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    BußGqi. GAZETTE.
V 4 ~ 1 11.1.311L1) klY.Wlll7li . i CO
Attention! Friends: of Scott and Johnito' n.
Fs3 'he ,
ittt.o . ..ntion'.of the frietele of S6orr,
sob Psobbraoti, in Nirigheny want:. lip tin!.
i f mgr.] tLa Itspoottates of •paarouoh orsintostkth by
1t,.. hAnablon of elute, to 6-Trey oleettoo Motet% fOr the
.toolloy, the shoistmost of Conitnitteem of Viallittee,
iu r.r ibta eyory 10,114 of :tots and ..14Ln.ton a aatessed.
ski .0.“ thfoof tto requito it are ostboslisiolo sob that
rlety, 1 01, r .d+Wo-it 1.6 Lallct on the Sarund Toradai of
tx nail.
the I.lloirlim I.kuatuillor ou Naturallaal.k.o h., been
•rpuni.i: 11. Nlrou, John 31orr/Ero., E . Egger!, E. J...
6 . t:. AP0..., A. Hasts,EAq.. Eh.. Pugh, Cul. 1,.1.4111,
A Lloyd,
V. P. Paloieustril.r. lareldeollil, J. E.
o.y, {ll:l.ll..WMg,r,Jemoy hiccuum Joseph
hy ortkr ht the County COggihithge.
AlleghbayCounty • Scott, and Johnston
• Meetings.
SlirA Puhlie Meeting Neill he held in the
botongb of ElleitAAll;on.4atititert tLI 1,4. " 3 " 1". ' ".
eel"; et 21/elott M .
At Mobtertntrn. on Pfettley:SePPnnbtr. ll& P .
.9..beetotegt ' TneetteT, "
At e *lettr, Weil:teeter • •,.
At Irelsratnan, Ther*At•f 4
At Past Liberty."
. At Stetitesnort, .. .s:antler ,
At Tatentoto. Mottle y.
AtiYalLiel 31111.../1 AIM. testi - Ina tont:011p. Monne!,
'Fia".ll"‘t'ar.lla>r,ll.-Snow.l.ll [ninthly. on
Tueett If. Peet. tfol.' at 1. V. 31 ``-'
I AI Joel Monroe. Petton torotttin.on Welneetey, Rttb,
tt hod 31.7:41.61!et./.1 Moan totrneblit. on Thur.
de,.:nb,tott".l . .ll_
Itllubetn. Thuielay, t.tAtt. at?, P.M.
At Jetts Plantlototee. Pine tantatip, on FelLtey.
M Jain terou'o,liolaylto loortubi r, vq Satlird.T.27th.
he tt Mit:shuts, do llanlor, Uotto at 1. Y. M.
m. 7.l4:l;l: l . • l t ' ..l , Jolori , .tpwnotho :on Tumid sy, hOtho
ot• Jhutuu, Pold Loy trottioltip,. lrottiftlay,Ortober
tif T eit v gtl T alt r' lltjn•et,i t al. 1.04, no Frb
Tuttle Cre:ok, ou Sot:inlay. 4th. M.
Y. X. • ' •
At Ow Joturs Itol:lushoo ThotoolUD. oR
:rt i iatot,H . 6 " . t. 31.111 " : TbI l iet tortunlp, nn Tuoolor,:th, ut
41.:Y. thtult;ri111111. tiuuth T:o),-11.oduoolot.
.At .trlt or tiler.. varatlates,.t fAtttlttrlllb allatte4
nil =uhint haporta. 1441. gnat t4tatral Intereau Or
tr.ot , uutra.
(Jur - Wan:ls lti aarh aleatiati'atotrict of the. rouatr._
.1..1.1 itrgauL.,..4 hate everr
and matte, ....a.m.. aa Wing all out tutus
it 4 HT ord. of
Thurstly,..,t oth, at Z. PatWou . . Mill, Ludlum
dock., P. AL
I:i:dm, you accessed' ,It not,, eels to it
itomedietely. • Unless' you are asaened ten dzys
lame the election, you 'trill lose your rote. Re
' mrmbeithle:
.A.dargit and very respectable meeting of the .
cltisena , ot Washington county, opposed to the
subscription of two hundred thinistusd dollars to
ths capital 6tiCk of the Ilempfitld,llitilroad Com
pany, was - held in the town hall of the borough
of Canonsburg, on Thursday, September 18th.
' The inerting"being called to order by Gen.
' Wm. B. Calobau;tion motion, John Johneon,Eeq.,
• of North Strabane, wits choseniPretident,assist
. . t
e I by Andrew siiller,Esq. and I,lenry Morninger,
Esq., as Vice Presidents,: James Ralston and
,R. Laths:man, Secretaries_ ~
' A committee was appointed to draft recita
tions, who made a report which was adopted.—
• The report sets forth that the meeting was not' ',
opposed' to 'the Hempfield 'Railroad, but to the
modenft ridging money by a subscription. 'Other
pro"jectsi . sucli as the Pittsburgh and Steubenville
ruilretad,and.warimia plank roods between Pitts
burgh and ..Washington, Might as . justly claim
the dad' a 'county anbseripti6n as the Hemp
field.- fl'oelliese and other reasons the ;nesting
moonlit:musty declared against. th e county sub
scription, Among the resolutions adopted were
the fallowing:
' 4th. That we regard Pittsburgh as the great
commercial mart of western Pennsylvania, and
the contiguous pirtiop a of adjoining states, that
it is an net 9f questionable utility for the com
munity to do anything that will either directly or.
. indirectly, retard the prosperity of Pittsburgh,
which consatutes ~ both an important , home
market,: and reody comumnicedi on with the
For . the ' reasons 'alietie stated, with miny
others /hat could.. - be , urged with much `forCe,
' such se danger of throfeing the county in in
- created taxstioutrweappose the county subscrip-e
ton to the capital stook of the Hempfield rail
road, and we call upon the voters and tam-pay-
ers in, every perkof the county to pause and red
fleet before they sanotlon an set,which• will net
only insoles as in a debt for an improvement
, benefiting but a • part of th e county by a tam
t. upon all, but alto establish a precedent that will
lead•tr taxation in future for sintflar. Improve
. A letter 'his been published, Purporting M
have been written by a son of Mr. Gorsuch, who
was murdered by the mob of colored people In
Lancaster ounty, to Gov, iohnston;ttnd remark
able for nothing but violence and - insolenc'e 'Pr
language.. :The 'only tapgible charge .he brings
against the Govemo - r Is the alleged fact, that he
(the Governor) passed along the - railroad neat
the (scene of the outrage soon after it took place,
and did cot atoz, Beiondthie there is:_nothing
charged worthy of notice. The writer .
be a clergyman; 'but we think, that antler. the
excitement which - sit lamentable an affair would
naturallY canoe in the mind; be. has been weak
enough to - tillaw himself to be influenced or need
by unprinelpled- The letter bean
the stamp of anything else than that of a chile
tian or a mourner. It.was written from Mail
bigtel,,, although, We believe, that Isnot his resi
dence. Me think it probable that the Governor
will euifer it - fa pais withent notice.
The Post is alretitly crawfishing In regard to Ito
statements coucerniug,Col, Bigler and the Tar
iff, and the relations of that geptleman with
Brat .01d Federalist Buchatuau." The editor
says that . ..the. sitiele was not designed to be
inserted in the Post in the form which it
eared 7 -eome omissions ought to . hate been
made. act. , The e.ditor asserts, now, that Col.
Bigler is a warm friend of the Tariff, and
most cordially.sustainii M. Buchanan for the
Presidency- Will, taiing these explanations,
would not the Post's choice paragraphs read as
It& sot a Whig tie.-"that Col. Bigler, the
Loco-foga candidate for "governor, is in favor
of continuing the prevent tariff which Is daily
throwing your brotherh and sow out of employ
ment to mahe'way for 'British goods.
It it not a WAi.s iis- I,4 That Cot Bigler is the
pledged supporter of the old Federalist Buchan
an, who says that a working mall 1110Ilid not get
MUM than =4:OATS for a Says work."
,Mtsussen.—Tbs 84cessiotists of Mississippi
hire become so much nraged that Gen. Quit
mnu ban finally iwithwietsn from. the contest for
governor; leaving he field entirely to Mr. Foc4t,
the linion candidate. This' is a confession of
weakness very-humiliating. _
Late acconnts say that hat Jeff. Daily has
conseatict to: run is the.: Secession 'candidate
against air. Foote. We shall ,thus hem the two
late Dwinocratio Senators running against each
other es candidates for governor.
.• , -
.s. • - , Wasp Cosieren:3N tit VIZZIBIA.--Vol great
... - lilliiCenventioik of the •Staie of Virghtfii to nom-
Mita ''
\ ~.
didates for theoffices of Governor, Liou
•teriant 'Governor, Attorney amoral, and other 1
' • offices der the neerConstitation, will asseroblti
at Char ottsrille, in that State, on Thuriday the
2tatt Ins t. ;
PILOORT3II 0F . 1'.-1.01115.-0 - il the lOW instant
• - & tract of land in.the immediate vicinity of St.
LOTlin, called StoddaM.Addition, was sold by
auction in-cots. The l grota amount of sales of
• - the day was pra•hopolred and fifty-one thole/and
dollars, and only one-third of the tract was sold
The sale win to 1,0 Continued on the following
. ' day. This fact is n remarkable evidence of the
progress of . a city willsh but a few years ago wee
& mein village. . 1
'' - -
The fnllawing letter was dropped into our boo
list. !natio& .
' 4 'To the Editor orithl POdt ." •
•• disat thee Jew/7"—esching cot thia rotd.^
Ilr..Post I'
# . )4111+ 111 7 i foreigner, 'of the most extreme
Radical School—. or Fergus O'Cusuc es chs it "
ists sud tsplaiug. tePubliqul AintiMgat3, the
strongest *Aid: . . came to this .: country tmouod
with the zoost. libirul.political notions.:
pleat' ter, for eletAo pro", Silo, ra;ellir?te . 4,
election-.-nnlese, 000ssiotielly,ifor
'.tortiffunk.r4oi tti• rant , :
thought Wu
;ttet"Seiehtiri,Co44ted with liaminititatiotis
restuinsibility of outing my soti:
ionhaye taught me the Value of sy vas, by the'
Publication of 1313 v. (Ur.) JohreeMes speeottin
the Henn Of Representatives. 'lt shows me in
the most immitudve Mims the mho be sets upon
this Union; and fully comports' Stith the senti
ments, so 11:n11.661y expreased in MI - last toes
uge, dexxibingthis Union is the &asylum of the
•oppressed of . every nation: the inner & outer wall
which guards tire temple of our liberty—the pro
tector of our commerce onegty tea—the nfo;
gamed of our citizens ou eve ...whore.",. Sir, I
had doubts whetlusr I should vote; jun hare set
aside those doubts, and will n ow row for the
moo who has proved in *lmes past, who avers in
time present, and Who doulitleea will •in time
Noire, sustain the “ISITIGEITT or rat ANSIIICAN
thank thee, Jew, far teaching me that word .'•
Yours with gratitude
The correepondent of the Poet seems to be an
Intelligent man. We would be ,glad to have a
letter or two7from him addressed &kis foreign
(Reported for (he Gazette.)
SCOTT AND . JOII3BTON llissruw.—Nortb Fii
ette Tp.—At a meeting of. the friends of Scott
and Johnston and a Protective Tariff, held at
NoblestewniNorth Fayette township, 'Allegheny
.Co., on Monday, Sept. Ifith, 18111. on motion,
Thoises MeEven was called to the chair, and Ant
drew Price chosen secretary. The meeting was
eloquently addressed by Gee. Bernie, E. P.
Jones and Gee. E. Appleton. upon the serious
topics now before the people, after which the
meeting adjourned. North Fayette is aroused,
nod the friends of the cause of the people are
going to work for the whole ticket.
Sharpetatrgh Scott, and Johnston Meeting. —At
'a large meeting of the friends of Scott and John-
TilOti, held at Sharpaburg, , ,on Tuesday evening,
Sept. Inth inst.., J. IL Roberts, Esq., was called
to the Chair, Wm. tapaley, Col. Peter Klingen
smith, Wm. Garner and David Brysoe, were
Chosen Vice Presidents, and S. B. Barnes chosen
Secretary. On motion, Hon. T. M. Howe was
-celled upon to attire's the meeting. Mr. Howe
arose in obedience to the call; and stated that
he bed not come there for din purpose of mak
ing a speech. He, however, referred ti a few
of the questions now before the people, Ina few
brief and clear remarks, after which Gait Dar
ebb Mr. Oliphant, T. Jr Bighorn and Geo. E.
Appleton, in eacces.sion, alldressed the large and
attentive andience, reviewing at length the
onesiietween'the parties, and urging the 'friends
of Scott, 'Johnston and Protection to renewed
efforis against the British tariff of 18411.
The meeting was enlivened by r band'of ma
nic ;" the speeches were well received, and we
'doubt oat the working men of Shorpslmig will,
-is October next, speak most emphatically ',against
the free trade. policy, which is closing the work
shops and reducing' the wages of the industri
ous mechanics.
Bdgersto ten —A,glorions meeting of the friends
of Scott and Johnston, was held at Bakerstertru,
on Thursday the 18th inst. Writ Allison, wee
President and Dr. S. 11. Allen, Secretary of
the meeting. After being addressed eloquently,
by Hon. T. 'BL Howe the meeting adjourn
ed to go to work, acid to , work.' wail the elec
tion;forthe whole ticket West Deer township
will. let us here from her the day after the deo- .
tion, to the dismaY of Bigler and the free trade
fraternity. '
Erist Laerty.--Mit uniting of the friends , of
Scott. - Johnston and Protection, held at the
school house in East Liberty, on Friday, the
19th inst., Thomas Davison wits called to the
Chair, and W. N: Burchfield chosen Secretary.
The meeting was then eloquently addressed by
lion. Thou: M. Howe, Gee. Dula, and T. J.
Bigham, who went Into an examination of the
various questions both national and state at is
' sue between the two parties.'—orged the impor
, Vince of the - coming election, and the necessity
' of action to secure the election of 'that sterling
chief magistrate Wm. F. Johnston, A very good
feeling was evinced by the meeting, and the
Whigs of East Liberty and Peeblea townaldp,are
aroused to the importance of the present crisis.
.31T. Appleton was called upon to address the
meeting but as it was then ten o'clock declined
until another occasion. After a vote of thanks
to the speakers the meeting adjourned.
Mahe -way for McKeesport I—Pursuant to pub
lic notice the friends of Scott .a Johnston held
a meeting at,the Market Howe, in McKeeeport,
en Saturday, the 20th that, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
The meeting was organized by appointing Wm.
A. Shaw, 'Esq., President, Hugh Roland,. Esq.
and Matthew Henderson, 'Vice Presidents, and
'James Riddle, Secretary.
The meeting warn then addressed by. George
.Darsie,'Esq., in an ibis manner, who exhibited
- the manner in width the Stab; debt * bed.eacti
violated under the adadniatrations of Governors
Porter and Eihunk;'exposing the rascality Ismai
-1 zed under the Lyda* Canal Commissioners,
along our State Improvements, 'end then refer
red tithe sinking - fund of GOT. Johnston, con
trasting with it, the scheme of Mr. Bigler fdr
plying the State debt, by oppressing the widow
and orphan favoring the wealthy at the
expense-of the poor.
Mr. Appleton, railed upon, followed Mr. Dar-
Decals,. confining himself principally to the taritl
question; he exposed the character of the tariff
of 1846, which discriminatee spinet the Monet
can mechanics, Saliva of the European--pointedl
to the manner in - which' it was flooding our coun
try with the tat of England, to the injury of the
working men of this country. He showed how
ail classes ere interested in protective. policy, I
which was.once the policy of men of all parties
throughout the Union. He then 'referred to the
election of the judiciary, by the people, and
' closed with - an earnest appeal to the 'friends of
Gov. Johnston's sinking fund, and protection '
I American industry. -to go to work.for the =c
amas of these 'favorite ineuures, and insure
the election of William P. Johnston and the
After the 'peaches, the meeting adjourned to;
meet agnie at the Same place, at T.-o'clock In
the evening at which time a verylarge turn out
of the people took place, and they Were again
addressed by Messrs. Aerate and Appleton until
late hour. The meeting after passing a IWO
laical of thanks to the speaker!, adjourned.
East IiSIEL TOWSISILTP—At &Meeting. of the
friends of Scott and Johnston, held at the school
louse, near fdiller's mill, in Feen:Deer township.
on Monday, the 2 2d inet at *look., W. J.
74I'Clure was called to the chair, arid 'Moore
and Joseph Miller, obosen secretaries. The meet- ,
tog wee then addressed by Hoe. St. Wawa,
lion. George Dante and G. E. 'Appleton; Esq.
OD the approaching election and the limes con
nected therewith. After.pareing a rerelotion of
thanks to the speakers; the meeting appointed a
committee of de.e.. to promote the whig
cause lithe Winship, and to See that every vote
to polled in the name, on the 21 Tuesday of Oct.
The committee la p.McCall,diathan Miller, Esq.
John McWilliams, Benj. Harbison, Jahn Hunter,
James MCGoldrie, E. Miller, John Martin. J.
Davidson, J. Kennedy, J. Porter, Esq. T. M.
Christy. D.' P. Ingersoll, John Kennedy', John
Thomas, J. E..Karns, J. Pattereon, Geo. Bertner,
T omas ld, N. Milroy, Hinman, L. Peterson,
Th Mir, Wm. Bally, T.- Speer, J. lender
eon, Jr: J. Thoimpson, David _McClean, R. Can.
ninghant, Cleo. Pillow.
• TAZIDITITII.VO - roe Ras n un l—Pasoan to
no re very large awl enthusiastic., mating of
th whip end antimesons of the borough of Ta-
rent= and East Deer township, was held at the.!
school -house in said borough, on the evening of
the 224 inst.' The meeting. wee organized by
rallies Lewis Peterson; Esq. to the otiairvend
appointing James .Dicicay aud J. M. Porter sec-
After, some preliminaryremarks from the
President, the meeting was very .ably and do-1
,quentdy addressed by the Hon. T. M. Howe Geo.
; Larne and G.' E. Appleton, Esq._ amidst the re
,peated and tedlitudastlo cheering of the andi
ence. At the close of the eddrass, the meeting
returned their th anks to the gentlemen who ed
dressad them, and _manifested much spirit and
interest in what had been said; after which, on
Maion it wee . Resolved, That the proceedings
of this m e eting p
papers üblished In the Pittsburgh
friendly to Scott, Johnston and the .Tar- .
off of 1842. i
. It was then announced that there would be
Scott * lind Johnston meeting heldat Freeport,
on Friday evening; the 10th ef. October, to be
addressed ;by Geo: Nisi% Esq.; and others.
It was then resolved that lOrtrOtet again an
Friday elating next, the did of. October, for , the
purpose of forming a dab and
~ aff olgai p i g_
• • cation for the approaching contaith.
. ,
' - ' ROSTON - ,Tlfidan. . • . .
.Fridey, Sept.lB, 1881.
The gra nd finale of thn,three days' Jubilee in.
this city closed to-day with 'Military and civic
procession, a dinner on the Col=o l2 , henna=
immense tent made for the 'occasion, and,a gen
eral illaznication and bre-workS in the aiming:
It is estimated that over one hundred thounutd
strangers dare in the city.
The preeision started shortly before' eleven
a ls
o'clock, and_. two bourn and twenty talantes
in passing th Revere Hewn. The , escort was
composed of e National Lancers, one regiment
of &ninety, and a brigade of infantry. The
mechazdest diabaufsCturinarti l Were gooney
represented, and constituted the most interest
ing feature of the pageant. This depatto,,el
wag one an - Win length. The student.. of Her
,art College, the various Societies , mud t h e
'children of the Public Schools wore out to'greet
numbers. The distinguished guests of - the city
rods in open carriages: Prominent among them
arse Lord Elgin; whose_reeeptiou by the people
V13.1110822071g11- .
don:The e h e e he e or the Presides:4,lnm the*ooes- ,
on tsepastat.stf illness, canoed some amp-.
pointment • The.#lrerallleil and brinisat deco
ration ado streets. sad 179.11cliosiust 04 route*.
and _die immease.siortsliithate4. 4 0;10 stnet,,
and in the balconies, presented • &nue inspossi- ,
hie to danor.ibn.
- i ,
Mlle the prooesion,' &ma wits served up
ern* immense tent an the Common. About.
lone thousand persons were present, including
President Fillmore.
' On the removal 'of the cloth, Mayor Meal'
arose and said: "On account of the, departure of
the train k becomes necessary for the President
of tle United States to leave us early; and I
suppose that you, as well is myself, would be
unwilling that that misfortune should befall this
aesemblage Until is have at lewd 'proffered him
our respects in the usual manner. (Applause.)
I, therefore, interrupt you kid early ha the
feast, to give yOu as a eentiment, 'The health
of the President of the United Retie.."
The above Sentiment was received by three
timea three hearty cheers, atter which it was re
epctried to by Mr. Fillmore as follows:
"Mr. Mayer and fellow cid:ma—ill neEnowi-
edging the compliment which \you bare paid to
the high office which it is my high fortune to
hold, I rise rather for the purpose of excusing
myself than. of making a speech. I would it
were as perfect on the occasion as it usually ia;
hut, unfortunately, a slight indisposition within
the lest twenty-four hears Las deprived me of
the great pleasure which I ehoald have enjoyed, In participating in your exercises. I
am unable to partake of the costly viands under
which your miles of tables groan. lam scarcely
able to enjoy the "feast of reason and the tfow
of soul;" and, more than all this, I am compelled
by imperious circumstance's to leave you thus
curly in this Banquet, because L feel that my
public duties require that I should - be at Wash-
iugton with the utmost possible despatch. , I
bare stolen from, the hours that were perhaps
due to Ike nation a brief space .to meet my fel
low citizens in the city of Boston. (Applause.)
I meet. you ar citizens of Boston. On this fes
tive occasion we - knew no party distinctions.
(Applause ) Nay, more: we scarcely know a
national distinction. (Orestspplauseatel cheere.)
There are gathered around this festive board
the American and the Briton, living under fife.
rent laws, but, thank Clod, two of the freest na
tions under the sun. (Cheering] The little
asperity that was engendered by the resolution
which separated us from our mother comatry,
am happy to say,has long since disappeared,and
we meet like brethren of the same family.—
Speak log the same language, and enjoying the
same religion, are we not one ? (Applause. I
Fellow citizens, I trust that the unexpected
necessity that compels me to leave you thus ear
ly on this festive occasion will induce no one to
leave She table on my account. I trust, partly , •
ularly, that his lordship, the Governor of Cana.
do will remain with yon. (Applause.) I know
that he and those with whom he to •eooatated,
will receive from you, 83 they hate already re
ceived, a moat cordial grSetitig. - [Applause]
But fellow citizens, I can my- no more.
heart is full, I had no conception of what I
witnessed this day from my 'window. I thought
I cow Boston in all its glories when I came into
Ito borders. I knew that It had merchant prin
ces. but I did not know'until to-day that it had
its 'mechanic noblemen of nature. [Great ap
plane' and cheering.) But, fellow citizens, par
me, and permit me to bid you adieu. I can
seance you that this joyous occasion will be re
membered by me to the latest hour of my life. I
shall look back upon it with delight, and I trust
that my children will also: May the , glorions
Uoion, which, sheds these blessings upon a hap.
pp' people of 25,000,000, continue until time
shall be no longer. [Nine cheers.]
Lord Elgin: One single word. [Three cheers,
I should have felt it my bounden duty to follow
the President of the United States out of this
room, if ho bad not given me order to the con
trary;:and while I am on the territory of the
United States I consider myself under, his au
thority. [Applause.] And so be imposed arson
me his command to remain with you, Moe eer"
unary I shall remain. [Applause.] Bat I must
say, I never received an order before, from any I
authority which more completely jumped with i
my own wishes. [Laughter and applause.]
The President having given the hand orlellow
ship and farewell to Lard Elgin, 3fa;or Bigelow
and others, left the Pavilion.
Hon. A- H. Stuart, Secretary of the Interior,
'having been called upon, spoke as follows.
Gentleman: I have no time to respond to Vl=
flattering call fora speech. The President has i
told you that the hoer for our. departure has
come. / can only speak with the manly frank
seas of the true Virginian, and say. God bless
New Euglaud. dud bless you all. [Applause]
Hon: Mr. Conrad, Secretary of War, having
'been called on, spite as follows:
I 'Gentlemen—l am summoned to depart. other
wise I should take great pleat:m:3 in addressing
a few remarks to you on this, one. of the most
agreeable, and I may say. one ot, , the happiest
moments of my life. Igo sway- trots Boston'
with the frank. declaration—elthough I said a
few days ago that I was not a stranger on your
soil—that I have never before known wkat Bos
ton was. [Applanse.l I have never known the
heartiness, the cordiality, the warmth of the'
true New England Character, audit satisfies me
that it has not degenerated from the characters
of the forefathers of tkie country. I regret ex
ceedingly that Lam compelled to take this sn
teremonlous and haity departure, and to inter..
rapt your featititierbrso sudden a retreat: But
yowl - now the necessity. The President awaits
me and I bid yoeiTarewell—l hope a short fare
well—for I hope it will not belong before I shall
bare an opportunity to visit Boston, and to pay
my respects 'to her citizen, sod especially to
public Mends whom I have known before. bat
whose acquaintance I have now formed In their
private capacity, and at their homes. I bid you
farewell. and wish to all of you all possible
prosperity and happindas. [Applause.]
Secretaries Stuart and Conrad having taken
leave of Lord Elgin, Mayor Bigelow and others,
here left the 'Patillion.
Speeches- were afterwards made by Lord Elgin
Gov. Badmen, Edward : Everett, Winthrop
Ilan. Joseph Howe, of New Brunswick, Hon.
Mr. Blocks, of Canada, and others.
The festivities 'closed ahem. 7 o'clock_ A
committee accompanied' the President to Fall
River. •
Chicago Tribune states that steamboating upon
the Lakes has never been more profitable then
this season, and never has there been a greater
need of additiOnsl boats Co accommodate the pub•
tic. Every boat from Buffalo to Chicago or from
Chicago to Buffalo has been crowded with pas
sengers, who preferred the ease of the Lake route
to the more speedy trip scram Michigan by the
Central Railroad. .The latter route, however, is
thronged with passengers.
The statement goes to show that Sailrashle ore
ate ir buskins for themselves, and do not, any
thing like the extent supposed, compete injuri
ously with steamboats In the transportation of
passengers. With every new facility comei -a
corresponding increase of business, so that while
the new 'are abundantly sustained, the old are
not injured. —Tbs which is true of the travel
between Chicago sod the East, will be Nand an
less so in regard to the basil:tees of the Ohio riv
er, and the Railroads which eons have imagined
would direct the entire travel from it —Cis Oa
L0C101301 , 33 EXPLOI[O3—IMILAD/ 31 . ACM
-31233.-1113 morning While the freight train on
the Clevelend and Columbus Railroad,--to which
tWolocometivess the DeLeitare and Lorain were
attached, was going out,: and some two miles
from the oily, the Delaware exploded. The Lo
rain war: the leading engine, and so great was
the force of the explosion,. the due end of the
Delaware was blown over and some twelve rods
ahead of i
t, end the main body of the engine
thrown forward, over the Lorain's tender and
upon thi body of the Lorain, where it lay se- ,
cutely enough to be run into the city without
being dhspbtued
Mr. Salmon Boothey, engineer of the Lorain:
was instantly killed, being horribly mutilated
and crushed. Wm Steams, a fireman on the
same engine, was badly-scalded,
Mr. James Bryant, engineer Of the Delaware,
I -wee severely scalded, as was Edward Colton, a
fireman . The ttaek wan-torn up for some forty
feet; and some of the freight eats injured.
The cause of the explosion is not yet ascer
tained, but it Is'supposed to have' been • want
of water, ro the explosion followed the introduc
tion of add water into the flues.—Okveland
erald, 2121. 22.
There Ike modesty in pure desire after excel
lence which affection can 'nerree cotuitarfolt.
If parents would render their childred happy ,
"and wealthy, they should early inculcate In them
a desire fdr, ands knowledge of labor both man
nal end mental
Tut 'Caws oy Gout, itaszieas.- —Far better,
and mord &meetly I could dburonse with some
Aorta of the downright necessaries of life, than
with certain circumstances of elegance and pro-
Priety , the dilly habits of using them.--43.
The most splendid efforts of genius are less
the effect of inliplnstion than that iff -profoand
Few [lunge are necessary for.the wants of this
life, "bet it takes an Infinite amber to satisfy
the damned of opinion_
Trust hint little who pra all; him less who
eel:duns all; and him less whiso es
le Indifferent about
all. .
The greatest truths are the shiniest, and so
are the greatest me. .
Every man ought to endeavor to shield others
from the evils he has experienced himself.
Wisdom is the olive branch that springetb
from the hotart4loometh on the tongue, and bea r
fruit Lu the 'Lotions.
The most ignorant hay* saffscian imowledge to
detect the faults of others; the most 'clear eight.
ed are blind to their atm.
Consider whatever be thy totes thit it might
and ought to have
worse. It lieth thy
band to gather even blessings'froto afflietions. •
"Fir all hardehed lumpy,
.2222.1•12 t. 2121.22 a, soft 1,11222aa, flaa/aa
jr.„ny. ac.,.hozosoai. O. 1 , orroal. A rabian tialsuat
.22f snared '2: Mal:Wow that ow am/142e of U. kind
, It 1.22222117 iflkudoon fat 2,121.12.. ull
rheas:6.224o saleals, hadattio, ommbroat. bums.
2as briaalar.".... as. 1232.22124. elf
talimprtiAb)n otireadware, (?Ixtlm,
No. 129 Wood Street,
• •
Imiro to all to. ottoolke of Momtionlo and Dann to
. • Lbeta. suacprx: of
And nblcb dui aft non prontrri to ear at men Pelee.
cannot Phman
fullaaliontuant at SIANN'N celebrate.' C. 8..A.C.D
.mare on band. angle,-
THE number Find fprmidable character Or
&Napa originating to a diaeas.d elate of lb. liver
dim long challenged the attention of medical men. Rome
of thee, diseases. clawed under the general term of con
eumpthm, bare boon .nppm•d It:mumble, and the ttob.P.
or ratlant was atoned to die, without medical wience
beinganablei r.. oder him a hope' of recorer e . Regally
rsn i remedy 114. been
Mood n. 6 will our, .11 the, edmplaints. of wherever
rimramer, slabs; from derangement of the liver, The
YIW dleroemel by Dr. fetal., of Virginia net directly
on the iirer, and by correcting It. operation, and purify.
bog ite diseaaa, outs off and extirpate. the r.mphilute
which have their origin In the Ramer. of this organ.—
Remedies hitherto prolloma for the". dieeenn hare failed
to opnate two the orator the disemer. hot Doctor &Mane.
Pills make thinned.. tell upon the action of the
and by cleatming the fountain, dry up the impure etreeme
of Mamma which theme derive their existence For rule at
Corner Wood and Fourth cot
Buriortgra Cons Sr Pfloocgiai,—Wo Invite the Irt.ntlutt
ut the ataloted and the public generally, to the certificate
of Wm. Hell, of thla Hl>. The eae mar he eeen by any
t . a rr o n aLo ma, be ekehtiral In relation fn the into here
set forth. ii. H. KIER
I had been afflicted several years with a norm:Lessor both
eyes, which tomtit...a to increase until Septambwr, 1660,
.the Inflammation t that time having Involved W. whole
!inn:lg membraneaf both eye, and ended lu depoiito
of a thitA. Oho, which wholly deittnyed Ell sight, I had
ot.rollutipmfortned,and the thickentng removed, which
F.. returned anti kit me In as bad a condithot wa before.
At thin Wlago of the complaint I ionic epolicatlon to Awer
hi of Itte molt' otohorot medical we, who informed me
that • toy eyes would never got well.' At this lime I could
not distinguish any obir,l It, the drip of mtue friends
tOmmenced thy U Lb w l'elloleto; both internallY
and Juan', under wh N.
ich at, eyes bare improral daily on.
tit the present time, and l has* raroyersti my tight enttro
ly. y general health wan yer, mtteh imPloYed dip the
I..tmleuni, mud I attrihnte the segos...inn of m y sight to
Its ow. 1 r...iirst lU2 WOOOOl street, in Ibis 0.tY.... 1
will Po happy to wre any inforpostiou hu relation to my
for eal. , by Keyser a nt,Uncell, 1.10 tTc.M sty,t; R. 0.
ballece. C. ti of street: 0. A Fula...incl., A Co, Lamer
Knad 4.K.1 Front Km,. D U. Catty. ti A Elliott. itnePln
Dcanisua. and EL Allezbeny: ,11,0 by the pro.
pyfincr, tl. D. KIER,
oaln4As , t Cana! Bantu. dusontb st—Plttsharch.
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
gym:. No. 41 Wan art,.to m• oft:, 11.
C. D. 110330, 1tre014,04 1 W. 411.1:44. !key.
Company looms - 'tmmel to Insure all sterrbandlee
Atom, In mulatto, ra tC.
Alc ample guaranty for the ani a lutegn4y of Ma
I tlti . 'o "'"' 011 " et ''''''"doloPltre=lell OllO VaLabrl7
town to Dm community 4.r [heir prelm, intolloottnott•
aml Inteprity.
nmacru.—C. 11. Rutile,, Wea. 144.141. ($ loarlM44.
Jr., iValter ',Bryant,. 144 b D. King, 1:4•00111,a11,4ott.
Jahn 11. 4 wort.d. S. Ilarbanch. P. Rt. ND,
air-Fever sod Ague cured by the use el
Dr. tirLane's Lfrer PWs The following lett., from •
Wear repeatable gentleman of Weal Tinian. Parker Co,
la.. to triumphant tertMacny lb form of telt really great
ibme who are entering under this atliintl.G
di.las can find biabbilbla relinf and a rP'Olf cure by
all , law ale , engine's LiemPlila.
WOOS Damn. Pu.zo Cc., la.. NC, 191.11. tsar.
bies.ts. Eno t Co--About trot yeas Ago. I ere-dyed of
your arm:a a lot of Dr. ATl.tur's Lives Pills. whirl. sold
lattordiAttly, sad wish .nether supply As snort asp...ibis . .
Whet, I ...rived the. pills. I 1ea...Y.1f eufiarl. from
n A tieek. of Ague and Fever. but by the nu of [bete pill.
done, I bare been completely sertorsd to health. Ibe
iirv r teem to be the twat retard) far bilious esotylaints I
have rrurtnarst. JONATHAN HOUGRAII.
For We at , J. /LIDO a C0...'
carnet - 0(1th and Wood ate.
A History of Pittsburgh
23 ever orPitt.bur,b. firm the milk.t to.riod eke It
wee 01 0 1ted hi 'a/We PAR klafll /0 the cloro of the lat
with notices of the brit evtabllehtnent of eouti.of
the Important Inanufactoriew e t taxi.. IMO. of Inter
nal Itobtpeetnent hp to the nreerot time, to whlola Is old
ect • chapter until the edtenh.ree of ow , for lawn
ufeeturthif and comenereial pursuit, with • pummel . ). of
the eghtegate at:lowa trtheacted hen
upon out rl
te.., and elhetwatee Imprownoonta
There te no point In the. Unkn where eo ober honor
tett events sad occurrences of
been ocinpreemod w Whin so bele( a vertex/ or time. Le In the
wentrywientetl the befit of the (kW To , ViitCl
ethltlt In Listorkwi °idler thew reelotte locid•nte.
and to prochehn the slew:M.oe of matl . .4llog as endue*.
.thts Pit capitalists to tattle bent tithe object of the pro.
wood work.'
Po2bl=4'l,3"rb:=Ey AIELLelft.
eebVs' Si Wood .10.01
r‘ubßeriber ban jalt ticeived
- vary thole* orl.tinn mato IT Nance
and al. br Dont:tem.:Tim York. dotone nth
ero, •ictlynillevot toll az. tn.,. trot. Cerand I latest.
made by Noma Clark. Title lostraarat, after acme.
ful trial sal theeettltatit.4 was v.... 04 to' Pro
lesom of New York city the floret tooeat and most paw.
'erful drawl Pomo m yet able &dui:arr.—
Al. error.' torparb Lanb lath. haritootal. ria and Or
tar. Pi.. of ovry variety of etliki Mid Delta,
Slav of de golden Miro. No. l•
N B. The bare Tian. limelog-Oreo . elected by are
u ' l fey from the =tire suite. stock.. ye. ' , arrant.
equal. It errparlar. to any ere. hrought . ifor yen.
Farm For Bab
avert law rim Good anbidantlat ItatTnYetnente
plare, ronalstlu 4 • large new frame Doeldng
lid., In • .{Want . tuetion. u drallant Barn ard
Btablhot..good wring , of otter, and shoat lI.T. acne of and ptalus. land, first rite ~.1-haal at lb* hot
grafted Iron.; tea what. t ereed•ot order. and •iothl
ft•attentipn of any pyrton draleons of hying In • haalthY
Etuatktb and following Y agricultural Ills. .0..y0l eurse
of wheat and other grain ate rabbi. The shoo. /a
daily aelasad.
Incao dairy tam. Bltuattod tow
lb. new - Plant Baled lllatlay ha Pittabodth, sal
within balls of Bakerstown. If not told baton tile
I . lal 01 uembe, It will be cold at Public A 0.1.100 Oil that
day ..odli,dt°T JOBS VIBIIEIt.
Copper Stock.
!Wtheist Iltootams ti.nota CamEany
rolidyn M trien Aß t. Dna for tale O. to.rAtga, b
A. WILIAI NA A CO. Atz , k aud
Wrver AY
Mark. AAA Thltd Wert,
DREAM bxo revolving per
‘.) L. L. A U ilve, AAA fur “le by
s. gt, JAM Al , l VALZEIA:
O .
, 1.1 ). ti , I ,, N n
n E ta S ko . f . rt
t v , tt r
to utr t t t, rl
44 ' gr ' l " A° . ""ligifiartivittlrstirn ° ,'
North Earl corns 4th arul Starless rear
Ilarchnold burr cei.drod
11 a ctn.. sworn:mut of
cba X lt.l2, l l ' ll " (7lsl , .0
"1 uf real Mao-
Vir r ELSEE FI a ANNELS—AV a . iranted un-
V stateliest:a, tow bad - at tOr sent. of
Vas 111.1111.11 Y b IBUILLILIFULD
WALL PAPER—Fresh assortment for
fall W.. etc...rad frocnaha flue Mare:tad mans.
tutor/at sr l'bleadaljoblx,'lces Yves, atecilrostat, In addi
tion es waled sloe doturnoln i tagtmesr i ttny
et '25 4.s.nlartel oteret
adoortodeur of hold .aJ other estrietke. kr tale 6,
droen az.] PICA, fo.datv
BUCKETS -1W dor. Beaver-Buckets, for
sate by ,p 25 ACE A IieCA6DL6I.!7
A CKERE L-100 6 le No: ,3 large, 20
Quattar barwl. No.: far le Irr
• %V (i k 3AcCANDLEIII3.
puita4l4 otiEssg—m) in, highly 'cul
tlveled tb de,. recved arid far aide by
eep2S W ei ICK a rCA..4I,LetB
BIITTER-18 kegs Fresh Butter received
*rid for <d< by sapf' . 4 WICK L IarCLI4I)LM
e1 . 94--94 —. .bse W. R. Cheese, 105 do
Head and for &tiff' • '
Anchor Cotton Factory Lots at Auction.
fIN SATURDAY, September 27th, will be
mld at oublleirriecioo. on the permilsra. at 3 o'clock,
v TEN VALUABLE 1.3123 bean ederal atemt. batman
RoDbmon and Lemma aireeta,g 20feet front andel.-
Ding Mak 1,33 att en ti on 10 fest alley. ThM RD:WM I.
well Worth the or capitallete, !Ann tn
n ere pert of the city. media the Immediate Wildly of Ile
halboad Decent it cannot fall to Sloane* in price rot
y ears to GOMA. It Poold mat rdittleibly foe A 11021iL,
which is grad) needed In this city. , Perms. ladling to
invest money in. real nista Polio do glee II took
actentkm. as It la thy only primarty in Miele that vicin
ity, and none promise, to 440.00. (meter in price. Weill
In Pal .11 together, or In lota to omit macho:were. ,
Termr—One rattrat In heed. Me Wm , . in .me,
and theme yamseith loberme,.co be emoted DT bond .c 4
-mortgage • KREBd 0 OIiTLi. Auctioneer.
' seTlO3ll
WANTED—A young man in the dry
bnlinent. Salamian acid Hootheeryar
grefarror " liood. rideortom reardrod, APIA/ M ilci. c
- -
Valuable Beal Estate For Sale. •
Fr lig following described property will be
seat, IVo l TtOc' k, A. W., onlie t yd . stalPs d l ' lrlirtlyt;
'1. 4i5 . 0 iota of ground, on the mom Df ileator street and
Water alley, baud 19 tent ltilrent. an hearer mremotrad
Jana. Water allay TZ feet ha which are
minded two three Wary brlch. Dwelhllli Dn.., etch coo.
taltd/dt eight rooms. Also, arm Vacant Ina an hearer rt.,
dp.p. AI t4O. xcant. Lot
on WWI alley. 01 twit 4 mans 00 trent, and MI feet deep.
Alscnnm two Wort Wm. Derelllno House and Int, 21
I Inches In front, and GO, feet deem coulatalnir *haat
The oho** proved y to Mont one square hour the l'ente
eTtemlla and Oblo Hall Road Perot. Cue farther gerticu.
lam Inottlre non Mee at Ms 0110, strri
imam - made kno the day arson,
et. 4.1111:13 101.11.4190.
esphfdts. Errs of Elisabeth Wilsotra eaten, delid..
Grand Concert.
tbiu {buy will tire • ULtANU ONC
. it ILths LULL. fourth .tree [, TLIUIS4DAY X'-
X ' SithUJUIPTXX.BEIVTOUL They out G wittre.l by
tal.orid voatlutt, the MLne TUMblt, and Mr. U. M.
us; pp, auXertst, when they xlll trarodure a. elute * et
lonian of Illees, Trio Ludic bums and balm, ef rite
our arderttol to a Pitts h bit o rtt i assillente. h 0. Witlttf(loll
rj. wbosy bY tlolin playing" '
wm upsu by the pist=resa.
fohcert to uscumera. st edi4,-.Tidit,
coo to be had olthe &le litonrstri 410.111101sublyr.
lossoy. Mb IL iblebeh. and ed the doo. . firiusfs
is; dy thts riteeltetst oif. bvit publish.
• Tha l 24 sad bot. ers Li
_risusl toets ; au. Niter Mau Ulm
Ent. All prune tUt lut
dmstmo tueo IDnr
tUipn, VIBb4 11
; I== t =. d lute
aablallftfid: rersdell sol. omatnent iba - tbs.
oncelbe blidi Pal oar. ..eas
C M E 11C 1 A'L
for tbba paper ,
darnius.—Adver titmeint., aill eubseripciona -
received and forwarded freeOf earank , fr... '
i WILL open On 'IBS EVENING, Sept.
ISO. at tbe Ail. , Liberty street, fIUTtH-
ORAMA of tba BEd atul
i ' ;.ra ti tt E 4„, c ;;„l. , ,;; M D .!! ;V A
•eetl - ts '' s; 47.nt.... rllit
—,..... ~, the uta nor . l : l4et" , .trp . Vt r. 11.4 " : d '''''''
;• '. lfrell ' lnt=fuLnotTirord=r: =l=l7
laletirtz ever brvnaht o ',nada eoubtry.
Adoxi.eiun 2.5 cents IdrenlLS ants.
The Panorama wtll roant , t llloTille at a quarter bt.
boo dekwit, ovary aeon aln tb,. reek._ • nal9,lf
Orin Ptentecant Gonna t a
Mandan nimatnn. MI. .:' I
&mime. fltaterday was smoothing livelier than fur Km.
time. and In F general way a lair .Aunt vat doing. The
weather, ado the reds, hat. been cool and olennt Inuot
dun bueinn . . I
11.0111. - -'uts were llobt,and ealet manned to .all :
lota. The In tern. 70 Ltd, at 13-T IM-a 2.1 r 70 at $3 al a
05 at 13 N. • 33 stsll 164.3 1.; it bbl. with a tab: regu
lar donna. Wen n ann. In .all loot. nlme nttne from
id 37 5. $2l •03 50 for* f. and extra brand.
RYE I • 'll.-I.trine otfering It It held .1 . 12 1.: from
ant band. $2 $0 tram rt..
GRAIN— e hate nothing of finnan 10 notmr. In maln.
Them Wat r regular demand at last quotation. , Sale
of 3.17 bu 0 la on Om ',banal M e Te lat. Thin I. a nod
demand too • atoretat IM.. It In.
11110C3 1 .E1 P...9--Camaldirible caitdoio. in Sugar et full
price.... e 115 hbds at eh, and 3do at 01.4 c.. 4 ton and
10 talon du ein, time . allutasn. In steady, and ptettr
firm, nas 31 . 0,31 . ,tie td prime Orleana Corte. le uolet.. l
•Itta Antall In KM at tlO_ rale. of ftire'at 4(4 4 ta...
lil lb• 1
BACON—lltitlee 6000 be at 10u for ham., 10 for elite, and
Mc for oho' dna Pileor Kula, cured le held It 11 1 .:61-2
eta, and ha and hams 10.4 . 10 , :e It 0..
DRIED IMF—Small min tnnetaln at:10,10611,V lb
ORIYD 'CIT—Tbe market IA quiet, and but 'little altt-
ado. lie cantor to quote tram nom at 11 62 iM 1 711 for
Penna.. at 4 8213 P: for Male ,
• an.A9-11 env of VA loan 96(10 nuotry Maud at 11 no
I 1 , Oz. 4ina.n.
• BRA. —461..uf MO Ina at ldtar on the .hart .
CHF, SEI-11.1es IMO hr. in lon a at 6tintllie. as In gualitt
A1 1 .111.9--IFurthee limited min doda 052. t 3110 a
a-0 M; .31e atuale; 4.1 119 tan 4. 1 01111 , :e 11 lb.
61160.6b1, 2Ogulloy
~Erprr.s4 sarg-- - 11Is worthy a taut, ry In some decree ac
counting far the Myerily of, the pressure Iv our moo,
thst the Docuettx and Foroart export from tb.
pert of N... Tort. from August. 1351. vol. about 32 too -
0..5. , lots th4l ID AUTuel, Ir+so. 31 kin.,
ACC,^I . , Ittu
, .
Dufuestr Airteleudi.o
Murrig .
... $5,617,117
Thera are tyro millions lea+ to draw *stains! la AuPus , .
1951. tbeenface--[iii specie must rpa to 411 tbx vacuum—
Ica eau badly loot far * let up (rum this Deemer. till
our rattan cm], spy. wart forytatat (reels—affocaluit
that turdlusu of exchrarP , tustrad of .psi• remittuuces."
..liettrer this week. with Improved gond:law,
.strietly prime papgrhe, done at 9 4610 it rent The rul
ing rates howeeer.are 100012 it rent. Them la moth
per still offering at high thrurwt, but it la generally known
undoubhuL Our hanks knee the neighbenng Cities in
tteht. end thst keeps • gaud feeling. In Wall St , Omni It
less preseare than last week. though smnnit . the tnertwo
tile pee•ple. the state of things I. by no mean. sathrfartarT•
At lholon money cuntinue• stringent.. Thu California.
seird-rnanthly perkets are .noutteed as haring Pot lute
Nurfollt end Savannah. Th., bring 12.1011,000 gold on
freight. he T 11Int reecipt
e. under lb,* oarless, will li Tmhb
rauth 95.000,000 In t , eutember. e
shipments outwerl Chia week ere light, and with the
p.ekats ot to r00k... will fall conaiderehil churl
01 Skueks boor swottned R. , [121, Arturnwa. sod
etate and ilnerrntnent loans rurnmend good llgurae
Venni% It's 'C. 1151(.—(yout. l.irl.
Nese lout. dont a/
yyCc mono( nut.. act rt the numemus reports of finturee
to lan authentic Mtn, Several have been named •ithin
ELL pant dot or two. Them 1, no doubt but that many
CUM mltile bone.. am lat./int/ under aorioua tinauelat
embarmannenta. and have been ereopelled to aae for lel
and extension: Lut comparatively few fellume have ' 3,-
enrred. Development,/ growing cut of r-e - nt froure ,
mintive to the eyetect of doing hustneasamong the jobLtukt
te.. of tide dty. eablblt moat a atraorelinarY etaw ul
hig, and make U. wonder that mor• banaruptles are
not reported Ti.. Large failure arinound a diy or two
alum, with tell r,r7 heavily noun some n our frineb
prrtln[ houeev—ilirra/d.
GUST 1851. : .
. •
The aerate premntra upon the money market, the neat
Olontl..n.••been eenaibly lit by the wool tl..slers. and
many who are week. hoiden have enfleved Fern/wily. Wool
as offer,-1 to New Lott at a lova of 10e VI ID. and found
ma purobwarre at that. She sal, however, hare been on
ly t o
a limited extent. and have eery much yep ttned t 1,..
burrs. Memel Upn lb. market now. setoliennid not
band last hol , rwea, pc.,... 1.1 at 1.5,1 .., oPo th. +ser
, The tendencY an... to downward. end e ludo ret
a farther decline. Vt• do not ...0 in y wastes t ton a laity
' befne• winter. and not then :mien. there client le • very
•chang• to money Mallen. Out ...val
u e 1.11......
(lona are beednuina to tell - .LW.' ma Onaneaa o the onan'-
try . and emu i they ear, etwelted. there will be a Wren..
demand toe mono, wl,kh will male It w.a re, sod of
mum, dearer In cti or w rd.. Ufa price of I kinds of
-pst,perty mutt fall. Wool. and fatale- mutat pa take of the
1. ,, ral law, and depreciate. Three will he no accumula
tion of 'dok In either kind, rot the demand 4 be country
rowill cutouts.. Its,, manufactured ;allele, and t ue create a
dde .t for the raw material. and the too at fair
Jir4 s hay W e . co a :tVg:tero l s:l ol
ter. and we ere sled tor. the f.rtnersuat It I it, in .nac
degree. a. they bare done this rest —ln Mao Wool
limner j
PORT OF. Pll7sl.3l_lt(iii ,
Krec..—Tbere weiv , ction , l.
0,1 Mark. .rtd•at a 5(.71
McKee, Hecitict...ll.elevxr,cr.
Atlantic. l'arkirt.o. Hrowns - ,0,
Ihw attmer.Batl y, Kne N•wk.m , .
Occuee. Llatl
Dank. Homan. ey, Ikeynavillo
Akantir ' ...-Pfulti b a. Ei .. "llT "' 1
Bak!, Bennett Itrown.lll*.
Tba Chris - v. 114,1-y. West Nevnou
11•110 y. lt'mt Venom.
tall 1•IIILALELPIIIA API Et liALTlSttlit ,
C. 4 • Y.ottittrer l'aitet Way...Wl, .1
Mirri MILE tAl.ra
611"NSVILLE. , x. r. x .
aeical Cont , entionand . Tescher.ii In.stitate
Tinter the Pirecnr , n f .Vr F.. 11..., of
..111ch ,,acr.;
pine, will be ; rewf ' , ' l4 , l In tlee l In .I.A
H ,. and
burnt, meanie...peg Ha NV KI/NE'S DAV .041,11 CR 13th, et
lil o'rioet, A AL, lend vonlentling ...el. throe or bar
a4 Tti l`rogratatrio of ignerittrii espbrate lerturee
npc,u nn Al tlinotrettotte et OW. Teerblitet,Vce4rl Coltlre
uon. Cnureh Nltteie, airereot etrlee,ll4e.euler
1.- illa11•151 , via..., a lwartutiun 4111 reevlre
,eettetoloo, said be sefu , ly emplallorti
am O n . .1111 - mermil Other relebrsted
I le time. 14. Intrcdner.t.innl, In abort. wilt be thie
Lint to tart eocle exercise. Le will be rone . tjlitersetlner . Lod
useful to 'Netter. or sinning aonoan. I nr. end-Nfeta .
noi. of Choir., soil 1124.04 to nil who 11.4 on tntevert In
the ceneinleuteet of !duple, and repeelally,to the frith].
of Cbtath Mneic
It le ~xpertr..l that Mr. Venn .111 herein , aleigtaner
II other eminent, tunetrisne.
rbr lio•lon Statical Conn.nticti. under the direction
It. Dlecw.6 Webb, (the tree eatabliebed In the
try) held Its tali melon it , 04.41131:1 eatteletal et Ism,
peer Ace., It hie •neadily sneresteeleenill, 18,50, nun,'
I.ere4 unvards of twther. UrNDILID 21.101.31
Tiekats to the Convention and 'minute at li.largh
ybe obtainini tlis Boot and 5111 , 110 2totv of J ob,,
Mellor. No. 01 Itunl elmt I. Omitting 1 .15
lon acre J.nun.
Clergymen we 10ym...1 In atter s ati Inv ol .expnxtee
7p73 . ,itsle:.3vr
Idizulesota Copper Stook.
50 s HAIIES of thin Stock for silo at a low
rate by WILKINII W,
eon'32thrtior Ilarket Thin] elf
bbls. Extra Filmily, for rale
_by +4•:3 Y. it W. EIAILIIAUGEI.
ACKEREL--100 bble. Large No. 3;
twr.dien; tOT ..itby
sap= e, W. ItAILHAVIJ El.
pIIEESE-50 boxes Creum, for sale by,
S ysS.& W. liemeariain.
11. LACKWOOD, for September, for 'salt, at
juP uoLmr.v , Ll.rary De,t, No 74 Third stre.t. orpo
szi- eT. Net Mire.
TPHIS well known eetablishment is Still con
k dinoml'in the same manner 0 hos al - ways Bern. Th r
neutral and ploaaant nitration af the bouk
arrangement, and the d enturatts a . 011 . 111 , 1.0 . t .
found than. combine to rrn kr It aarre
" IlTatilTite« r f:nt r il the firm of John 4. 'flak. , A Co,
al long at tho head et
o* the artahlielime i nt, tb:ata r, rl . l7z
y IwIM hl. Mat oD
h a.. tom .lain
geeretr(enOoSin WM. U. PAIIKEIt
NEW BOOKS—Tra Is and 4ilventureo
to 11Oluo: In the routweof uneord a 2400 mike,
ye °Med. leolyglYtvg an Moat of the rowanrm, to.,
of the people; by Wm. W. C•rpotcr. late of the L. b. lir
zr'Nc.i. L4.l 2 dS of floquee DlWtlonoti or iloohnnlrf. Au
'hot reed •r d f o r wl• e t , , J. L. ARAD.
D • 1 ,~ ,
.0 Apollo Eul{dlnA•. court
ILAZOIt PZE„I•—A froth .upPlf
.f lo* , feed AAA.f°T
.L. READ, •
, by
my% , 7i Apollo kluadino. Fourth et
t - iisbulv ART JOl2 RN AI, tor Septomber.
A Dictionary of sirchaulaa, Do. 40.
undo. Labor and thr Le:110n roor, So. I't .
Lttrall's Lirina Age, So. 3044
IteorDrod and for rah- at IDILAIES' Litarorr Drpot, 50
71 Th6r4 512007, uop,allll Da, 1 06 OLIN. aoc2!
Real Estate , t Auction
rilliE subscribers wil sell at Public Auc-
Ar bV,` n, n th f:',ll 1 Z.l: w ° °'" ' - ', I ~ :I , V,T, a ny.'i, f .
ilebstera4 formerly oreuPled AWL, tun t, ellllata
In serene LO*l:llbiP. Imo ° F l lln o lit ' lll4T4l. I. T:s;
and bounded on one vide'
11,01,1111.2,,,fg1ub.yi,111 fee , It er.tie , l 000 goul
eseary.out huildlnge.
Hale tr. comm. , el
_Mr RAW by ire,
LA sale • ! r ,
rrWii COO. Fl
bbl. N. 0.
/V I
; -
T ...7GO—tlihhds. prime, for sale by
es. d.
rO boxee W. R.;
c for 4.1 b, Di .
1 :` 117 luta
j p i... „ o tow B
z e 9 E
„ Ir a d.
c b ob.
BLitirß-2 -kege fresh, foT , ale 1:1, ,
wF R DKLZRu. se°
ho. ii TWM ftrtet.
Incas al Raluard Broker.
I A .r J thaitt. 1
1.2.14w1i. twvo gran
, et N.. US Lib..
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ttoraell to make knows
tAbors alt terror. oho
Etta estute sre roquestol
1,, - ‘l.OOll, OIL .0
v.nntl fcr ea,. wo..
7 sod CA Wood At. I
V rAR-50 bbls
low 4, e 1.., It.,
,' 1 EIN,DRIE-- •
i -3 ..,,,,,,„..„, gio Ponce, IWO be, lkinsiolhilaar,
14 jAtgaeireen a llEk Tea) IN) Ws. No.: , lioaln:
r.E.) t 0,.. b, aEs 1151 Tohmem GO - N. C. Tar,
it, kg, Vie. TyrlYl and Plug: 60 - Vinegar: '
..1, tea. fresh Mee: EL , .. StnlYlt WWII=
EP bind , P.N.& N.ll Sugar, T., a Eastern Al=
,',Z; ''' 3 2' ''''..,,i.
rs l:l, , g 4..
1"0 a 1 to .. Chipped Lotratoal;
- moon, Indigo;
.., ll . .00 bly.ltaEg 0 Caudlearh - E;
p • EIA) olds, Red brat=
~0 bay Otab aIN Itcbt-A . ,, (A) dote Pabent aoaNg
~..a. aoy. Corn 8r0.,. SOO kegs Nall, e e l {J brand,
t ~,,th..r with 516.1.1” r Cloves, Moor, Poppet. Ablpte,
Cinnamon, A - :4 , 1. and for sa l . by
yoplY JulIN W AlT,,rt CO., Liberty ...
yoR CHAMBERS—Very cheap Wall Pa
per. cod cheap IN , rdera in lieu of althea/tn. for sale lnepl9l I W. P. MARY ALL.
a ticacErtran ha r opmn thl -
abow:, tesluovable gsipd.
tN Infallible 11 1
A iTart , r. on the Tee
1.. °vont., far .1. at
IJOI. .--
.enret ...Nee , of PU
Pe pi P
IC I NAL Pc d r BRANDI, AND lALEktA wrir
a. draught, Nr Sal by
m. in LK•I DOW EL
Parer Ilasamga, Say ParlonAwth I
Trt larders. far asbi by • Al. I'. 3
tit not I. qaartar GT oil QUI, 11\• I
...ipenur tur wra me to an, artirm mari Afar
,1n.........1u5t 4.1 Inr4ale b y tile ,
air wart mama, Nov 7 at... 1 to W. 4.1 alt.,.
ADES— line
!..mnn ttt.a lf 'rnagpe
reail m lwaa ramo.
V bradita all
Jugl nr..+l•Kl
...II 'a1:1.1,44k elm
c 12 1 ,1 _ _
It lIHESE-80 boxes. prime V
, WICK t M
P.ERM. OIL-17 bbis. fqr sale by
WICK c NIcCAN 14E85. .!
i ILAX-22 necks for sale by
.IRIESTE VERMLLLION—admen for mile
• .r . ',Perim J. bUIIOONJIA - 1{ EH t CO.
Dry Lumber for Sale.
P 1,
%. 1. and 2 Inclln thick.
‘onr a ~ 1, and '1 inch a• thlek . 414 Scat
Alt tn.ocl Jo. and Scanthn4, and nkrub duu
ral *III
thr above Lumb\r 1.• cr !,
n In , honaht thr 1121.
1....-Two nahno Bra rate. FLATBOAT'
r.nl7:ntr .I.olEt/ 11 51TLIIAN.,
First Supply of FLill Goo ,
pros. 111.'1. trot nippy .r Fall , a..
1 4 i, • •..11.4 - ,.f [l,lr mailer eustorat, arabvT
I 1 1 E . (3 „ E v 1 3 1 1.1 1 11 ,1 j i gI D LitL a l dn : °, opening'
to. leer„a latter and black Casein.. . Itly• unreel and
try , d faaknonnble patterns. .
• 0 pia black and Clntha. of lita eureka
manu(arturr •
Ma larat , l and =Oat eid,0.14 a......x1men. of
cda bronula 14 lade ..ity. \ . .
bb dat. Luderaltirta and braatit• dm.. doe and ntrertno ,q3itt. , .. ‘..
.1 1.., aexortment of bYavata. andaerc . ela\ti . ..
talllch, . together with th e very ray et kof KAM'
MAU b CLOTIIIM.I.O the [coat tas Innablo yle.'atarkee
nn hunt , revert" ch. ni th• braeat boil m t taablonable
.0.0 a: o f brwle, adapted au aentleMen'a ear. in\ I.llu
a ...darn country; att to which the PP.Anen% . I. dolor b y
,I to offer at the rerr lea , . priced for h
.Wenln th. Tailoring Ilnetzecutea tiro bast tnalt.
r, and at the r.hortest nirtim. I _ pear.' \,
lust raceltntd and In/ fay .
i he i
I:d Mr eala by •
Just received and for Ws bj
. ,eII
ID • CO`
4.:AsK•AMiatiCAN flit.E.OW ROOD.,
Itaft re , d avd Ine •al< b., - u.,17 \ J. E
p 11RalterswItz. max FeatErtr.lanaing r and
Etr pale ti 1.9 Attli DICKEY 40E,
• wyl6 Water ytt ?not 14.
gad magi of our llttsbu hdalltr. andatuklics. and
ca., a vane, a nersparers ten nuns cf Jaz clime/3d
town, gal Slbb , st's Canntemott 1.0....t0r; to letsu:olotbre
. 2.5.0 car. Temperas. CartlEcalen &human's In.
* terct Tabim ar, , kept for ula .t IdAAC HARM' Ofilee.
Tud rt. <
. REFINE') BOILA.X—,Juo s t
0000 L
re< B lt S Led and for ral. \
..17 •
INS ED 011,— , 20 GMs. for sato by
••Vl3 J. St:1100N 3tAKEIt di.7o- 24 NV .
d , O} ialc DER SEED-1 cask for solo by
inup iu 1 lb. packagen:fur Cam
j, Ay toe. just wed and Ovule. by
upl? . Liberty ot.
%IT M. MGM( begs to inform his friends
T and enntinrrz, that be le receiving hi. fast .oppi
of Calf. AND WINTER GOUDA.ptialog an usual
that la futdonahle, gos3 nom , and new. forGentle
woo • 'le. , It bto.n utterly impoiseible to describe We
reriiiand eledanee of We Carl. and DOWD. N., Cu
te.ape Verdoimor theenrierior virility of We Clothe.
fin b ellt 11'.e.`6,°114‘"VirAtorell, Abe.
ITditre d i t ,Ttn r t s Va..t 4 hT o tt t e r e u il l i ,
all of whli ill hi,odferad at the
lo , eeet Prim* for
id:ritracto, °unlit Ilfrirelssota. and all who oumbase.
he atom twf u
del Lawalns.
/leer,. article Inhe Tailoring lino made to order in lino
mold bablonahln`et le at the Aorta.% Clatijx,
A teat rata haleXtrow aratarl aepls.
.oittrisio t Y E per nUor t liftl . ll
1 , 4 on•Prltt
but °:`,Ar d ' a a"lrSeTt7 td 're! ln to able multi.' .
noraied Co call and vas , are
;„161 ,7 fZfit.TS1 - 10 81 . hll--A very kuperi
kJ:p.itirle.. fur rpar. I -
1. s.
.... m ..1 by ,
.. "u . _.r.A,
, 4,... 3 4 .10KED SALMON . 1 , .\ i1 1 lev,ree'd, this.
7 . 4.4 In elm.,. so.. V s t . ! .... N c ts:Acififrg . n t,,
A BROW ROOT-5 bx,. Behnucb4, for did,.
Il 1 0 - loopl:.) J. SAIIIroiNNIAKKIt a co.
FE BOARD BLUNTS. at dierourit
.docoot. from lat year'. retsired
oMarlrenrotrest. am [ri
{ for g by
.2g-?? rtiouro I L.NIEft.
d IOyFER,--400 hags Rio, prinerpra
in', and for ...le Jout Wal a CO.
I.ljm et-
ALERATUS--5 ton -la boxes nisi \kl y :.
t for sal. , &AJIa/ILL Cf/..
rilwo \ SMALLS'AMIL ES .c.t, be ,1 .i%
A .s.injAwl with •lea Want front Ram. on thwww..o
ilw y, citl,...WDir • • - • . c• • . At .. A Sy,
of the COTO, of
-----..'''1:1.41A • O.R. :...1 , ,•. 4
4 ft •
'i lh,k o f thy nocoltitNn. • :
.. LAI E . l , ' Literary Depot, 74110 rd street,
. ---------
. "•I bhdet. N. U., fur sale 1...*
.1. tk. DILNYOrtill AtIRO.
MOtet-SJaill, fur - sole blr
- - • • tuamoboa a LNlYllltAtii \
• EATIIER,—,. ;ides Sole, fur galo 1
, ; , :li -- \ \
1.1 04 •', lattlittlAiEct INGIMA . \
hIL-20 bole. inar Tarmere , , tor sale by
IL -, Fwri
311 LI. AND JUSTICY-S r Tilk: I•IIACE.—Dee.I.,
lottiwes. Bond, Dew-Landon, lodersturen Cacciati,wyc.
lohywnaa, Yuan-roc., Duly of Ca Artie:el Adore-11.A,
Attoclanerno, Yee DIM, 8...„. te., f r Yal• at
W :S. IIA 11N . 6, Stationer.
-ac, coYner llaV,ot and twonad eta.
j ,' ,N l '6 AVED PItOMISSO .. 1" NOTIS fr.'
..4 DiIAYTA,—A Inr,, yarirty wf NO.. arwl Dralb. 4' ,
~sciwwwaly \nova... tor stale at -
`, 01 ..Y. ILAVIIN . ,S Stati vry Stare,
ww., •,.. . corona Macke, s. 1 Pecc.El4 Ms.
No, e,
.rit.,ao tin , Poo,
I L ) r.epi
I. ID.
ba co:
it TELnme
• ol row
r. frnl. I
JJxYti. O.
,le•antl las.
LAN I(l4ooisS. S. IL £N,aarrer
11/...Mark..rankl Feht... l oln.eht. Lae Or the
•n. of fli.o1( Book, ohm.] thu hi—eonetallug
(4 Book...Mhz. Ibuel,
(11.,10 of Pinang...l et the lo , treh pica !paa P
.ds.und Loser, Eu
1 4 1AFETY
- 11 BEEN Wlis.Dol TAPER—PIain an
."^°"`"l' far " t ` b7 NP M. 11:
.31 P. auttiueLL:
• seD2
EIV BOOKS I—Tr stile in the United
AntiAg 21 8 / 4 LI the /AAT Aut.
thltzt Wortley: L r¢L Mt •
.i'he ' theeew et the Empress J • Apt. by J. S. etbt..catz
1 rot. Irma- t wo \ • • ,
.e. S. gin AlAgAl's
....a ettLiPlook.ot /cm .•volntket w ,
a:. ...a ItictionW7 aX • • • lA , Attittu. .
wt Lee J wt
for W.. \
wet . ' ' WALP meet: •
VALL express,
r.Ocuu.., thau mei :
r a ttra m 4=l=24lca. 404 sad
1116I<C/12., arataik4r, 4 dosusirk.4 4./ mu. nDa
Prmlantati n n.
\ ELECTION, or .1 Den.
itOR the , lisformatioet of the electors of Alle
shear yen°Nat pubhth the Gsliciatna seCt.the of
st of the tatnl LesentlOy of the 'demon of 19.11,
entitled... All Act to nevelt. tot the elertfoll of Jnagas p f
the...even , Courts of chi Commonwealth , wad to regulate
esetaln Judonal
• ,
&clans l • Ile it enacted by the Senate sea loose of
Representatives of the Commonwealth of I l etutsylvanis
in 4/enema Assembly Met, and it le helwhy enacted by the
•uthorn) of the utast That th e qualthed electors of each
of the several counties of this Coutmothealth shall at the •
tept generst eleellon, at the tunes sad shows of elecnow
rspreweutatiere, thd erbenever it shall thereafter become
tecessary for an election lodes tills art , sad under the
C ussltutlou of this Commonwealth, vole for tore mesons
st [hr hest election, and at *eery steeds,. there...lbw es
sty as - shall be netwewary under the provlstons hereof.
sere.juiges of the :worst. Court of this Clomatow
w Itk, one person to semi. president Judge of the Jo
niCial chance no which such cottotY .1,01 *n e onles n'T-
J." . .. sa.rwsts Jltdgee of the ecourts ol d
toes Nptice.
mpg - ration on the Estate
t t ioll b iZaf a P lrt=', 4 j,"
y ntrett. WrWM ' all Vertat.
I ...Inn the mud e.tate. .r. rr
tribvi.4 4 ro
.0. 2.
That the quaint.% electors residing within the
.Irialetion of any'clietrict court or of record
or existing or herader to be created by Law,ehell ado
oat genera electlow and whenever thereafOr the Name
I hell be meager', a the times and pi.. for 0.14 , 00
within their raper-no clement dladiete vote
I, *.too pea,. for preeb4l . ,t ;Mtn o f nob mart,"arld ea
many pOTOOII.I for myna Judges unn as ball be re
quirelby law . . .
Sec- 7. That the f age, of the Supreme Coat end the
o..odoldent }Oda. of all ocher cou rt s of record, ma the a
iale judges of the Dlstrick , Court, and the Cadet Com
mon Pleas of the city fad panty of Philadelptda, and the
District Court 01 the county of \ Allegheny, Mall be learn
ei In the law, and all the altdean Indges Mall be gall
ted el-ctore of this Commonwealth. and Mall be otherwim.
ortliffed as required by the acorn leaden of the fifth ar
ti le of the
hat of this COnamolawaith •
'SW. 4, That the election of judges shall be held and
audubted el the severe/ election dittriets In the camebanne
shr In all d •• con. • elections fospnoentataveient
.d all be held and an/acted, and Er the rano jridgee,
inspected, sod ether efliark and the provision. of the
gaweal eclaubly. entitled An An
d l tang to the**,
I.ou. or the Cemmouvrailli," approve t e eecoml day of
.1111 y. OnV Laudo d eight. hundred Ind thl Tome. andldt
Hlgalli rupgitemintre. and all other like /a a far to
a me nd \
came e b a il b e lu force end .0..1,1411 ' deemed an
Oka a apply to the death. of Judges Pr Tided. That
the atoreasid electors shall vote [...fudges of the Suprema
Court 00 a separ4.Plor. of aPerr so. for .=\..k.'
required to to learned In the t a w co atuclionse plea
of pawt. ' '
Ser. Za. Thal au meeting 4 the return judges vat the
svveral distrlete In each county braided for by tir. set
heretnbefore cited, duplicate returns of ell Moran given
In such cmnty for Judges Of the Supreme Court. aget,ail
Judges which thti qualthedkoters of OOth county are wri
titled to nat.( theinaelas atconnected with any calor
county opdirtrim, shall be made out by the <lmhof Cov
board of return judges , one otwhlch taunts the Innident ,
of dud board eball fortbathOodor In the 010 e of the
andhototaty of the Court oteommun Plat of each non
tr. and the odor he Mail amides in . ...Mao which
Covelope be Mali eat and direot,to the Secretary of the
mmottwaltb.And place in the aloes; pat elm.
bo . . L. Thaiin the ewe of the 4ctio'n of Maiclent
fut. °yen, 104taa1 district am lof two or , more
counties. at a meeting of ,tbe return judges in each of
each murales, the clerks atonal.] shli c make out afar
00.1ometat of all the rola a which shall h ban give. at
din election within the county fn . eve y arson voted
fors. such president Indite; which shell signal be said
judges: and attested by the clerks. and on a mid fudge.
Apcli, at...charge of be
statement. and hall produce
th. tame 'at 5 61431.110 of one fudge from Is of sold
montied;whictormel . ag shall bri , held on the wand. day
"ter the election. at, toe court honoefous of thweountla
•. had by tatting ach cantle. In their.
In. +dm/ order. ,
En.. That the ;ado, of _.r e
co unt y eavutie. having
I, \
met. *II ran up thel ena un retina, and
a a Olotent number 01 cepa of • general rocket/ a
110 c s given for rah oMes 111 veld dixtriet, al of
th.. . doll artily. and one If which they all
'ors itb lu the office on the prothandal of th•
' Co men Plas neat, of aal auntis, and ea
, the doll endow, Fool and direct, to Moan*
the tortealtb,"in the ...ore prescribed or,
, anion f t his at
,a That I , the ca. of the elation of any Edda .of'
ud of r ni.sow CIIIIIGIO, or forfeiter to to
ate& havitig7lrlction ovor territory ry lug within
..nd n d Including lof soy teunty, the aturaladges of
the a nil election lildriete within an tertilny Mall
constltt e • load of \return jut.... 4itli raped to ton
•lection. tun Mall. a W.lYl , lme and Idea of }no mato,
or tlfrret rnjurlav of rue county, t mead ire .11 reaped.
ill Iftl6[lo tO suc h oleo . es if
.oil ed of the.canty
teorrtin th eistn recd. ha... 4. r ,apt that they shell
a o the dupla. return in the Ltfla of the
I .llttrikeild at. In. ,4 , 4 but ( the prothonotary of
the Cu t ;m on Pleas. \
See. IL Tat the fiat Tu aJel .cl Notenner lelt. 101.
1,0101 any 0 , 1• O• nn.auttfort Jo Oa at. the beeretery
.1 the Commonwealth Mall l e th \ Howe at Represent.-
dere, in t omegas of the Gv \r l b.i . OSOI surti other Mb
dens of La COMP./areal BA oar choose to attend,
cause the read. a . him ut. ado pradmionri haw
.4 to m be opened , the vote .At tbr th e Judge. 01 the
Sopro. Court,. be ateli o-ViDaan. an. the .00 ,
eron pees
forthwith ye 1014 t talaatibo declOing m
teeny of the 0.n.0. i ns for pad a. 'of the Supreme
Court as shall forma dm IN • elated by this act. and
ay hare remtvedclhe greideSt ouraber , pfrotoe. to be dm
13oc. 10. net the. flec hereon , declared Mbe ao elected
at the Or ...lento:0..01 M.A. on the th
e ten. after
the day last shoe, notitionol.. a the piaa fo balding
':the buprerne Court at . llarrhhurgh, , eat shalkealure foe.
ballots containing the ande "three,yart." 'Valk years,'
"nine yam" twelve year," and "MO. T.1rt.".8. --
dad. to be pat Into. tog, OM Mall eachavery draw,
tbiusfrom one ballot, Lhasa...di. ghat Which x Water
ruclAble arm otethee. and they shell certify. th mast of
suchnellotlng lotto deveroßr-, N \ \
Pe4l. That Ito coon a partimbl. atter Co. tot Tues
day InViorember next, Iblioviing bay of .1 dger,
that/0..4=0t atoll grant the area. elected to vsly
as how required. bydaw, hold the r
tire offira fact and atter do Hirt Monday In Deeem er e
r i 7..
pert following 1 euth,election, fee, and- !tuna,. their Moak( office 111.1 preectibitel andarted bY Of
acond seen. cf the hydi actiele'n, die ristitatlon o \
thl,Comprinualth• \', . \ , ,
Peo. 12. ThaVn the event of wealthoitcyocc In ,
sopjudgshlp 1 this -Carimonw y death, taiga
. Lice, removal foot cliftre the allure to bled organ - wise.
t at:ll 6 , ' 47sTc ' y r until s drlg . l, - . o ,:ne, b z:,.. , :fxr ' ft'a,', l :
itut i the , neat general election 1, and die galiad , ,electors
7 r at
i ' M ' e b e ' c:a. , l=l,P.tkik l ol ch rie b aniPn=r e . ‘
elect In the orqter erehatefareprovided.w,sultebr per
son to rob o for the unexpired tam in ttl . , dean' Z .
.migehly of ~ ..te Cour; era for th e 13 It\TIO Of
.110" O 1 nee ef any othercludattip `.,', .
Ske. 13. Thatfhit dad'. of ane Pawn , . Judge okkho
Benda Court Or other lodge ratans; to be leaned In
rd MI, bl , cogitated cdt the grefitlOu of the qyalif i ir,
;61 " am '' , tTitut ' it:ll7ol?" sVe I ‘ 2a= r ltPrtalg . th;
e on rattle-float end. rearictkats pracribeat er tho act.
inbelore cited foe contesting the
n of ardspero
Onarnor of Oda Coramonweath. ' - ~,
. pee ][.'That the Court .of Quarter ow of every
aunty Audi havejudadienon trr,hear and Me 41
the denier, of air Person,. tmaiktc,.. J 0 4.1
when be madded, Proaled.-Tbarrn Judge Oka_Ycomt ,
shall sit a jingo thereof during the comae ot \ ide own
- hea 16. That %mon the pcfcltiou bti election. \\ . ialting or o,_
.. big.
Moot, qualltled4latoes of the proper county. wedged br
do affidavit of at least Ewen the pet:lamer, araPitiOing
or so tinaue electiat or false return of an:lMekro..._... alt
aerate indge of ankcourt. the cart hating Jr...... - Jo.
Mall oppoint a sultableriza for hearing ant colitantd,
do, of which shad 4 Mph. to the pavan redraed s
eiacted ea i.ut t.. n dal baton, sun b..thsr, sod etch
[.bail Ma all Mk parer. In the premiers conferred ,
pa the Court of Quaker Mations by the se. hereinbe
fare fated for the trdn f ams of eonteded election of
corral and to 0 Pas April. 16,, 1061. P. L.
pages 6.--61. \ \ . •
Given under y hand at r.b. therld clii.of Bal.
Onnere_. In the year of o , Lon. one ;loomed eight
tnd,,,,rkkV4l,itrl.r.A..,4the Indetrend.n . nt the
eaki4 , I
.! , 1, , C. CWlTl.S..bhenft.
10TH-500 yardaT, t, 5,
reed from the Phillipsville Far
and et the waren:row,
;1.01,1 -J. k 11. IMILLIPS.
30 bble. for pole by
',..).VOAKER At Co.. 21 {Goof o
baskets for sale by
iiV-2 casks for sale by
;For sale by
J. StaiI,HINhIAKEIR. a co.
.es for Bale by
1001 MS DICKEY a co.
Pn conoignment, for sole
• isAielf DICKEY c CO,
Watevand Front et,
medy for 'rot
2;71 , , ,, f01 . 2.
tO Kr
cgs for sale h ,
WICK a }li
p 5
It low by
H O . N ,E.; Y--6
,;6 .l bp.
...db . ?... 11.4.ioardr:\
Iv \
0a ad sad, fur sale by URlllilDlili At 14iAlAX.
pept ‘• • 11 Water.udd \ISO Frozdat. \
4:I UGAR=c7 5
hhdeN&l - Ntleriae s- i n l
Cl . .er \ j fxi.R....m±T:.
,u ‘ i, K. YieCLINTOCK. tat
, Ettats.stid Common 07MA/A
RI -spared to Pell /o•lltran WS)
th thit, market. %V cordlad
tr:Vads and those V i 5 /0 yu
the Old Established aar tWI
k j Kea [the richeyt yty 1 •II
and pi Haunt st. (mph,
11 -- .INGUAMS -1 . 0 ca (
i ...a, Pirt reed by
LAINE-i; Gs sltoote, Bull. Pirst, , ltluit isst 0
...o on, for Ctildren's Dresses sod es:As...sun ...t . a or
ttoi . , SWANEY .t liktoLly . !ELD.
QUGAIII —H • ` 2O blabs. N. 0., for sale by' ,
.. .P 1 1 S. aIV LIAII%AII4
I CILDFIN SYRUP—IO bbls. for a lob
%JR ...0 . :v. tW. kIA/11140tr.
X 1 OLAIiSE IT S- ,V.. bltio.N. 0., (or ogle by \
INA__ : . :i u a W. ILAILBAVOst.
(iALERA'r S-3 . 1 I.blt for vale by ... ...
to telol ~,a li'. ItAilnAusit!,
.., ,
re l oll Atieo--lo kegs Va. - Twist, fur aalo \ by
A ~,,A , h Ali% ffelltiltUiSfi.. , ,
(1,,:, PLEN4)II ) SILKS—A. A. 'Masao A . CW. :
SO saveutiti. net is beautiful sss“Stasut 4 nrs ski,'
Es urea . u. 004 block ttliss. Tluu otsuse desirable weed.
swll s , tt ths ottnstiou to sourcblumrs, •leu,Seff
uperior fir, at AfrPfue,'Eatio ,Cl.sos tesoollful Clam.
q‘... & ''_/.-..._\.,._ . ' ' ' - seta
1111111 V
~,,D KESS GOODS—Wo ate pow re- .
i ts .. isi . tin neuo . st. f.llOl boot Drool tiouts, sash 4ul
runoff.. L irs h' sier 71:1' . 1 1 L . mud • Rilrei H thotb. '9 g:ntt
piens Sum opal,' fself.S] _ '. d. A. MAHON A CO.
T T 'bon ,just Svc C Wtituactsis, rousletusg Ff
ttla ." Ir , L" 0 Ti°,117,.."'.. 4,L1.,11, 1 ,1tr,.?'''' '"d1"-
.. A.cor o p aul
WPOrtIPPOI, and , r ery cony. \ FITO
IE-12 bLis. for taule'by
J. S. DI LIN - Wall J W.
AOS—New patterns fur
tISEK P. 3111}t51/ALL,
b 3 Waal amt.
SII-1%,b15 , for sale by \
II ears
'7 0 bxe each \irxetore, fir sale
MIA!! DdCKEY. 4 CO!.
\ Watec. Bad Wont ES._
kds. fur sale bY, ' ' \
[s \
kim( bteircir 4: co. \
A P.' ..4 ,6 **tv lnpiol
b1e111 . .,;(!._ \
INEGAR.--$7 Ude. Cid. „tor eede f
(' OFF
bagB ! t ; D f Vo a niiii
I peg
IP OMMITTEE for ohtainitig aciditionaliub 4 ,
7...) , ...loin. to lb.. rittaburAlk WII SW:R.11,1110 Half ,
'"" tl t :r ' lrp , [l ' . Pimalmn. ! 'l:4lwkri Origt,
It, 51. 11011 n, ' . ' 3., M. i'.. ,, 40 , :‘,
Wad. Ileisaykt,
s, E.... 1.1. Staab" \ t'Vtn.WLytal.. ' • ,
•,, Le.zky Hart., '', Siasll. '„ ,
\ll , :eph l'enuock, Epllrsinqaue. ~
.!IrD.Crannua. ' jutta,Bpilt.ltunr ,. ~,
J4i3 3 1' tibmn, '' • Ivaitio r Tlll,.. .• , -
sertirl flame, '.. ItlMta . .. 7 W,z.
tuko i rtt ' .. Oh.. ' ; William ;ilsori,
1114 II ace •• ' . norm. Clarte.\
- 2 4L N ''
Lena. Lt to • •
• e. , X . Arl.ll, , •
, Pine Watches!' .',
FEW\ \-ary atiperior Hold' Paten s t; -.
411, Lever Witches. 'Tea by elves; amongW.3
~... are splesaidid roek et Chtoneauttea, of, bnun
. 1,. _ c
U" W•f d &ithif, • : ^ ol4 " ..l -I At, F T ' a
-n. • . \.. it,cu`..11...5. A m.ket ..\..'
\ z tg.,.c —pa llf TA ,
I\4 \ 4 NUFA T t li it El> BY THE .NEW‘
" Pt i =iii.o N j s , iii sireii,l to furniiih • niptils of thew
valootile \ .
\ ZINC \l',.-1 - IN TS, \\.
Which h., lirrn limn& ahereverol reins' trial, Wm In.
Kurope and tOr United Stalk. to Main their, ortstinal•
Newly and poteetive..prorarticit inatiestor to ais other ,
point .rinneveri. Thor .
N\ ..
1r purely an 081 do or Zino, and is `tionsinted tr. tram all
adulteration and hunartty whateoliver, it corny wall, is
ter•utundly *bite, •hd iv enturit , lnisi ri' the rellistadoise
r.;`.lr? :I=l3hrttir.Vhhnia. . 4 " P ''" e° tk ` .
i''.I'IVILL 14f.yr:rutiN, 'ELLOW ‘\;
whoa avow/ to rolphas or total •
arhalothinuo or
even when rind up In • close roosio As sh, outside Al.,
.It withstands • southern tllitiate and theOseather better
thou any ether, not being Itoble to tUrnli chalky or o ri
inundate and nab oil. It iiiki i,,, ba dia6 seortedortth any color:
with water and fur with. whlett ton the sale
BleACili. di..ND„COLORtIii' ZINC P 'TS.
. \ie.
.0..., are huh Lahti at slow i4 . l . oe.ttid.ari h oubtedir .
`the 'Onuses( and best paints trii.lll, Daarket lor, waling
roods; fencing, olotonhts, U.S.I b 0144, Or 4.. Z .r.P...d f . ' ,
11,.. of .op.t. MUIC. LID. 0 . 11401., •• they .r• both,
WEATHER A.N.1..k FPI\ PROOF, ' .. '
POT dna view. titter an Siertknheelreah•sble. her
'''r'aigl"; 7,lr.Thr.--sitir pomatt
tw, • h T "'rot.
itch * e m ir." "Lt' u t
,ti' LI„., , , 'l " ' r, u lr .th ..
A =ion I.lbeial. '1.... b r e ie
o r to! ,
' V . :U - li ' lcditt tti ' V4, ' .
/AI , 0,000 Common , G P 4,1‘
‘../ \ mei- `,, '• • 11. a WALZBAIIpA,
T i fWISOR am.\
Express Packet Una Cleveland.
-- - •
. -
!HE Proprietors °isle Pa t Lines hay
beg made the tannishe arranyesaus with the Ohio
teas'. Italtroed thanYnart raberagarszag a Z
tether by the Cleveland or Ain them. „
through ticket. at th e dabs. *ill tat nnet e tsst nub sus.
, d , c h One tbsm the pair antes \So Stoehr •
ter I, the Cars or the ntaartheat' . •
For U<Reta "or t 0 JOHN A. CAUGETFT. '
corner Vat. and Ersithhola stn. MO *nth%)
n.pTalse • Pittehnrat.
Ohio and Pommyiyania ItailzOod.\
, ~
gIN and alte r MONDA.T. AtGlOsT 14 .. • ,
IIS ISA). a Pueurriger Train will mu acatilloeso • i .•• • V .
'TI.OOO NEW figitilliTON at 7l: •• IL awl 2.54 PAC
LEAVE DITTSBUEOU at to A- BL swat 5 \ INN. ' • . .
. WAY YAPS., 3 CTB.,, PEE MILL. \ ' .
Clditrun anderstweive years of age Leif imitei.
Between iltrAborgb and ilayaci tley. rlilu. - .01S0, MI
l• •,' . - deei
•• \
. R'h.d.r.
. ."
•• •,••• : - Now 8ri t t0n . ,..d..4 t . A
Sir Es a 7 .o n tickfu: will be to ldat •. • ...
Between MUM/arch sad Rocheinsr, to ling ,esation. e • .ty .
back. the sem day ' • „.„......Sl.OE'
iledwien Pittabitrgh and New Brighton and hack, \
Da- Tho Train' .IT not nod on Sunday. but Exantsioa
Tkkrlo legged
sill be good for the reharatetp
toMonday. • s A \ '
°toolbar/ea at the DeDet•on federal stmt. to -
COUrey 1,0 0 0,1100r$ 11.13dirigthercuty where on lb. route ,*
from the Bridge toithe Monongahela Ilona, Mug WO
hoose. Onoilbasset \ 'YEE alas lone. *he Ilmagarabelif .
1/00.111.11. ymicios to thalaning oft heatre, Oar
the moray.. of paseengen V, the Depot, passing br the
3 lorchanne Bite!, the BE MUM, IIIOILL Fifth stele, D'M Market, and along EL Clair street. .At say point . l .
al ong.tnMarte ,
the route, paseettgeracan bail the fictunons, and OS . . . . . .
conveyed to the tiers. \
,e' r. it..u.o will be ex i t , e . lill terond IS.! Bris.bmwt
the earlitet nracticoble day. •
717 cotter of . the of Director. • • .
, \ ouniGE PADZW,
- Ticket Agent. -. . • ' $..
li connection cith the Ohio anefTenher.llertiroil
\ THROUGH IN fit aq,..l t ~ ' •
.. .
OassENoEits wilt take t0.1l) .M. train
. 1_ \front Plumßurgh, anJ ilia
BACiarf BOAT 1:0111 . 92:, Cat-t.ig, it. i AM% •. •
:1 : 12;k:
•l •t N:j 4 ll;:iii, ll . t au, al Ili a A_ I 1 4aN !L athing,
Returgtugletre Neat Castle al 7 P. M4•111.111%it. Nom
Brighton Yortba 731 i A. N. Snit.. , • •
lan Packet connect, at Na. y Coati. with lbw 9 gia for
Mercer. 9ttation. Le.
t.a. through Orient ai11y .. t.,, liBO: PARKA,.
. V J. W. ' Arbtc:lll% ' M i tltt 4' :.
2 gc.',,,r,ahoga Monongahea. Howe Fittettunth
- \_ at J. ' L.44 . ll9,....oet:b lm :lfeltlatle.
11101 - 14.1.. A Biltranla l t. rligititorrak
Canplettd to Lockport, 211r4ilet tettt of s itikagatati.
?htf REDPC6D SAD SPPP.D f!traPirlit.D.,
SUBSCRIBERS have the pleuntra to
&aware.. to lhelr friable wal patrowiof tilfP.l3ll
era Philadelphia ha I•ollii ' DANti. o . , \ •
T t
r o a
a • a
We re how weltered to wed. ead forassdiaty magma
"'". tit i e . Tiffrli r i o i d a s tlli * PVit 71, !Ma r t r k "
kt rho tolirarris raw freista.
ilitSl CW•r—Dry Goods, lutist:bar. Boar. \
Statirapirr ito eutirrf, Oatfretiourrx, *Mac
Vt•edlars. =Pharr, ante , kirdarweet Bad
VI 0014.
Silßbt . l:4--lienter ,ku wrware,ttro-
order, Paint i C Won. Oile. " Lutheert Clot
Tt oats sad other Owes Prrlei
_PorltLilutter.l.arl.Lero '
Oil, Tobacco Leaf, iPiatowialioar. Unlit eta
. ............PUU. "
Part, w in, a emir , Wie•Y‘BototetWertairthi-atta ' •
\\ OUPODK COLP. Agtwatt
eugi.V of Peon awl Warm eireelie
Westerneollegeolliomcsopathitili " ei
rpriz Second AnnotiVonrAr , of LectuTes in
the Western Coll. e of anzeopoth/S LladlCltia EU -.11
. 1 "..1.13. on 3loadny, horn: Orr 2M, and cont.. arta.; ,
\ • \
A new tha. his bean addeelp the Totally 6mingl2..
oast Benner. and It IC oelieroi A.A. the faellltlea 6.
talnlnn • Inetruetlen In Medical Wen. oz. - -
snyntwed by any ...heel In Me ...Italy.
The Faculty or Ito true don are slybllotra,
DOS t A, D Prof.. Al Id and Dlanwe of
Women and Cu. res. „ .
\ CIIARLOd D. W1LL1A311.3.1. D., Prefeasorof Inatftatea ;\ •
and Preenee of llntoceopathy. • \ 2 " 2-
\ AILTUUB.F.III64ELL, M. DAN...Tot Drlnellfl.ann
).Pnelho of rummy, •
2, LEWIS DODO& AL D.. Pr0f....0f htedh.lll6 • \
. 4'." 1:17. a h . r . 01 D afCheff;',. ;
tIAMI od L Th ITU.. A. M..
\ nor
je. tHATlo ' 6 ' . Gila/IEII, Prof.a.of PhyMoke •• •:
-2 .16. i), BRAINERD, Proton. of' Pbrf,cl=3..
K Li tcols. 6,1,5,. Dl:castrato of ,
hthlente .41..11111 course to other
0r.d.u.% 02 - 111: ................... • •
(0 the on.......intent of m , Am only. - '•
~thxd Doan!. room, fuel aZd be ote •
Ined Dom 61.60•0A52A0 6... reek•
Ned.. and bbfaical,ellule eonneeted orlth etra
le. / and faellitlns 1.11 DC alltnlediffrAllendf &MUM - 27 -
kor further formation address: ,
\ D.AVILLIAiIt_AL eras And.,"
P..—Pent• IL Oho. t • •2,
. s aCLEInaidanYIZEDICAL COLLEGE. - '"\,
711EIN \ Animal Conise Of .Leettires in the.
I. . . •
\Cleveland Medial Celine, sill comments ea Val- -, d
riesdal . , the OM dsy of Dot mbar. sad asatlaue alattons _
seet.l . • ,
The Coedits; gentlesami eauti,use the Putulty ofisi, , : ,1
. ~
\ JCILN DELA-SLATED. IL Dd 1 1 77.P.....t 0r... P.llto \\ • '
hlosi s iaddorif±ci.vad /Hamm of steam .3.15 rm.,.., s , , .
\JAI= D. DISZLAND4. D. Prolesra i r , &:;:: \
-.4`oltirEalble.T.L'am.:`,."=of I ,'. ',, ' • - * •,..
JeIN L. ah , SEL9.II. Dc'lhohdSetal ..7 , ' a \
P eritlaTT - 4011:1. hl. Dc. Prtassur ' s4 Cheadlatir aid . ; ...o. \ ,
Msdleal d'frispredeson.
JACIS i d. DDITINIEJI, M. D. Prallarest ef 'Alasiatir , ..:. -,- \ ; ‘,,
The Ph
n ' f i nesading mural et factutsci led.-......i.-:011: .."... \ ,
prow=l. - ; trootalass7 nata. P 7 .141,6 M;lk ' --
...e \ \ .
saosscs, tar 16e, and \ aliessi Jointly_ ar td, .ram eozecaus: , ,
wh verpoutibllltr le Titl7l=l.gesti m szottr I:! .. stea\!. ~ , ~
on. Judah Wasn't ,or • aI 4
r'lergno attl;',/,14Vh,":::,11.=51i.,.... ,
full :courses of tea, rho
o of shish sea st thla Isatlllacc..ll, ,
M i1, "'"1.4 " larti f ounaarr ' t '! "' w t ° * , ,..." . --f•, - f t `.. . \ -\ '\, .
oulz„6 sfid ile,. na ha Dltaititeek r ....: \ \
tlgev i lEse " TPTloe ar i 1=1 6 4 \ r- csra l'r lr k obiaiseicaiistt. -• :; I ,
\ , '
'4"' " \ ' ; ''''' reastu r a7eosslt icrueelkteceleslllfattiatidtatlf
of \ lei Col sill at corn ee fou stake prevbrtia LO Use t'
soninerstata tO, the ilit'Sded sad senhatee : d..
the ripening 14 thelscui. \ , oars mode tbr the clad* .....1
7 . I 4 C\WITIVULIttr " ‘ ' olltil a gu/,V=r4titti....''
Cognac. under t\l i F direct miss Pr0...0r Delatuater, '. l / 4 .. \.,
laud. suJ Aokl., ist she luau . bettor haPietstres',..
of nose '7irsui Is bellseSlo be ssitasto aalsthe . .
witty.L. '
aT \ hate,. I, the >led 1 /
.......111 , • 'L . ,.. , ' , S'.
14 1 1,11 ‘ F. , sitseßlß log LK, s feceifed4l — ",
\ file wait stook 01, PA diId,ITINVII.ft 00008. ifi .. \
sivild: respect Iv Inform I,ll a essetontisescual the POD\ ::',. \ :
ids i 1.11 I. 9.1..ird la dh•Pom aLW 1 , 0 `` , ... , ht, wt.+. - - ,
it • bee Sti \ Dry end. the Staple, i....i1l s. hater'
stsok et Pane/ Des 9 (alt rci...e import
Si Chlnse Silks. for .retils , J sad etreet dr lutist' t
I`laisi Blac atralla k
Silas,\ all p and arSl,ll.: ' j . ' ''' \ •, . •
Br lVA,Tl=`! " llk .. all tistr; ' ''
ea, \ \
' \
\ Pentads Der fas , sad a ...;... .
Tivattie,•lll\ • Versa atsd kuallall Pei:atlas. haw --- 7
\ \ito - u§,....tuArnincisciNkootos, .- .. • :-•' , ~ _.
'4l 'i. /. 241,rd I ; 4 ' f t . ":l °., T 9:1=.„,,,
‘ ~
, . 111 ohtl 34 to W. disailds Sal WA.: IY, \ --, . \
Due.r.sbeck Diaper and Clash YoaredtturN \ -,,,,;;,. ~
ill , t 1 Prlute4 PilliNand Uhl* :Coven, .-'.
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SUOMI. u 141%, Pnu .h , ,rurnit..., xunn•rug , .. , `,.,
9 00119:
\''''V''' late 1\
, rose Dude 11.1 , 1.
\ " Wif,ANltTZl th :i \.',
SIiA n'
, b:i. 0 f,,,, • Italica,"enisst Ilada J
1.,01 Chruilnans mat ides rug Vahan and Cu
, a l !lister,: all at is Inhilsodaielll he •arraut
:or" and cheap lot qualify . . \ , • \ •
' , •P IS . \ \ dASIAR A. /doh&
\ _,
Eall awl Wintir 5 i:;;:da, al ltaney aial t
\ \ ' DRY eek.opi4,, :''',l
- \,' .4. MASON 1. C. Vould‘inae. i : 1
~1 1A. 1 , ,i i r . . .=t4. t , : Lairolon V th• , itau . f .. l"..
..-QuAr ink.a.d mock a .iV 4* Ve" . ..
which at. : {ouc,4 Auger' Utah 0.4 they '4lu - c
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tou bale Worn Mcollur MOOM sad
ILA) .. list UmasLacg too we- .P.l , •
101 ,, e0rd,...; WO &lira 0...1.4
1(..0 .. Tletio, _ • , Mx/ so. k I; Me
I PC,:ates Whit., blubllnc ' 000 ve. Pm MU
.'t .. theeMnic_ ". , lm /p. ..
' ' ACcpleces Llvip Ntutetucc, . i IV Gum TiCh LS
MU " Patiactcr; ' ' I t.O Bonus
lou, -" twat 1400•CloChs1 IVO cormouTtastel
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. 1.
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