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litAßA'r . .mon,Ntriof Issl
4,27 . -'Reel ING .4 ATTER:WM-I,BH FOUND
.nrPost seems to he quite ig° out beesuse
• - .we r - will not gise 4 full credit for minceritk,in
recant professions of. friendship for protec
tion.! Weplend in rxteneuition the well-terttcrn
t t.t
r 1544. We would also refer the
rood of •
- taittirn Of that p4er to the refreshing retninis
cruces. of our correspondent "'Retrospect," in
this. paper.
Do• flee readers of that paper suppose that we,
or Way other intelligent man, can • give them
credit for obcurity, after their oft-repated ra
tions onthis subject ? 'The idea is preposterous.
'lV:like :their 'recent arguments Very It
rt: tuse they are lb the main true; but as for their
:oloceritl,, or reliability, that it a very different
tjaelfflon. For cool, impudence their article of
yesterlsy is unsurpassed.
. We have an interesting article this morning
from the Lake. Superior Journal, op the opera
tions Ptifie sereral Popper mines of that region..
Many of them net doing lint the Cliff
Mine, in which, Pittsburgh is deeply interested,
la still ahead.
;She editor otthe.Wheeting Gazette tries to he
bi. witty at oar expense, in relation to our re
marks concerning the Wbeelink Bridge. Will it
AenYtit.7l. - tbe grade of the bridge is 211 feet to
I:: . ths, toile! - Is there tiny thing strange in the fact
tluda tiridge too low for steamboats, tiay bane
grrles too high Per railroads!
• The Cincinnati,, and Zanesville
`Railroad is going ahead. The Chief Engineer •
litteissaed proposals for gi-ading bridging, etc
°tat that . part of the line between Morrow, in
Warren county, and Lancaster, in Fairfield coun
' adistance of eighty-nine miles. At Morrow,
tbe' line connect% with,the Little Rail
:veal. There remains the part between Lanese
ler and Zanesville,' a diitance of about fifty
miles, to he let, when the whole work will be
tinder , 'contract The Southern part of Ohio
bide faired bo as well supplied with Railroads
as the Northern "`- •
Magazine for November contains a
very good article on the subject of cheap pollt
age.. The writer points out several obnoxious
"features in'the present law regulating portages
both an letters and newspapers. Of the latter
ho awn •
t•The present rotes of postage on newspa
. "{ors are so complicated that few postmasters can
tell what they are, and those on transient news
-papers; and printed matter .generally, are so
.enormous as to amount ton prohibition.
,:iieon of this law in rendered indispensaltile."
recommends that lelr postage he reduced
? " - tell,rtiiiforna rate of neo cerlo,-pre.paid. la this
think he is going too fast. ,_ The present rate
of three centsisjow , foi.. a country so extent-ire
as this, and as compared 'with former rates, is
very low. . Doubtless in time, the increase of
population and of correspondence, will justify a
•' still further reduction.
Hem is a euggeitien in welch we heartily ro
• it:wide:: s
. I .
s•OeMinpostage in enormous soil burdensome, i
. ; rapChisily 'upon that chasi of persons which is ;
leant able to bear it. It hits been computed by "
•- those -trite are competent t'judge, that about
• tbries-imartent of the Mali; le tees ore written by
' emigrants, and ore letters of rieridship and 'Lifer.
am -The greater portion of hem are from per
eons in, poor circumstances, a atoms - them with
twiiityyeas or twenty-nine. cm for a single let
.. _ ter is cruel. To send a letter and receive .an
answer will cost iteeriant girl ,alf a week's la
. geS, and a poor man In the co. ntry will base to
• • ' work a:day to earn the value o the postage of a
, . letter:to and learnt& friends I. Europe. Were
- the postage reduced to 'a low rate, ten• letters
•-- ;Would be written where one no is, and the rev
. tine in a -short period would be greater than
under the present high rates. During the last
- twelve tutintbs,thestMocuat` .•elved-forstransat
lantio, pottage, was not less an a million of
Jolla,", and three-fourths of his cum has been
paid by the laboring classes n - letters relating
. •• . to their domestic relations am friend - ship."
• • "Of • e franking privilege, e uses the follows
...1,..x-...drig atrong language:
_,..„7,nte.•franklng privilege should be wholly
'ti''..-o.ssiiitiolisheid., This has been s. much abused that
1••• , ? ~,,,,, 'people have loudly comp lined hf it, and rd
. 'Meet every Postmaster Gene .1 for rho last ten
Tears has recommended its olition. Instead,
however, of diminishing or pealing it, it has
beet increased, en that twos to of metobertisan
now exorcise, t, and the Cu t loads of frdnked
' • . matter sentt from Washingto. chow that it is a
• • deadweight upon the Depot. merit. At the lout
: session ono member bad tyre ty-eight large can
.• • .vise bags of ' franked matt weighing not leas
' :As Ihowandpoitnds I To os nothing of the east
' expense of printing andbindi . g irakllious of &mu
' merits and: speeches which re never read, the
• •.- 'bneden,sthe labor, awl coat t tbo post office are
incalculable. When newsp pees were few it,
' • number,' there might have I en a necessity to
'i-0.i,.,, -.,ssitind -out speeches and doer. ente; but as news-
V -- f-4,l4lXpere are published in all .arts of the Union,
-:::iieveryiraportarit repokt and . ech is published
' ' f " and read long before it can t • printed and seta
from'-Washington. Let the members of Call
, grew be furnished with a efficient number of
'• stamps to cover ibrir postage, nod these he paid
.._ for as the other expenses of Congress. The
• frank was. wholly abolished in Great Ilritain
when the cheap system was adopted, so that
Queen Victoria herself cannot now frank a let
- ter!" - ,
lie suggests that the postage , be paid entirely
by stamps, which woad save an immense amount
of labarlotli to thu general post .office, and
the local offices, as it would do away with the
neeessitOT post bills. lie also recommends the
establishmentaf a mown/ order office. •'This,"
he says, ownuld not only be a great convenience
to the people, especially to the poorer clips, but
it would oleo prove a source of revenue to the
post,office. During the last year there were
gent through the money order other of Great
Drittiin upwards of forty million. of dollars.
When it is reeollected that each order is limited
to tedratylive dollars; the cumber of letters ear
.lrylog these orders must be very large, adding to
the receipts of the posi. office. The some results
would 'follow a similar establishment in the
United Shstes. There being no guaranty for
the safe delivery of money transmitted by the
mails, such letters are now sent by private ea
presses, for, which ehey receive a remunerating
Pisces in Wasrunovon, Ps.— On Friday last,
ltbOut noon, the stabling attached to Fulton's
..ikfineriesnlfotel was burned. By great exertions
She fire was prevented from spreading to the ad
joining property.
ANOTSIER.—Abovit 9 o'clock on the evening of
.the same clay, fire woo communicated to astable
- at the-lower end of the town, which quickly
spread until seven other stables were destroyed.
Attu TES •AorliNn —On Monday look shout
2 o'clock, two more stables, iu the central pert , _
the town. were burned, and the adjoining boil-,
dings saved with great difficulty, These lir I
wort no doubt muted by incendiaries Oreat
excitement prevails in that community.
num wAsmxincia
Norresp.odenee of
The story that lion. Wm. C. Risen, our Min
lotesntParia, has been recalled or has resigned,
i3,ll—Atbriaatioa made oat of whole cloth. There
la not a word of truth in it, nor o particle of
founda,tioulor it.
l 3 non definitely ascertained that the ru
mor, c‘ncerning,the spirited "rebuff" o r " o fficial
gtilipr.' administered to the British Ministry by
by Mr. drittenden, while acting Becrttary of
Atain Was a pure
. invention. There has been
no interterence by the British government
with , bur own, on account of the late Cohan
• affairs. '
• Astuth2r scary which is equally devoid of truth
— . _j, the assertion that *Chevalier Ilulsoman, the
- ..., .- 7diuitter, has informed 'Webster of his in
----- ' - timis to ask for his passport and leave the
case Kossuth be - re4eived hero and
~--.'_ -..... tett, as we would receive and protect any
other Istinguished politic/111;4e, who hut sof
. fered in the cause of repubbeani,m. ,pit,it is !I.
pity that something should not brini to a close
our diplonistle intercourse with the -wretched
'.` *waist:ciliary toot of Russia,the mother of den,
~ ictteta, whom Ilultenaln represents . Although
r'' ' ii was opposed to the clap-trap .resoldtions of
i . .44.tette....tases, having that end in view, two peens
ago, yeti thatthought, and do now, that the
adtolniStiation elenald quietlyllase pat the brand
of reprobation o pus the treacherous oppressors
Of linogary aid' the maurderer of Hungrian pa
triota, .by recalling our charge and declining to
appoint another.
There in a . foolish report that the British sec
retary, ut legation end temporary charge doe of
:Taira, Mr. Craroptou. has notified Mr.'Webster
that s hooltinnother political expedition is sue from
our ports for the Inviasiou of biotin, British
cro6eri will be edatione'd ?hug our coast with .
hie:ructions to detain and isareit all AlllO6Oll
vessels. which they may deem suviciot.. That
is a coinage pot forth to the Mere Iteetontlem. of
impunity. To assert that EtsSatet would
to revive at this day her earbsded and abandon
ed'claint to -he right of cearch i s ridicntons
I t o-morrow, will take place, an election in
Nevi l'!ork, involving important State irises, het 1
of4ery little consequence as regrads national
qaistions. I think I may safely say that nor,
salt, which can possibly take place, will indicate
any thing whatever Of the sentiments of 'the
State upon' slavery, the tariff or any other set,
ject of 'controversy which interocts the nation
at 'large. As between the distinct party organ
izations, I think the honors will he divided: piney
it it likely that of thc ten or a demo candidates
. . . .•__ _._ _
for offices in the State adinintscration, some
Whigs and some Democrats will he elected. I
am reasonably confident that a Whig Legislature
will be chosen, nnr would there be any well
founded • doubt of a compiet; Whig triumph,
hat for the treacherous intrigues and 06,at0119
"isterrucildling of the Castle Garden anion safely
commikee. This in y body of wild tradesmen,
who are afraid of losing their commissions; and
whn, rather than run any risk of keeping their
goods on hand, would sell their principles, their
country, end their goul. , if they have any: of
tricky _diapers who ;seer dreamt of either
union or constitution unconnected with a foe bill:
and of despicable political hangers on upon soy
party or faction which eon give them brood or
pay. Three impudent charlatans hoed every
means within their power to defeat Qv:. John'
non, and OpenlPrrejOieed over the Slleeeeg of tng
antagonip, on the pretext which none knew to i
be false better than themselves, that the former
was an abolitionist. They have mode up a mom
grel ticket of candide4cs from both parties.
heirs are the national, union candidates, os
ensility favorable to the compromise, and pa,—
,rolarlfr the fugitive slave law, at the north, and
the continued agitation of slavery extension
, e :striarr projects, at the Zontla. But . r ..
r , in ; ujon terns out that their Whigs
Yvovml anti
ne instances promioe7 4 p al
yr Seward Whics,and their 6a7` .,1-5t4, "
ging Free Soil. and even Abolition Ltartiburne:" .
Tilt they exhibit a well defined and eager
purpose in all their operations tc weaken and
prostrate the Whig party in the Stale. The oh•
t mate design,- beyond question, w in break
Ire both parties, and to form on their rains a
or sagehrs on the Castle Gorden plan, As
they hove (demi' Free Soil Whigs and Demo
crats to °permit with, it may be expected toot
they will be in me degree stircessful is this
eloctirin, as the voters out of the city cannot
well rennidiate, at this time. thoss candidates
who accept a Castle Gorden nomination It they
had in good faith taken out) , hunker s
to form their ticket, then the people of the inte
r would hare scratched off these noises and
insetted those of liberal and true men: and next
year the will be done, if this insolent .theme i it
city dictation coadinne.s. Should retry one of
their candidates he elected to morrow. not the
slightest apprehension need I.S felt that their iti•
Silence will he felt itgaia. Measures will
to convince them their bread and bettor are
core imperiled by their interference in politico
ban in letting ,things take their own rontwe,
ind their putriottam h.,. only upon bread and
n concluaion, my opinion is that a Whie Leg
into will be chosen. to rramist, 1 will nor say
Union loving men: for, .Ihtuninnisto, if they
lot, are not tent to the Legitlature, in the
north,but of wand conaerratortl of i•pre , n.,l liber
ty. public improvement,. ood !Mate tatil, and
better friend, to the Union than most bellow
ing advocates of Onion will prove to he when the
day of trial to the Union come. if ever it tthail.
Fin- (.44 , Gavti
Mn. EIJITOR.;--I do not intend to stultify my
self, or insult the Intelligence of your reader
hr entering, at this day, into an argument to
prove the benefits of a Protective Tariff to the
manufacturing interest,, and through them to
the large. But rending the exults
tions of the Democratic press at the result of
the recent election, I was forcibly struck with
the facility with which the Democratic party 51
this emte can be made to dump its poaitiqn on
:ley question at the beck of its leader,
flaw that shish see day thee do etch s.
To prove this let us take op the • Moraine
Po•t,' the organ of the Democratic party in
this roomy, and see what we can find in its col
umns, for a few years bark, on the sobjeet of
tank—yea. aprotects, tariff. In 1442. with a
p aig national administration of the government,
a tariff bill affordiag ample protection to all
branches of industry was enacted Darine its
exiitence the country CojoYed unexampled pros
perity: labor found constant employment nt re-
munerative prices. and the farmer a ready and
profitable market for are fraicts of his fiehla-
Sochlwas the cm:am-table state cf things, that
the Democrats of this State, in the Presidential
canvass of 1844, claimed to he ,the penliar
friends of the tariff of '42 '• Polk, ItalLs, and
the Tariff of '4^_•' was their bottle cry, nod.
this groom], they succeeded in giving the electo
ral vote 01 . the State to Mr. Polk,. one of the
first measures of whose administer. [ton was an
effort, unfortunately a successful one. to modify
or repeal this very tariff, urged in an elabo
rate report of his' Secretary of the 'treasury,
Mr. IVrtlker. So sudden an isdicatic mofa so
widtly different policy, in the face of o till echo
ing professions to the contrary, was Inc much,
at (irk, even for Pennsylvania Dernom mts, and
serious apprehensions were entertain rd, then
and after the paseago of the act of IFi 4t, that
they would kick out of the traces, v will be
noon by the following extracts from the Post of
September '2l, IMO.
—lt were useless to disguise the fact thud much
feeling exists in the Democratic ranks of Penn
sylvania in regard to the lots tariff act (1846).
The vital 'interests arid leading occupations of
her citizens have not received that care and con
sideration,in that hill,to which their importance
entitled them' But shall we, then, throw our
selves into the hands of our enemies,. corn-oder
imig not only this, tprotection) hat every other
(measure for which we are contendin r , into ho
rtile hands" Every feeling of the t run Demo
crat revolts at such 'Mealier! PelitlA Xlvanin will
come before Congress, asking a modi-ficovion of
itpe preeieut tariff (1846), in the ipipo emit arti-
Sof coat and iron. She asks that; Ite , e hard
, 'earned products of her mountains shall
placed further above competition wit It similar
.foreign 'products than they now are. Where
shall she look for this act of aimphe justice '
She will rely with confidence nu thellentocrat , e
party. She will remember diet in 1812,
the Democrats saved the tariff trom the furious
wisaults of Adams. Hotta, Archer land others.
The Democrats of Penney beanie have, wit h
flinching consistency, !ordained the tariff i.olicy.
(boy have been eminently true and faithful to it;
they stood ny it in 184'j, they stood by it in 18.12,
and they will stand by the true policy now, un
til they obtain the modification they requite.
To prove thin un'ilinching devotion to the doc
trine of protection claimed fur the DernOCCOm ,
the Post republished rut address del jeered by
Col. McCandless before the Board of Trade, it,
1843, in which ho says. Let 118 adhere to the
tariff with the same zeal and con uneucy
as the ancient Hebrews did to the Ark Of the
Covenant, and . carry it round the Jericho of
Southern prejudices and misguided opposi
tion until the walls fall down." He confines:
—•' A relaxation of this admirable system
(protection to manufactures) has flooded our
country with fabrics of foreign climes, stopped
our engines, closed our workshops, beggared
oat population, and drained the United States
Of the precious Metals. This moat be the case
if we adopt the principle of imposts for revenue
only and norfreprofection. So far from affecting
itipitrfouslY t e agricultural interests, a high ta
riff W0111(1'104 11. new impulse. to that ancient
and honorable calling."
leithe celebrated Clarion letter, pßblishell and
landed Ist the Post, the Colonel also says : "Yon properly appreciated the importance of the I that gentleman is at the present time absent on
proitertire procipir to the success of the manufao. 1 the inquiry. The disco very which has called
ttiring and agricultural interests of Penneyl- forth thee "'Mk' to one whic h h.' been made
by Mr. Joshua Holden, of Sonora. The follow
, ing is the communication,we have received on
Here also in the Post of the 28th of July, t h e subject. It is authentic, and nisi, we be
;-:11341., we have the proceedings of a Democratic i liove, be relied upon:
tariff meeting, held in the Marliet square, on "Sosoun, September 2i, 1951.
the 29th of the same month, at 'which lion. Itits ' "Mr Heiden het discovered n very extensive
IVlLwies presided, and Judge libeler, and other adrrr 1 . 7 w e e c h o p e rr n , t r p ' f ,fi r rk;:z 7 r,r .i p.zo t i,
prominent men of the potty ma i l" 4 ddre B " . " essociatit metals. It the noise t ' rovesso
Amongst the resolutions we find the follow- . rich as stir prospect, it will La worth all the goad
mine+ in the southern district.
'Ti• morrow Mr. IL and p.trty will start out
for the purpose of comment:mg regular mining
I hose 50. u piece .if the on., ...hien
it,. cies rer'ile-t I ever saw.
Resolved—That during the last years of rho i
icomprothise tariff, the business of this whole
onetitry was in a state of unparalleled de re,
siau; L.tair fiord no adequate reward, capital
no iqqi.irtiiiiity or profitable inve-umeut, and the
en!•y was ilernoziid ton degree berm, oil.
• a
n w a our litstiit) since the
policy of the comp...llse law was
repudiated, this unfortimatecomlstion of affairs
has beg reversed; during the lasi tour years
labor has bad ample employment. and sure
nod liberal entupensation; capital has been
freely. usefully and profitably invested, and the
- currency has assumed a healthful and sound
entidiiion. At thin moment, a prosperity an
inoversal me former depression pervades the
whole extent of oar e.ountry''
••Resolved further. That n IWirpretertire tariff,
hr -the enrouragetneut it gi.t, to capitalists to
enamel: in manufacturing enterprise,, flforelt to
mqn the' highen reward for lit, Int , r,ond
ar: 0,7,41 ortll nithirt: An
Ammer:ea Litel Doecnerst4 we alpiwx to l a:nefrtive
tarlif for the ern Gen of the free nod independent
ritmetet of .Uneven, against the starving wages,
1.30 by the eapitalists of England. - •
No, Mr. h.litor7 after all these effort, to
prove dint the Democracy of Pennsylvania ware
in f r of . o prob:bee WA/. we find the - Poet
and Ito party whipped Into the support of free
trade .iActrines 1 bare. however, already oc
copie.l too' much ,pace, and will now only point
to some of the remark, in the Prot, since the re
sult of the Into election nos known. to ,how
flint it has nloindoned its whilom tavorite doe
' !Tit, of protection
• SC , T, .1011!;•TON. AND TIM TAIIITI or 11 4 42
—Theaci were the watchwords of the Federal
party in this county before the election. Every
street corner, bar-room, mill-door. and black
smith ' , hop woe pl .•tered over with huge hand
bilb+, on which the above names were printed in
chi ring ; capitate I tur opponents pre ;ieuted the
liable, wet the Democrats met them in a fair tight
-The Tariff of 42. with all its gilded charms.
caulk the fanatic Johnston from defeat.
Whic4 who are cppomett to humlingging the peo
ple wilit the Twill hobby it every election. re
lo;er pt the reimilt. - r rejoice because the
Whig party with iv: peculiar doctrine by been
, defeated . of the, Jactriuea the most radical it
I the If.tricTi,, MI commerce. mitt - tamed tirottic.
tine t Amerman in.lovtry Vine. Johnvion has
made n pamecnte tarty the burtheo of every ad
;dr, te the pe •tile. en far a- wr ran learn. from
tha tproing of ihe context to the close, and et
c apatiget. who has al% hi- election, ha.
In the tame :drain The (democratic
p ar ty. tram 1:11: liielcr down to the utipre
temhog ”periker,littve roc!,iiniv -1 the heterodoxy
of amerelfprotective tartil This lame then
made hy the Whigs ou 211 or
ravianai has by the
reside beendlecidrd ottaniat tvia:2 Whilid Fine
Joloartmn the it; . wars a ,: ...1
Ow-ad-L, iiocreme of F .-4,cm, Col 'Wittier did
I out in any manlier, MI preference fel
; the Neill et' IS4tluver airs , that prear4o , l it
Now. rir, 'look pri th , octrire,theti en (hi,.
Sec whirr n , itterence in If o(
the:Vert. in rtglri to the cite-trine .rfprolfTllon.
410 I , "ik winirnr , tratlen.
which it belt‘e4 to Irring tr. pGFu, quack it ,
r,te. so it pre...Lard. the it--tectrte tnrat
'4:2 Pro, Warp rne,ttnprchetrtible rill, ere toe
iuY P. dry with lite rejoicing at the r,nll
01 the rerent woo pruned. we eve inn
i.f. the euppo,.. It.; hi
psxty roty ontoinder existing eirettmvtanze ,
abi• ,d try rhe State Si the Pre,hlenti , l con
text.) about r • la-come s -uophcnnt for the very
pritir.pie over the ...lefe4t 01 which he haii
be. ..suiting. True, he nay!, we li.COS7; rittl:l
tt no right, nor get hoe Congreo• nny right t.•
yit; mill, t..ottusittll i for the . re•
•Ineetottle nod worthy nynnrsty. t Ma' really for
ten: of thy c•in,tvomord , r 4 .pyriy
might properly do that which he 'where. to he
wrong, nod which he ho. labored In prove Cal,
Kr. , tin' no right to In • What an n ontahle
ohMt the Pont tons proved ltiltelt to 10. no bun
quentiott of protection. nott'whnt or:famous flog
hetry in t in et.ittar : RRnooctet
The following pummwry of events for the fort
night rme re.fing , from li,. Sanyrittunwro Poia
til , ',l• l of Otther
the sailing of the Ma; mail 'learner, the
email e f the recent State Congressional election
ht. been an far ascertained a 'to snore the
etti,tim of the entire Democratic State ticket,
and the two Itemogratie <odulates for Coupe.,
The Itenmerata claim no o n vernge majority ex--
reeling One thousand, hut we do nnt thsok it
will reach that tignre The Legislature forge
ly Democratic.
From all parts of the State we have the moat
encouraging. intelligroce of the 'mere, of tile
miners, and we hazard nothing M that
the present y,eld of the Mines exceed. , that of
any former period. The ocanon so far has been
very (ovorable to the success of the, rarnitm item I
inn companies throughout the State, and the re•
suit hoe loon, lark., yields In that department iif •
mining, The prospects for the approaching
rainy reason are still more-xneouraginir lour
ing the dry amts.., great numbed - .of mitten, who
have not been operating along the beds of ereeka
and river., hate been engaged in raising dirt in
the •Iry digging. to wash when the rain. afford
them the requisite supply of water a
stently business is now being prosecuted by the
, various quartz eMnpaniet., itneticuinfly in the rt.'
einiq,f • Nevado city and along the tributaries
of the San Joaquin These companies will I.e
able to proseeute their labors as well in the rainy
am in the dry seaman It may he well to remark
that the quart: business appear. to lie that
wh#, to aconsidernhle extent, Di attracting
the attention of capatoilists a. a seuTre of invest
mend. The extentive ontlay for costly mach.,
ery,in order to penstente this branch of mining
r ucceasfillly, necessarily limit. it to those w ho,
• have accumulated the reqoisite capital by nthrr
and cheaper moil, of mining, and tv those other
capitalists who are ready to make-envy love.
me a.
Is a ppear- to h. a matter of debate among
;mitten es to the comparative richness of lb,
northern and southern quartz vein The cam
panic, however, established in either unction,
upon an ectinomical basis are doing so far an we
can ascertain, at Well OS the mcsdsanguine could
desire. Malay fail of entrees from the ward of
I a prim ical acquaintance with thin mode of min
ing. From what we hear, we are led to expect
foe the approaching limiter a very large increase
upon the yield of the last.
'The common round of California incidents will
! be found in other columns. Robberies are go.
ing on as
usual throughout the mining ilistrietn,
dint then there appears to be no more of such
I outrages than heretofore_
Duelling hoe herrine ridiculously fashionable,
and men pout and shoot at each other with as
:moth coolness is admissible under the eirctini.
o t an nos., We have hail five or six cases in San
,s ean ciam,. within the month. but na yet no one
seriously injured.
The yield in the northern miner is fully pro
portionate to that in the southern, and it in
, not
estravntsant to n aythat gold mining i lea ear
tee , t h an eamm e.need in California. From the
first of limitary, Ififil• to the corresponding Jule
not yo ,„ t h e p en di t e, of the mines will not be
leas than seventy millinhe of dnllarn, ond it too;
reach to eighty millions :leery month our nii
net. learn s omething, and, euich ogees. of expe•
nence nibla to the flood of gold that flows bruin
nur port to the , atlantic Suites If we could Ina
arrest this timid and torn it to the ranching of
oar own tend, the people of California would not
labor no they now do solely for the benefit of
om rhr AI la r,r/ifortna, (Mob, 1.
There seems to be but little doubt es to thee,'
istence of valuable silver mines in California
We have from time to time heard of discoveies
in various parts of the southern country: put the
f o llowing accounts, which we take front a come.
what lengthy article in the Stockton Ripe him",
is sufficient to settle the question: Early in the
present yearthe exploring expedition left Stock
ton, and, we believe, resulted in nothing magi
although IL W. Wallis, egg.. of this city,
showed us specimens from the region of the
Pour Creeks, where deposits were found in in-.
calculable amounts. indeed, this is the form in
which„ -it appears to us, silver is must frequent
t'y found fn California. It is a kind of black cal
P finret of silver, blackish, brittle, cellular, af
fm ding globules of silver at the blowpipe. The
Spa Miarda call it negrillo; and it is found in large
toss, t o in Pero Find Mexico. The specimens
we n o ,7ve seen hays been of different degrees of
rishriats, the amount of silver varying from 10
-to fifty in .100, in various specimens. The speci
men, t,-might down by Mr. Wallis were analyzed
by ? d a tum t Co., with the following result
Silver, (in a ton weight of the ore) $2OO 40
Gold, 27 00
/WWI, " • 1,59 p lbs.
Some four weeks ago Mr, C. D. Gibbps, who
Itasheen purveying halhe neighborhood of Mount .
Distrito, informs us that he had disoverad bra-
I cee of saver in- that neighborhood, though in
what forsawe could ascertain. We believe,t.hat
0.: Cr nil, ANL , LU,• or Lirr.
A enrrevotplent ni , the New AfNek
giro', ate foltitgring rtecount of n moot diitostrotv ,
riot at Chogreo The letter i. tinned Chogro,
On our arrival at Panama, in the Oregon on
the 18th of October, we learned that a few days
before a .lifliculty hod occurred at ellagree.ho
twten the native and foreign boatmen, imogt
whom were Americans,) in which several hire
wounded on both sides. This had arisen oat of' '
an arrogant attempt on the pert of the foreigo
boatmen to prevent the natives 'rem carrying pas
sengers to and from the steamers iu the harbor,
because they sometimes transported them at
less price than the tariff fixed by the foreign''
All appeared to Le quiet again, however, on
our arrival at Chagresou the evening of the 21st,
and as the American side of the river IV mitt
ly crowded with passengers, our party, consist
ing op h some fourteen or fifteen gentlemen, and
ladies. took lodgings on the other side, at allow'
kept by a native of the country, while waiting
for the mails and treasure to arrive for the Cher
okee The nest day. Ft little after twelve o'clock,
a native boatman w attached and severely
beaten by come or th e
others on the American
side, and ireniedietely an learning it, the great
en excitement prevailed on oar aide of the river
The whole population of native, Carthaßeniana
and Jamaica nerroev, turned out, armed with
vaerte, -vet lintel every deveription, of
Iv-Popov, and crovnot thr river in a body Most
of the roman boatmen tied to the woods hut
-corral :411114 were fired by the amendlants, mud.
as nearly we could lease, three of the foreigner•
wore wounded
No violence wa. fifforiol to T....ensue-, the no.
tires ;nod nrg-rnee constantly declaring that their
quarrel arse only with the Loom., real il i •t
they wchlil do no harm to the Californians,
through whom they earned their hvelilion.l --
Shots were tired. however..rt the office all lb. ,
Connul, , All Glen-ym, ogaitict whom the) were
greatly exharernted, on he i- the owner et areenil
!writs htwac:f. and it ifias understood ilia , he tool'
port with and ruatained the foreign bort:urn in
their unjust tis,urnptiau , h, reefitance bring
offered them. they icerioieo.l the river . rind al
ter wveral apeetdoes worn :node in Spolifili and
p o, the general tenor of which W. It, re
CAW!) , Itai good order and rare not In eOilf.fiih.l
Ibd ptc-engers with the boatmen. all nzata la.
tau , poet on tie, pole Outing the night.
however. it teeing that a meeting nuns held by
the boatmen on the American sole, at which o
number el posrenger , were pre,yitt, and it w ,.
eeolyrd chat it nhy unit or IrnAtl Cro,•••I 11,
rice; ,r; the morning to intern' peeschger , ti. the
Cherykec .ilientoilshrol treleine hartug arcked)
t h e y ,linald he fired in, Thie tit/called tor ~ ,n1
ettirindent interference by passenger. in a .;otir•
ref which they had no beaus - •a to iiitetlntol.fle
with. n,sti.t the 'val . , Wtli:11 thus far tinal,lll.l
- 1..1 , he right rii :twit sole rod in oppoeition
really 1.. their own interest., way thin sutoied, t ocrt
•e of Ow low , of in ...y ilvi.e. and of convert
nh. r,,t,i feeling entertaiced by the hativec :
inwFa..!,hr Californian , inio I .10,..113 nnini,,,ity I
.r,in., di lnicticchs no trotter whoa :
The 1.1,1 tuoroint all Wa. pri:eztl; ,, ir , ...
the 44,
r44-1..01.., rod It obit, eight ; o'clock ;
lor t rc tirodjar :.' notiec
...le had icro,a3 ithle-1
ritir. inivitttitiolott. , 4 sny Jentter. to , 41H off I
pk-,..t.i,e1, in the stelnlor •
.1, , ,ti.", ,, 1 :1.14..1 . 1 1% , ,d with leaven:re end their lo. r epgr.
when rnildenly repo - 111.s of the safety ..1 ; 0a...t. :
...I. a murderou. tire was opened tiro,. them. :
w i th gni, and revolver., by the Ainericauiti-At.
into. n.vetie.l hv mane t,7 ' l ip CAlti.‘rnitittt he
r:re .•rh• , ,TIP I and. in a lew tionnti ...,..e.: —• .-I;
boa,, c.l tin,- nor -splints, wore', se.,
.In i
drifting out te sea Row mane peer ti 11 6 ,1 Cr !
.Iwne.i toitt it vt iiittiotoCtl , le t? nay. TIT,- of i
thin rativel who escaped the fire. which was enn- i
tonne , ' eo lone Ai a hart belonging . theta was i
within rocieb, paddled back to their own vole.
the ere, where tli • moot trorfir •xcitenient avow I
yr.:ailed. It woe known that others ‘4.4 4' 4, 44.
oratmen had paritnipated In the ottuir juai made, j
and a irboatt Ceclitig of hostility against lll th.,
1 ,
countrymen yr.. nor: tittpir: l l l ll4 sod. , pie-'
drools were again throne - ea - titan, in 1
redonbled runibera. and deadtier ; 'ins 4:+n, I
cane woe shonlod from every ;power Ai eeri
terve' firiag up,. the Alter silo wan Con , nknr , l!
olotitt the hetet, atol the most turn,. crie• of
rengraticr filled the air The ;loot , r.n.l +hatters ;
. o f our horni Iv., ..1 , 3•••1 nod rewient-1. Enir irn
media. party litieg ail fortonately within ,
title time, and all retired to ii largo room iandhe
ak;ond floor, which, hoeing wind ow. opening on 1
a etreet both in fr., on I rear. and hi, rivingle
naow stairway, was j.lgrol moat defensible
The rr wintiowe were liitmeatle - i with our trunk.
An I, 'ma., al the whole party iliere .
only five id- sin pistols, and no other an,...
the lee. of the cot bedeteado, and ouch other or
tielee a.. would shere for clot., ware nit”tery I
tot , cornice forth it purpoi. tlcantline.l:roucti
the Venitinti !find' which i: our wiiptow.. I
we could Ace the hint. lorded with p,oiong.r4
ha-stening oft to the ...gulf, iron, thr 010 , .1 le
end hear the n.nsitli4ls.llll r.f the crow.(. oho
tiled the •,rrnts on ~ h site of a,
. .
P/a•mtly the, 7/4i -, err n; • A, ele•,fie
and hundreds of them burned up tne hil"-. to the
old fort Powder was precnred, and some ono
of the smaller of the old muss thorn was mount
ed on the wall in a manner to hone Up. , n the
American town, nod tiring was commenced, ap
pareotly with round shot .tin. boor er eo later.
another gee opened also, from the fort. and not
long after, another . still won dragged down to
the rsihar../idero. and commenced tiring' a< 'us,
the ricer thir tantllard, a fine young follow,
who nppeare.l to tot mile') reverted in the town,
and who. esidentlr for the sake of preserving
his influence with his - countrymen. !tad armed
himself, and "rue nut with them. lodked in upon
on. from time in time. end entreated lls lo av,iid
attracting - observation mare than rould 'roc Tidy
be tel as, he said. it repiirril all, and per
haps more than all. the intliititnro h. , ,•ould elem.
to prevent them from attacking hinhouse Thts
we hno• to i.e a fact. from the repeate4 propo•
ninon, we heard. from the ,treew to enrartienre
nu annanlt upon II!. and the probability ; of curb
an an:current , grew stronger anti villager as
day grew alder, from the fact that to the feeling
of vcogenier , which seemed -to animate nearly
all, was toils added the excitement of ihtoziea
riot About this time, we paw two Americans.
whom we 0011111 refognite as passengers/with us
on board the Oregon, surrounded by . Crowd of
native., who were mining at them with neliren
in the mast savage manner, while two or three.
among wham was the brother of our landlord.,
weer apparently endeavoring to shiel I them
They were finally thrust into a boom. no d the
door cloned. One of theta we afterwards sow at
the office of the British Mail Conipany'S Agent.
dreadfully cut to pieces, but still living. The
nth, nothing nimbi be bean! of at thekitue we
get away. and from the nature of Ih.. , wounds
be must have rereived, there can be little bolt
of his death. .
Shortly after thin, it great crowd gathered
around ii'llounc a few rods above that in which
Wr were Awl pp. and from the Floods. we could
learn that they were in pursuit of an American,
who wan neon to he there A few tooth of
leeward. they appnerril, with rouge yells. drag
ging the body of a white man by the It.rols, with
It dreadful wand in his side, from which lox
bowels were protruding, and this body was 'if-
Zerwarils seen tied to the how of a boat. and
hanging in the water. at the nttlturt,i,, , ' At
o bi s l on e, with these Fergiee hetore our eyes the
'inns/taw cry of ••rou
h rrto a I. Af11e..11,,,” in
nor earl, with fromrotten In our company, with
out taint , Of any eonnequerice, anti °Veil bad we
possessed' them. powerless against ouch number ,
'Should they on,e commence an rittnek upon nue
house, our situation was, to say the leant, a
t wonknotoonant one.
Than far owe landlord, aided by a few of those
in t,a appeared dispo..d to discriminate between
h , o ,,, ii i a s and Iletilrelle, had nuceeaded in prevent
;„, ii . i .l, on attack: but the increasing excite
„,,,,. „ 1 the cantle, owing to the occat.inuel
shooting ~,, „„,„ o f f: . :411 number by Mlle shuts
from the other side, and .'be Knwing . tet".-ic .- ,
ti wof most of th-tn, rendered it certain tit”:
this restraint c)duld not much ion:et he axe,'!
°bled. Bortunately, about thin time,. oast with,
are English flag was seen coming up the river,.
which was known to belong to the English steam - !
er, anti soon landed at the nat.rced , o, I
on our side of the river. A brief note, Aencrl• I
, Bing our situation, 'was written by one of our
°amber to the officer conimnndiug the beat. re-'
i questing him to aid us if he could, of, at leant,
to get the ladies off to his ship, if pomade, and I
Wan despatched by our young host. goon after.
Captain tlymombi, the commander of the Aled
way, aocompanird by another officer in uniform,
and a few of the Jamaica aegroen whom he had'
apparently enlisted on his side, appeared at the
house. are, hurriedly as possible, tgok all the
ladies away under his charge, and Ave bad the
pleasure, in a 'short time altor, of 'seeing the
boat in which tliey were, pulling outlet the riv
er,, unharmed. i i
i t
Captain pyre ads said that theft; Would noon
be two more be ta from hie ehip, 'gni of which,
as we learned erwards, wall iniWiltd to take
off the trearatre intended for the Oberohec, and
that, if it were possible, be would Thin carry off
the remainder. of our party. flomeltwo hours
afterwards, the boats strived, and, taking illiVell-I g a A SSIME RE .4. CAASSI SET-150 pr.s , f,or ,
tags of r. panic which had driven most of the 1 1 - .3.t. hr C s nittertr.sor.
of the town, ca
people from that partt ii llAWLS' .l — omit, at
used by I
the intelligence that a cannon procured from i . A A Ai i ..,, A ,,. ~ ,;.,..../ tt... etAi.l.ane stA,..
the Cherokee, had been planted on the other i 'l "'illlse! so.!•te o!!!! , ! - • ''':'
polo of the river, we sailed forth with Captain I lef LANRETSI—NoIc on 'hand seer terdt`pi,
Symonds, and with all our baggage, were scum 11, 1 5e....0c.i. •., -. ... i V T ... L. .., I I.:1 11, igt•.l
on hisbont.l I ....,%.M.1"..‘,rt1t7::U''...'i,;!,1,.:,7,4'a,'.:11r.=:":- 's• 1
Mr. J. C. Hackett, of Ilerfurd &Co's. Express, ' •• A 51A" , 15 1 I, .
who wits of our party, got all his prkages safely ' """
!.......nli. .i.eket nt 1
seerem on the beach amenß the lam., to , , r,,FE 1 , !.., , :
,-,- : -,.3.,,,,, , , , ,, , . , ,,..1 . , ; !,
~,, , ,,,,i,.,,, .cas t :.-
see the luggage all on scant the boat. It was „,::"' ''' ' !', ' it ~ ..'t1n111.,..a •
bens a° " a "° young r°'" before . °k°° °l '" ( I ENT'sliftEA S9' PINS! -.1 hi, ...leo.
.I badly wounded, and the writer takes pleasure . 1 ~„ „ t ,,,.„„,„,,, ~,„,,,, ~i „ ,.. ii ,,,,,,,,, ~,,,‘„
in recording an Oct of generous liberahly on
t Ow ! A. u•,.- ..,...111ne at II 1•It'llA111,•N `
part of his fellow townsman, Capt.. l' 11 Ala • .
rondray, of the house of Maeundray .t. co , SA Tillinghurst's Premium Churn.
Francisco_ who left with the llntich Moll "...1111 a , r I.:\ TED, dune VI, 1.4' , tireat Eeen
rue itgent. Mr. Cowan, a draft for lire tioteir , ,i . U .... o rue. 'nu Lot. • 1 - 1. ~..1..t... e. t A r . m ,,
.1 liar- tor the n.aistn nee of rhos 1.1...11.1...1 no,a, I, , ...., ~ .r 'al..: 11. ir , A ..h. •4.r ~ r...,
I•n.1 ci,li otto!ra as sight a tterwall . I,: ! ~,, I
~,, ! , ;-•!tt ,l!;!:::: „ , 1 , , : :,!•11:.. , ;7! , • - t t:aut...!..
who nee•led aid Tbi. 111Ao,loat.tip..or. net om an , , k ,...,, ,„, ~ ~,,,,, ~..,1, v . ; .l' ,: : : ; ',1,.. iZ;. ' t
in knit'''. known only to one ...I- two at too- time, is; °!' ~n,!. ' ''... 11.•"".'',;•, , ,\,r,:zi ~,.,,,,,..,„
only another proof Of now welt l'apl Alocondray '
has deemed the univbrral ettteein in which he is
held in the oity of - his present residence
Here we found the treasure on beard the En
glish launch, mud it is proper to state that )jr
Clifton, the mate, and Mr Boyce, the purser of
the Cherokee, who had gone over the river after
it in the morning, just before the firing coin•
meseed on the Atnerielit side, hod, by dint of
great exertions, aided by the conductor of the
train, Mr. Follett, succeeded in getting it rill,
(shoot $2,600,000) out of the launches in which
it came down the river, into the English specie
vault; in which they, with the boats crew under
their charge, were compelled to look themselves
up for safety during the heat of the excite
ment. They state that from the loop holes in
tho vault they raw six or seven of the 11/11.I•eS
shot nt the cannon, by ritles.from the American
flow ninny were killed in all it is difficult to
say—probably shout twelve nr fifteen nnti torn, es.
elneive of those drowned, if any were. and two
Americans that we know of, and flye or ail
dawns that we heard of on the :Spanish nide. Of
the number killed or hurt on the American aide
by the cannou the writer has no means of judg
ing. Probably not merit damage .was done, ne
tlei town appeared to he deserted when the fire
nrainl (rem the fort. We pulled off on hoard
the English atiorner, the natives hummer i•o .
the English flog an we' ;omen! the fort, it brine
underotood that we wore peewee°ra a or Engine.]
thence we went on board the Chendrio., when•
ten errived about five P
now n foe wurd• Is• in the couduct ofl
than' who Gilioni and nciodon•
° , l the loon of to many live- It i• perfectly ear.
tein that no .\ 1114.6,. 1 ,,,, n g0r wou ld
been blamed., plao..lfitly properly by the
had it wit been • for the p and 1
reprehensible miptier in which some of them
joined in the nutragwous attack 4,1 that morning
It w aso quarrel el which they had no Idennes
,-, participafe, one in whichithow with whom
they took part were abominnnly in the wrong.
in I even lint they us regard for rich', n, wren!,
then even len, Rennie them who knew there
re. Anserirons on the other •i•lw:whose liv
mild. he the forint, t oo. indeed, oorne them
nrdtr r taste heir 'hosting .Infeende— tn
thi if naught CI., ationldlinve rertrained the ee m
fat if their enwlert wa• reprehca•ible, how
touch to I.a. enieleinned Oro the I' yonl
at Chows, who, ao for from doled , aucht to pie
nod the outrage perporeted that morning. Cr....,.
rein, in have given it In. entilitreolire Wet •ny•
lir tech oldrolly knee It the iiiret.e bent
the night before. 95 it woo ribrileir 1,1,1%, en Clint
F•mrr Th , 1
Ity in , 1.11,1 v....0i1,
of 14 ntitit , r, I ~ T tg I
I •talegl wr;
I tn.: re.lnt..l }on t. put Gish in what the
4.10 1 1 1. 1 11.1ttntiveruptur.
'.•f the uonnesktaon. wtth \I Ittllault for tho form
.ntl VII -...nred on the n.
01, he went lc, tint 1 in Ann
.E • fr..h e.mtereo.. w;th
th , re. nit .Ithn. t. .011'11 4.
I'. '1,•1 10 the n 1 \I 11110.4 s.c.t.t.iin •
ni the tat..inn pr.pmted t, hint. ntnl in Lrtn4-
:h• 111r11111.1111L1 !utter
The ni‘e. the 1 . .. i I•• 1.
Fir 1.0.1 p hrl .- 11,ilmu I . .rre•lgil ,
I;etterwl 14,11 - jolly %%tar l'eangt.r, lutes
Food 011 "
It r.`,41 Ito tie tem.! ,het the iwW -
•t• CT hay , eeitnily the ea.:11i...51 comure
-etiti te ',newer nelther he, it:11
eit til• post aii ' Pri i.•
.1 I I - he letertniiiiiitio 1,13 i•
- with p-eiat appreLiew•iiin
111 Viehritithatthe inorther
ti. imeenti Laktige
•ei whe . eniatii - in on the F,cneh ',utter Wit
than e ror those eniirte iv. well n• Cr,
P.q.e Lou
iltteria•ng a French gnrron, cri4 the i • if
c tnl ete rhiange ot p•iliey
The rvtiiru t•i uniser , ti int&
*C I / I .` , I In fart, the urijiir,t)
hy whit the reietrirtique were
m a , wee now thorotichtly eetitini
i••• If they 'oppn.,l. VI, hoot the
•iti,ir vete. Le , Prii•e•lent . o. n , •• r • ei
n4cl. [night iii•ier I i•
wen betsinieu me pow reti,•l I • ..1
ant-tient .Nest in encoring it• rein
g.-/Y - Ny xsair had Ow Rh.atroat..ta I
•I 0% , , rtrmn .h.• :1,-1 II
(r-nn it. 4
nvid.r 'on,. 31,1...11,119 in lior 641111.
t, ertvq. HO'
110/tI.. eNb IAINITI EI 1 IDE 1.1. I DEA NI
• -
11811: F.V T 11 TAI NMEN T,
nem, r..l.wtvl
•.1 !•-•,..14,1 pul ar
..tao..•. A .Ik, tt
,„, 1104.•11-.1. I
N ha
-r'.l ,7•lt
Fresh Teas.
AIESTS O}' 5()0 ( 4 , A !VI)
. L tuet ter .) ut rF.Ai.N NrrPti •, few. wer.....1..c.e.1 ; i.
L e tram ;lie late .arK ...le- %At L ~Al
ull thu Itgereut market...Ad 0.1
,A)1.1 wholersh 1.14 retKII ,ur)4 lb puetage. I.) I.
elle), Krt.))l are AltAr.l ) .
Asa drer,. qualttme•
II 'AI — . Kt 0•I lA% I,IFFF
) be,. )ts PEAI . III,I
n); ill e 1./ • 1.1111 A
an l .i
l ' e..—Kukeigell • • 11)))1.11n, )I,•ni tl.e ),,1
Pittsburgh and Coal Hill Turnpike Co:
Eleetiliti mill b. , bold im the
11 1 , ioNt.
II 1. t.,,..., , , it, ..t•i• F. 1
i T tia: .Annual M-etina .•1 tlw Allvglwny
,1. -
l. :'..:.•1'r.';',',.'71';',',.';.7;`,','.`,.',`,71.'::',?:!7,::•),; t,',',1.:.:,,1;?:,
.Ifllerto fro 0, eLounkp
I•noa.6.nt—Orow ,l6 . l .r a. J .,
tu,0....1 Juin Atu60....p. j. 11. Noll,
ri r ,,,,,......r—1,w 1-6160n.11
ETTEIt.--EresL 11.,11, in h0,xt,r,•,:'.1 ihtilv
0.1 J II ~ANFIF-1.1)
110 I ASH-2 , ea.k,r for ~t 1.11: by
I '' J It.e0:11E1-1,
i TALLOW -6 6615. for ,Le by
‘4COTC/1 MAW DE I. A INES—S , ,, ot,
/ no; IoI A A %IA? , I ill
lILACK SILK) -_'111 reti..4 rich :to.
TT.!•m ,, .. 'or co.. hr A A 11.6+.40..t Ito
lki UTICF:.—The partnership 11,41.01.,,. 1 , 1
111„!:', 1 / 4 4i tkir,:.”1•'.'ti,:.."1.7.`,r'.ii..:::1.V.1`,",:21 :,":.',',
, 7.,.zu:tt,., fot4to-10. 11611 6 •43‘1W , 1 ) 1 , 71 ,, t;! ... !: „ 1 ,, , ,,
_ -
ON"'DAY EVENING, Novena', TO:,
on4i for • Jr, creole.. 0n1y...111 1...e.51•0t...1
()rept Ongenui P.4SORA.VA of FirlE.V.
Ntilti•o'm Paisau.e. rn.P......nt1m; the ,
of the °lobe, with 4e grono. l.= h:•.,of 116, ,4*
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Executors' Notice
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American and European Amphitheatre ! , -- -. ;., .. ,- .
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H. Hepburn, 4l
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Samuel\ Gray, • \ ,
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I Provisions... The actuNfew baton sbonldera continena \
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Whlstief—The , densaud o,lU:ea:pd. Sales 04 Pena, Maw '
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The weather tantinueitsool. hut lap Prnenst. 3 ...
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stnate. The river, epwae to this vty 'continues to re-‘,
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V., h Vet water nn the principal ban. Out fast eta. hew \
th;learal steamers with fair ffelaht. Reeeht art-Ivan from ‘,
he Ohio inform us that. betel* the falls, on tjte principal '.
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ZANESVILL —I -nriet... • 4,
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TSI-1-t—Tb. toe light draught Alr ntar.m.a.
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