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%Ite Wittobugh tazdte,
MUREOAY, JULY 19. 1866.
iwrinuerrE cowr, TRADE,
Notwithstanding the entire suspension
of busirtesshy The Penusylvtnia Coal Com
pany, the ittuunlty of anthracite mined
and marketed, so far this year, is largely in
excess of the amount for- the correspond
ing portion of last year. There is a proba
bility that that company may adjust its
'controversy with the Erie Railway Com
pany, respecting the price of freight, and
resale operatidus.. But, independently of
tble Ceittingetiny,, the ratio of increase in
the supplywill., be ...Maintained up to the
close c t i: .casial:natili*, unless a general
strike shall .uccar among. . the miners, of
which there ire premonitory symptoms.
The miners profess to. regulate the- rate
of their Wages by the price of coat No
fairer bashi could; be asked for. But the
fact they. Over put down wages while
=coal fails in price, but are sure to delnand
larger compensation when coal' advances.
Last 'spring the ° coal market opened at,
say Vi par ton. Wages were adjus
ted to that standard. At the rates
agreed upon, miners of ordinary skill
and industry, averaged four dollars a
day net for themselves. They used the
compensation of their helper" at one dollar
and 114 cents', day: ' As the season pro
gressed 'Coal. lowered Int Market 'value: The
miners forgoti - .IIS time], to adjust their own
wages to the falling„ market, and attempted
no abatement of the wages of their helpers.
Rtkrutly and has advanced in price, but
not beyond the point at which it stood
when the questlon was settled.
But there itsk,heen a considerable eleva
tion over thOlowest dePression:' The mi
ners noir insist their wages must go up in
the same propartion.' "If they bad put down
their wages when 'coal fell, the claim to an
increase now wouldbe valid;'but they did
no such thing. , They are now simply en
deavering to extort 'd concession from their
Their case: would appear in a better light
if they proposed to raise the wages of their
helpers... This they are not disposed to do.
They insist en confining the helpers to
$1,50 - a day, while they crowd their own
compensation up to Vi a day. It is mani
fest that skilled labor, of any sort, is of
greater value than simply muscle work.
But there is nothing like this difference be
tween the work of a miner and his helper.
Bo tar as severity of toil is concerned, the
helper has much the worst employment.
With 'only $1,50 a day, as prices stand for
all articles necessary to the subsistence of
themselvei and families, they must have a
hard time
In this aspect of the case it will not do
for the .
for the miners to talk of the rights and dig
nity 6(1443 tolling*a&vs. They are them
selves oppressors of the men they employ:
If they Prbposed - to advance their own
wages to $4,50 a day; while they advanced
the pay of their helper§ to s2a day the look
of the thing would be decidedly improved.
Consumers of coal would certainly grumble
less, ur'at l&tat grurithle with less reason.
If an advance of wages shall be demand
ed by the miners; it is probade the employ
ers will refuic immplience.., They certainly
will if the demand shall be put in the offen
sive form it was last year.
Pis a matter of congratulation to our
citizens that:the sterling patriots represent
ing the majority of the National Legisla
ture, know fall well their duty, and arenot
direllet in performing it. The passage of
the wisely framed and much needed Freed
men's Bureau bill, over the veto message of
the President, almost before the ink in
winch it was written had dried, is a new
evidence that Congress is determined to
protect and care for the poot, down-trodden
freedmen of the South. There was appa
rent baste in their action, but none too
much. They anticipated the veto, know
ing it to a:specialty in which the Presi
dent delights, and acted according to the
dictates of honor and justice. Frustrated
again in an effort - lo win favor with the
late slave owners, the accidental President
may adopt now, policies to elevate himself
with the reconstructed rebels, and, if possi
ble, farther sink 'into the degradation as
signed him by the patriotic masses of the
TuE New York Leader, the recognized
'l'ammany orgau, does not relish the idea
of President JohMost and Secretary Sew
ard marching into' the Democratic party,
through the Philadelphia Convention, and
g the control of affairs. It says :
"In regard to the proposition to merge
the, great Democratic party in this move
artent„, ..*, . 1 ' it is not prepared to
surrender its leaders and, transfer its forces
to the mercy of - those who come claiming
to tai commanders-in-chief, without any
rank or file, without weapons of warfare,
without tunmunition, without baggage or
baggage - wagons, or even ambulances, but
-on .foot, - Weary . and wasted, defeated and
I dejeckd,riarrying with them nothing but
' , the record-of , .their losses and defeats, and
:the prehtige of played-out power, and who
shoultrbe extremely thankful for rest, shel
ter and . prOtection, instead of being ans.
'ions for cowl d and control."
That may s be regarded as harsh on the
deseiting Republicans, lmt It is the exact
MU. COSDIZISSIONER tiorm warmly sp
roves tbe Plilladelplibt Convention. He
predicts, as the result of it, that the South
willresume lie old place, as the domiva
- ling political forcer thenatlon. No doubt
titatia the- into/Atom, but Abe best laidPians
political strategists not notrequeutly
...,Tan,Dertmenstie Congressional conferees
of the district comprising .Indiana, Fayette
and Westmoreland: males, will assemble
atthe'CobreSonse. Greensburg on Fri
day,'-tire 27th inst.,. "place in -nomination
n'eandidate ibe Con .„
0. 0 4. • THOMAS • ' WO_ written a
'fetter positively 51: g to be a'eetOidate
•fer bongteeNiii sition , to Oexo
been.diectiveresitiLitt tite,eites 9f
tieriaal patriotic soldiers have been
to a tell for aJoloteott-ClymerConyent lon,
at79shiniron; - '
A letterfinniTihe city of, ktmleo de
. • seribeallislranien - as a man nearlysix feet
in holght,".light slightly . bald, blue
- oyes, lungface, largo whiskers and mous
, 'cache. 7q plOnstut see alcer, whit good
• gestunng, Xaila Cailota Amelia
AngtunalibitoriaAerneNnaLespoldina, is
twenty six - years of age, of medium height,
light Asir, )1 111 c'e3t0 fad aquas facl46l
- rim& vigor anikAotertabition.-
1 that fruzn 1/1
anno=ma- :ofticialq i., thotrnite
;.:ii.'lli.7ipttin.jelettzi"dra'potottett_thi, jmustatutteb,eWszteatd.
States a n d 'An. ~ Saba, 8 % e 0 4, to uestinas
_ . judiaa:( U ) - m;trimatui
ch mall, albr.
s'..-.,..-BLAts4lnprao*inittitt -siree Pen" or
0131,5 Tiactiar,B:,o(,- Y ir
n.rt (mace •
post (6.. , -'' 1 oronel.---.,„..1 with
.441 stogie . t : being () Purr -, -
x..... n4— ~ i "" , tc{l~t~4.~c, ~'~`s'.:-s]3 ` ~' v- ~.9 ..~.3x...,.,,..
~....e. r -~ 1 ..~.
• ;~,~
Cubit'''. cocoanut Cream
Far the hair. It has no equal for promoting
the growth of liar. For sale at Yultonts Drug
Stole. corner Fifth and thnithfleld'streeta
Drees Goode, ,
Closing out without regard to 'cost, on the
nortn-east corner of Pcinrth and Market Ste.
C. Itsnson Levis a Bah.
017 Goods
Of all the leading markets at popular prices,
on the northeast corner of Fourth and Market
street. C.,llsason Lora & lino.
White and black, of the latest styles and St
low prices, on the northeast corner of Fourth
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Block Maks,
All widths and qualities, at a mall advance
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Fourth and Market streets.
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Lett en Nate,
A splendid Rosewood Piano, of a celebrated
make, full seran-ootave, and handsomely fin
ished, price very low, at Gardiner's great
Boot and Shoe bonne, No. 80 Filth garnet.
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Safes, Bath Tubs, and a full line of goods gen
erally, suitable for the heated term. Our stock
Is the largest, our variety the best, and our
prices the lowest to be found anywhere west
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• The Allegheny Shoe Marl.
A. Leggate , s Auction House, No. 1 59 Federal
street, Allegheny, famous for its auction sales
of Boots and Shoes, presents to merchants
having superfluous stock every facility for IL4
speedy conversion into cash. To buyers . 101-
lug to save money, every attraction Is Offered
in the purchase of Boots and Shoes. A large
stock is alirays on band for private sales, and
buyers will übdoubtedly consult their inter
ests by giving this establishment a call.
Hostertter's 011omnen lUlters—A Ilan
deed GloatOrem In One.
Not tho least striking Merit of liostettor's
Celebrated Bitters is the wide scope of their
operation as a preventative and remedial pre
paration. As a protective medicine they ward
off all the diseases—and their name is legion
—that originate in unwholesome air, impure
water, exhatistlng beat, or other local and
climatic causes. This alone would be safe
cleat to Mann , for any corrective and altera
tive medicine a world-wide and undying
celebrity. But Hostettces Great Specific has
a hundred other claims to the confidence and
high constueration of the public- In Dyspep
sia, Liver Complaint, Chills and Fever, Bilious
Remittent Foyers, Cholera Ilorbus, Cramps,
Colic, ConstipaUon, General Debility, Prema
ture Decay, Female Irregularities, Constlto
timed Weakness, Sea Sickness, Diarrhea, Dys
entery, Flatulency, Vertigo, Fainting Fits,
Hysterics, and all complaints proceeding from
imperfect Digestion, and a disordered condi
tion of the liver and bowels, Hostettai atom
sell Bitters are the most powerful, speedy,
harmless and agreeable of all remedies adver
tised by the press or administered in family
lloaletteea Bitters
6 re told wholered 6 and retail at Ivry low mites
at elerning , s Drng and Patent Medicine Depot,
No. Si Market dr oet, earner of the Diamond
And Market, neer fourth Street.
ThoSberlff Executes Ibis Wilt With the
ALA or the DUltori — Arresi of Colo."-
Clareb—A Deputy Ahern!' Also Ayres-
..A.I-DANT, N. T., July IL—A detachment of
ono-hundred and fifteen men from the Tenth
regiment pair-elided to the scene of the anti
rent difficulty, to the town of Knox, this morn
ing. The Sherif found Warner's house closed
and its doors barricaded. He forced them
open and removed the furniture into the road,
where it soon after wax drenched by a severe
The eoldiena were quartered In the house
and outbulldimis, and to-morrow they will
assist in executing the writs. Colonel Wal
ter B. Church, the principal party in interest
against the anti-renters, was arrested by a
constable on a charge of assault with a dead
ly,weapon upon one of the parties who resist
' ed theexeoution of the processes.
A deputy sheriff was also arrested on a like
charge. They were taken sax miles to a ma
gistrate, before whom they gave bail.
The detective officers arrested three anti
renters, against whom warrants bad been is
sued, and placed them under military guard.
Gant. Onset Orders Arrests to be Made
Only on Proper AOldnvits—Confeder
ate Military Ornmaloitions Prohibi
ted by Gen. abet ides.
tow °scrims, J dy 18.--General Baird Issued
an order In accordance with Gen. Grant , s ar
rest order. He orders arrests only upon prop
er smdavita, and advises that netnal arrest@
be deferred until properly investigated, unless
there is manifest danger of esespe.
General Sheridan was compelled to leave
his present quarters, and seeks others near
Jackson Square.
General Sheridan has issued an order pro
hibiting. the reorganisstiOn of Confederate
companies, batteries, brigades, de., for any
purpose whatever.
Terrific Gate—Tessele Lost.
Ustvoroir, Tarot, July I&—hate accounts
any the steamer Potomaski is ashore five
miles below. Mr. Hunt, undervrriter,procured
the assistance of the revenue cutter Delaware
to go to her relief.
The steamer Harlan brings accounts of a
terrible three days , gale at Indianola, begin
ning on the lith, and ending In a terrific her.
Keane on Buntlay. Four vessels were totally
wrecked. Of two no - vestige is left. The
schooner Veto, capacity flee thousand barrels,
drove through the wharf. title lie. high and
dry ashore. The whole of the freight of the
Harlan was washed from the wharf.
The steamer FotOrnaski, which was anchored
astride the bar disappeared . lt wad eoppueed
Ate had foundered at her anchorage, and all
on board had been lost Her passengers had
been previously, landed. No such stone has
ever occurred on this coast es far as remem
BetsVy Th Lorin In New York.
blirw Year, July IS.—A heavy thunder
s 'torte accompanied by torrents of rain, oc.
tarred this aftetnoon, lasting about half an
honr. Several places wore struck by light
ning. . A block of. - twelve unfinished brick
Imatblings on Werra:loci, Brooklyn, wad
nearly deguollshed by./ htning and the gale.
One or two vessels w struck by lightning.
St Johns Chapel was ipe_t on are In this city,
and the steeple of St. ligesea Church struck.
Notwithstanding the large quantity of rain,
the heat.after the storm passed, was untlimln-
Ished. .
Several more fatal :mama sunstroke are re
ported, and a large number of people were
taken to their homes by the police, In a par
tial state of prostration.
Indboa Valois Conigrossional Cony.
tlon-Speoch by Gov./Norma.
Haw Atessy, Len., July lu—The Union Con
gressional Convention was held at the fair
grounds. Five • oonntier were represented.
About g
six thousand persons were present, in
cludin the Ladies. J. M. IdeGampbell wes
&Wed Chinn:den. An able speech, in thb
afternoon, from Bon. Newcomb , of Indian
apolis, was Warmly applauded.
• At two delimit In the afternoon Governor
Morton appeared, • accompanied by General
Gresham And others. Be seems west, and
wee, assixted to the stand, where, taking a
seat, he delsvered an eltsrimt address, of
, three hours , duration, dor widen he was
, frequently greeted with veal crone applause.
The Awl/mil vs Clerk of the House
--+Coompoood Lief era Note CoountOr
falter Arrested: •
. • Wastrortricoranly - 38.-4ndge Wylie. of the
Supreme Court, has decided, on a wilt of he
&ars coves, that the Sergeardwd...arms of the
Holm of Bebresentatives has a lawful right
VA the M 4 W7 of iho Parties charged with or
eidattnic Yr. riunter, Clerk of the Poetofooo
• The-principal party connected with the
7coonterfelt hundred dollar compound interest
.note heehaw:tarn:sited. The brasses and_plates
ItaveAdso been secured on Stan nee Ulan&
thottsand dollars of emulterfelta
god suite appuximMkomf of a Oren clam coon
. _
Sag Zsanotco,e July l6.—The amount of
its*ht roonkfroft &aids port teethe etc months
onMng J
lllas+uly first, shows a decrease from tho
await period last year Of tipwitivis of halls mil
,Sydney.dates ,p Mort the market
for MeadoWhinOhromP44 otOsequeneo
of the arrival of twenty-nine cargoes from Cu
be and Ninth Anierfea. , taltforula flour SUL'.
'quoted at 0.16,-131011. Al3lOB V tan.
Mining BLOCKS were better : (Road 41 , =,
l'ati. - Yedhow 7acireN: 13110nigo, .944 , 1
911 Cbolan, Ng; senaem - 70%. ;
Oade .11s1 ~feir Turk .-
New Itostx; July isde to-dar Pltta•
toe coes company &deg" ail fellows,
showing bigwesfam: _tons to etssizasSE!
Vueserat - wa weeewtrawase 'New, J!, 1.41".
sw Tozwiirdyln. , —Toor, new tries of ahol.
era In Brat pn - _are reported tOdartwo of
whit* were Thirteen new cams and
1 4 2 .4 4 1 41,1 ex oleporlea 3n Alizseete, N. J.
One Day's Later News
Prussians Continue Victorious
The Atlantic Telegraph Cable
ticw Yens., July I , .—The Africa's dates are
oat, day later than those already received.
The Great Eastern arrived at Itearhaven en
o morning of Um Sth. The William Currey,
th the short end of thu eabl”, itneltored ul
Valentin on the morning of the 7111 Inet.
The Afunilrur•e announcement of the cession
of Venetia and the mediation of SI/11010011
was accepted us an ailment I . OIIV I'
of peace.
I.he excitement on the i.(111•14 011 ' , Uhl, f . ,
change on the bth was great, e-giee,llly w tilt
regard to Italian .riartlaem wlnrll, lel gel) . ad
vanced. Euglieh seem It len were kepi down
bp the maintenance "( Inc teini. rule et 10 Joel
Otx the Paris Byturme (110 MI milvanee.l IFt
nt., waning:L . lMM teem Tiy
ithin a few days, while Italian ielvane-
ed 17 per cent. In lao 11111$. , t. the , db, tile
most sanguine hopes were not only not re:d
igest, but commenced gmilaallv melting as ay.
The Minister of Pollee, lit ban an
nounced that the proposals for 1111 !tendst Ice,
presented by Gen. Guldens, have been in
The Florence jonrnals euus it ler the .5051 r um
proposals inadmissible. They regard the ces
sion of Venetia azi n stnititgetti to
Prussia, enabling Amtria to resume
ties against Maly. They declare tl t Italy
will not lend herself to such proceeding , .
cession of Panetta W Fruare, alth at Ile° to
its subsequent cession to Italy, would be
violation of national light, mid submission to
a foreigner. Italy tr 11l one Venice to her arm,
The Moniteur du Solt', of the evening of the
6th, contains no Official announcement.
The /Writ. says the Prussian reply to the
proposal for nu armistice has not .) et been re-
Caired. The delay is sad., to have °rise°
from the distance of the iteitaignati -
tors an Han min, whiela were yesterday rata,
cessively adValleed several points. it ho
llered in official tarries in Berlin that the ar-
Miatice aasan only Isa neeepted after
settlement of the principal taste of the negm
tuition for peace. Prtision n 111 1. wand the
occupation at the s hole of Itotteinia, and the
evacuation lay AOstrla 01 the fortresses ad lia
of the French, thanking bins, °nal sala.dan
he was about to eater Mtncom•
munication with the king Of PI ttnaM.
Frnace assert u that the eeSISIon of Venetia
was mad., UnatoutiltiOnadlV
The reale correspondent of Pall Mall Gat.uoi
says it Monne sa ltliosta suppers that .t,-
%xis platted herself the mercy Of IF mt..,
when propostaa,,• , tat cede tenets... Stv• It neat
beforehand what silo teas to get a, COlllpellaa
• -
The Wainer -Abend Po.dietys that prey lone to
the bhuht of the $4 test., the Aware,' Uovern-
- -
want hail ihrinitly responded the Emperor of
the French to bring about an arillistoec loos
tieeell Austria anti Italy in enter to render it
possible for the Austrian troops alt 1003 10
jOtli the Army of the North. The Emperor of
the French, willing to meet his wishes of the
Austrian Government, and desirous to "we
peatati once more established to Europe, even
went further, and without being directly or In
directly requeated so to do by the Austrian
Ealthinet is ak, offered his goood oilier~ to meet
an tam Gee between Austria and Protsla
This Offer was secchteil Icy the A u.trian Gov
The L.0114/On Tones, of the lilt says there Is
WO ranch reason to fear M u tt noataiittes will
be resumed an both the hoed'', of war II ~
Austria will be unahle to it Wolin,. any cn
siderable number of ttoo, trollinlet
and Milos., 'sheltered by the aegis of 1' Now,
May toon compelled Willa,. terliii Of ponce
theta loy 1 . , aseilit, in her 0. 501...1 , 11/11. Toe
Timer remarks IL is olilllcult too loadley. that
either Italy or Prussia, will ultimately repel
the pantile overtutes of the Eeiniserof Nalo.
leen especially it they. should LW
by I.ngland sooner or later, therefore a it boot
any sacrifice to the soldier, oi one.Hille the
slightest burden tot Franey, the Fr. , uel, Empe
ror will proliabi, lied i i again the teal
orbiter of Europe. It is position a Inch
lofty stobltlou would disdasu to almae.
The war Intelligence from the coot lan fron
tier states that the Austrians are streugt loos
ing then - forties at Eningn.
A dispatch of the fah Moto the head.
quarters Says: I.olollolerlisg It expedient to
deprive the Austrians of the teletu i mist, at
liOrgoforte, oil the right hank of the 1' , .. at
have commenced °pentanens tor an al Lark
It IN stated that a portion of the Austrian
fore. in Venetia have been ordered north.
Severe engagements Its. of Mises, place be
tween the Prussians and Pets arras, , neat
Dernmach, in Saxe Wishner, as Whit, the tat
ter were repulsed, and his Pres:4ll/ns OeCtipleol
GertntraCh fore. The Pronosilsols captured
eight po,ltions, and were itig Victors
The Austrian prisoners taken to Lite bultit
on the 3d are est imatell at abets.. tine hundred
and sixteen guns s ere raptured. Tine hoses
Sustained by the lirst Prussian army were
considerable. Thoeu ut the second were eone
parattvely entail.
The Bavarian army had iodermi the Tyrol,
and wag pres.cil Mg in the threet ion of Italy.
It was assertitsl that the Alistruins hail evac
uated ail their puoitions on the right bank of
the &Melo.
lrarnntou's wound a - as very slight.
Brescia, July O.—T wo Au-iron grailmats
have been repulsed in an shuck on tiargarno,
Lake Garda
Princess Helena win, marrie t to lr
C;hrinttan Augustenburit, at IV indsoi on
the Mb, Inpresence of the Queen, the ging
anti Queen of the Belgtans, and a tinstinguisli
ed company, but the affair w comparatively
The Marquis of Lansdowne, who had been
named for °Mee in the Derby Ministry, tined
suddenly ou the bib, front paralyst,
lit tine House of hurtle, On the Gilt, lord
Brougham advertO to the hostile state. of
Europe. lie hoped a Congress would be
shortly hold, and peace firmly established. lie
did not thmk Venetia ought to belong to Italy,
but at the some tone ought Lobe free from hie
Austrian yoke.
At the request of Lord Derby, Earl Russell
moved an adjournment till the nth.
lit the Commons, Mr. taatliatme, in reply to
an inquiry, explitin.l the position or ttle IrOV
°rument toward the Bunk of Englund, and
stated that the Bank acted entirely on arm , n
responsibility in the rate of discount,the
Government having no control lit the neater.
A Vienna toles says there is a good
prospect of an armistice for six weeks. hos
tilities have not beenresumed.
The Austrian army of the north continued
their retreat without uniesuttlun. The Prus
sians have advanced further into Bohemia.
The Bingo( Prussia bud ordered the release
of all the Austrlan prisoners on giving then
parole net to serve again /luring the war.
Severe lighting is reported as having taken
place on the frontiers of Venetia and Tyrol.
The reports were contradictory as to the rte
Thu old Atlantic cable was tented anal found
In perfect condition. 'I'M, foregoing advises
are the Latest via Queenstown.
The news by the stainerowl
morning of the 7th,
state that the Praia:olms tontteued vietorinus•
had defeated the Bayern.. at tilrinbitek an d
occupied that town. Tim 0011CillS1011 01 an ar..
minden was then considered Improbable. Pub.
I lie opinion In Prussia and Italy Is strongly
adverse to it.
' The Paris Il•mps announces that Prussia and
Italy bad accepted the armistice on the fob.
lowlng combining: Prussia to retain her pres
ent DOBit1(111., her troops to be support...l by
the countries occupied. Atistria in not to in
crease her armies In tine Held, Italy Is to oc
cupy one fortress in the quadrilateral. Italy,
tarePlYolouleutied the Meer/stout of two fen t
resses in the quadrilateral.
Mr. Gladstone took an official farewell of the
of express
gov ing
ernme deep g nt rat ,on the tithitude to the sups
Mr. Mill presented u petition from Era. Ger
don, Complaining of the Wegal trial and OM!.
GUMMI of her husband in Jamaica, eating tint
bt Cousequeneo she Inns been reduced to a
'State of destitution, and pruying for redress.
lefiAnOt—The drnift , of the prOposmi Modi
fication., In the French constitution has ban
presented to the Senate.
Bourse on the Gth less arm. Rendes closed
AOSTaia—A. IleCond COnSilriPLloll /MS been
Ordered to take place In Mowery.
The cholera has broken out at. et. Peters
lsimdon Money Market—The illecerint do
mended at the flank is of the full average
character. On the Stock Exchange advances
somerofere at per cent. Consols, in spite of
tendency to reaction' at the opening,
closed strong. An Impression prevails that
the worst cliMoultics are likely to be soon our.
mounted. flank rates unchanged.
Latex! Telegraph 10 Qusertsfoust.—A Vilma mi.
grant says there are good prOspeets that
hostilities will not he resumed for six weeks.
The Austrian Army of the North continues
to retreat without molestation. Reports are
recolVeil from the TVrtil, but they are entirely
, contradictory as Millie result.
TheTaris Bourse remains. without change.
Routes closed yesterday at lion.
The shore and of the Athurtic telegraph Ms
ble was suocessfully laid on the Gtli Mut, The
old cable was tested and found to be in excel.
lent condition.
Groat preparations are making to suPP I .Y]
the army with breech loading [hies. " • 'i
EBIBP , Wis "WV 7—Morning.-cliaetidstadles — I
MOSSlM.lllehardson, armee &Co. reportirloUr l
heavy and 11044 IWhcat dull and 460411
lower, Corn Mardi o and teals ed lower.
Prises of Ali articles nominal. •
PrOvisiotis—The earns circular reports Deaf
tinietf Task arm; Nl.= very dull, larrYthitt
.add nominal::• , • • . •
Tab Brokarsttirrralar marts eiatali•ailis at
VI torZOPN 0114r.qtgerd4tid ittegkdr.
••' , • •
, -
,-,tzg; 7 -
• ,tarAS.,.•:.s.S,-7,
Coffee quiet. Rice easier: Linseed, no &ales.
Cod Oil. no sales. Linseed Oil - dull and nand,
nal. Room quiet at 8116d0859.1 for' Comport
American. Spirits of Turpentine quiet and
steady at les 611 for refined.
LoN now MARK - a - rd.—Messrs. Bailers Circe
tar reports: lireadstuffs quiet and easier.
I ron quiet, at .£0 for rails and bars, and 056.
for :betel, pig. Sugar quiet and steady. Pe
troleum quiet and steady., is. lld.:for refined.
I,,,rts . r.—Lirerpoot, July 7, p. m.—Cottoni
ale 3 to -day of „coo bales, incitidli4gloo bales
to speculators and exporters. Pet '4611
and lower, the improvement on ridaybav
been lost, owing to the failure of peace
nrgotiations. Middling uplands are. Punted
I at about ltd. Breadstuff's are firmer, but sales
small. Provisions Inactive.
. .
London, July 7.—Unttotl States Gara are de
rlt It log, owing to large shipments. The Moe.
ota price, are 64 , 4 to 65. Consols for money.
10 cm; Erio shares, 38 to. 48}5; Cen
tral. to 7d. McCall's airatilar reports breed
stutrm inactive and nominally considerably
rutil without Omendment the bill to reor
_J...., the ‘.lyrteu.l force of (he War Depart
ment, and too bill relating to the rations of
soldiers held as prisoners of war.
lie also reported adversely. on the bill to ap
point a Commission on Transportation be
tkeen the Western and Atlaptle Sta. es, and
the bill to Increase the pay of army Masers.
A resolution authoring the employment of
a landscape painter and a topographical engi
neer to aid the Committee on Public Build
ings and Grounds in the selection of a Park
and site for a Presidential Mansion, was
On motion of Mr. Sherman, the hill to reduce
the rate of interest on the public debt and
provide for feuding the same, was taken up.
Several amendments were agreed to, and
the tertber consideration of the bill was post
poned tilt to-morrow.
. .
Mr. lesatinden reported, with amendments,
the bill making appropriations. for sundry
civil expense&
Mr. Pomeroy - introduced a bill to amend the
am of .lone 24th. 1016, forte disposal of pub
he muds for homesteads lb actual settlers In
the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,
linnet., and Florida, which was referred to
the LonnnILLOO on rUblie Lands. It yirosides
[lnn any person who has served not less than
Iwtire months In the army or navy of the
United .+tai,•+ nUring the war for the pref....
vialon of the Union, shall have the right to
purchaec at the minimum rate, or locate by
military land warrant, one hundred and sixty
metes of land, anti to enter ono honored and
sixty acres; according to the provisions of the
ilomestoul Uhl of
The "International fietilling• !Match-
Hamill Beaten Badly by the Mtn'lish
Manlyloss-Full Perfect:llnm of tbe
We are sorry to announce the defeat of our
plucky oarsman Jimmy Hamill, by the English
champion, Kelly. Jimmy could not have been
in good condition, else he would not have lett
fered such an Inglorious defeat. Hamill did
his best to gain tile victory, but the long pulls
of his rival seemed to be far more effective
than the quick movements of the "little en
gine." Ills Ignorance of the river, combined
with poor physical condition and the excites
meet of the occasion, were too many obstacles
In the way of Ma success. Seated in his shell
upon the Monongahela river course, Jimmy
ilamil in still the champion of the world.
Thousands of dollars have changed hands up
on the ram, but the best of humor prevails
amongHaraill's backers. They still have un
shaken confidence in his rowing abilities and
would buck him to-morrow If the rare could
be repeated. The following Is the report di
the [lra rues-, cl ipped from the Manchester
( Eric's,' I Examiner of July sth:
Tile drat race between iinnitil nod Ke ll ey 1
tee n place yesterday morning , on the Tyne,
and was won by Kelley by nearly half a mile.
The weather was as mild as could be desired,
scarcely more than a ripple d isturbing the sur
face of the water. More than a dozen steam
ers, all Mistily laden, lay off the quay. Tin
high levee and temporary bridges were
thronged with people.
Hamill was the first to pot in an appearance,
which he did shortly before seven o'clock, on
Mansion them Quay. lie was accompanied
by his brother, Mr. John Hamill, Mr. J. Laugh
lin and John Mackey, the latter carrying his
mulls. Hamill looked the picture of good
health rind sound training, nod during the
time th at intervened between his amval and '
when he had to gift inn, his skiff, be walked 1
leisurely up and down the quay.
At live minutes past seven Kelly came down
the river in his cutter, which Vila steered by G.
Diewitt, and at the Mansion House quay he
alighted upon the raft lie did not go ashore
but remained upon the timber, and personally
looked after his skiff, which was rowed down
close after his cutter.
Precisely at 754 o'clock, both men got into
their edriffs, Kelley being the first to pull off
from the shore.
Hamill lost no time in following suit. Mean
while the cutters of the respective men rowed
to Abair station; that belonging to Kelley-,
with Drewitt, in the bow to mach ben up, book
up her position at the second pier orthe High
Level Bridge from the north shore, that being
Kellers aide according to the result of the
Hamill was attended by Jack Clasper in
another eight streaked boat by George strong.
Both men paddled off to their respective cut
and et once prepared themselves for the
coming contest. • Kelley soon doffed his flan- 1
nets and strew bat, wbitili he banded into hie
cutter, and then late his beat end to the
Hamill not having any superfluous clothing
of which to divest Mimed!, allowed els skiff
just to lie apart the stream until Kelley should
be ready. Exactly at twenty-ohm minutes to
eight o'clock the cry was raised "they're off,"
they're off," and so Indeed they were, but so
may did they get away that it was almost Im
At the first two stroke*, Kel/ey's skiff shot
out ahead, and In a taw more he had his stern
clean past Hamill's. Kelley pulled his usual
long launching stroke, while that of Hamilire
was short and quick, at something like nearly
two to one of 1%6103.'8. It was plainly app.-
rent from the mart that these would have but
little effect, when pitted against those of the
English Champion, for although at first he had
the appearance of coming op to Kelley,
the latter soon shook him off, and not only so,
but et the Skinnerburn was leading the Amer
ican by about a length. The latter, however,
nothing daunted, gave way with a will, his
strokes now settling down to about two to
three of Kelley's, but although he pulled vigo
rously, his strokes seerued to have but little
The cheering on board the special s'eamers
was tremendous, the people on board shouting
tastily to their respective men to urge them
on, We friends of the American still thinking
that he had a chance. By the time they ar
rived at the Grindstone Quay, however, Kel
ley's long and powerful stroke was telling im
mensely in his favor, so much so Indeed that
at this polut he bad Me boat completely clear
HOUSE. by upwards of a length, and was giving
Hamill the lancet of histackmater.
Mr. Wusithurne, of Illinois, asked end ols The cheering on board the boats was now
mince leave of absence for the remainder of taken up by the people on the shore, who ran
the session, on account of ill-health. In a body along the quay in pursuit of the two
in his mutton, the amendment of the Sere skiffs. Opposite the Lead factory., both men
ate to the Unites bill creating the grade of 1 had settled down into a steady stroko-that of
rieneral in the army was taken upland neon(- , Hamill not being now so rapid as at the corn
ea by dienting minced of the words .`of the' mencement
i ine," till' words eof tee warder army," so that Kelley had evidently the advantage in style,
the General's aids-dc-camp shall be selected each stroke seemed to make the interval wider
t rum the regular army. lie said that was the and wider between the two Mats, until at the
in i eel ion of the Senate's amendment. gas works he bed - added another length to the
The Senate amendment. Al. ootretirred in. gap between them. nand% however, was
1,1,0 was also greeted to Mr, Washburue, pulling a plucky stern race, for his strokes,
of Illinois, to tile with the Clerk the reports ot alter settling down_to theirregular averages,
the Memphis luvestigatton, the same leave [lever faltered in the slightest, notwithstand
mins also given to the minority, tug the fact that Kelley wile lending him Cottle
Sir. Wilsliburne then left the Hall, apparent- extent he was.
ly q uit,, ill. Thu English champion gradually improved
Mr. Ellett offered a resolution, which was his position until getting near Watterson.
adopted, directing the Clerk of the Home to -•-- --•--_- - - fliers Kelley was fully four lengths ahead,
present to the Secretary of state the Freed. and there were cries that Hamill was done up.
era', Bureau hill, with the certificates of the The newish ley el order-Dleelmege of These were Teel. by the assertion, and perhaps
I lert; of the louse and the Secretary of the the Prlnoinevs-liorOweell Inquest net belief on the part of some, that he was only
nave, that it was passed over the veto by a yet Concluded. ' acing himself for th e finish.
trio- I hints vote. The .1 my summoned by the Coroner to hold Tile belief, however, was a delusion, for
The contested Ideation case in the 11th die. Kelly, admirably piloted by Drowltt , gradual-
Is a.l. of Pennsylvania was decided against Mr . an inquest upon the body of Caroline Foul, ly Increased the gap between the boats.
i ...groin, th e sitting member, and to favor of the young colored gin who was murdered on Jack Clasper did all he could to keep Hamill
'lr. howl! z, who was sworn in. the night of July 9th, at Sewickley, held an atilt/ t mold not succeed. At Claaper's
Mr. n'ible. from the Committee for the Ina limn h oiisie b" Harry shot. ahead magnificently,
adjourned meeting yesterday eitecnoOn at the so moth so indeed as to obtain a lead of at
triet or cementite, reported several Mils,
eeing which was the Senate bill relating to Mayor's office, In Allegheny city. A number least ten lengths.
tin, public schools of the District, providing of witnesses were examined but no evidence liamUl eteured to the north aide of the
that ino school fund shall be apportioned whatever .._„ course to gain some slight advantage, if poset
....tunny for the miecation of white and color- was adduced calcddated to unveil ble, and the movement lost him some little
ed children, which was passed. the deep mystery enshrouding the horrible ground, while Kelly, amid tremendous Mees
er. Alloy, from the Wein. Committee to In- murder. The prisoners Archibald Lee, tell_ log, was still gaining. At the lower end of the
vc.tigate th e assault on the Clerk of th e Post- D 'mine, great cheering bunt forth as it was
wilco Commitim, made a report In part, re- Dabney . Scott Bassett and Benjamin seen that the American looked ahead, sad
eon, inend ing the discharge from custody of Ford, all of whom hail been arrested upon the then pulled vigorously for about a score of
t'sl w net Powers, there Being no evidence suft
ileum tto wreraut his detention. Tne report t h e witness wand after being warnednet to gain perhaps a length, but Kelly saw the
charge of killing the girl, were placed upon strokes, and that he must possibly by this
w agreed d to. SnV any th ing which might criminate teem- move and did the same.
The senate amendment to the concurrent ac r eec , T hey D n ° p h,„,„im e s t ra i g eteer. Here Kelley wee, at a modest reckoning,
resolution. providing for a joint Committleo ward stories which were subjeetal to rigid eight or nine lengths ahead. The steamer*
of retrenchment, was taken - from the Speak- questioning and cross exam nationby the were in no way pressing upon the last man,
cr's table. urors, Coroner, and Deputy District Attorney and a good course was kept for the tampon-
Me Wilson, or lowa, offered an amendment 'Flack. They each proved an alibi, and Batts , ten.
instructing the Committee to inquire into the S e a beyond a doubt the minds of all present , Kelley seemed to see himself a trillealthough
ea:ennui and statements , in reference to the
Government debt, and the management there• , w aoui ere in t noce th o t of
T t h b e e d lu read ry charge
p h . . wilit hw l t 'u h d e
W elt: f f cruterre as e bb lhervi "PP" w n ere e"L loll "
of, and the mode of depositing and keeping mended the' Mayor to discruirge the Prisoners tholes that It was all over; that Elwell' Weald
that t hey
the piddle money end the documents relating from custody, which was accordingly done. never last, an he was continually loosing
thereto. The amendment was agreed to, and The inquest was not concluded, as Coroner ground.
me Senate amendment as amended was 'Rawson and the jury are determined to use Armstrong's Quay was next reached where
ecu reed in. every possible exertion to ferret out the hu- Kellerhad gained in a very short space Of
Tio, sauna amendments to the Boom bills man goods who perpetrated the double crime time three or four more lengths, and when
were taken up rind dimmed of me follower The of repo and murder. The citizens of sew lek. the ern man Watt Opposite the Convent!) , Tay
hill to authorize the construction of a striae bey will probably oiler a large rowan( for the ern, on the King's Meadows, Hamill was
through a military reservation in Kansas. discovery of the guilty narties. The jury will abreast of Armstrong's.
'Ube neiniment glee. the secretary of War reassemble on the last Sates day in July, pt Here Hamill pulled with his le ft hand se If
t e,s r ate revoke the permission. It was con- the Mayor's *Mee, to resume their Invenigii- ho were going to land, but his erratic course
en ere.' in. Tbe 1,111 Increasing The pensions of tie, was quickly altered under the dirostion of
sonnets' widows and orphans, On motion of J. IL Clasper, while at the same time Kelly,
Sir. sawyer the amendments wore nun, :or.- Falling of the hoof of Whittles Hall. who would hug the north shore was likewise
and a committee ot conference asked-ordered by Drewitt to keep a better Meng,
Yesterday evening about eight o'clock a por
The bill to ex the lumber of Judaea of the ' and he occasionally ;lunette trifle te the south.
su pronto Court of the United State, The sub- non of the roof of Wilkins Hall, iinundletely Above the Meadows House a few yards,
stliute passed by the Senate provides that no above the room mounted by the Pittsburgh Hamill, by some misadventure, nearly caught
vacancy In the office of Aeseclatti Justice of tlymnealnin, gave way and fell into the build- a "crab," and he seemed totioundersomewbet
the Supremo Court shall be filled by appoint in Ms boot. He thereby lost a couple of
meet until the number of Associate Justices lug. A heavy rain was falling at the time, and strokes, and seeing his mishap, for the next
is reduced to six, and that thereaftei the Su- the consequence wee the water soaked fifty or sixty yards he pulled away tepidly.
ponne Court shall consist of the Chief Justicethrough the floors ot the third and second When Kelley was passing the top end of the
nee six Assoointe J latices, any four of whom Meadow, Hamill stns abreast of Armstrong's
shall constitute a Orgia, .
tortes Into the elegantly turniehed reception top quay, losing gronnil almost every stroke,
Mr. Wentworth inquired whether this bill room of the Mayor's office, doing considerable and at this point the race seemed virt uall y
abolished the judgeship, to which the ]'real- ~g _
ma e to the furniture and fixtures. The e can could recover the lost ground.
dent had some time since mint in an appoint. "
building ie o.llCil by the seine of the late lion -ri
over, sa it woe inmost limmaible that the
mint. Witham Wilkins, who bays leaserlit for a term intinued to exert him-
Blr. W Bum, of lowa, replied that it did, bet or year e to th,,, al t •. ti, A short time eine° the "r"u'd
7 lead, K"il :I ded 'some little to the
' Netwithstending that he possessed Win
t bat it hao Intlisad the House SUMO thee heroto police Committee of Councils reeled the third self, and every stroke
the nomination was made. number of the fleor to JOhn.D. Bailey Esq., who sub-lensed tI. ,w hen ar a - r : u z u , z, r ,,..„„ t „ I,,, tcr or ge 'T ha ,:4' r
inernbers of the Suirreme Court doomed a ris
to the managers of gynninalintl. The latter Hamill was clearing the Meadows, and must
duet sin of the number of Judges a great tun parties have attached swings, , ropes and earl- have been forty lengths behind.
The llonSe seconded the previous question ens other gymnastic, Eppliances to the ceiling
and concurred in the subatltute-,yeas, 70; .....
w hi c h tt . g , au,,,,c,aog.
A lly weakened Eternal on entering the strait for the Mead
nays, 41. to • f tad caused its fall, A few days since and also Dulled with create!. regularity than
owe seemed to improve his course somewhat,
Mr: Bally . called-oirMr. J. td.Killenithe Chair
man of the Police Cmmittee, Rua lufortned
honse. This gav e some hopes to th e sympe
he hail ilotie since lerWing Ciasuer's boat
Mr. Mei laberger gave notioe that he would
1 tomorrow call up the question of privilege him that the roof was Inmate. The latter gen- -- - t
thizerso tort Am er i ca n .
arising between lion. Mr. Conicllrig and Gen , nem= sent fur William Iteed, carpentori and • Ag *leapt to renew the excitement was
.told hid' teinspeetthe roof and report tothe made - by the throng,wbo followed in the wake
he Reuse then proceeded to the considers- Committee the result ot his inspection. Up to , of the competitors, but this was short-lived,
thou of the bill reported on July litri from the the present lltr.lteed has not reported. There for on glancing onward to the English chant-
L ' mudtle " l. Wqe and Meads, tdPvdteat the was floozie injured by the accident.
revenue and for other parposes,oonsent=ll pion, It WWI evident. that he won luny pro
been given to dispense with Its cOlield 11! I.lci - - -- I — . ..--- pared for and teal to tiny iinPrOVerinta. lw
In Comm etc of the Whole. &Metal mounters; sadden Death ow a Soldier at the Arse. the condition of Ws antagonist.
Indicated a " emirs to offer amendments.
. .., trat-inquest. When Kelley saw liamill's spurt, he lnereased
end continued to draw ateadi-
Mr. Merrill declined to yield for that, putPme, A member of the ordnanoe corps "at the his own strokes, . _
und moved the previous question on the bill- .a head ; and Orally banisher' au !lope Ilefial
United States Arsenal, et Lawrenceville, LT, imp who supported the /mar
aud some verbal amendments, whn.h be sat- a breasts o ose w
"red. Tile preview) question weitseconded. named Thomas Sweeney, died on T ue sda y lean colors. l og . „__,...
Mr, stevens moved le lay the:hilt milt night under the following circumstances i The .steady pulling
aid was of short
table, 0. tnere wits no opportunity ail
,H e had been attending si plemle at live City duration, for when along Aof Darwent
offer amendments. Rejected-yew' itt, nays 79.
Park during the day, at which he drank to Hough,
h arinua seemed even a mo g ra zs i g rregular
' V ' r. 6 .
Denton 11 66a turtiii -yam
on such an ex that he had .to be carried to ititd less powerful than in any previous part
for the adjournment of the present' sessi on , 'he Mt 'lion in a helpless c ondition , being un- of th e °""st);i2, eon k ' • '
on Wednesday, Ihe L oh of ten July, at II seelock; --- - " Kelley, orr trary, opt •
almost a per-
Mr. Ashley moved to layi the table.: able to articulate a words in th: .b iri . v . hi r Atzit Lb: ? m a y atm ightnecmcfrom the Meadows wthe
Mr. Month suggested that it be aniendedlry Artionel' be was' e a
el vt! 'clock u se,
• euspension Bridge, and has pulling never
adding a proviso that on and after to-morrow where•he wan vial a bo ut a
e ,,,,„ har ,„,„, t varied from the bftuttful long, powerful
the /louse meet at. 11 a. nii, , night by ono of tee aerKe erde, --, '''' -4 stroke with which he started.
ceo was dl t tm, hastened for the sun Long before approaching the bridge the race
Sir. theme nethopted the en thin etidinso that S e v u r ia
.0c kao
matter. , wh.
modified Ids reantition by axing Monday, the virtually over atilt was im thie wi th -,
1:30, for adtournment. , • ~.
that.. . ~..- i. ft. eurgeon arrived, a ' few minutes later, ho in the distance for Hamill to overtake his an.
Objection being made the Pro t declared Sweeney to be dead.
_Coroner Claw. -
tagonlst. Kelley pulled ateadlly onward, and
to clan ge the hOur Of Meeting wag not a pay-afternoon
son. held an . buest . Ventral to the eff ec ti seemed slightly to increase his lead without.
tinged question, awl the Sneakier liaviag sus- when tf Mary r e mitte d a ver esenous °flint, Hamill keeping up the same
to his death from In.
united the objeetictu,' Mr. prelim iri th drevithe that the deceased came it , Og g,. hcat. • rate of progression which he Intilmaintelned
modification, leaving tila reWintlen es origin- temperance, e o l o ined w y evening 10 „ throughout.
ally offered.. The resolution was not laid on ft
was bur ed .. There w as no change In position tin the end
the table: yeas fO r ney's l• . , •.. Marro tlemedetTinitn lellib% homers . Tee of the rano, Kelley passing th e_ flag' at-Seam-
Mr. Dawes moved ter unread the resolution
deceased was a native ot he rid and wee button Point, the winner by fully Aix hundred
by making it read - Monday, 23d. • ..
about thirty.five year's of ago. Ile millet. yards.
The previous tintration having tot:mama •
nd ed for a term of fire years, a nd had three Y et As heturnid ids boat his victory watt hailed
an, Mr. Schenck moved to lay Lbe resolution to serve at the time of hie demise. . - Lys simultaneous cheer from the steamers;
and enfiment an UM table,'and ealleglfor .. ~ --sio-------- .... andttie ataembled crowds which fringed elth
the yews end • more laying' he wanted to see '; Washington and Jefferson Conran* . er shore.
who were forstandingletthelr Pests andnn° •lt 14 P•acovill Ofillis alt4F, nilldellrer ndi . iCeilef lay upon his oars until Hamill came
er. .. .
were not. The metier/ Wes negatived...yeas, .i '-.. • Pulling al cid
~,, and t h ew ong e the gallant
her ' - thestudenta'Utirhgt 4 n 4e6twge* anitpentor of the car, shoolaands inth •
511; nevi, 74. -.• .5 r i-li,l'i,i , - ~, i • sermon ore _
d Jefferson .CoUegoost anew manne
'rue question recurred on the tonernbhent ti,tin of Washington au , . ._ • ft ., ai r .
act won h a il e d . 1, - • '
fixing the iMil as theiday,o2 adjourptnent.. The b ec • c cehtmg, ea Tuesday oforimili . , July fist; " The mIY y another;, ,
amendment was rejected-to 60,theiPeaker cheer. • , - • ..,
Ito Dr Prestley, of this ottYr willjeliver the Both men were then.talten on board the
airing the meting vote in 'the a e nt i rd * ' ..--* v• • • - ''''•i&nui tiefatothoPtillS end tit Ref ' boldittie tou t nn Crt h webr," and the
'rise reraration mangthettitti day of .rausherilati m e- .... tw . - weft , i g A. a dmd er .: a
adjournment was then agreed to-yea5...74 erarY ri0........ -, ''''''' - .min!, f.latold a ire tle t
lilli•" oft
;--e " "4"ci
tet. On the eaMeseter 0 Y
Py: , „„„,„„, „„,„ ‘ „,,„,„,„„ ii , ~,,,,,,,,,,,o i, weet „,,,„, nreablence all , Canonsburg, on .'' Melleiira mews!' twenty-three minute! and.
by a vote of 72 to Mt.% .. - ..,. '.• ' ' w hi c h comma li e Mranortat• of the, class for taeldeelittellecotele- ... "
The Speakee'Pri: , A' , l3 - letter from the Italy ears
19111brraill by .114 M. pt: lat. Ste:
Hoveyunwere Ur. Moak for Eedlikand
Clark .of - -thellbase • 's
r illithat httelltd. In zeenlionrof24_,_e*Xerk..,Tlitteeetient rill peeve Clasper, the 444 am; 0.11 .. r..
wt 4
compliance with. tinier ore . the Menses pro- mostilutcr enn4 t° every 66271 V g meinber, referee... - ... -• .. • • - , ••• '
salted this Clas to the Stray of the Sudo The comm enc ement exorcises:at the College - -Nancy, - after. getting rat board the kennel
the yrecomecinzuregn „:::..,
~, ~ , ... . • will tee swerves' On i.Thuraday,,August hi, beat, generously made aocilleetion for tholes,
Tile Speaker presenter( 'a messiagetkom , the closets With the Beceallelrelite'Addrent by the big man; whictrattionnted to eight pounds. - t
licnatitosemitituileathigt aetionrafthe death prodnent , .. .. ....... _. ~ -.- • , The,' tatting at the start was. six to four ort
Of Senator Lan% of , ....,. ~- .. - • KelleiebntstterWarda . any.tidds...were o ff ered
subject Werefiledelly Identra t ., Clarkeetd_ Kati Alleg ed' ll666"ks.°ll'666' Horse Thief Tialanie , Attollie be- that. Kelley would Will -' . - '• '' -
Sail, Yamaha:an& /Yltiltelri eller' white, the Waging to Jaw ZinioleninuiS Of: Lawrelithe.i :Ilituitill vrAlas badly defrait44 c eoch#
, nouns etilraraed.. . , iyille, wir m beliroM_watiltyPark,enToota hiciac`i , ,i,....'.. ~,-,, '.., . .. . '...:,.. . • • ...' - ~.....„_...,:,- ...i,
The fraloWtatil the'We' 'nettle resolutions day Itign Where it - boo been planed ballast " ...._., --
;,.-..,,;..' tC I :•.T.-,'...1.
.to adiCenn itin the2sth; , -- .. tared '. .%) ',Scott and - Matrak. Were eon.- k.,lllnittatkiltaineiffi-MtiWerestifermetAiii,
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ing, tiara, .mramcgi, km .„.w . . - - Vs.; Sub. 'dowering town th e :. atoledirliorse tont:rain, .... Dejetrand.;,,rnegrarate,ratiwiiidcw,
brad,,,Conneetteciti.nur °biol.-Joh*, ,li.a .for the small sum at 400. - *:-Yr,l?l was 'iitt,'ttwat&tatt, redeetedlinithhrialobla.
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.., ..< . i , ,. ..r2z,.....yni ~: -.,.,,,, ~ A..., a....... , ,' .', -".': .44, 1,.--, , : - et-- - - -
~. --- - .-... , ..:i -,. •,.. •..-..: -•-. = : -=: .7 , : - •- • :- -..-.:: -.: -;-,:•• .. ::.- ~ = - : '. : - -. 4 , -!, -: :=:- . :', . • • • : ;::"-.:'.- .= '- .. -'.-i. ,. ,'. [ Si...,' -` -':i. il. - !::.:'::.. , '.: • .. ' = , ,. -:,-:.:-
Weenrstricur, July 18, IEO6
Mr. Wllimn, from the Military Committee
• • . . • •-.
The bat to morass° the compensation of
clerks, messengers, and other employees of
the s e ame, WWI taken up, and, after discus-
SIMI, woo recommitted.
Mr. Trumbull called up the bill recently
potted by the Sonata. and imbeetittentlY
amended In the lionse, for bridging the Mis
sissippi at Quincy, Keokuk, Winona and other
KIM to. The Mouse amendments were agreed
to, with an amendment requiring the consent
of the mates on each side of the river where
Itrahres are prepared.
Mr. Henderson offered two amendments, one
of n [ltch provided that no drawbridge should
be al lowed if the board of engineers decided
that brhlges of eonthaurata span were practl
.Me, and the other prohibiting the construe
*lon of drawbridges before the 4th of March,
I Both amendments were reflected.
Mr. Pomeroy announced the death of Senator
Ism., of Kamm.. He offered the customary
re,olution3 of respect to the memory of the
61,4,11.1.41, and also delivered an addreiis upon
. Lane's Me and character.
. . .
Mr. Ll..n.lricke followed. Mr. Pomeroy In s
tulogy na Wo late Senator. In the course of
1.4 I eniarke he Bald be bad investigated
clke.rges of corruption [rat Mr. LIMO
al, si laded they wore -founded.
~ . .
31 r. It tie spoke Of the dootased as a maxi
in a (mut great faults were mingled with great
virtues, mans of strong friendship and im
pl..eable enmities, a man of extraordinary
without polish or culture, could
vet move an audience as few men could. He
(Mr ihmil(tle) had no doubts that nonator
Lase aas subject to temporary lite of Insanity
and had been informed by the physician who
waited-on him, that be (Mr. Lane) was not
sane NV
bra be lett Washington.
The ((muate adjourned after adopting Mr.
Pomeroy's resolutum.
Blond, Longyear IPCtillOngh, Mercer, Miler,
Moorhead, Morr ie, Newell, Niblock,
son Noell, Pathan:6lW Plante, Pr Ran
dall, (PIL) Randall. • (g,y.,) :Bayanon , Rice.
(M 0.,) Bitter, Rosa, Rossean, Bawler. Sit
grbres, Taber, Tayldr,' Thayer, Taornton,
Tumble Van drama, Ward, Warner, Wash
buena, an,) Weabbione, (Maas.,) Walker,
Whaley, brldge, Wright-7a.
heye-41 Atnee.Alidetson, ash-
ley', (Ohio, )'er, Banks, Baxter, Benjamin,
Bidwell, Buligham; Bontwell, Brownell, Clarke,
it'lC:rtastmer.Crehr, Do ii; , a i e r llr i „ . Dri g
tir f. F o it:n ) s i l i miZ g
Beeper, Ho
ly, (Rowe,) ( Illinois , )
Jencks, Holly, Lawrence, illbuij Loan, Lynch,
Moreton, McClurg, Mchner, Morrill, Moulton,
Meyers, firth, .Payne, Rio% (klns , i.,)
BoUbui, Scofield. Shanahan:ler, Spalding, Sta
vin*. Francis, Thomas, John L. Thomas. Jr.,
Trowbridge, Van Horn, (New York,) Van
Horn, (bllssouri,) Wentworth, Willhuns, Wil
son; (10wa.,) (Pennsylvania,) WI, ham
From Mexico
Atli 'Max, July 18.—The steamer hianbat
lanarom Vera Crux on the 9th, has arrived at
The yellow foyer was not so prevalent at
Vera Grua.
The wile of Maximilian was soon to leave
for Europe to arrange for a now loan.
Guerrillas bat wheen quite near Vera Crux.
Deaths from Hest In ' • 'more.
DALTIKOSS, July 113.—The . •loathe
from the beat today will roach dity 51
The beat has been very severe, though them
in 801130 Meese. We have hurl no rain as yet.
The thermometer to-night Indicates SS deg.
Additional Local Matters on Third Page
The 4Ame4 Jell
NVo hear persons. friends of those incarcer
ated, complaining of the present arrange
ments at the county jail. The Warden, Mr.
White, and his assistant, Mr. iimith, carry out
the rules of the Prison Board to thelettex, and
for this they are to De commended. At pro
sent there are confined in the jail a number of
persons, whose character for integrity and
honesty in other respects can Ife well substan
tiated, Lir violating the liquor law,. vending
without license, or on the Sabbath day, and
placed on ATIL equality with . other prisoners.
charged with or under sentence for misde
meanors Or felonies. According to the rules,
visitors can only Do admitted within certain
hours, On a permit, after which none, save
members of the board of inspectors, are al
lowed admission. Under this arrange
meat, which has been in effect ior
-11, year or two, there has been a manliest
change for, the better in the management and
discipline Of the county prison, and it le not
now, as was the case heretofore, so much a
haven of Mist Or retreat for the depraved anal
vicious, who were walling to be deprived of
their liberty Out doors to enjoy the national
and sleeping lineament/if furnished by the ,
county, until they had eniticiently recupera
ted to enter upon another season of debauch. '
ery. in other words, ender previous arrange
month to he In prison wassimply to be de
prived. of the privilege of going about the
streets, but the pa wont system,
a sort of soli.
tory con fi nement, with curtain aged times for
exercise in the hall of the prison, in not,
found quite so sagrecable, and hence there has
been a visible diminution of the number of
commitments on "own confession" of depra.
veal specimens 01 humanity.
lint It seema.Wrong that a man, having the
respect and esteem of his neighbors nasal fel
low citizens for honesty and uprightness,
should, for the violation of n local law, of the
propriety or jeatness of which there Is a di
versity of opinion, be placed on a par with a
thief, burglar, or counterfeiter, occupy the
Came cell, and be deprived of communication
with friends, as much so, almost, as if en in
mate of the Penitentiary. This matter was for
cibly brought to our mind on Sunday evening
last. The Mayor of Allegheny city, with two
friends, called at the prison to see e well
known garower,who bad, on the previous
day, been sentenced for selling liquor illegally.
It was after tea. The Mayor urged that the
prisoner was a man of delicate health, and
that the gentlemen with him, the prisoner's
friends, wore &sirens of contributing to his
comfort, should bu require anything. The
Warden, obeying orders, informed the May
that as he (the Mager) was one of the
inspectors, the prison was flee to him at, all
tunas., but the other gentlemen he could not
admit, under the rules.
There are no ,communities in which life Is I
more sacred or property more taro than in
those where the law is rigidly enforced. And
In this instance, or hi the matte: to which we
refer wo cannot. say that there is touch room
for ' fault finding. The Judges of opnr
Criminal Court, In their administration of the
law, Iliad intern perdfitieMPlin the moat fruitful
source of crime, anal in alluding to the rite.
°roes prison disetpline, eas may be' charged
with .king Timmy for the vendor, who may
be aonsidered equally culpable with_ the mu
mmer—the former profitin a g In the moral
struetlon of the latter. But, really, we Wink
there should be come distinction or discrimi
nation male between Um - class of offenders
consigned to the county prison. We may refer
to this matter again.
Daring - Forger Arrested—Attempt to
Defraud the Bank of Pittsburgh.
Yesterday morning, about eleven O'clock, a
Man, giving hie name as Chas. Fisher, enter
ed the Bank of Pittabarga, and presenting
himself at the teller's desk, demanded pay
ment on a check for .I„..MS, purporting to be
signed by one of the virectors of the Bank,
Mr. Dennis Leonard, the well-known lumber
merchant, on Penn street. Believing the sig
nature to be genuine, Mr. Cast, the teller. Pro
ceeded to count out the money, Mit ere be Lad
got through, Mr. Leonard, who had been at
tending a meeting of the Board of Directors,
entered, when Mr. Gust handed bun the
check, widen, without an instant's hesitation,
he pronounced a forgery. Making some ex
cuse, the teller went to tne door, and seeing
ofticer Bushel, of the Mayor's pollee, across the
street, be called him over, and stated the cit.-
onmstance.s to him. The officer walked in and
arrested Fisher at the desk. At. drat he
seemed greatly surprised and averred his In
nocence. On being questioned as to how he
came In possession of he stated
that be-had been playing Me
with a man
from Philinlelphia, at Johnstown, on Friday
TO • .t hint, MI6 116 had won twelve hun-
U 1 dalid.ra, la payment of which the stran
ger gave him the cheek, while he gave the
gambler eighty dollars fn greenbacks. Be was
committed for a hearing to-day.
lager ye. lager,
A rough and tumble frght occurred between
two Germans, last evening, on Pennsylvania
Avenue, originating, wo judge, in overdildni
gene° in their national beverage. Having
been ejected from the saloon which they bad
been patronizing, they occupied the sidewalk
for a time in Belli Mu their disputa, the na
ture of which wtnr to the merits of the war
against Austria by Prussia and Italy. The
Anstnau advocatef Bldg, burly fellow, was
full of fight, and blustered much, whilst his
antagonist, a comparatively , diminutive spe
cimen of the Germatdo race, was cool, yet de
cided. and when the dispute culmi
nated In an appeal to battle, he dealt his blows
fast and furious, soon obliging his windy and
fleshy antagonist to succumb. The battle was
not of the scientifie order, pugilistic:ldly speak
ing, but nevertheless was of a decisive na
ture, the advocate of Austria, While pros
trat, vociferously appealing for a Cessation
of hostilities. The victor, observing men "in
grey" approaching, beat a hasty retreat, leav
ing the Unfortunate Austrian to fall into their
hands, and be made answer fors breach of the
Country Residence for Sale.
D. O'Neill Esq., of the Dlapatch, Offers for
sale one of the most charming country resi
dences in this neighborhood. It Is located on
the Perryville Plank Road, about seven miles
from the city, and situated Ina delightful
neighborhood. The house contains two par-
tors, wide hall, dining room, kitchen and five
bedrooms, with porch in front, end is embow
ered in shrubbery, making It altogether one
of the best located and 'most desirable resi
dences In this vicinity. There are some thir
teen acres of land attached to the twice, in
cluding a fine bearing orchard, well stocked
with apple, peach arm quince trees, and a gar
den tiled with goosetcrry and currant trees,
grape vines, &e. There is also a very superior
stable on the premiers, with coach house, cow
stable. sc.; and attached to the dwelling are
two large cisterns. and a never failing well of
the best water. The property Is most de
sirable, in all respects, and would make alto
gather a most oonvement and handsome coun
try residence. The furniture will also be sold
with the house., if desired.
Charged With Stealing a Flat-Bast
d German named Louie Fix bought a flat
boat, a abort time since, and brought tt to
Sharpsburg for the purpose of loading It
with vegetables, with the intention of trans
porting them to this city. On Tuesday even
ing, however, he utilised the flat from its
moorings, and supposing It had been taken or
floated down the stream, he came to this city
in quest of it. After some search, he found it
tied at the Allegheny wharf, and accordingly
went to take possession ol it„ when a young
man named John Grogan Interfered, and
would not allow him to touch the craft, slat
ing that he
part owned it, having purchased it
from a third y, whom he refuse name.
This made Fix believe that Cland to
was the
thief, and he immediately accused him of the
crime, whereupon Grogan made off, running
. the direction of (twin street, while Fix re
to the °Moe of Alderman Taylor and
nted proceedings against Grogan for lar-
A warrant has been placed in the bands
leer Dell for his arrest.
• oft
Robert Graham appeared before Justice
Lipp, of Birmingham, yesterday, and made
Oath against James Craft for assault and bat
tery. It appears that Craft has been In tne
employ of Graham for some time, and yester-
day asked for an advance of ten per cent. on
his present salary. Graham refused tho de
mend, and In the conversation that followed
used very abusive and insulting language
to Craft, who after making some taunting re
plies struck his employer in the face with Lir
nat. Craft admitted the offence, but urged b,
discharge on the ground that he had beer.
provoked to it by Graham. The Justice - Luv
lag discretionary powers, held James in
five hunured dollars to answer at the Septum
ber term of the Criminal Court.
Mot Blotlty.—Mary. Jane Abe, who was ar
rested a few ilex ego at the Instance of De
tective Jones, al with setting fire to the
residence of Mrs. Brown, No. 701 Penn street,
had a hearing yesterday before the Mayor,
which resulted in her being acquitted, there
being not a particle of evidence adduced to
warrant the proseention. Mrs. Alia was ably
defended by Billings G. Child., Esq., while
Detectivee. Jones conducted the prosecution
for the Commonwealth.
The Ple•nle Tioday.—Our readers will bear
in mind that the grand charike , pio-nlo under
tho auspices of the society of St. Vincent de
Paul, will be held to-day at McFarland's Grove,
The Oakland Passenger Railway and Penn
sylvania Central road pass within a few
yards of the grove. All who desire spending
a pleasant day should visit McFarland's Grove
Charged wins Nikoling Coal.—Ellen Mur
ray was before Alderman Taylor yesterday,
charged with the weeny of several buckets
of coal from the cellar of John Martin, in the
Fifth ward. A hearing was had, at which It
was clearly proven the prosecution was per
sisted through malice, and the defendant was
Injured While lad named
Nicholas Keich had his bead severely out by
diving againet the bottom of the Allegheny
river addle bathing In that stream on Tuesday
evening, Be wee taken to tea liomeopattno
Hospital and Dbspensary,Ho.l46 Second eiveet,
where his wound was dressed by Dr. Cowley.
assaulted a IPalleenzaa.--Ono of the 41-
leghen pollee was assaulted by an Indtvld
uW named Carl Berger, with a sword, on
Tuesday evening, while the officer was en
deavoring to arrest him. Berger was dually
disarmed and taken to the tombs. He will
have a hearing to-day.
Surety be fo re Pesee.—Bridget Donnelly
appeared Alderman dolma yesterday,
and made oath against Matilda Jerleyn for
swrety of the peace. Thu accused was arres
ted and held In the sum of $3O to keep the
peace for the period of one year and one day.
beautiful oburban
Phiou of mbulebre. serail' one, in i n r" ro:nty
Waal on New Brighton road, immediately north of
Allegberie, For burial iota. PerUdia or utirO, call
at ventral Drug Store of COVL & DLL %EY. Alle
gheny City..
ha 196 Bht ttlitield St" con 7th,
antrum trams !Seventh 311011.1
AND 133 3.4240113 NY NILIULET.
ALEX., AIKEN, • • .
No sa Youth slareedaDtaboxihaa, t
{naiads, ORAPIM, tudjarlaiond ceendeocrlytkna
Or Fantod learanalnia lanassed. zoom
°pond. y and night. ilesraimodeontigooforolibed.
Barsiunrina—aec. Darld_Brarr, MD., Bev.
W. Jacown.D.D.; =main BrMa. Cad.. Jacob B
K.O. .
• , •
Harry IL • Wig. World Renowned
p..enasrcorLkoaner.s. •
. . .
„•. . •
G'Onineniana MONDAY latleßT,'.hili 10th. 2860.
AthulaloO. Mkt Brant oora openat
LtallfiliT , V47 " "Fraliii.ViT. C VM7"
, mom,
Venn roe Reamed Bens aall.'Aleberd Bro.,
122 Wood Caren. ' Synciati
Latest. dylesof nUUMUllikotistantlYaikluind.
• • .
1.01 . 411101K,--
and 4611peral stree#MA l gile t 4r,P E :
Waal' Tethlew "••••••• •
2L.. Al*
... • .- : -':,;.
R ex
.11121914 M, VIAWINGIti„ mid SPEW
ID tor on at 41 caT nia.. aatt !It,/r p,,
, I th rrintiormr.rr . ` mi: .`,.:•-•'.
Y } 73
on wiriorimotaiw•iink mammals.
Tae edition Is Ibrwardedirtdei WUI rasa toe
salters eoonUi U tbimell , ,
BINGLX-00_01121. E1G1TYAL".:4;,,..... $l5O
REM' 81.
88 Wirtia. Intreert.
Fine Watches,
Silver aid Silver Plated Ware .°
We aro In receipt dolly of noir styles of COLD
Call and see our at ock nod get prices.
to the YEN 'VI:Ik Ju
els+. ne a,
of MP, et,. additional pension
following po , r m .s:
To those weo have lust both eyes or hands;
To those who have lost both feet;
To those who have lost one hand or foot: '
To those who have been deprived of their pen
sions under act of Pfareball, 1065, are restored.
Pensions are extended to dependent fathers and
Apply by mall or In person, to
Office, No. 98 Grant Street,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To Thornton
A. Shinn, Mary Johnston. lleurge Johnston_ chil
dren of Washington Joisedon: David Wand, Nancy
Miller, Mary F. Wood. Wm. li. Wood. Frederlck
A. Woad, sirab A. Wood. Bennington S. Wcvad.
Charles N. Wood, Emily I. Wood. (Charles and
E. P. Wood, minor chlldren of Mary R. Wood, de
ceasedoJobn imaband of Fanny W.
McClelland, deceased; Mary McClelland. Ann B.
McClelland, Kate McClelland. James McClelland.
William McClelland, Frank McClelland, John Mc
. delland, Jr.. kingh McClelland and 11, lethington
Johnston: We command you and every and all of '
you, that laying as We all business and excuses, you
CIO apimar In vour proper persons before our
Judge* of On Court of COUIII2O. rleaa, to be holden
at Pittoburgh, in and for the County of Allogbeny.
on the 161ST MAY Olf JULY NEXT, at 10 o'clock,
ii.,to•ussrer eald bill or petition exhibited to our
said Court. and to du further, and receive whatour
ICourt shall 1..0 conaldered In ghat behalf.
II ereof fail not at your peril and the penalty that
the Ikon. JAMES P. STERRITT, Presi
dent of our said Court, at Pittsburgh, Lois :did day
of 4 one A. D., teed.
j e .y ;e 4g,,c,. JAcßii 11. WALTER, l'roth'y.
No. 4 St, Clair Street.
We lure engaged the services of an experienced
teacher expressly for tie months of July and Au
gust. Students entering on the let of July can easi
ly complete the course by the last of August.
Forcinctdars and specimens of penmanship, apply
at the College Rooms, or address
-.ALLEGLIANY COUNTY.—In Partition. No. a
March Tem tate of BAISAU STEEL, do-
And d now, June Id, Vied, on motion of A. If.
BROWN, Attorney for l'artitioner, Court confirms
tbe Inquisition Mode in tutor proceedings, and
grant s rule on .betrs and parties interested to be
and appear before Inc said Court, on
Saturday, August 4th, 1566,
At 10 o'clock, a. tr., to accept orefuse to accept at
valuation; and direct notice or t h is rule to be given
to Lamle Seaton, Sarah P. Conover and James B.
110Fuland, not now within the Jurisdiction of She
Courts of this Commonwealth, by advertisement
once a week for six gOettel•lVe. weeks ln rirrs
notifin Dams GJISISTTP.
From the Record. Wkt. A. HERCON, Clerk.
ig 13TREET, near the Penitentiaryvakile
ghee], City, manufactureva of every ileseriptian or
Patent ntretched, Cemented and Riveted OAK
meter and repaired at 01011 notice. Particular at
tention paid to Pelt. far Roiling MUD and Unary
works. work warranted. Orders spectrallY
licited. jeZlll7.i
MO pounds prime Fresh Hatter:
:co I,o‘r. choice (attles Cream Cheese:
EOO bbls. prime Peach Blow Potatoes;
000 dozen Fancy Brooms, In sterol
Hal pounds clear J ids Bacon In store;
ZOO pounds Hard Country SOsix. In store;
MU boxes itosln Soap. in start:
10 barrels prima Sorghum:
bushelslimall Beaus:
barrel pure Mountain Blackbemr W Inc.
In store for sale by H. 11.1DDIA
ist ,el 3 No. 013 Libel ty street
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Wat,
And dealer In STOVES. HOUSE ruuNtsn NG
litAl/111 , WATER CI.M./LXES A-ND
No. 1.4.0 •31-z-c•..xst Elltineart,
PI eIIH l'A.
Thin Rotor I. On- 4 VT neapUeatU I
pI L
ace In the city Whey
Stores and' .1 %V nre. Job Work promptly atte.nd
ed to. mylibbal
reeelve consignment.. of WRITE Finil and PFCK-
Enht. env:throat Lake Superior dating the aeason.
orders from City and Conntry Meruhanu will b.
Oiled at the intrust rate..
OM. and Warehouse. Corner Second and Try
worts, Vituborgh, Pa. leiDentire
With seven rooms and bail, good stable. excellent
water at. the door; situated on the old Washington
pad, about five miles from the city. Possession
For further particulatx, enquire of
10. 101 Founts Street.
R, MR •
BEM X.d.13 , 0rt3r SElitaroot.
15:TTEI rrrismnion,
ETERS„4. for sale at reasonable pries., by
J. DIAMOND, Practical Optlefan,
=St. Clair street.
AL store and for sole all Mods
At the Warehouse, Nos. 360 and 368 Penn street.
Between Beaver street and Ohio Riser.
Manchester,: Pa.
Orden. rer:ell➢
kinds of Lumber for building boat
Wing. dent blank. lath runless du.
or all deoliptions of
RE4111.1. mirram::
JOltti D. DArrArY,
N 0.102 Fourth street.
Or, N. C. KILYIS, No. 0B111•5 Mock,
13114uOstle Way
Author Cotton Milts, Pittsburgh,
Manufacturers of .
A"liellOR (A) lifiEETlNftl3, • . •
ANCEIOis (0) bill/EMUS. •
And BATTING. . —• MylS:aM
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Owner at etialtud sad Martian arena.
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359 Liberty street, Pittsburgh.