The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, December 15, 1851, Image 4

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ICOSIKRII .A.SID. TES °MOMS 0.7 Tell 11011110.1.DT .
-4111;dalit Lines introduced - Mortimer Livingdon
Esq.; and other gentlemen, owners of the Steam
ship Hurobigdt: • M. Rom:till expressed. much
- gratitude . fortielr - kind liberality. We copy.
front ilteCourieri— •
- • . _
au . mot sufficiently express to you, gentle
men my esteem of your great act of kinJnesa.'
then theMffer was made, I felt a difficulty, and
unwillingness, to acceptit, it-was so great, sad,'
at the name time, so unexpected."
Mownxita Levine:Bros, Esq.—ln the iiseep•
, Xiamen!: our offer, sir, you conferred on us an
honor: _
Kossmt—Ahl it was'indeeil a kindness, Pnd
I thank you, kentletpra, alga, cn behalf of !my
desk...wife. (Here Kosath's Miee RIO observithly•
*hanged, and his large blue eyes - because ex
pressive of n tendenteits approaching to tears.)
No one knows better. 'he continued, turning to
CaPt:Lines, the need she had of all the com
forts with which she was,snrrounded. on hoard
your vessel, .and I particidarly thank; Captain
Lines for his continued courtesy, kindness and
attention. To day; -warmed and curoumged by
the ree'Pption hero extended to us, her appear
' ance.has entirely changad; her epirits loose re
tattle& nhe - has something of hope and joy. I
am so glad—she has 'Mitered no much. (Here
Nossnth's eyes filled with tears.) surpris
•shat the kindness I have received; I urn deeply
moved. that my true, my faithful companion,
who has clung to me through the most adverse
.circumstances, and 'cheered ma with all the
strength fif
,woman's sublinie, devotion, feels ee
much at home. All attentions :ere doubly eon
noble tome, paid to her nod tap companions in
. .eatile, - whom, next to fatherland, are dearest to
'any heart"
The Romish Bishops of Ireland nre4ietract
ing their position, in which they braved a pros
ecution on the Ecclesintical Title BiIL A for
Gip paper says
• ,
• • The;"Lion of Judah" sends a letter accepting
an inv i tation to "grace" the banquet "about to
'be given to the Mayor Sternberg, signed simply
t 'JohnMato:" This is the first instance on
cecord of a similar act tie humility and obedience
to the law of the land being perpetrated by
4 Jo_hrt, Archbishop of Team."
• ; -
A new.. college, b contemplated for Western
Now Yorg by the Presbyterians. The locution
virifl'he given to Buffalo or Genesee—to be deci
ded by the amount subscribed by the friends of
these locations respectfully. .
A Carwrat PALM': to - New Youg.—A peti
tion .is about to be presented to the Common
Councils of New York for the .0 of Madison
square for the erection of a Crystal Palace to
accommodate the secood Great World's Fair in
1852. Mr. ,Pfixtori has made the de-sign-500
by 280 feet, two stories and •the contractors
agree to hare the structure completed in three
months.! Mr. Riddle, United States commis
eidner to the . World's Fair, has the pledge of
some seven hundred contributors of article.
There IiTO Ewe thonaand and Sateen canal boats
oa the Erb canal,- which, IS placed in a line,
A'espt o little less than *2,500, 000 is used
in the various branches of tho salt manufacture
at Nyvtcuse; !N. Y. 4tld. the products of the
epring , has increased from 154,071 bushels in
1.805, In 6,203,919 bushels in 1850. There are
10,000 Vats employed for coarse or solar salt,
and 10;000 kettles. for Inc salt, producing 100,-
000 bhihels pen week, consumption of 12.0,000
cords of wood pvnally. Nearly a million of
barrels aro need r, every census for packing salt
THE SUBS•RIBER has just received a
twat admirabl and thteneive int of Pianos of 0, ids.
7, octave.. fin.• the oelebrited factory of S. L. bow
ha.m.among • • 6 , --
, 6 reoewood Pianos, r net- gothic tat& t•
• •••• do , do tt; act,do.,
7110. ‘' One or DU. lIA - .11 . 8 faroits 7 o•t CONCERT
1.1/114.08.0gual to and Plano In power and volume o•
Pale. Theae Pismo h pew and Iro,cor.l
log a ger7 lane felt °vend hammer. tad that afford..
all the adythrafrea a crawl Plano. „Th oo e public op.!
to is a d
14nr i eN11:766 " 4 P 16 " ??. I Ve r :6ll ,
Mums. smith &Nth. n. of Cincinnati. at the Mechanic:
Par, aod pronto, - • the toot Piano enter brought to
that .64-12666 e • .11.1 -power arid 6.6.46i6,19 of tau,
am solastieltf of.= • Thi at.. Mpg re the Uniden Carp.
N.M.—New Imam: ••ents entered Into with Mr. Don
t arthentbko that su • her sellthis Ilithoo 10 per rant.
pwer than kreaterir than enabling eat . lin , '"
Oedipus here. than at the cast Call and examine beiCo.
parchatlng eigewear no M.
1 0AP-100 b Cin., for sale by
lb del WICK t bIetaNDLESS
ACK:RI - TEI;- 7 ?AO bble..NO. 3;
100 'bbla.
ltkl kits .4
n, r. Fix br
S ALAD 01L---11.1 basket for sale by
4211.0 CALM. SODA—D./ kegs New Castle
tbi. eae by ant' J. FUIIiNTWIAKKR
red l eyniNUAli;il.ll
Sko=i J. 4CI
Great Sale of tong Shawls at low prices
AA. BiASON‘ it CO. will open on Tuesday
nharnini, December .1, at their Large Shoot Sa
ad-13M., of Long Falange. which, dwell, with their
hroTtorta ctock. will mak. the mast caten,tre Eilflart este
trer held. In thh. del
1 1": 1 0PAL , I/ARISE:I—in - 1)bl. and half blii3
o 1 Flsiiies,scrapicg.l,ll2rdnii artl.lnet Pr, Ink for
. ncen SClio h Litt CO
d'iciFFEE- 7 314 bags Rio, in r sale by,
'LI • Lel MX 11TIIEVtic t
I,V.Atb PAPER —A full tod caied ,
sortuvmt,Just reed ... trom acevero Ichuoteto.
. 00 .. 0 ( Or lv- • talk , . PALM hr....
l'l,lhA beau:4W and rich c.d., ire cal. by
Fitl'll PAPER OURTAINS—A Landsoint.
rtruc*Autrrcrived and tor stttbt by ..
l'tlttS. VALIUM.
~ , - lim_A. blethorg i. Co- bm.sefunt rrntivrtl it 4...
11•11ihost•of , Sta .lebralel ',toren 1,,p" TrAinglip.on
'la. Whirl:, IS tiblyeisally setrlowt.lpml to the ...., So I+•
little alma a utty t[ll sod inaportoll into this rountol ,
. Pelee SLP9 par lb. ChM,. Oolotr.loo 50 GO cut. No .t
TALLOW -5 Lens. I.Seef;r
-19 aria J 1 tr, >1
sto24 W. 11A c.IIA
I IIGAR--10 hPs.. N. 0., f e ur sole 1 1
• naftl S. IIARBAuGII.
A EIIISVS. CANVAS-2.sopie. prepared
UM.. &reed, for Bale br J. KLUD a W..
• Go W 604 EL
ANADDER-123fX) lbs. fine fimbro, for as
, or. J. KIDDY CO. fa Won.ll,
lba - Clarrot's fO1:
`SNUFF--800Or J. KIDD , ea Hood A.
lbs."for sale by
no'= g. J. KIDD t 4AL, Git Woad 0..
, IZAL AMMONIAC-1250 lbs. for sale by
'.1.. tU. so= • .. J. KI DD • CO, GU Wood 0.
1- ' I/if ' SII MOls. Fresh and White,
. —----- S , C=J ii i
w ' ; rstc . J. KIDD k CO.. 0, Wool A.
CLOVER rt TIMOTHY SEED, for sale by
. .5. a H.-FLOYD.
. " 4 1 3 Ago by accl)
..i i il,3ma• , ___
~10t,ROOMS-740 0 doz. Dry Corn, for male by
.IJP 'no*/ ' P. P BIIRIVEIt
. . , s
ihtrhSB4Gb.r.FLAIIN,R.,,,,,s. _.,, ii Mll, 7 h ln , &
~, ,i, , 'ii and nth; r toltturew or PT:Plo:i'lennelj. "
.i i 2= or! hnndr;the gennuine Thirmbrioneble Wel.
te no . l7
'''' ItOKAtrOob, for Novem b er, -----,
- eft 7ohrnelfee Norensbor. r
r Cheek. dull. of. Wu : a new wart by Doorlet
.• • '3errold—prias 1216 ennui., .
• ritenetred st 11001PS' Litersir Deput. 74 Third erre:
• • nytwalte the Poet Mow " nrtlS
..,...mup.p...y...I3I.IItCHFIELD, N. I:. c or
-.. i. ls , Of i rkilh .. .tat Market Merle. hurl reeemtli
..Zrt?A.NDlAlrailt 1,110 GOODS: ere ill riTtr W to F tei
„ , :....artfaru,,,=l...l b. 7." //muntilr. nn enten oo rtir ,, e yr
-11110-COFFER -100 bags ; prilhe 'Green;
COlllO,Ol. for rod. bi
• • ""
FRESU TRAS-:-35:11f. ch - est. 4 Y. 11.•
O. P: 'sod
Zrlif <torts Work: for role Irr
.rsolS . JOILN,WATT W.
BROOMS 5o doz. for solo by
NANO COVERSLI dos, Vulcanized In
BMA.. Mx., isnot iced horn Do s urt,and fo
s MN Rubber Dn.. 116 Ilarkst,st.
n 022 .. • ' J. It H. PfiII.LIPS
- - .
1:11CASH -10 casks prime, for sale by
ifas - - J. KIDD It CO.
DOLL BUTTER--15 Ciro— ve,
nub,. .' • J. , * IL /LOYD,
. Itomod.Mo.nsh 1in11,1113.
"10 boos Itusrell a tiobinsmen Pee Lump;
For . J. k YLOYD.
A BDOM23-400 dos. Poland,or sale by
J. A . R. FLOYD.
• -(11,45,1 61.0AKs!:-4. AfeKNIGIIT.
ClrattrLts'atabcrtzed tg u toc k r . ga,LArd
armt4=10,..... early =will vecore • bar
INo - _pip acqt ,to of Trimming., r
Na or sale by
LARD OIL--L" bbie.
hikeJDA LT.M1.1.,
SNTiNirTS. TUltPl_ f.or
-----IJTTA P.EIC—CIIA!—Just re u 'Al, 4; cam-
G, 'pieta. aniortmtni: of Doan Denbo aced, eboolstlee
to pm of the Ibllnvieff: Doll Hoed; throe sime ideroo.
Doze and nefellwoo. Coed Plan. MK lefhoo. Dlvli
Boooter,apitlbooo, YonnoLo nod Dottie, of didonont .lu , ,
FalentOollspsebloOtlsoefooduitideory. Pieter. V f AAR%
II:= Doe tirgc4= eeda1f01.t03.11.R.4.: S . DiT i t p., d al,
-and Jiii Inch Wand Cord, Ifllfie ',solely ot i ertiVtro Ml6 '
er n
eo to eeeetton.,. for oilo of; flO.ll0 11 3Ii.totot oltoot , '
oitgaat--4 hh6. for oale-by
: Tab; '- • •
Seoced, and 151 First Fti.
• . -
A MADYIANY 6 octave, rpodern - made
ilk P 1..• having, t t lfa ut tl y a . g . ..Lr d ,o o r i tl . i,e yr., for Bale
b :,. ° 47 l 4ant kioa.lrca.l Piano, .ria octave. to biro
'7 ' Fianna on hand end fur al
A 1 .. r•
.101 IN LI )1E1.1.On!
ri.v to WO.
NRESII TEAS-5 0 hf. cheats Y. Ilpox;
o.,.(iungrerder it I 114•Prial.
hr. Vtlaer. Tr.
[rolf.l J tit 11.0111
I EATIIER-150 sides N. Y., for snit. by
II roll' .I.A It. FLOYD.
puT ASII-25 casks pure, for&
rue by
J.Oll DT
do T z . . , f r ? x r
solo by
.11 1 n. 14
PPLES--;i0 bblu. reed on consignment
um sale by T. 10001 , •..IN.
Dol.{ 01 .t.
ORAL-1 care for sole I.v
UP putt KEYFEIt •M. OoNfELI.: It
.11 1 ..r10r q uality. ti,r wlr br
toll KEYSr.I3. t SI,.10IW1:1.1., rt.
"RESIT FRUIT-3 casks lanto i'orrnntr.;
11 }I. R.
t AL • It.
VAX" 10.1,a
2 Cam,
O. 1111.1.1AM:i &CO.,
t VV
11.1 111 re,
Iv Asti BOARDS--. 511 oz. iit.ltni•A' Pat.
Tr,,,, 10t for isle J. wijuAw , Co.
BLACKING— 110 di,.
b, II .11.1.1 A Alf , A Co..
140 T ,ASII--10 imi-10 , or sale liv
,f wt1.1.1A51 Al,
INTER G LOW ES—Now in store, a rim
- i dete tasurtment.. r ) !row
1. per I .D. 0. A. MASON a CO,.
tut* . Slark..lotrat
hare ott oral.tkument o lwr F e lot .4
r ehwe will sell ulaler the of Inat.vbie .
ual3 I. A. NIASON • CO.
NDIA RUBBER IliMilNti—Just reed ,
21 Cott, haw,.
pair lan..
4$ Long 1..ega1n..;
nth m uplete law rune= .i s le. of 11. t. al,l
Cj J. • 11 PIIII.LI
.no ln
13 Nu. 116 NI ',ILO .t
_ M
A LU-60 bbls. for Halo by
IL--10 bblii. Winter Lard Oil, boding
tar rah. by o. BLACKBURN • Co.
0 i lIEESE--500 prime Shipping;
• " e""""..
"'' .Vit ' c r .ZN ' t..ll . .P.E
PPLES-70 bbls. for eale by
nol3 J Ic CANT( F:1.11.
A In the um. of tiutta I.•hcr Note, whiel)
,ond to loom durable Itmo ...saw), and to lw,tla. fret
drr and rototortald, tarsal.' Iw.h
on) et 110 Market.. (t..,19 J. l 11. yIIILIAIS
1 11 - 110 SIN & TAR-50 bbl, N. C. Tar;
:So." Kopta:
Par «We 1,0 loolSl J 011,4 , ATT A 00
I EATRER-200 PH Neon orl,
14 • 6 doz. I.'alf 01(no, for ...le by
UCKW HEAT - 1.00 sarks far
LP loolhl Willi a .11rt'AN(1,13(((S.
IJir".4 UN COVERS--2 doz. India Rubber thin
enser... o' a/1 [b.. difdifferent lev¢tL., lust rved avl
1.• at !o. 116 Market prreet
null J A II 1•1111.L11,
i.ifr PreAerterg and J arket.,of
Man tztacturnt. for Ade. tb• Ito biwr a. iIL :q.t., .1.
ut.l4 J. (1 VIII L 1,11% .,
A.LERATUS--Isbbls. for sale by
if a 111 ER 17 I N 1.:13 A11—.51 1 bls. for Bob e by
it MCI S En Nr ER.
HICKORY NUTS-30 LotrlA. for finle hy
nom s 61111.11'iaL.
WIN DOW GLA.SS--'2OO las Sl.lO awl It)
nnal B. P. SlOt IV ER.
g k I LS, TUItPENTINE, A 1.,1`0111.11,,
151 1 :1•1.1..
1n thlr. Tanner.' Oil: V-nitian 110:
to " finlxlta Turpentine; 10 " Glue:
1;13 110 ker. While loa,1:
i ' 2 nark. eal
nntO \o.l/.1 P, , ,.1
Cold Weather has Come.
.I . IIO,. f NZyO.II ,, G ,L ET, I[
~. !1 I
i ES , T .
sto 1. t'l.lrTlll Sin. lfe
s, to so. 7 1 troltlahrl rtrrrt.
rioll . Di:v..l • •11.1._
I,i , LAS-3 tons for sale 11
V rloZ Mfg Mcalaba•Ll:a,...
dr 111 LORIDE OF LIME--Of the best goal-
Ily. aannantly an band .5,1 for rale by
limns nrr. BERRY a CO.
nol3 front at, near Marla..
B UTTER -20 bozos prime Roll,
,Past reed
and tar ode by J ft CA NN MD
PaEARL ASII-10 tons No. I, CA Y.L gale by
nola . AL D.
(aODA ASll.—We areprepareil to contract
irith 01s. Manafarturrrr sn•l ty, trot. a•ner...l,
fin . Wm purply of Pals A.. 14. durin, Mr vs mt., al tr.
BUCKWLIKAT FLOUR-1141 bags bulled,
In Stonn and Inr.4 e
t.aes Cre2.l:ll;
41 -
Landsuz awl for by I. 1,11.1i1.1
a.n...1 11..0!
II.AAVLS! SIIAIr LS!—Now opening at
I. A. A. MA LION k CAI 'rt. 1,11,, Gas 2. St-. tn.: . .1:111/ If
cf rilliant and ta-rniaui•ut eiplein
LANK ETS !—Now on hand over sr.() rr".
Amenrit.n.fiii, tnT Fiviii . h, of I-. 1, 1144, 124..n.1
„I ...-Tp. bin li - ibl Milli,
.iiiirlearid daill.l. vi11...1. Aba, a
<ltmid , is . ii,uctsiiiint I Crib and ern.ll/. Illaziti....
A..% NIASLIN a: eii .
~,r,. .. ... .
....., ~,,,,, 1:4 , 115(1...1 .i
1 A RII 0.1 L—1.5 bbbi. No. I. (11. Intel%) for
1-4 :01 ' ''' J.'ectiooNss.thi , k a oi.. 14"...1 t.t.erb
A R.R.OIV ILOCIT-300 11.14. Am.. for hale. by
PI not • .1. KIIJO A bbi .
( , REAM T ARTA IL-210) 1118. for male by
l) unt .1. It IOD t f.}.1., MR..010-
( 1 01/ LIVER 01.1.--Rup_bton, Clark &Co.'s
) arnu6.. lu bulk or by tlol.lrbrur Ir i n i r;tl , r ,... rfor by
AI XI% tit. to prevent Bal•lnese al ad Gehl' Hair. W re`ter o
the hair .b.. It btu hallu nll nr herume thitt. hr.! tt.ettre
• . . . . . .
etleetnsll , ilevrlT or Dandruff_
.r. troo.r pr, reed and lot osis 1.,1.1, Soros ,s- • if.i. Wt
Co. Co the drug rtrrts of S. N. W1rKra11.11.4.51.
nal 'IV,sl ..Irrsl.....irr.rr of i!rth
4.; 1.1(lAlt LEAD-9110 lbs. Whitn, for sale by
SO . nal J. COIL) t CO, 4,0 11per:1 wt.
BACCO-10 0 boxes Sherwood's .s's and
no rnos4-31.1nant 1.0.1 tor .ale by
1..)., UTTER—LOW lbs. prime I)mir; , fucked, a
P Tonle b, JOHN At' AtT t CO
it 10LASSES--- - 20 bbls. S. II: Syrup, for
l'ila Pile Los by JOHN WA . 1 . 1 , • INI
0..111 owl Has raornlat 10 rsrlont of 1. Look 011 k
ACC. of .11 strulttles sod width.. '''''
INDIGO- 3 euroons best S.F., 2 Moho Mod
i der for tali by nrlll, J t 11, VlAlll.
. •
1.1 , ICE-1 0 tee freoll Carolina Wee, for Alai!
ii.tir oral J. • IL! V1.01(11.
11 OSIEItY—A. A. Illksori & Co. bare reed
I'.oo do. (lesbmr,s, I.srsbs W Dbl. tillS,Ar tli lk. and
ll , slsty, evmprlsin,l Ow oust e.. 1 1 ,11 1 11 1 ,. (kitlbw,
here ever. szblbl.l. sr bleb Net will sell srmurb los.
than usual. Q7%1
_. . ..
/COFFEE-78 bagel prime Rio, arriring and
1..),(14 Mb. by JOIIN WATT 6 6/.
nut"! to make Dant. 00... t. and ronmequently 0011-
1. URN!. Vbrn mood Sour I, nand. A full dlrection aa.
mtnpante• auk package. Vat . 40 by
oe.Y.. J. 0101/ A 00.. fa Wont et .
COFFEE - -500 bago Rio, far vale by
it J nos : ISAIAH DICKY.Y At CO.
BANK OIL-27 bblu. dor sale by
-2) hhda. N.O. Sugar 3. bbls..N. O. Slnlokek.
kor axle by . /ANY.* DaI:LULL.
RITISII LUSTRE-2 emma for Rale by
not 11. N. 0131.1.0.00, :7 Word mt.
UST reed at No. 251$ Liberty street—
Lm tot.. Fresh Unned;
Is .. .. Conlon Prows - wed Dry Glrmr:
1 rase Jallles and Jun.. put up In fatty Pot, by
I Underwond k 1k.... Itsoms
0 baara Vremla Citron:
2 .. •• Lemon and °rangy Peet. candlek
7 : ~,,*.i* c4, - br::::::"'"°"*"'
100 Ftegh COMA Null
to'd.,'''' lot
;.4.1. 1 .117;3.11LiTe 00.
na. linkers and Tea Doak.. -
tal doe.
J Oustotta 5 dos. Tuber for eel. br
00 $ AMES. DALZELL. 59 Ness rt.
LIQUORICE ROOT --,- 2000 lbs. extra fresh,
for tale by J. KIDD a OD.
e '
Alf= ' SIADE BLANKETS.—IiIuspur ‘4.
Doteartno have ads day reed a large lot of sups
nor me made Illeoltras, very cheap.
Also. St stilt, borne made FLAN DDIAL Northeast cor
ner of Fourth awl Market eta. ea
CliklecAl TARTAR - 12 blots. pow'd, war
jfod'i pu", 'jr
Q. ALA 6 OIL -50 baskets for sale by .
i ILI' ER. SAND — IS Mils. for sale by
a 0,..... 11. A. VAIINKATOCK it DO.
\TEN. REI)-40 bids. bright Eng., for solo
to , K. A. FA :MTN.% is go.
(a ENNA—IOOO lba. prime Alexandria, for
male by B. A. VAIINKATOCK A. CO.
VINEGAR —5O bbla. for Palo by
V ANIIIA 13EANg—'20 Ibm. fresh, for sale
V by B. A. PAH NrtrrOCK A C.I.
BURCHFIELD 13.ra juot open.,llut -sugurlumul al
uk 2 Blue. (Irani, Orron Fu.•lthut
L ( c 111 , 111 . Z . FE nt. FlO ,,,,,, Jl{! Da
mirth owl PJArk , t Atte.,
UTIIIII.--Fresliitoll, in boxes, read daily
A.l) J. B. CANFI F.I. U .
• .. _
'S:OO boxes rec'd and for sale by
otaa : ; J. B. CANVI
7plisu-1 LGIs. Gako Tryut;
rm no.t
I cc , J. B. CANYIRLD.
van]) la.Griswald's
More Hew Goods.
ASIES A. McKNIGIIT, No.62Fourth it.,
barurrired osoond MOW, of Toll and Winter
rtor nonjoritr of which haring Non wurohowed ret
tbc limo suction alder In the es..tern odic, during the
r recru.:Zi'ptgl'..'l7l:VonYl7.llPrrtiell=:,t+6l;?t,
• -
Brocba Long Ehawl, rPry &cam Nab> C.aahraire
Sonar. Ebawbe Itay Etatep, at inanufsetuteea
prime, Preneb Merlon, and I...kwhEarreg Fan
ellko, very dvatrabb:
Cloak. Cloaking, dc., ac. ne2,l
DAM Ali ED 110011S1—A. A. TilmioN & Co.
will own. on Monday, Nt.setub,, 2.3tb. 11 m...s of
nlightly• dams , :rd weer. mm1;41,1121, Ca+
11,,harn, Flanorla. Lonna. I....heek ,F . , of
• bolt will be ..hl al ne-arly one Lair the 11,11 . 1 Dd..
Card. •
th inforr i n , their
at”.. , pen r , :(11NI , la:, supply or G.:U.1,1.111.7:J ' ;
trad, aul attenfunCto unusually full want-
GOODS. in ,eat cartel Het) printed
C/nburg,, Preneh llrrlum. 51u,lin tie
Longand t'quarv.—Nevr atyle Broth., very
CnAmerr ',Vont dn., plain ant pat atYleA
blark and eetiomdlhod, he.
It r+ plaid itildone, Libra and half toollroincdn., new
'l l4;; " la d v ' e '
rereived • further eupp y s
Shirting kity,loo and iri.h Linens. and Fitapli Goode " ,tej
erall: and nI I will be eold at low
Mr ordPr.
Linnet., Merchants. are invited in our er'holcrale
up "lairs, whore timid, are .Id load oe2l
4.,,1 11 . ,K WARP l'ArtAbiltTAS—Justreo ' ll
1 at A. A. MA:4IN A 011.1 t. 02 and f 4 Nlarket st. mil
v., I a 0, , . Itnri nine nit hood 110 dna. id Cash•
mi le. P.M. Viewed. Kid. and other tilowee Also. every
d...ription of Hosiery, noinprleing more than 1100 demo.
Le 4
1 I . l . l)—Opening dnilr at A. A.
4.,...,,a,6.0ux adi;.`‘i.f.Ll:ll..l;.....°llL"L";:::,blSußZ:'.",
I . araturtins. Aliarenit
LI LLKS! SILKS I—Now opening ni A. A.
of very 14,111.4tab1e Plaid Silks, rome • low 11.
To mote, ado,
111 piece. rich lare
in 110 elemiu il l
limn. , dn.
UNN ET R18R0N.: .... .—A. A. MASON &
mnrktinit =mirth.. Of tt , b
Pet phi , d„,,,
EW I'LA II) BON N El' 11.111130N5 -- Mur .
pi, A Butchfield have teeingnl a fen.h.ulltir ewe
ihnoth. Id hove ~.roved • toll assortment of Moo'
to. it•—rolue es Ikkie per daskt —and alenimmcionlot
klmire.... at SISO per yard id or
_ .
) Lli v I:II , DOESKIN S-Ilurrigly
iiesertoores, 0,0 and fent, wtl . V . hTl7ie ' ; 4 iire
lea —also auk', Week and clothe, and • cart.
odd nt oty ler eepecialty aiep.l for tore' wear. nen
Awe F.W 0001151 NEW GOODS I—A. A.
i a v.. open within 11,0 twat few .1,100.
nr•erd" id .01 hundred klut,' and paokage. of Poreisin
Lod 1a...t0. no which the attention of •tuile.
rode and retell our. Lover" I. invited.
—A. A.M Nv CO will 'own this der .f easesW, 0.10 43.0^ ur6
—Sow ea A. A. 51A60N A CO 'B—itki pit',.
00 "Wt. rodd French Morin. and Thibet Clutha. .1,6
(havepat received 16 caw., id
stiles C.l.mno an u
Now constantly at W. kIeCLINTOCIVP
erred 'Warehouse, tin. h.) Enurth street. to whlrh ta
ro, the aneroid. of the.wistilue te furnish hoot , nr
Stseolieliod, at we will Nell lower ilkau ever before in (hie
ORSE. FOR SALE—A very desint...TL.,..
Mr Family lion, warrant. pernotly thal4pondika:
Ra M il na. Enquire J oIJuaINu
24Wit K Cl',
ood at.
invitee the attend.' rif purel.ora. an he Is determined le
well lower than ever heifer... Mired in this market. at the
.11 aitardixl,l Carry , Want..., No. 00 Foirtl. et_
• K. the Att^ptirm earr,ge
tuaortv. - ttirer, lArge cf Wu. a 0.11,1 1, I IAt.A,
till aftl l'rothitsg •tll pen Al reau.,.l
I•rine , At the Wx,bnur, °aril% or I
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hoe. ast.le.‘mrcnr. It A IN CA ot nes •33.1 rtet
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len.l,rt wishtmt W luroi , th InewintKratAnt
f0i1. , ?7 A cal At the Clap. ,
11' )Icl'LiNTtCh.
(7A ItI'ETS-- -
the,. de,ermitte.l .ell lower than ever twtvo
tnArk: Call at Mu old eatAbLl.h , l t.!a;pet
I,use. mirth wt
r IN A PESTILY CA Ill'ETS—Nt , w and rich
• it, • ts.m thrne tr ,
IV 'ffr,t.!;.lsitrn•g,.
I IIIHE SUBSCRIBER haring now retched
hia anti, stock of PALL AND tWINTKft tatatal,S.
•ould nrpeettully inforna lal. eustorden ••:1 Lb. both,
124.2 t hr la prepared to alapon of tal• dards, caber •1301.-
, male of 0,11, -2 ttET 1 , 1 ,,,, erica.
Ile bat Ita Dry 11t,41. all the Mania. . •111 . • hart•
etteck of Pitney Mon Onala wenol.ritang to Per. -
. 4-4 1.14. u. Mime. par evening and strut donna. vett riot.
41 lircewle Mika. " " "
Plain Black atilln, all prlent and wiltbs,
nrwale Black r‘alk, • ••
11 .
, Watand Mit. a11y. 1 ..a
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?Inaba do Lelneg.
Tog.rtar with n rr: h tact!Uldltro ' lle C hlrrale twiles• wo.
1 ":..". 1. ," :t i v i iti n.. " ' " V:,71 . ',7 , 7rai..1.....,
i 4 1 - , ICI.II 1••.4 Table Doro.Lta.
'it'. aaol la-1 Pam. I: Nottl•tto awl boffin - .
Liottladz ltiaper awl taro. 1 . 0,11i,r,
Iticb llzobd plan, abtl Table 1'..f1r... en', good,
alar..lll,•trottta, growl,. Fornitun. Ihmlll . P0zi.t.1....1
0ur,...1.• Slawrtaltt. ,
Nit tURSISO DRY (104.,(0R,
L't'"' i" •! ' ' / . .t .,b ire ‘ tl2.la2no, 1.1 and 04 wade:
10.-k (I.lto tl.tth,
hl Bra Mohair tnato,-,
eta. W Gal. n , o l Clonr,
1 , 13 ,- I: Chan.,
rs,::,,tb. Yeanch sod Itaflan tamp., Mate awl eras..
11..41. 1.1...a0cett....4 t•lence, Omen owl c WI, •11.....•
and ,, iln2erri. oil .
eery , t attleb Good/ alit Le warranted ..1 ........1
' ''''.
JALLS A atchatlt.'llT
lk.i Uli SE DR; LAIN ES, in great variety Of
JT I •ty to, route and watt...L(l , M / - 1 , , (111 0,1. 1.11.
grade. An 1.1.0/1111•11 . 1 1. 1,1 1 1 , .1, 1, 1, 1
' 210rNIft 1 A LID 11.1211,1151.0, i
tet ':-. Nteth /...a.,-orre , 4th and Lariat ael t eat -
. . .
. I Tt, to • ant .1 ' 0,....1 C1at0.... ••Il no • :bit
INEAT 13. ft 1313 ED 0 CNIIIIAMSMurT4 . „.,....,„„,... ~,,,,,r,,,,,
IN . Itt.e.t.tell hare re.wir•ti
Al . ankh ...flaw.% t 4 ,t 1 . ,t 0.., ..• t• - 2 1... e 11 arp. •.w 1,1 Th iel ,
a_.,.. ~,...1. ~I s I,ll* . , J -1,10 ' ai.. 0 supply of nal .. Lau ;
~,,„‘„, a nt i.,.....nter 01104 hosed , *ea., 2 I Nearatranc.
t il 01 IN :$,,,-Mi - No. 111 y,..i street.
0 , ASWIEILES AND DE 4.AINEn'tI-- li ea
tit , „, ~, ~,, ~,,,,,,L , „ 4. ,,,,, „,'„,.„. 4 . 2* ~,,, 4, ~,.;
~t taa ot.a.t. rad Wm 0110. toe new tad rout.? •••••-• . t
me iOl .21.te1,1 st ...g.lOl AA it ArelN aOl 3 ..„ ,., :,......„. ~ ~, ,. ..r .
~.,,, .„. 1... „ . 4. ~..,
A. 111:7SON .4 CO. have on hand, and '.. '!7 , ' 1 7 . 1.^.:;(7,7 , 77.“”7 . 7. 7 0.
~.. .irzi. z .r,
A.,, tot rto ren•pt n 1 lAN,' 11,31.1111,. ot New lin , . tf=bo.,l ; gieop:ott. . a t 1 ,,,. Q.... , awr.
t0, a• 3 t-h %wet ~en.... • /1•13 , 1,T, Lo. Lam " .......,,.,„,..,,,.. „..„.. ~..,,.
~,,, o r wrroqr Or, 11 1 111 (1./111,11..." 112 pr.* and truant, ro r e Cror.o.-r. I I. ',rt, 0.4 het
••••r , Tate v "..m..•.• do.. I ...wort-. sno..
a .71.1 tor thew float me tint nowt au
1 1l A)Olt (111. CLOTH-aiii yarfl.• 3,4, 5, 1 ; r'''.
e ...1 • ouartoe. jurt reo'd ' , oh toe .111111,1.11 W l'arr k.,,,,,,... 1.,,,,,. e . it. tremolo-at........fie0 ray
f if .7*'24.l.itran'ttl"•';'.'.lr:•;:2'l'"l. ril ' ;,l7CLiir . ''''•." . 1 “•"" • • u'' '' .9 th •••• •••
. r . . 111 ry .Ir , rummer ' , re.- tn.s. . le attod ',lns charm,
. NEW GOODS. ifti,•‘ it,..4,, c,,•,..,,,..
~,,,. ~,„, S.
..“„,,, •,,,., ~ , ,, , 1., is•ti r. u•it.,
1 ECEIV ED THIS DAY and mist tfpefiing ~,u,'?•A`,,'":„,..'",f • - " ,,,:.,',„,,,* t,';;';',,,;,',. t'":,,,-,E,,,. v2,1. , ,J,•...,°,;
13. at Wal tillthit - A, lal latterly ay.,. 1. e .,. n a•,..t...
t p••••., taary and lan, Conorteme. ol lbw nevem ••4 -
1, , NIIRAV ED l'llosl 1 SSORY NirrEs A.
" ''''-''''''-`"".' "'-'''"'"''''' ''' "' . '"" ,- ' l "' FA 0 .,,,,._, ~ -,.„ .., ~„, .. ~,-......
' l 7 ,!. ' t!; -' ;',Y...i ard mot., eplonlid assortment of vo.llo B . ......" 4046 7 1 ;;1Vt , `:.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,„.
77,7 tooovoi to ii,77 •-iii •77,.., 1111,1, Mart* and Snood ...
1.11 d. I llolunltu, aro! 1•••••2 - . .
1/ .It,„fltorand superfine iltria. 1 11 . LAN K BOOKS.-%. S. DAVIN, surt,
A ',Ave a...tatart•neot ~f Cr.., I.llierchtda. Ar.
W 1,1,42. together with the very large +belt of ItEAPT . R / 4.k", 4484 f r-4.*"... i hr. (41 4.1* M.. hea r "
041, 'wry • Stl. fa the rm.. I.l.sblorralrle nyi.. ar77.7. • .. , k ^f L" . .r k ,t,° 1481 4 "V n ir",, 0 I r" l in - r7 ':::`.
..1, hand, r. a.t.., °it, ot the large. , • tol two -a faattbormbia .at L'a'ret a t ..3 '. ' I I' 1 ..... o° a a a. ~. n .
~,.. e,f le,l, ~1,4e.1 lor gentlemen • wear, in Om ary otvh. or Ittoohnst. ano at too 161.1,4 pater. w{4
arntero ntry, 01 of winch dot pe..pottor ta datersoto pI.AN KS Full ATTORN EY S. •A L DER
ot . 011.1" at the v•ry 10W , It ',a , for mob
orde lo th. lailatent 11/11. esteeowd in the bed mare • 1 111. N, AND JURTICKS OF TICK PI:ACK-11 ad,.
ve, •0•1 at the •Intratat notice. Bell engages, Mania twelandi.a Indenture, Po.ocratomy
loultflettota Sommow, Iblla of (kw. Articic•of Agent. W.
Bow Fall Dry Goods. A narlin.tat, rye. Bar lc- le., Pat anis al
• W. a 11Ale ItNll.Stationer.
A: MASON A CO., have received and nr. (wort Marltet .1 necend eta.
• are ll.'. opening--t cans tine Pnoch Merinos. of
Awful Andre. adapted ~pra y for ads m a rket ; In HEW NIISIC.
awe• Alps... and ainlatar Lunn., embracing plain bra, /iil'Eß THE WATERS NOW, by H. Ryan;
oak leery, lane, col ta t Ch.:isle= and Wed, of all Fr..%
20,v. , l'aramattas.Thibet Glot ha.: and Coburg., ccurryrfir. nellerr CLII.I Indtorrica2 Mountain Daisy. by Idnieti
may nalitlee. 100 pre. Wonted &roe, brit war ball., r • II . I 1. 344 I n ., , n 41,11.1111110,pnan, C 1111.114
mad fancy "okra fhe ahoy. grads an offer Pm gala ot the W• 11, wllb viattottt, Leta Ileart2 tot Meal to thy Late
prime which we are coufuleta we unprecedented!, low. tit, *lib rig... l l T NV= tw i r .. .. 4 ,T i lt . e 4 ' , nit...7
...btu ' .. ' - r "o;n7,'VlitZttinif P rife 'mufti Nl y area anattaVogr, dotal , :
NEW GOODS I NEW GOODS ! H 0... a.... I 1,. The, duelle. The Wild Okl Wearahr.
Neu, won • lad, Nvenlog Pong-Tstillaht Dews are
A CCORDEONS-A splinditl and varied ie,„,..i.,,.. Dome 1 Pei tx tinning nigh, oc
iii stork of the beet bra just noshed. the in Ilrotberg. 11•11 Colornloix, wilt blow. of 11..
tIVIES--A very rstlite arlettlen. nab 1, 4,1, and • Wadiloglom Le liellt! of tho V I.llage; Van* larflit.V. W
ary., cocoa utocd. and of tha bad Makers, very chaap.Just sj 1 , mitt, , t....o;:c i atzit i t.ltitte •
.Pr n ot4te4tlt.f . ,
.A . lr A n;
' 7.7/1 1 1'.1115-An sztentave nal holm tort arriving. ...Jr I l tilbans abv. rolla. --4, ... 1 * Algeolovn. so ,
. 1 .7 7 1 1 ,, 1 5- v,r. g .,7tri,' ,, , , ...' "" " la' . 4lll3,l ''' "''' 01 '''''' IT:l l l'l l 4'.'Z''''''';'.. l' l t.ritirtilll7l l TV,V' fl a' , "
' •-... 1 .....•j..--- nun oilectian sten, On Guitar and Ku 11•1c1r. Itaggltto Quleb tisk: three blivliey o:77rtano
Ilan, -No. 7, bon of England, No. 2.ithatornelt of Ireland; No.
Oewalw l A. lo, .• B° 01° .• HlS 'O rla n:P . P .- .0d .' 1, TbiAl. '1
S'-'"'L JNIVIIIVHIII/11...1:7W00d att
ery variety Of limas Instromert , ,lelta - .4 tried by the _ .1 41
mibecribarAtiaelf, and aold at y low ea.. -
Ale, thewswnt and moot papa re Music , just emn EW 13001 r, SI-The Stone ir ili t iti
N. ft-er above Inatrumante re warranted to he ex•r• N 61a.nn a Paint Point, • Village Tajo, I .
Bert and r feet in eery reetert--21 found faulty ire trio y .De Lampe/no.
fn. the
Bey will ' naurnod 11. II 1.11131:12, 101 lbinist. twist,.
sest. kuaN Or 11112 tIOLDEN 11AISP. Memoir of Bev. Edward Bleiterneth,late Dector of WOO
- r,, t 4arts. by Rev. T. it. Dirk. rd. A..lterto of Kallsball,
II AI3PETS I CARPETS}-Budd this day no • onit an Introduction by S.phou U. Tyng. D. D 4
‘,../ by W. 61rCLINTO4K, now and rich style. &Moline, 4 coten lit= Antinnitisa • 11.ual of hams •n.
"ff. , ..fa C...... IN"RALY "RrNTS..hicb '"." I 10........ .- -ni.thlu.K by Charles An 15,0,
propared to sell lower than .y (farbatip eror before offered 1-I , aar., .
In this markeL r Mnllallf ilivlts lb* attention of aa• ... ".
fr0 ,,,,t,, so d 1 1,,,,,,, . ddo• r 0 ,,,b... • nylon.„ . ~,. ~. Mold In tbe DaritPlanes2 or blemorlalsof Christi. Lilo
the Old 21stablinned 11.1.1 Worehoson. N. as 0 0 ,,,Th et. I. the A 1 1 ,1 4 ,1: tea ° . from . lb. Orman of the late Ana. -
rept ? V ' Mce "--.4. I j TUCK ' - Wl TZ:Vd;trif ' the %VW ' S.: • Cosnaemtary wit/to/Won&
Li , AL L (100DS.-Just reed, per express, ch.r.,,, of es bt s tbi rz t, b l y f i t , let i ig Cif,nevot 1.neb..1!.
j' at -s. 11. 31/IFON !CO.'S, f•Ortarlons Bonnet Ribbon.. 11:41,,rjant '" dta l ' etilti e nn, Ittr i crgV, °.10"1.
and moat faablonable stylosl lIX.. dos Tabs and fan ,„„,,,d, ~ r,..-I.b. Memento of Algabra,
Mat h.
Flowers, In pew. One de Arlin., beautiful col., lad pea a.,, u e otonno, by Elias Lomnia,lll. A, Profaner of Math.
21arrolitte, ale dude[ 6 dos. Ostrich Plumes , chend. [IPA ;',,,,.- g•
sop l t No. 16 I.l;torial Yield nook of We Revolution; London.
1 8 . 1: DRESS GOODS:-Wc are now to- Peiren2 a N=f4a . z.r b 's , New AlontlllyeamAna.
miring the neitteet fall styles of Oren (foods, such as • ,,,0 221 Aptdlo Ilullding, Pourth rt
. Cast..., Poplins, Pgrria22 - Itobes, Alpacas, P. „..,, SOUKS
. n• „
~. , ,
vormatort, french Alesloost, abd Thibet
UM N kin' 101../1101-11 1 1Veln In um uniteu
vivoes now open. •17.1.1 A. A. SfkilDra r 6 C,th States, Ac„ during 1.2 and 1 . 650; try the Lady sae
IVIITE 0041DS--A. A. -111,tioN & Co. ° if te Wn l igralilbie.rigt r tfitir. by). B. Cabbott
VII t V i aPI7IQII 7 . 2. d tlrrl2 " Pi l t Wa . rilrl=74 l .1 11 h ..7147. ' ,gra . s . o l t qat l = 74 % . eollt./ ' 61.•412 .4
andla Bona Saha El n, onninon'Sluellfsn'An A complete En t lngaiJourna.. ''''
aiwortruant. arid very rho.. . NO No. la pictorial P 18110044 of Um trovolotion
N ' as dSO Dictionary of leetnnin. 12 * gin W It
-01 A. - amain & Co. a ndt • rtgin '' •••rt.. Juat We'd sea for Imre b; .' '
have wt reed a beautiful assortmont of very rlth J. L. READ.7B Apollo Buildings,
ar e aw o r t
h in Mack 611111. The above dnirablo ne.d. stest Fourth Anat.
are well t the attention of ptrcharers. Also, won , c---, - •
auperior Oro. de Atriums. esti...3.olone. beautifal Chant. ILLAYSTAL PALACE PRINTS.-Mule,
.11., se .73 , rin A Dwain:tan have lust received • lot of vu//
QW.ISS AND J ACKON ET EDOINOS, - C. , ih°°e,,°42.7.ll;.beerejeittait.,°°,rial,Yeri`o°,:whilni...thri,°'s
i,....3 -murmur * tionennEku bare opmmt this vita • .111 r:./
Morning a lot of Owl. Foldons anti I nacrtings, Jefitonet -- -
/Acing. sind SuerVins, Debiting Edging. and lonrtings, '
Threwl Italginp. mot itiwytinge. of new styles and mu
them, .P 4
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehonse,
I) 11. PALMER offers for sole, at very
C. il.• prima, • full amortaripot pf •°Jale et
VONNETB-Yenilyn es
• Arnerin plain sail •mar
• una, chip, Gimp, Mill., Leer, Mir, Pa ...Leg.
L ITV:9 - te'is, Youth?, and Glove I 0 fancy mil
ttp 011 d
P low, tu1 " 114 -
e l liaieellipeea-, Are oiLind, other tonnt,inarnt. a flier
iety time awl watered. •
lkimet and Bead, ' , W.W.I. and Taf
feter, all iraithe atid eoloria Wier Omar md (asp Cara
LA eRS-11.4. 0.1 figured white atul colofW sad
• Netle.
.57714 TRIMMINGS-Gordo.Taaliila. Balza!, BtaNL
Palefinre, Ae., Or.
FLU ILKII.I-41VDChILINiAnteslaaai LiPsfirai bwada.
operate, Pith sod morel styles.
• flrez de Milne," Mtn., mail Other r . iltOia , war
• TiNS-Auarted mai
Ah IffkaWarlia.D.AdOtalida=rald
841iaae Sal,.
Now Ready!!
FVERY LADY hiving a Piano bhould
J f parch.. and read Teneplatonla roue bardr.
tble la • beautiful buok for • PRESENT,-
Witboateseeption taw • piece at printing sod binding
asenrei mu , executed.
Th .
ree i• no poem . lble camalty that can happen
to a Piano
for which It doe, out point an cam) rntledy,,hr.iden rn
di ndoo , b r , tr krrep the Instrument ALWAXS i.
TUNE. Price. only sl.—Worth ten titora that rutql. It
ean he cent by mall to any part of thrUnt,l Stater tor a
Ira e.t.a!,
Pahlhhed try Ile .t Walker. I•Iii1J.10,113. and
of JOHN 11. Wood and 1110.1tV
KI.F.UKIt. Third Arr.. I . lll.mbutgb, and of the ',lump.
bad: rdnn. drol
Cluckering'a rianos
JOIIN 11. MELLOR, Agent for
Ctsickevrinp, Pirinno, Ppe. PitlAurg
unl WesnernPannspliraute,Sn.k n i
!tea jun recrirml • tn.,. and Pery kr, .Part •
ol /Oar FORTES tn , rn manninct., l'hielcerine.
4:( tik s , ♦I end
.. _. • -
VOR SALE—A meeznti banti fi m o
PI AM , , (...yarn. r , ...lant n.alm,tvi
r..e. ...1.. by Loud it Isroil,rrp. 1,.....0n•
huudr...l sad 11117 d011.r..., ot2 rix monthe
credit, or 11. 14•1./ cltet.t.nt Inr en+. f.r NOr by
~,.11 .11/101 11. MKLIAIII. P•I Wond rt
New Mtge.
L Come Ow .••••••I teph yr. paw:
Th. hurt , that ono. throug.l4 T.llin
e In •
ow ,
Ottnin'llm•ugh M. Nf rilVnw I.u•1 ransv.r, •
Auld 11.r•blo 111., Little 1t.,1 In.linu lb.!,
lonle. how, ken In•ntth.•
The 14•Nre Eno
.... ....- ..
iii.. ,. ; . /*F r e . t:... • 0., ue I to thel A %T 1;4 , 1 1 , 410i m er -.
Strike the here gently. I'S er - .w. nil oneo n a - 11 - eV ''
Woodbury: Wily do hummer Hone. hell
The I.t.t Ile•rt: trtth rtl'olleti elate.
Sweet Ann^ of llor VII, Fe1...4116dr, f log .r. S-hrt.
The mother, Poe, ll.h sod 111..m.r !Wk...
Cell me pot tame. lliralle Walt, /Ike n.r. Le.
tleo.itml And ha. sole lee , ..ItillN 11.11E41.8M.
hl WooJ dn.,
Double Reed Melodeon?'
rplIE subscriber ints just opened a very
IL One Helixluau. net...yea. with tinui nt
[nada by Thu original in, Carliara 0 ifii.nahani.
V. Thle luatrunn.nt ia urinal in pun., tonal Mall uraan.
sal lunch aurwrior to it In ca;nt t qf
ra ' r t a t Tir tn t'°°° l
lon Irian nauih yirfnratili. to an, iitin.r irulnutunut. Thou•
vitiating to purriluu.- an inatruntant tlin kind are
fully In filial and usaininio trio nriion....
lasing taken away from Ilia ruluenlia.rir nut, imanni
tot' "°•t°'°°' toy
°°"°'°‘"-"'lr in lIJ. city.
fir2n for thi. tnakera. Carlinrili
New. Bans
JUST RECEIVED and for sale by J. L.
ferlLad, TS. 4th 4trreL
Ft.tv4t Lite rand Von.. Trt.t, ettturrisittot West , . Car , tt
MT , 4 ht , n4 the h. : ; wild wood utivttntutr. Itt:h wax vf ppetatt MY, tti
Kul.. raid 51t,1141..1 ilh. sti Ant-tlosa. t,, Itah
Thr the 1t.,. an Alx•leatte of the t`r,total
se by tl. Warmth r It 1.. anther of Now anti Th.n. dr.
A l'a.tor's t.loTrbet, Nteur,.
The newt Thinp., nrria nn the Orr.
foeandLentenne fern reettaled rnantitrut. I
St.riair. L.
The Haar Alta,., Appeal in Ittltalf of Vaunt> W. ,
with prayer. anti hyton., and ralrn,lar rf le,ttoe
p,rititure, hi family tt... h.
/ h. I ' . l'T'ah
ihntli Nftnw....T.llhtd. •‘ .i ,
titth,n‘l to illnotnitotbe truth sad power wl!lit.
by lo 11 . It. li.
Tb. soht e. with titan, rib., too nnmernts , noon now.
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CARD,—The magnith,ent NVNNY
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Not. .1 veal her Nunn+ a Clark. No 101.1 0n...
Numla Grand Pianos
11 ST RECEIVED, a srlon.ll.l
Leh." 1t050n,..1 full
1 . 11 h... froth the far ter, of ' , nuns 1
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re ..rasa all the la,rt uhh ,, stuents. 'rush as M.. , ln .
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tuer.s.t.le to Rs,. elran an I.IU ..m1 yrder
ash, grhtlemen sr, rwspeet fully tor.,, t. • tol an.l. ;mu
hsautl 1 , 110 •i , flit l•retu
1.., suroorlher ' • II Rl.V.ltrft. 101 Th rd sf.
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tor Soon.
—M., w wry fin* R.u.4.4 ...,....,r4mrnt
Loei• N.IV at. Ir.
A History of Pittsburgh.
B NE f N r * ,
t l u L , LE
wt. shun
hy shun °lye, chlsn h•for rl.. .f lb. 1.1
,retury. vllh r.f tbe first ,ruhilalunrnf of. 10,
tbe einp.,lnot rsanufmenr• sn4 tarlhur son. tntet
•llruhruirrurat, up to the mu•cit line, stlleb aid
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uhnqurtnu and rumnntrrl•l pursuits. with surrlusryrf
th• sgur.-zsts amusoterfhtynlrsrltsnmrird i/PIV onnualL
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burn recop,•••*l • Uhl. brio( s prrll.l ••
.blunt the hrs., the MI, T.. collect I...urlher
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ani preish,l thy to
rso,aurr 1..
I.4ir inau, espitsli•Lo to urlD• 1,, Is lb. tt,
311 {a. 12 n•o bound Prier
Yubll•hul Vol h.l sal. by JOUN 11. LILLIA)It.
sr pl 5 Cl
• •
New Music
GI I'SY'S SORB, or My Gall.tntiluk;
S. aung with ayOno. by J.any Lanl, at
bar wren in ll... Aural,
The Ititaam.r . to (lanalaakt; • avg 7 Patl , rak •ana. •
Th. Lamely CM:, as anng Li Catharine Illy. ha Amnia n
la mating tuatk,a tang by Callan.. llapt.
Th. rnear. , e,lttatataal
Th. !!anal Idarrh: manta...l4
Th• Ettaaaan•sl
eroand aelaalaun at lb. mart papilla an kta
riralla tbunr.raralan araat Aaarelean.
I/ KLEDLIL 11l Third sta. , .
Col lual H th. .
Sacred 21tudo
sANTICA (.AUDIS, hp Alltson & 0 , 1. , ;
eAr...I3INA daca.t. 17.
Y•ttla Ca /011:••
./LICK MVP:. •Ekrw r.JI.-etton of a MI earl
t,/ ror.n,l th. -4- , • tlaakal Con
taut.... sna Cla• of at !baton
fin••• , . 'y la .rll Manna toy. .1 2 _t•
• t.r, •.• fa; as!. h?
r•• 1, 1011 , II 1.1.a.rt,
_ .
- - -
, 1 1 11 E .11flieulty nt ~I,tainixl7,..orrv.l. and
A c,aal ruoa.l ko duo , rurar.tar. bullue Luu.l,
U. a.* ...•arulr'tale tha •ruur , 1.m.4^,
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TUrau tn. tuurn
ctau u•uar um: ura • run,i tu
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r'lurlacov,• arrar 111. tali. lar ur uout.
• •
New Books, Jut Received
YEAST: a Problem; reprintMl with eorreo •
riro• and addition.. by the author of Alton Lima.
1413^4 tow.
lbatory of Cloonan, Women of Ugyht; by Jacob Abbott.
terra, mat.
W lla e t b
u F r ie yt d T a Tat a b ofA nnea Pu l r D itan, ry . I & 7 o m thoer
nfa "V.
ad Porton. , " ap. and mu,
Appl.tnea 81.chania . llama. sal Poem..V.lpar.
nal; No. 0.
11Yradc Dictionary of Maharan, itneinn Work and' err
earring . , Nda. 31 and 32.
Lasing a Pictorial Picld Rook of the Regolotlow 110.14.
l'aentlei . ll4 tor i thicZytillato t izi :ith ID Laic
etteil i n ' Atoil Ey P. Kidder: . lltato., ro '""
Pot aby J. I.4IIEAP.
J 1 1 1: • 78 Agent° Buildings, Focutta st. 7
Annaba Publio Potennenta.of the triP Mated.
rpm t of Oara Wallington to tb.
arll bi Xl 4 4ll7ll: l an . dranEracti:l7. l"4"4".
Nagl . n GMT ltainnut containing Illatortrad.
o K artg a tical . Loonouncel, nod 11.
=Ea of th e MIA still/anattillXilla ~thzor
Egaita of the Times Rue VIII.
The start »lambi. .arks for isle by
. U. STOCiaOII, 47 iderlt it. r
. „
- _
Dr. Klyser's Pectoral . Syrup,
CtINIJIIIP [ION In lb , ettrlTlLtacr•L litinnrlmtbmith.
un, Bronehibs, and the 1A11,14 uf tb• palm,
60, omens.
This is true of the too, certain ntiLl atectunt rsMinlim
for dl sorm et the ch... tenLl pzilroLmort nrelhue en , Lli•
enern, It n cuchin ottim ot MHO, tegebible mean.
chine m the toren of h Syeap, In , odor h. matte It tralpho
ble It line ho netiLm entire!) Llitnial loom iinj a the
Cough )IN non in tooL, nth.t uoL entinitnte the
Lowell, tom prthlurn•toiii•eti. • fault tor.
eommon (notth 111.1 ie
11,1 e renietn Linn Live• the nutorml.unttrorit win,lonof
e L e L , LL . • i L LI oto L. hi,. Men, tltiotrol , tl amt Br u n e i,
•I nod . in Sot:thine nth, tn islinslll4
ILL...mere, awl ~,,, En, tenni on Lis eortain
The peotnetiot twtni tin moth. me ILL II mien, ,
wee.' ma LA OIL moo•Le,
e,e, snail LILL a., n of
thlatedleine nennotli un !Lima In ft n iimer tall to
Kier relieh end oth,t• • lore.. en I,
I Inn, a the inn, Morel... 1 , 01,h+ lone neon 'mune,
holotel.he nun , . of the ',lnane •IL I hope ILL , tI run,
'II tube. n Lme a I IL. orent•mt natenn
-1 Lunt, Ur, 111 115111
:El: a 1.1 , 011
ELL. lilt II ova
For 140.1.-.,. Putlrf.
Dandrr ra ..11.e
oft .
F tu
t.ab, horg P. ntl
n e l rr
:Ind 611:ar si. ir, rkt..t.t
ett.o.t. mr. I ‘rt l+rinnnal
lion .or ronderii.
the Itla
%taint...l tn nun. tltn norat. nn.nn, nt T.utli Arno in
nt - y atnt Itn.t.tttanttatt.l,.
lu Quart awl 1 . 333 t gat ,[ an. prapArad i-1110 , 11 I,[llirra
A ,autt. =. l and 113,r srinnn.,.• ktn.t. I.—tninn
1-I:ran[untsaiulaa I,! v..14[1. al U.•
thor[l, aa a ratatat, .3, t otulun[Alan. Sara, lA.
14,33naatlig. !Mama , 11.•
Anlr, tiarelbou. [ ..A[ara: 0.1.[111,, Aa. Cul L...?
I. hlOll, r.[aapt,-3311e4 [of Al II 4 1 11.1.11 1 1,. !I .
Tll[ o l AS II 11. It_ .I. [ IIAI4.NA t . ..rt m
r zi K.. Alal 1. J. 1 [ 1[13.v:11, 1[ 13 , 3h.. 1[„„..
Yu arttelL 0,1 r 11 11 als 3aara.
and A.lll la. al[olutaall, [...1 111 onlar to [43.1, ILA. daub,
For ral• hr K EYE.LI: 141,
ELLI.: it s'iM PP:ii lAI COI kr II RE; V.
A. —We hare ueed dole trombone do oar tamp.. toot do
tour oopihiodt. le etre oot the herd poelowetudoe the roottah•
cookie. Ar., • Wets on. to4oos been ono nal too the toe Mho. At
thte mos el the t enr we would roe-town...out terve, 'Ade
111 to keep ft hurtle ou Chore lo 0tt404 pout, ler
teore-dou noott Devours 4le vote Miro • matter of tulele.
fee, lour belts, AA e t orterute tot tile .1.41 oodollotooon „1 rho
eny entotoi t lot the ldot et reotodoloperootottpott not,. • abet.
tool pArthoulAr. 4 howled., • v... n,sk
Prepared and Add lot h It •PLl.Alto.:ol Heed et
E ITF: A I. , Autiftil gioriet
•oo oin an: .-I:stott:-
It sr ....L.,: F.: I:trlort
mtv:r...Ar With $1::. ootturol tt:41:o.
.o.te of go: 1: ::: I .:ti t ntto.l.. totolorn, twlt:
$: tr., the I,:t.ttl
For 6.6. by J It II:I: a CO, tu 11:”.1 .1.
g )
:rot•. TOO, ttorl..tot. ?Lod,
ts.l l . Anototl:4l.. tott.
Flow...rt. Jount
T.MAI P'rtr , f,denary Parovery w oriel 1J
CAt yr.( AraLtart for Nan and Erase
H. G. Farrell's
FAItH6 gonuino A ra hum Lini
artuir. 1..1 the N•ll.¢ AO, 1., it.
.1 1.1- an., tr I:teru• Le, r.I
•illt mariout auitte.•, .uraf it, il,
esoto laitl, net., and loaiiia
littol the tllioa , no n 11140.1.1. run,. ir attould Cl
plaeti 11. ti. A•alu•n lautstrut tar Ur
tonal any aitiolor oinoids
Attu, tort and 1.1, a toiillo , d Appeared la lay
•11%. Plortort, drolu•Ilt lueviatior till. it
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Si 'All, MP 114, l, uot
lo•at Out haul ofeirAtuo uttuutt att.: ratYraur
1 t! vitt, of uur loot ittieuiro, aud 11,1 (11”,
od Atatut it. ...rue ot iaityt ao Ague ....1.e.,.
• ulara. ..f , 11.1 titinatti, it or, an Esilorart
metal Aloi torarlyr. nal (Abe,. odd it an,• Tutotat n 1
L Otani, iiittil 11.4 lt
erot • teat t lit
out lu tt,o .:I.l.liittiirt. .0. Iv 103 11
1) Arolyaii ti t ..o tat, .dronai Ai g
clot appear, otildstattou tooau tii l a l,
ttruso. otut ha, ruutiunol uoirtitur to nor n0(3,.
ut health
wnrnan 1,4 t/r.I
In the 1.....1, tn.! 1,
th. 40,11 e Aran., r lu n.u.rnt.-h. 14
al.l. 1., .014 • sal tin. a / have
tain4 a i ii. 4 1.41 a. , 101
.•. - 44 tha, 441,ictir..0314.4 ...4.44,111 . ...4414.
1:14. nannlnn .4 au .41. liarrier
14.41iinalnu. In., 044
arum 4.0 , ..14 and ,44.41.0nr, en U.. %M.
ar.044,3 1444iniri.1 ~.rfortiAnc. 4 . 1
I n , . 4 . 11 . 4 .4 On.
AA , " /
4.. much I.a r PN tin .., 411. tn, 1 ran. 41, that 14
*rains, Linian.nt ioa, that 11...
c.f. 1, it, 44..1 Lind +..
long •nvr 14.1
rand sine. ttan alli rnarLlw
0. 10 in 444 , . 4 .. 1 • 44 " 4 "/ 1
• gy.i •
low. I v.' mr..711, •Il nA,
<1,4 u.•.
Vain RJRI+I-.1 by Il V•rmlrs
Itr. 11. U. F•••zaa.—luar ntr. 1 bul turn •1410.1
Inv -. bun elan . 6r th• btrt be yours. abal raubt onvrr tut
tet, ...rcpt by lalu•Itu• - . but tr, tzu b... of 11 .1
Itrwtaa• Lanitaesa. arplo.l.o.oll..tomplu atuut tttve of
four blame • Llay. •;•••uttbrly t0..1. • . vt 1 bey. 602
01.01 of 0 sts•a I •un to, U•• Itunan bna ta•bb
Irnt • •L%
7. a t 4 1 , . ' Y .
•nk i nnY .'7 l
n•••gb le • fn• ta 01,0.0. .10 , 04 I .2,
ray lau,l it; . nhbellut; 10.10 n I
!ant 2.l ,u but y .01r latoranta man Is- n;—!, ug;
app•An•x•lc. • R‘ve
li••• t•tr , b ILA t. •:
nal lb
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1.• rt...,
Yamt. Liiar Li t•-• '
lisLttL,Lit 6.4., tin rot•, I I
t,gcLoattite iLiLL 1-,L, I to -, 11 . . •
it L eistLint ttt. aLit t•ittLLltt mid L,L.
AiC•4lll.-1 •-•••, MO ilack.: zo
IL. Vila., in ILIA, k - LL., .41.11
lc 11 tJ bart.l:, .:Lb I,krer.r•
LL• rortor
V.& , t1.••.4 Marge. •
••••• L. .alum .. tulortn.., kr *v., rtar.
anl 4, • art6:o-1, `ln II
U.. .ta , l ru“..w1.1/eleavl mLatl
, t• U. HILL) tr.,,
The Homan Body gust F:erspire.
OSA Y S NATU t, hay,• h4,lthy ap
paraots. ofoa alas J. da pmetat J rs Ikalao
tho ,attt )..., .rs.: 1,1 sal.
tiaa. al
tv. last •..••• tho Oilsr sly ar. I
it Ow to%
al au 'Wahl,
Marry, rutlt Rl.rvm, an.i t I
eurr,l 1 , 1 It. tst ,, ,, al leant I ,t lock lo
wit. tare It to na,4, nod 1,3.10 • t„ ,
',ad., I.
rurtar, au, t, truci t
at, lltt l Tr. I ~ ,tturrat• tra,t rithrf
prr• ••••••••1 of rorr Itrr, tto1•••
13,. It- m 4 Ow r•• 1, t. I w 1 nt eru•
101 . h:411 ttl uttlr- Lot, It irt VI I n . st,
•111 Lard,0 t out, rut, 1., ...I I run
11.1. EC IT rad, Out, •e, ot, .niirt..l • al, Ls.,
or rtntilta J 11••••••, toil Is, tai,. sad •t•tr won , fultarl
Io 11.,•,,,ertltrt than
• •
lb. .41,1 tte l'trvioil with un th at i
wt . ^ htt Joh/tw' Cheat,
1 ,; , 4 4 Al.litwtri. A& , ;it wt
l'early White Tooth. mid fare Breath, to
bn Pad tkr rots Itottaws.
Eli stottn.l that If tLntr t.,ot .• vs, oat ttr their
t. , tllt 4+ , 5..1 der. t 4 +l.ttrtattl.t4 Wilk tam.,
• it boa of Anat.:TT...4h 1 . ....t11 maim
the 1.41 t wo, t•lt.rtf.rttuttly
6.1.1u01y JAOIIbIIS'A M n 110 Liberty a.. MM .4
A Seientifid flair 'runic, Itestdrer and Itenu.
ILLLUIL, T/I• rout, TboLL• • Ito hay. Loud
lost? Coral llor Ita,tor.r. awe, ILA aualltie•—
tlioa• who ho • Dot. a• **au, It to to ...a Lb+ rollowlug
qualltoLe-11 viii tor. th• Loy to gro• eu any rot rt.!,
gator+ lotrudr4 hair to an..: et, 111.111ug LAT. ,uratuut
at dandruff. awl mak.. N. or gra, bot
roomrt L truour ..Lot
ly mara o
. t ;ark
t Tr •-11 doao. !the l ly to• . tilul. a olat, oon a
the total Luottusaltutt—yrt ruturair—srtirl. for th•
h Sold f
Wool, at WII. JACb. K:Melt Star. YID Libeatr runt
p.' o httsbur.
erk.....-31),..11...Z1) eta.. acH.l SI.
JONES' Solution of Jot, a Liquid Human
lllrlr Iry, for 11. rnanginir of • 61., rot, or trey b,
brautllirlbrovo, or black it. wlor, to • GM 17.11U.A.g.
PrlrrA-50 mar. and SI.
RAI by W J AellroJN.:rio Liberty rt... held of Wood.
Pitts , arch.
JONES' LILLY W aro cart.
airtsuust towing lb. rotuttion prtgarvd Chalk. Thri
or* uot Aron hoor frightfully talurtt•ut it it to rho slot.ll
how mon, hoof rough. how sallow. 'rho., arid unhoolthy
tho appertzs. after toting Mound Chalk! lloohlrf, It 10
poulthnail Lilly Whits.
It fit Derfirtly lvitoorut, belog pUrttlid of all ilttlotortoug
gtul Impure to the Am natural. alt
ibootor. door. •tilto; tb). 1111,/mt acting so tr.
It nolrolot touroth.
JACK , trt, NU Liftoff Moot.
'ut 1 Waal. l'ilfohurigh. hinr....a. mot,.
orfollowlet i
. •
- - • - -
B. T. Babbitt's Celebrated Soap Powder.
IV&LINO without Inbort Warr:intuit
to take the Otaloa. oat of table llooon .01 OaP-
loam-Monsroa Una—rut your clothe. in a ourticient
quantity of cold wab.r cover them. then add two lohle.
resoifula of tide &ern Powder. to erreh els quarts of water
used with lb* elorberc If tho woos le bent All more of
pros.d. and leal tbem ten minute., i n h, hz .... h u m .
them down with • inlet, then Vol them In a tub and
earl ',efficient cold water. PO street will not br. too hot
to handle. Then rub the dirty t, or In other word&
glee them a thorough rinsing. and that IA initticiemt to
make them tined
e lee-There being r
ei mein In Ode Sop, It will leave
thethee very white, and no bad oily e mlt. ire some
wens do. Tim 1131110 met of the material need dome not
• lewd two cent, to complete • webbing of ten demons.—
Warranted not to rot or Injure the clothe..
I. growder that one paper will make twelvennarta
bred lidullf oap.
Inatome , roa Deg—Take, ray Fla Quarto of water end
rola the Powder with It, and then let boll. ray five min
ute*, then add all ornate ...Id wane: stir them intimately
irarenlite.dwrrli ;717 thVlrroll rrl . il lll' iltnor " p * , ;71
wth we ll, and VIII Ilta rat Mimi. like other nog
goep, nor not
the clothes. Can be need with hard or salt
w a ter, by making the via 1111 lulu its Quart, leaved of
twelve. The Moll hoops beet adapted fur ruling &lon I
and woollen Food.
Bold Wholreala and retail by It. N. gEI.I.AIth.
li, The mob. eanarery, bahranda end tonic propertire
- 1. 1/. Tinedirr, render it ter eu,rlor 10 Worm. - W a ter
nr `"jug 1 1:1"7. 1 1tVirtf1 4 , — rfoul.t.'":Z
r diggey forthe poo h onucttnlif derail ler and health.
ghly recommended ller , for the ordinary and
&dirge nonage* of Um lollot. Aral tor preirorr Ind the
frrodiorea of the eomplestne. Itremohent tont.
P ei. .... l. ht, " .l,Vecl i t r yn ' l7 " ll•ll c rut hin et..V. 'rub`, tn g
In.elt will remove beadarhe In e A... u nder% 1 • on
_ gold by It. E. HELLErtg4 f. 7 good '. rt.
'l. Q.pAILTNEFISIIIN—Tho xubsoriberi, have
/ente re llPPO d
OkriY. Inn , INel'artnenhi WM under
11. the tinY., t of Armin..
lenoved. -
BERRY do co. have r.moved
to DOW Waria......01.00101.
iniat Charmer/ hate ssu r l
, “71t 185 1. AU
CLARKE. PARES S IVO. Iterntma. tryupannnu
rinie PROPRIETORS of this old and well
In " Zra " tf;reor w t r ailf.. n
.t7 '
mod n•••• Eno•eld odood 1••••nderot. • Ide ' to la t oo, t' arTouto,
/.1111. .1 1 in. ronootantl) the t I%lolllg. below the ' .ll l 11 .
godo ol a Undo, to 1.1.4
41111% A CA VIIIICI.
ror IVntor and ,tuotioroe'd vu., I . ll.l•Lourah
R Cunntoo‘lo m. 5.0 Caodloo,
Io C. Ilalhen. . Culsooko o
ll' C don. Shure,
J /WC, Slonco•totordh
• o d . Adore Aco oirovolv dor.
• on !bow, wno
11 too Pon,. Cdsonmod. olOd.
loo•d. Pro.
It NV al:lard,. Hurled, N. 1 Aoo
New Lake Superior Line.-1851.
9111 E new steamer NORTH Eti1:11, Capt. B.
ti Mar,. havuw every lvrn Ityprr•veluent ter
Frill and enstort. eul lenme Cle‘.land Friths, the 'LI
t ts,t, (41 br,t trip—and •tek.l) therC,aftrr on
FrA a y, P if.. the the Liam Mane
The •teusn,r N ANIIATTAN. Capt. Jr.!, CALPIA WO/
,aut Mare, tr.r the Miterent lamlin, on Lake
4,..ri0c.. , 11 the amine. L.l theoleam., N..rtt.,:ter: snaking
revular ireekly I. thrnuglwitt !Le betiroen
t.7lerviand at,l th..ol,pr arkl I
TI !
tee A A. RNER, Ptorrie.”.•
Cleveland. o. April
TF HlNGll...trx tn r hrtaber.
N.l.liE 111 , 1 i II AM, tile 50.,.... 01 1 . /11.1“1,11 0111 hen
ler 1.. Fr•wart.rl a 'IT.
Imrnll 1111.
Binghams' Transportation Line,
Milv:& - ,4 185 I . glAgga
STHE CANAL being now open, we are ren
it r :writ.. and *,,w.rd prnmptly. I'mlurn and
,rrb,n•liu., ..a.l and vest.
rtmghta alum,. at retra charged by rexpnwribl..
l'n•lore and Me.r-handire Er
ith.•ut t, Ctlirl,ll forvarding sol
valmn. freiala. ,rnmiinixeit.. or .tot
pl .
,a Mrwnrtletl, an., all , 11,ertmux latthfully
or apy to
1V)1 lIINGILANI A 4 /.. Cenal
Cnrnrr I.llwrcv Nod l'itt-InArgh.
I3l\tlllAL a 1.11.M.:1{, 1.3 Mark. ,
tretwe., Yourllt Fifth Ali ,1`11114,1.10,1a.
JA3ll',l WILSoN, A ern,
_ North IitGHAM.! Baltimore.
BIN No 10 Woof 0..
New Vork
Merchants'- 'rraxurportatian
C. A SloANt LTV A CO , Cunal 404 Pet. Atrnrl.
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I, -4 fIeANULTY d ryi
i'mnal Dario.
gt---1 7 Z I SS
To Shippers of Merchnuthse, Produce, &c.,
REl ‘ .l ‘ .A Nl' FT I"11 1 NrillI s t(11r11LN. ,Sldl,,` -
ATk 11M t 03 T-1 AMArtnl. hod 64
LOLL KTT t,tn, Oup..l . ll4totta. l'ltUburgh.
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-WS TAIL. olt A 40 ~
W. .r. yrtimr..a. a thn np•nlnA of lb. l'AravATAnAhh•
C.v., to moats, f, FrA, at low no,. .m 10•4
morh 4. , Astrb awl mr,• latS) nth, lAn.
Agricultural Implements.
HAVE JUST received from the }:mt the
h.ilowaz lynnlrmonn, nf tn. co•unfacturr
L ' rr 4 . ;..T ' :•lll " ;;;VaYn ' ll '' TZ .
slmrinr, narn. Lora., Irr4s, tarnlnln
I r Ott nr111.1 , 1 • hr.. rye.. b.lrn•
rn ra.i.llrte.hers
!rm. and harnl
nln, ...I Corn SW , . Cuttlug
‘••••c -n..-1 li rniu •0.1 lir,. 6, tit., and Her..
n.ur on,/ n.rnr.
Allor.rtured (row Ow Ir. olaternar... and raid \
at In. I.rug eq.., of
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IV WICK 8:88110t.
l'onwr of 410..1 8.81 enth •[8.88.4
C AIII). I Imve rumor,' to toy netsA tthree deem tete.,early rtt{weeltee the Ranh of
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g•V!r " e ' ese l" hee "' : ' et h re ' e ' d I l ' e .. . l mle r ria:H 4 ln i To h ee ' neate:et r e ' e . e„) tee
riet, ' Lieer elem, teed every *ate,. uneelly heeled to the
meet a 4,1 , 1‘• eeteleleheneethe eel the etude Orders respect.
full, ,, :eltsteteel easel meet teVite . l l te4l[l .
ThIN "errs.,
%.1 001.-121. h paid for Wool by
let 3/1.1h1 . 1 1Y 1 LEX.
LtHAVE just received from New York,
va,‘ lu 4 e I.t J or. ctrl. INDOW
11.1'.1 for ad. low.
hort Wll. NOBLY..
UP EC TACLES!—We have a complete
L ou,k,st 0.,. !..11rver an.l Reel Itv..clarlv.v.mtv.l IL. art
quatity n.ruveq ant ...nano PA %1 ?..n lo
q• q vuvots. apra.n.ll. to No Imst I.of
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1,t11......1tanel and vt
I.IIN 111 r
I 111 11.,..t ,
Anthracite Coal.
)T1 INS just re,ei col, Nuperi.r article
1 I I, Wally us, 1.1 ..3•
• c mra NULTY a ell
Try Morns' 50c. Tea.
Tiin in
Lut u•.. Ih. ,thelltT
1.4.11•11 os
I 1N ;WI Rlll - au hand nad for ,xle
.mac B~nadar
I. V ITS- -20 pos t 00,4 1114orriblo
I 7 ts.•• ntwrtmg I, A A It t.SIY Jr 0,
A ltlt. A MMuN I A-- -'2OOO lls. tor
git t It A FAIISF,I , CK A 0,
Sl' l lA It prue, in store and for
n n. t.z.5.1.1. •
111. ASSES illll bids IC.'
, ;or do. "
.IYII 1.. J. top .-mrotzo r .lilt u 1
it 1 , 41./.10.1. A tit . loruerlf ol
d 1.1 N'f II ARID--75 lbs. fresh, i /Ist ree'd I
.s.l onto 1 , 1 J h 1 , 1 , A 101 I
A 1:1' I'r:ME-50 Crude now landing I
ar.l tor. octlo I DICK Kl' I t‘i
I UN OON MusTA RI. -4,50 Ihs. warrann..l
CV, .tut frroAle nt J. 1111/ • IVA
h ell A LE ,7 -5000
set bucket Illaebinery
A ,116 .1 x Ili LWOI,II AOr
il./01. 'COTTON- —f11,1101.1 don. read.
fn to I:adieu:l. Awl 1. , r nal.. Po"
rAIi LE .I,ILT LT-50(l lnis ground reek now
lortelirtA sot DIAI/111 I,ICO KY Alb
11 Ater Awl Anont Atrooto.
1 111 A LK —6 tons for solo by
A,/ 5,..n J reIIiniNMAKEII A 115
FA 11.1,11i,;Ai—pt,2i:Owlbs;ofor sn Wml. le L
n~lu- -
4 1 11. MOLASSES--51) bbls. for sole by
.11 s. a M. fI4IIIIA I / 1 /11.
(TRAW PA PER ---'2OOll Isils.'superior, re
,r .toor,rJ It. hlrboty. ar . 4 1 11411. 1 ,1,..bT
• rem, of 14mi And (rort6
d 1 A IlltlAtiE OIL CLOTH —Justre‘i'd front
lilt At, 41., sod It quer ,
t. I plant .no I, nn. 1..0 &tient oils..)ClLlTißer oil
Cloth. sad for oak, Athnievalo .n 4.1 tAI .
H No. 116 Alatlet
I 111.
UST opened at the Depot for eltoiee Tear,
N. :An Liberty etext—s man lot nr :mem scss•
'telt ;MANOR T KA. a err fter article.
eel 3 eireenrs and Tea beaten,
M bales Kentucky and Missouri
I .clu JAM& A. Itt/TVUIPON A ('lt.
I titoellE S 11k123—Jts t 2r es
porter h,h A A. AIASOT
rilOlr YARN- , -1 sack fur stile by
,vim .1. It. lAN YIELD.
'LEEN OIL CLOTII—Just - reeeived from
YVarna-y-0M yard. Nut awl fire pisarb, ibreon Ott
C nth for todnve bllnds. Pm sale art/mescal,. 10141 retail at
Nn. 110 Market at. (cola) J. a 11. Pill LUPE.
TUi LESS BLACK I NG—The reiebra-
Po. rvl 7,,Lriy".'117.!
sisnufactureo ILIMI,IIIIMU a I.ln.
ree'J t;.t.E..
roof Weal .I'a, earn., nt Sim 05.
TEA -6 - 5 hlf chaste Y. II.;
Juin need and for nle by J. a IL FLOYD.
QOI,F, LEATHER - 0-0 0 Sides N. Y. for
k 3 POI. by .ot9Y J.O R. PLUY U.
13ICKED OBMAUBIC - 156 lbs. ;rimy
bandanna.. for .1 , 12,_ It. E. 81/O.IAIO.
Ay'. choice brand, on bind end for Kale by
0e2.5 A. 011.11.111:ILTe.tiS a CO
11„,OSIVL50 bblv. No. I, for tale by
.29 J. KnItIoNM AK Ell A CO.
LOOWOOI/-100 ',bid. for Kale by
J. SCIIIININ la KEE I 1%1.. _
I AM. tIINGER -5 Ghia. for onto by
e<.2i R. E. 13ELLEIL4, 57 %mei et.
r"04"04 ' P°" 'U. A. vans r.srocK & CO.
IIUTTEII.I7 I . bby.
d Mrinl
u2a sad for 0.10 b.O JA; 14 DA L rak 7lh L tr W•lnrs .
4.110( FRINGES—A. et. 51Ailati b Co. have
1.3 re , tleo ractonsßilk Prlnues. black and e.aCd colon.
1 _11.C117110 Gores b u ng i , ll f ß o i r ix ll: l l7 ... _
I vANTED SOON—An active partner in
large team foundry arid EnacAte Abel/. In • b.
Sine. t110..1 . 011111110.1 from nat6veran A. 000.0 19101
of good rbarscler,•ll.ll a small captlal of OW tnlooo, atal
•1.0 Lao a ton/simian of the moulding bneforas awl loot.
IoV ear. ud 121ffillUrry, In ouch constant Work and tood
.111 Isc given, and la • yonno In. with •Coal/
car o.l a eery profitable ailnatiOn Isla bet elem. Please
~p,oztor turthar pvticallars ISAAC ilittitlB.
A 111.14 and ln talll
\C o mpin of
Dinitable Fire lime
111 IS Company insures a
bufldic., •ur spa
ri..n raid. mg •,,o,
'111.14t I,.e‘s Ly
k areirrher,lys. P
TIIIS C“rapanv insures Lirt, lu
it, ors. in of the,...l at the Ltroakto: lloore
IS XI A 11 1 11.
Pittsburgh Life Insurance Comp
11111 IS COMPANY was incorporateX
J 1
evbrumry. 1 , . Ctotrtor. au
ronmoood on a n•Pts/ WOOLS. ,
1 n
C..ropany doa• Inalsoone both on W. Joint ;..ort
klo W Join: Stook plan th• rates an..thlr.l less Om
theth claarmst Mutual Companies. and Fir{,en
than th. ratvs of most tt.tock Compank,
Mutual rat., cro the nan, . al, , rust I , 3A.Ln ,
nthwt,..l Tho, inetinsic•n 0.. mutu
al 0rn0.ip..11.-se t outulotn•A ens-tin:les rurntana by that
) stem .4 retire and and th• C.^- 1 .n 4 Surtf , . r.° 4
W.. Joint Sloe: 4..nortMent..
Tlm Chart, t.,nitt.. tto: or
grant., of il2l. Ur., on Ilfr,
tit, rerry form. tool tolin. tter nohf .1 vrilo.shlblr n. W=
foul, rolations, moo, Iwon. N. 111.- of
anoth,r tor thofer,nn I.enelit. pay ;kW. a l,,bath.
or upon lb. par..o arts..., at the Iwo. of SO. Us, dt. m 06.
at IIJR potion of Itro notirod .
. .
Jnn... $. noon. 1 . ,,,,!,14
eIIIUTI WeW.... 1 is.. Prrndeut
J0...03 S. 4,... , 11. Trem.C., •
Cliarl., A. t,11 , 4.t. ~,rr.,..
O. el,arle•
esiuu..l 51rrlurt..ati.
J '
.0. Of 11.7%•AVt
lion II Wektne. h.en.tary of Ilex. .
11(.1: %I«ilur Forward. bee Tr.....0rt
Jobe( evi4(..r. erieher At I . lll.(ureb Bank;,
A II 31e0LIrrteat. iM
o.n.sulisng Pl. pncians '
cinanni. NI. D., IS sill., Addl.., SI. 1/>%.,
Jen:oast Brooke. )1. 11.. E. G. 141 . 1140. 151 . 111.
/.:naminino Dtlworth,lll. D.. 4; t•ruill.D.l4 orro , t.
1.1 D., 10.11 intrth .tort,
.Iyho CTalrlonl, M.D., ",.Itch ntrort,
Wm. Nlonzas, M. 13., 107 lAhenT otreit
Dr. Dilworth nil La; In ettelidAnno et th, other, every
day, etl 0 . c.k.e1.
UM. al th. Unman,. !is. 76 Fourth Street.
C. A. COLTON. Swel
Western Insnrance Company offittsburgh.
APITA I. 8300,000. R. MILLER. Js.,
11, Pren,l.nt, F. 1101,10o.n.,ftlary.
Will Enna, so. ingt All hind, of Tifk, Fin awl Malin,.
All 4...un I.lito,rally and nmmply pahl. \
A home 11ntstullon-013311.11k1 litrnnn. Inn mrs.
known :41 tin nn,muntr, .11 rho Km slennuinnl b
Rtlauptn.s. , Ilierti;ry ta; ani . rann the ehJna , , t , . :l r wale s
Iltyrt-r , qn—lletnnt 5111 In,
kv .1 50.
l. liutler. S rohL. in 14-
't„ l tT.,l".°.i. T to'r7 .
ll damn lapptnnt. sad IV 11. nustL.
001 , , 15.; 1 4 .1 pin, lwarrho. ,, ,P.ISW Co.
•• - •
111:SIGNED f t the Bafer ela9se” of
; rnv•rt J. und •IThr: l4
1.1.1 ..10Ubtr, and owner:. or
'" :ll ' .VAlM7l. " :Z . Artularr.
4,7 11:•1:rh frflit4. No :4 routleteld
Orleans Insurance Company
CAPITAL, $150,000.
Secured in accrordunts trill the General /neurone.
tow of the State. .
iii)re prosperous and responsible
17e.mtLany. harnta throplied with tjey net bieltiont
1 law et
this eta., innow 10.141[1. WWI.. by their
4.aent nn the tnoet fatoratile te.rrne, oeneittent w,th pro
and o.
11. h YIeCOLLUM, Seerwtery. , •
tg.ce, No. tel F.1.101-.4 Itittaborgh.
0 , Z7 A.l(♦ 4
ICardclia Piro Inatirar,ce Co. of Philad'a.
IItECTOILS: Charles W. Brtneke s r, Geo.
it. tt,ehttrtle, Thon.:llart. MoNettiti letytto, Tott'lsa
ttanttel Grant, David a. ammo.
1.11A1:1-16 F. akNcsim, Preeldent
thlatuie,l). Ilawratit, bteerarary.
Thiukbanpany manna.. make Inauraneni, pernianntat
or lit h itt.d. et..., neemirtion oi Itrhperty in Wen abut
ee.untry, at rat.... low an are rohnnuent with ovettritr.
The t Ntroyeaty hate. nhtervetl a Luce eutitingetit tuna.
•hrels. alit, Capihtl Premiums...lTel, inet-.t..1.-d.
afford I•lllPi,pntrertion to the ayworthl.
The tbe thothettly,..rt January tst.l , l, ati pat,-
linhed aartet,ttly ;0 the Art cl Alberynagy. were aelollown,
541%.1,.." li
t twit
. -
$1.212.:00 44
oeo Moir Int,rporalk.n, a period of t 1 4 oal+4 a.,
trt, t all upward. of I.lno Nitlhon Ir..ur II uento.l Thous:l.4,d
D01tar.1.......• by i•tr... 4...a.r , 1. , r ,11 .t , 5 ,. .` , . , . ", ,"
ulealita,m of Isueranee, . \ well ,
... Ilion. ability foul din
yaoyci4o nyo4t oat, traklltti.--7044bWt0.- !
o P Wart :4 t.. ooro4f of 11 old and 3.1 eta.
Penn !canal Life Itieurtinee Co., Ph' ad'a
lei, .1, dee,e,, , ee4/.i Sie.. - e ,3 . 1 .i1e , T elrere . t.
or the ter e.nrreuienee nt , 1. , .. ~,u .S. U.
Weer part .r , a.ty. OW % g ee!' 'pay\ alee le, , u,l datly.
tnie 11 to 12 aNd 2 to :. 0,1,14. at', ltir couoti - room ot
.1 :cboontrtakoAC:. No _4 % Yor.l. 4 t to arbor all Octet
, far, Infortuattoo 111 be g iven and r e t,..llltticatiertf prOIOP4.
1 1 aPtetuled, to. plilete on.learang I.lle prir,elplel , .1.1
tte nt , Ldte 1 [wane., hlaulf!. ‘ for\unittztunhed on
ital etnek. over . ~ 000.41,tootytodt,l4.
recta Wed 111:11,111. k artoria.F/thabe Isiestt.l foe life.
rittabtl .. Jan. 51, .51.-14.34 '., \
Marine, . and Inland Transportation
. • urance.
TILE .1111Surartee 4. - 1 , puny of North Arri \ riaa,
Phtladolploa—Thar , ro ti 44. ca t otalSZO.A,- ..11+eeti
ar y la, 1,1, 11.001 • ',.. 1. 11 11l Lialo loyoxan on.
builtilloy, an,l thotroonto tf, t ltd.. ~ t I atom 4lrttiltr; 100
a Pro yrrly a ....., .... ow ~ floProd 1.... 44 409 la 44
alol otts4r r 444414. oitly, L. Dela, trate l e‘rutm.t, or co e
pea, a ,
Arthar Ii 1.,C111. 14e1„ The a+ I. rep,
eatauel 14 Jo t .", J , IIIII I: II,
1 , 41•Fat,1 :moth. 11,1,a 11. , Wo‘al.
...)..-Lty 21 Bev., Wtll' Wel^h.
' eunurl I' moth Fri orin 104.111 f.
..._. 4 •
Namur) I4nuk,V 1, Aurtr‘ .1111lo&r,
dbrall.t ru L.
.Id, Tlodnu.
V.lldrno aln. 11. Id dlherr. I.
Ti,!, id LI, ohle..ot 1115 u ranee Cord y in IL. 'lute., .11./.h.e
and 4‘.• high •imJana. hrnn
unt adoht, r,dr, or an /airs harardond I‘l,3rdih.r. tt
run, nturnler.,l otiqdr m-durli, It t n. publsr_
11 . I 1.1.1 .1 M
N.k In.,
Delaware Mutual Safety Inutrance Co
, r'y
It' TILE .X.-
-allAN , lld. Third arr.-41 . 1,1.1.r_
NCL—Buildiuc, !dery anal,. Lnd dt c \ T
rord.rlr. :.•• el ald d+-dlnlrl • In.. r
trl. loar.di rad or ,rlruiltm.
11axic Irlaridarda.--Thry indurld lard•elr.
anJ F r , 4 l.r.d. 1,1, ore dcottr,d. nnOr ed.... or *l+ , lo'
pdirddh J. the
la-orl• I 3% rdnddrtdro/ 4.lurro Blertharld.
fed Ile:Jun, hal mai mr,l Vara Load. tad
:.1= la., on rlr,Te and Ink., on the 0,1 !lb.crul tern.
Ihltuund 1. ,adedor. John rd
llohrrt Larry., John 11,1.11,1 A.
thdora. I....lw.n.lldarllnddUnd ltd., - It WI!
11.. Vol. ell. John Newlin, Or 11. M11u , ./co. Jan... ,
Liam, I. Tl, , philuo. 'bolding, II doe..
Iluch Crud. rtdurr
J ddhry , ...u. na. Tb.mas.
John :411..n4. II tn. Id, rr, Jr.
Irismopno tr hrnindruer—D. T. Mot., Ilugdo
11 , ho T. In. .
WILLI,. 1`r.....1rut. Tn.. rd. llsah Lw. Prvld
i dent. Jodi,. lc. . T.
4141-4.1r.L. .4 O Ctn
w uputs, Warr Md.. Pitt,
hurvh lce:drIll I r. A. 11.11/KILLA. &arm,.
Ohio Laboratory.
so ZA" t Ireni t
• im •
"Rl' , S 5 14 ° 7-2 ' 99
Per cent. Strength. •
DWELL FLETCHER & CU., Manufactu-
Co re.. AU om :OM/14 Purr enitits ft, and Bran-
di, pper bbed lma, 011 haul.
apor Whinkoy a n oaud.
Cerner of Vine and Front etre , ,,etaMaTam. oBlo .
ellerdera from Pitteburithi will b• . l o omPtiY
at Invert ntiO,ltet pri,w. apITAY
Leeria's Patent Reveraitile,Water Filter
IS Noiv he teen in operation at \V M.
TASK 1 CO `B, Plumber, No. Fourth atreet„ be
laiwin Ferry and feberty eta.. and al I lIOMII a WILEY'S,
N. 10 larket atreet. Pitteburnb. Tli „griller haarenelerd
• Gold MMlal front the Amerimn Inntltute Of New York.
mat a i. , rtilicate fronithe Franklin Institute,Lef Phibadel.
Chia. for Ito ionwelonts• In its elmostoit prey... ml elan
certificate. from thee. baring, them in %twin Phlladelohia.
of the
f"U""B, l;7;:affe r e i tZthrcill 24th.TF0.1.
It Ova me great pleaeure reeernmend to the lover. of
poi, clear water. the Patent Itererelble Water k Merv, ire
retinal by Mr. Lewin. Ilsofort maid ona of them fur wear
.1 month, I am enabled to Madan of their maloo.
000100: Mir. 101 Walont etreet2',,
..Vutt-tocuwta.Pdareti IML
The Patent Itaverellole Water 'pilferer. Invented by Mr.
Samuel Levi, and 111 1 011 by nni for some m u tth g a , ll , ..9: ,
g i e o rellirt ts. 7 c:0 " n2„.17; it . a . p " rieTite ' t ' 2 'Cut litare ' il ' ir7 my pincer to
recommend It Ito
t its
onblic. JONAS 1 . -FAD:LAMM
No, 8 Sutinmeratreal,.
There et Item me warranted to Mkto oat any smell or
Mate which May setae from dreomyeawil animal
tile matter In the water. They are watranted to last two
Sean, and with °Mime, rare .111 laid\ ten, and remain
on!' to
be Fenn to be
""*.6at tATFIR ARMIN.
• ntelMtf Areh Arnett. Pht s _ladelohla '
1 RAD PlPE —CernelPs improved_ patent
ihl Lead Pipe for Trent".
A TlTtirtine Raw.
Cuterna.aa. •
ITL`Zrt r i NV:T(6IIN;
me-01711 . 134 Front ateept,
\ Heating and Ventilation.
aLli,g`iiViAl b cZei . . ' ."Cre m ZVlTl• t Ui li. .46 C iroW ' rit , Znil L "gll7:
Inge of errrycleacrlptlon. pubt and firirate,, , X' m.boittt r .
te " azi le Pe , A "ar d n " rt ' s, ' e in ittei ß r '- li ' l r"s gh oT r low, In 'Udrcnoo epard, and for
"rn Other method It rival to Ile •
o7 . i ' af4o ° Ventllstlon, by natural or forced mono,, will
Ve_propared when...le-desired.
Bulldlrom of \ the Tar101,11,d1•Arrillti01111 1510111t10111.11 are
moet roeceeefallyi Isentni 1.1,10111 this plan In (intern towns,
aa the method hinny+. sholeaome, unlforaPheat. at any
repaired temperature, with maim freedom from taint,
mane, ulies,dttat,eirdamimera, and earety from lire.
Coploy's Pot Clay.
LIE aubncrihera arc now Solo Agents
anlrlor J. Ce n te r a_Ctr..
trio pale of their PM Cityr
of eltabled tacter. (or the teanufaethre
et w ee . po,e,Areel Vote, tr. It ie made of natant tharaore.
infuelble enbehtume known ; and ir very carellally selnetwt
end : lexieed o r•trione trtirt.rll,
flit Nit 4 Ft6ll a INt
W E arc inatruote,ll-the owners to close
rer tltter . Ze m ar e it . eat‘yeduet.ll rate; and upon 3
[WIViI t L tecket Ctralr'xi
•• \
Crib Blanket, tabit...)\
4 blue arid areen.
TISIBitkLIAS-2 coves Arai sale by
JAVA CO,I , PER 11.1 t rtt for sal 114
nut WICK
117A0S-5 sacks for ialo
LL A(35-5
DRY PEACES-2'io butthela reJOivOO on
ntlgtornt sad for rale he
Doll Al.K.l)lt• •KIItTNIN.,I3 . I . IItIet \
EOR SALE—A 'first rate I , AIII.,OU it
HOUSE. erhleh ran be seen ed..JACK)tki
rr eta', Irwin street; \ •
{ 1 .7, TONVPLIT-200 . boxegTor Bale bv' 7
1,3 not S
71cli Y o
A 7
. .
DIE, ICA - L. : . ..
. .
Ito ars , • ... .
Comnonifd STrap of\ Yellow Dock Root.
OLCCI'lfb the froat rank among tbn pro- '
peolory loodleinve of thbk emitter for completer
oor ,a g Canker:U.lC Menu, E.yirdnelsa and all other din '
ease, avi.lnyt au Import tam of the Won/. Also
Liver tkestaint.ellntarrh, livoy.w., lieu:What Nsh...
th 4141... 1..0,11,f tad T:gfitte.'s ,hnt the Ches; &On
btes, ,1, av- teak .I,n,ata arid 4.1-tektite sensation
th - thrat a. l• t.... 0.1 with hoprerodented FULVVOO
.Fe: , •,:: Wee Ats u.l G mit tri Dcbility. .
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tow. tn.. 1 ,, ,,n not.t 444. I,a , s, given th nu 1141 ,
testimonials as In th c sui,vivir sir.... eve al nher Ow
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wt1:41:N• i t " 1/ h , " ,\ , 111.3 1' 2 , YotTlIZ • ' 7l= . ; \ ' t
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For weakte,s and ;Alta lu the bank are side. ~
fr , ...• e , v.rre .min...di...Feta of the kidney., to, 0. , OL , ' k,
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1. :' ,, :.1. . ) ' ,..t:...,, 1 , ..I retail. by ~ . '
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N 11.—One l'Ake v 11.irty dnorn or Clothe*: an ZS
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Pn , e123.: root. 1..1 Coke. Fad, Coke with hill dlteot
For valet., it. F- HT Wont
"There it, more lion aI A In heaven nod earth.
^Th. are 4natort of in ttbilomphy."
rill' E V I ItTlff:S of this remarkable . roma
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the moetant applieatloo for It. to the proper
nhd, Ihi• indur,l Lim to hare t.t.put up trt bottle, with Is
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I'b.. 1.1,1134.LEUM Is procured from a aril in thl+ Mt.'
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(=A Arttrlf, tr,th-ot out rbruttral chanty, but loot trent
ft,...., ft,. Nature. i ire... Lahrator,ll That It cr... •
prof...Mee n.s. Mau, • number el di,ava. it no longer • . •,'
matter of unenrtainti. There am many thinga In the
of tottort, tol,b, 11 ano,n. ;mo t , he of eau ...fut. \ :
nee, uil.,sotMg ;mitering. and mau.rlng Nn bloom at
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are am ronerlone that the molicine r. won work Its iltr i • ',
Into thn favor of thelt who omfier. and lien to ba heal
Whlbt on do not rialto Po It a unitereal application thee
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eau:err...l—all Alma., of the mann. beettea, en. a.
ciii-,,,Nic lIMINCIIITIe. cosetilllTlON, (In it+ early
1.e..) .5711.1 A. en. k 01l 4bn...a of the air pa.leter. LIN-
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I Blad , ler [tet Ki•in,r. .., ln tist Lank or Sid, Neter.
horaere. Neuralm.. Ind s. Ithrtimatio l', Varela
el., Tenor. Rlngennua lane.. eroads. brut., Old Norma
ae. ke. In rano .4 d.dolt , rnenitinu In. exposure. or,
Lout and omit - wird ennt.rof diva..., MIA Pleditat,will
tint.g relief It till net aa agent.. TOC and ALTAIC
ITS V i'. its earl. nova nalmetta• tom' gait! ....AT' t• ".
whole frame, remonlant obalnfrtlooa, opening' the a ntral.
1abe1..., which rtillsr ii),..11 , (11:141 • ion caneat•olvet •
ithi giving turrenvil mud rnarelei energy to NU atv neva., . .
of life! TM. pmorteto- Lane,. okarreral run. nir 011.1,,, •
tint reaonal tarry other treatme L get well on.l..etbrun\
of thr PEI ItoLLUM for a short 'tar. The Dena e. n s .
Jot ru to any p.n.. it.
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... M Kll.sll,•Canal flatin, n Iterent *
Al. „ . Ii IL Iie.I.:ELI.EINI „ troy +. - \,\
awl li.til'itEll A Xl* IVELL. • \\
moron. Ifood street and Virgin II T, who \
nrah.dl y , his regularly appointed Agentar \ . , „
I: NGIV sill men mini are sick nu ninietea \ .
IV with , t 11.., ,, of the Mulder soul Kidnurantll than ' '
Cannkpal/r+ to Inv k or limb+. atlff )of Ede, ohl torele.n . annltte
elenri.. ie., that they ran be cartel lip tail. the I Lilt,
-LEI si. 1 on'tas, talk Or Lut he bring • ahah . d..Vo irthtll
god ma p 1,....., hut nab thee not mob. It I. fors'.
In the fare of an Li neat community. that it has virtues
ableh are us t mmaitad hi any othrt remedy. Thoth.
7 , 1t0 ,.. t: est . d . :r n ith ,4 l.;tln. and r n 4fr o rlo t s e fniatil o l:=
1.1. , 1n.
Read, It reota very little to.,make a trial. mu Potir , •
Irma O no mixture—no compound. put hp for the purpose
vr ii,i , ...,•.1. do....rattatt.): but 111.. nmedtalaborw
ted by the morn, hand of nature-Ind bubble. tantrum the -
brw,ta of our mother earth. In Ito drigitud twit', and at
tars to ruffering humanity a reedy remedy, a cattalo Sad
ch. p cure. .. .
l.t Ilea rum! Piles, allir other medicine+ have Aland to
render sup relief. it haand Rheumatism. of Ions;
.rtanding. and of the a ono .4 na rate , Painful rh.a.tar. tt
haorismo Cholera Sinrhoe,'hy our or two dews. It has
eure4 old (10.1 , of friarrira. in which Garry . other ‘adaaly
ham Men of no .rail. An -a local remedy In hunts ..1 ,
-amid& it il ,,, tter th•ttor Medical rompounds or ointment .
that we know of. It •01 ram...Wird...l and feudal Wt.
ia a few.l,Phratio, undoubted lestimOrty ran he turalahr
nd of the troth rltylninett ;n the afore abatement. by ra
tan on SAM V 0.1. M KlNit; Canal gliSill. Seventh street; or
either of thr a,nts.
o .t. tl ~ „ ..
finp.ehovoll. miner of W.rknt err et and Ylitta
alley; R. P- Celle, lei trod street ri.,11-1111101.. end M.
(~,,,,,,..alb.u t o . ny . It,. an , the arenta . , , , , . • .-
. • •
, -
_ I. 4 17
GI , tv
ii ,gi -Pk. JAIVI; Anat. the dasonvo ter WA wale propriabar \
et theo. nu... road." and behetetal toodlelnse, and abta
a, tub ter .1 the retairat ru
ed inetmoot fog Meal:tog the
Lung.. M crating a cure of Chronic &snow. arse a 40 •
tool of that eminent Thyme., Doctor Flays., and la.
....Maw ef the UhalprrAt, of Pentoylrerua.and fer Wart)
Irenritice hes been engaged in the torntagatirea of dia.
lien of remedies tbenan • ,
71,;eVIN't: ''''''' 1' hie 1 4 Le In \ tie me
. , ~,,,,- aln atm tu . creamer nw
els Prothyleetto 'Array. and other of hie remedies. ‘.. he bas
coined tat unparalleled to Inner. three drywall:lA
end fatal , meladten Tubereular Vouromption. tAncors. •
Terrifula, lae•ureatiem, Asthma. Perm and Ague, Artvran I •
all Ki0.1,11,1 , [11C i.r)APFIKR, aid all three Animate AA
ee , ' - . Pei rarer te (mole,.lndeed. every form of disease -
'anvil,* saucier the use of Lis remediee. to Ihiliell huanate.
ly I+ teir-Lot by the ne. of one a impound only, for t ,
me topotible oith Playa/dogrel Law, but by We PM
m...ra. adattA to, aml pmecnbed for, theb. Ihehihili
form I thy isaa
re \
lir e'er,. Teter Alterative rale, when used, are WWI.. '' \
tar ark ...hared to b. ear+ nor tz , all othemate ay \
tan . r !pee pal. inaenneb as lb. , hem" We towel. p e ep'\
neat free unto eoetpromx, as oleo hie Golden Pale anted. ,
T;7 l =l"f --4 Z - btl=r7z4zwwra...t - Vi
..,11.will to ,mbleh what has ham said, in the Waled
meet .kePtical
h. Metter am turlted to cell - Upon the itATtit, and plate .
eu &arab., 4 e t the bectru.s pamphlet". gMillg 111 data&
.I . eount . t e It reeled )zand it. applicallon.
_ .
Itirwele by the Goethe Stelae, as well mbymOet dtlitil•
art , te theme:o.ot e. nounire. ~
J at Co.. ta Woca el- l'attalmtett.
J ft • ...end. I aura.. Market We
.., . •
Lew li.. althorn. b ugai.t. near the Peet OfAeo.attegAt.
Joeeph kley, Der orlon, Bearer county, Pe. •
~_ •
lobo Irtii..,t. hnnoo t Hey, \ . . .
T A Tama.,
an,rlAAli. - \
- -
To the Pea era of %e Pittsburgh Gazette.
11.1 C . TENT pN i, respectfully la
irs . the Myna" Writhe. Or! forth in relatUn M
.11 the nowt Itoperiata receediee of \modern time
IM AI/LELA Olt Attalka 011. a a . `ri ., t move than on*
.0 ago unto (ha 'tent renuellk . V.4 ught helve the
.1410, for the Ivied' aNinre of dt.....e. ile great
heal. hare..lce the . berme fhlly &ppm-Iota! the
enitounity. and we all , that the long Ate that
mete certain will Ire gr.e Joh. 'Tread It not therm. •
ely of ed... Ira hr. for thlaZole tan Tole of .. king meaty;
but. nor. wfacrt we OM(' 1.. will ottalno. a maid when
u ther neetrums hero leen, forgotten. The IPantos to e
-el Ileturly, elaborated. to the de • of the melt
-nd agency that Floats to "ram Kaman
.4006 It IA totar duty. eh.. we wrlth Wan onyx*
, that ••0 write the troth -that are ray nothm earn.
.ateil th deo.lre them who may teli k tt our word,nr pa mots
dence In cr eat... ow, lb. oi4c eery ept. to . oat
any thing that premiere relief Alen. AMa me "
halal. I.e Wu hvhly wrought to a re the °hart of IT ,
log or I.UlThUghlhh tho3o 1.1 them. Iv. we do not el
to do Gar, we an. anxious only Was 11/Atm:eh In mdateon • •
Catmely ehmtl.l te told. in order to aerate Mr it* rep
ion tar eteenitng arty sintle ..stasis laathe meterta mole
La Plain unrarturbed fecte-Met. Mot ApyMoienerlaiPed I t •
in our city end netghtiorbool, hew ample eramong ha few ---
taw of the Petrol/hat. ,
Within the yart two month& two, of on own eithietw e '
oho were totally blind, have been rettore4 eight. Ser. I
.ral caw of Limber", in We Plato of Ohl hare LeMI I
run"! A na, alan We earner a gentlemen le Ite , .
There mm other". but them ere ealw. near bong •
be ',Awed le by en y yerinoli who barn doubts
i.e. Tlewe evea were. mined liter Weir hot
el by phymeisno as hopelitei. The 1 etwiltuna nal , eurre'
when ;Pod ace/willow to dirretlone-Duartiera,lttery,,
Illen,ltheumattem.liout, heutalgin.larepthuni on anent...
Mile... or. the face.Chrnme gook Aye, languor:A Tatter. i
/kaki Head. mane In Um bon....ljoiotA 014 slice; Ultras, ..
hen., Ague. Chronic Coughs. Asthma UninclatlA end I,A A r '
Pulmmomy affections of a throttle nature. tending to q \,4 1 , 2
duo. Colutumpuon. e .,, \•• r '
Bum. and mAkta.diereno of the Blulder arid amour" .• ir
Gberawd Wade, Lamettawl husks, (arcs ssa Basun. \,, I
In fact. It Is a u estrtarat ...tor, and has been triad,
In newt of the above diseases within the Tata tear watt lb.
must perfect Filfo.ll. Oertlfreata that wall to:oath& are in
the betide of the proprietor. w Ito will take plraeure Int/wow ,
Ma them to the allarbd Or thslrf Geed..
, , h e t e ,, others may t.r toms; Wet" Mediate% tea , s
Petroleum Is the greatest Remote et the 4..". phnid...
Inlash standing In the are leguintog M Inae It ~
In their prattles , Thane who at art looked on oritt . ldoublt '
and Ma...rte.:ay. am willing to award It due p ama '''
comoderaWm. before tanther you Pills retina. Weill be , 1
„T e d t o aeltmertedge that the Pattoku to Is thrtgrealia. ' 1
est mulligan. ever direovernl. Por male, wholeaale and Pe. l
Mal. by KATTEIt A' Idelatni I.LL, Ire WcOlg. A, , \ ' \
Also-lt. A. Beller*, 47 Wald street: D. 31.
l o a ri h roe t r . :n. l' 11111. " & A t i at g itOsitne Y .; Ain te a' C e i
t. e
, raft. and IL A. Tabnestock A Co e Ilefod and Pt Alta WIA '
It is ETMT,
11, lLL .Relleyie—bly children. like oilmen. Itsiv
euttret to twoublemotor tomtit', met Laving teal dltremeng ; •
triordire to very little intermr. I ..o induced by ming .
tixiornm about your,(bommil Syrup to give It foul;..; mmv• it to two of MT boym. mad elm° to my daughter emu
dUroroot Ume.. tool it has meter billed to ewe thaw • .1
\ brie yreommrated ti to my men r. hborzr do eul.
roormirnelonsly bebeye thot It le the t oot r merliethe
thit has ever been oiterol to the imobilw 1-J
lhavnita mhould not permit thole children to mall w ham
county when they may he mind by *lb , et. bottle of OM
and sold may?
inchOl 67.1fr0d mt.. aim Druzeltt a01.0.0n7.
to etort. atel thy male 0.
7 1 11 3 .b.1tem Ointment
• .• . .
Exototial Exit of
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.VodeWoe; Oteer'e
l'olmovari Nara..
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slot ..
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5 I.f.d . .esto Teas: IS Iwo Et.r.1494
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/5 bay, Pt - pp . , 19 Saari c
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ES, &c.—A large stook
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M'omade Sate;
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