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Drc:,. se zu.rna at -root.
pEN.urnit_s,/ I
T. P. HOUSTON, `"'' •°7l .
gkt ogle Caplet
by Carrier, (per weed....—. 15 cent.
/ eanscriners.
LIYAral reductions to Netwators to Agee"(
Tbree Capita, per year, by =an—.
F i e do. do. do. each
len or roorC Copier, to one. address, and
one free to eiub. each
statement In 'aviation to the , 21ettoinde
Affair. '
Eo:TOtl,—lior the hen'eflt of those
<Onnerned, and in reply to McQuade a n.. -
, leiresl version of the Wllhlnsburp stlreilr, I
Crlb Tn it thr f,,ithwing plain statement of the
. Ism] Incident.
on the day before the pollee visaed
Quatle's,• Inforunatlen was made before the
Maya, char-Ink AlL:tangle and others wah
lot rglary and robbery. About 0000,1 o'clock
la the owt.,lng, our police talker, with my.
nett started to arrest the Tuatara. We.
tae:wel 3/eQutide'n house about nlne
Three of the officer , were
stationaal a that dirtance from the Louse.
while the othad one and myself went to the
house. My' companion rapped at the door.
when we heard persons going hurriedly up
stairs, from the inside. After another rap,
some one In the house milted "what do yen !
aente . The ofilcer replied, .1 want to see I
e. m e Q,,,p,.- "Who are Soul" 001,1 the 1
-Inmate. "pollee Lacers" was replical. 1
to h—/ and drown yourselva." wan un- 1
• ered, and - then. tae sneaker added; .1
can't 'Open that door, come to the
other (lima I went to the other 1
door, and as
_I peached for the knob the door I
Iva suddenly opened, and I WO, kn'ocked
down 'and kicked In the mouth; knocking
out four of my teeth. One of °Ulcers '1
then ran up and kept the dour open, nod 1
crawled into the As I raped up I was.;
again knocked dOwn and kicked. 1 then!
Managed to unlock the other door, and the'
otheragleer was uhOnt to enter, when ho
was forcibly hanie.l in and set upon toy se,
awl, bating and kicking ban. Ily this
time about four mac came down the stales
and took part, some One up ,talrs firing tr 1
pistol aimed at the ollicer at the foot of the
stair!. lie was aimed at again by some nne,
wheedle, ether °Meer the pistol, the 1
cck forma; dew non Ms thumb. Infacting
. a , aught wound which may yet he seen. /
then took paseeolon of he photo',, but never!
. aed it during the whole dr the affray. lheal
are.ll . got fettle door when I wit, knocked I
out Into the yard, and while 1 lay the, ono
of the officers wins, and three I
fell to bating and kicking lona; when 1
got up I knocked' one of don
thltn taking tilek that the wt
officer had, I hit the felloay that wile on top
whin a twice. By this time ,
we had rather_i
the advantage, when others cause up, Ina
elmitng 31ctpmde. Ito tan tried to explatn
4;ll'r ohject. as we had done before, when one
of them men asked the names of Our party . , •
-Wl:ad! I gave him, told he wrote them down.
1 therf told him when he could nutt no, at ,
the Mayor's °thee. McQuade hal:deal that
the hbuse 'should he searelmil. I tuld
11a come fur that purpose, as our warrant
thd not call for It. Ile instated, when
. 'one
Of Cue party and myrea 'went up
stairs, but made no Seated; we then
earn,: down, and ,seeln:: other panties coming
- up we left turd came to town. We were able
much allure'd and 20... bed; one of the Lacer,
Mad 1116 coat pierced by a ball. From the re-
:stance made and the :crazed to admite!ue
when we - announced ourselves as Of.
ricers' I fall satlstled that eve hail lit ui!on
the panto, culled for In the warrant. We'
baro authorized to make the arrest x Ld
were disposed to do it ill an peaeitiLre a man
na' us we could, till we were yea:steal 'and
aasaulted,when it becamp our duty, um,
: only to defend Mast/vats hat to overpower
f paslidu our asamtante. Ae to the mill
' - CiOll3 waticlem of the local edit, of the
fairfadch, of yesterday, relative to a whialry
flask, I can only lay that 1 bad and have no
knowledge of an article with which 110
en famtllar. I regret twat I have ham
lateral into any explanatuon of a matter In
which the puhltecan have hot little interest.
Wamags• Sienot.sol, Mayor's Clerk.
Dr. lieysere. Gree4 — Detliclue Store
'rile great VtiLif/triLlul Mr the ray of Pit Ls
burgh Is undoubtedly thu establishment at
the corner of Wood,treet and Viigin
conducted Cy our friend Dr. lieyner, who,
for over thirty years, has devoted his atten
tion to the bc.ding of the nick, espeelally
that class of ellseaie known as chronic.
There are many lingering Illnesses which
render those who aro their victim, more
wretched than If subject for ay. title to IMMO
Mere .1.11. and Violent malady, and these
Illnesses are Just as reustallableAs Any other,
if 1., proper (tttelltiOrl Were devoted to
their trmuni•nt.
alt til,ell.Sel of a non febrile:character, bay
ing their origin in R. vitiated or taint e , l con
• Ill lon ofthe blood, has male more cures
than any other remedy of modern science.
In its is feat adaptation to ibis class of male..
rif, it has cured hundreds and thousand - sof
fr.f:crm,ideers cancers, liver com
plaints, dyspepslas, drooSies and various
malignant diseases to which •It were .1111 i"
cult to give a • name, entirely signifi
cant of their true character. •lt is
In these cases of blood diseases that
Salt. 11111 - Slift'3 BLOOD has
made for Itself a 'tisane which gjcs beyond
any other remedy of the heaps k arts It is
peculiarly proper at this season of the year
that those rimject.' to brashest and weak
nesses. dependent on the Liimacturlc
changes of the um a few
bottles of this harmless tonic anti altera.
Live, which will not only render tile ys
Innoeurniss toll.scase, but will at the sarne
time fortify nieL strengthen It against. Its
Invasion. (.lountry merchants will !Mil ho
1)r. hElf.'h
rine that will enable them to do a great
deal Of good, and save lisrmiess from
sickness many persons dependent on theta
for their stipplles. Ask for Dr. 'Keyser's
Bioed hearcher, and take no other. To
ovoid imfmsition, look for Dr. Keysera
bame over the top of the bottle and on tic .
uLitnitle label. One dollar per bottle—cla
tor flee dollars. at 14.1 Wood street. Consul
tation rooms for lung examinations .
Puna Street. Oflitie Modica from a. m. nn It I
II Ir. au.
Ilf :canned' Fruits :not Vage.t..2l:lts, and will
In, I.oi 1.1 11.3 client: as at any other Itousc 1:1
el User city. Call and I,ll.llllnellnd judge toe
yourselves, at No. 112 Feticral street, All..
gacny City . iicauaa ItuAVE,.
.Also, Agent for the well-kilo,, n bona.] of
Stephen F. Wham:m4 celebrated Phlla
delnlda extra tine Cream "Bon Bons,"
"Chaeolnteo."• Almonds, Walnut Candy,
Dragce Drops, to., 00.
The Rest t' 11111 l acted Restaurant
Itithe city, lttllo Continental Saloon, I'lllll
street, next door to the Poetritlite. Mr.
BultZheirrler, the enterprising . propririts,r,
It.noos liogi to cuter to lie hungry public.,
and I, long first. In tile op(01011 of
epicures. All the tit:lleac/es Of the Beason
erjserred up artho shortei t netlco ut 10001
teastrnuble pri For a grgml idea!, tall at
the Coutlueittal.. ce,
;lee daily bill of fare so,
i.ptethes any oil:are:1 at the heat hotels.
Ntlortrt tinting
Antl really a ge/ftl article gre thnoll one dolt
lot .Alorrocc9. Ligh hell Lii,.ol eat . S.liueri.
'riley V•Vadilli .' il.l . o the ell eumst allot for the
mitney that Ott ever sold in Pittsburgh.
tact o pair at the Opera Mouse Shoe Store.
To eall'at No. is Market etreet, for all the
atylea In cloaks nnl ,11.C.,111.03.
For AZ! the Av..
Spring stiles in cloaks wol touts, v.° to
Speeett , s, NO. ;3 ]lancet Street . s -
Ladlen' Drexa and Cloak Trimming
111 ovury th,cription, ut No. 7.1 sturkot
toratga Liquoni of tat atntls at Joseph S.
Mays Mattnary, No. 109, 101, 11.1 1.1.119:o
Tile Pioneer Cloak Houpto
Ul thu West, Spence's, No. t Market str.t
You Von Bny
.5 per cent. Alcohol ot..T.eph B. Finch's.
Yon CS= Buy
New Hope St J wieph %Finch's.
• ~ ~ -g r i*-' . ±-Itl 4-IA .II
178 6
0,. ,
•-...,.. "---N-11 - - ;- -"--- :.: '-------'.7:--.:,----'•--,- -4 E: -'74".-Z
I, , ,/, ' :li-,,..,-..-,an,
~,...- z '"- -' - :" ' , 4: ~.,s• ., V --------A'o: -- -
.;',--"' ..... \ i „,..... „.,.....,
_.l '. ''-''
- - • ' 4l e I. :
' I ' •
~, , ...'-',:-':::,--zx- • .!•4_, -,.°! -'9- , ...7-:-- ,1, , ..... 4-..„ r,......-. ~=!, ~,..,„,..,.- - .
isziy.:" t.;+ . /' '. ' . t-'._4l._ i'. ', . . "/, ') : ' ,'A .- :--- -------1--.,_ -- _ ---i-- _ -.- ±; -,- . ,= : --- N5 1.1 _•.r, , , ,:, .. - i - t - 6,5*.a. - .-71 4 --- -:--
-14 )-- . - -- r, - _, -
..-„,_ ~ , : •_- - _:_±„,,i - _ - v , . - __L - El_-_ - --,7 , 1....-7-_ - _ - -:- . - - - - -__ - 7 7, :. - - - -_—,-- - _----=f-7--- - --
-&' , •
- .
- I 160
nesn Ey MS.
, . 7
Artlllet•l lione.,
.14)nsted without. pain, by Dr. Spen c er, ,ITRTEDITioI ,
Dentist, .2.llPenn street.
i 1
, _
To roof try Merchants.
IVe ire oacrlng hill of Staple and Fancy
Drrhoo.l,, flt E.tatern prleeo.
J. le. I.h.r.sati it. Co., No. 53 Market :Area,
Tho Ladles . 100 attaclied to llottzhoi-
mer's restaurant Is the most convenient,
and !Ming place In I.lao clty to take
pl:rtn, for hupper from evening !
or tnilis. Tile Saloon Is on Fifth street, next I.
door to the Poctottlne.
-- --
Motel non Boarding notion, - ! !
Keepers wishing to hove 0 first rate cut, of Host of Private Bills Passed
ton, to plOtti•C all, con hove it tniv•gi to Suit. : -
(;rt•on unit Mach, Or Green and J Nll.lll, or,' .
.li*"' in any
wi-11,hi. A I: irkle r No. 172 mill IN. Federal 1 •
street, A lio.chany, . _
, .
• Senator Graham Wants the Question
Ladles Wanting. the N.,. Npring
Styles In Sacque. , , Cloaks and B/Viiitle.l.llllll . SlibMittEd to a Vole.
all :the new cloak trimmings, should not -
forget that Spence, No. ;„: Market street,
has Just returned from New York a ith all P1:0111 Wolll' 1.1Q,C01 1.117 PP. CELIAIN
the nee styles In C/0:114q, 131. , [1.1e1 tied (1110/ . D'SMICTS.
- The ISOO.I Pair •
In 'hoot you ever saw—l/10W...L1 Of theta , '''''' l "''''' ' '''' ""b""h "744'.
bulling for unu dollar a pale, RI the 1, 1 1, _a ' II Alt 111,11171“), Morph U 7, 1-.7,
Hutt.° Shoe other. ' 6 oEN AIL
: The folio, log private top, Were ru. o l :
• See the Large Pile If.' incorporate the oil city Hera - log com
et( thOse excellent Shoes selling for t' .let- 5007. 1
tsr a Pate, piled .in the window of the tlperu To extend the law for thu protection of
/101161 Shoe Store.: .hrup to IV tottotorehuot and Iratlana noun
. .
For All 1110 NOW Sprtnr; 1 To lAy out a 'state /odd :root Tacenturn le
Styles In cloaka and N. - , I/ C-i, and Loth,' Butter county. '
Oro , . trimtniva, go to c•P0.0 . , •N 0 .73 Mat . , Au act to Incorpotate ILo Chtd.ons Ferry
Lot ttreet. Coy of l'atsburgh.
—•:-.- to an t
For IDo Isles ' An . act co:nrol:ing • con,utnorf ,of g . to to
P4',14 - .1 New YoVizstylta In Coako. 1.3* ti. " 7. ' 4 •
F1a6 , 0,-. and .s3c:olen, 00 to N o . -:, .24,,,,, : To incorporate the Yore r:tt InburanC
mt root
Aield Untnnlin Wine
Sold at Vie lour,[ rate,, at Fluiu:ng•, Dr ug
Styr*, No. Market street.
Still (Amu beb Witte,
,plttn , liU arttele,t4ll,l at low rett.e.,,t Flom
tug', Drug Stnr - o, No. Iturket 4trcrt.
Tne IJricklavorN awl carpenterA 'of New
York will ,•triko for three , !ollarr a dry on
the -1 , 1 of April.
Several failures were reported treitortlay
In Now York, one of a large clothing house
In 'Broadway.'
At the large sale of real vltato in New
York yekferday, proper; v brought Inert! Wi •
ed pt lees, arid roar, lots ,01,1 to: fancy .
The York 2":,eresr,c;ul suy3 the' re
port (hot General Grant patio auggeit-one
to tneuiltor,s of Co:gre, reMtive to adjourn
meet, unite he was nima the door of the
liou: 7 e, is Without foundation la tact. The
two LOUit,I.OI Cong ret, having failed to
agree upon a day of adjournment, it be
comes the duty of the i'renid«nt, under the
Constitution, to order an adjournment,
ing, the day himself.,
The Itiehmond Ton, r tys General Lee
can thrown Lts intluence and acme in favor
ol a Contentloa.
Thu condrivatiou of Mainew 3.lslldbon a,
poßtinaster of Now York is said to be Ott-
The. SJ . iroto Cominitteu Lave reported
against din con:l:motion of Blair ys Mini,-
ter to
A dispatch front Raltintore sit:, that the
Cason Susie Convention mut thaL etty „ 0 „ ni: „ „ n . !
yesterday morning, 'lnen, was a report ! „
that Gavernor .Swann would arrest the „ on in Warren, vnn ,„ n, , , inn +
on , Gran .
hh " ht f'r.• hhi- thin not yet teen !lone. in,t. Reported!-
nJa M
- Joints Lay, keeper of a !frit:km: *Moon / T „
!!ii„nin„, eta Lts „,.
In Phllliaelpina, jun:peanut of: sled story ;
window - last night, in a lit Of illanity. end T „„ nen „ n , z „„ ! ,
sm.; for or against ante:ration to All, ghmit
John A. Stuith liar been am,tutteil of the /
murder - of James Lukete!, in is tar room n „, „ i
tight, let
An act tegnlailng Ices of assessor- aml tut.
providing that two pieces of artillery rata.' snore of Allegneti3! !mum,
twenty muskets, n ProperAn act regulating to ,Notar,, - Painie fees
shall he suppilmi escii steamer that tscentis ,a, y.
the 3115srarl river above Sioux city the•
mi,511.1.4 l• 1,01. 3.
"a-"• 001- ' era of Tne Home re•unteil the corta.l.•! aims of
forts tii•ove Sioux city are authorize.] to in. , hi d ,
Tier aP
ereane the nnmlien - of muskets ant anionrit in .„, n .„...„, s , C .,.„„ 1 „,„
of itniMunitlon if deemed nceesrary for the m.ent :::rough itt
cp. - ate.% w trio r•xeinw
safely of the boats . ,
!arm 01 that for the Peuttentory, ...hien Mr.
General Sherhian'd order ass...acing nom- R ' ileoa hut- 2„„n„!..„ i err „„„ nu „ „ i „ tun ,
mho . ' of list'. Fifth Militk , T, ! items nhiell had imen Itcnleetea.
arta anti Terns, has been publtsimit. Ile , The
Mares the governments of 150.0 States pro- i di-et:shed at length. Mr. IVlison dpi ,fling In
V 15104111 only, anti proposes to ma>.! r.o
; favor hf western inntuations.
morals from office unless the present Mourn. •
remme e 1 , 1
rrav 0101 . 0
Lents Impede the catrylng cut ea the gruel. la the Senate Mr. ! raham cx:i e,l 411,1
,1101, 4 1 Or tic t
hml Can protlinamy Ilnuor law for the
The New Toe.' ! sow nshl
u on of Harr:am, st !her and
abama, special says that a Reconstruction Fawn, I-r - -ungh of T„ r „,,,,,,
meeting of both colors was Lela there on :
Monday might. Resolutions rev - Ming a faith ' m I (scit !kir 'VENTION I
fel concurrence in the require:nen:4of the ,
mßfbtry bill, entogicing tne colored men , '
Memillet atoms Aslertern Legisim ix.
nato are eutttlea to political enmaity, anti uu.tixutlonai s
calling - tor a State C: o 7lVerd.lo[l. err, ! Ylll.OllOOll SYffrocze 1 / 3 .1 - • , .. , 1 l l •
tea., General %Vaguer , wayne and twenty- ! 31arch
ton other ES-1 - ohel of:leers adaresseil tile Raatest
eeting. Gov. l'attenwas among the Vice .
Preshients. reported resolutuMn - sppealltig Lies
A man nautea Martin was arses. ' Kraut rf"ii!'” the
tea In hew Vera on the charge of olitulning
mousy under false pretences for nearly Jority fa the peopie
nine yolis. Ile lifta Deco soliciting .tit ! nlt n it!L • lt „ iti o l r, !f i t:lonia and s r ta . t . e ;
:ions fur the sick lirld Maaltuto members of !
the Innitrance Patted, from merchants of ' tbs. prenent nue, stnult„ n
aciii•t °e ye..., the
11.0 city, re ;al:nun:tog 1;1m:telt an it member : ?LIM! 1,011t14-stlir,ftii
of the pritrtil, anti .autherixell to revels - 4!
rt 4 n. ‘ t . o ' Zi ‘ iT ' e no part li'i'Artre' eepitiartio!%M'se‘•:
Load subscription's. By thin means he nen tam for aeliamtes to Snag, cmiveta ion. !
received sums :mounting to len thousana , further' than to !! rseenahmel the Ile
putairung of the state to agrair•t
aollars, rd w hieh he has squatMerea 11.1 •
• call for & cense:a:on, met to use ;al Jani;
lottery pt./Imes. to .1
oi t tt oooo LOO cull. They 1001,00 00
A :Xi; name!! Thoutlemn teas struck on ' he
the Loma wtill a I , Y 010 , Patrick ! of th ' e voters 01 110 ., tate, ulOl :In,
Cayuuuugh, in nrOOklyll, 011 Monday, the „ on ,„ of ~,
Pah, anti ilota on F sissy - hca, ttu , t . ro
from the effects of the blew. LAI-an:legit l In Tn „ „ lnheit
lees neon arresteLl. , • .I,•iaren that la:Morin !toil veutage tire
John Yiiin lhoe been nominatesl a rho tiven , enrY to ' , trete" , st ,l e- , !; - ' , Intri Des
- v...r.,n 81JitillIt . 1.1 Ins stein want In eo .
Democratic candidata for blityor GI .1..,,r 0 ,,,,,,, ~,, , ,,.y . . i ,. , .
,) ICJ ..3.11T.1...'.
Loollii. I ,'I, tuie,ptc , i n i t u COIIIMIItf . O 'epistle!. .1
The St. Jeonhe Mereliante, Eachange have : to hiv then , Ovi'n'tt e,rteirvtte 'taco I,tnn-
Fusin:lnlet! trio Genial SyNtem. , veil lion Dion aJpenrierst /li! rfir.
An accident. occurred on the Erie rail rOn,i, • —...
near 3last hope, yestenittY, by vethloh !en en. FROM iESY IMILI;INS.
prone train V., badly suppiii se!, the engineer' -----
killed, and scrernl pessengene Injured. ' (101 l Ottlerr4 Iternos•rd by lleh,rohert-
Morrli Lonergan' wad cr . :reeled In Wicelilni ; datt-111, Order to the Onto,. •
ton, on iuu!siay, for the bounder of 111- ' is rev rentratoe, Marc!, 27.—The tultotrlng
wire. . 1 , ordor was Issued to.they:
A tobacco Yardman, ou rifth avenue, : I' n•"'. r ''''' M" "'"" . D ''''''
......ENi.1.......1...M.......11. /
NOW York, yes seized yesterelayl4 Internal 'r, i
revenue ollicer& ' Anrew NO.
II tenon, Attorney lewneral of the
Aaron Jones la. forwarded acilialienite to S'e'e ol ~e,e , ,L ee
N.nv lea., and hair:mod .Ati ./11
;Y. orl,lng CO
ni dve
Court of the city et
natko at/11110h with han Lo; Orleane, ern liefehy ridnotital ot f t roin
dollar., and to tied. within two or thrtai th . nr o rgi o e,, , e t fen,,, t l2 IL : to- tot •
i g ore u
month , .
, : lake effect On the : CYneli•
The Itieoti of the 51i,iiett ma are reporteo A ltoreley of the iiititto of Louiklana:
&avail{ hoh: 10 :cured the whole lower 1 eiw aril Heath, Mayor t i Nee' "ilewieii
und W. W. dodge of lit at DISLIiet
V:111 ty will 00 inunilated.
• : Cidirt New Oiehie.
Two neitrOca, concerned lit the rano. , Cools perhea letheved tora ever all
hinaktrittlon llharledton, booth Carolina, hooka, vatic:3a, rreoriliic , e,Lalrilog
, V)
Wore arrested ye3terday and alined. They
were incited 00 indlainaltiet by Intoxication.
In the Ohio hennto, lace night, tut, recoin- errtninand c id.l.llsJor Goneral Shen.
.Mentling thin StUte, ConidlLutlon .
. • -
/tiring the right of suffrage to negro., woo—yetis, 211; hays, 11.
At the Cooper liistltute, New lorg, hod
night, John havagtu delivered a lecturer un
tier the couple t s of tile I ginner Brotherhood
i"rheolnild trine and eanse ! Special Proololl of the Legl•loirsre—,l
Nr - o Itellrond be Coontrortell—
t,l l: creed The lecturer concluded by an. •
Tam na Aoligortred to Nll 1/Neribe for
pealing to ht. 'countrymen and Irleitibi lo
Itepubllcatilnin to old Ireland In her sung - 1 14 " "
glen fee liberty. I Mobrratirn, March I:7.—Thu Ver * lnfint
The point Aloft Chapter after Legielatoro convened In epeelal .oetdon
two 1,018 I°o tit ISLLItiI/lOre, voted 411 day. lulls w , rt• pun.ed autliorltlng C.., tale
Wednesday to kepaiatic—nluctecn ag,..luSt • W.I. to suloarlhe lnr 'tie lor lailbling
I ziew railroad to connect the iluilen.l awl
WhiPPillg In the pubile of Now liennlngton with the Harlem road, and nu-
Jersey in pitililblied by an cotof *
Vkititubly thorlilitr the inoriguife of the guttural unO
which went tatoeffe "
et 'Bennington. road for tilo 0111110 p
Tho looking eight fl oors I
legal dayls The const ruction of such a tend 111
work has passed the New York I.rislature this Utlabarrli” , ll3ollt 0CC.1011[1.4 1,. the no-
The COnstltutional Convention bill has lion of the Troy and Banton mad In refits
paseeti the Yew York LeciAlstare with the I log to run In connection With the Itullunki
negro enZrage clause omitted, gild Bennington road.
To authorize the ralmol Directors or yawn
It/Iv:whip to borrow Looney.
To anthorizo the horim&h. Law - rimer,
Mlle to borrow money.
ToAttu, tie- I'r:-on sOchity to tiplt thi;
Pm-otei and lue pcnitentiary Atli:gimpy
county. -
oct tetinz to 1
31itebutki in
authorize the oeumii Ilireittota of nor.
rizon towtmligi to borrow avow],
To incorporate the Limit- Cotton
tnriaz Company,
hCt. t.l:Vq,rlt;: W. C. tiro y am! Limit,
0 p-Lving
AUnet to 61:thOri, the 1:01111r.1,.•LOL er, of
ft:ow:Ord county to iiiirtiow mom Y.
To Incrouito Sec, of jortir , , contnti.o.lontrit.
ito.lacirit and n itucsiou in Von:lngo coo4iy.
An not rei:1:1, to II: it Corono: it
.. I.o r,lC,ltt,
l • o:111 , 1oly :4
• ti.
To I:,eor,,orat, to et ccnv
Mr. Graf:MN Lt. rot iv 11,0: O! VIC 1:011 4 .0:/
.i!,.:!ct to
2 II 1 I
ii ft ...1
.y and tarerlt
Inco:vor,r T:.,Apor-
Lution Lomp.any.
Act to take ttw eSif of
I las c vv, A.. 1. G.
Mr. Ile..tli, .no nen' Mnyor, n well
known net C 11.9 C.
Monument to American Freedom
Last Six Months Exports of 1866,
Tt:r , rl...rt of the , 1:r ot.tor. of 11,e
al I,tirtwi ttoluo,Llc
-“:11 , 1111 . : Uoi f 4,
gp:d t:
Inanunkel.lrt 01 401,1 4,- >2; 1 , ,,0151t111-.1..:c
sIt111-.1..:c p,..
-c., 10 corruncy. ho
axpor.- ao.-lintlt,l to
1 :0111,: .t
. .tt
l'ur 1.0 ~ r :
t•I :ALO
.rt,lot.t." :At•
nor h %rot ~•
lox • :,;(•.. •
Oil INt of
1.11.• prineln:il Rua
t • ‘l, -••
o of AI
1% • I
L0;,1,,f, c:reu:...tlng
~i tl.r I.nno,i >WU~
TLe ,p 1 ,11, 1 ,10: to tho rer,,,tnit,on nc: I
c,relary of ,t,OO.
rre.l , l.n: Genr,l,lt,
horth German toustitution Accepted
Ncglecteil Condition of Ireland
Financial and Commercial
ar,,,rowr. M,tli
lugfrOul 1,!., oL,
11, ,let.
TIVItI.I., from ItolJtolotmry‘ .11/-
Mit., repot t.. 1.1 beck the svrolte 1•1111,1,1-
tOF:11! 1./ 001: , olut !on rt.lAtlo4
to the elation of vortato So rt rtlotro oreilitor,
Ipon r. ',CUMzontion
uno.rollto-0:1 w
Ali fe:t[e et, mitt on 111 , ttitdo,
Lttrviiroor, Morris ,teat. rttt I " ."'
tLt 1". 'T
cote; vv, ref
/Ur: N., 1u:1 ,or tiro
ill(4.1 51,kr,b Nor;11 t:orman
?utmcep`,.: f:f111-:;t111211:1. r./.1
provl Ann., Yf "111 , h at.. In
uneow;tl4 1210 p!. 71 klt p..l:d Inc Illktuarlz.
for I.lvorponl, n on the 1.11
31.11 , n . .17:—/7/•—I/I-pat.:01er
:tom HA, 1,0. ,tutu tho go.rvlnn I.lloco
15 nt.n.ll from 11,1kra Io for {_on.
off:011010o on 1 t1..:1 to 1111 t :.•ultnn.
00.14 noon 6 1 1110 , 'OO 1400134: In
1;01.1 In for t tnonthg.
1i.f1. 1 1,11. Morel, :i.—/'l!r.,tic oenzu•
:ollp 0,3110 1i0n!,.. , I e.I In:. nit, :-
1/1/011 Ith w1 . 1 . 1•C: 1 1 r11%4.11 out of coal.
~.throb %ten:111111V
1y of ho , :oh, (I,ltl, st 2 rr York, 111113.11,A
hero thOi , nlng.
I 31:.rch •
Morcit . 1.7— /; ,0 044 , /—Consoli 010,
04 ut Infln Cy; :;•10,1 Illinois Cell .
Intl 1: , 40 3.7;.
I.isonrooL. 27—/..: , ,00,j—T110 cot
ton In.41:01. 1.. 11 , 110; ri0 . 1114
m 0 1 ,11104 uplatolo 111,, ‘,/!0.L.,4 1 . 1 1411.0 0 !
lo,(010110 , .. liroad,llllA 111111 at formor l
et,. I'roviilon4 nod prn , lll, 4141 mot 1.111
1,11H11,:011; i,t 1,9 ..111 , ..N4 0011".
I'I.VONT, March nitt.4 stoles
bond, .1
inn .'lblmirr.r
l tuv Yoaff, Marc!, ^_i—'the China 11,1114
arrived todligat. The En Pattel , lfave
rumor% tied the 1.11111,( atatet f.iovernue•nt
Itrotluti ce.lltal tee atten
t ion of (hi, llrlti4 itor or. meet to the neg.
leeted coodttlort of Irelan a d, and pointed
01tt Inea•el ma, tell Ice, 10111113011, 411
l of eAICIIIIII.I to allay the tll , atrtellon and
Itlso the v Ideb eilste autoog 1 110
It:Ill population of America.
1 In Ito l'elaigny 1111011,11Fp..01 In the Freiteit
I.4,tilltturu. Ito V,. 3111,1 00 French poll
ale., bet . 901 , 1 that but for the
. 901nOderlal
rl , PollldfdlitY the Ilrlt 1,,1‘ t, •vernment
1111( 11111911 broken 1111 1110 All.flellll ite1111:,
Ile lona . 1,90.,
Entille ullicier Intol elude n. speech urging
Una. Franca vhould linnently ameept the
truusekrurstlerk wi,JCll had. tslom piece 11l
terikinny, arid ',lace lie raid was not direet
cd krgslnst. :nee.
Ti ~ French naval ervislon in the LuYsel
I , to be Increased by to Jr gunbuirts•
The 7 t .Pennce Any+ the basis of an node.r
dtug tracer, Morale. and Ene
lano no the erotero
pre...111, 1101,1!CII rt. speedy solution. The
l'rrt,ire. also says lb, 0 estate nt the pre,-
•ett ntnlnctlt 111 UV; ' ll[l/' Ign pelluy or France
ull single quest lirn I'lllllll.ll, of enkbarreising
Ololnknat In action abroad, or of tit.- kkulthe orikur..a.
I" /it health of Inc F.l.ll.resn thatltribl
won., 'XIII. A us, rlAu Ilutrbenetlt xlll pro:,
sbly 1/144•I nu the Ito It of Aprkl. It Is rtatet
the Emperor Iras -ruketkonovl ate 1,111 for the
introduction of trial lky jury le Austrlet
A volranlCeraptton.
huhrred on Ina Is-
OLOII lot l'anrell rot soutn w rot of exelly.
It II reported the Therksallue Insurgents
era detested by the Turks bald nine hun
dred lard down Ibuir arms.
1 mutter in widish
Ufa :moll
Me-ars. 11: If.
iVasttaitaoa, March V.1..1)62',1"'k.,;•
RENakTE. . 4int Tea:
(1300117194 or ram* nan.nrian. imanimeuilY•
Mr. TILAYER obtained unantmoue con• I 10,10vA1. 01
sent to hare read a telegram from the Gen- I On anti., of M
eral Manager of the euion raoitie Railroad
west from Omaha, to Ili& effect that the i Iho °nice of Coll ,
work was progreeamg rapidly, and would I York.
be pmdfeil on at the rate of two Mlles per
day for the next ono huteirtd days.
roffrj:ILNING Tot 0111. MALIII-1,11(000100.
Mr. 11011' aRD Introd•Cell and looted to
refer to the Judiciary Committee tho an
nual report 01 the New York lioak of Com
merce, for time year a:allot...June let, 'a% in
wLiclt It In charged,thatt Mr, Thwart], Soot,
for elect. from Marti:end, withdrew to R.•.
reinber, from thu city of Sew York. It
large atuotlnt of money. accumulated there
for thepaydaint of Interest oil United Slates
e, leaving tlat intoned .for the
1100, Lnproeld..ll, at the 11mo 01r. Thn*,,
re Lary of the Tteueury. The
tint woo referred..
sans Ton Yoe antra..
'rho joint reeolatton transferring r,
free, the (ends or the Frof•Ofnorl'i Bar •fia
to fit., Dop,tr: moat Of Agrlf - 111tare,
par,fa,, of ...1:1111 for citizena of rebel
mates a am passed,
07+ THE N1FE11.,11,1.
Mr. EN frno L01011111.f1.11
fl`l, , rte,{ it hill to
',MAI -01 1.,1141.12l
I'M Lilo! ut , llnit Lal`liorl of on tlol
11rt11,..ti to (0
Mr: front the 4:own - Otto° on ill
-411“.“ AtlaUry, ruported a 1011, Introduced
d ny
h a fear ays mince, to prohibit the rr-
Intwal of Indian trate, and the et pro r
fonda held hi thin 1:1111ed Stater too
trahont prOVIAIOLI 01 h. or
Mr.l'olll.llol . offerhol a Joint. rn.,oluta,
that Ilia haat ra.olulloa .01 March. 2,1, ha.%
athanaing t/10 I artft 001 of 01011
t o !!sting, tuolmtr,clotn,
. ,
.Ilk 04 . 1.. or other rannotarttl rev of clotirm
u..0l for tlo- to•inufacturo lr.tto..
Mt - . I. .111 , :10,N ottjc.ete , l to [tn.
ntoennt.l.tertOlon:unt: the reeolulloa uent
II T. TIT 11:IT, from Vi Wary Cwn
mitt...., r..p0rt....1 urryolutlon
_tu.l:: - uI lug 11.,LIty .cL•
W I in, wiz tout r..•
sow,us r. torus fur pr . w...rty to
here /1:1•1
1ar,0n,• , 1 Inw.l 11.1:174 , rolttrn.
re nr vr,,ter. or In no-1,..:1. -
Mr. I !:.1.1.; I ISE.N inuvcti
111. t•••
I.ltl or the Oth,
of :I.3ltillty of the otne, td , crtko
/no:, un,11,1[1.1,t nx
N:r ,1::11.I., F. 14:,
on Ar rep•islx.: .1,1 , -
len , •;,, appropnal:on, ft, 11.0
and nl tnt,
t• 11 4 tltirtlrr. A
11... a .11 .1.., 1111 pr. , 111 , 1,
1.11...1 Was itt.l4 to
flitt3 for
Kt i t
ocl:upr 1%,
. I .•. td • ty tic tul..lok
11.• Ilwrototo: tv corstrolc.,
ttic of Pub. 1,
of (.1.141 i!,
I, tiv,l4ta,l
31r. TUC AIM frow ?re .1.1,01.5ry tow
nltte., , , , rted on tnotcttlotony con,rn
1 , •,- , 1'11 , • 1 . ,,,n
. .
;;;It g."
,I; 711•1 ^ rs
. , It nrl.• , rt
• 0 g1•11:1“1,,1
1:01 . 6 ttrCY
Mr J..: 0.1 If it
1144 11.1a 1 10 miss:nor
y t:,•• v , 21".• ttn.qiuto.l*
on 11,, .;,cn tn. , InTlocc:l,9 01
1'0n.1.4 4.onsp4orm Ina of tbo repOrl,
the u-nt 11110 E.ll.tilal, 3,11111011m11
110 L -31.: OF IMPILL...ENTATI% t:,
Id, co Inc,porato tbz• I..scoln
I /, 3"r.cro. , x.
:on or Mr. MI Cl. a l" r. ~ fo•Se'er,of
ry of War Iff, diretttal to yrracrit lienoral
1111,1111 . 4 ro r porf •;1 tho I;wportion Of [to,
fff - Ing Life au tom or add fall
Mr. ,T I.V F.SS (Polon.) n... 11.41 1,1,4. to
of rr 0.1•1,0011i:0:1 hn the Le.ariaaßLLo,:a nl
a ••••:1,, ,outhern
Mr. .1 F.% FN.. Moved to ”oxpen.l r:11,1
1.1.211 u 11.4 * .. 40, told the reeo:Ution al
tiFun offered net
Alf Tlin 11E1,1, c Ls,
Its. pot. \NI. Introduced a hill to rot t
It. ploVIri , Pll Of tint lutornat ltnvonuo law
of lasts o.,trat CO tho orrestt that no Coto
slmll :11110110U to rostrata thw
CONA•attnt of stay ULM antler
that law.
1 AKE': pri..sent,.l me,sagei
orii tin nOliate trig 11.5 action
01., the adjourarni, rot Coagrevi,
to ring.• Inv ...toti at hi to-morros.
Mr. II e.
11.1 k 11.1111 • 111i1111 . 111. to
War..t[ocl,t. which vi .1. , a iiio.llil...alon
..f propt,ltlon.
t.o Ititeruin , :latu dt , •ps Wing the
\Vol:l,d., i .lunt: and till., first
41• Ly In ~."..0,1111••:.
K ntul 1.0(1.1N it,lllroß,ot , ,l
the I IoU .0 Itl e. Oup,ltt. or 111 Is I‘lll,lt
~,, rt tp/ to Ity ,5 ttgalnlit
ritoNl - 11:17..
Mr It INI,, from the Comtnitt,..." 0r
f.1,1 lilt-, report...l tPIH joint regolltiboti
re4”F. , tN, , ,Ktuvi by f,relgn govf•rmiii . nt, ,
ttg , tl:i..l. Unite.l proporty
I ,the tuy oltsa
Mr. It.t!th h 81.0 reported s Joint reeolu
too LI, Int tee . [het thu pCOIIIO 4/1 thl•
etetus cut.not rever.l the 111,1150.11,1 coeltel
rmtltei of tee l'rovlneve ou the ertritaurn es - of thle celharr withoht extreme
'FCC? IL Coe fedi.rellort of status
the 00111 /11,111, .At. , 11114 Lout Cut...ut to
ovu', ,Ithout contelting
ot I% Vt:ll't Zald tut thotterch•
I:Llpr:he:pies, 00, 00? Dc conet.turtel other
-01, float 11l In runttnrent lon of the I mil
t/one Ulla tglietantly dt..'hired ttrthetithet ut
tub liovurrtnient. ethletseerlett: the tt.ost
import.tet. and telllilnK to !nerve,
eut perituttistothuteithauraestittstle alresay
xtstllle le:tweet , the two government,.
Alter porno , i1L..155i0,3 law Joint rusolu
!too tv..1,,0.1.
1 . 07110 700 Int:01011 ASOOOOII/0.
Mr. BANKS 040 r„ porter q rosolutiou do
elorlnic tint 11111 llonsti extend Its ryo.
thy to the ;0,010 01 11 ehind e,0111,c1.1111 lo
ill 111 , Ir In-t efforts to malntnln the bide
of :eaten, 010eflte Lim people,
tool oatorol and purbetunte thy pa 01
111,01 Y.
31r. 110111 3 1.9.11 ii, n tut:Miter or the C01:11.
111ittee, ...Mined the re , .olittlon, 01 the
...Mill 11110: expresrinit hio desire that the
hmlrdmittrinero stronger, saying ho
1 ,, into 0111,1 1 01101004 11em
lutIon ectoold lug tint belligerentot
1110.17 LE 0600M/1001n favor of Lulund.
3lr. WA 111 lipllN E, of Wheouslo, offered
ontemtment 0.11,1 resolotlon,
11,01011110 111111011110synumthirIng with 1110
11001 , 10 ot trelfllel, tile 1101110 believed
0000011 Feoludi movement. must hoc. been
eirtlte:y turiberudivy, and tow oilconregc,_
mont. toutd by resbiutlan,
I, 1.000, could only result 11l Involving
I.oooe, enthoslostle Irishmen In datricalty,
from /0111011 their brethren were powerloSs
to extrlcato them.
Mr. 1.1.1111(.9 Bald UAW, *Proposition ban
moo boinro the Committee and nod Reim to.
voted, tin) Collinnittn* not n oonnnti tut
Mr. to‘ke.l l lravl. !i) CPlr, NJ
Olutlon 41001.krleg th:Tuf 'ITC 'II/ /111,
is*ne.l under the tel .1 1 June 21-1.
elu.llng in:1116:0i uullrutl. u,t 10 1:0 1.
• , 0011 (or 1,01110:1000 In,ri, 011 l more
fourrellrt .1 In (4107 nu.!
Mr. :W.%
111r.1;1111 , VOUPtrwvett tr,
lip. Lion... rcnlsi,l.
It.tiv.• 10.!,
lolat e,m01tz11,,12 10 a111...1 hi! act (Cr 11 rtr
. .
I:lcro•Aslng the , nnx
wool. I , - .-Irllito. out ol 1116.
cornmut•lng wstli ••for,t
3.v0r,b0,01‘0.1 Tho run
1 , 111/111 - 11 - 1,-.
On motion of 31r. 111101w1.1.T.,
itent• Too turni-li tio• liou•••i•
JoitiPlary Committee, ilitrfnii the
filth nll ofliver- told ..Ili-,
111,1 who, ti.o. - Insi fort, a.l their rl4ll,
Cony, tairintirs, Sr.. hail Ilion° riff lila. roan
.1, atnigoating 1.11.• impala!, tio i•
hone ouch reraie.,loas of toffy/AM', Oct
trtnvoit to ,0ftp.,1,1 rt:1••
tolnko fro") 11,
, 111 rcuul.t:,.: Ilidtanu Km' ur,lo to
exporolod In unrolling, e,t`Pin
It”, 1 1111111.1 •.1•1
1111. rebt:11100. Negattvcd--1
. .
motion v. ad)...
ratr . .l tha , 1... wt. s,r.ou
row, thehi.t.,
3111V7111,11,1!,11 U,L. .!•,'.. • tun-
C 1... the reran. o.:
1,1• It., and 1.1 o• ann•lnlnnn.l . In rinn.-.1 It
in , llnn. Inni,ontntrrt• I ut../ I Lnn:nllt•-••
o!l.onlenn.nce. nppolnlna.
"111.• St.n.te utlien tow:11 t
hori..llig .1'1•::l4 , 1 I
Mt,t11.., kJI OM,, 011
1,31110 t
,ount ... L.ld utur,
1 er.3 routziTvC,l:ll.
Untsbost riot for a."rul,
lolasseevr II llling—Baronet%
eled—ae torn !f - •fl erallott 41
salwhluel —.4 ciao•nlv 111 Lomb
lag 01.4,14.1,
Mmr,..11 H
,!I 1 I , i, c I t.,-, 1•1",
Orde• flat t. r ,
I: xrVoi,ulte , r ,
Ulu luzs/tror,,
rro,t, nt
-Li N
. .
•,447: 14i ,k . n. 1411,111114 14,114:M011 iltti tt; .4! tttt t 7 t „,„
t 474,1, ,trt44,44, •••
• 4714.4..!4.4 4/ I"I .41 ta tt :1,..,11 f lef
4 • .17,, , 1 r
1,041[1014. tight 1+ ev1t11j.... , 1 4744711'1. 4.414, •-• t,
:,!: Il.•
C.I . ti.
s.,.trt, t.nt
to 411,1.i5,
w 1.1.•
Itto thtorei, at tho ..
th.. matter. tlo-, rgrn
no,o to 1.; , 1 the trit. IltL
uct. Mllla 1,1 14. 1 1 ‘111 . 1,11. 1.• V. 1.1 0 e
feat ttny snarl. on tho itOrt
Tho 1.11: ~.111 Ito pr,t.•. - 1 , 1,0rt
ty ...hi w e. ue .11,
tor.. next-week. IL ct Itt•t
h.ttoottlon. ho
con.,olt - oatton, .Ll,l
my qthos...ton of A legtothy
. .
TI IA 1 , 11,—, toll ,o•
It vtll roquire Inn) oil, es I,
•flol 1.14 , re ltdau olicel. the
I. or the bOuliilttner of 11
1 , otlnobwt,hlthatn!dltwdlhrintrn
la , toretee to n„
i,uvent •tria.t rata :rani thl.alnz
bath dr, at
at, A too Italia, It ..-111+; Inant
rtt~t,hax taa,;ll,a4, , cort. in 0
gwlttuawn va,•••,y, lat! I .011 v.
I,to .1,••
tang) Do taltglhl.•Sltaga, •
The hli: to oremte tour holho: :et. In
to eer-
alt. to th.. ,e:do r Altrrtnnn of oach.
hi" Lava uncer,u4,..lon.:y IV(frit
t.ot, that 11,. sort lowa Of
ntraln .ero not twit, rrwar.k.l. 1.1,-4
clo,,avn, to twcato
nt tllllli, lI4L {140,1( r:611, D 1441, blr.
iytterx opposing 11., p“bro,l nl
butor tiruhuni , on,lralnrtt to
It by (a19...1bg It 'from lily rt.lett4ir.
ey,ry city
l'ilL.burgb. the .11 , Lyou
'rum Mb ulll,ll thok 1.111 unvo•
10 the. A 1•11,11100. tt - mnolblllllllll LI , le.l
I;.lllllStrubi'd bill, 111 lb. 10.1 ' ,1 Or
Ultii!llt Pitt .1 , 14,...hyn)'. It, en
wyotbn, 1.,n-t u
10 nuthorion er , rt: , tt of IL
.% 11,411,, tz.mi I i
lu -
nt reel, nol bunt tnortt
illlillrenttla in II .11.1 Wit,
.11.101.n , 11V1L 4 10111,1. '1'11•1
111,111% It (rout ttin 21 Clalr l ,rev:
•41411411”.11111, ullt: hell,: 114
Thore as I,llt. 11551., .0pp,....11101, tcb tlm 1.,.
SA. Of tllll oill, nudtlto I n Ila 411,01,
10 ‘l,ll ulysl.l, to
Thu tre.,ll trot ill
County et•uni to 11,0,11:01 llo•
hig the Letit..lature- ton', A
u, to.
vear, that retttoo. , A , 011 IA pas.. W I, lut
urt.l to,olo:
other Unaters
to that blatriet.
l'requuntly, in the ulutlnl+tinl flu of j.-
tel., 11/11Ch .iilnl:lll,3'
in en..sitiontion Luau not strtisi iury. If int
critilu fur nl.lcll IL prison, is to iii adult
pew out of LL itutirojiiii,i• • n.
nrlsoutiniluninut to 1,.• LL poiltininu
ount, the diIUQIIIIv of , Dtat:lll/;: flail trial
soul, counti, sin, •
lii•vonllenti. nrc i pl C. 101111.1111. IL 1. , inn.
fears to trust his ens, to tic
Jurors to Neilool. am! 1,, 1,,•,/ nhh
Elpnbill,n, IrutrioL•rui.lonouuties. Bout
has Leru tot1,10,•••1 io the , 1,14 t, tf,
irlde torn ionic intpartful stil,ntlon of urors.
It creates two jury caultuissionurs
county, but Only one Is to s•oa ra i i ii •
Inn electors. Tel, fietno , rut alit
liniiiilaicantnn chines. As legisintion
Is .It.innniltsl, is so Just nit las faun,
thorn can ire tin no—Unlit). of its .infott.
The Allot:hem County Prdion
b 11i, selooh grunt, 111...1 , 4'16 01 the phii."l
- body, the prlCilege of tiOllng phe
h•s of ituprti•onnieut It your roomy, ii,ht
el randy. n 111 be taken up t,
toitnorroir. Our normeirr.i uoi in furor
of iii pinehige. The a...edition it, luboreil
nobly' for the ulleellitlon of the poor unto,
unntes oho eeielpy prbion the
J tllronit want to lotto the right to vlidt tho.d
tit the l'euitentbtry. olio Ilro-Peele
bill becolnin o e deltunt
the "young cbutilaln," and till of he, inter
ested In (ha good work of; reformutlon.
I'ItANQK 10 'ME elllool.
The foosent school 11.4'5 nro to undergo
Important change, If the !lin utionoing
tlitn.,l by beats!. The ululn alieenthe 14 in
tli luanner sit selecting and csnioluittif the
tesoloirs. It Is urged thot the 'pintos en:fo
ssil now lu "teaching Ohs young idea how
to shoot,” do not know how to _!:Cot, ~h, l
?or outte of teacher, isslitcd, especlal
or the mod dletrlote. I moll you Copy
01 the bill from which you gun 01110.0 your
own extrioti, CCDIO.
' Q
.; Kid 1 ...., ...,, 14,
1 r-- , . , - -' \
. 4 „ .
' t- ,- f,' ~i- 1, 4 v , z ~..
— e r. . ~ , , s
S. 1867
t shoni.l Intl,fore. Ilt. I.
eta would nut t 1 ;:.1u
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tt. tottllyl,ll,,tl to Att. Nootlit ; to ,tit.l-t
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Alieced Ailletupt at Itape.
morn ivy. Mn:, or '0 o, 4:1.1
s. I.•ry with i.t,:st
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1., V.. 11 01 ,10 1 11..1. it-t.ti Ilit t•to ening
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!Lt. 1,4•1.1 to 1,111
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4 `.1. , t0 Isrown" or Jolla
, o"Lutltrott t
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of Vtlott or ologot
ot.n to.otur:tot
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tv 01 IrrLl: ”,.1 - 1 . :4 •
•• ' .1“1111 own Iti,i . ellll4 ~,t;c11113,
On Tlve.adny vitrit ittirnarnil In the
putiiorltn, to glVt. tibtlionn
ot Mr. J. Inken
by bin. oiliiro Anti, ionn Mnltaiiior..., tio,
tin.. tit t tin 1 , iii.inoiovenitii 11"tio1-
Immo. r..r.i - vti•stii on
twit n MO. did ti ;Illy In Min
.intini,ot tit ivni,
Illnny n414.1.cr1,0
Wr aro lattlebtrtl to Mr. Ilogh Prater:on
of Kl•lortrtlle. Va., tor n of
ulldcrlbor, We aro duly thankful tor ha
kind ex.ortioni la our Dgrilf,
I' RIC E 'Hi R Eli.; CENTS
''n Tnv , lnvn en Cum , let or the
poin.e•,ent fnr" itnother appar
,nt of tile thieving fraternity. The
iLlirer war .n the vieinity of the Grain Lie.
vator, 412,11 ol,arrytln Mall acting In a.
very ia.inner. The 3/1 WI Wag
L 1 I.y Ino oilier.. ale! inereania: his 'Lie
denion.tratihnfi T e re-
,:eotr n re: fellow attacked . tom
sen U:neer
cetng the bellno•r
-nL, tide (thief Calm:hell, from 114 r...
)i• pot, iiFeit-iteil
, t e r!, . :mra lii. Ti... prlson
er e to the and Cure 1..,
ne I% / , -4:an. on fie] ng newrche:l
,:ro• thou.:and unit
.•k c•c Confr•lerote money,
,e 1 O.ree .foilorn in counterfeit
te I r,:r curter:4-e, I:c.,nlee Ole
,oely nn -I a letter n:1-
e,— lej:Nlelerl.,-hur n: Sven
r l'itt. , :nrgh,e and ennt.snong
hon , ::enne oeck handkerchief. Ye,
nhc, -Mr. Shorlon fnua‘l,
:•••k' It,e elm. and tile,
liapa a ilia:, oh,
t lin 510h.1.,
1.. ce.0.1 a: the molw sv,l3 hlw tho
. ”11 Le:eriy ,treets In
N.arlt CI net. It Ito not that 1110 priye
zee rya': namvie, 51.athew Nth:vole an
,riesdeo Jell on ehnrge of lor
an:, preferred nn: Mr. Shut - met, it l'atrwlc
anecher hoarder, in the .unto Collet.;
sea. , be the fart of Ills larceny, to elan,
and foutel that a broo:Icloth
id, been' idOlein. Its Alen
While n.tion a”liist Nugent, Cant
r•, . in, .110 111,n.ri Colt wa. rt.:cove:et!
J ohn C. MeDewell yestczttay made
mutton Itetere Aleut than 31elluaturc, charg
in. A lt , etnett lth the larceny of a watch.
The tle; oncrA a:11 get, ant on Tueb,lay Ito
I, • ; On the het tee at Duncan', (warding
hoes, In the . ..11.111 Ware, endeavoring to
o t
Iten nett, anher ttoartlcr, pail'
1111 hull, ceiling Ittru about
. • •
t - nbllng ts , cit Ills pockets
otnora .I:stashing Ina, At lengt,
I; , •anett w.•int away and McDowell went to
aw ono Ills watch was gone.
II •
•ne, I eoneln,loa seems leresistible,
Ina!, wane McDoweil ,/ept Deanett watched.
.1 warrant was
in-allu men named Lake
rldlez liurdmerebele, Wan yirtr•
erd.ty coce;elt,ed to jail pre par•tory to
heted , e.d. Dlxteunt. tic left home on
Tae-day and . .v.didered Intothe watebruan's
4//s 1 lie 10, ill Try .01 iivearads , rotits.
/. rnr OVer 10 01.111,..
11,21 10 tee I , ek-up. The WWI 15
0 11,i/10 and whs very poorly dad.
I tor Amon : : It.. Coal_ 31Inerw.—On
n very eerier. rant broke nut
the cos: in :et Ofl
11 . 1 Wr.tznorelcuel county, Ott
lent rut Itmnroad, about
ene., en,nurg. The tint to
senled :erg, Ireportne,a,el taut, of 150
..ere !null) . nun. We cenbl
,t 1.0 pat
...IN. reporter, in re
pro - 7:n,
lo..ovetteor, euotted Ipentlotong Stir fact
trot it, 11. M eoreertool
of Co, c;ouneel for the dered9e.
Met:. it .l nt , lit, to do .0 tLc prepor:o
I:on et 11 therefore entlt!el to
.Itte coetht.
Th e .IFORonzle A11:%.r.-13 our ririt era
-1.,11 :, , 11-11 t.,,•Tut:al the Big
r,, tag: reextarald at Wilitiao-
Ir.! liaor“,;I:ly
tpmptvd Ftuirglnry.—.l” attempt was
... snorntngt to totof the re.
,h.hy. t.t Or. th.o. 1it,0,1 on Allegheny
ton, tit,heay, tool the burglgrg
1. - :gltltto.. , l and gg,t.
1L.,1,1.4.11.—thi Mondsy • evening a gentles
n 0.4 ,oppe.l lotel on I.o..erty street.
to morning lie Ml-covered
Li+ Y.,PrO v tirel Gmtnum room mote
110 , 10010 OisspL>oeretl.
Co mitt," for CoLI rt.—Peter Emzee,
fti.abv CLl:Zzln:tttc: b.r [:.:al by 31a3cr MC-
W. A, 4:llnenfruny, 45 Filth acrect, has
opy of IllackwooLl•
Ver.:Winch Murder Trial, and
oilier (our! ntatiers, on Tnird
freedmen !Inv• I.eetlnc nt Ylmenn, C.
—1.1.1id1.1, forbidden Until Umser•l
Pope A...mrnew Comm•ud.
M ,„ t:i.II,SS u,etincr nf
fr 4 thl , tro+ied by proutt
r.•,t Ino -peecO4 und
hitt, return
n:SetC , n , 4rt-ot for ruhurvila7:on d
4,1 oechrt, trim_ they °herbal no
hr.•s r Ihte inantrr., but Lire
and falthfol to the ..I.iciturae or
lif entlot the Polley of
-tor !trot., hh.! rreolnunhA the pro
,.rh to arc, t 1,,e ter,ns propch:ed by Con-
t. starch Sweenov, post on order forOtdd lnK
• 4,4 I/COOti COO,
tom.: of the 41striet.
Vcac, Munro . 27.—Toe 2frettite.: co,
rrotnlrcl ln.l ton tall,. route
elottl.ctt eek Illy Fenton t..ittlattnn Ih
1..,1t. notr,h, at ,cc,. c r r y
to... Wooer. eteclhtett by the dultt, of she
toot met, .ettettlry hunt,. ,lied
i , ttt te•cr ttn•i extio-ure to extreme
vol.! h ....tee:. .1 ttzto, kc k,,,toto,eeeeer e d .
, eet t to• 'troops near 1:011r
:aie. :fierxeitlne r.ttoey. The men
, 4 :tot It:Co:try t , cottiNh; etas vith
11.0!t.'“ 1,11 MVO' 'tnetztr , r• or an Si. 1,001, I,7lMort notverely The pettc:e of Cork cheered It', Soot,.
Ish cer.t. day.
Ettver l'Aqr{:retmo
r 11 - Irclt I:.—Weetber cloudy
1:io river 14 steno:il,. Port
—l. id', O't• to Neer uric:ion, Alfert
flo.vdr, Li, valro; Loito.coo, to Loulhvillii,
l•i'lriii N olio, No. 1, l.lineannierl to
tort Bow°, .I.l'. Weld 7; Walt/ river to
I, roivii,r, March 1 - I.—Thn weather 14
cloudy t. Inc river 14 etatlonarS-t
0 111: it'., tort of wator In the retrial.
P.r^stn, :dur-4 la frond de
nterior htto ca sea Mt 04,41 . 41, and
110,0.d . n Spriod at 111.1 , [02.73. Wheat In
dood aqoo, - nod the loorked bare: Wto
ood no,
sold, car. Whno
ooad•t $ I loodieln No. d Chl
eo td, ~ oPojbo.h No.: Mt uaa.
i;1,5 ot.d one cur of No 2 2.111-
o - ,0110-o tort • cuter, Toledo
ti: zed %Fest,.neglected:
- 6 csr- New I cdedo ..3e, on otato
7. 1 11.1116.50. to store.
Lt. St
tl;ol.d.l II knit . third
II Z .1 aged
WC. - At ..alf pact 10 cl•••1..6. Turaclay morn-
LI, 04111♦ „ f: axe.
otr, t• .11 tat, p ace
, N". 10 Mart. tnd 1,6...encR 21.1V1:n
tp kV. Tb, , 0 , 1.0 f tLc r•ually are rtspcctfulsy
1,1 teat•-1,.
6...EM1.E0-15". I day mnrallag. HI
• ,••• It.:ll,uET
t,to trar .cr
11, i
1 ,! 1uv,511115., nen - TLe
rq• ::.'• zre Inv:Ltd t.. 1
att., 1 , 1 •
. A . Lcx. AIKEN.
. , "
.n 4 .Igtn.,
,arse utml
11 'l5 Daryl
M. m
IL T. iti/ITE
ar.,l ‘lclnity.
Corn r Shedleld and Chr„"ger. ntr..cs
“God'e-ster.• the tar,. tutAte
"n twe. vt.t.
tt't .tt.te , l on Ne,w tnfta. tratc,d.t,
e.ILL or Ali.tet,tt, e.,
ra:l htvre (.A W LS
_ipkt,; t.SCAIIIIIAt.E I
T. Ct/letrl w tLet - tzt t for hire At
!Zovvzircl's Livery Stable,
nry Nononc•bel• 11.11 t.
ettat Attcatloa pal.: to 1 .7.11
tent at L11t27• 110
Wholesale Agents
American Watch Company's
No. 56 Fifth Street,
.T3E7 VITTEL.T3.-12-,
6 Wylie St., 3d door from 5111,1
133133 EM
Fine 'Wattlies, clocks, Jewelry,
Pit timl=ourcla, I.'eru:Las.
l'articomr &Avert to - litostrlplS
Yi•teue, Clock. awl 'oval,. All Work w.r.
OHEgp e T9l ..CLvA"
Xo. 92 Federal Strut, f
S - !.1.9 S 9 -49 49 S 9 S 9 49 S 9:
b 9 MARKET STItEET. . 49 1
s 9 !
11.) - S 9;
V 9.3; C> -IE3 .Er. ' $,.% 9 1
s , S 9 Market Street, Isf,l
9. 1100T5, SHOES MI " S I S9 I
rriziEmi c.trrr !"I
!JAS. ROBB, 89 Market St.'
S 9 S9
S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9,
CAPITAL, $20,000,000
Our Merchants and 3i ainfacturers.
, 41111 ES BE EXPRESS.Money,
Yr'itlttables. Freight and Par
eels, over more than 13,000
miles of Express Liae, at just
and liberal razes. saves lfilllons
yeailT tip Ex pi ess shippers. and
can be nine perthaueut only
by, their liberal pan onage.
This we hope to merit and 're.
Ofla% No. 145 Wood Street,
LIKSTIII.II/ 1101 th S,,
Engine ti
lir•Ty. trade to 'er.
t not le,vcry at,cript,ott watttlfactured
Corner of Pulut Alley and Duquesne AV ay, -
isirrstsun GD. PA.
P tNE. P • PElts;
lore •ea
In New Designs, at
XO. 107 .71.1/MET STfitEEi.
1N.4.1 . f 11111 titres[,)
JOS. 11. HUgIES fi DUO.
M ?M tl
Arol Dist brands of
Ales and Soda Wdters,
et...0%11,0 I[I.I.:CLATON•MI
VITTSIICItt.II. ...arch %h. 1+67.
Construction of Pubic Sewers
thcfotlorr ng • .t , • n“. • : Une. m Falls to
W. 0 ,1 sad do., Mood try Stre“.
"Or Oil tr. Vt. •
L, , —oue on .ley, from I: , errY slug
to Lawny ',eel, let rer.l,ed sr the utlnee
or th to market 1,1.1 t.
. l n
w sge,N on 1 Marrh a•C.
cat, be le, 4t thlb otSce.
N. 3. if.Ol:E.
QM FROM $ll, 00 $ IS TO $3O
t••• tn•de the •ar
r••u•d. Vflitlot, 4 • new • LAI.. 4, Ilgta,
3.0 J odersze I.
and ene‘ttc Apdtte (L•dtt, mid 4,1 t e
uten)ere w•atd reto•e•ent Ilb IP. • VC_ • C/I7
and 11• , y...• 1.4.•1te 4:1•el to m\ • mot,
and 1,.14,0 NT IMO., utre ,
ea 4ey yers 11.4,ne • 1,, Lour. .1:414 Ede.,
- Fee rettner particulars Plea,: cad on, ad
dre4a, U. W. ACii, ll... South +tree!,
Itailt•ddif, Md. 4.,41,44-4
Practical Furniture 31anntarAurtra
LAU. atylra of rURNI:fu,L 00„„.0„,, op
TIE lilt A P
'rte almplebt. 'rte Beat
WHECLEtt WlL.,uN's .1
WAIIHANSKJ Tilltit 1 r,h4.
27 F/FTII %TREE 7, • r.
Sir saeCtries. used but a.,,0k
redleta price.. WM. SniTNEit
ilfor str.e.
lat.:CCE,,u4ll4 TO il r .ltyso.k.S t CLAY../T.
- -
U..o , ••:torera jot' - •
No• ii 00,0 10-root. itltee•elay City.
Also Nl'. aasortmenr. f i50i&0r..... il. U.f
-13E10%•..4 ••• o. Canons
4 Elt. 0. cLARIC. Soot. of Wori”.
tiounEn, BELL tt. CO.,
Anchor Cotton Mills. Pittsburgh,
AACI.101; (U) hi/ LETANUM,
T. m. 'stack,
Thrci Coors abo.e titrre,-
Ever, kind orWarlt doneon the eltort
Ana must reasottaple term, l'articular=att%
.41-I=l. 408 SWF. CrriFii,
_l, Nec6.l • TI WI 8t11L1•INd, Fos. 71.1
1.;.:71;,1 Laitel.latiZi'gg.,,,'"kirl"ig,t,LN
—fd...,,. : ~ ..n. m 0...: um pirZto . oursA
s .~