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FP.IDAY MOEN I G, SEPT. 26, 1861
' ;of Scott andlolaudm
• pi:to-The attentio of ttle.frirridir of Scorr,
Praerwrio .In Allegheny eountr. V 1171.Ziae
y mut to the Importerge or thorough orgazdietkne.bY
the lorlastlen of.Cluha. hr mo' election Marta. too the
0 0 0 .PolFfo tho, ofoointoovot . of Coo=lthooo of Vigil...
T.; rt. Ilse toiriy Trine of Scott and Johtuton I. teemed.
and that tbprse whip avothinr It es oatureital, and the
ovrri derret tax bitint. o ho !ewe Thole of
The folloirtrig Carimitton oo Naturaligirtiorr ha. Dean
rmintal , MxonJobo Iforr6o., Di VD.. Pi
th EN. (.'ha/. Pog o. L..— •
A. Ltopl. Capt. P. DiAlenstrigicr. M. Brvidenstbst, Dr. X. Y.
Dim D. Ignikpr. Jag. Meeting. Joergb Anions
' the IXAtirry Oagratitter,
Allegheny Condi , Scott and Johnston
r'A Public Meeting will be held the
bornunh fat.mtb..3 Paturitap. the 12th oft
nett, at 2 o'clock P. M. I . „
AL Noblestowo, on arondar;Ssptstatost , ,t -r• St•
At abarwburg. Sularlar. " • 5
At Powisthip,. Wsdpspnat
At ItalerWarw Thiar...Lar : : "
• At .pant Liberty. Vtiday. '
At. IleAwaiwn. PAlnAlar • "
At 'Parental:l, Moist's. ..22. 7
Al P.whisl /Wise. Min. Winn Doer township. hionna7.
Snowdru tot whip. on
-Tniarl ti. to. Xat. 2P. SI. •
AtJoel Monson% Donau toonthhhoti Weilsosiat. 24th,
at 2 Welsh P. M. ' -
At flush Pl'Conatclea Mow on nun:
dsy. la. at 2P. M.
At itlitaloth. tot Thursday, 25th, at 2.
At JR:ma i'lastklutoo'N oppopip, ou v,id.r.
At John Conti:L.l4llMo toottshll4 Panstdap,27th,
et 9
At Wilthwhn onidOtalay, 2 M
7 , th, at 2P. .
At Ann. ?fn.., °Anna township • on. Theidaiy. 30th.
At Minion. Findlay tromthlp. Wwinwalap.Oc+t Ist.
at 2 P. 31.
At Petiyarille. Thnzadap;Zd itt 2'P. M
Ulntot Clair towitilOp. an PO.
t . ll;aty howler's:Tar& Cteek.; on Battn - 3.2. ail+. at
At the late Jooleo 11.1144, ROMpaort Toonaltip, tot
'Monday, dtlt, at. r . M.
At ovum's Mill, Shun . tom:whip, .. Thatalai.
At O. T. Conllette Stinib Fayette tn.. 'Wedure.MT.
MoMb. at o'clock. I .
At each of them meetinsa.mir MM.& Mil be
ltleoto immirtant to the preat .r
,14-wo au mmay.
tlµr Mmda to each tleetloo tIiAZIJA of the Miler, UV
• .1.411.14.1 tO organ., awl bare every person mmemed.
.make arraucemeam to Ming all onnomers m
- POl/ Ily onter of I
O. Uttnele.T. the Pth, at 21 Paltersmu t e Mill. raw.
too nab lin at 2 o'elmk. P. M. j
Vona, are you married? If not, ree to it
itomediately.lira yen are assessed tea daya
before the'electiou, you will lose your rote. Re-
Some communications are unavoidably crowd
The MMiness of that portion of tfoe.Cleveland
and Pittsburgh adlroad, between Cleveland mid
Ravenna, 88 miles, !or five and a half months,
foots as follows :
• •
WhOlo no. ,
of pueengErs, 12,836, $.33,141 80
Atitottot Of freight, .19,464 68
JBroee earnings,
7:„: , r,.ipteees for same period
t 1 Nett Earaings, • ' ' ' $35,070 88
cent. per annum opea $lOO, ,
the costs of the portion refer
, ... red to,
Leaving a surplus'of $2,988 88
The nett earuinge ea above,' of a little more
than one-third of the road, would payein Mantel
dividend of four.per cent. - -upon the entire cost
of the road from Cleieland to 'Wellsville, one
hundred miler -
This read is o completed three or four miles
aduth 01 iilltlOVer, and the tract is laid within
.about twenty.two miles of Wellsville. The con
reactor! are pushing the work forward with all
possible speed, mid- we are assure.' that it will
be coiipleted at an early day.
The. business of. the Cleveland and Cincinnati
road for the month of Augnst. choirs the follovi
lug result
Number of .p engers,
Iteceipte fr passengers.
Reeeipta In July,
Taal iteceipts from February 24, $245,711 17
-An to the management of the road, we bare
heard bat one opinion a mong competent judge!
—its Directors, Superintendent, Conductor! and
Engineer! are all entitled to any ninountof credit
for energy rind
Coluinbus cod Railroad.—Tbe receipts
of this road from passengers were, for' •
August. • $14,907 96
July; , 14,119 66
'lncrease, $787 61
The total receipts in Ari Fist mere $21,700.
Little .Virri Railroad.—The receipts on the.
Little 'Miami. Railioad from the 25th to the 31st
of August, were . $11,821 16
For coriespouding week last year, 8,856 a
increase-JO per cent.;
Nichigan Central Raitroad.-,—The earnings of
thin roadfor August were, for
increase—orer 25 per cent.,
The aggregate earnings for the first eight
menthe Of the year are 8E60,000
Baum timi !sat year, 468,00
Increase—nearly' 20 , per cent., $182,000
L,o uirrille aid Frankfurt Railroad.—Thereceipts
upon this road for August were as follows:
From passengers, . ' $7,117 05
Front freight. - • •-• •• . , 8,29'2 64
From malls, • • . 641 66
This Dhows an 'increase upon duly, of Il r per
cent. from passeniers, and over 200 per/cent.
'from freight.
AR the Railreadi in New- York and New Eng
land are yielding handsome returns, but no Rail
roads' are more profitable than those 'in the
West, owing to the less cost in their original con
struction; and the immense amount of freight
and travel which passes over them. There is no
.doubt that our Ohio and Petuusylvaata road will
pay large:dividends, as the business done upon
our 28 miles, with only one accommodation pas
senger train; is !sufficient to pay a large dividend
on the coot of construction for that distance.
lfarry on with all your roads, gentlemen.. Sid
you 'grill soon reap a golden harvest, in more
:ways than one. • •
At WillBvilfe, Ohio, the ceremony of, driving
tbe firiitdail, and laying' the first rail of the
Southern terminus of the Cleveland nhd Pitte
burgh Railroad, took - place last week. The first
nail was driven -by Mr. William iVelli, the oldest
citizen of the place.
'. • . Boer, AND HER ILtrinosns.—The latesplen
. did Railroad:jubilee:at Boston, some account of
the cloeing scenes of
,which we , publeilied lei
ter day, has ' led ue'to reflect upon the great
system of ra ilroads of which that city ill thelo
. cu.; end also upon what that system has already
done for it and for . Afaseachusette. ,
Bosion,. though not . occupying a 'central or
' commanding. geographical position, althiugh
. '.... destitute at the advantages of any - great river
to bear its commerce to the interior,and although
serrounded by a comparatively eterile country,
hits!by the steady and persevering exercise of
• - .anerillghtened and liberal policy, made
, herself
the second commercial eity:of the Unian,l and
in rebithesatialth the firet. Notwithstanding
she has expended about fifty millions of . dol- -
' - lars upon these railroads alone within lees than
- • twenty yesta, her wealth has =tinned rapidly
and steadily to augment.. Bhe has placed her
, stir up:in ventage ground of , which no.competi
don can deprive her, and her future' is bright
' and cheering beyond that of any other city in
the world. I • ~ .
Whit is i :secret of all this! Enlightened.
p i t,bold, lit deist enterprise. A generous union
of thesteel:l,st, hof her people. A magnanimous
saerihee of all petty jealousies, rivalries and eel
. fish-aims--ail sustained. as they ate there. by
wise coundfig, judicious legislation and well-di
rected inddatry. While a Boatel:deo is making
• ' money for bimself—and none know batter bow
• to do it—he PO inerusge s it that his neighbor
, • may . indiretly chars in his profits, and as all
- .do things in the same way, he, in . turn, is bane
fitted by their operations; so they all poper to
gather. The ultimate earthly agency in all this
..,..: le to be found in their almost: universal inteui
f:gaiine,,and the high moral and raginilfi tone of
theiVit- community: - : .- .:' ~..
Would hke CaOSOS prOdUce like 'oilcan, bad
.'4. ly
-,.- ,- Unquestionnb they would. ' Pittabntgh has
~,,, ..: ••••. • ,
. . .
best fait ;.;
retkbynsVon,Wthu. 0 7a7 1 ,üBW- 1 1 3
'nete - issary tiiiender hei:U jereat !fea of ititat
Meitie liken, and the sett'of
faethring industry to an extent
,beyiind any ar
. elgnable , h cotta.. -But Year people . deaire.. to
avail themselves of the advantages of their po;
titian, they must unite their energies to an ex
tent-far beyond . what they havesyet done. They
Must folio* the "example of tie lbostontulif:
pose the. Bostonisinshadi . done** 'ltiii-lPitts
borgberi- tir, cow doing -- eoPPole each had I
tried to make a little money' on 'Ms own hook,
where wouldthey leave been to-dayinthepresent
race for commercial greatnesi?
Scppose we should compare the enterprise of
Boston with that of Philadelphia. Boston, with
a population of 180,000 has expended fifty mil
lions upon her railroads, which radiate to almost
every point of the compare, while the latter, with
more than three tides the population, has bad
great difficulty to raise leas than one-fifth of that
stun to build a road to unite her with the Great
Went. “Comiatrisons are odious," it is said,
and perhaps they are; bat they may sometimes be
tiseful. - Pennsylvanians, at both ends of the
State, need stimulating and our only object is to
provoks.them to good works" by holding up
good examples.
. - Pittsburgh has made wood beginning, how
ever; and when she,' like Boston,bai experienced
the beneficial effects , arising from liberal and en
lightened enterprise, we may hope that she will
start earnestly in the race,' The Ohio and Penis
sylvania road is rapidly progreseing.and sot we
may say,nre the great central road through . Penn
sylvania. The Pittsburgh and stenbenvlith omit
puny is fall of hope and energy, and will doubt
love succeed iu carrying their work through.
This we doubt not will te followed; 1 - 'sy another
up the valley of the Allegheny to unite us with
the great lines of New York; and it can hardly
be doubted that the old t,onneliville project will
be reauscitatel, and another,thilroad reach this
city by that route. All these lead through
glees of immense resources; and the most of
them to sectieus diverse,th character and pro
ducts; of course they will mutually reflect Value
pon one anoiher. Now suppose. Pittsburgh
Should make as great an effort in proportion as
Boston did,andpush these roads to completion,
would ehe be poorer or rioter when this irork was
complielied Y ;,We answer this question by ask
ing another—What was the effect of that! great
effort upon Boston'
The clashing of gold bearing Quarts, in Cali
fornia, is becoming a business of vast impor
tance.' A great deal of valuable machinery has
gone forward from this country, and some have
been erected in that, country, thus showing that
the infant manufactures of that state ire already
assuming a relPectable position. The follow
itig extract of it letter, published In the Pacifie
Star, shows what is doing both in manufactur
ing and Quarts crushing :
-One of the most perfect machines I sass in
operation, belongs to the Gold Hill Quartz. Min
log CoMpany. 4t is entirely new and altogether
of California manufacture. It was erected by
Capt. Peck, of our city, raider the superintend
ence of %V. It. King, Esq., at the Sutter Iron
Works. It has a beautiful engine of about 60
horsepower, and eighteen crashers working at
the same time. Yesterday, in ten hours, it
meshed. nineteen and .a half tons of ore, which
yielded 61 pounds of gold. This was taken him
the amalgamating tables without clearing out
the mortar, which is estimated would have yield
',ed from five to nix hundred dollars more.
*52 605 88
17,585 00
32,084 00
.•This wonderful machine, as is fully proven
by the above statement, is capable...of' crushing
forty tons °tyre in twenty four hours. This will
reach the large sum of say, Four Thousand Dol
lars per day, which will not fail, after paying all
expenses, of realising a profit of three thousand
five liundred.dollars, the erpenses of furnishing
end running the machine not exceeding five
'hundred dollars per day.
Basel, of the Pacific Mail Steamship
Company, is President of the Company, and a
liege stock-holder; and Mr. La Greaten gentle.
man to whose polite attentions we were much in
is principal manager. We were also
much indebted to Capt. Peck for valuable aloe-
.This company, I learn, have now on hand
some fifteenhundred tons of ore, and their calms,
they ere confident, will not fail to supply them
for twenty years. They have three of the rich-.
est veins in the country. I should lave men
tioned that the ore crushed yesterday-19i tons
—was taken from the huge pile of fitteeno hun
dred tons, without eelection."
We suideratand that the machinery above no
ticed, which is producing such astonishing re
sult% is similar to that manufactured in this city
for a company 'of which our friend Mr. Snack
war is President, and which was sent out some
months ago. Since that, more powerful and per
fect machinery bee been constructed In this city,
by Messrs. W.. W. Wallace & Co., for the haute
company, which will be sent out shortly. Some
of our citirenewill doubtless sake 'fortunes in
this enterprise, is others lave in copper mining.
$3B 657 28
18,99') 72
2,250 00
$08,806 93
50,t,00 08
$§,206 O
Tun PAMPtiIO. —The Washington - . Republic
!states that official information hus:been re
ceived at the Treasury Department that the
Pamper° is in the custody of the reveries cutter
Jackson, at Jacksonville, and the district attor
ney of that district bee been notified that she is
there, and has been directed to take such pro
ecedings is the law will-warrant against her.
Rho was taken four miles up a creek in strwar4,
one hundred miles up the timer, and a great
qciantlty of armeare Said to have been bladed
from her, and officers . from . the United Stated
have been despatclwid in search for them.
V2,91M 62
,The President has appointed BISJAMIZ Bsao
tifirets, Esq., of Boston, to fill the T wocancy on
the Supreme Bench of the United States; caused
by the death of Mr. ,Woodhury. A Boston pa
per thus notices the appointment..
$11,631 as
JITIXILS or Tun 813Papp COVET.--WO are gia
tifie4 to be enabled to aiounoe that the President
him appointed Benjamin Band Curtis, Esq., of
the Suffolk bar, Milli the nicancy in'the Supreme
Court of the Gnited Steel that Whiten oreated
by the decease of Mr. Justice Woodbury.: This
appointment Will give 517 general satisfaction.
Mr. Curtis is a young man, but little more than
forty yeers of age; and the desire to appoint a
young man, who might have the reasonable pros
pect of.; a long judicial tarns:_ lute induced the
President to-pass over the claims of many die
tingnistust gentlemen, from among whom he
would otherwise have been pleased with the op
portunity of selecting the occupant of so eminent
a position. - • •
The professiottal attainments and the high per
sonal qtudiliestione of Mr. Cards are too well
known to the her, not only of New. England, but
of the dation; to make it necessary more than to
allude a chem.- 7 Eoam Transcript.
. Pre , oaa to Mr. Curtis's appointment, Judge
M'Lean. of Ohio, was the only Vildg on the bench
of the Supreme Court; and be was appointed by
General Jackson, in 1829. The other Judges
are-15"ityne,'af Georgia, appointed by Jackson,
in 1835; Taneyb (Chief - Justice), by Jacksot . in
1 1 1836; Cat'ion, of Tennessee, by Von Buren, in
1837, McKinley, of Alabama, (now of Kentucky)
by Van Buren, in 1837; Daniel, of Virginia, by
Van Burma, in 1841; Nelson of New York, by
Tyler, in• 1845, and GrieT, of . Pennsylvania, in
P. BILADY,. of Short Creek, Brooke County, Fa.,
is connection with WILLIAII BUMP.; brought out
from the East lent fall an imported Buck and
some.. Spanish and.half blood French Merino
Ewes. They clipped, from the Buck tut Spring
18 lbs. of wool, which they sold for 97 cents per
Mr. Brady hoe sent us an engraving token
front. a Daguereotype of these celebrated sheep
imported from France and owned by John B.
. Patterson of Westfield, Chautaugue County, N. Y.
They hive purohased of Mr:Patterson. a Bock,
Ewe and Lamb, the latter 4. weeks old. The
BoOk sheared early this spring 2231bs and the
Ewe abs_ared 14 lbs. These gentlemen bare also
bought. the celebrated French: Buck Napoleon—
tbd, same sheep that took. tbe first premium at
the New York fitaterair in 184k - saute! bigely
commended by the Judges on the ocosaion--one
of whom was Iltir.lemes G. Strean,of this 'Jointly
—one of our most opulent and liberal spirited
wool growers.—Hewers. Brady & akey :bare
at this tine. three Bucks and one Ewe of the Im
putation of John A. Tenter, of Hartford, Conn.
They are crossing their sheep with their Spanish
Merino and Saxony Ewes. Their Spring Lambs
will weigh now from 70 to 80 lbs. and will clip
next spring from 6 to 81be. of fine well washed
wool, on an avenge. They have a number of
Back Lambs now fit for sale:
The gnostical now for wool growers to decide,
is whether it is better to grow 22i lbs. of wool
on one sheep or 21.—Wsehington keportee.
We hops Mr. Brady will attend the Agin!.
tarsi Fair to.he hel4 this county,'on Wednre
day, and Thmkro,ba ILO We
reel confident it would be to Ida kiteneeh wi
would greatly gratify ani. tannery.: Fa.
hitation will take ilia iwialegtieuy
COLOIIIII.IIIIIIEI9IIIITATEIIinS ' ert, we are sorry to say, wiii - acceniiartiinvidedz:
CeliMel Bigler, in speech in this Elty, Said= and of wareinjoihd from the tramp: ,
4 1: 8',[ 13 the administration of Goir. Porter,. /4 Otthairettstn• Theses' however,: am - but,
in'lB.ll6, a bill inntintrainced into the Legisla trili[ lB B =den in View of - the Providential es
tura verbatim pith the act of 1819; built did cape of our town from so imminent a calamity
I,ol,ps.;.bx4ase the Legislators d id not knot- —threatening at onetime a most desolating con
how lo raise the money to satisfy it Ireported tiaBTati9 l : l . Frafi , s"/91 Reporter ; Sept. 24.
a similar bill myself, at. a subsequent period; •
end the . only reason why such a bill was not
[ passed before 1849, ems,bscause the Legislature
could not devise the means by Which a Sinking
Pundmas to be kept up." [
There are several grave errors -in-this short
,• L- Governor Porter's ndministration did not
extend to 1846. Govern Shook was then in
the second year of his first term. -
2. The assertion that the bill proposed in 1846
was verbatim with the 'sot of 1849" is not
'true. That bill, the reader will Mmembcr, pro
posed to increase the collateral inheritance tax,
[to lay a tax upon matiat inheritances, and to
Ore a bonus to the wealthy owners, of real es-
tate of 15 per cent., for paying off at once their
quota ofthe State debt, thus not only depriving
the State-treasury-of 15 per cent, of ,what snob
persons might pay; but robbing it also of all
prospeetive increase of the value of such prop.
arty,' which, in many cases would . be. immense.
We say wealthy owners, becauSe. none but such
could avail themseliree of each a irrovisiou. (in
the other timid, the lid of 1849, (Governor John
ston's,) levied a tax on charters—on eating
[houses, beer houses, and restaurant licenses—
on brewery nod distillery licenses—and on bil
liard room, bowling saloon end ten pin alley S
umacs. It provided that ; the receipts from cer
tain taxes formerly laid—that on collateral in
heritances, on circus And menagerie licenses,
and on new countieashOuld be appropriated
to the Sinking Fund. Thus are the only :mime
of revenue Pre which the Sinking Food derires ire
This brings us to another part of the same,
speech, where, still talking about the sinking
fund, he sake :
"How, then, has the amount stated in his
late proclamation. been .paid? Where did the
Money come from? I reply that the balance
has been obtained from the increased revenue
arising, from taxes upon Reel Estate. —Yes,
every county in the tate has contributed its pro
portion to swell the amount paid on the public
debt, for which my opponent and his friends
claim such an extraordinary degree of credit."
The true answers to these questions are given
above; and when Colonel Bigler states that the
money teas been obtained from increased taxation
on real estate, he states what he either knew, or
ought to have known, to be untrue. No part of
the tax on real estate goes into the sinking fund..
There are certain specified items of taxation,
(enumerated above,)'the proceeds of whioll, be
they more or 'less, go into that fond. SYimt
Colonel Bigler asserted respecting that matter
was not only not true, but it is impossible that
it could be true. Moneys arising from taxes
upon real estate are .paid into the treasury, not
into the sinking fund, and when there, by what
authotity could they be diverted to a different
depository? Nothing short of an act of the
Leglalattlie could transfer' them from one to the
other. We sae, then, that he not only asserted
au untruth, but en absurdity.
Neither is it true that the revenue arising
from real'estate has been increased. flare is
the AuAtorOenersl's statement of the amount
of state tax received during the followingiyeass,
(see Report, page 118.)
1845 $1,318,832,02 1848 $1;350,129,49
.1846 1,445,112,70 1849 1,298,921,23
1847 1,880,781,19 1850 ' 1,317,821 55
Annual average before Goa.
Johnson's term .
Annual average during Gov.
Johnstan's administration
Difference 437,717,46
The correctness of these figures cannot be
it in most extraordinary that is man occupying
the position pd. Bigler aces, should dare to
make such assertions. Our belief is that he—
not being rernarkahle for hie powers of investi.
gallon—has adopted the statements that he found
:ready to his imild in some of the lotofoco papers .
The Colonel is an easy, pleasant, good•natdred.
- but weak and stupid man. Should he, by any
possibilitt, succeed in on election, how easy it
will be for the bold and designing Men of his
Party to manage him ! No =titter how good his
intention may be, they will be of no avail. Penn
sylvania needs a - rtroug man, as wares an hon
est one.
We have put in the plea of dnliness of per
ception, and general imbecility—and we do it
sincerely—to shield him from the Ohm-wive in
evitable charge of deliberate falsehood. If it
is not admitted, then let him and his friend.
take the other.alteniative...
Arerraatis —The recent discovery of gold in
Australia is exciting no little attention through
aut the world. The gold region is about 150
miles inland from Sidney, which Is on the east
mu coast of the continent (as it is now called)
in south latitude 85°. The •stories respecting
that region are very much like those we bad
upon the first discovery of gold in California.—
The niestpober-Minded men have great expecta
lion of the productiveness of this new ElDorado ;
but not yet known to enable us to
form any certain opinion. It has canned a tre
mendeoue excitement at Sidney..
The London Times cline describes the, section
of Australia in which this new gold field bee
I.been discovered:
"The-eastern coast of the continent, from its
extremity in the 38th degree of south latitude
to the Tropic of Capricorn, is defended by the
Bine Mountains, which rise somewhat abruptly
from the plains to a height of some three or four
thousand feet. The summit of this range forms
a table land, which fells by almost -- impercepti- -
tile degrees towards the vast tate, ior. It is on.
the commencement of chi/ gradual elope, in prise
,ty nearly the same latitude as the city of Bid:
ney, that the region is situated of the newly
,food treasures of which we have reoeived such '
'flattering accounts.
Nothing can be imagined more delightful then
the climate of this elevated platteau. The air is
peculiarly clear and salubrious, and the summer
possesses all the brightness - without the sultri
ness of the 'Australian climate, . The country is
thinly dotted over with trees, like a park, and
the soil is rich and well adapted both for pas
ture and airicultnie. These allurements have
already concentrated in the neighborhood a lar
ger population than is to be found elsewhere in
Australia at so great a distance, and the town of
Bathirat, which is-this metropolis of the district,
contains already between three and four thousand
inhabitants and many substantial and commodi
ous buildings. From this place to Sidney Is road
has been carried over the Blue Mountains by the
skill of Sir Thomas Mitchel and the labor of con
idea in irons, by which difficulties of no ordinary
magnitude have been surmounted, and the peas
tif Mount Victoria, in which a formidable chasm
has been filled up by en enormous mass of ma
sonry, may rival the feats of Swiss engineering."
The Cecil Democrat of Saturday him the ful
lowing paragraph:
Hasty FAll.l,lllL—Jamee Camady & Sons, of
Philadelphia, we learn, have failed for a large
amount. They own a very valuable manta in the
lower part of this County, consisting of some 600
acres of land, with the improvements, valued at
$66,000, against which attachments have been
itslllsCl, within the last few day, amounting to
about $66,000. On this estate !sone of the most
valuable and extensive peach orchards in the
country, yielding, as we have been told, from ten
to twenty thousand dollars' worth of fruit per
annum. Thinorchard embraces about NO acres
and abounds in the choicest fruit.
As ANA113(1311 Fiax.—At noon on Monde-,
the stable in the rear of the public house of
James' F. Brown, was discovered to be on fire,
and before any attempt could be made to arrest
it, the flames bad burst from the roof, envel
oping the building. At one moment the appear
ance of things was appaling in' the extreme.—
The long dry spell which we have bad, had en
tirely exhausted the pumps and. cisterns in the
immediate locality of the bre,"end apprehen
eione were felt that the whole square, if - not the
entire town, must be abandoned to the raging
element. Lines were formed, t and from [tome
of -the neighboring cisterns a sufficiency of wat
er was procured to keep the adjoining stables
wet, thus saving the town Trom-a terrific etaals
gration. The "American House" stables were
in Imminent danger, being not more than GO'pr
GO feet from the burning building. The exer
tions of the eidtens, however, saved them. The
buildings burnt were the stable of James F.
-Brown, and the.stable and ice house of Gee. Lon
kert. To the slight rain of the pnimioustryen
lug and the calmness of the day Vs are 'to at
tribute, under Providence, the escape of our
town from one of the most destructive coal's
stations that ever visited the plus. : Thank God
,teethe goodness that vintohsafed us so:Merciful
an 'escape. The lemlitt comparativellitteetunder
' eble--souleill - taroovered by a few hundred dol
lars. 'Tile heittafoltleirer garden of gra Leak
VOX ' AT BOORVILLII, tire hroke out in
this place on Saturday afteinoon,which destroy
the 'Rank MW; and the boarding place belong
ing to the Company. The estimated amount of
property destroyed is $70,000. Insured at the
-Ha r tf or d office for $20,000. In New York ofs
- and Protection st Rome $5OOO, and $2OOO
in the Tolland Mutual Insurance.
Fair, which closed at Rochester on Fridsy
was probably the ',largest assemblage of people
ever held in Western New York. The receipts
are sold to have exceeded those of any previous
fair by about three thousand dollann The pre
miums amounted`to only'five thounitfid dollars,
ed thareceipts were $44,000.
Ortosi•ru OF DFLlKlHE—Dunirlik, which at the
close of last year had a population of only floe
hundred, now numbers about three thousand.
4t For aN hardened lumps,, galls , star
complaint, distemper, sot , ' Pd. , . Undoes...l flatulent colic,
4.6, Sr., in horses, U. U. Farndes Ariblan Liniment
has acquired a mutation that v mr , licino if ths kind
ever enjoyed. It Is equally etlieachote for:erysipelas, salt
rheum. coughe and colds, sick headache, .111.111ront, loam,
nor. bests's, chilblains. Cc- In mankind. • end:
Falllmportation of Hardware,Cutlery, &o.
i No. 129 Wood Street,
Desire I, call the attention of klerrhantsi and others to
their ciao. 'Roos of
And wirldi Orr kre now prepared to ofkr at such prices
aa cannot tail to please.
4GrA smortmentor MANN'S mlebrate4 B. AXES
always pn hand. aualtr,
On Thurs.', - morning, the 25th ost., b, th• Rev W
A. Passtlvast. Mr. Was Gus, tat the 12.rm...f Intin Parke
t W Itss CAROL:VI. daughter of the late Juhn ?sr
gosh El.l„oll,ewisburg. Pa.
On Muria tr, the 2..itt it.. by the Rev Wm. Peesavant.
JII/Z3 11. Itccut, tu 31 ta , i/art, J , daughter a( Rec., C.
Two. gIAPIId. Esq.
( 1 .1 011001: WANTED—A young man who
kJ' hb had ooirlierable otrart.te asi• teacher ta Hr.
Rost, brings good testimoniale of energy, ability, and
moral elmnieter, Is deeitnue of obtaining a situation. A
Relaioliwould be preforms'. to ennui:emu wan. Please ad.
drumlin... Rattly. (noting partioulara4
etughilallt* A.. D. RICHARDSON, Pittsburgh. Pa.
EARIS - GREEN—SO eaten of the edebra
we "8" brand, rewarded by the gold medal of the
rie. 111.0.1tate for unifortaltyof atmdti. ane for being
the deepest. mat brilliant, and perenanent Oreau yet pro
anted. Parebsolug directly from the manufaeturet, we
are able to .11. no favorable tame at in ore Wait of
the Mountains. J. aCIDJONSIAIihR a CAI.,
etip . l6 Wood street
MASON'S BLACKING—SO groat asetd.
rot .1,24 J,SOIIOOH)faKER a CO._
ALERATUS-5 casks pure Tor saleby
0 .06 J.ISCILOONMAKEit L 1).
lIQUORICE BALL-4 cases for sale le
Abt .0 26 .1.00110412 AA ER
'ILK POPLlNS—Beautiful gomits - , just
11,3 selfd ;cs egpre4s, at Pp% A A. M A.,ON A ors.
ti A. MASON & CO. have on hand: um!
•• alai in receipt or Ism. klussaltie.ot N. Dn...
U • 40r.11 as rich Dgur.l Yawl, Ceukaucros. Ds I-Llun,
mi ishi.b she, Irtll gluararato . psiee luzul quota,
.4111114 ttas santkit. t.{ . ..11
Y 6 W ntrcfrradala of Yam!, or thrrons.:.sllnrafr sr
pftsoncc, wad Jana. row .nneral suoelance la
tbe moor of Um ...tent .11.14m1ne , ....1 In to. forma
t. l 9 ( Morse ftsrpaund 4ervor 1,1;.mn s . Roaf
rmreintrtartatde, haring no mineral
or ...mortal rolater ,
IDIIn it. a. many can Lead,Lead,itrho lm lb .b
* Inaredientr of
whir.. 111 rocarosed. [Lc I:taunt, of =attn.
news /s • OI:a, al well ••• .an. onedleina. Sold by
9. N. W1CKE10.1.1.31,
OZ., Wu..? s od
61110 et.
No cd:u
have ...Malin.
nett sod. Cara,
r.../er It La creel-
orClaalcul V. Pc.da
r' - Caravan. Cornattud" lor •
...hawed kr H. T. b..bla, .04
hut saki. fur ...purpose It 4 u‘ 44,42
J. N.
8 [a. or Oa. apulsr oracle just
p . "'. R'r
Al SEED OIL-1.0 bbls
an 3 fry aalr Ey r0p2.1
!TAILS ---600 kegs awed eit
..1.1 bawl anA Cu aal. Cl - A. CULLA
1 10 . ARS-50.000 Regalia,
Havana CiAaro, hrral Ltd for
pup= A - CUL
►/WBACCO-IGn 1,1 thanr
I LADY lard ft bale by
62 U 0 AR-20 Main N. 0. in.
CI .4. by top2A A LO.
1 i UEESE-50 bv. NV. !tin
10 ..I. bl .0.4.4' A ex
4...y1CU SILKS--A. A. S.
Ya.t aloYbacl • GosoltlinA 1. , G.
a..• 6.0.1 rick M 1.,.
_ . . .. .
. _ .
Administrator's Nal
LETTERS of Administratio
ChArtti A Ccoraar. lA. !A tb 1
laeomport, doomed. have beet giUttAil
te•l!ltric to Pal LAmoolti ,
AllprroccA baring coals. •gatort,
u toted to ;mow:a them without Jrlay
Adminiztrator'a No
ETTERS of Adtuittilltrutio
of •rebitsald C. N•irta. late cl
A•gbris manly, hate n Rt.ntKl
In tiewllkler to•e
All ,1
All inneani , ha , nns clatut• salmi
ynesti .1 to pi...nt
A History of Pittsb. :h.
tory of Pitt•butula, Into the use ;'pens.! IP bfr
wyo visited by WWI. men. &ern to t • eh*. of n• I
century, with notices of the Brit ' , stall urgent of own.
the Important toaanlactorite ad en .. ina.r.k. el int
nal Improvement, up U.,,the prevent ti iottliith i•
, 4 ,...
..,1 • chapter upon th• &Pratte,. of G 1 AU. for
Wart - mina fly commercial' ursuits. b a ruCiatiert
the agar...ate dunoootof bulgur*. teen iened :lirre ant
IT upon sir men, eared., and sla , kw. htntroeenn •
Them ii nn paint It Una Unien wte ao hussy ins
tent arentA aril mer of Lisle 0 intent I:
tau. ecntpriswed within nrrenne in brief. pine V (thee... In
eontinty around the had nth, °ta u . 4 ,r t,1,,,,,,, 500 . 1
and exhibit In bteteri.l order tinge To. 1.14,
sod to prortaim the advantages sheer ton, a Ind
tuentuf, rapltaltste to untie bere,.Ntl lonct of tee
pwed wort
412 pa,. 12 mow booed Prier In.?
Publithed ant tnr Bale bY JOIE , .XI ri.I.OR.
eep2:, • I Ilhuel drew
Copper Stock.
1. 42•3.6 MI et usea ta bin, na CunEe.
luo - Penh:unto ..
lOU .. :birth West .. •• '
WO •• Untonnon. - - .
clalignlZollt.a , lPlrule at In. rite,
A. WI LKILHe k 041. Sur k end Y.r<hec¢• tlrc kn.,
5.P23 o,ros r iderk.t and Ihi td
G -
- RKAM OLLEESE-75 lime involving per
L. E, U line, mad for ea. by I
•AP , JA
in gieryt variety. of
M 43 .c U i. B l.. E p l i:it E n end pn - s,.. S 'amm lvt G. a; in th.
'?"' g'"". An
""" lirgpig " Pu ' Vhc l tritri.Z!
Aep2Z. North East carver 4th'a .' A Marim al
. .
N -
DaretatelD two* reeolved • oboi!. aeloortnreul nr
lane. Koods of • flne quollty. Also. •a ly of reel Mao
cheerer and L•no.ater (llngtuano; 4.
' W ELSII FLANNELS—. urrunted un
.hxlnlcattle. to Do be.,l la the ere e of
••1/23 lUILIUY k
WALL PAPER—Freon .sWtinent for
f.JI oat... r,ceired trion tho mots rototmeuol 6111131.-
I.:tortes or Pl:Mattel:Ca, N., York,
,0n,1,80010n, 1.1,11-
tion to • irarDol oto,k of doenoetle marateaDthro. for o•Io by
1: wort:oral of gold Sad orb, for .l. t,
Omni irrul Plain, for sale bT
ntnut mc : ju !, pAi. .,, ; „
It UCE.ETS-100 clot. Beaver . Bucket., for
LP salt by. rer,:ll.. WICK A .11er:ANIA.1:.!..S
MACKEREL -100 bbin No. 3 large, 20
'74 , ..:."'"' bm. " l ' No.: ' Nri a j t k i l 51cCASULF-9:i.
tinted Chews, [hie day ni; . . yjrzirt fy 4 :417,,bi„
11;1111Eci- 7 10 kegs Fresh Butter received
..d f or WICK dc Idc(IANULIC, ,
VIIEESE-94 /as W. H. Cheese, 105 do
1j Cream do, recel Ted tad fur osier
Anchor Cotton Factory Lai at Auction.
QN SATURDAY, September 27th, will be
said OilLtio•Ootioo. oa the Ptetuirita, at 3 o'clock,
rcs VALUABLE LOIN, on Federal amt. betsma
and lemmek etreete, Lein g :1111 , .t.frOut mot run
ning kook WO feet B. • lu Met onoi. This property
well worth the attention ol capital/au, Lelog to the tioel
tVorlltVg4l6lll. eit " gO l :t ` P.Ci h r ' Zlt ' lVlVe t l, ' , " t;
In mu.. it would out& admirably . for A
which le greatly needed In r city. Persona wield., to
Immt loom, real total. mint do well to the It their
mlt le UM only•p petty Mr oslell3 that elem.
lt,, sod mots prom)... to aiimmo ruder its prim. li wail
M mid all together, or 14 lot to snit purchaser.
Torma—One fourth In hovel, the !immure in npe, two,
and three t ears. with later., In be recner , ll4 loud and
meetirt'd a• Bin LE, Auctioneers.
14T . y A O
m rn . an the dry ,
preferred. Hood ',Broom. ngu a ired. A4l) en this ,7,14.
Valuable Reel state For Bale.
THE Collo:wing dose ibed property will be
weld at R ub& lade INIF day. the 10th day of Laded.,
next. at. 100 clerk, A. 61 . OT the ',wane. In Allegbee
pro iota of gyoand. on L i corner of grayer etrert and
w a t e r auea, bed., la feet n (mat. on rueet, are
eateddlbg back along Wader alley 7.6 feet. On which are
erected two three story brit Dwelling Howe*, each COI,
of rooms. Alec, ne
A lto , acaed on Beaver st.,
=2 feet In front. and 76 feet leer.
lto one Vacant Lot
ot, Water alloy. 23 tam tar aea In front e atul beet deep.
Alod. one two nary frame elling Made Gad Lot, 21 ft.
Inchre in (root. and 60 wt Jeep, enn[alning eight
The above property is abbe
syleania and Ohio Palk/Load]
Nes Inquire or the eutacol
Terme mnale known on the •
iroi 3, or thlit elm/ellen perk. has /net b•en pulkeh
eu. Vl* CA and 24 Lim are Itotoot net heart than the
nut All persons that aro plug to build, ehoulil hare it.
tub number contains four Sine litlessraoh onosaielnas of
original dtaltion,far Coltoneh Silleianulturblutllestdineees ,
azoompanteu by orplattatlons, spoellestinna and earl.
mato. alos. Poor pageant' detail., cortex notating pith 1.11 , 1
dolgtH. TWO My handbanteDtile ID w bleb tt le preps:lel
and otrAnt.lialied, rib/ore It • tadolal ornament !or Cho
Straflattroono libearr t ' Palm Ws. per meat.:
• liOntalaislataLYJAY alloraralsopoti
pipetitil an PPR Mao. los=
one rierrartel!.—AdvertiarcientasialvidieeviDiirvi .
trildilpaPir received era ft:awarded :tree
kW. a% in.
nrreatracia acrairsr.
onnea Prrlsbratni Qaxgrew
Iliday mamma, SeP 4 . 2 !l. I '
The market yesterday wail exceedingly doll. and noth
ing of Interest transpired. The recent rains had no effect
on the river, though for the last week,lbe depth In chan
nel hY varied very little Groin 16 inches. The wrath,
continues cool and dry.
FLOMR—The amounts coming forward are mall. yet
we have no change to police In Pricer. Th. 4 . 1 " from
era hinds Ynaterday were 170 Wits at the uPO. , landing,
at $3 . 2063 25 foyommon and extra braille. From tram:a:,
there WV1,11.111119 of 42 bats at ad 20. and 62 at $3 1743
bbl. Sale of 40 bids from slant at $137 fare. r Extra
in selling ai $35063 56, in small lots.
(MAlN—Nothing no doing In Min or emiaettuenee.—
We may continue our quotation , as follows--Wheat at
ho malls 60065, 111 e 40c M hu. Berle, le hedtght; at 52 c.
(ht ere in demand, at 7044290 from Mad baud., aqd 33 tg)
33 from eta..
itOCEItIES—The ni.ket continue. cttady. &Mr mica,
firm, Sae.; WO.. Sugar at and 50 bbl. Moltt.t.• at
30%e, Loth 4 mos. Coffee is quiet. with mall sales at 00.
aalOr fur RI, sA in quality.
11/11216-2alea IWO Ds sugar mired hams at 12 , -. Sale,
2 eke shoulders at 01(0 N Et, Plain barna and .Wes are
soltlno at iOc M b,•
tIEttMAS CLAY—:lain 15 rte at $23 11 ton. mob.
HAY—Sale. 17 wagon loads at $l2 fd , In M tool with
reed Mealy demand,
VISII—No 3 Mackerel continues eery firm 1 . 1,1
ltWar j t ,riptionn am t h e Fame no last quoted, I
"MED FILUIT—SmaII sales tralmaire from Wort
$1 627091 75 for ocarina Apples arc had at II $ both. In
email lore.
14111SKET—We heard of nothing in whiskey, The mil.
lug rat. ve. 20c M gel., for raw. and 31 44 .T 2 Mr 'ratified.
ILLLTufuLf.. Sept 22.
I.lmaltlo —The wupply of ut Ihe wales to I.r b , log
oosu.ll, laru• for all. *canon of th,. ,ear, prlr. ru9.l
offertnaa r,t
batmen:hed 1400 Iterd. 910 end
en .00lel tn eft) . 4 , 1 were Tett veer. end Cal
riven to Philadelphia-.
u ir
Pri s nioavdfrvin COO to 12 137)u on th e hoot equal to
$l, , 5 50 net, aryl averaging 42 4* gene,
IN r—Wo quit, at P 3606 26.—i American. •
SP.CIE—Tbn foli,,v Ina .ffirial report will .isna the
am., it of onvcle •Inorted from Now fork 1 ,, r the . t rek
11, 4 Bentember'2.3. and for th e year.
Fle re Fravalln—lLaTre. kr— •
American anhl. 4441.202
En , nch 40411. 13.150
Motion Alter. 1.1,n0i
Franra. 40..1
Albn. gilrer. 110.1611
Lttl it !;% : 1,4=
Frovi:the Utatt..ll States tn I Gritnln nrol 11,61.1. fr,
Septnalmr.ll3:4, to lA fit.
L1 21 '7 .1:T1
142,07 I. *4416
lOth, port..
AnniP tone I.t pact
ti.vr York.
N. Orkan,
Nato. Um. la. yesr
Saar It
aret:St—The demand tot tto• week bap taa.n tataturo
We 13.1 re Itll/0 , QUIP)Ltda. klo•ton. pee U. In.ia Fat
at SI :n. and •. - O het , al 111
R"MlLE—Thrra Las tram • gorvl demand for &•• ant
and rate. , 41:A)btilk. WA. tor .1 tort. at d:
manufacturing at C.ttac bnlo at la , a an eta
WHALEBONE—Ia to fall- Ldeptatal. utlrn ct 11.,10 , 04 IN;
4.4.100 b. a' a price in mad, tattakt
Bt.F.A. '4(4 LT—Flour—The =eat. 1. to 1. ,rt.t, 1.
tev , vales. The .ale err Lim)o vti..1271.3 301, vtra,v
to ebotee Mlchieso wd 01{u Wheat. 70i f, v
fe,76S for ordinary nnd mixed.
11.r41. Chemin
• j-sbbie,
A. a Wool .:.
,0—53.1.1 12.5, Lta, at $1 6, I,r , om.
ws.eo-i... an.] $4 41.44 [or extr•
Uncorr. .S•pt al 53 IL 3 . ..II I
Wheal '
just received
bmude , n
:22—No thin brat air.: I,llmA'
`"1/ 6. 1 , 1‘....u.1 3 0 +:00 Inr
Ilartarrati onal Vt.°. mom
SI :Mi. • .
lane, MI. :V Ir. V Gl.l
tour Ira, wellitus .11.162443 7 5 .L'arl 4 1,41 . 1 men: at
'rincipe, and
Totuier - -Up
The New of the np.t lb. I.,lloar
in/ atotur• of the then nalur etrpot of toot.
P 14.1 41111 r. in Will
TL. ..tut ...prulators ot tl.Il , autvat to b•••
to, The, [non nut 'phut vat tura, or • bat t.
do. The fatal. Ir to thtui n Pt tank. tu.l they oner•
au. Ja, to Ja, wo..hout Lbw rtrilutri tht amt.
nl'l*. vault 01 davit nato•Pou-nr... lb , troont /pa,-
Apvn lu the Mut tu•titet. rt.prp by. Ipvn vuut.l
..Monet •fuonz oahruhu". and ator 1111.1.41.1.n•tpal hp.•
b•Pn eahltA4J u numb.... any of th.tani4.• Tb. Im,
at. I•nr• botAtrs of •upi... an I Cot uo Atm.., for th•ru
The boar hit. tot.] nretto It• Ply, bat they' J. nut rut,
the ntarltel. mud um ma five i toniTh'll"lcn°
to coup... of arse. , .•lsof, wlth I/nub
um , . hat. 'ln lb. fere of a 1 7, 7
/AA-larvae,' In the mon.,Krt. LnAuPp• men t to ...ea.',
that alayorablt Illt mat
tin , .: 1119,1epPlIA•
PatttP l 7 upon the PORT Pupa.. 1 /P the teak.. and lb..
movement of tapeit. it la the prevaitioa ICIT...ion that
shit...tuts of anxious will crapoln thlrt It, Chau
Mir ractlyto of Callform• gold nil,. fur' r tnai,der ut
the itutt, be unusually larver, that eaehturt tin Eng!au.l
•21 pu abtuoluut Una the mfr. rule eftnaufranahls
below gtvPir point, ~or psi,. • AI rap, 17 luotrur.
tit.that.Pkulvnta • 111 as In to.
tit. bpatthy np,•IM. In the papal of theantlotap
nuns I.lng tkallanl are mar so tothitnu• .nt tht
I.ultiPt- Ot. Utt tab., 1 / 3 .0.1. PLOuLI I e Irian IA
.Peon routine, our Importationsnot ftll Ix! l and rip , —
tor unit nnAltalP druettlat• In [nark • ela.• the
r111i1121.1.<114 of lbw cummeroial nms n
the hank. olntrart ttoir Ilno. of Jle.nan . Qui 1 bp rat,. •A
tntoreoft fulo at prosent poin t, wpaH oil.
tor Pt. - rerlint,..
of all Itlpla, mut Ftly fall oil. and hold," putter rut:.
out boson
reed turd for
klltbtr. a (>
- _
reel alai
,(11 a - ( 0
co, ha
•up.rk,r de
an tit, estate
t.+i4vg h a me
o the rulrrib.r.
Id Mate err
r rodt4rarat
UALA, Ado r
ou the eta
hat h t tonah
u the mt. - ft
tt , &haul] ,
• I elllst, SIT
'Will h. Aim r
. ip ___...
0a .
14.1m—yi..t. 1.... r., 1..1 11,014 scant banns etc!
.1.1 !pstg. Wt er.12113.. and at • stand
ARRIVE!) ' !
J. McEre. lienArv_ltann.)lcße,!pilt
1 ' r."!! ' 14tr; L :! 1 .91171; . ..=;:g - toon.
Omen?. Halle, U... 1. Newton
Balt!, aanrti. lir ”rnEklll..
Allanth, l'arkill.m. LlrmansEtl/e.
!LIR, Bennett. 8run0...4110.
J. Mclic.,..llendrlriarn!. Itleiimlo o, V.
Thu. !...briv, Bail,. We. Sonton.
11..,....... Bailey. 1\...1 N..rion
D 1....!...0 A Co, Pawn.? E.,!.. I dal! at 6ftto .0
2 p !RR
11,0 , V It ITILLS r.tlix tit. I ' ,
BROWNSVILLE. n .. N. and G 1 . SI.
Splendid Instainnents.
ItiesllE subsiber has just reveit.;l inroivc
of • vary aolvtion Pianna. m t• by Nonni
a ark, and alui hy Dunham. Newt V crk. MOD. ,
ra. agnify...D r full r-esen Grik94,1 . 1.,,
made 0 . Nunn% a Clark. 1:1,14 lotattment, , after • ear-
NI tria land Inwasngatiln. Ir. prnnonon.d . by th^
reafora f Newt Yark city the [meat t•
IL moat
rrful thand Manna , nianufacturrd ads enuntry
regeral auperb lamia taallontal, ;, 75a and
tare /Inca of every vart...ty .tyla and nrl , -.
Str;ne.l tke U.Vklen Jlarb, n not, car.,
S. IL Mme. lianc% haring Aw r, n eI..W by lb.
anbarritar fr.& tba,txttr.'anwarrann.d
Ntn•l• a brvueht 1,11. 'lCrz
_ .klinnesota Copper Stock.
5/1011AKES of this Stork for Fah. at a low
V, ra by A WILKIM. , a Co..
PP corner Mart,l all.l Thin,.,. •
VOUR.--100 LII.. kiztrriYaruily, for sale
I. fr oetti3 e * tv.ilAliliAl.till.
Mt ACKEREIe—IW litile. I:urge No.
Iva fluserhilootts,n.r,ti.: I, egkir by
imp= ' .t. it' N. lIAI4IIAtAiII
f 1 lIEESE boxes errant, for mule. by
115 • W
LACK WOOD, for September, for male
/JP ittwitES. Lll,vrar, 14, t, :41ThInt
rm. tho 1.1.0 !Mr,
EW BOOKS.—'rrovela and Adsentort
In 31.r.0. in the tourer of up•a:F of 'Z..4...1.
gin...dun fent, glituir an auvutit of
the tuattuers. a
of the trulph.: by Wm. - Carpeuter. il,lO Or the
Lhaloutry 'Flcaut,
Judi u,'.l and lur tale by I. L. itr.Al./
Apollohulttlaum. Fourth •I
SIAZoIt frFoh
. 04 .
70 Apo& Ilullatuu . l s u Fourth to
I ONDOii . ART JOUR;iAL,tut Septemb
l bottn LondUu Pony, 0... 11
411":1=f0:120N:i lIUL 4Ell 'Literati Depot..
14 'Mini the Poet oak..
Beal Estate at Auction..
THE tiubeeribers will sell utPublie
o the pretubteA, oo Thumb" - , Um 9th do
booLer oval, that won tow.. Foopalla
10/121.1) . umupled AN DOL, decd. dl.
tooughlp.•unomlintely Loud the 1
nd bounded onnue eLb r by the or* Frookllo good.
lAt iR 112 fret by 161 Cott.' ou I. erected
Uric lc Do el boa tiounAi sod •1111.. upcsA,Yl out bolhlo
Fel. to cornovor. at 11 A lick A Al.
111,1111111: IL RIDDLE,
4.fUNDRIES -- bbhi. SateratuA;
tJ 2 box... Seed Lett Toburn,
au racks Leer NJ< ur
.onTJ HARM ..14,/tiES Ag CO.
CANDLES—In whole end hi: ban.,
0 for mile by 1.e..221 JUSF.I4
LSAF TOBACCO—in lande.tind bones: tier
I.y 1.4,211 R
riliWO COAL FLATS—For sole by
ropV. .1. t eflOS K a CO, 21
UGAR—tiO hhds. prime, for ode- by
sep2.l t!abUld. Cll.
- . . .
fki OLASSES--M. bills. N. 0.;
bto ^ ,
ne nittargi from the Penn-
De o pot. Frbr`fortberparthm
.l,lo.'ol4, Fifth rarest.
r rate.
()if ELS E-5
6 ti p boxes ...C ll.: e .. 4„ lt : .; iorri. l / 41.bT..cit
rr'x ,
'ISALERATUS- - 1 0 tons in boxer , anti title
iwte2.l It. DALZEIL Lep.
or J.kMkd ItULONO
•th WipKea 641.144, dee,d
iKiiBUT'rER..--"5 kegs fresh,Tor .uk by
pep ji..I,M.ZELL CO.
et 1101..11EF Idierarr Dep.,
\o. 7a TAIrl strevt.
dame wt lovra N3
.13 Stock saslExtblags Jimtars.
.... BRANDY. AND M..VDCIII nattlee and
drenoLt. for male by
set.l9 4000ED6 SIeInIWELL. 140 Wanda,
pAPAII.‘IIANOINGS—New style a n Guld
~r tmo l m a at'ri. r . ,,. .fiiji r arikirNrlll. l tA i adli Gold and
86 ' Vo i rtat.
1 REEN OIL CLOTII-500 ytgds 4, -4i,
quarter Green Cnitb. for Window
aupenor for aerrice to any artleirmanufactured for that,
purron.just received and for mile by LL. poor+or yard...
the ware nano'. Nov. 1' .aid 9 Wool 'trent
-1,19 J. a 11. PHILLIPS.
111 I DOW NEIAPES—A fine stock ^em
ir LrarleF all the vatic-Ilea of Travapanitit Window
iinadea, inn receivel trcm lbw nufacturer. whieb Ire
.II .41 wbolcaale and retail, l uw u Harr can br
J A H. PHILLIP,. 7 and I Word at.
1.7.41i.a.50 I
,47a.ino .
nu , %Vb , ,.t nu. Guru
1.291.462 1.440.9.2
AT 10321 ta
IiFILL open on TIES \ EVENING, Sept
v tith,"et the Athen t antat, Liberty Meet, utrrell.
of the SIRDMICRRANEAN, depictin g a ll the
tr rand. beautiful stel eubliat e ettetvry larva the classical
t[horre of the Old World, fur •uttarly bons tholtaand
ip exhort. end pronounced by the pUlthe sad press to be
It, far the most truckfulteorrtnthetuir • sad uta A utheent
3 ~ l "t=l:;`,P,t r w."C`F,tA‘rri= t r y .
The Pau:tomes alit COMlaniCi• movin g at a q uesur be
l're o'clock, every mule. la the week. ' with
Administamtar's Notice
ETTERS of Adaiinistratioa on the Estate
A of Wm. J. Darln, late of the city of Pittalporgb,dr
at.thl, haw 1.- en g:M.4 to,the unt.kralsktod, rec,iding In
1.1 eltyat m 345 Llberly tltreet. to "'Om all pepons
avlng , Ilitne erdemaode oks.lnst the raLl tratabt.. , ere rw.
uert.o.l to woke known lbw pan, without sal G.
how 011 perm., who know thetnaelver to imh•ht,.,) to
aid not to arc trytnarte,l to malt,. to 11, morn
IP3I. 111M111A111
ILOOR OIL CLOTII-500 yards 3, 4..5,
1 6 snit 6 quarter, 7a" rerAl ftr,tu
ry n0,1,1,4wh01e...a1,. sad id the grarnror,a,, , ,
Wm..' . ],t H. sinkuss.
- fic;sKED 011.-30 bbl;. for sale by
J 151.3116/NMAKER 0.11
k LIN EOl I,— lo baskets for Bale by _
...toe, J scoooostatarn a co.
. ..
, A Rl3. AM lONIA —'2 casks for sale by
/ etcol/ ' . ,_. • J. I<cDoossi4KEKA co
tiliAX — lGa 4 es for sale by
! pew
..,, J. t+CID4)4MAKEIt a co
l I I EESE-77 bores fig' sale by ,
) ..pal ISAI All DIC.KEN 4,C0
lAR--50 I,bls. on consignment, for sale
• bm ~.1...., by 1001.0 DICKEY 4 0).
eft,. Water and From,..
rko tm,ltm Odin. Wild bin. Wind,. Glue:
pkgn. Green Ill'k Tnaxl 1L2.201a. Nn. 2 Rood.
1.,. 24 In lilt Tobaerny N. C. Tar.
kg.. VII.. Tnetst and Plug'. " Vinegar.
'IL tea. tronh Spanish Whiting:
30 LOA, P. 11.1 N.O.t.prar. Ea.tern Alu m.
20 14,1n.L0af..1'.1. 12 C3l;nped L 0 . . o4
Ill•• N. in. Ilnla.ann. 2 Carom , Ludlo4-
d 11. •• 'ulllle.l42oK 2 Candlerleltl
2.10 Aldus 11,4
... „
SlimP ' WO ; , 1,1u;;:i - .
.., hu0.G.,...h.c W.1L.C1t.....5, 4 1 6o doe. Plawut Iluckr.:
:DO uor. Corn Ilroonar, •; 'l'.4io Argo N#.ll,<ltY br.nd.
1, w.thnr with M.ltler, clop, Oingwr, p.,h,,,, , ,L0tpm...0,
Llnnaon, Ac.. cm Ilszvl OW tor male by . , •
NIA , Jollti 1U ATT A C 1). it.
VOli CIIAMBERS--Vary cheap Viall Par
j: pc, and ch.p 13 , 41crx i in lieu ot whitelisalT,iur ale
.0 . ' OaDIVI ~%'. r. MAIL.SLIA.A.L.
, bl( i ! .. N t. S 0 . r.. N
.ttou, lurl.nonablt• good,
I N lofallible Remedy for FOOT!' ACIIE;
Tart.. on Oh,Tooth. Siu.u,ry sod IlltwaneGitmm, for
,nan, Olt ' EY,EIt a
rv•yla' lin Wood Amer!.
. _
ji 1 L 01 NT Mf: T-w art ant ei to cure the
wont MNe a Plt in fn tiny, ter salr by
_ .‘ frp il KILYSLIt t WiloW ELL. I,to %col ot.
• •
B li ., T ., ll;Eit-1. , 1 kegs fi.i . f ,...K . sale m liz A:,..E„,
1 HEESE— , O Lova prime W. R., for sale
g ..) by WICK t NeCAN liLElt..
S PER , wc
M OIL.- 17li
, bls i st h 'or , m
tole h 7 .
IVLAX--'22.srirks for pale by
11 re,...15 r %viol A Met A5111.5ht,
r ' B PRIEST E VERMILLION eases for bale
I Dry. Lumber fOi.,Sele.
BEST COMMON WRITE PINE LlN x., I, sad 2 met...llllH, \,‘
1 I . l L t P th lort :lOth l lllVa t t? ' ••,, ' ''' ven ' d k i/rn•t . J '.. t:o "'''.
1 will 001 the abut. ' Kum " twr As loc` or loft. than It
• to be b•••th‘bt itt ctie city.
A.F-1, 0 pair, of Ona. rate FLAT 111,4 0. ,
JAMES li'iuth Wahl.
. . . ..
First Supply of Full Goo .
R then the, hr. .uhull . 0 Poi 0ma....P , 1 i 0,. . 0 ^
i ...,..... i their rtguihr euetuatere athl htul err a venal”., .
'wh ,-
11 ECEIVED 'l'lllS DAY aria now opt mg
g t at “0 1110111' . 0. 101 Lawny ettwel ‘ .
lan peers faury ah•l Met Castati,e, ..nett it, prrrt d
hq•.et laAhltiostlt patterns. •
..t, Du..., 1•1.•• it awl ••••Kre.ll4loth, of the :ht. •uphht
I he lar,,l at t l truth 'hive it 1 htehri ohm, el Vewthast
et, Lehwabt la JAIL. ra n
Y. 1,.. ttuJerethrhi l Itrawert.
ea LL In, and ...Haw. OW , .
A 1.........rhae0l of ttray.l,llathlleerelhef. he
It Itlet, In with the vel-y lay, •I e 1 of tCCAtiI
tl t Dh. t.1.t,T111: ~,, wi tpr WV( 1...411.40.1. nt, le, Co.,
..1 haul. I re...tone el the larveri at hl want lathi•Ahelot
• 1 ,• al •••telt. ••laph. MY vi•ntleateshe nw•sr. tx. the
r....trrn rem Wry: •11•.1 wth.-13 the proprtetr r le deter....
...,wer the ter, Joi• , -.1 ,rl , O. 5.0 tw..l)
•ir•leet to tlit. 1•114•001 low eterutwd in thet-Iww.l hi..•
her. a:hi . the eltorowt white wept;
. re . ‘ ki k 1
gj g r!, het reeviewl and Nth hale h . .
17 • ' J. 51011 401.
1(.)00 IauLBS. ROSE PINK—On hand
d bar sale be • .
ter J. KIM/ 4 co.
I ..) VIM I JuA mvls,l ,ad 1.. r tale by
•el 7 J. KIDD t co .
' aie.tno .1 nod I, ralr 0,
IF th i l it t t r. J. rillth A.:..
i I/ E i E: , ..13111A , .1 , 11 ... 71 :, T ...,t.
.. S__.-z y...._
i,....., ,
1 Lai liTai ii 6.1-.
eterlit Water cud Front ILk
& amt of our Pit...burgh dalltenan.lweekltss.s.l
rartery • f pslsspaner. 10m many of our cit.. 5r51
totl Counter:oß brt.rtor, lets and other
2:50 nip. T•rupvranoe .Cartincatsss . Phannon*s 11.1-
t.m.t kept for ..l. at ISAAC 11A111115'001 , 5,
I nir.lot.
2001 , roo.or s or• R o i' l for *olo nr
I INSEED 1,[15-2 4 ) bhio. for r:010
LA vplt J St . IIII , ISAI AKER a oi, 00 lborsl on.
d , oitl ANDER BRED-1 cask for loyle by .
11_V.R aOl.
up d i .o n
4 1 fo l r b :a r
t kageq, for ram
w A 515CLUR1...k CO.
wpl.'l'4 6 Liberty at..
WM. DIQBY begs w inform his friends
ef FALL AND ' lit t ;41;rtLni: r t , oh , t
erre, thlo.'that flohievahle. fOr °oral ,
Mon weer. It hot, u.rly loPoeetble dftrt h.„D.
eorzet, and eiecebee of the. eta'' , sad P.D.... his
sad Venting, or tho per.r gush t, of hht Clothe .
the proprietm. how@ thot .11 ehe ~eh to i•oreheae soy
aettele to ht. line will heel. hort with no early tali. AD,
en betel. the me.rireet. beet insoufeetored, l met fesh.
Innohle steel. ItKADe ADF. CLOTIIINU In the city,
*ll , l .134.1 i sill As riffs,/ et the Very fa.r.Pt yrinea her
Ctrtle•eitten, Tot., Sterrh.t, and all who numbs,
barrel will Ant: It nturhAn their•tlyentanut to ex•rine
tUe rinek hcfnie purrhaeluit. a• nieet •ttit thTb
4 lutrounn
T•ert art4l.4it the Tatinring late made to ant, in the
cri leAlnorialytr rtrlt.Att the ithorte•tt untie,
A fir•t sAl..urin wantnt itutnnbintelr. • orpl:.
11.Rii.14 4 '"S eelebrik;d . DURHAM FARM
(Nottuitr) cllbratAft, put up for familt It Air,
P• •uit. frtinnto to TV pound, can be ohnuontl.wholortile or the butneribrrft. Thirehetute ito held In eery hlgh
rt.i.nte in theAt.l. Thar nos intrndoet.l nu' the hmt nth,
thin it market:. deals-Inn • clad. azAbele a.. rib
rtr-h•ta tn ran exam:a,
.• AL h ItIrCLU ftG &CAL.
tetrl2 ' OMAR* and Tea Mater,
JFT CRU:HIEb SUGAR—A. very superb
t nr •rtlele bitta jun tAte d by
Ws, A. MeCLTIIIIi a A.A..
SIGKED b.L.NION—WiII reed, this
KNOW bn. Bermuda, for male
11411 ICH I'itINTS, at a discount of
fs frorillart 'ear'. Ili - , ju.l. reeelied at
..... Market arl..-0..r..Z.P.r
('OFFER---400 bags Rio, t~rincipallpprime,
ataaAO Lawns at.
I.ERATUS-5 tons in boxei and bids.,
7 . 01 eile Lt It DA.1.22'..L1. t
sue,' • lal•erty ahria.t.
Wo Boarding
arlthpleseautfroot enema et the
uthar turell , liedur utfurnh.l,..l. awl tAaril.Apply
at it, eoroar of • Thlrd,aml ilratt
1"/ •
JON LABOR• the London Poor;
rootial f lrk! Deot of the IZeenlyttlon, Ne. 10. -
I:rt./oyes! at 11(1LUES' !Atari," 1 , ••p.•.t. 74 Thirtlelte.;t.
of Yenta the Po. Oface.
41,111,111-7 D bids. N. 0., for sale
A 7 err: 3 $ MAYOR ell - ICo
TOFFEE-25 packets Jaya, for sale by .•
• rrri ISURIMIIDOE u INOMIta . u.
EATIIEH-2 0 0 aides Sole, for rule by
4 .74 UUttUltllkiE a irkillitAM.
A kIL--20 bblr. pure Tanners', fur sato by
I/a.pi LitiItDRIDUE
) MEN. AND JUSTICIA or Tut: 11:ACE.—Deeoe,
al...Kase, Monde. I.lnratiunt, lttentoree.
stillaenar.aulnuaour, ur CooL:Artleleya ii
1.. MD. at.. At., for mai. at
11 , S. HAI IWri,e i .
peva caroer Market and arevnd et,
lA DILAFTS.-eA lazy variety or Notes and roan,
Lirvlrum<lr coosved. toraale al
W. R. IIAYEN , .S Stationery Akre,
erra retort. Starkra ond fermi Mx
B L m A . l ,k.. li t
m 1i 0 0U1%. „. ", d `i.. 7, - , :": : S. g r a
. 1
i t N ; b
.. i corner m r, ,
.toolt of Blank no,ks nvgr offered is this tity -- Romlstlng
0 ., L ra ,..,,,, J 00,.... l.a, Roc.. ]d Lo an. In ff.
4.1 . 72ty 1,. of tinting. sod ,t the Inuent. perms. eepa_
QAFETY FUSE-12 bble. for sole by
*RR:: J. R. mu - 6Rn' t 1:1).
I)APER HANG lisili*--Ilow - pektterns for
..,i, b y wAL'I.F.It I'. p1A119101.1..
..0p.2 u. ~ NY 410r54 street.
A alavl, for ma , . br
..p.: 1 WALTER, P. mei,t.:.,lint.L...
Sl—"race Vnite.t
rya 1144% , 1560! , D1 tb , laY
Joias sac.
X FAY 800
4 a to
vnat entravinsx, 1.
- -
No, b, AU/4W
lehltoot of thy ilorolutld
tetkolory of llochanks. 15500 s Nook
' toot toed and tor oslo by
ffESJ,./.15 Ayoktojibiblibp,
Youltb abot.
6.—r J 15.4 ree'd,per exprese,
t Wart.. Bonnettiabbons.
.NuahN mkt dotTabt Wok Iwo
d Judges, beautiful eakalt.• pyt
5 doo.thicrieh Platootobsottootrm.
. .
n. 3:...1 33
I 4 .LL(.100
1••••••• t awl amai
klem en, CR pos.
AlararLna. AU* • • •.
Z.Eea ot no:toza.,\ - - ,
polt• tWoroilaatitick of ilia electoitfif dile
gliony (l.Wnty, I hobnob the following *tenons of
i • Act df the tienersl Assembly of the sesolioti_W 1051..
entitled:Wald to ',solidi. lor the elertioltor•TWasiut
the eteerstlioartS of this CutuniOnerealth,Wl to regales
eertalu 'otitis) Eldisiets."
\action Ile It \enacted by the Sewoo and lion* of.
Ripreeentettiee of the Cotwoonwealth of •lieitusylennis
la [knew[ ..tinietibly . wet, end It is hereby waded
Authority-of the sa.t. That We qatillned electors or
of the tweets] coontienof this oouunottereallb shall at th
nest goers( eieetion, et Meth.* ard places of sleep •
reitresent•Wres, tad, whenever it thereafter became
uotesears for w ideethia ander this art, a wad...the
Conettlwilon of thiAllowthionwealtb, TOW fo IV, precuts
rho hoof e t e . e tt Att , , end at every election thereafter se
wins WAttal neiewsarywaler the provnions het•of
to ewe,. aoNfalges of We :±uprea.L.tmet• of this OWintoo.
wealth, wo,pentou to ottrre emddeat indite of the ju
Metal dletrict In county Wall Ile, sad too pe,
.os to reryeies enceinte jut*. of We several room of
.ar tt h eaualx:
TifiLt \ the qoallila4 elee , forl rarhlialf viftatt the
jurialictlou of 401 district coon or ether eourt`of *word
elattlas orWrieuter to 0.. created by lae,ah.R et the
Nest ,eral i•leaffoo aO.l thereafter the tame
• had no ceeevear.r at the times and planes for told..
ieh eluctioo withlol , heir reenoeslr.• eked. flistrkt•. Vat ,
40 0., pereoafurt,Vent pv.10,1 of Owl> wait, and
mats tor 62 .iate juclat, the sat u well he r•••
hi law., •
Sec. 3. That the Adzes of the hither.; Coart end the
re.i.leot Judaea of all tithereourta of recent, and the we
...elate Judges of the Monist thiurnmd theCourtof Coos.'
iton Pleas of the eityantconnty of lettiladilphla, and the
ietriet I.,urt of the comity of Alleithiny, thatt be learn
id in the law. and all the ateresald J udges stiall be quell.
bed el.ctora.ia his thmmouvrealtb. and shall by otherniae
.1 itareAutred by the Keoad arch. of the Efth ar
of the ttatilJtotion of We Coeunonwealth
1. That the sieedootbleges shall be held and
oindorted In the weasel else ndleteMte in the same
mariner lo all reenacts at eleetiode for reprueulatires are
and shall be held and sob /octal, and by the unto jittlas,
mepectorsi Lod other officer.: and. the provialons Of the
general a.senohli. entitht "An A - oi. tending to the e 1..-
ie.:l.i or the Ce . .ramonwealth."pproted the second du of
duty,ooe thoutand eiht hund red and thirtrninth and``
serest eupplementa a and all other his latte as or ea the
• rl.llll. shall or to lone sod deulnad and
Laken to apply' to the election of Judaea: Provided, That,
the atom...aid electors shall sob. foe 111dipte of the Supreme
Court on wparate piece ot raper. and %. other Judge=
re , itured to be learned in [battieon anal separate place
Sec e. That at a meetblx of the return Legdgea of the
.a2teral dietrieta In etch county provided 41. r by the eat
hereintefort duplicate returnaofalitheyobea glee.
in ouch county rayon,'
_of th e Supreme Ceurt. sod ail
INrtc7Cl i el o ti f e llr ' =res c t?n t- co re n el ut u ei t i h :llll.r..!:,:
eonnty or dittrl, then be mode out by tbe <kik cf the
b.eird redni J ung's, One of which returns th e president
of cold board that! berthwith lodge in the officerof the
prothonotary et the Couit of tionamon Pleat el auchSonn
ty, end the other he shalt enclose man envelope, oldie
envelope he ehall wal dire t to the Seerelary oldie
Commonwealth, and place la the nearer. post
. . •
her. 0. That in the vane of the election of prteadt
odor of any Judicial district compoesilt of two or m
emirates. at a meeting of. the return Judges in each of,
ouch moods, the clod. aforesaid ehall make out .lair
tritro.nt °Pall the voles which shall have bean given at
curb election uithiathe 0000071 i revery pawn voted
for as ouch president Ipi, which shall be signed by said
,1113,,t, end attested by the dear. and one 01 Fold Judges
that' take charge of such statement. arid gull produce
the same at a meeting nf one lodge true each of said
otunties. which mentlnic .bell be bed on th e seventh day
itcr the election, at toedurthouse ofonenfthe mantle,
le hr nseil by taking sb ciuntiee al.ruatelyiin their
alrhataiticel orirr.
Pre. 7. That the juices of the several mottle. having .
MD Met; P 1,1! cast up the sereral count- return., and
mate • euffiment number %rock. of a neocral return of
all thy 0.100 given tor such orlicein ask dierrich ail of
bwhich they shall certify. endow. if übleh they shall
lue forthwith in the edam of the yrothoootary of the
fours of' Common hi of each of sand coontire, and one
of which they .hill nodose. seal, and direct. to
fi the Peen.
y fth the
dthoni mmenueal his tb. in the manner treuribed by
ten of t act
:lee. b. That In the coin of the elation of any jUdge of
any cent . / of reeved now existlnit. be
,ye•teit hantiirjuri•liction over territory sling Within
li. the nmmJalgee of
17e d :l i er l i t lf i r t' alt r rm " !11741%.
r•n•Littlte build of retort:trudges vithrespeet such
election. and MIMI, at' the time and pleoe of the likerii•Si
°lam •eturnjudgi• I/anthem:WT. proceed 10.11 respects
In relation to such election as If required of the county
board In the sloth section hereof.' • xnept that they shall
tel ono of the duplicate return., la the race of th e
slerk of maid mart. le:dead of that of the prothonotaryor
The Moen of Common Vets.,
Nee. 9. 'Conon the fleet Tuevia7 of Norenther neat. fel
hieing may electon authorized ha this set, the eerreterY
crihe Commonwealth •ball,i !loth. of Reprmienta
hees..h the preens of the (los, nor and such other
•••• of this Commonseith ae, may choose to attend,
rorg!tobeg!fl7l,..V.tre him -o il
tt r terl?ef 6. llPe ' r o i rt r b e e
Suprema (boort to be motel eomputed, j and l the Gos
eroor shell forthwith home his roclemation deelerlog to
nothy af the person/ voted foe Ada.. of the door..
(Nutt .1'116.11 to required to , •.e elected by this act. and
she. hare toe.leed the greatest number el vete, tot , e dto
ly elected. \ .
See. lit. That the flee person i t dszed la eo alerted
at the brat eleetion. to . eon the tenth day alter
the day last , ebore mentiono.t. at the yl•c• tor bolding
the rupreme Court St Ilarthhurgh, and Shall mums nee
halloo ~routapling the word. `threoyeare," years: .
'thine tears , t%relle years. , and — Meon lestm.".rellPeo•
theft - . td be pUtllao • boo, ..nd than each saretally draw
l'lo , '"om one hiilat, the smith. upon cal
shall desti f
hale tertoWidtv,e,ittal th ey . sball rectify the result of
.I.lth la
:tea IL That as echo a, ynteritable alter the erg Tues.
day to hoyecolenekt.`follivelna ant' .eloltirde Of Jadgee.
the GO - error ebuiJ grant the donsins elected livelymspec
sselone. n o
revjuired by Lew \ to hold thelr ersec.
lice More met suit after the , deer Hoods? Decettiisr,
iiest following such elation. tor add during their, re..
.pectlee terms ornate., ~`..prescribed and limited hi' the
second section of th e Itlth rticle of the Constitution .of
tote Commorter.lth. \
.ire. la I het iu theseaenetf any vacancy occurring In
lto, iudy•hiplit this Cohttaohoreslth by Smith,
ion. a moral ~•:•• the fry.litye to elector
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HONEY-6 t;bis. for ale by , ls TAIIIDICKEY 1 CO.
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the Old Estsbllshat srpet Marehoure No. SS Fo rt.
scot W !IticCISN'TOL.
~,t of the richest styles sod colors, lust TWA • 02
so. Al Market et IsrplUi A. A. MASON AM. ,•
12INGIIABIS--40 eases, French and po , \
N_P mcf tle. just r.ell 00 A. A. MASON* CO.
YADIES' CARPET BAGS-20 dos. roo r a,
I boo cAhrs. ,, by Dental A. A. MASON* CO.
VINEGAR -97 bbls. Cider, for sale by
0 , 1 , 3 . Wll a. JorvaroS. --
LAIN. (booboo, Bob, Mk. Blue Orteu
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for Childlon'o Dr,. op , ~d Eooks. nu toed by
‘. I OGAR-20 hbds. N. 0., fur sale by
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11 OLDEN SYRUP—IO bbls. for sale by
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EW DRESS GOODS—We are now it
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Zialoe, Cashmere., Ponllat. Persian Robe, Album, Po
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Wll/11: GOODS—A. A. - MASON 8; Co.
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John A. Winans. o - William Patton. ' •
Nathaniel Holmes. IVIIII:flaiy..
John Illnalughaso,
", Jams H. tenon, , William Meson,
Hobert Bruer, - Thomas Oval,
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Georgie E. (kraal',
7. Fine Watches! • '
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Express Packet
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OhiC ; 1 4 4 ' Pe Onsiivalis Aagilcad•
IN\and niter MONDAY, AIiGIL7 \DA. - -
IA 1,4. a Pasownfivr Trait" MU tamer ibilinric, \
LEA t %VFW 11100 DION as ill A.M. obi IN .M.
kA %le .ITTSllUlltell at lb ,A. M. mai ft Mt
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, , th.l.ltv utter trel4ivela of lore kW mi..
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Da weed, Pittsburgh 'Mad Itochostaf, to toy 'Mallon a
BA week achy
an Vlttstgh mit • fir.iiriatiOvi and lack,
the vtm •
er-Tte Train Pill .It 4 nay on Sundy but.Ezeonkto
Ylatet• *Antietam llittutalc till IM gond fm the rata. Dip
no Monday.
Canntbultare will he at lb) , Depot. otk Yetletat ete to
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any lter. tat the troSit•
from the Betio. to the Il k 2 . 0101 nous., they Mal
chola, Ovoniboaves will not leave tlot Ilooontraheta
Iwo previous Wahl. Immo& .r MOW , . t.
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Depot, pkvaiott by Oa*
MOrehavaa' Hotel. Um Ett:ltharleet. along Fittluattatte from
W 06.1 to Las kat, sod aloha St. Mir ttreet. ' 'A t ktatirblt '
along the motet pkettea4ert rants!) the Oenortmu, alut be
to tho t,ots. I ' \ '
,1, 1 , 2k ...r e It ... allreg v,... t . lt b tr o l a te ,.. nd4l•beyktul haw hylMI , r M
. , 11 , poter of the Board of Dllnttort. '
(MOROI Pllttllig.L
aukitt, ' ' Ticket Um.:
, ..
‘, Fn L 7. ARRA-VG/MI:NT.'
.Ira corantetion\*.ith. the Ohio and Penna.. Erianoo
T1C60004131 6 HOURIC;• :14.•, • •
11011ASSE1iGFJ16 will take the 1Q A train
PaPatzt.'ingia, Cm. . ootiyisk
o¢ aniral at Few Hel¢hteD. el\ "34
Returning leave,New Getle skl,7 P. 1.. .n . 1794 at Few
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Completed to Lodport,29 welt? west oi!" Aikeurforn.
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rrHE - StrIiSCRIBERS intr. theilesiAge CO
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roles, Yaints.Dte Stull', ' Lesthsr. Ulu-
err Yak, tuaotbr ...1.t.b.r.0...e.50i 0,.. ,
TIMID C kx--use..4 Pork. Outter.Lani. Load •
OIL Tobacco Lest, CoHee. Tallow, Orkin
&W. i 60. . ' •
FOUitTli CLASP—Asks. diarbletwsigh).la.., . s
PitrihitosinAterstariCisi.Boneseliscon.&&-fdp, c •
COSODE & COLE, soma.'
angl9 c&rner of Ps= andli'synn ureorta
Westcirn College,of Hcimceopstedicincil
• .
THE Second Annual Course of tures in
the Western College of RousrOpathle Idedlolne,
oemmence on Monday, November Yd s end conlinassistassa
A chsir has been added to the FaeolW • Miring tam',
lust summer, and Isis hollered that the fasSlltleiLe the
talnlng a thorough Instruction. In Mesthad Stands we not
rsrossesst by any school In tads asuntry. s. •
She - PoonstY Of Irdsrlutlon ate as Edicts: ' • \ Iz
STORM ROSA. Id. LI, Plot of Alld•lfory and Dimon of
Wasson, and Children.
DISARM?. D. ITLLLIALIS: M. D , Professor.: I utts
and Preens, of lloargeopallsy.
ARTHUR F. BISSELL, M. Ls. Professor of Prlisellans od
Practices of surgery.
LEWLS DsIDUE. AL a. Proasuarof Mated* kladka amt •
Medical Jutieprudenre.
111.111LTath L. 4111TH. A. M_ AL D. Profemor of ante,
femf ape Tookoloo - y.
,LIORAT11) P. UAW Dna. 3L I. Prolestor of npioN.
31 , 1111 BRAIN ELM, A. ProTemor of PhrgeolDeientesl
. LP-MULL D. 1148 A. M. Demonannetar of Anohnoy, •
5 De th. muffs courts of
its of taro hill manes In other
Aulatiou tee........_.
tuAttou • .. •
ee • ..:.- „.
oduites of tem.:made medlost 'Manes aro a01.m1t1.4. 1
omara. nn P.T.itlit of mattieulstiter to. only:. •
4 Wont. loehadlnk nom, thee and lights, caul. oh
f St:6o t 012,10 per week. •
d.'.6801 mad Smart ellnlo 15 nonnectiol with thaCkeei •
and forilltte. stforthal th e stmt of kflatel
Ana .
C. D. WALLIAII&M. Do Dena dither famallfl
Jr—Prof. U. L. Eatim. Demean/1. Mew
ME Annual Course of . Lectured in the ,
Cleisland Medical College, Will esinmenat ea Wed
f. the
I ODD dey at November. end continue thirteen.
thilthing gmtlemen compose the. Troth: of b.-
IN DELAIISTED. Trojan= of (denies' Pale.
'Medlar. and Dianna of Women and Child:en.
1011 0. SIB
0. Peateasor of Ph)thal DI- •
GV.E h ra1 . 20.171 . 1 '. . Egftlec"lcnuriMi
ft•P,l,CAS6).LS. Protemor of Maeda Stealth. ,
mvy, aucl Hotsoy.
Kb ST. JOHN. M. Protases. orldhendetry and
Mal urleprad.n... •
kit/11 J rthADATER. Prams., of flialtswth
1/..'breWgrike came course of Lectern 1e,,;,.._. 410.
Mo U dttn tk ietr '" . .. .
I,lladt ''''''''' Welee
soothe. ko S5ll. and ethoth Jointly with wan paean
• both papOnnbility milAcltolly • Jostles of thermal,
0 J edge to thy Manly or theatre in letlett Oa Signer
rethlea,*lll wepus tn. plan a nether lathe time.
Medical Greduatei,wra Ulm who bath attended two
toll . arte of lectures, thre of width wth at Me Inalen.
Ws an entitlita Ma ten aderthelon to the tentarea. bi
pej 1:j the Mat meth
i t;
is math rankingfn4 i n 11:14A1 to S 2 the thek..•
Wren facillty to r t boarding culla obbstentit Path-
rel Len y mune of lecture. free to all klabitosin '
of the College, will Coll e ge, four weeks pea Moth so the
th.stootltSmn l of the mdfoler omen, .04 continue 'mai •
the opening of the term. \ Pa/salon Is made lbr the rnith
vatlon g pirate theta \on th e roost Ithethl broth.
Cortege, '4Zl,l`l,ll..V.ll?l=:°=.d trio tole
44.1. T. 10 the number ' . variety and importsma.
Of rases preereacd, iwlterok r t: be meal to thy lei Um
nada. , CASSELL. -
seplica , bean., t the NtetUrat
` HE 9QRSVRIBER ho ' now 'roved
would retheettnlly tallant -.0 es and dm pun
t4i h.. la prep.ved tn. aroma of Ms wither whole
sale a mail, at thry• lakes. -
A' " Fgerlreae Go roalt c th el h4t.
kettez erthln set sla:rg
plain Beck
••1 Frey 7thend .511k4. 1 k11 . thadem
SnifoTrelneet\ •,
•• •
Tremwh ' NeMbos mod Cthbodthew. -
Tegetlyt with Wreath and Purdah Pe - Masao, th- •
• .
114. 1.3411n5113-111arnalar EilearlngL
44 4 04 and \ 04 wad Irish flllor Lanai.
84 , 41a . d, 104 Table Dernaske; • •
411 sad 31
mark Depth.
Dm - Sabath Diaper and Cryan Tim
Mal Pan te' Cerro and ale 'U4tera
Mermilles Met . l b Meeseh. ttere C rMry. Ida
Curtain 111
MOO ai tizg ItY GOOD S I,OI IoY Dlaek Dom
:. •
Bieck Canton
b14 , ./A a . 34 anti 64 arida:
Clor,113; . _ - •
511 k Warp Thlioet l k• 6 s
iwacts erapan mai mtenr..a.
Chant:altos thd Marrero Conan and Culls Odom
th 4 11 41 , :.3L0t 'tarn bevlritetscat
and claspp for oudityl,'
- - V.tfiES /1011.17.011 T.
Fall and Winter fltock)orliancy andfitatle
\ , DR't (3.0045• .--
A A. \l'if.,ASON & ' CO. ' 1441 mat iiespect
ca.. Salty eoltelt the kttintskat PUPA poblle morst6l2,
asat Me erhohnale traits lapartiettlar, fp their wee anal
easefully 0/Petted stack of hoods, the falPasulathetexa/te e
which will be Pam' larger than ans . that have ester he
tom otlared. Vie have received es taiMpue
400 tales li roma-flue/Um 660010 - --.-
700... Dribs
, p l . a ll , ! t
es " s ess'Llt e lpstu
tinrg r.
100 " rbutte a
Tiekla =• I
Lf please =thitias;
LOU " . henget.: \ I •
/Pu " tennsakeCl thr. b.
No wtmeras, if.: SO
2.7 P " hussy Cast/net= , 61.
6uo " ethirtbss, Checke • 6.5
21 ram pile 6 - told Ltaser ICCO
12 lareetts eseLleans, hPOO
TogetEer with evert. whelp -
thole establishment: 62 an ,
ow. sposetsby.
mare rapplles Of the most &gam
malutsluls= assortmelit mkt to tomtlossot. Vmd
Put up in 3lttallu: Puck,, tit - BaneT Price
ZrpuE imbscriberiVould rcapecti
arena the -attention of retell dealer.
omen to thett rev veil - TMAn i Lot
metalue orybroi loac waled a, aok to vi dada
'''' iare l 4=lln " N ' T ". ala r tVil=ara.r
an n obnain that rihthah ba,taltar , attvaa oL
Lute tbaost euUstly •Lnyemieted tan lope Ten ,
cur afransesteenta and heaths bnyineres=
ouch that we are eonatatalf reeMMui fos-skja r .
oe ars enabled to soil so loss ot Tau of G
.rdrAti Tots toot by - Me submribets are an the
trnarnin and frnponaibfluy, pa that any ant Irtyl6l•ML
faction Dm
.ba %Voluted. and the roomy reranded, -
CA IT 4 o ..l.—Vie, have bean Informed that Mem &roper_
so gaged in Aaiun, thronsh Western Pennsylvania
of Ohio. noetbleee and doosaboi Tess, put op la a ono,
manner to oar. br ulkugunat:s...r.
/oat Masao. from from M. To am ub
id l/out rt./
observe Mat
Bever ksMs us ut r. Pat put up by /abolisol,
.r.ed=ct, stoical.
r'lL.4. kn" 1 7t .".11. r..3teta 6u. imrkauta,
earl, - Liberty =Het-
,Lart, 1-1 A DB.—Spangles,
11.01.1 r, L 1.g , ,
br (.911 %. %% e, .
WASH NET, for Mosquito Bars,
)ird.just rtv'd sole laSh •
I T IRITAN NIA TEA. WARE, fv`ii4unuu.
cs....,l2aaalwairta. Tato* Cu i l i tory, hada.
I . ....tttNVn ' LTV! . T 'l'Voo,'"u a t tVlVl
trituCklngle tat ILIALL !1./A Cu ac.
.<3,4 11. W. WILSO:
en i . 1641k to Forward Freigl
l' r 1 'IJI:# in 01Ts ''' P l tUS D Y.1,g7 "
A\g..11114.41) o r t vlttir
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