No. SI Market street, for the 11.20 A 6.3-
Yortrufmt of ffeushes of all kinds, and Toilet
Combs. ' 1•
.X pair of Gents Fine Dome, one-half double
nolo. stylialt thaae, for VAL Cheapest boot
ht the . olty. Opera liouso Shoo Store.
l o urt.Droc.! ---
Pure Drugs!!! Pure Drugs!
Ws, Allegheny.
Pure Drubs!
at /tale S. D.
Yoreign Liquors of all k1n,19 at Jo9epa S.
1':ao1Os Distillery, No, 1•., 191, L 93 aa,1 10.5
Go to Fleming's Drotr Store,
No. St Market street, for Coe's Dyspepsia
Curo and Cough Balsam. Sold cheap:
nee adverillgement
linpiner .t Stowart's, on first pogo, in
New Good•
received at the Opera llou.le Shoo
Store. -
YOU Can ISeiy
St' Pet Cent. 'Alcohol nt Joseph S. Finch's.
Neo the Opera 11Ouse Shoe Store
Adtcrthument to tots morning's Lotspalch
, .
You tau Bay
New Hops at JOSePti
lly Telegraph to the Pittsburgh (iazette.)
A party cif live white men and sixteen ne.
green were arraigned in Louisville yester
day for en. aging in a free fight on Sunday.
From the testimony of several negroes the
row WOO caused by three men entering a
beer saloori and driving away some necroes
that ivere to it. Only four of the party
were punhilled. Two of tbe ., four for curry
ing weap4s, and the othnrs for resisting
the pollee.'
Nearly one hundred persons were eon.
- 11nm:don Sunday, in the Episcopal churches
of Memphis, by Bishop Quinton!, of Iturralo.
Gnats aro destroying the stock along the
311451f31ppl river. Ono planter, near Corn
niore4;,lrist Ilfty heat] last week.
Snow toll on Sunday two to three Inches
devil in Wyconsin and Minnesotn, but was
fast disappearing with the prospect of a
hard (root lost night.
Yesterday, morning's Chicago Rertblicon
linen two column exposo of Telegraph Col
lege humhoks, in that city.
law of the Columbian Congress disap
proves of the contract for opening the
'ham-oceanic .ual on Columbian territory.
The Urnss I h of Cincinnati.
It Is gratlrylug to know that while other
largeMtles in the West maim ar,iireut deal
inf noble °bola their growth and inetrobolb I
tan impertarice,Cinemnati luVarlably takes
the front piece When. it comcsto substantial I And a hen we say einehmati, we •
memo the eighteen wards that. arc it, ortlfl.
end and not its real beoodat lc, • At the re. i
emit city elentiOnp, thnoinnial east tea
.„ 0 ,,,,,, Chicago lit,iiisl, and St. houlo lips,
The contest in Chicago sew; vvartne,,t un ,
the vote relatively, the fullest. Chicago has
been claiming a population of over :VIA°
with such surprisingwitidiness that loony
shre wit pent le have 'thought there moat
he h puma:llan , , in It.-Tiro ,fact Pi !Ina
chl, g o ha., about 1.10.150 inhabi
tants. It Ilan attained half Um size of (nu
ellinatt If we catgut Our immediate suburbs
—suburbs WI Joh are no further from our
lumina:Bd cents than the outside wards of
Chicago trout! Ito holiness center. There . is
Covington, With Its. ;Wes), Newport, with
half as many more, and a girdle of little
(came, such oh Cute Inovllle. Cli flon, - Avon-
Alai°, Columbia, Dayton, Ky., Ludlow, So.
damsvllle, ebb; all of which aro out two or
three miles from tiro heart of Chielmutti,
nod which are \not Included in our census,
nor repreiente 1 in our vote. Yet without
them wo main alit the rank of Queen City,
and thereby to UM nor am hit lour rival! to
a 111PprVolopm e,,Pent. Clacapth putt MPilarly
i 0 pierced, but i et iii Clings
, tul to rosy esti •
11.1 t, I' o . Time la , coc u e sii, mil tisl,sso.—
( . 011.11111(I:i ciLliPlClTilli.
- - - -- s-: - ' 4 --
,4,. , :0-,-,..„
~,,.... -...--..,., -,
-, 4 1 '..*,,,v 4, 1. . - t..:-..; , .,•: - - - , —, - - 7 \ -7 ,
4:: ' -/•- z ., . ~- L '.
I'll V -- 6 IF
,j_W_ 1 I , ,- "^', o;f:_•E'l. ' .:' 7 _l! ! - - - 1 .7 V-• '
Vic*r t .' 11 s, i 1
''''r ci i.l'.7 - - r . ...,- •
' i •••••.: 0 .1 . ... - .... - ":. -- .' • ;,;,1:
.tif - :+ .: 1 r''' 7 L t.-,'s. f;.• .‹.-,,,,,. •-\ ' J J , - 7: -----• - - , 4 " :"..--
r- -0 ) • ( --
-• • 180
1 25
Satisfaction from Spain Promisctl,
Rumors of WarPieparations
Financial and Commerefol
fly Ire!cgralls to the Pittsloo-gh :.t
Illy the 6 , 1.-1,1
Lennon', Aptll 2t—Euernutr.--tipaln prom-
Lon to give Ent-Junl full ettll , feet lett hukl
Indemnity for the seizure of tho letorin.
but her replies In ruin: to the ,tenunnts
the cane of the Torntulo, coutlulte eve,tve
and unsntis factory.
ltl-11IlNE CI:.
Lire reront, April r Ultra•
go, Iron] New York, hill arrived,
Souvrikeirrow, April 22.—The gimmes
Hausa, (rein New York,
FAN - ANL:IAL AND C011111:1:L'I I„
Knroor.,' 2 ri :v.—Coitus tic
April 1.2;2 ,t.2llreatlst.i.ffs
Lieszroot.,:tprii 2 . 2—Ereffing.—Cation In.
active and priceS declining; c kiting f f an: a
Onns were: ratddlinit uplands, at
Orleans, at soles loot tip
tircallstuffs dull. Corn, ra lit 9,1 per quar.
tar for nosed western California. %Vida:
Sold at his 3,L Per Cerdal. Prod. , fedff'..
pots, 31s; Spirit, of Tdrpontlne, fit llo,s
Tallow, at Its 6 , 1 for Anicrlettn. Petioleu
standard white. at Is per galion.
LoistiOtr, '_'=—/.7renife , .—q t tar 101 l
and nominal. Linseed, at fifir
for Calcutta,
. FilltpGN MILS
Triumph of Mrvrnoto tipantit ton
- Oft, Count Milt, rel• Ittlativo to
Federal 'Taxation— Atarvittat to tier ,
mon (:ltizrttn of the Totted. ',tato.—
Movement. to Celle coot!. a to (: err,
—Another Frnlatc Rising in ire
Trlt;ranh ,0 the Pllts , urgh
Stew Tone, Aprit iff sofa', 11 , •Gin
correspondence nay, The members ol the
German opposition party It, the I,,,;:sins
tare Imre triumphed Geer Count il , sulare , ,,
If) . the vote reuderitm the .toverneu
amenable to the representative Pal y
matters relat lee to lederallaxa,n.
The vote wee vote close, the I. ca re
r)ing their ante:Win. .to tne Ms.
clause in the Altai; of Ilia Gonetudlttm. by a
majority of three only. but t h e remit
lucre badly far the fate of the now normal
milltnry budget of inuesla.
South Germans,, natut e1..1.7 , ,ns of
the United Slates. Ott: In danger of 111.111 r,
held to military cornice on reviGt ,, , the
Staten which have entered Into the
famous secret treaties will, P:
ria. urfembor, and !tun,.
The ih,n,nrs. Commat Movie score-;, on. dent says that Franca and it:::-t.,
made It Joint
(lotto GOvernWeat . tr.,o, env::!., to t.r. •
and that the appro.,en to,
- - . .
ACtiolllll.llch 11lite:1011 ',gal.:, II a
dernon,tret Inn Gait Kuching 1, Intl, to tx .
left out of the comUit talon fer
gag of the all - nice of the etel: man.
The Herold yorret
ponilent reiterates It, tersuranoy tho
approach or another s'enten re.lne, far men;
extensive than that or !Mu to or Morel.,
for the exerntlon • of whlctdt be ,at t ta,
prehenalve plan being arrcuged.
don, Paris, and ltutgin.
The Journal, St. reterilmre,Tr,
Jude of 1t0,1'111.11. , :i. xlll prt,, rutin,
ally age - mita:revue; and fluo count:let, ta
tere , its of both countra ix promo, I.
.11a. large meeting :lola ut „'I4 ,
declared that LaiewLirh , 101.1 nut be eep.
(irate., from Germany,
Rumor. or War Prow...Minns—St:lgo
or reelin:: In Vrnnre.
[Per Sturner Brneo.n.l
New V ,, ltg, April reins corn,.
eminent of the Louden To rimer
that Alarshal 31,111 then Litto tel
The French itevernment sent on snots
getic note to lrrusrita on the Laren:be:,
question, nod errtaln eflicers of Ihe t
hoil been se e eti this:nen do the litime.
The people blieve France is drtttintr Pito
war. There ills general amenotlen Of lir.n.
nets, and the spirit of commercial and' i
trial enterer especially parwlyziol.
The Etendard drows the Coll J:tl , i tlt
Luxemburg miles be wil l or after a brief delay' will be war. flit'
most strenuous efforts are being nisi , re
supply the French army witheech
ors one hundred and fifty theiesio or
which are ready to be eermil out witrio
month ilt (O.IL 111, cove:
Lyons is ordered to hold d ell in read mes
Notivithstunding tinum rumor+ and panne
for the time on the Ilium,. tile Ms r 1 t i lt,
3lotiltecr, on the Sill unfelt . order,: le
Emperor, to the breath Legislative
that the Government in bringing to coniet•
emotion the Luxemburg Question, thou
only of pence.' Thu French lievern me hr. 14
disposed to examine the qu...,iion It eon.
cert with the greet pewee+, cil I Ltilieto..:
therefore, peace cannot. be in.:4Ell.
There was a minic rot the broo , lon Stock
Exehange on the SM. Funds Wu,
alit/ SOVeral timeriptioos Of laclr
The Vienna Gazrtte 4eelare4 that t!ie
prole Of the Aua:ria•Proselati alliance. ere
unfounded. .
The. Patrir say . a the remori of roilltery
1n054.1.111 1'1..4a are totally
F 3031 NEW VORK,
By Telegraph to tho Yl tteburgh ,tort-ttc
NSW YOTM, April 21.—The\L•. ; forktrought Japs.nc4i;
who. will mule n brief istity Lore
logto 14nahingwn.
ImmonT I . ItAM
A freight train on the Long hslani
road WWI smarty:4 to pieces by roman:7 (.If
the truck net, Jamaica, 1144
nlO n.
consequence of one of lice nine bruukoqf
anl.being. cuuzht In the runhlhg ea, of
trio card.
A large sale of efts . real °Ante took ple.ett
to-day wader tee 111rt•ctIon of tlet enoiott-:-
.eloners of ale Stoking feral. Very I.t;;:t
privet were 'elite:awl.
The sep,lon of tho governii.:
CAMlllielBloll id,t two 4, tbroo wet 4:,
longer. No Ileeltlons will he mate ti!;
la4t of [he set-Ann.
The Erpreir him u mover llint the , denrrir
General Alt:C.4llam not Brig
Toned, which leis hero some Slum :Ali," I.n .
Tampico, svero abundantly supplied aon
arms and unusually utirnerrnis -err, 3 ,
The expedition ts Lida to lin imilcr on,
Farrell unit anis on 1,0
co General IMw Wallitco sr, to u-ottriii
command.NG:Min:am rime:mil hero I,-
day of tou 3lcl/aIIIIIIdeI arrival at Tit,pico.
/tattier ~ t ared, •
The great International borne and iirine
mstcb itt Racket, ween
and Frederick Fonlkoil, tlic ri
i•lincaplon racket plater, of ilrent till
and America, for one ttici,all.l pared,
iiinyed to-day. Tito'
bborne; the arid It. Ina played here, i. , .d ti li
becond In Belfast, Ireland, each !lucid, to
conel,t of tllu belt stern
points up. 1 tic to I 1,1°,11111,1010c
'ugly henry, tiny/tire L 01 . 1,0
ten point.; londki e the tieeincl t: 11.10 ti.c
colon unilfer,,,G nray lido! lie 1,110
points. a u nd it and r :•,,•
two and Virec vomits rt•ipectively.a.;
tlie playing of Ina alt fir game It i!i
der storm etini. on, and die
poned till to-Ent:now.
firDIPEN Or Al ~
Inbt nigh .
t a ti:‘ ruttrif.(l
01110, ytopplor 11,
1if.1.1.11.A tv,t.1.4 AUL,. A.
Anconntn front•Tterio elute
und the I Ito at !Jaren tle're
wero one hozoltell mot hoot-three Went):.
from cholera, In tier ot the 1:.0
Interruption of trovel
ny.'rElevayti to Ilk: rittatairel '
Sr. Loots. April 25.—Sloec tilt, Interrun
nnn of travel on th. 0:11Nlm branell of t
Pacific liallrowl Jy how, lo
eernter, owl ft tight ate eoliliflglrvin ton,
111. anti Chicago to Leaven 0 orth :.nil
Louis for Itunvt.r and other hole! , "II
1111101, yin the Kansan branolt of tin: nun lie
Ituilwity. The latter road Ii lu Loud
Lion, and connects regularlynoutpily
with tiro 311.1toarl at H ane s,.li ( iiy,
the high water In tho 11w ...irk to, l •
nn mmlE:tilt/tent to travel, I hu 0v.,1 0 w
reaching the Ir auk. 1 tut
0111 , I.” 1/..n'. • o
c ll h tatty, to :!1, i.e./la, 1,, I, Zi. •
-Chicago owes +5,1:.3,13;.
op Colo lots been quite 111.
Jaig.r Cllll , tornut'u 00l clip promises well.
—Tn., Ice hus broken up In front of Mon-
—California has a now French poet. named
—semeMry Stanton 14 ViSilillg his mother
umnbler, U.
—The Cholera ham appeared In Point Cou
roe, Loul,ana.
—Coal tor Iron) gas woke I ariVing sliat'
trots LI.. Delaware.
—or Whitti:•r'a Tent on lo Dena Itymo
havo I:enn Bold.
—The Ilas ton xnerchunta propose t o mobs
1 , ,1y W.
receive orgo .
—.l new dbemse is Carrying off many of
the sheep of Northern /OH,.
—Orr-tt i± chid to be the man who Is going
In over Chariot Damens. •
—Tie Hughes murderers are to be 00000-
- tee to Cum:neat' ml the:loM lust.
— , tra ivberry baskets are SelGnk• very
I,ldy In New Jereey at "1,•15 per hundred.
—John G. Nsae, nays the New York Ga.:elle,
lots aceePted all mvikatiOrt to lento for
—Governor-01er%, domes E. Englisn past
A. Now Illtven, Ct., on au t.itoto of
14elges are going ntr Hee hot
The darkles are "gates
—Too Gov aroor of A ikansas says that that
, tA:a to erg italze under the recall.
-iieving,bonght Itus,lan America, it is
pro,,, a now to eiceriele the value or it.
—The President. threaten tl to tokO anoth
, iirouniti , lie has now ot
tie aLttlbnto.
znan In Canada has been son
et to the I',•at[e a tlarj Inn life for. steal
InK Looney trolls a haler.
wl , tow of ex-I•resident Tyler I.
a luith in,: after the improvements of ➢vr
iiiiihtstion On the James.
—Eight thou:and ectien Inner, I and acv
tottii-ta o matt were illtdranehmed by the re.
set to Georgia.,
ceporti .1 that .1. ii. Gee, former
nJalit lit the relict prison at Salle
itury,olvel recently tti Moistl e.
—2:r. Jam,. 1.. 5 . 011111, l'eclrekiii mer
e t, went to how lurk, two teeth ago,
awl ha- not beet: hotel trorti
—Toe strikers at Ll,CrellC(t,
gettleg abort Cif money, and have
Inroad nantl Mies begglng tosistance.
—The numb, of emigrant, arriving at
Nt r. S orb,Mime .5 titulary iirst, Wald .13,u25,--
I„,for tits same perIOU lastyear
,!tier is alive in Cleveland who was
Cl.or teat I:ra,l during the war, stud to whom
:slot - mamma e sk erected in WotallaMl cants
fn c,ny 1et...1 nt I.f - ,1a.: ,U. W., of
the I , erron u! a gulfourteen yearn
of nue, !Ins been ,Off rented to be nunffed on
—lnt, ]in, or et 31obilo .bas appointed n
ct.lored iedleefeen, whe are et..
efttlly elt...r.rou 4> preserve Order About
colorell el:ere:tee.
—Tne Ireneb cryien li.tmandx trill to
la the eltatalton. the C 11,2 In which
th,y elr planed will be tenured into the
New I•er4 paper retest, to nubbin the
I.,aei of t nnchall plaNe, heredner. because
ebleet. It ha.,
Ut.:llle, la brunt.
vogetnrian aoelory Is formn.l In Day-
Its duns:tor being n ?roman wi/
;Rest on yrns:tables for einteen years.
.+^,l':: au looks ir slan Lad.
—A hunt et two thou/twod shad. was made
n land rot nt on the Ilth Instant, Ills
Inree-t •Itht,,aEon, end !Orns assert the
larttetz ever :nude In the l'ototn4n. .
-o,l,Di:on', teem+ to 130 Proving an
op:at:talc antou.lbont nOuntry.• Tiara
,r•• moro low! doe. in Int:lan/I at prnt,ont
e:o1 ne, tier peelogf ate , rule.
le.incers tteroutton merest
tO tee t for beet:Una the r,Ofbntn.
—Ai: , 00tuvrtx rnllrestl9 altamag,..l
have 1,4;11 repaired, nod are
71,1, ,1•
It;tis opeffing again tile
• Not - I,olk tO 310ta,
partp of Alabama., by- the,
bay, in r,,ccollcnt
to the P1:011 , i urittrit; (6 . 4; reenn-
Jr!ton of ,oeie:y Upon repahllettu
-I:aliforala papers Nodal: favorably of no
fal:t of r, of the woof the euselog sea
: el. /heslieell are tu ,:coilcouddrob, ;dad
aleurobasee of early graas Will ...ire
...::r belng well fed.
M. J. of th‘l Mo.
orreprltouto or the U nave
:t •-, d.ine,roully 111 of In
untloti of the bowel:, It It !carve f.lnr
prove fetal.
InnLor pt-el sill In tWtohington
neirountrone we reliant; foe the our
( Amer ten the Clulted
mr. re.nld ornpertn;,; to give the
chum, In ir.rt pnyuneut.
—henry Wont I:l,,eberis
ii novel to salt to
kotnlnis of Non; Englabil Society,
4,11101:G nny particulnr plot; ithd no nano.
1,1:0 ci upon to: it.4.No Nan, tz
:it o ea
1, Wllltlo
ittOo boy bsving itelco.1 • 111s mother
Out, aro! 1,1.414.
Ciatr..1:01011 4 ,salol.11I(Or
nt'j lllMight, .nl,ll, ISlOther, yl.lll
), 1a• 1110 i11 0 X1.11,6t. I e!3:10111 , 00 got."
—Ti u 1'21 , 0,1 ism .111cundlon tilt.
corn:m.lolv, beight of thu monntulue in the
WO2l, and claim .Monet Whitney, In C,111for
,!•1, .? (Le I.inhost In lin: country, lot an
u'leoll.i;+u(^el.Thuy cut down Mount
11,,, feet urn! Mount ' , al= tii uto
of the arguments nffered by Maine, fur the pruptatti,l I . ll.catotquls Itan
road et. that there Is hard woql eunuch un
tea IMite to mnhe all the t'npools and other
tioden nutlet, required ler the Whole
—A handsome Marble monument, elan.
t-ell feet high, hay been erected over the
Chile of 11.1n0Id Kendall. the celebrated
bmi er. in a Inicion cemetery. Tee 'coat
Wm, contrib.:it by Inn Iriendl of the
—An ea.icrn purer cap, "It In not gen
erelly m i na n, bia. It Is true, nereethelenali
bat 0. -tic rat toiler married an acirerii.
crier Indy. with whom he line
tu, hAppitieel and concord. In
.Men,tie relation, if not in all Lid
General blotter In O. model for all
—Ti' lowa (lily Republic.. 89.78 that the
total ”ront of the veined el lectures In that
tlicLlitillt• Who,
that t lie ainouot tibia tbe lecturers, and the
itaponsiti LLILLAI , IIIIg 10001, were not touch
..hort of I I.lolt, mill:log neer 42,5b0rg00d iii
hcople of lone City and vicinity for
•-• A n order has been received to San Fran
eh-t-o for o hatcher of live frogs to ';bei rent
to Honolulu. to renen, he tattoo et to rates
thorn to the nand w tell hiiundc. It 14 - 11. e been
trlivl scveral timeth but till, fro,. have AI
WA s liven deetroycd In the course bf a few
by ruts Or sonic Othtr allfnabl fowl
of cnoice
—Atter tati Revolution brut ended, In 1701
our country covered rsio,tsq square miles,
lit Fl, by various acitinstlions, this
iltt, grown to 7.010;277 seuare miles how, by tho Russian cwilon, It
square miles. The rep o ublic lirts
eritmjleil to mere /him live times lie Mee
Ltt r years ago, a fact which should
i.•erive honorable mention from our Fourth
of July orators.
r touch false morality. Ilow
.!: —Neveaboird to tell girls that beauty Is
value; dross no use! Beauty is of
vsl her wlgno prospecta null humor's , '
may alien depend one DOW gown or
becoming bourn's., soul If silo bus lien '
mottos rott fronmon sense she 00111 Ilnil yids
"qt. The great thing 14 to teach her tlioir
alue,wol that Vlore must be sonies
:Rs licit, under the bonnet than a pretty
Z.n.o tor real balminess. But Dover sacrifice
truth. •
—The lona ago duly of Oho (treat Eastern,
cl or I tog tile port of - New York, alhoon•
to which, with theaddition of
the Harbor ataxter'o, and
140,, iltillefilltge3 oh atainps,purhito,
, hriag altogether only the o.lJOigio. of
,therm 0 the poll, Lott up k 7,000.
oparted yesteratly for . Franey, - carrying
004 , hundred and ninety-one rm.:again.
ing 41W each, which amounts to $)9,10o,
~ving as orig. 01.412,010, out wh lch
1:xpe1....11 Of h, voyage and 0o sala•
or her ollieer, crew and tatundante,
-101 paintoof and repairing, anti other
ivi - Idenial Pomo, are to
to , liquidated. tlt
- flooded that the ,lelloleney on LW! trip
%, 111 awotrat to troin -s.*VhO 00 4ih0,000. '
t Fr. SU
glint venerable gentleman In Dayton,
iglu...m.lde In Brown, and who has how
V.11t4.1 . 11. for Illty days In 'Marring'
iiintnelf to death. etlll survives and con
% er•-. wait hie friend,' quite cheerfully. So
I'm Dayton Empfer, which adds that.
Ito ;mine IS 0.
M1(.1 -
ltS 011 K 01 ever. The Empire
.1111:e111 that thin extra...WT.l.y cane Ilan
not Itul to Inventliottlint by ketentldc
,o•rouin. ' , ch an
oice, however, is not 'hemmed
to trouble hilt about elderly persons who
..•teits ahnolutely trots any sort of nottr•
oiloticut fora trilling term of seven weeks.
If Ii r. Itrown will keep it up for a couple of
},il. 1.1. ithpirl
e p t r e c u e t e b n u t o y a a t
ntth ep ienntod. O t f
hth a s t t p u e r r g t i .
will bruin to feel Interented. In thu rumsn•
might advertise - that 1110 rands of
lir, are gradually Dinning low, and that he
n ill onpurt lilt trreat reret of going with
out eds.. to,hy ),,011 I/0 WM melon.:
• IV., 'Mali refer to
•. . • a•• w.t.:1111 la tilt or Inane
The Austrian Efission_Vacant
ills PRESIDMT ISllisu 111 91111 0.1:01.1\
In:.ttuctions to District ComtnantieN
Army Precautions Against. Cliolcr.
The statements that all expedtllon 01 1 •
ploration to I:tondan .tion . nea :t a,
geniced at the otate Departi:t•:t:t, n,,•:e
mature and erroneous,
' The Auatrian tnlaelon la vacant, Mr. Mot
ley Davies been Informed that Id, 1.•-hc!...-
I.lon was accepted before the pa...,,fc of
tenure of colleu act. A suecetecr
be appointed.
A delegation arch Ot I rote Cc i
C., to invite tee Pre,elent to vi , it tl. L.ey.
Attorney enera: Staill,rr) la
Instructions for tao
linArnits on tin: actian St,:u
Leglalatim silledit.irainini, ei
arid other matters coneeete..l nun teo
lu the sap,ato Cesart to-4-1y a c:$.:1•10:
NVILS girCrl la the case or the
D. Henry Ss..2tattltha . revor,l4 nu" r,
versing the pozvtacnt, of 11, , 111.:,.1.o.
Cohn of lowa, with Usti moil rcolaiofinh
a o•
the c,e, with filrtion , that thi •-4.
111,1116,n1 for want of
. rtl 1,11,:ort.
Ca the ca-e of the etchelvr tut
ley ando. the Over," o:
Court of th e l'hite4H-t.itt,
I.ouislitutt whi heirth,ei.
In the ca . to or .litivos ft. 1: otion
lost of this bark Nowetioy - vs. Thigh l'i•yei.l
owner or ti.o• echelolll,
erect or this circuit or the 'st.sti• • I,
the thvltern •Of Mitilii s iao weiv
with cost,.
Jam., iruncls vs. I - hit,' t'tel.a. 1,1 :g
mentor the Circuit Glert et the 1 h4t,
States for Mt,ouri. ..letru,tl.
llllhres Centre' Itslinonl vo, I
rows. Jtelgment or tho ,Ctreu It
Northern Minces ; anirtito.l nnn
llortoos Levan, vs. John J. lion l•,
lillnol9. 101 e .11.,,C.1 for wunt
lion. •
RlOlard FitM vs. .1.1.1 Ii , c.. II
r.lad.v.". Appetit 11:0ill
fur Nortt.eru 1 , 1 ,11 f
v. ant ofjurl,,liction.
John Meyer V.
from the Circuit Court of
•cillrcn:nl with co,tis Ot to Henri.
olJalues 3lyora, Winloo
Stout, WOrtongton i.1..0p.
and Samuel 11. Der klty, for wat:: c: j
The form Of Mineral joint vs. Jame, 1
Judgment of Circuit Court of 12, 1,1:
of VilpooniM iffllesued with
The Surgeon tleneral haw 1.1:14,1 um, ni.
of Imtructlone, that ',lna - of the
prevalence Of chnlera Burin;; the el . ., every en , leavor it In , lila , I
by me , lleal Mtleera to 1 , 1 event the Intro 1 ,,
tlon Of Cholera from Infeete.l cum= an , l -
conveyrteee from rrnnt to ...1,. Icy
,learaetlne or ol,ert allots cal all ,let,bl
ments of ro.rutt, or troop.n ,- r:Vinz ot
pttrtluir from post or recrultiett stations,
or near 0111,0 tut, prevtolS. ,:or
tire,' looting to the pre,ervatlon of 1A.511
:a the army sue ti, you.
Contra It.lnn or Taylor y.l it.. ts!..,:e
wall it .I,legatlat 4,; I ft- r ..10:11;1/.t WA.:;)
ton letting of tholi.trotult, 1,11,,tit to ortn:
ineir tegnaturet to a triply inwte ditrlnr .
winter, anti Roltwq..ently rutilled
soante With 1.110
Admiral.; Ceail and /1. 11. 11.11, t nmemn
der 6. liraLe, and Lieutenant 10,1/1111,-
der Trey - Ale Abbott hare Leon planed on the
retired list. Conimaloro
Taylor Ii 41clached from orduanee duty
Pittsburgh, and planed en waiting order,
Commander William W. Lone it l!:1
from ordnance duty at Cotton, Mel ord., e
to - duty as Imipeetur of ,rdimee
MINI], rat
The Acting tinart , rinaster General r.
lured the withdrawing or all payawal tai
mail transportation to railroads alltrli
Indebted to the Umlaut Slates for inalarlr.l•
purchased on credit. until said laden, ,-
ness is extinguished.
The Supreme Court to-tlay reversed !ha
Ili cinion of the Supreme Court of 10 ;vit
an fial ullrulty ea.tetill the ground that 71n.
lawn of Cengre+m of iith and IC lave the
united Staten Itistriet (Cult noelu,lv,:lur
-Isolcllon, without limitation, both on riv e ts
and lakes; - or wherever chipsand 4telchi
boats float and. are engagedln coictarreni
The Court'below had acted upon a hlcaith
boat vllll/.1011
IIsTiANAL I:CVERt, ne , olr . r,
Tho rocolptd of Intiqool I:ovenue.l.o.l - Ly
amount to Pi 1.123.
Charlie.. 11. Whally nag conclrrnud b 3 the
8.11/lOW agent fur the l'unnee .1.1141: e
FROM cAtwonsil
Woohington Territory Folios I•onsen.
lilll.—Sertonn it Anoint; !Mourn__
Twrnty 31.1 ILlllrd—Trynnore,fl,tir
/and Wheat NVlpmentu.
:By Telegtl,ll to the pi ttebtz
SW!! ILLAXCI ,, O, Altrll ra.—Tite Wlt-h
ton Territory Union Convention yester trty
nominate:l Alvin IlttitilerS 11l ttelegu,, , ,
riot occurred among the wort:moo of
the Sliver Ilona ISO,tny at.
meta, Nevada, on Mo trill. The n.,
rode Mr. Canfield, agentof the CoitiOtth),
on ft roil, nod committed nth, out,
A shoetina affray often m4iiut during the riot,
itll4l twenty All , Nl Inure - Mr. Clottlehl
escaped el:Uteri.
Thu stiles Isritish Consul, ler Liverpool,
with :MAO sacks of wheat, cleared; .0.,
gar. linng toelay curried +lle,ttLi In
.. -
SAS FILAN , IWO, April 'h.—Tan r!.11,4
Robluson,Jr., I.lvatipool,.lurluola and Nor;
bora nadcd.
Flour am and nuotatlon9
Wheat pilot; eheiell, 1,4;a1 Ttun
. .
In d Ina
c l o nxf o nts , l4o o n: v — a t r : e 1
u i r i lt . l et vt-
Ile Telearnielo to the Pittsburgh Carel, ;
Denvert, Cot., dpril dl.—LookouL elation,
two hundred and seventy tulles cues, 011 the
Sillaky 11111 route, was Ilemtrnye.l lie the
Cheyenne Indians hest Monduy. Three
of the United States Er pre,.
Company were killed and toadied. Chi lit Cl
the Company's Imre. a ere stolen. lien.
ilimeock litel reached Fort Zara, Mal at.
tempted to treat with the Intliena, lint wit,
unsuccessful. Ile then surmounted their
.camp, but Wore commencing the attack he
sent forward it messenger to propo. ,
treaty. 'rho camp was foetid deserted Wel
moat of their property abaudeutal.
Hancock Is supposed now to ho on the war
path. About one thoteland warrior: , lonised
Duweer's station going north, probably the
same who horned Lookout. •
Reglatrnlllon In Sant
r 'rd... 4,h to Ike rillObitrgh
1 . 1“1:1.1,421114, S. C., April . ertlor
“1 . 1 . 1in4 reul at, Pr
log the mlntillde
LltUr3 /iccvu,:truutivu slot,
I ißfAlle.
Provillinz for In:errut of Mato Drhf
Solt, }:ittlrongl Intr•reNt—
S4..alt,r;jllll%uta Npriil,4 at :'lrit-
ti 4' Pil,taJr•h Goir , 7
.1p:11 - 22.—Ttit• 1 . .g1•1:t•
1.1 VI!, a ti,,: thirty
'II 7 , 011.7., 1 7 ,)7 07,7
4...t.i. :,77 , 11,1
1 , 71,-11 rue 11.::dir4;
• e 4.11.14 11;., ~t ill,. 1 , 11.1
.Itluitt•, It Nor
lc . c t
Is OP, in.,OA II tl !lc 1 , 11 4 01:0,1 d,
OE .!•/ti . .rl,
1111 01'14 , 11`1"
Or the ,tatu,
.. are LIAO,
al., tha
I lit• iOl/,
ILI I• 1 rl.ll/.101,
•: .:1 ,1111 0.01/Al,.
t'. A et rrw•l
1,..1,11.1)11..,11111:1 . 1214:1.1(li /1 1 , •
lucray 11, - •
.•11.1 1 /, 14, tiny 1,0 111314 ;11
kr14...1 clec,ll , s, t;!
of •
fqC.,: Lr ..
q uo iv
r , :r, . , :'..
ti... t11..,1,101,4„.14.
'fit t.'• 1,1110, I. 1
1 . 11,•11 : Prltaterr—
i Itt. t; Itt113" tor \lit.
I,lnttvl Discoverttta.
Moat:l,, In•t
fr: It:v:1y I
I . h. t o tll. r.
L I.
.11 ,
, r n.c•l
T 1 .I,l',
11. s•11:1
I I.
!..nolOong 11,I•ev.ter.
r I
!Steffy..., "(Colored
North I Aral:tan.
Aj•7ll t, 0 I,'
.& I 1, —.• 11. y IL. 11. 1:41(.,”..1r..,.,n,
,I,Mtif,“; lint 01 llnncer.
l'.ll,llrOz 01,
ent , ll, ,
I; l'rtg
l'ree Wontm:, ,
N:va:tt,.... n Vint gunt—.l.
lief Phi h•c•
Z. i r lice r:,..•, that haa
l',1• ,•, I: ...
17111 L te."ll:y Inornlm. A
-, ,,t1L; 1. ,1 . Ing Wahltlo, nuu,••l
Al..ry 11 ,
t! 1 ...A
elmtv.. of 1.1,111.: ...W., !1:11-!....t. 1,111
{,..._Mint wctnan
ent . .......mper1a , 0r."...f..! ;1:
11...A5n g0,t.l Jokt• hag!
1.,11,1 Wt....tin...ft..
11 ,. •0, , •11 t, ,nk:t.'1;1,1,141.1.11o: co -
tholor.thovo. y n p 01.1 4 ,11 WIIIIhi
1.111 frc,[n ato I, .thtO rirk,
uud c;Ourt 0,1,1 not !,0110
u„ at.oico.
'1 ?on e to. wo..t. cl,llr. rlllll, Itot. al It wm-1,11.1-
ott.ut•tl ~t l,llt. if/fIJOII Irlm I, ttota, 11,
ILL W 1,11,0,01101 antrolt,elon of0.11,ot:11,10n in
wit) t fitt•tnn 14 0, A ( f ll,ll 1,11
11 . 111111, noon
t 0 Ult. L U OO ,III I.lllly ,
It OM 1 . 1, / -. 1°,1` 11/1/1 0 tr•ritone tvt,l
Ito 1,1. 0 .1 %ery rt,pect f 001, 1 ,,
1.1,0,1.! 1 ,0 011,01 y, 1/11L1 1 , 11,111,C 0 1 10 IL
ol,on .oto-1 nnl ter+, with woot.tx , tll‘
4111100-10 ° ,11 Of I Inttlt.'ytnrn anti 114 0 1 IL:: 1,1
n,on I,,ney v 41, ° 11,101 1 0 1
tn,..100 :onto .10111 on, ttrpl ow, nol
1.,,• ....Ito,' 1,1.0 n„,! twit, nt 1.
f 1111 via, 111 c.l nn :I
.1 11 0.1141
1 1 , °11, %1,11
4/1 , 1
n.t 1
1111 0 1
to 1k0,11 1 0 0 11 11 .1
IL L 11/110
In l, l/1,-,on nno•
.1,1 ndcll
11: iu 1.3.
111..1.A OW 111 . . 1 . , 1.1,1111112 1.11 tilt. reap.
.r l lro.l Imo!: I,
11,rn, It., ht. I , t
I.d malt
nt t.l;mouth , lalo 1....1
t 111+ ilvi
tar.. 1 .1• •tt: 1',,,t twat . F,rgu,‘,s.•..
..11) 111. f, v.. deiN;4 1 .111 , 01,1 - 1.1:4,..
1,1", 01.01,1e11 1.111 111 Sr.ty, 4,11
1.1 iir...11,0.1 r 0111 1.11110
11111 tt .01 ... /10/ 1.01111,1 IQ 1,,
111 . 1..11,[1 . in.;
•10 . 1 . .,1111.1.1.11,1 1.3 the 1.0.
11 , 4...1 13.11011 1111
10,1 1113i1 .610 ‘l, 11 . 11 - e, 1:1,( . 01/01. 11 . 0,14
1111 ~.1,111. . .,1., 1 11111.11y .11111.11..•1 i:1111. 1,1
111111 11. Nlll,l 10 130111
.., 11.1111 1:0111.11101 111,1 (1,.
i.'•11.1 11.11,10110 11.. In MO 1%01111,11., W.. 1
ooly , 11.1. it : hotL tint, upu. hi.
ht. Iho 0111/01 1111'1 0 1 111111..1 0 1 1 10
1, n 1 01111 hLa1..1.0 race, Oialtirl I Id.,
~ Intl:, ILor ttlwat. to .1 , 11 ,- nouvi:le •••••
tor, otglo ,14.1):LI+. ln'n •,o1
y ponll,,,rmlnc,l Into,
,1,•1,.,•o:or•. 110 Ints e hit trl'roin. trt In.r
14. r no, Lint /Om Mit 111 the worhhozl4l.,
1,01,40, .1 1,1,1...r1.1 , i ti... clutrot ,
110011 winch Meiw arri.•tml, via: :steal' en
boat. Tim , nit 1.1.111 not mist, t evelinnie, so; int the it•slittlt trial h.:
nie t ebsl that elm WILY WS wife, 0 0 ,10,; one
tine of lief Coninion health, Attorney eau
was ilic.cliartfe.i.—beettrifir Culteire,
—The of pulite:lt'. ellonitl bn obvert - -
VI not Only between Inlttrotte frlrnllN, but
bettreen member., of the ettlate twutliv; ..lel
thoe.s lotitetinilit• tau Ilie Most 10 areltil Joel
the coma times of guml sbelelY
tare OeSeryml. 'Thera owill not 1111.1 Ought
01st to be formality; but little talent..
leilween brothers unit
ti.,•vetin, protract th,"
;.;., el , •ie w Melt I. Me.; ant to c teen
Lt..' L411011 . ' 011.1 1111101 /Mt
it I+ ... ttlltl rellen
MI, tech;.;'.. I ;
111811, LtILl OLLttVrinh evut,:wl4.
I ~ C " " TT
- - ~=cam;: ~~s=y _
T/1 PAGE.—Tite pairs( rrnd most re
r Prod pore Markel Pr
pn,:3 any yap,- init.' city, nil! be
P.ting or, nttr Fourth live'
11r111.11ht rpffteopst Senttlay . ?irltuol
Acret al,lc local' the tomislera anal-ever
letctelealq natl teacher.. of the Iletho,llA
horch In the two cite, anal ye
alty, tact. at the atelt.hteld etc. et 31r. E.
Cherca at eight o'clock Chit evelEng.
.1..a.p14 Hotta. to a. call the chair, teal
W. E. Eioc.oe we, appointed , reronrY..
LAtllt-, °pencil aitl, pra3 l oy Rev.
Vi r Taracc. I. thirty'.
..1.ar10n., - Iraarire room filled a III!
ly rt•.(l..t .I:nung tile
10010 .1 , t1 , 4 lilt . 111,1:0, i14,131i1/1 4 1,-:
1. • 11. Millar. 1..
.311 ra.ol. %V. SV. I'.
I l..raut. 11. 1...11:11..r.
11. 7.....1'..1. 'l. IV. F.
I. ra. a. I. ;11..a......1
05.11.- I 11,
...a...1.1,0. for 11
• 1!..-titutl. let la, alry, 011
3! a ...I and alal
\ 1410,1 wor n for the
I.'a 0:11, Church ma.
!ng per,on, for - the re,peetlve
I,tot].).a . , ed to teac4 n Bible
• tr•prinle , . ptLUlJit':
I:. I.l,erty
. . .
, •ti , 1n1thf.,1,1,1:4.t.t,
; 1 'l2/1/. 11
.fr 111:1,
%%. fill., ro.:IVPI .
• . .\ %
,tt nct :111 , . Citmti:l;tru,'.l.4ll:,lll.
tt ; t! 1.•[1.31%
I , •.rey :.n.II
:tat tl, tlltet,ltt :tttrilltittp.
mrt• miqapillit .1 /1.,
• ttitti..:l•••• ttl Et tt, ,t 1 11c, y I . rntt,
, 3.t.
T. 11.11,
I, 11.
r 1: , 111 1111(4:4,
.1, I . .1.4,1, .1. It. 1.. 11. 11. 1...1,1z0 ;,rl4l
fool 4.4114.,,, ::lotion
11 , 11 - ;:, 1t;0v..r00.,‘,..t.rgc, RH'
Ur I:1i! Confercnco.
1..1.1..10gut0s to IL ulL,QtAug of thc. 11l
.1 r . ,lng voi.. of t Unnk , .rl5 ndi r.. 1 tel
"r0 ,,, Y•
t,1,1!:!. of A lkwel,r,
and dr:Sio.:ll,;
:“tu .1 VI , two
p,k4:i. nu)' ./ ttit,
th , aulucumtnt, tll, - ;
I Out lor ;Ley
J.., ~
rh,/, , vp /11,1111
‘3, I L'4l.ltra,
wi 4,1.311 ey
Ull ti , ll,
j• 1. 11 r 1,41
.. 011
...A g•LI
:3 to.ll
• ... • ;,.;;'r
c../1. 1... -
- t 1
' I
cpatrl . ,•l:
I II • kfl
:1:•• I y 01
Lt, .1.
••e.l p' o1;1; to
10! 1,4
~ ,
_lo. , :fitoudi
artl.ilendlom . uo.r.l ,
11. t. bet,
kl ~ 11, .. 41,1. 1,11,114 .1 ,nl2
(.:1 !. IC r•n I,lr
t rot titt't of 11. , tr [lO,l
t LI, 10, •tt tttl.l ,ot 1. of Irl . ott
, otti 10 tt ttf ttl MO n
. 1.1 4 i :: ud
t t rt"...t'ol%ttf.t.tot
41eht 13.,". the lhooktO:C at fl. I.
1, - Th, •nn
I ' ttt,.: • pelt I% t'
1,1 .t• t 1! 6r: of tut, ,tyre. ttOtl Arrr dt ll :
procor. IILI to op , rat.• 111 , 01:
the:-:1^.• A 11olo:III: 110011
:tit I lio k0N111,14., x hull till,
ts IR: pox and the ilorr !olox
ThC urea Ilptclints two
117,1 vcr
of :!1.•
11, ,niu. Mr. Ilarn...ron
I.lallt r , l!..ctr, 4.1 f Int. - nal
ctlni.iwy In lilt
, Ktar.hty atternr.orl,
4.>pert ',I to 111,1, goo.l
I 0tran,;,..10, M 113.1
.ti! I , nt 1.. I , llllllli \1111,41, I,lllk, 1.11.1
• ,
lo,glArn xoro dl,ll.poloted lo ',ono ox•
~t goo , !—ln ii.. ILJ
41,1141 n.trtrt../ood, %ore not ,11,turked.
A I troy.loontoor, 0111011 fool bre.
... s ok,: not, blp:kl,-tolth
10,1 in ill, I itro,th,'Ai, 1 , 11 1,1 the fitoro
1,010. 1,0 v‘l , lon!ly !won 011,11.
11111;;e4 of iflo e4lo door, 1.4
In 1111.
riot:rite, we Itubll-11 lU. als,olatlott of
ittyrinerzblp of eta well 'known oLobtAtou
groottry, prottotot and ,tabutt.ttion lino of
g • o n d, itrtatter, , who ore totraectlt tl
Putty t\ 'rlto latter
R. - I,llolam NV 111 C011111110.1110101f110,011111.110
1.110 11010. n. No..;11, Lire, tarter, null
tat, plotl.tare etabtataollag tltrtn to tho
:bloat , . 01 1 - k - 21 , 11 00 1011 V bare
Inlbtor Poe. intl . ,111 It, 1“11n11.
;111 , rpriArig, 011111111 ololticalaw tort
yon-botat, can tub - 1/0 0 11 . lh,•tr bo.
nut (1,111/.1 WMtr
nor. '1 bo lo.,•;) 0,,,.,.m011y on hand a
I, 1011411 lot,:lti.” of pr.
t044,,r05t. 11, 01 alt
of itr(Alll,e ure et.ll,llctl un.l
Kl1 , 1a11(1,0, lard
11” , .11,1,1,1 11:1110.2r
111 !Or
• or the Ilbtr.:l of plii , lll .
1,:t1A1 , 1, rlosu,l
1,1 1., .I,ll3grOrth , aped
-1.... r year:, 11.(11 of 1.000,4, .lang•
tort .1, clothier, loot tlie !outlier ol throo
e,il %en, 1,1.1 1114- 111 C.herry r, Mentor
ti 101 very tonitlenly r.nin.l./V. nne
nrc. - o :rum Icrl bed, having given birth n
101.1 n wont; .Ire-sci 21, r,i•II,111141
atter theta and girl, unused hale.
^ l nr "" l i o'' ,ll B' her 1121 , 1r1,, ,
vt: , l.lvnly fall baek upoll ,‘ 111 l ,v err
~r:.11c•i• 'of Irchigvery 111. - .51rA..1 11,1-
1 , •/111r•allplairled that 111,101 true r::
log In her 1. 0 0010114 010111 went into tqcoalin.
la 1,. Mary river, 010110,,', Cllll , ll, alit/
I ho n1001:11 etlll o 1 con
lii.; r. 11.1 ton% her In her arm., lilt
w....elidenvorlng to do something . to
, nhell :Ur., Jul - It:l.n 11l caul; nnen (11.1111.
111111,1. dolt the (iklct•tool has neon cut
tvlerely for ,f - lot.g time v. 1 11 a .1 1--
i.e.—ono cough, 111011 111aConk,
it 11., hint ileclitvil offlaion 111111 ,hu 11l
oolnlVtlolt. coroner'clnillinat found IL
vor.hrt that deal 11 1 e , tilte.l !rola lintural
11 1htri,min1r Intvlllgenep.
1111 W 11, of John blellann. thn man klllotl
on the C.n.nellavll:e IfaLlto.ta on Thur,lay
of Inft Avuelf, Itltl not learn of her husband's
ten Ihle Into until yenterarty.. 110 the daY
of t ito 1U:01/UM Mho was enununa 1,1 moving
i‘licrilluny to Coutry Ihfl
city, 111111 1/11,41engt 4 111 who w era tlin
',Juin,' with tho inlornottlon yor,? -- hata.
roily (mina to 110.1 her. ',he tl ht not see the
anconnt of the ueeldont iu the papen 4. awl
tilt! /lot fuel particularly iilitrintAl at her
Wort. r, c , tic .1, In the lorlilt
for ion cral day,
- 111,4'..t all. I:114 111 W: .II.• Ott.
`. +t,
i k of
. .'..,, \ Li
Trim] 1.1. t For Tue.:any.
I:Obertm I. I.
61. Robert Wray, Jr., 11.11iNity
Dahl! ngt,r S Straus, Woln
•\•ti,\n VM. Chn.rle:
1:1Char.:voll,1•11111p, t0v5.1111.711 Lov,
.1. T. for /I.trney
Ilowartl vr:
rt, Dowd. Fr:olk llouck. •
ID. I re , lerlelz 1.. Augur I - 4..110:m, 31/orich.
Nutloll Id.rl,ll.ktrl , k
1. Inotrkh us: Ts. I:Tb,”
CO. Jolin 1:111;:an,1 ‘' O;;;;;,• - o,
To Mary Ann D.Lly
:I. E. C. ,t.owArt 1;;;;:lleny
72. lOv‘tman v
lie.O.vw .t Co. V , . 1!,
TO. Farm,. /1.1.1 M e li onfr.. Tornpaso
eimclana 11.01,,ty Co;upany.
Court of Common Pleas.
Before lion. The:Las
Jogeith S. !lope v.. William Aston. lie.
fore repertol. Verdict in favor of plaintif
for ft,
G. lienough V 3. John .3Valkef., and John
Walker vs. John Shale, Too eases tried
ny one jury. Walker and lieuoutili ?ratted
bores, tile latter to glve eighty dollurs'••to
lean," lion each to talc', the of her'glirge un
trial fora week; If at tan end of that bane
both were sali•lied. the .tnoney was to he
paid over to - shallot - . with w heat it
nag depfeoted, to Walker. At toe end
of the week tienonini reported that he one
1101 W/1 ret cruel! horse, and
demand...l Ina onti :old the sly hty
shah., raid back the money to lienoutill.
but Walker reitigol to glee up his
nough . .). hero., denying the allege: or•
iatnieingot. Rentoign tunnel loose Walk
lo's•norse. on Walker rein-lug to taste'
hiui. and he Wee al on t,tray.
orought snit against Walker to recover his
hinge, alai Ii alker idled chafer tor the
risql:Y dollars, dunning the money
eheu;d Lava lawn part to ban. Jury nut.
Frolic .11cLauglinn vs. WWI ~icl.uu~ 1111 n.
Action to recover tor cervices in Lialillng a
hence. On trial.
Dlotrict Court
IleTore Hon. W. H. 151111. tin
lir try , VevilllAlrtt vs. W. Shannon,
31. ((row,,, Jattlea of. ot. ion
for a lot of grnut;;I4,ItILvNINIII
\ t rd.!! for Wit:11:1,1 touts
and sly cvtit...
Marl: ,stvrl;;;Ws I.3.veutor , vs,
Cour,. VVra.l. Lm ;Ivren.lunt.
11,try I; t! , 1111v.v: Enov.l Av.
Lou tor .I,moler. Jury out at Lvljulanmellt.
p. 011,11.1 1, - t.torday the eztntOrtli
:ow I . _ . .iunouoceto ont of 1 - I.luce,• pr:tot for
thou . toy hh-hlouithlo elothlng sot fur
-lA,ro.f sooty 0t tho nw o hlly growing 'l.l ,
~t,l.ll,•holont of
\u.1 , , , t.1:1u Irvinet. eornerot loon.
Y.:0110411.o uth....lty 1, a tiret
1, h:noht 0 1,•.t0 e l ,l, • goo• 1,3 ct.olltl
'nt in .n•
ki lorn, than
gt:l , l,C,:i arc: ,tt
thlown It.alr ,nleeto,ai
, .
...he thh,t. tte,tort,h.. ettetou , tanctet. ho—
Cstueg-oe let; tzttort l mlu,
o, lur purch. t lltto tlrt o Ittll,l-: Ii ratri, N
cot 11111, ?1..11 hrot A L tt.ey hive in
.ottivetl to glee all , t.o choo,e to 14v01: thnts
0111, Vole psttrontlize, i.l r:ont losrgato: ro.
Tan be ~ lOalno. oVaol 10 Ino 1 ,tertt eittes.
he, etotl: will he tOtOI.I killozolitllv 1,
0 , 1. ,lul:l'ue In., . oil the liattft v:)14,
Or Huth., c.s.,lll.ert, :Ina Ve,tine,
from ty lt tell the toot!. faAt.lotti, maks thetr :cleetloutt el: h ease.
They 'nubile:l a tilt ttf ',net, of prie.V , 0!
OloOnc, toutn, cuitotoir v. orli, v.latels, after
t Ile lolloollSo ',LIMA wo Oh,: t,:en lo:CO,I01 - 1.1-
o i ~ long to p.ty, 1. etteistal., st.lotted-
Ing ...,-lillioo ,r....:, colOpii.tri at prtees
caught.: loon te tut y-tive to forty tl , V.lirs.
secut.l llt ~;to ett.thry. Nola 'arts, fr...
forty to 1-I.xty h.I : wort sr., of Ilitwortt-istrfUl
watt eletttott 11 1
•ecrltttion. I.tos cults made
to enter fro, ter. If, itfteett dolltits. Tu.,
at ten , lon of U . ., pOolo . 1, tetrtmalarly carte.'
to ult., .1,00, I, fore orttertelf 111 its else
where. A full ltt.e ot fttrut.,:tlatr fft" , t s Ott
Hood, shier, will Lte 101.1 extremely low.
1 • .. p.., at flout tlftseu to forty cents
Pt ,het[ 3 , 1‘1 0:11,.114,14 , 13 01 - 61.110.1. An
ex:ter:ere,: geutte, Ittt trout the ea.,. Ira ,
veg .....1 to. Cutter athl all I 1 11e
tie al there may ret.t. it-etvre.'l Mitt Ines . wail
rev., - Ilts - to the latt,.. fuebtonattle3tyle,
v.v.: them 3 ( . 3;1 tOI.IeIOLIIWO their stock.
It hay long !Ten u. v exatious dlglcutty
w tth inat.ewives to procure ut the faintly
gialeery an urticto 01 pete voice for the sea
aiininir of food or driticaiilee. the eartr
lion `v have 4ecreeded from Unlit to ties ,.
off upon ettr dusky, a quality el
truck unlit for lire, and vvhleS preires
luteiy v of Mier, If not deleteriOnl the
health. Lai thing , l O cloinkieil rine° the.
thuic of the 'grim City Since bltil," hue
!Tread, and il.rotiert. :10110 °tiny. for
the trait.: of lid. :toll Ines gindintily
od till it to worloYialtioadheynnil ft,
ninplo eapaoltwoi. The hid, Sle,rr. trttleit
r h ttorle,tge, diith street exien,lon,
near PenhAylvania deal no th ing
hilt the very purest of and mrintatila,
and have i,tafiledicil a high tel.:et:on for
thoir.yoodo hero andel:it , here. tinning fa
ies, they tore prepared to riew, Coffees,
dround nut, ail, the ”hortroit notice, and
chop feed In order, keeping ot the hitt,
colodantiy it largo lot on hand. Werileaalo
and wino itealera are bupplied with apices
lit snooty. ir I,yaliiy at very reavanylOe pt
and all retail nun in:-ern should- tilt
hior grocers tor *for- Irom thy iilrou City
Nlleer Ware nt Auction.
Ste noticed ou Monday, displayed at the
Mammoth Auet!on Boum, 7.5 ant 7,7 Fifth
ut reel, the largest, Inert and moll elegant
assortment of Silver Pi.tted Stare ever col
itele.l together In ono hcome to this city.
Oa examination we found the articles to
he of the eery best quality—betty)" Itinted•
The ws , mament COMpri,A teteobtote, cON
MI,11). unit tea setts; ice pitch... anti
lon is urns, gcblcte 11.1/.1 cups; fruit, cake
and tbiskets; ash Rest plc knives; din
ner tool tea Castor.; sardine and tobacco
banes; oyster thshes; etlait, salt, plekle and
celery stands: sugar dredges; eatallcbtleks;
toast rat at; volt bells; sp. tons, links, amt
Portal)' of mlseellammus article, This
Ftreound elegAnt .I.lOrtellellt 01 ware will
lie uttered at pub!ic sale by Stmlthson,
r A. Co., commencing tiltsday at al A. a.
n! contlotneg at': tool 7 v. w, 'turtles
goods at Ode lam should nut fall to
totem! the sale, a loch I. peremptory.
We pubilnloal an Item yuntoolaY under
the above caption, which excited tile wrath
of the no-c,ll Chatuniondo unch an extent
144 tO 1,1.11:10 0 vinit to Our . nanetuni: With
low and vulgar threat, it,, promised to visit
dire bodily injury 0111(101(1 peram, 11 We
n;;alit unini lan namo In Our column,. We
are not Jn.t ready to bu awed into niter.,
be threat,. from 1105 nource, and the u tdiato•
pion" 1:11,1 not cisitravor to exeunt., the
pr tut le, of the "ring about a nesenpa
, -
pOn, .1.1
i. slt emir, a mild lo,c him the
11 , 11001 of tho community hero anil not mild
nny thin, materna to hi, reputation an un
oat le port abroad. When ay ch.,. to
ro, iThall use his name In connection with
newedinil his unmanly threat, tllµol harriless t gron
• , fo the Plltoeburgh Choral Uninn..—
"l'ittnburgii .I,no'n.,for the relief of the
Pour." hereby tenter i 110111.0:, 1 1 ,1 00 , 4 1 0 .
fill thanks, to the . Pitl.loroll choral,
t for tho [ - recta highly noccin,lni
eoncert 'yen In Its behalf, by tho . o loon
al n, to hy or;
in tither v ays, in the entices, ot the conin,,
loon 0 Welt the Accoelation realized the
hionliasine 01111.1 of nix hundreil Lind etsty
dollar, and twenty , even eelat, . •
ry or d, n: I.;oxrd;
31u, St.ey
Jettnen T. Brntly tt. Co" Intukors, cor.
nor of Fourth awl Wood utreetu, tlealors iI
“ovornuuult Secur , Liu..llool.o the r.lOO In
Non York toolity no follour:
look! 11 , ;
uuvou-thirtie,, tat ten., lhi
und corn,
Dee. -.1, Comooundu 11U
terl m.o.—Rev. Alex. Clark A. M., Rill
dellver lec lecture, to. "Inclivitirrreit (po,t
pon,l (tom the 1:1 t. Fleet
Mvlllo,llbt, Church, Ettet Commonu ' Alle
ebene, thl. est:aloe, for the henelltof tine
Iteheeeu Atltele,,ten,
.flektd.. cold ut hook , :turd on lod
ul utreet. Dooru 01,411 ut. 7.13, colutuenco
l'onnil Head in tile /itver.—ne Corm
nor, yo6torday of tvrnixm, fecolviol ill,.
;Will from I.lmaiiiii th , ettatinir tilAt 2110
1.0.1 y of a boy hod livon found In 2110 rim:rot
k'..rrow E llimMortlo !Amino.% a :Mort
ilktanco from that boronifil. Tho Coroner
will I.ip up 1103 morning to hold as Inquest
on 1.11,1
The Allrglwny l'emperimne
Itir.t•ln erv”lrle. lo lIIt, i . .,V111 .
LILUVI L'ltinureL,
s -,, .
1.- ,e , kr
'rho Washington County Murder.
Yu-teraulr wit 'were plarea in 110511501 ,1 11
of ',ow.: new Informal:cm winiell has thus
far been 11,1,1 had: from the public, from
witrch it appears that Alderman ra.rain Ital
euceeeded getlhai hold of 001110 of the
ri,tht intrih-, in the Washington tragedy, in
the orient of IV:I:Ital., :Ilia 11011. All along
we thought the 01100 11 null , !roll, but 0010
Mater v that (he olretimdt.ooeo hieh Ica 10
the arre,t I,ltl of thole panic, ',ere more
impoiMut tlem al. /1 rot supoo.,ea.
man Strain, with hi, it, Si tact and enter
pri,e.luoi 1 0 ,11011 up the case admirably,
1,1,11i1,1r.1 un
netre Eau, he had from
lach to ferret not the elect, mystery, tont
we trust in Ii lea days 10 ttv Kele to trete:ll
- the It of 1111•u:11, ,,, p , c ,4,1 Dar: ies.
In the 100:1101111c,the evid!,n , a , twunir iarong
inum:, to warn.: 11. tho • Prismic , h Lira
ana Whotalier, will 00 hChl by Ins out Mat.
ms Wa."1111,toll to nusivei . the charge. of
1!:0 I e-inheetuin enti might maY
taut Ahlerm:m etrein yeuterduy itweivea
from 11 2mhington a ',elf. , etutel nt.or the
'eel , of the r `te , tent 11 0 . 1 be
1011..100.1 00, 0110
I he G 011.1trw. 001re , vo.rd of le ettty
n etler. , l 11l eny lto.ty vllO eau
..lentite 11 , ott ete - ,lt.p. ,levervlo tte,
that the vinels of Ito.llllo 1,011, 11111" fleetly
pt,:tere the:l,l,l.ot the other ut.r.lorer..,
111111 11:1 :Ley met.; et, Ittout:t.t to ~, K irte.rel
I"...rtles, having Ptalts to the Allegheny'
Market Honor, have o! missed oranges,
mei other delicacies from their stands dur
ing the night—the articles; itlways
dtsatt,o:u lob in a 017st:rile:a 110,1 unne.
countu'de manner.. (hi rrl'lng nlgdiTlu , t,
young tall nuts Miser, Lyn ge m ntleman
residing In . the n
Lorood, clibing
un the lightning rod of the building' and
going over the roof. to tole manner he
an entrant,: Into the building unit
ereunts opernul the door and let hl ,
•311.. Att., their pockets,
they I, it tor parts unrillOwn, to enj oy the
relic thelr labor, Mr. Dalian, Clerk id
the :Ilvirltot,, lion IA:114M tilll atel for the
1.1.1" i ever since. tint no repetition or the net
has been sitteniiitcd. Probutily they oh
served that they nuire leung watched, and
don't cure :.Lou[ trying uie matter over
Toe jury Mamm:AM by Coroner Claw-
Scarf, inquire Into the call ,m of the ttenth
of John, injured on the connell,
t 1;11; ltallrowl. 001 a, Thnlfiday, to such 0 0
extant that he diet on the 21.1,11 C
Met Mayof's isst evculng
1.:41re any other testhuony I bearing on the
ease. A. 4 nom. of the wit fe , —, appeared
anow nay:Ming further alsoft the man.
thJa lie CA, the trate at
,111:efent pohns, we tell! not publlA: tho
testilatme at lull. Tile a boater, eohnlet,
tor, awl two maketooen C. 1110 trate were
examlntsl, three::!::hom had near, M . G.n
tia the tram, hut
d tame of them hate: the
C 41,,
et his eath. Alter taking all the
lc, manly, the jury rendered a vellmt. that
.be to hisnleath on the 1.1:
by being acenleatally tun over by w coal
train k
ba the tounelelile
lisrlher Hearlin; in the PltriiNe.
Peter Jtonett. Melltlyrn taint tutor
llnnty, att. tOttl. 1 . . t, .1.443 ft, Mono
thl,, In pouring tt becl,et of hot
ytton npon John Cal:tint:n.l, a colored wort,
what, a,Stitt; ui , entattliettt street, Latta
lot-rittn Edon 110 Ilotor, McCeetity,
atterhoon. no 4.1,0 wnt again
Itottyeen! until 31oert.ty next. "•At the eon
olunton of tee artoonvat, 31 r., tiuttortleid,
ettuo:el klt•:••11.1.1:11,, u 4,11, a tuottne
that..., ',vela Honor tithilug ottel
eteut evolnet to holl the par: o.n. over In:
lt ttoet tee inform:Wort be rrturntal Into
Star. I.l,:rlet Court, under, the
Co II MOIL:- 11.11. "C.n., we take to Ito avert'
Jotvel 4 , 11 latertortnct law Polar, C
Lyllr WIU have 10 etotelot t01t1u:.1 Wet in
dblto,lte; Of the caw,
Lekthrr Ileitis, • .—Sticution
to the telverCsdshent auother colmOa of
Otessrs. filessou,mmoshveluiers
or every :les:frig:Mu 0: leAt her r atut
dealers beltMee leather, No. Oil
o.totidielit street. This Otte Is composed of
praeticul get Golan vho ehjny Mob rep
:dot:oh tor the odislily of the but tiugs turn
ed 11001 them mt,..istlamet.• It is
Iportant mutter Chof. tunehincry:mp
g:led :rah beltlno ail: prove
LI,: anti leirfee:, and see I,Mes -or no Petrer
place to purchase at IVMmel: 0 Moos
10:1's. Wed:mid:luny e smeleml Lou bout,
to tberabrOnage of our frleads.
Como - Mt...1 for I agroor.T.—A f^ir.
frail creature, :riving Ler rctute re.t Annie
ctulth, ltrought :.core Mayor Alorrcton
ye,lerclay, an.: t.ent to Jail Intrty flay:, for
vagrancy. cite nr..l been step:plug her the
In, few dare In 11 , 3,1, Z. , 1% p, picking
w - hatever coni.l:lna to ent,tvutl It:et:Ting
Ultaxe beat cite could.
Dl•nrtterly Cow lneg.—Frederick Peck,
resi,ling on E ist Lane, illiealoinv, aot Into
a noartal Wit 0 wife, on the Wc, Coo.
mon s, n ol ay nfiernoen. Ile was
Croaght belore to ~11ayor 3lorririni on a charge
of 0.1 , 0o:et - le condi:et. Fined two dollar.,
n1,:111i ha 1.001. 000 W:l4 1:1-cliarged.
The Telegraph it111:011 , 11,, the sthltlen
0,011 01 maneLl Thom 1 0 .0 n, from
1 000, 1:1 F.llO 11101 el I Nee . York.:
Could ho Lave 1/0011 the Thom been 0 - 130 1.1 13-
enpeurea 00, - .ter:ou:; 10(10 t city
1:13.11,1 110111 111.10, umllo
111 w 011.
'Vestry Elecietl.—The renewing gentle
tucn !Lave been eitcyulen or St.
Andrce .. .l.".ythrucul Church, 1.9 come the
cr,..u.lng , term: .R.Rrntiol 1101 Me
Wu, Kele, licorge Purl:, .1. 11. .
.1. Ilamiuond, Thus. Ittosesvell, l .
11'railing of Alloulteriy
There will tie et special meeting. . Atte:lav
ny Comte tivening, for tlte purtioite
of tilt etingi City Itvgia Liter, older
oJlce rt,
'Grading and Privinir.-5, , e adverttle -
Mem. of itunta gt. Doran, E,e,
Regulator of Lutereuceville. !Ur tattled pro
ve:m:s for grading . oral
We bare a communication from I ton. T.
J. nighaul, ivbicit a ill reticle° attention in
clue time.
13 -"IN "3Z1M17.."2 'Lir': 1 9 Eli,
. .
of nll CI:AVE,. 4i upl evrry
erlptt( , n Y0n,..1 D11,1)31.-
113. 1,013111 , 1)..., , !.17.yU1
Carilagcs fur. 141,10..
2711 K. rr, U. D., Her
M. W. ,1x.,11,43, ILL., a EWE.,
11 . T. WHITE fr. CO.,
Itanc!“ st,r, liqn 5.1 ,lc!nity.
Corner She Meld And Oh...Eters st ects
lip and CArr:ages furn;,l4,l.
U.a 'saga"
44 , 1 - '4,441,r., a saw Pr OlL:coun
ty, Ittua,•l• :.• w nrlghlup roaLl. Imuna..ll4ate•
1714w:1'1C tuarlsll4,,a, parm!t!
ur 5111 .40.1 at i'autral Da
rg 131.Vrt Or 1.(41.11.
• iltIAl/ IttlN o add , ol to td,
IGicAIGt :oh rtlntl far T1it11,11..1 EVENING.
Mr :tr cum
ial t,.ltts 1,3 dudllitl clo .
Id Gr.,:
id_tart.. Elul. JIG n•orI.
1 • Tir.l 5.W.:4%1,11mA
It 1 . 1. A IS
1101f•k. 11 It /.../..I‘) . :n A NI.
Ilcq, y .l Hub. an.l l'u•ned t.ct• on h•mi
and 1.,1,4ce, 7.. a . 15 u,ar
oosrur ULLMAN. 0:114..,7'r.11 1 et..
rrnAT ArPnoviat;
I 1110 !LAVA
toe rogue a cal or Er.-,1, 1 . 1.; cs,
:1 - 11E:1 Itactu.ll.. E AK IiEURIEa.
11.1 . :111..'.“:11.,.. l'cu art
aura to net 14001 601 , w1, 006 AL 1111loWtati1Le4et
',kr, at
111 FEDIALAi. STILEET. A.:lrahruj City
ap11,2 • GE(.111(11.: V
rcu.11,..1 out nu - Ina V. or :elm!. s we are
rnunt that ran 11. (cum! In the City. Al''). anew
atylv [cc. Ived. az.l aut. loan
AL N... '3.6 cad Clair .t.trcet.
n,111.1 .1. AL It. I'lll%l.ll'S.
I.IITEST - COltran;
I u'I'IJN E. W./Pl( 4 . N.ul.S• 001-110
Wit Common, ALLI.“OXNT.
Hart cu hand or prr pare vu. riutlrn
H FAKTIt AND h'l' VA' IITON YU% 1 , 1,A , %4 l'••••
el t/I.:-WAI.Es. '<HMS Ful .
Marv, I' , • P. 1. , GAL
a. , ' • 1,,
111 V. ye ..••• C.••••.
Wholesale Agents
American Watch Company's
No. 50 Fifth Street,
.T.M I 7NrEII.FL - Sr,l
6 Wylie St., 3! door from Mi.
jorvisToN t. SCOTT,
Fine Watchcs, flocks, JeirlTY
S l'arttru , er .tentlo4 alma So Ilenslibut
itud Jcnolrl. ALL
Dry Goods Store,
No. 69,
7.'"CO 70.1772" ^stc:rcrri.
Spring Goods.,
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tli, new 0wa...,:a for Walkl¢cHalt.S.
CArrlagt and Ircentna brew.,
rpon 11.25 per yard. all
At 37 cents. Sue Frenci l / 2 anti Scotch Z , 1.11h.m ,
Blauk and l.'s/lured Al its., ail prlces.
At 75 nue., eents.t.-4 all (Vol Detainee.
1+111: t arpin veLT
At 37S cents, silk DrLse Goods.
Fre Ludt and Battle T.awns.7
At: 7 rents Ult.:, antlCelnta Figured Lawns.
Print,..t s and Parealea•
At 50 C. g.,..l.lldnlasit Table Linens.
ttarsell l; did, la 751.115. rink, pun & Blue.
AL ( . 1.75, White Ham' org slants.
Itttylcs and Towels, cheap.
At s, lie I Bordered Buck Towels.
at.Br cent
rd•Lt: of us. eyries Shawls. '
At sot Si.:4s,lluht /reach Sacking Cloths.
nttlre tial11•00{0.i1VOrilISCO
AL 3l Fun:Tel {Chile Brilliants.,
At L:5 cell s, Pat, Stu lit:
At a 3 etcie, t'uttuu Huse.
AL 41 50, Bid tiluids Id ilts city
bilks. very cheap.
At i2`. Curd, yard tilde ITublesebetl sheeting
din 'tins,
Light awl Dui Prints, .111 t
At. 1,1 ~ , ate. Yi lac 11Uovt . 1:Etsl1n.
11-4. ,4, 10-1 ,Inethak 111.11 tis. Cheap
I.ln,ns. clc•p.
12i,10 tiecciutf.
PriCes the Very Loweigt.
:11 EVi STORE,
59 S 9 89 S 9 S 9 89 S 9 S 9 S 9
S 9 s9.IIIRKET STREET: - Is 91 s9
C)-3 3
S 9 .71arket Sired, h:s9
'BOOTS, SHOES 61 1 8 8 9
.N 9 9
cXICrIr S 9
.I.IS. ROBB, 89 larket St.
S 9;
js9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9
Practical Furniture Alanufactureri
Lees: . etylet of 71:11tililIfili conatuitly
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Itttplest, Tie Ben
is 11 IiEELEr. IG/MON'S
Apt , . L. C. O'REILLY,:
No, 20 Illatound Alley, Pittsburgh, Pa
Atl the latest sad most I'l.llM...tile styles or
BONNE', sod HATS for Ladles, !Maus. aOlll
n. kept, reastantly on head or made to
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nolif &ELL at. co.,
anchor Cotton Mills, Pittsbtrrgb,
Sln.fncLurett of - •
And lIATTLNia. myls=
yourrm IST., Apollo Building.
;Cii (T :7.4 d LET
,L : Ll.
I. A 11: WORKER ANIS 1•613 , 11MEH.
Yours :s stn. s. ono .1 , :or from rsttsburgb.
Al. as ot, s gen•rAl Asborsrnept of Lass
s'oriss (Scones/am:Co Wigs,
s !soon! balar s Ilmccteiss st,
rood pm,: to cash Isis! In givers for Raw
Arti hatr.cattlng don• in
t!:• e. nmn, r. inh.21:•61,
T . It:. ELA(II,
• "V7;11-i#.7..a.
7 1 „1,ret, Szcltl:4l.l4 Street,
Ererrknol of Worl . donc , nt the short.% notla.
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NL - 1.1). , C11. I..ocrerror, to Jobn Murdoch.
str,rlt. alit:piton to their extenare
.1.0 c• of V.rnit and Lora 1 : Tress. tree.
tiripr VIno• and lireenbottoe /loots. sold t.” 10
the .or.enhi.., every Sheen minute..'
. .11.]3. LYON,
Sealer of 11 - eights and Measures.
Iktweca Llintrty and Ferry' street.
n.E•nded to. anla. o
NTH a Co.,
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