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BATURDAYI.IOItx . 0; OCT . . 4, 18131.
- r":""7"1" -- •-
' • Attf co Cot iudlohnston.
stierhd attention of the frkenda of Scorr,-
, Joess.r..x. not Peoecton. to Allegheny county. to neetel.
, o! iy: need to thh Importance of. thorough ornate:Woo, by
: -da L 4, toutOtlosiqf Coat., In every election &Mee; for the
... etnid.ten tho'sopolotopot of Cooooluses of Vigilance,
' to in thot norylriend'of gent entl Johnston I mooed.
act that Lbw ybo require it en naturalised. and that
• '' envy voter &foet his ballot 17111 the ikon:A Eileen/ of
4 fobeo 'ant. 1,. •
' • ' The fjarneingi limmulttee. Ou Itisturalleatlon hoe been
1 iiierg.iflNrd&trr' '4ltriitra3egabl.
A. oy , l, Cant P. SelJenetilr. 31. Dreldetata, Dr. J. E.
~:liney, Wm. It. Welter, James Methane. Joseytt •Itolls.
, - - 1 by taller prAbo 4,,01u1y Cocciffth.lre. .
Meetings :
. . .
iwarrt VCllllama, Upper EL Clay' KaI...MP, 0. E.E .
• dzi, A. at 2 P.. 11.
At Roan UAW , : Tortl• Crock, 102 Batt:Aar, 4th, at
At ltki has Janie. so
Robhan Tolnahip, as'
.310.4.1.0.... •
At tkpame. Km, Ealaar 1.011.u1P.,012 Tueplar, .th, at
2 !Atli: oo k Booth. Fajetia tp.,
On TOurslay,the 01./... Z. Partorron't 11111, 1p,11.•
.- A r- t rieh"l=i;;oo, trlwdt trill Da -
rpbse t t: ita:Prt7 mar,
greiC !politiesl interest. of
4' , * .iir ' fr '' lciLis
1 0 AO: elactioti Matrix. of itte cm:tar...7
gat o ikti tr/bV. 0 :27 ). .,11 1, At0r:V.
ml a ' 2' "2 . " 07
Voris, are you assesseel 'lr. not, see to It
inatietlintly. Unless you are assessed ten days
,before the election, you will lese your vote. Re
member tbis.- ;
°Aria:Cß" P.,44E OF i'I7I6.PAPER.
The day of the election rapidlrsdrances. A do n ,
few days only remain in Which to work for our mak.
• cause, our principles, and our :country.. _lt ds Sen.
' time to be up and doing: • Let there be no more
apathy,• no more dallying.,. The eyes of then-
tion ire on Pennsylvania. The papers in every .
StetiOU . Of the country, ar/coMmenting on dulls- °`"
sues in this etate. 'The hearts of the true friends P r ' s
of liberty and human progress every where are tern
hoping and praying for the'euecesi of the Whig Cub
r • T tiCket; yrbile the, oppressots of humanity, end
inemlei"of. American Industry„nre .. ollXlo ll 4
for ottrdefeat . Shall wo ,distress our .friends,
, and gratify one opponents,_ by neglecting our awn
Allegheny county hie :been strongly. Whig for
molly years, but never - morn so than at the peel- P s '
Vet moment. We hive' mat with no losses and
have gained many from the ranks of our cope! .
Dents.gentleman who ;has been in nearly r Y t
every election. district of the eonnty.srithin to
••••'=",:,:-..; few weeks , remarked to ne, a few deje ago, that tJo
he had not mei with!a single individual who
voted for Johnstonin IS4S, .Who did not intend m il
to vote for him no*, while he found many who 1 " : '
did not vote for him at the last election who IP
will vote for him at this. ;
. •We feet convinced that We have the . votes in w '
• this county to give Gov. Johnston 4,000 majori
• ty! And why should we tint? ' WXS there ever ro ,
more need of a Whig victory to save and redeem s•-2
the country than at present? Do we not need we
eddilional Protection to our iron and coal, and to ,
' other branches of manstraduring industry ? No or
. man is so besotted as to deny this. Our silent
n .
-yrnektsau4 idle operatives attest this beyond all
.;••ctaiii..: The low priceof.l agricultural Produets p
and the severe stringencyof tbo money marlret, to
proclaim in thunder tones the ruinous effects of
-the present tariff policy. i
Bat, says au honest inquirer, how will the
successor Goiernarlohnston relieve our distress- a.
=Xs? Will not the nest. Congress bo decidedly it
Democratic? 'We ansWer that it; is , true that P'
. • ishe next Congress will contain' a deilded Demof
•=.• critic majority, and • that 'consequently no tariff f
Can be:passed withont,the consent of at least
a portion of that majority. It, is on this fact
that we predicate the 'satiation of the country, .
provided: Johnsten is elected. Every body • •
knows-that the Locofoce ]elders will make any
= sacrifice; and anyeonceasion to inane the Pres.; d
idency: They will give us a tariff or break one
( down; go for a bank or aisinst one ; fight for
. - slavery= against it; do any thing almost to
Obtain ( office and power. If the Whigs enceeed
ha Permaylvania this fall, they will discover that
Pennsylvania is irrecoverably iv* to them in the i
next Presidential election, without to change in .
the tariff, and without Pennsylvania. they can
, not oem ery the Presidencyi Is this not clear
What still they do in this.emergencY? blast as-
. " • saredly they will giro es a tariff Therwill
givens any amount of protection rather than
lose the Presidency for another term. Even
Southem Locofocos will go in for a tariff rather
ther;"the Whigs shall longer hold the reins of
Government. Elect Johnston, then, and the next
1 Cowes; will hasten; to give us a tariff, and the
Locofoeos will go into the Presidential campaign,
and claim Sit the honor • and credit of its pse
cage. They will - call it a Denzocratio tuiff, and
declare they have always been friends of protec.
' tion, and in tideway hOpe to carry the State for
the Democratic candidate.
But if Bigler is elected what hope will there
be of any change for the Nape slight
: • cif If Pennsylvania - elects Bigler she - declares
to the world, that she is opposed to protection,
that shosranth no change in the present tariff,
and that ehels eatiefied . to see her infant mann
factures prostrate in the .dust..; Despair will
•: seize uporevery person engaged in•taanufactur
leg, and they will bitten to escape from
ties impending . over them. , Ate the' people of
Peteasylvanii prepared for this destruction of
- 1 . her vital interests?. Are they willing to become
• horeris of wood 'And drawers of water; to the cot
. ton growens foreveit ' =
This la only oneissu of importi s tice; There are
• . others, such as the• finances of th'e State, the
payment of one enormous debt, and the high
• " stand taken; by, our noble standard . bear
• er in' !ser of' free discussion and human
rlghti r These bernes are great, animating, glo
- flow! If they will not move;u: to action, noth.
Whet are the prospects of success? Good—
' never better.. From overy section. of the State ..
1 we have the most ,encoureging accounts. One
fact is perfectly ascertained, that is, that
the ma-
jority of the people ore in favor of sleeting Goo-,
• ernor Jo4eratel If, a large - vote' :Out,. we
• • shall meet nisuredly succeed.' (Sur - own fear a
is the carlesenesa, aid neglect of our Whig' e
friends. '• The Stronger. the feeling the' brighter °
the flees; the more intense the eseitement, the ;
• . more glorious will be our majority. .
In -
,the the W estern . and Northern parts of the
State, there has andoubtedly been great In
. crease of Johnston votes.
~ .In the middle coon
des there is greatraciteinent, and. the vote will
Li thIlY out. 'The Only part of the State our
opponents look to for us to lost .in,.. is the `city
' end county of Philadelphia, and there they ell
' culate on fates premises. Oar advises assure
us that Jotaisto' rre majority will not berdinainish- ,
• • . • ed. Every account is of the 'most cheeing
ture. • In, feet our friends In. Philadelphia prom
•.: tae Its an increased, majority for the Whig tick
et. At the late. mass meeting held in Ludepen
,- .. dome Squire, the folloviing:resolution was
,L- adopted:
• ."11.11‘011ed, That the friends of the National
,i and Stele-Adialniatrations in the city and coon
ty Philadelphbt , trent as seer, cherish onion
4 ri ake of the V'tror that they recognise in the
--• bones of the present contest every duty and in
.:, cantles that has seer united and Sustained them,
helghtened,by toils more oppreesive, and an ezi
ge.rzt at4ll, threatening than any which has
" hitherto invoked patriotism; that they en.
tar into the geld ureter the saute loaner which
. wee upheld bribe mighty arms of Harrison
1.;',,;1;5'.,4"t,", Clay, and Taylor, - and with ell; end more than
. 'all their olden ntdon,-4sdor and confidence; and
thatrary pledge theauclog totheir friends of.:the
Interior-to...givers larger vote and a heavier
• ty for'Tohnstoirtbo tried end true-,than any .
recorded Lathe annals ol t he party."
...thiaLdicbtrittlonr4no unmeaning bravado.. It
be'tneds gnat On . the dey : Of 'the election.—
miciiaailae, 143004 A, Allegheny ' rie and
Somerset will again tout their mujontirty.b7
oe, wchers;Arapc!!.. ,, . Pat uP*,
,• . mar (Orpeaght, arid cease not your labors
with glad shouts, that
a glen-
:one eletory has perched upon our baoner.;;-;'.;;::
l'aoraannnus.—The Paoli ptbliolnit'
d e f r om ~ L unfer," the °von of the European
Donoorady in Latvian. Its sentiments aro sim
ilar to atose of numerous lotion we him pnb-
, .
tithed on the subject of liberty in Europe, except
that it Irish's America to lead in the great battle
against despotism and ComMckism. We copy
one parisrap' b: ,
"An American force in the battle-field of Eu
rope, raising the etandard of Universal Democ
racy, wou ld cal forth every People of the conti
nent in hope, courage, and irresistible numbers.
Floating In that geld, 'the star spangled banner,'
I &mold strike terror and despair into the heart of
old despotism, conscious of its doom. Its very
coining would be &victory."
Very' well—the "Leader," make fo , r a "force,"
en army o f Americans; but tbe Poet only propo
ses to give them Me man. Perhaps the recollec
tion of the late Cuba foray is painfully distinct
But hear him.
"What momentous thought is here involved.
It is not the masers of our country who are call
ed on to bear the bright-beaming, standard of
Republican Freedom. Our thousands and mil
lions ere not called on to.suffer and bleed in a
etrange land' for the sacred cause. No; although
each aid would be acceptable and proudly en
couraging. yet we are alone asked to furnish a
man who, by his great power as a statesman,
and ,kils indomitable courage as a warrior, can
command, direct and guide the armies of Liber
ty to victory, under her own cheep flag. And
we may ask is there not one among the nobly
brave, who is willing to extend his arm in the s
sacred causer Aye, are there not thonsand
ready to go at a moment's warning, when they
shall be assured that their services Till prove
effective? We think there are,—yes, we know
there are."
To be sure there arm, and if we may be so
bold, we beg leave to nominate use—one who, if
the Post and the Allegheny county Democracy
are to be belived, is the greatest man nowliving
"a self-made man"—agrest "statesman, patriot
'and philentbroplet"—one who etudied' military
taeticatfrthe fireside after the labors of the day
were over—we mean Col. Woe. Brotea lie is
the very man for the work; and as it -is now
pretty certain that the people of Perinsylvaia
do not appieciate his great merits, and, will not
make him Governor, he will be out of a f ob.—
Send hits. .
The infamous attempt on the part of
the Locofecos to make capital for their party
out of the Gareueh murder cue, is likely to
prove ae disastrously ebertive as Ira? their at
tempt to strengthen themselves by Means of the
Cuba affair. The unmitigated atrocity. of their
attempt to roake't3overnuJohnston responsible
'for that outrage, either' directly or remotely,
while {trouts thepastindignation.of the Whigs.
disgusts the honest and reflecting men of their
Own party. The reader will }lndio this paper
• history of the origin of the plot to get hp a
panic' upon the subject of slavery. It is the
trick of a few unscrupulous politicians to prop
tip the tottering.fabric of Locofocolem In Penn-
SYlverea. The object of the whole plot is
to persuade, as many people as possible that the
safety of 'the Union depends upon the defeat of
Johnston, and they presume upon the gulli
bility of of the people to swallow this gives ab
surdity. Alas for the Union, if it has no better
guardians than the Locefoe is of Pennsylvania.
Should their trick succeed, how heartily they
will 'sigh at public credulity.-
The earnings of the New York and, Erie Rail-
Toad for the first 25 days of September, were
$220,000; and the remaining days of the month
were expected to yield $lOO,OOO more—making a
total for the month of $320,000, or at the rate
of three soda bilf millions of dollars per an
publican of the 20th inst announces the return
to that city from New York of Mr. Allen, Presi
dent of the Pacific R. It. Company. While at
the East be bad made contracts for the construe
ti2ti of portion of the road, and had ordered
rods for -the first division, about forty miles,.
sad locomotives and machinery for its equipment
it is expected that cars will be running on a
'Onion of the road by the 4th of July next.
The late fire in . Buffalo - has Its redeeming ef
fect as well as Its hardships. The Buffalo Com-
Menial Bays of it, that
-'Nearly all the buildings of Roik and Pea
cock streets, seine 70 or 80 in number, were
occupied as houses of ill-fame,:and the lowest'
kinds of groggeries, and . their being burned up,
was decidedly , the best thing that has been
done in that vicinity for a long time. A public
nuisance has, for the time at least, been abated,.
and this sink of all vice and iniquity ha; been
,purified by fire- Whatever is lost here is a
gain. Between Bock street and the Caned, it
was twin:inch better. Such dens es there mist
ed would have disgraced the Hottentots, and it
Is a good thing tha i n divid u al: clean work has
been made, though do suffer 'some.
Tac Faorrrys SLATS CAM Bnuccaz
Oar telegraphic despatches yasterday . gave an i
account titan exciting fugitive Shire Case at Sy- T
mouse, New York. 1. telegraphic despatch d -
published by theCaroside, yesterday afternoon, •
gives the folloiridg additional pa:Oaths:in al
At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon—the consid
eration of the fugitive slave VI! 114jOunied for bi
half an hoar, in order that a larger room might i t
be obtained, While waiting or f the dispersion h
of the crowd the negro Jerry, seised the Wore- g
hie opportunity to make an attempt to escape,
and with the aid of friends partly succeeded;
o hard struggle with the officers unseal, Jerry s
surrounded by his Mends mode his way into the
street, and ran through Gennesso4 and water sm. -
as far as Snot street, Canal Brldge,,where be
was retaken by the officers, and conveyed to p
the police office.
A large and excited crowd gathered around o
the building, and addresses were delivered by
Charles Foote, of Michigan; and -Samuel R.
Ward,lif Mass.. who, though they did not coun
sel resistance to the law, advised all the friends
of liberty to stand by and see the affair through. ,
Tho examination was resumed at five o'clock; ,
by Henry Sheldon and D. D. 1111111 Esqs., who ,
appeared to aid Mr. Gibbs in Inshalf of the fu-
gitiCe, and J. X 'Anderson, Esq. , assisted My- .
Myers, Laurence, and Loomis far, isirtiants..The
examination of .1, P. Lear, - the alleged owner
of the fag - inv., Was resumed, e
but before any
Progress was madathe commissioners consent
ed to hear. the *claim. The defence contended
that the prisoner wan ; legally held to service in
Missouri.. The matter was argued at length.
The feeling of the increasing crowd became
Intense, and a number Of the windows of the
office being' broken by atones; t at 7 o'clock the
commissioners adjourned the
, I conrt until this
- morning. After the adjournment, [attire
. was taken into an apartment:in the back of the
police office; with the intention of asking the
dispersion of the crowd when he was to be re
moved to a place of 'Safety. Bat the excite.
e meut continued to increase, and an attack was
e made upon the police office by a number of per
_ sons ; clubs, axes, and crowbars were used, and
windows and doors broken through, and the
office filled with men.
* Bat as the negro was still bejond their reach,
a plank was used as a batter - mg ram, end an
g entnume forced with it through the portilon
separating the office from the I apartment in the
rear of it, in *Melt the negro was confined.
' • Resistance was made by the .officers having the
negro charge, but they ware , ' h_ having
• powered, and he wail borne away by his Mends.
_ A carriage ,was' in' mediums into which the
negro was hurried and taken' up to a place of
security.: la endeavoring to ; detain the negro
in custody Marshall Fitch of 'Rochester had his
• r right UM broken in two places, no one dm is,
ty reported as seriously hurt,' One half hour after
. the *rescue the crowd dispensed. P. J.I Lear
the claimant, was arrested aka kidnappar on
warrant issued by a lustitly . Rinse, on co plaint
h - of C. A. Wheaton. He will .have so exfutios-i
lion this morning.
• _ __ •
- .
I , Slavery it the corner-Stone of the rtpublica:
.fics,• said the late GOT. McDuff:le of South
Carolina, In . one of Mil messages. Wbsterer.
'may be thought of that ventimat. there it no
doubt bat that &Avery is note the oornm , stone
of the Locofoco party Ft Ii the only rivted.
.. ,
they contend for.
We have but recently rankled the ahem:ion
of a batch of New Jerse banks, sir : thee" Peo
pies Bank of Patterson ; theComdercial Bank,
st Perth antboy ; and either bank In that 80,000
—and now immediately on., the heels of these
come rumari Ere, or(tnnhtiny in Ire. York, of *
rupture in the Saliebotry concern In Maryland..
The probabilities are 'debut too re • tines to ad- .
mit of s doubt that thee are but 'fferent vari
eties of the same kidne , and one 5 fallen Wi
der the &nett .s com on wym y with the
others. Wall street, no oubt, tab ~,• es the poor
remains„ sod the Info to not . elders retain
the dim memorials of eir brief .areer.—Bale.
It is with a joy too sober for e • tattoo that
we recognise, in the elite of the p• bile mind of
this country, since the hatred th late criminal
enterprioe against Cuab, the tri • •• ph of moral
principlr,ofratersuce forlaw,Dl ' • and hawse;
end of a just regard for the pod • . Won of the
W0r1d..... Whilst these elements in the ascend.
.nation n the *lewd cherecter end • .110 y, we have
i mbio feat for the &public. People that
scukceeetelfiu 9PF daNSVP• 4 , • Whin; sad
sieve antral scrod ones; as • People has
&MO an the late occult% arm • noble specta
cle to the wadi of a sound Tinto • not incom
patible with the treed institlitms*--Not. feta
orreco — ndie 9 r the N. T. C.xlattertial
LeGHOlth, -..ktig. 27, 1851.
The very cothaplbieutary remarks of Lord'
Palmerston lit the Home of Commons, respecting
the waturtitutioth and the people of Piedmont,
have been Published entire in most of the jour
nal" of that kaniary, and extensively tnroughout
Lay: and lay editorial comment have 'men put
forward es laMstinct pledge on the part of Eng
land to anstaid Piedmont against Austria, who
as a creditor ntver lacked pretext to pursue an
aggressive pots y toward her. Lord Palmenton's
praise of this duly constitutional government in
Italy is prOduoing and will continue to produce
the beat effects throughout the Peninsula, since
it harmonises with all the noble aspirations of
the peoplel It not only reflects a just odium
upon the despotic. governments of the rest of
Italy and spurs the heroism of the true patriots
against a hoped for day of change; but It gives
a sensible heck to the influence of the Martini
party, whose principles, now no longer, disguised,
augur the worst for poor bleeding Italy. The
argument for constitutional freedom drawn from
the risingTharacter of the kingdom of Sardinia,
is' the mos effectual that ;can be brought to bear
upon the public mind of Italy at the present
time; fur the Italians are not like the French,
disposed 10 plunge into political experiment.,
but prefo modificatira of government which al
low of their continuing to glory somewhat In the
past. 1
To bo able to ,rejoice as lover. of freedinxi In
something that is,inateed only of something prom
ised in r.publican revolutionary circulars, is a
matter of wonder and consolation with the great
... .
mass of talians. et • iedmont but • 'tante
her prosperous career as a constitutional manor- wprosperousuomdge,
chy, grown% in favor of England, and disap
pointing the bitter and industrious calumny of the °°'
Austria end the Jesuit press of Franco and Italy, "I d
and the .antiatnatory appeals of the socialists
will soon havel •"
ittle or no effect upon the people
here. Nothing penetrates deeper into Italian ' m '
hearts than p4ise for whatover may still exist
that commands respect from toe world. (hoer- W 0 ".
raxsi, the esiled revolutionary Minister of the r .,P e , e° '
grand duke ..? Tuscany, is creeping hack into.glorio.
the comPassi..n, if not the favor, of his old mac-
ter, by [pubbshing in Tuscany, with license of au , th°
authorities, a defence of parts of his policy prig- 53. ' r ,
inatitig,las hesaye, in ll'eettjed hostility to Pied- u ,..f,.' ° _ ° '
wont. 1 They may allow him to publish hie ...."'
vindication at Rome also, fod there hostility to and . n
Piedmont is a high , recommendation to govern- "' r 66
mentfoyor; but with the people gradually opening
their eyes to the true interests of their country, This
the th.
the fame 'o Piedmont in grateful at this mo- '
k l
for po
meat 4 wet rto the thirsty soul. I have seen these
Tuscans and Romans kindled to euthuuiaem.for
the youngg of Sardinia, and in hope for the Pr°motes
other etateal of Italy, by Lord Palmerston's
praise,l and although some, of the English jour. °k-I , r „ e
nalesuier at it as mere words, from which no- "
thing is to come„ I can testify that those words P' ° •
have gone 'through Italy like the news of a ',l'l l°.
glorious victory, after a protracted season of
n° •°°,'"
doubt arid anxiety for the cause. It 'is almost o, mu*
inconceivable, to one not living in the contry '
here, what efforts ire made by the of jour-
"' nil
- Mils of Auatria and the despotic govermirints of
Italy, to misrepresent the policy of Piedmont, er
- and to makt It appear that she is reciting to de- •,'''
:', "!„
i eviction. ' The Assembles Nationale of Paris ,',
has taken up th e cry against her with the most r?'
6 l"
determined hatred, and has been publishing se-
'f rice of labored articles which are copied into the
- official. journals here, to show that the govern
ment of Piedmont Is revolutionary and deetruo- Imre
rite Lord Palmeratott's testimony at this' mo
ment is worth everything to the cause of Rattan
7 The projected line of steamers between Genoa ,
and New York opens a new era for Italy. The to.,
whole country is deeply Interested in it. The bee
I- 'journals are gall of statietical information in re- an.
e gard to the commerce that will now be directed "o'
, from Germany, -Switierland and Lombardy, " 0 . ;
through Piedmont, to the injury of Berra and Z r '''' a.
• a Trietel They have not got so far in political ....
to economy berets to understand how the prosper
.- ity of ourkaation may advance that of others, t,t
and under the intense political hatred of France
and Austria, - the great feature of this oceen
steamer enterprise, is connection with the rail- b u s
ta ,
road over the-Rips, is ethic to have the soppos-
, ;f
at pi effect of eeriounly ituzing there countries. of t
~ France to lose the India mail nod considerable t .
tt transit commerce between Switeerland and Ida- ...I
es, vre; and Austria to be baffled in her attempt to -
"i draw the grand commerce of the hlpliterrean to ••I
, a Triete. So the nations reason,lanti the Ans. 7::
trions and French, are certainly awake to the „ t ~'
fact that Piedmont has thus, with the aid of , 0 ,,,
ef- British and American capital and enterprise. 1100
suddenly became a powerful rivet in wide. At at
Genoa - theyntoy hold popular assemblies to glo• cot
ray themselves in the new prospects opening to ns,
ea - their country. Here at Leghorn, however, no- i ,
ere thing of the kind is permitted—but the board of .„
tot commerce is active in correspondence with the to
'Pi government upon the subject as it may be turned la
a to the profit of Tuscany; and in circulating re- Po
'Be ports drawn up for the purpose of enlightening '°'
°di the commercial community in the matter. By :•,''
• the terms of the contract between Piedmont and
a the American company, the steamers are not to eat
It touch at Marseilles, or any port in Italy save tv •
Genoa. Leghorn, however, will probably effect 1 ...
it some arrangement 'M. profit considerably by this a
has new opening for Italian commerce, and the effect
- may loon be to obtain abetter commercial treaty .p
between the United States and Tuecany, about
which the Tuscan government has thus far shown.
an itself excessively bigoted and norrrow minded.
Sy- This government bates the prosperity which to t
itch derived from foreign commerce—it wishes only
a rich court, a powerful clergy, and a poor peo
ple. That wore the acme of what it calls nation. i
al prosperity. . '
' id - The Tuscan and Roman papers have been for. A
far bidden to publish extracts from Mr. Glisdetone's
fight letters upon the prisons of Naples, copies of which
-on have been sent by Lord Palmerston to all the
• - British legations on the continent, to be commu- v
pe, Ideated to the governmento. The government
.dud; of Naples is preparing an answer, some of the
arty statistics of which, are already in circulation,
' the which may possibly place Lord Palmerstou in an
SSA awkward position. Mr. Gladstone may have
he 'been misinformed .as to the number of political
-d to prisoursothich he sets down 0t20,000, and up- t t
on some other points also. At all events the
•atid Ring of Naples hos a certain advantage over
-• by Lord Palmerston in this matter, in the prediepo-
I R. titian of the foreign cabinets to justify his sere
actin- rides in the authority which will be allowed to
ends the denials given to several important points in
Pugh Mr. Gledstane's letters, and in the irregularity
ock s of-Lord Palmerston's course in violation of diplo
, who motto usage, making unofficial statements the
' e in - basis of appeal to the European cabinets against
My - a power .with whom England is in friendly re.
The lations.—Much as one may rejoice that the at
, wrier tendon of all Europe is thus • drawn tothe info
- any Mons course of the King of Naples, it may be
• eat- doubted whether Lord Palmerston will not In the
•ded end see reason to regret Ids preciPitancy in the
ee ta matter.
The religious prosecution becomes more and
scams mortsiolent every,month• Yesterday two poy a
.f the men, one a gentleman's servant, the other a oho d'-
If the 'maker, were sentenced to exile far opinion's sake
, this 'only. These two, ' , with a Dr. Walker, on English
• griive resident of Pisa, were arrested a week ago last
of the Sunday, at the house of a Protestant Italian.
'g the. They had met accidentally and not-for worship,
bo re- and were merely engaged in conversation. Tho
-tette- master of the house was also 'arrested, although
WAS not present at this interrisw of his friends Dr.
'f per- Walker was, upon the strong remonstrance of
• , and his government's representative, reluctantly re
.d the leased after twenty-twolboors, imprisonment, no
evidence being produced of hisbeing taken In any
reach, violation of law. The poor Tuscans, however,
ad tla will have no merey.—The master!of. the house
:lan still remains in prison. It is of no avail for these
in the men to plead that in this instance they. were in
apt& lament of the charge of holding a religious meet
ing the log. They confess upon examination that they
over are Protestants, and for that alone they are now
, ends. at the mercy of ecclesiastical judges. Madiai,
. the the muter of the house, is a man highly esteem
' of ed among the numerous English families whom
negro he has served daring the last fifteen years, either
'ad his as courier, or mastro di essa, or landlord. The
else is two exiles leave toonorrow for Turin. Medial,
• after as a man remarkably wellversed in the Scrip-
Lear,t tures, Is probably destined to long and close con-
Mr on of Snement. Ho Is in fact handed over to the In
tltplalnt quieition. The Pope labia sovereign in ride' mot
e:line- tar.
____ —.---
Gen Scott being written to, Nome months since
by a gentleman of Pennsylvania, at the requast of
eight members of the Senate, addressing him am
the undoubted Whig candidate for the Preeiden
oy, spa requesting his opinionit on the various
political questions which bare agitated the coun
try, wrote the following characteristic letter, in
. , 20 1851.
*rl 3
WASUINOTON, Nor.. 20, 1851.
. • Sir; Ihave received your letter (marked “con.
&den tial,") in which after committing the error
of supposing me tube ' ' , fully before the country
as the Whig candidate for the the Presidency,"—
you proceeded to interrogate me on many points
of grave public interest.
Permit me to way, that, conildering we shall
probably only have a Whig candidate for the
Presidency through a,National Convention, and
that I cannot be its nominee exect b the force
of th e unsolicited partiality of p large y
masses of
my COUDtSyMetr.
Consider also, that if my character or 'prin
ciples be not already known , it would now be idle
to attempt to supply the deficient;nformation by
mere paper professions of wisdom and virtue,
made for the occasion.
and 'considering that if. I rinawsrFoulln erie
II must go on, and answer others already before
me as well as the long series that would inevit
ably follow—to the disgust of the public.
I will beg permission to close thlsieknowledge
meta of your letter by subscribing thyself,
With great reepeet,
Your obedient servant
Harriebnrg. Penns.
P. 8.-1 mast add, thet I write and say no
thing,on public subjects, which I am
see pablialted, W ti.
~ . •
From lb Herriaturg .dtrienr-cin.
Locofoco speakers in this end of the State n
spend all their time in declamation about the r f
!descry question. The object is evident. They a.
wish to create an alarm about the dissolution of
the Union, and dins try to elm,' Willim Bigler. p,
, Locofocos are pursuing a settled policy which .•
! was agreed upon in caucus, but unfortunately l.
for them not kept as quiet as they intended.— b
We know all about it, and will now tell our read- '
ers the particulars. a
On Thursday, the 18th of September, George
•W. Woodward was in Harrisburgh, and put up .
',at Buelaler's hotel. On the evening of the day, r.•
he was conversing in the side room of his hotel,
with several members of the Locofoco party.—
We know who were preseothesides Judge Wood- r ;
ward, but it is not necessary for cur presentpur-
pose to mention any other names. Judge Wood-
. 1 1
ward gave his views of the condition of the two
parties in this State, and the probable result of
the pending contest for Governor. He said that °
whilst hundreds of Democrats were going over 2
to Johnston, he had seen but one single Whig e
who would appose him, and that Whig,
had. but recently become a resident of this
State. Ho said that something must be done to ;
counteract this movement or else all would be
fait ! He said that the best thing they could de '
would be to get up a panic, and frighten the
people about a dissolution of the Union; that in
the present eodition of things it would be easily ,
done, Sc.; no.
One of the o mpany—a cidten of Harrisburg,
whom we kno —said: Yea, I concur with the
_ Judge, "we m et get open alarm I and frighten •
~ the commusit upon this slave question!"
' Judge Woo ward continued and said:
' "I do not ow that there is any cause for
alarm, but it is better to raise a false alarm
e than that Joh Sten should be elected !"
'', This was theconversation. -Accordingly Judge
Woodward went to Philadelphia and made a
- speech in which he said that the election of Gov.
e n Johnston would sound the death knell of our
° glorious Constitution, and that Gov. J. was the
. . - f author of the Christians tragedy. The Penn
, _ sylvanian laviehes column after column of abuse
upon Governor Johnston in the same strain.—
• a The Locofoco press have caught up the cry
o and now like a pack of infuriate wolves on
° the scent of blood, they try to hunt down an
• .
innocent man by charging the Govenpar
''''' of thin State with being seceasory to Murder I
O'_ This rant is all hypocritical It was concocted
for political effect and is now corned out with
p the same design. Put down their risings to the
: o promptings of a fiendish , spirit which, to make
, o votes for their party, seek to stain another'e
p . skirts with the blood of the victim of a riot I
We have narrated the conversation as it took
o place. We have the proof of the truth of our
statements in our possession. We stated the
of -sithstance of the above article on Thursday last
ot and not one Locofoco paper of respectability has
dared to deny its troth l Voters of Pennsylva
r nisi Will ' yen be duped by tbe cunning artifices
of of Locofoco politicians, who have surrendered
, t every honestand manly feeling to the dictation
o; of a beanie policy, which seeks to arouse the
, 4 , living by en ering th e grave of did dead and
0 .- o - , finding the the means of accomplishing their
o ,; - _ itfameus purposes 1 .
rn- grir it isr 7 ust what is wante --eayall who
,c. bare ever Ihml Sl'Lene'• Varovifehet Stead the ushering
„°- letter from artiahtrit
! •Ititcana. Chem./ Co., N. Y-t
lan Feb. 10th, INT. /
••J. Kul ..1 ,r go —When cm ascot as. Wire 1 bad Mat
opened. ant he left Lut • fee dosan of ll'Latm's Venni.
fuse.sood I Mad It is going ad very Kat, and thus far it
ha oven good satisfaction. and ha proceed to be lad
what the public wants, and tee ham got It *going. end I
do not Irish to get out. I ham but cis dome left. When
your agent was bora. I Mint h. told me ohms glace to
send If I sboold want mom. Lot if hs did, I Lusa forgot.
ten. Will ion have the valiant.; to ardor be me six dos.
en um. on merlin of this. PYTKIL PRYER ''
Iris male by J. KLDD • CO..
tnZaletwlLSHn.6o Wood et
Petroleum i
air A /War Reataltiftatt Casa or Tow.
litattunne CUaao MT P.m.-arm —We tootle do Idttootloo
Of tee attlkt•J ..l We public cenerdly, tome tonere.
of Wm. 11.11. of 'this city. The cam may 0. me. 07 Ito,
person 01.0 may be e*Atitind Lc relation to the beta hue
tcrtta S. 11. KIER.
I bat been artUctod seem' years 0110 a soyerteleofbaCh
eyes, ettueb oautitund U. Inmate wall Sesdetator, 11150,
toe tutleummtioo at tber tuo. Manua Incited the whole
ante membrane 'of both elre , aud ts &P.D.
of.dare Um, ablen mbolly Otadoled my natl. I bad
opttralou torlttrm,l,andtter thlrkentua enootod.ohkh
Fou Fo u
retureed and led me In as Dal a roodltlon 64 team
At We 0014.4:f the r7mplala2 / Made .1010 , 0 10 . t. Krr
cal of the t emitted toeWral M.M.ltaineltod ear
tont •my er.VOuld 14m-eMe Ott wall.' Attbltlattol mold
not .ustuurnle. any °Lod. By it. Stir/
I tommeaced lad. um of Um Nuni*nm. both tatesnally
aad Lratll. under erblch my wym ban, flaprontdddlY
td the preadat Uwe, and I Lave reeoutned mydebt midno
lye Tyhodth erar eery ,mOlO Impeorad 11.
Petroleum, end I.loooe. U. restored= or my .1000 m
Itatute. I larder It 10101 111,.d Meet, to W. trMy,
aid be tato, to ell, any Ural/ado. to relation to My
1L1.1.141 WALL."
ler mNs by Iteymr llePullnle 110 Wood duvet. W. A.
Pellets, 57 Wood Writ 0. A. rabidetto.a. • 00, U 7 Weal
Wood and Fula street. U.. 5.1. curry. It rElgit.J.Wlikh
alleglomyrtdeo 07 the Ifie .
B. M,
eelie Itter - T • Castel Dmltteeemath . KIER
PETliiiipooflianWazv, Outlay, &c
- - -
No. 129 wood Btseet.
Destro td roll th. ottoottoo laartiosoU and o th ers to
Uottr uttas nocz of
7011.82101 AND DON/Mlle
Ani b th ey en yolr y to obor at Mb
oayrtot yliPyie.
WA hail am:Parma= of MANN'S We bFatmlC.,S. AXES
alyriLy• 413 sobliPy
, •
Mkan's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
.ftk. N. 41 Water gyre. fn ths usrshauss of C. IL
LC. 0 Bums, Pros W MAW, WI.
gbh Company tsnowprepsisti te hums mantissas!,
tri slurs. sal to ussisitu, semis, 41.
tatesrltl of lb.
1.% t r e ' Fs ' :t r gired k f lb. tW tre.
bun al. MIL.. of Pittsburgh. 10111 ..t tworstap
itubsro to the community for Mgtr grader" luttilliggussi
and tuttirnry.
lingsrwas—C U. Ilusary. Hasler. Wut.
Jr. IS alter hruad, Hush to. gin g, P 410•10 Ussziutch
Julig 1110.cut.h. b. Um dumb. IL Kitt. soightf
Pittsburghlo9 444111400 Company
COITAL, wo,ooo.
President—chat. S. Rom.
%Ice Proollent—SA=6 11oCtSSW.
I.realUter—Joartil S. LIAM.
Societaf f —C. S. .
.d.artiw.m•nt In •aotbur part of tbt• pop,.
_ . _
M. and M. Bank.
SHARES of the Capital Stock of this
co Bank wanted by WM. A. HILL
.grad. Burt .4 Es... lirotAn.
. . .
n; nn 013. .114 two polmd cam lutmet.k.lll
&tilled—my lor salt try
•-• Grocers Mid Ti. De..lers.
.TI 9" 9 - 01 40 mat,. R.
W. A. Ale('
- _
I lODFlSll—Reoeived tri u d . !lr m sale ' R bjr .co.
SJ oa
Natcbleu Blacking
_and Icb.
BLACKlNG"—grammtel maim . icy yst offend
u zab i lr ii tztvl i, Wt . Inaarggr:t w hir . Val
bT tlt Pb 11.41906 Pa. 0e32117.
yourm--A. small sum of. money, which
Mn.. ma bay* by falling ad deoulblus el
• do or EDNEST,
13444 4., be 444 sad 6mit bNW.•
Ohio and PoOnsYlva* s§4 3 a 4 •
eac Oth inst.
Sl* &Nino= Itsba. sill 'pile Sew 13Sigli u tg a l e,
tif. t. l37l4:nn= 7,l = .
calf GEO. Agent.
NOTICE--Tbe Stockholders of the Little
it.l mTdir. Icalrat of Oro P
qu iryd br van on or before lb* Orins, ofrfovatter
mrst. marl • rtortl. =aunt to to paid each and errry
thirty dayrtherrsitar, .01 Me ...bola be mu . .
H 7 or/~er o f
At Tnuiltreer..
TlLled Etvackzpittil...h.•l:c:t for
litir;forgi Bettors.l.l•• of E t t.:hiosaltby Yaw—.
biL Wm yt„lat.
for 849,....•••—with • i•nr.lll
of ussfulaiti oz.
IN ._-
l on uotlyr 111. of 11. TOWNSYNDo
C0.,0D., .
dlosolyed by the Mx... al goat C. TOGO d, thy
2:ll7l:4oTattnatr`97. " ""t*M" '
Plttoboxith. Oa. 3,1161. •
001 l
soy tyrolissoo,
ow Wight.. to.P. Yollsovro,
TOWNSEND it CO., Wire.Manatactu
you. No. 19 biulyst Ansi. flttobargh. loglysit,osny
LIT a Bucheeld lan rectir.4 • truh will of Um.
lJ Borcheltld bays wwwlrod • foll Lowartawat o. •bov•
goals—coma as low •• UK. pg.' ods. moms gum
per blotter Alpues.o. $l.OO Po , Tord. 000
-2 cuks Omit'. ttokb Buda
2002 lb* Ctrumat-
duo " utrs powdust Oltiren '
22 Obis Tututs' 0.1; '
I. 02."21 l. 21; . .
4ko Dbl. chip . .
COW Pm Blut 2121,24 • , _ .
. .
2 Wu tut 1/36ts T•l22—olkom
62 Ito nittguml Twltt
20 bbl stp. 0/22 -1210.1.21 mil toe mie
by (cca) J. BUM t Ott
NIA.OKEREL-- 250 bbl., arriving, for kilo
. by OW) W. It t:WIT.3OA.' .
------=, . . -
AIIITEM-1 00 bags eras, arrislug,
Lw onl• La 3) W.& P. WILSON.
WIL.A/31 : .1--40aasks for sale
- W. It a. W 11.508.
litrarrfit Jarir •. •
gOR e Yogi SE FOR
Ms MCP, yams
wad.. Swan ar J. baa ----
ael 141 Rod
IllY VIRTUE of sosidry writs of Veriditioni
Eason. sod unirt Enda., sad rimi FadiJed
of the District 00art and Court of &mown E 1 ,.. of
Iptitc'iell'io,o:ll,lle.rentA r me l'of-ALI:X7II
Monday. the rib day of °Maher, A D.. 71861, at 10 &M.A.'
A. M.. the tolloning dceeribed property, to .11
All the right, batman sad claim of John IlMon ,
"i.ot In. " ball t hat "ratio Place of land Waste in
Plne Township, totadel anoLdeartibed am follows. el:
Bounded mi the eat by lands of the heirs of Lazarus
Holmes, demonic!, 0 0 the north by hind of Hobert Wear
dl, on the west by land of Jacob Metionald. on the ecinth
by laalrif Wm and Thee Baal:obi& erected too
et frame dwelling boom. -saki l on
and =same. alma Sb
UT.. more or teas. Betted and Maim m mecalon the
property of John bleDonald, at the oat of Robert Ken
•dy. •
• I••
All the right. title, Interest 'sod claim of Thome. W.
Smith, oil. amt to. all that tutor navel oforootorl. situated
in the Borough of licKeserport, bets., lot No 3. in Pinclalis
T,,..1 11 ° 4 67141 t'7`411.:110,17J,"..V.:f
f011 0w5 4, 4 , Llk of artiL width 340 feet to . al foot alley. on
which is erected • small one end • h./fermi brick dwell
ing hone, and oleo • frame one dor/ building °tenni...des
turning and carpenter shop. Seised and tate. In earn-1,-
1,0. a
Oh pmerty or Thomas W Smith. at the snit of
John Wilkinson.
All the right, Utle.intereet and chum of Wm 11. South,
of. In. and to all thet lot or parcel of ground. taunted It
the Borough of i biclieesport, Wing the one hall of lot No
Al=,titti b ett anilq r ajt:d ld as .114 ,11 4 44°12;
at the corner of Sloth street and alley. and rooting
t h oo "..1 0 00 said allay 1411 feat to - nO.T , th e nce
slog AO feet, thence at right angles In a line
el with the original lines of sold tot, 140 feet to
alb street. thence alms, said atm; 30 feet to thelatent
begintdrigt whereon is erected • mall two
dwellngbona. Seised end taken In easention as the
property of Wm U. South, o f the suit of John Wilkinson.
All We rixta, t.
IntonvnuA clam of P Roney, ot, In
And to all WI. caftan lOt of limula. eltusta on Pune.
ta.714 Of t i "t!Zi".110,..a.g
. rit },..ilLan &mute of 000 Int. Selz.
and token In exteutkaa at We propAly of P. Roney. at the
.555 01 DaTld
All the sight. title Interest and claim of Wm Chambers,
end to, thafollotring described tract et land. situate
to Jef.tooo To VC ...hip. to erittlituateon the putt ode of
gun, and containing 60 ecru., Woos or less. and
wonded buten:Ls Thom e. B
others. John Palm's
land, and lands of Largo and lt .being 00.
iro too
ofa o l d W h " a; ' l b ul PO ' d.:r"1111`g rmorly I .rd . ro g - Po the
to...thereon erveled. belted &Johann in execcaton se the
property of Woo Chambers.' atthe suit of It. L.. IcOolean.
All that certain two story brick dwelling borne. situ.
to Oboe Township. fronting nu the &MTVr toad about =
feet. , rid exteuding bark about lb feet. sold dwelling hone
beta, meted on lot No 12. In Preble's plan of lots In
namelleyellic. sad the lot or piece of ground and curtail
. appnrtenanito the same. Seised anti taken lo exc.
* ninon - as ;the property of John Dickson. at the sun of
it. thilboon.
All tbe right. title. Intereet sod Oahu oriel. Fleck. of.
In sad to ail that certain lot of ground, mar ital dmi
bervil -. won In Jackson Reeds pl. of lots In th e n,
of Lawrenceville. Wooded and denribed as follows—illy
Roller street, by an alley II feet wide. by thebireensbutgh
and Pittsburgh turnpike road. and by lot No 1 sad No
said lot has a front of about 40 feet. and beck .
said Turnpike abou Me Int, on an d erected a frame
home or Drewerr, a small brick house a =all (revise
Seised and taken In execution as the property or
Joo fleck.. the rait Ileds. Brother Co.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of John Corristori.
of. in and to all thew two Ha of ground. mituete on Ross
s treet
containing% feet In front, on boss mars., and extending
tack, preserving the same width, lOU fee to •20 font al
ley, on which are erected • torso dont% brick %retitled
house. with micamare apartmenta. for different Umtata—
&Med and taken In iteration no the property of John
Corrldaa, at the suit of Wm llenrf, Helder. • Leo
for vas of J U Monts and A te.
1111 that two dory brick boos, mituared on ticcond Weal,
in the city of Pittaburgh. between Wool and Market sta.
extending In front, on maid Second etreet. shout 30 test.
and extending
_lmek towards Third street In said city. about
SO feet, being :id 43 (If numbered) on sold almond street.
Thirdon addihon to or extension of the bullding•situand on
Third street. Medd dry, enmmvdy known as. the - Rank
Lac= a oth turd ale:a v .
v g i e , 3 ,L n eolern by the sam e. sod
, d ad (Pardo, as may be f o ol . Me ordinars . and
usual par of maid building. 04.1 and taken In exe
cution as Um property of Andrew Miller. contrutor. nod
Tbomse Wallace. owner, at tbe mull of Thorn. Blue/mum
All the right. title, utmost and clam of Nicholas Mon
ter, of. M. and to all that certain lot or piece of groun.l.
dtuate on We meth tdde of Webster Meet. In the &moth
Ward of the ray of Pittsburgh. sod described as f3llowe
f::S (=lT: g er:Art le b. ert s 4rer t 's , 7 o & ‘, ll= l ; o, T,
street 19 inch, thence , c , parallel
turn4o feet and lb, inches ..41....1 31 ("stllds t h ence
don es the property of tilcholasMoster. at the mg el Wm.
Dilworth Jr. •
All the right. Oily, Wolin. and claim of lieter Sit a, of.
In. and to all that eertnin commode and lot , piece of
krgrattli m a=ri - T, I. r. t:utzfr i r'll
a pod. on the top of the rim bill. and . wildnioll lent so
anima* Snodata... the . re by lout of raid Thouvs Snot.
rra,N.l.h,Eii.lsle'rebbes'to=l.‘l7).'.l74,ittr adtt •
E. tiO
la • pan on the Look of um varunigAbola
rlrel, Orebro up mad deer P. 13. 01 24 perches to • too.
thence by land of Archibald Slcicore tt :1, welt to the
momof beginning. contairdmi AT. OCT.. mai esx path.
mom or law,. which le metal 00 old frame datillug
hoax. Ac. Seized and taken in eareuthro m the pro. Pot)
of Pelee Ilyo, at the colt of David Calhoun and JOAAO ,
CIIAOYSI. mines of !mom Caol--'0 lhouu Jr., deed
• .
All the rhea. We. Intgreet. and claim of Hoar/ W.
011 m, of, 30. and to a certedu lot ur tame of grotrd. altuth4
on the rooter of Robinson and Calg Otte., to the Ott of
Allegheny, eiddlot hilug to by 140 feet, ou which greet,
red sir two etory frame dwelling hot... and stable. 1,110.1
and taien in execution tg=l:Pert4 of lientY W. 0110,0 '
at the suit of J. end A.
A certain tax. Aunt brick building and out Louie. 'lt
tote In Pitt Township. retailing on 14,0 street.
W S fem. ,
rhynegeghendlnA back from eail W.. .1004 Ihe hrYe , l) .
Of Nanny Phillips, suleardlt to Prhie eug.. gl foot o, . I
O..thernevnedwardiy,br pR/P*l4, od .1...0 l. I li., to nid '
Bind time.. .0 .Wroth. Seised and talon ha eierutiou ...
the property of Patriot tillaillon, limit, and lint. Lan
pieg.,.lr, adaulnktrOco of Alfred boob, deer. ogrugy, et
up halt of Israel MAW.
Al—tic .
All the riabt. tilla,lbterest, cialm.aml &swami of tiathil
TATIAT Ot. In, and to all that certain lot of griand. mt.. I
i n the h of Melfreeport. being lui. matted and nun
b i nwil 112,1 n John Meltee . plan of lote of mid borough.
g e ld bid having a front on Warred street of el fret, and to.
egmlyno bect. grefee , lmi the easoe glalh.l4o fnehosterbkh
Is erected two mall frame deelliog bourn. ands hop.—
Voted and Woo la ...non at the WM.., of demail
'thyror, at Um rod of Joh acme.
All the Peat. Otle, Internet and clout of John Wittleso..
Of. In. Ind to ail thatoerten Int or piece of gi al, elhgate
yon tbe' can mile of AlTlolll. greet, at.. . And,
'hater rtreete, in Um birth Ward of ~ I Pitt.
ac 400 l'l'M t A`TA.. lo th r" ; .<',,.1:1, "" ' o:,.."'At
b..... 0. ow.i.a., i. t- 44 ,1 e. .rth.r.,1,"1.. ,-, . m,, ore .
YO JAI. Wllltams, at the a * Le • ' .a. ' rialit " .. 4;
*Lees t• .
All the neat utle. totem.. .ml claim otfoinipsoo A
WAlker, of, in and to all that certain lett f pound. situate
In to. Wow. Tram oppuelte ritteburgh in Om . etti ...f
Allegheny. beginning at the dietotee of 619 P.O. luii
loch. Yuan thatorner. of Water Lane. oul out tot No 2&.
an 1.1. division 11. between out too NM & tepee the
. Me, and Pou 041. d 261 on the other. aloog
. itag . We CT feet liii, Inehes, amt thence at tight . angle.
7aul It! lerr.;':,.tV: , .t." - . 0 3 :: 07 0 .7. 1 ".., 1 ,rir L'4 o ::
to Gallane MI hart to the pler of begiontog. containing
a m ezre a on which le meted a deellloll house, 00
Seised sad talon Al *reation as the Property of Flow..
A Walkir, at the cult of Win. Dilworth 44-
All the right. title, lnhervel. and eon of James 'roman.
of. la. thil to w 114011 <Artaln LOD los 'AI ground, Situate
L hbehre Tormodrip. being lot. Nos. 1, tr, i 4, 6, A. 7.1 i, 4
end 10. In the plan of lab! laid out by Capt. Hartung and
• II 0. Snyder, Liq.,as Moiled In the omit for recording
Soot. in
flaunty, bs Plan book TOIL I. pars WO, Irool'
Ina on the Allegheny Mew, on the Yenotsyleartia Cannq
ZAI4I O. Bailer Tranvia. road, being in fleet oil the !Ole..
I gr ling'pg.ef=til tatal,'Ltgritd.eldthe'diTe.r.loo.orl
td7i y - ggarg b .: , ...t . . ,,, Vd -.7,:u 0 f,1g.;d7471ft
Mg um, being the WOO property soil to said Semen by
(.1144. 0. darn. nod wife Os deed dated the ;19/13 day of
:41;f1dartieeTtalVil tha tultor later. g.T. Pr ' t
kid A lk U ITlrh . t7i o drt= Itutr.t,bglbt'grrr4Vg i zt
throat . of Cltteburgit. fronting on a private Wag or Al'
itlfil l titlitTerre t, ' !;!tri j oi " itell ° i ' ort ' StsVo r :Tm:tUtUnt
ViraA 11=07 bt?lo`!11.11-rit`gg9":7•1:101 !?taill
r aid City.) ...a ths lot or pieta of cnound and otrUlaite
appurtenant to the math. rolled end utast In eremitism
tur the PurPertY of John Trigurte at rite mit of William
Dilworth, Jr.
All the rkrtit, title, Intemet andutainr of S. Sthithrtri
hereof. in. and to the Wowing - desolibut lot. to 0144 Lot
N 0.72, InJohn Brown'. plan of lota In the Borough of
UM Birmingham. mud lot being 211 feet in fronton &linty
ittreet.atuterrendlngto der tn 6 0 0 0 f...t, bounded by Std.}
finer- at d irf b l y a IffeTrti r a Olotelio ' rntd.&en b fl
tam In evocation m the ptoperty of Broderick &Won-
Priker, at the Pitt of James Patton, Jr.
All Os right. Lilo, antenna sod claim of The gemod
grabgalkal Lutheran et. 850110. Church. Allegheny
City, of, in, and to all that certain tot or place of. groood. to
*Mato in nevem Totroahla. war Nine 'boy. froodog on ha
, the road 71 net. benrem th. two inareyarda sod nutad. 1•••
leg boat TA fon. kited mid taken In axecotion as the •
Ctrufrairoofatell=ottgel, g-elnlt
of War •
ner. and Mtn.
All the righboCtl., intermit and chafe of Edward
Azg.razrg Van. et bO
[ S a ud de cribed to follows, fir: booolled . by f. P ad. of tin
bans of Junes Wafts... land. of 'Lon . Mar ray,Wll Dam
Inman, them Monay. and Wars of gnatonl &MUDD, emir
Wane about MC sera, with ••large bars, a dwittilos
bona, part gone and kart franc alto, a Jog in.!) lag
hawse thgreca 0 0. so
,N. dower or
=AI the dor l i ffrts U ol 4 . aryill f
g 4
Aso. D4asect. Aetna and urea in Ps-
S ad tag =
aa the yrojanty of Enron! IL Riggs. *1 ths Bon of w r i
Owns Oman
Aft the right. Ctn. irstnost. and clam of Johit F. Mc-
Combs, of IL. to and mat of amino novetarge. tor ground
not) truing on of • ontain lot of ground. kn.. In
Feelant Township, belga the same let of groomd ammo'
by William LI, Aleraothir, to John Wills, by demi of an
o,al lean, amok. February 3d, 182%
0 0 00
Is deed
Unit. go. 2, page Mt nmyrtalo Ale:muter ad hit
rirete In . frot u t Ortriti irdaborgtran
cigns&trott 10100.05' flout, asol en:melon book 140 teat.
Inaridlid by proven', now, or lot. of mad Ahorsodez,
" at ar&tor,lnollar Twldty•bilf
It h JIO Y. kletiamba l lo Parsiro ' ce ut certain tagernaf•
lo t • Court of Common Fie. of said County. on II a
No, Co urt
o f
'form. lant.
• All the right, tin, kaftan and claim of Joh. F. gle•, to and to all that cnialo lot of
tg gan Liberty, tuumital sa Wows, vir: Itatw•• b a ng st the
of an alley 12 tint wide, mad th• rieburgh aod
l, taropilt. road, theoce nnwsnilg storoLtl .
rowl, Unto th. Doe of Thong. Molnar, MOM
along m Ilne 'AM Int to •o 0 feel street.theon
&Wog ashistred westwardly Co
to saki 11 ieet alter,
theomaouthwanily 'NJ Mt to the ialso• of tma,...Los•p
All the right, Inle, totermt sod cnimisald McCombs,
ha and to all tbst cortslo tract or pi of amoral situ.
!fr Ytell'illre'rr:gsburf.""liTgAutb w lb b igat ,
7.4,741 the glankstown nod, therm abtotrld o k . l
tb re,Vict Ittelruptvgg . an o 9 l l Me Int
'sto l e o .
412. 0 •11.1 Pittabing rt turnpike roof, thinaom
a..o...amePorth rm . twardly aboat pAI fettle tt
l orarce' •
• That:nth 41.11111. tiours, erected hy illowtou, Imo
i lot on Ito .0100 aide of titth Wren s . to Pittsburgh. and
• .1.01 midway from wit, street to Irt t is j . 004
ggr,: s rigur I. ° 4l:::llArtigh. nivlng a siteil
roonami balms 11 fan OW* by '25 foot long. Maple.. of
ground twlanging to toll iiimpoon, on which ...u.tlsowe
ernard. bouousu mt the won side by property of Mot ,
• tn eatt•lrs, mad OD the adby propety Ikon
inunybelt_ Seim! and takett In sunition tiotnroyerty
i s lHtl4ooo. 51001
t, r g rift? g Idlrta c 'ol
a . "
All ila• right, title s intanit and claim of Daniel Young.
of, In and to all that certain lot or otectr u troonl,
00¢0 td and trgie,'A . iZell 4 2l net : ‘, l=
.1101 No t h f
rho •'"la
r IL ''''.fithen....,k 01
' north won: s reo aka . to the yam of begin.
gigg•J twang tot No. 1.2, ao tlawa i to.flota 1.1.1 out la. rift
tgow City 01 01F.14 by.floran and ray,
g1 k 11% . . 11 deeda t ler
l e b ti ollisc. 10
of ground converird 14 1 3= 1.005
t,'t..itbs Ma Ink M_Dobeet Wray b attair.. Ramon
sth " 711 o b" ate , 010 4111 . E:rah Eowin i , =lf mil
2:01 the sald lot na CI to worse
4 thj rk t2th day of lanu::411
twn t
by dead dated the Ala day of
r , "
&god book a. A., 7a. tags
• alungrailDeliOw t.D . W .I /0.n.0. , co which Is mot.
• • . 1 ., gory Garbo duetting house, sod other oat booms.
• . `need atal tarMa in a:notion the . Frown of Daniel
" Young.= at atilt Of 4L ,
Att , fl 4 44, • "
• Ann° •
AU ttr: Idsotilthairstand ash:a t
fro of u t a lnangsr ....
• if, thpCitr ?I,Plttstat rasit of ta i 0 0. in tr ,
• " T.epsea. bounded : beginning
gunman thence shang AnMate tat
es slt ian, thence aluog lino amid liat
571 p yat
- fi anor 10100. to ot.[-
-15„„„, ot=glias
aing psis Of V. sago lot watch bi "km.
m turtitkat u, D14144t Cot. , ialbettl
C0...T... Water alis) ellot.l to .1,1 le.maef lark.
Wltn=hrwe'l=fb.Zio7ert=*-3t; lB !
4..rettion Doket). Seil.l and taketni....entim's* tbe
pro . p.rty Abmander Birk, st the ebit nt'Oeorre
b , rger. ume of BattNl
All the right title. interest end thorn elaim of .Jobn Keating
L Ia and to • certain can of landsitiiate in Wilkins
Township. (now Penn)bounded and deecribed 'as follow, to,
wit: beonoing at a post onthe line of land of Fennell
thence by sanot hue .. 16 degrees. Wen 13 6-10
paches to • post thence be line of land of Ihteld Blair,
15 d e gr e es, It et 2.5 0-10
_perches to a post. thence
by line of sante land. South W. dome, taat 54 f.-10
prolus to a pad. thence by the line of land of Karat, John.
AM/ North St degree, East 03 parches to a poet. thence
North 2454 deirees, West perches to pat. then. be
line of lands of Wm. B. Foster and Charles Carothers,
North 1 degree. East 120 bin pertbes_to toe gam, thence
East 2.10 perches to a ped. thence North .0.1 degrees.
yjt 32 1.10 perches to • post. theme by Land of Hug!!
unnlng, West 6 perches toe post. thence South 71h de.
grees. Wed 16 perches to • poet then,* North 2d Are-sae.
West 14:.10 perches to post. thence Korth 17)4 degrees.
Fast " plebes ton post thence Northp dearee,Weu
16.:.-1 . 0 perches to • Pon. Gen , Nortti ;S^ , deg., Wu' ,
39 :ell perches to degree, West
99 perches to • poet. thence South 16 degrees. Kart 63 540
perches to the vises. of beginning: , route/ulna 131 acres 2
r.le and le perches Seised
tan 6 execution in
the property of John Keating at tbe suit of Wto
Stewart. .
All the right. andialto of Wltilstu
enu. of. and to all thnee twn nolo 10. one. of
' ,duet., lying. and broad th e Ninth ',Ward of
Ctty of Pittaburgb. twine part ....Intl No liMand 121
lu the plan of Into lead out by the figeeuturs of J•mee
011ara, late of aald City, La.mased, bottoded mot deist-libel
a.• follows, el[ ouromenclug on Viater k.ert at a Metier
of a lot owned or Mr..., owned by e ' l L Pfraogle,
load ruoving Dieu. West along—.t. net to theeor,
of property °woad by Chambers& \Agony; they.
south slung aeld property WO feet to the ;rave of be
ulog..t.log part of a large tract of mutat •lueh
Nu. DOLIDT and Devalsßeully. Eel's soirttlost Executors,
of Cfliftr, Deceased. by deed o f
1848, entareyed to Jam. Blakely to . el. by deed of
March loth, DM. cooreyed . the same to 15 . 1 ism
In fee. which deed is recorded In the gee
11411 m of 01116,1001 Coonty to Deed Book, 4 011. 80,
page 62. Mated and taken In execution sa lbw prop
erty of %%Vltava Jackson, •t the sod of William J. Jack.
ton, ler ore of Oeorge now Mr ono of William \C.
All the right title, interostand elailm of Peter Dither, of,-
In, and to all that certain lot of ground in the Borough of
Me)(seaport, bounded And describe-41 as Maws, vied be.
e t a point on Market ernied, at thecorner of lot
No. 11l In the plan of said Borough, ,and running thence
along Market street 90 feet to,the middle of lot No. lIft:
thence at right angle. with Mart. atreet Westwardly 100
leer thence aline pa•allel with Market street North 00 feet On the Diamohd: thence Baetwatelly 100 .
teat tothe place of bethnelng, on which 'are treated one
lane three gory bock bone, ocenpled lait • tavern and
store house, and three frame dwelling honks.
Alto all that certain other lot ! groundth the Borough
Itai,ort, being led No. t 3 to killer's plan, beginning
the corner of Sixth and Sinclair streets: I: , ienee along
dittelsir street.'l63 fest nod 64 Inch. to the trier nt flu.
club go d kinaold street.; thence Westarardly.sloong P.lO.
gold etheet, 61 feet and 63. i trochee or a post thence by a
ti,,, ee arly yandlel with 6/OCIIII street 161 feet and
Melte. to Steth eirelee thence Ensbeiordly alot4. hi:Lb
s tr ee t 61 feet and clad Web. to the place of bethn ng,
k r t i r t;ed oi ng " tre r ttlittdTeh i t:l ‘ f ".. p.:i)cV 1 000 it
170, In eadd borough. fronting on Market etreet GO feet, mid
~,,e p ing beck 140 feet to Blackberry Alley., &A the
f i ttll44l t elt &11";:h1°V.","',. a o n f Po d ro f fV,T.l4t7 " ::! . .m.
borough, fronting GO feet on n olerket street. and ethtending
f,et Blaeliberry Alley: Alto, all the light, Mtn.
Intercel, nod claim ef the defend...fleeing them. undlrl
did half party of In. and to lut No. 173 In said borootteibl
f r oullo, 11) feet on Market street. and extending beck 1.10
pet to Blackberry Alloy, on width arc erected Mors
' , nob booth. occupied as a tavern arid tune no .I'l frame
wore boner. an old log dwelling bootee, and acm *table.
forand taken execution as the pomprro_Pfl Teter
Bker, mike suitor Blackburn t Co. and Jain W.llutler.
for nee of o.therkbunt A Co.
. .
All those rwo brick house. , on the north mast mrner of
Elm and Decatur sm., In the city of PitlAuntiM the
saM houses are two atoriet high, with basement kitchen.
one of the mid bower front.. Elm street, and the othet
Decatur street bribed and paten In execution as the
top Decatur
or Semi Illopta•rolcc' then amlleof his adminb,
:rotor. Ham.' HoPPer. sr., at the atilt of Bollnume t Oar,
All the right. title. intermix and claim of Henry Simons.
deommid.lo the hoods of Anthony Hart, his Sdna'r., (with
I.,kiee to' airs Fmilt Vogl, Widow. Ehm Itoerhart and
Amelia. mince children of saki Henri Simons, decrawd)
A /, in. end to all thateertain lot of mound. In the
Lorough of Birmingham. and marked andnumbered
In the plan or lots laid out by the late Dr. p \ Plowman.
d, c . d. being 20 ft-et in front on Denman stmet.raml extend
ing back 8.1) feet a Inches, tit line of lot No. a 9, on which dproperty rected a frame dwelling boner Seized and taken in exe
cation the Proper liettry Simons. dec* the
Lands ot An Harm. hie slam. (with notice. r at
the suitCummins • Smith -
All the eight. title. intern! c
.end din cf Peter P tor, I
of, In. audio all that C. 14.111 bet or hire., ednd. et na
t,4 in the city of Allegheor. . beginning et the grou
'to feet from the eolith east c,dner ol Middle end Pia c,
Ailey., tin the eolith 81d , of coif e'er all,. wanly '
thence eastwards) along ~ sew Were( All, , heard, redo,
r,.1 street lie feet to iniot do to in Raid city, thence euuttl.•
gently br theline of lot . Is. parallel with Federal
a . reel, CO feat en . 4 feet elle, thence 'outwardly along . a .
~..0 alley, tuards )11.1.11,,,Ai1, At feet. thence north. ell
ardly at I.hl angle, by d, Idle yuallei eith Middle
All,. be, fact to thrive of begin... and U.., Ile Dee •
nod uninterrupted . privilege. uol entument of the
• Get all, elunwald, on erhich.,le erected two two story
brick house., and one hell iry
pelted and
b.iten in rartotion se operg of Peter Painter. et the
colt of J 1.11•5 IirrEICORD.
, ALSO. \
All the right. titladotereet and rialto of Ileng Dotter.
A i
held. of. In and to all that certain lilt or Diem of groand ,
altuate in the horoofthof tibarpehorg , bounded ana—
urette/el as followe--.llegong at a ton Malte street.
end at the tooth knot ner of Ann Idler's lot. thence told street C 5 ht 6 oche.. to nut of Jane. Butter
to-id, thence north by line d said Jon. El tter6•l4. all feet
.ucha... to the towing pee of the Pentkaylvaiale canal,
thence along the value soot ,C 2 &doe, veosi In feet ale ,
to the sine or Ann Hille.e! Int aforeuld. t ewe by the
le,dlie ...thee. kd (Led to Mai‘stseet, the pue of Lulu- •
wog, dans the earn* hi of am ref which •ak . inveyed to !
t\ .,
the said Heory Butterneld by ohn Colwell a wife. 1,,,
their deed dated the 12th of Otto r, A. D, 1,141, od •hial,
I. recorded in Allegheny Count in dud Wok, Vol. lec.
I an. ''..30 On the end of the lot nthig on II n strut.
M.! I. erected • frame hence ter Mried, high. and tin
a l ai fronting the Canal, a rabinet wager'. shop. Wei end •
cotes in eateotiou . the prepert, of \ llenri ht. , . held•
et the mot of funnel Ilagnieton.. .. ..
All that ,rtsan vites y . Parc,• l q vr.4d, 4 hei . l. I '.
. r.i‘b
lilt townith , if , beloglot no It, beams, h hate plan, 4
1.p., as rwro al In Allegheny °Allay. lul k If, di, vel
pk, peon a5l .tai 4:...5.A . nd
n: bou , celei est
i car .i ribo i, l:: Jo
i tnitt ' teeM iff i llt a:4 a IncTu ftwoo t north act
nanter Of Vine and ' Claweil etc:, east 19 feet a 6 Int.dses, to
bet No 27, then , . along add lot No. 27, nor 7I 'feet 6
Icel.+ to leo, street, thew-. ale. qtld Lac, etre, 41i.
sat XI laet 3 Islet,* to Colwell avec. end Plec , sof, , ping,in
tried lee Gelber CorntlooN) lot nu I."), Lea 4he
ane glare of ground that Urn I. gel. and Mare , hi•
de,voyeted to arid John h, hall IP,, their a . dared
a let I. th •pril DOW Seirad.cad tater. In execution Una.
easouri fleet •
t.r - 11....itrnituA,pr,s.':, i,,ip,i,tz 0 .H. 4.. ‘4,:N
,b,„, guardian Jacob drop at the :Ind of Thomas ft.'
I. a.. and
C. Recta lehraniatrature al Deluge L. k
d.,....i. •
• ALSO... I
All thetight, litle, inter., tut chant of slkttle.
ley, of. In, and to ell that certrin lot or parcel of i.
Amnesia the did of Av.-abet" , In out lot N. 13a in n : ,
ry Tract, anti bounded aral described at biker, Tit' Le
. ginning be the 'oath of Jaceenn Inert, Mena cute ly
,id street. Y. feet 0 inch., thence et right tulles
...athlete.), 65 feet. to a feet elks, thence wester.. li ,
a ,0, seed alley 27 Let d inch.. thence nurthwardly at ri bt
go tut to the place of beginning. being the ~we
I Ibt ,g piece of ironed, .filch LeopOld Utast 112, be deed
dated 'fah Demother, A. D. lard, and rcd•setled In dile
. L',Wro".2l',ll',ilZ?&°.t.;.• :Z . `‘,".":l',ltt, 2 =°.:
swell dwelling honey :yea ant tateol in executm
the property cf Michael Exteley. at thesuit Celltaxankler
beefy AtSO. \
i All the right. tills, Intarsek and rialto of Jamb F. oi.
• of. in, end to 4i that cerUin lot of growled, sltuatAin the
g . ll.',.::,*'C.)teeEgills=ibatnaaPoat'O't wll t rlnr et:elV P : d d .,4 4 '' "
Lion hut parallel with out lot No. "IL" IVO fect '' to Tan
., ref e Alley:
CI) teat to the mrnit of lot Np2r•lf.”
.g . thence hr line of ems, IA) trot terThird attest. CO Pc,re
e the place of beginning. On whkla are erected a rick,
, to gelhng hones, two Mdu high. tad a Mall frame h use,` , '
1. ale Defendant's Interest Lahti the one undivided half .aft
, of flea sal4 Property. hefted and taken in execution as
f the property of Jaerb7. Wall. abate cope? 11.. F. Riddle,
p,. and Will be Id hr -- CAICCEN CUIVIIS. Chant!.
Sheriff lel.) : 1 ' Utica. Pittsburgh. October 3 . 1, 4 1 .
/ . - To Print O-
AkPRINTING OFFIdt, amply !applied
with .11. ustessary =der Ida for Going. a [lnt Irate
4 - 4 and Job Business, In this f ,l y, together 10,11 the
leas. of the pramises. g will de, is hereby of
for mi. The materials are all to good order; and
tniettly new. and Ohs owners are enraged In other boa/.
will be wild \WY mush below Mau valutionamenm
misstating term. Tbe ohne. presents an opentrig which
seldom occurs. her part/edam /MOT at tbia elk et
ISS C. SMITII, Milliner, from N. it
York-21. S. Clair ,ere-t.• Pittsburgh—hoe
nor engaged a fashionable de maker. from NI. '•
timer, Ruh prepared to recall e all orders attire •
rhortest 1120(1.
Choate. Mantillas, awl ChildrOn's Clothing nisi. in the
neatest manner •
NOTICE—The Stoclildera of the O'Eara
a Ulaas Manufacturing Oo pally of Pittsburgh. are
hereby notilled that an agreement of trrenty.thr• pareenh
has bean ordered on thegtock of tho Company. to be raid
to the TrrfSiiret on or bhfere the Ootober. ingtaut.
ortdtd 1 trlIgRA DENNY. Treunrer.
WALT & co., •
Flour and General Produce'
m Waft K./ advantage. IA . granatocrtolon
with any other markat m the /Ka AMA, tottularate wide
dratim. with quick WWII 1/130 qulaa beet
icArkst mice, we would ramtatttully 4MAlntronfore.
Behr On—
President ml Cashitv of Mar gaud: Bmk:
Amara Hakim ~
Commlional t garracri Bauk.
maga:. a CO. will men within the next few s data
upward. of Mt hundred ma. P...kaint. ratout
mil Domestic Dry (Mods. to which the attention of waol
.1...4 mall ....tram.l. lnrlte4. \
- '~
W • E have removed to our arerooms, No.
1 ur
lie klarket stmitolluom LitOrty. whoa cm toed
to lumpon har• nd • complete assortment of eastern our
vos mansdastu of door oil cloths. eartkelfr M l . l 00
o iseniturs oil Moths of seal deseriprlcor.
Soon all sloth sock bus window blinds trio,
minge complotc loth English ma Chant clollo In
great variety. . \
In of
to Ms sham se keep constant's . on iank •
folljtock of Indiaj w itabber i mohluLbentod=s ,
Mats, N icaillfilT;all halos or :tibial:. and oto,r
article m•
of of In
Robber, under GoodSeare
Want, allot Wttlat we °flat at pores that essuort If s is
plow. (vek) 4. it 11.
Stock of disiekoritgos Piano Fortes.
OEIN IL MELLOR, Wood street, ie now
reeeleing an enEroli tors strokof PIANO FORTES
Mum oehrbratol assaulactork of Chickerlng, Boston,
consisting of all the tatletlit now manufassurcol. The
prime are Ineariabl, thasanst
of Boston. blthout atm
charge fur transportation Or risk.
Loa Pianos laton la put psymool. ,
MILE difficulty of. dbtaining a •eorrect and
gond...sad Clarlnnet In Wet on VT bark, a ca a
lava aryarely felt by the trtual-al public, ate rube:
At • ad fur him a:prewar, Aehulret tyan,•
D k b:rrtyad. Tbar arr trout the bintory
Lb. b est.:,ily to Europe, and ar• trattanted 110111%.11 to
art Clarionate ;ref age rni Par tala—sait or tresas,
Th. Met cocaptaa- - .
A Ularlonettl-12 and 13 Aria
• ••
Thrum to waled of t really need Clarloomi Xlll rod !Ids n
rare chaten.
eel thol of it1121) . 01 , 11112 !1 !
.PAATIsi.ERSIIIP heretofore existing
alder the nutreenhern under the name end
Lun n.
or John ll nom". tills day dlerolved by Lunen.
al consent TIM Mannar of tte hoe limn will be nettled
by John JUflri I, ALIAS YoL_ ,L
tort. lat e lbOl. \ JAMES CALI:ad:LA..
The undernigned, naiing formed a Co-part
`#sp n aeu e t a :MVP
t• 00ESUO.•
11Biat“. at ttleTalltatr Of OA Lilt; ILIO; Or lilibl i ater
D a
t ""
t A 2411 C B
-I. Now constantly receiving es W. AIcCLIZTOCkI
itraeletffeana " Vig:s l :r a e n r tVii=klL:scss.
ISteaninces va. ..a love ' s taw ever Isthre ttiats
a,* aiimr. sr was /wham uaiing.4
'Ural* br DLC/LYa
mple \ \ WNW Sad From*.
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'LL (Tr on TIIIS
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INGS• GRAND CL.k.SMAI 4 0111-111 of eyA wed
511013.C1 of the' AIEDITICIIRANKAN , depleting Oil the
grand, beautiful d sublime! 110e.ry upon Me clabtakal
s hores of tx.s Old World: .for roLorir dorm tholmand hours
in tent, and pronoun...l by too. Ma,* and prmn nt ha
I.r fu r the moot trutbfab'comprobalmita and magadficant
"i n gtfro't: r .-4'''' t b in t atit,vts country . . . ..
Tba Panorama .111 consaance mosiog at • gnmterne\
fare a o'clock, aver t - melting:in the wwsk. mlthtf,
• ,- ‘ •- - )
Yomig Nen'elle.rcliatile Library AUOCia
tion, and binclianice Institute.
VI R. GLIDDON will kleliver tlivee Lectures
or i on liAlll LoS, NlSl:yam, A Pidtd 'POLIH. (mm
t the latest Illblical .104 , Mlit ' l 0/11.0Ti the ancient
ratmumente a Ase t rla.i Clst.le.l. Sr..como t illustra. ,
led.) Mfare the members of the klas.o .lustit to and the I
,tisoln generally, at the Mt., lectun. Itcs.m., eoruer 00
ta. s . 4 and Fourth streets. entranck on. Wool. The first
lecture will b. elven oh Toaster, Ord.lberr 111, the sesund
to Thursday. Meath...od the Mini ...Mbaturtisl. Om 11th
le to commsmeat .1 I.i &clack, P. M. .‘
Tertim-Cititens' coutic tickets , one dollar. *lngle ad.
toltalon,Ml nenta- to be bad at the print. tictl book Mors`
and hotel, .11 e mbera' courac tickets., se euty-Ove Nous;
ringleadmosion, 31)a contre-obtainable at brml.nanto.
I?clr C r TrtV.Tlrrs! n ree Lt 4lirbil,...
..._- — ... .1.-1-77 . - - =— . - 7,..... —.- -..,.. ''
y rock la pop 0.. lanes remising hia'f a iVock,of
I'ARPETzt., of the rlcbest and mwest Myles. to blob he
invite, the attention of nu rchasera, as he Is detarkkimsdnr
sell lower than ever bellbre altered-in One 'market, 'a the
old tOtablished Carnet Woo but.', lan. In Fourth at I
W. dIrCLINTOCIf. lurtlesdbe attention of Carrla s ite
olaunfacturam to his laig• stark of Blur and llmb Cloth
lhl Cloths, and Trimmlogn which we will.aall at reads.*
Mir, at the Carpet WMebouse, Si Fourth at. ocl •
Notice to Traveler&
. citEss PACKETILINE. exeltativalr for the convey
.me of. nmasengers to and from '
Phildriel'phia, Baltimore and P i
\ The Carial being nor' in good ordsr. the Packets of thia,
Lip* will lame regular r at S A. V. and`. I'. it. everydar.`
,connecting at Lockport with the Pennsylvania Raclroad.
Pm pas n o t spray v, J. P.1101.311:S.
`, . Alonappohela llows,
naltat S, . Or D. LEECH a CO-Canal Basin.
- ' - 'aii - ..A71.14, ARPETS--W.ItIeCLINTOCK
5,.i. , :; ., 10 prostimtiv,receiel,on hit falLottne of roper:Enc.
" '''
'\ 7 " gd ' \ I tZ . ed ' i }' ' A
43 " 1 kri s''wo' nor and
;a 4 o i tt . o t rafr r tae „LiJthe`ftrnialtr 8 aarol ' ;uts or nous..
Mae u • call at. the s el43nd Warehonse No. SU Fourth It.
Ml,' --. ', L. W. icCLINTOCK.
has In 41re and ftpr Fate rich mut our styli, PIRG&
. ALS CARPETS, to AhLth he inviter the att.:Mona par'
churn, a. be is determined to tell 10 - merit:an ever heftier
to this market; Call it spa old establielled Carpet War. -
how, No. PA:Fourth el. . ‘ oel •
rr A PEST. RI ....... CA.O ET S--N e w and rich
... net, Tapestrillioreels"Carpet.tuel rue'd at thn Car
vt. Warehouse, n. et Fourth strata. at reduced prima
V ~intite aloof a...hint( to purchase to Give us a call.
" 04. '•• W. SIPILINTOCE.
• ..-,_
1 \ All/ OIL-19 bbls, for sale to close eon
\. A oignm.ut, by ',, •• A'SMEE nALztx.
\ ..:cl o Wat4r +treat.
- •i 4
10 - ki AC Cfl-2U kegs'No. 1, I) twist, Oedge's
~, brand, tor sale by • ", A d'4li".B DdLZELL.
A Al 01:ASStS,-4190 b1.14..Y.0., for sale by
IV", csi, , ; . .1 IDES DdLZELL.
QIUCiAI I 7 -- ,:liitditia. N.To..•fi;reta' le by
0 _
', - ..3 \ I_\
..., AMES .\
• '• Beeswaz. \
1 1 1 H E nride ' reigna will r .iy,tlic highest mar
sci to te. Lo , r-4. f , r any g•laratty Of pute Duma
on titt ,2 er}, ' • , Al. ZlilclLF,
at % \No It Mari 2 Philadelphia
i 4 k , ANIIERRI;ES—Juer reed and for sale
si i by the quart orifin.stel, at 11081115 , ,Tra Mart, to the
• \-,
ii, Ul4l{-44 idis. prime N.oTfor —s---- salit by
i 3 a/7Di I `e11,,. MA TTEIEIAB AED
—,_. •
r f fit -
,-4, o§tde s good !wa t x
p2D O,'\eahrtptn. L 11. A CO, \ 2 u liberty s .
liLOlll-15 1116, S ott's
eiira family, for
V rate by N \ , ROBISON:1.ln LE A CO..
25t, Liberty sL •
'uolii ME:TAAL-4, 65 tons for sale by •
• • .s,__ .-pot
_ . , :•,,.; \ . Rani. SIXITIIEWS'S CO.
N ,
ASS ES .4 able. N. 0.;
_;l.h.- I
",T- IIE 51 1 TV 5
\ • . ,
ie '' w,Bookit -
: ;•cw,Books
%.! 110LbIE . ‘4TERARY DEPOT No.
Mini etre,. o.popi.e the leue. Inge..
Lebert 'taxi of 11ecbenee, rieu.1.1... •
Lend p Leber .I:l4l,n , telq 1,,,r. No. 1..
' Loratbe, 4re ..1,1131.1 tor $1.P 1 .1 114 .er. .
51.1e11krabtleet: ;ea , 1. .0.,.•.1 , i 1 .
el.t.lde %11,..bi0n1en... • .:,,,,,Ll'io Waeouttn.
,e•lt De,..t.ion,or a Llist , ,,rtt T Human Ortrt. part
' 7rcturConer.v, r o<.-12.., L. 411. immrs.
10. • tale 01 Me 1 1.1. .-
1'.... \b \ D ir...
th ... e , L 1.4 r' tbn takin,;,ol 1001,0.11 e, by A. Clu
. r •
'4 lf.therme 111.1ipt, or lb , Iteb•l'T.f .tcbe,ter. In lits•
tr.r.exl homalleiy - 111he Revolevion In Calrolloa
41.0010hn , Ilakalkine for September. '
l'ne Coulee...a. Ow ~lisloricel Nco,ll
;WM... and P.b.,10.•,.r Elt,d. IlLnd HIW
LW,. timeline ter,Art WArtlel'a T \ Tale ‘.. the United .
Statm. 1 \ _ ,
ri...• - rrie. of . Ilac*tekr. lb. 0, 1 / 4 ,1r.-of.tDo, 14.... rt
T be Yale. • Tate oPeAryt . ~g 1:1.1.:.. q;1.:. ii, Jun..
Lriels.A.randel.oo I.lAr Heaue o l 4 °' L '''' v\ 7 tie
Dawning'. Hartle. uTial. aunplete 1 • ...
boatel. • ,
Ti,. U. 1 1 . Pea Halm tiaik.le. ,
Hsenly Andy, traor...ll,laenj 5 cettlx. \'\
i.e n . l . i t ' 1 ,
1 , t•a e: L i ' I Far r :.
hi l .
fl y . .
o e , U. , .\,.,'.., ,
~ .
~i', .: 4 ; , ,
i , ~, . ,
, r ,
a , , ,
~,.. ,
pARIS OREEN,S aases q the 'delebra-,
\ ,t.,...t -e." band. re ward % k th e grid ... 4 1. 1. , 4 0 1 th e
wale. therititts tar Imre.. ...I ricalri thil I . teelcii
Mr dLeireet. rued prillient , trid'vetinacesiz lireetilki prie
JurielA Perelthalnig directly !hap Itic nthriutecttircr, we
tr .... t i b o t t tf . e , ..21.
0 ' '"* .%l .' ,Fg,titvß - rB , \:,\ l"
ilerth ' • ,i . i 20 Wood stre.
, , ,
- 71. - . ..NLZi tie co. 1 .-- Firet on bond, ond
. ant 4NIrIV,I,CIIIIO. of nerve nuAntittes Dewat Df , i•si
‘ ‘Pps A. Dish nit deb flpurtit bet.n• ilailt7ris. eas wit
tspb a which Oat will guarantee in rice and, inants:
. tivs enetskeg.
VII AN TEU—Places for a\ itaniber of
T,T\ Clerk.. esileemen. Book.teepers, Arehouits amt
Ciachen. licedlent. sod tor • Welsh 110 tier or Vssatt
men• * number ill laborers can ,Ii• intniklibd to viten
it wart at s shirt tonic 61%, =44 etuunier .
Vld ' Z' '' lnstvessiv• and wet and dry animal \ 'i. • i
WanisT i. to bony, several rums far no tes wftlS enders.
ed. Waa - .1. • place fora 010,701144 Dian, ar .. !4 about
01, la a'arby flore, to barn the business. F* "le, •
cheep hottiesand lot at Wont one acre of *mind. well'
Dosed assilp o roved. wittes good sptin; of vitas in the
lit. The t se ls ustlrely new , with kite-heath tbe , bati.
tent. end t 'nice rooms ',above. painted teal) \z i ., The
hrsise is wellDnithed. and is, on • bill. s.nd has • apt
-pine view, AnAmlle fro= Brownsville. Pa. 7or I her
inlay", pima" call silent Danis` Stivner and 1.14-
CZ ILK I k.. 1.14 Beaurgul goods. ju.t
reek s•r ,q.l,rtta. at sttl A, A. SfAtON 1 Cttt.
ASON'g ACKING-20 grocs ues d.
\ JL, Barl, for satv t ry7l J. SCIIOUNMAKER t CO.
ALEB.A tiff casks pure for sale by
ft# esseeTor sale low
.y eecoo \J. SCROONUAKEIL t co
- =Chemical tisaki \ Sc dcr...- - Lbace tamhtn .
oe Interyeachm Campo= '' Mr Dread and Ca •a.
mattume7o by B. T. 13.1ibit: a d ennaiday It ad ex -
le= attic etur the pup°, it 4 bcnds.l7
• IL Cuittnit. Chenclet: l
bbm a 1% rotate attiela 0= ricetcol and lot aaleby
iipilb IL C . ilLibYllt3, 57 Wood it.
{,;,‘E.NiK OIL, (Park ra ufg,)---5 bble, a
67 WM."' 'ar 11 i; -1,1 t oda by \ \
, erg ,lt E. ShIL EH& V 'Wood re.
I LAXif. 4 . IL-10 liblli just received
S LD 0
s i . ...I too 0 . 1 . 1 Or .rx \ r.vusits.
NALLs_gi \ kegs ass'd, di bi -- ands, on
• hand and Yet al, by A. CULIStiITd I OII• 4O CO
..apM/ • • - ~ V- LibettT 0-
11170.1%.1.1.6.-* —.50,61: 1 0 ' itegalia, Pri -.ipe, and
%../ ilavana thcar• en band and Mr "la by
imptC, • ' • A. CULBET.T.:. 01 k CO. •
. . .. . .
f' ii boo manf'd Tob cco on
bAnA hod for sale by
hhds N. 0. just reed and for
E - TiIEESE I ,4O bis W. R.just ree'd anti for
th..l. by ‘,..26 A-LULDEIIIBON4 CO.
I. bk.— his receiving - . per
N/ L. :. h bne>AnA Cr rite ty
jo , ES D . maELL..
rep 24
.L srrlee . Data
‘731 -
1: 1 2;
ham gr.hd Arisfr ' or open At the store of
retrA North balroxhar 4th boa Market rt.
uurotffela have revel 'lrol • oboloo meortmoot •
gooll of • One quail ty. Or. •41441 pf real 11
m 414
FLA.N Ll.:g; Ati arrauted nn
V ahrinkabla, to L. had at the' tote nl
BLLXMoIn kmca....—Adraitillitelaial sal •,• ••
ir tbb P4perr x.alr.d .ad trrearded 4e. .• •• •
' MOVEMENTS . . . ' .
...--.-- , \ ' \
...,,. , OF 1111 ' ', • • \
•• • '',7; , _-.7 . MAN !FILM !HIPS ,
\. \
MOII rut cemo StAIT.:
' nLip... Lea' , e Fee Dale.
,I= 4 , '' _N \ 1•V " 1t=:1.=e,i......:7...8e1 :
dtaloo . . . .... .N Non.. .1...L1verp.ab,.... AXI Oct 11 \
i A .
' t,,,,„1,, „ . .... linden .........I.lveneed:..s:".:Oet .lo 1
ea ... _llene ..." ...On
\6 .. '
..., :.. & ° ..t, 1.1m1.1 - ....'f. ze s
Atuot . . .... Li rerun! \...N VOrk. 1,...-..0 t I ,
Alf r- al an.l for going ° th ereat. etatiot, ,• ' , ‘
All leant. and N..nee:a On hand for Raglan!, In.
taut end ' 'm ien.! are lent tr tb• ern Mann. no mtntar '
of .batter ..
L.tter.t. ,the Conttent of Europe ' . by Um Collip'e
nine le prehaid twoutp one manta einsle este, eatept i t . .., • ,
' , bon plane rwilred to be prepaid in full. , -,
lo.tter , to I Contloent of Enter by tat Clawed Lbw.% \ " •
rotb.ttr preps ttTe cents a ung • rein, eaoent tt , Ugen't ' . ' ''. \
p 4 rentred to b e prepaid be full. ,
Letier.'be the FIAT re Woe, wilt. be propsidl , nooir Oar ' .4, •
\ c 0 c;: ., 1 , 7r belionO7 Intend Yates, to beddeal, IMMO to, . 1.,
• \ . .
'‘Nee-Lltpt re Id efAher Woe, to the Continent. man ,be t . , •
pentad Sour note eI. \
' Nnena. ‘
Falnol LoothAs mns be added on letten and
‘ terra , the Contineoto Yoram bi - O. Bee". !ma Emmen,
Li m o, t \ ‘ \
. \\
Om\ cn — Prmunton Oeuret 'l . •
IL- \'‘, '' SattudeT morning, October 4., .1 * \ '
' YIITSIMit t IM ILI.B.ILET. ' \ . \
Ota Prnut - son GAUT= t , , \
, o ..
\ •• sartuda,T mining Oct* , tN 1
The market teiterday mantiested a considerable deport. - \
oct •SDir, and. inn, tone& viiy • a fair amount alma- ,
iritrasUolud. s The'wewther Wuttcool mini clOatit, with •
atprorkiwt , of more s rn iraa
. Th. rivet Ulnas with .. •
awn[. Stella channel. ' •
X •
' riAtkit—Nye ao*ia 1..0,,,,4,4 . domarid, isd trai ••. .
waknol urinclually,.iulta "an active. bull Deu •nu &fag. ',, -
1,3, atliwitortaiing CL1Z5419
~ Is at $3 . 25 $11316, including '‘,
tame extriat to a p s ol. - ram ....iris:ale. were ontdinatt ',,.
to .411 Teti., $221Q10 \3; II bl. . •
. .
11TE sl9l.lR= , :tce heard of ...Wag doing to Rye Ilint. '. • • i
we' Mat qnote triv Until - Ana, ST 21142. 27 V 11,1,, ' •
0 RAIN--3sO ites:Dl of dothitn. of 1.11:1 , 04111004 44 3 4 b.
rralti. rretipt4,litingjery Iluht. 'host la bought /Atha . .
mnil at the n.i./Talc,a. of hUr for eillterraneag. 62 tic . , •
link and 65
'ate i quoted at 40c. Sae
of 66 bn prime liar.) . t
IS bu. .Oat h
La fair dr.
mond at 28c from/int hands, and 211,. from ,tan. Moth ' ,
log doing In porn. \ \ \ , . .
tiROCERIES—Wo-,n ' otice a continued 2rMlinea in the . '
market at toll trlecs.\ Saleh6 hbd•Worto Ulm' Sage. sit ' •
05... 1 15 hitda Migko Qr at'iliio IS b. • &Jo W: ~,
T o.
\ Vila Molasses at 9.66 ?gallon. Watt:tato Rio Vogel, at gift. . •
PROTISIONII--The • mar k. 4 Unties \ krel ilinkt lan ',',
titmice rock Palos 21610'• Zia aboirldo aAI 63ir N, time. . '..,
and Pi cash. Salta 1 , 01/ 2., knhattor 01 iliCi`na.laiya -
lota w, mat quote at Salo'tt DX ki =Sic Ift
b. •, Small tales dried boot at 103002 , h. ' • ' , ',
CHEESE—SaIes 260 Mrs ST Rat dlic for 6.1 • X
[rel.. lT
lIISKET—SaIto 72 lobls ratrvat • 'and 50t
='c? nation. t
i•EANUTS--.6 sal, Of 10011.6 s it $1 ~\ , 8 no.
• SEEDS—Tort little was done in:aced. We quotellusia .
Ersfhanda at $6 2.1@5 50 for Oaverlll = Timothy. sad
1112 K for £ll.. Clorer la held In 'store \ tST lii b.. 67 •
roan, and Timotly at 62 50'R bu. liihoisti Malted, ~ . • '•,
APPLES—Receipt. of green aPale• arn, ,,,, V. h:alt.d. Oak . •
cull prim, could to had 131,i11i . 19.arket., , A1 1 !at,. ,
. ,
DitlED FRUIT--small iilitr...ol , o ' . from W.I . at
$1 OS (r. 175 for peseta., and elss7 t. aypiss. - ,
POTATOES—`r. Dote Fa. or s 1.4 o 1 2.14, t IBA •••• \ ,
ahanneck. ar.2lc B bu room-Prat name: • \ t/
..-1+1,0112. 11.1,2 SETS. . . ,
8...W. 801 Wl\
Flottr F air enquiry, with sales 1500 bbla atalrlam
obits.: Ohio and Itfrblow • • V"
Wheat offering at lower =Ws. Wu 10,"00 bus Wassah,',
nti at two. (me from shore: WOO Lis whit, at 72t. Wabub -
, ww., offeral at 6.2tsc without bOYor , . '
\ Corn is, it1,i4.11.d. with sa/es at'4sSie.
. .
_ •
Ice Ohio an• , r•Q.,. 11i be at offering .t lower rates. Wee 10, , 00 bus Witbalth ' N
Jat ow. (me trout Wow: WOO ho whit? at 720. Waltwan \ •'``'
offerel at (2 .r1,11001:15bnYor, .
Corn is i0,14.1.1:10. with We* ai 45)ie. '
' k
lark... , Thrre was 3 ton 10 inti ra in eltawnel trr metal ''. • ~ 2 , ,
art..nt Just, last elreoll3s, illifalyan•
1100411 AS TS, '
\ Thliliampany le prepusci hYlitruis% .1-opir area
\aluable •
Oc t , bt . rd te4stb ,a mt e, d i spar sey t tal ,,, zu . s'
patiris d
se=rPerr'.troltiZelr!`r"-'°'- w " 1 "T
2b sre of 21, and I. isauxistolfres Moir
timatrull7crbit, l aTlTS %lay tree * \
Err=rilu=rtAtcflrPgt -"rT7"
When c i poit h d to sulphurous or mephitic cur
-7crltiris==cirs.T`• 'i,d A tb?,=
any .031 M not Dr
it ina liable to turn
th cha on lky or to.
exatl l i k v . c . d . fN ue l
b4rol wroolabt %deb.
The LTV Carols od at a lon ate ¢ ndoaTr.al7f
,„ „„.„„„ paints ri the market Pa Pella& -
roof, femcine, outbu steamboat, or say etestesst our, '
izer of u v r i c: tio, or inn, as ttom ara both •
r. For_ Ira, tberuste
tion, iVlly. a thawing • puf•T'setkue bus,
sos .tor y of the sattitt Paita uoir,
mLealen .
suppl N 1 an libr tup t s i li; the s aauts - ci the
"nini2lo l7 lib:Ain:4 PkllnlelpWa. -.
aiMibo?ses I c Y. R..;
ti ALER4TUS— 0 tone in boxes and bblx;
for w e by IL DALZSLL 4004
EG•BUTTER—Ncegs fresh. or tale 14.7
1101.1 I•Tierszy Depot. •
sap= 74=114[W-
Agra for WI. si • lov 7
oep r li Stocks lat'
r 6-sad S dusiterjust ree n 'd_ from #l ,
tsry, sad for rale altd.lessl• s o d.rra.
tics:: said Woad rt. .1 I
INSEED 014-40 bble. far.. •
krds an
' -