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Panr..ii ED 134
Y -..
ygAit. AT NAIL.,
fell WIC SU, I.6ll\'l,:tv itT.CARRITtt..
N'ittsbut9lt 6aultc.
UNION LEMM/K.—Tlit Suite Council of
this Or.lct thig k morning at 1 , T2
o't I.tck, at the rooms of the Colt - mon Coen
cil the city. A nuahla.r a the pri,llll
- tarn Of the Slate art• Loft• as lit•le•
THE 5H1.111t./0.. l'oN111: - T1 , 11. , 1, 111111 l:1 . ! I
It • is U. city. yenerday. was, in
.eye r:tl re.pects. a not. tdc body. All of
them had :wen actual ser% we in the
Not a I. tr of them Lore honorable scar,
s o u k , of them had been maimed by the
.tcyt h, of battle. Many of them had writ.
ten their names imperinliabiy u the annals
ttf real war. Nor were these their
only di,ainetiun. In personal
appear:de e 'and la wring , in aptitude for
and in g ent nil ihtellittenee, the
onvcutwu al.,,vt• the :iverttgt.
Cnrivorati.lns. It era, cv ,ry Way
a uarL, un4etiilily
In ;In Hey. E D. 'Mt 11.
, I. I. D derealed In Die , •lecz lon
10r I'l ,, trwitir of Theology
leria n T In•ologiel I Seminary at Chicago.
Ms a ,•.I alott••las E ,vtiluneuts sloll,l
In tI,J• ol hts :AR, es,. iii' friewl, in
the l'hur, l l. aml Jwitsuir thervial. hate
1.113 t n At 'wrong wan committed, iu the
In:J•te.i -I a had qystem, whieh then In hi
111,,11,.1 Csray in thecJlJlfficaj (Crj le= :as in
political This wrong It,. at Is-en
Thr (ienersl ..I,,tnhly, in
-ion at ,J I_- , •J,lass hated the 1)0J-tor in
t hair of I.Jcology in the t
May t.luca}zo. IN lit
1.1311111c111 yual tiw Uvu.. to; the It.
U Le he, been :tlllll,l. Ill) atll 111.11,13
"Pp int , ' i
Tot. P.
hat Pr,ideut removed from Ihe
l'o.tma,,rstoi. at Ashland,. 4rt uelkilt
Caidairt Levi C at of tht
1 . 291 h l',uusylvania r' e.iment, L•.ailant
!!le Tb , plllo.l,
ntely wordol4 d .0 I b.•
,vhC. tiffht the, ht, al I;,
11111,,kn. !t1 eonsequence. h
111, II rn- I lllill
rippled er.13.111,
:1b..: a \'":II
Fi 011 t)1 lilll 0:
1 .Islll3ild The peree.n gelecled
coo.' r of SI.. ry
:I n.l
kill li3V , :11 k• ,n.
.' I. !.
mint I:44l.l.crin.mis lit in,: in I,lMtml to tun
mt. 1, Ntr Com AN
:0 I ,,, tioni 11,+114‘. I- :1,1- 11,
Bch .. ,1.1 n o t •My y
%Lit iliteiesting. and 1.1.1,11 1 111
11111-11. been cuing On at
ILr fri.ediht Arl
- ISor, aU, tII hundred and 1.0
t eouple= hate ro•.-uh,rl, inn
1 - ..:11,h•k Lt Ie rc ti; a t••ntie .t !,./
11)10 • tli, I.'d
con, acuu imrt 1I- tnna LI Up
‘ircn, Dnt a c ho Were No'f i, tcally married .
Such %sere ~uitit loth to wilily a ith the
order. regarding their relaitonr, as haying
been practically rmaired and wnr tilled by
time and faith' id observance. bul the) were
all re-Married, :ad of emu -4: much excite
merit and mlny grotesque scenes were the
iesult •'- .Iccr .h , c4
This is only no incidental rat of light,
revcalior the horrorz of :tliuu.t a b(111.0111
Yet our eotemporary and all of
it- , 111.11 , 1 main,ain the; rent cani.cation eon
Lett Itc .itturoplt t lel ti Itltuut ritc , l pron
ior the care anti cleration of four tail
hutt..t Bouthet - n population.
41% MP.ri!,t I ;‘ , ..tilt ,ianed the
And it he' fact was fitly ,nnnnui:tT , d In
vb,trit it y to all par:, owm,tu
__Ju the afterrason "I that day the
i Lan isburg ;rap/: tht
iorurnor for riot doing what hr had already
done in the premises. A grain ,tf .I:sere
ti oa p or treat value in :nab
aelng a public Journal.
THE Evv. Fergt,on, ot Zunesvllle,
'bin, was expelled fru,' the Ind lino!
A4,onbly ut H. Louts, beratt.e nl
deimnatory letter W 7 tten by hint to the
I Ihig, reSlVllirlg the Hon Sam
Galloway. The reverer(l gentleman madf.
a very humble apology which, In a secular
. w null pace been hold entmol
attth.factory, 'out h 'Milo! save him
I - r is reported frria Washington that
Secretary 3fcCuilneh has made up his mind
to obey the law whit forbids the appoint
meat of rebels to office lie probably
thinks it an act or cn siewension in him to
obey the laws. Perhup. Mr Ste cent'.
threat of impeaehmes. did good after
TIII:Pou MUSE ex.c..e.e. us. When it shalt
irlrtn a toleraby derctit regard for
Truth and Honor, we-shall lx ready to dis
cuss public i i uestions A nil it. but s 1"1:14
.s it wr,ist.* in tinal:' ignoring IN01). Rr
must he ronntehi
T • ilizeu of Yitebusgh owe General
Moorhead 3peetal thuks for the admirable
nor LLi which he ,lefettrietl their Utter
in the 'n'tntott r.rrr ronnel brine Hall
mad bill
it expected tan the Alexandria,
Loudon awl Hazinediir• Railroad will be
runn i ng order to P - rmwell the latter
pan of the present mutt., the brim., went,.
Broad Rim noting nerdy enint,tot,.,l T he
work will be pushed nrvard to Leettlturxt
with vigor. An engiteer ii now , urvey.
ing I lin roue fora nilroel In run trinn
Wlneht , ter. to ttlalcni,Va This wail give
Baltimore eornmand .f Ile. Sbenanti , mll
Vail,: Intik, awl take I away froth Alex
antlri . a until the Mantisa, Nap Itailtotel is
Th. Cleveland 1.0/14 r takes strung
ground :Against 1.114 . itelitea nt
Mr. Spaulding, nolahr of I °tigress from
that klintriel. It noun that I,r has no Via
uttcnal a .ingh• word a Congress in COD
tictututtutit or the l'res - kut • tread, ry
the Union party; whip h r has, in express
n•huked the Unitu usu iu Cling re , ,
lot their oul,poken It, Mr .lottu
SOlt. The LOlder ttt come, is opposed to
MI Spaulding's r,norniriton.
—The locomotive susenutentient of the
treat inJiuu Peninsult Rails uy has ap
iotintitti some nailre, a I, tave Ise n twel Ve,
1 211te,11. and eighteei :ears in the con,
patty's employment, loth post of ellglllo.
drivers. Considering the3itneulty and ex•
Euse experienced in feting driccrs from
nglund, and keeping then In India, it is
gratifying to have the propect of turning
native Went toliccount in hat departtnenL
A very sensiltre move or the part it the
--h i± sunotnarett tram Nasttialtton that
We Demo, stir merutims t COLIgTea hove
resolved to sitlidraw ttoirmoral support"
from Mr. Johnson UnICHS to makes a posi
tive recognition of itkila tcomitristion of
I lie offices Demociatir rftralit;
suires material
R.. Advertisement
references et U S. Prize toncert
*lOO.OOO In Cirpenback.
To I, given In Prizes ranging from p.un
ilocophroy . % Hernoopthle
Iced - icicles for Aoki at Vultou'e Drug store, N
ilkt Smithfield street.
Persona 'Wanting Tickets
ahould apply noon, 118 but few tickets relatal
Battkleg Sponge
th - the beet description, and lowest rat al
Flernlng•e, Drug Store, No. RI 31n1 evt
I: , .men.ther the place.
The Concert
taki. pineentWabanh Avenge Hln k,u 114 re
bllOi nersong van wit nevg
Nev Dress Good•
A , lsrptell to the preaent selmoo, on the north
O.( corner Fourth and Market streets.
lizetizee to Urn. 1Z30.000 In (ireelsbark. in I Prize Coneeit to ell Onto
Illinois, July nth,
%wing and Summer Dreas Goods.
ramta, Ittutuolu, Ar• , dust t,euml au
nort , must cot nor Fourth uni Market
C. mason Last .t no,
Number of Ilrket• Issued.
Fire hundred thousand, tile c11111 . 4011/11, tjf
Wlt is II W 111 ,Iran' 111-11,1,
I'rint , .
Tn•k .1...n.un,l !
nq.l%. and al ptpinilor price, on
otn, r Fourth nod Murk. rp , t ,
C. lIANsos. lit,
The Ihrlan loe
W II: ink.• ',tot latter the Cortc,tt, nn•l w':l''l
-.awe, Intended Loy al l'otrautat Ire Ittplat•atatattti ft ttatt
. litt at tadtt
Sou I.+ thr ttmu 10 buy yo rn ur , urnmer Hat.
m.l up, You Nk find an 1me..11 stork ..1
lie lir. Hass Hat nn , l t.up
1.41 I CT!
11.•• au.t ql raw 1 whlu. ~ ,n 1
Ilutl µll the 1t t' a.
llnt, [2l uu,tl and , . i in fund that nt thie:
nd P"Puhr hmt.r. the 111• T are
•-•% 1,1,, than at :tn.. ether 1,1,, in the
1 1filf, of Cirorral .gent for Pitt.borgh
nald Ile in lt,.
ft Wunrks.
11.11 Ct.
• ..• k 13 L. U. lk..b•.s
1• ft. nrrarpt 'nine
N 1 cur,. ',c h. for lo•auty or eNerti t••t1
111. , 1,4,1/lu anyl I. tier I uritt,l ..11t
~ , L oto,ll‘.l. tit :
111 1n 1• .Imn,t•-.\ 112A10,s ts worttif'
It t• a .•:
Annther. pleturu I
\tr 11,rn, the
.1.6,1 1 ertin tllng • .
1)10 01 111 c 1,1.14 . of a wril-knocro
\ tleglolV tr. Itlo-rtze otr *tattier:: i.e.,
ogt 'ph, lel irately eoloretl. net: tie 1.
111, The i r ..
et:l.: hi nanny other 4pnettne n n."l * the tthlnthertuf the h...thitte
...mid .1r 4tt van in and elre.ery
31„1111.01 . -111,er - tor of photiqzr,i.lll, :,•
t.,' t.....tat,l).llmetc, 11,
13,+,1 r,,a,onable prtvc,. for phot.trorrnplss
t I tho,g,tnet who ron.l rolttmn• of fr%
/401.. verhiage every fay devote dm. rather , .
flu pere-mi of a Pa farts which eoneern
then, nearly ' 541 r tent is 11,11I1s, Anti ik wili
”tir,otmuentut tutu a oulaluill. 11 - ruo.-
:- dullreetly the ennse of all alckneas. fot
; nature Sr %trona e Id resist the 1110,
telt pmatoce Ilinen, of course
Ih.. use powork-s. .ink %ft - mirth, ther , fore,
, Invigor and th ,Mate the 4`..4,121. W 11,1
the hn:,- atek
-Steer ranges froto %.0 tort degrees r
the %Wel, the moat athletic are en ferld.•o
anti the 'Kea.]: are ',rust rated it 1% at a lrh a
time' that %h. naioshrOrator an LIM .. .TET-
T' , it's , T". 11.1,11 BITTER,' 1.% urgeotl)
oat arc Lae effect* nf tilts rute eg: la
hi: "I mite' that all who have known
Ino•nt rrool.l condettona Their ex per11.1.,1
thtrattmph. The, would tall tor
to ',meet tan, health thy moot
gr , •nt safettunrrl tutte.lnst the drh,:ll nt rig
Intim ta.-og They erooln exhort It,. wroth In
n al: ontnelloat , ..l an I Int porn...Um ti tan,.
onrl ollatt trr 1101er-rms. and . 11.14.:::11g
ton IC 11,1 altr•rolnr. tor II
nvr woinid cling to si raft in n stormy v.
Tlivy a oult), of dyettept lc fetrige relies 0.1, or
appetite reetrov.l. oh:lite:el :iv, • re
.trung, of headache-. eared, of dl .ordr•re•l
function , . regulated, of hypoclienririn •11,-I•
paten. of min...mantic diseased baffled, ••f f•-% vr
lino attn.: mu/rod, of liver corn plaitile at I
of heat, privation and toll netted, Of hop. , it:-
animator], and elantrfulnorn restorod. our
the etre:.t. of 1111,7 ETT Eft's HITT
Svc mold wbolennlc end retail ut very low ratii.
• I oK • N Lning and PuLent Medicine U.•pot.
iiitivet, corner of the Dtatreee
rtod ll uekot, neor Yourth .trout.
One Prize of 0130,000,
14143 lo . ize of $lO of one of 5,10.0, one 00l 0,10),
ow and twenly-tiVe prize, of OM
ea: .
10, tw mt.p prize. of $5OO eneh, mond twenty' of
$lOO ract,
Venial, Excitement—One Hundred /Mew
of Union Pac./11e IlastLeoted Ikpoopleted.
el. Loris, June is facia el‘ats
merit anioug the Fenian.. here. A taro, meet.
was hail nt Alozart Hall last night, at
s hinh a sonienlitce of thirty protnineht i It I
tens were appointed to raise funds' for etir
purposes. 'tremendous meel.lCg ha
Leh,g held lit the tau rt 10-nl,ht Rini the
utmost enthusiast° prevails. It le Iddiev,dl
flint thv efforts new being made wl it result In
a lIll:nn iif the "'Mahoney and Unbent. and
s s e:ray sings It is expected another !ergo
delegel din will leave for the North iisdroorrts ,
and that "I. lxinits will furnish three thousand
MOD In all.
nnral lirant:e Loudly arrived Item today
tine hundred miles Of the Union Puerile Kad
en... wt. completed yesterday, adding tide.
itunilreil and eightyitliren =Met. of eoutintiou•
...Waxy wof L. L . Ouln. Th company are
now running ,
one hundred end twenty -.lx
miles of road; Including the lintel mice nod
heaven a ortn urtineh, and VI .rt
1414, latter pert of July.
rh o onA Sehoid Prealiyterlan My w
journ..<l laid night, to meet In Cincinnati in
May next
Plea,les on the l'hinesseCoatit—tinorinu
American Telegraph Survey,
"AN F u , . NI!, Imco, Juno 1.—A.11.1,r from Chinn
int. thnt pink , lee me more prevnimal 11,uu
, 1.. ' , tic, Avi(littant Engineer or IL.
It te-utti Aube:lean Telegraph, hue repurteil to
I Icon. I Intig , Englneer-111-(11.4, trint. he
IL Le rv t
cieyec 1.110 country from Lake Tall., to
t water. ot stoic Ing I leer, nrltisti (
I a ilivtaasee nt 111.111,11 11111.q1,
.".1 (0001 l: out. (01 liciltltog It
telegraph ling the entire dint:Luce. The coun
try north of Stoklo,l, ol . Ir Irg•iit•Vr•al h.. he of
glntilar ennracter. After travelling 111..
undreit 11111 , 4 on occur -010,, Major pnpe
twenn ....v., 11.5nd t noI4, nortb
N'tetorla. nutlve %Cl', WO/ ..113-
I)(JnUli - t0 %rent enteey,,,,,
The 1.1. bile Dents--.ltraelpts f
Como-4 3 M d
New long, Jane 5 The m „,•,,,
eft paoura
'have the follow lug epeclul dinpatele, frog,
Wabbington The public mitt statement w
'shoo that the total amount Of uurreoey on
hand will reach 18000 0 , 0,1 ),,stiat.^t Ntt,0r0,.. 0
bud In on th ; deerettie onlu; oc
; ea,dra,ed oy gold aales;tra payment or I oterest
' On s,Yr . r, V:1,0.0,000; total amount of gold nu
hand 540,01.01,D.; gold corlifieuteu about t= !t,,,_
The total reCuipLii from Custotna of the
:southern ,talea last tuouth were 1115.50 0 ,f 551 .
• •-eeretliry 31cCulloulPs report of goltl na/teL
will allow ore sale of ie15,440,M01n May, at un
average premium of over tall ty par °ant., and
that. almot .15,5C.,000 was sold In the lattel
part of Youruary.
The of Jeff Davis
KW loss, Jane s.—The Delhi/nes mhing
ton special nays Judge Underwood w. called
thin[ city yes tordity by President, for
eon renting the trial of Juff
It le known to ts. the purpose of Judge Under
wood to open his court in Itichmond, and then
adjourn It Oh the fleet Tueeday In October.
The entlclpstiau that Darts will he released
on parole seems to be universally Indulge.] In.
District Attorney Chandler Is so 111 at Norfolk
that he cannot be present, at the opening of
the court.
NO. 132
Openingot the Lotted !Plate" Mott - let
Court—Judge toderor r. Thome to
the tirond Jury -Jeff. h C
avto - ounsel
Preoent 1.341 Prepared lontault3 to
Try the I nor—Opeeett of William It
Reed Ott Behalf' of the Great
nal—Proteot Azalst•t the Pittopeo•lon
or Withdrawal of the indictment.
filo , Junt. s.—Judge rwontl,
al :.t.r Avlth t..-onuro.l Terry... pg.. 41
the I 11.1,3 . +1.11.4,1 , . 5ta ulu,itinE,
1t,. , 1,111,1.13. u'n, 1 nn qtr Li,, Ea.
F:401, 1.1, 1,0 rorrtluel, arty pr =,ml. some
.It•ht!. .p.antrrod ber.,re tnr i , nnrl s 4 Its con,
plri r. .JO.i,t• i u.lerw 1.n.1 .lell% ert,l 4311.1.1 gu,
. tr",-„ I 1,1. happy ,o
meet n
t,,ut )01.
Will 11, iii 4.1..".111, 11.1
been inttli.• tll.Oll I.t nevel he
,a 1•1., 1 .:iliale 111-41 , 142 gi,
N,rtoil. 1 oLir 1,1 :ion Made It'll 1.1 ,1
:till I t!li+l 1!1,• Ororla which ha.,
been Mud , to atol 1,. 1,1,,t,1r.
I liivoitt,, 1,1.1,, vl,l :let
T llu .I.lgt. r.•;,114•11, IL. ,
11.• pro... a 111:1111M mod the
1:1c 1t11..•11.1 -Ilutr• , 11111
t.riaplnant., bron, Ir l l,ll,
111.1111.1,1,1 h haste s•
~) I• 1.1 yOUr U 111111", ...II tll, lut4
1 LI:
1101111. • or h t...‘1,1; Ell. 1,, n!iti I •
Pr , .-.. "ru. .a-..l:,,.,.rrrrhrr I--
'I :,..rr!,,r, i!!,
ts.. grall.l ),Jry ut 11 , 4 i 1r II• I '
• Nltly II 11.14, I . I
: • . o ~.- All.l
. in tqf• or,l- ft
, I .14.01 tCpc.ll“.l4.llci ~.
A ...I:I 1.1111.,i1:1 , 1in 1114 U.
e•L/I,‘ r•
lii. f
In .1 u,
j.• I haN li.• I
...• "
../11•• • .1t
•IT :I.
• ••I IA I 1,1%/24j,
E1.k...114 1 r5.. your 1101,.•
,;,i? , , :
rk krt, ..
11,, .1 I lit 111,,
.I[l.l a.), ...Ix,: k
tmult in tan aboa.t.r. e "' n 1 •11 1. n•
!..11.1•1 11, 111131 1 tiOTI, 1/./1 0 .1 131,t14101M11,1. I' l ' . " 0 "'• 14 •1i 1 ..- 11 • 1.1 .
gr,... ,, 11011 ra. • . 111 • I 'l. ' .11 • .... •. 1 5 WlO/1
.01 . • 51111:0 01. 1 1111/0 lOC ••••..1. 111m•1•.. 1,1". " 1 "' .1• "r." "I M.
• ' l .' l ' '
/1 , "V. 1 1.„ •• 11100.• 1 , 1, • .tnnl,..•ltn. 11t .w
I; 0•0 1. 11, li. • ' OOl - " ••
'lii r 4 • :i.• uO,l
LATER FFNIAN .10111 ES. ;' n:
I :•: ! n r••.. 1 •u•rte / crvatf.
ri . 1.11111U• LAM% Ina llama lon -Maio 4 almost, ! .. a I. • t a )ata,
)1 a% la .1 -ttlare• 1.1•• tag• I. I•o ••: ••••• : • , az: te1.1,10ne...
In; I" the Ifrout—ftrigatle to lease Apr :IA ra, a: ita,lala/1-11 jtl
e:st• 1 erh tem.. for the anadlan• • • :se.: aapai A 111, A T.. 41rnf,na
Ilarattrat Ramos.* at 'I oroato—The ; . , ~..:,••
I at:au:law. at 111114(ra -- r• •• • . A.I• ..Vrtort•,
alma Prlwasscra la 4 on et-flartLatea • Vt.t c:f al uurty-
Tvam lot lit/II . A•
: ~ I, r
1. apt •
A.1 , •n:,, , •.1.1 , • ,tl4l it
(111. .4z
11... "111111,1 A:L.;
40.11.01 til: : .• 110. 'Tel, ft ad 11144..,
tlinlT: al
rt, i 4 , 1 M•,l 11.1PP,Wr11.1111,
"t enin,- ir•.t
Alasaeuc,A.,[l, Ihts
kr, !1u11... 1..
11 , 0,1 1,..!“.
'• A i/..11r .
:4•11. .1,1a11%
c.: I•4t0/11. 1p
frwn no !. • :r
1,/,hitg i• I, •
Prt•+-n, t
.•, 1.
,„ .„.,
I nni,ound,d. Tln' a 4 .r 1!... I 11111 , 1
Thtt ~111 t ,ti
1.... 7 , .peetul, II u rtl •
vom.rit 1110.1 alooruf of
rhd• ”115:,
...1 t..•• k
, :11 , •1 P., , Ch• awl
..1.1111.,11 o,lou I- .0. 1.4,1 tv lila
trir.p.t I. , ltig Ille• Itou•k,livs•
4,11,1 r.l Ilig
k,111,511, ICI..11,11.1••1
fu'l II
,(131.111. Srl.V.
\ I nlvil.e
:111101, 1...m.5t, 11,1, nr.
git,tl u 11.2111,22) 11422 mitt ifit2,-
.1 . 111 2 irt.titit 2 tlntle '1.2110.1 tultlr , 44,4 1, ell'
tlellst.r., 2 r 4
0•1/III 11.111
i• [Tell 1.12.11 21 t• ,I 1 /1 .1 •/.01.: I- -
taint) j•IIII nr.l. 0,11.11.1 in
+l,ot, •1111 , 2 :22 it Ilve , lll4 , ,nlitl I.t.oror,
Wan t Mtl
11 14•iL1.1 /1,, 1.•41011..: 111,1
.•111,14 . 11 ,11.1 11.1 Im/1.11,d i.•II
t••xitail m
.) line -11.I1l1,” • of a
111 g cliaravter Irwin nil quarler• prevailed
here flat hi,: :ill lam, mght, old the) nl.• 1110-.17,
011...1"/ 1.1113 morning Alll , la,
01l Lug, (..k.l, 11 ol her principal
it ler 1111 the Wellelll haul let. all
11111111 10 , 1:10. The oli.pi”, 01 1.114 .
vol.ileern killed at Lill e.. IPILU tor 11.1.1aau3, ar.•
taklag place here
“polided. The t . II y 111011rning.
/11..1.,111n11 ipi Wlll pro
leably he tr. , ' emlrt-fital ..1t.“111 11111e11
delay. reeling agalll.l 1110111 /N /)) . 1 111.
AI.UANS, k /, May olono In
rour ry ..r1 1.1'111,11f
Flub,urt Ivo.l in a; Mu
-1"..n1 ruvrtlr, 1t•1. 111..1,
)lUr rt.. I
L4ogt• Rrnis. tor
Nltatil3.ll WIN t•rnment ant allow w 1
61 . 0 I >,..1
pc,. Ix t.", 140,5 otlrr ral tam
From I Inl7.
Nta I one, Julie 4.—The Trgbum's 1.1:13.14t
enrreApOntien •ot), Tlir. kof filling up in
progretining vi:fy wi-11 The are
working like 'waver, t 1,13 lurtilleuthonn,
while the Vetiethal. urr eocukug OVI 4 I to Jul
the Italian army.
• •
ealabeya a mob, Incliul by ib, ur i,b b
meats, shouting tuna Of "Down with tutor
Emanuel," ^Vita Francis and riot-
Aar Seditiouscries, broke ° pun Clio public
pitons and sacked them, and then rioted for
several hours tft boated a liberal Qua:tuna
i~ i... II
nal or) Iv
""'' ' : • 11.• 1 Li“. ..1 1 6 6 • 11: zwatl
•, • pro 11
I , • 666 • • of nr tIIN
6 . 6(41• 66 111. 6 1”...,,•••••1 vici . . t 1 . -14,11 t.,
I i
.) ea I I
Nlr ;‘, autliorlze
1:114, - Int to le:Lie 1111.1 pre
ikol it II minrral
1 1 Irtiled Up tonreollai
t... peu,oh
Ihwhitth: caneit Ixp the bill tO increet- , •
11,.. rh, "I the Interl, Department.
• ,t.“l at t inn to th, rowol toh of
I W., made up cm
th.• ~rt ttiv, rlet ka,
roldort , l titu Uutt.,e lor
tht. I,l.qeot LA Ilvo of pafliugera tae
tug on .tottlnhottte on ‘l .
t.,.l.•rct 1• e 4 . 1, lin r ler v es l l
to IR. pruttott
Znic• "'clock thi , Reconstruction re,,olo
t:ou v. a. titken ulr
MT VOi•ti 11,k U.' riIJOI del:vel a writ
k• i;
11.,1t.0.1 thmmopmmtl amend
men, t . „ I .to-ttlut The to 0.1114, •,net--
tont A tt- ,ittto autittolment proposed yea
trttlat b, Mr. Duni at, a, a subittlnte for the
socott:l soLhot. Atter the mutat. to he taken
411,1 CC. euelt towttitettlitg cen,us, represent
, at ye,.hull he 1,14/0111t4 . 1/ 011111110 the several
, tau, a Mch may be inaluttett within the
Unaurt, accurtling In tbt numb', In each State
of male electurs over twonty-one years Of age,
qualttletl by the Ma's thereof 10 choose mum
1t the toot•I numerous brunch of its logl.-
1,1112, atm shire , at
t tax shall t appoottOtt
tlitt several elate,.aocortling to the
value m rent and personal taxable pro',
• ty -1111410 In earn .4 1itte, not belong-
ror lo llr Mute or to the I Wired ',Lulu,.
TI. r• \ alorroil “trri poryluent of ro.nrOtiOlis
ought lo l..rrrrr .11...1, mil: Ito - ' , lv-, of Nruiloaro
eriorr.r•orattorr rrirght Irr Irr• E•111kIlge,1 lie
Arrort.l rt 1,1.11 .1,, I It I, 11/ . .1% :Nll , l 101
I Iro r right r•r -rottru4l lot lootri,+, Oar, marr u
lAIIIII.I rlsr, rorder tto. south,,,,•
rrrrlor•orl for Ito , -,kr• of trollttrral
pro% r•t to trr• tr,Or ot roan: L .. to rtogrotrrr,
ro• x Willlng to vole frrt rt. 11l rrollor‘rO
poor. tor rr orrx trr•lrrrr tOr• , •11,t11 . ..011,1
.•i'•• t• rt.r• rtirporroo ion rr: rotorttr,
rrilyport 0.11,1 tow
1.1. r ,rottr• rolopt ion.
i.l .1. ..tII.I 1,11,1) ...ti11...
I lit' I ..1;0111.1 t.l.c tUt L/1111)..1.1.1-
II am, Illutf It
von, ikol "Ile 111,1 .1/1, MU' , I/I
to h Ibetlar 11111111 AD. Ilea ,pettAVl
A - 011,1 ••,• agll,-,1 111.,. and htlig ILI ytt to
101. tinlVt-I,ll.l%itllntip•
11.• .taletl r•PNOItIll..11n , Wlll , ll It .41.1”;11,1
•••••.•1.111 ••I 1.. 11,.
I nl••.• t. I', in. 1 vircnl 0I 11, I ~111
•.1 • . man timenaarai at mach
.• a. • i•, y • .•-•••., n aa• •••• • 1••• itilana•ny•ni
•-•• ••••ii NOverlsur, in LI •ouLJa.rf, bLplns.
, !LILL, In January lu-L.untialt.arnvrtla
••-• •. lona Ila 1,. •I•laut..'a
t. herr
I• iP I.lllla, Lunk la,m 'O.l IIIyTOIL. Il
11 +1 ~. .01,txtiml 10.10 ,titoolutill, monsil
t.. , t • , tl't 0.0:011, hit- I rltusple.l
Li.i. 1 1 1,.,11) 111,, 1- 1111.,/, ~/(1.1;11 1 /1 11,
.• tot • xt.c.ll it to ru,ollott It t
10.10•0.1.10 I.tits .01u
,11,1 11.... 1,01 0000 1. , .4”111“111'
. 1 . over 1.1.10 . j0ur.t., OI ilktue
• t,:lei t . co Dunk , ”wo.l sc.oreo. out of nit.
-:...,11.1114, It v.. , a 111110 at ttul.lllpol+o.
of 1 ,11, ,1 1011t./11,[11 1 Slate. tIIO
,•0 Ign,t etl,
11 1120...110.4 il)
t 110 t. r,l litrVi - t•TiTneitt
.n n. .rw ard,
I or Lb..
* 5,.,
dv, A.
• • ~•••, • a"....61 “pt•latiolui,s:
.•••• •••t 11111 l g•••grrt,lu.•••••,1 1111.::‘,1
I )+•r e-r - Ut 1,14.1.:1 , 11 N•>rl9
11, 1.••
1..111••1 1 1••• 1 •1 •1341111111,1 ;7 1 .1 , 1 1 ',
M. 1 .A: 1 111. .••• ••••
• 11‘, 1 1.1 Pli (I, • 1.1 11.1. •
• // I 4 1 / 4 ./(11 1. 1 ...114.1 a. ttlif.Oh 1 ../. 11 1.
• lu xvlo.•tl." •als,
F Roll l' NENSEE.
1 - 12.. 14,441-on 4 MI.. 1 . Ibr rot.
4t•Nelll ti n- ire.nlasa. l•r1•44o4, 4, 4111.114,
!Mart. el .
lt.• In,
On • he ~..,111..t1
11,4, A.:,
• o, !to 114., rr. ,
,n.,. ••../, \ n.. 11
, ••••S • !ftl
~./ , f
/1. 1)1
Tlj'l::...°"f"!' .
11{1 ,1 111!1:Vr11,(1!a'M
N. In •4,111twt0., 4.41 n,or
• ~,-••• ‘,l 11,0% j 1..? 1.444
.1 I)? .1.• kinti rrnnall month
K'.., . I • 11 , ,at. mt,ting vawk Inia here I,P
The t'l•inalniss In,.•l•sirs - 11.111.,r• pail 111111
1.111.." rag e4l Onanr.l
4. , ../ .0, ILI 10 the
-Ito.t:ot- iotol tow 1 , 013111,
to .1.-totto
to , . .1 It, hoLtpokght - hour.. They
11 , 111t111u. it pet lenoe,l ,0001.4 Sit the
,11). 0r. , 1 lift , .
It , gl5 it otootot, topttgol,t., ulot
it. : - it, I moo ttro -toot otto•
to to-. totiritty ioo tot:toll for 11,, on
o: .0 0 , 0500 1,1 “ olt to. ;.1 pr1,.1,1y lo
rool, •t g tot, tit 1 NOtitallOU
u I ~,,, • 10,totol ::ritothio
'II.. I: 11• P 11. Ills log derttioignoinet.
Thu til , 01 I Itoright \. - tag 1.111 , 1 1111/4
t,. tritott tight Maui inm the
trot. , tot .11,-1 stir 4. 0 , 11-1111.0,1 l,,1'1:1l,,1'1:1,t, 11., • •ILto ot t me rig t
••,1”." 011 11,1,1 ,/ttl. , root,. flog. runt
I : ,itlir.illl iiirootgti Isere lent It tet
'•l'1•• - • •1 :of tb , 11154:4 roillt, COUlpO.•
t 00,,,, ho•ot Vot It. I Vioc Lr..l hero: to-.1:t1 :tool
•. 0,.p..1 I good of unhet, 1111.1
rout Itytt 11, I ...Inn, lOU 11111011011t1011 %an
):1I .11111 U 5.—A large Rol! entinvOloitit
oo•oo oo• t'v•nisos bald Its the (non
firms •apholtyr. mooned Won
iit.heio-r.ofthe progrint stn.
patt.- 1 lo.t .I‘l worot ohosing froth an
iot iil slip I olio, °von Litllfornio, to old in
the 011 , 1,.• ../ I i 1-t. 1.10t...hi1:n0, About
Thr Intl , q "intro risv en lie strattirr Frisson
'len its mina' Onnlght from 1111,1:111111111, N Imre
she his, hy Lien. Berry, unit .epolta
/10 l'illsllC, their. online of that govern
',l l% ashinglisi the Frill., prlarniers here
:stye nossi i rive-sat tomight, the men on their
re,,!„ mot flirt emcee, on V.Xle
o. iit 'tnl. n, halgnn alien
eii soliserilat thirl they will not mine
srais flier:ram wito I'm There are large
ot Inman.' in 1„0'11 loam itlirotel and
menilwr of conning' fella lie that
sin a P. and something 0111
doni r sine Distant thunder befog hydra
11.1, h., it Unit :1 Intl Ie Is being
I' N. 1 rtheter for the (howl lon Frontier.
it.- • :A. -1111 ronnovny of I: oiled
Mute- tJoele, from Enet port, Monte, passed
1111.1,01 here leeley thr•f. unaAlun fron
tier. t ruin eve to 41 , 4 , 11 L untlrod Fontana lett
he tl,l I mnattlnui frontier Ivy the northern
train h.toug
l'huhuncerele, June s.—Twontoreeetro.
Welled with United ittat.w troops, pwised Up
10-. lay on the II udeOn river, en route for the
seat of war,
Recent Government Sale• of Gold—
Mntement by Secretary of Trememy—
Public Dept on Jnne Int.
WAill 1 X•rrON eTTT, tune 5 —The ,e,flary
of the Treasnry, in response to the Flon-0
ntiestlon concerning 111, sales of gold In NI.,
1 , ./ ir in May. report. that the:Et was sold Oft,-
. opjo-oi. paying C. M. Myers, the agent, for sell
tog, oneAttigllth At. one per cent. The rates at
the goVI wad ROM a as 13..35,11:00 ut
it'el:shtlll" at 1-0 1 ' 40 ,,, 0. at SchotahtSsi
; Lt1.141:0.011nt 13II,;. These were the only
-ales since Ft - Or - nary, '1 in coin in the Treas
or). it Flab tun! been accumulating, was held
'to rival Ital.: a tttkrtl.l. to payment, or to
to•.l:,ll..terd of Neatly etnergsmey to an extent
-fleet unjustly busineas, and especially the
interest of the laboring and produclng clamse-.
I They., we his nottructions to Mr. affect,
I and his le er tter of explanation which was also
I submitted, shows they sere full, cam led out.
I The Sales In February amounted to Arleen
mutants, at , tt. pranourn of between thirty -
en unit tbirtiteight per rent., and were
made on account of apprehended politlcnl
conflict tour. 'rite Kale. m ltlas o• mad.. on
ainount Si unfits °ruble Ilnantdal intellmehee
feran Europe. On the receipt of the
toms new., ltrought by the Cuba, the
•ate, Ut•rt. continned natter an itcllVedelniLliti,
I and it larger amount disposed o f than would
have loin the CU. II Wt.itl 1,,11111 •• reachu.s
Mr. Dyck in Unie euwend; bet the t•ev.-
rotary Is 'satisfied with the proeeedings, an
a suspension at that Liam would hate caused
a panic Though regretting toe heavy sales.
be says the act ton 111 Mr \ ail L o ll:
, courageous and jtonciutt•n... t-
I , hant, :lad hunker+ tit New lot h 011( . 111 111
title opinion.
The following. is a she ..r the public
eiiite,,of the iitteil States on the Ilr 51
iteartug oil. liiteriist i
elqll. ?tuntie, oeht. hoses
5 .. 1 per cent. henels
irl ,4 -1,;41,1500. Oct per rent. Fire-Tweet y
Totral iletot hearing
n, in ~ on ring I.,urr.uvy lotur•trit. Six pt,
•1,1. 0-,4/,1100: Tr•liqo.r.L/ V I ,
••., • .
• .1.1 WI4l/A.od •3I 11. th. Ut.11.14.4., 41-1.1,11 . 3 - • • •••..'
yew . (Incuttlotantl In t e rest Notes, 411 , 2,1112,
I, Tn; et, Atavon-Tnlrty Notes, ►6,11,..^21,...
ht4tlit. , l debt but rre,lll,l 101 11:13111001.
4414011V2,,-.1. .101.1 local mg b., 1111.4.11,4, 1'1,113,1
+-WA Il act:Mut] ,urieutry.
'Aib IN; gull oert.lllettiuA of,
tt,ul, T. 1411 , 10.1., 11,2, ; 91%
, 7.k.
%Illotlnt Tret.ury 1 0111. 71
Trtui-t:rl ctir,rtry,
.115 :rl-1•,...1,
310.p0111 oi In 111,.
Tre,tll,, #2.67,
. ,
111, '14401110;18 u corn , I ...tiltement Mtn
.1‘.1,1, a- ppettr, nin Inn U/111
t ..o.nrers . return,. In tin- .11,pol rnent on tln•
1 , 414;114 , 1.i lit on 31e(
:icerelar) tbr Treasury.
Torpedo Pnlbnt for Oil WI•11.. -D4,11111411111
by lite Pat. at Cousaniwslonur--Cosabr
ntalloun by Phi , Senate.
N..+ 141 , ,,,, Jot". 5 —The .1444141144.10.1.41 411
Vat... 11:• 111, 311. 1)00414.41 •itt,..l“, .1( 444444.11
Intrt.ol 4111 prat:U.-al ..pcntl.4, In the,
troletit. I. 4 5 ~./tE
s 4 -44•4......-0 to I_, L A It. 4,, 4.1 \.4 I.l'l,
1.4 r .1 4nry..%.144 ett , t4l
.11 t..: 4 VII, I. 11, pm ..1" . 1,1110
011 10111, V. 1311, 11 - 1.• .411:. 1,01;
1 pi
.U.. 110 c tc•urcl • cc!, pcirco
lincu . I.lArt it , t•!, Lr I o(11.1 /.01/11in
N:tv••11:0,1 21.11/11.1.1v.i ~,,, / 1,/0:1 .)I
• %.01111101-111,:lnrt 14 I.v • I,•• 1.0101.
.ot I I tv.., ri
Filth 1 , 1-f
•I Ir
Now 1 ork
,L,• L, of !lir
. .
• /3A .4.lin I • I ryltnt
- ‘•:,..rg. II tl:.• lork.
at i:•: 1, of 1,:• rs:q.
%ea York Irv...
, \
txtr ,at :lb y,rvv
t I. ollic
1 I
p 1, .1111.•
• t
• I
metal •
• I ..••••f.. 1.4 u. elt
:i• •. 011 , til .. , .••Idr, ,tt .t
ht.t• ft t•tts a • At t 0 t ....1vt. t • rowkili,
not! !II Mg .ten( .• •loss, ttrt .1 , 1, , t ott
ttt q.,431% at, R1,4.4P1.i% th, tier!,
ritt•le ••
•••• , 1,,••1, •-a•con.l • tp.
II •44,.51a II•• m•••••••3stiAr,l vre•nt., o
•I lervl. uv v.
(rola, Eh. n Ir
ktur 4,onn r f
1 1.4.‘ , Ur ,
I • w • • . ••trug,ti..n
....t ‘r 0.n.11,aa, t.• ahoy , . 10.rge:
Yl,n .
• he. r.
onv•h.r.•l,•: , 1 0, 1.iln't 0.1 intr. 0.n,1
td • Ire... fru,. Mr In Ortoon•
II: , •. - 11,1.1
:EN • :1: :I.: .t
flit . mans , ltno .
.r.oa• no ten., 1t1,11.i nolo. Ko :1
1.; .• itta, I
ti,at o.l.$••• 4 , 41, .1 1.
,nnts,,,...nipltt..! Lb, Mayor 11.,nr0.,
••fos , .: t•• 11.•$.1 t Lo•
~ ntt 1• fn.-. lie .•1,1 t
Lug tovAr. t ••111. L.. t1.14, , LL...
No IL oneltutlon Alert, ett est In Jeff M
410' 4 awe—The I•rIvorooro nett
to he Qlt.n to the Ilelto•It ose , phen•
Net rst, tol
S. , ••• 'ln •vcrling
, o,vBtrutisont tts regnr.l 1/ , b., •
stuo tito•ni 1. , 11, itrlt Lsl
„or mtg.:, 1.% vtirt,i,
r:• , I1i I Musl.l • In
• .1.. rt‘enl tO-414, 141.11 11,111111,d
1 '..• r—. 0.141 it I 1 roo,sls,
11 of Ilso Bornstgli Muss , 1, S , i,
lust ••‘••!5 , :.1., In 1 ',.• `,11.11 ht/11,1Ing
1'1 . 2....tit IL, pet hivaiwt
Ittrl...urd ogi•-•
11.1. 1111111”1,1 rir llrr prt.c..,llllg .•s..
es wl nn.l Mill" IPS
M it 11 . ths..•.s. ..... mitteo, 1 . 1'1,r/
I /oat C.llll r.,,1, tine ph" ssf
g:t•lt. 114,
•str•••.t. a :1 11, Ih. It, song!. hum.
TIII. near. 1-01011111 Ce I rpu lied
won. *4,1111,11,A.
Nr 1,11, ft".releoll•
4..1 an (PM11.11.0 In I lnv,rt .1 I the gra'''te
(11.(1.1 P.1.(11, of L.lll - di 11 10 3 . ,31,1 (M. Ho•
.I d lllllll l•.. nn II Inn 14(11k noold .Into.
k 1.,1-11011 1110 ran kiln
1,, I neon 11, In Into , 111.1 "Ire
ta•14 , 1 aent oa% ud, I,li atnt
Mr Mel!. iiiii that l Inn °retinal ~,,, ~,,,
ird pre•pate• Lpt.linaio,
101 °lv gt otg tool pa, 11,4 eel I t.,Ount, hat -
Inn'', %I annul I 111111,110 l ran kill' .etr,•et9.
All (or the glitelltor 01 We ..1.141
5111111 ,, nu /. 1,n1.1 ninl, till u,otinn nl Mr. Intel'',
Mr. 1 . 111.11 e, Inn ran !leaf th. Finaio 1;00111111-
toe be aulltorlEntl to 40.11 the lenrotigh loln nl
nnt leen than 01,3.0 gaol, 1.11.14,..11
kirk move. Ina I the Commit le, (11 . -
(W 0..., In•lt to eport nn ,Ilnanee
no 111,. 1. , Iles r 1.1 t,t l'ar,ont
An O.+ prnntntl,l nrnl rood pro
rlellnlr !or tht tnel trot lon of Ill'. lan vent. Joni
11% el doll.", rtwita In, fur inanity lenrln."
Mewl ann min let net
An "r•lintirlore . for Ow laying oil Ina of flve
111111,4 on the .Inllar fen thr ol Ito. nolongli
Wan 1,1,1 lime, mot atterowil.
Mr. I•ltetp3 tooveo that the I jerk 'et lottEroti
-0,1 to prepare the borough ditolleattet for the
enftelog pear. / . 11.1Vgi.
Mr. k Irk pre/tented at 0 rolluanee lor the
grad tog of rho eltiewalks o kaato ,truer.
The +treet l'ontu,lrwenter prpnell tt.t hi " hi "
for work .lone on the SI./ eigh ttu rins
fott the month
of May, amounting to rho 4ttto
OIL 1111M10-11 Of Mr /I Ilnll . l a warrant. ttas La
sued lor the ,bt the hill
On inotion
Meeting of the Temperance Leogne.—
Th.peruncnLeague of Allegheny city
hold a tuntitlng hod night in Dr. clack's
Church. Adtirtesetet were ihilliteresi by M,Criti
w on_kno„ „ urnwr s , 4114-1 IL eeriest of r1,0i1)•
toot., wore pu+rrl i . strongly condemning the
action of certain parties who are at present
advocating not Interest of the liquor tie/dors
In this unit Allegheny city. Themeeting Was
our of the largest gatherulga of that enarar ,
ter that has taken place since the organisa
tion of the League.
Accept our Thanks.—Captain t.. Wash
!moon TOllll, Of Ilartisourg, 11/011.80 accept
our thanks tor the favor shown us at the sol
diers' Convention, of which he was one of the
Sear&arias. Through his kindness and cour
tesy we obtained great assistance in making
up our report of the prooeedings.
,erg:.hut A. A
T t, Apt.
t f t . 7:
b : 1 1 , 1 . 3 . 2 . " , 1 , 1: .1 1 , 1 ,
?InI.• ~;. II
Ti, " FT T M1r1.11)
1.16,1 II •.on
I; I.Leul ('TI Ln,. I.
1. 111.. II 1 rv, It I,rtaltli
nl llrrtr•rt U MAU:. r
.1 1,
Al n-•,.
~. ~
SP‘JI,It r,t
"National Union of the Boys in Blue."
Fente.)lsania'. Gallant Sion. in Council _
'Jilin and Hartunn,t, 1.1.4 to the Itele
aat, speech of (;ell. 41.1 Mil T. Owen--
I'lw liewltltioi. (hen. Geary Endoned
Treas.. I. a Crime and Must In Punished
Spirited .teldresets and (treat Enthusi
:um-- state Organization nr the ••Natlatal
Culau nt the 1t0)... in Blue" Ali-
The Conventton m honorably discharged
solciterS and sa Mies of l'ennsylvania assent.
1,1•41 In Ultr city yesterday f ( irenoon, pursuant
to ( um. Alma Jutlf iv ..l oin,. o• eloa.k, the del
egatett. having Mien collected Iron) the VartallEl
hotel, marched through the itroet,, escorted
hy a brass Itand, and Illlttel the guidance of
staF'r Generals .Inures S. Negley, of 1.111,1 coon
,toot Joshua T. of Phihnielphla, to the
Academy of Niusic, on Liberty reel, the
illati•e•vittotOtt for the C omen Lion. Soon after
the delegates were seated, and sufficient order
prevailed, the Convention teas called to ntap r
Iry General Negley taking the elm,. Captain
ti Washington Fol., of Ilarrlsintrg, w.
chosen temporary secretary.
reisolution was °tiered flint the delegates
to 11 1 , L7ooVolltloll ph lge t/11,,V1V1, to ( . 011-
1"1111 to 11+ regulations.
t.eneral °sell I.llollglll the resolution m11,4,-
110011, as all true sold lees who participated in
Itelkeeeltittg.. Witni etle,ltiee thetnittiet,
hot Ild (hereby. Alter St , llle tht4ellitttille the
elettltlitailth Withtie.ett.ll.
A Aolnrnltlee on Crodentinl, vonalstlng
front oncli ongrennlonal 1./tstrlnt. gun
nopolntnnl, Luta List three SergonnLn-at-Arms,
II Itptalu Itrnlin..l. M. Carr !Lod Sereet
keep order mill event the intro
'ono of ontnidel.
00,1,11111111 Ihrn took u reresm for Imlt
mr, to ~ait the report of the Coin mitten
nn I w
on Credential' iniving con
eluded their repelled the follon log
delegate,. 1,111110,1 in seat,
' •
)4r(114 , iphlo--.1 J.. 11 J 1,11,111 T /wen. /en.
II 'l' W It. nip..., 11a). Kiln - nunl lie
el, .1 `. tapt. Ya,nner,
J. 1,, T. Neill, Henry
to I. It. Hlle., !def. 11. cieear Hot,
ef le. Cap, Wert
Mel H enlehle, Capt.. A flunk le, Seret.
.1 Ntenteitli, Join, F. Murphy. IV Minn,
Niager, NI, It Nat Levering,
4,, (I,lllani 11-liinntlny apt. W W. floltk nun,
In. It rat', eergt. it. Vice man. union
Ism,- ilv In, Lieut.
.1 , I liery. Na.inuel It.
henry W
I Is !Ink.. Henry H liit,e4l,l, lie. /, e org e
I . er. 1,1 Ntc, Itrgneon
art. III”filtt, I apt l,otorge Brown,
Mei", .eteenive, I H , ullne. I, t' Invade,
TIIOI,III, ,ery.•11.11I >turr:,,, ittrl,Vrt
1.ti . 111.. J. .
air Sri 1.. ,
I It Itlehlittl P. 'Ls apt..
ut,•• NtLylor, .\
lVin I: . I tV I m 11
1' , I.r.tek. II liruc.,
I!. SI SS II 1 1,.1 .1..1,1 I' 14.1-
I,‘ , .1 11 t 1.1,•ttl
11 , 11 PtAt,.. I': L14../ , 1". 11 I.nitt
A 11 ; t . 1.1,0,
.1 ;,tr, xX 11..1,141E,, 1 nl,l.
111,,11:61 IS XV ~I lenk
1. 1 J 3,11, I Pt, I.ltll A. I
I IS lt,A I. 1 . 7 .s.tte•
Ho • ' 1.,1 .1 11 Si., 11 , ,,,01a.1
! X 11.1 11. , 711./Itstu ,l! 161
IL HL a. Nvrg. 1. I . • F.. WI--
.1 z .1,11:t111
NII,II. apt. 11 F lei, 11,11 .1 I.
Pit,Ml•• 110.11 r) 1 , 01 .. 31. II .1 N I, -
I.Io•nt I 11. I%z 1... ol It II
I'll,, II NI IT I 'I, . 1 I'
nte ,•.- I . I t 11 . • L•JI
a./ I 1,
.• ‘I F••. z H .
' lt n trt "- Titt ' ,
Itt• t:t. Invtuter.
n. Mtt.,prt I it 1.1, WII/ NI. t.c.•11.
tr., . tit: .1 tt Ntt•t nnit,ll. t:e.n. A I„
rttert.t•tt, ‘l , l Sit - t tttluttl, f Megrats.
npt. I. xi, kilKore, Lolrmel
It S
-4 "
I ‘. J• iV Lt
ft' R .
- 4 N.. , 1 3.1 k er. 1 -41 i lo N. 11.
iM•111, ..I
I.not Vl:A.tLlngton
il I 1,, •••014 , It
Ma) J.t. • 1,11 I; I 7:: u+
tt ,q
t 11 A. I'.Lie+.
•• •- 1,• •It t t . Itr!tell.
/...1•••••t$ ••••••:, 1,11. .01 NV IV.
~,,,, • 11 t t 4.
.101, I k rtuz6.
.• r , 1 .“.; t.Apt Nat
. ~T En,nituger, LI %'
t II . orwl.
It I. . :ap l
~, , .7
1.7 \ apl N l'unnyraeker
ft, c• 4 NIA: NIA! .I,..eph
“1 A St I% A 1,11,1 I. W
, apt ,t•til
- ttl, ti:14111 tittl tst. 11, litt , ttll
I stt,' 1••k0t,..
It \ t yrt. .1 II
1:‘ 11t1.... 2,1, \VillItt114,1(111
.4 - 31.kjut J A Rime.•111,. CApta .1 Ham-
•4 Jt . W.4O ..I:Ltritm I
Nll4l 1i
St II 1/141,14g, lit.ntnr. I.tnirten-
Ant t•. • , tla. , I IV ./tumlhait
tI II I• I
rl- -4. .1 i'nptaln A
I'. nrit/nr, Nlnvnr. t nptnan .1 It.
N 14.111.1
Nagle, Ir t.Thri.-
4pt•121 J Boyle,
s .t.
I.,,,nasst T 1‘,41,,Prwl
I l,r, lust 11, (.11a- I.a.rrett,
01, I 81 , 1111111.1 ttpt 1%1,113, it t/Tt,`l/.
W.111.11,4l Dengl.ll, hAs, ,;11,glurr
/... , ,s,ver• 0,1 NVIII L1,F.,1%.11,y, Thom?...
t I.lton,- Ant .1.....t0t t. nsnming,
M lutt ;sex, 'V T W
4.., .in.
I .Mori 11. I t_l4lt 11. I
‘11011 ,, 1•' I art T I• 111 •r, ,141
npt I / II ..I14.)
H. t It ',W...., la, I
• LI i. ‘V Fit • , ./ %V r ay, NI aim
II .1 ic.•itl
I'ifr•r, 1.•1 W. 11. ❑luir
sho I' t apt V, Hutchinson
M 1%,11141,
, pnkrutet.
, par,. lames
T .1., V/Illti
Mcl Rlll[ll-.1,1.. 11,13 41 • n I fin
, JISMI, Me ( .l,Van
tri —Major F. M. ,•hrgv•lt. gennt
Miller, I tow \ Ihtv,
/ , /y..;1 . 11..ral • I ph ant. filjttt - .1. M
kl trattttitt, t aplaln t M Maim .1 11
upturn A.-. Fun ,
... ' .\:111 ' ::;I t" '
/•..ittitttt tit•tttl 11.11 , 1V1:11e, t ttlottel 11
I Mt Wm
11.'1,1 , I 1.'1111•11,11 ~, M m Mt %V
/i/,11, Frt. M TI 11 /11111, 11
NV e
Alvin ~ 010101 4rtrier",--lie no ,
t x Ittatti \t',yrr:•n
it,wit Captain Jo thti 1. Ilityllett. l.apt.tan
It, bald, l'otyttilit !II W. (Alcor", Colonel H
\11• tt
/• o uter ttillatltt Beth I.owltt, .1. W. Mortltutt..
10,,,ttutty tint/ Sum:me/wt.! .-stlt em), T.
I.ttlw. A IlltdtatetHe, Z Mtou.“.l
:i+lt • attl. H. 11. Illnot,
Uptrm•—F. 11. CriLgo, .1, kink, 010 .1. A
((01'11 n, t net. It. T. 1 antphelT l'.‘nt. k L. Kent
Frte--T'nl Itt%ent, 'apt . .luny t.rultaln
I nl/1 F. Wagner, Lent T P. env., UAW. N I.
V ? t e n / ' ;aber/e/el—Tttl. 11.. Ileaderattn, 1,1 I. 11.
Parke. Capt. K. 1 , . Zinn, lapt .%
. Wertz
14. Boyer
./efeersett—br; Ilmehtild, Col .1.1. Slittetln
t. art../ T. :Malmo,
Northoinp/no--Itrig. teen. selfrltige, Copt
Edward holly, l'ttia. linnet.' .1 Reeder , Lieut.
Chitties l'hi•lstty, I.leut Joseph Corostock
Ororrleiti— It. It. Fleming, Jttinet, !toss
Win. Hemphill.
Wrstotoreiond.--Capt W. It Coulter, It. Col
lteertre A. Anderson, Unlit. .1 W. Graham
Urn.llWll.ll that tin! report of the
1 011/111/tlef , 011 're, limtlals he accepted, and
t hat tile delegates w h oa., names hnd linen
read t i e admitted to seats
Mccj. Harry Wtotc, of Indiana. moved as an
tt dment that the .lelegates whose seats
been contested, be admitted to meats in
the t onvention. AdOptl,l, I“l.ll4eolative, .
nanentleti earned,
Col. Aileman 1110,,11 that a commtttee of
thirty•tlll,l6 IM lippotnied to draft resolutions
espretat e or the ...nee of the Convention
tlen Eider, Or Lattetoiter, said that he had
offered such a resole/km before the Commit
tee on Credentials had been appointed, and
consented to Its being •iefurrtsi.
Jul. Collis moved that a COW Mate': on her
tnancilt Org.:Dation he appointed.
schettek moved no amendment that
lie temporary Chairman appoint a Committee
ou I'erl l / 1 \171.11. OrglinlZlltioll so consist of one
member from each Senatorial District. The
motion, as amended. was adopted.
The fellow/rig named gentlemen wore an
nounced as the Committee:
sergt: Anthony Gifford, of POLladolphts,
Limit man, T J. Kei (apt. A
taw F 11 7, regor.. , Lobo .7 I 7 7
J.L111.,,,.11. laol Meconkev. flr
Ti. .7771,71 11. Ktttley, Wm. hell,
'nee Loman, t apt ...rod .1 amigo
pet. Gen iseorge /..nn. Lot 11..711
IL7'kev. apt. Ain thy' ?biller. torn.
son. tten. Clots. 'tarns... seret. Jost
I apt. John 11. Walker, Capt. It I.
s. 11. 177eas. Cant. .7 A swartz, Lt.
bern, 17r. E . Kitchen. It IV..
11. shirk. Maj. W. II . ..op. Copt I
, Jas. httscSowan, ('apt. Itobt..l
TI. 1
Gen Ftsher yelled up his to
appointment of it Commatee ot ft
ome from each Senatorial 1 7
Resolutions, I. which no m
lions offered to the Convention sh
!erre, without debate.
Considerable 71Iseusston as to a in
elo7lllllllll Of lb.. (01111111110. , In. ha,
man."( Dauphin Co claimed Whey
Mullen for the appointment of 1110
prior to I fen Fisher. and therefor
rat that he eats entit led to the Cha
Lien. Fisher staled I hat he was
/01 to Inc chains/Sash:lb .11.1 ma
himself no, 111,1110, 01 pi la, bun
...entitled to It. nueeig offered 11,
before recess, and 4, 101110.1 to
/1111001, terefo .ol4 re, only cello
(dent. lielnohl, of Lancaster, tht
Ftstotr entitled to [tot chairman.
tern Pennsylvania was ably represe
temporary chairmanship of the c
Lasiern Pennsylvania would he ho,
the permanent elialrrnan, and he
It .1101. ally tit 11101 1.1.111C-4Ster
old totard, - shentl7l Itr retfilli.e7l
Pig tote to her sous (asen. e
llstier7 a
of the 1.1.717711 tee on - Resolutions
ens elll 1117,41 to 11114 10.11.11 wio..
r.l 1 . 11101.1.01.. 1.101.01 A. 111111
1•01/101110 .
Eh, chairman 1 ,(11 ”111.u.1 1,, 1,4 '
ItY slating that he bsd , to •d t
Its ehairmati ot the . 0 ,0101, ~
Oen. Jas. W. Bother, t 11:11111m,
C.lll, Col. Wm. It. ,1p.“1,...1. II
• F. It. Bluglittint (en. .1. F. Coi
to/Li. F. Suoth, 101,1 d !thorn.
ter II , nip, dol. IL. r. Mason, Cap
Boyle, Copt. 11. 11. Hinds, tom. Th..
itpt..l. Alerrill !Ann, Col. Samuel
J. B. Melly. loi. 11. 1.. Allemon, Ide
• Boor, Add. A. C. Heinolll. Capt.
(tins, tot. D. W. ItoWe, Ma). E. M. en
Longhorn Winter, C.A. W. 11. Bialy(
W H. J. ILmd, tom. S. b.
Col. I'. M. Bayne, t apt. Hob, Poll(
Jae. (sttnekti(F, Tlh,,P. Whit,', Col
Copt. C. N. Flynt.
Coptath W. It. done, of Caitlin,.
muted to road the following tesolu.
ed he the 4oldiers Of 1.01. .ria
referred to the Committee on re
/i,Jo(to/, That an our enin...• (or
and Cleo Pr(snlent in me de
selves in favor of that grout and c
and soliller, I bran),ono the
faithful - .soldiers' Friend, - A.
Pennsylvania, and we re.(11.,1 .03
10 111 , . 1'11.1.10,0i Convent ton Li , I'
names of ((intern/ (it ant 11,111 1.1,1
is.fore that body for notion, t o
highest ' , mews In the gift or th••
Lornmatee cm Per tonent
InetAlt. report its ri whnth 0
President—Oen ./...11118 T
VIC, I'r. -I. ts--I 0•11 10. 1,111,14
iti uee Pi ate Thom,.
Copt Ye , .. t , c ol. Win It Thoulao,
1( Cones, ,Lpt Hobert V.,111.4.1i, lit
Maio, .1.1.11 C Harvey, lien..
• i d tt in 11 -peat:mon.) oi sithHt,)
I' it.itrel, 1 apt. Henry Connor.
Bert on, Lieut. Hal r) - sdrinkler,
Brenneman. Copt II It Hopkins,
Boyne, I ol John h liontnoon, Col
ti.orug. W rot. Ideal. W
.apt John. I' tutu, per, sergendo
It(vt geol.. A .1 Ei11 , ,1t,1.11
0., le , ,
I Hal rtson All. n, Copt
oi ',deo() Clark
- , cr.•ti,,r,t,-4 %Vitml,lngt
,Itnt .% .1 I.ravh, ,11.1
J , .litt “nriell, I leut T
Mot 1., to ad.) , , 1/ 11r to hut
111,1•ITLiM 01:14. op; l'llliestlelphla,
• X:lrg belt) , ,atneral t,
.•hatr, w 1..ce1, It
.tn,.. , rr
h rrnic• rot .r mmy noun
tot u,yotli n
niii itO• I•
I.lp . lav a.. h ayr hotorol
Y.. 1 , 1, 1, 0,11101
It $1,1•11. t.. 1
lit . , roolt,ttaneva u.n.l surrol/11
entl nnun • tent I) tot ..13 . Jun
that this on,ent Is 111 , 11111,,
,Ad in Penns) It aunt tot tnn
IV no ore you 11101 nie assetuttled Is
!run otty, the contluel 111 IA i/1.1141.1 ril
1116 tilo• nay Itnve ttnuetrtall,ed It ! •nthltern, who II) eoneyrt
thy held t o eal the goveratnent tut
•••I the rent 'taunt, nutter n Welt )
1 01.10 yt..t pruittete tit,' Not to l..rtit , ur 11l Int rotlttee any TIOW
111111 di, Itz, 11:1.
•Jj 011.• J.,1111i1 11..1t tJt. N• • pt
.1,11,1 tint Ile: II e :It el the a lir tie t
tiattef r, 1. and the prtnelinee evide,
:iiteid el :tray: Ineorportarti
-.Cat Otet tin" peace titan he at lastir
It tor} stay oulpiete Thy tout,
sotnew hat 1,1 . 11.4.1 it V\ ill\ t we tn.
Thee 1,41 have to fear II thief are t
principles akl. trasllClont of our ghi
tit they ' Mtn they wlll tin
fan:thine,' a66nlrutt thorn Y .
proven to the whole teekelil
nrea Wing to . tilerltlet: your ure a
contifty, and yen acre trltaled
'if the I. ohm, and it tin LI
July, 1.63, on the itLeint of ctertyshu
our ithert) anti tIIO honer of the dr
.)ftu proved yourselves 1.14
task of 4..tirlng the one and
other, why uta) younot .uctett ate
ittl ,111 Let leri the hand of
ant n e hie loavtl.ux plooti, I w
toy life he it true to h.. nountry.
general alsnrattler of the rail of the
lion, all honorably illacharged
vtrv , tn, Usti to attend and lei pro
the beet Internet. of tile tohllers anti
hot the duty of thin Convention In
preface:tee 101 the iyue -.eater , W It
log the whole strnfrgie did all In hi . .
-ripple the 0pe1 . .t.101114 of the IntVe
OA efforts It. ..11/1.11,1N the rehellto
i • heerlllg I. it
ianntnoll tit: that Iota: Mien 01:1
elected d•ollliad I tint upoll Cheat
a Id. II ndoro the tuagy eat olaZened L
in lauted hionnLant, tt annals:hie
and we know . atilt , it:
lien niraled the prowteta .if Pen
ant att
ilends of Cater. 'cent:rat
inntr)t 1114 i:011.1liet in thute terra/
tine endeartal Wan:cif 10 tin 4111/ all
tnen et the state.
irlilla'llo Owen referred LO tOpit'S
Interest 4 ,, nohltern, lit—the men
4,11,11,4 4.0 ttlown and orphans; eq..'
tutantlen to volonteerstand the grant
een of honor and profit to those who
faithful to the, country ou the 0.
and comet att.l an follow, Who mh.
ternnee to the rallying ere or t
W hat lit, shall bind together the h
conoert or Letton shall make per
peace conquered by your armed Th
ho hy their Kaill hare made the
name immortal, and the officers
whom. yommon suffering in a co
have united them together with 1
oefforal k.follis offered the follow
“Ite.totortl, That the delegates t
vention pledge thenteolves to eon
endorse the notion of this Convent
The vlattemnii ruled that this :he
?tittered on a 11.1. 1 11, 1.1.11k1 Its not co
the rt•solution that all re,olutlon
the 10ut...t0 lon •Inila he referred
tnittee et
Tht• itsulnt ton u opimmed
I:wrh, of Berl, %.I.lregurae.i It .
~ toll neon the lutegtlty of the de
rbe repolutaal, atter :wave ,haya
io.t aaanialoualy adopt,' by a
'rho (...uvent 011 Mtn 1.011, nap
half !Oar o`rlark.
Thn tonveution re-aonotatard
roar o'clock. Brag. ,jen. J. 0. Uri.
regular aroQ .Unionel T. E. hoer,
1•v.19 %...mtvvrs, Ho t ,
Carthr, Mayor of the city, t.oion
1(10111, Major Patterson allk
the latter three
10121 xl.,e requested TO take 84.L4
Cart. , torrte, .1 I'Llladelphot,
thanked Allegheh) QUM, y tor tit
of t Pldlintelploa dole ate, a
tnented Itor 4 , 11 het large Union
The 1 ouyo ap.ntton w vallo.l detn
tor he .oldier,and the hero of Lou
tat n ,hould he our next tiOvernor
eotnea trout every gravo
in motion of Capt. IV. It. Coati
titers stets, organnzatiou was r tn
•• het tonal I ninon nt the Boys in Btu
Itrlsittn, nit the regular arm
dresses the t eintion. Lie was g
sylianta's soldiers tail taken steps
Ice to, protert the liberties of the en
tined they will oppose ell a 110 are
country. The tnen ah., earrlett th
the proper politicians of the no
when they east their ballots innlted
snit it ill be a foregone eninelustnn.
Col. heatly. of Boor, reads tin
speech. The tete struggle bad pr
the people were able to govern II
and revivisl, lit the heart,, of the p
principles of itepubilcaulant. lie n
the nettle, “pays In Blue," a name
take tractors everywhere 'shudder,
Iteved that on rusurrisitlon morn
note tineltrlei ould sound, ,uhl
heel L1 . .111103.1. Ile thought if a
Auterielin Tribune, we should also
tartan guard, and If tl eases to t.
odious It should not tie try rewardln
(Great Applause.) The speaker
Gen. Geary's glorious .111111.1 u y serve
whit lied never tllnchent, and who
(ruin the conservatism which had 10.
valuable Ili ea on the ( hickaltotuiny
Gen. Negley ICU Culled 11pOtt unt
the Conventton briefly but clock
mat be was always ready to ag
the en.II or Ills eounl3-.
Alter POUt further speuktug
Lion ioljourned tilt eight o'clock.
CVIININO ,100.101 ,
The'on vent lon ressoiSenibled
o'clock, when Lien. nether, ohairma
following report of the Committee
w hie!t was tulopteil an a WOO
great applause.
W e cite to, We, the representati
Soldiers era ratios of rettneyivan
bled in etelVelltele, in obedience
recognized and formally acted upoi
out the Common wtst•th having
brance the iuifferinga and [rud e
the soldiers and sailors of the Unto
successful struggle against the gi
hellion, and toting determined to p
th„ greet prior !pies established by
coil sanewled by the blood of our f •
rude., do resolve
1. we return to the Omni.
ler of the universe our sincere an.
thanks for the crowning victory v
to our efforts against a rebellion
for its object the destruction of our
That the tender care exere •
Goifetament and the people for th