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Attention! griends of Scott and Johiuston.
sat—The ationtion of the friends of Scurf.
Itiurth:lls , . to Allagberty rounty u ruersul ,
4i ittimd to TOO lintzrtance ors thorough atvanuatiov.
toe foTroalinn abut... every elortinti detrlet,•
the - 31:1 - rfklotoeent of COMITlitle•A of titiluery
.da that tho.r who require it are uataraliaed, and that
• ..ry voter dept... LIB hapht on [h. lienhchl TuewtaY or
follorsu,Gtmilt.lao• . hse beep
PPokitA . I.l..2Ziron.Jobo "r..,
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AmAatoti. A. liana, Chu. rug(. 1..15.13 1
A. A. Caot.. Nque..trik.V. M. Breillentball. for.
ttf ordor of iLr Count, Con:.
Allegheny County - Scott and Johnston
toz7rA Public fleeting held in the
LortAigh of tlizabelln,ota Natl3,l”. , h.' , "'th of
wort...a tiekr.k P. M. „
At N„blentowtl.. 2.IumIaT.PPP.P. I . ,
At 4,Aryatmra. Tl,.lay. . 16. ✓
At Pew „1 17. '
At liktosnnovrn, I'.
r 1.1.,
MeK , PP.PL Patur.lA.3. ''"
At Tn*n !um. Mundsq,
At P.meldeLMiller's 31111. Laat licrr township. 314.31.1a1
P M. .
At I . .trp t.,.1 I,onant, tinowden to. t„ttay. ✓
Tuvaday,Popt...,Xl. at P. M.
AtJorl Motirts , a, Patton I , ..arnahili,op Weduoa.tay.:l4tb
• it•ltt
*llkinzburr, Mnoda.T. P. M. •
At Anne l'earrp:s., Jefferson tnyrnahlp. no TneNJay:Wtil
nt P. M.
At Chat.. Eht.llny,town.hip, Wolve.larithrtober
At I'.tr3.oll.,Thurith.T. 2.4 at 2 P. M.
A, Hubs(.Wllivya, 11l yrr HI. Clair towt..bip. on Fri
lt'lPury.ton.leen. Turth. Creek,ht. t4tunl.s. .att. nt
. I ,tt4tntnieti 4.i111, ithnler.tnwnehlih on Tuelktiy, th, et
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ouanr." I
htb, sle Aftt 2 mes Pbßhp', Robin.= To.ntbiP. o on
M P..M.
A t inwthor Mere mrotlng.h our fr10.L..111 t hhirtokned
~t tutnschi important to too groat political Interesti or
Vtkr f ' rle r In .arh tiretidu ..112.tiirt of Ito .ounty, .rr
r.inetted to organ's, and hard even' ...."d•
sot mak. arraneetnento to bring all our Tatvr, to thq.
nalll By onion al • • . .
elt5111ITT17.1: OF ARRA:it/X.II,INT.
• for some months past, we hare forborne to
say any thing relative to the contemplated rail
road connection hetwiren this city and western
New-York, through the the Allegheny,
ti,A because we hod lest 'any confidence in its
'faseibilityt or its profitableness ; but simply be
cause the publie mind seemed to' be fully occia
, pied with other and kindred enterprises, which
although not more imperial:di seemed to hive
taken precedence. But the `recent visit of
Messrs..Swall and BLOW?, of •ItothestA to this
city; and the meeting on - Tuesday evening; at the
rooms of ; the Board of TrtMe, hive -revived
theembje4t,' andeet it before the public mind in
a new light, and invested it with additional fea
tures of interest and importance.
A direct , railroad communication from Pitts-
burgh to Roqbeeter,throuih the rich valley of
the Genesee, nutting_ us with the great canal,
and the two great railroads or New . l'orh,• wits
Lute Ontario„ the St. Lawrence river, with Can-
sole, and in short with an immense and exceed
ingly, prosperous regien, containing probably
two millions of inhabittints, till of whose trade
would be new to or, is an enterprise ` of such
,tranacendant importande; and its succss as no
oionvestment so certain, that we think it probable
that it will not be again allowed :tosleep, oil to
'give place to others of far more problematical
snares. I
Nearlt all our other great railroads run east
end west, sod are subject to severe rivalry and
Fampletiti,in ; &tile this one, running north and
South, w041,d foi a long time enjoy the undivided
-ictercourse and trade betergen two large ,and
opulent . sections of the Union, which have hill
. erto been denied the privilege of inter conamuni
: cation, except by cireultortstineaxpensive relates.
It requires an effort to persuade ourselves of the
fact, that Rochester , is 1 -9 near to us as' Harris
burg, and that the Talley of the Genesee it but
little farther removed from us, than the valley
of the Jai:data. Yet' such is the fact, and in
point of practicability, the former can be reached
much easier than the lattbr.
We .have said nothing of Valley of the Al
legheny, with its boundless resources of iron,
osed, . lumber,
.and many other things; and its
hardy; and : industrious, and rapidly increasing
population.. In sober truth, it may be confident-.
lyavei-red that the trade and travel furl:tithed by
this valley alone, would afford large batiness and
good dividends to a railroad running through its
entire length. The travel through this valley,
notwithstanding the want of faciliiigs, is great
or than many persons even -here imagine. Do
--ring the stesmbosting season, probably about
ten boats leave thin city weekly for the, Various
porta up the Allegheny, (notie of which ascend
-as far as Warren, Pa.,) all crowdg4 with passeti
gen. Some days as high as four or five hundred
persons leave this city; and seldom do boats.go
out without carrying more passengers than can
he comfortably. accommodated. ' ,
Tile trade and travel between the people of
that valley and Pittabnrgb; is enormous. - Iron,
. salt, lumber, minerals of various 'kinds,. ag
ricultural products, he., on one side, and mer
'chandiee- of every description on. the other,
amounting in the aggregate to many thousands
of tons.
Both trade and travel are now dependent
"Von the state of the water, which on thin rapid
rceam in very uncertain. Both iron and lumber
have, at prevent, to be ruihed into market with
the floods of the river, which cause, conse
qtrently,_ floods of those articles, a ,state- of
things highly detximental to the - interests of all
parties. A railroad would equaliie the supply,
and keep the market in a better condition.
From the very...heart of the lumber region to
Pittaburgh c a railroad Would have no a'...nadmg
grades, consequently a locomotive could bring
down a enormous train., Lumber dried at the
pilUe where it is made, dean and free from
amid, would cOmmazd'in• this or any other mar
het, prices 'above that which is natal, and. of
COl , lllB delivered wet and sandy, fully sufficient
• io pay the difference between the two modes of
conveyance, besides the advantagesi of being
able to deliver it at any Lumber, there-
fore, maybe set down as one very Large iiera in
the local trade of this road:
Western New York has no coal, while the val
ley of the Allegheny is abundantly supplied.—
The eamo is true of lime to a considerable ex
' tent. On the other band. we have-no plaster,
and western .New Pork and Canada hive shun
• ~ , But time would.thil to enumerate the, advan
tages whioh would result to the people of both
states, and to the road itself, team the inter
change of their respective • commodities which
woulddolloW its construction.
We intend to resume the 'object to-morrow.
. .
- of alines to the editor, detect; '
I Massizcox, Sept. 9, 1951.
-A few months ago, - we heard here that it was
the intention of the Ohio and Pennsylvania nails
• road Directors to Commence laying' down the
iron from this place eastward If this road
could possibly be finished from this place to
Pittsburgh thin fall, it 'would doubtless add
amazingly to -tbe receipts of the road. Massil
lon is certainly one among the Corp best , points
in Northern Ohio. It ought, therefore to be
hoove theldirectors to etrain every istirve to ac
ccrnylis fo desiraine an object. 'The timber
has nil iAen furnisiled months ago in this coun
ty, as I am informed, and also Teals sufficient to
finish sevetal miles. these remarks, are not
• ~ made in the way of complaint at an, as we bare
',hero 'the 'roost dmboarbded confidence in- the
Board of Itirectors, and its able head., Knowing
the very deep interest you haveal ways takeii la
this project, is the only apology 'I 1111,1$ to otter"'
We. can 'assure our correspondent that the
President and Directors Or the Ohio and Peun
-eylvanisailailroad partake of a: full share of the
anxiety felt by the citizens of Massillon for the
' early extension of the road to that place. The
-.- locomotive ,Vrill run to that 'place Le soon es
practicable; whi - will be, ire suppose 'within
pi' four
• four or fitie-manthe t least. lt. is of great im
portance -to the comp ay to form a connection
'with the Cleveland medal Alliance as soon of
• ter the lake natiOitien closes aapessibls„as the
• • current of (Civet now.settieg across the lake will
ibenbe turned tffitlziey. The track laying force
- ii now till"..engetr4 on - the line east of Alliance;
;b u t ottilgilidnollAiehda need not be surprised
.• to see i;parti, cut there bet* many 'weeks. It
possible tyst*Sisl Will be opened to Ma., -
. gi b ulia :o4---c;* t".. -needy so, an to Alliance.
article, which we cut frdai the Fort Wayne
r 4 . 0 1, phew , that the peonle of that region are
not content to sit down and do without a Rail
road, withotit an ef f ort. The ClhiggEnl Ihdiana
Railroad will be• built, that is c 7 —but
when. will much depend upon the spirit and en
terprise of the Direct Ors, and the people along
;the liue. The Directors are the right kind' of
men, ant if the citizens oC Fort Wayne Intl
itntyrun, and the other towns along the line may
the road shall he toiilt, it would he, and will
prove to he trot rate paying stook!' Fort Rayne
a ill fall behind withouta Railroad. Nothing less
will take and keep-the trade of the countr.y
hope soon to hear that the roadlis under ton
all ' , re liuve o Railroads—By the last] ne-
counts from New York, the money marked sp.
.pesrs o little etudes, and the panic to have in a
great measure s sulesided. There has not as yet,
been mach reaction in favor of Railroad securi
ties, but with the infirm - of capital, and the "res
toration of confidence, - ,they will again come into
favor. In the Stock Market, the difference is
always given to the Bonds of such Railroads as
are in comase of construction; over those not yet
commenced, which are looked upon as merely
pro j.rtol while the ‘former are considers] as
works of a more certain natiirt —capital being
already invested in them.
the sale of the bonds of the:Ohio and Indiana
Railroad would be materially assisted, if , our
' capitalists Would at once subscribe liberally to
the stock, and Litre the work promptly put under
contract. If this is done, we think the bonds
way be !Mid: if it is not, we mdcla dunht
whether any sales can be effected, and we may
be doomed to disappointment, and left to strug
gle, as we Lave for years, with the disadvantages
and difficulties of our location: with the eastern
markets, roil almost all means of communica
tion closed against us, for fire or.hix months in
the year—and these things aggravated by the
fact that most of our neighbors have secured the
advantages of a:railroad, while we are left al
mat isolated,
. It is time to bestir ourselves, if we do not
wish fort Wayne to Le left in the rear, when
it ought to be far inadvance of most Other places
in the state. • All that la - wanted La a little
energy, liberality, and enterprise on the part of
the capitalists, and property holders, the real
value of whose property depends entirely on
tL' or now cot structipn of this
Shall. an effort be made' Shall we have a
Railroad Who will answer •
, The extremely jealous policy of the Chinese .
Goren:mem, which Rio. ages shut in its people
from intercourse with "outside barbarians, - aS:
the Chinese term for foreigners hes been tliwnslai
ted,' received its first rude shock from the recent
war upon that empire by Great Britain, arieing
out:of d quarrel. respecting the introduction of
opium, it is likely, to be still further changed by,
an insurrection Or revolution among the ; people
themeelvew •
So long as the old policy was perginted in,
there could be no progress,. although probably
there was more uninterrupted peace than among
any other eqnal• number of human beings. Bat
it Was the peace of stagnation. The gOvernmeni
has generally been kind and paternal, so far as
we have beenenabled to judge of it; and,deepot
as. it is, it has never, so far as we know, been
such as would warrant the use of' ' the epithet
tyranny, Civil liberty was a thing unknown in,
Chins, even in idea, until sinoe the English, a
few years ago, broke open thle gates, and let the
Celestials see that the outside barbarism had'
more in it than they had imagined *-
The revolution now going on, and which may!
possibly subvert the present form of government,
originated, as-far as can be ancertalued,in 1848,
in one of the south-western provinces, and is
now a wide-spread and formidable movement. Of
' the character and ability of the Imolere we know s
bat little; although frOm the tact that the Em
peror has not been able to quell it, and is now
greatly alarmed, we may infer that the leaders
are able men. Whether, however, they are en.
titled to filename of patriots,or ambitious chief
tains, or bandits, time must reveal, Be the cha
racter of the movement what it may, it can
scarcely fair•to be beneficial to China:by break
ing‘up the prejudices of ages, by opening the
empire to a free intercourse with other aetions,
and of course introdticing amongst them the arts
nod sciences qt` the advancing nations, and
opening the way for the propagation of the
Christian religion
It really would teem as if the democratic
principle was 'epidemic in the year 1848. In
Europe, in China, in South Africa, and in other
quarters of the globe, amongst people the most
drssimilar in education and habits, mad between
whom there was no intercouree,it manifested it
self eimultaneoutly; and although in Europe it
has been restrained by despotic power, it is
still gaining strength; in Chinn it seems still. go
ing forward; and in SoutliAfrica it is still strug
gling successfully against the power of the Brit
ish government. 'We believe that this phenome
non ie in accorthrtice with some of the great
laws which govern the moral universe, as fixed
and immutable as those which govern the ma
terial universe, though to us more mysterious.
This is a thought we have often dwelt upon, al
though,it is the first time we have ever suggested
it to ethers. . •
Latewrriewle from thug Kong bring .5 letter
from the correspondent of the 'Deily News,'
u bicb .ay3
• My nett letter will probably announce the I
taking of the city of Canton by the insurgent
pais, which, like a mighty ocean, is moving
gradually:but irresistibly onward, involving ruin
in its course, unlessthe Mandarins declare them
selves, and thus hasten the.downfall of the pre
sent dynes' tv; fall it assuredly will, and it will be
well if the event finds, our countrymen with suf
ficiet naval newer for theirprotection. Already
the military commanders slid civil commission
ers, appointed to suppress the rebellion, have
been carried off by death, lured by the charms
of future reward, or diimayed at the number,
strength and success of the revolutionists. The
ruin put forth as the leader of the movement
has aspumed regal honors, is the terror of the
reigning and legitimate sovereign, who, fearing
the disaffection of his treops,quartered or raised
iu the disturbed provinces, has ordered choice
s.ldiare from the capital; if these soldiers, in
example of the local force, fraternise with the
Irebels, and re-echo the rebel shout, 'Down with
the Tartar dynasty,' the consummation will be
reached sooner than the friends of thepretender
The 'Friend of Chins,' June 23, 1841, writes
"A few more months will assuredly decide the
fate of the empire. At enmity with the very
name 'Tartar Dynasty—an. enmity which every
individual whose heart lain the right place will
!eel, when he remembers the career of hart:na
l.= the blood-thirsty tyrants have run during
the last quarter of a century—we indulge the
earnest hope that a better fate is shout to dawn
on China's relations with foreign countries; that
the benighted millions of its population will be,
permitted to hold with use freer and more social
intercourse; and that., so long closed against any
advance in civilisation, it is now about to be
opened iudeede"
"The China Mail hesitates to designate the
outlaws now in arms by the name of rebels, lest'
it should be construed that the editor believed
the scheme was te subvert the Manchn dynasty
Sot, although the Mail looks upon the rebels as
deiperadoes, it cautiously admits %in Majesty
seems at length to he seriously alarmed,* and
publishes the subjoined memorial of Bti-Ting-,1
liwei, which affords internal evidence that the
Government has substantial cause to fear.
"Bu-Ting•Kwei; corresponding secretary of
the cabinet for the board' of war, addressed the •
Emperor on an ancient text, importing that
where the good, maxi begins well he will eues
teed in the end. He would have rejoiced to
see the •re-establishment of the daily readings,
before recommended by a vine-president of the
board of ceremonies, but negatived by the board
in coulliciL. As these cannot be, htibeseechea his
Majesty to keep two thingsconstantly in.remem
bi,lnce, Arta, that the banditti in the Two Kwang
arc not yet put down ; secondly, that the Englieh
barbarians are constantly on the look-out for a
*OO of a quarrel with him. The memorial is
a' tolerably long homily onself-government, both
for the sake of the adientage to be conferred on
others by example, and of the attainment of the
knowledgelwhich secures a right judgment in
the selection of fit, persons to serve the State."
Deerkend China Mad, Jrne 23.
"The Hong Hong Register; on the Other hand
affects the utmost composure, and assures the
readers that there is no ground for apprehension
in a political point of Tie . ", elthougb commer
cially hie doubt the effect of these disorders will
be injurious to trade, but we should hardly ex
pect to any extent. Oneeffect they are likely
to have if not pull down shortly, sir:• the de•
etruetion of Canton as a place of export "
Orr-Rood Register, fume 23. 1.
None but the most beisottedo prejtidice man
deny that the finanisiid- character of Pennsylva
nia hae keen vastly improved under a Whig adJ
ministration. feeling of confidence and cheer•
Wailes has taken the place of gloomy despon-
dency in relation to the State debt, a portion of
which has already been liquidated, .and the re
mainder hoe been 'shown to be entirely manage
able under au able and prudent adtninsttation
of the affairs of the State.
Our ,nelghboring sister State, Ohio, also pre
sents a brillituit example of the benefits of Whig
rule. ail will be seen from the facts given in the
following article, from the Cierdand Henna
In the financial condition of Ohio, every citi
zen of the State is interested, as dollars and
cents are of nu little importance to all. The
management ,of our timmces, and the credit of
oar State, under Whig rule, have been all that
the citiaen, most jealous of the good reputation
of Ohio, could desire. A (ew facts and figures
may not be uninteresting to our readers.
In 1846, the State debt was less than five rail
1101.1e and a half. In 1840, it had been increased
to morelhanfourteen millions. In 1841, it was
fifteen millions and a half. In 1842, nearly
seventeen millions, and the whole Sinking Fund
6t . more thin two ntillione absorbrd. In 11344
nineteen millions, 'and in Itt4s, twenty mil
In 1845, wheu the Whigs obtained control of
the finances, the State Debt amounted to more
than twenty millions, including the temporary
debt incurred for interest, and . the outstanding
checks for repairs of the 'public works. More
than two In:mitred thousand dollars of cheeks and
certificates were mmtanding which had beeit is
sued for repairs of the public works, at from fif
teen to twenty-five per cent. alicin.the cash value
of the work. These checks and certificate, were
hawked about among the banks, brokers:, nut
shavers, by the contractors and laborers to whom
they had been issued. The revenue system was
unequal sod oppressive. Auditor Broogh had
for several years urged upon the Legislature the
necessity of a more efficient tax law, but his party'
.frffinds turned a del! ear to his appeals. - The
State stocks were largely below par, and promi
nent politicians openly advocated measures
directly leading to repudiation, which was ap
prehended by the people. The funds, necessary
for the payment of the interest upon the State
Debt, had been for several years deficient more
than two hundred thou Sand dollars per an
With six years of Whig ascendency we have
now, cash paid on demand for all dues by the
State; an equitable and just system of taxation
which is deservedly popular with all parties; am
ple resources to pay the Interest and reduce the
principal of the State Debt several hundred thou
sand dollars per annum ; °hid stocks fifteen per
cent_ abovepar the tolls upon the State Canals
reduced twenty per cent. and the amount receiv
ed notwithstanding the strong compe
tition of several Railroads, 'and two millions and
seven hundred thousand dollars of the State Debt
paid. '
The shot e statements are worthy of the serious
attentionof men of all parties. Many of our
readers will remember the sealone efforts made by
the late Auditor, Mr dohit Brougheto bring his
party up to the work of,paesing a new tax law
Hit party refused, and some of its leading spirits
openly avowed the odious doctrine of repudiation.
•Under this state of things the Whige came into
power, elected Mr. John Woods, Auditor, passed
out excellent tax law; equalized the assessment of
taxes upon property; held public officers to a
strict accouhtability and from that day the
credit of Ohio has been equal to the credit of ST. CLAIR', DEFLAT.—The disastrous defeat
any State of the Union. It is with the honest, of Gen. St. Cleir.on the 4th of November, 1101,
intelligent freemenof Ohio, to determine on the is to be commemdrated with appropriate nye
' second Tuesday of October next, whether a fault
monies at Fort Recovey, Mercer.coanty, on the
ful public officer, wbo isSamiliar with the com- 10th inst. Recently a large quantity of hones
plicated duties of the office of State Auditor, of the victims of that bloody field have been . ..
shall be continual, or the office pass into the homed, the skulls bearing the marks of the hub.
hands of a mere partisan, who is thoroughly ma- j let and the tomahawk. Then are to be re-inter
acquainted with the cares, duties and responsi 7 I red on the occasion. Gen. Lewis Cage, Bellamy
bilities of Auditor. Storer and Geo E. Pugh, Eeqs., are announced
'For sir years Mr Woods hat been Auditor. 1 „ epeaker
and had devoted'his time and talent to its multi- There are probably a few living who will ire"
plied cares. His experience is worth thousands member the horror and dismay which that teni
to the State, and the coming winter, when the We defeat Sproul through the
,frontier settle-
Legislature meets, his counsel and advice; to the menu , none, we imagine,
whoparticipated in
financial officer of the State, to members will be , the h a,.
invaluable. Ilia defeat would be indeed a calam- ' The contrast between Miami Valley si,sty
ity, and wecannot but hope thet . he will he elect yearn sines and now, can hardly by preneuted in
ed by a large tindelecided majority. a stronger light than by looking st the popular
tics, fields, farms improvemenre now, and rocall.
When next our good friend of the Pit"b‘treh, ing the history of that campaign and its fearful
Gazette visits Lakedorn, shall he treated to a terminat i on
ride in that "everlasting light buggy," and to I We do not see the propriety of the day select
the .•freceloto of the city, - periled he lets Lim for the commemoration, unless there were
I self be known. Do net foil to rend thi.,
.. , reaeone which we dd not know for choosing an
. of Travel.''.-0/ereiJnd
.llrrold - earlier day It would seem as if the anniversn
We owe an apology, friendfor not call icy November 4th would hare been the appropri
' '
ing lye only had a few hours to spate, and the ". 1 17 . , v.t•
company of ladies to engross our time. But we
„promise to visit Cleveland again before the
year is out, and will try and make amends for
any seeming neglect. A promise of a ride in the
“everlasting light buggy" through the streets 01
Cleveland, in a temptation of no small magnitude
EI4N Misstot, —The fallowing details are the
principal featu:res of the Mimionary returns read
before the Board at its last monthly meeting. on
Monday last. in .N ew York:
Tux CLlOCTAlV2—Steclibridge Station. —The fe
male school at this place has had thirty board
ers and six day scholars during the reported sea:
eon, and altogether the station has enjoyed on
!usual prosperity •
Wheelock Stafien.—There were thirty-nine pia
pils. in the boarding school at this station teal
year, the number having been slightly reduced
since the departure of Miss ;Dickinson. One or
inore of the pupils have recently joined the
Norwalk. —There is, a for boys at this
Station, containing eighteen boarders, and three
day scholars. The Inure° of study embraces the
higher branches of an English education.
Pine Ridge.—The girls' school at this place had
thirty boarders and nine day scholars at thg„.
alone of the last term. The examinations proved
unite satisfactory.
Oood Water.—Thin hoarding school has fifty
pupils, six of them being day scholars. The im
provement of the classes is mentioned with much
satisfaction. 1
Oood Land. —The day school at. this station
tins had an average attendance of about twenty
children during the- year. Several families are
removing to the vicinage, purposely to enjoy the
benefits of .the school.
'Mount Pleasant—Mr. Copeland is the only
Missionary beyond the boggy. In ...peaking of
the general aspect of his field, he says that it is.
upon the whole encouraging. Where there are
darker aliades in the picture, the explanation is
commonly to be found in the deficiency of miseion
ary labor. ,
'Among the Choctaws , the Presidential Com
mittee:think there is a wide prospect for 'addi
tiOnaP laborers. They. ask, "Who' will become
partakers of this tniesionery joy' .
Stheaorass.—Therki are, the Commissioners
believe, unequivocal. signs that the Cherok - eee
axe making coneldenble progress in knowledge
and the arts of life They have an excellent
government, and the affairs of the nation are
managed with - dignity-and enlightened decorum.
Thcrpht. —The boarding echool at Dwight had
about twenty female pupil!, at the close of the
last term, six basing left in April to enter the
national female seminary. A school had been
'eatable,' at Fairfield during the year, sei usual,
arid a portion of- this time tine likewise at Lee's
The Prudential\ Committee make au earnest
appeal for additional missionary labor in this de
partment oleo. Avery eloquent encyclical letter
from the local mitten accompanies the appeal of
the CoMmittee.
Tee DAROTA3.—Four hands of the Dakotas
hatnruently agreed to emigrate to lude out of
Lake (reverse, pursuant to late treaties with the
General Government, which will have the effeot
of dividing the mission in .this quarter. One
band only, remains. 'Meanwhile the moral con
dition of the tribe is described no flattering.
Tao o.lllllVA,—Though the question of re
moving the Ojibwas beyond the Mississippi, hoe
been agitated (or more than a year, the La Potato
Indians are still at their home upon.the south
curdy of Lake Superior ; and missionary opera
tions have linen coutimied at La Pointe and Bad
River ws heretofore.' Recent communications
afford encouraging accounts of their progress.
The labors at this station have been the same
as on former years, There .ave generally ben
two Ojibwa genitals on thiLlabbathi and two
services have been maintiabd in the English
language. Meetings have been held also during
the .week. The onatemplated removal - of the
tribe has created considerable uneasiness and re
• •
ited.Riecr.—The mission of this place has im
proved wondeifully. Mr. Wheeler, who is ,at the
head of affairs, speaks enthusiastically of the
euccess of the cause. He Bays—'• I have not
seen a drunken Indian this summer, nor have I
hoard,that any liquor hes been brought here -
The tribe has had no religious dances, and
scarcely have I heard a medicine drum since I
New York hulisme.—This minion ommists of
five stations—four among the Benecas, sod one
among the Tuscaroras. Owing to cauees which
have been in operation for some time past, the
missionaries report but slight success in certain
'departments of their work. Nevertheless, the
committee entertain strong hopes that a bright
er day will dawn, as these causes are Met !and
ultimately removed. ' The schools have been
more prosperou this year than usual. A small
boarding echool, commenced at the Alleghe
ny reservation, is continued under fair au
spices, and will doubtless succeed 'Another
school, under a Miss Taylor, is ins condition of
forwardness, though not soachanced Al It might
of theConciergriias contains at present two ed
itors of the Press, three of the Rocnement, one
of the People, and . two of the Mozsager tie f Aa-'
amble. One of the editors of the Susie will noon
join them.
DEED, terDz. McLAYE's LlvrirPlLLs:Tkie ns
Near Fort . 'Washita, 3d ttlt, suddenly, JA. P.A 1.'"1"4 dement N." th" Cr e an "` "P ikir". ".4 ' 2"
Farrelly, sth Inf. U. 8. A. On 'the Thursday to e ineifravw. Whet, It ha. , been introdueral, It h., snafu•
before his death Lt. F. was thrown from a horse, i
pfifulant, unpr..<4...iett... , 1 in Ow nf „
his head striking a stump, which
,affected the who, •-an obtain it. I'ef...nta, houf•Ter, nf-f, Oct t.
rfinit and brain, which is suppose d by his
. phy- th , ...areme , .ol - a•kme. wediral .die.. they
sician to have caused his death. ,• a b., I of tlio h. L L iser ..l,,
/ I %lla or ir k
th .hick dimtiva ,
'Lieutenant nurelly was the son of the lion. 1..n.'6.4. .
Patrick Family, deceased, formerly an eminent! "I"l44 Lunn f a.m. a 0 0dawe a P.P. 1 . 1 . 1 f/
fn tae
fif Lath air lettertri,
representative in ongress from Pennsfylvania..l Et INT la ht.,. Mardi Win. 1 4 10. ,
thi the maternal side he woo a lineal ammo,. j, h, i ta a 6.4 ,'4•11 • gf'4l
dant from one of the most notable of the pil- ran, ii,,,, Line Pill, than tour 0130.
grim of the May Flower. 1.1, .111, 0.. The. , Pill. on, capon, nolac 0af.... awl'
In 1841,.he entered the U. 8. Military Acad. Iwo hoc, shah, finfil all that •.• ha, If fen coo »w 1 ff•
ems, where he distingu'ehed himself as ft Cadet, l to "c la d °ur n 010r'' Shoe 1.01 0001
and in 1545 received a commission in the U. B. '""!'."'"" br ' 4
• T .1. 1a1.1.1'..
\ rimy. ,„. '3 KIDD a 1... V
,I,, , ,uing the 4th Regiment of Infantry then at t, 11.4 tir No Co.-110,1 ,
Corp. Chriati, Texas, he participated in the
opening acenes of that campaign; which under
the direction of lien: Taylor, terminated so Sri.
umphantly to our anus. Transferred afterwards
to the sth Regiment of Infantry, and the
Southern line of operations, under General
Scott, he accompanied the army to the city of
Thoroughly versed in the Spanish language,
and possessing an extensivO knowledge of an
cient and toodern literature, be enjoyed many
advantages over hisdess favored countrymen.—
Frequent ..uspensiontt of hostilitie,, enabled hint
to cultivate the acquaintance of, and exchange
courtesies with canny of the most conspicuous
citivens of the Republic of Mexico—both civil
and military—producing mutual acknowledge.,
ments of consideration and esteem.
Tu a total disregard of personal danger he
joined the' magnanimity of a true soldier, and
ever tempered victory with mercy. Many a ma
tron and maid have cause to remember their un
known preserver from the rudeness of a lawless
soldiery. These qualities, together with a na
tive gentleness of manner, endeared him to his
unetnes, and regrets will follow the announce
ment of his demise, even in the capital where
-be once triumphed.
Though a brief one, a more brilliant carter
rarely falls to the lot of the soldier. His nave
is identified with • Palo Alto: .Itesaca de la
peinta,"Monterey,"Vers Cruz,' •Cerro Gordo,'
Contreras,' and `Cheruhnsco.' In the latter
(Nagement, in the language of his command.
officer although "suffering from indisposi
tion and exhaustion, he was elicit down at the
end of the ditch, whilst leading his company to
the assault of the 'ter do pont.'" ;
Suffering from many rind severe wounds, he
entered the city,„of Mexico with our victoriTs
army, and wasiermitted Cu return to Pittsbur
to recruit his shattered constitution. Enjoying
the-society of his home for a few months only i n
his woundr'still open—he again joined his re'et
ment, in the Cherokee Nation, and died as Co
bad lived, devoted to the service of his country .
His native State, through her Legislature, Ims
appreciated and acknowledged his worth by en
rolling his name among those of the many herr
of Pennsylvania. •
Beloved by all who knew him, both in puthic
and private life, regrets for his untimely decease
will be mingled with the memories of his =My
virtues and accomplishment. His brethren lin
arms, as they "fight their battles o'er again,"
will recall the name of Parrellypridelas
one of the "tried and true." F a r r ell , , wh se_
life was without reproach, and whose memory
they will delight to honor • lL
r received by yesterday's mail, the following
letter from Jolly Rotten, late of this city, who
was among the fifty Americans executed at Ha
bana. on the 10th of August Mr. Fisher *oo
employed for Nome, time in the Louisville Marine ,
Hospital, and tnore‘latterly was engaged in the
husinessof capping and leeinhini. He denounces
Lopez, and think. them has been no revolt - on
the part of the Cuba.. The letter is as follows
HAVANA, dt.go,t IG, 1861
DEAR Ste 1 take this last opportunity and
liberty of sending you this letter, for the benefit
of those who will probably come to Cuba. vir,
Gen. Lopez, ho., dartt.,l us all . : be is a traitor
and no gentleman. Than o no revolution herr,
J. , (44 papers hare gated. Tell all those who in
tend to visit Cuba not to come, for they all will
be shot. There is no chance to get beck again.
If any officer has raised o'company or compa
nies, tell them through your paper, it you think
proper, to disperse, for the expedition is all a
great' htlmbug. I don't like to see O'Hara
bringing men here from Kentucky to he shot,
Sir, I am condemned to'be shot, and as I have
only a few minutes to live, I thoUght I would
inform you that fifty of us will he shot...shortly.
Colonel Crittenden, from Louisville, is among
the lot. Give my best regards to all my friends.
I would write more, hut I Cannot do no for want
of time, Very respectfully,
Hospital Steward of the Army of Cuba.
Mr N HALDEMAN, Editor Louisville COu
Bcleroption.4fthe NurTendered Slave, John..Bold
toy. —At three o'clock yesterday afternoon there
bad been recoired at the office of the United
Suttee Marshal, B. P. Talmadge, Esq., sLfifil,-
r,o, towards the $2OOO necessary for the redemp
tion of the mulatto, John Bolding, of Pough
keepsie, who, on Monday last was surrendered
to his master by U. S. Commissioner Nelson,eat.
isfactory evidence being furnished that he was a
fugitive slave .of Barnett fi Anderson. of Colum
bia, South Ceirolina Not long after we had the
pleasure of handing to the blareharadeputy $74
which had been eent to this office by various in
dividual. for the same object, agreeably to the
annexed statement. This increased the amount
received to $1,960,00. A friend (A. G. P. jr.,;
having authorized tte to draw upon him for any
deficiency there might be, not conceding $lOO,
we availed ourselves of the offer to the extent of
$4O, which completed the s2ooo,with fifty cents
to spare. Thin being made known to the mar
shal, he announced by telegraph to hie eon, who
with other officers accompanied Bolding and hie
Master to Columbia, Eionth Carolina, that the
money wee ready, and authorized him to draw
for the same at eight —Nero Yoe/ Journal of
The Cumberland ➢llner'e Journal statee'that
the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is in good nui
gable order. During the week ending on the otb
instant 3,637 tons of coal were shipped to the
District. For the week ending the 30th ultimo
1,%3 tons were sent to Baltimore by railroad.
Fall Importation of Hardivare, Cutlery, &g.
No. 129 Wood Street,
firpire o. rdl ❑m sttentiou of Merchant, sod t
thriijkAgt 111,;'.1 -
Aod x Orb thry ate elow prepared to OWE.; at eneb ;nom
Ca mono% (Clt to olrato.
AIMTA oonortment of MA!.lNTrolobrzted C. :1. A.X-E4
al•ors oo baud. aingll3l
LIKE OIL ABOVE WATER —The rick Man MU Intl •
good tootle.. by trying it, as quick sea Dr. can tell &goal
dinner Ly eating it. And It on. man tries 13, and Lade It
poor. It will deitroy the pOpulartry with the whole city
You caret Introduce • medicine into popular use YUIVI , B It
poem/eon really eutatennal virtues, free troteell bpi.edecta
2 ny valid objections, end RA, tide tact that hat eentblielatid
the reputation of “Dull'. compound Fluid Extmict of Par
mpasilla,” beyorid all cavil or Own.. lie action upon
the hum. .return IA in amanita. with rational and phi
loeciphlcal principles—it promotes the various eacreticom
and exertion!, of the body, reMoyes ohytructions, diregiame
morbid and dimmed matter, Mi.:abeas the etomacii
and digestire organ., cresfav new, pure, and health/
Llood. and rmrulatee the various, fanctione of the Oillerent
organs of the body Thiel it all perforated: without the
least danger of harm, the preparation Magi u safe as it
effLoselin, It may be thought Ly the ekrptical, that It
pgypoyta to coo. too many illnesses, but upon ...gamin.
Uoti, it will be found that large maioritr of the
•t. which afflict the human family orlginamm au Impure
elate of the blood. Do out demtied, then, by other Par
captains, tieing riftenol you 1 4 of muiLll4-•
slut water pretar•LlOD .• al. oub•titu. fur the original
John Dull. Semaparilla Mitt r.inabl. prepermino L b.
proprietor warraute to ...fierier to all others.
I...e.mrton.—lownre stp.l ask tar the miginal //r. Men
Iharr .Sorlaparald .Intos tirgturky-440 hai'e nodther 2.•
.Ir.rt.iie.toot I.n another roe ,
h SEii .IVDOIVELL, 140 Wrq.l IL,
- -
elu wllnet Wholasal• Recall ag4 n 4 4 ,
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittiburgt
um, No 41 Wan, etroat, in thenarrhouno It
C rteanlent ..... ...A. W. Matt, Sen . ).
oomn.nytt now prepamtl to ... all inotebandlm
tn tas. and In Mania. t0...1.,. Le
, ny ,o g &T y...ay tor thrl ability aml Weal!,
In allnnll.l In the rbetacter Um Intnclan,
'oho all communityof Plitaburgh., ...1) and favorablY
4. 4 1./.44 to the fox their prinlenrlianum
amt Integral .
LSIIHozn D. Slum E.
y, m. Rachl..y, Wm. Lammar ,
Wide 4 Hh ..hrud limed=
John Harwards. S. Harbami ug tt. EL .0001
• Petroentn
MALL I uotmudnu , Ps, Slaiph
M. KM. —Nu,. Ps, 1 utte Petroleum le •rrukum vuti ,
dem s Ito tmlultv: tber.l , r. •oul.l tlmult tmitOnMbi
O. bleu Juten by We l'estunylmuma Itmlbaul. We are ott
bre!, mut. and n M Leong Inquired Me uhuo.“ 'every J•)•
ree,ettullt. JOHN I.ONt) A Co.
' Ilumrsvom. IMblel4 I 11., Marvb
N. M. KIM —Peur Sir. Yube /be.. • •ltuT,
left trop , Our Moen RUA ertstrb lee bate Well
luevr/NI t” to .15 atoo, Mauedlelrly sunder, lu INC reaum. We
tun reyeru I et vile. eertoi,ete.e. et you Itrolr.llmm.
eon.. to. It. W. BOAT.
Vi.r ti.. , yraf 1 NI 1V orAl J e re t: It. F.
etr.a.l. If A ehiatett.elt , A C.., ,t
It NI 1 . 11? 1. At. A. Ellin., Joseph
Ikamlai3, end II I'. Sam artt. A nevhent • alga by the pro-
Pr1,14.r. 8. M C on alit canal, routhel..PltuburAh.
gee . tints often It it, th . cage th a t, we nee
O r e rlfght num. iarelling. or pain, in the vain
ha, that It yin tie h in • LW' or two; int.tend
~,,,tting well they wroe wore, fn...., thud perhala mot.
libramai Lakes phara. end lb... Unit, he,. to he sniputated:
when it a lath. of it. ti. lerrell:a Arabian Liniment bed
teen applial at the time of the neridrot, it wont& hate
aural lintutallateli. .nlyetiferdneist a•pt:
Pittsburgh Lite Insurance Company.
CAPITAL, /3100,000.
of lakt,
Prrltient—Joir, Y. Iloon
Ilwri,lent—,llll[.t MrCt.cantn.
Trrasoret— o-11 . 1,.1.rtru
Y4,-,trT—C A.
S - S , s a .•1110111. wn.tinr port ol 1.1 ,,
To Female Teachers
T.UE School Directors for the Sfal-md Ward
• .id a t.,, employ an napetieueed Female Te.cher Inc
I Male Grammar Dcrartmerit. 0 alar $3OO perutuura
. examination of O33O33 applicaute "nil y,
take place at the
,clu.l Wu., nu R.e ctreet. clear Fourth. on Aolurday.
the 27th Ins,. at 2 o'clock. P. M.
• - . . .
Any fining, Information may be obtained. fir. Meeda.
at the ...hoot room, who will twolve the .etimonial• nt
bat a:ter"..lqualltiestlnn• of tp. appliewatn.
A. Nei(
RON - will be received in exchange (with n
n. ung , il t sgozsg ,
i % , , na , L for TWO =IL - WM 1.01.,k
Try of MORRIO' porn old PORT WINE, at SI
pet bottle. for sale at MORRIS' Too Mart. In the Diamond
LAINTT, a.m. of MORRle.genulno old Emmen
W. at SI per Lott', 000 Bale of MORRIS' Trt Man,
In the Di 1.1211./ ,1.11
G LUE -20 bids: reed and for sale by
feyll r.ornrr of Wood .of slab
tifiROISIE CTREEN-4 enses for male by
I I lIROME YELLOW-2 cases for vile by
j w e ll 5 . N. WICKERIiIIAV.
111E1) LEAD-S!NI lbs. superior, fur saV be
.1. K IDD 6 CO., 1:0 WoNi ni
/ QUI D 11 bbls. for =ale by
1.4 S..sauu a CO
Tilt. MASK'S Magnetic Ointment-10J
Jur 'do% Ibr rmle,by J KIDD CO
jup 611 number*, for nb, low to rlrme ocaulitnment, by
wpll J KIDD k W., 3u Wood
Valuable Country Seats at Auntion
rEsubscriber, out his Firm,
s , s4,swing Disran, hem, Hobo.
Klludurt. 1 , 014., talc .111 oiler 11, ram. far
at Public Aludtlro, the read,. 00 TIII. - 14IIA 1,
.C.,,ternber 111 Wriurk A. M. •
Ult. y . rno tnt 1,1 nor., bor laal nut In
cf fram ta IC art , . and a:col:LI/A for Idearant
COVNTRY ff..Aff• ain Gard. 004. commanding an r,
a.... sad drllchrful rlra Um rai.round [l4 nal.,
umbrariug lu mil... of 0L.•Oblo nrer and walls) .3 the
land I. at rournar quality , abaut twadhtulr cleated, a/A
tier 1019.000 rarrnal with .rollout tlmller. andlrcll a.-
..n..1 1,...,4 au thr rlvrt, 101 Ohl. wad rrnur.
Ilaalruad and Oa. UMW prayer }Wad ruumag throUgl,
adal with.,tea tutuuarr ndr 14 the , MI rallrukl -011
tall. e tram A 111-Fthev y 0111.
T..11110-ot,fillb r.b. the biriworw in rovon.n.i.l...Lt.
si with intenr..., in b.. .W.tarwl by lAind awl
niortnage. rwr further inirt.eulant ..riquiri. of thr
0141ard. fililine'l'new Row. Al6,liies/r City, John _'troy.
the prrnilor, Kiwi., w 11,1, AUrlitztll.,l
Grand Concert!
T T‘; DER the direotion of Prot. BlbtyalA n
ilra, .4 10,11. 111141 C hy.1.1 yyt
thy. .Y - 411'.11...1:01a , ' Fifth Pytteßurgby
oyy THURSDAY F.l* EN I NOne YiPpro
t..ber 111.11. by- a
Cital or lb* Lmt scholar. sena-t.ed xt,
Mtn !is thntmatid
" rl t ,:at i lt . tn ' tity; py lonry
Kist ti KitailNt/mtl srlllrimutett
b. 3 ryano yyrfe.
. 25 Ytrnor. 15...stip—to . at MY 1.
to a. 21 at aye door
PROF DINT•IlA.11 all] opt . a Jyy yanily•
Hi his Amyx Pry Ft dent et reat. : 4 •ll.plia). the Mt .
a , lyy eeloeby A 1I Trrms.- sl per N-hyybyr (by. tlye.,•
ty r
New Fall Dry Goods.
A. MASON k CO., have rProivetl
. 1, 1 ;L'il;',1: . iu
eta Mohair Lu.tre, embracing plain 1,11..
a. ilk am,. fanerenra. Chem, nem mai fur . .l. a ell ,raier.
11 mum, Pramual - Me. TMl , ei ‘n,l Coburg., eAmlrne.
all t al?;.ll . lte i, a , el;l I ti s z RhWm, teal , r
1110 +
prirew whi-b . se ste , ,n9dent tin . p;%:llnte f il r y
Teachera Wanted_
IrXN :Vlrtle Tinchere Nriintell fur the Public
School. ..1. Chest.trie tow - P,hlp . En o:dna:3nd of .p.
;mats to mt.. platv at the Publ. debool room. tel / -rd.
p•ddiacaPille..ho esttmla . r...l l th Inet-at .) o'clock A M •
BY order q the hoard ef Idreceor,
II {ll-VI.G3TON ill I, . ~,
Fall Fashions.
ILNON aON, No. W6okt+st., 4 4 .
D.r.tnond •, would in
v att. attention ot rheir.eo•torner, and the t.oblle
,their iar.. whittzonthe, are on,. receiviug to
their farmerduck ol litS•ik The iwaortment iVtlerl,l,
Vat th.. new style II A ft-, latelr tutroduez‘l, and whteh
sew a. zee.. tour+ adruirvi for their Leant) and gontintr,
together wain a great Tanetv df Black. Brown nud Drat,
!Pelican. Ilungariau. and other Rind, of lIATF. for no u
and bop; /3alla and Holtz CAPS: Cloth, Oil, `in.
•od Glazed CAPS, of almost all deernattoo far, w h ole
god CAP. , for eluldreu—offered at reavlonable r.
pneta, whole
ale and retail.
PUB:. viz Mari and Natvra P l Lr,ns,
Farb, Gennet and Czniev MUFFP Fired : Fil and iterlau,
Zirrol TICT(IItINES and CUFFP;IItIit-g,.. and Cluklren,
110005. napllZltu
8 - I . — TS — NTED SOUN—PIa363 and empin . 3
V met, for a numb., of taltomen. hoot , l
warehro.t.o. no,h and Intonate men. arol quite a noter.or .
or hurt of en IL., for ranana trades and orePlo‘tn,lort
tV.lted good root,, b 0 0,.. keelwrz. w. moo
and girl, for all work. nur.,,, ar . In buy nitlen. won,. •,
eountry errand. Money borroir.d .14 !rut. and
dupeounted when an d cube had - for thew. All kuov.
of &gentles artgaldrd tr. for ruoderite charzozat the new
Ago nor and Ino,lllgenee IPAAZI HARRIS.
aer.lo - .3t Third zr • oVigtzite the l'ost Oflks•
A.TEST NEWSPAPERS:kept for iale—
CA All oar Daill. mPat of our Weekly, and a large is
of Istl.Elae Nowapaperg, frnau Bonn, to New
...rive. a. few School Bonk.. 111/..[M , . ot Latent
Counterfait Dolsen,r, 2 lzree and egentral Fmali a, of
E 33,03. Vat:ally 51,11charz; abort 25 cop'. •nf Ilarrii old,
anti R different edition, of Ida Plret - tories cf rittaburich and
Allegheny, for Sale or refol-erwo lOAAC
m. 10411. Third it . eppnaito the Post aline,
1 / 4 T I.lOi,3lES' LITERAItY DEPOT,No.S4-
, Third evert, oppostto the root Oflllor
' M
e odal arehin.ei, 10. 1.
Arthur Conway. or Scene. in the Tropic,.
10. a tale or the olden Fano.
London Labor and the London POOr, Soli. I. 9. /0.11
Ito Tear. Lane, ~rTaitinauf the 11.ttlal by Al I.nnian
LltteWs I.lving Age, No. 2.
Hn . • . , i
anter'r aval, for S 3.9 eptember.
International . ..
Katherina Walton. or the Rabid of Donrhester an Ilia
lenient notnanee of the Revolution in Carolina.
Neehanlve Msg.:ln, for Septurnhen.
The llteturical Nueol
Sumba.= mid Shadow`, or Undo and Dicuesomr. .
lady Moline Shut Wo...lry'a Ttarolatu rho U. Etn,s.
R0V11,6101 of a Bachelor: a Book of the Mart.
the Fate; 01, tale of Otirring Tinto.; by 0 1 . R. Jam,
Nei...a...dd... U., 1L.U.1. - .....1 of Life.
Derillif • iirAttitUitllriq , cowrie.. from the trot Ito
.etel:—.7 ~.
The D. h. rcat Qin. Gehl: •
fiend,' Audi'. (nef , eAftlon.) 2_c,
eb Itutherford, a Bea Isle.
120 Buie Ilceterr. n tele of %leer°
IlletiOnSTY of hlreheole. No. 37.
The Gips, Chief; hr G. W. M. Rer[l4l.l.
Hebei, or rbr Child of fee Bettie I. tald, • tale of lister-
leo. •
The Pioneer' , ['slighter, a tab' a Indian Lbaralrity
E' R r e ' A n de ße etM ' reei ' of Paul Penwinkle; • Sea Sh.rY •
The Cout+. or bilelhorg: by oot.. L
grarte: or the Salon, of Paris. by Maj,Rteh.dson
thoAntorr of "Alton Lex.),
•ilf,ranrerr.lll,Mrsztion. pith Illustistions.
Traraler thMugh tbr U. S.
Canada L .
er the snap Bird: • 41. of real Mr: by Careliol
Lae Bent,
The Wire( Wagi >land, • tab, by ahry llow . o •
The Room by Italwer
_ .
td per of the et.,le.. and mlm-s, just rred at , It!
d. Market mt.. i5.,10; • A. A. MASON di CO
f I INGRAMS-10 eases. French and Da
l. meftle, ,,, rm' , l by A. A. MASON,. CO.
Vr.xPt ,,, b 7 L,ALplui . A A MASON aCo
Ttsntxolr .lonathno ficagnmen. of Ml.
here 10 .II fh'e t'ermlluoe to over me, sod ~ie4
pxw Cu..
rupply itormoilately. I could have sold • gloat
more, if I bed hod It in hand. The peoplo r•,
tiling ell other medicines for woman, c o y that nowTrl
eon.' to Dr. 'McLane's
wry ,
0051 111 . t.he City Drugnigy.
LINSEED 01L-25 bbts, for sal.; by .
tow • . J KIDD 0 01.
EPSOM SALTS—IS 5515. for sale by
keylo J. KIDD k i.O
12-4ASII NET,' for Mosquito Bars,
s id,--too yards toot sle'd, for Pale to lot! tr, .nit.
veplO - WM. NOBLE, Third it
T QBACCO-20 kegs No.l C. twist, (ledge's
1 truid, for male 1., JAMESDALZELL.
**pill (4 W.1..' rt.
FIRE BRICK-420,000 for sale low by
"PAPER -2.00 ream:. Medium,
: no , t Town, for .ale too k.
THE WATERS NOW, by R. Ryan;.
I,fi lain'a Child in America; Mountain Daisy. by st
I eat h•Opy v/e I loted you; In dream, of year, Child of
the Wave, with ,dnette; Fbrarb feel to thy' Let
t,. 'nth vignette, Nelly Foete The berenale. by
, ebu b, r t, Tbo jlappy Clone, by Ater , reil, Judy dirLeary,
i ou a c ao nz When the bright Kavel gre baelug. &tette:
Ilomr, Homo. I LOT. Tlirr, doe., Th, %Old OW ‘l.qat.,
N e u, gas a lAdy . ,_ Eveunaj; Srig— T ,
I Va,ik a tte
t a l? gt. k raßer,rif t
4ltuly litptn o7 n 47 , '." A l4 t 3 o = obl ra rmtAulil.a4
mb Po,lie nd
-[Te l ' ;
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1 go
Lm Wu
°ale, No Qvurk Stay, three Malley Overtu,.
_N o 1, Wye of hi/gland; No... Shamrock of Ireland: No.
oThialla et Scotland. Reed nod lot gala by'
zumon, Wood at.
CCORDEONS—A: splendid end varied
nook of thr twit brawl.. Just reeeivavr. ,
YE., Arvery devil-Able eelection..lth 7,
s. 6.
. d 11
reawa rd 3, a0.1,..5 the ben mother; very ebeep.l. ,,,
eponeit. :
. .
yx.m.ivy Ana arrivng•
I /oLINS—Pon., Orp• yv,ry
,Tlfif t., I. awl pricy.
If RP , THING. , —A firte - .,..1.,ti0u also. f.r art.,
t'oronata. Tubas. buulet. 111 bcwortma. Trumpets. 1024
tar Defy of limas 'lustful:Luna% velar,' trtnl ‘to.
-ulwrribor himself. LIM ..41 , 1 at, tart-low Mk...
A 1.,,. :bet:ewe. auCtuoat popular Music. lust r.vir. 4 l ,
S. 14.--Tb. *tun. urtrume .
Sr.are warranted to . rut ,
..""7" 7 - 1 t id i .F.Vll 4 f . 07 F r, ~
"" ""t - ^ l {3l,lli \ iHE 00f.1517.N
4 YOUNG MAN, about 24 seaTr, of see, is
''"'""••"''''''''•••• •\ '" u li `l`l.l`.4,‘=L Vr.s.rm rity tow.o. •
I .ii ti b•Wn it
---..^toetutstiotta. An
of it.
... .. . . . . . . . .
w w l wwil , 11 0 ,,, mw,,..^ will ww w il ITltt, prompt attend.,
~,AZtfooLl) .
A 11.xlroso colehrotol Sutruc, airy; Durtotio Farm
I' \U
r"'''' 4 " rnr ''''. b '
. ...P . '
81.1 . C ,R, EREL--,... 4 40 bbls. No for sale, liv
WICK t.. 11 l
UROOM S--17 0 doz. Corn, for sale by
i II ll'f' EE. -300 bags Rio, for sale by
( iIIOCOLATE -200 bx.s. * .itiost., for salo by
I lODFISii —I t,s. for tale by ~
1 , „ p 9 WICK dt IIeCA-NDLESS , ..,
_ __
40 bb 10. for -.le by WICK *IIBCANDLEZS
4 A LV.RAf i Ii•S -43 ("8.9k-8, .•.
82 I*B.B DBl , t for map W.
r.o , . WICK 8 iIeCANDLFS ,
gi i ILEEsE-- . 51 7 Dozes, ou consignment now
`I I.ndln.. for ,<!r 1,, I:011811 DICKEY 8 CO.
'4,1. Rater B.Bd Front ate.
( lOri'oN---4S iideo fur sale by'
' ISAIIIII mcny 8 Cu.. •
—t.t. • \ W•ter atul Fttatt MA ;
' .
THE SUBSCRIBER having taken the store,
.V a 2 FOURTH' SrNaKer formerly (Ambled by
Mr. F 11 EATON. grid havinA entirely refitted the tame,
will 4o the lgrday of September., with • large and
~.uperlor .tAjk of
toieth, with a otoek of TRIMMING'S AND FUR—Vial-
LNG noODS., as complete skSIM. acpt hi' that well
tnowo and favorite eetabllahro
llnwould pectfully info .k persona deal..
Mourning and lion. Furnielilng or Linen Gomls, that In
hin kn. they' ran obtain a Dora cbmpletk "Welt than 4.-
where In the city', a. be Int.rld,i evotins pardoning...-
I).a to branch. of Manna., Importing the,oth
kn-tion of the GoOde hlmeelt. maul dkpoeing_or them at
\ JAME 6 A. ,
I_7 rams Juxt
I, the doze,' ril
. _
•~ from
tattl e , Il d er r :A4ki - ,:—:.?". " 7 -14
• . ~. N. WICKEIteIiAN u .. 4-
•' oorr. of Wood and\ via.
VVINDO'7• \ lay{ ASS-300 ble. 8x10;
• A BENNeTY,BE " turrecO, \ •
near Nvkci
for sale by
Q. ODA s itSll—l'V''b are preparad to furnish
oh,. Mannar:turf, vont the trade keneratirt rtit
ddas Atli of \ home ompttinclora, at'Me toter. matter
price. and which toe warrant I qual to the beat Import d.
MNF:rr. BABY t. CO.,
tt \ M
• , o 9 . \ ' ', Front et, 'mar Market
Pittsburgh, Qincirmati\ & Louisville Tele
T HE STOCK \of this\ ,tiracanz *at* by
. t srk niAncitag; Broke . i,
e.dd ' ' coAt , nr of Marltat`nnd Third At ' reit
silver coin w4ted. , \
ryniE hi host pr iuo trill btl aid for Ovary\
1, deadrintlon o' , „s(lver ollt. A ak , ti N.Y.f N ehttg o t Ttloa , of
, \kriet - nd.bird atr.
9 Or , ‘',t
At Ac s ,K_E.,
B UT ? E
y ARb. 61 .. .,,It: bble. No
Skl Ihkrutict it
1,4 itlll.o. mat, by CIAIA 14,1CHXY • 0 .
..,,, , Water .1' front ...Dm
11 A lATINS--Cift Ilya bunch Inn et r tale
1_11. 1 .• LI ' 1.7A1 AH DICK . a CO\
rye. • \ Kates =I t . \
4 eie \
11 Oii,ET — s ki nble. Tor sale by \\ '
.... , .
~. ..t.., i ,thati nlnnny \ 1,,(_..1,1 : __
RE fl Slkk Xl. FEA7IE,R.S. Vt,
SJ 2 , to 11.sornst: 34 . faCkP V.sthers. to ii,s. ao.l\
sses.l. r. 9 ' ‘ 1.,A1),11 DICKEY •CO \
~..... _- --.______ .
V1,T6i..a1 Alisi.f.:l\E'S CfNITED STAINki
V I.I,PF.N&AVAT, otw edition, stool rsc'd ..,1 •
..1.- I, • , , JOHNJI. MELLOR., ,
-,- \
fitraviNaillAiilk WOdit.
TE, ' Market etret, is now
ki l • l, . l :re . P
it A w L ,..3 14 ,Enr; ,1 1 5, I,Lir at Iry evc.c.
and ntVr it „ ' N ' t - rit. ` l.,Wolsel7ll , l Mo6L11711?•111 '
tn. autorno.
Ctain. plaid. nurs.T col ?knot 1323.5 N El MBRON 8 .. 0
...litho ~ .., •
.ttlo sod Tann ittbhana. , Vlnr.,load oam. \azonntrd
wlltbs and minrs:\
11.orwt Nits. , ittoo. Voles& Czaiwo, Loan, nuns,
Flower.. Fk.unit'V ' es. and a Chnirstsstwartonfannl MAI
ttorry Gorsis
.._ C.„, \ senns , w, '
FISH— ~ • \•
\ \ ' --\----
2.1. , I.OIS Lat
.N 1 21:m ntt
. 7 •,•Innn
20 hA - No d ..
,C, finis Tyr . 0.3 Madserst., '
. . I 001 s. -No 1 - ' " s , sf`reectslng
as t t.r Mit be Ise .A.,) JOHN 0 Tru, et Co.'
ikiUNDRIES-- \is‘, o
' ii iitir ` ki ui 'Vr ii: '1 . 3 4'
1 -
to C1.,41 .
.. IP Man bed 'k,
4011 AT \\\
Pulled N For
W . ,. _ V a (XL ste, •
1 -,s. 1., Mc and P. for .. 1. . t a .
°MiIe...TEA al
in, 'tit Diamond. Ttt
ara. keepers onid do tpil id
lo.: there Whititim ik*Viu•llty CM:l , l4ml) tido?, are doot
de fly rb.sp. \ \ ''.... v,5
Horticianral Notiek. A
llortsculthial Soriety,ll49 held obili•
uI haptataber. In - MASONIC ILO,
street articles ta , nsbibinon uaottbs• raVoi
tho committea of Arratiribmisate, before 9 ..ciekt. Nk.
••1 the I;th of September.
lambi. ?Mkt. Mar be had fretrimu member &Vie Et.,
ill:Tent " ; C•it ' e, g :lNe '' .
7hr tilt/ sanatory. balsamic abol Maio prote4l;
0t Is Vfnemie treader Ulm . sal:at - lot - J r Coletlae 9 ... 4
fne onlinari Adrpobes of,Lbli toilet d bath, surpli.
Ind the lattaroln it ri s . moraine and theapotam and int.
crea.r efliesor tar promotlon of olsaollnate and health.
1•1 I is 611W7r e
".'lll`,'llideloWeraendfolronrgertrehtt; and
In.ebnces Po
the Ibtemollent pmperties taw
per the heat and • !Asks. al the Ain. and ItalAM to It MS.
earetablo elute! Inhaltar,in and mibbing tot
the temples, It trill mare hcadaMbin • fen uncial., •
sent •d hd C. dELLERIS, IT 19.1 qt.
II , III: ESE=—Su . ' Wi',,,R., for .ale by
1 .. ,0_ t ,..,, J Ims DALZET.4, 6 8 Wet.' e ,
( 1 ,/ t b, R r E 24l B LlL A M T ll — rlki l .. t e i . i pe B l 3,l
. i .
F u, end Common INVIALy cA111; f T 4 , , ,,, h e 7 ..,,,,„:,
Irviv.....ra!--,7,, th :Az ~m,3•Li. 4..7,t70:, o
frieule and them erUlOrle TA rtre It tofirlre , tu a call. et:,
the Old Eatattpthul N't rue ho. W'Ourth ..t.
.Ro'vrand's 'Talc . * l.xture,
\ .., AND \ ‘ A
11.isamd'i Compound Sp?-up of .11 \ *kb_forty,ToO(:
rE ONE amniveranili established reate
Or for ZEVERAND ADD , Ito attoTt.lll rrrark
am. mfr. E.3311r 'Modldnra ur for rali , At the Driz'
Eton of • IL 13 BEL,
• •
• • rot - ter Market "AA a i n, lAA,
r•p•AtlT.r3orlmt, tolr Alpett for Mr..l4mand.
4.ITOCK.§ FOR SAl.,y, ',,` \\
1.. 1 la ..ara„, a Braddoeby Ykid Plk . ,Rra.l-, . ~
1 -, gclifti=g6Ta= \
lo ~ . Cileit:; Ikturany• ecadvany; ' \ ,
I` , I's " ' 4 .° C° Vjeall'yl. aV .
saninanalr , sialL and aa Brakn'a, ,
-•--- 225
VI ACKBR 1,-' , k IVda. ge‘No.:i,Kar
I. i gala by , I 1:41 , 1.:1.
,•,, DAYkrYLL, , , )
SUGAR & 'AI LASSESk--- . , ',, .' ,
tAI ehm. nettle N. 0% Sugar. s \ .:
—siummY a •iiiiiiMatpa.D - P a p c p,..i l , 1p i n
, i
, ralog a In[ ...I\ Balsa mope aim !ommy , ' „mg
Poop pi and In amatzd..... my ,
Tbnsad ESW[4:S VA. livertyaa, al , ,a, 7
I .t . 1.. \ . ...\. 1
, bnai.
I 74 bbb.laa . . l N.
.n. baud Slid far sal. 1 .3 \ 1 !.; V .
i , RUSW POlri, .
I_l yale by cepa] Ittrla._
S . 0.. - MOL SSES-1#
Foyeala by t, , 1 , i BU!“'„,
d OFFEN--250 liar primp _ , lil ,k N e4iiy
li 1,4 _ _ \ toDiantlie aIN n t\
rirEAS-Ls6bf. ,:h.ete Youn
llum %.I.lyeon, ‘
• \
-t5 ''• - ttnwrtj; OT,:r nip br4 „ . \.'
014 .. k .. DO :01130C A 1.3, , 0L10A
i, 0 PPE ---72.5-jyttclittve, for Itale by \ '
1 - 1 "Lo .•
\,..-,.,\! °/ IN Dar : A u'?..l• l i•
I EA'fIIER-I,ltßivides S• 4:, for ezi t k i by \
ILI ..,4 ': \ MIAOW 'X 5 ISO M
1' ' 0010
g 'IL—Y(I , I)6Ir. t rpare'‘ anne 0. , for by
Iljr F. 1.4 \ ' "011OPK11 , 0i\AL INOHRAII.
If , OFFEti,'-00 hagt illy, priAipally prime,
Xi Jon rved.eral t. vs. \ UOari‘IYAST a CO.,
aug% ''
s ebnlT 0.
:;.R.or Sae,
, \ .
4 PAIR',,-,f hAe \ Matchhd bright hayti‘...„ „
A tioio.u.: 1:,,,,,,1 k i, 1.
41.1... 1.\.1 \ ~d.t.a.y•
04240. ~ ,RO . II . FAI E 1 4 ,00, FtTi . ta 0.
N1.,....Ne1... 131tv,t, MLR. b`. \ 1.10 CNA:A.
9114, Pre.tidept niitbAlana re of the
n ( ota
'.ll. 1 , 00 fi r envltokr sIN - chiover t iti*er hiOppr
h, ptßoar. 1100.1 . 0 0 1 , . Couti. y_of. Atileitt.9.7.
1... 44010,1 x allicleod ol ukt. .I.r emtAtra• Idi monotto,
.1.5 , 0 , Lt04...t,a 0 . o.ockholdrgrlMlTl trprc000.1,..17.\
'NP° "fl ' , %fill 'MEANT. Tteu. \ 1
!US-5 tons, ores dyd 1,,b15„
\, N.,17&410 la
\ • \
.... - ,
B°llrdUl t
'\ - -I \. 4Prevk P Line to Clevelatti
trWO S3IALL FAMIL ES can:le accom - ~
.. mout.d, with pkasaat front Trams a tho'orootal I
dp e , e ithe r to r0,.h..t or ortforaiablat. 3. , 1 Late. ePeti 1 lIIE Prvp elan of
. h ,, e v Packet Line
a.t the mule: . of Thin{ aanDOrant sta. •ea3
IQNDON LABOR and the London Poor • Errol'. PE'e rt....engem re
4 N.,.. U. 10 ii. . , • . either b_r the 4r.el or,navit,aso s Parket*, and
ct,tal FieLl Book of the Reroltitintl. No. le. I through tickets at tb aelee, trill'‘f o. ,e,,,,Ldh
it. ,, 1r.1 at HOLMES' Chore Depot, Te Thlrd atr...t. let which will fl .b ve c thr . the retell .of (twee.]
.opo.tta tile Coat theft , ...... i ' l, o " Aril a b la a;ale_ to . ./ " Oltn. ' • alw Eti.‘Ai
corner to
a Faalthe Ma e., ug 0
I R 01. 7 ,0 OR MEDICATED COMPOCND.—Tberets no 1 f . .f 4 . 3.
hrtutia t
- . -- -
..nedy for the permanent cure .4 haidnara and diseases of
:be Premium generally. that bar reached the pontlidity
,ntoyed b y the...tele known as Proforma- Barry a Tridoyti.
err Medicated Component It Li exteneively need lir
Übe upper elaaecaof the community: iu almoet every nut- I
owrY to the land tt is need in preferenre ;pother articler or ,
the kind. -It itapVti. vizor to the 11,00 tte.The hair and ,
thus promote, its growth to a retnaritabledelOwe. I t de
nten, the daodruff and ,curt. and makes the hairnne sal '
0011111, It will rum all dieeares of the .cal r, as scald
Irea.d,,,. dew worm. and C;her oboollcus Reorder-sof thesitio.
in ehelnerta ae , well EA rffirary, It rtande nortveljed. It
ta'wlld large bottler. i.lier 21, oents, by A
'8- K. SELLARS,S7 Wend rt
St '6IAR-70 Ithda. N. 0., for male: },i\
. sete2 \ J. K . DILWORTH MO.
iYtiragee. Rohde. Declaration., Indentures, f3occaloto.
1 iebnonu, SUlittOon, Bills of C.t.Articlasof Agreemool,
Atuchmente. Ed, Bill*, de.. Le,. for sale at
\ W. S. HATEN'd, Stationer, `,
rept \ corner Market atoißceond me-
DRAFTS.—A I go rariety , of Notes 1.51 Draft,
sionsirengraved, or Ws et
an d Store."
coiner Martet and Second Ma.
IILANK BOOK S. s W. N, corner
,' Mart. and Second et a, has for sale the ivenst
PLlNks,of Blank Books ever olYered in this CRT-TM - MA...OQ
of Legere, Journals, Day Book, Minute Books, de.. In iv
ory idyl. of : hlndlng„and at tii low. prier', rept
i i iIAULTY FUSE-12 14.:13. for sale by
11)111APER IrGINGS—New patterns for
1,,, sale by WALTER P. mensnALL.
. as woottrtrtY,
' •
'dieted. for ealrohy
NEW BOOKS! Travels in the U[tited
sl ' a . :N L ;%f', - ;,, d .",f'r 4`. 4 t4T0 4 ., -1 7t. 1 by 41e ' l l ‘d f ''''.
' y
b bba't
The History the F pees Jrorphine,;,hi J. a t,
with intgravingw, 1 vol. RUA, ACM. v
NO, 8. for August, Ap letalfs Ilechsalerlitheiainn no&
Entrineare Journal.
No. 1.5 Pictorial Field t o the FlorolUtion. '
Noe. .5 and 3A Dictionary o Meehanice, Vale.' Wort
mot EngMlecring. • Jost reed d for sale by
J K. READ, 7, ' polio Buildings,
',fool `, , Fourth street.
I . RE - M,FH N'S PAll,AD ' N . ).Spanglea, Ro
ii. Rat°. Spin, Lace, Fringe, Ruct\e, de.fin large ea,
• me ty,for roleti faspfi W. 1.4 . WILSON.
ARE\ Communion,
,Tahle tiory,Ppoorm of
Clunile t r Watches.
1., 115 d •
es.Tabdlßdkaee .
teautaful color, 0 pee.
I 1 w. 0d.a1.1
Jeraelry, WI
Ito W. hit
at A
nmoreat nail
oarara IC
ARD OIL-10 bbls
STONE--$O 9 lbs. for soDl• o by
lERRA DE SIENNA --1 I lb. for sale 14y
• rmaj/3 \ \J. KIDD
Store for. Sale.
a i \ ?".... R(x:u .. , f ,°. 01031EDliE1:: FIXTURES.A AND
r..n . int r.„1, mtaii iitttl:w4tfit tr.%
rpol-r-,=4,1,1;,,,:, ~..:..1!.; g7,1,—,t• ti— n.. t •
. 1,1,;. ,,ek0.t.,AuXi Z 4 the °thth weeny°°:l:" of
au 4 puu..,,...4,d„L1,L.- Wtwirous dr exAi " . '
. ca. with rill huh:-
,17,An.tP;',7,1,::Vfn,°: - .a=oc 6 tb E err C F :st . ootVa
tk7li: " .47llV2lo4{ 4 rEtt. D OlflArgf• "" ir . ne, A " 01. '1 41.1 . ,
tnalntalmng .1 4601104e11t tg3t to °a aurpaeled.`and at
Eta cash prima ) autZ , t,
\IVEW PRINTS , AT 12.ic.-0 poling_ this
mornhat c r &manic:nut of new style' 9111 Prhal4,l
. 75 " 4 ". 1 r..M:I "" 1 .
TUST RECEIVED tom the Philliparille
ift s 0 1 1 I. c k4 . .1:
ri.. k 5,e . ..7-4,i. yo. 46, ...1 6 quaftor Pat ,
ent dhaced ge Ott Cloth. We (nada thr &Minket or
orroioiiio dtofera and CUT.. manufacturer, to the .boye
arttele-d,bra. t alll nod It to theiradruttage In purchasing,
rst *c pe . r ".M ! .. trlllt T.,..t:te li r ' ;,fdirgr . ., " g d at .t ll .. " ;:;;l;
no d ose ut h t7r . \ ' uni \ tad EMU*. J.O U. YIIILLIrn,
VI and 9 Wood rt.
riIIERRAArONICA—:-10 A v . just reed'
~......nAfor sate tO \ .1 PC11002.31.W!1 . .t.10,
; ,` \ ,\,
tiTLTRAMIRIT BLUE-10isei for sale
‘ aug29 ‘, t, J. 6CIIOO2I3IAILER 0 CO.
NSOM SAL T§l.s bbig. for cal by.`
__,, ,,. ___,..50\ , , , \ scaooass AK ER CO,
lr ows —5O bbl a ` (?rcsale by' l• \-%
I_ .
o ,oes \ .. 3,., etIOONMAKERIO, .1. \ 1
01L-10 I,hl4W6„lbriElca.:4 N
witsw_loo, i i ikilt; . fgAtte K i r y
, (x, ' , ,
_. 1
)1 ACkpilt-50 bbla, Elarge No. 3, Ver.
• A subpar. erprctlon . , for rilt i t
~, „ s
.tr angt.l ~ .1010.0 A.ll
.1:11,02. 2 COL.. :t.
\I \EAD--111.00\ ige Galeria, fen sale by \
j_i \ von .4131E6 &UV IHTeON 0 ''''' \
OT 2.5 kovitlor tale by
- g - ' '
.___ ,.. .,s ,
._,..rar t.e a..,b7r.i.,,NA CO.
IC It, tee. op e Carolina,_( , sale
. by
ko " JAM KON , ob.
H. i\:) , l.,itj . s b Es—nbbh, St. Janet' Re
IKE BO PAINTS, at a di. ount of
co per cne, learll bric.ea. Jal7 l eed of
Market •treet. It • • Sor •by
age. order':
It: kegl prime, 5 othi
. a mIJEL, r. SIIRTTO.
E` b u
Mite, for sa b •
aver, flir sale by
B ugKETs-40 dozy.
T UBSO—d c rz.,for gale by \
RLED WEF—Erane,.
I.:= c = c‘s,l
sujrFmccrld thug., jug c•fAand,
' \,
1:41 ,
4.I,AELLOR„ 2 , 414., 81 Wood s ti e
~: ,'tp,e'ilyllevrin t , roar\ith.popolar olec o
I P , oz.A , IMarch ?Cam .Icia de
Lao, -13 314...tb‘,1 .
KTllTVrtter... 4 , •, ,
T ..r m \
bmut7--,ut . u
ch....g m. tb t edit
:I=i? --q=. 4
Boll, ' taa LI all o. co ,
N argyouna cb
VI:. " b ili:l l 4k
OZaette, alai
\ , aua2l \
410111 , i .
0 . 4 ret\
W carr7
T "-
uim , s
T,z; vFk-
IV:ze t t t
kgri Zl3 lotekes,
4 6 41:Z: e. a de!
D itrt n
. $ 4l \ trri.
INa:to. `, •
14A,4 7 1.
LA ~,' ow d vivi
FREsu\Oßl2ok l ElEllix
10 bt eh. 06=1•1 I d =
130 tat bu. , *. '0 \ 3 06 . .6 saw,
0 6:6.611610i20b.ecc; \ , ",,,‘ I',-\\Bezden
.... _, 6 fltrac f roNst d :j l± \ 0 bokma r 'TMAnn
zwo.. /hymn Zeit*.r. • 60166006 V
30116. Co. and 111.11pnablu \ box Parino, •
60 bap RI. CO64q . _ , \2 xes °ern atarc
. 10 ' :. ltra i gYrr i •
.... 1 eLI b ,:lid [W*
ok . Stu 17:
. .661 . 14 \\ 1 ..obo. CI ping
D I g \:" 1 (Mtt A I+o 1, iI . 1 '., 4 ,, ~' =# \ Z ''' V'
30 kto Orpand £ 100 ned. CO. 1160206 m. -
IbW hypo' a =Wu% W.1101,3011.61411 61
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TAR,- ''
‘ 00kbls. N. 13., ‘ for sale to k
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\I BAC 0.--16 'toga 6 Twist, for sale 1
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:gm. a pi.ewn.cer Trainleie .
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LEAVE rirrsituitaii .t to A. Mould 9 ' al.
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Children coder twelve fears of ay. ltAfg r k g .
Between P•tteburch sr.! ➢, . \rta, '
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T ‘ lo.4rts Issued on Satnnlay•velll good far [beret - 14071p ~ \\ , \ • .
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from the Bridge to dm MotiowirthelA Ron., they Oa , \ s ..‘
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liotulolnimecilataly are to the leaving of th•Car..l." \'\\' • . . • , . . .
she conveyance of passenger. to the Depot. ca.adnit bythe \ \
MerchantAliotel, the st. ch,,i,...,,a... Illthatreirt. fro.. \ \ • \ '
Wood to Markel - sod along Cl. Clairstmt. At not Pieta \ . ‘, • ',
along the ronte.raerigers can hail the Omnibus, arid be \ - ' / \•
" Tre ' ll 4 a.= will iv vaten.let barniik!iwor Brighton it \ •' • \\ .
the rarlleit praiiitiewble day- e \
oval the Roar,' of Di sob
i. GEORGE g ARKIN. i \ '‘, .
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r . "
I PITTSBURGH AND NE W eiVTLE. ' \ \ ' \ ' '
11. cam:echo', with the 0/nil and . Penna. ilroad. \., \ ' '7 , ' '
P ASSENGERSwiII ialte the 10 A.
from Pittsborith, and di.
, PACKET BOAL ECLIPSE. Cart J B 130131 D.. ‘
on vrival at New Brighton, xr 14 4 : A. 31.4411 y, aniring. \ \ '
et fir Castle at 4 P. M.
R turning leave New Castle at 7 P. Cl.. arriving at New , • ,
Brighton for the 734'A. 31. tr. ' . \• \ ',: .' \ .
The P.cket connect. st New Castle w.tb the Stages for
Mercer, Sharon, at_ .
For through &het.. appl r y to AEO. PARKIN, •‘, •\ \ .
irkot 0 - ent. Railroad ih r •;; ; s \ s \
-J. C. BID ELLtweer etre. , ', \ • ,
• 2 doors &hese Monongthe/. 110 Ic si Plis o hin i el
at .1. 4-.lWe Hotel, Neiv Castle. • \ \ \ \ • :
' Rochester. Ps. - •
scpl.lm I \
1 r WirtLLF
,=•- '"`" . -,7-..,....7.1,7"'n 2 : ,..--.,-r._, \ ' - '. '' • , \ \
_ .
Completed to Lockport, 20 mile., west nj JAM til n
aTIIE SUBSCRIBERS have tho pleasure tr \
5.1111M.11. to thew friends and ratrona of tbs roan
satila Railroad, that we Eta•le commoner( trarabirrlnt
at Lockport. and ronbiantle nalwet to deliver freight to
and front Philadelphia In PAIR DAYS.'
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We ars now prepared to remise and.forward and. widownt • \
'''''''' .ll " or ,f ' der. ' RI" ' -r"riut.. - '"L'''''"' - \
.e following rand of trrigilt
TA RET i.A.S.--Dr( limb, tints. Oboes. Rent
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, ars, 'allots, D7a ttitlo. 111 l Leather. Flee
' •er, I 2. Timothy: other 'Grass S ee d, (
\ Wool, A L. \
_-._-_ *Oct
TOORD CL So—Neef 'CA, nutter, Lard. Lard •
. UAL TobaeT Lea/. ea, Tallow. Groan and
F Astiod.jil• rough),Tar.
OITKfII . CI. S— ''' Fas t ( .
Pitch, lloaln. room Clarattanes,Bacoarc..lsoe.
\ COI a pt: a COLE. Agent,.
aagS,i) corner o ~ and Wan. streets.
-Z. -al,-, - -
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~ Wail‘ P E ‘lOi.F . aliSelb3l. . . . ,
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kat° ' TD .1,5 P . t
. \ , ZINC PAIN fc. . `\. . .\ ..
kit ANUFA'CTII RED 81. THE N. I. \
11,1..JERsrr . r.xpott.uio AND 311fe tio comp • 1 - ,, , - ~ 1 ,. \. •
\ Thie Company is prepurd .to itFlll2ll.ll mply of th \
‘• 1 • i s ,
valuable \ , \ i \ . • t
' - • ' ZINC', PAIN TS,
Which bats limo found titer severat , yeset' taisliaith In ' \i` , • k _
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heeled lertmlid. dnbtht .
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the cheapest and best paints n the market for enattial
Mots, fatuto g, °lathe..., atimmboste, or ally exposed stir.
fate ohnifel , brick , tin, or 4.4 .Abeenre both '\ . '
For Iron Su tbey ars pattleularlyviluable. es they ' . t . ' , ' \
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,13salera\appli l ' ori liberal terms by th e • . •teolf oh. : •
CuMP. , • P. C. JUNkB k • •
want:442W P.
South %flumes. tblea '• . \ ‘‘, '
11'' v . \\ V. \t :. . bbio. an Ilib., L 16.51,
.aridinguad for /ale by • \_ • , • , 1 •
etteidt . \ ittAlfall DICKEY A 00. ,
, \
' • i• - 1
\ •\:
GG bldg.
•eeh\for eale by : t E
VIIIIES.g-30'bze. prime W. Icfcir sale by
\augas \ \ILUDdj.ZAf.L * CO.
S.„ ,
n, 'RAT.Li.--,5 Oils in boxes and bbis.; •
\w it pouretmmera, for Mie b.
. ..,q . , \ It. bALZELL 1t.'63 ,
it'd:, r ,' ATE, a\Tnle of stirring Timis, by
• 0.x.. Rl.J „ a ce, Em..—the nags Ll:dare:Ming emrk tbi
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3,..—Ca11l itb, traereetit \am), meal matter.
ror Ws t /101•5110' L terary L. .t. Third street, oD—
mite the IMt Ot(Me.
119A.R \ LASS3I
0 teignarerit. &
40 .10
.R '5 P . \ \ 11,7\
EARLS-8 ..its No. 1
}LEESE- 7 -100 es Creamy
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Jf. by , [abOrl JAE. DEl.ZE.4.l,c43Witer it. \
I giREs • ,i !.) el 3 W. K. for \We by. ,\ \
1..) ....816 .' -.; , -.‘, JA-3 , 49 DAUM , \
. . ARO Oi t:ii# N0...1A0Y 64110 by \ '
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HATING' :v,. , % ..!,. i! .
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50D21 , --legs Di ' for :„
1.3 dill 4, 8...t.1it \
N, UTIO) . 8-600 lb.i. prio ` lo, for safe,by
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'i IVTTEIV - --9 ` bblePacked, for able by \
4 - 0.5 1 \ ov. At. W 11.50 N, 115 6..4 .1.. \ \
1 ,101.44-60 b
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-Led t.
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4 ICES- . -fin hand, a
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317 Liberty at-
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