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    ..I , ....GtONEBDAY MORNING, D. a, 1851,
09 -For Commercial matters, tarn to the first
7ltissonc —The reading of the message
-yesterday . commeneed between one & two o'clock;
itrfiich time copiett were delivered by the;
. f . ........postnioster to the -several newspaper offices.
• ".....Tiisibessagr isi.Cmorotlou'ustostlength,road.
• ' '
treats of a great vtriety of subjects. The Presi-:
iiient,eftercongratulotiug Congress upootheblase.
lei enjoyed by theootentry, nod acknowledging
thagoadatlesof Providence, proceeds; to speaks at
flume length of the' into Cuban inerteien. Be
• • opentsaith mach dignity and good temper of
• that nohappy affair ln its several aspects, and
=x rt ei midisntly - Vindio:itv.s ‘ the conduct of the goy
!: evitneUt in re rrenca to it.
• hereememends dull reparation by the Gov
erilinetel to the Spanish Cuueul at Now Orleans
i for
,lops And tlpteage he may have sustained
tho riots in (bat city, meowing out s et the
'tram ,
",Cohan. ixeitenient.
pronifites that the good loffices of the (lee
4retneent shall Le put forth for the pardorr and
-E". :111bfitition of the unreitnnate survivors of that
i ' l%-innbappy expedition, new confined at hard labor
in Spate.
•I' The compact between Ofeat Britain end
Fruce4 .. for the protection of Cuba ;froto future
• - ititreutlon,„ Is noticed but he states that those
• . I -Oirrernments .hpy - eight
• • • :orlateotiori to seirch.or molest any vessel un.
• . ;
der the protection rdthe'Ateericon flag.,, •
'Tte President again invitee, tha.attention of
Congress to the question of reclprOctil trade be
t hieen the United States and Conotte, and recent
• { tnencliethet It be established on the basis of re
'•• I cittrucal -
The tite'vieit of Amin Bey, the agent of the
. Government' to this country,
.• ... v.. sand:the liberation of -and--I.ig assn.
„Otto by that:government, are both referred to
.n-getierntis terms.- To Congrosa is referred the
, queatiou how lioseuth shall be receided and
:treated by this government
• . Pre s sident dsetta upon the importance.
-• tittle contemplated Ship Canal across the lath:
t. ' ISMS otPanamo, hot makes . no - particular re
'commendation. . I
. • The financial coalition of " the gorei:runent is
tnrtictypraspereas couflitinu; but the President
• !thesis "ira very sitswig - testae she injurious opts
fiTotir prese c bt revenue laws- upon both
the - indutrid intermits and a irculating - medium
of the country. tie gpeak9 strongly of the frauds
upon the reseurie which grow out of the prevent
• eysteta of ad ralorum dntielo The remedy be
t,‘, • t proposes is the dopCieti of specific" duties on all
articles which admit'of it. This portion of the
message will clotimand special attention.
Hetailslies that the mineral land of Califor
. 1,14 .# 41 1 - not be" surveyed at present. but that
it still he bettei.:to wait 'until. time and expert
.'esteis shall enable Congress to make a judiciotti
:'.disposition of them. ltu however recommends
• ' 'that,the agricultural . leads in . California and
f&non ho eorrcyea and tint into market:
The - president - .earnestly urges the ha.
• partance of 4art appropriation for the improre
'mantof ritirs and barbars.
"Sidon of the messagli is - .made
1 -. up of !various interesting topics, the =opt - rations
nte:the rations "departments, &c., and some
temperate reraarks,!especting the compromise
= !measures, of none of which it is necessary to"
"speak here. "
Tee - Afesaage is long; but the reader will •
Pay. when he gets through,,tbst it is•ss concise
. as the greatf number if topics touched upon
Would admit of. There is a rich ecin of practi
e.o..good 'Sense iataiiio".4:hrough it, which leases .
plea.siug and eleritinkitr.preseouupon the;l
;mind. Although a mordnodesi4Oinilentlawer
emanated from ifushiniton, the nettnber nod
importance: of the subject:l &massed leases
• strong impression of the commanding • position
which oar country occupies among the nations
',at the earth. • 1
Exts • Dank Breast Itimatt rx , Evooes,-The
, -- • - •1 ' , Great EMteher, in hie prophelic,revelations rho
taming: the-dm:traction Of Jerusalem, gives as,
one of the Cigna whicit'should usher in that ter
' j Tilde event, age:tare! and fearful. looking far of
, some great ;Calamity - a universal expectation of
'-ttome dreadfal:ivil-;-•,'men'e hearts failing them
for teat" i 3 iimething to - that
j. time, 'yoking for of a revolu
, tionat7 stoker' hi : Europe.. Already in the awful
' . -eHence which now prevails, do we - hear the die-,
.tant muttering , thunders which NIT usher in the
tornado. Mr. Choate, in hk . late
speech atEnnueil 11011, in support of 31r. Writ
has givcnatteranco to the prevalent feel-
Mg, in the followifigeloquent passage:
has seemed to me, that there iteomething
• in the quality and adjostnient of 31r: Wehnterk
prudential and intellect - fed character and tem ,
perament, which - fit him in a remarkable degree
for condoetir-g thee-.loreien relations"-of -this
country with Europe, in the 603114 tomcat of the
:European w0rk1.... What that aspect nod state
'exactly is, bow; unsettled, what - shrub-we.
Fi • cicada 1111 a darkness appear to rest upon it, you
centirely aPpreciate. It has seemed to me as is
. the 'prerogatives of crowns aind 'rights of men,
- and the hoarded' up resentments nod revenges
of,a thonsand years, were about to thabenth
3 : the sword fora cotalict, ia which the blood ehall
flow, as in the Apocalyptic vision, to the bridles f
.t of the horses, and . in which a whole age orpan
1, shall pass away—ta winch the great hell of time
obeli sound out soother hour—in-which eociety
itself shall he tried by fire and eteel—whether it
:in of Nature nod of Nature's God, or not_—
.1 Now, In each a condi& as this, have we, in this
1 Country, nothing to fear!" . , •
t Innentag, HARRIETT HLIZ A, lnfut danab
. ' tat Of. Hobert and Ifarrlat Wray. _lhe Itiveral geith like
plata thie aflerwoa. at Ho'clto::, -- frairael'rerider.cenf the
7i • fatlahly. cornet of Webster and Mai ateeta.;
at - 3
o'clock. JOHN J:CUITTENORN. iun of
:Jobe add Roux:nab &man, aged finai 761 t. The friend.
Of the tuair are Incited to attend thntaneral. Iron the
_•, reaklenea Of tda ja . e.p: d Nierling'e Work& ed 3.1
• .1" • Election.N
Election for,Fifteen Directors of 'The
°Wm." insurance Cleirenr,"
affil bt bald at the
at 114 Compeer. No 115 Water sts.vt. on the tbirl
k1eaday..1.,..4 of Deceseb, test. beta eon the boon et 10
Vele* A. 31. .ed 3 n'cleck P. 31 •
•• 41a3ts . ALYII.IIO IV. NARKS, Beer.
Irtb j.,erson , who .found m.pair origotti
Enureciimo. Fabbath la.t. Allealamr Qty.
an pirate aat: at the aftlat of Palmer. Ilatzus 4 cu., co,
two( Waal saal !mirth Rim la, .ud reerfrectaapenoltloa
Or the ia,las.
r: Fta7-474:
We are new preparecrto carry Freight between
• -
• ,
&win tha vintrr , oral will plye licrongh recelpbt
- IIY GRAY" , k 01.4 -
Canal 14,x4it. Pitt.burxh.
DUTII,II 111131Y11ItNlig a rya, - •
• in ltarlfmt.trert.
CITARI.V.B 11. 6tN.111, A Wilt,
Froth , tr.rt. Baltimore..
-7' 7 ..• Chestefs Clothing Empprium, • .
driELETIRATED for Neiancra iif Fit,
.Fino l
lvJ wool or Roollty. Doratilltf or tvortm..tdo— .
oar gook 14 101 l and oomph-I , brooltfo oil ortkft4 of
on I Llofe Clothloo ocol ' Voroblono Gooilf, all mat-
AA nt ray owo io•oarilno. Ste o
yltal to call nod roarnloo, a. we or , Oto , foroo.l to 101 l
• ' 1 - 1 sunt:l.DM Ivor inaotosof
D. -1 ; 0 P , 004 B,lLet ont on to. otkort•
'UST Iti.A.V.D-51.1 yds: thin Shoet 'Lubber,
CJillabdoHno.' For sale at No: 110 Slorßft rL '
111 BEAST PUIVPS-2. din. India Rubber;
tbo. G dot 2404 $114.41 , ..141•40d grloo.d.
dod .1 4 U. PIII'LLIPS. tIO Slortiot
• •
V4itAl it CUSHIONS-2410z ? India. !tubber
And Air ju4
and tor sale at No. Iltl'ilookktotto.,
dot . • Jt t 11. PHILLIP:.
S - -- -- - ---
UGAII---ig ith7 - 19: M
N., reed on c on sign
matte weld f0r.414 by MAUL' 30){0.3N.
de3 • i - 131 Front ed.
_ ... •
Chtuter Union, No.
• 41. LI...TT-of AMA:hefty rut. Itoith deolundol
•or s• thand thaw/ IT of T. of 1.1, , , , ftde of Pond, Too
Ins.tholo the Itarisllrtho 0 Opt Nations! Volvo of N. A.
MountilA DOI flolso it sto looser propnlted She
Gotta. Union. • • • •, A RAO' IJA O. P. P.
.I+IINSTIIELI—A 'now iyia
xl Poo Jltokal Potation, tr It. Mk Jost reed
*ad far sale nr . 11. NI 61.1.0 A,
FONG SLlAWLSiltupiii . &Ai vein.ric Lu:
hoW le, 'd a wry. foil Roost tooth M. the sbni•
MtTi!,tlVl ' M u ng,
•• A Brooks Loon olo t os, of ososst
TA. St H. see oposthit• OWN /.041
nutnel, of altssrable color s ~,l
trocetietel, buetumt ton gore tIAI,
•n't. Wrtlrnlan of J , 4611* in,
Wm street, A tut 4; al. ,Tolrt stirkes rms .
At a meeting of the Awl-Masonic and Whig City
Convention,. held Dec. 19, 1850, the following
resolution,was adopted:
- Resolved, That it shall he the dutyof the Pres
ident of this Convention to order the next pri
mary meetings to be held in the several wards,
on the second Saturday of December next, be.
tween the hone of eleven, A. M., and five, P.
M., to elect five delegates. to meet in Conveu-
Don on the irtinesday following, to nominate
o brindidate far: May ar. --
In accordance with which, the election for del
egates will lie held nt the time stated in the
resolution, 'and the Convention will meat on
'Wednesday; Dec. 17th, at 10. o'clock, A. 4., in
the Supreme Court Room.
QlllO ASO PgI7XYGVANIA RA11.11.011)....—The.
roil of this
_road, have been extended into the
Stated( Ohio,
Nadi - James Cris well,w bo was so sere rely injur
ed by falling down the steps of the Court Rouse,
about two weeks ago, died yesterday.
Ta . YOUNG Mue.--The file, of a
series of Lectures to Young .Men, Ism delivered
in tho CumberiMid Presbyterian Church on last
Sabbath—Snbjeet •'happiness."
• Tun RAILIIO.4I,—The number of passengers,
who travelled on the Ohio & Pennsylvania Rail
road last week, was two thousand two hundred
a nd twenty one
Orv.rue TILACK.—The "Masilion," one of th
Loconiotirea on the Ohio B. Pennsylvania Rail
road, ran the truck on l'ilonday craning,
short distance beyond Loon Valley. No on
sus irjured.
Scu i resern.—Ricluted Burrell soon yesterday
sentenced to ten days imprisonment in the coun
ty jail; and the costa of suit, on a conviction for
assault and battery.
TIPPLING Iforst.--John McGirk was yester
day committed to prison, hp process from court,
charged with keeping a tippling house.
STATISTICS or Catur..—Osto thousand, one
hundred and ton persons have been committed
to prison during the last twelve months, charged
With various serious offences. The alarming
numbir of three thoneand one hundred and
twenty-fivo males and females; have been com
mitted on charges of vagrancy. •
Logan Sitais.—Wo omit much local news ow
log to tho important document published in to
Lanceser.--Mayor Gotherie yesterday corn
mitte4 William Moore end Charles Jones to
prised; charged, on oath . pfliam Jones, with
the larceny of a swell sum of money.
The members of the New England Society of
Pift,h4rgh or hereby notified, that, a mewing of
the Satiety will be held or the office of George
F. GiGalore, on Tuesday December llth, 1851, at
3 P. 5 1, to eke! officers for the ensuing year.
Dec. 2. 18111. - ASA P. CHILDS.
rThird ntrrit.oprewite the Pat Othdc—
ei. New .11outhty Mau/Wm fen December.
Chabers' Papers for the tenni,. V.I. I and It. yrwetAlt,
1:1 ksru,l'e InteriTational Magasine, for Due:tuber.
Magweiru, ter Notrutber.
' V i tn i. nr l ttzu7 , l , t: Donee/Are cly.
r the ti bile: a 13,v wart by Herman Mei.'
Ille.4.nry of FLO: trerce.ef tluotittrne.
London Later •nd Lnodon
on e. i n 15.
• Brner' • Mawanne. eel 0. boned in at culla.
:ketches In Jr el.d. U. Thtiaat•T.
London Art dintenal tar teretriber.
Life had Advditures of aci Arknuilter Doctor.
(leonine, • hew novel br. /Winer.
• The Lily mud thi try, by hatunel Warren.
The Ta Qn ktnz of tante an
the b d hic S,l4iti• UsyDed,umas.. Panes.
..11entoriee of • Iliirawian•
..filarir number, • tsa. of the Arced:can Ilarotution.
Lean Arundel. cr the Railroad of L fr.
IrrartlL/Pairluich. or Senn la the Li de of ti Private Pupil.
Matitda Menturotere, aregult to it Aiwa...
fullThicrelbo. Illstary of the num.. Heart. part
Artinir Cooney. or Benne. In the Tentless
10, a tate of thy Olden Rebel Barton.
Katherina IValtrin. or the of I.rrbester. IIJ••
laricallZokisnec of the Reroluitou in Carolina.
Theeenteeor. an li:snidest Nero).
• tintru and Shiedowc,orftodit enifthinwn t e.
They, • Tale eletimon Tann, by U. P. IL James.
Midrib utherford. • Sea Tule.
'the Std. Harden, • tale alien:ed.
Ibe Uiptier Oiled, by G. W. AL Reynold..
Matieltur tho tb• I:34tp• 1 , :•11. • • Woof Wenn-
• -
- VALUABLE bISCOVEIii. kronaw hich
hc ro
il been loce'ncht tar. alai cII.E.IIIe.IL 1.1
Ico •
tlll .sOLDED,
rl,for tire/dint: Mi.. W Wk... Earthiiii mai
'•1..., Pea t.ory,
. Be i -all article. loinel b. 'ht. valaatile corobr.lllen.
wilt yend•re I berleruy Wit, and toady tar ia-e to let.
time, lire nilouter oft, it ha. tar-.. joined As it I t at no
nal,. > t lean". no make at aural', haratii; been apriied
t.• the broken rota.. a leo on the turn hig., it at.
ncti. , ll of h.. taly other kind of th i nid
timid abilot a bola, thereby ranile Wi t theca an Welt. aa
iherwere beaten.
The Platte will at one. ow the inpurtanne of becomin g
amriaintal with the beat and only article fit durably re
pairtna.i sat n re
Per eale,, wholes:4 or retail, b y It. P. SELLF.RS, if
irbial street..l.2
„ -
LUDIS—".-10 bales ObT. s f . , L l o ,i a v l , %lvi ,
- peg ASll— , -25 casks pure, for sale by
• c l <l -, —. 4. 0. zaLwowr• t CO.
- -
. .
I,g UGAII-20 Mule. prime N. 0., fir nide by
13d.;4 . J. B. DI 41V0111 . 11
ItloCobri.E..--150 bags for stile by
oee . J. 4 DI &(q.
BUTTEII,-5 bble. Freell, for sale
4 , LIErI'--.53 kegs aeo'd Nos., just recd per
17 Veinier 1111tuti,r,1 tn. sale by
811GAitS-28 bids. Crushed,
Pmrderrd, Clarified. and Small Luefeunare..lint re.
naired end fur selelbr.
~)R,LRI, STARCH-50 Mixes just reed on
reririeramm. cud for rale by
1118E 1 131 OllEF:SE—eiti boxes 'prime, for
J nil{ by
del 0, V. VON natrattonsx
Cl and 45 Vint meet.
DINE. APPLE CHEESE-24 eases prime
militir.just landed and for hr
deS I S. F. VON 1101:::11ORST CO.
Now ready!!
an f
Piano l.
i i?••= l 4r T n e
Withoat inception as neat plereut printleir and binding
aeelrer wax
for T t . ;4l ' f i' Pe ' s " gt k ifril ' ut ' a 4 n r '1 1 ', 71 ,' ,47, P 04 ° ,4 0 . 5 1 i!rwir n
(flown°. bow m Peep the inntrument ALMA": IN
TONE. Prieeon/y $l.--Wrinh num.
mud, It
min he mat by mail to SOF r•rt of the finnan Mate. tor a
Yew re
Publir 14,1 lir Lee ik Walker, Philadelphia. and War be
LW of .34111,i 11ELLo Word ono, mu fIY.NEV
Third sine, PittelnirAli, an I at the POrotteil
book Oar s ' drel
Great 'lila of Long Shawls at low prices.
A.IMASON &CO. - will open Tuesday
• menhir. - 2.1,
.meni hone Shawl Ste
floes of Limo hainrle, tonettier with their
?Manna kiosk will make the mon exteniirsbharrl
ewer held hands city.
• •
riIIIE Guardians of the Poor will receive
- A . /traial. until tho Zth &member. for furnishing the
twig Alms 'lnure with one Inuntred Wrought bon god.
Attain, amenable to rample, a/oth may be men at Guar
dintie Wane. Form), otnet.
fi tly order or the Uniktlng Committee. •
LW • nollaity 5007% Seer.
IrpllE Co-partnership heretofore existing be-
Mein the ututorden U. under the Orin of soakN.
Or.orth CABE: a Cu.. in ;he Corneae anal Vicuna ug
!mother/41ra. diaeolred by tontual ronerlar, the 2:.p lostrteL by thn withdrawal of !her Townsen d faun
frail the
Arm. The loPturan of the fine will be r.hleed be the oth
e,wrtoere.- /Malt' I'..W OPEND.
W. 11.
ItOBEHT thank,
Pittstargh. Nov. !.X. 101
Till undersigned will continue Om Carri
adrcliid Wacon manufa•tarlod oI la all um
va , fir i t t le i a.d o tt . the old stand, .under
d , cl:lar ei.
SOAP -100 bzo. emu., fors ToG
wwic t.vcnANILFSB
AVNEREL--200 bblo. No. 3;
100 MAIL:fa. Z•
• 100 - •
Z 0 qr. bk.. Tor rale by
CIIEESE-140 bx.s. liezldp'll
eelebraterDurbait and Nutmeg Cheese, Matta sa.
"'"d oter ad tor eala LX
" %tie& 6 aI4ANDLE.M .
rrlIE SIJESOIIIIIEII has just received a
mow admirable and ex tenslt•
story ore. f,
me 7 ...stow, from the relabrated faof B. D.• Date
Lldo, N.Y.. swoon other.—
..owe/x.O Inautut, 6 0:0 F 111111 . 11 .b 1 .4
g do do Of oct , d 0 0 . ,.
. do • do oet. ,
Alen. one of 1 / 1 1.,111Ag'S fatilOga ottt CDNICEIIT
rIANI tn. w
ennal Pt a ;owlt Plano It, power an•l volumes of
ten.. The lbestos bora now and itnproseel .1100-
1 .4 a etOT large Pit '0,10..1 hammer. and thns ain't - ding
nil the adrantages of a grand Phwo. ; The popllnand
twiou a.. re-an-Maly Inelned to call and examine'
l" . 7 14 "1. 0, Instruwent o The mate oflt was ealiilb l / 1 11,b7
hi.,,n. anaith Nienuinfeanninnati. at the alecliaaira ..
rialr a and ptutbsanted the finest rialto ever brought to
that eltx--ntworpowea for power and sweetnate of,tone,
eal ehtelltity ISLA it DD.
^s. I.— Pe e .
I n o r l t n T u h t u u d
en eAgote o r hel Ithwietnh DATIL
41r. Dup. I
Lam, enab Stie eutworiber so I.lllhis l'inzio4 10
Man , lb.. g 10 1 . 1 .1 0/ Dude enabling purchavair It, buy
ehespow here, thaw at the easb . Call land eta/zany be,.
porohnslug elsewnere. noTl
"Fresh Teais at Reduced Prices! _ •
A,TOW being received, and on hand, In'
Al at Po.= Liberty street. over 1l cgs. of nt•
bought Aaretbe nwent reduction In the yaw, and
which We eau sell at fully ISLtur eenL ledow Our fonuer
Azttot " to 51.2ottlutor, • to 61.
ett sit Wealth. Ten at 14 to LID4u.
l' n ' aolire E lLy!. i.e a in the nngiu al C. eel , and half
chests, and at moony put no In din rnobede", to
wltlch we psetteulerly invite the attenttou of Detail Gro
634112 4 10, 6. 4.4 2M. 444.14Q44 44t
• • •
AND IMPORTED rolt.Tfill riTTeacirull nAZITTR.
SEXATE.—The S lV erint U eTert 3 o N dil l y ee a . 1, t12
Mi. Hunter appeared mad took his seat.
Message was receivoi from tho House
norcing its organisation and the anpuintio4
of committee to wait upon the President. 11
Mr. Bright moved aeesolutionfortheaPPoint'
mell of k tike - committee by the Senate, whiol
was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Atchison the Senate resole-I'
ed to proceed to the election of Chaplain to mor.
roar at 1 o'clock, I'. M.
, .
Mr. Foote gave notice of his intention to intro
duce a joint resolution, expressing the sympat hy
of Congress for the Irish patriots, Smith, O'Brien,
Meagher. and ther companions.
The Semite then proceeded to ballot for a
special committee on the Florida contested Stu
otorship„ and Messrs. Berrien Mason, John Da
vis, and Pearce were elected.
.The Message of the President was read nt 14
o'clock. After its rending, on motion of Mr.
Pierce, 100,000 extra copies, with accompany
ing documents, were ordered to he printed.
Mr. Foster introduced his resolution fur a
joint committee of the two Houses, to make ar
rangements fur the reception end eutarnimmeat
of Kossuth The resolution was laid ores .
Mr. Foote gave notice that be shoal on to
morrow, offer a resolution declaring th. mess
urea of adjustment of the last Congress a efinite
settlement of the questions growing out of the
system of domestic slavery.
The Senate then adjourned until l o'cl ck
- ,
• Elem.—The House. met at 11 o'cloc when
a debate sprung up nu the resolution to ankh
members of the House with newspnpe s, and
tht wholo subject of extrammanee nut c dummy
was treated upon at length. Finally, it was
agreed to allow to each member $:.111 worth of
The President's Message Wiag read at Vi o'
Clock, when, nu motion hr Mr. Bailey, the usua
number or copies, 15.000, with the occompany
ing documents, were ordered to be printed.
, -
Cotargurs, Ude. 1.
Th_p bill introduced into the House of Delegate:
by Slr. Ayres, fixing the 4th Monday to Apri
next as the day for the meeting of the Coulee
/I \
ties, was m le the special order of the day, i
Committee el the Whole, for Thursday next.
The Senate'w II await the action of the House.
DerrAt.n, Dec.
An Englishman named Bayhridge, had a mi
reunions escape at Niagara Fells yesterday.
While going over the foot bralge his foot slippe
on the tee, and he fell into the rapids. Ho wa
carried within a few feet of the tolls, but clung
to a rock, and after hanging on for half an hour,
was seen by a party going round Goat Island.
Two guider named 11 lircaster and J. Davis,
took the reins from their horses, tied them to
gether, and-threw them to the tune, Who had
just st r rength enough la fasten them round h;s
waist. — lie was then dragged ashore, utterly
Sr. /..1.111,1, December 1.,
Arrived, Steamers De Witt Clinton, Parie,
and Pant Andel-Inn. The river i 4 stationary,
with 6toID • feet to rairo. The Miesouri con•
anew tow. Navigation an the upper.Nlisaisip
pi is envpentle,t.
CuoiaLreros, December 1.
The Co-operation Convention of South Caro
lina mei at Columbia, on Saturday last, and
I adopted , a series of resolutions against separate
State, action. They aloe invite the union of bey
arose Secessionists with themselves ;and urge
a zealous effort to ftirther co operation.
Insert:matins hare been sent our Minister in
Spain, directing him to interfere iu behalf of
the American prisoners now in Spain. No off
cial communication whatever has been received
hero from fir. Thrasher, or hie friends, in re
lation to his imprisonment.
' NEW lour, Dec. I
Cotton—The niarlet is dull to-day, without
any change in pricer.
Flour—Sales 4000 lib's at $3 . 9C6:41 12 per
Brain—Thee is more inquiry for Wheat, but
holders have put up the prmea above the views
of boyars. Sales 2.000 bushels rye at ilc per
bushel. Sales 9,000 buvhela corn at 61.y",a6C1c
for mixed.
Provisions.-Sales 100 Mde beef at $7 :10( 2 1
$9 60 for mesa, and $1 ( ;15 for prune. Boles
120 kegs fart)
Hemp—ye( at $1 . 22(.7..5125 prr
Liorted 011-Balra
11 gallon.
Sew YouK, Dec .1.
Cotton—Tla,sales to day are 300 bale;, with
light stocks. Thewlarket to dull. find prices
have declined from 1 to ic ti In since last week.
Flopr=B4les 10,1100 Ohio at $3 43a54 121
for state pod western, and 12.1e54 31. for
Genesee.. •
Grain—Sales 5,000 bushels Genesee whit
wheat at 100 c bushel. Sales 10,000 bushel
round yellow corn at 111 c, and 4,000 buzbeis ry
at 71c jt 6.118.
Pruvisions—Ralra 300 Ws pork at 445 124
for old mess, and 300 Able new on private terms
Sales 300 bbl lard At Si(a.Bi.
Naval stores—Are ginner.
Coffee is dull, but prices arc unchanged.
Floor—Thrmarket is without change.
Whiskey—Sales 16c ij
Cheese—ls selline at ft} lb.
Hogs—The market is unchanged, with Sales
a 600 head, as 144.5 0 m,55 - 0 'O4 1311104 5000
head, foi• future delivery, at $1,30 100
ProvigionsSales 400 bids mess pork at $l2
bbl. Sales 10.000 pieces shudders and sides,
in dry salt, at 4365ic tb; Sales Vio bbls
No. I steam rendered lard at Din /4 lb.
.M.olasses." - -Sales 7.00 this, in lots, at :I:3dc@„)-
34c.40 gallon.
The river bee riven 10 inehe, mince la,t even
lag. The weather is wet.
New OCLCASX, Dee. 1.
Flour—The market is dull, with sales St Laub
brinde at 58 75(ii 15 , 0 14 bbl
Corn—Stiles at 4.1 flie V be.
Proviniona—Small eaten of new mesa pork it
at $l5 w bbl. The ,tuck of pork of all ktnta
in the city this morning, W 2,8 5,400 bhis, Ru a ,
aides are dull at 95 lb. Sales prime lard in
kegs at 836.8} - eh.
groceries—Sugar is dull. The western de
matid is checked by the scarcity of- boets bound
up. Rio Coffee is dull at 8/kilflo j 5 lb. Two
caegoos of coffee hale just arrived. Sales 1,500
bbl, molasses at 24c...11 gal.
Protisions—Reef is declining under the large
receipts; prime is offered at : 10 "fl bbl.
Nowa is scarce. Matamoras dates to tho 25th
bare been received. All is quiet
bore berm rerelrftl. and are for We by .1, L. READ,
7 tined] , Apollo -
Watson', Prartlee of Akelletne;
llunglineou'e do. do.
U. F. Plepeniiatort,
' flardoiree Hodleal Dictionary;
cooper'. Borate.' do.
lloopera Ilediral do.
• Yalne's hula.. of Medicine:
' Corer.. Study of Iledleinn ; •
llagendiee Shyriolozy;
Carprtiler'• do.
Stewart o onire•Aea so d hildren;
Churchilllntent. Children t
Churchill on Deem., of Females;
Liston brad fillitter'e-Surcum;
Wileon tindderd'e Ifuntert Atiattu7 i •
Goode Mkitrifery:
' Mew' Treatieo rut Oledelrieet
floollepattlic Deutattle Physician, rontelaing the treat.
meat of dirOa.ll, .1110 j 01st P. 10.1,41116.• of An e w.,
l'Opitilogr. Hygiene, add rtiromithy ; al.o,
An etyltigiul llallyia Medics. tir .1. If. l'ultr,lf. P
U.1+14 and Parg.a.
flovehliehl have terelvert. tble aievo/ov YPv
01.rk. tad ettotr colvtuvre of , k ing AvvoveLs. 11 ' ne
1.1;1 low voiev..
1 417= on hand, .the xvonolne thevhelokahle Zph
N.J. Coln.) I preparrd w fanatmh • imly' of th.«.
Wltlch bare bean Arland alter salient years . loth in
Karolyn anti thy United relaln their original
berm:" me. 1 1 ,. Pretext/ea enperlor to any other
Pain[ whatever. Their
le purely as Oxide of Zinc, and lowarronted free fricti
adulteration and Imptaity whatsoever, It ennui well, Is
beantOntly white, and entire) tree flora th e NAY:WiIt
MitifrPat thlllatarTZll . l.llr d'"4."" "
When elrosed tortolphorou or :uphill., uhalatlons, or
Itwhen shut op in n 1.41.113. Al an outside .letiot,
It withstands • southern climate and the weather Drlter
'then any other. sod befog field. ttf thty, o h.*, or to
rumble and nth otr. It sty he worked with any solar,
with molar acid else, or with runlet, which giro. the eele
bridal porcelain Gash.
Throe are foralChwl at a low prito,aul are u odnuhtully
the cheapest and hut minim It the Dier)-xl for cosifot
toots, fencing, outhouses, etutoboate„ or any ot Inset in,
(2191 of wood. trick. tin, or Iron, ite they e le,th
For iron our Mayors partionlarlyrahlable:u they '
faint • wersaale manor:don, and entirely present. oithe
Una, tires dry dukkly, and huhu, a pore mufti/Ile hau.
do rent stunner-oho. like maps , of the twrt.hy twin. lode
nosier, funplifd lD Ithirial terms toy Ine Atritits of fhp
' Y. I•. JUNES & '
" :2= . 1 r 201 ' noolllWhorroo. Vhilfacolohl&
1 OFFER-314 bags Rio, for s;doTy — , •
od •_ utter. mArravve, 00
G r' IIOOO LATE-100 bze No.l ree'd and for
cavka pore, fur flak by
•C 1 AL EIUTUS-22Cank A fur oak by
11 ,
WICK. k 34.1 .:ANDLEI3J.
Diet 3IETA L-100 ton& for nolo by
tIREA 31 011 FIESE—'266 bore& for sale b y
) WICK &
E ESE-201 htn. W. K.., for rale by
4 1 N!i--150 r,te. by ..-
Itteh ' ,M,CANHI.P.SiI.
p Roo m dot. Cu r.. . 5 , * by NI,4.I.I:SUCE:R:I.
_. . .
14 11 01.1 R —2OO • Extra
ha rah. by
N. 4 N. iinunt Von.
II EE SE---100 bun, Cream, for sale by
4 II Hanna MI.
) ITT Eit--;10 Itg,R. prime. recd and for sale
Jel e S w. II •ItIlA U 0
ACK EILEI,-1611 bbl,.. Large No. 3, for
I stn. by 1,I•1 / N. • IV. II
Olt N f
n. 1, or male by
cfd JANIE:, DA LZ1,1.1., Ir•t•rst._
LOOMS-30 tune Toon., for Pale low to
• • rr , ..uututl, by JAS. PALZEI.L.
baen . fur •n nold . byr rn,,,
2,; ul'STs3l landing, male ty iieKE z .;uio i i.
114 , 1f.L5-1500 drums fresh Smyrna, for sale
Well A. CU LitEnT•oN a Co.
iiiisks Madeira, direct from the
V Island, , uperior artists. Inst. reed and tsr Ws by
r e:ii; S. PORT WINE;' and 5 mike. WILD
•) C II I ,II III . BRANDY. 10.1 n.ed and for 'M s
1 .1.41 , 171NG-14 bales A
CIGAR-4A bhl4. Leaf Sugar, for rale by
T%l GLASSES-100 bble. N. 0.;
21 loom Hoy.
7, .111 S , V4 r rt.
1.111(i METAL-Ifs tons Foundry. fur sale
by 1.1,4 11101, S/ATTIII,I4. A CO.
hit. for sale by
.I.IMIRY. ATMs:R . ., CO.
n bide. prime Roll. for sale by
j• delnlloo. NIATTIIRITS A CO.
7r. Nn M,, , ker,
I: hf II n 2 Y.
14 144, %%Wm°, Ilryrie.-.
16Am. f,••ln hy.
‘l,l /111 KY. MA 1 TIIEWP a 01
PA PEIC—A lull and cried a,
• I•ER—A] and neh 1.4 ral, by
ist,r7 Tlitr* IYA
.11 PA PER CUR'I'A ENS--A Lnudeomu
ananittaent su.t ret , hrad and for nal. h,
• 'MO, P.
[ +OVAL V A I:ASH—in bblx mai half bbk
S-1, log. I , llhlzlg sto,l (Zukt yits,
tkr KUI KOS 11A K KR A I:11.
SALAD OIL-10 liaaket for sale by .
CAII U. IOI I A-2 kegs New Castle;
tor•wl-1,u1c7 J. SCIII tWi KA KKR •0 •
iran , Tr1. , 1
1 •14 I nal
244 111.1 . 41,11: Inr n~in Al
J. VeIIoONMAR I% 4 Gil
SAXONY 31 AGANESE— . 1 eaßk; for idle. SC11 ,1 0N1lAYIN: 111..
PEPPER-15 bnifq , for only by
J LW /100N3IA KIM a co
wi L4ltt , OIL-15 bhls best qual-
• 7 tu i.•
.1 SCILOONSI.011:11 CO.
-- - -
11 LA CK I), for I , :overu !ter;
) Art Ju114114 for Noreco4.4r.
"444 ]lan r.t 11•4; au.wvrork by fleoughka
.1 4tr..44--prwe 1.7.1 ! , nip
1144.-4ivod t 114.1411 e therm-, th.,4.7_. 74 Thtnl wlrrot ,
opprlsitAL lb.. 1,41.114,4,
1,14P11Y N. E. et/-
I.n: ',north ar..l Ifittk4t orthwto. havine rmelstrY
4414Itti.wa t 4 their .4ortn4ninl NEw PALL
.4 41 . 10TI.1: I1"111.111 , 4.. are, 4re54r..,1 1.414, In that:
y (a 444-, Imn.
r wt.tlar lll az4 4-4,44ra11y. .5 X s
107201 , 1 5 1 , 1'
• prime ra!ell,
.0 mmon. 1 1 .rrale or
.7011); WAIT a 01
F RESH TH.t&--Vb hi. 1'.11.;
6. P an I linpvtial:
01.-k• (ctr .aie tr
‘i A Pr a
New Dress Silks.
.110, piu u C.,11.1 Murk bill, IL. lath, a oily
I•!..1 I' rourlr 11, r a u - un, rated, •cul vory
• tor thin •rurn.
Trurrtbry utth C 6111•0 M 1 ,11.74,1. 1 / I ,rll,
ne, , fiat,w , ct. •tet ea Leh - Eller of also rIo Sarno.:
kn.,. 31,1141, of rho!, noel, no.l othor..3lors:
!1.0.M. royo., ttew rall/. 10/r-La
YbarrYr: uertrltoVarlo Liar., At..
rnir. lli
tour Rill.or4 eitritu,,
. .
g ci.oAKN-1. A. M , KAit)IIT.
Yourth re . bar 7,4 Ihio morals, by Magni
o rp. lot of Mork. mylbs, suliaLly Lt
d". foul llbildrro. An.nrl.nll will or., • rfo.iro
~~i" ;. ~',1—.~ :m•L nu.l inr.M fl.,k .4 Tr.(nminv...l
.44 4 1 AMES BLAK ELY. Europen.nQ
;.1...".101P.1 .I,ot anl Peeler it hqeein arh4e.r....
le Cle the ralln•tra Parte( I.lere..
r i4Or ol ~t rea.tur, hetwpeo Ne. York awl L.-
• :roadie... , Tall lino, aoflint trrnst trete York and Liver
Ivor. , on th• 4411 and 2111 of.-..,, month •
:rear Lino I. ov e• Now York on the Val, and folv•-rwol
inn the I or err, ninth.
Ibd tatar br., leave.. %et. York on the 11 th, alai. Lira ,
;pol ott
rail. or rad...midi. •
Y. Lino ttrio•a trirot.h (non Liverpool 'oral Nem
11, London Line n( l'arlrf•roil. frrre Nava York an Ma
Ist. 11,. at - 1 Job. aitJ from tarraton nu Oa 145.1:th,
titl. anal ijythorl every month"
The Vlrtkr In of Iliv•rort liarkota nil Imm in York
and "
I t a ' Wri
1t.17 Lir, 1, rtnicrirnt, into ?jrn York. by Metro.
Lett. ltallroad. Or by ('anal 1144 t l lllo.lli. to Ill', , buret
',r01.. ar o , att..ottoo, atol abv-oe In
en ant-emit]; at lb- note., ..r (I. rot ort.ot a Orr. 14en
att.! Entbiltt
fo LfrerPoool.
t J T. Tapovdt 1. C., 111 south Weal lot or al
lLe (.111, of Ilvr muirertorer. <tomer of and I.l a.
Verso', n 4 , 11, In Ili, 17.Ited bra.. or Canal, who
WI. 11 to for their friend,. an, pry at E.,dand,
Ir. Ion!, z a eotland. or Wole., ray make the nortodarr
rant-ote,. nn appliration to the anttroribor. ant ha,.
theta bintorht out by any of Ma alado lavorlle ttnoa at
Pont,!.. to birli rondo (non I Goo tt, Vaat 1000 bonbon.)
or I .l' find do, shikt, on favorable forma. br
w ail
Al Idreroool. London, or tilarzna
*al lina t..les II • tad•ilolit. or delay. lia-voto ran
Mao bc lot ore Inn,Liverird.l In Nen fir,..,..Baltimore.
iihllad.'ll.l,a. Moto., l'harlo lon. and ortraticalt. Ithaca
retnittato,s in rroati vr lard+ to
.14 MY.$ 111.1 I(
Itionenrro Phiradelprua et Liverpool Line
of Pockets.
4.314 Soiling from rill the
I L41....wer I,ir.rponi M.. I.f al rus.L
4.• sin II Alt V It. It
1.1 1 1 INAI:IniAll. Men. P. rienliner.ilneter
Hm% noikom. nes.) Si weer. Muter. •r.s I , ntli Os. 1... t .e,+; unr ee l,
ward 1.4 rumda,;
thur an. 4144 whir ull 104..1 Immurement, ons mon
I.lsorougsbl, gni nre• lau•urroroussl fsr
leullsrir 4/.
.sratmAlul,tiss far ..:rogt) 1111,1 .trul , ege )I.,nprs;
they Arr Isy tus-n
arr nu/squalled fir thrlr ..apsysi.sns, the lortier
Poru•sto I.llsringma ll,eir Iru.ntla tlusl/1.1
eourslr, run ot,tuin will he
good for rialst unstithrs, and rsur turrnin Imlund nut Lb
criss,nl will lunch Ilwat trip prorwr inl.sramtinn unsl
rrietirso thclr depart oro.
1 , .r Slot nosn•rni•-ner, of....u.ngesne wiehink to riot tin
"Cr wr PapVIT deed., tar Ll r .t.stling end triswanl. Isurnble
A.l.ll.llloolthrenunl, whirh will b. rauhestl by any of
Lb.< Raul, ..r 1%. the Unlb.d Kingdom.
irrProvisiuto rvprlinl tumgetsgrro mrolng brim Lint
Every week the fnllowitot enDrillw will be furelkllkl
h ;w.eernter or 12 7010 01 gar and o'er 241 K., broad,
2 Ihs..xte,. lea. 4 Ibus nutr0..41..,* 1
II Ib, A71Tr.,,n1 gg7gi,J1.;';:."..%.1,—%..g,r;1:.
ewer. end h.n egrwaner. eel Us, bynar and znol
(11:0. Ur/IV:11Y L IX)
No.:IT Walnut .tree( "
uW Wad two.. riswinareb.
Steam Communication between New York
and Glasgow..
rrHE Glargow nod New York
Ettratetthip I:c.v./tore powerful new
ntolatuthip (11,ASMM. .01:2 loon atntl
hop:it - town, N. ttuttratt, (Into thn Co.
lrortit'l l ir t 74 = 7 .gitrtniVs ' . ' l7t d o t tl7o:t
out. et 12 o'clock. liooo.
➢lmt Vett. Intaw.l's few
!la anteratu. °.
Th... rat. prat...ll,lml not w net ot
trill la oup platrt Itawrti, at atutit.rstr prlcrea,
riga a Euro.... telaht or par mat
" P"" .f. " ?.11.11 7 11tN, JJ limad way .fuel,
NEW -YORK, 2100 tan., mt 440 h0,,. 1.1.i.m . •
cnurarc to the Ulaar.,) will Ca otatlutt early near
rIII,I I r.‘III"FANCES To EN(31.4; . :11. - 111,F,-
111,L.INICial.AND, AN!. tr. , 11.1.
• ly a 1, w1:1 ratatioutt .
olgtr di l ttrta n oTli f re f al ' l r tr e ll sin /trod . Iraltarl. aria. an gran.
and altlt trbt.1...1, 111.40 r a 01 . 4 : ,
(quern.nm Wary ItuountArortwr of Lthtrty and Sixth
"n- l : fts ' ta 4. n r trTr . : ' tt t a ' tl haul the old tonntry angatt - ed .
mend favrrat , ln trtsna, (rain Pit. Tort to PILL/naval:.
otmlnny part .0 Mtn Waal, nal,
Wilkinsbnrg Academy ,
o Af i.i .t li e .,j. g A. • ; i ti,t, ' ,... / ,‘B: l, , v ii g ,i. a: : i ii ' o, 7 N : i is . l , : x:i. a ix, n l dl t : iii 'l i a ß : i t ii ie :i a ir l d:A S: T.,... ho:
IRIS INSTITUTION will bo open for the
- rsceptlon of ponplls (mola and female) an 1114rnoll,
[14012 161, 'Cl,,fbe mum, of losltiletlon °mini.. all
a a ilillheintli Wight In 11. A.alesnl.a and &follow
ri... Illorlrallnos will lo moon In ali I.ranrbosmdirntliim
*alanbb• rbino. Plikal,l , l.tincal. am' Astronomical AP
, T ,
potato.. i'nr Ciroulars. ...Muni, lull partJrulats and
"WiTlncl7;h.t'2..l6.,i'PTlT'iri. -I,,u„n• . '
0.1 aftm.3
- ••
Smith's Patent Self-Aating Hinge &Spring.
vl. attention of Carpenters and Builders
4 0011.1 in the almle artlis.wlllob km pron..unrcd by
I in rr.loutino man of New Turk Mal oleo,. .1.11712 010.14
11.4 lane Wag most ralUalelo ioo•ot , 00 or tbs ago. and
wbernit loot boon ancor,lully 1n1e,111.411,•nd ls ow,* usol
on .„„ largo Oullellna tliaa lon,o,Una.
It anislata ot .11,1., that will Irof It 11010.017.1/ illl[o
ont. Wlth &marina in tb• (Ate 61 lb. do, t,, , l , vo It in l , "
1411, ... 11, ...0n0nni: au old .4sliinood spring In hoop Ili.
draw ons/.1, and tiltow bloilolog away wit/Lill. , "
.... ' 6 ° o f .1 .. 0 '0. ILMb. very Asap. II NA 1.1a.10
net oil( of repair. 1. •ory mantly applird. and I. p•ruliartf
, 11 , 4apIld to ntorr, biding, plet, Ihil tol9ll.nntl 0111,0,10tx
' A
lure RIPD.Y Just ro 41.0 l lento Mile York: alo,*
oinialn dont. Willi trio minter. Mont adjusted. w Web can 1
La asap an application In .I.IIN A. 111 .0 1011411 .
a. Ali...bent P/aulnµ . lllllr.
•Alon, viot Lit U.o male .11 flight lot Us Wpialworlb
l ' ittona 11 .0.1iC hlanbluo, for tlin IV.itern and klmitbatn
111.1.4: '- , . to4:l3ru ..
... '. 3 ---- -t----1 1,-----7'7-'77---
- ku,4.,- . tuns
.or.sau ica r •,•
•L • ..
• .
llld ell known establishment is still eon
drielsktis Or atone =ant, It has I,latlo boos. TL. critttal and Vraartort altuation at th o lrnu , .... IttnpA o ct
,d .
germ. to Mr tentelor.
Haring torn our of the Its of Jolin
;r l e l jVittirtZs t reVeg to w.lntaiu il, rOO ute4ou. and
j ,i , :e o 2 , l 4 l: „ trAn ott, to him ustmturrr ir
„ Anium.
4,i. AND
i T HESE ligperiur articles of Perfumery,
hiol, enuraeratnd him juAtly ralebrated
Lilly White n Oriental Alabaster, Pearl. Tnnth mud
Cblorae Velvet. Candi, and utl,er approved
B. , kra —Walnotand Extra Fine hand Brown and Whit. ,
Wond.r. /haling, Panu, Almem,. Fancy 'and Tulle'
naviun Cram. Mau 4 , ln4ne Watera Ea
traria fur the handiteroblef, Ot Mame , 14ara oil, 'Cry.
Pomade. artlele,l Eau Luatral Reat, , ratn,
flair Oil., Pinlonnara. Ac.. Cr., an, manufantured and.ful
aa/o 1,,
Perfutn, and Chetnlat,
4,1 31arket 4trmt, 1,1 o• Philadelphia.
SlemLawa don't 1014,1 that 1.:1004 . 4 la the earaprn
a.l ulna. ea n.nalre Inanufartery In the city. Give him •
0c21.11 Ir.
np W./CMS.,
Shriver &
/lour, Produce and Cal:mission iferchan4,
No. i3l lk , tln Wail.
t i ONSION‘iENTS of FLOUR and Pro
'," drte nenendir. 111 men , e Ptvmpt atlantian..llo
Our laarl rude/arum to airs aallafarUon. A , itaarsakoade no
renelpt of of I,u/ing rehru
Refer la--Henn. Hampton de Miller, Pittaburuti,
Mr. Francl4 U. Bailey,
Mr. Aim Laughlin,
Mr. natal. 0. ithrtrer,
" C .29 'T
Matchless Blacking and Inks.
IlL lol4 lNlP—nannotod ruperiur to any rat °theft!
Vog t :M.7k
n h Thief,
Pinbuleirltun aelninin
FACTURER, No. 41 Muth Benend Street, (abort,
hrstatut. east aided Philadelphia. febl:nly
M. 112.0AIWT o us
la oroooy. No. V2l Market at. Philadelphia. 441
BUCHNOR & CO., Tobacco
Omomimiun Meretania, N 0.41 24.11 "Vat.. atrvat.
ld Numb Wharrra, Phlladolphia„ suss
Flour and General produce
NO. •V SOUTH !lOWARII, ncmc mumm, 11l I; STREET
flawing. •I !mot equaladvantainia Traturportat
with any ott,r market on lb. ra fount. a moderair amt.
I ehtini, with quirk mars awl quick :clams. so bow
;nark. me., we would tratirettully waient hattonarre.
1•••., 4,---
Prea.letnandearhirr of Mer , banta . Dank;
Bank of Laitia.une;
Contionvial • Varstn , ra' Dank.
Profebsor Alex. C. Barry's Moopherous,
sad ....ciao, elluga:eetta, f•rutara eveaiip, 4
Owe Poen ...Teamed he exp.ria_eitt, that Lame e Te.orpte
emus bee arealanad lb- name effect in Lariat dues.% ib•
1= of t"..P,Tirbn
[turn it
•• areal.
firs Vaal. 1 , , , pa. 2 - .. LISA
hur. Ussal--Ds. dare Lava Millet.. with a re miptera 01 the iwalp, of a ouwt ag;traratiil char
ter. lb,. last statswoa yearn. awl donna thal pined
Lary bad tha tJrt n aims of tiri
aol tun tsuit all lb.* preralltii.,P for It.. bur awl
attu now towel, wttLoal the kmat twnet:. I was a.l•lwil
ti • Irked re try roar T•lnvg.t.terwas 1 did to. al • lait
rssbit, sod. to
iorpriio 1111,1 gratiliestwo. toot.l
nit me abet two tnnutbs. Sorb *as car awArao• of at.
lb:order teat at beans 1 earn paitiallr tiled.
• itastinetiony. roar..ll t 4.1P61.f
140 Cultuabis att.. Itrisaltly.
10 N c. F. AI I , ID L NDII ; P.D .-- ie nl i 1 - 2,a 0 II T m . . Y 1C o
I , IE , OF
Two foots or are atrun d - palaulto quality out adrift,
Lagoa for mining. and equal to RAI. it on i h. rawer
Alfor-One fitted undivided part of one hnoulred and
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nat./luxe-11 Dear Sir—About ton yearsagn ml Oat l ~,,,, ~,,,, m oo o f th e r pµ.
~., , ~, . ' t
ont al. d• - •A lad ./ Gal w. ...., ..." 1 " 4 .: corl ' I. ''''
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with dandru t ai was tefd hr • fr. 0.1 to trk 71 .11 Ouniher- ,
- -
on.. and rdad an. rand A. my* oft 'oab . h.wrat. .7 Lao' ff. B AIRI I ,s I 111 IN bat, ril.(e for aide home
ina,ii. rf. , 4.1. and all If. dandrufl darapperaresl aa tlu
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with reapeet. 1 .m))our et...1...Wt. Fitiataa.. au Alleoldur 1. , t, A 1.... undope,ed Lou,
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I( .y lAA, cr ...mi.., dent.P.O.. autloilwrit a of lb. . b.v..
lee. Ile, viii ples.e twat at 1 - o.le.wer • A' Warm'. MO, ,
1. Itimada'air, New Awl, wLers be will pr..lne, the eftri. Desirable Property for Salo.
- _ ; NUM liElt of very rahml,l, l'ilikling
IFroat AL, Wilk.) mot Naval Argus. 1 , ,....1. 10S0 1 e l Let, ...dom.:La; th. 1- leur 10 1 .1.4 ca a,,, 14„1„ ~,1
ri,,,, .... ,-, ....,,,,ir lu Um percianent rurr.ot twOintwe , Pens, r letnia hatirad, to AP., b.r., • it. I rotll.lW ttga Oa
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the popularity Y., ct.l I. the art., hilowla RA Py,1te..... , •flactn AllmEttyla tut...a
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Imultely oho`, the tipper claw.. of the eourounitr; in eery mul f•rtorr earner, troth t‘ e or, ~,,,t , a,. 11,
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ollmr art/clef of the A Ind. it kliparte viaot ,r IL.
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elver.l..e runttiou tart to ,eine,. 11..
the hal, ilinAtOwt . ludel. , 2errsetri •• ~darkahl. d.- : A1..--al
fleet Imelltuta home fI, 1.1 , FIT
! ern-a,.! [mum the : alum ode lotto, tr.. 1... If, lot Ulna . .a. f..., ro.ot or
EL -- , pan ,rl:l ' ,...rkWy. ' lt 1.111 i.u . lial d'yea...... of Vat ttr,lyt, , Ito L. • deep. the home e. iarge wad...a...L.4,d. bum m
outlaws weall L.A. I.w( 01.1, and other Au.a.eitos do., , ofwern .1, 1., pod ...mho. 0t,•,.., w......
draw 4.4 the Attn. an ebeapenne •• emf wuOttler. Ii fuel. ' A 1 , 1.- • Warn, ~/ ...a owe. at toarreue,, 6 tulles
tmtiriallut. It laeutel In Iwo, bottle., put, ...eent.o. at Au front Sew leo.,
th•LFVi preoewe,. arid at the lalitzirlytit g• ....flat , Ortreatoh..ut . A lw—Vartn• In Ile.rer rtmoll. cl storium and
.Ind:,..w•atulLsoa.ts- , .4441.11 , 71 - 9 , , t.t.ta , n. arrantloarn
far we hew sod cm nervous...little, Iran.. Twanin. of
1 11. 1.• 11.4 fr I Kra wILAIAN,
lyttaty el, ~Inv ~ nd luul V.ut,
CIIICA(;() AND PEORIA. ' ''''' "
,-_-_--- ---,,,,,..,,. --...--- --- ~.---,=..-..,---- =_ ! Lanil and Lots.
1110111. AS HALE. ! Voit 6ALc. Imi tn., renanylvania Cnnal,
FOILWARDINO Sr COMAILSSION lERC/LINT, i i ...`..., 111 , 2.4,1, 12 14 1E10 r....un.
CILICAOU. ILIINOI6. Fito.-e Acre, ill I and. arida • •stioiLle ..wwl prlrll., of
.1....1 rim. sew. of cud,. wl. Thia pr.e.perty a• eril enno
Ar A tfaNTINEI)II . I ilia usual 14,11.ition In receive ' a ~,,. ' I
1r.,. r..,..- , an • ..railott fet Inancanctutm• nor.
) co Mum..., 7.1, and TratoOtapment. all Martbandln• k 1 , 0 , ...--.1.1..v0t :in.ozal * r b0iid,,,,0, filth 1.1„,..6. u .,,.
eutuldord Wm. lirau lea.. his duet daily to all pole. hir solid., 1.1 f... 11. nod the anal :tut roil . ler tietutor.
on Ow La., nal tau 111in.4. Canal .ad Illver. Lan...
71. r. Lorvaa, hng • ~,.; , If ..f er.l lln hoop Ind. re the fiot of PeerraLer nut.
N . ./.1. 1,,, ‘1 1 . 1 4'71 I lt wilt ., r lead Got in iota 404 weld on temp , 0741 111 guano
r..h On A. Cat/Whet. .4 ,,,, .. , ~ ~.r.Ahw' . ." ..` AL . ../ 1,,, .. *P511.1 for balding
, Lila my h. the are.. dem o n, tor 1,,,,0• an I 4,1, in the
WM. .11 ilaskill. . irtus...lute volnitr of al, eatiodor. woda Of net, re. m
V I ENEIZA L Cti.II3IISSIVN MP Iie.ILINT I li".l.^^ 11e1O,low•l I Ili .11.47 SIKI.Leii,
A A li A 1111110. Of 1:. f.,, d 11 .4. mt.,. 1 . 1 011 l A. I 1 i liSillAll 1 3 ftf)Pl.ft'fl• Full ti,1,14:
L.r.crav ~,'l..c.nana,,a nn humane, sunlit, .if A,.19 , -f , --4 ”*".fir. , ,-, -, .'731. !ft...,
] ~_p; ... r 2 ,0
ST . 1,1)UIS '& ST. JOSEPII.
ST. JOSEPH, hussotria
C....attaw.t. tut 31 arch.ta. o the
at.... 1.11.
Itater It.mian. and Luray., fitarllG4 L 4 Cn-.
Att. attatt...l notauu. 6t :1.7
1 011 i% Atka , . i Alltorrie y O.IID ,
n utt It 11 ,
a...11nr tam, amp I 2 440 , 0 .
, ..t .000/
ILIC.0.10•04-1..1,1.0/y1/. ttata t
Itor 4 wart. .
1111 t, tata A liatrut.-, Joh.. I. 1,11, :1. a
S.lllOlO. 1 104,01 a
• • •
Equitable Fire Inanqume Company, of
rIIIIIS Company Meurer, ngainst Mer by fire
11. on linlLliner. wan, or:6 , o4min+ 1,01-
r..., naual..lst, dary rn,f
Tillti l cotriptinv inure Livenlttqweer t the
" 4 ° n .
13.C1.11.n1,1M la 11A. HILL A Co—
. P 1 :41.4rg1.. Pa.
First. Rate Farm and Coal and for Bale.
ouloteriher olTers for :Ale hi. Fitful,
fait hi1,"ii;`,;:,!3,7,:"1,..t..,1.7,1.:1t.'1,1;,;',".:71;
AUachear examty, mat mtl4.l[lol 15.. Acre.. Da of
rrakt. are nal htm.elnne. with ~: tl, A ria
loading ate 1.4. A tamp portloa ot the land I. Arid
artuttr rlrar hatiom. Th. Farm •ttl le eold plait, or
ay 41100..1 to muit earth/tzar. 1 4. 0 E4.11.111, Waal.' with
reParately from the ha.. him Farm Is sdaleralla
aar Perao •alalng to bay II will IA likely ta
0 t 111.611.. blmaelt, Pall , aformatlng m regard t, tmie
amt term. of parramit mu be nrerttr..l tn.n. the •rasert.
1 01 t SALE --A lirnt rate
11 , 111 KL. Iyrh rm. he se, al JACh/L1V5443114Y
fitatin. Irsto rtn-rt.
1110 N will hO received in oxchango (with a
naafi meant of mummy) am TWO Illt/LPINW I.
iu tlittb Ward. liasgulre t.l
appal ATlZlfte(*.l f OKELI.
sore New Goode.
AMES A. MoKNIO lIT, No.62Fourth .t.,
e hag reveler.' MR moot oupply ef Fall mail Wint,
Woods. the tuketraty of what baelua been purehawal at
the Iwo/ auanou Pale. the e t watern nth, during the
rra t ert . =rt:rlle null rail p., - ticul.r .IWptlum to
bla •
ameba Lone Sbalel., very cheep; Plain Caohtutee.
Square Bhawle: Hay Hutts,, at roneofeelureee
POMP: trench Ilerinee sod Cub:nry Y•le
ry held brev% wrry Jeeirabit;
r, Clerk leer. a is.. Av. oetil
- ---
p Us'L' RECD at IAS. A. 3.1cKNIG111"8,
full pou•orlloomt of Infants' RoJ Voulls. Merino
Ir, Wool Cog.. Also t • yaw lull
•tru.k 1413 d 7rhoortln. ov..rj
"I : ,..l r r4 enV d:w z l irl ' . ll . p r o ctult^ufglird ut rurr low
nmeiTakl at No. brat. lot or ervDo
ninchvell'a celobrzard 1,, ,, 1tas Fir.. and eIIOOM
PiePleat/boldly. Wornee.eroblre :tau,
.• I.bou Reedlnz
tt It %Pluto. Hart" •
Pieollil. Niu.hratatt Uoiebup t tl aluut
Atbenwum Royal fiat. Puttee, put up In tsar, Pasta.
null \i tt. .5..11c1:1.Ullil ta,
LtNF:It WANTED-4Di 19 t,dls. p 1 Sole
beether. left 111 mare by tlp, Aluttanupbele (11..11
. With T..s.e , lttl A epN.
GI Weter
I 40 bhl.. p.r eale by WWI( A 1.1.. CAN
boIo.ITINeIOO bon Y , for iraln by
PA lINI:PT , ti . K a CO
46g Aelig 1) 5 . 10811.1 it SCHOOL. NI
lj WOKS—.
Coadien Leuthe. by Llltton'Cltoir (Thorpe flock:
I Webb: 1.1„,r M 11.11,114
N.., Carmine Petra: y Oen
Memel hehe , 1 Sena Book; Temierrthe. hieheleth,
Jurenlie Oratrio.; itiee it 1.. m..ori;
pop, Ilnok Dram Nettmlrnota: tbmot , ee 01 te , e 4o4, C
ITltuarY Pelmet:Mug book; I
Volt. TettkPofebtet don(
Boson Ch.rus boot: Putt:
LL IL Twinkle,
Also—The Alb amnia •.h re y atrote, yeh pretty new wog; word s by
Willie rn Brave. new RON( Ll P. C. T.ten
The Rothe( Axe., sacred 0. 411 4.:
Tbo Belts Ittablerrfe eon,
The Ifloomn l Ctppielpt;
blew or the blurb Iterp.
luica nen/I,W. s'p and K
Ptica l ilarnr.EA 5
A :4
• j,10.117
114 `1: , 7"""°.•
6 CaTendloln
In dm aul tional. by' JOUN W=4.00.
To Let.
"IMF: %run knc.wn EAGLE I
Niarril ito , .tither, rilit. M A Llll 1 A...
I•Air renql..l by Cul. Myr. at. lb
TM. rcymn,dirt,i 114.1 CF,61•1111Z, urounts
4,1, . ,1 Arr11.m•15, real.a I. • 1644,
moths h...., a... I. I
.i 1.17117 K 4 A1 ,1 :,,T,. ' ,
pen, Ir.•••• •i
6 1 : .
1/.. ra, ”I h...“
euT "th"
rhinl .1. I'o.l. Je1, , 10.
r r ° 13r g , Collrefill'llt
OT l P., , ni•tervt, hay e.,/ Wm./ ”:
an 4
Private Residence faillale.
110 is otfureroxectNlin g , t 71,1
IT uvu. igud 141 TOT; isatinitoislatinii arms
Is Midi Plied ly Ilic avidly laparitic II
of J.Th....fir. is indiamassi In lb. rain
by: mind nlaali.r ass,
tural. 4141 ilia, psis, at isarids• adnic
lain! in i nialliss ran airnbining in as
riilcard ilsaral tbr alladarns la hinn
Thw lid is larny, valinvill, emir an fid - rn ed ',maul. is
nns dinl nits art inal, runcilia an lint,
dad bud alba (al L. an •11-. l'hn tax am
to Or Lona Mak. in ta sit oh.. best
inairral. boa fininhed in Oa liavingsisidry
doerlass as and niald an
riward 10 4 t
4 44 4 41, lhisa is a arnil nfassisllnnt ra
ter at tla diva, and hal ar hydrant lat.,
twain and •lithling. yearly boa. it.. and shrill`
lam In shr rt. its •ilitatinn and isdanlagon ran ialY
nliPaniatal by wo sAanalailitin nf {sambas tdait:a
tran.•l-liiha nveisiisa invital In rail iso tbin
Was will tat. aaasiar in giving inairsna
thin. It In is rasa Him., nb ry-etirlug a ialiglittul
dn'irr.a.:l y 0 ".." \ 11 7 . 11 1 th1 , . II I
Fwawi •t
Real Estate.
111.[1„.-3 and
It anl—nnis isa Ida., a gnat, nal ad .0.1 its
Aboe- A t•lee.l , l arouud. Inl fuot on iVetener t.
di. WI.. ear.. o.a. I , nootte et 117 1.81,,t,
IJouruo I noor.i
AIKBCRANT te R.—Vor OA gm:tattoo
ling term, VoUlt terr valthle, Lino. 'nob rmoUrto
feet J. , i Ite hot on Dank Lane, tltr, and Inon
Ingo. the 11gong Ind Ohm Rallrßad. (within equeee. t. 4
the 1..1e.1.) and extending lark to the I anal Bt, ego the,.
Toting thCanal.e snottert fooiliting for gbh Eaton Ur et cher
l'ot" ' , onto etatrwe or o STOCKTON. Allegheor
or at the Hookah., ni C No:h
aunt& onto, Ilakst sod Third eu,
DOR Itwolling, No. lOEL
x . glrvel. neer Nntillslterld—...gun won se tho "Fr.
new lark hulloing god the petottug nod RaPetitta
the *IR.., lu.n. e tg "outdated. /he bed to .I.•r no the.
second 11... e hag a bath roe. attached till, hr.l and not)
aster, •.-e rlort, e
Al.l—the ett.p , trona. It • moderato rent. Enable.uf It DARLINtiTON.
1 , -orth street, mg, Wflod.
For Sale or Perpetual Lease,
col 0111 i.. 1 10 lb. ong,tutl pin or the loan
out%ltenk Len.
fiantlngon both thins of Itohgers foreet.and
Alen. fdt mot for ono or mere roars, the regidus or the
out lot ou the MIL attending loot to Ridge stmt. lately
oemitottl stg g og., tore lot.
for t er a.......ettotm of dlr. 3105 t," BORLAND, near
111,11 rtattegioptavii,:;:.,,tit:..t gultarnher, at his oat, No. Inl
n BRADY irn.ltni.
A Good Bargain le now Offered,
.Yam, Thrve Io Your Mullion. lloomitb.
tu•sr Itc.ays Island—ow Um promises Is ..pad twh Teal,
with tivevarszy banding, to. Thu prtittortr Duty be dial.
dwl Into 1.1,1\ Od sold at goal prglthollniimps.
to puretutza•Apply to
bee od it
Kentucky Mutual Lite Emmaus Company.
• (111.11tANTli FUND,:SIOO,OOO.
11 1 111 S COSIPANY &Ten to the insured all
111. lbe otaurlty and advantage, of the Mutual arid Jiaid
Runk Fie. (I• 4 bereteleie pparel) maul...line.l; ..
rake uf primaluat; an annual turn In fit the per
'retain:o rinneirtel bar the contingent A 1... id Ihr ear. nn
ulna man. but not C7.[A,MITO protUion future
rity ot menthere the whole term of lift, willing inpiane
Ile interest in the itenurnulatlng fund v, act fie curl ,
members, payalile at death, hy erinlan upon thelr policlee,•
guaranty Intel doeltrued for the permanent Fenian!) of
ahurt Intl [teeto ol tal, nut the lily the present recant)recant)thane tor the
terns ofly of
/ff.-Thin I. the Mutualon Life !unarm:tea tOtopiiMyr
when. AM.. , pr.4liuott ayv (taint al I, )Massystand
ard, With a prosiaion fur au noutuell) inereaslemfv
ia o Mtn
tattoo of Nude tlur Future atieurtly) In want profbrtifire en
the amount of 'melon , . and the Ittemalng rant, from ad.
Tannin age among the tnembera.
Yam:444le, tracts. at, air Ix. In
detail thy plan and
1:17 *raan't2=tfl. tunth'"Y7l4ll"4
Va and Anat., Patau:rgh.
PAVIILL rnairnalm Modltal sanalnor.
liIR:17 Oa)
! uses
. ,
I _._ _
-- STEAM BOATS. _ , ! TR ,
Wheeling End Pittsburgh Packet 1 WINTER ARRANGEMENT.
• ‘,
p‘ r i ,, RE
,REn n u ... c r ED ,.., : , — , a ?, 6 , : • . ; !, :t.
..._,.. „4 ,
, gt_m--......,-.. \
27rtin r=l"th.e.l:nr's N 1. 1 ....., l''''''' '''l r . ' 1 117 - 1; HA \F. NOW COMPLETED \ AR: l'
0,.. ideoe lard idl Interinedi wt e pc., thlo morph., at lo
Wei. rk i tw'wr.
ly I mug em. .f , the reaulartranaollasio'n of frei \ht I
F. r In Meßo g
lon rni.ellat -, e p.m, ' ... ''''' - , ' l'ilkL- 11, ELP111.1 AND . BALTIMORE \ ,
The CLIPPER N... .-,-' Capt. R..,t, uII 1..5,.. I' .1- 1 ~,,,,,,,...,,„,,„ - u .
~,, , k
T y w anul.h. i
hur g h every Tee,law • Thor..lay. and geturoey. , 1,. A.
ni., mum., v. tear., 1V1.,..-tit, over d 3100dey. 1,0.00, : . ,'tame roe,. Yitte , bur g h. l'`,
LEWIS. lir rIER.
da,. and II rula,, at a A. 31.
dle Ilaeket $(11,... Miladelph:„..
ror fraud., ..r paaeage, I,...rin g •iiperlor areonirtualatie.tre, i .
iltlltt !t m,_ -
apriv ..n loard, 0r to SIIEILIFF ir 111 NAi art, k i lt, ! „,,,, ~
- , s - Vorti, etia.i, lloltiteore.
11, r
me ell er , Na g h. era, or the ~,,-., ..,.. ''' '.. Freights to and from the Eastern Cities.,
.tr0.".4 for th. trade. /........ogore and •I:l s .p. re ear. de
.lend on bar running In the tr....
__. , II 1 ..V TER 4 R / a' 4 .V . GE)I E .A. T . i
„V EG L' LA It PITTsE FRO II ..,1 ~ 1 B. LEECEI .v. Co's. LINE.
J.. ka1.:.%11.LE PACR e.T —The rplen, .. I i
_. ~.,... '
• 1.1 000 pa. k. ,t.nm, VIIIIEST CITI .A. ' - • ~ VIA. W w." 9 ?'"' l V
31unioeh, mater, leave. Pittenurali ter tretleville ever,
T:fa., 10r.•Yung Sur : a ).1 at In 0 , 1.0.1 t. A 'II . 1 1 . 01, 1 r uA r . . ; A n firOA.R AND WAGON
....et7Tl g y ‘r‘...1.e'11........0".7,1,1.'5r ;'.'ll'h''U'l'n'tkiereist,l and 1 I tING TII E :•. , 1/:_pENSIoN „ r (1,1
Pittsburgh Railroad Line n
1 S rierat..n. wo w il, t,mr a i I freight., to nod /nue
Teri. et Agent. U3l HARMS, Nharni.gahria Iloune. tO. le, Oar, tovin g Ida. ..f 1..0, 0 . epart,o l r it ya
Freight Agent, C. 11 ARN Ige. NU 1.2 %at, and 04 Fuel 051 100 •s. Annie to. , • *yr, '
at et'
- nolo
,_ 1101 ,t DLACK,
Ceuta ne.l Pens, Ireet. Illtalatr e al
Wheeling and Pittsburen Packet
11'4 It 111, • LI:1:01t,
fl . , ARE ItEneci r n!—The sniff
_,..- N ' "VA - .
runnin g paesenger :.a nd W Melia, L.J .,.. , , ‘lOl \ No -0 Vorth ,tr,el. Ilellon 0.0.
'II, hearer for 1.0.
ale' and ell Int, rm.,'
ate porta Mk morning, at 10 0 01001, prerowly. • , PENNSI‘pIANIA. RIOT:110AD.
For Wheelin g
Intermediate twot.
.... .
Mau,. ' . .... . .... ....... .... ..... 210.
If the abort...a err . not hoe et., ugh, we •ill ....eke • 11\L .v 7'f'l2 ...',ERAYGE I'A'ST.
further redutin.
The WlNcnuermit. ew ti.. n Aloonr. will learn rrIIE ~ übAcribeik agents for Oaf Pennairl.
'Pittburgh *eery TU•Nthl, Tbureduy. and Petunia,. at 10 er,'ht gage0,,f2„,,,a, ,, ,,,,„ gt ,p,,,...„ ! to te.), e ,,, t , f, i , ht
A. kl., returnin g , leases Wh..elin a ere, Maule r . IVed• t .orglauring the 'lnlet Plillattelphla, 01 . 160 4,110‘•
nerds, a ed grit*. at XA. II . jua rn ,,
Po p fi e e tght or pinwa g e. harin g Pup,,ltn. a , commodethati. M r all hrictliu, oreod• •nd ue , ^ 51.100 141/ P.
Keen on board, or to
For at- .... ..,flutti r Lard T.. w and all
AIMIPTEONU. CROZKII a- cII . 41. , Pr :brl. '' l - , 11,10 1/. . . . .... ...91.60 \..
Mm.t..‘ .. tn.,.
'\, TIM t:—Fn'S iiiiS.
The Wiceb,...tor Ir not. uf Um r..i,..t box...vrr,tru,..
covoutyk cirLs, A g en t , ', ‘
ted for the trade. el:goner, ran de t errui o n
''. corner Penn e w e WA, ne eiGrats. , ,
bar running tte the tredu regularly. oega Patelou gh , DA let, 1851.
..,r , . __ ;,..11.-rtr.5...,..4 '.
1 L WHEELISII PACKRT.—The splandid
new packet Messner DIURNAL. Morrell, m
ter, h. now performin g her re g ular tri•wwskly tripe between PENNSYLyANIA RAAROAD
this ally and Wheeling. leavuu t Pittsburgh Q. 10 &cluck
Wren[ Monday. Wednewlay and hider. and returning. And F...piem Pucka Line Ypr
hoalin g. ere m 'Meade r , Thureay and Pottuday. PHILAELPHIA. AND BALTIVORE.
h '"' h '" d " '''''''''AVlwrrir..t 'ioediemitb,nr... • Fri, Ell orn ing I. i n els iII be enn-rii _
The Diurnal le a Aldo wheel haat. and is (men, tllcilnfgt tluuN ita loon Ili tlll'.vosiber will ‘-- .. -
tzand taelest t o . 11.• ever notatnn-ted 'h e t he tr o d.. Pawn.' ,rl-13,11t, learlngdail d •t ~./.. o'clock n.. 31.
, aO.l Aim um ran depend onr rontinumg In the At,ply to ' 4.1 . 1101..11E5. Monongahela owe:
0 , D [Axel! eto., Canal Durk)
- ;13ULP_Z___7-,;:' 185 I . 0:4„‘
hrlt T
I FAXING PittQbarg daily jSanclays ex
-14 „,,,, i , ~ :0 e'tkek, A.. 3 1 1., b r tho
ETI 111
FOREST ,0„ 0
.4. CITY
,l.TTig.rifrors.ou.riTy noeKtN„,r,ag
lento IbtrAhurgh forAt t......lirt:!l•YrZujnnd
Tuurodej at P nehrk, A.ll. 1'0v.11,1, and pPero
d.penal upon tlb l . boat ruuning rrgulerly during thr
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For trial or mune, ennlY non
CINCINNATI, Captain Jnhu.dart
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the tionqnsts end l'lttoburgb P. bet Ind, sod sill 1 ,, .e
emery Wrdneway for Clurintal.
For_rnivh. apJ.l/ ob to nnl, 14, I.TNNUE/111 Alma.
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pear rlntarr
I ~ /1.4.. will haler for thr abort's, e . all
11.4,1.4N1 u 4. t r., on thlr day, at 1, , et M.
41OR LOUISVILLE—Th e spiel,
11,1 ete am. A% GATIih. rapt. Itran
will loarn afro,. and all inirroordiate
por/ on tle da t ,at I o 4 11
/Or Imola Paeokar. apply on 1i0n... or to
11. 11.3111,Th A.
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1 Iran I', the anal intorno-al., porta
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N Li PO ItT- -fine
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lot i g ht or panacea ../T
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f.a. tiro •ho'ir and a/I Inithmethato t.nti
on Thn.ilar, the 4th the,. at 4 k 31
V, forsolit or appl, on h...
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4 Il.)1{ IVASIIVILLE—Th e Nplen
ui ew h int dl li( n.arn taw
Ili rN n
k. Captain annu
will ' I..avr tor
IM •Itor. andall Int-mt. - I,Ln points. co ttila aan. ;b. toairkelt A.ll
for Irrlght or patt.ago appl, on taunt, or to
nnzi J NI:lt TO: JoN).r. Acer.t.
For Sale
hvan dm llatio.t. POI tt-
the ~ 1,14,
H I lON roNsirir.,ra 01 ,Is ,19, i,rentrt.
t uu t v.
l'apt. A. MURDOCK,
cmw ro, FEL is ri L 5 . ;
th.rr. mole.) 11.1N4/V Joicir,gat
IlaL.orr A.
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arplr US
11 \lnnanunll,lo nnt.uu,:att.
• •
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad.
Cotnmeneinl: on lont!..v, OV. !4th, 1+,5;
9111 E Es 1.1 /.I.4lrttrrPittsburg,.
I At n A SI. .11 at se.
00.10.t.r. No v 10 0,60.10.,11.t1.14(,...1atumn
141 oroone. thr pr.. fr.ol 0111 101.• 1 , 0.10.0er at I P
Intl 1014 , 00-,h at A P )I.
Ipaltaxa 1., ...1 . ;(1.1.ur,6 at 19A.
nod • as..l 11 r101.0.0 :0 A J 1 06
P rt, Trl Tr vr *4 all 'h. 1.1,
aO,l at )lar.rlo , xho 1.1.0 14
An .I , c4Lnlrt 41,11.1 ?Mtn *Ol r l'n. oat 10 :In A.lll
ilent•000 5111 101
at, N., Al. Ttaiu. sill tot tOO 00 Sue-
Ja >
L".". • w a' d
A I. ta nn . .• tutdonc thdweettEndn and Ndr.
•tth, and tn. I.ln ,l/a I'..nit. ha • made ardang.-
ruh. to
nz,r num., •1111 the Itallmad at kth,n
appq. the V”deral fttr
II tddsk
If rttudi.4tn'
n KIN;
Tfriot A -Arent.
Pennsylvania Railroa!l.
Time Reduced to 24 'lour,'
,• und after , the 14t. of Do.o-embertiezt,
witu . .17 01
I•ern Ilto
W.. 1 at .1 the Atlstate Ott., •trl itettottati.•l•Litthiallo
tu • • •••• . t....1 Ita•te 1 • L•t ~ t •t
.A.:ettt I h ,, l'aftettrh ,hlot tta 7.
IN 4g
nt •,n I,hott Irv...toad al] ... , . eve
t., •t urttu. t I. estaln s/
~ .rrittw. talk k. Itt.tit.•,111.1, 1 - hst 11,4 eh . 1 114; 1. ,
I!.4l.t attl.A.ceht. Ihp th.r..t
•,tritt r ttl Water hrwl htlyt1,11•1,1 AU.%•lat Poo..
a id t &„ z 185 1 . awigwei9
Via UrOlartmiiiin and Cumberland, w llaltimom
aatt Philadelnhia:
DORY' Jetty,' the %% r harf
ale,. toe Lod, -I see. at 4 tiet,•ll prc•-iiody, coo.
torn'. •11111 Lo can. at CuloJerland nen rn..ernlor.
14.1 1-miel dolly 'ow...ea epndly,replu)
at n oclock. ronteelm, with the tan. Coast...l.luu oral
er..u.; ha 10
1 1 .r.uh In Ilalona,re. 3 1houra Yin, only
Tu.' Ilan h. Phlla•irlphis:lo Inane, Yuen only SIA
The Natienal Irano great. 1t../luctort D u with
the .Tian... let... Brno arrllle CuatherLand. which
wale. dn. Jer•iJ.JII LLe Leo hnoc last,
J. 13 1 / I N. rlyenL
In lb• n.nstnia litotae.
.1 8 5]
I,ll' ROUTE TO NEW yonE\cry r i„
coil lo b, r Ilaiten•-1 enz.n nub
to.' c.a.. •tr• Inae t etc. Ilia rclogat.,
tt.' L..• 'or. lliannilati. Ple•rland cud Potono,enh. and
nanduely nod t'encenual. ...tyro. • co eh.
•.el 1 11"..1-opnu aud th• tn.., Ind. and'
Pcnor'l•4lll..l . lls4ll/1.
I.L %I'll FOLLOWn:
nrr.,. train •i A Llr-I,l'
Tra. •.• p• et rlll,am,
-ner lln It• edre , whet.- tee...ea.:other/•
1.1 net rtn. eat'. at o ...L. I. oak/us/the t I 111.11...yur..
h•poe. Yonstt an.l Tenn Icarra Dunker% a:
I A it . • 1 . ••••-..,cr C.. .t..1 - Ird ti Orr. Train h.
f; .cnn-oncel ar ar *ad hoseeri.
ara;•••.0 nom f'1141.11.1. tO NOV Vert. Chu.
a‘l. I. ra os Iry on"
11.1. ...I any are ..erpan-d 111"15I t all /me atct-Ir and
IioLl• n 1 all londr I.• nut Dux Nes
Particular 11,1111,t1 VIII, I PIM l• novlt The gene.
1- wet givre nor 1,111" unno edratarttetuder
WI( ,tur inoln•l• to ,oa-k
- AdJoi..n/ ram, Will L. yul entrull,.. In •
are; rhorl owe.
1-rnuht Tann• rill I. die tot-pled la o n roll particu
r. . re. t or the el • •• naM:IUTr, eau
%U. Aar., "1
185 f.
141733 J'atFrfnd kositooll 1,1, to Cirrilemi.
11:1 1 ASNEN ( Ikillti k• 1 every inortiltitt . Pt, 9
o'cloot, LI .t.elubont bi Aror, Llo-tu, by .kr
, raaol pookob. 1.• by rlttnturghatol Crai..b.t t••
lowl tIoproo•I L. tfborlood.
eip•••Ybro to , levelautf.YA,oo.
Tlcl7CleArlooJ.3?; hoot.,
g Ti, e r g t .. r z t . t, at:
4 4 ¢1::•to Itan h
Pia Lt..typpb. Xtol, by Cb•telosoi pod I. 3nrinnati
ry.trotorort tor'ibeltoo. t'b uto.l 3111,tuko, bray.
C1••,%F..1 oyoutog ye t.) o . .toek, tho oplookhl
tto•tto.t . , I••/o,au Cootn•I m:l , mA t.e. Woolf,
il•turo : .. , 1144. • A. NI., by 11..alroul 0.-w•
yr, orrivo.,..ntO t. tio:tz•• b•ooI•..t
• po t! , 100 ayttrt 1 41.1 rot., .1•I• oto 1:11010.
bb ytol tott.-11 woyltrr.
rbroP, I•loteobter. that, an• Ath o t.
CI.ALK.K A l'A/tti...
• For tlekt, or totbruntflon at.ply to
VV. oob
(Up 'taint rono•nn J:
PpatthFold CAl
ond l,ll
ll'yte A. a g llyobb
oPloKlto the :NlonougabolA Hook.
trIZ vitt:ono:ob.
185 1.. arg il
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
CI-ARkR, IAIIIOI A(lts Ji , aartra. Pa.
VIIASIIiERLIN, CIIA‘WF O UILD N.c.....ClArttyol% 0 ,
Fr 11 IS well known liine is no prepared to
aO C
ttoci•llloa . or I.ln o l. p XuAt. 1 01
brpyotort to nutob uod
Ity,yrol ro.rtßy hoot, !I pf ri,llfits of ploinb no-1
tbsoy of Agrols
Ono lkoltleavoo Pittllntrphon•lt;lolobtod oilt,rponiag to
ennurrta,u wit/ o Liao r.f stetniktoato hot ,171
Mill/Al bud 111. A, hIL no•I b 1,1 no of Onto! ptoAmbtoda •
(Poop.• 11, a.rotvo.oololoo :ho Lncx..
Para, a tla, treisnraart.o.
, D. iaot,r, I%
.c S. Otork. NI•oton toll, OA %
C. Pn•nt•tay Rawson..„ `.
o• ',lt. di....
iiriontll A ro., bronAlto t tkt \
II I. 1111Ior. Cu rbboon P 111.• 0' •
It book., Leo A eb., Alton. ,
Ittntloroon A Pottilotoo.PozolutAr_eitY.,
1 . ;''!f' . ...t4 •
~~l~~~i6,~~~.'a~iS:' ibir;~i, iL4ntc.n
T. ' 1..ii 71 . 7 ...1:i • ;::Vi1 , ;;;;4, 114
11" th
't!nter 11.4
ExcOsiou Tickets to Beaver, 245 cents.
'II 11 . E ,, fine pn?tsen ger Nt.3lt m r rs . ,
ii.t.,"tttil:Eil,t,-.T.:,":ViinAn'aLVP '
471 : , ,. " i.t . trZ",rir I ' ) It m .
Jhat,`,;„ ,b, '', d‘,"' li ., :. til 17" ;I'l*
Ti,,,.,. ..linoA,o to lA , neer ron low,oro P.m...
riti",.`: \ 2.‘i,'7l,','";"l2''' r'''`'"'".2-"',2,2*-
,„„ta', eprul o VkNliVro " ./ t he ' tt "l tee o \
“fliehleino Nu. 2. - or the ollie,\ or ''''''' , "I
''''''' "
moo. \ Cur. Cl4'l'.AAO,fog"elt"i'eAT"ai
k la a ..1:T, , orfh. ,
a<ll,ioe' - - '
111,1_jpen the ouroctorrof Hllr. 1),
iltaallit ITial. ittVja r. '''
' i I '
et ' t t, T 4 :ltli. °'
\ t\ l I } Zat i '""
nolO _ 1
et ' \'',, : 1 '!"!-__
lallSir.:-:-20 b1 .. ,13. 0 1 10 Tbls. rout; ,
4: nom s I '. 3 ' l ' ° '''''' .. 7 :1A71171; l'Y
17bx 9 :: Et e .g
o? c
CARS. AIIAI - 0 - illA-2.
. \
I )R. GUYSO'rT'S • Improved Extract - of
The ot4cinal and only wenuinn prwparallon fbr tbot per•
maw,: var., nt.eunauutptlon nod Dl...ea of tho
Lungwhen they are ..0.0...1.0.1 to he affe.rted by s
the ton It,. 0., of M•reuty. Iron, t/ninino.A.
I 1 WILL CURE W1T1101.7 FAIL , --
Eeruftsl, '' ' '
' or slug 'i. F.lll.
Ctuarere, Turnora.
Eruptituta of the SLIO, ' a
F.ryloor h., Chronic Sore Eyea, .
Ringworm or Tether...s..od 1 /..d. \
Itheutrietiena. rains In [Son llonte
.1 :t ce,r)...
-haute. 01orte and I .:lcera, Swelling u ,
S. ' , be Oland, Alrblli... larnat,xia, Set Ithauln..
1./150/4, of the, lildneyo. 1.04. of Ant.etitto.
10.0.0. en arlolog trona thn .3.171' lifer. \ \
\ c u e , pain in Lb, ./.'olea. and \ . 'V\
ohotalder, Genial Del.illty. , - V.
, , , rhea and Cottlro. - ‘
Lett ,
I Till E 11.F.5.r, FE.II - .1 LE .111.701C7217: .CTOILW. I
The , lialuti. rrelfared "folios Du 4,... and tha..,lte
1 1,0 hurt. . aeroapalll•," an, the' thealnatd. :regional ~
weur. nm o wharf. Air. Gna..01., laintorai KAtTact of
Y". ' \ •
.. D."' tan , N..+1,0ar.110 Is le.rctedi and The labors. \
'Orr n/ I , r. nut not/ hac,oiren ax the r.Cllle.flf 1.11.,([401
N. their 10010CLIOLI. 'ilia \ or.paretion mnt.dos all til. Oh \
'Anal,. prartit, of•Abc'c , ront.. r. n.hirted and ce...nenita
to..lll,n tbe, utaadt etrtingh and ollener• \
E4rioaente onto inaAO in Iten rnanufae:ure r 1 Llti• ow.
41.00..0001 it ~s, found I. 4t. It rowel nt.t. 1., further no-
„..,,..,INA cc . ..tingly, a.. and It reeorn.4 tn , nlaanet nut,t4o e 5..., of Ilet.ani.. r..orhutn, e.. 1 t'ulatteena
retool/01 , 610T „writ! ir . ..tratien 01 ail the rant I,ow.
ere. and •11‘hoee tormentno,lt.,,..• or the akin aotrylng
t, pauarne• Ad , lopat lona 0, health.
\ dl ; ; ; ;
5 - oefola. le ophi.,. Mcrcurinl ec..utplai'nte. Cantor. Dan.
.4.00. e. t:l.e•tinaj.ore. .n.I n ccet rarietr of Other d 1.,. '
......11,4 and dt, prerdity - inad 1 01 -
alai..on, cured g 0.. ”.... IN, mcdi,i”.. ~ •
.trl r. 1 1
11th. lactolor eth,•\,:ii.
Mr J. 10, 1,. 1.,r1-1,
-.O„T ^tr: It ~ v ith ,
t \ Lie
reel 14,6 of gratande t‘t 1 ant odd, through lido l'icto
I. l..videned of that. Old t, the woudel - wurlristr twottrl of
the: -a-. Pent va... loo ...ciuybee'A'e 1 el/nO D.k and
i0n...T111, L• „ye 1,1 O. krnt ti. , crqd.ente of ruy alrnos: h., •
I „ re.- 111. tho 14 Paler , f ."..c, I war. et, ilith a e....\
..c , 0. 0 .• 0 a -.. a; -. , 1.0.t ell. r 011..., throl.oh rho
rh..... r.,....01 and •
1.., 01 0. -a3c.. non, theca oja n Ice
0.1 I. -11.11,...,1 „r vh v. rot V. r.: .".., 1-0,1,41
.1..... k t• a hnct twoll.lob 0f its pantrton tLa., / Orcrua ,
ed the atletlan„ of a tl..lful lors.e \ , nr. who 1 rutu•nft - \
0.1 ray 41.0.,0 OLY Of 111.• 4 4'4 f 74 CI firer 00 . 1 P 4 1 , .L. • \,..
Ilc .41 ray caw. •al 111, not tr.,4lT h Idle.) , Out prea • 6 ,,
n-1 forme. I Te„ , 4104 under h, tne tounat nottl I wir •
esti.ed hu could ten h.'', toe. 1 then ne . 11.01 of your
.11.4 t. at OW. placc. W. A- Iterto. too lea ...I a 0 u)e.oo'S
14:2,r I„.a nod 0.ra...1...n11a..fr0m oh: `. I re riveds \
van au.....00 of henel.l. A haring „h. sfr tar hc.ttleo .
{OJT. I aa: aid- 4•tan 0..0c tor h01ic.,.. witho 't
any inecia, .
oulence. and barn been einLe thst' nrie a arci an while •
but • ettnet peri..l hef.we I had t0..0a , confined n tar bed
threes feutthe ..f th e 1 141 e: end 1 tabuot turn, the to-
t,„...., tn ; hcalthto ..ny cal, rana• than 0y theNko;oo.l
of that truly raltaab!.. 00.!..t.t.e t10r7011. , 1 VAL: . De•ot s,
and :3arsapa-ilia. • II A::iEl'l. V.1r11.1 0L . \ - ..°,
(I, .1. D. Park -Dept Sir , I eend ycat ttoe. o .oo - ein . r
tincat, and so far no I an. oequatr.ted with ila. /11,14 It ).
all true. 1 pnvtred it th•takin:c It thiaht Imp ,onatiA
100 nod to Oho'sonch:4. 1001. v. tbortliilen't•pf Ualng \ ,
tr ea you think be, . ,our. .11.A. 42 , 101. i . \
, 'l - ' r' •.-' t' i'• • . 0 , ,
I be 11 , :h, in,: letter ii from a tu.,ltly reet,rtetaldeidtTsLdan.
who .40,4 an can n
-ire pa, tice:
Ntvanai. ,1,. cenot;, fa .11or. L. 1 1 ,111. \
Di. John D. fart—Deer .tr: hr. tthyrott'a 'Extract of -
0.1 . 40„.111. ht.. Iva.. preecrileel I.y 100 11. r lie laot threw
Yeato.\flth'uce.4 etlert. la thnerai I, blltti, Liver Cots- •
01 alut.4! 1.0 .1te, Dism., e1...1 C10;010e and Narootta
Direne•ca.' ,, ,lta all !cm.. Co . alp:Al,.ts it. eta' "UM.'
4.111. J. .1,0 the .u.. 1 of :h. to. do.lo. the pat feta cc.oetant- 1
It nnit.,t 1 .00 . 014 and v',or, a (set ~ ..rth; .. 1 gr. at eon'. .
naleratlon. Ito. '4,..a0: L. t h:. 2 0 0 0 ,r' „no'. nn, can
he 00 0 I, Y Per'ootal with the tio.o.4niie4te. alcsoocrl,-willi
aoeta, toeter .ref en...c.v....u5, 1 cut etaeakltabc trots...v. ,
rcr... ence...nd In t 1..„ 021.1.4 1144 LO: it. tau,
, r.i .
• 1.0. J: a:. LEEFEI2. -
Sold by .1 D. I% t Ilk:, L'it.t.iraian. Woo. uorth,„l o. , ruor
of fourth and Wolr 41,etr. - .0.. t•crauce ~a 11 . 1 nut al-reot.
1, It n..u. •'.1101..4 . 0 toil,N. , 0..i.1,0,..1.
J. Ki. 1.1 • Cat 1 , A. ) 1 •1„....0.en it (I`.. J. A. ' Jon*, I.
CI 0...„. ,r.. lott.hur,h; toe A. I:ect has, ill,heny City;
L. T. Ituxottl. %Vanning:l:3n: L 11. Dowd, .140,ntna.0,41, '
Welty. gre....r.atnatn r. tuatiiap..cintaerv,t:Ots.o A 0/1„4„.
!0 , 10...4..1:cen. a r,t, ttuntirato.a:Nr...'ir.ll.oo,l,,enre, - .
11a1lei.:10t1 A et,. hen:Luna \I, is. WI nc!.;:. Kittanning; •
Evan, .11 Cs, Artwkrille: A. Wilton A Bon, Waynukattrg:
1 .1e , ..a1al AC. N. CaJlender. ‘, lteadrllle: Dutton ges ' -
•trte, 11 , +1,-.. A Yorker. Nterrl,.'ikamen lielly .11 en. IhiL.' . c -.:
i-t. 1 , :with. leeccen J. o .Enuttneroo.. re At 0 - -- • '
I.j*nae,Ceoaderepert: F. Ct../ar.dr2l,,Prounawlll,
Lit ', " i r' r l .l , —:iii yer - 1:ottle: Si for *45.
I N offering to the community thisfristly
cchebrnted rente fly tor 0 , 0 ront •13.11n0r..,
it is not our nob In cr, , .• w.h the lime or health of (to
but rninklr 1c.f..r0 .thrcu otdirictir.ol
dirtiugulri....l =en no.l, pont. of t!ir 0r1.1../..,.1.
, 00/0.. tram 1.10022 Myr irral o.ore lIT ♦
rarely Plidc . " ourcrlr.o to m e,. t.....1.1, or fat.
tetclueut... of itc 09‘.00., t srollol4 rut any bol.oto •
au' :n1 honanity •10rh Isris Suit not ;afar/mt.
Clemr p7.1:1 are I.rre roc - ro. and rro.roirrit,n Ingurrg
Our put.llctutu ail 4ivd theT
rill 10.1 them r.mstly
the', 10m .00.010.. %LA tarroaca •. u •
thci.01.10.4..1 ut lo.l
I •
Drat. Pt, 001•,ril ILO re1v , v1.0 . 13/ovi, ,
painitoo.....t/1 1 1.•.1 iats olivreunitl viror..ttle. •
..rig olr o•orn Irma c.r the Iscuttlol utytrico.l,-.
ILE, I rIOI3, IR Ith • laltat .Ir.r.svo
jn re-e. Loth of •dult•sual cb/itirrn.. • '
1 locv. loon] It. es it, t rzarewn!ssl.rnor.•porerfui Mina
tor .r.1(1/.. rougtot.....;•rultuarnry .4 , 0.01. •
eau,.rE. 1..1...5.
1. I
in, en in t;... linmilton lade, In 14i, l'i.y.l
I , r. t.:ls.: 1 1n.,. Nen ' , urns of onrgh-1
es, I itl my nu, -( 1 T,1.1.•4" 1•1•1/
nbrn t`T, , c , notiti t I reivanint.m.lirw
„,, it. in
• lila! Gent 0 - 41 1 . sate ter, feoblc.. foul the et.
.et tuctllceue nak vsbty
U. S. )%etia... At-ifl://i
ellen. .I.C. I 1.t.t.,
lue ell
Ind. end asr
.Inith mat,ryiti y,
v, • u tty e r , ..‘ '.%:•
ta:k if I ....Int, t•lre,u, ore.riltylog
11,0 to v., ltt
k , Camlinn
,nlll.lllll.3. •4111 one 11lt, a va t oT Cate, It lanh
t. , ) , :c. bo
.113 and friymis tuitlit truineura,l,l4 rtquumt
Cit/Sle 1,, Mtn_ CD*
J.' C. A T , ll—.?lr. t - nap 11 a toy . 3:1 , -ta Mop:, -
broutthL am * O.- tebruety, •
nu, a 44 lbs. Inn tfil.tall,.
0000 .L.Y.Reuerµlii 0..4.11...rretA
.bort I VFl43lll,Filf buitll..olift
I Ent Jul Ittri,/inp,..,1
th. a 14
tit suur ltetr.l mlLlob 4fetl.lLayi
,rattly eh.n .t. it,10440.• . •
1. 1 e,.,1 C Wit, II um to
o n'o
ovvul nuNe
tnu n l
.onoy und,
I tt •rose on 143 Lb7t3 Ot: ,Mat/"lieltle. It al,
• •
-• ',.
ksr F A..rl Ina antd. bY.,11. , 1 Y.:3 C. A,
tat, MY..-
. m I.4.l,nenrb, ertzeic.‘lo,mtletall. byll.4,YAla , -
,Ir!ITOCK .R And .1,111.1 , 1114,rv,
Ano... l lnr Olin by IL. P. KIIWAILTE. - ..d rots
b.7l.runv.t.t.lnnerell. erul7alant.later 11
- • ----a—
_______ - ._-:-__—,-_---_______,=. •
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