The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, November 15, 1851, Image 4

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Dwarit lit 1 1 / 1 1,TBLIAIRAPH CA - 101 —The form
ofethe dgree ,to .Ire entered in favor of the ptv
prletoreZt the Wee line of telegiaph against
those of the WO line was settled b 7 Judge' Bane,
in the .11.13 Cirent. Nett et Plnladelphle. on
It is ardetoVidjulged, And deCreei
I. That the patents granted t oe. F. B. Morse
Are valid, and tltht the complainant thereby, and
by the imigiunents in, the bill allaged are vested
with the exclusive right there by granted
2. That the defendants. have infringed upon
- the' complainants' rights, and must pay over
,thigprot:r such sums as th e courts may
401:I n caverable upon the account to be
a writer injenetion be issued restrain
ing the defendants, their agents °recreants, from
using the inventions or improvements of Morse
diming the terms of the respective patents. If
the defendants, however, give bond with suffi
cient anieties lathe sum of $15,000, conditioned
that tlosji•will answer and account to the com
plainantsfor all profits on their line of telegraph
metal in the interim; the leaning of the writ
is to be stayed until the final entering of the
A brautifal and interesting young lady was
brutally murdered recently by some Inhuman
wretches in the neighborhood of Sandy Creek, in
the parish of Baton Rouge, LS. A negro named
Riley, and a young negress, about, fourteen or
giteenyears . of age, Were taken up, tried, routes
sod the crime, and sentenced to be hung onlifon.
day.• The negroes, in their confeaeion,
tut two white men, as being the Instigators of the.
bloody deed.. 'lle report is, that one.of the
white men acctieFd was enamored - of the young
lady, who refused to marry him, whereupon be
determined to wreak upon - her fiendish revenge,
and, by threats and promises, prevailed upon
his negroes to waylay her, as she was passing
from her home to a neighbor's, near the Creek,
where her mangled corpse was found eubmerged
nexteath the weight of a heavy log, with the a
pron of the ,candetoned negroes about her neck,
which had been used to strangle her. The white
menaccused have left the parish, although they
imiziot be condemned on negro , evidence,
yy AND OIL-15 bbl 4. No. 1, (Winter,) for
not • • 24. Wood Street-
KROW .I BOOT-500 lbs. Am., for sale by
""TARTAR-2000 lbs. for sale by
o 1 - J. KIDD d CO, tA Wood at
loop LIVER OIL--Ruabtan, Clark & Cu.'a
Ntal, Stanmairta. Ist tali or by tba dozen] timas. far tale by
frol VIA) & CI).
1,0 doz. B odor. 6 dos. Tatm for ode by'
too JAMES DALZELL. CS Water at.
IQUORIOE ROOT-2000 The. extra fresh,
1,1 :fur sal* bT J. KIDD t DO.
Somali= bey, thin de? reed a Inge lot of tape
t i'... 1. =MU 11lantetit yam...beep. ' •
aLat-1. white home cadet ballet ELS.' Norbbetat cot ,
nor or Fourn, and Mann nt. ; • on
inREAM TARTAR-12 bbl 'poled, war
y,/ ranted pare, for tale by - •
onel H. A. FAIINESTOCE a CO. •
GLAD OIL--61) basket for sale by
QILVER. SAND-15 bblo for solo by
RED 10bbla. brightleq., for sale
br B. A. FAEII:EN/0Z.% t CO.
liiliNA-1000 lbs. prime Alexandria, for
ITINEGAR=SO bble. filr sale by
1 1K,T.ANILIA BEANS-20 lbs. fresh. for gale
BURCHFIELD base just openedan amoebae= of
Pink, Bleu, Oman asal Breen Ea-king Flannels. odo
j th
az4 Jut . ree d at the northeast corner of
QUN,DRIES-300 dos. Corn Brame;
. MO Elden N. T. Leiner,
81 OH. Lad and Crenhed Bus.:
UTTER--Fresh Roll, in boxes, rec'd daily
CHEESE --500 boxes ree'd abd for eels by
J. B. csratar.o.
4 I S/1 - 740 bblo. Lake Trout;
" J. aft!ill UM.
INSEED OIL-10 bble.Griewold's brand,
tv sal* br J. D. CANFIELD.
. .
PEARL ASII-25 casks for sato by
as J. 13: 0 ANVIEL
00WOOD--60 bble. on hand end fox sale
by oer J. ICIDD k CO
QUIRTS Is DRAIVEILS-500 doz. Men's
kJ limbs Wool £41.114 and Doer, reed by
. A.. A. MASON #CO.
ILK. VELVETS-20 pal: most desirable
.ttaine Ss A.A. MASON it CO.
ABB. AMMONIA , -2000 lbs. for Edo by
J D. a. rAriamsrooK. a 00.
Al uitzEty & BURCHFIELD herorec'd
this morning try Drpows the following articles—
. II igh rolorol all watt De Leine. 44450 u
• • nigh Mutes bleak Wks. all priam
Brocade Paull De Sole:
• Black Assured gilts:
. • , Plaid Smut hibbonA
stogis Ehaerbe.
ogle'. F •
At north east cm Fourth =I Market N.
CANARY SEED-50 bu. prime Sicily, in
oedstcre and lb: sale by
J. KIDD t CO.. Co Wool at 4
PTS. TURPENTINE-50 bbls. . prime,
tzr Nal by J. KIDD ic CO.
REAM TAR AR-2000 lba. pare,
saletrr J. KIDD L. CO.
.1 - 04.11B:SODA-6000 lbs. Lee & Co.,
Siew Qat bruall. Syr mak by
_J. KIDD 00.
ALUI4-30 bblo. for sale by
jx, treeh lotjust opening at the drug store of
od3 J. JUDD t OM, to Woul st.
S9AP-100 boxes No. 1 Rosily for sale by
Irt_LiRIFIED SYRUP—LS bbls. for sale by
:161 , 1 ITI , .
R• TRASK'S Magnetic Ointment-100
do. !bide br - J. KIDD a W.
IaTOOD ENGRAVING by James H. Park,
jj r tae vo g o Neril . l a e d Johasoa t i rtas 11. %34
msegmey. tam. Terms mocierrsTe a r" buirtdtlo."
AMINO SPONGE—lletringe very fine
for sala J. SCHOONKAMEIL a CO.
O' : es ong an , aort,
for sal* oer/ .1. SCHOONktaliEll a CO.
ITOSPHORU3=IO cane for sale by
.17-.- J. eOIIOONALISSIt k CO.
TERRA JAPONICA, far farmers' use-1
too Ott nle by bell J. BCl.loolflieliZE & CO.
intkiENNE-1 bbl beet American Pepper
L/ !Sr gal. by oat HCISCIONSU.B6II 4t. L.
UTTEB.--50 Irgs solid pocked, receiving
=JO* babe by °sir. DALZELL CO.
AT. XIR CIUS,:-5, tons in bbla and his, for .1 DaIMI. Co.
JUJUBE PASTE -- " Eagle Brand"—
bawd Lemon axed Vanilda, axage la
-edE.dYi 1 9R4
szennent et Tra+.lsl;..,matlTiadow Shades lta ads at
esallpaadestall •
.celtr. J./. IL PHILLIPS. N 0.116 Market et.
:c.WANTED SOON—An active partner in
Zoe tg`Ts. =it qr,n, tifurbilf' hop /e be.
r•''' of eowitherseter. with a =all caret:riff /80 0 to svuu
• wasow,will be elven to
, awl a young IMO with mail
eawital sell profitably ell:lntim will be sine. Pit ue
" VIZ irretreMrgriy....ur
QUOAR-50 hhds prime; in store and for
1..,J Ada bY • ..„ E. DALZILI. a CO.
Ty. • ,s—= Ivo b . I
'Efida Errol, do, La oat nxpermo, for Ws by t
17 DALZELL & 00, Llbortr it
ADAN'i r 75 pe.,.froelplutkrf,g.'d
SALTTETNE-50 bgli Crude now landing
.wa tor wow • octlG CO
MUSTARD-550 lbs. warranted
eera• l'ip ti N sirnis - ar 1. KUM t CO.
`C:/.7 t in storean.
-lariat ty. I '«i7 J. KIDD
A COMPLETE set et Bucket Machinery
in. sonde by. wilt' J. 8 DILROBVEI & CO.
POOL COTTON-10 000. doz. jut reed.
trosn Enzlasul, mad tax sal• br
anis emintynNoris
I . • R . 3 bektrnun. roc now
boadlogalut lbr nlo by ikaAlLll DICK= it Co
°QUI Water sad Front stzem.
VIOTALS -- prime, for 8010 by .
ce.l3 w.runriotrutt.
MOLA2SES--0 bble. Atria; by
S. .13 8. R. near vall:
tiffEESS-100 boxes W. R., for s • a by
) «Et . D. a w.RAIIBAU°M----
- (bITILAW PAPER-2000 bat. stTßrior, re.
Lj agaves - pregsmer.i.n.LtrAmr, and for rale by
• J. 1.6 SLICE.
0c3.3 - comer of Amu obi lnrin
t reo'd from
ra i
- ILL,r4b.
..11sor)ivcr1 Ell &dug plata
l% fur =ad
We ra .
tnol at lick.thket
I . l: 2 l i S e T z rned at the - Dmit f k 'g r choico Teas,
rat utiaxa l l i Vor sht.
I .7 th av i eric seEN•
-1113111 P-40 bales Kentucky and Malawi
.4 " 6 " Dew l'; ' 4'44. tat 5t.11% a trorcateas t ocr.
ROCHE t 3.11 A.W L S at reed,. 2 mien
Bead* Marls 4.1111,1305* 00.
YARIY-71. milk for bale -
'...dustaltrotimabst Zawhosizroanwr
ralls jud fivt..,.....aturterzl mail iau Oil
misda'Aft(iiii:'y 'l'
too Ft.Ls 44 Floor 0; Clallw ,
64 - : “::.
/net reed antl.far sale at our Oil Oath Warm:coma 116
htertet et. fc clll ll. PHILLIPS:
06P..19 is ts
41n .1 r o,zz 1„hun
pre= is uncinallea for purity.
' ll4;l l :im (re6 bro r tlri. ma. and o soo
ther Vl=Tot3o W ou U diTt
lar toriw9we w h ichl by the emollient postynunnscd7
Ita lather, so eaftens thwtreenl W noel, sha
ving loleasela tr. 4 run It proasues groat tint/WT.Ow
the laiport<4 artiels„ i c being lushly 01.00.04 f ro l. the
with grwatest skill, and is tot onlythe
beet, but also the cheapest article for sharing. The W
-00040106 salon( this article &lurk 6 the last twelsc
and the aceeral•awild and allror medals awspiel for It.
strolorly ettest the 4480 - retlmation fa Istdet. It Is boll by
the rooaarmity. for sale wholesale and Malt by
.oc9 • . it. E. SELLY.IO„. of Mond at.
t:Rill/fp.NOINE 110SE-500' feet 2 inch' 3 Ply
Indiarya/1 Rubb M
er Ue,ite tawnie
Fire Depa st 'out express
ent a ly fn
lr 11
. Wet W the rtm
ritlel to rail and examine them, as they are Im:ranted to
stand mom pressure than anyleather twee manufactured.
in MI cues where they do not turn out as represented.
the money will be refunded or the Ursa replaced hr nee
ones. J. l Il e ?HILLIS%
and 9 Wood At
.PILE OlNTMENT—Warranted to cure the
1 worst eases of 11164 14, • few d 441. for sale_l42y
bepl{l KEYSER • 114140w1.14. 140 Wood .1-
el AV ENDISH—Extra fine Caven.lish To-
IL) Inero, for We by HEYSEIL t MeDOWEL,
1 0014:17 140 Wood at
II OTTER-1 bbl. sod 24 kegs for sale by
FLAX SEED OIL-10!bbis just received
an] m... 3. by 44143 H. E. PIELLEIiff.
TIC/IJORICT. BALL---8,2 cues for sale low
. 1& CO
'VINEGAR-97 bbls. Ciller, for sale by
W3l. ff. JULINVOS.
LA aiNS.T• to found at tbe sto BURCHFIELD. •
frUBS-20 doz. in store and for sale by
J. 6027 e.♦ W. HARBAUtitI.
BUCKETS--50doi. in store and for sale by
60:1 8. IV.
ICiI SILKS—A. 1. 'Mason 8 Co., have
I. opened •Imauttful lot of very superior drsn
Wu. 1.1. widest. styles,: soot,/
AILS-800 kegsfase'd city brands, on
Nhaul and
fat sal. ` A .COLBetTISON t
oillls Liberty st.
POPLIfIS---Beautiful 'goos, just
mec vvr express , at spat A. A. AI ASON A CU'3.
VIOARS-50,000 Regalia, Principe, and
11 'Uvula Ctgus, an tuna awl bj
14026 J . LU or
Men e 2 ," 4 " E "`"''-' tITAVIM'a wd
septa ' . 15' &kr and Flynt eta.
rOR CRAMBERS—Very cheap Wall Pa-
Zee. siztuaf Borders, in liv . ovilzma L t r. sale
buxcimia. bees open this mooning o supply of
?boss fashionable nossis. stpl7
STAR CANDLES—In whole Old hf. hme
for r.sl4. by [yey=j naopY, JONES a CO.
EAF TOBACCO—In bhde.and boxes, for
we by (Yey=l JO E$ 2 Lb.
INSEED 01L—,5 bblo reed. sad for ouio
or rootr
trINDOW GLASS--300 bza reo'd and
v for sale in 3027 B. IV. IiARBAIIOII
SUNDRIES -4 bbls. Saleratus;
boxes Seed Leaf Tobacco:
411) prime b't Tobarect
2.3 common 6 Tobasvoc
SO tacks Deer Daly. for oak by
ARANBERRLES—Just reed and for sale
DJ r oi t . he quart or pashal. .t MOWN S' Ma Mara to the
4.1 UGAR-44 hhde. prime N. 0 . -, for . sale by
10 'ara EY, I.IATTLIEW t CO.
-324 bbls.N. 0.;
114 t (me mown.)
..N9iurniew s a co.
DIG METAL-465 tons for sale by
0,149 ' IJAVITITEITDt 00.
FT PPER LEATHER-40 Sides good heavy
Caper Lesther, tbr ter by
erp. LITTLE Ji CO., 2.5.5 Liberty at.
lIPRIE STE VERMILLION-2 cases for sale
by ryepl6l ' J. SCHOONILAK ER a CO.
Pel7 J. ZIDD k 00
CHIESE--50 boxes W. R.;
so " Crrucr; for Inde byp
.14".1 IL DALZELL 2 et).
QA.LERATIIS-1.0 tons in boxes and bbld.
kJ for sale by .rp2) R. DALZELL t CO.
K EG BUTTER-25 kryna fresh, far 'ale by
_ R. DALZE,LI. t CO.
", '2,) absres far sal. at • toy pa.
t. IV/ "8 t CO,
913 Stock and Ex - lllokesso
RAINSEED - oIL-30 bble. for WO by
gel= J.Eouocorimeiczat oa_ 21 Wow!.
LIRE OIL-10 baskets for salo by-
CARB. AMMONIA-2 casks for sale by
MA2O J. 601100NNAIMI 4 CO.
BORAX -10 cases for sale by
rep2o J.:W=OEII467K 4 CO.
CEESE-77 boxes fur sale by
.cpz) ; WAR DICKEY A CO. '
k7 ...Ala. Or Dreisiaarblt b y
(010KED 82.1310 N—CH be reo'dthi;
M day, by. dryads.. a malt& Idri t okr u tr i fisr by
PPS—Put up in 1 lb. packages, for fain
' LA R7 " 61 -AI. ICLURG I CO..
ary]Y Zei Memo 4
Try .0011 pt 31011111/P dor. old PORT WOE. at $1
per kills, Lir rain el PIORR.UpTen Mart, in thelnainann.
RROW ROOT-5 bxs. Bermuda, for sale
It by . [1101.51 ' J. BeIIOONMAKZE CO.
11.110SIN-200 bble. No. 1, for sale by
SAL .a/2 13. IL18114.1)011.
(! LASS-100boxes Window,r sale by
sn.l2 B. I W. iLiktBAUGH.
G LUE -20 bbls. reed and for sale
sehil earner NLIVord oind 8 at.
Pittsburgh,Okuctanati Ilt Louisville Tele-
VIESTOOK of this Ccunpany wanted by
Btorl a E W M N ighiar .
mg corner orb het and i Bird Mirth.
Virli,SH NET, for Itio quito Bare, 12-4
TT rt4e—dirt rude Nutrert_ , tor arta la 10(.• lb 1111iL
reolO WIC NOBLE, Third l.
Ogee: -
cat. rt i g.p i =.
60 kg*. Ur. Twig and floc
. SI "" 11'.51'47 Wtt . Most
TO '. Chiplogsroods
S essooss
DO Ws. d i p / .. trallos la;
6661 slaw 1.60.6d5;
60 dos. go= Bookodd
600 kat"; NAIL, sit/
res, 016,ser. Pope; ibr. g ,
6= ads
ATT A 00 Liberty et.
O. e.g.;
YO bbl. Loaf. a '4. pure.
- O. ktolsairm
rj Ins. Cice' r W.R .Cturesc
Taglther Nigh NwMi. Clo
Cisioamaol ceo 6.4 JOHN and
retina amt Say ftle by
E P50,3 . 1 SALTS-15 bbl s. for sale
S UGAR-75"dg aluz2 r alla by
leN j i iia
POWDER—A larp supply o Hazard mu
m_ assture, always on haul 0.121 HT We al limpet mt.
• sera " 7. & DILWORTH CO.
r"" 4 "'"" 1110.11 AS rouse
APAR IL&NGINGS--Nois , style of Gold
mpl9 - 86 Wood at.
SPERM OIL-17 bills. for sale by
molt WICK t IdaCANDLESa.
•ItAI GLASSES— SO bblo. N. 0., for rale by
'ANNEBS' 011.-20 bblo. for sale by
.LILOOK-75 bbls. Scott's extra family, for
by " 11.0111110 N, unia to..
4074 266 Lanny a.
A/A .n.9 OIIERE L-240 bble. No. 3, for sale by
97 bbls. No. 1 Loko Superior Samoa 2 ;
bt. " NO.l
bbl 6. Na 2 "
• 16 " Na. 1 44 Whits Rm.
20 '•No. 1 .4 " " •
6 bbla. 0 So. 1 moolving
mod br 67 1.561 JOHN WATT CO.
MUNDY, AND MADEIRA WlNE—in botthw and
oa Aranight, fa ale by
ospl9 KICYBI6I MeDOWELL. 140 Woal
QALERATUS--43 cubs; *
i s 7 82 ham Palv'd; far sale by
1.1.110's celebrated Named axul Durham Farm
-. ea, reed sad Wr ea/e by
area • -. • • WIWI & IfeCAiiDLZEIS.
Xinnesota Cqper Stock.
50 "V'''S of this lock for able low
Muer Market sad Third ou.iL
FRESHBUTTER-25V bblajwit, reel and
at ate ntlioB.ll/13' Ses Mut In the Dlannul,
ANN'S BLS.OKING--20 gross world
firm for rale by WIC a. SOLIOOLPHAKER k CO.
VIALERA.T63=4S casks pore for sale
ivt,tta lutchk. ntdans. nizm.a.,T
nul L o. stan y Lauda
as grouJnxt rced.imi for We .Wilemaa'
ne27 'Wood rneet canna of 8151.
r A__,.: blfoh este Y. H. •
ed Lualiiist• * - F. F. FLOYD,
Sides N. Y. for
oL~ sera ex=
- Dliisbf eea'._
lOILED Otnet .21.RABIC---150 lbs: ie'ry
handsaw. for Aar - ' •R. Z. SELLERS.
04 a ebola ana,:cl,..ardluslkic,:t
DRY GOODS, !kr..c
Eus SUBSCRIBER having taken the store
NO. 'ES POURIN STREET, Werly oemded by
r. P. H. EATON. and having entirety refitted the same.
will open. on theist day of Eeptember, with a lan. sad
superior Voce or • •
together wllh • eieck of TIiLIatLYGS AND PURNISII
LNG cparis, seL sompletn to! heretother kept or gat
known and feetrito rehablithneent
Ile teinthil reeneetrull} inform dime persons iliedrins
Mourning and Ilnitee Furniehlbe or Lite, Gentle, that in
.ton tbeyeau,obtalri MINI, Malipinte stock than she.
where in the tity.sts he Wend, devoting whom..
dull to thew brsochne of buelneest Importing the 'mein
M c l
All c kenc. c if Fit them at
auledititf •
_ • _
• Card.
A l lif.llll 11U11C1IFIELD inform their
coatc.morl buyer> geocraily that tbry bale
ativir thtor .CS) t h e n. ly a lioode toe th.
rea.. ottonhon to uhumally full ...I
" .44 4 41.1. Lona and SQuars.—Nser otyle Brodie my
ry,odeme cashretre de: Wool do.. plain so.l ear styles:
black and colored
Rich 0%1 Ribbons, Mark and half mourning do., non
" Yrie'ylav:. also reschred a further sup,dy of sum
Shirting Muslin and Irish Lines., and Otani.. Goods gets
until); arid el will be sold at loss prim for qualiti.
Country Iderchants are inrit.d to call An our wholesale
nsous. uo stairs. ells% Goods annuli! low. 0021
ej at A. A. MASON a cure. dtand ra ."
11 - 1 LOVES ANL) lIOSIERY-A. A. Atm&
k Co. hays not on hand 76.0 dos. or Lull '
Mere, Fleeewl, - . Kid, and other OTOTNI. Alai; ever? .
descrinlicin Iluniery, coruprfeloa moo, than boo dozen.
t r— ESS GOODS—Opening — ' daily at A. A.
.11.1.90 ti t t.N.)..t, eveh oTi. or fooDkoooblo Wen
co , ls, eouviaing of bilks, etshroeres, Do Loinet.2derirvos.
4 et.o. Altscota, to odl
1 MKS I SILKS!—Iow opening at A. A.
V MASON a CO.'t—
plereo of ver l tublnuablo Plaid !Ate. tome a 1 lon .0
YO coact to.
Per,. rbh U h lu. do; dn.
1 do oluvult Bromle do.
co. will exhibit ibis morning W curio. of rich bon:
ribbon!, oci I
phi A Burchfield have rerelvial fresh ouoßli of fl•
r. denirahie good., •
Burchfield bare recelvlel . hall amortiaeot of above
grallia—votoe se low. ltiMr per j•rd—and eau. ezr
sure, Mohair Alparclut e al 11,00 per, yarg
Burchfield have rervilved.l.l3 aaaorniaeat of Doeilen
atimeres, gray and fancy color, which ther an toll'.
Fen.-,a..0 lower black Buettner. ani clothe. and a eary
ety of et Flu especially adapted for lade' wee) con
51Anilbi CO will oyez within the next few days.
upwarde of ell hundred ease.and packages of reerelan
l/ld be meatie Dry Unoilth to which the attention of whole
ado and retail pureharen la Waited
—A, A. MASON CO. sill open OA. dal . 30 news of
owe good, Wen
—No. tlprolow at A A. MASON a CO pierra
ich lord French Airrinoe a nd Tint. ClotbA. mil
g_i 4.. A. MASON ft CO. two Just twelve.] ZA fade of
twin .o p t Caahnwres .4 Po Lnirtes. pod
r c r v illi
No. ear PLY
receiving at 1V : IfcCLINTOCICB
t Ward:tow, N 0.16 roof* pipet. to which we in.
'rite the attention of than Irlslog to furojett Itouwror
ftssiotooo4, an Wu Will full lower that; ever beton. in thfn
onsr, FOR S4.II,E—A very desira-....
1,11114.41 T liarae. +nal . ..lmA swcti , AE
--00f-tipAttx ,
TOCIE m now constantly reeeivintr hts fall stork of
CXRPLIII. of she rlcheen mot newest Ptylen. to which hr
MT 1. the attmaticm of purchuera. as he mark et. ined to
well lower than weer before oh'ared In this at the
rid estabilshed Carpet Warehmme. No. 85 Pourth et.
blr-CLINTOCK invitee the attention of Carriage
mnufacturer. to his large week of Blue seal Drab Clothe.
Oil a Cloths, tovl Trimming, iableh Ire will fell st redureil
vices. at the Carrel W iirehouae. .5 Fourth rt. tx)
now constantly reoitring hi. fell nook of PO pert no.
and coalmen INGBAIN Calt11:1 - N, vl cwie and rich
“tiat at very minced prin., th which no Invite the at.
.s pin a of those pg to furnbli Ett emlbsta or Housia
shotw a W i at Ow Carpel Warebotoe. No. ..6 Fourth et
eel 11. - 01.1biTiWile
- . _
ttuSSELS'CA_HPETS-W. hlcCiiNrocs
by in Allltf , aal for sale rob sod pee stile pRUN
cas-B CeiL7igWls. toe hich he'luvitte tloi attention of pnr.
rhaetes, so he Is determiteri to sell loner than ever Mtge
In this market. Coll at the old catatabled Carper Ware
house. No. 00 Fourth st. eel
'TAPESTRY CARPETS—New and rich, liragrels Carpet...nut reed th • ( ar
.2t Wrebotoon, No. -V+ kourtl, street, at rotttrol prlra
tra goat°, witpang w praoltmon toiv
VPIE SUBSCRIBER hming now recuived
km entire neck a FALL AND WINTSR GOol/S.
could reepootfully We <wanner" and the puLlc
tint he la prevailed'. dlepuo, of hl. Goole. ocher • hole
male or retail, at very lon
Lie bun in Dry Cools all the Staple, as sell ta a large
nook of Panel l)r. Gc.dh malprisitur a part
-44 01=4.11111m tye- erg noing af..l .heel drone,.. rerz rich:
44 Ertca i d , e 811 ,: e 1,1, ,
Plan B lac k prep and cItICS
• lienh—y Watered allohadec
numb klaticoa and CrAhmener.
Together with. French and
40USE FinirgElindiG GOODS: ...
3/1 1, 12 . 4 and IS4DatteleyShrellniT
Tainal= PM " . La. "
(co and Damp) N alibiltunnd
litinkaback Diaper and Crash Too dna.;
Rich Fripted Piano and Tiara Cover., euperii pooda,
Plareelllo QUiltil,Trench. Furniture. DitultY. Curia:kap,'
Curtain Slaterlals, tn.
. _
L'2 t ln
8114 k tdonsthatlnne. .4 and Ft ride;
Blank Cutton.
Engin& Ytenell sa Ctspei Mode and Cl•the
Tails, Cher:dunes Junl blereer. Contra sad Cuffs, Ohm+
and Ironer); of which Goodtslll be Imitated el goat
Wart and cheap, fora rn y. •
Iseplb JAMES A-
xl OUSE DE LAINES, in great voriety,of
sty/es, plata wad prtotaii. from 1.2.4 eta op to• the
Damn geode. Ay ataortsorot_tom open at the atom of
• 310KTIIIC t liUltC11,11L1),
p'2s 'Forth Eastcorner atta 2 yd ifatlnt et.s.
NEAT BARRED 1311 , 70114615--Murphy
t Ittachlyeltl torte reetivett • thole* lIMPOIII of
ittiar• soots of • fonquallta. Alto. • supply of GRO
real DI..
chastat amt Larieastar taLoghloaa Dep,S
w•ies the richest et7lea and oolow
_Just eved at 62
and 61 llarket st. - IscplCH • 4. 4. iIeIPON tOW
t 435 A. MASON & CO. have on hand, and
ar. WIT in twilit of large qoaataini6f he
an& as Hob Ihrwel LiatHis, Cashmere. he 141...:
allhich the; mill twantre In prim and quality'
against w this market. WIN
4 'LOOR OIL CLOTM-SUU yards 3, 4, 5,
0 and S quartenjuit reed Ewa thaNhilllpwilleYar
. a n d fo Woodwholesale and retail, Id Ma wasettwoh
Nu. 7 9 eh 1.62 ) J. t 11. PHILLIPS.
1~ t~i;•l~At~~~,,
ttECEIVED THISDAY and now opening
at WM. DI 1M 1111 Llberty streat. '
a t
At t r k l b an i tt ead Nana Carstmormaol toe otarestdo4
skew blast sod *Mond Cloths, of the most ariperfor
The largest add mcet splealkl awminteat of Vesting.
ern brought to this at/.
.50 dos. Underableta sad Drowse.
LO dos. B. and porestlne blaste
d lac: I /totem of Crows. llarelkstoltlela. te.
Whl ellb Lbw vat lanta stock of REAM
MADE till, of tbs most tutuolable pose, always
ent band, seven:o4lone of the largest sad Falai Ilsoblonatas
Rats or Om* depth tor aeoUntwo yeas, la• W.*
vegetal sonatem all of which the propels - der detail:o4p,,
el tot/ler lathe very' wrest prices tar ends
Orders to the Tailoring H. eattated la the beet man
ner. and at tte abortest dope*. KIM
Now Fall Dry Goodi.
&A. MASON & CO., have received and
• ere tin. olncilair—n caeca Bum French rteraio..of
dui shades. adapted extxratly at tbda marker: 10
cues nipaoraa and Itiobah• Lustre., embracing plain brk,
silk warp, large cord. C`banickam and eyd,. of all platen
LT mon Baramattaa.Thibet Cloth...and Coburg., COSI pd.
Ins all ahadea and 06.1111.1 em 160 pea. Wonted Berge.
and Laney man. The abova good. we otter to. mie at
Wind Which ar• contalent ant utopreeedontally Lon.
- - -
4000RDEONS—A splendid and vtuied
stock of Me bed brands, just melted.
LUTZ. 3-6 very denim/de adedlon. with I. A, a, and a
keys. mod wood. tato( the but makers, very ebemjnat
(i1177411.4—An attendee and choir* stock miring.
YIOLLYS—Some verr Ana old men and now of every
varietyet is au/ price.
HARP 817311VOS—A Ana arfeedon, alao•Obr Guitar and
Coronets, Tubed. rules. Illbceorn pets. ander ,
~ = =3,7ll, r 2attnts, argt tried by"
A.laa, the newest aral moat prptila tow ra. r
l'itualt. rust recelvWd.
N. 11,-The abora Inannunents ow warranted to NI car
net sad mixt to erta7 reaped—lf Wood tinily the =-
N.Y will to returned. 11. Kb/WM. 101 Third
009. 810 OF TUN GOLDEN /1111 P.
arIARPETS I CARPETS I—Reo'd this day
band. MoCLIFIOCII. neer end etch styles oweto,
FLYS, Common .I.IWRAIN CABINSTS, width ere vs
In l V
to dell lower than tutr Gamete seer before ottani
tttoaritet. 'We corthelly borne the sttentlatt of
Meads and those wishing to_so settees to ere
the Old Estsbllshol :lespet Warehosee, Se Yon
FALL GOODS.—Just reed, Er express,
at Ltd/120N I CO.'B, -60 cartons net Kibbe..,
tam:, sad gust fashionable glib% 12.5dos.Tabs and Faso
neuron; /0 Dn. Oro 4•Alirlque, beautiful solaeL d. 6o
ItarVas, s us shades: Oet 4ce.ritla Plumes. ct
NEW DRESS 000DS-Wo aro uow ro
teillol the newest fall otilee or Robo t .oxe, each At
Cembenetes, topline, Pere. Aosate, Ye
=nett., French Alerteosothd Thltet Cloth. firer 10110
A.. 00* OP. !sepal , A. A., AtAOON s 00.
WHITE GOODSA.. A.' M - itort it Co.
TT tot. post reed 800 pa White Goods. eoneletlog of
LAgi s i t o l plgr. Jsconette, AI Swim., p and . ffed
k Moll. Nu:nook Muslims. Ae. A lain
ezle lona
usartmeat axel ChM,. .
SiI'INPID SILKS—A. A. Iltiox & CO.
have lost reed a besatilal eaeortaorat of very eirh
harmed and plain Bleat 8111 on. Th. above &treble p;ads
well worth the attentko of ourehains.
we rg
trio,de Ahlauv. tqatda de Ohms.ti I
—munpuir4,tuncrinscp h..: opened ttds
on:du is lot of ihnli ay. sad Jniedlty=ert
Edglov end Irmillno, 11obUng MMus and
'Thread kdgflurs and lawittogs, of new 471,....1.5A
• Straw Bonnet and Hit Warehouse,.
No. 105'Mazzar Slurp,
lAIL PALMER °tors for ni), at very
L icrsrea, full assortment of Mawr and MUM
"IO/1747370ratir and' droartean_nbin and . n , 7
Strawarald.OrdP. tnnoloadillon, base.flair.P..• !Air.
I MITS-SiStea, Tenth.% and)
. 15 badborn. limey and
Ittraltaarmari.N and Pam isau
brOora. Braid, Etnne, so !via. Lace, and Ilan'
' l ,r wren J eta zit y roans, In Feat isui•
4 211
1 N aMth ttu`t
_titer .T
IL annrrts. %snr.s.d d colona and
SIN.A W4BVJAZUS-Corda.rassall. NotrOna.Bralds,
rMl 'tlrw l b ,426".7l,l 4 Znws if.
Sad V l, ar .0 . ).. 4 Wide
- ra - Z - Nkh
Bovaev.4.4ta ,
CU::thl3o Pianos
.. ,
. . .
TORN H. MELLOR, Agent for l om
if' Cidlliarines Pianos, for Pittsburgh
and Western Pardtrydrsnia, No. 61 Wood si-,
has fuss reeeirai • now and reortsne nook
et PIANO TORTEN. gum then. sarnantorr of Matting,
Boston, oonsisting or a. 6%. AU. =I 'i orlarss, earrod and
FOR SALE--A •second hand
_ .....•
PIANO. a octaves. sh•anoi mahogany 'i _ t ..
WC male b Loud a Brother, Pritc.ons s I I ,
hundred awl tllly dollar, on six montlo.
crodir, or as usual diwount for nun: fur man by
.41 30111' ti:II.LLOB., el Wood at.
New Music
SONG'S sung by 31ies CATHARINE BARE:
Coma iltire yo ur' tayhyra num
TlB. harplb throb/di Tame,. balIM
n. d e.
/*mato' Pilgrim laud Inn ,r
um 7; 'Little /led /Ildlost ' llood, lA
hum, !mu from Itte rtorr,
The UnTallor The Lord', Prayer, with mo
na tievonake, s,aNtlel to the' 51, br S Moro,
Cavalier A bmtlog
:/1111... Ito barb artaly, by era ae all are payt t .d : ”
Wwolburl: Why de Stammer Nan fade ,
TLe Loot Heart; cotonal
Purer/lone of the . ,Vale; Sorest. Bride. Ylover, &hob
The otatber'B I.oor . dab and Blonmtr Polkaa.
Call me oat mamas; Giraffe Waltz, Bloomer, te.
Ilatelyed mod far wale by JOHN LL MELLOR,
ort7 . 81 Wool mreat.
Double Reed Melodeon.
Fr HE subscriber has just opened a very
.1 floe Melodeon. b octaves, with double set of reeds,
Made by toe original Inventor, Cattardt. ?tenth., le.
Tine usttronnent le equal In power to ong easeil
and touch superior to It to point of nocestoese of tone, ca.
panty to stand In tan, sod fscty fur transporting. It
la expresely iatendel Cornea is church.. oust orb:lsta Ito
low price tooth preferable to any osb.r
ki nol Those
walling to purchiatto ao instrument of the nd are
fully invited to WI and iambs the mane, previous tolls
being token away from the subettibefe warerOom. basing
been ordered by • COosetgat4ol2 lu this city.
sake.. Carhsrdt liatellisso.
, ! F., fur the original
UST RECEIVED and for sale Ly J. L.
Read, 78, Ith attest •
, s 1
Forest LIM and Porn Trees. co/Uprising W tem Canso
LIM among iil! logger., and wild veal ad inure, with
d lgli '
t.l4=Vno77t..aialef f.lAit.ige,•rf..;beon.
The Lily and the Bee, en Apologna of theCeystal Pal
ace, by S. Warren, N. H. FL , author of Now and Then. A 2.
A 1 . •1‘01.1 Sketshea, by Spittoon..
The Flint Things, a aeries of lectures on the Groat
Yams awl Moral LOJAOOII Ant rermied to mankind, by
Gardiner Spring. D. D.
Tho 11 . 0 te AD.', au Anneal In behalf or Family Mor
ello, with pmy.n and hymns. and calendar of !MALY
010301•7I17.'gr gj•lga,'"l,7l/21";Fibill C.
ItrO:It religion,
dasiguml to Illuanatel l e truth and power ofehrtmlannY.
hr D.M. Clark, D. D.
The above. with many others too numerous to 00•01112(b.
R•th fr o
. supply of Blank Work mud Stationary mislog
e Pant.
CARD.—'lle - mag n i fic ent /Sl . UNNI3 &
CLum Crand Piano being about to he removed from
. nulueriber'm wareronto, he has rescind peso:Melon of
the gentleman who puretyamed It to retain it for nee day
longs, In order to afford those ofcur Mira. who have
DO( even th lo unrivalled IIOOCIOOIO Of American Mona, an
ntivitunity to mill and examine the game,
• L
Sole Anew for Nunn. A Clark , No L . 101 rld gnu,
Nuns' ()sand' Pianos !
i drUST RECEIVED, to eplendidff ill
I °stare lirsomentsl roll elan( DIIAND
- •LANO, from the factory of Nonns• Club.
New York. Thla magnineent lEutrament
POweetnos .11 the latest imprnsements, sorb as paMnt tee
ning pin. felt hammera, and patent metallic lobes. Ito
poles, and volume of tone an tnaly amteniehlom and tomb
Is the perfection of Ite mothaniern as to enable the parlor
mar to pmcluee the sofbut mid sweetest tones wlthoot the
aid of the soft pedal. The furniture 010 - xtrecosly rtch and
In Bond taste. without that Indiserlmttmhe sverloadlng of
named work. which. in • eily like Pittsburgh, le elmoat
an d
to keep shoat ant In mad outer. The balks
and gentlemen are reivectfully invited to nil and slum.
Ina this ontivalled 1/rand Plano briars It leaves. theism.-
less of the suborner MELLEN:IL 101 Third it..
0,13 ems Agent for NEM. and Clark.
N ll.—Alao remised. a you One general meortmeht of
PI 0 .. . including Louts &11. style.
A History of Pittsburgh.
Pitt...burgh, from the ...Hiatt petiodwhen It
um routed by whoa men. down to the elate of the lan
rent ory. with claimant the Int establishmeohof fume of
the Importan t annotation,. and vatimt• works of fume.
inahnoemeut, up to the feared time to whieh
rd a chapter 11P021 the advontama of our poritab for DLO
atod monmereal peanut..
with a entamoore
the agoreata amoontnf ham.. tfunmet o d
It upon Otat riven. col. U ni onmse.
Them no point In this w h ere. . moo r atm.
taut recta and oecurreuem of Weariest batmen have
been rompnemed within to brief a penal of time. a.c in the
teuntry araude historicalf the Oka. To collect loarotbse
and exhibit In order them ration* Incident=
and to product the aanntane• of eat ;coition se Indone
mente ter repast!. to octets bet, IA the Lae. .4 1.. pro.
tem.! wort.
317. page, I:: no. toccata Price 81.2.5.
Publiahed and tor nal, be .101 IN 11. ItELIA)Ii.
ieDW al Wood Ono,
New Stock a stOckering's Piano Fortes.
701 IN H. hIELLOR, 81 'W(1(4.01911
ft" Fmteet, I. nowirMit an entmety new
mock of PIANO FORTE!, from the tel
I, I manotartm7 of Chlektring. aMn
muet.namtitm of nil the vatleas now mautation.l. The
se. ere lovaristly the same as at Boston, without sup
d' il j a ro Pt ‘ ttos token in "'
•vent nt the set. or BBL:lining's lama for II titer. Pa.
New !dude.
ritriE GIPSY'S SONG, or Mc Gallant Bark:
her concertia sung sr
Pitteb lth raurgb. pturo at appl m ause . by Jenny Ling. In
The Bloomer's Complent as. thetk mug.
The Lontir than sung by Ottharip encCatharn. 'lsi Hay,s la numb's.
/le ooml bonen nag by
The Unexpect ug ed Ilefasal. •
The tvg..111.7. 44. 50ut =1 hy 11 ;. Klaber.
Also—lt general selection of the most popolar tind &-
sizable muds. trasinu acid nmetimab -
11. 101 Third Strset, •
ceb Alga of the Golden User,
Sacred ZIT* ItoAr.s. •
fIANTICA L'AUDIS, by Maori 4!Webb:
L) CA tOdINA ANCRA. do. do.
'ME 0 1.7:x vR. • •••• eoliKtion of Glees an d Per:
boor.. orleetad and arradead for Lbw nee of Mugu' Con.
.e.dation, Towbars' I nAltutem, and Claws of the Barton
AoeolordT of 7 1 Ne.r. t /dwell Mn.., 1 Geo. J. Webb.
f .be abovevorkeroe'dandloraale N -
A WT . l l ° 7 o '4 o °
lo joule trE14.014 SI Wood
— E r la - riOneta.
'FRE difficulty'. of obtaining a comet and
nowl-tooot Clan Moat In thlwrottotry haelor bean
lung mei greenly felt by the mual•al paid/4h° subeett•
bee ha& had melt/ tor lotim waytetely. a rhedentate
11 1 , 3 1 3 b.. . 4. 1 1 arniced• Then are from the factory of
lb. beet =tannin burope t led are warranted memo. to
The flock
any Claziontts twer offend lot d. —eat or wont
comyrlnose •
Clazioneta-12 and 13 Kayo
. r. rh , oso , lnz tot of omits good Ctarioo!ttr u llille n t i t , his o .
ott of the Galen Ilarp , No. 101 Tlitol .1.
New Mneuc
OLIN H. MELLOR., No. 81 Wood street,
bee reariewl the following new an 4 popular plem
• y Jobee—s. a rater' Ilarrh from buds de Lma•
Ohl lghbr—G
tra tr m/7 rkelene— do; m
.March: Peam ml loren Test arehr
)loon Mb/ U bleepllbr stl QPIla B U7
We bow 012/t barb CVOtl4 . ll RAJ' Qa /km
The Carat/A, ' ' I have riches, thou hat
Take me bores to die:
/ kraMb for Crane albs me that meet AM
He kind lathe loved omm. .gai—rarl4
.th;;";7"r. Le Tremloßmeell
dellere um It all those am
Why do !am... mats %del deming forma eharnbe
L/Illyebt limos lA.tirdek
thmr, 133111[1.e. I.Mtreal, Of
ml Mita MS K
eberou. rim 11,, Jciar
DitADTS.—A largo varlet? of Notes snit Drafts.
'''gr‘ 7.%.lliVkil ' Stationer Stars,
1.1,3 elm., Market and 7 Seeoret sts.
I.p LANK BOOKS.—W. S. RAVIN, corner
II Ballet and Bromal streets, by Ar oats lb. Largest
stook of Blank Boats seer °Besot in Wm eity--nantiletinii
of Lasora, Journals, Day Jiwln Shunts Books. in tor.
itor style of Waits. and ist In. Bret prism I rep
anate. Bands. Declaration.. Indentures. raseutiow,
Pubponas, Bilis of Uost.Arttoles at Asrement.
Attachments. Fe. BBL. An. to. for nits at .
K. S. ti&BN.N . B.Stnpaner
seta , m.
(b ER THE WATERS. NOW, by IL Itjan;
thirea Chll4 10 Amnion_ hthantaln NW, bY LOor
I .0 happy ere I loved ion; In doe. p. c . ; . o r d
the Wee., 00th ahthette; Lon flthrh 01 eland to thy Lab
00th elsnethr, Nally My. roam Th e Serenad by
Isannayn, rbp figvyy 01•1:1110, 17 Sewell: JodyldeLe e,
read. 141111 S When the aright I as. are Dubin,. dneathl
llome, Nome, 1 tore Thee, doetnn Th e 1 1 / 1 14 Old Wooln
Nally was • WI: Evening - Song—tolllabt bens are
1171311Y1 ilm o rhann 4 lll l l n O s lrn,t4l,s k it 10
.Ik 1.1; -of
Volt= &At andA le
oembly , Nonni Ulm Solna--Cannalth, •theshorsb and
kitt h drassitif " erefitqat " ==e B : h arel
oQrd!k Stezeglree Mildhl&Overt . sir
3, Mlle of Bootla Saw f trak and for nth k I/1 44d.
JO/IN 11. .N.L.r.4111, al Wood st
,NEW BOOK Sl—The Stone n n
Mandu.of Paint Poinn Tlllade Tele. ' LJLJI.I
. ban amine. Tramlated from the
Memoir of Her. Edward Elokantetklato hector of Wab
ten. Mena; by Bee. T. Dirke t M. Hector of
Herta; with an lunednetion by !Stephen U. Tye¢ D. D.;
"la lar L iretAt Antby Manual human
*min, with numer one el=mg Carlea ehtbou.
ihrit In the Bak Plat= or Mr:Aorta/eel Obriotlan Life
he the Middle Alex from the (term. of the hue Aug..
toe Hamden mum.
The Star of the R hie Mom • Commentary en the Sooond
Chao ter of St. Matthew: by Mohan] Cherernt Frenet, B.
O ft Exarobtlas Cheolektof the Lord Mateo of Oxford,to.
Aeries: Mom the Lawlor! «Etta% IStet., faux
Loombe Ai/ohm—The Klement. of Algebre, dittoed
ematlafor Begbeatne by VW Loom* M. A-, Proftweor of SUM
, to.
N 0.16 Planta! Field Book of the lievalattom Lantos ,
e Ve=d s afo i l . 2.74 l".
My! IS Apollo Bolleillg, Fourth it.
NEW tooffsTLlT.7vaill — iii,iilft.;a
e. , 3 s t tate Nt gr v all4 .l o 2.l gir; by the lady Dna
. i T h ho Liht74,l 4 ilitai=J e rhbusi br.l. P. tisblintt
No. ei for atistie. henietou e Usgatine mad
Engineers' Journal.
No.lo Pictorial Field Book of the ftwoblation.
Noe. end Id Dictionary of Idochanics, Deena Work
and hug ineering. Just reed end for wale by -
J. I. RP...W.71 ADollo Dulidinge,
meal Fourth street.
re hive. 'Dirt tecoired a lot of weer
beantifol ifoxiish fettle, mule extoweely for exhibition at
lb. World's Vol.e to which the attention of the ladies Uln
a-Dr moth,
. . Rev/. Book!,lust Received.
• • • •
KAST: a Probjom; reprinted with oorree-
Um And Addittong br the Author of Altea Lotto.
ot Olsopetni. clown: , of rent byJicob Abbott
terramax 7
Calsb PIM: . Teo of ttOo PN4loos: 12010.191,111.
Itsetbarn • Tslm 157 AnuaiLDoory,.llxer of "Maids
sad Yortun/." Pap • mod mos.
jlorietou r Blearoh* Dlsgsome sod
: No.O.
Byrnes Thetloarf Of Iliebsoks:Earlos Work sad En.
ginealsoo Nos. al sod 31. C. •
Lossloos ' Pktorisl Meld Zook of the Rerolotloso N 0.14.
oaxapak lu e% .. tts GroirsA ..b, br u sel bb.4 Blll . e f m=mi s t
room edited CiDsalri P. Kidder. „I.2ma. mus. •
. Fazes NY • • ' READ,
Jra Apollo Brdldloss, pc,urth
... .
and Mllo rob of the Mao! SLUM
A EAccoulati of 0 lishlafitc% %I/L.P.:wide.
artime6ll"=6l% 11 , %71:1._ ""
11.13' WII' Maim% coo hetitalauffirloa.
rciegudnestlllew. rtotoukciii, aml bi
t Mina of thy AM ait ilsonfoc== =of Oho
Tie abofsfpx!tato wwka tarsal*
—lf. hay* used this medicine In our Wally, and lo
our oylniOn Ls oue ewer hen preparations nubile.
coldu Ac., which has been altered to t he At
thla Porno of the Tear we 'rook! recommend to every tar.
lly to Iwo a bottle of it la their houses etagir few uae. as
°won., may require. We Sal, this a , • matter of *dyke,
non Our actual experience of U. 00.1 Qualities of the
medicine, and do not wish our noolers to consider who, We
toy annply In the light of recounoendatlon lade enthont
takyVety . lar=dn o of the meth...of wh
Pre nem! sold by It. E. SELLERS, 4.1 Wood bt.
IrLORENCE WHITE--A beautiful gloss
white Paint. that is Otichulitmble in may climate.
a Intended for parlors. "taambo...4 ablp (10{1., for.
tilt., Pr. With this Miele can be pruluerd the highest
tats Of nadab In purr white of any article known. being
adatWeable of • polish. If required. after the usual nat..
Ens tale by J. KIDD • CO, 60 Wow rte
. ,
flour, BoqueLalireasaian, Nymph, Vette.. Arnim,
reehouly. Reps, rpriug. Jaa,-
Lind. (bro.. Marshmallow, Spertna,..
These neaps are prvpared from the test and Ptinet ma
terials, and are unequalled by any lo the Pulled States.
Fur sale by retie E eetbt:lte. 6: Wood FL
The rage e.ririnendrnory OtaroPery in the Wand it
the great Arabian Rowdy. far ,yam and Bean!
IL G. Farrell's
. •
G. FARRELL'S genuine Arabian Lirii
article, and the many aurae being daily performed oy it,
whirb grerious/ y had resisted all other medicine. amf the
still of the best physicians in the world, it I. corne.we4
or balsams, extrac t. and use peculiar to Arabia, paned
slog. In concentrated farm, a/1 their etimulating, ath
dyne, tenatrati n g. thautousthil resuLtire properties, and
the ease age • Lth , were need by the 'lath. ot Lb*
Desert: with suth Ithaca/the mecca, in curing the die.
oaths o f
both man and bean.
/lead the following rthaarkable.gures. which should of
thetimelvth place 11.0. Verrall's Arabian liniment far be
yond toe eimilargempty
About a year and a bult ago,,• 'willing appeared In tor
wife's stomach, gradually itiorethins In site until It [s
auna ail large as my net, and sore that' she could not
bear the trot sireseure upon It without giving
the y
di ems
path. I
opinion h pai r
of our bee doctors. and they diger
r.pi in about ih some raid lt the an Ague Cake, or
talargement of the ithleen, sue, that It was. Enlarge
sent of the °varier: and otherr. aa/d it was a Tumor ea
the theries, and 00.1,1 not be cured except by cutting It
O. P.nell'. Arabian Linimrnt upon 11, and,
5. .M.r. nialn the third application Me began to to'
psi., and has continthideretting better daily, sow wow
she le as well as ever —enjoylng expellent health.
hicaI6INELL. •
Denote, Harch 6.1840.
[Robert Thnds, postmaster, earwl
• Cerestown. Pa...llaseh in, 1111 g.
Wom= has used your Liniment with great puo.e.w.
She had lost the use of Dior log. for three years. the cords
belt= contracted ao that her legs Were bent =much whli.
etandlng, .e II natural•far the poelthin of the logs. atine
ogling. and she could not tend Hamlin the leak but .4
Lhe use of H. G. gamin, Amblers Liniment, kis is now
=le to walk wth ease. and rem e dy
a =night limit. I have
found it a most e x cellent remedy far horse hesig ale, for
thing which requires an mtercial remedy.
The opinion of an oLLexperienced.and Mentinc Farrier
Washington, low., June
from the met , l7 and tirmament cure, bath On min end
beast, which your Arabian Liniment Is perkgraing. I do
Aot hesitsto to prommare It the - Great Remedy of the
ge.. 1 have mctictsj doctoring hones for twinge MM.
and have tried all the rations liniMmte. ointments,
so much parted up In the pope= but I mast my that
U Ferrell's Arabian Liniment eire=it any that I have
made use at tip 10 use, I have cured gatieny end. Parbi
tug all= they had been pronounced =cur =I, awl I ha=
,ured more than fitly bones this sawn
fromo Lot'
ment.. antintelug every shade of disease, =randier
and braise Up to apathy. ring-bone, and nrreny. I can
also bear testimony of Its goal =beta on the human
nwas ibnfined nearly all last winter to mom
With RLettmathal,' and maid get nothing to heir rue un.
I commenced the use of your Liniment. which entirely
hired Me. Wll. 11.01:131M.
Sun Pain of tan years' studding runri by 11. U. Farrell . .
Arabian Liniment:
Mr. 11. G. Fanaatae—Deas girt I bad been =Dirt= with.
the "Ran PM . ' for the last ten Tsars. and mold never net
=lief runt by Weeding: but by the are of It. U. Ismire
Arabian Liniment, applied overthe teruldesanagr risti'' Or
tour Moos a day , It Iran mitliely removed. and 1 bare felt
nof it . I went Info the stable one. Mght.. U.
aPPir it to • horee's•ore leg. end being very lame hest=
btiel and fella gainst my lest, crushing and trauma, them
so badly that th ey turnpl bleek as my bet, rendering
them poweriesa I apinied your Lent. msd was
mough in a few der. to wo •Uont. m a n n a . i tonal. 1 al. ,
bed ruy tauter In • anockLos hr lettinn
back.log upon it but your Liniment estkal healed it or
to Palm Preelort, 4011:1 It 11=1E11.
Krona en. eb. Y Igtig
Beware of Cotmterfriu.
The Public are
D.rUrularll utkdied Qralnat • Art
thunrcrfrat which hse Weir mare laud
ceezd i jz . l,:t
t a . jultzet . Whsmelnoe It aT i reiP m e
lureceive Innik b•s:i4lMe oar. gi•rell, Then.
be particular neurr.raoall Jim a 0/ Me mune "farrelre
Liniment." fer tiaprnaclpled dealers 0111 trap°, tbe
MEWS immature uladt you tar the genuine, hut diner - J.O
fur - It. G..lbontire AnLtnan 1.11117•ent, and lair no 4 , 1 , 47
the genuine Wimps Ina the len•ra G.LettraYarroll'e,
hie eignature also on the outside orappar, end thew.
weeds blown In Li,. ea. bottle—"[l. G. Arreli's Arabian
- - ••
AU ST. wanted ln every Town. Vial., end Hamlet
• the United a date, lb which one IA not ernabitebed. Aprl,
by letter tojL O. garrell. gargle. I with goal roam/ter
eat° cheawrter, renousibillty. Sc.
gall en the
anent who will funnel Prete,' I.llaruc.
tot c en
much valuable Intoratanno for every rbue
. - . .
Piaci-3cent, 60 rants, and one donor par bottle.
uowsa u 3 rAnnlartaml 11. t,. Marren. au,
Inverter and propriatut, and wholotrae Jioßßss4 Ne..
blow street, Norio. 111. and for sale rhol, ut.le nand revel a!
proprionrea by -A. it.
60j001:40., N 0.5: Hard etrat.
4 by I.k. fl. allttlY. Allegheny (Ito.
The $lllll3lll Body Must Perspire,
Q 0 SAYS NATURE, to hare a healthy av
to pestineu; and person* who tud an liable
tn , •t dtuntattno Pithz :it.... Intina
CLeatiral Sampan...a freer porapirati.n. and at lb.
Woe nuAlituu and tke Au,,ng ft the tog
a 40 i 136.1.4.
. hurry, daft abeam, ad Mr... tot tear healed,
oar. by we, as at T abr... is N. Cork Ica
atm area It iv rush ad, .4 And It illlfshisay—an also, to
Paola., Mouth.. Trachea, or.n7oth.r akin TO.
nailer to assayed that this Isnootalea; yule. tratrum, ac
one trial prate. 1 esull eaumerat• at least eight,
peva. cared of ante heed... lei& atal re. beard.
Rat 11.—atul 1.. reader la ads. asnarel would note..
*pi It for the oda.. tudeas I knew It to be:Ml.ln.,
alto aro liable to chafed. nocknilor eb•PDod aafa.
041 and this not ooly a can, but a preventive, .ad 1 mt.
•Yyr only add. that nay.. afboted vitlealay of tat atm.:,
or atmllar 11i Dad tais all, .0 area tams (sada,
rale ha porydrtked than let.,
lat. reader. Oa stem are 1001,1,
and oars 7ou ask lbr JOOO. Itoltobialcal.l4oap—ood
bay it only of WOO. JA.CE.6014, salt- Aseat to I l otarranth.
head of Word.
Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Breath, to
told for 25 centa—Pereoto who hare eater, are booort
dbly assured that If their breath La ever so tout or their
.Lath &oared, dart or 7.50., and encrusted with ttriar.
tint 115 CM( Lox of J..' Anator Tcoga Nene will mat
the teeth as white es now. trot IJI. Lineal olatifertehdt
leoLl only at JACanON'S nine. 240 Litorty neal
A Scientific flair Tonic, Restorer and Beau
iser.--Truu new.. e7x seem Thew silie lwd
/OW (kcal /lair Watorer. kw. it. weralknt quality...-
Ware *be pare not. VI WWI 11 tO PO•OotrtikO 10.110..4
t tCre tlie heir to crow. on wr part littera
nature intended Pair to groin stop it falluis cur.litarl
fdandruir. and maks red. or gray hair non dart
or rendering the hair son and .114 nothing ran exc.*
this—lt makes It truly taautiful. and keep. it in. /t
dwd. tke most seetimalcal—yet euperlor —artist. for 11.
&>l.l only .t WM. JAlllaoNls Blom 240 Liberty stenel'
bond of Wool, Pittsburyb.
LO cent/. awl 111.
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Hamm,
halt Dye, gar the clunking of white, rN or may Intr. to a
beaattfal Mora or Mask Jot &tot, la a bar tomutet.
Prices—Oa mato. mat $l.
8014 by WM. J allKliON,24o Liberty moot. beak 4
Pima/ arch.
JONES' LE E.LT WEElTE.—Lailioa are eau
1 wenn" uslaa gammon weaved Chalk. rho,
ala . 0 7 boo ltiabtially littuptotta JCL to th e olth
halo warm, boo mutt, how oalimr, nal utawalt
U. Alit ablatata. altar mlac impareul ch.a, it a
' l Vo L trirkreyarW. tthth'g
.wall Juan' Eyelash Lilly W 6eau
It lo puforUy Sanomot, betas batitled all %talcum co
quahog and It taparta tho okut • hatarak haaltkt, ob
moatoaor orn e
Ml.w a.k1. M 1,1 . 0 m 0 1 n o y l y 4 I at o Msk aWt as 7thb.
m rm
Nal bLao ak NU. 408Wlm14hayUhl Wood.
be moborah. pr W. 00 0.0
Compound Syrup of Yellow Dock Root,
OCCUPIES thefront rank among the pro
prietorredicines of this country for imunieteh
curing Canker, h alt Rheum, 'Erysipelas, and all ocher d o t,
eyes axislue from lmo tate of the tilncd. Als o
fderr llornplaint,l;slarth,Dyspepds.,
Ckongkis. horthess mid Ugh harm about Ilia Slosh Iltun.
shims, or booneness, drysteht. mid h tickling onnsiotton
Wind th e thrush and Is MoM withlonurscedentel lore,.
In all cases of
Female Weakness and General Debility.
.BFrenetkenina mateurd gr. at ring tone t* the
mriOns onnans.and invigorating tatter system.
If the malmsey of thousamts of tg 'fitment. heat
tall parts of Me country, cut be relied upon, it is singfular
ly etbmtions tuned ilmems, and restosinpt deto.
o and braes &nen constitution.. It is purely Ve ts.
Me in Cr tomposttion, and so accurately combined t ree
proect.. Mat the chemical. botanical, and medical prit
peril.* of each nomedient harmoniously unite to
Purify the Blood
It has rearmed manyettroulaiseases which hats MOM
tbs MU of the beg pbmictan. and hassles cored Canker:
Salt Rheum. fry as and &snubs. lebirb Sarsapartlla
Orrapo entirely Mind to make the least impremim tuns.
It has
, qns tested In assay curs of CANCEROUS. M-
I t i V i l a lit. .1 most obstinate Canto, bate been cured by
t midi 12, Weser that it la •ealnabletnelleine to all
OUtl 001IPLLInT& 'it remove* all obstructions In
reptile tbe %err. nchm, and /ret
ire s 1 =4 l = t a
;Lit =ll4
at all smart. of the year.
retell, by S. WICILRhSUA.II.
CoIISLUM for Western rennsyltanl.
asyfty Warbous. comer Wool and Meth ato,Pittl.
B. T. Babbitt's Celebrated Soap Powder.
-WASHING without labor! . Warrantad
totem. the status out of table Emma end nap.
Uncoils's rot: liar.—Put your clothes In a sufficient
mlactity of cold water to corer them. then add two told,
tZ.Viiitoilitttltag.lll27WiTtittgeroid of
'n4. re 01
the Powder. and ball them ton in In the mean time
Drees them down with a stick then put them In • tub and
add sufficient mid water. gh. t i nt Mier will not be too hot
to handle. Then rub the distr . aMeake t or ha other wet*.
glee them
them a thoro
clean.ugh rinsing, and that le raffish= to
make -
N. EThere w hite. o man In ltd. Bap, It
the clothes Teri and no bad oily mall. as lora
soape do. Thisentke met of
• e wini ng
metals! wed does not km emu, to complete a washing of ten person—
Warranted not to rot. or Injure the clo th e. •
ltd. Is a Yonder that OM papa will make tmly. pane
tat Wally Bort Soap.
Untscrion. 000 000.—Take, ear ala Quart. of alter ml
ads the Bondsman It, and then let It boll, say are 'min.
t 0 41111601..13 5 0
. I:44 k. Lrattpr a t u r the= I f =sata
r z r. Ake be very Shia and Wee White Boap, and
ro rrt ll il ei. " OrtNe i4 =t a t
tater. by mak_usis the gait's, into els smuts Instead of
valve. The 3011 Beep kr bat alapted,for ...gang callm .
and woollen gooia
Bold wholesale and retell by IL E. BELLIES. -
Nor 67, Word st.
The highly ma/LLCM tultadal. and Mmeinnpattlei
la Vinegar, rondo it far anparlor to Cologne Watet
tor thi, ordinary
lintD of the toilet and bath. an
tag ttor tatter ho perrante and thcapnota,.and fa lto
Mosey fortbentormotion or dna:Muds and hodtb:
L rliTtighly reemenaoded to ladleall. the
. in
gAasta mimeos or the tollot. and for praterrlior
fisabads of as intoplexion. Itaessollont propertles
Der the hoot atal dopier of the skin. and impart to it an
elutidty. by inhaling it, and robbing It on
the tempt , * It will resole headache In • few tolnuas.
.05 Bold hi , IL It sELLERs. 87 Wood a7L''
C:I:I:ARTICEIIS.IIIP—The sobeeriben , .'"
totem: Into tk.Putumbl4rt . kr gala 7._
& OlrotT.
.4 3 / JOAN kt. Wir
Removed. •
To Druggists atui!
yARTS GREEN "s" r •
Branralat's Przsre..nnrs•
tally of &kW and U tt Thr
ghat roxlmed tb•
without dr! at to l. trog r
WM 10 11111 " ;121212131114,
ditt= 7W drOv
' PEW st redFor!l plum '
IEIKI' II 'AI3II ... — 7 15 calf
=7 - 4, f : 7 7=-7=4. ~4_=_
&OEM . 18 ~ ; ka t
1 \ 11"
L's 4 . .
e.t.A.P44:. eARES a 00... thlgtgrAdt.. la \
sIBOPRIETORS of thh old nd well'
troop }clue. would : lnk= the pa no they era
now' in oreaUht. for the present sewn, hare tomer,
awl ea.:erring \ Fteistitt aml Pararattens,7hia they fully
LTlZAZ,Zral.,}getre'..Mi'es'.'kshe'entriarrste ." trill .
Lltra will to otetatintt et the, lending, teltar,thr M u.,,
(etude lida , 0 nr" 5AT.V2.:CA11011.1.3. 41..
Ottee, tor, Wider end Smith:l6'l eta,
- 'ONSIONEErg 'l,
it W. Cann rte... hew Growl, Pa.; , \
I), C. Mathew' a.
eulaeli, Isa
w. rr al, .n, h , tteron. ,
. a . nun. nharrrburgb; t \
j .
tn. delay a l'U, .Ir...tater,
t . : '':
t: z . :=l°,
C. SI, surd. F.t.e.l%.:
- - Y . '
u ISOVelibraig, Blench., h. T. .
Now Wm - Super Lime-4851. •
THE new eitner NORTHENER;,Copt, B.
U Sway, Marl ng every tundra atuvrovarnent kr
y and mu.. aplll ker....Ch., pd on Friday, the ls]
of Slay oett, . bey, dm trla-endvreeehly rh, sera yk aeor ,
Friday. at das h'slock.'e, al . loot he Itkut St, Marie.
The resent, MANHATTAN, tlapL ',Sone (74.1.11, Will
have our At.. Mario. Ihr the . l lllerentklemling• on Lake
hater., au the artivel oT,th e idealiser tirtrhernets reeking
• regul.letw
Coalr line , . Ittrlns Ludt the teem, between
Orr . ..lend alai lbe ps, etAl 1 .. Sllner.o
S. &A. TI/ 11 .\ER, , ,Proprieters. 1
TEUENT IN 81NG11.4.31 , ,V. LINA to nig. brother,
;insist. lllNlillatd, the bunnersket PitaburtriFralll here
alter-Be trencern,l under the Graf .f . .lano..Biturhaut a
I et./ I
_____ \ Sa IL Rklatill'4ll.
Binghaios' Transportii'gan ilin4;. \''‘,'
anass7 '-18 I'\.;
riff E CANAL Imng now 4en, 'we ere Tea=
J ..tirwarelt earl wo to red.:ate .d Yorward pratrlY. Truclunr rd
Freight. , elweiu. at lowest rate a gherg,l b y..waysukla
Fault.. and MA....11. 11 be greolved and ihrwarden
ILAI ..1 ',LA \ Wilbtalt RD) .11trim for fetwerniiku gr.'.
BM. f ' lab. .allarrelon. aftl . nrage. \
' BM. of r tatity forwarder] , all dire.' or faithfully
.trended to \ A clrertio e. l i ,, ,ppWa \
\ WM. BIN LIAM a \Op, Canal noun. \
00.41 \ !..Alarq ad Wltur •I. i Pittelkurgh. \
lehreall, Fe rtli'llnlllig . , ' Vrlthla \
, WI EreiVl Lah,rri, agent. I, I's
'' L \ %
XliproNflit • V , i,`,'.l„PT,T ° ,° -
tothl 1 . ~. \ .'__ 1 '
\ Ig * Las York
liiethants^ \ Tyollsporkation 41.ine, 5.,..
( gla PEIVIATLFAISI k eWddra.LS . kqo Liailoens,l
. oLtitz-agas.o:- .
G. A. Meat Uhri O co. .p.i. ~ ., 0 1, r r.o.,„itr.,
011 A II .I', HAS 'oh, nenrralanlt.. :toad etreetr? , l4.ll.
den.b. \ ~
We are prepared rens.. i large Ath
and prod.: , to ehip On the openlakot wee le to Phitir
&apt.. end ell son
pleSewet I s . 4S '‘, s ' l ‘!".,
1 'b 0t1. '..':;.` i 'i6, 1 1.1" , ,.:;,';:;!.;5. 1 'p0'',..7n.,- . - Tr ?
' t•Vo' ' tt " .111 4 121\
State " itetlroada 4 / 1 1 here... any 'Aitcl tar 'ft n n
at ‘,
Johann... 7layrionar.lw rwlmnl, Gus m
"ke. Ik_ale.tatiLTX,r(X).
\llia ,
To Shippers ollierchsLiist, Piot4r k e, c„\ \
IV &IVO .I,llk t tam:gnat; h1114..1,1.12,0(P1LL 1....,,,f011 ,
ATISE , a On, Propretots.7,llo. ; 11 . , k.5, ,'..,. 0 ,
/MLA. a LIGGETT. AM*, Cal.! in, Fittabarrin:\ \
1.5. TAYLOR tlt ON, Astro., henite ms ' ~‘ \ '
N. ere M. en . the apeolltuarf ttke Fenner - Ina. '
C 0....!. lo contract far \ Freight:et ark low tat, wad, girds,
culpher. as much derueteh endlreze 0.... any \Saler Line. \
, \ I. \ • febllttlatt \
--,' —A- --,-- '
~,,,,--= \
• ,
cov,ptg„ & coa. :
• •
Otueetworio An 3.l„cradriAll Cer \ l,ndr.l
~ Canal O, .pt 4. Serra.
Penna. Rail Road -
\tCentral Rail, Road'
vrtiE subscnbers iiiiilg bokLu iippoiii tea
I ghlppiny ettrent6 for th6.-Penntylvarditur Central Ball
f 1.64. unorm tie rahiir Ihat4 alt.
11 nor broporoo to re
rear. 113 WlO.ll. ON:Larch& .4 delpralne I - r rOlprpe t
wol. „ N,
'tinctia v. illi• rOUt:l , ,lliSi b• carrlagnarattakln 6e. aitya
•nd •11 coustoncd ta u66t11 16, 14tratard tree itf ertno6, „
1,41 Or Ch.M., fur .I.lrager... , ~ ,
6ttas ur rsstost, Ityrra66 PlilLittarla ,4111.1 ratinaroon..
tt, Outdo, Hate. dl..
B.i . nt , Stathinarjt,Cutlentof t 6-
tinvary. Frult. i'vaLltri6;\ Furnitnitn. Drum 31 16ine6.
\ 61.60 , 1 '6 , 1 . 16r.
Ilardtrase, QU..P.Mje. Ori,Arks, tilt, Lry r Stulikthlt.
Leather.Cl,ter, Ms, Tlxii,t6„by and Itther.„ , :rats gredt„
11,ra. se -\ s .„.
11-t Port, Butter, Lard. Larkoll. Tobtrrn Iv Co
Talk', °rain and ni.,..,' , k .. - to, i, i. ,
.LeLto Marble trou6lA. Tar. Pit6h. Rnritt'AtettLan C./.
Motor, Baton. kr . . 'l,.. t k, •-.,, 61 6,3 1 100 '..
1 L. ODE ktt.'OLc, A.
1 , 1114..0, J.tit 1X. ' 7411i I 2ri`;:l:,-, 4 w "T".'"'
Freight received for 'all the Way gdationa
on the PenturylvainaTentrni Railii%' mi.
1141ey, l Java J. WAlLtr a .
3110111 i. \ Jan,. North; ' .t . ,
L.wrlrtrwn ' \ Juni. Illilliltelt.
Monet Unica:, \ J. D.Y.ethler.... _ \
.I,lttatin=it \•. :,'.' 1111 1 1 17.1 . ...;. ..
'Fr \', Z . . 31.466. ~‘ . .‘
L:1/1.1a 4 rabur11. '. . .L. Scott V
aostri, L's ~... 1 1. Moderia6U.
_, ~.X'... : .
Colombo., 1 . ‘ Moderarell*KartlD*. '
E u arrtnburit. ', % J. Wallora,,dt .1613. ~ \
. eLtr o ' n, .„ -6=6 4e 3.l6r9tnet Cr t t.
blaterwtown, \ \Jlerver Jonri \ t '.'•
LTrat .. Q. D. nosapooio. ~ • 1, ',.
Mapletn. ' Vt..V.l4=N
01,11 Creek. "el/der 6 Brothers,.
F 0.4011.1. j• Mt o o7lto C. 04,
~n6rner .1" 1 1 :\nn and Warn...ire., .
July 130, 1661. \`. .
Agricultural ImpteMents.
1I lIAVE JUST Okeeired fr/iM the EWA am
following implements, 01 of - Inatinfaetnika
end the meet neon% Invetijoaa. end / Invita ati •
Farmer" to call and exaegioNtny stock. \
Ikiinug Milehlnea, farmr#le.ra. la.: auenl
0 run Drill. r.e.h.s.t. b. ,tt.,
el.: yia. .
Corn Cobernshara.
Corn kiballer. for horse tad hind 9.0.. and Corn Stalk Cutting Doge.a.
Vegetable boot Cotter. \
Ox loge. and Cow Quin \ •
Cast/ilea' groin and Gram brat.* and Rote. \
Casteteal two. threw and EMI . tenon
Alt manufactured from the ',tea rilaterlati, 1/1 bier sale
as the fern: and Peed eitora'
ray= Corner of w0.r...a Stith App..? 7 •_
Beaumont's PatentßtarO4 Polish:\ \
ATENTED, July 2fah . , 1856,-Fer gir,w '
•• •
Pn beautiful (Ross to - Lino:m.l Iftelina.':Canatirs. •
...tains nothing 1.1413,10111. \
11:14,1.4111.1,•t • place the six* a pee t,R . • gwt of \
earth when bollie: iron beioJr. ,
t on 121( cents yet Cake. Pot wholtealla wad mtall by
It. E aELLIIII,B t _ t.
- CAR.D.-I hare removedto`py r newstoie,
doors belOwil . nearly obyeetiti at Beak of
Pi burgh, where .1 will be glad to sew my Wanda and lee'
dem ellitens, and revolve a ahoy of tbelg carton/. 1.111
keep.. ~oy large smarter mkt liphoLetary, Baband Beat
4104,,Carled litdr, , epriag, Ala.:4.4[ton MI Musk Alatros
oire; eaatnar nada, bout., and killowk Blankets, elate,
.ConfltelTain., e.ey Cansiforts; Window Shades, of every wi
thin 000 r and. every ankh, oanally found lathe
moat exteinale vetablialanents of tilvekind. Oblerareasiect.
fully wideited.and mad mean ell Ailed ; \
ant . N/1111.1i. .'bled , anroat.
WOOL—Cash paid for*Too)p ..k s„ ...k.
reveiyed from Now
FLA yE w
-pow COIL
ALlVASl 3. lMi l li t n. a fe " We low.
&IP EGT C have iC6rdplete
anivi oft:mid. Film sad Strt4 rqvatactecior • thb.t
qualltr 'maw: and concave Wading. Re ti g 4 over/ vartatf a victor', according !Atha beat tin pia cf
t e ly o r o t . oLlLLarp ... l ciit4l , : o ragd 1 tag ti
IL W. etem.l4l . Eltirttai ttre7g: r `,
/7/2 •'Arv ,, ; Ilona*
#.llthracitiqoal, \ ,
Qii TONS jtbt receiredAsoperior article
yr r.. r Eaunds7 tr faAilr Eue.'fbA , AA. Ar 4 .
J. 13 M % i „ \ C. —' 4 .ITI A
AICE --10 tea. prime Carol 4 for eale by
11.—EAD-550 pigs Galena; • .
i ' l 1 o
soon ° ": 4ll7%. " 'lit'VZ ' o \ ''.Z.:"eo \ . 7
,x .
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