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1.1913411111 ED HT
Penniman, Reed & Co.,
810. lINI llraz Bluer. Ptrrottnion.
ffri itriVo T ha l iviu as 413 49,15.
Mkt fittoburgit Ol•Azette,
Wz deairo to call attention to tho note of
the Hon. Taos. WILLI/are, correcting the
published abstract of his speech at the
meeting in City Hall in some important
The Now York- Times. the paper in
which the garbled telegram from Gen
eral SICEILIDdif was originally published,
has a long article on the subject of the
late murderous affair in New Orleans,
in which the editor labors to throw the
blame, as much as possible, upon the mem
bers of the Convention and the poor ne
groea. Speaking of the origin of the affair,
and of the question is to the party who
fired the tint shot, it remarks :
"By whom matters little, seeing that
according to Sheridan both sides had now
become so excited that their relative vio
lence could not be readily distinguished."
"Relative violence" indeed! As well
talk of the relative violence existing bo
tween a pack of .wolves and a flock of
sheep. The display of a white flag at a
-- window of the Institute, the token of sur
render On the part of the members of the
Convention, was - the signal to the Thugs,
who constituted the Mayor's police, to rush
in and open an indiscriminate and mur
derous fire upon all within the building,
both white and colored. This fact is clear
ly and tally proven; and there is no evi
dence, whatever, that any of the assailing
party were either killed or wounded, or
that the negroes wade any attempt upon
the life of any of them, even in self-de
fence. Gen. SHERIDAN in his last report
to the President, says that not more than
one in ten of them were armed even with
pistols, and, so far as the evidence goes,
they did not attempt to fight with the po
lice at all. And yet, in the face of all these
well attested faeL, the Tinws, in order to
screen its master and his pet, the pardoned
rebel litv:inon, from public indignation,
Las the etfroutery to talk about "relative
violence!" It is but following up in a fit
ting dianner its own atrocity in the matter
• of the publication of the. garbled dispatch.
And why did it tamper wh i m that dispatch?
Because the master it serves required it to
he done, if, indeed, he did not do it him
"According to SuuntoAN,.. .Lys the
Times. In none of Sur Ent dispattbes
is there any such idea conveyed. These
words are as mendacious as was the act of
the dispatch. But a journal that
.taelf to serve such a master, and
such a cause, MUst necessarily
s. corresponding depth of depravity
and degradation.
The President anti his followers wish to
bring the rebel States back into the Union
unconditionally, just as they are —without a
single guarantee-that they will not secede
again whenever they feel themselves able
to do so—with the Constitution unaltered.
so that they shall be entith..t to a large re
presentation in Congress based upon mil.
ions of disfranchised negroes—with no
security, except loose promises, against the
acknowledgnient and payment of the debts
contracted for theprosecution of hostilities
against the Government—and with no guar
antee that the rights and liberties of the
emancipated but yet disfranchised class
shall be respected. Under his ,iolicy there
is nothing to prevent the return of a solid
delegation of active, bitter, unrepentant
rebels from the entire South to the Nation
al Legislature.
Congress, supported by the great Union
Republican party, on the other hand, sub
mit an anicoduicia to the National Con
stitution as its lost- of reconstruction,
with conditions more moderate, gentle and
magnanimous then were ever before offered
to a set of vanquished rebels—conditions
which the people of the South would have
gladly accepted but for the persistent en
couragement that ANDILEW JOIIISSON has
given them to stick to their rebellious prin
ciples, and but for the oft-repeated invita
tion he has given to them to unite with
him in crushing the party which crushed
the rebellion, and as far as possible to reu
der loyalty to the Union odious.
Ir has been thought probable that in the
Eleventh Congressional district of Penn
sylvania, Mr. 11.r..ultY A. Morr, formerly
Canal Commissioner and State Senator,
would get the Democratic nomination.
Such is not to be the case. On Saturday
last the delegate elections were held in
Pike county, and Mr. Morr was hand
somely distAneed by Mr. VILNAUKEN, a law
yer of. Milford. Tho candidate of right be•
longs to Pike; but there aro apprehensions
that the lower counties, having the numer
ical strength, will disregard the equities,
and take the nomination fur one of their
men. Mr..E. W. Dorm; the editor of
the Easton Argus, is spoken of as likely to
be the favorite in the contingency. As
this is the banner county of the Democ
racy, slight or even considerable schisms
in the party do not peril the success axiom.
In the piddisiseithst of Vice Presidents at
the late meeting of the "Conservatives," as
they call themselves, at the City Rail on
Monday evening,:we observed the nausea
of Gee. GALLUPE, Wu. J. IttcusansoN
and A. W. Wa'recnt, and as dins of the Sec
retaries the name Or Capt, AUGUBTI7B
BRAUN. These gentlemen are all sound
Republicans, and the gentlemen who en
gineered that meeting had no right to use
their names in any such connection.
"Tnarrons must take back-seats," said
Andrew Johnson when he was inaugurated,
=ale was.pralsod on all sides by loyal
men. "Traitors may take back-seats,"
says the Penick-7d now, and he is lauded by
all rabble and Copperheads.
TUE Preaident is now carrying "My
Policy" to the grave-yard. Wo trust ho
will bury it . there, but fear the noble
DOUGLAS could not rest in pence with so
much corruptißn at his side.
Awnitaw Jentteox has declared treason
to ba the highest etime.known to the laws.
Ho seems logically Lo Conclude that it is so
high.that the lairs cannot reach it.
In Bradford-county the open atilliatlon
of Mr. Tracy with the Democrats has been
o pitsio'of good Ina' to the Republicans.
They aro rid of annoyance.
. - _
Gov. - kitaxneroit, of Texas, and Gen.
SimOlt ,Cantsion are holding mass meet
4169,0F.114P,Xortlittm aide of the State.
aP .
OSS# Of- ismalaov. - Moorhead, of North
~.1 1• •1 ,4 1 O in:Anima, I%,—Ex.Gov. John
„.._••• Mond, of ` Korth Carolina, die 4 yostor
'4",J,*s thO Itockluidge Alnm ElDaings.
Molars lu ISt Louis.
" 14 " 1 / 2 haliflUt.V.—Tenatiuudgebu reiwut
VOLUME - LXXX.---NO. 206
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K. T. Te.YLon.
Reply to the Constitutional
Amendment by C. Sill. Mr. President and
lientlemen: 1 atn happy to moot so many of
you who are favorable to the amendment of
this vital instrument. It is an improvement
on the nervous system whenever it has been
ratified by the extracting of ail the had and
aching teeth fonder the Maumee of good
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For Kale
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house, chicken house, Hummer 1100.0. and hot
or green house. This property is kirk Lew
is' estate, on Mount Washington, and the im
provements COIII4I not ho made at this time
for leas than 0.1,1100, yet IL Is olTen•,l for WAY),
and (oar years to pay It In. inquire at `2.ld
Penn street
I= Liver Oil In Itie world, manufactured
tram fresh selected livers on the sea coast.
This oil In charneteriztst by a sweetness sod
portly peculiar to It alone. as reputation IS
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and is I.llVel sally flreserlbeti by physicians.
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Liver OIL
MACC .t CO., New York,
Sole Manufacturers.
For sale et. wholesale to Pittsburgh by D. F.
Sullen R Co. At totall by all Druggists.
'y .j
Queen Emma, of the !Sandwich Islanflts, with
her retinue and attendants, arrived In Getty's
burg In a special car at ono o'clock yesterday.
She is taerompaniml by . htiss Spurgeon. an Eng-
Its lady, Mr. Edmonds, her Charge P'alTairs
at New York, anti Major Ilopkine, her Minis
ter. She is about thirty years of ago, and a
a blow. She has a digaltied appearance, is of
sable complexion, and in said to be quite In
telligent. Iler unexpected arrival created
quite a sensation. In the afternoon the party
visited the battle-field, and In the everting the
Queen was called upon by the elite of the town
at tho Eagle lintel. After seeing Niagara she
will leave direct for Pittsburgh, for the pur
pose Or buying a supply of beets, shoes and
gaiters, from the celebrated cheap establish
ment of Robinson & Co.'s, GI Market street.
The Reasons Why Uostetter•s latonaseh
Bitten Should 11 e • Mace la Zwery
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and the frame they avert sickness.
licensee (especially) their use prevents the
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tram taking effect upon the system.
Because they core indwestion, and impart
unwonted vigor to the stomach.
Because they are the best apps lung rusk
tine at present known.
Ilecanee they are the only preparation upon
which persona of a bitiona habil can safely rely
to i‘erp the firer in good order.
Because they tone and regulate the bowels,
and invariably relieve them when constipated,
without causing undue relaxation.
Because they strengthen the nerres, cleat the
°rain, and cheer the animal spirits.
Because in case of an attack of spasms or
01/101331 colic they are the best thing that can
be administered on the instauL
Because they combine the three proportion
of a tonic, as alterative and a nerwLue in their
utmost purity and perfection.
necatmo they are a specific against Acne and
lever and all interndltents, and with all their
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:ire wholesale and retail at very Low rates
Drng and Patent Medicine Depot,
•e. el Market .1.1 net., corner of the Diamond
an f Market, near Yonrth Street..
lutporutut to Volunteer hovel Officers
—Volunteer Officers in the Army to
be !!metered Out.
Wasersovos. D. C., August Z.—The follow
ing order has been issued from the Navy De
partment, August :nib, 1107',.A board of na
val officers of which Commodore S. A. lee ' 14
Pren Went, will moot st , Hertford, limn., on
the sth of September next, for the °armlets
tion of Volunteer officers, who have served
not less than two years in the navy, for adultw
don into the regular service, In accordance
with the prcrvLsions of the following sections
of the act, to define and regulate the appoint.
Merit GJOlneetri in the navy and for other pur
ls...l, approved July 25th, Wee.
All persona who are entitled to examination
under the provisions of the foregoing net, and
who wish to avail themselves of the privi
leges will at MICA notify the President of the
Board by letter, addressed to Hartford, Conn.,
giving thelr own postollce address. In due
thee they will receive from him in reply. a
oolitic ttlou where to piescut themselves for
examination. These alto fail to report at the
thee specified for them to do so, will forfeit
all claims to precedence for examination.
(Signed) Gloiroe Wirr-Lint,
Secretary of the Navy.
An order will ho published by the Searetary
of War in a day or two, It Is expected. direct
ing the honorable muster out of servine on ac
count of their services being no longer need
ed, of all the volunteer officers now fn the ar
my, Including those on duty in the Freedmen's
Bureau, and 'hose doing Provost Marshals du
ty to the civil and military Li u gartments.
Circular N 0.21, dated Aug, MO, was
from the War Department ay, announcing
that the premium of two dollars will homer
ter not be paid anyto recruit who presents
himself for enlistment hat to any citizen,
non-commissioned omoer or sokllerjor each
accepted recruit that be may bring . to the
rennezvons. The Executive Committee of the
Conservative Soldiers' and Sailors' Conven
tion to meet at Cleveland, September 17th,
have appointed Willem Prescott Smith, for
merly Superintendent of the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, to make arrangements for the
transportation of the delegates and others
ceeireus of attending. Railroad conductors,
willing to make reductions of fare, will coat
munie ate with him at Baltimore.
The National Union Executive Committee.
appointed by the.Philadelplita Convention,
met In this city by appointment to-day. Thorn
were'Prosent Ron, J. p. Crowell of Now Jor.
see, Chairman; viol. J. P. Babcock of Comma
cut; ILL . /Mich, of Petinsvenial Gov.
Thomas U. Pratt, of liarylana; lion. J. O.
Morton, of BMWs; Gov. L. Sharkey, Of
The Committee was duly organised by the
appointment of Gen. &Mob to be Recording
geeesUiy. and the appointment of Commit
wog for fhe operation or the campaigns in the
Stator where elections are soon to come oft
Another meeting of the Committee will be
held in about two weeks.
Person& Lowybig .LQUI111•1011-1111=r
,ObasmilLear -
New Yong, August special to the
Herald from New ()sienna says: A. P. Field
lately In congress. B. ging Caller Radical
United States nenftior abet, and Mr. ' Ferris, a.
Revenue °Mee holder, have determined to
leave the State pumanalitli•
Major Gen m•W 'Horatio Wright •trrivod in
New Orleans toltday from the Wt.. • a en route
The Herald's epeolal from` Otta • ; (1., E. to.
ports volunteers in the vicinity , -t. Johns
=ln a elate of =natty,. The,. lissatie
Is based upon the rate and mode of
Pa nonlan, naMed ions, Who was with
(PgalPs party at Ridgeway, and who has been
wandering abftt, the sentry in disguise over
since, was arrested near Ottawa
4111,iolere Inesentainir >0 .NeMPWIIk
litxxxlmlifikuattat SO.—The cholera 1z ituneesl
ing here. nineteen COMM were minted to tho
board • keeith today; thirteen of wideh
pr 0904 Sakai lion MUM home occurred
=Ong the =pees huoAled tOgether In Booth
MOSOVALPO 141:000 1 1?i, ellOoftnill.
Empress Cariotte's Mission Par
tially Successful.
°Mae 3L€l,te - NAT ay.
Another Fenian Arsenal Discovered.
43- x• caaxcll Foto cat Z34:3
Financial and Commercial
LONDON, August to.—The Morning lot
Blatt, that Napoleon has extended the time
for the evacuation of the French Troop., trout
-Mexico, until January.
LIVNUPOOI., August it.—An arrival tete, r
ports having seen the Weal, Eastern, on the
intli instant.
Herman, for NOW 'York, sailed to-dab, I.‘king
D 2,000 ;moods In specie.
Los Dos, August J.—Thu van is Cul ...poll.'
out of the Morning rose st.attili that lII,* Em
press Charlotte hits so far succeeded in her ill Is.
BIOS. In behalf Of Maxiillhon its to obtain iron,
the Emperor of France n Y;tVtlisioll OE LIMO
in which to pay the Freud!, Government the
ten millions of fraues due, but Napoleon re
fused to loan Alaximltilan ten millions francs
LO pay for the equipment of troops In Mexico,
but will 11,i181,.. 111 each equipments by furuloh -
Mg material from the French Magazines. The
Einpress also outelned from Napoleon an ex
tension of time, until next January, for the
projected evacuation of the French troops
from Mexico.
Paltor —Thu herotquart. I, of
tho Prusalan army hose IN in removed Nom
thla city to Toyllitx on the northweat from, r
tt'enxzmnnrEvxa•no, August Au—The A.,-
- Irmo government has paid the ht.lcmnrty for
krussia's war expenses, as smared to the lat
ter power by the treaty of peace.
pacer a, August h.—Err emu—'r h. Slglt.iltl re
of the iiing of Italy to the treaty of peas,. is
expected in a tow days.
Emus, August M—Errninu —The current
rumors In relation to Mexican matter s are all
eery conflicting. The most probable reports
appear to be that Empress Carlotta will re
turn to Mexico in October, and that a French
General Is to command the Merles. troops
OM-razed by Maximilian. The name of the
General is not btAtAll.
LIVEZI.POOI. Wednesday stoning, A uguet
The breadatufts market ha, it nectatang ten
dency. Proctelona unchanged With the ex.e.le.
lion of lard, which, has as talvanclog tenden
cy. Cotton unchanged, Eliaex to-day tat hypo
bales. 311,1tIllng pW.nd, 1.34,413
LONDON MoAII Ms Wit lc 7. Landon Them ng,
-August tJ.—The money market is without any
change; consols closed at ev% for money.
American securities gonmally steady S-3..i•
higher; closing quotations, Unit.] mat.
&Ws, 72!n.. Brio 044 Minot. Central, 75'.,.
Ltvearoot., Actgast. 151.--Cotton sales to-day
ostlmatod 10,00 tales. Middling Uplands
opened et 14{471.3%.1.
Loam., Amgen t,..—opening erica of COL-
Buis to-day Eit6i; for money, opening
prices of American stocks to-day were; United
States S-.,IND TVA{ Erie Railroad t. 5%; Illinois
Central, Te",.
By Steariallihip A.
II Atirez, August ^-9.—The ,tcamehtp -tem
lett Liverpool at noon on the I,th and quecne
torn on the 19th, and arrived at Lislitax at
our, o'clock this afternoon.
Another Fenian arsenal had been discoverol
ntHoch, In the county of Limerick.
Considerable ammunition was seized. Three
respectable farmers In the neighborhood at
cr.ards abnconded.
The e•cather coutintant stormy In England.
hu harvest prospect, a eru rather unantlatnc.
harvest accounts from Franco are alm an
• - -
M. Is stated that an impel - tacit dm unmet cru
ther cotton querrtton has been subscrithe.l by Mr
lorben, Um CO( Vllll Cotuw lilt linter or the Ins
than Government. who .we I Mellti y .5• 111
_ -
visit the Cotton States of America, tool alter
a tour through all of there, except Teta, now
limients ids returns. Souths the 1/I{.
WO yield of North and Carolina at col •
larva , balcwi Al:Marna, .90,isio.
As to the other States he speak, of the itif,Olar-
Lion or war and scarcity of labor KM likely b•
mature their prOduction to bales 11..
total estimate, Including Texas, is not tom,
than I,olltyllXl bolus, of Milleil lie thinks nut
morn than 3 )O,OW can he spared for ex porlit.
Wm. Air. Forbes does not lose sight n 1 the
higher estimates by respectaido parties: but
believes the crop prospools leave delericii aced
le miens since those estimates were !milled.
The Czar hail addrosrasi an autograph letter
to the King of Frmisla., testifying to tile Mewl
's, relations bet NO.O the two Slatti i :Mil
lag that tiLl.Ysla favorably eator talus the ovei
tures made by Prussia relative to the future
reorganization of tier many.
A royalmessage upon Om Incorpoi at ion of
lialsover, Elimioriti Heswt, N0,..114.1.1a5t0l au I:-
fort and tile Frusedan Territor v was laid benne
the Prusslau Chamber of Deputies oil the gilt.
The preamble to the hill says: ussm
not embark Into oar watt the lit...lota stn
firth - leg territory_ The il..tatt, attittele cif t:11:
rwiultell Clint thelt
should cease. It is hoped th• t In the cutir.e of
time the inhabitants of the anneted countrica
will be thoroughly satlslloil with their moor.
porution. In bringlag in the bill, 111/enure
expressed the hope that the Met nattliti leave
the details of accompaniumniits In Lilo
of the Kttlg she would set with the liecteman
consideration. Further ournmunic.ations with
regard to Schleswig Holstein would he laude
after the conclusion of peace.
The King of Prussia on the 170, received the
Hanoverian deputation which solicited the
annexation of Hanover to Prussia as soon tat:
Tho Schleswig-Holstein government had re
ceived orders to prepare for the election of
representatives to the German ParliammiL
A grand foto had taken plaeo In Berlin, In
honor of hismarek and Gen. Von Itonon nod
A spilt, it is reported, wan about to take
place in the progress party at hurtle.
The Austrian papers emphatically deny that
after the withdrawal of the Italian troops
from the Trout district, the A.trleem w teak
vengeance on the inhabitants.
A few isolated arrests took phut., for trots°.
In duo legal cause. On tile contrary it was as
serted that parties who compromised in kill)
district were being sent to Italian territory.
The Emperor Napoleon's rote day--ou Au•
gust.llth—was vary brilliant, but wan marred
by a sad accident. After the lire works is
crush occurred at the place De i.ucon ieordo,
in which nine persons wore killed and fifty in
jured. The day Ir. as usual marked
large number of pardons and commutations
of the sentences of military and other offen
ders; and also by honors conferred, including
that of the grand crofts of the legion of honor
upon the line Do Orammont, the French Am
bassador at Vienna, and that of chevalier upon
M. tOdfgnaal, the director of Oallignanis ,
The tffutton's cafe was broken upon the lath.
Prince Napoleon and Oen. Idonstrea had ar
rived at Parts from Italy.
The weekly rnpurris of the Bank of Franco
show a LlTlllior Mereace of cash of over live
millions of francs
In the London money market the reduction
of the bank into from ton to eight per cunt.,
Was received with great satisfaction, and Im
mediately had a favorable influence on aU the
markets. The demand for discount was heavy
at the reduction.
Extensive Wire at Elmira. 31- X.
Emma, N. Y, Aug. W.—An extensive are
occurred hero about two o'clock this morning.
destroying an entire wooden block on the
Corner of Lako and Cross streets. Eight hor
ses and a number of carriages were burned.
The Court Hansa and Jail, by the exertions of
.theidrenten,wers saved but badly scorelnsL
Theprisoners were not removed. Lou,. a 50 .000
and OM a smallportion insured.
Deaths In Few Orlesn ed. _
Teethoony Con
/Saw 021.3.taii, Aug. It wit. - o tau chol
era deaths iroaterdlig.
Tito Military CatamisatOu ban tergigiuggil
the taking of IWtimAny,
Neel* Called by U. J. Raymond.
Another Call Issued.
Demand on England for Damages.
Nsw Yonu , August 11.—The felloeing can
appears In this day's
"Rooms of the National Unton Executive Coln
millee, Astor /inure, Nees York, August, 23 1 PM
Sin--A meeting of the National Union
Executive Committee, appomted by the Na
tional Union Convention at Baltimore, In
June, 1.984, will be held as the Astor House,
New 'York city, on Monday, September and, at,
12 o'clock, 11.
Signed, 11. J. itAthfotill, Chairman.
D Spear, Secretary.
Tao members who disapprove of the con
duct of Mr. Raymond and of those members
of the Committee who cooperate with him
aro evidently dotormimal not to acknowledge
their claims, as the following letter from Goy.
ernor Ward, of New Jenny will show :
Ilon. 11. J. Roprnond—Girt A meeting of the
National Union Committee appointed in June,
1%1 has been called to meet at Philadelphia,
onMonday, September 3d, and I shall be pres
ent on that Occasion, taking part in Its
oration and action. Youhave deemed it wise
and proper to abandon the Union Republican
Party and to connect your name and In
fluence with a now organisation, designed
to destroy and defeat the Cause with
which 1 sympathise and of which
I am itt some small degree a representative.
Your public action has boon such that I can
not acknowledge your right to use the title
limier which the meeting has been called, the
nature and character of the trust confided to
you and to me, forbid that we should use them
except In aocortittnce with the spirit in which
they were conferred. So deep and wide spread
ho the feeling in the popular mind, that all
who should respond to your call would be re
garded as betraying the party they hare cease)
to repmsent..
With respect, truly,
(Signed,) Mattel:a L. Waite.
I titled, Tn T.'s. Aug. nith,
Five of the 11.1C.I1alert. have Isatted the hallow
ing call:
'The ineleritignvit utentbera tif tllO Union
Executive CunDuDieu apianaltal liv Lila Nat
111,11a1 n t,l”
vugalun, held at naJtittiure
sin the 7th of June, deem It expedient and
propel Dial as na,tllll2 or , alll Gonnuitten lw
held at Philadelphia, tia the i tilt .I day at iseit
inia•r, And most teispeetfully I,lc the le
itheliul their naltheititnta lit that Duni and play.,
I; is that atate ( ow
n-titters titian vac/Welt,' .11101 may bane ve
t tarred In Aornialtive. The neat neva of
t l
1`...15w , l tirenenoi out
get "I ill, name, to hla van.
J J. t iNSLriet a.l
IL IV. 111,r 11.1.1 c. klaryl&ral,
.1 Vow red,Ti.s.adtaree.
.Ina. D. itcruevs,
1P..1 Coseina, k 11,11113-.
L. %Vann, New deist.,
'• A Pr 11 , 1nni•e. reansylvailit,“
The folios Ing 1, a 114 of Ilkls ExecuMee Na-
Donlo l 011101 thee. Samuel F. Ilarosey, Maine;
. . 1 la! ?dna...1.01 Is; ti. D Hpell7
onneelient: Mucous C. Ward, New Damp-
More. N. 11. :, - .slthern, Delaware; C. 1.. !Lubin-
Fon, I , lorl,ls, J. M. Johnson, Arkansas; J. H.
owler, Tennessee; General 11. Hunter, Ohlol
11. C. Cooke, Illinois; W. J. Coo hag, Vlrglnftll
11. It. Stuffs, Iowa; Thomas noopeon, Minne
sota, A. W. Camebell, Went. \ll - 00114; W. 11.
Walters, Nebraska; Mremer, Dakota; A.
A. 1/unnlng Wlohluglon, f .1. el. Turner. All
zuna ;J. e. Walla. New Mesleo; A. It. GI
Vermont.; T. 4.1. Turner, Island; Henry
J. Raymond, New Tort; e. A. Perelsnee,
renneylvanla; Henry W. I 101 f klarylawl;
utilla,rl Loovolana; I II Roy I, MI.
our); IV heioneay; John D. De.
(num, Indiana; Mural. 1.141 Inge, Michlgen;
Judd, NI isconam; James Oils, calltarnin; e.. 1).
~i..g o n; J. P. Chaltoe, Colorrole; U.
D. 51.1,:1111, Net dd., .1. W. Kerr, Utah; W. /I
Wallace, Claim: N. Lankford, Montana, J.
Coombs, Lhetrit't Colombia,
l'io I, it n psi t from Washingtou that lour
days before SoliretAry rew art's departure for
Cub:ago, with the President, were devoted i.e
the pteparation of an;ltnportant ante paper.
I ant not able to assort whether Its promulga
tion will be liwnediale, or dehtyol until We
return of-jihe Executive trip. There is en
doubt IA to document In question, which
Is no leas than it reiteration of the renewal of
the del:ll6Mb of this government for rustrt
Wax Elt the hand, of England for lots.. or
American ship owners by the Angle-Confed
erate pirates Is conceived with unusual elabo
Departure from Philadelphia sad Ar
rived to Neuf York—Reception Speech
of Mayor Herrman and Reply of Pres
ident Joh ns o n —what lie Does and
P ays to Portlier "My Peller . --Ile
Arnicted by Emotions. and ills Lan
gnaws Gresr• Inadequate a• be Ap
proaches the End al ills JournCY—
Wilt there be Enough Left for Douglas?
—Ltesointions of the Albany Legislat
I . IIII.ALOILIIIII A, VIA Brat!soros, N. J., Aug.
z).—The Presidential party left this City nt
nine o'clock this morning. They were repeat
edly cheered on the way to the earn.
CAIIDEN, N. J., Aug. 'L.—Major General
Meade ILL , I Major Emery have Joined tho ex
cursionists also Major limners! Butterfield,
h 0 came to PhilaJelphin I,oit night, us the
repr.entallee of the citizens COZOIIIittOC, of
New York.
New YORK, ALLMUSL Llertlinstown,
Trenton, Newark and Jersey t try, the Prost
omit and party mot with mad cordial re
ceptions. At Trenton and Newark brief
speeches were made by the l'resident of the
Council, President Johnson and Secretary
aew•rd. The President and party reached
tills city at one Weloek thin afternoon, anti
were met at l'lor No. I by t ho special commit.
tee Of LIAO Common Council, tine escorted by a
division of cavalry up Broadway to the city
!total. Broadway was thronged with people,
who entliusiaistlimily welcomed the distin
guished party. After arriving at the city hall
the members of the Common t;ouutil and the
rotate of the departments were presented to
Ihv I eciutret by the Mayor, who delivered
bo - rnal addeet+s of welcome ou behalf of tbe
(ILL. At it.e can. luelbn of those cermanitiles
the J 0,,,. .leiled out of Clot park and pie
tttAtell 1., Fifth .1. venue and Yourteentit stroet,
a, re ii , .l , .thlarywore to ire re, lewel. The
, I 4 rKt . 411./ ... •
At Vile,. oslon. Pre,-
.1. et eoteled the C II) a.'contick.ll.el oy
11..tott Ileofeinn, nmel lhr rheer., atel Inan.l nn
"t the n..ettlt•led inttitelat., 11,,,v0r a.l
- IL., '0i1,,• 1.1 the room, nn.•,el..
te,le tl,e .N 1 /tie, table4,ltlng to e.
l'renOtleet Johnson en
"..Itr. Prt•id.n:. In 111.111111 1 , 1 flit.. “ . 11,1
11lil.*1 it 1t'..0.11 ,rt ../11e
I„ I
..“I.l:,tilvclemor poi 1., I'd.. 1 . 113, un.l
(Ill:. ILO) Ths. great 1111'11 Of 1.11.1
111.1 Loveli wet•i,,tl
11111,. T:l4, t, 1t5..115 .1 111. 111
1111 1 gohlirtr., go111le111 . $1:ur1.1 pat r:,..
1,1. 11111, Vh lut,• •I• 1 , 111011 tll 111,11 it.,
tr, e,l.lltiLitrit Is wore thotlagoim . h,i
11.,1 yo // cliyollll.ll u 1 1111. f.aeL th.•
4111111 ti I •.1",.(0..1 1 W,1,311 )fl-
talmsua unirutruous Vole,
1.1:r It ~,,,, r 1111.1 Ilt It./ 31111, .•,teiullttg 1., yOll
iii, i rec.] ,Until rho city, and ex pressing Owl;
~,Lien: ,• in iicia ntattii.itii.i.:l.llipand pal l -
. itiiiin , 111111 Lilo uttli.oll2o whir great 0 itioilrnily ,
nn., , morel ~ltd, (11•1111 10 iiirtirliig to you a
wccrit ion which will he an e II 1 11 1 141101LIC as It
111 liti iti . tit.iltaiiie. flake popular 410111011.Stri,
1 1,111 to nut 11010 Meru respect to your high
bee, but It 1.1 11 tribe?. which the people odor
Le the flaunty, affair raid itiLLIIOI.OIOI. IVIIIOII
but: chuructet fled Our nil ministration of
the gulls'', ~,,, lit. '1 lOy recognize, and to
r pad teen rii, Inc magnitude Of the
rii.iiii.iiitilbllliliii, 'Albs 1 Olt 114 V 0 been called
up., to ussione, 1 ,, Soils. russurents which
haul iiiittliilailitil y LI, and the flllillcultlea
w hich hare besot you :way; unit thoy honor
you lot the leuric.o a you have mouth:ate('
In battling for the on On of the !autos anti
rights 01 the but •0 1461014 MI till,.
ni leis The city of rite lora, w Wolf Holy
greets port, lian nevea faltered in Ira devotion
to Lilo Inflon and t4u f.iinelltullon, end IL
never will. It I. the iigletropol In of the coun
try. wee w Ina It litiviri, 11. does 1101 speak 111
Wbltiiiiini ur utter Milo 'tomato. It speaks
to-ituy, 01141 1 trust t ' i great •lumonnttution,
In w hien capital awl .
...or have both united,
w all cheer you r lies q 0101 iitreligthell your
1101013 In the greet w 1: of peace and radon,
LlOO 111 1v II lell put. ar:;Ottgage.l. I will detain
) o u rio longer. Ti,,, lapin ore impatient In
at out you. 1 heir Del ilai will speak Inure 1,1,
tautuiLly Lll4ll Ind„ ha I leg your accet.
once of lids utogr bogy of the roroloti nne
lit ton Common Cou I, and with thorn ex
-101101 to you.tho Iran ri and the hospitnldles
of the arty. The ref rife of the Mayor were
frequently loLerrUp 1,1 with upplauno. •
Tau President, In ZrOleo °leniently affected
by emotion, remark as follows:
To nutko a reply but you have Just given
utterance to, 10100,1 ill Mrcustistance., would ,
liti itioro Lllll.ll 1 00U1 nilertake. I um over.
w mimed at the recePtion you have accorded
to me. ( &untruth.) -Language Is Inadequate
to govt. I.liptl.lloll Linty fooling. 1 accepted
your luvhaLlett end now beg you will, LU To.
turn, accept mop' at t sincere and heartfelt
thanks. Such au ?Withal from this groat
matropolls ought to, 'and does encourage ine
In the faithful dlsch aof my duty. (ChoOlki
It in perrniturly acee bath" at this time, trash
un we um from the attlotleld, hut there Is
still a greater batik before us. (Cheers.) In
reference to what I I co ,lone, It Is before you,
and It Is for you to °torah. whet my Con
duct. lute been. (Apo 1..04
In conclusion tut Hence speak for what I
ought to say undw t I Intend to do. (Cheers.)
In accepting them •;resolutiona, accompanied
by nentiments no gracefully uttered. I ogam
return you my slnccre thank. At the conelu-
S io
sten ot the Presld • 'it remarks, he was greet
ed with threo Um three cheers. Loud - calls
wern then mule f !Mannar, Seward, who,
advancing to the he f the table, said as fol.
lows: ill fuel that 1 Jo at Loom and I thank
you for thu weleoMoyOU 115vo eztorided loam.
(Applausoi I fool that lam at home, and I
thank you for the Weloolmerns hare extendqd
to me. (Applause.) I feel more than that for
I have brought with the to yours swims . home
the President of - the linnet States, ((,beers,)
muted by the arms of our heroes by thevlstua
of our citizens and by the wisdom and energy
of our Chief Magistrate.' If anything is want
ing It is the Certhileitto which we 100 at
Ulu COm.tnirpolli toboer ttsOut In crur . Far Oat
that Situ United States email midst titittyl
are trieteful of twenlytlve States. (Great op-
FL„lausti.) In tho oily and State of New York
T o
000 should be faithful drat to their
view that to their children and State. mud
then the country. To this duty I adhere,
and I poisons were to Interfere with n , In
falthailly carrying out this principle, I could
ovelthidunce them and still be faithful to the
country: . (Great chectli‘g.)
After the adttrese the Mayor preaented the
city °Metals and Citi2eno.which eontione.l for
about An hour.
The profession of the party up Broadway,
Wean Magnalleent ovation, and every aVilikl
'ble spawn was occupied h • Vtite assembled thou
sands; hotplate were allowered down by the
hundreds. Thecheer3 which greeted General
Grant and Admiral Faragnt, were especially
noticeable. drrived at Delmonteo's the party
reviewed the diVitiioll Of troops and the Presi
dent seas called upon to speak, bat declined
to make a speech, saying none was needed.
Attar tile demonstration which has been
madO to-day, 1 lance the Constdurfrin and Un
ion tp your hands. The party woe afterwards
entOitainal at dinner by a tow privileged on,
icons, which was Continued until a late hour
of the night. The party leaves at an early hour
for 'West Point, riding through the Central
Park and taking a special steamer at Slanhat
tanville at ono and a half o'clock, A. s.
aldissr, Aug. 3i.—lu the senate to-day, on
motion of tir.Lowothe resolution appointing
a oommittee to receive the President was re
liirj Lowe offered the following:
Worsause, The President of the United
BMWS, and our distinguished fellow citizens,
General Grant and Admiral Farragnt, are
about tO visit this State on their way to a sis
ter abate, M assist In laying the foundation of
a monument to the memory of the Into la
mented statesman, Stephen A, Douglas; there
Resolerd, That the Senate on behalf of the
people of the State of Now York, welcome the
rdsaident of the United States, and General
Grant, and Admiral Fermata, to our hurl
tS.,Thomns Murphy moved to Include the
nametifriVilltam U. Seward. Loch, ayes: Col-
Hos, 0.13. r.,Riraeli, Follow, Humphrey', Lent,
falalurphy,,L.ildunthey,Stanfora--a Nay._
1, Campbell, Gibson, Godard Wine. Ls,
Lowa, Seaslone, White, Wilber, Mi
lhous"' Waleott—l2.
3 . Folger offered the following u. a Alll.ti
totelor the ;Ire rreol ot lon offered by Mr
RgXeirea, That the ronate do, on lanudf of
the pooplo of New York, v. elrorue Excel
leJagy, the Preattleut of till. rotted Statee, tool
the ,Olhor MO I ngukht..l nereonage, atuatut
p.unying hint, to nor terroory. Carried.
Mr. Lowe offered the following:
"Resulted, That our dodlagnethed foliose
eltlkelte lietterml t ootool Aalutildl Vat ra•
gut,..trho 0./1` peet,.l at the ,tate Capitol to-
TnetrOlv„ be a tote ly elootued 11. the of
thiu 11110 Setotto Ito helot of In ,
grateful people, II tot teootrotto thr!r . te,
null 14,VM!ilal• their north.
MC. Mod Oilj' ntnred Intoettote rue nano. of
silt), ZS
vomit I li,ll
101 - 111, e:0111' 1”(1. %S.
to u 1,6 ./
Mr. i
0 , 1 Olt: I
Will I.llllill.ra TI I!: ..
111.3 .lira, 1,4 I {:
, •t•
1:;,-, . : ,
.0111, of .1,11 u..,, ..•...di.1.4.3, 51.• ova. :...1
Dena/ Jtlcliuonol, uril to 1..... ht•
Irato lA/ Ilat,tv In, Is. Alt, ?Hi th, It1(11,1.: mor-
Nib t'lg..-1 Wa.-I,lig•
tolirapeelal olli• .1" 1.1 the Ti
Drepartn..•to .•ligage.l ill the tOO% rr
-IMon Of , eveol-Tlortl., two Ylve-Twentlo,
I.lllo3o.Cent inlyance of the hit I,r In Ihe I.)relgt.
market havlog r t.l UNVll . vela, oeh
nltcrve preAvot lio4ll 1 . 10 ni . -even-TlOrt 5. ,
flat, It I. very ad% antageo.,.. tn.. 5.• the oen
vervloro The Idea of placing II girt per Colls.
(R/Verlllll. , nt lo,m tll.Oll t0•k1.., hl, 1.
abandoned ..otot• tom, ago, 100, lien re% Ive.l
In got's-c.w.0., of the napreno.loote.l r 3 In
all Vass. of Government Sueurillet, It Is
11010 , 1 titer tho tlynbool tot oor enent !ties
111 ..nntlnoe to inert,,e
Rhode Inland DeleyTle•t Cho Isoothero
Union Couto...Slow
rho* r., It. I stores:
Colon stale Central lo:hooi tee id tßuste Is
loud one Iles loot 111111: All •I lilt 1110 W•
log dedetates to the-out herotooo -oven ,
hash: Maj. lien harog , d... Avnator, Alehool ,
nod Ale Ago , . allI: , .; , : o- and
Dixon, nod I.t Win hey. le.
Han., Amer, rre.odent of Mono' , Plover.
ally; Ilan. James Y. Smith, Ex-A/oval nor. Al
so flvo delegates Inen Proyldnove oonty nod
lido, Irmo °null of the otoer rounttes of (tin
attar., were alto urinals I.VII. Theso were 'nee.>
led from truing the leading mon of him Atuto.
Tim lotormaltl,r of She Prostdent's Ile•
eisption at Plullatletithla Es.plaltsert.
rstir.snr.i.rnit„ittmot regartl to the
ours. 01 the utfortnullty attending the mr.B3-
d.v..-bat to tub city yoStOrtlay, the North
At &fro.. to-clay sayer to n note-erg/0T
Wit. Of the forlyo4.lC months= of — the
Common Connell, mint the' twent y-inn mem
bers of the Solent Coupe: I, lees than t w en ty 11.1 c.
at protect In the city, ate! of these a coushl
enshle majority are Monocrats The Mayor le
taking the ontt rest that he Can euJoy for I.
yenr t , CY.II/V, that the aloetwe any
mcmal purtit moan, n yosterdu, •s ceremo-
Moll ite Wit 9 exultsal 1.11,9,014.4,1 e.
Republiten l'ona-rot•lonnl
o m in ^lions
AnguO 2 b. —Tire Itepnit.l lean
tongra.lona! luny,. Liu:. of Illi city niol. to
tl,ty and wool:late , ' the folln ‘rlng mn.ll , lldon.
First Diet !let —Joseph mini!; , eron.l
W. 1., /lon. r'N 0111; Twenty-Tatra IDE.-
llon. Leonard Myer*, Fourth 1./..drlet,
lion. W. D. holly.
Funeral !terrines of flow. J W. ilorion.
Boups. Anintst D.—Funeral s eivloes wore
held LC lay In Tremont Temple over the re
mains of lie, .7. W. Horton, s 110 was murder
-0.1 Lit" Ing the 1310 I let ill Now Orloutle. thei r
Was a large attendanoo.
Ofncial Vain in Nortte Eurollno—Now
Conatitution ktoJected.
it A Lciorr, t Y, C.,) Auguat Itt—Tho official rote
came la I n-tias . All thy counthw but limy% art]
are heard tram. The now COMlLitlitif , tl was ro
eclod nY 1,a . : maturity.
fie.w 1 ouc, Augto.t. 2:J.-01:Iy tllrM, ettwo:. of
noo wllleh wn.J. fatwl. wort, 1,1-Jort
od In tills City July twu are
ro:Jortiwi LI Bowytzl)n
ADDIT7uN Nr:%‘l,9
A Elir.l I
i 1. h , . ' it ii .1
1 1 •.,:lit11: ( 1,1 1 , 3 Lilt.
.11.. 7.r.in1.1.:?.1•,1,1./t1.1:1:1111,t1tv,i,141::•
In l'll
toreat complaint, tint ..0 to e 1.14. war int t I 4..1111111
Ins 1.,11041 111. NV; VINI t,I„Ia t NII•1 I n k.let :lit I
a,lO Lionlv... -carte, 1...kn0t is mein
i ll.. hot et.. T. 0 111111114 INI 1.1 It,.
ay wan entirely innommt of any dint...tient
intimation WILL to ent...l, tool mkt,. In-11.1113 tile
"lulaa t
...Limn, Lilo matter n SOLLImt, liy .1.t6 t•
pitying batik lin. LI. I . ao4ittre,llllll g mng
GoLtIMIL Um dollars 0r toll, 1.041111 e” paying 1110
coats of Mit null.
Pocket Irleked.—A bold and successful at
tulnpt at pOokot picking was committed at
introtio. on irtitiay evening lest. Emanuel
Marshall, acoloregl loan from Stanton, was a
passenger on the Express train, and to getting
nut of the ears at Llttrol.4.l wan surrounded by
three or four parsons, canight by the arras by
name of them, a bllst whether forced Ms hand
Into hie pants' I , IJe6AIL µlid took. Ma pocket
book, isintaliging ilety-ilve dollars. Ile at
onee gave the alarm, Mgt by 11l 131141.1:1111LgE ,
1111•11 t till, Villains esegginsl. It listipposed that
Marshall woe followed 11011 i rittSilllrgil by
these men. It was certainly al, bold an mgy
rag° as we have °vet pf, it bring about
nla ll'ainQk IP the evening, and earn and *te
tra]] Welfare/ lull]. people.
Now Momle.—Wa tena I'ol,l Vail 11 - 010
Mutat a nuulla, n 1 eh... MI.
xla Ilt‘biktaiitala tv h 1.311 tire destined 1„ bosom,'
.vary popular. "Little Nell, - au exquialto bal
lad; "011, 'Wag Inc lu Clcap, Dour lather," It a
very ',city rung, the author giving,
Ward eays, "the old Mall n ehanco;" "A
TOO'S Itoply to Enoch Arden," a beautiful sung;
"Flying Binh" an tilftiriainontni comp.:4omi
1' 'n merit and enHV LO le park/nal, I. Ear
all Um IMOM MUSIC call at Alan. Wu/Ws, 111th
streat, Hoar Woo.l.
risy 'Out Sorrows, Ate.—Zaililook
on old colored man, hailing from Pittsburg
Landing, Tennessee, and who wile in the truly
of the Department of Tennessee, when, lie
was twice womulc,l IS In Allegheny. tie
worked Ills passage to that city, although suf
fering severely from his wounds and rheuma
tism. Any charitable persons who may wish
to contribute to ills comfort CUM do so by cull.
leg at tlii) office, Allegheny city.
lentirond Conaoltdation.—Thu Oldoviile
Railroad Company, of Ohlo, and Um Ohloville
Railroad, of Pennsylvania, halo been commit
dated uniter the name of Island Use Railroad
Company. and organised by cleating .1, W.
Itlanehard, Yrealduuti C. 0. Rourke, T. W.
Williams, R. L. Crawford, 11. Lee, A. 11. Doer
man and C. K. Cliamourlaba, Inreetorm W. U.
Darley, Chief Engineer; and W. Newell, Secre
tary and Treasurer.
Robbery.—Mr. Cohen , s clothing store at
llochnstor, Pa., was entered a few nights along
by thieves, who carried elf a valuable lot of
clot . hing. -Mao clothing was afterwards renov
antd •
Henieneetl to the Penitentlory.—Wll
- Hagan and Henry Mahar, wore sent
enced toitte Tenitentdary by Judge lduunber-
Lin, of Waslgngtoinra.,lnat week.
Holy. Thos. Wllliatos , • tipeech. nags Meeslur at Irwin thaitton.
We make room this morning for a more A large and enthusiastic Republican meet
eornpreltorwire report of lion. Thomas Wil. Mg was held at Irwin Station, Westmoreland
llama' speech at the operating of the Union county, on Monday evening last.
headquarters at City on Tuesday eve. This place, together with the surrounding
Mug. It may be well to observe that our re- ' neighborhood, was formerly one of
pOrter furnished a Our report Of the speech, wan's 'stiOngbolil, At I, tone ,, ; eh: 0b.. - -
but as our space Was 90 contracted he was 0t... thin the licrti t .• , tarts wt•t'e
llgml to condense, and In on doing, lost the ` less and felt colindi et thst emir int ereO,.
true meaning ol Mr. Williams's language: were safe In 015 keeping Nox. lithe he has
Lecat lter orison or me Gsr.iirrei proved recreant to the ea s-c of Lied:on aTtl
In your tdintract of my remarks at tbe humanity, and leis so hetra) 5.1 II:,
ineettag hl the City Mall last night there arc jttray that elevated hen to the pmiitlon
some points of fact of a publie maitre, where- he oecnities, and u loch has enaltlid
In I have bean on greatly misunderstood, as to him to more efficiently serve 1 'br ie
make it necessary fot me, as n public Man, to titan Ito otherwise could here done, he leis 'tot
put myself right upon the record. OK , ff iend among loyal, I. 10 , ing
lam made to declare, for instance, that .ms The meeting as addressed ably and ein
e member Of the Judiciary Committee, I feltqueutly, by hon. John Covotio, the Present
at-ith.rizett , soy—without breaking my faith candidate for Congress In the list District, and
—that there was abundant evidence In their by Major A. M. lirowa nod Col. Thomas M.
hands to prove Jefferson Davis and Clement Bayne, et Pittsburgh. At the close of the
I. Clay guilty or complicity In the plot that , speeches, the following reset it bons were road
Culminated In the aysassimasar, of Mr. and unanimously adopted
Resolved, That wo riarno_stly desire the
What I did say was, that my position n.a States lately In rebellion, represented In Con
member of the Judiciary Cumulate° gave mu grein and restored to the lull la iv the
tho opportunity of seeing tike evidence, and, Union as soon as they give satisfactory evi
although not at liberty to disclose what I donee of their loyalty.
know,.becuuse Its cif vet might be _to obstruct Rexot red, That the policy of the President is
the cents° of public jostle°, i could at least calculated to restore edicts to power, and to
venture to say this moth, without a breach of place loyal people at. he mercy of those who
COlaildOCCO, that In my judgment It Weald turn endeavorivl de•irov the nation, and to his
out that thero was not only evidence as de_ dollof shoattl a. , Cited tine Pre... , "” 01 "
eMred by the President in hws ; end condition of 1 con,' ry.
hen to warrant the eatarrninm of these men Ite,otre.l, That to t.ongt ess the law-mai:-
for complicity In that create rite°, mmugh . In"' , o; i t i nutnlo. '; , oh ; lit e t to
to insure their conviciion belere any prescribe the il:t illeh nll,ll loss
and Impartial jury,.and that evidence known. states shall tie I estorva h. Ct.. ..:or d•
an I believed, to the President himself. heartily eivt.r...• I, Otto Amend
/ rim also made to say that. °Ulu Judicla/y Went aulauilted Longruss,
Committee Dave frequently attlimbeeti , Merciful, nod a , e.t.d. , iY‘` ,. a”. , t . : , -
bring these men to trial, but they so related to sea tore It./ cpete.iii• hue
hedged in by the machinations of the Pres!. molly, by retain., pox el s of c.n e, ;-
dent, who never intended they should he po n . ,n,•• l t in the bun, to of lova' mit sem..
tailed, that all their efforts were NUM.. , 1 Jeesnircd, That to Jne. LA's - cele. r I•,n
-..ta nothing ot,the Mort. ;dtdute f. , r t Crngl Cu.', w 0 ha, n 00.
Ivhat I did say was, that. from the lone of preach...Lc character, miqrlestionatilo
the MeSSage, the rrdtidaixt
_obviOnsly de. t mad its a statesman, a num who has new
shays. Willie deprecating military Commis- $ Four terms .ere icon. a insults, of oitr 'm
elons tenth could try offenses in Violation of , tional Assembly tilenrly establishes cum
the usages of witr,such as the rtivassination was, Meter at a tried lin/i rue
—that Gongreas slionl,l advise or direct the Restat , d, That in Major itienersal John Iy.
trial of those moo for legh leen ese. only, under Geary, our rand id ate hie toiyernor, we have a
the emistaution tn , l Lelore a i iry el uccom-„; gallant and a it .-i,• ;eel n good states
pace+, who would bemire to acqult—t hat with ...1111)In l; ./..1 t liter Es...ent 001
the same visa, he had reonestml—not our Stale.
eta tulcd—ais 1 sin teported to have sal,' i—the blualred, Tilateft 111111001 cur tmll;;Jti,
the Chief .duel toe to held a Court for that put - for Migislata sal y ofht.•vs toe ,outl
pose—that failing In this, his papers and par lien.' andsuff rage. , ;ego' s el'
%Axons l u ll charged that Congress only WI. to I, 'I list se 0a:. mom sit sit.
Warne for the delay, and teat to meet anal re. stood 103 the Gm... .he .1 1., t ..,1 ;
pel t hose charges a resolut lon wan olTared by rihto war, to stand ~y it.. , •n.
Mr. Ho itwell, of Mannsolitisolls, instruCting I now; auLl not to be I the
Jude - dory Committee to lie' it Ire whether rona4• , or the !ttpliite o 0 ;;;--- , ei;;••• ;;Il
there OILS any iliticet to the law to pi event the ; those who have Iso ayed m: ; n., ,el,
it . /Al, a Welt eallml fora remedy hi hands have ivpose.l 111 them
of Congress, and ul se tare tic 11/al/I,llllli runt
or 11,0 evidei-ce Implicating Davis and MM.,
In the assassination—that a partial report
Mel - been imelo, to the effect that no tablition
-1: I tegaslation was required, whale the romdm,
..1 the '.nee an, still In the hauls of the Lem-
L.. ht• 1/11• , 40_ , t111,' at ,t21410^.
C, 14r.. Or the
.1 nil ti ) ~ .11.111..c. in a I .rOgel•ss 011 h.'l
Int nt• to, and of vest's, 1 edd
eot -a: I could not seal, that they Cad
r utelettakva it,1
al. also / had teo
teeej of iimolleils ol - -maw,. no, so Ito
- •
tt I.ttnt that lion, ohnt I not. Ito a Ito t t.r
ict Ilut tvof Ito I ottotiono. ^tato:,
1.0 Manor what toe oht,itattot ttf Hot ovlth tont
W nut I, 'A., that I hat/ uwtoll put
I ht. tine:llllM 1.. 111, twritoy littneral v6liothe.l
oottytellon Ihr wnithl in hlnJudgmvill.
',meth - 10ply 11111 h, suelhelt etunstuneet.--I bat
hi• an,. a negative onv—lnd lit the
st:llltl.4,llll2lnny, verroltornle..l oplnton
olily 1..)1ti nuutliern 111:01 I 11.1.1) Luke,' "111,
nn leund nopport...l ley the ..1,1,.71,,e0f
lln cmay ci may have nahlhu.l4. - ...1.)
..t wltnenses Liken netnre the JOUR C0n....1C1u0
••Ir Iteconstruvtion and pubithed. with their
I am :list, ant,lo In say that
II t h.. ”iti igilt.loll of the test oath eras grant:-
s! to .1,,1gn Patterson, the son-m-late of the
l'iesittent, nutlet mutt, he took 11:s Nt.:o
. .
W hat I did tt) Os, the , co o
ii•, t•oori
that he took! not N 0...:. • •
or at sent confessing •• own action,
hall prettied a bill to relict, him --lien.ert bid to
the nature of a Bull et Irololgeneo .such as were
Immo! by the Loon of Rome at the period of
this nolortnatlon, but that the Union aide of
the armee had voted it down with a single
dissenting volec—amt of Air. Hay mond—and
that he ir as /alloyed to tubs the oath, and did
take it not, 11.14sta:oiling this retusal.
I ate also Matto to say that ul had roeievcd
petitions oaring me to 7/tOre the Impeachment
of tae President for usurping power and at
tempting to erect mate Uovernments at his
•os n
personal ticlatinu, Stlbieot only to his
Imperial will.
What I ilid my wan that I had removed peti
tions as for the Impeachment of the Pres
ident, but had not yet promoted them, hot
that, looking to 111.1 uourpatiou of legislative
powers., and his impudent and unblushing
avowal of a determination to employ all the
patronage of the Uovernment In carrying Out
his peisinuil awl pi :pate nal, a thing
which had been often done, but never
before confessed, and remembering that
w - lsOn the qUeStlOn of the power Of
tyllunN al was debated in the l ongresS
of 1;l1i, In reply to the suggestion that It might
nt some future day be prostituted for Just such
purposes as them, tt wan answered, and gener
ally agreed Laud—this would bean ,and
offense. I (or one .10111,1 br, prepared to rots,
if not to so for no :in pollchinent of 1.110
l'lOSOlunt at the nest session, unless 010 peo
po• save us thal 111.11110 by re;;.luring
11, of ..,y— I hove uo •loyld
they woula it,, at the app as
roaublug uleellons—
N1r1,1u.4 the groat crtmliod
trial lictori• 1
.1. glle:
The PorLiam' Fir..
Al Nmeuldoc tit the mire of the Sia.. or of
the. oil e. the undersigned Was appoluted
treasurer of such fools as ineght be collected
by the commlttees of the different ward, to
all the suilure, a by the late groat fire In Ports
land. Maine. telly one committee, that Of the
second wart, Pittsbulgh, reported and paid
over the funds collected, cl.n. six hundred dol.
tars. The credit of this Is Justly due to the
0.11,1.1011 S of Wm. it Ogden, Esq. I Mal not no
prxsod of any of the Other committees having
Thu .111.111 which came Into my hands and
were transultt.l to the Mayor of FOrtlrtrial,
axe fr.llovrs:
First- Thy contribution Of Miller tt rilcket
son, of Oct, hundred dollars, for 'Which a sepa
rate acknOWledgeinent sens made and is In the
possession of the generous donors.
sessontl—Collections by Ito, Hoary D.
Moore, amounting to $ 510
Con tribe lion through tis Mayor
t Mies:Lions by :second Ward Committee. OM
1•10%.1,1 11uti.lre.1
li:• /ttll/111,41 1.1 the Alnlvr Pe/1-
'44.nd on 111, :PI t. 15 ..•t• I exi (Ito ito;i,w
-...htkowl,l,:munt, $.ll ..1 will,' I+ - , t1.1,t-
J.!, II s T:un,utLi.
I it
lit , I ki.i• ti
/.`t ptil
po,.• of tog n k. , imratlultisi An.
,n Int tau t” 11 112:4 4 , anti We
tlt' .tt ttlt sli , t
tt.ttittut, I. t•t. tut ,Itsuz
It :.t. !wen natulo
, on, Itm les lm.g Ago, Lut. its it Is too
lo g•to.l. ( .. 11" only ors. , . OA ,.l'm
Irlomis VIM,. 11011.113,1)
i slat 100 wil.ll ILA ear,tostiloA. that will he
a Meru:set of success. Of 1.110 necessity or
ass•s•is• lon of this ktlol, or the numberless
to•••••11t.. that 1, ill :treat from It. It is UniltteCl.-
..irl for us to speak. 'rho ismoilts are patent.
11l every Ix-fleeting iniod. Tile meeting will
take y• 111041 In the eiturtel of 1.110 Fetunle College,
nt three o'eloek this ufteruoon.
P. lon l'owleumett.—Thu poles which hate
1/0011 furnished for the use Of the Fire Alarm
Telegraph have been condemned by that Com
mato°. Mr. hilt has telegraphed to Messrs.
Gomm:roil, lionetton & Co. to that. offeeL, nod
l'011(1. • 11lIelle0 is that the work will be de
'mood for A short Illne. The reason for con
•lmonlior them 1.1111.1 they .142 . 1, 'crooked, and
1.110 eltiLl.lllo have taerefero dideeted to their
.Ifter the telegraph is put in work.
leg order. the hell will lot st rock 11.1. the hours
or -is (toll tu Mr° in the. day and in eldild.
recta 4.ll(lthur i,llllllll
(0111111 nil,. art [soil 101.1.11115 to V04,11C1 . 61)1C by Mrs.
Annie M. Shrth. In this community s here this
lady In no well kmn n toot Justly mitismosi for
liar high attainments meet! . the masters
vocal and Ina<trutnontttl uninic, snit an s fs
-0111.11 m I Ile hest aochti 1:111,11.M, It Is simreely
miliciestrt to comment' liar, Its Ms° is very ca
pable and SUIVeRAIIII tenetlol . . WO 110Utit not
nho will ha glu.l I y mud !Morally tistronizeil.
flo! for Phlludelphin.—Doubtjuse a largo
delegation of citizens will leave thia county to
be !muscat at the Philadelphia Convention.
Persons wishing to attend will at Once enroll
their names at the Union Headquarters, City
Hail, In order that the County l:oinuaittee can
he enabled to farther their arrangements. Ex
cursion tickets will ho provided.
Union itleetlnun.—The Union Republicans
of the Gth Ward will hold a public meeting to
night for the purpose of organizing a Geary
club. General attention is requested. There
will boa mans meeting of Colon Republicans
hold to-night at New Taxa% which wilt lia ad
dressed by Gen. Moorhead, R. B. Carnahan and
other equally popular speakers.
ACCldeldf..—li few days two a little boy
aged uino or ton years, named tools Smith,
connected with the Glass works In Bridge
water, had a fall and broke has unit
At about the Same time another boy, also re
siding In Bridgewater, named Lautbright, aged
about thirteen years fell from tut apple tree,
and broke his arm it, the fall.
ILllled.—Mr. Washington ht. lirookorer was
instantly killed at Baynes h Block's coal
hunk, near Zanesville, ouldefulay last. lfe fell
from the screen, a distance of twenty feet, one
of the roils penetrating Isle Wily, nail airs°.
lately impaling him. When noticed, Ins was
stundlug up perfectly dead, with the rod stick
ing In his body.
o at 310 re
at Frost ,gton .—They haVa had sharp trona
e OFF. Flint,. I ifll/ A, AI It ft,
wilco of Burr 'tiocer, errifllttetro It I iAI. Of
the tea', ulnOet to It, .IPI
tilt: jail 3'ard for milt :
A in,ll l'Hograolf ottU lien. TO , I iwt I to.•
toff! the 4,10 .11. in
I tit tout 11 az. I
r,tt.ller 1.111. r•Toe I , t1...1
IimyMIII lie of -.wt.., molk Ito to• ei
IA • a1e:..1 10011000 0,..,00 1110.1V0 lliur
1100 1.o• 110,“011 y four foot 0.01103 (1,111
1110 loundwlloo to the 6111. Each of 1.1.1 e.
311110 w 111 Lo 111 Ur reel torverl et the bottom,
and toz teen Inches Ortnut St the top, and
ter 1111110 of tour Culllbtln of etotte, toe lop
etonce belog .1 :LII the es p0,...1
Torough 1110
00110,1 or ptor.,, 0111 III!
1 ,111111111 111/I1 :torten . rod, te 11111111.1,-
tor.TIIII will orile
01 1.3. 111 1014
lantwr, 1111 1 lI II 111, tw LoityLelx
foes lengl It.
The In of 1111 tow er 111,111 out to 11111 Will Ile
twenty-five feet, two 10010, The po,:e or
oprlollte tho teen lttelms erturtt r• the
lerltoto, Ina elglit and 1 111111 hothe,:Louurr
toe top, the top, lerloggnotoor .1 I,e 1,111
to net of the tenon,, or mauty Met two~i lichen
between the shoulder on the sill, and the
shoulder under the top pinto. The top of the
beam under the machine room door will be
sixty-live fuet from the bottom of the sill.
The machine room will be nix feet seven
•Inchc high, and the space between the roof
and tiorbell deck door will be nine feet Clear
of the plate. The machine room will be
closed In with vertical boards, the cracks be
ing battened, and will he lighted by two win
dows of four lights each. This room will be
reached by four Ilmhts of open statra,with a
small landing at the heed of each flight. ac
cess will be had to the bell deck by means of a
neat step ladder through a trap door, The
whole structure Is to he neatly painted with
lead and oil, and will be coverml.wlth a tin
roof. It will be strengthened by strong iron
rods, whim will pms through coot it on w
err. The contract for tiii ere Lion of th.•
tower wan randy for signature last night, and
If not sighed then, n Ili probably is signed to
day, and the building of tt proceed immedi
The.ltendrlllu Republocuu thus noun:.. ++(
crops hi Crawford county.
The oats crop of this county IS clnectl!,
best ever grown, laid with the ex.e.3ption bi
that porflon Injured slightly by the nutty see.
son, has been harvested in good order.
Corn Is looking well s and if no untimcl.
f reale% Come todamage it, the crop will 1..• ne
e-tinny largeand excellent. We never had is
rioter proml,e for a eptondid fielLl Of core.
Buckwheat is very rank, and has probably
injured slightly by the heavy rains.
here Is a large surface sown, and the crop
from present Indleations, will be better than
PritstOoS are very abundant and of a ,upe
rlor quality. We hoar of no "rot . ' yet. Most
of the seed planted In this vicinity wt.
brought from Michigan ant other points . at I/
distance, „I,plj the 6UCCeoe attending tile intro
duction °Mee,' from other sections of toe
country• way suggoet some vett:table hints to
00r farmers.
The present season has hoes very favoralik
to the suceessf al grew fares tat gar,l,,
bproducts, :Lett we -hall Lope to sit' a One exhi
ition at the Farr of our 1.-ounty Agricultural
Mary (Jewan keeps a boarding house to the
Fifth Ward, and some tune since she atrOrded
lodging to a certain John Mohan. Finally
,Nutry presented her lodger with a bill for
'board due her, amounting to Oil OD. Ile told her
he had not the money then, but he would leave
u cult et clothe. in lien of the money, until he
t Could earn enough to pay her. To thin she ua
sented, end Molten lett In search of snplts) -
I !sent. Ile returned after an al psenee of three
and tttwtod that he WILII working In 'lgoe
iteranet•vtile, anti If Mary would Wl,' hint his
elothlng Int would pity her tett: weekk. >llO
entse, telt months .1 awl dt realltlcar
ed not. reortittr tint 1,10 intention waste tie
` niit• zundet3,ii ,Vf•.[A, A;t:c111.0.11
Icor ; ttnnt gwg E Will. n,•tencv. 11g ,tk
:, ~:,.
,: ~„~.,
4.1 Kos, ...I etrecte., ul.l
/it , epte.o• r At. IL.. Couluiut,..a.
Ot.partnnot.l x ii I.• r 111 , . C.IIa. I - 11 IL
II em 11101.1tVil ILIIOWit.IILLI,
1/I,,FiL , 1.1‘1..”L- 1,1 •:.•1P
•.:1(11(zst .
11 1 1i•111,11.- 11:•• • .' MA, 1,1111 ' 11 " ,
111}11141t 'llllll , lll
n111111, 1 :I 1111, 1/11111.11
and :0 •-Ivet, L.:. 0..
.01,L000d. n :1L..., 0 II:a> 1-:0
C 1.,. ., In Gylnnattloo II: 111.
want: In the ,lont Inc and Collegiate clasp:-
el , w 111 1,11 thoroughly taught_ Thor. aro no.
Len Prolesmor. In tido IntLilutlon. 41.1.1,11,1 C.
apprtral no. a hape cahltad and two :lota Io:•:ng
Literary Eta:l.llos.
The reel irrice Of Mr.. Jame Witileuiar, en L.
tit circa, le the Eighth waril, way L ateresl
on Tuesday night et Weill...lay tnocul , ig.itill
roh',ed of a variety of cooking <
elating or 11 COrri`o 11111, IWo ,rlllrellent, 11 !ti -
tree, a nutmeg crater, "col it ten caul,. , •t half
tilled WM< a relPeriet quality of l out.: cIL
The thieves °treat:at at entrance I.l,lLingh
window In the rear, which furl been eat
loft open. 111 getting to the kitchen, trout
which they took Lho article., they Were for evil
to lingo through a chamber In which so. NV Ll
driller Una her liellgitter Wore.
Strange to Ally nothing but the article. n 1,41-
%10110.1' were lekell,llklllollgh I het e re Or t s
Clue of value lying wittaff their reach.
Dl.ortiorly.—Amirew Jameson wits t ••iuro
Justice Ito bet , ester uay, I:ll4rlit,tt
orderly conduct, 4 , r1 oath of wlo Man)
mann. Ti,.. carpus of the disorder was Si truot
iod by Nirs. Jameson to n heavy run g , p of pad
whisky aunt Andrew had taken alroat o :are, -
oral ° gin mills - In the borough of Eact. Ito -
mlngham. Andrew Insisted lie had only-falc
on hour, but Mary Jane relying on the Judg
ment of lice organ said timbal! gob drug, k
on the pare] leo t corn, or in tuber
—WhidkV. 11drOW finally acknowledged the
corn, and after promising to do bettor be was
released, his betler-half - paylng the cost,
Ity Mortallty.—The following wore the
deaths in the city from August bah to August
Ilatb: Mal., II; females, O. White, 10; colored,
ono. Total, 1.0. The diseases in the above coves
were: Ulceration of nombhlebtlity, enteric re..
vor, consumption, flux, scarlet fever, eon st I tu.
LlOnal debility, still horn, ehrome phrenti
Tortoni., COnVUlaiOntl, prOlnnt urn birth, con ges.
Lion Of brain, one each; eholota [nor nutf, Lon;
Ontoluril infantnnn inaIIi9ULILS, three enen.
Med.—Mr. D. Hawkins, formerly of this
rlty died ti few days since of cholera at
Louts. It la a painful duty to he coiled upon
to notice the demise of any one we linve
known so intimately, but us in the present
ruse, when our knowledge of the wan bat
been cemented by long years of friendship,
the task Is doubly so. Him death will be ie.
grettal by a large etrele of friends this
Railroad Arcldeol.—On Tuesday night 11
young man by the name of Gordon, from Com
unctiout, was killed In attempting to Jump
upon a morning train of care at Huntingdon.
Ho In the fourth man who hair been injure.: by
the care at or near that place, wttldn four
weeks, three of the Vietimb having died.
Nettled.-Itobort neckline came to thu of
gee of .Merman HMO, yenturdaj. told 'nude
oath agatruit Voltz Garven. for sanity of the
peace. The matter w. adjusted Ity al.tekidt
triUghltßittg the Charge, and the tleu.nd.u,
paying the costa.
Rae. Lorna.—On du that Dexter Lola
Patches will bo in this city in a short(dale, for
,tho purpose of having a rsce.
11.5 Crops.
A Laudlndy Novi 0 Boarder
liOlbery In Ibb DIAInIn %Ward
T WO; KO vim,'* . , q •
The edition I. forv. - arde ISM .1.11 4
igrt here unutee..t S. Lne hruditipi.
_ .
Tenth Ward Oran ,t
be a meetingof the linpntil•r
rd. nn I riday
rtecting n w.trd vrgnid, du," 4 . 10 I•
: ...1
• rill, OM
V. n•-v•
Cottc 1,11104 —1
I lie
l is
11,1.1 far Pa It .rtz.„:
11111 li:ll:tr
t. 1111 1
heun n g.
Pent arc lary r4l,
A <llNtalLe -
at ('lt) II Ail, 0 i 1... ..
100 !•
0:1011••...,..;:.. 1.0, 1. A.
0013 toL
.I,ratrl I aft.l !tarter).
beton. A, 0 1,1 .
it eiallt •. •
t, •..,.
po •
1111111,lixwill CL..:longed
• "a: '. La- ••!.a"'• , .-:••' -'"
otillt,rlelter Ar - rf.•tvii
by i/o• wt.t l .t •1 1.
O r,tcia 1:1 .• .1.. • , b •
Art :ctr3t t
.Inll Itelia , rl I
'11.011,4.i..i: 4 • ' 4 T._ I,
No. 1:91,,,11<thi1,141 . •
A LEX. 4114.1:14
arr ot en. ❑.
oar I r 0
ii atch iti
- vv - i~`:
E <
! i';H.
A • < k^ c 3
rt t
I . at
of41:1 be elev..
Tin, Copper and Sheet S n a It at?
• 4,1
r:, n
Practical FUllilillft
I )/TTSItE . I2(. II IN Z./
J . "Vit.
( i d. ' t,
1.. t,L.Na
~ ~. ~.r is r
' ;',' ,
ON k 0 t
M1,41:6 4i •
i i. .c...a -,,...
.1)11A ;E
N 1,1“,
• Al.l
NU. 107 M.,
4ifi-:1J itI2ICN
sm. 1,) 1. •I et.
3.417A4:. —Pure ,
. .
G 0 JaXS. braudsg,
nitn t.ti t t 1:A1/tt 1 A it'AVIt , N.
NEW so 'ref k:".1_1. RIEn'T.—TWo
; ~, ; ~ , I.4Lc by
trYi kilittN. Ist)N.
LA Dicw.
i it 11.1.1,.1. ,11— 4. , 11 , Fa .11alkr 1
!!; 1 :4• 5 ` 4, 1 .-
F EATHERS -9 eattclics to turritie
eanl toe
U. ../11.A.11 1111,61.1_
I t OSIN —3 blab. NU- lior r.a.te NSW
( .u/w) ALK,NRY
.Itorts , to