The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 27, 1851, Image 4

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. Hwy Met Cturtres.sPEGOll.—Mr.
I gag*, to witness the demonstration of tali
once between Freedom's !host illostzloue, cham
pion and Fieedota's mightiest organ. The preen
of this country triaged on the tilde of Liberty is
errongeraban ranks of steel, and, directly or iu
direottyi it will . create ranks of steel. And it
will do thitiby yirtue of its double office as the
Masher and the representative of public send
- tnettt,:nbiscansinit will both prolong the pulea
tlons andawell the arteries of the popular heart.
--For, fillt,;erhatiree may be said about nen-inter
- Mattionoied policy, and the danger. of war, the
Amerman people will utter the sentiments and
• erillreepond to the appeal of democratic liberty.
We - cannot help it. It is a habit we have got.
We learned it of our forefathers. And why
Should. Ire not express this sympathy ! 1,
• for 4mM - believe that our country has a mission,
and hie net - been endowed with this fair legacy
fieedom to hbld it as a sinecure. I believe
In the. great - truth - of God in ilistoly, and that
asthma as well as individuals have their appoint-
Sed- work. And what is the mission 'of this °Om
en,. 1.--F-or,whathes it been mimed out thus on
.the map of, the, World? For what hero these
States been' linked together, beaming North and
beaming Sandi, in one broad constellatiou? To
develepe'the true idea of liberty in our own ins
titutions; no doubt; and to Open our gates os-sn
asylum for the exile and the oppressed. But
also; I believe, Sir, to extend the influence of
freedom through the earth—to be s power that
shall be felt on the world. And a power which
is felt too. Sir, as him been well Bald here this
• erehing, we cannot help interfering with- absol- 1
nthem. Wherever our ships traverse the, ocean,
in:Whatever bay our starry tiagje reflecteit, there !
is felt the.ilgor of this ypmg life that treads a
continent, and that circulates from ilea "b 'nes.
Why, Sir, here are the two great polar (omen of
the world. There ie Auscia the negative pole
of despotism, and here In America the positive
pole of republicaniem, and one will not upon the
other, - and the right le the stronger. And not
only hut' out country a Providential mission. but
ken comese.Providential man; preaching the '
orneade Of . freedom, redeeming our time from
the filterge of !sordid materialism, end filling it
with the' romance and enthusiaem of earlier ages,
--,Laisoirinigus how quickly yet the world's .heart
great principles, and suggesting the
- •
prohecy that these root material nob
lemmata are the prepared and magnificent veh
lees of ides, . A ram who wakes op to us the
.pulses 'of the old Revolution, and maitre the
Arlie dt thetio of liberty fresh and new. A Wan
of wonderfnl speech, where oriental imagery in
• , lays, his keen ,'compaotlogia, like the gulden
-timely en a-Damescua blade. But a mon of
dectle as well se words; who hos illuetrated his
•-• etrieeiness by hie suffering. A Providential
man, I affirm, careledalong by Providential intro
*IOU. ..The enemy of a powerful and viligarit
,despofism , iyet escaping from its hands, and
. Shelterel,by a government which we have been
accustomed to consider ethlmere arbitary; while
through the weary night:of his exile, thecree.
o mit Moon of Turkey, the Cross of St. George,—
. like the vitiate Cattetantine saw,—and the Stake
of Arteries, hutment to cheer and to guide Lim.
In the dim light of* priiion ha snatches the end
imenta pf tbs. great langusge.of constitutional
freedom, and • lands one the shores where that
freedom Lei:trials with that language ready as a
plaatieeneigetic agent ready for his nee.
And; 41111 farther., , this a Providental
not dwell upon this point, for we
all can discern the, gigue of the times, the eh).
mentithat Ore staining and-heaving on the Con
tinent aTEttrope. Thin being no, is not our true
course - rilutrked out before eat- Shall the Star
of Hungaryeetsgainfa the struggle! If it d out
if the , ftirm of him who appeared before tx
here tit Might shall be pale and cold on the die=
aettiona battle, field , shall It be eaiii—" Oh,
AmerleMwe- appealed to you in vain—we had
,men,;brdno arms!" Or shall a better result fol
.-low this new conflict, mid -shall .it be said by
Hungary to America, "lion, brother! by your
• help we are free!"
Mr. President, there are come who talk of
;Liberty ea if were aphosphrorescent novelty-an
imp Lish spirit leaping up from a simmering
Seperficiality in the present age and dancing
"about ins red cockade. Your predecessor in the
Chair this evening has told us of "the cia:sysity
Freedom." lie has described it as. •
"a bearied man,
Armed tg the teeth; one mailed hand
- -
Grasps its broad shield, and one its sword. lie
(Bilious in beauty though it bo, is scarred -
, • . With tokens - of wars :its massive limbs
.Are strong with straggling."
And !remember what Algernoon Syndey said
when lie went forth to die—
, - .0 Godl I think thee - that thou hint singled
,Ineront to. bear witness to that Old Cease for
which thou so often and so wonderfully manifiee
',. Mud thyself." • •
Tiger, therefore, Sir, as a sentiment.
~,The oocid Came of the past, the Good Old
Camelia ibe present, the Good Old Cause when
ever and &amen it may need our sympathy and
• . our aid. - •
Raw Stock of Ohickering's Piand Fortes.
TORN IL MELLOR, 81 Woodffm
sine, Lst hecolved onttrely new
stock of Y1A240 TOUT= from the col ,
betted manutooton• of Chiehethoit nooo , o ,
V0. F 7M64: tte i 6 ;4;e Roarrood.—... ............
11663: " 7 " "• ...... ....... 4O
"11 7 44 4 91.' " '
c.rved Roee.ood
1116 Ct " 63
" 7 " Fall 0 d ''''
T. Ibilowl66 Plow Vett. from other trowordacturwrn,qa:
" •
SQ. 561 !Burnt oct . awa
25 , 7
do. 2,5
" 6 " " Woodward Blown, t 6
" A ni.l6 Boudoir. Gilbert d kowtow n ,4
matt {par 6 octave necood hood.
~/rll4 subscriber 6najß", aiit 'received from }M.
Tep. • • lot of brsullfal IVO
troorved tod loto i rl..o.Lt. iJ
The au... WV altogether uew In sty. oat out.. and
be sold at.nikmtrkably low priorve to choo 000tl gusto!.
U. li.L.atEtt. 101.Ttad
.defy • Sig.. or tire tiold , ot non..
Goods for Cold Vesper.
. .. . ..... .. . .
MURPHY 6BURCHFIELD invite the nt-
Mutton:lf buyerio to their very Add allourtioret of
zkoas While of Dry (ioode sdoplad hot cold weeither,
Mich ce
' liorght Medi Tlannelc, whit, brown, Mu. hod phArt
tiezolhe Weill lia. • tartan, Dada do.. all color,
NV- bean , amters cid-. Racking do_ dark. gre, tr.,
Mayon) da. fairy mho% Ichther Gloves. Iforlery, On.
dcr Shirts, Ochtforts. Ay .' An Additional edpplr of BIAS-
Katt lOlft H. iTed. Ilelo
'PUSH PlGS+Roe'd and for sale by
...- - drib f ' ,Wit A. AIcCLIIIIII & it).
TRAINED. HONEY—For sale by
deli. WM. A. MeCLUMI
RS. C. 110FDIAN le going to leave Oil
der toort Mutt, stol Inviolo Ow. ledits.who with
We Imam In Vocal at Instrumental Must, to <lll at
:12 . :1=tot a gGISistittaltla Meet. baltotit Eigt.trziet
EWE LEAP LARD—Put upi ezpremaly
lbs family os. in kegs and crocks of 014. and 10 11.
eft, arpai or, JIM tiled and for br
• W11..d. ideCbCll.o * CO.
`UiO F:l'i>f:~%~7~ IClf:![~7R~Lfl~'
Sort iwa rr
INOS, of mg reri best
Stmts. Mos Cass Muslim,
corner of fourth stal Ilertet sta.
Boys , WEAlL—blußPar
Mt* Just reed an swarth:mint or dm abuts tioale,of
- aurin= eitiora aFira great variety of New Goody, rued
• :•dosin g the last her damn:Latina aworiurent unusually
Mayen will plers. nil with .
we. 4.0
-LINSEED OIL-20 bbls. for sale by
IMP.OKEKEL-100 bbls. Large No. 3, for
. 1.V.1 M. by cds9J l5. sW. nwasLuag.
BREAST PUMPS-2 doz. India Rubber;
also. ed.:m.l94,pH Sidelda, eine., .oa trimmed.
• J. k H. PHILLIPS. tad Market et.
-16 MsNo. 3 Nockerd:
' • lid. 3
311; 449,
• - • 141atds. Hallman oNioic:
Ml WOO lbs. 43oifishA4oLos . 1111, zugws a co.
INLIZESE-100 boxes Cream, for sale by
ARD 01L-2h bble. No. 1, for oslo — i) ,
dal JAMS DALZEILL., C 9 Wear
fiIIOCOLATE-100 bra No.l reed and for
Li tide bf WICK-& MoCANDLCS6.
10 METAL-160 was tot' sale by
LOOKS-30 tone Tenn., for ralo low to
c k..comunc..nt,br JAA. DAUM&
PNUTS- , 53 bags landing, fofsale by
ff del ... 7: DICEY t CO. Water and Trontata:
11)111:1C.PYREAT IDOUR-25 racks for sale
041.1-100 bza. Cin., far sale by --
- . WICK I 31eCIL.NDLS38
IIkArACENNEL7-M tbls. No. 3;
QALAD .OIL-10 - basket for solo by
SCuooNmemeit Too.
• -::
1 am , AZIVTIESIS: tor mi. by
'EICA LnnHtul
a: handsome
amofttnakjad. land for rsir br • • • • •
"°2? • TUGS. 54.43XELL,-;
T• 14.7-5
om. 1e
i ! UMPAIR,...
coa.iplog the Eiementa of Moak-. and compleM in.
.t. notion. for the 11.0, torte. to wlVelt Is added a eboiro
coil..ctn. of fifty pea. 01 populai
n sln . slo.rotmlapng of
• P F Tsale ' Ac nr AAA "' i
f_fiaCKWOOD, for - November:
Lir Art Journal. for Novembnr
Ch. , k. too Man of IV., • new work by Douglas
Jen - did—nem I7li onto.
Ilereivott at lIIAMEIn Literary Depot, 74 TWA street.
opt:wife the Port Once. n 025
00, r Mr".,Fittel r ;
rustomers and bu3ers anorrally. an extensive TA
riotr to .curt from. nol
RIO COFFEE--10 . 0 u bags prime Gracn:-
ri liESll TEAS-35 hf. cheats Y. 11.;
pkgr. G. P. and 4.mrial;
SI PL ch.t• Black, for wkle Lf
RROOMS-LW doz. for sale by
nola .1 II CAST M.D.
r111;10 COVERS - ERSLi do:. i,.,..i',.c,i In_
dh Plano.. ion from 'lngot, sod ff.r
atP.' ""b"
'', I''' lid
. , I'r .rk% PHILLIT ,
. ' • ..._...
- DOT ASH—III molt. prime, for role by
. non J. 01111) OCo
R O co L e L , B b U y T — TER—L S bbis... ol P l. lt;Ln oy tirove,
..nolf, Round Churrh Building.
boxlee 1t0...11 j * Robloson'a S'. Lona,
10 . W. 11. Brant. L . , ..
s -. Jones t ton'. • ID ••
by I n olbi .Jr 0 FLOOD.
BRooms_wodoz. Poland, for sale by :
moll J. 2 It. PLOT II
I , No 0.0. Fourth IL, b. reed thl% mornlog by Mame
expre. a largo lot of Cloaks and Sacks, soluble for La
dle. nod Chadren. An rarly call will Perm's e thole« for
Ala read-5 !nob oud largo stock of Trim,:plow, et
mot•tdemarsb,e nols
Alill.olL-12 bbls. No. 1, for solo by
PTS. prime, fur
Y.iu , by 0/01: 2 1 1.1. A. FAIIIEKSIOCII k (01.
IQ.UTTA PERCIIA !—Juet reo'd, u 'cam
nine aelortraE•ntnf Gut. Pemba (Ewan. conodeting
in part of rho followirw Doll Howl, three dem. Elwvn..
largo and .math F.... Card Mateo, Yrnia l.
Ned,. apittnona. Vanuels turd Bottle. el different inn,
Patatzt.Collapaablooll Cana for millinery. Picture Frogs...
I)agdterrnEt7pa Pram., Wan. doll, Water Palle, 01w14et.
aa I`.reha for lining dream., Dread Tray., gods llpe.
nd hub round Cord, with a variety of a rt:lel...A too nu.
mto In...nCov For sale at N 0.116 Elarket
Holt .1. Et 11. l'lllLl.ll'6.
A .)I.I.IIOGANY t; netave, modern nook
I,kno.barinz boos nnnl about tbrce Tom", her gab.
at ,5t buo4rofl .51 teent,tve kbolitra.
Alfo. • ,ttry wed
Viso, Mx octave. lo hit
by ;be month sr smr
f 4. "
b 0.2.5 41 %lONS .treet.
FB.ESII TEAS-do bi. dwelt?, Y. ilyson:
Fnr aftla by ;roloi J r o Lol
-EATIIEIi—ISO sides N 1., for side by
bon J. I FLOYD.
_ . .
1)0T IA.SII-2S 1 A.S11-2S casks pure,
.1 FLUSI. for sub, by
BROOMS -51 1 doz. for halo by
n. 1.4 1 'WOODS S SON. Cl ,nr
POI.:P. -eon•igutnebt
and fur ute Lr r hN.
culla ol at.r
I! 014AX-1 cane for sale by
Y coil tabvseu a 5161.10 M
"4'dnr W ilFc'el7l r ll ` l. l 7.nows • 1 Si nt
IRESII. ER Ul'E-3 cniskfl Lune. Currauts
. 3 1 1...., it,
• no hom.# 14 It. 100.36.
1 6..66 ' 1,6616
ror by .1 I; %I 1L1.1.01, tII..
116 V. ood 6trevt.
li‘,/ ASII. 110Aiiiiti—'U ilia. lkluiee' I'm
n[V Zlnn, in ral. Al
nol4 J 0 WILLIAMS It l'o
1.4, LAC HANti —llO doz. tiluson'ii Chailengti,
i., for pale I, J D. WILLIAMS a co
liTt l '--- AST.I-16 c.u?Lkk, for Buie by
nali J D WILLI Aws t (v.
A Ll7ll-60 bile. fur bale by
A. non D. A. FAIISIieVIOCK I 01.
OIL -10 bble. Willur Lord Oil, landing
and for aal.l by O. BLACK MAO a 0,
-._ .
4 .IIEESE-5 . V prime Chipping;
'l.7 l (Wrai ,
1-11PPLES-70 bbll. fur eule by
6.13 J. 671:A•IFIELD.
Irk tbn use Out. Sbno Yo wlrdch bra.
oi to moor dorablatl..6. leather,bzyl Lary the byt
dry nal comfortable. YOrval. (with doyetbstrofpr puttirot
ob) al 116 Mark.... looluJ J, & il. PIIILLIP3
ttOSIN '& TAR-50 Ghia. N.C. Tar,
66 "
We by JOON I . 4'AYVY a a).
LEATHER - 20 0 aides New,York;
:LOS 6 day. Cal2hl,llyrr,...l.cta
BUCKIVIIEAT-1.00 sacks Hulled, for sale
br 7108 WICK* McCANDLE:id.
17 juat ?lied . couslgoto•ot and fur male by
tort LiAmpv. JONEi
RUTTER-10 bbLs. solld pscice4;
2.) ten do
NSr sale by ,00 1 l dr,
INDIA RUBBER SIIOES--Just re:it'd, 20
cr.. Grotlentatex, acid lodla Robb..
tytt, of lb. vast anartufacturad The publt ,
Sr. loaltod toeall and rtatoloe our mutat &took. as
ara so,rior to arty.evrt offend In tbla dlr. For tee at
rho lo,tla Eobber Der.. Ea. 116 Katt , ttta ,, -
hold' I b (1. PIIII.I.IPS.
6 REEN APPLES- 1 68.bbLs. for sale by
.1. L PIMP..
holt! _ carrier Pena ILIA 1r.., ete.
i 1 UN COVERS-2 doz. India Rubber Gun
11 . COVel, O f An the dittereot IsocHte. feet: read eh , t
for sale at No. 110 Market street.
i t
J. C 11. PHILLIPS , .
.. .
• .. .
-I We preserver, &ad./att., of all 1 h.. dlll..renl lin.
man nfaetaxed, fix aala at Ma 11 OA., Dela, 116 Marta,. 81-
nol4 J- a 11 I•HILLIPS.
15 ia d, (hi; 10 abla Roll Sulphca.
lo ,bl.. Tama,: ant; ai .. V6niaian Red;
1 , 0 - 0
11 Onla Tnri.enaln.6 10 ". Ulu,
la " ,r‘.661. 11 , 1 ) Ilk kegs % hl. load:
" - " 101,) 2 oaks Sal end.
2-1 - Onania: Whitlow 160 gar , Slatzlwle to .ale hi
1019 .1 A3l. 9
alcll , ?al' i g .02 .1
C r ILAX--.1 tons for nate by
s efm I n" * bLAEMSDLess.
._. ._..
tjiiILORIDE OF LIMF---01 the best .0. 4 1-
147. ranatantly on hand and for sale
111 , - . 614 VAT. 11Eltn t M.,
~ ,F rout rt.. nes!' Martel
BUTTER -9A Loxes prima Roil, just reed -
cm for pal. ht J. B. CAA FIRLD.
PEARL ASH-10 tons No. 1, for gale by
01./A A SII.—We are prepared to contract
Mate Manufacturers and the awl. genera'''.
for their eupplyof Soda Ash, during wwnter, at tn..
paeua market pries. WO warrant our nods alb gnat to
the 6... imported. 1.10.1t80 0 0/
UCKWITEAT FLOUR-100 bags bulled,
LI/ in Mum and forma. by
CHEESE-7 boxes Cream:
lJ 19 " Woman:
it EualL6 Intim
Lauding and i !m sal. by Co..nun Water and grout nave.,
011.-1.5 bbln. No. 1, (Wiriter,) for
Doi 24 Wood abysm:.
W RIX - TT-500 lb& Am.. f
* kt by
J. m 00.
Al n )"
(*REAM TARTAR-2000 lbs. for sale by
). HIDD lb Mad rt.
'VOL . LIFER OlL—Rushkro, Clark
NJ gad., by tiose. gm.: for We by
' l l.loAll LEAD-900 lbs. Whit”, for sale by
eO3 ' J. EUDD a Cu. ea Wood K.
rrOBACCO-100 bor.e. Shervecud's S's an
re. ay coosbinoraot sari for W e b
01IN WATT a 00.
BUTTER -1000 lbs. Olme Dairy Packed,
for vale 1.1 JOHN RAT( * CO.
MOLASSES -20 bbls. S. IL Syrup, for
onus lo• br .- JOHN Wart a 00.
IDIOO-4 ceroone fie r st S.F., 2 hints Mad
ry, for vale vr wit: J. A. It. FLOYD.
I.IIIIOE-10 . tes'fresh Carolinn Rico for sale
Au, by oo J. kR. YLOYD.
OSIERY—A. A. MAsoN it Co. Kaye rcc'd
tsco dot. Llahnzere, Lamb. %col. Albumm. SILO, And'
Aen 11'4" b1b= 1,11; b a, =ll2
4.(11%. ey
V OFFEE-78 ham grime Rio, arriving, an
for gale by JOITO WATT CO.
ranted to maksebt, area. eun.iunutly a uutrb
=a Broad, Taboo dour ly u• 4. • full dlr.
comp.lea aaeh bee atle by
ced.s J. KIDD At CO.. CO Wood rt.
VOFFRE-500 bags Rio, for sale by
I.J no y ISAIAH DICKEY & 00.
bbls: for sale by
!amts. N. O. kbbgsr CO bhls. N. O. Molassm
RITISII LUSTRE-2 cases for sale by
voi A E. 8 F.LLEKS. 57 Wool nt.
JUST recd at N 0.256 Liberty street- -
20 bola" Falb Omar .
1.1 ^ " Carlton .s' ni't Dry Mager.
Mlle" god Jama,put up In 611.7 Pot, by
thadavood Co., A.m.:
6 bogy' gash Clam;
3 " " Lemon and Orange rafl,
1 " tiorgeberdeig
3 " Cheryl', bluga.6..;
I " goloot Lobate=
100 Fresh Caws Not •
All choice goats, and for eals at Imo rata Ity
WIL A. 106101,011 G CO.,
. 0 morn and Ts" DeOer,
.O, 60 dos. buckelx 6 dos. tubs; byr Me by
JAM= DALZZLL, Water at.
INSEED OIL-10 bbls.Oriawold'j brand,
Ibr sal. br J. B.XANIRML.D.
f r T
EA-50 hf. cleats Y. IL, for ealby
lIGAR-43 Ithda, for sale by
uos N.F. g ° s= l 4l. A ulir wags.
ettfaWAY SEED-4' sack for sale by
LiQ"4'9l.lBooT—i. we fut. Nate by
sudi , - 13.11.571C1imuk 76c
Cold Weather has Come.
of Mon 'e and Boys' Ready Mule CLOTIIINO. We
stody to plea.. N 0.71 Emitbfleltl garret.
nIS nosr Diamond alley.
co. will open tine morning lu cartons of hlick Silk
ee, of all qualities and wi•ltas. oc2l
111`11.CUMLI , have this Jay reed • Ergo lot or sore
Also.mule Bien ten, very rheap.
-, I. 1, Iu• home mule FLANNELS. Noilleket co,
nor of Fourth and Market eta nol
•. .
New Goods—Third Supply for the Season. i
Got+Nl & BURCHFIELD commence'.
npeninv, Iltto morning their THIRD SUPPLY' or
the Full setl
Nee' Ftyle Purte [LPL, extthmertt, Yel,l„ erhl lk
Scurf, athl arott, th, Gruhl. twill be open tr.ley
Ater.:tortheattt ehro, t,t rhurth anti Mark, eLt.reis.
. _
`IIAWLS! SIIAW LSI—Now opetarng ut
1.7 A. A. MASON OP'S, firnne+ 614141.0 w , h.yrk
_ _
LA N K ETs:—Now nn hand over 850 prs.
nowiww.. F.O.PR and Yreneh, nt 04. 104, 124. atnl
Pi, Own and 1.10,1.
and double rot Ind Alna, •
Accurtmcnt of erll, and Cradle Blanker,
A. A. MASON 4 CO.,
—e 02 and 0.1 Market id
Wr INTERLOV ES—Now in store, atom
, I lett. ac•ortment, cnna,rlclue every r tr. tram
to fn I , nr ealr. c A. A. M A ,41. & ( ,t,
nor: d 1 and 64 Markot ctn.,
0.1 ha‘c cnnucnrncot !arc, lot of Cnunternanc,..
•hi../, lc. add 1..11 under the odd c.l
A. A. Al ASON • CO.
IiCDIA C LOT 11:1 N d,
'l4 001,r,' C U. lar•r,
1.:4i,, •
psis Pawn.
1,34 1,41., , n1,. •
Short. •
Itrofttja Janke.:
WWI cnmpletr i.r;orlmeut ttl .I , flerent al, It. of 80, owl
rutt. . • J. t;I. P1111.L114,
n..ln Market O.
11)11...ID SILKS—We Itavo 011 hand 3i) pe.
A. A MASON aLu. MN , kci. et.
More New flood - N.
I.OIES A. MeKNIGIIT, N 0.62 Fourth L.
the 1.160
'n "uhe
lea"lr l e
bln; the
101. nt ensterla lormse the
intlu7l 4 o I.n!TA call P•yleul.r •11001002 t
. .
ti ~
Drachm I.Cittg Shawla. very ritnapt Ilettn Cut, re
Square Shawl, {tor :Mato' at runuttlart ,. ..e.
Vrt , t 4 t. French Metln. au:l evattu.w.r..... Van.
or 1.141.1 t ,, tat , l,
Cloak, . le.
AG l E th D tl G
a o n o ne D tta s t !, .y
aAwa. A.
, 1 0, &
G Mou". N. vault, teth.
r.ea t Utahlo e a h mFlau d ntlehtue l lln. C t hark . . . ng
l a l ll tc a
ohel .
at haat!, one half the ann.,
BURCIIFIEL p inform , tlrir
no,. open that( SECtINIt large muit,thr for the 1.11
tratla, and et. 4. a1,b11.11 to theft unuAtintl, lull
11(4 , 05. In ( te n ch ar deb printed
Partatena. CAturtra, Alt.riona. Mualtu
Ittsca. Ar
SHAWLS. Lana Kai Srrnare.—Netr aryl. ltruchtt. 'Pr(
hautlannt, l'aahnten. Wtatt .1, plain And gay at, It.ti
black Ana Thitatt, at.
11101 MALI Rttoboun, Mark And bat( mourning., nag,
stlia \.-rt. do
Iltr, hut, moat a further outtrlT nf Sup.,
Ithirttn: tlutllti end irt.lx Linen,. *alt.:grit. tlnAr aro.
atAtt,. And a. I Will Ira ragd at low 'newt tot quart!,
Country Merchant, aro. we1t...1 to to any arholet.ala
tta tairt.. .her , C art ...Alt,. veal
I h, W ARP PA RAMAT:CAS -fiott I ore%)
A - 1 at A A SI Arrt , ‘ a 151:0. ft, and ea ilartat•L , alt
VI • har. now, an hand 72,0 4.4 n/ Loa. , C.,-
mare, Stlk: I , lr,vd. hut. autt tilt , vt.a tln.,
, 1 , ..11,0 ,- 41 11. x.,. mum..., aura than 1.. at.a.n.
I IRESS 1.;001)S--Opening daily at A. A.
y %Row: s et),, e‘nr, aria nr .44,1-11.1.1 n
Got•le, tusi.•tit.l,l W.... M. mon,
Pa v
4,OLKS'. SILKS! - SrrK ‘Tenlng .t A. A
7;IIANoN a Vo
, nr - r tenl4lonwl.. *brut. • I. w •
Irtir,• rich 4il,w
pro n,10...1•0 n
co .111 nxbilat tht• etutmMg :Amon. of rub N.
rnt bror,
/ bh• s 1,..xb6. Id bate re-a..., retail rt../ 01 Ow
.1.1ra1... e.e.•
Li PER. BLACK ALPACCA S-311, rph v
barrbbel•l bare se• - ••leeel • fall a•aleaa..,..
a. b,a e• 1., bar ,a,l • ami — Z.R.anve•ar ,
euryer M.:bale A tparc v, . sl. o, ,tar 1.1 ""••
laurchErkl bate revelvniam.mnment of 1. , ...0kin
na.l fao, vbll. tb.r ar....111.:
bark mull . utri
rty of ctrl.. for
. -
. _
MASON t CO. .111 open wilkin the next few as,.
upitastlx • xix blatylnekl ea.. sal pxotax....a rxex-ian
and lkotnertin •Met, th•attenlin of wto.le-
Axle xxti rt• 11 1.11,1.4
. .
—A A. II lON A CO. upri, chit Jar 31 rases LI
above grorda rr.r.
—Now rowntr S. ot at A. MASON CO Y-2.50 or.
er.1 . 4 Froorh Marlow, mot Thlbet Clotho Lwe.
NJ A- A LIASON CO. bare jolt revalowi 11 rue, of
Mn otrlea CaPhr..ll,. .1 Ise Wool. ' ,ortl
Now erotataollr reveieltot at W. 11eel.:INTOC111.
t Wanotootoe. No. OS P.ortb Oft.. to arbleh •.. ‘n
site. the getentl.os tlaae ie 0544 forolsb r
Ctaambsors, we .111 gall barer than ovru beton tto•
market. ocl
Tr. Is row ernetantly re,lelng Ma fall etrk.
cIRPEPS. Gf rleheat Agri new.", to Or
10,110. the attrutlon iadateato o to-/
gi l l lowerthiai ever before oflerrel oi this mortal.. at the
r orV:Li , aol Carrot araloooe... No booth at.
IL, W. NIeCLINTOCR lotto. t r itteatloo 11 Cam.,
to Lir largo at.e.. and Mob 11puna,
Cloth., aOLI Trltttoslpoo which we will Pell at rv.turvol
trim. at the Carpet WareLoo.e. It Fourth at ca,
- -
typo. ronatantiv re , lettso Ma 101 l noel. of Aurae:of.
awJ wow., OIN CARI . KTi. of 0.. and nth
at re, rr.lia,-,1 piLva, to which we lovio. th•at.
,rlOOll Of. ferh-vb 0' 1in0...
, toy. ug • rail at tbe Carlat arylvtae, LT...rfr i LNoTh
I. ft. LIN .7
has In afore DAL for ...le rob sod new Mt'. Mill: ,
D.S ILAIIPETY. W shirt, Le ,oevar the •tte noon
chawrrs, ao be Is 4k:err:mini W tell 10.1• than ever
In thiotuarket- Call at tho oil eataLlirheal Carte , IA arw
Tonga. No. 0.5 Fourth at
riIAPESTRY CARP ETS—N ear and twit.
I elyte Tapestry Brawl,. e‘r t .c. Dot m e :iat th•Csr ,
prt Faralmago. Na tb Yourtle rre,. St radar, prirro
wisblubilo PUYtL..e bb .Ise i a 11.
e q it lleCt n. ca
rput.: SUBSCRIBER having now re..o.ved
ht. stairs encl. of FALL AND WINTER I.llllDs.
...Ad respectfully Inn , rtn his customer. ...d the pul , he
that he 1. Iv.'. , r.l tudlspos, of Ids lha.le. either •b•le
sale or retail, at rani ,
ne. has In Dry lices.l• ell ths rrilu
stal.k . of f wary Pr... thsolo.cunst gto wrt d
.4=l2l.drittifur. evanlng arxt enrr T au, n , orno
- ' Halo Wards I tga, on • ! parse and seldtb,
Dryads Wart £llk 'l'
Hoary Watered 8118. all shade%
much Poplins.
/dualist de di n...
Yrcuch Merinos and Caalicarron
Together with rwmt ant Mnallola Printe.ln ...fleeter
114.1z4 ud 134 IlarneleY
- 44, 44 and 04 - and Irish Pittner Lluent
74,84 nod 10.4 Table bounsek.
t-9 anti ,4 Deraaak Napkin. sal 1 , 4411.0
[lna atack Mauer and Cnullt To.ching.
111 ch Prlnt.4 piano sod Table ()neer,urb goultr,
If stealth. Myths. meow:.. purple... Malty. (n 01.11.4,4
Curtain Materials, ac
Lo'w's BlauVananalues;
blouelln do Lath, 14 and 54 eridin
Black Canton CAoth%
Bloc[ lflubnlr Lustre%
8111 . 1Valtabct Cloths;
Eogllils, French nod Italian Crapes: !dodo and Crape
Wells; Clostalsattre and Blsear Oollars and
M oen*
an loalay: . do r ii i (r.bwilba•arrn.lofo o l
jangg Jk. momunp.
.IECEIVED THIS DAY and now opening
1. WM. UMW& thl Liberty el en
keebfveuzfettornedblack Caashoonrs, of the veoratt and
to pleoef Work and colored Cloths, of the moot superior
laratort and mod rplenlld asetalloont of Veattuos
r brought to thto city.
h 0 dos. lindarohlrta .pd Detrers.
GO doh doe and superfine Shirt.
AMaFortinont of Crania . Ilandkerchlola ha.
IA le Koltun. vrlth the very trade murk of HAADIr
HADA 1111:10. of the mo.l laohlonable mt., always
on lomat, prunes. one of Ufa largeot and moat hublonaLle
atorko a Owl., Wapitil for freotlellena **oh fo the
wastorn .untry, all of ableh th e proprietor to &torah,
ell to offer at tho very towest prlotk for.sult.
todos to the Tatlortva Iln. elounted In the heat moa
ner. kud it Lb. ehurtost notlne. eaulf
Hew Fall Dry Goods.
AA. MASON & CO., have received and
era opening-1f cams noel French Alerinot. of
ntral shad now
e, adapted capnmali for this maraddi 10
mete Alpaccaaand Mohair Lush... enflame-Ina plain ld'k,
en warp, fancy eni'd,l3bacorloco mid field 14 all grade,
12 co. Ilaramattar.ThfbeL Clothe. mid Ootorro, cam psis
in all ahadaa and waddler. 1M) pat Worsted Sorge, bl'a
and fancy - .lore. Theabort/ pods we offer fur WO at
prima which we are coot:dent are unprecedented!, low.
4 tCORDEONS—A splendid and varied
met of the bent Mends. lust remived. .
,Z,G7EB-Tary dedrabin /selection, with 1,4, I. and
keys. soma Mod. and of U. best mass, mry ohm.. ittet
fiN/T4/15—de extensive end tholes steel arrivhip.
VIOLINa—Same very rim ad once. and now of every
mealy . ef ety etel Prim
MAUI' NTRINUS—A In. selection: .w, for Guitar and
C•ron.ts. Tubes, Bogies, Ilitecornee, Trumpets', and es.
yeredy of Ulm I ostrimerds, selerhel and triiel br the
m ter himself, and sold at very ley rate.
Altet.lbe 1361.. t and most Mettler Nuele , J. , e
N. B.—The abase Inetrume nu are warranted to be our.
mot and istritet. eisry 10,11 m,
IMF will be returner. 11. KLEMM, 11l Thiel. ,
eepli eum OP TUB GULDEN UMW.
GARPETS I CARPETS I—Ree'd this day
by W. 3teOLIITIOCK, new and rlrb etrleedoperfine,
hoe. atal Oreetwort INGRAIN CARPET& which we.are
prepared to eell lower lbwn an ewlattr o, ' alerwa
lo tine market We cordially toalw the attetoloo of
Oleo& and thaw Yet Phlox to pawnor. to Rift 11111 • CO. S..
the Old netablOtted arpet Harebettro, N . ha Fourth et.
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
H. PALMER offers for sale, at very
. anr•rt....• full sawn:ma of Straw and MIR],
9kins, rim
70lRTS—Forelgn and American_plgin and •,, o7
Straw. Braid, Chip, Gimp, Idlllon. Lac% llalr. do Ni
kn° no. no
HITS-11e.% Touttue. and Roil' Ugh.., farm and
gretTl i gnii. r irsigertt . l ll=l.:V•t c rta
ldlrare 0 parr, f l erjL&l, and Arms, In great vari
itllfignteh Lomat and Bind. plain lintlimad rat
Ater all widths and color% timer Ciance sod Crop. CaPo
Liar t i—Plato and danced ORR* mid rninind ond
Cloilen !Netts.
!CRAW flatton,t, Braids.
Poleriner, ie. •
PLO WEBS—drench and American Sprigs. butiebe• and
MtrAPPßriKTrly`i t iktrufS-43114" em do dr .
Dley, do Rhino. //lorencr. and oar! ellen. sported
guautlea and colon: • •
AATl.N.S—Ansertod oualtrice road outwit
Aloitleh and kw Flornhoola and 1761d2Widg
Danis M e As:
- -
BOOKS. 511')SIC, &e
REDUCED. pjg4cEs .
rrIIE SITBSCRIBE'd has just received a
or. admirable . antalea lot of Plan. of b. 61i.
eta•new. from-the o 'late-sold factory of S. Eh Don.
ham. N. T.. two!.
tl rosewood Pianoe. 6 not oothlc tablet,
4 do do Os rot. do.
do do 6.e A. do..
Also. one ot DUNI . .ANPB famous wt. CONCERT
PIANO; , . equal to a CT sod Plano'n polrer and voltune of
These Planos he ea • now and improved weals, allow.
Ins o eta large Git
fr ,',fr ete ' n ' t. L' i " last 7 Sm ' u tf t li T o o o". la - t o . ; tf.olarla and s
Niemen. mitt. lion, of Cincinnati. at the Met...
pronnwered the hoed Plano ever bronaht to
that evt,—uneuredateed for power lad sweeteaces of Woo.
and eiroheity of f ouch. II K LEBER. •
he. 50 I Third et.. sign nf the tloidee, Harp.
dew a. rangeznent. entered Into with Mr.', Duo
hem. • nahlee tb n eubeeriher to rellittls Plana 10 psi cent.
lower than 6 ' , merol tho. roahhot, porch...ere bo o
rhoap, hem. I bon at the east. Call and examine brMr
worth:owe el,,rhore.
• nose_
Now Ready !!
• •
T 4 'i VERY LADY having n Piano aliould
u/fit i'ttVi r .Tii. T aWe l ;Pb . oo' .. k"; o 7 ' rgiSENT
1101 nept• pier•olmotiog mid updi..
Then. l♦ no L... 11,4; ea.uolty that elm happen to • Plano
for whir', It du...not point au matt. lorroldea Fume oltte•glo.noo how to 11... p the Ittettooment ALW/ato IN
Prone only SI —Worth ten llmes tbat noutitoo yt
ean to nem. by moil to any part of the United State. tor a
leta renu.
robtlihed 1.0 Ler mod tn., b 1...1 of -It'll', 51F.I.Lott, Wood str.ot, .xo.l IIENIt)
Thud etr.ot.. owl of th.prinoil.l
, (1.1
•• _ - •
Chickering's Itaarios.,
goIIN 11. MELLOR, Agent for
el Chkerina.. 1'nk,..., for Pitnibart
M ir
I 1 ~r nof. IM.n.flemila,No.Sl Wood.
..,. fun ',elm.' et nits end ra.r, lan, doe),
61 NA N. YOUTES, from then...two!, 66 Chicken.,
Ii,MM v0n , ..-0.m.,,, of 0,6 S. 6n. and 7 star M, rarrnl awl
SAL! —A negond hand
xl,aut mating•lty — ' 47 5 67 . 4a - t,
e' no. 3n..• landlt.ber.. ove
undre4 11111 r ilollxrm. on Mt mond.
"*""(ht usual ""7fl77lA'' bT
Jr J4g.l I'
New Music.
'OS* S sung. by 1111s8 CATHARINE HAVEN:
I'stne shrew Ills sweet ropbyro
The hares that unae through Tars's halls
slog et, me.
thrott,b Ay': ' 1 4 1 .1111 land fmess, e
Anna Rohm ILlitle Red Riding lirssl,
sweet hew, km, from Ms stern
Th. ensal!, The lurtEs PEST, will , RIR'
Ersessk, Ihr, sib by A. Glover:
Ca‘ 'A partins
AtrUe O.» harp svntly. by ere wn allure parted...
Why do hummer Roo,. fad&
I". Th ., Loy] Hemel: wail eel Elate.
Abs. ref lb, Vale; Fortst UM, Sehoe.
Th..l....thres Poly, limit and illormuse
Cull a, pet Mesa, Walla. Blopmer, Sr. ...I far sale he JOHN 11. MELLOR.
• .1 Wood .treed.
Double Heed
subseriber Imo just opened a vero
Jt fine Melodeon. b Vet., • Ith Moe le pea of (r.pei,
1:11.. I.) ormixal inlentats. Cartier& Nceelbant. N.
t el
le equal in power to tiny
xed mu, ounrricr to it lit of evattneer of tone, ca.
1..1..4 In tone, end k.r trerraportine. I
pre.rly intandet tor nee in ahucenrs. and owing to its
Iry orloe tun. h treferaale to an enthorinstrument Timor
rtrhing purcater. au inxtrnment th•
kind aro respeet.
fully lav l.. a.] to l roil
aml examine tha t
rem e , preelnue In its
lying taken aver tnom the enbeerlherls arenertn. booing
teen ordered bra mugrxgenon In title city.
IJLEllklit, Sole Agent
Re the original maker,. Carhenll X Noexlham.
New Bowie.
1 UST RECEIVED and for sale by J. L.
ity 4th .owl.
I r r.spi s.n4 Forebt Ten.. rocopTlidall W. 4112 (lamp harp ~a nd Wild •vol stdvsmlurs.,lb
4, ltsus ben tiv I,ritt Inn,
Ito!- nod ‘ll.rts , 1.,11 I. Is ALE,rlra. by Halt.
Tbrand lb.. Inn. An lb* Criatal rat;
%tn.. V. n S.. aulbnr !inn anti non. J.•
A 1,60... e. nag t.,
The lain,. • .oa r ten theal
Farts.n,J Moral brat reantlnd In inantlno.
Ana.. Au Appeal Is 4 Jobalf ,•1 runup WJJ
a yrarrt, val 1,1 mon natl•calaanla, .1
Inim , ll.LJ.l , ,Nwolu,b,.l . llrerna •
I sled .111. and w.ttanst rall.oon.
ln Iln:strata tna ttut4 anJ
1 Isra.
91. , a1...1,1,1th many c. 110.• tot, numnroulto otinoutunn,
mud •t r... •urrl, of Illanir Work au. distiolvrr
',ln tu.l6
—.The Inttglillfleillt NV'S Na
the. unotinul•rt mho It to retain it tof nu. d•,
li, .4.ler to .11..,1 thorn of I ur cilitnto oho l,•••
in. •••••,,11.• uort•oll,n1 SPO , lllleO of Americus Flout., Ann
rortoutt) otol •aatum. the ...
. . ,
11. It LELINI/
,t Nunn. t Clark, No. 101 ;el Arm,
Ntutits' °rand Pianos!
1 UST RECgIVED, flZltt a rldid r fir r
"TA je. r7ta . 1 " / tory r' tlN . ll hut (A N li
New I s erk. Tlas nastattnen* Instzuctend
tteenett the late. tnen Int Paten ,
slng rens, Itlt boatmen, ani patent nt•4lllc ( at. ln
power and et.lnsne of .11a an trnly nett elehhar. andel:elf
the tternertlnn of It, Intechanient teanAL U Pttnm
wet te natet. the The
onreetted tone, ' , abr.. the
aid et the _a pt pedal The funtitunteencrentaty `tire and
In neeet taste , altrut that tenllnerinmstratetinadlon et
ratted nick. whoch, In • city lite l'atsLurgb, alnareet
Ina...aside In kern Onto and to acid ordrr The Wlee
atel gentletnen are feethectlally tnelte4 tettell atal
for thl. ntattalled (Intel Piano 1..n.m. It lean.
ef the ron , ,riber II KLEIIE.It, ha 'flatlet-.
!tote Anent Fe Nunn.. and (last.
N 111 --Ali rereivtel. a eery Ent (corral went-talent nf
Manna. tn. tud atg Leas XI V. tat,
A Ifistory of Pittstnirgb.
ty tr." at l'lttsbnegh. ftmaa tLa earlitit pritY It
aaa by wham mon, down to th• elca• oftba L•st
reotury, with notiet• tba fir•t nitabliahpuent of *otos of
do. Itoport•ot ganglia...leo and vattoo• worts of into,
wal inaproventent, up to tb• prftest unit ta whiz/A.0 , 0.1-
• chaplet upon Ito. aoltantato• of our twoltion lot Man
nfattnrins gnetnnuotarcial pursuits. with • rtintntary
114fIg 11.410 ti 4 to( buslewita Lain annual.
I> up.*••Kir r ***** rattail. out itinetwatet inoprorannauts.
There I. p , 401 in thu I.!nn.n whet., so aany tatlo , t ,
taut erent• and ra,urrenew. of buttor;al Interest bart,
tatan.c.supentoad witbinwt briars pertod of Inn. as In the
.onntry savored tha bad of the Ohio. To colloct tonattior
and In histories/ antot theft r•rton• intid•nto,
and In plea= the stivuttacee of our pooltlon, *a talon.
n.,.ntxr capttalt.t• to rant. herr. tb• object of to, pro-
' 212 cao bound 11.1,
111,lshod ao.l I, valet, - JoIIN 11. 111i1.1.014.
.11 14 .3.1
New Mine
GIPSY'S SONG. or SIT Gallant. liszk;
'""' "" "
Mr r.lll.rtrn horgh
The 111.e:elev.'. Compla sat:
ry pathetic eeell
Tb. lemeiy On,. 0) esthanue itt Aneriea.
lin I. eemies, Loge: sung by Cetherset
The Uuei •W rLLYI.
The eiguarMareh e
The E„ecadreme. " "'."4"
Alt.of .
fif•L' mu..:. ""'na.‘litxtrft• I° ' Thi limo
of LE.
Sacred Music Books.
M. on & Webb,
lJ CAJIAIIN A &Wad, do do
NEW C. I VIIA ...+ACKA, do. do
THE OLI 4 I, 11l LK, • new rsdle , ttoe of Gil,. an l'art
Poo.r, meleelea and arrws.,rd for tb. Modeal Cow
irwetion, Twarters . Instant.. azd Cl.••• of Il•
Aiwa., of Music. Lowell Mame if.. J Webb.
t 2 tit, of the above wort! •od bl
4 JvIIN MX1.14114.0 W.. 1.0.
F ri! E difficulty of obtaining s correct and
usu., Chninnet In thin country. hewn, Inert:.
Ihun LIS4 ...v.', Gat by the tangle,' trubtle„ the subnczh
tea has had wont* at hM ,hulce soloed*,
ehnt. Jun arriv...l. They aro (Toni the (=Wry of
the Wet water In Gunn., and am •arranthd euratsuk In
say CLl.rioneto•ter nrrenel ..L —east or most
'l' he otnet
Cletionent-1% end 13 Key..
T .. ID
u 6 'DIU/ Oood Clarioottc •111 OD4 Ms •
rat e150.u..4 11. 'ILEU:H.
"rl ,irn of lan ODA.° 11/.,,, Yo lul Thin! et
New Noce.
fitollN 11. MELLOR, No. 81 Wood etroet,
?... leer, ed the lolleelug nor sat poputer pewee of
J•rue*--e 4 Feller. Maw% from Lucia de Luo.
tdueeellicht tgeePlitc Villas. quirk OUT;
W. MOW moot put. World'. Year Quiek ElteT.
The Coraller. have riche*, tbru boot
TO. tad horn. to die, I beauty—variations
I wateh tar thew (kayo flog me that e...lair
ha kind th• lowwl cue., to: again—variations
tether', Praf ow; Trarnalo—honaahow
Ju. Wordy, bell.. me If all (how an.
Why do rummer roaex fatal dud. toot a nhatn.
Diligent 11...C0 littlck Ntrp-,
Inadem, s, •tira. and !Silver 801 l Wahaas
Lily, honey's lance. /Loom*, Vita 111, J!
Ora, brractin. Cottage, Ogden. etnnatta. If
d VER TIIE WATERS NOW, by 11. R t zan;
r rolls'. Child In Amerks brontaln Daley, he la/.
a . h a ppy I lowal ton; In diwaans of prom, hill ot
th• Ws., with elerocUe; Loot Heart; CM Waal to rote Lat.
,I•netha Natty Ine, fester. The hentnaha hY
2•hobert 'The IltpBl . l/14mI t .1.4. , 1 , 1uwall, u ter Dlara t. 4 .:
Loro Trot duotta7Tha Wild al Wrcala
?telly. was a Lady; gronina liong—Taillght Dawn aro
W•ephnr, llama teal le thawing roan, duet* Iterawe ol
Wa.allud brothels Nall Colombia, with liketwrof U•o.
.! 1 : 1 1%‘L
w.lta; hollkon, fewest froloala andita
en le Polkas thew PolaueC•trodis, .Alrouhoen, and
rout', with adored alb elle, toy hetes Flowarbehottbln
/labels Said. and 10 ' Tatohottr—Rondwr,
eltr o b l altitn o. b ytlg i ar d if• N r
, 411 . a . yzaw. , lje=ar c !
, Thal. al Boollrod. Heed CiFkll7ll7Di
rota/ RAM U MEL al Wwel et.
STEW BOOK si—The Stone ''-
Mao. of Point Polntia Vllly.T
De Lament.. Tranalated from the
Memoir of Rm. Ednard Dlelterstethqmonong WM.
t o o, Hens: by nee. T. D. Dirlubbl.A., (bell o ahall,
Ilerts, Nth mat roduction by On4ben .Tyng, lit
ole, Mt,.
Authonn Homan Antionlnein • lidantial of komem An.
tiqultlee, with mammon. illtortnittonr, Mahon.
L. L. D.
Light lo the Dort Placor,in Itemorlate of Mold!. MD
in the Middle Ages; front U. tier.. of the late Aug.
toe Dosage:: lemo„ man
The inm of the Wise ;tea • Commentary Tn.. ,
Chaplet of St. hy 111charil Otemirrin Vienoti, /I.
11.:,%"71t1hCo h d i sztreollirontf 1 ' 1121, 1th :1g
Loomis' tlements ' ol algohnie geltiod
far itogionmen by Dna Low., X. A. Prote2Bol . of ath
e matic", Ao.
No.lo Pie:oriel Field Doak of the Revolution: Coning.
eap3 lb Apollo Dulldlng, T
BOOtn-Traveln in the Unitod
Mates, es, durtmeteettl and ISA by the Led}
Y. KSi Stuart \Bustler, 1 vol. }Una. Mt.
The Ilistory of the
llmpress JoSephlum by.}. B. Clabbott
sacrar< I 01.
No. it. tor A iu m m idst.' APPlstou's Meehardoe MsClualls
Engineers . Journal.
s.u. 10 }lames] kielt}Book of Ms lisrsolutlnsh
Nod. Is .4 so Incil , ;Oliry - of Work
tad. Evsin.wrlng. Jon h.e4 lakl ferule trf
J. 1 0 HEAD. 77 Apdlto Vu
prpl fourth street.
Now Books, hat Received.
EAST: a Problem; reprinted with oorree
iii Oar. and additions, by the author of Alton Locke.
i ttoTy ' ll Cleopatra. Queen of Conk bY iamb Abbott.
Mo., mop
(Web Field; a Tale of the Plana.. 12coo,,pons.
Pest bury; a Tale; by 1.1.11. Don ry, autism of niTtod.
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The True Digestive Fluid, or Gastric Juice.
00.1) FLESH AND BLOOD are the
d ue t. ~f gaud fond. and plenty of It. w, I: .herented
and well travel ted into the elem. ute of flutelike, St ini
plat a h e althy an.mault. and peal p.a.. of dageellon.
plata that word Ileal. and I.lnod carnet be produced. even
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ted PRPS IN .ore Ingeative Flu.d. made front tbeatom
.h of the Oz. the [rat duteatlve ulatetial keel!. created
by nature for thi. varytrate., Tide It eta:lath ott ration
l. and as valuable and auoceaetul as It la rational. It le
Join: wonders for the "1... n with lad etornaebe.
gy 'v a i pe " p . ll; ."' anVn;•Tro ' ff '' R " or "i r n'itTfu'rec
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and V.lall Auoul, 18willpurOL
Wv—Fiat rale br U. g MILLI:AN, Id Wood strrad.
A Medicine for
Cough', Cold?, IloarB<nr,s, Aathino, L'ronAtt,
It dm s nnt .tekrn ntonu...l, it not
it.t. On. b0w.1.: It dog. not rel•T tor skin. sod rrnitrrtl ,
1...r...a who luxe, 11•1. Ir In • froth oda gr..ry ..1
wind a" pa•-.A. pertrefir bgrralert to
an.. and it gale and rffer.u•l in rir..duriog.. 11...
tui.nt •Inlont to e, of Congo. nod Ilds,en.•• hn r.
bri, rural by It In . .w boor,
II hal on entire/1,w,, ue,..—Tb. ral rough turdielor.
.11 rtoken tbr stomitch and ,rodur. onto, w pH. I, morn
dlitunretabl. than 16. rougti TM. ht.atrd
thi , mixture.. fur It l• • Dira•ant Kgghlor .root, it
faall tore—or th• money will br rfundtd TO. gvidrorr Io
vor nt tbis narnielne In our elf,, from our own , Itiroup.
conrlne. any mar of • It in t prg.erito
own roaulaa µha xi•kaU. tud btu neon u..rd L, it.
hI. practive for • nutahrr of yr., • ith
Win Stonsli.ovilli• artier , that for
ilaudder hul trap 1.181..4 +alb ac.. 101 and rapt...tors
-lion: niaLt arriista. liaatin Gee,,and •Il the diatreiaing
eyniptacia of erunditiption. and that aft, taking twollnn
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, ovistr, Ow hid euffiired with witidnd mid Lb 111,
tor htyi lioni tarn y relit wait and ri
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total F yra
up A vtillymin tri Ilitnnii,
that tun,. lA, ',Aural Sri upito h.. a d *did,
farhe Imo 'tied it In hi. tdru rid, and In rap.. I
menalii.ra et hi. family, •itli he uniet perfect
fr a Wit the dwaj.rt rn•thren.,,,,lnn II is; unit] in
ball pint bottliia ion 1,1114.1 for
Country iri.uld An to , hi.
this niell.iina lin hood all ita la .1 limo inidt
yodel. and ettiitarnitia ne•r ,
Coital. and Mara., al tho lunar, awl Incipient
(Ittlien Jerted —Many tern... vll l trt eet )V11,1,,
mane one of Ibu well...MP. boa de not 1a.e.1 them
It tn get Vro• IC•tee.r . •
and telt. no 6door—en .111 rut.. yen. It bee In. v...., • t
the alma •aluet.4. hurt.. of
1.1 le empintud...l by te.rau n .1.111.4 In the hoelitie ert,
I tete ean n. &rept.... in. tide ole Item, tr I. ee
fn tun( own rlty.l.ld the proprleter
...slue from I....ent•teeldine tln,
rttrtiee... bleb volt 1...4m5. mu t rereon dedr.u.
.ens them.
. -
eent• woulnd throughout On. Molted St.,. 4.11 thw•
&t n wain... Lug. donnunte •111 tg IL. ro . In.. iil
la •r, tn.rtret In thu toedlone It • y n Inn,. t.,..
hl to CI •guunn Inusldes, they wlll 1. , dn..: ..utlwrtug
maul,. • 14,1 Viet pluetug th" , ‘,^
cuwltua• tor Otaraurs ungld ham ••nr. • rw.hww.l.
For .1., huhns/u nog KLI A )14h
ELI.. Druggist, 140 11 0.1 lnit.hurgh. P. an 4
Dr. Kiyeer's Pectoral Syrup,
en MTV p in ~• early tn.oking
Bennehtnt, at.J lb. en. ut
Sl ' a r rorn ' tte of lb. wet eertnln •tol ofTectnal rented,—
for dleeseee 1 , 1 the the., and puha..., Orel" ,
It. I. • entobln•t.non ot.••nutts vegetable tnent.
eines In the Inem of • dream In r not.- 11 e.o.m.
Wm It hat Au senon olfttrele chtlerent non, •D 1
Cottnh Nlnttoloet UN. e•
ttor' ono A , rteluet. fteltneta ot ttoonnol,. • /.0/1! i• -S
Y. 111013 In:Lough Nlnnount.
rnG reninl, th• rapelshon.l.rt
Inuq.u. gni piaegul sllgn,l gala, 0., • , ,.I ii,,-!,
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and .eraee,
huargenesa.. gni Mnatlng. Mar ., rol.of on •• .grtnn.
Thelpropelat,r Looted thlo rot.ll-In,u • tge
pArp, •04.1 nib unt , oon4..l•urrag•
k,epare it,, nrll te•o •
nts!turlselne ruP•tantl, on bend. ar it grill never rail to
ern relief. 1,01 .Q., 1. • large profit
,r11..l [banal:at ptlgh. b.,. I,rougl.l
ti. Cube. of the Is-0r...n0r. n.l lia • cur.,
In in, err oho; t tltt,• It onr of the rrearo•t medico,-
knoiro. 111. put up In half p.n. bottle. ILE 10 erntorarl4,
I or at.olltes for V...
1/ sale. •b../v.4r •nd rot.ll, I.r 1:4:1:4:11 t 11 , 1113 W
CLL. 140 Word 51n..1, P.Elsburgh. I'.
POr Bahian , . Scurf, Disndrulf. awl the .nano. Shen..
of the preilps—recomaserided Ls the Pithionrslo Pint, ions:.
mi. Ersnlng Tribune, Chino werstni in=
bareand other Dooms. Ls the 'wet erne, wit/lpt tor ih
&ha" forarson.. as welo es an eleueds, nsisoril iorewes.
Una rehlee the heir enft end aLwei without ....ritD4
the cloth. with area,.
Wavrant.l •vr. th• •unt roll: Aen•
or 7 6.4
In quart and vortuter..l lauge. 0 Boated.
• 2, sod r.h, Covar flame.. tn.,
So =teat tonally...ems. br phy audeut .d a. biubo I au
tbeerltf ea. a auludt.l. r•eurelf eu C01...1.1131(44n11. Ser
ejefoui• In Obedol... ItEruulatrodu, Sert•Lf. Carfeue of tier
MM.'S. Whet.. 8e...11m0. berneral Deeldlut,es Ideert
••••101,f5er raream;ortstaed hp b. NILLIAM.
Tlloll.kan LTATOO.N, 11. E.. J.ellb 11. HEX NETT. 11. Le.
V. It:S.. IL. &fed L. J. PE Jelfillll. RI. 1., ..f der quota.—
Theo vtllclte of Cul blo pur,
ikod ebeml.-slly tagt.l In awler tuirawf, th.40t3,1
its .Ifi by SAL YPSII. SIeDOWLLL. no Was: .r .t,
rittabilrnb. nor. y
—Ka hs.e uss.l thletreeliciur in our lasi., .4 is
our boinieu. it fa on* a Lb. Lost pt.-titration. her
ml 4, Ito •Istrft rtsr tern tn. prblie St
this OS on of du ys. would reeoninietri ,
llfto kern . bottlr ese I
In their blurts rest! for ume. sr
orszalon roar require tVe slyer-his • meat., of .011 .0,
fisini our retissi crier...tin of Or t
ot rs
edintes stel re.t rli eur retorre I. . soder r •
ray *imply in the Ifirbi rroonifuristrii furl.
soy itsrfletalar tuu•ferler tf the artio o stir L.e.r st
Pirtafir,ir I:Sisson:es .
• • - •• . • -
V s LORENCE WHITE—A benut.iful
.htt. Prob. Lb. uorbarurt•bl• •ny
It int•prled fur parlors. rtrurr.rtra, nrul rbuy• lur
nylur.,*.• With Iblr ftrbrle eau b• proLtur., 0.•
ryats b 1 troth to pars IA vf any •rticlr too., bru.
•dnylor•Irl• of • pulurh. rryuln•l. •f,y
l'ure•l• by J. Flilh • Cri tro ...A A
trut. 0ou•••• l'lrratalsn.Ny garb. V•rbroft. kinbr ,
laA ratetuurly. lb••. Num• Fbruer, Jruou,
m. Cot... Marrtarralltur, , prresseruy
Throe Map/ are pr•rstr•l into tits be•l pod ruy,rl um.
trunml, Owl •re nosy •:L! by 007 In On. I bstro Swore
solo b, e, rrkl.l.l:kir. turl
The Haman Body Must Perspire.
SO SAIS healt.ll3 np
lu ay 41.11/Sir. ~ 11i Z..rn:l7•TO
Chrusical Nay (+oar. Iris/ parsosraftso. •od at •
taw aunt,. •trf (ha skrt, AZITAIId Eta 1..1
ot rfant . •
r,ur•y, Rnsou, and, orm &re ent healnl.
con, 1,, II• as at IskAt 7 playgirl.. to IN Vora 10
whu us. w so , and fluJ it untamoq—as alw,
f .6. or any other alludsaavw s..
PM,. I/] that Ebro, pufhd Itudruns,
ons trial wlll prove. I coulnornarala at , ILat aLslsty
rw , u• rural a an. haft!, .ore Inga. sal w,re laaard.
th. roa.lnr Is agato assurr4 I would nut eru.
all i f pall it th• alasta. unless I know all /Qat..
Lose who ate liable to chat...L• rrankad.or chaponl deals,
w I nod tin, not only a ou r.: 1411 a prvar fall, and I ekl3
{WO oil) add, that any on a.tinisal Ith any of ;la labor,
or slurliat disavows, will Otul this 51 I. and ay. more tadoil
rah!. in its yasverll.l than at....
. • .• .
44-Hut. re.a.ler, the gore!. are V.eidad with 11:131,l1001,
atal entre Jou an. for Jona.' ItabanChetairal Auwf—ard
buy It oniy of 41 NI JACItt , ON. out, fp I.,tha,pr a h.
head a Wural
Pearly IVltite Tooth, ttpd Pure 13routh, to
be had for do rents.—l'enatu•hu Lade either. are Lou,.
bly 4•1111ted that If their breath le elec.. f oul, oe
tontb derwrfel. dark or reib.w.and eii , rugte-I whh i.etu.
that a 25 Dent boa of Joare Alptwr 'tooth l'alite will p.a...
lbw taidti so wlxite u au°, thm breath oduritermtaly
twia of JACKYON'I3 Store. :too Lthorty .1.. Lout cd
A Suientifio Hair Tonio, Restoror and Ilnau
itio.-111•1 bottle, 37). to. Th.w whn hare u.ed
lain' Coral flair Nestor,. Scare Its esnellont guslittee—
those ho Imre not. WO MOUtn It to rOW.OO
causlitles,—lt NIB fore. the bur saNs. on eon{ part
nature intended hurley grew: sloe It [slims nit rurescur,
dandruff: end ma lista. red. sr stet hair stow cloak
far randerlng th e Was soft and y, till notblos can ramed
make. It truly basuttful. Mid loots. it so. It IL In.
dad. the moat eounotmest—yst-ouisertur—Nrlicle brt lb.
hum! at X oud,
Lt -3714 mats. su amts. and U.
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Elutoun
uuu_u7., rot tn. clutur./.4 or ,01 j.r gm/ Natr. , o.
bautllol brEmzi l. er black ,pat m,, la tow minute..
EoVrTtlinialt,l4o Lltertr gavot. head col Wo3e.
Pinat larytt.
JONES' LILLY WHlTE.—Ludia ate cau
l:to:sod Wind sudn:g Ship common loopared
cot ewsea bow frightfully; hourloo. Itl. In th..kow
Pow mars.. bow•roagh, bow sallow, yetl.w, utdoodtht
tta. skin amm0...q.t....M0w pry/wool Chdld Boldss..l
Vat nr 4. ' 117. ' 12 w bleb we
wandwoXwatah La's White.
y banoccot, twlna pusblad a all .I.l.wwww•
i=ter. lad It Itsworts to do skin a catural. , • •
r.coN., jiving white; at do .soas ho. actin:, ea so •
Watts on th e Abs. meal It soft and woodh.
Sold }}the i.otot. Whl. JACKt.ON, Itto.Llberts rood
head If Wood. Pittsburgh. him.. in ewers.
a T. Babbitt's Celebrated Soap Powder.
WASIIING 'without. labor! Warranted
to take the *taloa out Of table limns and
harms, roe has.—Put your clothes in • eufficient
q=e1.1 ,r .d.1 . 1 Lar p r
,k,owedort.rthttot cis
, d4l tw 0 7 .. 11 , 1 , 7;
need with the clother if th e water I. bard '' , add more a t
the Powder. and bolt th= ton mluutes; in the m e .. t i, p ,
Dress thacodowee with a stkit, !Ida put them in a tub and
edd eufficlent cold water. ea that they will not be too hot
to tmelle. Then rut. the dirty streate, or ill other words,
give them . thorough firedog. m od that to eufficient to
maks them clean.
theD.—Theas being- no moan In Oda heap, It will leave
.thes vary •whlto, and no bad oily es come
.nape do. The entire oost of the tercel used doe.' not
stowed two mots, to <amide. a washing of ten tumour—
Warranted hot to rot or injure the clothes.
This is • IN:order that one paper will maks tersivetplartm
beat family' haft Dow
Dffiffirlogi roa USE—Tike, ear sit Duarte of web-Ml.lld
big the Powder with It, and than let ball, ye Ore min-
utas ih then , ..Nd
e elt eo , g , wate , r,:a them intthaamts.
tm e will be e erjtbdek anti nice Inlt f e n trorN:ll
11l wash ell, will not eat the hands the other gun
/kap; nor rot the clothe. (len tw used with herd or tell
weer, by Yoakum the onotity Into els quart. Innerd of
twat.. The Bolt Into 1. beet Warted for waehlog ..tiro
amt woollen goods.
gold wholeeale and mtall br
}L. E.
-no. ta, Word et.
The highly sanatory, halftone and thole yropeittoe
I. Yinctgar. reedier it fax thperior to Cologne Mater
for the ordinary purpose. of the toilet and bath, thrpastc
fog the latter in 111 perfothe and aseptic.% and lo Its
rAnarras, for th e promotion of cleanli nest and health.
dghly recOmthended to ladle.. for the ordinary and
&Nage Oath.. of the toilet, and for preascsing the
frintateas of the complexion. Ithethollent properties tour
Der the heat and dunces of the and impact to It an
- amble elasticity. by Inhaling It, and rubbing It on
up wmplem; It trill Month headache Ina few minu.s.
. Sold by E. NELLY.I4I, 67 11001 at.
cio-PARTNERSIIII'—The subooribere have
animist into oo.Partnerehlptander the Si.'.' of Satire,
a aeonl Olely. rat. 4
441 • /011 N It. OIiELY.
oved. _
ENNETT, BERRY ez CO. have re.noved
their new W00...4 aOrnar or Mummy lane and
Irit Slava ' DU: tf
Aron, to prevent Beldhornd Only Ihdr. rimore
the bah- when It bra fallcn o ectung thin, and in cure
efleetnany Sclrff or Lamina
5 gronejustreels and Mr ale by the dos.o or ringle hot
* .5 the emu dare ef SI. N. WloEXlirtf 4 , 4
nos Wool greet. corner ol &nth.
New Lake Superior Line.-185L
E new titearner NORTIIENER, Capt'B
t Ratty.
ry .n 1 ,b,r;.'s 1.. x.
. .. -- ... • . .
The rtearier M a nilk rrA S, Cart. -look CtGarhh. iftil
lenee haul ow. , Okr hide different landing, on Lake
iitiperter. ,ot the areteal or thrrtentuer Northerner. making
Cregular week!, hoe. throughuut the ...Km. bekoeen
leeeiand and the Capper and inin Mine., •
TEItEiT IN B:Sr;11,4 .leS .LINE, to cm' limther.
O E 111 Nli II A M. 1.2.4. bue:new. at INltst , urg
allrr lA. tr.u.act..l uudrr the et) . le of I•Wca. Illuchum
imettl; WM. BINGHAM
Binghams' Transportation Line.
alg14;; lB5 L
VIE CANAL being now open, we are rea
d, In revel.... And fin...fad Pr01ur...4
3 erebannice. vw.t •ful west.
Freight,. e At lowret rAtes chmrsfed hT reetsundble
%lad liktrbstialre 1.111 b• and f , rtrartlod
s.t and t1.41. i
trAlsout nor chlr, .to
Ir:clic:ow fitlthtull,
i tArl ' lll r .Tri P 2( " .; co_
t,two.t.n 1-ourth and I tlat 1 . /J/1.1../
JAMES W 11 OLIN. Ac, nt.
185 f
Merchants' Transportation Line,
I lUlt ILA DE 1
• til'T
C 1 'rIcANIII.TI d Lt./.. Canal 6,wu, 400 l'outt
ItAYN ,, II. 11Inek, Mlle
dot lr.
pmparod to IVYVITY •I.Ii. mnonnt.errhltttil."
prttl ore to plan on tilt+ ot,alug at .IL,
ranrlt to 11111,-
iriplos, aro! all 1nt , rn,11,.. n ll.•er tand
tun.- stnr prtmlonx.etuon.
. . . .
S.. N II Th.. lucre...Nl uurn bur or Truck,. rruvUlnl
Lb. Lanni Cuounimm.urs fur csrrytng our troaut
: , 1.1.• u .1, rrur..nt nu) 1 , -Ah.ifir
..uhuntolru, llollur.luirg or Co/n,11.1,11:1 ,
fmtplu Caws'
gliM7giN 1851
To Shippers of MercheLthee, Produce.
p.n.,. 11,111,A. I A, • a.
1 . 1.0.1•1{ , 15ta
111 LI. A 1.1.,47T. Agent , . l'.und 1.40 , 11 x. I'll,. kn.; h
.1 , , TAI 1. , I. A ,i/N. A go, t..
oi Prue, Ivime•
Cho , . t4-.....tdrnct Apr lovr rat., glv.-
4 tunv l. an
caroy oth,
Agricultural Implements.
AVEJ UST received the Enmt the
1.•110VIIi4 ouploooLtn, ol the loot An•notactor.
•11.1 .1, ulqapeent AllO I wollid xll
ill. ole, fur turnt,t,
4.1 . • loot, anot borloy
• r0t...t.11r50.1,r.
. .
hr.r. nnu band pow.l
Ito Man: Cutting Iter‘rn.
• t. Chkun IlaJtcrm
. . ,
two. •ur L.,.
fr , ,m fry. otal.
.1 11... Irral.••tl el
enrn, 11 i%.1 awl etv.lo
j CARD.- -1 sacs removed to sly fleWstore,
twarl, 0,10.11. Ilse 1,0..1
itulr.t., ob.. las aln.l •ml 1.1
n...lve • •L•re,ol 111.1 r r..•u.:11 I OIL)
•i.l II 1.,. Matr.u.
F.o‘l , r tHI.. 11.1.00r‘ 01.11 . 111/...<
.o 4 11.11. tasaii•-...,1 ta 1...0 Mat Ills 1.111 ti,oxl 10 1.1..
u.,..1e.n,.5..mud ..m l/1 0 3. 0 1 t 0 a. 1 , ...1
111 .1N
/.1 16 . 1 1 D . J
1.1.1 .u-.L
°" l L—C'"l "'id fur
" NIZ .' 1 1 (1 1. 1i ' l a LYE
HAVE jotit roceired from New York, an
ul., t. lan, t.f [try 1.
le IV! N 1 ,0% , 10 RAS azd
t 11111 N 11.1SL, F,
_ .
PECTACLES '—We have coruplvte
at,c•lc .1 , :e1.1,,11ver 4,1 5, , l ,rt•elrit.•u•l
ualttl ••110,0 •‘•••••• gia-wor
•s,r, sar., arr , rdia.. tt.• brut prsomi I+4 1••
uptical seartv.... IS LAW,
• -
I .ANI. RE AND II A 1 -1 FLIRKS—A g ,„„,
;1, • I,
duthracitg- Coa:
3O T6N.S . ju.t reeelve.i. _qperi, article
" 1 ' .171 ' l
Canal hla.
IV A..\ rEI st : ) - 7 A I,:;.rt, ter
1, i t
re. tt, res. ,•1111A, wan
en.,,,ter.. ILL • mall r•r•tal S‘ , at J
I.• • taawaalgo 11,11LA113kr a.t sal Ltd
I. ear* •tal ma. tuner,. la •11,1/ eaaataal •nra /tad
11 •4•• a1arp,..114 la. yvaog Wart 1.1111 a amt•A
1 • 1 • II.) • •^ l 7 •111 oral.. Mau,
t 7 NES 1.11,21.71/H.S. •,1 . tor 'nor yurilitie,
w es all I,r. rtal, 3, par ,allaa;
1,, Vort
mern, •1
)1.1.4r• 11 \ ' -
I . ? Jamair• luo.•
• ti,
‘l,•ln %%1114,0,00
.al. at 11.011.1tIn• TEL 31.1.4f.T. In the s ilim,
un. , l
S UN PRIES- 4 1.1,15. Nal..rutui;
[i'u.l 1t 10, fo,oa r F, 1~1
11Alcl~ 1 . JIB\ L~ S SO
SENNA-100 Iliac prime Alexandria. fur
11 A t 11 , 8,T011K 1 I 0
V IND:AR-50 Ilk. Cr, sale I/V
BASS l'}:1. b!llti r
%. .1 NI LLA. fresh. Gtr .:Ila
I B A Y,AIINI . ,TorIt
17 c;'acurl ELI) Luw iunt .1.,%8e I
Kok, blue. °ran., , irevn kit./ flannel,
KI.V 35.1 rer' I ul thy ro
nt Krill n tIle•IIFIFLIi
L Roll, in ha xoel,ree'd daily
C fIE . ES,E zdai t, dal In,. Nal..
14 1 1Nli It) bbl.,
HEESE-4 - Ihl
,lor oak/ Ir
81 , ; lill , E FISH
A cd F.uyyli.k Laid I'
- 2 - 12,. 76 ..—__*-- 9;2' 41 - 2,
n../ 1 Mr. 4 .111.14. ,-, r‘ 1 .111 1 2: ,‘ , Illain_l.. : l:,.
1)1RINTINII .P.l 1 / 1 1111` ..
6(1 111111 t U: 3 1111111'
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rintios Paper, N. 1.61:. I,
Per cent. Strenthi
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a - 7 not_ It DA L 91,1,1, , . a \ DWELL FLETCHER it Q., r Manufactu- I
- s \ 1.1 rer...t A LettilllL. l'oreSolnts for Cologne a« Bran.
Sight Exchange on Cinc ti. N .i., Cooper 1011014 la«, Willett>, mere On hand.
1.4 1 0 it SA LE ut the moat fitatan le rnlB6 by
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, 6-I".'
N I °URN iNG SIiAWLS--11 , ,e Hp open `cvlas's Patent Revertible. Water Filter
.1 7, .1 ;,,,,, ~,^ ~.,,„. ~' r . , ,tf .:,,,,, re.... L .., 0 ". 1 . 4 " 4 ,,j1 . ,N . "". 1 IVZOW to 110 tfteti in operation' nt W.M. '
«IN \A. A. .11,1tolb A thl., \ stse4at i.i. -a, '444 A llal.'n, Plumber& No. 10 north )ttrect.,_4e.
1,-• • Le« fl o and Lauri ate., idul at PRYOR A WILLA'S.
111 UM CAM PIICPE--isi lib's. for Sae bZ \ No iik.,M era.. Piktotrik. Thu Filter bastace,lred
II I nolo \ \ j Kinn, t • 001411 tram Ow American Instituta of he& ioria,
.- - ~,• • , , , - and a I.ll4cate Mtn the Craut4n luatltatat of Ptrllatied
it AlltD ikdliVlN ardu few 4111.1 TS ,''Okita: 12 , ,ihtf Llirgn ,. l , Dt. , ! , , ,, , ,, cr . .. l ,.:PNlLlV=VA ta t..
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1,4 T k ...- soil 'lite Stork; fos_oo,.. ooly mem. uolti,
X\\ ..P . lntanallucta, Vara!, nth. 1651. .
ii-4oFFEE-1,5u bap' 'tio, r sale by '. A\
rt `l.7. s •?...M. Pl it="i t i.rtrVintl;ll— '
I ) 4... ii . IDI WOILTII ACV • lanttL;Al.3ll.t e Ilar ' lna ' uZon:of ta!ent for
tED FLAN NELS---4 hseenufacture# \ 4 b 7 4 . 1- " t " .l ,o r an ira cyß u hii.'" . .4. , ,C h Al,",i,,,,, e ,i,
at the Nee. Rape Facaoryilitasea,tounta. Pa_l,, , , X \lm.ant.muna,`,MarotiMith, 1831.
n: P. itamberger A Co: justreeld and kr_ealc ICto bl , • Pitint Ilaverill/I.llater Viltepar, Wsented Is, Ur.
noll tVi . ,W, \ ATT A CO, _ Sathril IL owie, bil,o4 , ltonl , bl M. 10,... , 1%1.1; i : i t .1-
0 IV
NER IV ANTED—Fo r fire Brick, riV„i " „,7=7; .. „1,: - ,„ - tra - 77..;,,, '
branded 'T. ataamee." i e ral lef th tie by the kit- recommend It toll« Miblio. Julio P. FAIILLABII3,
nontrebela What's Neon«. T. IS 6 diatatN, ‘t, 1., \ \ No. B Nummet atreet..^
lI‘A X 61 NVater ri .Theatb,llltere are unyreasted to take Out automat/ or
110 T ASII—S bbls., for sale b . Irgt h tMiVills " Vi ' 7lltrif.grri 4 si= ciLle4
,_ non ... \P.I W. fUGTI. gfai , :rna . To,:th , tivary will last ter and «ma ,
• \-• L. for m I - ' r ' . r e
aPk'r %.41.,ATAR A JAADIN, ' \
R°.s.Ti — lOO bbiK
NV \ . s. ' e t. A Y ea„, ' ___
10,1031 1 .2,29 00.,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.. \ ,
VEIN:ESE-122 boxes dream, l ' ie ‘ b; - I, EAD PITE--CornelP \improved patent
''su no2l J A 11E8 DALZELL, C 8 1 etas at A-A L.. , Pi, , i,* 1 17dr..u. \ , \ '
—-, ,-- Vurnp, \ , • \ •
LASS—IOO LI& asiii,ilkixes Wind I for A Ti;lnii 'rr i ' il . \
LA tale be 1 'ASIAN DAUS: I -
lit"—, times friii , for sale by: Allots« on hand 4to terriar,foaeale byl
a t ALEA- Nn} taULLIVN,
mull \Au Es ItALZEL inehl,Nf
i - '•
111 RAPPING PAPER.- , iiifiraw \frame' , Heating `q,nd Ventil.atien.
T y Paper ot all eleee for male hy \ 1,
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l‘ rE ll.:Ve L g E b 3 L AIC t llotele.(Int„ oomo.Lasi re
1 ,1V.t . 1, ,,, L ,
p l: ,,, A , P . F2 d ,i , i7j:z . en , eli . ltild American 1 ,, ,,.., , , , ii:0u5i . 4.4%,,. i i . ,: t iv r ii..v. v 1 ri fct . t . a i r , clllll ...
7lr ALTER P H iIARSIIALL. Vs utd Drying Room& for 'O,ll Parra« aI . IF w heel
''' • • te tare, either high or Was to deelred; for theidt
DIG IRON —6O funs Jenny Li ' \ntl Furnace nu on other metbol ix entiV to It.
L for sale fillan lb. Alio belay Wharf. 14 \ ha VT Tentilatlom ! , it flatUrall or forted mee. rut, will
. noal
"• TA F . 1 ?2" . . I" ll=Virrv d a . riomi • llteee N ‘tiona Oletatlot . are
[ - DOLL 1 1. , D , T.. JER-1 b big. iirini a u . tr o‘ i . iee
. wri;1:= 1 41:.=• , 247..., , ,t . .. • : ,. ii i r ° 2% , 17: .4.
—%. \ s. I oseilwiewsswitueo, with cw_ i5j,...6 - c, f ro . 7 ,
ill UCKW HEAT FLOE -:,5u sacks tn tore. mots, kisoicstusasseuiwi. sun ~s,rsti from c,.
toylia , , 4C/11,111. ATKINIKI. A (WELL
I) anti for vale b, DON) J. ,t IL 40 - 11 , 1.
Vulcanized India Rubber Soling.% \
UST REC'D, a largo 'qua thy of eariliiiu
lly thlckocereo of Volnuicad &ding. We flare «IP (,),,
. eipeFlelleed wortolcin to role a d half-cote latlllo'
and gentlemen's Mot, elm«, and Mir • We no. In.
vile the ettenthot of the eititeno of Pitt 11th and ririn \
r \
quo tine Soinc, 10101 h&chaen orate) In tar« elthb
pas for tio. lestllea , earn a d nrommend.
Ina IteelL as it dove, for Iry .17 0 ,„,, , ,„, so , ~.
furl, and «a great. oreterrer ofI,IILA LI II rurreo turoe.
rat intraluctlon to the «opie. I. J. A 11.1 1111. LIPS,
ooTI Indle Dubber Depot. llNtarket et.
CItEAM TARTAR-12141)1s. pow , "
v«Med purr. MO sale by 1,
o n
IAJLAD OIL-50 baskets for sale by \
1,3 esoe ' R. A. PAIINPATOCK it C.s:,
~I \ 7 r.
• .. — 'l
_ ...... Tocb.
II 01 . 01E:FOR SA Lil—Z. :very tlesini-
PeoT.d F J Utgre7f . '' . l r lll7l4l.l,ll l' ntit,
VLOVER & TaIOTEIY SUR; fo Bain by'
I) ~022 —, J.* FC..P Tn.
Q uGAR-20 bbis. I.....v7lng'der:h v roe.
1.11 .104 ncal 0. I.:tluci F.A.
Sin ...,_
F a for salo by , \
'''''k il \,, - S. k v W.IIARBAL*OII
101118: PEACHES-7.70 bit4bela Ac.eive4.l on
rign.ent RINI, tn.; rate )11. • \ •
... ,iatil F.A.
---------" iir --- — IL
iACK/NU .FLANNELS. . typo? , F oR SALE-A. traF row . . :
FAXI - L.V . *
I. Iltirelaleld ham reerfma thLtthornirttr bp hip -Immix. .hleh Ewa Ziliocu at JACktteN S
Is k.Untk:l34 utter ecdp.......t 5.uki.., flalTll, ,
..., , ,,,,,..1,1,...b..u. i \ it
"j "" had sea panuine Outten/telt.; ell S IT/NE .7 P/ PES-200, k..ces for et ' le b
1 4= ea ..
\TT , not ior. a !WAND
A \
\ ~
, s
\ \
, \
Equitable Fire 'lnsurance Compiuiy, of
'lllll5 Coinpafiy iriaures against loss by fire
nont.n *Ft, an.] nterrhatolize. Pon.
rat, a. u-ltal. 0,11/Y
T 111:"; Company inauresliives between dip
a. 0., a 15 an,lth
pg.:tooth:a for to&urthee l
W,i. 4. HILL ostheorf the abovagompan.
tee rncelyrel et the Hanka.: H ni,o"
n0 . 27.11m0r."1th. thrtsburith. Jh
Pittsburgh Life Ins7ce \ Company,
rIIIIIS COMPANY was incorporated
I , bmary, Intl. with a Porno al Chirter. and 114
..eel bunne,.. on a oaPhal
The I,ao,un, humnem both on the Joint Stool ard
Mutual plan.
on lb. Jot. Snot plan the most I. than
char,ol by Mutual Compasiety an Fifteen Lem
twee,. than the ~airs of moot :trot Comp i••-
31utual rata. aro the same to• t%oee opted AY o th er
ronduotod Companie4 T L men .ma the ntuttt.
prn eel plr bare the foto hinti arcurltlee fu lehmll•rtbn ,
ta.tairitsi and nn Iva Fund of
• Jo. Att..a donartfnent.
The Charter nernOte tlo. planting. of Inentines ott
lot ever, trn, ntrltnthor the r3-ht of wife,
rento, rwlathots. troonl, or eroditers--th th•ttr. M•
anothrr for thrir•or n eoreln.vo bonen4 pity able ~death.
.4 upon It..
,p4u...-trtiog a: the a, of 50, 55.
st the ontton tbe auttroJ.
Jet - nee o. lrahlont
I , atutsel )Ithartan.ll, rrethient
Joeopb Levrtt. Troaforen •
llaarle. Collor, Aocretary.
‘I Phillifa.
!lon. 1y 11 . .:417 L 11 . !111itr., Iran
. F.0r.:11.7 0.1
S. Mtn.
141.0 rt
,11:11.1, !Z.*
It.n -R niter PorCsard.oflrellu k r!"
Cantacr I Itsuur. •n
. . .
1m.1411 - tr. I' A yrtgan,
Jrerph 0.1.}...n. t 51. 0., 0 A. 1,11... D,
Jerend.o I.ltpok. 51 D. 1., 1.12-autray. D
, F-Raining
, %!T i Tt '- ; . U ;1 3 1... D l;11 :
0.. ford. SI. P...., Slath t
llml MoK. 31.. r 1. lot Lth..t.,
ll, t
Dilworth- RIP be Kan.
In att«colaneß tb” oticv,R•rri
ul the l's.
u.pauy. No 7.: Fourth
1,1 C. A. Col.ltiN. ene'r
Western Ituntranee Company of Pittsburgh.
, A1'11".IL $300,000. R! MILLER, Js.,
V. ,( lit.nß.,,acnda*/•
It In LL.,urn agan..t wlt k,u,la flak., Fira sod Manor.
All wlll tan 1,1.1.111 ad.lua..l yell)
A Lou.. Iwtßut.b.a.t—uaaaal,R by Ihre,to• vb., an- wll
I,a , vt , u, t 1... eomittnnit,, and Rho ant ,leteru.lued 'by
....I Ili 14. malnßon the cbaran...r ahRI.
RRne.g ,Rolett.ll.4, L. tl.OO.
tot.. .•
Innu-ruk , --Itfulro MOLT, Ir., J. W. I•utior, Stn 14
C 11/.. trult.+•lrs. N•iniok. 0.. Meet, tiro
tt II
I ES I N E) lin ly for Om 'infer elmemes of
p lota an ravital, apd Altar& rupert.
al,alll oar- tn nt,lnt of Aoaana.a. AAA, AA uo utunou
.1 ht. o• , ut t 01... vont,' torrobaufa. and nu tsar, t.f
• I uu aulute,l or tooutry 1...1an). -
A. A. CA lOU letuar).
Villea. No. 14 ton , l'otaborgb
_ .
Orleans Insurance Company.
CAPITAL, 8150,000.
er of the nye.
11 1 111: nl,l, e prunperolle and rentiunnible
I 01wt t.. 104 l.aßi.4 with Ms ruttuiuttluns of
(tic tau ur llit• mat, IA 1.11 , thstao, phltries awn'
A vilit tiu tarurattle ter sue. we. %tat pru•
r. tit c and tract, 0. ttlellol,oN. u
It s
She thLOSI, Secretary.
A A CA11111).31. A.A.At.
FronkSu Fire Insurance Co. of Philad'a.
I )1 RECTORS .;.b C.hfirleemlmV.,,l!una c. Lker,
avul n Brawl.
.• . •
CU G. HANK.. Eleenrta.ri.
I' his I.lragwar owttsue• to make i13.011f1.12“, parthasest
Dr hunted. on erer, deecrlption Property
Iv tuwn and
wentr,, at rahw a+ sm. toveistest with wurity.
TL• tomPehr hale ...few.' • l•rgoe rorllltwest fund.
which. ith Mete l'rehltures.eaf•lr
efferd t.w.teetion to the worwl.
The ...rt. of the C...tnparty.os !.mart I.t, ISLI. srputt
tb. Act a /...cably, were
• •
11.212,10 i 44
"Finn klbrlr 1.3.-07.4•th,n, a Pre , d • Y e .' the '
,t 4 uporan, 4 , 1 v.,. 11,ta Ihurlgal Tlavalu.lad
La.kwo 1./r, tbrrxby .Uordirlit c51,1..0t,p( Lb.
3.11,nta.,.vf I tuuren
p •T11 their stilit) wad du
pnpcnew all lial.thtle.
4, MIN COVI N. Ag,d4.S".
. . .
aplC ' (MI.'S A. corner of - Wotan ;ad 3.1 :.i.,..„ ,..
Penn Mutual, Life Insurance Co.. Philad'EL
, J Fennel .Jr.. dec 3'o Liberty Oased,) No. 3 Libey street.
4,, tn. batter ctssirstilosics al pernurs reanlins ill the
veer part ...1 the ns i',. the .4.49 may ale. be tonal daily.
trona II to IL/ mci n t.,,,t n'she - t. 41 th e reuniting room duly.
J Ochnonteaker It Co, No n 4 Wesel instal. where all owe
ear, Inlortuanitn will hereto. anakencunsnalutionapromi,t
ty attended to. Pamphlets espial/ale. U. prtnclples and
benente or tile Insuranna, and blank forma fat/nub./ on
eatAtal stock or i20.1*. and yoturtantly Increasing.—
Pronts dorlded annually atnonsvt Chows Insalvtel eta Life.
Inttabu r././ Jan. 41 lail.-to:el •
Ittarine, Fire, and InlTind Transportation
Insurance. \
r , 'RE insurance Company of Noi•th America,
illawl,dplaili--Charterrd INS. canna/ $290.000. Assott
anuarr 13.1 , 51, 41"1.252 UT Will make insurance on
buildings and their contents In this city and Slcmlty: elan
... Proton, - of es ery dexription. ahlpp4l per /loam boats
.n.l other resuels. elthOr Ur Inland transportati.4or on the
Arthur o",,CoMst, Pro's., Thcsmas P. Cl/Pa.
nainuel /A / s Junes.. John
st 11- Sea, .
Eliari Sninth. Itirhatd It. hood, ,
lend A. brown, , , Wllllam 1V0 9 5 9 0
:tunnel V. emi r.` ‘ Fretless Ituakina, ,
fLamucl Renck. , d..kuntin Ana.a.. .
ch.q. "nrinr.s, , 1v... 6-Bowe, \
Aso bront Whin, ‘ Wsonts Aspinwall. ,
Jacob 31. Thomai. \ /am.. N. Dirtsou.
F. Morris Walla, \ ''
1./. Shern.rd, Sees.
This is the .44. d Insurance Co gamy Its the
and (rms. its lii sten:Ups. long an,flenre. ample mean.,
and atr4Filtle all not. nrnau estra hosardoua character It
U. bile.
ma! is '''''+'" j .."'" YA. ' jltn V rs .i. r iVPr. Ane nt.
Delaware Mutual Sat'etyllisinceComp'y
x y ClIANia P.. Third street. Phllalelph .
- Slot :T/auassen.-41.11.1m..T. `Mercha Ise. and other
roerty. in town and crointry., Issatinsi dust lose or
latuagt. bf fira. at the loaaat :tie O pretuin
mt it.
nt Ptanitac —Th.r aloe tante V ' Is. Cargoes
anst noon/its. toressn or coacTalse. tinder 0, ot spacial
policies. iti thew .at,. li al., JP:O, IlunsmatArtux.--Th,t eta Insure A rrhandln•
truuptlrtett I,y Wattana. Bail ron.l ears.. Ctonal ate. and
Melon b.ata, on Tinero.l lake,. an thoinoal 11 be I term/
Inas. 0nte— I t 4.1, F.l.aund .lASontlar, tehn C
I.4rin. Itotart itUrtun. John It-Penns.. V./4one]
11....1, t• Lelper, !A.m.] barthunon, barts MI
lIILLY ' Pt.IorII. Jahn Nen ha, Dr 11..11. linetpo, 4e.nniC
lintel. I'l/.4111. Paulaints. D. Sours ttrltokatt Itt, *I
..,1 , 5-114. llnnb Craig, liens, FeTrlll, cpentelr Melte 11.
CLarlimo belly, J il. Jatonton. Wen. UK, 1/,‘,..1b/s.,t
.1.111 seller.. Wm. T., re. Jr. ,
loisserena or i'MNIMILati—D. T. Morgan. 1114 h \
I John Loom •
M a T. u
se M saris, Preaklent T.1..1. C. Ilalsn. VL, Prest
, dent. .I , .[F, iv. COW., e.e.-,...r, \
1 \ b.M '''''' l.. !!' rfr i'pany, 0.4.4...\1'A'..1./tlitlra'..,ll:tall'aV."-
Ohio Laboratory
\ Copley's 'of Clad
MI EE eribers are now, Sale Agana,
E.,:f.T,cAtAtba , ,r;.lzt . get,74,tl',l.chag
of also.. oto.Steo ke. It to Made of on %of the moot
oftviblo gokofotookkne,lon; awl II Ten. ea.iftillr Wat.]
',M.lffinomuAßl o ,
E are instruhtect by the owner ta.cio.c
", mduont rat arm \upoo
for thaw, tot
rflooo 114:11
4 ., Jan.
0e.4 IPITIr A L.
TISIBRIA, sale by
I earli. tnutrtnNar
JAVA CO,YFEE - 20,bagefdr sale by
1v33 WT.f e-- NIIANDUEII.
, t\
enl e P° CO.Plt.. 3, q Yru tbe llP f: 23l : t n ' t Y.E mn ell'S k °l l
0 prietorw medkines of this count
nog Cataken, nett Rlar.o, krymtpnl•
eons arising Prom . los •
Liver CompL.lnPCatorrlr4 . h
Coughs. borenust .4 Tic riew P fts..
chi.e, ur Imn , eheen rrh....4.1 &Cia,
about tb. threat; And Is meal
.. stryprpooden.
Female Irelkners glut: Genrirk4 - Agn7 i
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O eg . sh.clog the\wiaknut tirl7 4 .e
..1 itrigoaatta the ent ,H W
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..umouy oftbotimands. of 11x1 'all par. of the etuntryk oftlAbo Yelled
I,,,,kraelon. in curing all if.... ale
uednand 'brokers down conalitutlona.
Me In its "eocuPenition. and Marvel
Mal that the client botar.
per * each maredhoat h
\ Purify t , r Bluor.
\ &ul t .i n , ` , , ,i ' el l .,l l ,, , : ' ,T7 a,'°' ' 6. ...
y mci.o .d hoe
, bait Ithe ‘ km. Eryoyelat and Mtn Alg a
cyro;.• entirety failed to make the ka
it Los ...led lq many can. of
ilium,he mud. ob.ticate Centers
1y*.m,...1.,...0*, Ive OA, Chia It is •na/
tilLltillt , cuuriiAlisrs. 1„,
th y rlreolatio \rendering the ldver
th. It rettoom a Palpitation of the ,
all ram. of Am ma, and may be uut
at all ...a of the year.
Vile by run Is epored only by- C.
-Jognbajo firm*. / ridenam. R 1, ah..., ~.... „...,
retail, by • d. X. WIC li' L lillrillASZ
~,,, A lou t fru. W.f... l'enallivankti
.. mrt,r Wank.... ne.rocr tt ood cod IS4_tis lee.Pltt g.
\ Nee ' Celebiated \ .
, 0511'01.7ND 31LOCK PLASTER.—
t The. highly coed' led pleetere bare 1.... male Ihr
Ilk .
[luau twenty years during oh:eh Own 11,7 h•e •\
gainni a • permanent r=tr , •atitoi. a. the mwt tifiCicleas
Rheom and Ittre.thr on offered. rir.
clan,./the hlchntmu. ca, to on .. U... comp.;
um lea been *unmated. h ve *teen the. envaltattorhat
AtuMen ah a, to them .upe, .r .14i•.t all other paw
'be in .1..nt.. ot their tom 14Irilirl, reryearetally mad
cor nly r. tined, render the, peculiarly applkabl• , ..,
per.. rut so .rirlar with uulmonar &tan.. ~
Fn. p,in. g,the bread. resulting rude protrOcted eold. '
whne:.• nie co b. end local pat,tu [l.• Tafite,t3'ne(Lealgis \
dl.a. ha th . lody, their beoeßclal i•harzetorla by. •
4,(7 , ti0 or ,thipute
. As . rerir 6., hutiViao h lts... ,
re r ; I. " . ".
o n es V;t7gV%l,[7.,', 2 il. 0:.%),'"....,:a.:<",:ft: •
For Ire kne od pains 1,, the L. ~1 side, rerultina
from end', , ell.ran. of the kidney, ar., their no , •
17:;n7;.. ' s .', . r o * l ' l ' : I. :W•r b ri=l L n * .ll.. 7 ,..:, ** l: l l ' ;, ' .l fnm 'li l i n,2.l . l .
. •
" t?, ' ,..;: *. a u i.. I .?4,Trft, *. el * .j ' . '.. !.•l[l, *b tlf, ' .% '.•' o ' n ‘l a.; . . th'''‘.
;Anti their le n, ....I .. en. will le. found i.- deckled. „ .
**'..... *.
I" '
* d ' it . .. V'XI.L Plot. a , ' ix...a rt. = \melt
fIEALOIi). 'I Iti ( J \ TENT ;;TAit II POL- ' \
Cl!a. i V. l :e!',,lV. N..°. '',t^'.',.ntr.:,lz;',.:r:z , 7 4Lgr. .
ego pr.. 1,. in. Ii n i 11-. li.i .11...ri11i: in [lin 1.:,..n0.1 dr*
il ~.ti 1.• n.hhtne rive, In r Whee , lel •
g a li .) ,•h r tV;ilV•il VC . , l et t 4:l ' ; ' ;Zi..Xk l [ . :,l:X7 - : . : . : l ({2;gt .'" h i lt
ly rralis..l. e. Li, ...tion ‘ im feared ' after Wt. go
N li.-Dor. ''aka wl/1. thlrly‘dozen ol clothe*, an an .
family rhon .Id no without t. , ,
Itn, 1111,. eon. intr Cake kerb Coke with full direct
Tor cola's m• 1 . . t. In tt .1.1.:IIS.n; W..,
--- • - ,
- There a, more tint.. lone u and earth.
• t•Than non dreamy* .flu. Ain., hr." . ,
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Bladder and Rohn, n, Pull.. in the hank or Sala, '(4enroutt . '
Diert.l,.. Neural... Itai.y. Rhemontle Paine, lloitt.sAryalp
elan, Tvllcr. Ringworms, hurt. .. I n n, Bruise., Old \ bones.
*... le. In re..e of debility. ra,nnuarut from export*, op . ,
loos and protnetud ..... of thw..e. this medicine \ will ,
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Sold by the propnetor, , , ,
. R. KIER, Canal 114. a. 01. Seven. ~
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'lt Las cured Piles. after oilier medlines Nara U.' \
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*muting, and of the. worst.d Won Painful *bare, 0 1 ..., \ ' ‘ . \
has cured Cboteris florbua h[.t. ~,, two owal. ft • ,
cum! old,caer* of Diarrlvra, In w ch Meer, 4lhee .e.•tr s
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Shatlt Le better then any modicolengnotionds o' -
that on know of. It will cure elalbtair* aml .
In a few applications: undoubted tegtinumy c
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Curry, Allegheny :try , an the agUrita ' ' '
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Inn., in eheating a more of Chronic diaesows.
dent nf that esultwot phydolan, Doctor Physl
graduate of the University of Peonsylronla.lar •
year. Pine« Tim barn engaged listha invent
ea.e. iliiii tho opplkatlon of remedies thereto.
'Through the ow of hie inflating tube, in nos
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and fatal maladieet Tulerenlar Counumpt
Scrofula Rheumatirm, A.thom. Fes. and Ai
all kinds. cum.:Lk Errrirot , ‘ .. ,1 .tlitiu....
rase. peculiar to female. Indeed, ,„ :..a f,
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Dr. Itonen.
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The alllicted aes, Invited to call oPcst the agent, \
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J. Schwan:taker A Co., nta 1T..1 rt. PittsbUrfd . '
J. M. Townn , nd. Druastitt .14 Market at,.•
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Lau A. Bankhim, Druit.l“. snear the Pool OfinakAlleatilla
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.eb Barkley, D.linclt n, Iliaverunt. Pa
John Elliott, .no Valley, . -
t Adam, Resior.
augl2-ulle `. .
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I the Renders of the' Pitieb —r— tughlittettet.
lULLIC ‘ VENTION is ' resfottetfullY in
ytta to 40,, loving truths, set Mal to relation to '
one . vthe 1144. i important remedies of madam timed
Sglitul..}.:7sl ILK IIUCK OIL, it to not mere than pew
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all other madams have avlaritotteri. The Perregenak la
• Natural litmody, elaboro \I :1 Jo to demos of to o ygokin
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es.p. titiAL Itls • ;our duty, heu we write about.
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todo thic as are
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eta of Lb• Petroleum. , . -,
Within Abe Imo, Ova modem.. Sao of ano ewe dawn;
who went Wan, blind. L./onshore .n an o . SOT.
coal ewe., of blindwee. I. lb. &MO of * Isl. base
cured gad, al" Ow ewe of • sonar.= I n ver country
rhea, e g o oth o og hula., an a ge , up eo Lop, and mat -
be referral so by any wawa whajarr• doubte.ou thews.
lea. Those plays ewe cured atter th hod Nay Islatder.
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used aawading he diattlone.‘- ' ' $0:02.17,
nliteureal.=,Liont. Neuralgia, lireetions rat f Wa g
Van re on the Drs. Chronic gore gram, talyeertorm. Tana.
Dew, mingle the broom awl Lointb old eared, Lam.
W. , * Art* Clingibd Coughs, asthma. Diu hula„ Wei
Pubs:weary &ascii*, of a chnuale nature, wading tor.
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Berms and
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m perfect sums. Certillailos LINt will astonish are hi
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,11,6__z. z. Pallor, to: Wood sliest; ti. li. Cira. At
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0-4 Jo cheap, emir to Wm .& I Moldy etterselorsil .
\ ALLamter eV, Mareh 94,1771.
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13.1.1f,119i about your Lomas ...yrup In,gles It • Vial. .1 \
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I, IpLiir , ended it to air neigh ' do see.
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It. Z. &ULLA
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LATENT MELeIcINES, dec.—A lergioik
t., att., kn. foe ..In cti the most Missal
kin's Ointment' \ .A.rotentla Snlten7 I
Lemon Acid \ liMmm !trope\ \
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Elo ' - Lamm. of l'eyperstanC
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. Blue '''\
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Strengthening Out.. II ner`s Lkommot
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