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Penniman,*Reed & Co.,
. •
No.. se mnstal.. Strout.
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_. •
.1L PENNI!' AN, ida.ort. • •
. JOSIAH HIED jj 11 ELDON P. BELD,§ — ""'
• • JEUMS: •
81ogle Cep lei 3 cents
Petver!-d bl aWriee. (pc! . weekl 13 cents
Ilan &thee - Mere, (per yes?) $B.OO.
.Ltberst reductions to Ne)rebopi and Agents
"0 - A , 2 , Xitl',Argit Tozeitc
Yesteiclay we made some statements re
specting the progress and prospects of the
”I.lnioh Pacific Railroad'land of . the "East
ern Division." It remains . to' show what
forward:um the "Central Pacific Railroad
of California" to in, thatbeing the connect
ing link: on the western side of the Rocky
From the geographical configuratitin Of
the Country. on the eastern and western
sides of the Mountains,
.respectively, in
which the railroad construction' is progress
ing, it would naturally he inferred that larger
actual results in miles were attained on this
able than on the other. Such is the fact.
Os the eastern side the two lines ure pushed,
as yet, through loyal districts: requiring lit
tle Trailing to make ready for 'lie super
' structure. Ott the westem 'side thp
tuns up and over.the grand Sierra-Nevada
chain of mountUins. With a heavier force
f',.f men and teams much slower progress is
f made than on 'this' side. Nearly twelve
thousand. Chinamen are at 'work on" the
ioad-hed in California_ Next spring the
contractors expect. to pin on ten thousand
pose, when their operatloris will not only
reit& the summit of the Sierras, but Stretch
on to the plains and into the valleys of Ne-
Already the trackis completed to within
sixteen miles of - the summit. • Starting.
from Sacramento the distance to the top of
of the Sierras is ono hundred and five
titiles, of which eighty-nine are completid.
On such a line heavy mason Work is inevit
able. IThe crossing; of Canon Creek, twen
ty-eight feet in highth, and fifty-four in
breadth, is a very excellent piede of such
work. • - . ' •
Sometime next year it is expected the
work upon the "Union Pacific," on the
eastern slope, will reach the foot of the
'Rocky Mountains, and then the real
unties in construction must be grappled
.Ix consequence of 'changes in dams,
made in conformity to alat of the last
L•sgislature, the people who live along both
branches of the Susquehanna and italribu.
tii.ries . are anticipating the enjoyment of
fresh shad next year, as in the olden time.
it is - quite probable.their, hopes aril
nothe realized.,, e
Two iintiortant statements are made res
r.rtipg Secretary Sianton;pue that he has
accomplished the tilting of army sprint
-1 icnts in such manlier as to secure un
doubted loyalty in that arm of the service;
the second, that be ha 1 not sought, and
does ti 4 waut.n foreigri
Tux Conservatives and Democrats have_
thlt . en to abusing_the Beecher
again, charging him 'with having abolished
the fourth commandment by preaching
polities on Sunday. - Ths preaching does
not suit-them as well as it did.
A Hmtnisntinu eotrespondent of the Cin
cinnati Gaztht asserts that „lir. Thaddeus'
Stevens will not be a candidate' for the
United States Senate, but: will probably
give his influence towards Gen. Cameron*
Tnr Congressional . Committee on Re.
treneliment met at New York yesterday ,
bavuig summoned many persons to be es•
Meter. seems to be no truth in the tele.
grapple report that the Constitutional Con
vention of Louisiana is to he convened..
MR. GIOELEY thinks tho Republicans
will gain one member of Congress In New
York. • .
LAST week there were one hundred and
'lleo dentl4 from cholera in Cincinnati.
Mempliis Commerdill
Amy() mnsolidated. Splisib;e. _ •
preparations are, being ma,le at Venice to
celebrate the entry of the Hinge(' Italy into
that city. The Bucentaure, the historic
galley upon which, the Doges of Venice
married the Adriutic, has been reconstruct
ed and magnificently: ornamented. The
King be conducted to the Ducal Pal
ace along, the Grand Canal; traveiaing Ve
nice in its greatest' length'. Among the
patriotic manifestations that wilViake place
is one that is calculated to produce the most
profound sensation. • One of the most. beau
tiful 'women of Venice, entirely clothed in
tuoirning,, end covered with'. chains, Will
be presented to his Majesty at the moment;
of hid coming in sight of the eity, but, in
place of : the keys of the city, the ,Pedosta
offer to the..ffingesymbolie axe destin
ed to strike off the chains of slat cry. At
the samelnstant' the shackle's of the captive
and her mouintul vestments will disappear
.nt . tho sound of salvoes of artillery mid of
popular acclamatioos., Venice, personified,
transformed into a goddess of liberty, will
then Present tcs the King the traditional
•cushlen upon whi^h will be found a golden
I:cp.—Express. •' , '
—The Paris corresphndent of the New
York ffome , :Joernai writes under date of
October lOtb: . "The Imperial lady,- who
tuts made it the fashibn, by august exam
ple, to dye the locks of a carrot color, and
bedaub the complexion ;with red and
vhite liquid cement-Amax it, -ye ~graces,
and tremble—the peerless Eugenie, alas,
has grown fat. - Yes, it is the plata, un
varnished truth, and consequently, now,
no one can lie bell:: in Paris unless fat, fair,
and forty.five. It is not, however, the fig
' ore alone or Iler Maesty which has taken
to autoopoint; her features have, alas, lost
their delitlacy, and she has become "moon
faced!' as any Eastern hood. 'Die on
is that she is Yeti; daepoir." 'The healt
of the Emperitir, howaver,-Is by :no means
so satisfactory as that of Ills Lepel ial part
ner, for,3thiie she is daily -:increasing in
size, he is dwindling away,'- a Imo tyr, it is
said, to a very dangerous and painful
sease. ' But, though so great a auflerer, Na
.poleon still attends to.publie business-"
criminal trial is in progreis before
be Circuit Court at Adrian, Michigan, in
which the attempted murder of Aaron
:ADAM is charged upon his son, his (laugh
: andhis son's wife. His daughter, it is
`charged, administered the poison in the
lhrm oraxsenic, mingled in the old 'maws
.tea, dolngthis at the instigation of the son 1
Jahn and his wife. The daughter is a girl
batthirteen years of age. The old man
recovered from the effects of the arsenic,
and" is very desirous that 'his children
• 'sbould escape the penalty of the law. lie
-even went so far as to take his daughter
scer,Aly, by a rotuidabout way, to a neigh.
-bering conatyAnd'seated.' • .
Premix Senator i fmealdng, some
in t b,„. C o m kttif, ot the
t.--- 11c T e a co g u i ldtion - zof ideirs 1 ,1 1t4c0 acid
• 4.
lA 'n that.' :‘,'brigandag , ego; princi
. Jit6ctstittir Of Arzcioo.'
• -
; .
&7 / • I ,
.. _
. • . ' - ; , • i - !'- _
. : ..• • ! i ' i
.1 1 : I -' - (.• I'' .• t.:_.__
;•4 , . 1 ~ /.„1• „, ~ 4..., J: •• -- •
• , 4 7.. . • • .
. •
, ~.,.
Abora—Parl9ra at Ilefellanta' Hotel
/ hie "Workingmen's True Friend
The Opera Iloase'Shoe Store.
Great fiaerlfloo •
Of boots aunt oboes at the Opera . Hoses h hoe
Immense' IIOIIOCtIOD .•
In pricks of swots ant,l shoe* at the Opera lloiise
Shoe Store. .•
. .
511 , 1141 C d flown.
Our entire stock; — geedrraapi; Opera Hauge
Shoe Store. ..
_ ___
' Warranted
To glee satlshietloo—goods soil - at the Opera
'Elouse. Shoe Store.
- • Terrible Minuet ter.
Everstbing selling awful cheap, at the Opela
llow,o Shoe Store.
- Real Hairs Has,
And no mistake, now to be had at the Optra
House F.hoe Store. .
\a l / 3 mado by hand In Allegheny; the shoe+
can not bc beat; Opera Horse Shoo Store.
- For
Everything elegant In Tul miss, Circulars t,!d
Sucques, suited for the Opera's, go to Spenee'S .
No.7s3larirct street. i
Boots nutlbhoes
.ijolng off like hot calres. Come soon and cc:
cure a bargain; goat goods; OPeninons2S/rc
Nuts: Nuts? Nuts!,
Pecans, .AlsnondF, Filberts, Brazil or cream,
English and American Walnuts, Ground Nuts,
Cocoa >luta and Chestnutiyat 112 Federal 6t.,
Imay city. G. 13c./A
A. splendid Meek: yelvet Sactrtue tritunied in
most magnificent styles, go to Spence•s
N. 1.1 Market street.
[tearing . Restored mtdl3l3leol in the
Earl. Iternosed;, •
I corttfy that my hearing was impaired for
three yearii and a constantbuzzlng ht my ears
and.tbat Dr. Aborn, - at the .t.lercliant's llotel,
bas by a few operations, entirely relieved me.
1 stop at the St. Clair 110101, my residence is
in Jefferson county, Pa., . If. BROWN.
'Cloaks, wade from thC following : Tricots,.
AaStrcan, Chinchilla, Beater, W nitney, and
all tee leading brands , at present - so popular,
go to the Pittsburgh Cloak and Mast ill:Telt:we,
N 0.73 Marfcct,st rect.
fantlinti and Scotch. Alen nut forte!.(
lnslish'ana Scotch Ales and Porter tree:Oho
celebrated breweries of Allsops, Byars
Iles, which are acknowledged to proanee the
tines:l..Tait liquors in the world, Is sqld by the
singlebottle, dozen or cask, by hlcClarran
hiclZeanau, ttl Market street, corner
of Diamond, near Fifth street.
Beautiful, gul,t,untial find elegantly
nod flotalted IVrao,, front Llkineltilla, go to
tiyence's, NIP. 73 Market street. ,
Bowers 11104i0101111% lily Cerilar
Mowers InudOrOtra Glycerine.
Rowers luoilorons Glycerine.
The above, stands undoubtedly teltbout, eu
':tool. It is perfeeltli Puro lE is more benifng
and boothine In Its nature, and has not the
slightest color. Sold wholesale and rel all, by
aleClayran Druglsts;i•a" Market
street, remora Moment!, near Fifth street.
For I
Ever3 - thing In the Way and; wade (row the thateihrt adapted to
the,purtlese, go to the l'lttsburgh Cloak/use
Market street.
4111 all the Excellent Tonlex
For 'weakly and debilitate,' invalids, commend
us t:O Arm old English Bottled Ale. We bare
lately bad oar:talon to use some of It, procured
at Fleming's Drug Store, .tio. Si Market streel,
which we dud to Ito a prime article, such a.
Fenny": nev cromm - 1 n this city. Leave Stomach
Bitters for a change, and try soul° of this Ale
sold by Fleming, and our wool for it you will
be the gainer.
Nis the Merchants National Telegraph rnmpanyo
Special to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Olz Cirr,
Riser about thirty-eight Inches and rlslog.
No rain today—Looks him more—very cloudy.
Oil deli.
__ •
- -
Flood at Jersey City—ocean Yaelit Mace
—ltegiutration Trout>to In .1111asunri
The -Case of Priest /McMahon to Fan..
Nor Yong, Oct. 30.—The flood caused by the
rain this morning was so great in Jersey City.
that nearly every 'basement and cellar was
tilled with water. The city prison wan flooded
no that the prikiners had to ho removed. •
An ocean yacht race , for a purse of F 40 ,000
takes place early In December. Three yachts,
the rleetwing, Vesta and Dearletta are enter
ed. They sail from Sandy ilook and go to the
isle of Wight: : • •
The Tribune's Leavenworth special, of the
29. th, siva: A man Just from Lloerty,llo., says
he was driven from there, and that tWO•Inell
were kilted. The Supervisors of Reglstration
have been arrested and are
bunt cofined in the
Threats bete been made e rebels to
clear out the ktegtatratora and destroy their
books. There line been great trouble, and the
Indications are of the moat nervous kind.
• The licralcrs Montreal special says: The Ro
man .Catholai liish Ili not allow the Priest
McMahon 1111ecuted, audit is to he feared
that this serious trouble between
Protestant Upper Canada and Catholic Lower
withttrey Gen. Meat
elicit assassination if he the exe
cution of tile Fontana to take miace.
Indian AlTwit is—Arisoa—Steetuaer Born
ed—Frorn Shaoslial.
SAN Fusactece.get. M.—An Arizona letter
dated October 12th. says a scouting party from
Fort McDowell. allied and wounned fifteen
male Indians, and eaptUrtnt two annual' and
enven children. The Ainerican built slimmer
Truguary, was burned Aug, ibtb; Kankang,
Advice,' train batteghal In neptember Sth,
confirm previous reports of Lite considerable
success which Choate bad obtained over the
Tycoon, who made a descent on* Choate terri
tory but was eau •ht lu a def i le. and
wig:heavy loss. Chesil retrieved the losses
suffered at thy beighning of the struggle,
had crossed into bkokonra, gaining a victory
over the force under the cenunand of Kosher',
uncle of the Tycoon.
The uteutucr.Del Norte, (rein Crescent Clly,t
brings $7,093 In treasure.
Thu bargee Camilla from the Artie ocean
.brings barrels of oil and' 12.0 m Pounds.' or
• _
97th NW:octal rsprea• Company,
E • UKUI '
67us Ye. October M.—Thu National
xureN, Gompany reorganized' to-day. The
now Directors - re lien. Joseph It. AnCereon,
of Richmond; W. H. Perot, of lioltilpOre; '4.
Garter hlarhury. of Georgetown' Col. M. le.
Barman, or htsunton, Va.; It. P. Zimmerman,
01 Atlanta; W. It.. U. Webb, of Now York; J.
Foley, of Baltimore; W,n . Lwors, of Balta.
more; and howls Noreen, of Lynchburg. Va.
Mt. Perot will Do President. In place of Gen.
Jfkeph N. Johnson. A further requP•ition of
Ler , per pont. 'anon the stockholders will be
made and payment enforced.
Dinner to itonfederation flefegateo—
Dore Penlso• '1 otileted.
liAllitT.T o l4 IN. 14—Atrand dinner
was given to t lic English Confederation
fast night. Speeches were t nude by Hon
4, A. DI coonald, lion. gr. Haagen and oth
all lts ti:o Interest of tae Confederation
speeches vrero remarkable for the cheerier, of
-any millions tattle Fanning and to eeeretery
lieard4 letter. , The
colaw am, (C. W.") Oct. 30.—The assltescorn
warmed yesterday. Tree Wile of Indictment (fifth A. against tho prisoners here.
the rase of lieniensas IBrokin•.g
:New Your, Oct. 50.-I.lent. -Undue, who
claims to hive held a comuitaalou In the cr.
Codrederato nary, and whOscired the steatuur
Cheattpeitite .Ictringthe late rebellion, has been
millcteit for retarder and piracx or! the high
ache. Ile well be tried at t.lionort tension of
I,hp U. ti..Cireodt Court:
Pt om St. Thomas..
OEM. th . t. 31.—11. 8. steamer Blenyttle,
from St. Thorns., in tying atquarantine, with
eighteen of t"e crew Meg with yellow and tn.
.termittent fever on board. Fourteen others
died. on the pass ,ge.
. , ---
, - 01.1517, tPlorm—Rn Mable News.
:Om Yonw, (*.V.—The storm has ',wearer.-
~, ,,t (42,,uogrape was; .enst, of rortland. Me.,
aml /a certeestuenee we have no Ca. 410 news te.
It R 0,
Napoleon and NiatsltniWan ro Yaks
Lands Otf—A United Stoles, Proteeto•
relic—lmportant it , e.stier of Torrltei . y.
New Yong, Oetober 3 . ).—The following I; the
Tones' dispatch referring to thu reported
treaty between the Uulted States and the
Mexican titmest Governments , Colonel Lewis
D. Campbell, the United States -Minister to
Meiten, has left this en y.wltli credentials ail
dreseil to the Juarez Government, and with
full Instructions conforming in tvory respect
with the tripartite arrangement previously
comminticuted to you, between the United
States, Fervice, :mil the Republic of Mexiim.
Under the arrangement now perfected, Napo
leon Is to commence the withdrawal of the
French army from Ilexico - tivxt,tnolith,
although lie ha, rt year fl mil that time to emo.
plete the evacuat Miter Mexico, It is more than
probable that the whole army lr ill be I'd: 1.1-
drawn by ur before the Ist or January next. With the withdrawal of the French a rmsa
Maximilian takes his departure, and the.
farce of un Empire on the North A
c oauncor Is ended. The adinintitratlon
dertahes to.extenil to ditarez's Goverbition
In Alexlco R proteetOrate er hien Is to he opera
live, however. only In ease 01 elnerguncy.
plainer term.. our army on the it:,: Grande,
and the ]Meet in the Gull, are to be held in
rea diness to assist..l hare,.. Shoal.% elicit 11,sis.
More become necesFary tii him fh estalilbdi
. lag his authority as President of the Republie,
and in bringing to work full vigor the tils
afftlery of a Itepublicau:Goveruntent.
The ad tutaist ration has Ate• erre hied
with Minister Camilla , ' a Military ollfecr 1:r
high rank, eminent abilit ie.?, and 501111(1 J nag
inent, clot. Mal with pOwer to ter hl the enter.
getter referred to. I.iuut. Gen. W. T. Sherman
Is now spoken of to 'RN connect:Oil, his,! also
Mai. Gen. W. S. Hancock. Thu re:Tonsil/le
pilesloo,lt. is strongly' Ivelt
dereil to Gen. Sherman, it there Is reason to
- believe that he will accept it; but, should Its
decline, General Ilaticoek w lit IltalouSteilly ne
•I t to no part of the plan 'l,, move any I:nil ell
States force into Mexico Until all occagion
shall arlae io render .nett it es..rt necessary,
brit It is hoped that the attitude a.sinutal by
the United hates thus imolicly 1n sending all
officer to Mexico, clothed with this power, will
lie snMcieut to overawe the various
loaders of' that counr tol lliu Milacron,
rival factions that-hes t e:. y
the e
land, and to lead
to an unanimous .norm-sloe to and support of
the only Government that has any pi-e1...n00n
to regularity :old vonstitinumality, or otly
ability to ..tablish and itself.
In consideration of the friendly elites the ,
assumed fly the stlVerilinellt , of Otis Colla try
the government et Gait coun
try, which Is 11111,1 I ta,01,11z,1 and l•Mtaltll4l ,, l,
agree to cede to the ales the terri
tory, as • liereißfore efrailllllaktirest to yell.
The precise boundary of the territory thus to
be ceded it Is not possible at this glee.
but the (UM, SouthweStrrn N 0111.10,141 hoe Of
the Unitetl Tutus w 111 prollnllly leave the 1110
Gmhile at Or near the point where It now der s,
hut, taking a Wore f.outherly courer, will run
• in a straight !hie to the Golf oi California,
striking tlia; gulf at soPoiiit south of Gmiya
rims, so 10 ill elmle that seaport
wlthin the limits of the United roll,.
We then gain tile whole of tir• Pencuoila of
lower CallfOrDia, with .ho more valuable
portions of the states of scams and llll4 with all their immensely rich
pt ecious Metals, the
of the gull of Calif n nia,tind much shorter and
chore practicable noire to the eO,lSt.
FROM NEW (mums,
Proposola for,puttditrr the tt vee—The
Cotton nod
• Ortega nod Genii , trol .bt.i.rectUnts..
NEW.OrtLEA,, fh•tober ori
outnl kalle‘l for lii,tun I
The 'Board of Levee Comm., to tit rii '-
sued tiropomals for lindiliti4 ivelvo loonire
thou:And feet of level,;
Cotton is unchanged; with ,_ale , Of 2,1'1,a loci,:
bi nominal Tim receipt.
the last four an y+ Werebale,y 7,541'
hales for the da- , year.
The exootts were :r.5.14.1
Louisiana sugar Is Igine:ett Me
/8.39es lx ,1110tanl :ti b , New Ye,`); Ex
titian& is quieter at i -
Gen, Orteen, irbn 'has been here for ;i , lll,
days, left this eVening by tee al i t ,ii•ana,4 it.
Man' for Ittar.'oit, St. In:ni lie refit..., to C.-
gard himself to included
denunciation , lit his letter on Mexicali till It ,
to Gen. - Sedan ich, l i e nsi-ts It tam !Ile von,ll
tutional'elaims to the presidency ottlie
Ile. lie says if hits could think that lieu. CII,-,,
Bite thought Of setting; "'He the en e. , 1 it Utin , l
Of Mexico. or upon h s titli-s to nlll nnr-
Itr Under It. he would formally protest tiii.Litst
hia assumotion.
lien. Sheridan leaves to-ttiorroai' morning for
_ . . •
Tito Trinity Property.
New Yuan, thi.t.:Z).—A meeting of the Imire
of Anneke Juni /was held, in liroohlyn hod
Orening to bear the repeat of the committee
who were Termitic apporittei t o confer with
their eonnsel with t•egtrit to a settlement Of
their claims with the Trinity Chant corpora
tion. •
ifhd committee reported that the rertilt of ,
the interview' with their counral loud been
highly gratifying, and Olathe Lind stated that '
the eitUrcil eorpura t lon frivol ably regarded It
,a compromise• with the lietre, Mat he
deemed It probable that a tout enter t
wonld be Made by December next.
This COlll,O luta hero adopted, It in paid. main
ly in coneerillt,Co Of the refusal Of Certnl,. (eh
an t, to may rent, anal if payment was enferemi
by e. suit at law that suit ml ht hilllM that Om
title wis unfounded. Tile heirs of Annette
Jane now feet • confident that (hint . claims a
he recognized, and regeol this prod-al
eompronrise as the enteral.: wedge svideli to
enable them to recover front the. CollaOr..Lion
all the linmenen roperty itninentina, tonearly
4,Noßroperlill valu p e tirld by the Trinity cerpo
-• NEN.: YOMI,Oet. creel toady telegram ,
pour In at the Fenian henilgteirtio , i inguleing
In regard to the :mllOllOl.llO. Fent.ul nitthert
ties in the event , of the e,ention 01 the pi 15-
Caere. The Mint:Ned ,IHratell Preelilept
Roberts and hie reply will tve ae ,bl,2l,acoa
01 the great number that antra tank, are tin
C z INCINNATI. Oct. r. Prraiiil'nl
Neu. For!,
Wu hold a Grand eir it and [unitary
tonight. V 11,1111 beat to 1/o done! We have
Our military, tboroathly reorganized; If
you cull for one bemired tboil,llll 111011 for
three tnonthi they would fni really tit tome.
Annwer this initamllatt:lV. •
.4. W. FIT7.lIliEnAl.b.
To J. 11% Ginri nnaak—l:et yoar wet
In military trim moan tly. iVo will •eom
teach tAnadian etrvard's whether they on
hang a minister of lied or in. If they theul
a hair of his head thaw will him. to run forth
ur than Booker, tpeilneen ,, , nag; utslod don
(Slirne,lo WM. It. lionettrA,
Prespient , Fenian Brotherhood.
A - OINCOVerell plot.
Now Yoga,-Oct. Times gives crc.
dente to a rumor, which has been Mr ...MO
time current around City Pail, that. a pint trot
been concerted try rental , noculiers or the
dedtont,- ard
Mr. John .of Aldermen to and alio re Ave their
nt( Mr. would, while •
ncting•fut Mayor,'ln the Woo - we 01 Mr. noir
' Man, urocced to remove Mu Street Commis- -
shiners of the Croton thlard, which lire very
lucrative and influential
to thu charter the Board of Aldermen may'
&mt. 4101114 - or whim the Mayer.tialeent bovend
throe days. The cotispiratort waited until Ihe
thren days had expired, keeping the Matter
Of Miran vat y secret, and had livery thing ar
ranged to meet at noon ami thillWO Air. Brice
and appoint another preddiklg °Mc , Oblyhr
theme telegraphed to, he being t„,c,
the interior of the id ate. The message aas re-
PelYea / Tao Maier. however, tool.
the ihr gIVIni , up two hOthalt .
gngementm, traveled " four bundled mites, and
arrived at his Mace alma one hour the nicet
lag of the Baird email mho piace. Of course
the meeting was postponed indednito,
Trial , er the Baltimore COMITIIMAIMICI.M.
Ilsi.vixone, October :11,—The trial oft lie Po
lice Commissioners continued t0.‘14, and the
wltnesimS summoned for the defense welt,
present in largo numbers. The trial was con
tinued up to [Kee o'clock, with tau Intent:oh
of holding a night 014/431011. It Is expected that
the case will be brought to it to rmlnatMn
to•morrow nlgliti , the evidence went to prove
that the boxee aced at tlie lute election were
the same as used for several years past, that
Lulea lor the rekcted votes were - sent to all
the waele, end that tirersty-seVen Web re
turned with rejected y0t,05.
Fenian llecitag at I.Outtwillo
• Loetevici.erJet, Vllrillll4 Fenian clr.
Clog or I.lint city held an ineethig
to,pight, Announcing the Itrit tali got - eminent ,
and calling upon the United hint. to Interfere
In behalf of Lynch and 11n11 anon,. -
There wore few Caliell of client to-day;tno4l ,
of Wein mooring. to people
DeWitt Warrisot ,Sll4l'urd-41".1"n
• liIItRISSUMI. October "A.—Tito linverhor has
alga.% a warrant for tile execution on Decem
ber ath t , of Peter itota for the thurder of Ills
wile. •
Them Was a fatal ease of cholera hero yes
peniagylvve.o• CMeiai Majority.
Mibatanuao.P.a.,oet.:lo.—A letter from the
fieetetari Of the (Ameiouwealtb, SlAted the
felloying the,emnplete oftiMel vote for
tiorertmeGeory, Suttnt; C1ymej72‘..0,9.16; Gen.
9remriiiiiejOrityd.7,l.7l3: t
... c ,.__. _. -
~ ,, ,,, . .- i ckEL.isiii, - . .--,- —,? ii.---- -- --:
----- ..__..o , ' - -,, .:-, - • . 17b o t..._
f.,.., .
- , - N ,.....,_,,
-,---.---..---=',,,,, :-_----,,__...„-._ 7 .- „_ _ ;
r „, r , ?,.
\ -- ; ,... ,,,,, , A ,.,.. ; ,... 7„ .„.
~....,„1,...„4 „ ...,....„, -
_ v _ , , r 7.--.... - --1 ,T:._ . .?.. 1 2 4 ,-; - -i,z , , -:-:_i, ~
4 6T ..._,
1....=:4:;74..ri5' ,- " . Q.,? , 7 F. - k r. .. * /4 - ;.. -
~----....4 ~ ::-.7' , -,•.54.7 s --..--'
'' , 4 , - - ; - - :1a , , ,, ..c- Lz 2 , totoiAd \:zilf--- , ---
_ . t--s-o,‘-,..,' "- cs ,, 3 "N t , ..".. 'T . ' - v . "
/ . .i ... a.V1, - S: ''..^:-... - , ' - ' -'7.C. t tiln 4'
.../'?, ........ , ...4...2... -- : , - - , t. , 1...
I .:- ".- C
, 1"....e r. , - t . .tiAw
- 7 -4":' ' .-, :jr„.-- _ .--- .- - .1,-'77 - - ' 7. -- - -
- -=-----ri ' -'-------.---. ' -#.- - - , 7 . --- '2 : 7 ----. ' -
/ — =' - ' 7 " ----
-- ==i
Oficini Mexican Dl.patchem—ludian Set
pert otemilosat Appointed—Yank Chang
ett—lPrtego anti 31extfto.
W /A1_111.1'0:1, Oct. 00.—Thi, moue= Lega
tion received to-day, official despatches dated
cotton tin , lot lost ~Ltiontalutng tbo folio% -
lag Information . • •
President Juarez issued a decree on'the 'Nth
nit., repealing the decree dated Michael%
gust. filth, 1011, in which certain in leech:mita
wereolfered to foreigners whnirould emigrate
to Mexico to join the Mexican artily: Now
the Mexican government reserves to 'ltself the
right of flying the terms on which eke will ac
inpt the services of foreigners In eVer.i case
according to circumstances.
The official paper of the Mexican govern-
Meet published Gen. Martinez's report of the
several successes obtained by t ue Liberal for
ces In the States of Sdnoza Outing the month
of August last.
A communication frilm G n. Lozada is also
published. showing l lent this General, who had
at the lieginning jollied I he French. and Max
imilian is thoroughly dt,gusted with them and
lute made up , his mind to desert their cause.
lie advisee hie COUntrynten . WhO have taken
sides With the my tilers,
to abandon that
cause. This lea vet grea t blow to Maxtmll
lan ltainia was one of the main Sup-
Do rterS Or the Wei - aro, alai a man 01 ranch la ,
tinetiee In his ,n.,triet.
The General land Office has direCted therm
W oval '2 xi lien% Ot the State of
csin, onon,ii
account of t the Green May and
Lake Mk:hie:in Canal. '
nmninii. of Kansas. was to-day ap
pointed S , iperuitentlent of Indian Affairs for
till iiiiperintennenci.
There has been several cases of A idlatlo
Cholera daring the past week.
The [honk or the State of Missouri, hi St.
has been changed to a National bank,
with the title of .uThe National Bank of the
Stale of Missouri," lied received its certificate
of authority today. its capital is fi3,41ti,300.
No cltculutlon, will he issued.
There Is no truth In tine rumor that the Mex
leant Consul at New liricros 1,, 0 1 oo piloa to
Gene al Shionlan fur per . missien for General
011. , ,g. pass t0 . ..111,1,0: ,• Ti1e Mexican eoti,el
Seat to-day it dispatch to Minister Romero.
'denying tile charge, as General Ortega M-
I leads to IS,IIO a print iinciato against the Moe.
! lean government:. It,, cannot, have the sup
port of the 'Mexican officials.
The Fenian, •and the Sentenced Pile
oncen—lkehant Renolntlunn.
Pitll.A uttrui A, Oct. 39.—At a alerting of tho
Fenian.) Of Philadelphia, held at .Logan
this evening, to express their sentiments on .
the conviction and sentence of Colonel Lynch
Ilev..toint M'llalion, the following . .pry
amble and I‘I.OIUtiOLIS w ott offered by JAMOS
CIU111".1411 . 0 010 COILIMitteO,RUEI
0.1110.110Ay tO/01Atti:
'Wheat:AA, The conviction and /lenient. of,
druid: , ll 011 ettlOn VI luta Rev,:
.1 oli n Nl:Mahon In a CalllOtian court Is another'
vs - Went, of lhn brutal und vindictive spirit of
peril/Ilona 'Britain, and In keeping with thst
(.100 , 1y elwlc of laws that lets been indicted by
her 11,1,11:aloes on People . of Ireland Our
lila the seven himilred ttata - s; and whertur,
Culef J notice Wit-on out, Of the repr.-senta
t ill., 01 Brit 1-at Rot-L:11Y on - this t, In
p.insing sentence, road a I. Muni fullof that
court IrAt hypocrisy peculiar to BM:limit
pullanthrophy, on tlie.heitions crone Of intik.
g who tevc e diem ally
ti:iln, w tole the government ite retirements,
:icon making relmillesa, bloody anaenter
iiiimainginar lull the people of lreinuil for
genet IlalotO.;_, a people who never injur-
Ent:land; oil the contrary, iglu
nitte.l her Innocent /dogs V. lien her
people. thine buried in Orson baroarinur,
Owl, 00 learned Judge white Illicit
with holy horror lit tile no called crime Of Col.
Lyn c h till a therii, I his coat, Mu ithi
idol comfort given IIV hi, government lo
nolve thia Caton tool to overthrow • this gut
menet; he forgot the depaahillons of the
'Klub:teat, the St. Alban,' raid, and !hi, ollier
infamons tract:Mations ortlty of that Malik:-
mita tette ov hived by England since the tor aw
at ion et 11th, tiovern men t.
:Ina whereon, The invasion of Ireland In the
year 'Nigh sell freebooter:, whereby
sill. s, v Hinges um! 1131111 , 11 wets eonituitteit
to [lle thanes, Oil lithaht , ,tut , tali 10 1110
:td er ilrlt en to I'at'l, and mountain fort-,
lenseni. --a.erirne camtitnittted against ail law,-
Minuet and divine-laid every generation of
r race 01110, that melancholy event has pro
t copal agtinit that inva.lon with arms in
their hawk, ibcri•torv, lie It
• - rwa - ,” view m the foreg...A fact.
Ill,: lira territory lay. the
oiherhood of the lliateil States, ens
a 1,4111(11a:it 3017,E W:(1' It the part of tillop
thitlph ; 11101 the tithe to strike is
lot,lill of Wiley; whether it be seizing the
colonies 01 Ole hiovrt,,, , kor, or sweeping - her
cornmeal. , from the mew, It wits
14 IttiH GOti-gIVIUI Light, 10 regain their long
art OlO:rtituf and rOMIJIL, their ancient nation
ay, hal nerved Ile, arm of the Fouls!, net.
an, le strike to the du at Ilia hated tilt:; of
heal:mil olt Litn,l,hte
.4` 10011 tot the trial, convig.
IOM and nen 0211ceit pitsJeil on Colonel Lynch
iina others :OM 01011O•oft , .. -- i-0 the Irishmen of
lea, nod accept it 1:1 the mplrlt Intended,
wa• pliolgo our liberty. and sacred
kll k ERtO hel,,,tlt, it race 1 1 Lit
,Lc:fteeeptutl the yoke of the Norman reti •
ben', . - •
Tighti 0 t he o E%capeati Fontana.
Comovcit., C. W., Octoneina.—Ron, .1. H.
Cateerit, crown counsel, notd led for a writ of
/, , ,btuf ',rpm, It takes the three lonians
(rem her, to T 01.114 .1 to lie tried with those
now at Toronto. - The Crown counsel also
moved for sentence of ontlaWry Nob:int Mike
Morphy and other lenians;, , aho occulted by
breaklhg Jail. The naines of thoee at to TU.
mote are Keys, Ilartwell and •
itatiroad, Detentlinis
l'ark...ntri Y. October 3e.-4'ne Albany
rain, dun a t . I'reksklll about uluO o'clock this
Horning, MO off the trick ttro tulles south of
reek th o w Am g r t ] o
Th c r A e r e a s C h ar n e g w ur o
root the I,ll.,rllgerS worn karlouely
ohirea. huh truelte' will be Obetrucicil tar
..vvret hoot,
1111pOrtaut lonia° Ad
Yom;, Oct.3l.—lLh itateLl tb t Prev!.
111 soon 1,110 an Important
41, , 1 tilo len lan I tl . ollk,ll ,l oillnrelutton
to lUn fq:Laf.ti co of 1:kylleil .in Canik , l%, and 111.
taro otf.7,uflr.fitloll . ! .Tocer 111.3 lien much 00-
L idol , It 1411 101 latn Isc:1;1-
4ifiartc, in LUIS coy to-lilly - . .
ILA-Rebel Gen. Meta 'risylor V 0000 Jelr
lout itE:ls 31ox not:, iie4 3kl.—Es.-ret.l Gen.
tea Taylor arrived tlica mornina Iron) ‘VI$Sil•
Oli a Vila Ile rgoallaud
1110 tort Ldi d„ty, taal *eat earth q,-dayt•-
't he Stenmer halt Franc Plea. •
r •
Ce .1 11.ce,TON, - October V.o.—The steamer
te Froneoiciot from NicOranien. for
w York; With NeVell 111111th ell 50i1 , 1 4 01 only
pawit!flgerS, puL In hero tooluv for coal. She
will rennin.> not voylige to- Mearow.
lteporterft' 'Work
Tbe last number of the Phonographic Maga
:one 1 •wit.i,.111.1 follow lag: •
must, Of coo CRC, po4soe3 the ability to
report. any kind of It Hpuuker when required;
tilt, ability to cat a speech one•intlf, and yet
pi,: all time was rL,Ily Leo ability to re•
port a loose, rambling speech, and make
“I,ort and concise ciao la Mace of It. Then he
n,houlll be able to do 'descriptli:e writing;
p a per
u is s
a r s e p im o p oinia ntl l end mist m bo a r
r y Oon
murder, Intensify wilre, whiten a saint
blacken i& sinner, out-talk a. lawyer, make tt•
Si 1... intere.tiow, and so paint the dh.
11ta1,gs of I lielmantiatoir
13.1 , 011 till, OIOCkIIO/111101-
1101 01001:0,111100 1 10 11 it lit r makeeading,
101 . the faintly .circle. lint lie must do this,
mlllOlOOl tOO. ut float union...sable hour.,
atilt], to most. people, under most peipluzlim
etre niSlatices. 1 0 mgst bu 0140 to collect his
110140(N iu a political caucus; honk devotion
.lll 01110 minister's prllyoll and
11 111110 stipprcs.L tedianutiou while
knew., to
till, to,ll sinony or 11 111 I 110tIS whom Ito
k e ese,,"to 11111111011119. Ile moil be able to
write w 11,111 lialf 0,1111 ler Whlltoilllooll. aged to
drive a hell alnodenttiS e.xliausted. 110 toast
110 v..IW of 1111 own but to work (or the
dear news -hiving public, and be able, under
all cireitinsi once's, to •0411101103 an atirritable.
of 11111111, the Minter's devil. The Milo rep re.
er 11010, 1 / 1 1 111l00.0r of himself :I II peeJudiceS.
if he be /1 IR:ulienl, 00 111100,00 wiper, nu 110t0.
lately inst Lost ConsurEal lf he he. a Dent
-001111, 110 111 1111 00 WC:11011110 11l Misrepresent
lag the L.:A reinistitedic.i. hecluel anti Laird
rata 1011101 , permit tilt: reeortere' to inlsree.
resent epposition mica - mu. Firstelass papers
insist upon the tidiest jostle° been; 001,1 by
their r..porters r all tot. misrepresentation.
ecee.e.try tile editor claims Inn prerogutite
11141.11100 !Cullers. •
llow 11. Went a Illisu
A philadcluidA papier given the fullowlog
little funding iv Iventhro "A moon by' the
11111110 orO'llnurku, oil Saturday, undertook to
Co shooting for rail birds. in reaching for
itowilerdiank Le ilfolitied it Into& tub of water.
This by no moues dieliearted hint !Min OnJoY•
log Ilia half holiday lie hail taken trout the
foundry of iorlh, Chase A North, in which lie
Is etui.loyed. Ile pourell mho powder Into It
trying paa and oiled It over tile Itru. Thu re
sult earl eaidly guessed at. kir. O'Rourke
wuv 1,1000 1010 the yard suit" his Ito id
singed that 1111 looked
. 11iiI1 11. peeve fighter.
1.1.101,11 y tot Imo On I centred no bodily lapin%
ib I,,dr; board and 0y1,1011111,1 Went i11k0110. 41
its eltoehy an it by it nicer!,
appnlottuent.—Goneral J. Irvin Gregg. of
Lew Ibtat rp, ha's beertappoln ten Colonel ot the
rill United Mates Cavalry. Thu regiment Is
to be ralseol In California, and the General trill
repalr to that State in a abort time. Thu Gen
eral Was fortnerly eoinundider Of the Seeend
iirtgutle, which WWI com powed mainly Of Penn.
ayiventa troops, 'and ribose `Cour+ ac, endur
ance andforsorate'rras displayed on the_ many
bard-tenths battic-tteltlt or the Army or. tb.l
Fotopme, owl WaS one of the
appointed by_Gerteral Ithertdan to 111V411144fatn
tam eatwo of Um AO; in .New thleara.
t' .tlMl,orgzetlts. I
_t‘ L1 ,, ,,..—1iv• ennui seitnle drama of i
.PIONAL LOCAL 1iE1.7 . t ON THIEL, PAGE.) tt: -rp.)....,. i..liard,ten,l'addell bit. been placed i
, upon the singe al this populdrplave 01 manse- •
rii - 111 . . al itii exl , oll-ii of' tiloni- .an d s of dollars.
• An Earnewt, Lover.
ire, s•totliet e•e, dm him., last eye... ,
Animila Nicola, as lain . 11:l1111` 1e.110.11, , iS . {V, „iii . u ,,, ~, •,,, 1 - „-,, -- ---- --- --------
trim it lima, an,l Illte it great mi.b.rity of los sod 0 ,,,,,,,,',....,. ' ,..i,,
~., i,,',.,,:, 2 ,. ' „ '.' ,L, ' ,., ‘ ,11 1 c " , ' ","„-, " „;,, " :.
countrymen, he is gifted with a heart cull:'.'.;.. . 11 ' .1 '`''''' :.1. .'"; , e i .eid , erab,d been St it
,l in in., Ines! rival Jibe, in entsintralt.
of hiving or hatieg" in the latis2l . ca,e,0.,1•,,1L ',..,,, '
..C.L.I 01,1,-1.,,11•1 . I, In hi:ening 511tH tile
gerOuti extreme. Antonia, who earns a frugal . I.l . th:lit 1!0,'! II:t; 1 I,rilinet ili sum. iv,, trust
living by ventlin, fruit through the ettacts , ,li ne "' '",, 1,1.10,- 51111 fail 111 witiies, 1110
•et nree t;itat.i.ineii -
„„'t,e htm it is uponll
doting the day' a n d playing the liar., 01.,:t 1,,,,r
~ ~,i t,„„' t ,ii,,,,.,. "
thinking saloon in the evening, fell min,. a ' I p rr ,.,,„,..,,,„ 1 • 111 ..„.,.,,,,
—,,,,, 1 1 , i , ~,
short tone Calico AlcLI a fair .‘peCllll4.ll ill tie!-. , j ,., ii ,.,,, , i,, ,..
~;_, "„;,
.... 1 . I 1 . ,rou„ am,.
tie beauty, named Anna iit nlgall, WhOlenitio•il , :,„„.,.,...,6, ~.,„,. ~„„ir . „.. i o "U" . ' L " "' "."
14.11tl I linstudittle netgliliorlaiisl'ot the salooti I!'::1• their ~,1 i r ,;:, i ~,,,,...... it,. .., "- , ‘ - ' ,, ‘ , ' -'3, " ,, E 1,7 ) ' • " ,, ' ,, " i t ,:.
orreil to.
t 111 . st...tuna revolved Antonia's advancer !.`,T.:,', " Li 1 ,,.?;, 1 .,... '-‘ , ` ,.` l , i i e ,j ' ,. ' ,; ' ,j;:',l l" ,t, “ d 2 i n j o t" , ` ,7r'e P r " :,, t il. "
very tiraciousiy and held oat stroag hoill, it. ~,,,..,.
Whin that the
love miala at lento Ii lie 1•100,- . ' '"""
et by connubial honors.' This iitepirci 'Na 1.,,, e 01 r or .It limiesit Xs.—Our 'readers'
with Confidence thus. Ise 1101,11 should ints 1 11!!! nut lorget that 1110 grand einnolluemiary
with n ready neeeptafteti, but Jean- eil his :
lII' ',hi Ii teraierint Mr , . Peary lledilttek, tine
when avowing lila ei,ntini,ni, ef iii., wltitiv.. or !Ile 11.11tri41,11..! !h. , Thlnttle orelle,-
lie.rt. to the object of his affections, 11., u ds ' Ili L. II iai o, s 111 lied lir the liegi , lasi week or,
met by ntlat refusal to have aayt hang nt all to Viltii , II 1 I 1 ' 1 • I'll.' , 11111 ., 111 , - I aileron at till,
dot' ith him. . T„,.„,„.. 201 1111 prominent musieilm Oct 11.0, first the rejected lover implored hi, 1•111- . 1. " i . li.‘ ,L e ye , '!" . ' .. ' . : Ll I t ‘ " ' .I. ' '.''''' n 49.‘ the
ecinta tut nange her reply—to et•e hi. ~,,,,,, „ilia, 111:111' Mr. 1:1,01,7IIIIIn am,..arq in one
hope, but his pleadings fell oa stolid ear,nati ' 111 1110 "' II. " 1 111 ' 1 ' , I; ,•I Y I'"III 'l'l the prei
futind no response in tilt: lwart wha m . ove he , la'ls ild ill t h e widow 10,, b ,lll the bt . ll,llt IN
craved. Seeing she IVU.II dead to pay lie deter. to ila Orel , . Adlitti tam , to 1111 pa ill of the
Mined to resort to force, 111111 graliping tile Un- ; hi-IL'''. fill) Clint... S" ''' -i ' i ' I'l i""" 1,
butpectlng Anna ln his arms he attempted E..... .Ittini., Alen -.,....- ):., oe 11, Ilall Was eras:d
i:arty her into tee street throng!: 'Om Stlloon .i I t he ,, „,... ',.., i.,,,,1”. jii.• ~,ite,nen,,,,,,,,,
crowded with men.. While iii transit u s e ,
!le,. t 11 o•.‘i 0 1 !el iiisstnetion of :lie "Arabian
Itherated by tile landlord Id the house, 1111 , i' ',.. Ina,” liy 101111 e LI, Itti dle. 11, within". to
terribly exercised at Nicola's conduct, e.t, . lin t ...e..-1 . ni, tamment, ,ilia :it itself is a
111111 rather uncerinaniondy into the , treet. , .c i rat inducement, 1 ie. proprietor
i ll s a
Sibs Hellman, fearing Milker vanenee, ..p- ' vit tnin .d priairs each evening with i :Ludt
peared before Alder:esti Motile:l t anti 111:111,1 i cut 6 iOy t 11,110.1.1131 t °oily gilts.
oath against her minaret for asseiult I+llllll.ll- :
ten' Rua surety or the peat,
Tun accused 51110 arrested yesterday aft!
noon. and in dettult. o(lllll . neces , are bail at
eetinultted to jail to await a hearing on Ft
day next.. .
• 17etti111: Into
• The !ailing of the roof at Wilt, ins . Hall, la
'811zUlller,•lel Mere ilatuage than uptaau cal
the Lirril. 3.llVere Its wit 1110 3.0•14111,3
by eV cry tit big throughout the 1,11. C . ,!: ii;; ; 01,411
stains below, I lin wont i ,, fort❑an tea ,
follow, long . alter the rubbish of the fallen to
hail been cleared away, and the iniind nee
the Inundating 1100.14 hat! itritill'ott .1.( bra
,lilt WaS.the cle enneernizz3( the I • itt-14111
A4.3oClilt • ••••.Tlteliyutuastion iv
tilled in 1110 tnpain.t etne:4•4l Inn 1.11011•13;
of Course reeelvt . ll the arid.iana tali,'-7 brut
of the crash and (be (Ore. at. 311101 of thew,
impoiltint wprati'atul of the - bit:to:eat a
locatedillreetly cad, the !allot ip•rt 101 l i• 1
roof, anti was daniiiit...l th zrreitter oe /es,.
give. flat the too,t, serbio4 (roun•l4, pi be .•
sOCLIIIOII tins beef, , Inn;; tielay eXpern
Cod in repalrttig lit': 1.411 , 01 nun. Iturlln(
the tinotAllitt tqapeell -tata, the ueeniet
the GyninaJtuto latii 1.e., it, at, unlit iaist.:at I
for use., the repairs ha/ Int; cozonni
the roof wa-i made eater
tinder stall clec•••ll4tasze4•4 /3 a, 11. t (I
fair of the lizellibern •Vel e 11,110.4,1 to neat, a
in colo l .4oplciletz the attcnitaace land lit, hut,
eat liaCe Innen rat ianwatalny. ;ice ar.;
.1,11c,e.1 now, heee's r;.,; ~,,r;
reconarractinn tia-lied tot
in stew day,. tile 1,1111,1..111111 WIII lie .
r shape Ills, , eo.T. 'I liea e ;•• Vential ht,attna• Part:.
full retarn of the member , - to the The .;t tile 31,41 101.:
their nect3tOtried evOint Inas.
1 . .1 0, 1 a titit Oa: Ott 2111111.1.ty nigh; at the
71 1.4404 , 01 Mr, 4'. Race, On IVoini 34 rect. 041•1
land the 'I re Ili,
• the fob, .olddion , tl •lireelor - • Were cle3l
- ! Lbiten One nirellicne, anti we iris , it•" • • • • • • • •
, • •ed t z z •-••••3 •• 111•1 11 3 optelnber. 1 , , .1 0101 ‘v. rit
yell shat will ila /note la . .] I. btoi 00' 4 1% A,
p0;11.14 oc 11111. atol gatlot, .1••••- ' ; • • • •
OW 'I 1., 4•1•11/••• of the Company now
wee fl‘'t ,tatel l'risoliait,.To-ilot M. Koala
tug itir (nel w
uncle ,0410 g l ee, 1•-.1,;etn. NV. C•
4••••thlneral 311.
/ •pa ritabnelant. 14 P. Alorwiaz eclarY 44 11,4
Il purent,tilattou el hell., ,r ; 'VI A. Spent-. l/levelor4-300:13 1 1
/41.1tfli are nele , lcal IIV 4 - 11 total ate' e31•••rienc•••I • M. limp;. C. Morel:old. D. I'. Tito,
hands, ttlt tb••••,..,:t• 61111 A .4 h , !
•A- it ' 1 " h " to. nilth.i • C.
ot . I I.trvey 31 ,1 .atn. •14.1, K.
Dr. Key3.•ri'li itoo AO, NN rill— I, doan alt.tue,JeAfie
b011...rega1... pair a!! Ili. 114;.;;.0113(orzape• It ii e
nody, and it tli inivert id rue iddr.d Cu l. it l"
it 1,'1.111:: Ina in (borringli
I•lactieit wet., reinter t •••; la p.or, :11,1 ..ri.3114 , 110,4 1 •••••• ;wing ;nude for a
,e;a44/tato.,( 4estl reze.nn. 3;0.
324y4ten•j•rOof iii.9/01 In, 01 1,11 ,lal •••. p••••• ••• ill •.•• 1:‘,111.1,1:
(1111/aal olekne 4 04 and lc ••.• and ••• 11.•;• cal- V.zz •••••'• .• rati i ••• zz , 4/1/ 11 /re
Ilutal a1ne..14e4. Tl•o4•l,uni, 04 lice, ;and n 1111, r ,•••••••• 0,;•,' tt In chat Fit
ot trenezire eaull.l •••• .tilt' I.•E ;t.1.,•• •11•1!1 . ....1 by • cle. rirnee. 4•• 11l at 041 r ell
llio"ln414 Or. cO. 11.14.0 entcr
tri,rdinary `icarelicr, benne v 2.••••••••• • 0. • I.4l.onent '••; Ihr Cad: 1'.I:, Nz nil, Man !Lea,
p 0 cer all nutlet,' 0t11, ,, , ”ti.l • 111 alriaolv for
falli'nalttever still: ion) 0,., vAri,e; zelvell 1 , 4 I, p; ••3 0b ., / at tile triitral
Itead core, nu
In I 1••• el I`;‘ , 411zree. I n Inter.
bargli Minos. by Dr. he} +r ' • 1:1•.0.1 :real 1•
yoll Cannot tail to 1,0. Venn inee•l II•41 It ; , A 114, it 0 , : 4 . trntr.
oey ‘,lt Reel It 1 ;Val in I till VII , . .P 1
tue•111,1 , 110 , 1 nas 10111,111 , 1 • c ,;r4 'alive. ; • • "
""" )1"'"'
4'1•41: f3r Dr. 3,.4. • 4•••,, •••••I • Itetz, .. I!, 10. ;a LI ••••• 1 , 1 Ine 1111e4F1 0 113 3100,
careful in (al, 140 other. iii' ;•• r 1I'll!!'', 01 .; 1..• ••, it, I• 1 0 . 111
or six. !with, tor +:,, at, 14 , 4 Ve". l -1.1 •:•'l. . . 1.0,4 ••I b, ;•.••• t , tet 'drain, tool "lade
)I a tilt ra nob y to nal-
A i llrotail l !1., 11•
A eorrti•ponileto, a e
ti•ti •ieli••••' '111(01,1 • 1,1,rd stied -it I
~t iti• ploc-ael• ••I '.'''•-••• •• • " • • / • 4.•
. , Its • , •,11:11••, 1 ..longiog
iittipling grAini ..nneet I VC,. IWO . 011 MOll- • 1.1111, • 1.110. , I••• 0r...1. • “lii-sell" a
ilaini;.;l1L1111•1••r the 1111,14,, 01 1 . 4•1 f. 11,1111311 '1.,: .”rn "!•",1'1,•,,,,,. 1.01•1,•,, an./
ICnake, the talent 0.1 organ 04 1.1 h..
tili unlit oi• tl h 1.11.
Sta lz• ry re• peel tn,.,1, 1,,. !„., 1„,.. ;,; r ;,,.
Cart was a grand 4•14••••••••••, 11,,,f I It, 1,1 put I.; ocalli, Induced
est; degree of credit. urn. tin. i.ntle.iind ;:«c. .Nlo-e,, tio, ante tile • o ataiyi• stated.
(14::03 C11.11111•Oaring upon the Tt••• Z I 1 4111, 1 1,01. 1,, .11•1, C 401; tlie Intorination
audience. UOtwilll'atall•ll.4 the Inel , 114••••••:: of that 1•••• ••1 ri 3ea any . olrelle , to the
the weather, Wroi anotiii,litt tow., it iatita.ll.,ii in any
VPu are:plea: 4 rd Si Rule nee: eVittelli,•4lLreol. 0,0 111, ,1,•11 11011 C. I 112,..1` Is ate addl.
/i 41,4k4,'4 141111114 Y. Am Justly e4lneln s 3 I •••••131 z• ; ez.e.•••• Ira ea•••••, it 14 clearly
'one or th.,4n0,,t and lalcute•l ••v1•14•11( Izat 3l;er, been eV towel) .
teIIvICITA art l- tea of 011 r eity. e !to , 1 he alit:, ; sq, to I lo• tutbai , member of the tee . -
favor at Pittsburgh 4 , 1411 at t•O'll , •1! 1 I,i i'lg 1,1111,, Ilh 6,1,11 11Cr /vol . /41101 4041 e
Maier aq4pletir, kat/Wing till (I he 10•11I.1 ••••••••••••1, 1••• .:1 1 1`,,e inn to ”is
celemet Le pu itch tto,o Mall 111,1 th natio:loy.
In store tor our
• l'ltorkool Stull atone ~triton::.
TI/0 Weather. - i iticher.l I'lloll - .1) -On catne to the . 0 , 11.!!!co' 3 ns..-
The weather during the bug In day., has i tleo ?:PP, yentoolat', and pot.0,•••1 inch:lran I
been very v a riable, now tr e ating U.. 1 to I.rtalit,! Ed 1.....,.., stealion nnah,t ,\,i.. ill Mow t ray. The I
rape or hunoa,.., uuor , to etilllClll, tllltiWitth It . : • parties 01 , 1 , 10 111 11.11 , 14 :II lOW 11-1141, 011 farms
rain, ..tntt fllfltill to cell, chilly, nu,ty. rpcite, ~,u. , ,,,,,, , 1:.01111114 , , ~ti Oh ,\ltoolny after
above till,tho Ittteit disagreeable. Ent/0 , 1.11Y !
0 00 t 'I 10unp,01.0: ,,,,, lII' , t1 ,, 11. 4. 1it toll-he the
lire Own., ho nagt!....ab
d inch di le to . loon., ~ ill I ilt• sil Y. ttitittlittl lon on:rid-en
tattoo, who,:o ,ftg,,utty arrAne , l , ffilr' — ' ,.. ' ' niel tec; , :,111 f..1 , •1,' a it ty 110,-0 Valllttil tit Cite
reetil• of stnoontt. in;. toll Calor.. the nttroo— ! to..lred ••!..1 1 e rot 5 dollar,. which he ;.nlyn to
nt 0 1 0 •-•ed and tnlntoed nhout I, _Lilo ••• dol . ! '• •. too. 1.:101..1 i".•.! er, n 10. took the nototal to
Cirttl, 11111.1 With It 1.tek(U.,911,5. no 1101 , 1 • •„,,i.. %v.,. ht,o4 too 111011 I:14 Iltil tioro returned.
l • t l . t
l a m e
r r , , L • t i l t , t . g e
i n: ‘,. 11: 5 e i,, , , , i ' , .. 1 , ,' , ..1 - h l trr ~ ,, : i . , , , , , .. „ 1,
1 1;) , " . ,
1 5 , 1 ,, e , t .. , r 1 .2.: ,t , ,, i , e
1 . , .......t t p , , ,,..t .., i , t. ,. . , 1; i t , ... ,r . , , e ., , e ” ::, , 1 ,,, n! , 1 - ,: i n ,: ‘ ,, , f , t e h i t:
reVrlallone than 1101 , 04 enttY 1i.,0411 . . 'IA,. (coo j „,,,,,,,,,,, T,„,,,,,,,,, , , ~,,,,,,i,..,0n to Carter
malt tolorns that 11111 , 11.Y.ilig 111 4, I"I'II 1 IIi 1001 . t It, ritth to lliekory, wit-ro'he Sot 01100.1 to per
tT.lOl ut it itottntlful r!tall , Ot 01 i ill y w i' n ' ! ! ! chin ,. eon , 0010, •'l'll.. oefe.ol.lnt, who hit, a
Or I.atrd'n blot,. of youth, are nnotlenly !net- ! ~,,,,T „.i,,,,,,,,„„ f,„.;,,,,,,,,. ~,,,, ~,,,,,,,ty, ~ e
umorpbiz,,.l by the chilly ttir that 1110011 It'll 1 1,,,,i f, t , , 1 1,,,,,,,,,... ~,,,,, ,„, t. I •
flikleete Milt hole W .terlileilly wetery I• 1- I •
Ilene}. 11111 enough, the wratfier I. Ow th.a. i, ArCtlil•nl.
greeulde even to tfeert.o the iiiioll.l,lt 11411{4.1... Itit. .
-- -•-- - I
~ 4.:,;,, , , rat.about mion. a. Onto eland
1 AlMllidOlted. I } ; I :C., 1 . .111....11-oit, ttli It at 11e1et.0.13,
•,, , , , , fitly ,
tot Inc lain nay of l. mot ft certain Celli- " lf,eti ,al ,`, , o'- tn:lO,ll,W 2,11011,101 Pike stroct,
cline Porter WilS 0011111 the holy 1,10.1. ol ' 01,1• . ....1 I t ~,, • ..• ftli,liltn,:.'calent. lie
wedlock with a youth name Cllll3 il, Miller, , et.. ii i i 1.1 ,
,r, ~ ~1.1,...,,i.... otg, e hit il eh ..•tlflJ•
t, lwit 1,.. wino: 1111:S.11 II fell. coo' ',lett -
who, nocot dim; to the atoi - y of tile torn,' r. le- ; I ..° ` . _ ~ .. .
11. .....ei 0.".-11,- lai x.e.,.t ire. /he toj tit ea matt
fteictl, after the third they Of their iich 1,41 1 trite hililo‘.ll Mill. Mitt: 11111 i 11011.0, CM lier of
life to 1,0 with 1,,,, , .-4,,,, to eoutrimos." shell iv I 1v.h, , ,L :,...i o
IN Pit,
at t,,
,1,11 ,,
t o ,
.o,,The , hisem. injmorieslor
Or Indirectly to hersupput L. !111, Import on- i '...t e pomp te
tug him to lion with her 1111111 slit. heeame tin. Of Ills ft•ot tclt, to.olly et 1,10,1, lota It to tnought
tally ashanacil by her ilor-mabive etfor is rho , that ,L11.1111,11.11.i1111 %11l 1101. 1W retithred.
care 1111 till hope of pettecably having liar Inas-1 -....,-
. - _
' , line orVvertY re- ,,, r0t t“ lice, tutu lailie'lri'l Painful I:osolt ot root.-1 e.lerday morn
before Alderman :arab,. ye,tertety, Unit pie- r i „ g it !„q' it .„,„,.,, w Pyre, ,„ 1 „.,„,„, ~, ,„,;„,,
('resit a clung,' of abandocasecnt ' , fare , bet ; reee, ell a .., ' e le 111"otry an hi i 110411 4411 Me re..
defaulting protector A 11 1 01111 a. W. 1.1 I,SIICII 1 snit et hunt. ton 111 , V...“ I..tving. Ile, unit
for lilt arrest. . : point' roam:other', 1111111 leillilit 0 over a bum,
' when hell, MIMI It fit the ground, his head
4 Deserved compliment. I chlein ii 11l 1:0111,11:1 With a large stone. The lit.
We lac In the receipt. Of a number or tile., tie ft how nu, ..0. , et eiy. ali hough not shoe,.
foreign papera, hi Which we lAmorve eNtem.l ., %t•., 1...,".L1,',..:',/,...i...4
clippings from the clever heliSh111.1•110.i Of 1,0- ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 „ th e ', di.s.l ~...,; (111 e..1111,1i, if jjoy
ropeun scenes. 1130.1111e1a trod ellshee, h. pea I,_ , j .,,,,j,1 1,„ j ,,,,,,,, s 1 1,1,01111. Silllllo 11111t1Sehlthlt
cal our contemporary, th Doputeft 1 / 1 ( D. i C.. hilt Mit ell'hill. it, ill, thei hi el,
Neill. Bilh., its titillated editor. lill4 Is li 41 , `• I i
Bet Vett tritest,' to the ahlilly ot on , lell'ov . ,
tint t b.- -Wo received yester.lay trout
tOWIO1111311 4 :111d its lilt -1C1 , 1 0,1 1 1 1 01r.... 110, t ... .' 'Mr. !tt. t 1 . 1. It.ll, t, of t \ml 111 Fiv",et Le township
liberally approprlsted at Wile he the leading 1 , bun a„,„ ~,,,, „pi,. n. that rye., greeted
Journals of the ...snarl', It ...kV 4111
°.' 11 ., k.... 1 ; rN I 'l4lll denim out cog t ity terns in toe eds.
proud of the recognition tit America ml l 1 . .11. I 1 ,,,, ~,i j .,,,,, j. ti ,„. 1 , j, It ii,,,j, i t ,„„ j il, ,
repo of his 110Serlttivn puss it tool vcr side . '.,,..,,,,,, , „h.,. 1111,,., 0mit „,,,........i..:‘,A4. a„,m4
style of composition. • -.7 . 1 ll.t, or, weighing ono pottier toot aren't tool '
- ' ' ,yen-eight., and meas. mg tom liPti ligeilen
l)g. Aboon.-We hope that stoaaor our read- ; anti tone-t•it lugt to eti
l t lllll l .Ol re,. The Miter
era will rank 11,15 truly eritfirrillisiit.Tl pt PI , . St 0.1t:11 , 1" ,” "'“” "' ""”•
tleld P/IYHIUMIL WI" WlrgeOn , with lill lit /this j slid lite , ith 4 151111 , 0 mein, loot Otte hilitl
'painting onacks-wito have hitherto vt,,ne.l tile 1 its cliental., eine, Who vat. Itt,tt t h a t!
city. In... Aborts 111Miliin *1111131.c I.3ll•llillriirt j . . -....-,.....,
las permanent , lieteloptartei,,,. and I' tole lot ' A ...1,1,,,,, ri. - 0.1.- Ito tcrtal ilment. -II
illlihi.. l 11. CV.Pl,ol.lllitisrP liChelisro to ihllo , j , itl ilerlettleti. 1111,11101 Vet reiht MIA was
every person who ha all wit 1a..1 1 1' 1.1- the ,Ii 1411 CAlillilitril, v. e heta. - 1 101Visl Litchi 14
thOefillliti ills ti, which 11.'sti 1. , heir, .1111 Ito , :,,,,., „,,
„ ......,,, nett ;:m ~...,.....: th:
wo _ l.
Jestly claims, anionsanionslit the treatment of a . Int ., .. ~ „ b , ~,,,,. .
... ...,....
::. 1. . 0r ,
great per menage of h.. , 0.u. , . 1, . Ills ' , Oß!' awl null y tiotiont: to ...part , v..
are at the Slmeltuntsi note!. . . ' tattietto, ha- ever I , eetk a Illtrim./ 111
. j
_WIIOI err ry chilli tuts semi and
Theirrnehlateneg.-The tireerisburg ii. I. ' :shout. nod grown per.stets, nevl% pert
[TN, refetriug to Um fact that Ihe neutoorats . 'tow, tor the tit- L time. purser I , d. Its
voted a negro In .Eiiut llowsolleld tow 0 dap, . of 1 ittoie.,o,on a ....stool inagulticoina
Lones.ter county, and ' ento in HillrlSl/Unii , dm sfilellll.l,, , :tintg to IWllolkt.
any' , that. "la the hottnntl , of tircensiong, tilt
the day of the last election, a Democrat. into oh- i im ,,,,, ‘ ,...
tg- I Ito roldti,li reaullii
od 'a 'tout' of Al dealt' tienc , nt , up to the pall-, " ~,,, ,;,,,,.„, i,,,,,,..,. a t , ,o . 1,1,,,,,.h ,
and had hies vote leo whole Deumeratie ticket I I ~,t iy:::;, , ,,, : ., 1 1, ; ;;. 0 ,,,, ,, ,,, : r5t :. , , , , , L , a , ,: .. ; ,, , , ,i ; : : ‘ :::: :,;. ..k10134,,,1,...i.
thonglt nu Wan hot a remtlent of the dints let
tctifSsltag:,.,ouYi:,!;sj"L'o"tebt.lektktalae el'I':•Ulit.r011"'ll Lou!: r l 'L '''. l'''''''''''°';Lid:'''‘tt,ru4llf:":' L(' l
I hb.:', `%. : ,."'& ,.. 1i x . ...- 1,1 -
„,5111.11113,0 their topetat ions se 1
~... _„: , i lull tilo,t egale at their old states IV 0 tat
fintall Olt 1 . 1...-iiit Friday afterit , "io• •"'.. 1 earn their em, .. , ' '
oil tank of well No, IC lioltst ton Farm, caught: „,.., ..,, ...rt.f lion tender them our d
tire by Means of a 'Truk from the dutoke.lisol: ; ' '''
a o t r io t ts h L e t h .. 1. ' ; g t
y lo t o tar b r U ers B' of n T I
. ' ' ' 'l. % ti t t. ' ' u t ‘ a 4 lll.. e =t ' l I t n rs L I i ,:,, i ,r e i t l,. l _ S : r “, k- ,: s L -- . 17"'"-- '''' Ingh '''`''' '''''' - '‘''i''" e ' l
011 it contained warm, I is , :. property that .. as ..,.. _,.'„til nift I) , Ilontlay nigta. tine largo
deetroyed. 'Pius eagle , . home , t ors t torts down, f,T',..u,!Wi'',,,etoitt.,lll. A ileg hen Y riv
and the derrick. catokla tint once alto, ,but: I Cr .'' ""'• moo of tint' plena of Ili° rallrna'l
tc ,l ? e t i sf titil;l,l.,etil::).,arrf,,,z.; "ridge. Mel 51,1 lit olun to men, Another
tel et reek tint iitst pier Itt!ell the Aiii:01111y
: meni j - ,g el l i b t : h' i ' t : “ 0 7 g .tj' g, ra' s 'I l Yi o n il i : I t i ' V t . , t .,, jjj ,i, , . 1 , . t . t,. 1
. Cit , t , 11 V
. 1; u.l t c ~... to a bridge, and war r.., 1-
, .___.............-........_—___ . 110;er:hey is:111111pr...
51 ' 11” . 1)*" 1 1', . 11. Cli r turN K
I. - m:M n Vl
ilano% l'o Inn e.estoti.-T1,,, I . 4atflnd of this ell y
desortea ( tom tic ~.n Wort, I ret ...rem,
'e- ....----•.-11 I announce in too . liiirerilli.ililli eintlllliiS Vett a
t un wr, was overhauled by policeman Tetley, I meet Mg oid I.! I"''" Cl 111010 im'' ' ‘""im' ' '''' ' .
of Erle,a few bouritafter tie had left the ye, ' uer tit Fifth and Stetthsleiti talents, on Frlttuy
' 4'l ' ii""witan wa4"rglining w ithin attli-Iall• ! ovenitig. 'rho outeci.- Is to thorougbit , root
reader, i. e.s brakeamun, 100 a COntrubasol 1 womb the Litele, anti a 14 to he hoped that
passage on a freight train. I %hett , will be a full attonith,,tee. ,
1 i
. ,
lintßebed it et5t.147...- , Lirentlah Dresden no.. flii.ichnivi:ii.-I'.%tric:l; MeCornmek lentil ut.. ,
Peltrod .. „,, "nofOre.Aldernlan IlUmbutt,
.N...aerday, : ed proc-ed ti.
in ~, ~stu,t A111,,,ti llardttneyer
tad m." 6.,,, 11,f3inSI:John !lowa tor umbel- beta re thi-ras in To )ill 3,,,,,f0r theta.r. 1‘
misty breaking a buggy belonging to the do- , eeny of a plel , a ‘e sai it slinr rid
lennailt; In the barongii of West hittsiellilll. , ii.. 3. Tile iles tress 11,11e1 arn,teol, lea was rubs,.
A warrant has titan mowed Slit the all rent. of the 1 0 ,, , 1 a nf t t v , ... , r
. a ua li t t .
ju •nrie t s u g ,, . tile I r t g r o lt . lron beteg hu. u 111.
allaMitid. . . .
. ._
'_ .. ..f :.. .,_ . ...,, , .-,. ,
i 3
atriangular I , uttyucit tile Fort
u 9 j
Maya: read :tad l'it,tatt lane, su t cornering
u Ijle West COISINIML I ,:trhegiteny, there leas
erected during the pa4,llllttner, a large build
reaou l'iio ii Yuman hunt. Wn could ,cu
sat ! that a Itr.q.nea of 1.1! , t atiroad had been extend
s:! into ti r e ! lull, nod tidanalerott, crane ii.6o
liii et 0, 1 ,1 and Pile. of atoneWu 1 trout tin, l'reepoti, Haden and MeKccaport.
1 titntrrots had itecurnulated, and Iltete eppear ,
cult:tans let r.dttehe :d ll ot cleaut wt.:tonal;
"; tee a ottinotti ttNo AdMit
of 1 lance - deterred ie. trout : pi-covering tau In
seie Itty,tera,. et,terd.9e the veil leas Ilf cd,
:psi 31y. l't c, torten .111 vrtler,r l entor, partner or ,
Itvater .I.,t_teh. I.op:it:torn of the e.tab11.913-
: La ; ! melt t, politely ,!,,,tt ed as through. We found
",. 1 a lino Chitin entane •Xls'lo_ 111011011 tobliatting,
' e ' t ; I belt, awl Talley s, Ity 'watch one gang 111-
teen :old :toot id, of Itrlirtk 4 . 1111 , i16»1% rre. lurid
”' 7-1) - ,11, lug op Int" huge the
! t re, :1101 . 1,10. tilt.. eleleOS and ?dins
lit' the hat py Living, or toa,
'S .- for the launched dead. There wasalso
! Iron Pnids , ltttn: table. rtt - ,
t ! ',' I Chile Ile nt
plane of tee Itoron.
•It! liall a Ite.tqlt -tones, ju..t Trent the eave
tun !mlll, held to tau ye , . etc all Ittlon of lu to table,
t, ntet, Iv ... , totte I , eatttltut gta+>-Illte palish.
'rue v, hole pruee. ,, t, eery itigunitati,:out the
•"'", it valet' Co. living Purchased the
:tn. ' I 1,.e• et ',lll prot ',get,' lit the ! euottOntV tit
la: , or, -hare I hie- with their
I .•
• •
t t
•At about two o'clock - on Monday morning
two men named Jamea Porter and James Mc-
Kenna met in the beer saloon on the Corner Of
Penn and Canal streets. opposite WrnY' s
nix Dining Saloon. An old grudge existedbe
tweet. the two idea, flint titer soon fell Into
hard w ords,
, which resulted in mutual ehal
leage to light. Pending the preparations for
battle, McKenna mapped outside and brought
back n brick. Porter objected to this. as
giving his Wall:4011M an u n due Advantage.
Meßenim replied that he hail MA 0111th right
to it, bt with - a bring O. Porter had to tight
with it ktkifo. The latter declared the the had
guitl,, • ,vberoupon McKenna threw away
his briek anti ,struck Porter is ill,
his fist. The latter immediat: ty drew a
large knife a n d i colleted a severe and danger
ous cut in Melicnun's gem. The latter in ly
ing now preell noun condition. tie refuses
to make any inlormation,und his etiniiiiillll.
accordingly still ut large. The wounded, nun
with J. somewhat slid-ter significance:
till I get well and PH fix him myself!"
Colllo on lu Iho Tuusarl
dt atlout , 4even o'clock"nn .sloilaw evening,
engines No. 4 and No. 16, attached respectively
to a pusteng...r and a freight train on the Pan
handle P.; - oiros..l, came in collision - in the
Try street Tunnel on that road. Fortuulitely
no serious injuries were Sustained by any per
sons on either or the trains, and the- loci:mow
tire and cars escaped without serious damage.
Mr. Perkins, conductor of the passenger
.train had Ids right arm. somewhat severely
bruised, but no bonus were broken. Mr. Per
tine was removed to the Union. Depot, and
Dr. Donnelly was summoned, who attendeti to
the injuries of the wounded man. °there of
the employees and some of the passengers
were bruised more or less,llin t none seriously
Worthy of Encouragement
There is published in Philadelphia, Pa., by
Rev. E. Weaver, a newspaper, owned and edi
ted by colored oleo, and called the Chridian
Recorder. Rev. James 'Lynch, the editor is at
present canvassing this city for subscribers.
This paper contains the most reliable informa
ties in regard to the colored people, as it eir.
tulates most widely tunnel; them throughout
he country, and is a moat respectablS exhibit
of their intellectual progress. Mr: Lynch
pre•weides this canvas In order to secure
ennuis to establish the paper on a firmer basis •
'that will insure its permanancy, •und add to,
Its usefulness in the field In which it is des
tined to wield an linpoe,tunt influence. • 1
Several days ago the body of a man was
found In the Monongunela river, near Eliza
beth, and Coroner Clawson way notified - to
Loll an Inquest, The Coroner tiepin lied Jus
tice Graham, of Elizabeth, to. investigate the
matter.. It appears that the name - of the de
ceased. was John Evans- Ito was about sixty-
Iwe years or ace, and resided In Elizabeth.
lie had been drinking .very freely on the
and while crossing the river in a skiff,
with acompanion named Rogers, hu fell over
board and was drowned betore be could be
teselied. 'I lie deceased was a Welchem:l, and
had been in this country but thine years. Ile
intd no relatives nere. A eerdier:orahaadete.
la: death wits mndered.
Rya, ark able Itecovery.—Our r4...a.lers will
remember that ' , tone four weeks ago a Mrs.
Kelly, of • East Liberty, wee removeo to t bo
Merey.limmital, having etenaltted fearful inju
ries from the exploeion of a kerosene lamp.
ller brad, breast, lack and limbs were tern
bly oust lt. seemed drat else robin not
pos•ibly recover. Strange to s !Ile, however,
eho has survived her I:titmice, anti is now nip
idly recovering. hitch a recovery, being as i'
Is. tIIIIIIIA. It ItlirtlelC,'3lll2ll.l.l volumes for the
ettietcne of the mystical treatment at the
hospital, and for the tender and unremitting
C.ll, of the testers in charge.
t'omoti ttett.—.l nstive Iterry,of McKeesport,
.y eat erday enmullttoQ tOlall for Isle appearance
nt eon., it man named '1 boa. Laughlin. of that.
tan - ratan, on a charge of eolllllltßlllg an sault
wile Intent to outr,ge Mrs. sarah• ItApil The
aforteation tl-4 nad., ;taain women,
Laug hlin b
Johu I:app. lm-ba n nti 01 the women, and lie
waa urre.ded :.411.1,0V0 5t1L14.41. A hearing; was
had in the C:l6e, and the defendant was hebLin
ti tern hundred dollars ball for hi-,appearance
4,11.11 t answer the charge_ balling to se.
.tire the • required amount, he outs brought
to city to 1.0411V21.1.1d,1t111i lodged in the
510110 1.1011,.
Carpi isrect.—Several warts ago,otne horse
thieve:. , tole it pair or horses belonging to Mr.
David herr. of Oil Creek township, taking
them (rota the pasture at night, and at the
-same thee stole saddles and bridles tor them
from a neighbor's barn. Mr. Jamie
Titusville, 110.1 been searching for the proper
ty for some rime; anti last Thursday Mr. Kerr
received a lliapatell trout Sir. P. to the elreet,
that he had recovered the horses and captor
-4.11 the Wives at Si. Mary's, Elk' county.
Beim: Flnishett—The tower which lira/
the griat alarm bell raidly appro
p actng
rout pletrou. It ha, been th p oroughly alo h ted•
from lan teat to top, the stall, 10 the machine
_ room are be tog Put up and the machine room
I tsel r has twee neatly enclosed. The lit
1,0410011 alai the unteltinery which hi to ope
rate It is heing adjusted, and will probably be
In operation during the next week, at which
time tile whole system of telegraph is expect
ed to-he in Mitch:tit working order.
-A I)..perler 111.1m11.-‘Johri W. Dickson, a
soldier ef the United States'army, intai been
lodged in the Allegheny county Jail by Lieut.
Win. C. Green, of the lot U. S. infantry, there
to remain until taken out by the committing
oflieer. it seems that Dickson is a new recruit,
and had been sent to the recruhing rendez
vous at Newport Barracks, tiy. fie deserted
train that post :Minn time since and made his
way to thl. city, where he was attested and
lodged in jail no uwted.
luceinen.—Tbc income list of
Cie city of Ilarrimburif, for the 3 - mr ending
Juno 3utb, lead, 13 Jun pubinkbed. Hon. Simon
Canierou return. bin incoinu at 128,741; D.
5.1,311..; Hoe. J. C. Kunkel, aftlel;
Jame. lticCorluick, 311,100; J. W. Weir,
f1t 4 .019; David Fle:nitin., ex... Speaker of the 61:11-
e, $0..013: Cliarles 1.. 11411 y, $16.490; Dr. Cleo.
$11,•501; Wui. Colder, $111,531; Valularof
Hummel, 511,215.
liestsnyed nit Assolog.—A man named
Fend Miller was before „Alderman Humbert,
yestetilite r to answer a Charge of walk:tons
mischief preferred against him by Joseph
Kau fear., the proprietor of a vegetable stand
In the market. square. The deponent alleges
that 3111Ier maliciously destroyed an awning,
which the former. ham! erected user his nl3llltl.
In default of ball Minor was tent to Jail for
' _
Annan, 111 on nrrw Thief In Grief—flits..
tiee Varner; or Baldwin township, committed
to Mil. on Monday. min Matthias Adams, or
that township, to await :I.:a trial at Court on
a enuree of s Mal Itig 1101 . 11C.5. Tile ItCCIISeti
yeeterday suceeeded , in &naming toil in the
sum of eight hundred dollars, and was ne.
coulingly released . from Imprisonment. lie
Wilt await /I t$ trial outside.
rslno Proteeseo.-:-.lohn Worts appeared'
bolus Ablemma Strain yesterday unit pre
forr...l u cbarge of false pretenee against Oscar
Stinger. The offenca consisted ht the latter
procuring trona the former the stun of Ilce dol
lars .by fates and fraudulent representation.
A warrant was Issued-for the arrest et the ac
Campbell, the individual
who recently testified before Alderman Mor
row that he was au adept In the hog husineas,
teas lined by that magbdrate, yesterdaY, fur
keeping and maintaining a nablattee, In the
shape of a plu sty on his protilses 011 I.ocust
street, in the Eighth want.'
Charged vs I lb Keeping • Van dy Houma
Itoyat mato Information before Alder
!ono Lynch, yesterday. agattat I:!len'ltrown, •
raddont of Union attev, In tho SiXta ward ,
for lorepintr and Inalntaing a bawdy hound.
'rho ViC.lntli being 111 alto Was not aerostat.
Paid $b Pectelty.—Wuu. Motun,-convict
cd durln„,“. the recent tern of court, of Illegal
liquor selling. and lodged In Jail in default of
Lite necessary funds, was yeuterdaY rolcane d
nu the payment of the prescrltted tine and
To .21. F.."—We have received from "fil•
F." a beautiful and touching poetical cm :art
hatlon, which. owing to tha great press of
other mutter. we arc Mal pelhxl to refuse pub
Clare Unit —Peter Lnul, of the Third ward,
wan before Alderman tiumbert, 'yesterday
eilarglui With 113.V1111; to:meted money fr 1111
grocer In the Ithouond 144 - mare by false rellrn•
ituln. 110 gave hal! tor a hourlug to-day.
AL Henry Connty
c o unt .—The people of
Emporium, Cameron y. ore exulting
over the loot. 'Wit, 01 WO /11.1 t election, they
pnllr,{ 1(H vow% while Smithport, the County
sent, polled Only 57. -
In row n.,—crilonel James Rosa Snowden, of
p:116, iirriceil In this city en route Or
Franklin, Fa., lie nlll leave this afternoon..
Need irforoillt nscol.—There inn great aci
.city of 41wellifigs. In Coltuubla wilt I-ant:ante
CUllUtie3. •
- ---
Tuesdar. 'olh 'At I 0. v 1^4.k
r • .•• i 1 KNRIEMTAIC.,woongost:-.4.elatry of J.
W ...I E. s. lllll.r.
. •
The fun.neerill tnkb place on liiunnoar mon,
ING, at o`ciont. front the neshrenne at her pa.
7.-nt., No , 7 tiny etre,t.
111 ILO I.CE CitinirrFEPC...The
• •au tin ! ..1}4.M.11-IWhe. •
n .. n titYll•Lt. llll 4 lll l Bl ,
11.Mt.i7 0 ..hht ,
Vet panoits or tal.s, cad
at Cows! Mad tltons of GAUL VLA,LlCY,.,Aitc
7 he uditton Is forwarded which will reach
•)uc)e Copy (per annum)
CIO or Flve
or1•«n ar mote
Pio. 196 SII/itiltield
grlttm. from tivree:,)
AKI , s hilUki.Y riTREICT,
• 1.11.11,1.111 NV.
I:T.LV3I:II3EIPLW.aaErCI r i.. ,
rio. HL Foorth street, Plttzburi..b, Pa. -COPYI Ne, of
.1; t.ln its, CIL A 111JUVEO,orol porn , 4«.s4rlDrtrOt
or V' o u trot Furnisettur 00000 roma U.. moos.
open 1,..),,r1t1 vight; Ile Arm sod Ca rrla 1.111•11.,C.
nr.VERILNCICS—Itev. Daoll Urr. 31
W. Jawoua. 11.11., Tlo.o.Jos :10100. Pisa.. . Jacob Li
T.AAMTE tw. (AL,
Man r. Wood's nun and vicinity.
Corner ea ititicanid and Ottartiers streets.
Di 'sr.. an 4 esrrlszei
IS et W . . 11111. SPLX - C:CCI.
171i7XICALa T.. - cvms.3Ery
Wll.lli tilAl:t FIFPII.
931 Smithfield - Street
FALL 18lib.
.A-111E 1 .1ro r i l k.**.
- We are now eahltittlpa kn . FALLMAIM the
roont eat...helve lOC urgood+we have ever Itittl the
pleateurp 9forterlOg to our pat roue. •
• •
gilsY Brussels and Tapestries,
Arir and Elegant rattans of Coraiers,
Side & Centre Tassels, Loops & Bands,
Choler. 6tylos Nottlug Curlatus.
Nos. 71 awl 73 Firm STREET.
Next houee to U. S. 1.1 our Ilouse anal root 02500,
1074 •
89 Market Strert, Pittsburgh, Pa
This,l,le,:taloi,..b...oillaPo,llltillP +O,l
llewe sati.ltlollary orth of lieu O t. alei.ahoev, ana --
ly rho latest. the the 11/ Melt W e ore
letertraned to 'ell at .VEItV lo X1:1C?: , We
have rOt.nlved a ao
to be utal.,hl by nyrht the bun
,evr• go.el- worth ha, af.
Vail 3111 i can lulus oar Moe , : na..l we feel
ea11 , .11. 4 1 that you Wilt ourobale what ) 011 want in
the Boot anO I.lme. I
hot ha.get the plAer , str,t.
1 1' Cant of Ua[bury Sirett and Dtlquato 6n,
Sash Doors, aliudaatid liouidings
MADE TO OItDEIL w.lll, In put lo •
dry boner and linlclu , l whtu tat.. out. Isllog
Flooring, Weather
ltourdithz. Laths .nd thinglca
constant baud. swing, I li-row lug and Scroll
nn 101 l done cittlt ill:Tata:. Duxes of all kinds
mcfar to order.. ata.l.lf. JOHN HEATH. •
No. t Filth Street, Seeond Story,
Pictures and Frames of all kinds,
A full slokk const.tly on baud
3. LA ATE,
luti Window Curtains and Chair Corers
Cleaned S Iteglaze.l without unpacking.
Nos. d:s and 37 Third Street,
Between Wood and .smitlitlcld
Practical Furniture Ilanufacturin;
Lstent Oying of I,IIILNI
RomEsl iionsEsn
M!C3. Vt.
One txcelent Millng and Prking Lloroe,
two Uncles ectlUble tor Doe! ors, or kamily nee., sold ion, as the owners have no can fur
them. at 110%5%1.1UP:3 LIVEILY 3.II.3.I,ti:STABLX,
ante Ftr•t atrcet.PCnr binnnnVLrla Hoare:
And dealer In , rottraGN AND
/MILTS, £I,:I:LES, NUT,. &C.. Bc,
No. 112 1 ederal Slreet,
Second NatlonAl Liank.
•• •
Filth Street, bettreers Tunnel and
Chat? ems !tired s,
Viral tin , goods of all descriptions always on
nand and ',hist the lowest pen«. thermlrlng dot
rAreftlitv ....ast..ri
.1011 N R.& A. 3tVUDOCU,
M''''." ..h.
Jr. ' )
. LOITO, Pltinbu rots, Pa ,
itolictt attertti , ot to toeir yltennive 'tot o
JIN - I) 111:N AMKNTAL .10. ItLS. LIVI: k,, C I r E RII" .
Cl*l for • Fall 1.,:lreolor. - A. 2.111.
ristuburpth owl , Ooklwol Ponsener Car. o L
Ow IiT,TIII, sr eve r 7 r. tot note . V.
J.H wILL. , tali
The, kcep hand n large eupply 'tooling kis.
terials, aisle Cement. Velt. 'Groan; ratnut and.
Varniatica. Pri.dopt atoention• given to the 14,0 , 3 0 1 C
r 4 .1171t... 1 43•Ultitntpo'Vell.Ln4' 17•A'r
1400i4NO , MATEJOIA 168 .
AA, • , -
Cement, Pilch. FYtf, Patt;ttfiiste,
rarit Oh and - Otack - rat 2 4 ,
. •
Manufactilred and 1.1.1 as cheap LI *al , otnclrua l,
lhe u.,!;01:t1c,,H.111. ••
I,l,gas 41 v;
turan of
Grand and Squaro Planos.; ., •
B=.l7.l7toili7l:r!tkl2%7VEVMlll. becoad
The r. 111210• to•svdnetured thi.iirra are mum,.
wooed for po• rful. akar, brl Ilaret.ulrytapntb etre
with esceltent , 4..1 1 ef:ter. WA
•• ' .amsr•
jECIF:SSI 41110 S FOG* IrliE Is cc..
T a woo.: COOKINti H
1 11
Plel,. tun
riarr aatiVnelsee•ts for Coktug ,
r:ea'P°. V
g.l.3TlTlCZ:tr77,dt.':f ;I'l
- s...?"•aAr 11.1[9i1
. .•
• _
~,{OLARtIES--10 ,44A• gbunt
ty "' - -
oaf . ignaes.Varketand ilrzi,ststcts,
41.50 -