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PeArti*As../,(4d- & CO,
AY. - zuLy - '204-1869.
"*., eAreindebtt,,
tlrpodivaj; - .11. C, for ot tho lia
Committee llamado. ,
G0VE42(0)1.; CURTIN M . ee nouresseo'
n letter- to CcilotieLJortn Chairmen or
the riepabliese State Co. Mittee, esplairy
ing that his ploposition to convene the
Legielittniee or the'loyal. • :tato; in special'
sesaiSns to aet cp the Cons tnt ona amend
idea; li it not mot rerth, i e favorable
coil c.)nsegnent
lylie should not eat:- our Legighttiti
tolCePi!i !ef!T! , th.a usual 1 4 4 3%-,ln the.
baits° of thfe letter he defines his iosition
otel'ihe - •etiating controversy between - tte
'President and Congress, and.I4IOITEI that Ile
.-. . . .
• iitandei.*th : the' masses of loyal citizens.
I.Y.:),)avu haenawara that the A3overnot Ilk
priiate lit) ter,tloll, was uxpresiing.him
selfvritit riieitnee:s Oith.e right side: Bnt
we have It, in yleiv of the unfortunate en•
. dbrie zu
,atit of , Alpkr.realdent:s P . oliey,in ;it;
lastannual message that the Governor'
- oright in make a ,pub le declaration of his
:",present niew"Of t h e ease. '.
Holding towaids him the relation of Kr
sonal.',2ami 'political friendship, we have
!boutlit it bolter NFO should say this thaii
an , enemy We know
the 41)Ternoi.appreciates correctly our mo-
the premises. Bat if we had been
certain it would be otherwisewe should not;
lame `,ltesitated.'=.l.SlOurnalists, we had a'
duty to perltie*And shoeld ;Lava per.
Aimed it .titi•OtatMr tow .enpletisant might
,istxer .- been .tito 'Onsecpicneesi. -The Gov
erhei,it:sense of%what-was due to himself
and to the-pomile of thelitate, correspond
. odentlrely to our own, and 'he lutarniet the
c!ile.:10 - p-mitnOciAndicatory'og his hiatorj
DOI TP4:IO the epliefactionpf his
. .
aotiow-draned Soldiers and high"hone
ty patitobt Codiened together in' Washidg
ton; Pe.,a few dsys'ago, to get up a set of
r4ibithatia - Among them was one de
clatieg Heister'rlymer -"the highest type
of tiattlatitamt i. " Had the 'so:called Con- -
ventiem been etintpoied of aoldiers, such a
resOltition as= this would- have -.. sounded
exceedinglyTtrangi, but as they were un
willing transcripts and bounty beYs, there
4.4 nothing striking in the decleratiOn,
tree soldier will never forgive the fork Tato
attacked him' in the rear, while he was tic
mg the more noble enemy. .-1n.1.863, at . a
Convcation Slierks , county, which; the
"highest. type Clymer 4 :6i6d in piling up,
the follOwing.resoletione'WerefidePted:
•Besokett;;That:vie - arejnitexibfy intlun•
alterably devoted to. - the -Constitution. And
Gib Union, with such additional guarantees
as'May. ..proteet - :ibe ' rights of . minorities
from all fuittre aggression: , - We do not ap
prove of this war as at present conducted-
Vire never did'approve of it -in :itself, but
accepted it in preference to disunion, an
archy and despotism, under pledgesthat it
should. be conducted solely with a view to
the restoration or - the Union: 'llaise pledires
have been broken, the! war is converted into
into an alolition crusade, and, we are free
from any obligations except those of .nbed4"
knee to law. ,
,Res2ired, That we regard the Entincipa
thin Prochumithin, the Conscription Law,
and thettliscapn,4cts aselearlytturt, :
sfititiona 7 ,
.Cansoldiera7-mon : whoAdered thearmy,
ditorigh the premptings patriotisai;ind'
ditty to their ciariniryendome a ; man who
held Tonc4 life of .II
our'Goverthifent: , wan :threatened f
they eatinet:„ . ..Evett the brave Confederates:
who met our idiot's in bide" upon the open'
batileheld ac focs,. - viould ; A,Purn the tralU?r
of the Werth; if they Wide tadletivipon litt. • his act of w-dbliolding en-,
countienienti front the soldiers whowere.._
fireside at , the &Ont.'
littia heard enough of siialfeeldier, Orman-.
tibus; let taSßearlo niere;: If the Wei Was
waged he nisminplish anythitiggoOd, those
VI? PPPoso4lt were guilty of crime anti
should not: now pi landed and praised as
_patriots: There Is a premium for men who.
wore the garb:of soldier offered by the
Democratic.; Party... , Wherever they can
muster a squad of men who hive - named
through a si
,sty days Untying campaign,
they bring Ahem - together ; and force em f J
to. 'past', a string of resolutions. The
trick is understood. True soldiers. scorn I
and. adhere :to the principles Which
cause& that to peril theirlives
pies which will
. carry General . Geary. into
the Gubernatorial clunr.-
t :.
On FrumAT n,tsi Gen ; w; T. S nsantss,
''-'"!' the coninieneenieni e'er
-141" ."-- dam at,Tale Oullege;rdatiritt speech to the
:, • i _ i ittldenia,. , whiff.. ?newtons ,eonsiderable
eritielitti from the ..conserviiive' joumali
it specially ProVoltes them is this: ''
As you go out into life . will , find op.
%nitwit* enough to Stand...l3RO' . the old
flag—younnig eves Lave a change to fight
for,it..:l tell you that befirre you pats from
• the stage there lag bejightingi , tseompathett
watt .e.' A -mine tefil seem slig4t,ato.llutve
• -
seen enough'
: Ti - tlir l'irdeli: SIIERMA'S vie* of the Sit-
: t nailonl—, We take it be has jusi the same
right ii 01 other citize n s to his judgment
ofimilili4 tiffaiii,' and at'initable tialeilto,
eijirensitii: - . Ilia judgnient, .eertitinly eon
• ' awed. in*multitutlesof thoughtful men .
in all -parts of the country : - The ,fear is
i yriatti - edlintii:lfee , thatVthe Presidentla
E 047, akdeve*Wrin his YetOldessa*,
t and hismatnier Orgiving it, eifect, as intil=
' I - eittain itlitiii: Eibruirit'siieoch;'; tend. su
i • airewon: ' When thelkinhl!enn , lead':
~ . ets, *hotlinnik•hr.thn flag,' mil . , denntMeed
i aeiraltencjith&sepie,ndicius - sense asthe .
'.1330104141r3951,- PO Hag, lnna. the duty of
i' I . : -. ".intiting tlienidowa bb theeierciiko . tibree
11 C0 4 4 / I t , i)foctillned;7:bat else rain sqit-..
ile*ktie do other than feel spiliehexisigns
Titst.. , trniori - Conferees;of; the Twenty-
Aril - 904ns idanal District, ecoaptising the
eoupiies of Indians , Wesiinorelanti
Fikie#; . ,llll meet at the jdonongsliiit
ipuo on the 24th ;hisasitt;
tolicardnite a`candidate for Conkresti:
Siktitliullerist2:llho Imparted by sserow - . - ,
from "BMA& county, John 6P4Oilit
rfWeilSratTerilloo, and lion. A. W. TAY-
Ior:b*" iiidians county
;1141.tatisgr,elect Paiterson and , riapresen
tatlyeaelect Cooper, dampliell, Lettwich,
TailetandTleamite; Imo sur widen*
to. the wind* of Tennessee, • urging-thetn
loiend, delegates to the National Johnson
"Oiniientlen, _ to ' wiemble in Philadelphia
on.oCl4th. of August.' • " '
I ' at Uol,6.llemocra•
c paper,
except one /*Nest Virginia, is exllted by,
man Who emi - vote.• veral of' them e
run by returneereh m
els; others s.
who,-have ;mot been t 7 the State , long
TLeprominent atitditlitteii for United
Stake Bentitoehr•,K)theasi,to :succeed. the;
1 , - -* .-letett:iettatortanai;eft_
Ocvethof , Cieney, - Celcdolr•Virilliam - .
Boni! B id *
, _ _
will-not . loo'
Par i t ( r nal* thi!(1!),
NNW. that, Cost 7.64
In England, 41000, at tho Opera
lions° Shoe Store.
.y hats Serelylears 21131 i l e On those English
„, brogans. „at, . the, Opera House Shoe
Store. • • ' "•••
The best wearbtg shoe ever nwlo—thoao
'English army brogans,, the Opera Rowe
• , Alias' climax.
A gixid anortnie.iat Ju dieted 'on tho north
ikagt corner of Paavili and PiarlFet. stream.
- • . C.-113doos povz t Biro.
&Wale :donble.vldth ,at all Pew. on the
northeast 42013101.0 r rourtb and Market streets.
e. Hanlon bora a Dna.
Lett en Bele,
A splendid n09123/00d !lam; of a celebrated
make; lnit sovern.ootsys, and han . dsornoly an
ielmitioirlos To* low, at, °stainer% west
Boot and Shoe lions°, 244:030 Wlltli Street.
If *lli./ 116Lar !Mathias.
A good , assortment of . the boot brands, al•
irßye'•tar iistaid; tukAtio norttnenAt oblroor of
Fourth and Market streets.
C. HANSON Lova d Bao.
Summer Dress' Goode.
Shawl% Lace, lifantles, &c., closing out, with--
out regard to cost, on the northwest corner of
Fourth and filsrliet streets.
C. liazaon Lova & 800.
Down Say that Ton Cast
Got Richest qualitrotEnglistvandgeote.h - .Ale
Porter, or Brown Stodt—fot, hy calling of
_FLlmillsO's' Dino Ditio: ion will god the most
complete stock of thu finest brands—and got
them at: the very, ldwest price. Remember
the place, Fmturno.s Drug and Patent Medi..
eine Depot, No. S 4 Market street.
Cott Liver OR in the world, manufactured
from fresh:selected livers on tbo sea coast.
This oil is chanscarizell by a sweetness and
purity, peculiar trill alone. Its reputation is
so great Malt take:Slant Of other o ll a,
and - lstiiniversallym Rani by- physic:tans..
Remember to ask for rd & Caswell's Cod
ClA.M.Lx.,lllh,r= & Co.,Tiew York,
,• • • • • , • • Sole Itlaeutaetsre.ra.
Tor stile at tilitgesalit rfi PUSS - burgh by R. E
&Mere bt.kt. retatetty all Druggists,
Ta. be .4411;eak at .;City Hall oil the 30th inst., is
dreitibigiresi. Theonanagers,lierers. McDon
ald, Tbompsoi a..C.0., are completing their ar
rienghihriti;eb,the' public may bare no team
of en additional- postponement.• It won't be
necessary. The ttc.freus are selling fast, Ne
vronder. Splendid niriale and attractive gilts.
need their advertisement in another column
and be' &evinced. ' Every body - should have a
tioket.. Dan , wide tat theemming of the Gan
cm:tiler time -there . wig be so much excite
ment sad confusion that itwon't be convent
out .perhaps to have tickets registered, a very
imporitint item rianclierimrprises.
~- grand-Wational tilft Concert wad be hold
'al. Grocer's Theatre, Washingtem, D.C., on the
eti ertery4oay tarttelMiting
wtti boehtitled to I gift to each Oe Merchants
", orlioloarronioll Mesita* front one dollar
to . ,Clabtoco thonsatid dollars . The net
profits are to beappme4 'to the ifitionn3 Or.
piwine. Dome Fund: sN that "everybody will be
+afforded a abeam) to draw a Dwaine, while he
Is contributlecto.:. Outmost, charitable object
in the conetry. The project hsh the endorse-
Tne t 0 0 1 :40. 4 # 7. umuling citizens of the
country, who voieh4cirltie honesty - of the Pro
jectors. Book. are now open_ for subscription
and lisle thrtiete zet Jam W. Placers, Fifth
Street. opposite the Postolnee.
lettasas Enrroasi—The excitement occasion
edJi..r the deliscig Intelllgenee of the defeat of
ourlilflein.mpion'tipcin English waters. is
Ithont dying out, and our people can calmly
look into the causes which prevented Hamill
from beeemlng victor. The reporte/early Set
forth that his defeat was to be attributed to a
:Ifficalty In keeping a straight course, end
that from some cause or other be could not
retain his usual arm position in his boat. A
theory for the may easily be found. His
Shoes vett( net heavy enough to brace himself
*the boat, for he had made a grand mistake
Elaine° call at Robinson's Boot and Shoe
enlPOitiniti; tor a patepf his selntatitlel made
pcoverinit.EgOy.ihing in the way of
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stools is large, fresh and new, aint wo. advise
ad of yorte readers te call there tor great
IloirOOlor's..Oldoosebylliviors-1 Bun
dred'CliirsOlires lu One.
Not tbelease'idrikingmcnit of liciatetter's
Celebrated Bitters is the wide scope of their
operation sea pretenliailve And remedial pre
paragon. Al a yrre*Cire Medicine they ward
off tilfthe Abseiscii , -ond their *me la legion
.. -that. originate in unwholesome air, impure
water. *Weeding heat, ..or other local and
abilitie' cantos. , This alone would be man
tient to immure !assay corrective and alters.
tire medicine a world-wide and undying
celebrity. D'ut ilostettees Great Specific has
a hundred otlier.cialtnato the eangdellee and
high anudmeration of the public. In Dirspep•
cia, Liver Complaint, Chilisand gayer. Bilious
hemittent Iluvers,. Cholera hicuttnai Cramps,
Colic, COnstipatlett, General Debility, Piema
ture Decay, FeUltiO irregularities, Corollate-
Donal Weakness, ilea sickneas, Diarrhea, Dye.
votary, FilittliCllCy, Vertigo. Fainting Fit..
Hysterics, and all complaints proceeding from
Imperfect Digestion, ends disordered wildl
ife:l of the liver and bowels, Hosteiten% nom-
ZICII Pattern are the lnest:miwerfnl,, speedy ;
harmless and agnseah;le of all remedies idver•
Used by the press or administered in family
prectleo:: , ..,-," • ;-+ .
tiosieteeis ftlitinni
are told wholesale and Mall savory low rates
at klemtnies Drug altdratent ldedhnnaldelmt,
NO. 64 Markftt , al est; conies of the Diamond
and Stake. riaer.letarth street.,
jellosioos IlimUost4l tuts", Cauvention Is
lichtewAyoLie. Jane -19.—The Johnsen „No
tional 'Union Convention in thin oily today
was very thinly atterided,the number of actual
delegated ;not 'exceeding' one brindred and
twessty.dire. Three = congreselonal districts
Were unrePresented. Wono of the -speakers
invited Ironsabread were prlesent. Onlytheoe
who rupported Lincoln. and 'Johnson ,in Ists,
and now support JohneOrs i e restseration pulley,
were • allowed to participste., . General Sot
Meredith presided.. Deleastes_w' the Mlle
deli:dila Convention-Were stiliwiwou ,
A serlesot restitutions were adolited; The
drat expresses an ardent atteebment to the
union: u States under tbeCanstStution, denies
Ow right of AtssessiOniheids latemPts nun
Wed voia,"declares ail the State now States of
this Unita SS - before the rebellion, denim the
power 9( the General tiovernment to exclude
s w at a ia n ,... !Fault/m:ol,a* Or ikal r e a a -a aa a a
Theseoend - declares confidence in President
Johnson - undintirdshed, approves the general
Policy of his administratiou,rsultirees his ree.
'Marshes policy no wise, patriotic, constitu
tional:la harmony with the: fotalttenbaeoi
awl Purpose of the people in the . soPerros_ien-
of tbo ;shallow", With the plat•forigt on firroe.
he was elected, and with. the declared pelley
of the late President.'
The thin% esserts ibid.:under taw tionstitn
tics4tbertigut to prescribe the !Fenton
id.. is reserved to' the elates; and. ft
wee siewersive of the principles of our
ucrirerestient for Congress to tome universal
sulTrage ispoll say part
thehe country in opplii;•
sition - co the wishes of citizens th ereof.
- Fourths ,All the .I.ldos.ltre annual by the
GellatitutiOn : ..All loyat
tnetatiersdnly eleeted should be admitted to
tiongresverttbent tinneefebetry delay, each
lionse.jOalttolf , !Ike. golgUlooffink of Ito mem
^4he paymsn t of the Nattered debt,
*Weed Obll-1011,.' never to be repudiated,
and rdidehi4WWlircirslncnite d laaid Or kWh.
eon and rebellion shall over be paid: • .
Sixth-;The natton tweed: it intim debt. et
fani gralat* tlies Wtheaufairlej"ltt he te riXe r"n aberdil d 141W be n6 esred Tba
for ity thwilovernment. ed. ..14111ded the PYlist•
don detvirmittgltvi to give' WA 7 01 See• to
fieventiiii tope. Philadelpida
Convention are expected tO. otheiworisite with
44.1/r loyal UHia• ' -
_ .. „_ . . .
' , .'iliiiii Vialarillll, ...-- .;',-,.. .. ,
Six 4 sziabitm; July li - Thi:earre o ef fhb .
ship Hornet veil thrgellr 'lnkßred'in 11 " . - "In—
bromine, Coinpany, andlt la tishlartood that
We 1"108 are 09114P.PrgutP.07, paid iii gold
One -- 6ndred ind.... , thirty-three ihmehlrld
poundi of =labor one; American: shlpplag
gradewoollanJhOothold daring the pot week
at igloos raheng tram lit to Zto par lb..' A large
amount or Ws goal per orkip..y.ookout, loading
for Saatoa.
_ln' the "mew' . or idwaid.Cirlahr Vhirlthtfot
Doweuaudga Meld, of the United States lt ,
colt Court, yesterday . ease . . judgment ha favor
of the 4telendeat. - Mite controls the Govern,
meet in p 0.1861114011 .of. me - property known sul
BlackTolot, on 1940 h Wrt4mtthoh have Deem
,~ _
W.41e1110701e, July 19, WOI.
Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on Cool
memo, repo:lml thejointreiolutlon in relation
to the pay and amounts of collectors of the
revenuo who have tailed to take the required
oath of oflice, with an amendment as a substi
tute aufollows:
Redford, Thiit the Secretary of this Treas.
ury, be, nnd is hereby authorized to pay it rea
sonableS compensation to the persons ho hes
employed for the purpose, and who base been
actu lily engaged In collecting the C. ‘...
within the States in Insurrection,
etantlinff ego failure Or inability of swill por.
sous to 1d.., the oath of cake reQUlrltli by law,
provided that-such compensation shall not ha
greater In any ease than that provided for by
law, for officers of the revenue performing
such services, and provident further, that this
act shall not US deemed to authorize the Don.
tinuanceof Hoch persons in such employment.
Tins resolution was ordered to be printed.
Mr. Grimm Introduced a bill to reorganize
the Navy .Department and fix the pay of its
officers, which was referred to the Committee
on Naval Affairs.
Mr. Morgan, from the Committee on Com_
moms, reported the bill to fix the columns.
tion of certain collectors of customs, and tor
other purposeswith amendments. It Strikes
out the provis ' ione relating to salaries and
compensation of deputy collectors, naval of
ficers and surveyors,and inserts a section
giving such officers in the port of Heston, New
York, New Grimm. nod Sun Prenelseoss,sl2.o
per annum, each. It extends the provisions
of the sot of April Xali, IABI, increasing the
compensation of inspectors, to July lot, latia.
The bill was ordered to be printed.
Mr. Stewart, from the Committee on Public
Lauds, reported the bill granting the right of
way to ditch and canal owners over the public"
lands in the States of California, Oregon and
Neirada, with an amendment as a substitute.
It protects mines in such right of way, and In
the rights of phority of possession as recog
nized by the local oust ms and decisions ot
the courts in these mining districts. The-bill
was ordered to be printed.
Mr. Ramsay, from the Committee on Poet
Offices and Post [toads, reported the House
bill establishing certain poet routes with ver
bal amendments. The bit was postponed un
til thimorrow%
Mr. Morrill offered a resolution setting aside
Friday, theVitti inst., for the consideration of
bills from the District of Columbia, which
was amended so ua toorder an evening . ..lotion
for toe purpose named, and then adopted.
Mr. Johnson called np the Dill for the relict
of the sufferers by the late fire at Portland.
As originally reported, the bill provides that
the Preathentaball authorize the purchase of
provisions. £O., for tho sufferers.
Mr. Johnson [Altered a substitute for the ori
ginal bill, directing the President or Gm
United States to tender to the Governor of
Maine S511,01:0 In the name of toe Government
Of the United States for the relief of the suf
ferers by the fire, to be need in such manner
as he may deem advisable.
Mr. Trumbull opposed the bill. Ile did not
knout where the authority came from to peas
such a measure. Where was this kind of leg
islation to stop! If the sufferers by the Eire at
Penland were to be relieved by Cottons.,
why not those who have suffered by tire else
where! Ile moved that It be referred to the
Finance Committee.
Mr. Johnson said that Mr. Trumbull had ad
vocated the - Freedmen's Bureau hill, which
would cost, not $31,04 but trill-0,01.0,000. The bill
now before the Senate was not the first of the
kind ever passed by Congreas Some years
ago, IMMO were appropriated for LAO relief of
suffererney a the in Alexandria.
Mr. Trumbull said there was no analogy be-
Moen the Freedmen'. Bureau bill and the one
now under consideration. TOO find was a
for the safety of Donation, and the benefit of
a whole raze. The pending measure was one
of more charity.
Mr. Darts said ho should feet compelled to.
I vote against 11,0 bill, anti he should do so with
wrest reluctance. Ile could find so anthority
in the constitution to enaction such an sworn
priation as this.
Mr. Fcesenden said If the hill wen to he re
ferred, he would ureter Its reference to some
other Coalmines:: than that of Finance, of
which ho was chairman.
Mr. Johnson referred to two erica m which
Congress had appropriated money
the re
lief of citizens wham property was destroyed'
by eartinttuthea.
Mr. Trumbull said the eases were not anat..
Yr. tirlsees asked why mitt
Mr. Trombull said earthquakes were the
work of God.
Mr. Grimes asked if Ores more not as mural
the work of God as earthquakes!
Mr. Trumbull mid fires were not In the
same sense visitations trotn Gml to earth
quakes were.
Wilson salts the nation would be no
paidrer for the appropriation, and ho hoped at
'would be Mote.
Mr. Feettenden said from twelve to fifteen
themsand people had bean rendered hostel..
by the fire.
Mr. Henderson could sot see why Congress
had not as math right to appropriate money
for the relief of the Portland eufferera as to
appropriate for the relief of the Irish people
(hiring a famine In Ireland.
Mr. Davis esid If Alt Ilendersen could point
him to even a seeming authorisation lay the
Ccmstittation, be would vote tor It.
Mr. Menden= said ho found authority In as
older work than the constitutionn. He found
it In a book which said, "lie that givetit
the poor lendelth to the Lord."
Mr. DockaleW retorted to the destruction of
Cbambemburg, Pa., by the rebels. and told it
was a case which called fortearity more than
any other. Yet Gong - rem done nothtng
for the relief of the people of Chauthereburg,
who were impoverished by what utlfht be
called the negligence and fault of tho 4overe
went of toe United States.
Mr.Aallinury tinted the
rote anulust the bill. lie
sym sbva pathised with the sufferers as mch a.
any body could, but ho could not On t u n
constitistion 'any authority for !Inch Melvin-
Mr. (lowa said, replying to Mr Henderson,
thnt the Injunct ion to give to the poor which
be had giecte(l, did not mean to give other
people's money, hut their 0w... Ito (Mr. Howe)
pocket rather vote
dollars out of his own
than vote for this bill.
Mr. Henderson said he would take Mr. Lowe
at Ms word. Let him (Mr. Howe) glee any
dollars, and ho (Mr. Henderson) would not
vote for the bill.
Mr. ((owe said he would agree to that.
The bill then passed by a vote of 23 yeas
al i " l ia r
llhUtileUrt?i which pasty
terday was referreetotroFnaneelnldt
Te Senate insisted on its amendment totbe
Pension bill, and agreed to the Conference
Committee asked by the House.
tin motion of Mr. Wilson, the Senate egrets%
to the Houses . amendment to the bill reelv
ing the grade of tieneral. The bill now goes
to the President.
The Menem resolution to adjourn on tbeZth
inst. was announced.
The bill for the °finalization of bounties Was
then made the special order for tomorrow.
Mr. Sherman called up, by unanimous cons
sent, the MU to reduce Lae rate of Interest on
the public* debt, and for feuding the same.
Mr. Crimes offered the following amendment
as an additional section : "That all acts or
parts of acts authorizing thb Comptroller of
Mu e t C s u , r wi n hth o a h pr T ov r aela s o u re h o fS t ec he e U ta n ry ed
the Treasury, to designate any national honk
ing IMsOelatlen, Organized ender the laws of
the United States to become a depository of
public money, be so limited and construed as
Whereafter prohibit the designation of any
such bank as a depository io the District of
Columbia. or In any eft, to which there is e ,..
tablished by lowan °Meer of the United States,
known as the BalbTreasurer. thereof.
Mr. Sheerness hoped this import ant bill would
not be burdened with an amendment foreign
to its subject as tole was.
After- debate, Mr. Hendricks asked what
would be the offcet Of this amendment if
Mr. Grimes wild it would be to compel the
Comptroller, t o
tut disbnrsing oftleers of
the Government, to ac ne the Spb-Treasuriee
unload of National Banks.
Tao vote on the amendment of Mr. Grimes
Wag as follows: Yeas la, nays S. Sethi, amend
ment was disagreed to.
Tho bill was then read &third timeand pass
ed, it stilt being amended, on motion of Mr
Sherman, to read, A bill for the payment of
the public debt, as passed and moat to the
.I.,enee of absence, was, on motion of Mr. Bid
dle, greute.l4o Mr. Saulsbury, for the rest of
the seselOn.
The Consideration of the Civil Appropria
tion bill Was then resumed. The amendment
of the Pittance COMulitare wen 'stricken out..
The appropriation of ate eoofacilitate coin-
Munlestion between the At ti ac h
lanc end c
Statos by telegraph, WO agreed to. T h e
amendment approptiating.oo,ooo for tho print
ing and publishing of the report of Me medi
an' statistice on' , the butcatt of the ,Provolit
Marshal General. under the" direction of Bur
geon J.H. Ban ter , Was agreed to. - The antend•
nsenVef the Finance •Coutunitten appropriat
gleepe for the purcluOle of a site and area
tion of a building nt Paul,'Athinesbta. for
postonlee. mistorediouse; to n mei agreed W.
The appropriation ,tor the repair of the
Posnefilee and Custom blouse at Portland,
recently Injured by lire, was Increased from
•104 100 , as provided - :111 - the Meese to
The amendment , of the - Pinanee Committee
to strike out a provision umerted • hy the
ilouse repealing so much of a Jaw of March,
186kaSnuthorises the payment of loyal mon
for slaves enlisted in the army, WIN agreed in.
The reading. of -the MU - was concluded, mid
Its further CanSlderatiOn was postponed until
Q.T rro te w wbdll
offered ttie following . 30litt
resolution, , recognising the Government of
Tentieriee, which was ordered to be printed:
Mesotted, By the senate and Manse of 'Bop.
rim:agaves, Sc., Mitt the United Mates here.
by rosognises the government of the State! of
.r ennes ,,,,.. wan under and by the Len
vention which assembled on the sth day of
&unary, A. D. 111131, At the city - of .Mashville,
as the legitimate government of the State en
titled wine guanonteee and all other rights
of a BMW government,' under the Constitu •
ilea of the United States.
. Mr. Trumbull. , I move thatit be printed. 1
will state that we have received information
today, that the state of. Tea:mum has rati
fied Mathanititutioned AllaiadMent; and this
Is a resolntlon to recognize the government
of the State of Tennessee.
The Senate then Went into Executive Ses
sion and soon after adjourned.
Mr. Indwell called up the motion to ream-
Bider the vote by which the Senate bill grant
ing lands to aid in the construction of a rail
road and telegraph line from the Central Pa,
erne Railroad lu California to Portland in 'lre•
nrwasorula recommitted to the Com
The vote was reconsidered, and the bill male
up for action, the qtrastion being on a substi
tute spirted. frOm t,fie Oonlouttee on-Public nds . Lands. It authorities tiro Cidfforrim Wad Ore
gontliallroaddiempany to locate and maintain.
a DO:treed and telegraph line between Port
land, Oregon, and the Central Pacific Railroad
in Caltiornitiotrulgrantifeaclialtenratesection
of kind, not mineral, to the amount of twenty
alternate sections per mile, ten on each Meteor
the railroad. The lint sectioned twenty Miles
is - to be completed within two years, .and at'
least twenty miles each year thereafter; The'
railres4 to be the same guagetlitt Central
Pacific Railroad of California, and to be con
nected therewith. The substitute was agreed
to, and the bill, as amended, passed.- - •
Mr. Stevens offered the followingresolution:
Remiool, the Scow, concurring, That when
Congress adjourns it will adjourn to moat
again on Saturday, the first day . of December,
elreept Weiler kIIMMOIIett by the presiding of-
C.c.s of befit houses, which Dower, in =se of,
emergency, id Itoredy granted to them.
Sir. French rallied the question of order that:
the resolution was not a privileged question.
The Speaker expressed the opin ion, although . ,
he said it was a new question, that if the tWir
Houses took a recess they could authorise"
their presiding calm= to call them together
at come day during the recess. This resolm
Hon contemplated an indefinite recess. If
Congress adjartrimil sine die no power but the
President could convene them, in advanceof
the regular session.
Mr. Stevens moved to postpone the resole-
Don until to-morrow, for the purpose of giv
ing gentlemen time to consider the question..
Mr. Harding, of Kentucky, inquired whether
the resolution came in as a matter of consent.
The Speaker replied in the negative;adding
that he had decided the resolution in order,
as a privileged question as it related to ad
journment. He added on the other wont, if
the two houses took a recess from Thursday
until Monday, they could be supposed to au
thorize their presiding officers to eon them to.
gather on Saturday, if the exigency renders It
necessary •
Mr. French objected that this resolution eon
(erred additional powers.
The speaker admitted that it did confer ad
ditional power., bit lie did not think that
char the resolution from being a rich.
It. question. All questions in respect to
a ournment, whether for one day or three
days, or rine die, or to take a recess, and every
thing oonnectal with them, were privileged
questions, sad had been always entertained
by the Speaker when there was no other butt' I
ness before tne House.
Mr. Trtinble suggested sarcastically that It
would be well to provide in the resolution that
if the President or the Speaker of the Howse
oisa,greed as to whether they should moon
vene Congress, there should be some umpire
to decide between them.
The Speaker remarked that by the terms of
the resolution the recess could not be term!,
noted and Congress again convened unbent
the presiding officers of both Houses agreed to
. . _
Mr. Fleck moved to lay the resolution On
the table.
Mr. etevene withdrew the resolution, saying
he would offer it again to-morrow.
The Speaker, a few minutes afterwards,
stated to the House that the resolution offers
eil by Mr Stevens, conferring power on the
presiding °Meer of the two houses to call Con
gress together, he had not seen or known any.
thing of until It was reed, at the Clerk's desk.
that he was still of the same opinion Indent.;
bad expressed es to Its being a privileged
question, as it related to adjournment, while
Its adoption would depend on the House, but
that the eobject being so delicate as confer
ring on him additional power. which might,
prove to be of consequence, be would, if the.
subject should be presented to-morrow, sub..'
mit the question to the House, as the roles an- I
thorizest him to do, and let the House itself
decide on the sineatlon ofrivilege also. He
presumed that would satisfy all geotletnen
better than if he were himself to make a
ruling on the subject.
Mr. Stevens remarked that that would be
perfectly , uatudectory.
Mr. O'Neii, from the Committee of Confer•
since on the hill furthsfr to provide for the
safety of the tram of passengers: on steam
vessels, made a report, winch wasagreeel to.
Sir. Shellaberger called op, as a 'question of
g n riv t igg , e 4, the report o
arges o f the Select
Roscoe =arni=
lee place, against Provost Maratha' General
Fry and his bureau. The report, testimony
and argument covens three Iseudred and
ty peges of printed matter. Mr. Sirallabereer
mid the report was unanimous..
The report of the Committee not only exon
erates Mr. Conklin from the charge made by
Fry, but eulogises his conduct In the
degree. it Is very severe upon lery . Thu
in acoordance with the report, were
submitted, and oiler remarks by varlosaniene.
bora, adopted bps vetoed OS yes& to ensile
Me. Spaulding, from the Conference Com.
tenth° On the tom:elm and DlMentiatie Ap
propriation hill, made a reportwhich was
agreed to. The House recces:. from Its dem-
Freemen'. to the appointment of a Second
natant Secretary of State, wileffimlary Is
at 0,3 m. The Senate agrees to the house
amendment atelishing the °Mee of Minister
itendent to Portugal, ants an amendment pro
s Wing that no money
en he paid to the
present Minister Resident on account of
further service.
The speaker announced to the House the
members of the Joint Committee on Retrench
ment, viz.: lamer. hale, ecbenck, Jencks,.
Randall, (of Pa,/ cud John L. T 0 0 .31 4.
Itineham called up the motion to recon
sider the: vote by which the joint resolution
concerning the State of Tennessee was on the
fifth of March referred to the Committee on
Reconstruction," it being the purpose of Mr.
Bingham to amend tbs . ... What resolationby pro.
v Ming for the immedtate representation of
Tennessee in Confirms.
Mr. Stevens moved to lay the motion to re
consider ira the table.
Mr. Lynch interest to adjourn, width eas
lust—yeas fe, nays M.
The vote was then taken on the motion to
lay the motion to reconsider on the table, and
it was lost by a vete ernyeas to Si nays.
Dar. Stevens moved to adjourn.
Mr, Johnson inatneated that the distraint
about Tennessee vim not genuine. It was not
in Brownlowe handwriting, for lie always
made his mark. (Laughter.)
The House refused to adjourn:l by 40 yews to
71 nays.
The Home seconded the previous question
on the motion to reconsider, and again the
motion to adjourn was made, and rejected by
17 yeas to 68 nays.
In all these votes the democrats sided with
that wing of the republicans that was led by
Mr. Dlngtram, as against the Steven's wing,
and during most of the time an informal can
e.n vies being held to edit the ameniltuent to
ho on's red. The main question was ordered
to ins put, yeasrel, nays 34, which was: 'Will
the House reconsider the vote by which the
joint reerantion was recommitted to the Com
mittee on Reconatroctiont .
Mr. Bingham enggested that lie would oiler
an amendment for the Joint resolution and let
it be printed and come up to-marrow.
lir. Word ragmen whether he woull insist
on a vote tonight.
Mr. itinerate replied that he would not if his
e he
wnolirMst=l.till :geese
ratter through.
Mr. Stevens proposed trOnteally, that the
liming withdraw all further °mention and
surrenderto the gentlearran from Ohio.
Mr, Pelee, resolutely— . Mot much: , (Laugh
Mr. Johnnie, referring to the oonsultation
Of member* around Mr. Bingham% desk, en
quired whether that preamble had been cue
ecientiv sugar-coated to stilt the majority.
Mr. Binghlte" replied that that would de
rend upon the opinion o f the House.
Mr. Eldridge encouraged Mr. Bingham to
persevere, stating that the members on his
it he Democrat) aide Of the house stood by him
in principle, (lautter) and urged him hot to
let the house ed Gonna but to fight tils way
clear th rough- ugeter.)
Mr. Allison moved gnat the House adjourn,
n hich was lost by years 43 and nays M. a
The vote corunitting thejoint resolutionwas
thee reconsidered by 70 to 17. •
Mr. Bingham withdrew his motion to recom
mit, and unwed the following as a substitute
for the resolution
Willem., The State of Tennessee has In
good faith ratified the amendment to the Con
stitution of the United States propoSed bld
We Thirty-ninth Congress to the Legislatures
of the several States, and his shown other
wise to the satisfaction of Congress, by a pro
spirit of obedience in the body of. her Vele.
pie, her return to her duo allegiance to tho
government, laws and authority of the United
States; therefore be It
Resolved, That the theta of Tennessee is here
by declared to be restored to her former proper
practical relations to the Union, and again en
titled to be represented by Senators and Ile.
present/dives in Congress, duly elected and
qualified, upon their taking the oaths of °Mee
required by the existing laws.
Mr. Bilighalli moved the previous !Iteration,
and then at 11 o'clock, the House adjourned.
reasons arhic
•This action was taken on account of Intel
ligence barhof roar-Led the noose that the
Legiejetare ef rennessee had tattled the Oon
elituttonal Atnendtnent. •
Constilertionel‘ Alieradinent _lesitneat—
The President Septulistini— • Iliepatelt
from rot. itroirstled. -
touvums, July siOlde,,, tots
ntoreloa,,the lionstitatudial Amendment was
ratified by a vote of forty . ..three-to thirteen ;
two members refusing to - ahlictil AO OW
- The Press and Times, the. Radical shoot o
Nashville, says that the loyal men of Tennes
see by this vote, repudiate thoprestilont, who
basso basely 6etrayed them;
GOV. Btownlow sent the following' tode.
. gf3P lllO dt3Petoh to WidelagtOm
Name uly i, Tens., I
lb llon:-Etiwin1Claimum;mnitinni Art.
wadungion, eiraißilmonte, to .the
Psident. We have etirel...tho tionstitn.
tional dmenementAn the Mouse. you). 43 to
11—two of his toots rofusitnf to veto.
•W.U.Daowntow, -
Uoverhor.of .Teasinsee,
.Witlyttietirbwin.ft 91•16 . 1 bis pia Prost
8ALT11101114.11113, i9r410n.. 0;1i. 1/n1116341w.
ham,"Hon. J. D. Bright, and Lion. (3.'1. - Yvan*.
Itn, patrol through OM city Mitt everting la
route to. Washington, far voi.'inietvieW. With.
tho rresielont:• gentleman,: Who-traveled
with them nava that one of the °WOW althea .
Wanton is to resoutmend..the appotniinteriV=of
lion. 1.. ILformeriv ..tiovereor. of the.
State of Ohio, now of Camoritiewee. secretary
of War, la view of tho autioil,toqreProme!ii
The Paris Exposition—Proposed In ,
ternaltiOnal Commlssion--tdonpons Fie
pealed !Surreptitiously l d--tpa d _
Stltntional Amendment Ratified by
the Tennessee Legislature—Habeas
eigpirs Case.
WAPHINOTON, July 10.—The Secretary of
State to-day sent a communication to the
Rouse, enclosing a letter from N. Al. Beck
with, Special Commissioner General to the
Paris Exposition, in which he says that at a
meeting of the French Scientific Commission,
the,lmperlal Commissioner anti Foreign Coni
tolltsionerS, the following suggeations were
mbde by the EnglLsh Scientific Association,
&nil approved: let. To form a collection of
the weights, measures and coins of ail
anions, to be exhibited in the palace
(- the Universal Exposition of ISti, $l.
'0 organize an Intermit - Irina' Commission
rifOn a 'onfit' . ,", j,"..i.ishn',' ta'nnft VT. devise t''ie -
• On efficacious methods of promoting urn
flpirmity. 3d. In accordance with these rictus,
the Imperial Commissioner hoe apportioned
the space requisite for the exhibition, and
termed a special committee connected with
the Scientific Commission, which in to Is
charged with ten subject.
-Mr. Beckwith roe peel fu Ile rowan
co-operation of the i!j.j I,
pointment of a Comma.:,.
the lUlpOrlal COIIIIIIIB4IO,
j The report that a large number of 5-Ai grad
Ouponn have been tanned surreptitiously, aid
. that they arc paid when redeemed, there Me
lug no way of detecting them, Is Incorrect, as I
has been ascertained by inquiry of the primer
Officers of the Tnsaaory Department. No
bonds or coupons bate been surreptitiously
Wined. The report probably grew out of the I
Pact that some coupona with idAnbers appa- I
really duplleaterif were redeemed, winch I
proved on Investigation to be simply an error 1
hi - the numbering.
The Secretary of the Senate this afternmin
received a telegram (ruin Governor Brown low,
dated to-day, saying: The battle is fought
and won. he Constitutional
Carried in the (deuce, by .12 against 11. lie add s !
that two of the members present refused to
'Tote. This Intelligence moon spread among
'members of both branches of Congress, and
:evidently produced much delight. Ths pros
peels are that both Houses will, tomorrow,
agree to restore Tennessee to her former prop
' • er Dructical relation.. to tile Cage.
• Judge Frazier, of the Criminal Cowl, Ito
• fore whom tile toes, of I'. tV iiiiiltals, represent
. -.tire from Cuter twenty, who upplost for a
;writ of habeas corpus has been trafsl bola))
Ile delivered his op ohm sustaining the . 1 .1.11.
:Cation. Warrants were to-,lay Issued to arrest
several members of tit., House, and also the
parties who arrested Mr. W Motets, Id e,,,r...
Hyatt and Train.
The Metropolitan Pollee toirinlastoner, are
inundated with appl oat ions for appointments
on the force. Thu entire organization a nil be
put in operation by the blea r of August
Nww loam, 19.—The steamer 111nro
tin brings Havana dates of the Ilth
Late adiluna from blex lea sued, that the Lite
weals ocenpied ituallitnango.
Colotlan had been sthandoned hy thr 1.11.e_
Tho Liberal elnor Nlarlinaz at tnekod
Sonora., on the IMO of May, lam
pulses .
Garcin Morales 11,11 ott the N 4.1111 Amer 1,1.11
line receiving arm,. powilet
IL I...stated than Corona hail recei , -to
weer, of cannon nt Alin fromran
- •
A French Iron-clad content rrrrr
TISOIIIiCO to Mil the natal forces, thy,
Letter , in Mclntyre) . tloserlby utralc• 111 11.0
section as very gloomy The I rout lyr
of Liberals. Toutovea nail again invaded ey
the LP:Wilda under !Wattle,
The departure of the Elinor... ei 011.1 to In.
(or the Wang,ae of attranling to Inteenutonot l
It true rumored that Tampico had fallen
Into the hired* of the
Ithorrentor nr Ithporta,
Haw Yostr, July 19—Thu 11 urltt rano t ent
lion to the fact that the er porta from tiro, It'll
aro agalo Incretennang. Those for lost nr.
Were vetoed at 114,071,ee 'the ortheipal Inn 11, ,
troth 911,00 troth eta onto, oo In g Ileal h)
to tho entire tocelpta,) nr.,00 harrelo of On , no - .
ahOot 3 the Inbar, totateco, to-shies aroort
other pork ages, .254,0 pt 000.1901 to ant nf. el u. .'.1
tobacco, about Swot., golloos orpuln , t.
4101 What Is a novelty St t M. Item, ith rut I,tao
baton of Alonamttk cotton Tho latter .g
tno.Uy to Chin. Tana loot - roar no t lon
In .W 0 mairst• to the Iter.llor of pricorn no sten
toe* of the stoutly golf market
Cholera Among Stegular Troops.
fi•VAX NAM, ti•., July l9.—Tltt• 'Aram, I.
aalyador arriNed at unront ote •
Pith ace tiOntlred reernltro for the , evrit t
Regulars. Them Nrcrtt• twenty-4.1,00t t.tutt.t. ttt
cholera among l
o ama, anti, threw *loath...! .11 1.1.:
at e
v age. death oreurred after 010 net
Tilmo anti me tn. La. after the
1.1 - 00 pa CrAl lan.lo.lon Ty her I 410.1.
The inno 0014.00. a g the ra id
gar+, but tat. stgatitt, r tit In kohl In tot.. ttt
tine for liveTfle tr.wopA att. all t
able on ,hore, and 11.. an:A...O 0, .010.0110,
ST. Loc. , July lit —Ahnut oats - try 1%2 a 111 , 1-
lulu In gold 1121.1 Arrival at St JOl Ith, I•-.t•o •
tiny, In thy 1,2121
:1. pa.s...npsr.•
The .3614cdu100 prtnn Inn.. of :he ,t. .11111.
rlcaltural Mechanical Frain - , It. 1* held het,- thu
prat week to nre Inahle•he.l aset
fox dintrlhatinn. The Ilat c 111-1
tttO Ot t o t to and, clubman . * c . t
01/101 or u*rlanallaral nt..l mocha. ...AI
There t* compotAlhm from 411 Wt l. .4 the
I =1
AhIIIVOITOS. July 19 • • An net angetnent I , na
Doren Made with the Ittstotn Noo o ttlr.• tha
tranauticsirni Of Ir.ok packet, mod pur. el s
Containing samplos of Increhand co. of no In
trinsic ratan In cot era open ut the ands.
joct to the usital recolatnoia lit the 11111'-11
until tiacknAs front ranalarst to uny other laut
in the Ylniterl Blatt. Of I olonthin, or lc any
port In Reflation, Inn I 10.1'11111 or Peru Son
York anti San Francisco aro the I oitoa Stales
offices of itl.putCll
Xfaignim I.lblptekesal Project—Meward
usuureet-111r. Its; wand.
New Vido, July N -The. iiirrciot•l
epoeinl .y 1: Horace G. Guy l,r •oiight 10
liftbre favor for his Ntagnrn nh n 1 pro)0.1
I rOln the intillmla by puldniiiing 0
Chrenicie, denouncing liocrotitry be word.
Governor Kaymend lure tool won any 11.0'.
1.1. reverie.. by his nee . n 0% the 1.0ng,.•••
1110111.1 CALCUMISCE, shout which Glow, ri•poried
make loud eomillsont.
Cotivetattori of I aaaaaa CV , Prealdeot•.
10•Orinee Presidents, kr held Lt.tiny
One htlnflied and fifty officers were nresent
011.1 the Slates of Now York, Illaa+lich I.
Conneotiout, Rhode bland, I trent le, t
Innis and Pennsylvania were rt•prv,mite.l
heaving the capital of twentvnrn to deal
million dollar'. A
kayAril otelef
writer. was formed and the nave of losulanc
acre advance.' In ten cent
Vrons New Orley.•
Nsw 011114•14 P, Jraly 19,—Cotton—wl.1454 lIN
baleo—unchnnged. 1 . 1 , 41m1.
No. York 6.kellunor par, at , ”rrklionl
Sharklun'h nrtl or regn , .1 ln o the rrvt Yon
of Monumento nit log III: rel” , liwo
de., woe Nrcalik,l heron, pn'lllealkm.
LOMPIVILLZ, Kr., July elty n othor
boa atill many nowt prominent et izenn
mabtug ealonaivo preparatimb for tin , Nort
Miletlean Stongernbt menting thu
which, b auppolm I, will ta t the largest inns
cal festival over held In the country.
Tbo Cholera.
Nsw Toss., July lU.—The cholera hoc mat
Its aupantuure at Hart's
Soli canoe In thin city an. reported, tour
IlrooklyneOne of which was Cum].
illassachu ttttt Democratic Courcutio
Dosvor, July le—The Massaennsetts Stet
Capri:intim met to-day and adopted prattle
nary measures to soartre representatives I
tae rbtladolpela Convention.
All Quiet at Albany.
ALWANIr, July la.—Everything In quint at I
Walt Of War to-day. Tho troop.. remain
the guard. A forward movement will
made to-Morrow.
llRiver at 11.1.1eville
LoruswitA, July In—lilver falling, with
;t o t e inches water te canal. Mercury PO II e•
. Weather cloudy and Mammy thin eVu-
—A man named Darius Hyatt, living in
Franklin county, Missouri on the I lth in
sten! cut his wife's throat with it butcher
knife, killing her instantly. lie threw his
money, VIA° in greenbacks, in the tire
and burned it up, and then severed the ar
teries iu both of his wrists. A small g rand.
child was in the house at the time, and sum
moned the neighbors. It is doubtful if he
recovers. He and his wife were seventy
years old each, and had been married near
ly half a century. 11l health, consequent
on tiiptheria, is supposed to have rendered
him Insane, and caused him to commit the
--Several of the Indianapolis books were
recently victimized by a series of adroit
forgeries to the amount of between fifteen
and twenty thousand dollars. Tim fact of
t h e dr a ftsbeing spurious were not discov
ered for several days. The name of the
forger Is said to be Trotter, an extensive
cattle dealer of North Salem, Hendricks
county, who Is supposed to have gone to
° s ands. The forged paper bore some of
the best names in the country, and the sig
natures were admirably executed.
- —A num in the East has Just confessed
to murdering a lira. .Patty,Polit abeut
-years ago. Alci and another man were
arrested at the time, -but - no evidence of
I.heirsitilt was seen. • Lately one man died
and the ether - took sick, and thonght he
wits goingto die' when no sent 'for a min
'ititeTotrut confessed to him, since which
time the =II is recovering. .
Ad di t tonal Local natter. on Third Page•
Meeting of the Sixty-Second Begin:tent
—Arrongetnenzo Perfected For The
Funeral of Colonel 141111.1061 W. Block
A Inecting o! the former members of the
Regiment Pennsylvania Volt:til
-1 eel's was held lust evening In the chamber of
the Firemen's Association, for the purpose of
perfeel hlI ,' lll,tngeutents for the tuner
al of the late Gelonel Samuel W. Black to-
The meeting wits organized by calling Gen
eral .1, Bowman Swellzor to the chair, and
electing Lieutenant William J. Patterson.
Secretary. Thu Committee of Arrangements,
appointed at a previou., meeting, reported
through !their Chairman, General Swettzer,
that they had adopted a programme which be
trusted would ineeClLith the approval of all,
or ii any mmuber ol the orgarilZaiioll present
oniti iinggest. any Tit nr tdtlil Inv
it U 4.11 1 ,1 hi . thrill:in:l, r
st, .. lc, 1 • I elisal ns of
Col. Iffitek 0.1111 , 1 armee iii tile city today at
one o'clock, and ...1,1 /1.• 1
ovefficcil at the
t , 101 l ltepot. by ononit tee or Arrange
ment, under will., • 01 . 1 110:5 would he con
veyed to the First Pt esby terian (Towels, Sixth
Street, a here they wouli reutaitt anti' the fu
nerl won 1.1 take pine.--T ,, in , wrow at two
o'clock. The folio. mg is the proorommo
reported. The sixty-Isecond Regiment to
meet al the City 111111, on Saturday, at One
o'clock i!reciseiv, Irons whence they will pea
ce., Ina holly tOtll , church, after being pro.
viffisl with crape and the tistuti Insignia of
mourning by the committee The firemen,
t. • wll,llll all Invltu , 1011 to attend has been or
ended, .111 form on sixth, thew right resting
on Wood. The remainder of the funeral emc
Lege will form on W lest, their right resting Mt
51.1.11. At I wit o'll lock the procession will
move (tom the in the following order:
Mayor'. ieffice, hand, carriages effittaining
clergymen and palidtearers, officers and sol
d ,ers of the late war, .1 tidgeS ltll , l members of
the liar, fiends 11111 i I molly of the deceased,
Departut!•el and Independent Fire Companies,
Order, and 1,014,11,1 1 i Which Col. Black was
member, and ell itffits desirous of attending,
, are respectfull) 1,111 led to participate. The
pron . . attune a loot read win,submitted to a
1 air and onantolowAr adopted.
Sir. Day In two lint it be ale
pointed to asevrtam 1, here the late COMMA'',
bor... 0, ,01 , 1 if p„ Me procure him for the
day that Ite to igi.loccupy a pest Lion in the es
Mr. tin:slow amended the resolution by ad
ding, ",t rid that Dr. Jackson be engaged to
Iced hint on that occasion. ” The amendment
IVI, aceeptco and 110 reSOilltioll adopted.
111 t motion, it 10:50 realldVed that ail officers
appear In Pill nolfortn, while the privates, as
tar as p•o!eoble, lie renovated to dress in black.
arTll l ll.
Tile lotion Inc Com untie., wan thenappoin
tco to guard Sie n.
remal. while at the Church:
I lark butts, William Kelly, Philip Hoerr,Thom.. Nelson, chrodito. Ytegler, William
soulalr, Jo a
nathn I /err and thief. Sullivan.
Tile 1,11111/1111ee 01 Arrontretnents have Ilea
lomat,' the ice lowing as tilt route of pressea.
"ton l'on 11 lisle 1.. Littert), up Liberty to
I ti w In, down In to Venn, mit Penn to Alle.
v 1 1 ,05 0',,, try, .pert 1111 that remains of
stir, t•JI mai the selfsewrilleing
solAter llll be consigned to then' last resting
The funeral oration will he delivered by
itre W. A l'assir cant With such tt theme es
the I 1 10, serce'es gi,lrlooSlifalli of Lim is
' tuval...l Mack, t he most remount-Oise° orator
1 / 1 /111111a fail 101 t. W wills the tire of gen
nine e•VNUA.I,I,., the hands of such a
gr crtul and poi Isheit orator del the Reverend
sent I then , tonc.l, it cannot be otherwise
than touching and illtvr,ting. (If all those
a 110 fell In ',attn . for the maintenance of the
i 00 1 11 le 1/date, alld tile I.4l,l3lVellleat of the
cause 01 human Itherty, none were actuated
aoh 111510•1 patriotism or IL more ardent
lobe if eciont ry, than lie lose honored re
mains ail 1 Acme tit our city 10 - del. SW"
tile .111101 10111111 e Of professional life, surroun
ded ny titre tvanlet relatives, Owl bound
I.y nil toe eibit . lsl 1110 Ill's that make home de
! • rable, 1.0 Marti the stern esti I of duty, and
learned that the 11111 dug w Well he had bravely
ee the battle-ileitis of Mexico had
i been insulted and tetoriously assailed by
! trallor 11111/11 , . W 11110111 pausing a moment to
110111,1114 • 1 1 111111/Wll per. l ll l lai Interests, but with
an 1111 pulse is/rn ot patriotism, be colleCted
tits landsaround limo, and while others sat
vont tool 5 115 , it woo zed a regiment and march
, est to the relief of the endangered Capitol of
oor country lit. hrllllunt achlevnients, from
I c...t t• • • until 1,•• tell, bravely lending the
tan 00 11101 ale 1•1.. I. J 72
July day, 1., have
passct Into itbdocy, whose hrlattLest page will
bear the recopl II ills deeds. He sacrificed
Ids Ille {Of tile a 1,1 ot ital./Idly, and IL Ls but
nlOl that w e should snerinc. twnitutlitug in or
der to .1,, loslor to Ills 1115111101 1 ) . by attending
no , Mortal 10 3.111 1 i1 allllll/.11/ 1 11 AS will clearly
,let t ..... straw bow 111 , 1011 We appreciate hisser'
1... ~,!! worth.
11111 ip
•nAdml Li
t Nottottai onwrotion of Window
•cai,t or arramp-inent represents,
tl," 11..1 •• tnilow tells.. Blowers.
1111.113 .. "{ I hib,. ,CIIOIIS of the Union whore
class I. Ime
~ lam tired. assembled Ist Conven
t 1111 l id Ine 0 Bail. of the itormagli of Bir
minetiersi, %Ve01u....111,y, being the first gon
e. al A .-etching,' 0.1 tha. Irwin Over hotel. The
1..11 asseiril , l...l for the purpose
eenstiltl ita on various propositions
w vle o to mutual benefit. An errant
reto, .effeeted by the selection of Mr.
berries NllOlllOlll, of lerryopolls, W Presl
- Mr. A. Ketetershotr., of New Jersey, as
tire Prescient. Mr. J. K. thinicarrl, of Illrs
illlFlghum, 114,01,1111 g Secretary, and Messrs.
W Permur, of Btrmingirain, and John Mil
ler. oh Sew Jersey, Secreted..
Tho tenors log is a complete lest of the dolo
Pittaliorcii, or It rtologititot.—W. 11. Partner,
V 'spree, E. filler, John Walker, I'. Dnah,
1.41. t. P
.1. slek ortil, K. (tankard, F. ClitatS,
fl C.r mantes t. lore, IL N. M'Coy, L. Swore
ni, Moripro, Isaac Cline.
Now York.—Michael Ely. John Miller, Jct.
Short. Isaac Valentino
Now .1 ermy —Stephen torch, elms. Fisher,
W heoll mt.—Prim so...mouser.
Franklin Mills (Ohio i.—Lew le, Sellers.
' Zanesville—lL IL itha.l.k.
Pert yocolts (Fayette C0.).--Chari. Michaels.
Ai tratry.—ltahlel Rankings.
New Castle—B. Moines, C. stale.
nelleVerlloo.—A. Lerch. J.L1401111 ,4 1,111111.
The procersifings of Wednesday were of a
strfetly inotioess character, of interost especl•
all,. to TOCIOLO.T. , of the littlons, who will he
properly 10101,11e41 thereof In an official man-
het onvontlon re-asscuthled on Thurirday
ni the forenoon session adopted the fol
•{na texulutions.
. That an approve and heartily endorse
d eyinpathisu with the advocates of the
It hour .ystern,
.1 I . That WV recommend the en-operative
sleet of stores and workshops, for the pro-
. . .
.etinn of narking - Inca's interests.
3.1. That this convention heartily approves
I Trades Unions and Trades Asxmblles, and
•ro In mewl to all mechank. and workinatrien
organize for their protection and cattle*.
TilaCt h rmognises in the
iiohonid Tmaes Rs' view, of Philadelphia, ..a
trueexisment 01 the workingmen's cantle.
The Committee reporting the above resolu
tios were Mess John
.1. Cline. 11. Josdlp
sho n rt., P. Mush, Miller and Walter I.
• h.
Al Ihe atteruorm isestou, A. Burt, Esq.,
Principal of the Fifth Ward School, dellver.
nn able, eloquent, and meat practiCal address,'
w bleh was received with much satisfaction
end applause. After he had concluded,. be
was requested to prepare a copy for pubticas
The Convention then adjourned to the Rail
of the Birmingham Wmtlow Glass Blowers ,
Caton, w hero, alter sonic preliminary busi
ness, Mr. Henry Miller, of South Pittsburgh,
offered the following
Resolved, That we hold ourselves In read!.
nesato cosipernto with the 'rimiest-Ouse out
or • and gatherers on
such matters asaxe tO
o mutual benefit.
Lie President , (W.ll. Farmer In the Chair)
took the door and advocated the resolution In
a speech of half an hour, giving those seam,
bled the benefit of his varied eXperlenee RI In
glans blower, evincing In his remarks fithOr.
ught knowledge of the business in all its do.
tails. The resolution was nnanimeuily adopt
Mr. James Cline, from a committee appoint
til to confer on the subject, reported a resolu
on that the next National Convention be
held In I'ollariniplinl on or about the irdh
July, 7. Adopted.
Th ha;.
Convention then adjourned until half
past seven O'clock P.M., when some further
linnets:is, relative tO the preservation Of the
Unions of the trade, was transacted. •
Plartick by I.lghtning,—Durlngtheshower
of Wednesday afternoon, lightning Struck the
two story brick tesidence of Idr. De Raven,
lie seminally street, Allegheny. 'The mysterla
one bolt struck the roof, tearing It as though
It had been plowed. and reachlng the tin we.
ter conductor, followed It to the pavement,
where a brick or two were torn-up and the
path of the lightning lost. The goon of the'
building wore covered with soot., and the in.
mates suppcmed for a moment that the horse
was torn to pieces.
Evanot• alft titoro Robbed.—Some-time
during lVeditesday night Evans , Gift, !Store, on
Fifth street, between Smithfield, and' Wood,
was robbed of goods to the amount, In value,
of about sl,aoo, constant% of gold and Sliver
watches, opera•glasses, photograph 'albums,
to. The thief is euppoeed to be &young
man who was employed saelerk in • the store,
and who is missing. The pollee are on his
trunk, and we trust thin mention of the tau t,
may not `prevent his arrest' ' • ' .
nest *lib an Umbrella.—E. Long wig
charged bolero Mayor eloCiailiy,yeetard_ty2
with nasault and oattury, on Oath str:is t a
O'Reilly. The latter allotted that Long s
him over the head with tiwnsehrolla,_f_ling
him vory I • itie bemoan' InJury; Ma I_Ma".l.ll
the uucliculln tamest Into freg
very useful appendage for rainy_
paned to belong to O'Reilly. and henco,suo
prosecution. Long Was adinkned t)*1 311 1 141 7 -
!xis appearance at bOurt. ,
The Pittsburgh Gymnastic Asaieehe, ,
uleotlng of the eitteburali Gymtliett to' w .lcwedji to Due;;
tio Attooottiou wot be held Milt tirrhlay) beim- port yesterday-et ytio,lnterwitimim
tug at V 4 &dock, at,PrllkLue,liell.f.Atl mm ram Ina :ft-Speelal.:dligettar by - telegraph. to
riericgirgArperegt rz,letatilaaarazd_ „,, ou,ttut,
of porinZerlktfur zoticlx-= ~,,,cerm. tht hv°z " l n g °P
t=bloo.- dttearrilg id„p„== ihmla be ' SIM hat::= s %.
I , l* 6.*:'l4°.nY l'aisep9ol4l2=±4sl"rl4thegg* PLAST/Wl4lobblit:l
~..liskqtx9 V l
u ~_~ r
~.~i w.
Water Famine In Elntitti Ward.
The editor of the Post, well initialled with
all municipal arrangements, herring the
water supply in the Eighth ward, complains
thereof, and says, in his issue of yesterday.
that for two days in the week the city plpeS In
his neighborhood refuse to "furnish any water
at all." Hear him: "This is the ewe on the
streets at right angles with Pennsylvania Av
enue on the south side. Oa Saturdays and
Mondays, the great main,,four theiee m
ter over simile in length, refuses to expand.
and the consequence is no water. A largo
Hospital, at the presentmoment .ed with
sick, cannot obtain supply' enough two days In
the week to furnien abath to a patient. Yet
this institution pays water tax and no abate
ment Is aqowed. In case of Ere all that end of
town would be consumed, •at least there
would be no Interference froze water. No pri
vate corporation would-dare trifle with the
people as do these city fathers. list the
company persistently refuse Ilgtft for two
nights in the , week, and claim exemption
from complaint, because the consumer pahl
for no more than was registered, and that It
resit V ~.-momy for the Consumer, or that
ti was poor and could not eh
ford tail ;Ales. lt would not be tolerated, yet
in t h e ease of water, you enlist pay the usual
yesri, tea, tr nether you geXtlie supply or not,
Fur°geese is that the city is too poor to
put down larger pipes, although the people
who pay the sexes and are Interested. demand
it. We call on Mr. French, the Oble.handsome
and persevering superinteudenl, or the water
works, to give us water, no difference about
the oil or tadpoles.”
t I “.ti COW
liract lnnillr
Strategic Defense and DIM Came Of It.
William Bowman resides in a frame teue
merit house in- Pennsylvania L.V013110, near tile
foot of Elm blie Eighth ward. For some un
-explained reason a crowd of boys surrounded
William's house yesterday about noon mid bo.
gafethrowing stones through the windows and
doors, not only to the damage of ale dwelling
but to the peril of himself and family. Wil
liam is one of those who believed with the el
der Pitt that "a poor man's home is his castle"
and be therefore prepared to attack the ene
my- Stimulated by revenge and something
several degrees stronger than lemonade, he
determined on a strategic movement by the
successful can ring out of which he hoped not
only to defeat bleassallants but capture them.
Going out of a back door, he made a dolour
around the rear of the house end crawling ni ,
a ateep declivity to Pennsylvania avenue,
gained a position on the Bank of the storming
b I B e
u h!ii en
wen he could ver a k n e d h i t s h the polle Imm;
sought refuge in flight Atter pursuing them
a short distance Bowman picked up a couple
of boulders and threw them among the fleeing
host, one of whom was struck on the leg, caus
ing him to tall to the ground and cry loudly
for assistance: The cry was responded to by a
couple of emergency, who seized the luck lent
William and conveyed him to the tombs. lle
will have a hearing to-day.
Martin Hollinger, the proprietor of a board
tog house on Water street, appeared ,before
Alderman Humbert. on Wednesday, and made
oath charging Jacob Meyers with the larceny
of an acoordeon valued at gln from the house
of the deponent on the Sol of July. Hollinger
testified that he missed the instrument on the
day designated, and that he was subsequently
informed It VOA in the possession of Mey ers,
who was said to live in Greensburg, est
moreland county. A warrant was Issued and.
placed in the hands of officer Lutz,' who si ar
ced immediately to Greensburg where he ar.
rested Meyers, an toether with the actor
deon, Urought hid g
m to this city, arriving
ywdenlay. A hearing was had, when Myers
brought forward two witnesses, who stated
t oo h. geo h n from ad n
a the no e eccus ll ''J oh n
seven dollars. A few hours after haul was ar
rested in the Waverly Dx.chge, 'Diamond
alley, and brought before the Magistrate. On
being questioned as to the which
the article had come Into his possession, be
refused to answer, and was therefore held in
$3OO for a further searing to-morrow. Myers
has also been held.
In an article In yesterday's issue regarding
the falling of the roof of Wilkins Hall, we M
ilitated that the accident was caused by the
Gymnastic Association affixing swings, ropes.
and other gymnastic appliances to the colt.
tog. We have examined the premises since,
however,. and the lave stigatlon forces us to
believe that the Association are not to blame
to the matter at all. as, they had no ropes at
tached to the ceiling within several yards of
that part which felt. The real cause„
estimation, was the rafters being so far de
cayed as to be unfit to bear the lightest pa,
°le of weight. The authorities should imme
diately look into the condition of this budd
ing, as it is thought to be In danger of falling.
About midway on the wall upon the Smith
field street aide, there is a perceptible parting,
and possibly the entire structure may give
way. It will do no harm to have the building
examined by parties capable of giving an
opinion concerning its strength.
A farmer natned.,John Orals met with a very
painful and =vital, fatal accident while en
gaged in plowing on his farm In Pitt town
ship, near the line of Collins, on the old
Seventh street turnpike, yesterday. It occur
rod in the following manner: One of the horses
Graw was driving got a foot caught in the
traces, and In endeavoring to extricate it
kickd Gra. in the thi, knocki him ut-
moste gh
beneath their feet. His fall ng frightened
them and they 'darted off immediately at a
brisk trot. Grow made an effort to get out of
the way, but ore ho could do so the plowshare
struck him in the cheek tearing it open to toe
temple. Dr. James A. Herron, of the Homo.
pathic Dispensary, was summoned and made
an examination of Graw`s injuries. Beside
the wound in the face, his thigh was badly
broken while his shoulders and back were
slightly bruised.. After reducing the fracture
the Dr. dressed the wound ut stillace and up
to the last accounts Grim wa living.
Dr. George L. McCook, Physician to the
Board of Health reports the following Enter
manta In thin city, from July Bth to July
15th, 18811:
Females..... 1 I ‘ C ' olo ite red.... 1 1 5 . I Total, 19
The following were the diseases in de above
eases: Typhoid fever, 1; Congestion of Brain,
1; Hypertrophy . of Heart. 1. Faltdar disease of
Heart, I, Old Age, 1; Flithisis Palma maile r 1;
Drowned, I; Cholera Infantum, 3; Gaotro in.
Lerida, 3; Hydrooopholos, 1; LaniruLtions, 1;
Manama°, I; Consumption, 1; Congestion of
Lungs, I; Cramps, 1.
Of tho above there were : 11 1
Under 1 year 10 From 30 to 40..
From Ito 2 1 " 40 to 60. 1
2to IS 1 " ISO to GO .', 1
15 to 20 2" 70 to BO.' , 1
SD to 90.1 1
Fatal Railroad Accident.
Wednesday evening, near the outer epos of
the Pennsylvania Central Railroad; amuel
Henderson, a resident of Conemaugh, mbria
ooanty, employed as brakesman, met Ith an
accident which caused his death. extra
train was being made up at the ter de
pot, and Henderson while in the actor dint. leg a coupling pit: was caught betty the
bumpers of two cars and crushed in a rrlble
manner. He expired in a few hours the
accident, after receiving all the aura cal aid
possible. At .the rinquest, held byCoroner
Clawson, a verdict 40 "accidental dee was
rendered. Deceased was about thirty oars of
age find leaves a wife and ilve childre to la
merit his death.
I .
The Cbmmercial yesterday contained a earl
from !Rev. John Mitchell, which declares that
he isnot an imposter, and that he levested
with full power as a Cathollo pneSt. To the
former part of the assertion we have nothing
to eay, but last eves we were amend, upon
undoubted authority, that Mr. Mitchell is not
a 'priest, or at town as such recognised by the
church. We are not willing to be drawn into
any controversy upon the subject, but merely
give it as an opinion that our informant la not
mistaken, and that Mr. Mitchell does' wrong
to claim the title of priest if he hal been si
lenced or expelled from the order.
The Funeral of Col. lkautoell W. Block
will take place from the First Presbyterian
Church, Wood street, on Saturday next, at 9
o'clock r. and proceed to"AllegtosnY 03 020 '
tery. Officers arm Soldiers of the late ear,
the Clergy, &molt and. Bar, Fire Department ,
and Independent Fire Companies, the Orders
and Societi of ich deceas ris.2 ,
member, anties e
thecitizens generallr ed
ex. "Fr
spectfully Invited to attend. , Ofdeerila z it7
quested to appear In uniform It ror Ti tnntS
' Chairman Comet .1171,1?.'41PMum
—, -
BIIITY Demolished—Woma "Isdarel.
A lady named Una famtbrey was slUlat In a.
buggy In front of Ablenl drag stare, on the con.
nor of Washtattoo and Wylie streets, 'Yester
day afternnon, when the truck tor the Stewart
/loot and Ladder Company come down Wylie
street, and heardOrng to .sarn Into Wash.
tattoo, the of the ingot struck the bratty
with ouch as to opset It. throwing - Ars
f.anghrey notboonaideneble !Owe to int. p,,,r0:
went. nee wag taken: UV) the drag store
Where bee .Injurtes'Yentuved limper medical.
s immtlet, They arcosconne paltifid, but not
Oat of Ifewo.-4Ltsung the arrivals this
week of nersonstrom the cities: hammed .
OPentl the summer at Ithosnotheisc
Arse' Bzuway,'-and:-Vantily;--Soi
Williams, iutd ramify, of -.411e1h0u3%
W. • It. Mosetey f indk Altettlimx7.
and Stater of - kitteourgn. -
Col. 'A. 8. , Crozet -of. Cleveland.. Wm. , Lou.
:vim - and Fatally.. of: Pittsburgh. :B ev. er-:
. veniitrui Family- of Mount= Vernon.
Charged with Larceny
Olt? liortallty
Not a Priest.
Tbe edlttOn a ferwaraled . whieherill resat the Bab.
Decibel. soonest es the matt can.
151 NO LA coriss, PEA 1/1 AO
Louisa Bleekbaz Kl.
. .
. • .
Our routers gOulAleas remetni,r the ~- t ory
of Lovalta Illackburu, the girl who wav mond
last December, lying under it haystack. in
North Beaver, . I ..awreace county, whore she
claimed she bad remained twenty-tire days
without food and with acarcely any covering.
We gave the particulars at the time, and later
nn account of the allapetatlea p e rtained on
both legs, and her subsequent %pointilism and
behavior. She' is living in the same vicinity,
and in supported by the Poor Directors 01 the
township. A. considerable sum of money bee
been raised for the purpose of purchasing her
artificial met; but it Is thought that those ap
pliances would be useless, owing to the tact
that tile "stumps` , are drawn backward, not
having• been kept straight with the remainder
of the Limbs atter amputation.
Balloon Aaoonatel.—To-night al six
o'clock a grand lmlllnon ascension takes place
in front of the Theatre. This is a prcin•le to
the wonderful bill offered by Enterer Betio.
diet's mltistrels this evening. The balloon as.
tension will be free to all, but to the enter.
tainment the usual price will be charged,
State tan be reserved without extra charge.
Silverly of the Peace.—MaryMinuet was
before alderman Lynch, yesterday, for a viola
tion of the ptsum,on oath Of her:turd Maguire.
Mary made an able defence but she was never , .
[bele.. forced to ghfe bail in the sinner two
hundred dollars to answer at Icourt.
Select rie.ale.—Tho Horner Herge Club
gave a select pin-ule at Glenwood Grove yestent
day, which was In eVery respect a pleasant and
agreeable allatrl The music was furnished by
litenard McElravys band, and was the very
entance or melody.
McCONNELL—On . the Milk lost, Rev. W. L.
Alct:UN NELL, lo Use 3001 pear 4l WO ntrn•
Funenl at M o'clock A. N. on FUIDAT. 20th lost.,
from the residence of Stsmutil Idettlnennn, ittYette
street, t the nest street leading Welt from tsag► ey:;11
Lane, Allegheny.) t arelages mill learn cortrardt
Mnichneld and Stventh Micas, at Oh o'clock , M.
Fries Is of the fancily are rennin/ invited to
att. nd.
beauthul —dot's-acre."' the isreest sale.. bat
place to sepulchre. excepl'oru. N . in thie County. stt
tususl hey ltrighteu th
'l...ateately :ea • h of
Alleltheur. for burtalkluta, pesetas us call
at Drug tore et COLA. CLA Alto
&terry cwt.
90. 196 Smithfield St., cur. Mt,
(Entrance from t.-veuth eitmet,)
w•rr.rsa 33.crizw.civ.s.
No 66 Fourth street, Yltiaborgh. Va. COFFINn of
all Lod., CKAPVti, tiLOVEn. and neer' , descriptlon
of Vaunts' lenromdar, tiooos 1111711111. U. Rooms
opend • y and night, Hearse and Oarriagen ftirnlahed.
ktereunnese—Kev. DaTld Kerr, D.D., ite,
W. Jacob., MD., Thomas Evrtsur, KW.. Jacob fl
NA7.43.90 1 C3E3EM. fa.
WILL T. 1217XXAMISr125.
88 Wl.rtlx Eit:rocrt.
Fila... Watches,
Silver aid Silver Plated Ware.
~ .
1114.7,1V.V.'1.1..in148 ° . ° 7c!'" ' " i ? ,
colt gen see Our Moe& end get price, ' Jet '''
VOll SALE.—By virtue of an or-
A. dor of the Ilrphxna•,Court, of Allegheny eo.,
mode at No. 107, June Lem. Mot., ou July 7, 1006, 1
I t i t;llle u. i i lsr ,, t r o&le,
e b r frge n i oetlon, on the greet
' On Saturday, August 4t1k4866, -
AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.,
All the right, title and luterest of Moreno M. Shirk,
deed, sod of Mrs. nanth Benson. formerly Mrs.
Nanny Shirk, widow, and Mottle A. Shirk. Milton
Shirk. Albert Jam, s Stark, William Mark 'anti
Frank Shirk. children and 6Elra of the sold Morgan,
Shirk, of, In Twe nty - f our to hllowlog described real
estate, to wit: lots ot ground as laid
out in the Can of Lots Old out for the heirs of M.
to the plan annexed to tho petition of Wes •
A. Hereto, guardlth, flied In the orphans' Coutt
at the above number and term, tell. port of seer
tabs tract of laud situated In lteserve township,
wheh was conveyed to the 101.1 Alorgan 31. obtrk by
Hobert Swan and wife by deed anted September
IMS, and recorded In Deed Stook vol. Ci, p. 655.
SO, the undivided one half part of a lot of
getettel le rotd township. being lot umber sin
•,thrge Dreher'. pith of lots in sold township,
bounded as follower Beglonlog attire cern. of . 413
sso. 0, in the centre of Lexington street. on the
line ufland orb Davis; thence along said line N.
the ce n tre
perches tu the core, of tot o. 1
in the centre °Colo.:m[lll'l'oth leetorldet thsnce
rlong the line of Lot No. I, In the more of sold
oad, N. SOO 12M-160 perches to the corocrof
Lots Nos. I and at Mermen 1,1/." 0. /9 CLIO, porch.
to the corner of Lute snmbe. 6 and 7, In tile ten
toe of paid I.esingloo Street; thence along the en
tre o t said street W W perches to the
placeof beglonlog.
aLSO, ail that certain lot ground situate to t
ebony county, bean; parts of .ot 05 and 9.1 In James
I B. Irwin 'a plan ot lots, lo l'ltt to soak., and.
bounded as f0n..., slat Beginning on "srove
street, on the south side St the distance of M feet
and Both. frota the northeast corner of Wove and
need strema; running thence soutioreo dly Moog trio
!toe of Lot No. 61 and parallel wok aced street 10
feet to the line of property belonging to the het. of
John Barclay: thence reentrant. at eight tholes
With sold Irred street, 23 fret 3 lactic, to Lot p o
thence north. trolly Moog the line of said lot and
parulel with Herd eteeet bp feet to Aimee street, and
thence eastwardfy along sibs sold Wove street M
feet 3 Inches to the piste of beginning.
•a It S haLar
The whole of the purchase money to be paid on the
contlrinaLon of the sale, or nor half the Pnrco.s
moonyy on the continuation of the sale and the hal-
Sect: 10 tede year with Interest payable ethilthenu
ally. to he secured by bond and mortgao. on too
premises sold, with leave to Lathe actrafeetuato
with on failure. to pay the principal and lute/est In
Billet the stipulate. , clime.
/TIMMS . Wll. A. MYR LION, Guardian.
lie. 4 St. Clair Street.
We have engaged the services of an ez . perienxd
leather expressly for the mouths of daly , and An
gust. Students entering on theist ofJ,ifly Catty:lit
/y complete the coarse 07 the la.t of Auguet.
Per tinnier]. and specimens of penmanship...We:,
at the College Rooms, or address
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toiliebW • • &AKER & VARLTM. • •
. .
. - .
. . 100 Obis. New Potatoes;
160 boxes Clacean. . .
160 do Mantua oranges; ..
id do •, do 'Lemons; •- ..
lal legs Primo Staten •
Breen-Apples, Cabbage, Green Corn. Omani ,
bers,Totaatoo, de..•go. Asstelng
_be n a ores. daily
and for sale by • • . W.. 1. bTX,ICL & 11/011.iL-..
.17/3. 140.130 Third *treat. kltraburgb, la.
43 and 45 Vegeisl smut. Allegheny Cll7.
;WO bushelshelms White Oh io Oaes;
7., bushels joust/she: .
- 600 000
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and itoblnsunstrscis, ALLA UItENT
.Tiox BONDS.—lsolstere •r bereft,' pot,
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