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TUND. 4 ..Y 3101151N6, OCT. 21, 1851
g.r.•••1:.R.4111Nd J 1.4 iTER WILL 11E FjtrzirD
. .
' ne.natural conformation if the valley of the
Allegheny river points it out as one of the are
nifsz.i; nnidpertinps the best, through which the
interconie . e hiterehange between the . Lica
great divisions of the Union—the Atlantic, slope
and the great central valley—will be carried en.
lligh estimates have always been ramie of the
extent and value of that gromeree. but all those '
intimates have been more-than realized; .1 now
it le apparent that were ivery available natural
.pans through the Apalachlau chain made the
route of a railroad,' they 'would all be needed,
rieddhey wohlil all be 'profitable.
But a railroad through the Valley of the Atte
'pheny would do more than
- furnish another me,
diem of communication between the east and the
.west; it would unite - the north with the smith
Western. Net , York and Western Pennsylvania
hit:CS:POW noineaus of intercommunication
If a citizen of ,Rittamaing,, (which is forty-Sve
iles up the Allegheny river from Pittsburgh)
iceasiontri go to Rochester, his best present
rd: travel would be, first. •to Pittsburgh,
'thence to Cleveland; thence by steamboat to
. •
• rale, (heats to Rochester.- • It is almtsit incredi •
hie- ths&two such great and flourishing comma
tildes, lying chic by tide, -should eo long have'
'been 'suffered; to remain' without any tolerable
means of direct intercommunication. But so it
• .-
they.-separated by Alpine heights, or
other natural barriers, we should not think it
str"suge that Such should he the eerie; but the ve
rg. opposite is the fact; 'for no route, of any con
siderable length, on eitbcrside of the mountains,
presents so few obstaflles, or higlf grades as
this. Should the-route bitbe river be choSen,
the road from Pittsburgh to Oleau would be al
moat level. Should the Valley of the Clarion be
• adopted, there would be Mit one summit' and
that an nosy one, to overcome. And ever should
the valley of either of the more-eon:kern streams
be adopted to , get through the "river hills," and
reach the elteated table lands which lies along the
e-istern borders of Armstrong and Clarion roan
noierions obstacles need be apprehend
ed. .
With regard hi distance, the river route--that
is to follow the river from Pittsburgh to Olean—is
• vary considerably the longest. The neat in length
is that which would leave the Allegheny, at the
• mouth of the Mari., and Continue up the valley .
of' the latter to its source, in McKean county,
- whirls is within a very short distance of the
.ICestern fork of the Allegheny river, (generally
called Petah) Creek,) which flows in a difettion
opponilero that of the Clarion—the two forming
a lirect-lifie, in their general course, from Pitts•
burgh to Olean; and nlso between Pittsburgh and
A. route by either the Itedbank or the Mahn-
Moir would exit off the.tery considerable "western
daleetran required to reach the .mouth of the
Ciariorn,but still the road. would have to he ear
riad nerossM the valley of the latter stream at
sore poiif t—probably near the eastern border of
Oathori county, where.the face of the country is
We shall now give a brief sketch of the coun
try - between Pittsburgh 'and - Olean, ;tlividieg it
ioto sections es its natural features vary.
1. Five. Pitt4turgh to the mouth of 11. e
miv it,. —We may call this section level,
it having only the ascent of the river— ^ ) feet
coal, salt,lime, and building stone,
eseellent quality, ure the chief mineral pro.
Sections, and they are all extremely iMptrtant
elements in estimating the profits of a railroad. ,
country. is' fertile and well
populated: ;and would throw a Fargo amount
of trade and travel upon the road. Oa the north.
Walt of the Kieldrainetas,t the road would cross
thelenniylvanis cahol, ithers it would gather
it the travelling custom furnished by the rich
tool etteiativesulley of the'Mskiminetas. When
the road shill be completid to this point, goth
et ingin Milt Will the travel and trade furnished
by the river above, and by the canal and the nu
merous twails - which come in from the surround
• ittg coitzitti, together with the heavy prodne
. tions of the criuntry.balow, it will pay ex least
the interest upon its coat.,
21.. Fecree . the Ktak-faithal; to the AP/hears?, 2.7 ,
mitra..L.ln ; general features and productions, i
this section is like the ono already described.— ,
' The coal is in general not quite on good or so
.alfundt - as in the first section, but there is not,
and never Can be, any scarcity. Salt is mans- i
factured in•considerable quautifiesln this ,CC-
tic°, amp its production might he inief.aisely in-
creased.. Limestone exists in exhaustless quan
tities, and the abundance and cheapness of coal
... rendersita manufacture smatter of very email
eiperise. • We are now in the iron region, any ,
' qttaritity of which might be manufactured Imre
there adequate protection. On the line of ho
Sectima of which we are epeaking, there i . at
• present but one or two furnaces in operatic
Pao clay of the best quality—a variety unku nu,
we believe, either in Europe or on the Atlantic
elope—exists in great abundances and is I now-.
manufactured to some extent into brick, glans.
pots, crucildes; - Sr. The only town of itopor
• mace ott,this section is Kittanning, the effouty
- at at of 'Arnostrong, containing a populatMn of
aloud 2.000. A large and well arrangsbrolling
• mill and foundry were erected at this place a few,
yensago - ,lwhich are still struggling on at suc
cessfully probably as any other eitablis c ut of
the -kind in the western country . The wn is
bentdiftilly situated on the rant bank of t ri
e v
ycr; on a fine tied of alluvial coil, large e ough
to accommodate ten fines the population that
now occupy - it. The abundance and cheonest
. othoal at Kittarming, the healthiness of it cli
mate, and tbe. abundance and the excellexce of
the productions of tbeeurraunding country,.rtn
der it admirably adapted to become the neat of
et extensive. tartpufactorien.
We_nball at present suppose that the road will
-Jesse the Allegheny river at the mouth of the
Mahoning. which route, if found practicable, is
the shortest_ Of its practicability. however, at
easy. grades, there are serious doubts; bit wheth
er the Mahorting or the ltedbank valley shell be
adopted, the same general description of the
country will be equally applicable.
3d.' The volley of the itahoinev--25 to 80 maw.
For the greater portion of this distance the ;46-
. honing, as well a. the Redbank, the Cla
rion, and.:the Allegheny itself, down through
what would be more correctly denominated a
drip ravine, from two to four hundred feet be : .
low the general level of the country; Man s
valley. . The etream is navigable for 50 or 60
miles for rafts and flatboats. during freshets, but
there is no ascending navigation. The descent
, is pretty rapid for so large a stream, so that at
a distance of twenty-five or thirty Miles from
~ . the mouth, the etream is found to be but little
below the general level of the country. ;fear
the river the countryis very much broken; but
in a few miles this feature begins to change
when we have reached (about the distance
which we'have above spoken of, from the river,
we reach *hat may be called table lands, ever.
• which a railroad might be carried without diffi
The Muhoning valley to very rich in iron ore,
and IS heavily timberod. Coal ago exist. in
great abundance. In the range now under con.
sidoratlen Ow,. are several iron furnaces, all of
whiih yield a large return of excellent quality.
The soil of the llahoning valley, a few miles
froin the river, becomes good:and so .continues
to the head of theatres= All thatir here said
of the hiithontug is equally applicable to the
yfeabank, or the Kohulbucietim, OA thel Indiana
called it.ffi• • .
We hare now reached the rigion Of white
pine, about 85 miles from Pittsburgh. It is
true thit some itf met with lower down, but not
in large quantitiei. It is near the western bor
ders of Jeffereou county, where it is first found
IJ3gr eat' abindance. , •
MOoniogto Claricmt 30 miter.
Thfi•seitlisl :fciaTes.of .this sectionirewidely
event from eer 11.11444 t; -The.o6erat eau.
cannitTii Qq# 1 P l a 4 d l 'o l, /eYel , the
eeitgota,tnad in - very heavily ,;11.,ored",
- the"..birger:.l3trainfl are skirted
• , ndock generally fo doa the
to wcittiret)Md,thawhito pine ode piing -
cendini elopes, toiffirths the cope of
C3 ‘ ttlir mitigled wit h the different viitietlit of
oak, maple, beech, hickory, cherry, yellow p ne,
Bilged lheitildir 'sides; that is bir i from
the, larger streams, very little white pine is r at
fire entailer water eurireen are skirted
with the varieties of timber last enum9rated,
, v e c pt the yellow pine, which, like the dilatant.,
is only met with ou elevated and dry
.11,6 is a region of great resources—in lnuaber,
trot, coal. water power, and in agricultural and
1 . grazing inoilitira, particularly the latter. j It is
rapidly filling up with a thriving population.
;itn.diunt t.', 1.14 Jufp,rd paint to Olenn—un , ,
an' line otl about seosetevi, ,odes.—Thin would j
probably be contend to the Tallies of thh Cla. 1
rives Mid We west breech of the Alleghen!).. Its
its general features and resources we believe the
country through which it passes, to he mdch like
the loot section. ft traverses - the heart , of the '
pine region, even beyond the range of .naeigsble
atteams. It is impossible to .tintate the
amount of freight which this-artiele 11/01:10:1 would
throw upon the road. I
We are told that in the upper part of the val
ley of the Clarion there are very exten / ive de
posits of bituminous coal of excellent reality.
'Phis will furnish a large mid profitable item of
trade to that end of the road, and be of incal
culable benefit to the people of WesteSn New
York, who are altogether destitute of this vale.
aide mineral :
To say nothing of the through travel alad trat
tie, which will unquestitambly be very I rge, we
hazard nothing in saying that the loc I trade
and travel of this road, between Pittsb gh and
Olean, would make it one of the best paying
eCiki3 in the country: and it is impossib e to et ,
titnate the advantages it will confer pen the
two great communities which it will unite.—
Western New York and Western Penthylvania
are greatly different in natural feattires and
products, and the interchange of commodities
which would take place, through the 4dium or
this road, would be very large, and extremely
advantageous to both.
Cab. Frrat Ot&ra to Rachel'', —Of this see,
tion it it not necessary that we now speak. partic
ularly. Suffice it to say that the ....e it uld pass
the greater part of the way down the valley of
the Genesee, one of the richest agricutttral re
gions in the world.
We have already eitewled this articie beyond
our intended limit. Our object is to giie a gene;
ral idea of the country between Pittstiurgh and
the heads of the Alftsgheny river—a country of
vast resources and capabilities; but the upper
part of which, for want of avenues of Iptercom
tnunication, - has been suffered to reara{n almost
in a state of nature . That neglected Xegion is
all. exceedingly healthy,, and is ric h 4 y stored
with minerals. Much of it is fertile, and very
beautiful. It abounds in streams of the purest
water, affording water power beyond all assigna
ble limits. Give it a railroad, such no Ithe one of
which eve have been speaking. 'by reaps of
which Pittsburgh may be retched from the heads
of Clarion in six hours, and Now York iii twelve
or fourteen, and very - soon it will be fined with
sw industrious and happy populatiotn engaged
in a great variety of pursuits. .
i.-..taruiNo Sew —We refer cur readers to an ,
irertisement in this days paper of a work em
fillet -the Hand-maid tothe Piano" comprising
a full description at the mechanism of the insiro
moot, the various defects to which it is liable,
the method of remedying each defeolf with di
rections how to keep the instrument :alw4s in
tune ItyP. B. Templeton. We believe that no
troth of this kind kiss ever been attempted be
fore, and. if one half of the title can hc sustain
ed. the author wit! confer a great 'hentfit upon a
very large class of the community, besides mak
ing lots form, .
We have had same acquaintance wits the au
thor for the last three years, and have every
reabOtt to balite that he would slot prStatsa what
be is ant thoroughly competent t 0 perform.
Pianos are often spoiled by incompetalat persona
Every person, therefore possessing lan instru
ment shdold avail himself of the information
thus offered: of for no other reason than to pro
tect himself tlhst fraud We understand that
the author has. been offered a large 4.m for his
rive were's little amused yesterday With the
Posed arithmetic, wherein it is trying to make
net that the Lonofocos were not 6P
, eery badly
teaten in this county utter all. It ys
Tate, for instance, the rote fUr Saprenie
Judges and. by adding ttletlier the vote for
the candidates on each eitleMnd thMi subtract
ing, the remainder, when divided by fire, will
give the average majority of 741 for the Whig
Judges. If this shall not in considered fair,
proceed in the same way with the candidates for
Assembly, and you have an avenge majority on
this ticket of only 327 and this is usually re
garded as a fair test of the strength bf parties."
By oar arithmetic )which is old-fashioned,
like our democracy.) we cyp.. r , it op ae follows .
Avsrage Whig vote for Supreme Judges. 5455
Loco 11421
SY - big majority. Li,_
Average Whig vote foiMeembly, e2Bl
6 IA
Wbig majority
snym the editor .pf the I'Pet %ei Seth
Clever should cypher in partnernbili.
• Tux PItr,ILOPEr AND Tar Lana..—lt basing
been stated in some of the papers that tbs. Presi
dent had sent instructions to Syracuse to prose-
ClliC all persons engaged in the rescue of a Fu
gitive Slave from the hands of the United States
autheritlei, on a charge of hzoh iren,m, the Re
public states, that the•instructions referred to
did not _undertake to define the, legal nature of
the offences committed at Sy:rat:44 or Christi
ana. They were explicit and distinct to the .
point- that all infractions that had been com
milted on the laws of the United Spates must be
prosecuted.with the utmost diligence; hut S it
woo no part of the President's duty 'to indica.te
the legal character of the outrages:in question,
or to - direct the district attorney or the grand
jury in fl e e discharge of their respective func-
Questions havedieenasked,-why the President
does not take official notice of the Lynch Law in
California:l the mobs in North Carolina and Ala
bama, and the riots at New Orleans, as well as
or the violation of law in Christiana and Syr,
'mew The Republic replies that "Ile President
is sworn to excute'the tarts of theillnite&States
and those only. If men commiti murders, or
stimulate mobs, Or burn houses, Cr commit nay
ctii4r acts of violence which do not fall within
the laws of the United States, the-President has
as much to do with them aa ant d,ther individo
rd, arid no more. The illegal exe4utions at San
Francisco, the anti rent murders,l the infamous
outrages on the Spanish Consul at New Orleans,
all these matters arc of State or municipal cog
nizance, offences against the /Weal laws with
Which the, Federal Government and of course
the President can have no. control."
The annual meeting of the Slockholdirs of
the Company, was held et Lima, Ohio, the 10th
October 1051.. The following Board of Directors
wife elected
damned Hanna, of Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Pliny Heuglatill
Henry Peter,
Lester Bliss,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Delphos, "
Thos. 8., Jacobs, " Lima,"
Aleriman. Bucyrus,
Franklin Adams," " " "
The new Mord of directors wan organised by
the election of Willie Ideriman, President. and
Franklin Adams, Secretary and Treasurer.—
Among others, the following resolutions wero
adopted .
EResolved, That the Engineering Department
l required to complete . the surveys and etiti
mates of the road of thiccompeny, ready for let
ting no soon as practicable with the present
force employed.
Resolved, That the President Of this board be
1 authorised . and instructed to solicit, private bids,
for the grubbing, grading and superintendence
of ° tee Ohio and Indiana Railroad, a pei tentage
to be paid in the stock of the company ;;and that
he report any bide by . hint received, to the Board
at the 'earliest :practicable day. 1,
WeJejiice to see that she enterprising r e= w h o
have the drib wort are determined. to per
severe.. They have one of the Imola mport r i ut
partiiiit'epliteitiergh;:tes tt is the direa western
extension of the Ohle.ind;:Peraaryleitaia 'tail-
• ,
rOid, and idyl opalpp ns:an exnen4ive flew
!ootioo; or Oollotry, Lear t ideas a not amount
of trade. &metes n:1 tile . Ohio and Indiana Rail
ALL:Winn-NT VA.LLET RiLl.O/10.—Our readers
will be pleased to see lior their advertisement,
that the Commissioners a 4 ppoioted under the Act
of Assembly inc.orporsting the and
Warren Railroad Compariy, will Open books for
subscription io the stock, at the i St. Chance lid
tel in . thin city, Int the 191 h prozimo. It is not
generally known, we believe, that by a subse
quent amendment, the Company is authorized to
carry the road to the Sint line at any point that
bray best Suit the interes of the stockholders
and the community.
It iv nose pretty evidenlfrunt sitetilinforniation
a has reached as, that the Kane swindle was
re-enacted in such couutic as Clarion and Schuyl
kill, at the late election. The people were told
that the heat Congress, which will have a large
Lueoloco majority, wouldlgive Pennsylvania pro
tection to !run and Coil, provided the State
elected Bigler. We hea such a eentiment was
quite prevalent here, among . the operatives in
our iron works, and that accounts fur the losses
we experienced in such trims. It iatmid that
Whigs who bad person I grievances against
, Johnston to avenge, wereff kk engaged in thls work,
in Bchuyllcill. We have u doubt that this swin
dle hat been used most effectively. We shall
see what confidence Can be placed iu each decep
tions promises. Most ardently - do we hope that
the next Congress will do \Pennsylvania justice.
but for our part 'we have not the slightest ex
pectation of any such restilt. Those who voted
for Bigler under the ittlitieee of such promises,
will find that they •have een most effectually
swindled a second time.
The Philadelphia Eveni g Bulletin of Satur
day last says that the majclrity for Coulter over
i •
Campbell is 10,347;
"In the table aspubfiehdi in the morning pa
pers, there *as a serious terror in the vote of
Judge Coulter in this cityil making it six hun
dred less than is really is'. We have obt/4ned
from the office of the return judges the correct
figures which are given in ur table. :By refer
ence to them it see that judge Coulter
has, in the city and county 1b,175: Judge Camp.
bell 17,832—Coulter's Mithrity over Campbell
10,347. These figures spleak lvdly .the spin
ion entertained of Judge tlamptmll's fitness for
the Supreme Bench in his (ir, city and county."
' Coulter is elected by a considerable majority
lb< rittstlur.b D. 1.7 -.ll<
NVALitspros, Oct It;
When I wrote at the close of the past week ,
upon the position of 000 Johnston and, the 1
Whig party, in regard to t.e then approaching
election in Pennsylvania, I, more than suspected
the result which has sin 4 occurriid. It is a
time of public delusion and of pante, Penusyl
vntiM has barn lost to the whip threugh the in-
Cunha, arts of demagogues operati:4 upon the
fears of the people; hut theidozertinte they hot
practiced ••will return to plague the inventors, •
and will produce a reaction in the, public mind
which will defeat the cht ohjee of ali their
schemes. Pennsylvania Kook upoii as good for
the Whig candidate in INI The t acre, ~f the
Buchanan ticket this fall, Rae afu cone conclu
sion, owing to causes ands state of things which
I have not space to reviewl It is a dicietit to say
that they are temporary [ No at er whig could
have dune better at this erns than' o•. J.mueton,
and the CiTCLIMAIIIICCS under •lii h be has been
beaten arc far more houirable t, him and his
supporters, than the liCLOr}, Of their Wit ora,rte - .6 L,
In them. , I
But this eta:eel's of his beaten , . t makes Nlr
Buchanan the Autocrat, oi rather he Warrick,
of his party for the coming i vear Nr B. will rule
the convention, if one be bel[l - , for thiS result makes
that event more doubtful [hal core If be cannel
force thr‘ugh Lie ~tru u4a1:,11 he will hetet ,
the nomination of the lean the lest (diet," r le
him, of somemanwlso may 14ave been tae least,.
spictious in oppostion to tail awn treteneiona lie
will stand betw ten contending factious. As Van
Buren sod Silas Wright did, after the defeat of
the former. in the nonvennon of 1054 Nlr
Buchanan appears to have Miderstood the state of
affairs and his own poSon 'remarkably well .
for I learned, a few days-since. from undoubted
authority. I may say the beE authority, that
he was candid enough, just a week before the
election, to inform a liatinguialoc I public man.
not a whig nor yet s democrat, that Cul. Bigler
would be chosen by a large majority, that it
would give him control of ;the party in Penneyl
t.da, and would ensure the nomihation of him
self or of Gen. Wm. It Butler, in the General
•- Convention next spring 'his is it nearly ...-
Tett a new of his own p 'ApeCte Se sop candi
date can ever attain to Buchanan or Butler
• will certainly be the candidate of the Penns)*
retina democracy—and jul , t at certainly there
will. be several candidate, before the people
As I Stan.sman Buchanan i ts far the stnargeet of
1 the two: for Butler is a, but in pope
lanty and availability the latter is in:measure
= bly his superior. Mr. W las pursued a course
1 tending to isolate Peruosyivanie from every
Northern State, and to chain her to . the car 0
Southern pro-slavery faciakinsm. to commit her
even to the stupid and reasonable dogma 0
' secession. What chance uch man has for faro
Ireaiourible dogma of
nch man boa for favor
I , let the election
eat. The etookt
with Any national pall.'
slave States themselves at':
contest Pas not yet fall
fear that the spoilers hoe
the'rlarkest . hour precede
cleared, away, hat
.rcpt all It, it
Lang , lon, of Mobs o,
4rtain Ile io univerial
no,for the place. lob
. by tb e recall of Mr
The appointment of M
it, said. be not yet gate c.l
ly epoken of . the fittest
has been yet named in con
ey said to have been cane.
The returns from the special election In South
Carolina, for members oil the State Convention,
called by the last Legislature to consider the ',
way. and means of breaking up the Union, in
dicate that the party disposed to the A eparste
and immediate withdrawal of the State from the
confederacy, have triumphed over their adver
saries, "the out and ratters." The latter party
consists of the go ontertl?g the very fastest line
Over the directest route' In professions there
is very little to choose itweon these worthies.
The ••Isolstionista" wan to go Out nt ones. nod
itay out for ever Th e .eo-operationiists'• wont
'no less, but they ray t hat if they can . manage
things in their little nanstard pot of a State so
CO not to precipitate actlon, all the other slave
States, or a sufficient number of them will, in a
short time, ••get their riot in it" as deep as the
"children of the sun" now have theirs, nod than
they can raise a znerrylcompa4- with which to
cot the conneetion with the "cursed Yankees'
Where the people are_ail agreed th ho foots, buy
only differ. to the means of giving effect to their
folly, surely nothing gocid can be expected We the
result of their divisions But the sober fact and
truth is, that the On-o ruttoremts know that the
other southern States Ore not going with them
at all, and that no respectable confederacy of
slave State can he reached °onside of this Union.
They donut want disuoilan on any terms, nod are
only pandering to the besotted and debauched
'state of public opinion inSouth Carolina, when
they pretend to be in er of Nome impractica
ble mode of effecting i ns The time will come, I
trust, when a party will exist. even in S. Caroli
na, both sensible and honest enough to denounce
disunionism, from deteitation of its own inherent
hideousness, and to characterize tie they deeeno,
the insolent traitors who, with brazen falsehood
and truculent impudence,have proscribed every
sentiment of patriotism arid every feeling of na
tionality within the Unlit, of the State. Perhaps
the man who have sueneeded In prostrating the
Immediate eecessionist; at the present election,
.- will by natural progre'rsion, become lovers and
supphrtera of the Union.
I retain the opinion, of these contests in the
Booth between Unionists Pod Disursioni7tn,which
I have always held, namely that it was a ques
tion with which the free States have little or no
thing to do. We revere and abide by; the Union
because it is a good
. in itself; because, our
fathers .made it and swore to rapport it, and
t :their fidelity to it has i rscended to u' r. as duty
' we have no wish ten ounce. If nth n wish to
leave it, let them go. 1 If others to put a
. price upon their leyalin, and 'it* pudiate it
t unless we pay theta that price, letdiem go—we
. stand by, the bond of !bur Dat,inual Y. bat will
d viy nothing to inereetutries forkeeping faith with
, I; I dowers.
. .
. I K r YOR , '
. .
, . Henry Beyer:. •
- -1C4; " 3 "'"' at 6 " Pit"""h D'i(i " ' A1. ' )..4
i Northampton—Michael Myers. .
Nam YORK, Oct. lii, 1851. Miller.
Northumberland—William FoHmer. 1
,' perry— David Steward.'
' The Money Market is not quite an easy for the Philadelphia City —Cherka (I'NelL Jacob. I.
past two days, and the rate of sterling exchange 1 Go:sler, George IL Hart, A.tpiik B. 17oniyen.
has advanced again slightly, so much so that fur- , Philadelphia County— Thomas L. Gizrurd, Iv
thee exports of coin are not improbable, though ( “ 4 l R " '
prua9tr. Fredrr:k KreL Jouph Wngney,
r. ti
by no men. certain. The temporary relief in i tic.. It. Miller Solomuil Demeres Daniel Ru
the Money Market h. been cairn advantage of ' bonier,
Mean, " Isaac Leech, Jr., Wm. Goodwin, Wm. H.
Henry liuplet.
by nereone having remittances to make, which : Somerset—George Money.
,will account fur the rise in exchange and the in- i Schuylkill—Stephen Ringer, Bernard Reilly.
creased lake of money. The month thus far ! ite ,.T h 4 ::,; l i n r ha • elB,°,l,,lyilaernt. Wyoming—lsaac
has been less disastrous to merchants than many jTioga—Jeremiah Black. • ,
' expecbal , end ten days more will see waver the' Wayue—Thom.. l , Hubbell. •
season ot beau p a yitieuts, and entered upon the Union S Juniata -William ;Alarm,
usual quiet period. No inure failures hove been ' 1"1',—,(-tle','irge,. It. Kt ' f '• domes Amie "" . •
s imoiloced, except - one of a stock brokerage l:'''''''' B. .•'''''.
house, which has been unable to deliver all the i AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITION.
storks sold To day nil binds of stocks are cheap- ' To h e sell o, ff,,,,,,b ur y un th e • , 90, A t m eh ,/
er, and the market closes very dull, with a cer- ' 31 . , 0,6,6,. •
minty of A further decline. Now that the turmoil of politics is ever, I ask
Every body is surprised at the result of the my brethren of the press to give me their all,
election in Pennsylvania, the Locos, that they in inviting, the farmers of Pennsylvania to at
have again fooled their voters .in the Polk tend the first extiibitou of the Pennsylvania
rompaign: and the Whigs, because the laborers State Agricultural Society.
of Pennsylvania lire BO misguided as to follow a Thu Committee of Arrangements have laid out
~,,,,y that ref.,,,, th em by i ts l eg i e i. t i e „, t h e and enclosed the ground with a high board fence,
right to work. The great struggle to take place mid erected the necessary stables, pens, coops,
here in November. will be-much affected by the Sc They will also have erected mane day, be
disaster to the Whig cause In Ohio and Penusyl-, fore, the commencement of the exhibition, tbr.
rani., and if the Canal policy is not strong six largo tents that were used at the Rocheste ,
enough to bear up the Whig cause. we must go fair. Th . .s it will be. seen that ..t-hc heat...
into a minority. arrangements have been made, nod the Com
The arrests for treason in Northern N.' York mister trust their Agricultural friends through
are beginning to attract considerable notice, out the State will avail themselves of the pri
tice, and
an.opiniou prevails to a great extent that the vilege of becoming members of . the society
government will overshoot the mark, , and the and exhibiting Stock, implements. artierea o
rioters escape ill punishment. It is all fustian home industry, end the products of the femm
for such papers us the Express to talk of aboli- the garden and the dairy.
tiun societies being treasonable, and dangerous The ladies are also invited moat particular'
to belong to, for fear of the halter. People will to send in the products of their industry an
talk of the affairs of their neighbors, indecent skill, for which suitable accommodations liar
and uncalled for an their interference may be been Ilrovi l ied•
deemed by them whoseaffairs are discussed, but on the first day none but members of the SO
6, 0 ' and judges will he ailmittmli on the setoff
it is idle to say that the whole abolition party
stand in danger of their necks. The negro or and third days there will be a general admission
free toil party, now controls OhiO, Pennylvania, The ploughing match will take place on Frida
G New York. Massachusetts, Vermont, and Con- the dist, at 9 o'clock, .1. M., and the nddros
OOOtiral. and until public opinion is changed will he delivered by lion. Andrew Stevenson, .
there, it is of no use talking about hanging for Virginia, :it l o'clock. P. M .of the same day.
Mr. Danes' plan of 're-modelling the constitu
tion, finds friends here among the Free Soilers,
and the "Times - of to day, doer not hesitate to
say that we are too tender upon the question of
Constitutional reform, that the public mind is
morbid upon thin point and has been educated
to feel that the constitution is immaculate. The
Times argues that, it is the work of sensible
men, this movement of reform, and argues that
ad constitution is hut an expressiOn of the will
or sense of the community which formed it Si.
as the will or sense of the people changes. so has
the people the right to make changed in the con
stitutional mode.
So it is argued changes hare been brought about
in England, whirl, has no Constitution, but finds
her lundainental law in Parliament, which
changes as public sentiment changes. It is plain
to he seen that the Slavery agitation has only
commenced, and has not ceased with the Com-
Mr Jar lic , smath the retiring Presetslent of s
he iludvon Iti•er Ibud Rend Company, sleeliten
receive the present of serrice of plate, hit,
tendered lu b. and 141KgreRI, that the money
ad better be denoted to the formation of a fund
or the nit of perYona gpployed on the roast who
av he slosabled hs nAildent, or for their feu,
hrs . in rase of depth, and orrersi to gin e . Coe per .:
eat ou hut stuck for Itlo ii1111 , 0,4‘ Thie tr Coe
tainly more honorable to Mr Herrman than the
reception of plate, and hie plan will he adopted
A eateer.eful trial trip lane fern made by the
propellur vhits Pioneer, owned by Mersin ep o f.
ford 36 Tilevton, and slessigned for the Liverpool
tenths She tv stink too, burden. Fool will be able
I. tithe sill the !rich in • eusinty at a trip fhe
I lined vis syss Ls e...k for her vteerage paavengere
and will to touch to nonce. , the horror+, of an
emigrant ehip. She poet to son Saturday
The newt brought by the ea
Atlantic mot the
America liar Lvi no effect upon the marl:eta,
which for movt•rtielee of export may he quoted
doll, and in force of the payer
Pertnyosion has been gtveu the Pacitie
Steamers. to leave Panama nod t v
in the until. Coll be Out across the litmus, ratter
way' to enahle that route to compete with the
new rout,
The it/Lsmull •n relative t • the yam , u•
deidiffe 11.-rty Bar itold Nlitung Curapany, .
that it. lorati , .•l has uteri tatitltitnit`d, 11.. l taker,
o. e. new Tot m firer° Valley where a fortune
i•• to tu• made •1•• the Company made a whit
a humtuut ditideud. before In roriebin
had armed, t a. t now yerretely changes its It
estion, buyer+ must he pareful • C
The following. it„ believed, will he t
nen! ehlrricte: of the next House .
Adam.. •
iledroel aindri4,
Idtsaver, oat Lawrence.
Illalr fuel Ilunttnitdou,
Centre. 1
Clearfield, Elk not Ndliean. I
larrearoni„, Clarion and Jeller.n
Columbia and Montour. I
Uauph' n.
F a yette and W ftqtntureland,
Lycommg.l'llritco nod Potter
Lehigh oil Carbon.
Mainriiii and l'ite. . —,l
Nlrrcer, Verimigii .1.1 Virarret., .: i . 2
Nlithio. 1
Nlialigoniery, . ::
Northampton, I
Perry, I
Phila.liiitalia iiity. , _
Philmiliiiphin county.
Somerset. '
clittyliall. 't
SuiiiiiiribiagoriSiiiiiirlatizi. tryi,mirkg
Tioga ' I
Wayne, . 1
Greene, I
• --
autaft.til ,
-- Ladies !! Read !!!
tliiin. .
lunignniery, , 1 . i N THE PRESS. and will strtly to ready,
, A - THE 11ANVII 111/ 11/ rip: an, onmpri,in, .
nEte..o 4 ., • -, ~.. d..,,-,10„,,, , thf. cfc. - hartv.ct th.. mitt - nine., the
'orthumberland, : aster. to Ca,
a 0 nshio ni s t• t 4 , 1 u autoh.ri. tho
, 1 methril of rim...Emig etela 11,001., • L marital.. how L.
'err}, • ' aoop lb...tram*. Own, iu tun in, rlt tans
qlll..iritalla ctiy. -
• I I t°'.
. I Every pursuit hattua 4 l'lsktl• - • .1.• ti h.• 4 4 ~,, 4 , flij.
blilldelphllt unonty. ' 1 1 bout !in aura ut Ow twa t... , ot- I.4turu bt,n
' I el the 10.31111.1 ,- .LI It itnytart. 10 worth ten 11000. i.
!omPrset. ~,,,_nw. aun.r : .n•i. usu.: , .tart /Orono:5o, it w1:1
chitylkill. ~
- , , C.v.:m.117 guard yOul (n al Imiln your Etat. , .pollewl 1.,
muitiehannti Stillit au 4: Wyoming 2 Ivttiltul wt.,.
Lan,. and aotalomen to it, rits,w 0f rittelairJb and
I toga, 1 -- All,theny. dentin, oarty nottn-• f.l the trot . A ran 10. fur
nn.bed at tn.. maiden., by waylay - Choir rids.. al we
Vaync, 1
1 otnms of •tty .f he Pittiburgh trot. t 1 parwrs,ift az the
;mt.!, I tau., itorc• t f 11.-wfm John II it.. 11.0. lift ..1 inf., 441
' orb.
and Jttnitatt. 1 1 11007, Kleb,r. I Intl sim,
lit mot.. ut.. , tuthir 1- th. autto.r, at a...tarot. fvs
'orb. .' . , ~.. , patiini,,h, aro, a 111 be forward , . Imp 01 no ~
_ 1 co ant part 01 the It 010- 1 401 ,11 ....Or.. I, nm 101.
lit , A lint ml .Itimfunt to 11,1. t. Item and Al . u.te do.loto
f. 4 .114 1 i hot. it no m. 0 .. spurupru.t. that f ....nail 1
. -. f. MYR, . sla.ll tioLtl a 7.00 , tl+o tool
. aotat . icon.woro' (
Whigs in if.rfact - LiertioCrat% in Roman. Allegheny Railroad.
141. District, Wdlutin .o 1 Crohbe. • I N puronunro of Cho directiono of on act of
..2,1 do ,7100.- , I; Ila rullon I ah.eallay Id It,. ith ffl Apia.and 00 1 . 1 4,0 Jut
i nt r.. or th. v•tu on Apra, I , ol_! "An tot', th.
it h do Chester and lielaware —llea re S IgnurpGral.k. at 111, Pit/ obtariin, &Malta., at, A i amnia
pitanr Italls,,ad Ettat pain , • Donk. 0 .1 w O l- 0 . 00 . 1 A. 0.... , i01.. ,
to thr myna! atock of roll , /npin, . tt iu 0 . 0040, a SI ,
:ill do I-rine...der and Lebanon—Pr g on Wriyenlay, ""alrttll4 , lath, i 111, at the et.i.4.1,- It,.
k„ uk ,...,1 E ~, Nr , ,,,g , ,,,, • , 4 1.. ow .1, ..I Entebttrib. 1.0 cnottnut.K..l Imo day 1.,
flat 011 It anitnlo , 01 ahem , um, 1 . 0an.0.13130.1
Hth do Dauphin Si Northutoherlond—J (' ,to wear. the thane,-
,wm AutirNowi,.ll.
ifon.kl:7"."' , 11011 MAR VENNI
: 4 11 eftItIENIJKItttEIt oil:1,110E
. 110 IV /11TE.
20th do Carbon, Monroe, Pike, and Wayne .It 1.:, baltt.l,o rt.. i. , ..L.m00 0 ILA I . ,kourth at .1
, I RA
NEE' KAIINC. .I,llN' 511.1111t1NOS.
—E. NV Hamlin Jo, anti. oNO.Oll‘ .1 LOI:liE f 1.; DE N .
23rd do Vi oohinetnn and IlreeneWCallin 'SLAW" .4" JAMITEI. II 1.11,11.
Ell 1 I,li' AIECIILINti.
21th do Bedford, kulton & 00113ernet-17 ~,,,"nLpfl,4ltt, S . ALEX- COI,IV ELI.
It Itorno. i 411115 INT.:111:W, Olt a silti:lls 000,
'2 l lth do Juniata, Mifflin & Union—Eft Sitar i lln ', a VatiLop. ' .11111:i ftt LEIN.
f I,I4II,II..MDIArrt
27th do Went morland ..I.E.yetteLJ 111• Fa- .0 01 0 11 '.'r
land . Steam Communication between New York
The matabrra of tho Hoopla holding ow are It ' and Glasgow.
Wing. and II LOCI 401 0, The Inemberi chosou I rim' V flleop,o.v and New York ....
at the lode election Will make the parties in tho: 1 ' i
''''' a lwairVw . .. ,P ;' "n"' i n io 7 .
body .land thus—Whip 17, Locofocoo 111, mak- I tw.ou‘Lio ()L . .... „.,. . ,, .
~ ., ,,o n. an. ,
Mg a Whig majority of one. 1 -, ; ‘, 1 0, 11 ,, , ..,,,,„,„,z,„ A „ ,, %,,, ,, ,, , ,t,t, , ,,„,
, 7.„„,..,,,,, •
r . , 01....Q11.11.onifaturdat 00 Uth l Ire4tiuher
1 • «a.. 0 l, o'. I,k. 14. , 14
.Adams--Dato./ .1/r/linu, EASSatIE lIONEI .
ae : n ! wanr 1,. tal
" atodo
A llogholg— lama If Clo,ki, F!To,(JeorJo ,, r bt ' ^ -i,.
E. .Ipplftom, Than. Pinny, Jam Mill,
Bedford and Cambria—William I'. rihcll, John
, Berke—George Dangler, lean° Poet, John C
Evens, Jacob It efonyder
Bearer, Butler hi Lawrence --Sorand LI arallten,
Noma Dung., John Born,
Blair s Huntingdon-- Win. It Smith, Seri.
.11' Can
Itradronl—Prunamer lallry , %shut. Ruble.
Chester—John Acre, IV,i/lom Chandler, *Jesse'
Centro—Willams H. Blair.
Clearfield, Elk, and McKean—James L. Gillis.
Amodron g,CI mei on, N. Jefferson—John S. Rite),
Wm. W. Wine. Reynnidn Laughlin.
Cambria l Montour—Morrikon E. Jackson .
Hauphin—J4oa Landie,Jarnee
Delaware—John JL Broomall.
Erie—Chart , W. ILden, A. W. Blaine.
Wanbington—Solernon Alter, John Maley.
Fayette and Westmoreland—L. L. Itigeloor,Jos.
Griffey, P. B. Hook, A. M. Hill.
Marlay, George Maderia
Indiana—Air:mod, IPConnell.
Lebanon—John C. Sellars.
Lycoming, Clinton & Potter--J. B. Torbell,
J. M. Kilborn.
Lancaster—M. l'oernall, C. L. Ilimerker, John
C. Walton B. F. Marlin B. A. Shaffer.
Luserne--Bilas H. Benedict, James N. ithodes.
I. • Lehigh & Carbon—Dodd Liturgy, William LB
, ley, Jr.
Monroe & Pike—Benry C. Mott.
Mercer, Venango & Warren—L. N. hleßrana.
ham, John W. Bhugert.
Crawford. Merriman, IL Klngloy.
Greene--Fletioher Brook.
hliftlin—Gen. John Bum,
AP Le l.tid fiar , abury on the '29M 301/4 and
NOW that the turmoil of polities is over, I ast
ray brethren of the press to glee me their a 4.1,
in inviting the farmers of Pennsylvania to at
tend the first exiiihiton of the Pennsylvania
State Agricultural Society.
Thu Committee of Arrangements have laid nut
and enclosed the ground with is high I.ounit . ..tire,
mid erected the necessary stables, pens, coops,
They will also have erected some days be-.
fore, the commencement of the exhibition, the
six large tents that were used at the Rochester
fair. Thus it will be. seen that the necessary
:irrangements have been made, and the Com
mittee trust their Agricultural friends through
out the State will avail themselves of the pri
vilege of becoming members of. . the society,
and exhibiting Stock, implements, articles of
home industry, and the products of the farm,
the garden and the dairy.
The ladies are also invited moat particularly
to send in the products of their industry and
shill, for which suitable accommodations have
been provided.
on the first day none but members of the So
ciety and judges will b. admitted: on the second
and third days there will be a general admission.
The ploughing match will take place on Friday
the 81st, at 9 o'clock, .1. M., and the address
will be delivered by lion. Andrew Stevens., of
Virginia, at l 'o'clock P. M of the came day.
Persons will he in attendance, on the ground,
to take charge of stock, froth' the 24th Oc
t ober.
l'ersons wishing to enter articles for the call
lition, can address me upon the subject_ and
preartit their articles to the Committee before
❑ae opening of the exhibition.
Acting Secretary.
Oct_ 15, Ited
ace' Dn. Nlni.ion LIVER P 11.1. 1, —When the
vh , rntaor of this lo,httatitlo nqn...l! tottaloshett the
tot tector,lltrro It, hat
tot car e. irlach man , .
fa . .00r , of r •rol Belmont oathhata t,
t the creat oret satyr., of atom , .Ittoat I. in the
I mad am,* 1,. r:th oath aol ot.t ttuto - uhate.
Oar , the ['Altera LI frrhuoutt unot . l.• te, ohm.%
• ttoatto, Dh S'ort.O. t". ", ` A- r " . “"" i '
of oh -, •Itatta, •n.I who-. it,rattnn
.•. • .
it , Pi.. Writ. pn,tiliatal to tha • manta,. Tlit• cant
, •1.1 . P,11 , / ni • lAP• r Pin, ••• ha , IPPn
'tared in 01+1, tlittuare clan• LI I••••• ta. • tn•l •i•
ir•to banynnal. nal • n•litatr •nnanip p•at • , witatal
tu whirl] In.ltp•ta Inn lawn nilIlII•in•• TI,.
'alt•••.1 I .I,,tnitniihafrl•in••••m I hn .
n ...ainca.l• t nnk ptraMf upon thp
,ittal , alt•llaa rtrlittnien 1. , tn. •tt halms
• .enr• !no tP ••• Ir - ..1.•••nJ • .I..unt th•l Or Mrlwia •
Yetl'OlOtiM .
NIO4I. CA!. 11! TutAL
Cry, xs I,ll,tttr,. ellentu,
: ,ttlit.(4ll ,rt.t.
, H, 6.: tit
t.ltk..und , uulJl ,opteutlei.
I 1,1 .t.••.14".1 the
c:1•••••• ••••.-4 I L•K• •• ••••,1 61, •••0•• •••••,••••
• • ‘I 1 g..• ••ti couvl• •••••••••••.1 IL.
••••-1•1,31 nall I .“4 . 113.11. tt, restnr•Ulcu •I In •••••• 1••
I r••• •••••• at ya , 101 e.......././414/4.. ILI. OIL. sal
, • .•• • ••• ,r.,••••••nal tc1.4•••• I. of
t• • ti
1LL1.441 ROLL •
4 - rcr...t II .1 Va1.a..440.14. I Co. .04-41.1
14/...14n1 I. 41 Car,
4L-I II I 411-41,4.1....... Ll LL.
(rt.:. KAM..
• 9 1,tra•1,r,...
kr From the universal suecms iif
Frtrr,ll. 14,tj%nrt, ,tlrun,: 14rtrn btr-Itt, r 1,4.•
traria .11*1 r-ent, 'that trttiltra:, r,ttrs- Ltd "Jr,.
pal, ••• I •-t tt- 1441 t r 4, 3 •Ii; rap 4, lity as
rtmt4tor tot lb. ...If. u 11,, u wrathy 4:I t.
lath gr,su xi wr,4l r trttu It
rt,•11,41, - rt , rtr Itlth man arrl rt,„,t •..
ell , ,rt rt.>
CA 1' T A 1.. $lOO.OOO.
OFFICE. .V , ) F , U117111
1 k,
1.41 , 1
- 4 A
• •
• -
Citizen , ' Insurance yompany of Pittsburgh
. .
Cll 111 . 411, Pr....sent . A
ir.,..c • I•sassrs rrrrpassss ts..s/s•a m
rr.ll r,lses.sirtm•
Inn us•l trasso•nu.••••••••lJ. , ,
ssin .c•sple• ,Ultuva, I, Ow sasslstr ususl Ints•arrsty s•J stsJ
. • ..11,4•01 Ito 0, , Issr - 4 - trr Issessnlasr..
wt.,. sr, J.II rtiss,s, estlJtur:ts nas 1 1 ,•
sr,ssts sir , • ••sssurstr, qrselourr.
110 , 1
en In, Isarlmer.
Jr.• II ss,Jll Is his 1,11 , Jr . 1 rt.
Jll , s 11.stvr•rsts. 11.risoussts. R. II Kier ar...,[111
Ear, robin it.trwanla ton.
tin a
.- . n a. pas:o
rnlnua, Inn not wined., liquor,
yawl , will I* aupplunt nu Inaarat, at unalen. yrs... Car.
Surgn• u k nl.l of twr , vu
,a..l t
‘` .."l“ "
u 1:7,V1 7 ,1(11 -
1 lin NEW 1 antli. 1,10. ton, an i
L . wan,. will la..n tba .talion load)
lT 11.0LNIES' LI'PEEARY DEPOT, ti 0.74,
Third .beet. hplwaite the Paa tu, n
aw•• New 1.1401 t, %utast.. r4r Octole r
London Labor an d LA Jon roar. No. 14 •
London Art Journal fnr October.
Halal Architect.. No 4.
t,mee's Lrvly•. I.ok. for Nolen:lh,
tirahlun'e )Lamle.
Fart-nth •e • •
Life and Adventuees ef an Arkanonw INoetor.
The 1/sonlnne; ne• novel bl holwer.
loh•ennta4.ol Maanline, h•r vetola.e. tan excellent No 1
110.4..olturiet and t'ultwator. Detober.
l•he Lit, sad the nee. 1.7 13arnuel Warren.
The Llama t . of the ILiernelN, or Lite of lath )Inrhl..
Von Qulxoto end hI4 14.2ntr0 naorho ran..
The Taking of the 1 1 .1 11 e, 1.4 Duman.
)Ivreorle... of aPh Li no. Of Dam
Harry Ilitrubnut, tale of the American nerelution.
ArundeL or the Railroad of Ldp.
pairlelgh, or icenes In the !afro( n Priam. Pupil.
11150 , 07 of the Iter.nratlon of the 111..unrebr In France—
by A. de Lamartlne.
Man tn•Wneonata.
0 ,01 ur a Ilirtory of the Ilniertn../learl4 Part
• •
or homer In the Trorks.
10. a In
of the Olden Pans, br Darton.
Katherine Walcott, or the Rebel of Dorchester. an Ili..
tonal KOM1111:10, of thn Revolution In Caron..
Tha Contester, an Meter[cal NcreeL
and blade., or Buds .and Illoseonte
The Paths, Tale alletlrrinic Tune, Or P. IL Jarnee.
it s lph Rutherford, 1 nenTale.
The. eat. IlunterN s tale of Merboo.
The 011.9 Chief. 090. W. R. lto9noldl.
er the Child of the Rattle }I.W.s Tde of Water
Glass, and oh
Queensware, Glass, and China.
I UST received at No. 11, Diamond, coat
1, 1 iLtnt;4l.tcaig, and 21 ,i n o s i al: .
21.114. Fni. oNglll73tir
. .
. Cart ' , .1. 1./ AI BING Si'ONGE-t=llstlings vat?. fine
it.l 1. c * , R ,. .P21: iinndBO.Rif.U..IIELD
th. inlo,rtn tlartr , 1
. _-" ,.. t k • "'"l"..o".._Zst'l\_s,i_..lCW,9..X.M,Matt. CO.',
n i .7.t,„ ,b., „E„,,,,1; ,—„,,,r. ° ~,, - 1. L_ , l,, RK ` '' ,!. - ° \ ,,t,, 1 ,., 1 7,. ° , 1 , ° ,P,F , a . n ,l, ; h a lt'
trade. and a.lir. sttep[lol3 t... tloor nod. ally full a.a.ort., •o , 4 -* - 1 ,''''•'• -1-....- . ' . ... .k......, (..
.11/1/3 • ' .t...t
LADIES' lIRVYSS ilyioliii. in irreat,Yitict • rith printod
De Lunn.. Party.„.a, bbbuyi.... Frvii:li Nlvrin,. do'. p d nosptioßas--%10 ("sus for stale 1 R,••
'aq: , J KiIi , o , iMAKER ,120. 7 ,
14 8111it. l i.S. Long .0,1 r„..11..r.. -No• .tyj.. c : . , ...k. „„ 1 PrERILI JAPONICA. fjr formers' : 4ws,-21 •
liantlAon...: Caahmo„ dr , , W.... 1 d.... p . 1.1. aiii .ay :ay I. . li ton bt. Pair I, TI) J \ SCI/IVIII./9iEll OIL
black and colored
ac.„ _...
Klett plaid Kihbona. black and ball mourtlib.: no now _r A 2 ENS E—t bbl nest Ainerican epper
ttty;t , .s r l dr.
~,, .
~ •,,, ,, ,r
~,, , k,
0 .
.. r . :<: for ...1.1,, .-.11 ..1.-.d1:11OdIVIIIKKK .I''i' , l' . ,:,
slori " inal 37..; ." ..1i 5 n i .na r Ir 4 udi lotion, auy Staß! tY,... gen- 'BILTTER-- -0, kg, roOrselikd, re. ring.ei
erall, and all will he sold at roa p for nualb itsd for pale ,by ~.w1:• „It DA UM CO.
County.. rrtisau aro irivrt..l to call In our .. .d al,
r• w., up, artier lino& ai , aold tow. lib , h.! AII.EKAT ILS--5 tons in bbls tibd b., for'
Caution. \ r C. 7 ...Nis. oil: . it • n ILZK.I. Co.
V public are cautioned against reei,v , \ 1,.1.7GA11,1-51. ) 11,10,4 priiiio,. in ittore‘orid for
i - • t . to win re.. tam,. os
, I, \I 1 ...1.. 1., \ col: ti . 0,11.ZFL1.,P W.
'', . ' ll; ' t;;!'....:,°";i."nV‘i•lP.'leihtti”" . I"' ! '".4 "."m . \
'it I OLASSES—titKI libbt IS. '0 'lO di.. 0
5,,,, , ..• tri.o. sok, I. 1,1. ay= t o + o , .7 ~,, 4 , n rui..l. l ip i e ``dt'twdag , fy'r dad bY.,'
I. dk.ZI.LI. A .00. Liberty \.l
.. ... A
i "ih...6,:... ..,:0.'"..t . ,:.......1,..,, I ,k,n, ~,..,,L 4 ,:;'.:,;!, 41 NTHARID-75 lb, fresh,- ', oi fet'd . .
bc...yurtilli not ..u. ‘l \ a.l for ..I. Its octl7 \ • J. K'l ' lt sco
. ' .i:: ' !...!..i .". wens :t% ' .4l
a„ ..rt.... 0'14.1. Jo , I, aCo, I )1 WOOt---40 {Ail:, tip baud and or sale
, Phil. North AEU, r..., , , .. titu......nif , citar, tlii. odic., I 4 , ~,,, - . \,,,, ':. l . 0 i'" Cl)
Fire Works ! Fire WOrks ! . . IN' N. 'lt. 1.1"1' I . ..ooWooli2iiitit iii . s. ' \ San
911111E sultsrriber 1 , .. nit. o ou,ti.o.\i, o f hi s iV V 1L.1 . 0 13. tor W. by r.-1: :., J. KIDD ,1 , 470.
- I own manufactur , end oilers to .1, ', . VI US'CAkilt SKID- 8 0 0 lbs. in eittrind
riti 11' nevi.. i LIU for ...tile tic 4'07 ', .1 KIDD i ok_
!lcket,. Penny Itook.l.l‘ '. 1 I ON lAA ' 31.,U.STAKDO lbs. warrantt 4 /
Roman Candlca. . Pullin, Crack..„. \
lorbilhou., Ora...bow r, , ILA yurv. an. 111., I .` li;0 J. )S ADD kW. \
5.." , Whd d ' .. Ch.n.r4 " rd '• s '
' \ I WHIT E . 111 - LK -- - 5000 lb., inTtore and
Ht.; sttzt , t• • • , t
~,,,,,,,... . for a... byi, ...1: .1. KIDD I CO.
' II„. 'la 1 i ht..
I '.'''' ' f• ' ' 'N \ 'ILIA ALL FASth NS--Just received/E l
Bin.. Light, . .11,1 by,
Dont. e 11..01,0. 7 th....n Dort 1nan,1... ' , II: . the .tore of Mee'. 00 ECII. 0,0 Fifth et..
~r , y,.... p„,,, ..i1..ian.... .rouiptif Allrl3/Ivd L.-/, and lbw 33•1110 Ii Will 1....t0m tar 'in; . dun on Thamday and
w„lnti. imcke.l awl torinidnil \ I rltlay of [Pim weelt..whero on will Dade. tonna. , •
It Any ,le,riyutot of tiow... and ...bitotion oi,ea, i , l ro.wirt meld of.) ', neti yr atyly of tttraw. Lin, Sills
lettorink. ar . mad: loonier et.bOrt 0/131/W. AVII / 1, list Donna and. . minin;a nf 'trio. kind.
.10, D. 0,,51p.p, ~ 4 „.y,i,. „ r ,p,,„a.n. ? , \
.. 21 Jar No 1.7. South WharYna. Pnyladniphia. Y.
i5.,,,,,b,m.t:u1=1.;1,a.,414.1\e5' Cape and 11-V , 147- ,
blac ks A: ••
-'!,..:-' -
111 Co. will novo thin mnrninit 10 eaknue of black Silk ~, - New Banco. - •.,
- I all ounlity.tand widtti.t.
n I U ST RECEIVED and ittr sae by J. L.
&6) hare ree'd 11,1 Mad, Te ith Wont.
1,1-I°lB4liF:bi.zl7(..:L..l.'‘altnAl.'.'lNlo..l..kip....-,...811k.uid Inn.. .1.11..and.13 ,3 Trews , comptiling di . ..W Camp
... i r , , , Life /3.3131, th.,, and wild / , 11 ,3 aitrontar, Willi
l. 1 , 0 / 1 . 3 / 1 / 1 1• •..1 .0 ...' I''' . ... , dt ,, n ,1 1 , .. 7 . t., i 1 tlo . iqinmbni • p..ralinris bo. \by .I.g erri.. - r.
l'''' "r) '''''''''' 0h" th" . "1 "" S ' ' ' 'h I " . “" rfu r i! „ut.m.. „r7C gr,. • b i i • tc; . b u..-
than too. •nt\r,S.
en. ,
'i :' 3 ' \. 113 . l l • GOODS— The Idly entl-Lbe BP, an Anolniille 9f Own ital pal
•• • .. . • '.
-1..1.i5i0.0,1.1) a A A 31AziON k ell 'S. CAW.. ILIA
. c1ur.. , 4 ~1 : 4 111 ft.wls arrllln..,. ,l, .1.. 6121
, B urrElt-i , ibis. P:teied, for soley,
ii . k
V. IV 11.30 N. 11% Sin-owl.,
B UTT E R..—Cl - Ibis, primo Ron; .
is 1..... so 1: for xale by
.:1 J. a I: FLOVII. Round Chur.:ll Iloildtna.
lILIWDER—IIII , ke g s Bbpain- 7. , for sole by
NI ACK E FIE L.— i 1: !lA,. No. fi Large:
21 - .. N o 1: - f.r okle lq
" f ft) li/
1 , 01,141. N tit 1b P— ilttlfi 1111rulule s t
1.-our. r 0. L, ` 1r111C411.711 A 1,
St ‘IOL ISSI.—S-- , 211 111 tbla (100 dale's
• -1 J r lILWORTII A 01
CIII.I.:SE-5 0 bolo+ Cream. for .ale by
• 4 0 11/alllAtiril
.• ao4 •ratuary r 114110 R041...11
A?. ' P r ' tt i :lt - 47 0 41'11 0' ,1401•11‘ I I \
oeal • t %to I Oro,t
, H1:11:10S VELV El' 11 ktsili
1,. r 11r goo, itto n. oal
11 e
0 o
41110 111i..iit1I.L
Billing's Patent Band Wrench.
Tilt , aria I, milltio..l ILI lb.- hid/ 4,e1 lea
nsaw 010 , • tor ax • an• tonit ottlA tin aarrot
:ht to 1 Ott Wool / r
Lt tototh ttrot•lo• o ot/ o
um. 10 I' und tlo nut enrt Cola/on ort an\pu
n iurtona tit • 11..-1 rho I. op. th- In ot.l.V•ltoito
otooot thot •t • rt, Hnu . nro t tato 1011
11.1 •etti luot font no aro 11. r IL4/211ILl
I ••••••1 f 41 • L. klit•r Into ol Rana tot 4 Ot•ir
o 1 ot old ...I In A SI Dol.nx•
ut I.n to ttl st II / -coat an II nt Al -71
Cleigga Perfumery and Faucy Soaps.
.q.o-r3or lath - le, of Perfu mere
AIL Paoli
1.1 . tool
ooOt rrther larto. - o - u
r - sold Or, Who
mm..l E•e , 10,1
11..11 . 1, L. Wei., L.,
Or- NL•rtr... 411. Cr,
Art. , Ir. L su'Lurrtral I,..yrratry.•
....I 1..1
1,110. T a CLL.....
iq.1 1 .1 , 11. 1
• It 1 L that r ehrr.p.....
fur. tr ..1...1...r-rrr L. 4 , 1 Igor him
IBM Hops.
Ft,t Lottertiawl We,
IY~) ,ru ot;11 4,4
IA 4111 I - Itt
Lectures at Platte Hulk
1 1 , r KR\ Nit,nr hitt P.! sracrs.: ,
tl.• i IL t
Mr E...4,u L.-- t
L.o• Lon: {Wen." A g. 1.- 4 -7
she-. Alt .e.rt
Att errurv, half tr.. Axch .
I 2, • .• 44t 1,6 ut,l4/ out..
4. ry
4.4 14,4,4- SIC IL. p.m .I,...ratutt.l.
-Um... , . - ttrit Ir c• it 414.•
• ,
A Wilkins & Co
111 , .•.t
1 14.4 i
House of Refuge.
FIRE eule-erllier. 1,,n the ere, nen
ndA.n teo., ;hat An et .0 thehrt eon, en
Oh Arnhem mte•hre-.1 eael et re rethretd ee eh leahlL .
Irea•emer, er the 1 , 0) .lat Norembhr
"'"r"" "'
Chretehle. ILA-art...lAm uhl. Amerman. and Meht Amr.,
-The nnignii,•efit NI'09•1
me k g, c rah t hane theseg alem tte ritormAl from
AM-ere, • La. re emehe rtmerAcen
e he, t rrmr t. Aflero . ter Armen. ithe mme
1..•. wealth. , .l el „honer te AI A rheato Manch. an
eheestennete ran n. 1 .• tamer. thew
i• mNulam h Clark NA 01 Atm,.
,eis , •
IN El. , •uon tor iliirtern Inre,ier tine '? 11 ash, ..
I' 11
THOMAS 11,1101 V IL h'r
te INle I lIIIALELL hie' IL VII II IN .111. F.
I F.A VINO the friendly eleires thig rre.
an e • at.)„,tetea. thrr urn). Vesture, hehl
~ 1... , VI/it Mi•ln •- e ierenl 00- , 1,0
•vrtmeh Alm tom r•reer..l heele m newel LecelUm• Aol
me:net:rem.", thheme an 0 . 1 . 1 000,01 P l Am't
lee lem Mee ha. not het.l the trench te Anh And elth beam to.
emenmmere MLA •lee ee ell ;afar In Om Nenrmal AmateNem.and
1! ‘ 14' . .V1 LITE II A IL.
1Inhel„ . euenh sem Anher,..l.l l „. tor 11,1
I' AUL IN IN ermlllatah.
, .
1 4 , - .....idunn. Oho Aftrardlons oI•VALA. and or
Lb. rdnn of 't non- ,runrr. ran.' end new pen
tdr %anat . ,. nnlo, Ilndann A II too rondorna Acosnonrmatul
In the ot nrsninz. enn"lnf Mni l . 4. •
/.41-1 noon.. in PrnlnanolAoluuno
lAIrA\IA AAAA Illnllol' will be loonourd I. TAT
Tnl, tiM NI.A nrofor dinli
con of Mr
n•le Allounfor And Innndor
SW on imrtirulan.sar -Jul{ Announdrd es,
X Line, of London Packets. \
.11E of ate '2'401 of Oct,...*'
A 1...r.,ttv• ',cont. , awl lan[ path.
fni lot slur ❑T. //11.A.11.0 C 111.1,1,11.
.3LI on FrAnr. 'ltch polnhor, hrr rndolar 4a, Thn
tar cabin. worn! rAn.n. and arnwrago par
-o-o.orr. gar nnurplAnon 1,. An/ or oh. , in Pnr ,
sn.. pro-nallnd In loader, nr then. mnlnd to
nornl Inf 11,1/ frion4,. do-dl4 =Air' early Atn4lratlon
rroure Isorth• vrl. I . lvr AI. 150 Miter. 'not In
orln an I I.lhotlf
r Line
of Liverpool Packets.
HE WELL KNOWN, magnifcent4
k • IKIIA: T „, 4
No 7::
l'or•••• prt.•••11or to 'lir nl.l EE•tnEntry. fir Ihn.o.stutl
ing Tr Owl( fltEnl4, EEI nn TTIt IT • ftmEr oonv•TstEre
TIEE• (rlentli.l tr.... 1 11, I, all ela(E.e.
or . IE.E.Eun.uTEE. , .....i romfrri awl soro.
ET( raI.EEE Et( par..upt, Apply t.RE lEATE ItE tviEl
Mal.i• 11 Lab, R I TnTsoolt a '
•tE T.Euth EAT,. :Err ort . Iv
si 111.A141.1'
Stan' and I.llairtv stvaa•lo
o aT anigtflllo,llAS k LE, --.l.tual
th C. • w uu•
.Irarta..n rat Ita•laud.. al., Vtanza.
11.1 o..rmas, aim 1i141,11 C.—
Ytltowen:.• IV•ta , lt.wana I.lllv anal Faalll
I,..acua..r,t, anti
Iran Ito .1.1 fotll ,l rl-,..ra0 . V foa thr
na, favor-11,1a tarmv 'rum lark t.. lartsburt,
%W an, part al 11 ,
011 , MANI, naNV..
1.111.1A1,1‘. 1, I. 1,1
ri 111 Mama Eleetnn, for Thirteen Direct
.trink .01 be 1,14 al !h. flaokaag*
.11 I • 111. 11111 ol Nt...ntiwr la.t wont tha
ham • ..1 \I and o lV lak I'
II lIIINS Y. 5151;:1.
N ELEvrtuN fpr Thirteen Direetor,lf
.. 11.01. th, stostlns •1* , ... 111 beld
51 , .0.1.1.
1.. t JOHN:Qs 1 DM, I
I ILT W 111'1:E —2li gro,is luriuue Ntyle9
• tsl jr, , .. to. mud I, by
It 11-11.1.11111 , ..7
Jth.l ÜBE PA ST E Eagle Brund ,
boa. .04 %mull.. sale b.
pL b. I
T •—/11 1 1
. •
4• KEEN ()IL CLOTII---.1.t repaired from
111 - ~,,,,,y —CcOrardA lour and It,' qu....1 11,-st, .11
t . 1.,01 tor .unit.. 1,110.1 a. Yor rniail
N., 11 , 151.4. st Incl.. J. 4 1.1111.1.11,
rrABLE COVEILS--31) lon Oil Cloth Tin
W..... 40,1 Ilureau rover.--..llitervot
Y.. 1 , , the quantity 0 , rstell .
J 4 1.1 1'1114.1.111' , 1111 Market tI
prtmont Tr.nnyrorsul Wlndo. Abut,. Coy role it
and retail by
1.J.. II 1.1111.1.11.S:,No..1111 Stark..
More Good?. •
1 111 URPIII . ALIICIIiiELD are now
~+l,ll - ,,,l7,,tqA"i i lt° 4 lnTl 4 ll7ll l :J i h uTix•O';.
• vriat...i Ito Lain,. owl Pers,ao tl,,burty, uts,l
Style Prorbe 1.1..1%, (long and *nut,...) rpo•rt ILI.
(I,,uotry Ineratants trlttlOn4 15 1 1 4 . 0 .1 1 h their .0. 1. R.
• 1n... to call. peri
. • - •- • ---- ---- ---
W OW.)ENUIt i , ; l,,: ii l N . ?
i ll Juug i n k, ll n I::irk ..i
.i.l-1...v..r Or Poe. 0tTc.,..1114;44. irtem: of bAlirti‘.
..rha,, - , tc.. taken. fume cuodersao. . mull :,
IL I A H.l) 01.14- - 1 ; . 0 Ws No. 1 lancliie,per S.
0. Coruplamter, aryl for Pak by
44, JA.0.C.41 DALZKLL, do Water
..... -2-
ILIALK-5 tone'foreale by
. .
atti v oT .-.. 7 , ? ! „, th.. ta crr tt, cr , l
Thea Fe.
'ng, b er op s n ac.z r,..c
turs. Mkt]. Crest
Fa , and Moral 'ltaw:as arnt
r...yealtd to tarVitital. by
I inSli/31.1. Sprtnv, 11,
The flame Altar. an A IIP6II 111 behalf of Fax:ity War
with pra,,ern and hymns. and .leader of lasatms
teacrf,tt.lare, \tar tanidy nee, by C. Y. Dena, , \
Death 11 , d Scvnea.-t.rdy lag with and without
desiamd to Illuittate the truth and rower of Chtiatiattitr.
W. Clark. n Fl ,
The above. with many other. loanumt raw. to .notreeß;
,t 3.1 a ft , ng nuDIiT sf tilarat Wort: mud Stationary arivin
Irntn the Ilatt. , oc.lB \
, .
I, ATENT TIIItEAIY-2,000 lbs. imported
dirrrl tyr , ra the ti,anufactor, cast for sale Cl prima
h. purr.ll.4 R. • 015 e
sultseriiter Iron in store and offers at
lawsprieen- a cord tt.nnrtynani.of nipaest, tabnYna,
and'Anut,l Manx de ttinta, l'ayllna. II iota. Fitto
n.. Liu-ey, to ll,a FlannktO,Thibet.'o.tradilia, and Wool
, bens Shawl, Inch I.lnen.gmilrollandkerthiern.Ornea
Cranau., `,lactic. Cacaltr.erfo. CLaba. Twtcda, Jeans,
Brawn ‘lllll I.ll,nacb.nd Tiekthau.. hold Cam
l'addiuz. 1N raw, nabre i r. Hack, 1.111 white Net-
C...itna, Linen. and Silk e, Linen Table
11,,. tare. Hutto nµ al. , • large t.7.. 1 antaia h t. ith
1 ran....t r.^apettialir.inatte the attention or 1121.1 V and
Lndr. C. AR.BUTIINOT. ElB. Wood at
CONII'LiTki set of Docket Michinery
sell,'. J. E WLSIC/lITIC4 CO
P6O L t:OTTOS--10,01 Jos. just reeld.
arm Ennland - •
.• andlnt
sArut,C .4.1t111:711Nt1r.
UK ItENT —Th hour, .and grounds
at 11an.h,na. ly 10,111 11 the name '"
. - 1 Ron.edaln 1 delitarvd at any
atr ,
7t ILLI.A.S!d, 41. hr.
prepare:l bvt wad pared ms
t•r.,..i...Ti •re daq.“ll,l • .ay e L nlnt.l,E o rn , .
I n b, 0.1` . .n. 21..
1 , k u KVA CIIEEI-114 hoe Ilezltipe
t.n ,utines etap. thin day
I .n.l 1,
NICK A reA.NDLI:SH , ...
It E ESP.\ --nO .:ream Cie ae,',130 do.
1% 1• • land f.r
WICK 6 .11,1SLILEd0
. •
LrPTEit lies..resh, reed and for sale
WICK a .11620-NJ1,265.
/1 1 0BACCU--2 1 1, 1 :3 J'A. 3's, z•L's, 16.'s.
I tht, da,‘fc.r -ale
, 11000LATE- -. ...V1.3 ILFS , fresh reed and for
WICK 0 blreANDLEfiti
- •
( . :OP A
'Or ,rnitur,
---- .
Patent Shingles.
rl'illE 'II.INOLFS ulnae of Wulnut, 'Pine,
i ....1,, ..etutzt, w\ th Wool's Imprnsal'Shingle Stae
, blue, ft+ .1•• I oh , . Gret , ,ratalum at the lut Fair of &Ile
shet, tl'..dnt, Th. , Makhine Is In nperatinn at the Ohio
I•lanitna 1101 o limpeon, \l" ,, eng & Cu- Matiehecter. One
hand tea mat.. 0.1“.•111140..• per lay, tnme. 'the blocks'.
.4 any 1..f0.1 ut Umber that gr.,. In uty muntrY. It itnY''
turthet int.,lnati. ts want,..l. plea., eisll on the subsert
bey. at IL tk,ortvor' Ilotrl.eqrn, of Fourth and Orantsts,
Pittsi.urnt... l'oe13) . V.n.III3ObELL
IN 48 11Q1JRS. n,
IN 'and atlnr M ,INDAA' k UcTOHER 13th 4
'31...t , - .,.. thiZtoVi.l,°::.i . ', l'.':', , .'4 11 4gt I cg,P;! , ' 4,-
.ut at 0 , . clerk. lis Cinrit4 nt lo k erloce nest
''''''.". '"./tilt!!....,l'llittrlV#..hict,llr'beAl`TttiZir to
mtn.... of Vat, ariathtcy ....,14nfield 004
ncla ' ~ Mmammahvia House.
Nouns - Grand ~ Pisnosl •. •
UST Ft 1-:CF., I V }...1 a sidendidatib i t ..,
7 .rote Itosew , gsl lulleNt.LNO
tANo, (met 0.. teeter!. r Nl4nns a irk , .
Now Tnrk. 'Th.• inmtnifiren Instnt entU l:
VA....A.,. all the latrad Maws., evil *nth am patent tn.
t\ ,,,,
eine pins. felt, hammers. mud t trot Metallic Int:res.\ Its
ewer and voinme of tone are -t lyast..ttb.htam ankoneh
. on. ,rfrt inn of it. un.ehaniams to. hahle the. tit,
t, to 1.1,11.1. , the Innen nod sw test Wars withnu the
. std et the son pedal Tile turnitun ts ea - tr....p01y rieh mid
' In a.,....1 taste. witticut thal inmseriminate t\verloading,4
1 ,seved . wnel., whirl, in n city lilt I'l tebur,h, Ls alronet‘.
unpmsibl, to keep clean and in order. \ Tn. , Why
end an respntfull, lurk, to ealkatidexanit
this unrivalled Grand Piano boort I ls the preen
...f ....f th. subscriber It. K Ll:l3Elt, Ill s Thirdet—
oel:i bole agent Mr Zinnias and Cluk.
rl a
n d) ruci."o.l. a rery tine over. Ihviortnienrof
ria ~,. Lcuis NI)" style.
To i'iinters ,
-. \ \
. A . lIINTINO OFFICE, amply - Sppplind
1 ,z-s. . h all nerytemy all for lugsdo lira, r••
ti en Joh Itus,ness. 0.• 11,1,14. Ms-ether .fll 110 no
fi.l, pir.t. el the core will, Se. is he bl' of'
red f Tut ... The man.rlals are all in ge. - ‘1 mica,. and
w,tly new and as lb.. nen.r t r . engaged in othetAiimi..
5 ...., , s in t s . ~....1.1 very mud. below then. value, on u In-
I ta, slaw.: 1, •, 11. e alv,re pivs:nts an openinS erh h
Fri ion , r , '.. ,, , , For particulars apply at this &Dee.
• h
vav J
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twee ,
uulat,,,. ,
.1. mr, kr,l
I it uhf I
weaging Au
5.-1 hare received my fall
ELFiTS. of tl.r Moms% risc uuti,
kr Le • ill gall amil
•, •
~ .
. L d and Lots. •, ,
\ loil s A LE. 0 the Pennsylvania Canal,
' 4
a.litium a the :COL WOlt lid at Tarentom t
- ilk .z, A:res of LasJ, Ith a , aluattla oaf pairilage of
si it 1, r. , ,ore• ”f ottO c , 41 TU.. pktre,rty k ...Ai en,
ki I ever; ...port s• a I,tiannrt tor sisunfrouring anr•
',.... r„te-ient onus] tlr 11,1innt. with .n Inr.banA,'
hie , d dy ~i 'coil. ann .1 he anal and rior tor i rialto.,
~1 „
It e \ ~ i lin Winn le,l - ..k. , ‘ tt Li, of December pelt.
ii alll le\ 1 ‘ ...1 r•ui in WO •n , t 1.“ no rpm, t and in rinsed.
Urr b .. .. , t . " , hisorr• at moat dr aPPlied. for building
a, v. asg , a ilo wrest dernana,o 1, ,, 0te. and lota in the
lotoefoi , • whiny of Ito extent, r ttods'lVerks new In
nlEtr ,,, ei • Po1.1:1toral. \ . mute IIELWY.
:., CI 'AS, .Itibbonli, \ Silk.s, • Itc.
- 11 , 1.,:c.c1VEp .. A...his
, J . 4,7_stittl \now 'open at
fh il-' " " ,,;' '' , ' N,'„ ' .. ` c, ` ,.l )' , ` .•t;, - ,"i ' ,l.'itrilETlT,lll.
`..,,,.". l, ..? L a'nl' i ll'ilt'ltibboo•xr. \ -
toli la. Nu. e. 2 VOltlal lELF-El'.
‘, 111i:1'111' & 11URCIIFIELD\ . ve reed
IT i: ino ...ails -I) Export the follow., X clea—
lI,Ii ... , b , rol al goal De Lab., .14'
11141. I.io4'r bir rill., all price. •
ItntraJ, t' , ..tali De
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1'1.4 11.4,10 t IZiLk. Jr. . ~
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(0-11 At north esti ...lourth ILIA .11ark‘at a ‘,
i , A,NAitY SEED-•=so lou. prime Sieffx, .
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,te.l, . J. hlli a GO., Ou Wool at_
4., , ,PT:. 'IIIIIPEI , o'fINE. o bbls. prima,
0 kr rale bt J KIDD* CO.
i , REANI TARTAR-2000 lia. pure, for
‘,....., oaf. b,• Falai A — CO.
i 21 CARII. tita/A --Mani lb.. Lee '.5; C 0. ,,
No , Cattle brand. for w.-hrr J. h . _ Dli kco .. ,_:
II rilimlT..titie .1011)--1000 lbs., ure, for
i oak 11, J KID A CO.
. --
itTtsTs NiATERIALs, CO LOR: sx.—
A itv,h I, ).. yi, , , , yoklcAtrilai . Z ‘ i i .V % ,
; fi..2 GA 1 , -•100 boxes No. 1 Rosin, for'oa t by
L ~u a. alv . 11AR8.4.1P011..
ly JEl4 , l:k EXPLOItING AND 511,:thla COMP& Y.
al Newark, N, J.
Tina lksinoany lr penewri 19 furulth • ennly•pr t
Wheel base been found after ermeral yeane both
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limo soy other, not being Itable to turn {balky or to
ennoble awl rub O. It zany be worked with .o y color,
with water and else, or vetch raralsh, which gives the eel.
braced porwehdo firdsh. , •
. . •
Them ant[untehed.ta Icre prim sad ere endaubtettlr
the anapest ; and Stet mints tbe market fur tolktlee
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DPW.. lopplial en Ilbaral Senate Op the egg/4a at Vte
auft.-1.-4) South Alarm. P"'""*IPM.
• , •
, \ PITTSBURGH MARKET. k,' .'• \•-•_. ' • \
\ \ , ',
.. \
N \ ' orrra, pamccua oxmst , .\
Tim., anwllool. 0010100 a.
. .
The market .yeaterdejr was generally' quiet., ,
gal 10k lirtle wan do. In Roy bran. of Ands. T.\ ._
amather, was Mar and Pleas 0\ \ ' ' • - •
FLoVo 7 4earli sill Unit cornoYorward by .0•101.1.. ' "
ghlpagrit vinit- tal. Di figs Incaiwnioool 20, and=
.03 10 tabbls extra 01.10/ 1100117 - 00.1.01100.1 .11. , .
wharf aso 0. for 00h:rent ea. Fn. go. raln tire ' \ .
, . ,
eoorio.d to 8081 lotd itl.l Ti az. 1:9, acconiing., to 0 .113,,
1111.111S-1100goin . c.anthing very 1.11.0 d, a n d or Mire-.
no ml. of conseemenee to report. Prie. a... nincrelr \
the sin.. fast 1.1
t quotal. gr. Wbost, at ..1. 1 / 8 .111 oea
4 . / 6:= 11,.... 40: Bailer 00: and Oats Z.: 'i boshil techs Grit
, 13A00N—We notice ,a continued firm.. *bacOU, MA, • ,
'sal. arolitolled. 8.11. or woo lb; 1. lot, o.r. Me ite, , \ •
.analarr” , ox e. , 10 ror 6.00.. 0 30 0 'i .
1:01.:10.1113 . -Salei of Orlenis origar, to stigll lob at:
,'\ . , .
6 , lie. Woo Go Mils :CO Maim. at 30,Ye. 4 woe- - „ • . . ~
Sal , 'll.lO Coeur. In small 10t4,, at Widalio: 1.1 4,3.0 at .T.F. - ..
4 e n w O un b; ..1 : l u: 1 s
a i t S ,. l 7 e 5 t,,,0. 1 .bb l .0 1.,,w si , t e
, t 3.
4 ( i 1,,,:..1.0...,
tar ci a h
10 L t .o ,
th l n g o
ii 7
5, , ,
low the .sleet fa r 00 0 .0 0 . 4.1.417.
of c, a. . i
L . .
-- MA-o. B- 'i , :lts 0.00 IDs fresh roll from stole . At ; , 7 ,...,,,
• i..a ml e. 10X@II. '.\
- ' _ , . •
1101 E D Mail —Mnall malea madam mail (041 Ths
of Imples at alea; I 1\ bn. ' . • . •
110PS---Salm ma,rtea el 56 14 600 14 It.merMllnE to
quality. \' . •
IlaY—Tbe usuncticleesfrom wizen are 12.4/0 L 5 $1 ton, •
at which rates sales hale been brisk.
rishr—We-notke a:dm - Limed . goal demand Air 116; fit t '.. : •
t o il Orin... In mnssemerMe of the 30033 p.m of .100 , I. • ---- '
' 2 nino's.l ana 0.11.0 at 00 7 50 7 , N. 2 nlO9 50010.10 1 . • \
do $lll Salmon 310 Sb 4 Slihhterrlng SO 00 0 0 Illoixd. ' \
'Whim Gah .S el. 5 50 i , O. OL\ 40 dfuth i. 0 .° 1 . 1 " 5 ." ' \
tb ‘
COFFEE—The cargo of,' a, bark:Filmooth;fl . •
7000 bags Rio. was taken several doll e 1.., Its.. W.- ~
vb. , . fr.. 0.0 Wm... In .....• TM ... '
otherwise ars 900 bap Ifro at SIC. SN4 7 .4 . d.utel . 4. ~
uot roball lots t 9 f La.4Yra at to. lneouveMtetteered ael - •
eee trout frin de Janie& to 7th &Wernher. kapoweatta a'. 4
material advance In coffee there--the, Con WI parents an
starboard belna , above the selling re. k. dot
with ' . •
I Etatee—all the pareela in On. nurket balm he. with- ' '?,,
.drawn be the owners for higher prices. Otter. to bay to d
day at a Quarter or \at per pound over , the Wimp(
e ' .
yeePterday. an d, Inter tee cenn
refused. The imports , of the . •• ; \
week ore =bum I to kin. per rweedlah nor Ghia , . •
13 bas. from darnel., d.lOl from New T.riv.e.j..... • \
. . .
. ' •
litrox.... Ist 1 1. \
/• , \
, .. ~
thir ; 4 agar market a been very grad uring '.. _
the psi{{ mouth. Ina not. tending this and therntota
vorablo advice, from *broad. prime have underiartialltUe s .• .
change , The eterk :i.e . ' alit9 w .00111..4-.Y...tout :t \
105P0 bk., and eboold the d and not Increase, w. MI ' \ .
hoer, looklot lower prime tats e the entrance art& new • , -
crop. our.suorntione =me as 01i0..-Ornlnert 7e!... ..... '
1110 to 5 1 9, middllnd do o. o n do fig I. 03ft....rnr. ' , y.
to 7.y: ordinary vee..... tt to 7 . mbldli.toto Ot.SN \ • - , •
Zoe and fordo. do 9 to eh:. muscovado& none. Tier •,- -
&new surnas me KIM,. . alr dry &Sties gestarsll7, \
We have been . favored irith emsonablo tidos,' \ .i ,
.1"„ ..1\
and the proeseetS for the arose... Minn most eacouratill..
hiotetses has' been mikado at. 21. ride an
the rout.`; e • . _v... .
Coffee eintinese very scarce, a $ . 7 to S for \
enter as gag 00 90500 ordhoary to goods.. The new el
'•- \ ,
crop sehich will be mall, if ro ndos. to mar et In 1,101.0 \
lota. \ . • \
~Itoti\ e y 2i vials 'id gallon. -. ' 1.
----- - ••• - •
- .
\ , ifEw Eisproaz on. imam • .. . ,•.
:rir Brim* ... IS.
'Sperm=abo market is without change. and *, '
w. beau onlj , to leportaile of 2/0. bbl. at .1111111 , '5 't
and onenr two small wee's. tba particular. , of we. • •
did not Tern.
Whattemains very dull, but hoiden . e -
'tine< tran.tb• Only tabu; lebich nave earg a l .4 onur marl,' . 5 .
,I.d. are 101abbls at 4., and Zat at 47e II
Whaletlifne—There bare been spma+ 'tritium- ....; ,
noun but the .ortketer, t bee, mot tray Ire ;:tact sale In "
\ ..,.. York ei. ..., ~,,,. , cd ...
.:' • '
• , ex
. narteetay„, net 17. .
- C%,ttle-4xt-cartieguenee of eel ght ;apply of, ' ,
Itotreaga i t the =ldea on Plooday . Ilul mar • t Inn core au-
tar. a prime ruled manning tuber..
• Th e olifinus reached 750 lord, ao we • driven to Pllll- \
adeinbla,esklue were e a] to city banner., . -.,' +. '
Prima from V. 1..) to 3:06 . the boot. 'aqua to $4 , ' •- \
.04 - 1.5 75 ise and averaninc `V. GO ono. • ',
. c
, 11,,,t7erote it SG llSen.7 5Qlc-1 • - -• . -• • . , t
• - ,
The demalid for beef eittle bas' declined; blit. ~
prima ewet tr*Malbe . et . .
Theber at marketwere LSO beat!. InelndlM . g ,
tg , driven t:. New York. the 'Wading rrte.'vine rm.. so 'l , "-.
~, a t-,) .44 No D., sr*, tales of of en.. at St go no:, --r,
-la Cows and Calvet, there b. been no doing* to made. • ,
The offerings eempnetaboot .150. :t rovh cows nage from .•:--
six to Mt Npringers $l2 to . ..1, and dry Caw. SO to 12 .Mb.
i 15
11.,ga,Falm-of 600 wet" made at $3 13 6-- ..- / 00 eS, • ,
• ,
Sheep and Lambs—Tbere weal otteted. which
ti a lam,. inemwe over the cab er offered. last woe!:
Moe of tae termer range from St 25 3 60, wbille lbw-
ej Cuziin ol"Mlb dry blo srGu bo4 roods rdloest J Caanold:=
by har)34W
\ • . \
WHEELING—Per Globe—,lBllhtle totacco W •
d 00,14.3 t Co; es bds bidley A a A Mot 12 els aeon
J.lon deed. On: 3) deo, buttor.bllllor. tl tam. _ _
CINCZNATI—Per Ilarrurt.B barrels .
.bisa,rposadir eta bordooie•Wold At Laos
"bramd,Boown a Pm li [LK ado tooloW Pabaastoek. 33
bdlo lidbudox rods')bds IxtuKeo Modorlaarp,bost. •
' '
Rt r
of the P.. 1.101 •
ilLepre of Looking ti
0 t ' : SMl'fit, Milliner. from N.
• .
Lia. York " CI, Char .0... t. fittaburgtb—lus
saolerazagiel tashonable clruKzasker. Crt-
Whore. and lA , - iwrd to.ocuut al crderolottba
'honest mite,. I
' Cioaks, gapVIL gut Chlkintis ClothAig and in tb•• \
lat*teti lALIJitr,
\ Dissolutlap. '- 1 : . •'‘
. ..,
• • •
THE PARTS{ 'RSEI.IP lierotordro existing -•-
betw sea the walwattbeva_tooder tbs Fads and style
''Joho Caldwell a , : esiit," Is ibis dsy dissolved by mots
eirmSaut. The bowies* \ i \ tf tlastata tins *lll be mottled,:.,.
b John I.lsldwoU. \ Jidlltil CALDWVitiIa
L. Is. IS/j. v iliriES CilLI/VSKLIs. , ".....
I:44.liiirit• .." '
h • andelltgp. u .u....-,... Ce-part- '
: t t."•%,l"'" i ` r er It: . TA " d 'tilY6 a .
l egit= ,
oineyes, 6 g 4 ttio ' ltlrliorti4lsito Illsri ‘ ofJohn csktwell :.•-•
s Eva la ,IMMlie Somata \ ibili4f&Ct r ite i nit :r lw . ' i,.,
, S.. 1 / 4 1 I.—lts
. lborlikll 111Ie
Ur plain Int‘d back l'air .
CLA.6, .1 wbolesge sad .
street. 13
• coo . noir 011 Ck ,
300 • " 0;4
• MO "
Juin ree'd ad for 0434 033 . CID
31.3 e. et... 1.0 , 4 1 k!
OUND--A ccao4l 'gum
the owner our him itaOo3 .
toe WO
Till TRASK'S . his.
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